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V. B. PALMFA is duly authorised to rareive Fubserip
ttons and adverusetnents for this paper. In the clues of
Plltulelphia, New York, Baltimore, arid Lkiston, and
receipt therefor.
E. W. Cann, Philadelphia
JACOB M. WAtrIOAEFFAR. Lancaster ray.
WILLIA.M A. l'zchec, 'rrovelhoe Arent.
GEORGE Ptuerr, No. WI, N0..1111 Street, New York.
See Business Directory in another column
10" An apprentice wanted at this race immedi
CoRRLSrONDENCE.—Tho favor of A. J. n. was
received too late for this week. It will appear in
our next.
FOURTH OP JULY. ---This national anniversary
gala day is near at hand, and as yet we have not
heard of any preparation, of a general character,
towards its due celebration. Only three thiya in
tervene between this and the ever memorable
Fourth—yet, we doubt not, that if the public com
posing this community, and that portion of it in
particular whogenerally lead of in matters of this
kind, would take hold of it. in the right spirit, we
could have quite en agrecabto celebration—one
front which all political 'and sectarian speeches and
sentiments would be excluded; and one that the
entire people could unite together cordially and har
moniously in reviewing the history of our country's
long and arduous struggles for the glorious consti
tutional liberty we now enjoy.
A proper observance of this day will be calcu
lated to inspire animation into the drooping and de
clining patriotism which has reigned over portions
of the country fur some years past ; and revive
that common spirit of nationality which suirers
dirnrninution every year by party and sectional an
imosities. We love to sec a whole community
meet together at one festive board, without dis
tinction of party, sect or creed, and enjoy them
selves right heartily. But let nut that day be ileac
crated by dissipation. Order and decorum should
mark every feature of it; and no one, we aro per
suaded, who lays any claim to reason and good
sense would be guilty of violating it.
By reference to our advertising columns it will
be seen that a number of our merchants have Itgrec,!
to stop alt business, and give an opportunity to
those employed by them to celebrate this day us
each one thinks best. IVe hope that trot only
those who have agreed, by their card, to smtpond
all business on this day, but that the whole commu
nity will unite with one voice in proclaiming it a
general holliday.
Gusnr.—The natural vied %vith the political ele
ments, on Wednesday afternoon last. A very ir
regular game of cross purposes was played by se
veral distinguished- performers, among whom we
recognized Miss Zephyr, in a bustle, Aeolus in a
bust, and Berens, blustering as usual. The con
test. continued until the lady—seconded by her
gentle neighbor Camilla, adopted the de, ;tier rem!
of her sex, a copious shower of tears, which decided
the victory in her favor, and rime clused the day in
brightness and beauty, regardless of the grumbling
of her discomfited rivals; and we would fain be
lieve that the tempest which is "playing lu.b" over
the country now, w ill leave as smiling and peaceful
state of affairs " when the wind goes down," as did
the storm we chronicle.
DROWNED:A German boy, ten or twelve years
old, was drowned in the Susquehanna, nt thia place,
on the afternoon of Thursday last. Ile was the
son of a Mr. Feltzinger, resident on Tow Hill. An
inquest was held by Coroner Moore which rendered
a verdict of accidental drowning.
This should be another warning to boys who
cannot swim, to keep away from the voter, unless
accompanied by some ono who can take care of
them. Will it be heeded?
GaAnass's MscaziNe.—This superb Magazine
for July has been received, and contains a large
number of original papers, by the best authors in
the country. The ernbclishin ents are, Ornitholo
goi, one of Tuckers most exquisite pictures, de.
signed to illustrate a poem of very high merit, by
Legare; Lamartine, a splendid engraving by Sar.
Caine, and said to be a capital likeness of the great
French Statesman and Patriot; the Paris Fashions,
a beautiful plate, designed, engraved, and colored
in l'aris expressly for Graham ; music, the Last of
the Bourbons, &c. $3 per annum, in advance,
Geo. R. Graham & Co. 98, Chestnut street Phila.
ALLENTOWN, Pa.—The lust number of the Al.
letdown Democrat says: For the information of
all who may feel any interest in the matter, we
would state that the Odd Fellows' hull Associa
tion of this place, resign all claims upon any
moneys that nifty be raised by collection among
the citizens for the relief of the sufferers by the
late tire. No part of the said fund, therefore, will
be appropriated to the re-building of the Phil, or
to the restoration of the stuck to its original
James Stover of Fairview township, York county,
came to his death very suddenly, on Friday morn.
ing the IGth inst. Ile was employed on a road
near his residence, in company with a number of
men, and in the act of stooping to catch and turn
over the scraper, preparatory to filling it, it caught
a root, flew up and struck him on the side of the
neck with such violence that ho expired in about
five minutes afterwards.
TIFI6 COLUMICIAN MAcAziar. for July is received.
It contains a variety of original papers by some of
the most popular writers, ctigravinga of Zitlima,
Tambourina, music, S 3 per annum, in ed.
vance, T. S. Taylor, 151 Nassau btreet, New York.
THE HOME Jounvsf..—The first nornher of a
new volume of this splendid nzwspaper is received.
Fur particulars see adverti,ment in another col.
THE DEMOCRATIC UNm of weds... Any /as
brings the pleasing intelligence of the improved
health of his Exey,Goo.Shunk.
WASBINGTON HAMMOND, son of the laic lamented
Gen. Hammond, of Milton, is also dcsd OF FREEDOM—ULTRA MOVRACY—
FRFF Sort.—Tlae most unobservant must be struck
with the (act, that power, whose origin is in the
people, is fast getting back into the hands of those
• from whom it emanates. Delegates Lace, in these
latter times, but little discretionary power, and are
expected to carry out the will of their constituents,
and to go no farther. Follow instructions or re
sign, is the doctrine ; and the curious spectacle of
bolters from both the great particsof the day, meet
ing thr middle ground, and uniting the forces which
have been so long opposed, in the common support
of a common ides, has ceased to be a novelty.
Among the seceders from established usages,
none seem more earnesi,than the advocates of Free
Soil. Several presses have already been established
for the enlightenment of the world, upon the rights
of cach of God's creatures, to a share of the soil,
sufficient to supply his wants, and to afford him
can ploy ment. An Industrial Congress, havisg, this
as the basis of its organization, has just adjourned
at Philadelphia, after having erected as platform
upon which to stand, and nominated for President,
and Vice President, Gerrit Smith of New York.
and Wm. S. Wait of Illinois.
The Spirit of Freedom is the title of a neatly
printed and ably conducted weekly paper, devoted
tu the dissemination of the doctrines embodied in
the f illuwing pledges :
Pt.rocc.—We, the undersigned, !tetchy unite as
a party of progress.
Such a party, however, to Le consistent with it.
self must adopt (below which it cannot go,) certain
groat fundamental principles, such as the full re
cognition of all of man's natural rights—his tights
to the clement%
Homes for nil is the end. Freedom of the pub.
lie lands in limited quantities to actual settlers ;
the exemption of the Homestead front mortgage or
execution ; the limitation of the quantity of land
that any one may hereafter come into posbession of
are the measures, and the ballot the useans. And
while we 'sledge onrselves to require nothing less
than the above of any member, or of any candidate
for whom we vote, we do not pledge ourselves to
ask no more.
Terms, one dollar ; address, with cash, Scofield
& Brown, Cleveland, Ohio.
The 'Return of our Volunteers is anxiously
awaited. Arrangements arc in progress at the dif.
ferent towns and cities where any considerable
number of these bravo soldiers. who have escaped
the ravages of war and climate, arc expected to ar
rive, for receiving them with every demonstration
of gratin& and joy.
As to the time of their departure, their arrival,
&c., the editor of the Pennsylvanian says he re•
CCIVVII a letter front Mexico, which states that the
volunteers under Major General Patterson, arrived
at Jalapa, on the Gth of June. As threr.fourths of
the distance between the. city of Mexico and Vera
Cruz—ono hundred and eighty miles—loud been
marched over, ut the above date, by our troops in the
short space of one week, it is probable that they
reached Vera Cu uz by the 9th or 10th, and that
they sailed from Vera Cruz on the 12th. Wo may
therefore anticipate the arrival of the voluntors at
Philadelphia about the 10th of July.
Apropos to the suoject, we subjoin the following
ldrited Song from the. Frankford Herald. It hien.
A A Life nu the Orrin
A ueleonie ammo to the brave,
.‘ hook: iit coon.ry dean,
Where Freedom', 1114 dull, out.• ,
l'or Fr,ctlotu% home it here
1,0,e :on eagle from hi , . height
Oit the Aztec' , moitittion .hor+•,
thing toll ',l.:mid the fight ;
the Cain:oll . i roar.
A !Lome home to the lons, A
homeward now 11W1 till.,
t• iconic home to tile bra,
lVlat oar titan y hag have borne
um the hoot •tott ocelot wave
' -Ntol .thmt of MIT 11.1.1, •'tall I
l'or the bold anti ettllaatt hand
Who Ihtvc hurtle the 11.14 of the n• e--
l'or Vat ',mot of our amtve 1:11111
A w..leolac home to the thave, St
A Peer.—The Washington correspondent of the
Phan Sun says, blood has again been spilled in the
Diytrict—human blood—government blood—blood
that behmgvd to a young gentleman in love, and I
consequently mad blood. I am nut permitted to ,
divulge names ; but it appears the fracas began
and ended in this wise: Mr. W. was in the habit
of paying his addresses to a certain young lady in
town, but was immoderately annoyed by the con.
stout attendance of a rival. Therefore, in order to
get rid of the latter—who, by the by, accrued to
obtain the greater scare of the lady's affections—
he addressed to him a letter under the signature of
the "Sweetheart," requesting that in future ho
would absent himself from her father's domicil,
and other gratuitous verbiage which it is nut ne.
cessary to repeat. Cursing the coquetry of women
kind, tho beau betook himself off; but by hook or
crook, he shortly gained an lidding of the trick
which had been played upon him, and appealed for
explanation to the parties accordingly. 'As may be
supposed a general blow-np was the result ; and an
exchange of cards shortly succeeded. The
gerenb , , after nursing their vengeance over night,
met yesterday, near 131adeastung, at a place called
thc "Commons," and the challenger for his temeri
ty, received a ball through his arm at the second
fire. The affray then terminated : lut I mint in
formed a second meeting will take place on Mon
day or Tuesday next. It would be a pity 10 Steil
the fun, but the police may step in and pm a veto
to further proceedings.
Minister at NVashington, has applied to one of our
American architects for the model of a hilt t o h e
constructed fur the use of nine hundred .11)epuliert,
engaged in preparing it. The comfort of desks is
of course excluded from each a phut.
The lightning struck the , 'Ore of the Grace
• I nitiveli, New York, on Monday night, during the
• storm, splitting the perpendicular of the cross on
its spec, so that it is only hold together by the
lightning rod.
TIIANIVIGIViNG ron Puce.-The Bishop or
Pennsylvania has act forth a form off' thanksgiving
fur peace, in accordance with Canon xivii of 1632,
to be used in the churches of that diocese during
the present month.
For C.,htmLia
MIL EDITOR: You will oblige many by- giving
this a pis.ce in your valuable paper. 'Tho custom
existing in our town of keeping open places of bus
iness until a late hour. at- night, presses so hard
upon many, that a very just cause of complaint has
arisen. Li Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and
other places, stores are closed at 8 o'clock in the
evening. We wick a similar arrangement, to af.
turd to young men some time for relaxation and
mental culture. We do not ask to have a ten hour
system adopted, but feel it too oppressive to endure
the present seventeen or eighteen hour system,
whisk would be better suited to some iron coneti.
Union than to persons mostly of delicate physical
powers'. We can see no disadvantage that would
accrue to employers from adopting the above
named hour for closing the stores in our town, as
persons once knowing it to be a general rule to
close at 8 o'clock, would supply themselves before
that time; and be a means of enabling young
men to be more active and energetic for their em
ployers good during business hours. Such a change
would be hailed with the most lively satisfaction,
as the dawn of a new and better era by many who
know how to appreciate any amelioration of their
condition. Submitting the matter to employers,
we respectfully ask for it it favorable consideration.
Columbia, July let 18 IS.
For Ore Co
Fourth of July Excursion.
Ma. Micron: The 72d anniversary of American
Independence is fast approaching, and it is essen
tially necessary that the day should be properly and
pleasantly enjoyed, in order to keep the importance
of the day fresh in uur minds.; and as several Bach.
chic pie nics are lu come MT on the Fourth, we, the
worshippers, or at least the appreciators of female
worth and beauty, propose to have a Steam Boat
Erruision up the Sonamelianna river, to start from
Grubb's Steam lio.rt \\'hurf up to Codorus creek,
a distance of about six miles, where we will encamp
and spend the rest of the day in Dancing, Fishing,
Hunting and all the t tule , but romantic sports that
that heart titidly mon:dubious section affords, and
return in the evening. by the steamer "Clodorns."
A Concert Band will accompany the excursion to
enliven the company with its harmonious strains.
It is to he erpechal and hoped that the t
gentlemen will exert themselves to be present ts
some of their fair ones, thereby making the evcur
vioO much more pleasara.
Truly, Yours, MARIETTA.
Marietta, July lot, ISIS.
NATURALIZATION.— CODUCSR loin just passed, by
nimMininis vote in earl) House, a bill no amend
ing, our Naturalization Laws, that any immigrant
nho has hid a residence in this eouidry, and user
Iwo years past, declared his parposu to become a
citizen, shall henceforth be entitled to Naturaliza
tion, although he may meantime have been once
or many times out or the country. By the law as
it has hitherto stood, no man could be legally natu
ralized who had not been in the country for the pre
ceding live years without interruption, PO t h at a
trip to Montreal or even crossing to Table Rock at
Niagara Falk, vitiated the whole previous residence,
and rendered a five years farther probation neees.
sary ; and still the applicant mast be careful not to
go out of OM country until the five years has ex.
A NOTION OF • REPtinuc.--We find in our
French papers an addresss signed by Alexander
Dumas, in which be says: " The republic fur us is
that which will guarantee property, family and in
heritance; which will proclaim liberty before the
people, equality be lore the law, fraternity before
God ; which will proscribe all terrorism, all rear:.
lion, the sceptre and the pike, the ems-option of
1 817 and the guillotine of 1793. The Republic
fur LIN, is filially the triumph of mind over :natter,
01 intelligence over ignorance, of light over dark
lICSR, of organization over chaos. We hnow not
whether sock a government 19 monarchical or de.
inucratie. e only believe it according to the in.
terests of Immunity and the hest loft 7uJ. That is
Tilos,: Tent MiLmovs.—Adviees from Wash
ington, according to the N. Y. Tribune, staters that
the three millions which are to be paid to 111Lxico
have already been remitted and Mr. 1 Valker tins
stated to severeral persons that no further loan
will be needed. It is also stated, on the authority
of Washington lettere, that the disdursing (Akers
of the army have in their possession $3,t250,000 of
specie, most of which will be returned to the U. S.
now that peace is made.
Ilsecitue or •rue SIRREA MADRE.—WC learn,
says the New Orleans Delta, from a gentleman,
who arrived on the 15th, its the steamship Portland,
from Vera Cruz—one who is well posted up in the
matter—that a public declaration was to be tirade
on the 13th inst., by the leading- Mexicans of Vera
Cruz, in favor of separatir.g, that State from the
present Mexican confederacy, in other words, de
claring in favor of the conlempared Republic of
the Sirrea Madre.
Ilo! Eon eCA l'AN.—Tho New Oilcans Delta
einyx : We notice flaming placards posted about
town, calling oil gallant young fellows to join Iho
Battallion of" Prancers of Liberty" now forming.
for the purpose of proceeding direct to Yucatan to
aid the whites in their struggle against the savage
and remorseless Indians.
A DiscEnv-sec.—A writer in Hunt's Magazine
says, when ho commenced trade in this country
many years ago, he sold English Chintz prints for
75 rents a yard, and a servant girl teceived for
wages fifty cents per week, and paid $4 fur a dress
pattern; now a girl gets $1 to $ per week, and yet
can purchase a first rate article for a dress at
eighteen cents per yard.
°avows ♦ND New Mexico,--Oregcn is said to
contain 218,536,320 acres; California and New
Mexico contain 500,000 square miles. These and
the other territories of the Union equal at least 1,..
600.000 square miles, or 260,000,000 square acres.
Plenty of room for the Land Reformers to vote
themselves fur some time to conic.
TIN tibtlb broab.
from 3likkorA Model American Conner
Ily the arrival of the Britannia, we have seven
days later news from abroad. It is important, as
exhibiting the steady progression of 'events to
wards ultimate political freedom throughout Eu
rope, but it indicates, as has all previous intelli
gence, that this progression is to be through tierce
convulsions, bloodshed, and distressing anarchy.
The wild passions of the Irish have cooled off in
some degree since the* departure of Mr. Mitchel ;
but they still use strong language, and express a
determination to have a repeal at any cost..
The Repeal Association and Orange Confede.
ration have at last fraternised. A new society to
be composed of the members of both those bodies
is to be formed. It is to assume the style and title
of the Irish League.
It is to be managed by a committee chosen
from the members of both the late societies, and
to agitate the question of repeal by constitutional
means alone. Doubts are entertained by many
whether such materials as the proposed league will
contain, can work harmoniously together fur any
length of time.
The government have not yet made any move
to reindict Mr. Smith O'Brien and Mr. Meagher.
Sympathy for Mrs. Mitchel and her children is
still repressed, and the funds collecting in their
behalf arc daily increasing.
The Irish Confederation have issued a very
strong, and, to any the truth, disaffected address to
the people of Ireland. The following arc among
the morn important passages. The address is
signed by Smith O'Brien.
"We will not carmen! from the Government
that nothing but the most strenuous exertions of our
counsel prevents the outbreak of an insurrection.
Last week thousands of brave men had resolved
that Jahn Mitchel should not leave the Irish
shores, except across their dead bodice,
"We do not InCall to conceal from you that the
recent indignation otfered to the Irish nation has
generally tended to remove from our minds the
hope which we have hitherto designed to cherish,
that the question at issue between Englund and
Ireland will Inn settled by amicable adjmtment.
We feel bound to tell you, without disguise, that
the , c indignities and wrongs are rapidly bringing
119 to that period when armed resistance will be.
come a salved obligation, enforced by the highest
sanction of public duty.
"Wu cannot shrink from the responsibility of
advising you to prepare at once to preserve your
invaded liberties, by the love which you bear your
country and your kind attachment to your homes,
by your regard for your children's weld, by your
thirst tor honorable thine, let no fictions strife
pede the execntion of your designs. Learn to
contemplate calmly and firmly the chance of a
final woggle, and prepare for that struggle by fur.
tusking yourselves with all such resources as may
enable you to command success.•,
Thu sale of Mr. Mitchel's furniture took place
on the 5111 inst., and attracted an immense attend.
ance, and many persons came front forty to fifty
miles in order to purchase some relic. The fern].
ture sold at extremely high prices, especially tho
small articles, such as books, china, glass, &c.—
The hooks, with Mr. Mitchel's autograph, brought
in many instances 100 times their original cost.
The pike and tun swords, whirls cost but a few
shillings each, sold at a guinea cacti.
l'he conviction of Mitchel has not quieted the
strong, spirit 4,f disaffection which prevails in
Ireland. excitement created by his hard sen
tence and entbareation has been seized upon and
converted into a fres% engine of agitation. On
the 'ld inst. a inn iiifest was issued by the Council
of the Irish confederation and the Irish people,
sip,ned by W. S. O'Brien, couched in terms no less
defiant of the law than the effusion of Mr.
The London pipers give a lengthened account of
the arrest and examination of three of the chartist
leaders. Their names arc Joseph Wllliamg, Jo.
seph Hessen and Ernest Charles Junes. The
latter is a barrister of the Jewish temple.
Trade has Leen slightly depressed during the
last week, owing to the revival of political agi.
lotion Loth in England and Ireland, and u less fa
vorable tendency of the continental advicos. The
produce markets have been less buoyant; holders
are rather unvioug la realize and purchase, cause.
(lucidly a declining tendency. There is also a
further decline in the value of cotton, and the
sales are limited.
The present aspect of commercial affairs on Ow
continent continues clotl and unsatisfactory, but, in
sonic respects, a alight improvement is perceptible.
Thera is a further increase in the supply of
money, and the rate of interest tends downward.
ever, still the theatre of considerable confusion. ,
A report was spread in the course of the sitting'
of the National Assembly on rho Silt ultimo, that
the police were in search of a high personage,
who arrived that morning at Paris by the diligence
from London. From information believed to be
correct this personage has been arrested. The
personage here alluded to is the Prince de Joinville.
Prince Louis Napoleon is understood to be in
for Paris. Re will probably obtain three returns
I besides that at the capital. The government of
course will not dare to molest hint.
The European Times states that "the resigna•
tion of Lamartine and Ledru Rollin was openly
talked of in Paris, and suspicions are expressed
that Lamartine was a party to tho movement of
the 15th of May. Caussidierc, late Prefect of the
Police, charges Lamartine with having supplied
tho arms to Soubriore, which enabled him to get
up the conspiracy. Lantartine's friends all allege
that his elm was by making a popular demonstra.
lion to avoid a collision in the streets of Paris.
M. There is reported as not unlikely to supplant
Lamartine in authority.
The returns fur the eleven vacancies in the depu.
tetiun of Paris were proclaimed un the 9th inst.
al the llotel do Vine. The following is tho lint of
the successful candidates: Caussidiere, Moreau,
Goudchamp, Bliangarinier, Thiers, Pierre Leroux,
Victor Hugo, Louis Bonaparte, Lagrange, Boissel,
Afters stormy debate in the National Assembly,
a decree for preventing tumultuous assemblies in
tho streets, was carriod•by 478 against 82.
Several additional regiments am expected imme•
(hate.) , in Paris.
Paris was tranquil, but the groups of mit ar
seMbled at the Porte St. Penis and the Porte St.
Martin, haring become more numerous on Monday
afternoon than heretofore, a strong detachment of
troops of the line was despatched to disperse them
as. they refused to retire. After having been
three time sum moned to do sit,the soldiers charged
with fixed bayonets. A number of persons were
arre.ited, but afterwards set at liberty.
The Constitution of Prance.—The Presse states
that the Commission on the Constitution has de
cided on the following important point:—The '
political constitution of France shall be a Demo
cratic Republic—one and indivisible. This propo
sition was adopted unanitnously. The project of
the constitution is to be preceded by a declaration,
admitting, besides the rights already enjoyed by
the people, those of gratuitous education, employ.
ment and assistance.
A greet alarm is expected by the approaching
monster banquet to he held on Monday under the
walls of the fortress of Vincennes. The subrcrip•
lion had been raised to 10 sons a head, and the
party who has organized announces that there are
already 100,000 subscribers.
The latest accounts slate that the banquet has
been postponed.
A us.rn lA.—We have accounts from Vienna to the
f2d instant. The conduct of the Emperor is cnn
sidcrcd must extraordinary. A deputation of ladies
to present a petition, requesting his slajesty to re
turn to his capital, had been treated with marked
At lospruelc, the Emperor took the petition
from the ladies, and, without saying a word, turned
on his heel and walked away. The city was quiet,
but distrust continued to prevail between the peo
ple and time noblesse. Muny of the latter class
were leaving to join the Court, or to retire to Ba
den Ischel. Nearly all the foreign Ambassadors
were at !Ambling in the vicinity.
The bankers Rothschilds, stud and eseales, had
lett the city. Time general wish was felt that the
Emperor might sous return.
IrAt.v.—lt is issid that Pope Pins had recovered
all his popularity, and un the feast of St. Philip,
the population made a brilliant manifestation in
his favor.
Advices from Turin to the Ist have brought the
important intelligence that the Peschiara had cur
renderul, end was in the hands of the troops of
Charles Albert, end that an engagement had taken
phice at the same moment at G u th,. between 30,000
Austrians, who last marched from Vienne, and
15,000 Peidmontdse The result of which was that
the Ibriner were completely routed, and being pur
sue,/ by the cavalry, were dying in confusion. A
great portion were cut to pieces. The King and
the Duke of Satoy were personally engaged in this
combat. The former received a slight contusion
of the ear from a cannon ball that passed near him,
and the latter was slightly wounded by a musket
SPMN—RUSSIA.—The despatches of the Belgian
Minister are to the Bth. Then uthorities of Cadiz
have compelled all the British residents to furnish
securities for their conduct. Arrests arc daily
taking place in Madrid.
The cholera is again making sad havoc in Russia.
According to the Berlin papers, there were 755
cases in Moscow-57 of which terminated fatally.
"Toe Asni.o.S.Axos."—lt is a fact well worthy
of notice, that '• The Angio•Saxon," the Phone.
typic newspaper published in this city by Andrews
and Boyle, has attained the extraordinary circu
lation of six thousand, weekly, in little more than
one year since its establishment. This is certainly
one of the boldest attempts at innovation on a
large scale that we have ever known, and is, so
far, decidedly one of the most successful. Phone
typy and Phonography together, constitute what is
known as "the Language Reform," ur "the
Writing and Spelling Retbrtnstion." We have
licrendi.rc spoken approvingly of the principle
which lies at the bottom of thin movement ; but,
apart from its merits, the fact that a family news
paper in the English language, printed in en en.
tircly new system of spelling words, with an alpha
bet of flo-ty tiro letters, instead or the tweety.six
old stagers which have served our forefathers, is
liberally sustained, and that its circulation is rapid
ly increasing, is indisputably one of the must
striking and singular phenomena of the nineteenth
century. The sheet itself is one of the "curiosi
ties of literature." To the uninformed eye, it may
seem the absurdest thing imaginable; but the
reputation of its conductors fur scholarship, the
fact that their labors are not only approved and
sanctioned, but warmly advocated, by some of the
most learned societies and individuals in the
country, mud by many or those most interested its
education, together with the success which accom
panies the undertaking, should at least render
those who have not thoroughly studied its princi.
pies and understood its advantages, somewhat
modest in condemning it.
Phonography, a kind of rapid and scientific
short hand, is rapidly coming into use for verbatim
reporting, and even for letter.writing. It is un
doubtedly the most perfect system of writing ever
invented. The most obvious and immediate use of
' Plionotypy, is its influence in correcting false
Ihabits of pronunciation. A year's reading of
"The Anglo. Saxon," for this purpose only, must
be worth far more, as a means of family edema
lion. than its subscription price of tiro dollars,
I anti even More than years of systematic study de
voted to pronouncing dictionaries. Children read
the paper at once, prompted by mere curiosity at
its novelty ; and incidentally they learn the true
pronunciation of every word in the language—
Plionotypy being un exact representation of speech.
Wu wish the enterprising editors and conductors
of "The Anglo-Saxon" even more triumphant
success in future.—N. Y. Evening Post.
A We:int:arm. PII ENoStr.NON.—A singular phe
nomenon was brought to light a week ago yester•
day, in the township of Greenfield, about eight
miles from this city. The facts arc very nearly as
follows. The Messrs. Grangers in boring to find
water to supply their saw null, sunk a four inch
hole to the depth or 71) feat, when they struck a
vein, or cavity. As they withdrew the augur
from the hole, to their great surprise, it was follow.
ed by a violent current of air, that threw up stones
as large as lien's eggs, teal or fifteen feet high.
Tor a few moments, when the hole was first
opened, the air was accompanied by a stream of
water, which was thrown ten or twelve feet high.
The water, however, soon ceased coining, and the
air gushed out with such force that the roar could
be distinctly heard fifty or sixty rods distant. On
touching fire to the air, it. caught, and the flames
flashed twenty feet high, and came near burning
the building, covering the suachinery in which it
is located.
They finally succeeded with considerable diffi
culty in stopping it, by forcing down blankets, and
driving a spite into this hole, which was their only
" mans L A stopping the air or gas, and extinguish.
ing the flames. For sevcrai moments alter the
bolo was stopped, the earth trembled and shook
for some distance around, as though an eruption
was about to take place. The people, who by
this ;time had gathered to the number of aboui
a hundred, were greatly ohirined at these symp.
toms and scattered with all possible rapidity, sup
posing that "Millerism" was about coming to a
locus. or that they were about to be blown up
sky high by an earthquake. From the time it
was opened till it was thus closed, was about six
hours, and the air gushed out all the time with
unabated violence. .
has been opened several times since with
the same effect- The, power and force of the air
does not seem to diminish in the least. The
Messrs. It:rangers arc proposing to secure it with
apparatus so as to shut it off end let it out at
leisure, and test its real qualities. The people in
that vicinity arc all confident now, that it can he
conveyed here in pipes, and successfully used for
lighting the city with gas, from this great natu
ral, underground Gasometer. We learn that sev
eral scientific gentlemen of lhis city intend visit.
ing it soon.—Detroit Daily Advertiser.
The Siamese Twins, for the last eight or ten
years residing on a farm in North Carolina, pur
pose to make another tour of the Southern and
Western States the cooling Fall, for exhibition.
They will start from home in October. They have
wives and three children each—a fact which has
given the husbands additional interest, and go
where they may, especially if their wives accom
pany them, we predict more crowded houses than
ever before.
Smithsonian Institute is fimr hundred and filly
feet, Its breadth at the towers is one hundred and
fitly feet ; its general breadth fifty.four feet. The
Eastern wing will be finished, and put in order for
the occupation of the Secretary, and fur the immo.
diMe purposes of the board.
Fourth of July Celebration.
The Sunday School of the M. E. Church will
celebrate the fourth of July at the Camp Springs
one mile from Columbia. The citizens and parents
of the children are requested to participate.
Teachers and children arc requested to meet at tho
Church at 9 o'clock to proceed to the groin].
Oration by the Rev. Mr. Bell of the Baltimoro
By order or the Managers
(171)c Ilictrkets.
Columbia Retail Market
Flour, by the quarter at the rate of $6.2.5 a 6.50
per barrel; Itecf,ti a Sc per lb.; Veal, 5 a 61e per
lb.; Hums, 7a Sc per lb; Dried Beef, 1521 t a 1 , 1 ;
Butter, 11 a 18c per lb ; Eggs, 124 e per dozen
New Potatoes, 91.525 a 1.50 per bushel.
Jot., .111,
Flour is inactive, with sales at $5.25 a 5.37 for.
common Penna ; extra, $5l aG. Corn Meal, $2.37
Rye Flour, $3.50 a 3.SG. Wheat, prime while, $l.-
27 a 1.30 ; red, $1.23 a 1.25. Rye, 70c per bushel.
Corn, Southern yellow, 51e, weight.
lumber.—Thc supplies arc on the increase.
Cargo sales of yellow pine boards at $l3. a 17. per
M. ; Susquehanna, $ll, a IS.
Howard street flour, $5.62,1 ; City Mills, $5,7.5.
\Client, red, $1.05 a 1.07; choice, 91.16. Corn,
white, 39 u 40e; yellow,-17. Oats, 41. llye 65.
Fourth of July — () , t this day of fodis it y nod joy,
as Iwo We ale all prone it, indiiNe ill the good Ilunga of Ow .
lite, and not tinirequently to exe,,s. let 14 ttol forget ulna
ellO 111111'4 the In. either with Ibod or drink. eupe
mall) at •0:1 , 0110I the year. t4OllOll attend.] asitli
Yoe uu..t ,•••riote, eousecpienee.. It any. however, should
taadverteally to. er.tep the boned, ofprialenee, they
-.hold,' beat in mend ili.d Indent l'egetalde PM,
re eel 01111111 prevent all evil a ,111% hiPIII impropriety of
diet; heellth, they 1110r011•Ally eh..ttt,e• the slutnarh and
bowel., from thaw lola.. and corrupt huatora whielt are
the etltlie of elate patio, eholera niorbto, and
tither of the bowel.
WI.; Indian \'en.•l a hi, Pill, al-o and nod improve
dace-non. :wd thoteloru give health and vigor to the
lisle frame, an well a. drive th,ense 01 every kuid Iron,
the Logy
llinVA in: or COL NM:I - Errs AND NIT —Remem
h er. that the origioal nail only pelitline Inchon Ycgetulle
Ptil, has a the %, Colon nlynal urr of Vi ILLiam WRIMIT oil
the lop label of each hog.
r - y• The getntint, for .ale I v PRY & whu
nrt Ib. oilly autbormnl A, , ,e10g for Colombia. Also, by
wren!, nllverip.,l 1:1 :1110ther
hi:Jew:ll 01 Lee, 169. Strect,ladelphm
A gentleman from Vermont writes as follows:
Carol/mitre, Vt , Jinti• 1,71 f/
Mr. Seth W. Fowle—Deur For several years
past, my usitul goon! health Me; been °era-mutiny Inter
rupt.' try spell., cif coneldne, Produced by colds a year
lieu last winter 1 semi,. brought In the verge of 1111, g 3111,1,
IN a very severe rough. aecompanted ss ith pawls in troth
1,1:1),011 the shoulders fie., %Ouch, with brag con
tained night 5W1,111.1. 411111 oilier Mai - none symptoms. re
duced me so low.that 111) friends despaired of my recov
ery. I consulted plty,,cians and tried the various reme
dms of the doe. hut tunic of Mem cured me. At last
procured Dr. Wistar'b Ilalsarn of Wild Cherry, rind it
crave lay He; I have out enjoyed Ironer health fur many
year.; therefore I recommend others who need it. to.
• .. , .
None titile4s ..itmed I. BUTTS on the wrapper
%ale be $l7lll Getwral Et e,
Wel-Itinglon Street. Bo,toli;
For bale by R. WlLLiaws, Tront Street Colombia, Pa.
Members of Congress. Clergymen. 'Lawyer., Sena
-10,, Judges. Foreign COII.IIIS. and In (net, all classes of
the community, have given in their testimonials in favor
of the soperior AnpOnaCCOll9 qualities of ILA DWAN"S
CHINESE AIEDICATEI) SOAP% Itt* fact the superior
qualitie, Mans delirious Soap are co much in advance of
all others, [hut every indivolnal who tries it once, be
comes mdonisheil :11 its effect upon the Guile:ll, and are
so highly pleased SA Ith Its extremely bland, soothing, and
poritying effects in curing nll excrescences of the cuticle,
extemuuwting Pimples. 13loteliec, Yu,udes, Triter, &c.,
at the same time imparting to the complexion a healthy
TOSente hue, and pure, sweet. mad clean skin, that test,
unasked lot, are presented to us every day.
For Shaving. this sinip superior to creams mid other
90tinr, a produce. a rich unit copious lather, notions the
beard. and renders the skin smooth and pliable. For
4:leaning Itailway's 501.1, may truly lie said to pos
se..., wonderful inern—it makes the leeti, white and
boantinil, milers the breath sweet. and keeps the gums
free 1 - 1 . 0111 scurf. For the Toilet, it is superior to all im
ported soaps, hying ,aitirely IMO from all poisonous ad-
IlliAtures, it mill not Ift unite or inflame We skin.
From the Rev J N. MalEtt.
31, - m.. J. &R. Ittuturtay—Gent,-1 take great plea
.an• m recoil iiiii oulmg to tee.• ptthhe ‘sorthy of notice,
yoe l dchrtnu. Chinese Netlimited Soap. .%4 n Toilet nett
bat ing 'Soap it is the hest I have towil , for Chapped
Fleeh mail Tender Skim I contitler IL a great dotidera
tem. Rc+peettllfly yours. J. N. Al-Area.
Gents you have the goodite=s to send, by express,
thirty dozen of your Chine, Medieuted Snap, at sells be
yond anytime; of the kind I have ever 1010. —it really
dm, po•-s.. the meni stint It you repre.ent, the ladies of
llochesier will not he xellhOlif u.
Truly yours, 11. SCHANTLIAL
• -
Mr. Led Cooly of New York, trays: "'A
yountr Melt of this place ling glittered very severely. front
Salt Rheum..o much so, 111111 he could not sleep at night,
lie hcnrd of Railwny's soap, washed himself from hend to
foot. used six rakes. and is now enjoying goof health,—
Ife also pronotices It the heett SilliValt% Soap hr has ever
ilied. LEVI COOLY, 1 . 1”1141 , UOZII.
Each cake. to the genuine. MOO be Ahmed IT 0. Rad
way .1. & It. G. 11ADWAY, Y Comrtand St , N. Y
Sold in Columbia by It. WILLIAMS. and Wm. A tainnrit,
and in Lancamer by A. Jackson. p.d7'.12-1m
Philadelphia Dagnereotype Establishment
son. 3d store, Rooms 23-27.—D aguereotype por
traits of all sizes, either singly elfin fa mily groups, col
ored or without colors, are taken every day, m any wee
nier. Copies of Daguerreotypes. Oil I'a intings, Statuary,
die , may also he procured. Ladies and Gentlemen arc
requested to examine specimen..