The Columbia spy. and literary register. (Columbia, Pa.) 1848-1848, June 10, 1848, Image 4

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    DR. TOWNS=3D'S
Extract is put 110 in QrAET Lon . ' Is—it 1.• =LX utiles
chrap.r. pleasaltwr. unit warranted ..apertor to 1 , 01) .
CILSCILSCS Without pttretoe. t.testsess, or
debilitali.g . the ' , uncut, and is particularly adapted for a
The great beauty axd surriotit2. - of
over al: other remedies la. sr h d st t t cratitc.ut.
CUSINISC. it invigorates the 1 , 0‘13.
Fro:data. Consumption.Lieer Complaint. Colds. Conn',
c a ti o n: l . Adman, spitting of Blood. Sureness m the
Chest, Hectic Fiala. Night Sweet , . lhilicult of Prom.,
.Expectordion, and Pain in the Sala, Sc.. have and can
be cured.
Probably there never Was a remedy that has been w.
•accessful in desperate cases of consumption as tin.. II
cleanses and strengthens the system. and appears TO heal
tae ulcers on the lungs. and the patients gradually re
gain their usual health and strcmit 11.
There ts scarcely a day passes but tnere are a number
of cases or co.‘surnruo” reported as cured by the u-c 01'1
11r. Townsend's !Sarsaparilla The folloviim; was recently
3.3 r. Townsend—Dear Sir: Tor the. last three }ear.l
have been atimited v. ph genera l iti City, and nervo, con
sumptiret of lit' last stag...UO(l al 7,1 not expect to ever got a
my bruit!: at 7.171 Aiter guile r 1177171,77;1 7, c0U1,77 or toed:-
viiie under tile, care or some of the 1,477 , 1 711.11717:111,1112,11e
geka nhy•loollis and member. of I:071,41 of IR11,!1111
New York and Moe, lime-and speading tu, , it of my ear,
Ingis, in 71110711711111 g to rocoill fin Ileallo. I 7 ;71 am.: lell,llllz,
in some paper on your titiarimpardia. I re,olved to try it
After using six bottles I found it done me great good and
railed to see you at your office, with }our advice I kern
on. and do most heartily thank you tor ) oar advice 1 per.
....vered in taking the Sarsaparilla, and have bee, able , , in
attend to my usual labors nor the last tour months, rind 3
hope 11) the T1.C.7b;117.7t; Of Chid and vain Sarsnimrilla to coil
tatue ray health. It helped me he) and the expectations
as all ta Ito kitkw my case. C I. UM:a tjs lost.
Orange. INsex Cu., N J August ti 3. 1-17.
State on Ness' Jr rocy. Cows County.
Charts, guntiliy 17O1117; .777. N or:, 717,011110 g to late. on
his oath salt:, that the 1'0177;0,11g 7711,1114117 i, true accord
:o the best o: kno.itleuge mai le he:. ot nun:
Sworn and v.:bac:ll,rd to Lt.fore nie at Orange. Pre Srd
August, Inl7. LLtiost
Just.., Mtge trace.
Bead the foitosvutit, a n d say that Coust.tcption to tam
rabic at you eau
New York. April 211, 1.17
Dr. Townsend—l venly believe that your Sans:tido/Us
has been the 111.,.. through Provideusl. Of sal 11114 ray
Ir , e. I for re: oral tcars had .t bad cougl. It I,
mane waist out: st olre. St last 1 r gistunities
of blood, bad night sweats, mid was greatly c_rolitured
end reduced. and did not expect to live I tuns c only used
your :sarsaparilla hilt a short tune. and ilitre has a it on
dem.' change been wrought in the. I son now able to
wars all over the city I raise 1155 blood. and to, cough
has lett me. You can well unacine 1 ant thaulsiul
Sur these results. Your Ob,tiletit
Very few families indeed—in tact v e have not heard of
one—that used Dr. Townscild's Sarsaparilla ni tune lost
any enildren the past summer. while those that did not
•ickened and died. ..1111.: certificate se, pusillsh below ,
conclusive evidence of its value. and is only another In
stance corns saving the lives of the valid:ea .
D. Townsend—Dear :tor I had too cured liv
your Sarsaparilla of In,• summer complanit anald)senter).
nn• was only 13 months old, add theother 3 ) car•. 'furl
were Very much reduced, and tit 414)4,1 , 1 tine} could
die, they seven given up by two rcsi, Iv pli)
When the doctor Informed ins 11411 h., them. we
resolved to try }our Sarsaparilla ai e had aeon' so mad.
of, but had but little confidence, there 1,1114 so much
stud advertised that is woe hies.; bus ts•i are a ery thuuk•
ful that we did, tor nundouldedi) saved tale 1,4, of !loth.
I write due that others may be lliduCed to Li, it,
Yours, respeetfully, 3 rola; ‘IISIDN,
Myrtle -Avenue. Brooklyn, Sept. 151017.
James Cumming... C'q., one of the ,t, , lstents to the Lu
mute A.plum. Elttelt , ett'4 t; thu getttlemmt
e. t . of la tic :UlLkmving letter .
This is only on, of more than :your thousand Cases of
rheumatism that Dr. T0wb,,,..1 r, 5.0 panda ha.
cared. The mo-s .severe and chronic cases ale wee.sly
eradicated by tit. ext raordinary virtues
iiLACRWELCSI,Lasm. Sept. 11. 1-17.
Ds.To str: I bat•r red 'el ri bit
nine years wall rheumatism, co.f.tdeiahle of the uw
could not ear, sleep or wonli : I had ino.t
yams, rind me limos were terribly •wo.leu. I
tour bottles Of your •anupuulla. 11.11 d V.. ,lulu 1
more thou °pc thousand dollars' wort', on enod-1 anti
much better. Indeed. 1 sin entirely reln•se,l. VoLluic
:.berry to Use this tor [be benefit on the itinbereil
TOIVNSEN I.E.'S SA USA PA I I.T, 1 i,n is rune
fhc L,,,,',;es It z t./CIII 0: a 0 • t : ~,, : a ut:
mg, Still ;O 01 I '
Parker Lint.y beat
: - .01 DI I'LO , l L
Dn Tow:OLNl— . lr bt o, LI, 1 I
the e et, i :as •t. LL,.: 1,411
your !sausupartlld ~s-tri ss very
by, getters! t..tis
female complaint, I lead out 11dVeflls011t,d. s d
induced to try the , avet ut }oar raoludy. It ra,twut.: I
to a better state of health. I had not clool6 ed tor ve.e ,
years previous to • um! I do oto-t clic. I .
corathend it as °valuable ineMcitte to al I wllo att. amt..
as I bare been.
M 23. PAZKER. r11:11C at, SOL/I'd L'l'JCAly:l
The following is from a very respect:ll4e flrvter r.,.
. ?.I.C ZY M 4E ,S . --
I ; *d ihar Sir: My Wlit:
to severely tram the Dyspepsia umifreest el der.fueete
of the system, that we supposed she me .4 die rhe
'lentils could not res:st the disease. uut she would he
died beyond doubt it we had tot give., her your ~,u,
tills. It has saved her hie certninly She t.:.1111o.t.
arely relieved, and as eanung stretch mid
continuce the use of it.
Yours, respectfully, ELIZA ABILIM
11"H1111111.11 MH•l'Al'.l''.r...-
.'i , . , ..)amen: , s a. , ... I.) e., iamr oft Llie , llit Ilse V. 1111
el, liil 111, , 1 ailtuL Lis . lin., fin . tt Ill • I i • 111 llt le 1:.illal
nun /on, III„-•• Intscds, e. hielt at, mind, ft .111,1...-1.1.; all Pl.:. zn e :din.. and ,Ili) In..lillote. 11 1. , 11.1..aerent
,i, 11 al. Inke I nod II tee flotli• I ..111,Inie I.lul to:ether
Thts , a s et) gteut,P Thee l• 11-111.14 . 1 i Maur, ni,
1.,..55, e.l wliZlit • I,nlian Vi 4elahl l e I'd, ililli elin r nits in . , 11 , he . • , •••.1 1111 , 111W111 told :monde) ' Pi e du tan
itnill an:, Ito tillie mil ll del on re,‘ tor tm......ten,ent lii
an) ollt itiel.l4 It hen lit ter Illeilledlt • try tlii. Nwhine
rinse , ill I, In• t t•liry
.11 .in) lie, -0., I.i •iP Loin 1..1 c 0..). 1.5 a e,,,,1., ti
Sr OA., a• I, Ihi . i :dill, ipalea 1:1.11 il si il dll n tut .1 I,
Ilan, ki 0: tie Al, ,heirliat thus :tie geuerall: ml-take .1
\\ ithout tau ~.N.I. OAR these article- lute e n0i.111.4 wlei iiill.
Mend died!. dint t•tnilld hot Le .old li yea,, 113) tie
wnit the sugar, and li) ittelli" tile .uncle ii mime i.ii.iti..Ai
to Wright'. Indian Veretabre. Pills. the) pun a tempura
ry notoriety IV oLves they ore 111 site,;(, t 101hIlig. 0
1.0.01:1 tic public should •teer ,milletentl) elear
' Let it be relic-Inhered that WILIG I IN DIAN VEGE
TA ULL PILLS are prepared with .special rote relic, to
ithe ill. , govermtig the hunt,. body. Consequently. 111, y
are always good alien) ~. user ell, alwit) , acetic.. in root
ing out disca.e. Leer) fatally sllUiliti been them at hand.
'pie tollowing Inghly respectable Storekeeper: hate
been 4111) appointed agent. for the cute at this Celebrated
Med.c.tie. in Lance-al coutsty.
Beurville, Nelda .1 \\ entler.
I 1.14,11,1,11,1 , 4 e, Joan l'. Beet .ier.
)them-in-Maud.l,,,i, Itrin,c,
Oat thonsan‘t or more edamon.l) agenrcs, for the sale 'Hart l'ownsiap. Win \C Passmore.
al Dr. T0w,,,,,,a's SawartirJaa. v .'.. ...e ....etat,,t , ':ica in, Del:, sere. 1t.,) ...1, to 1:111',:si,
such places w lire 0.11 acetic) is nut already lipp L ann,d. is ßuck Tut ern P. O. Goo 'l' ,lark.
the States of Pcmtsylsrant... NC:. Je :se). Hi law.ire. Mu- ( held. Meoparrunt A. llouselseeper
ryiand, Virgt.t;3. ill.d bther Soot-, ro ant: I', ester. States. . Cunc••o', CLllire. Jehtl II I farm,:
The terlaS of agency to Inc compla ' at f. be .... to'. 1 enure], To, ,I. L.:.. 1; Iloger.•
term:; that CALM Shall Utica pa rev l t...' ~,,. e 1L'.n,,,,, i „,.. 1 l'uoinm.....n.le, f; Lewis.
tern in a place, w.. 0 w... 1 be advcr•l , ..l as -.lea In in c ; Columba,. l'i c A spang:er.
or mote paper:. pub:timed At Slid] f , :llltue nearest I Cue rry 111. i. 1-u..e. s \i a biter.
?epee to the plAe.. The stilt also Le iiir!•l.,:taii wdli al- DrUilinrei Its et A Hod.
and 1111.1dbills Suitinr, :aria the unmetill tinid e l'lil.'s. Larl Tti•edsli/p.ti , ur:te Duchman
...,::h their Lames ;X.IIIed as the Agent-. tor eiretf anon. i i i.... do Weaver ..k. Warner.
A 114 of all sue, itamen will in. reguiarl) pub.-Iced .11 do do 11, is Wallace.
DIDTT'S ORACLE 01' BLALTII; copies en all same I Eli.abethtown. John 1.) 1.e.,
sed: Lit furnished teem or circulatian gratis. until spiv., I'p 'l+ tine..) 01111 Ore-5
dud EilOWj:'.3 GI Dn lownse,d'. etlida establ..ittnent lii.hrata. :\eiv. 1.. S Necker.
For all these eitvaidares, the payment for a ~tipply ~e to do nm., ‘lMAinan.
the Sursapirlla will ac required is hen ordered, and Wally` l'itlioit I low,. Fulton If , . I. I'. Wllknisou.
urn; when tile A.cency is relimpitshed. it any of the Aleti... Ilettiime..l. liripsalt A >lartiii.
icine thuuld term.: ....isold, a will Im taken back at the lilt. 1k ours., T,,,,,,,,, ii..e.
;ace paid tar li. Leacuck town - alp. I'ft:darn:lC Swope.
Per.olis who may wish the sale of ti,:s valuahlc ntedi- Lan,eter squ..le J. I'. A D. H. Herr.
rise o tae terms above specified. iv. I address. by letter. 1.1 t,.., N.itniwi,, 0. \Volley.
OT appl7 3.t.1 . LC P:IIICIPai Ott•Ce out SU:, .I,i•tatly at .4. in I..nitrltlrdihn•
T. %V. DV° I' i` A. -.)\E, :Mount Jo). ll dui,. .0 Caa.i.i.
la . :North 1......ec0nd street. Phila. NowavalL. Johi. Devlin.
And at the same lIIIIL they will mention 1...0 I.4GIeS of :Marietta, IV. A. A B. Spangler.
law newspapers pia.L.shed as or :rear La. place :a o.lach Noma Joy l'ownship, II e. Clark .1. Co.
they reside. 1 Nay:owri, John Reinhold.
1. EL 'Alai the above advantages, the price of the 1 du it...Sala:4.k , r .b. Co.
Sarsaparilla still be 'ell per doter packed Ili Lazar. of r. Mount Pleuswit Lime l'Coraant.
4 0 ,, c.,uha.i.ells thall 0 LOX ,/./ 1101 be tarnished. :`tail Creek. Henry staLtaer.
Principal Office, ilh F01:03 Str,l, :\ ~, y,,,,,,„ Alai tic '1 owitt,hip. Ilutrii Moore.
Sole Ogentil f•-11 . P1:11:14 , 411III. Dr 'l' \V. 1/1 OTT A I N, w Holland. Brubaher ACo
ii NS. Coltimbicm C01.c. , e 1 . ..: . sor,./ b1...-ON It ..breet , :New Providence. Hildebrandt & Meyer.
cawforsate by i'reult-nc , :lircrvii. curl, r,,; Guestnut and 1 Poplar Grove, 11. It. Paxson.
Fifths streets . Lancaster. Minus t nix: CO,, V, Wt., , ,,v0n Peach Bottom. S. W P. Boyd.
DIA and Brinkhurst : Vera. Slot hi., •V.. 00 , Par.. ....... 1.,1, 1 Penn Township. Jacob ?inert.
lion;,ure. Ur. MePaerion, S. S. Duns, .11,.'e ' Parad.-e. A II le A. L. Wltlller
mc ,,,,„ anal hy tile prit.emol Uriti:,.st+ i ' l :-. ; Fuse y,', 11.11.,.., .‘ lohlon Pure),
zed States, 51' est inches riml Cuncida. . Peach Bottom. \Vitt Ari.old.
None geLuna., I. i.w.. p..... n i , 1., taree eguure hew, , Itawlinsville, John Nowlin..
w h ic h co,,thtt, a ~,,,ar.. atm same.: wan tr... WIIIIIh ,k.t. I t,i,r, Harbor. John Bent a, bon.
nature of S. P.:es:mt.:L., had Las aura: aiwya on the Snrausbeig AVai. Spencer.
M I 5u . ...ury.11 Treeland.
N. 8.-Persons woalrinr: for e:11.1 medicine should no: t irwsitin.ion. John A. Brush.
It,. induced to tube I.') or;.` ,• Dru,„Asts pat up Sere.- , r.. 70, ecs ties oted eiclustvely to the sale of Wridit's
panltas, of courts. prefer bt.J.,,: tite,r own: others , Lawn Ve.i L iat le Peas, sencile.sole and retail. 169 Race
have pureuased that pat in :mail l i eelleii. and occausc strict. Phi..etelpit.a . gi..z , Greenwich street. New York ;
Sty roast a ciLaier plow. reltaai.a , '.... "-et. ha aal be , and Oa l'retnum Boston April 20. 1b17.-1y
deceived by tai)-1.34.u.tri. for lir. 1 owai.tad'a, and take i
no outer. DIVIDraT -.-
iciegßerneinher the genuine `Towriter.d's Sarsaparilla,' I
~i 7 by th e Solo Aguas, T. W. D/ -011.4 ; SONS.. Columbia Bank and Bridge Company, Nay 2
No. I:.4l2\arth ShIt.C.ND street. V.J I-• 1-. Ihe DirLeto, el 1 , .l• lost:Wile. turd tin. day
Each bottle is suwayserive.oped or accompanied with ! dee'ared a dividend or three par cent. out ot the profits 01
a e. opycf " I I YOtI OrlCle
Heatili." the lent six months, payaLls on and aver the 12th instant
.A. EDE...i. Acent .or C'o:ciahia ! SiAMI.T.I. StlC.Cif,
171)R, DV OTT. 1r Colombia. May 6,19* Cashier
NEW Vnee. SEPT. O. 1,17
DM TOW:Vat:ID •--Dear Sir—l am eort,ratut.d. n. an
act of justice. to publicly acknowled,re tic great IJc . iefit.
received :rem 1:10 use at your SaNapurdlu. urine in town
&Lout two year: alaCe VI a very ‘1 cid: mid dc'oltutrod
state. My disease Was a CarOil.o Prtismitu t tr.cor tric li
ter end stomach. and. as many toeetgllt consumpenn; I
was so reduced that I :Aid very hide nape at re,a,ery.
Hearing aid resting COnsalerubly of nie effect. of your
srictileate. I resOlvee to try a. though I entertained a pa;tc.
wee ast,amat onvertv.c.l remeeics I 11011 taken tee
eine but a short and te,,un to rs co, ers.tradually
continued roger Vetter, and cia tic , well ludtru I urn
so much InaprOetiti.L.tral. trieta's -tune.} reel:eat:Ltd me
when I returnee! to Inc city 1 uu are at :do_ rty to publo•tr
shis If you taihre ••• ' t n ctid Inn use ta - your vs'estrl,
remedy. T. Tuw::.6,.
TILE only radical cure for Consumption It
a1.,0 retrieves and permanently cure, all diseases
aredog from Lill Impure state of the blood. viz.
Syr/Aida ur Kings Ceti, riLICIIOIOI/elll. Ob.tinate Cuta
neous Eruptions. Pluiply. or Pest tilt, on the flare,
Blotchy , . Btics. Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring Worm Or
ter. Seuhl Heed, Enlargement and Pain of the Bone, m d
Joints, Stubborn Ulcers. Syphilitic SYtnPlo , ni , S 6o "., i a, or
Lumbago, Dunn-r, arising trolll all Ileurloll, Lien of .lere
eury, Drop.). Exposure. or Imprudence in life. Also.
Is L I, rnedtrmc '—s era! innocent but very potent arti
cle, Cl the vegetable kingdom are united. tbrilitng u coin
!wand emirely diner/21nm Ili character and prat - write...trots
an) Ol'lrr Jon paration. and unrivalled in it, 0111(11101011 011
the system wtien laboring under lieieLlen. It should he w
the kende of nerr) 1/10,011. Wilo by tiosinegg. Or nearrlli
nearer of Is preall•pomed to the Ver. niuny
Ithat render lac a cur-c. nequail of a blca.wo, aura So odes
revolt in death
--•- .
The following testimony it from as able practitioner of
tlin. city:
Deeenib.. 14,1.47.
. -
Dear Sir reply to y our question respecting the use
of Dr. Drake's Panacea.l will say that although a perfect
disbeliever in the existence of a Panacea or cure or all
diseases. however valuable it may be in curtail condi
ions of the system, 41ill I hove believed that a cure for
Consumption would be discovered sooner or later. and
was led to try Your medteme ill 1, 0 very inveterate eases
They were pronounced by the attending physiLititts to be
Vt tmes...its: Covet MPISON. ainfabiinitoned by theta as in
curable (tins oi the persons had lice tinder the treat
ment of several very able pi acmioners for a number of
years. and they bend she bud ^ old fashioned Consuniptton
c min d cad want Set-cide. ' and that she might linger tor
sometime. bat could nut be permanently relieved. In both
case, the elfeet 011115 Panacea has heart least grattf) tag
014 tour or five bottles were used by one of the per-onus
before she began to millrace rapidly. The outer too's
about ten. They arc bow well. I will only add. thut tu
intliar as I net with Comuniption by mheittunee and by
extensive observation as a study. and knowing also the
tit Mile cases out of ten of tar, bonesin.
and other vegetable tonics. as well as of many of the ex
' pectorants and sedati,t4. I should never have reeommend
ce the use 01 Drake's Panacea if 11 had tot been acquaint
ed with the ingredients. Sallee it to any these ore re
commended by our most popular and sinentific physi
cians, and in their present combined state. form probably
the best alterative that has ever been made. The cure 1-
lit accordance whit a theory of Consumption broached in
France a few years ago, by one of her most connect
writers MI medicine, and now established by facts which
admit of no disp
L ute. Vert
. C. GUNN, Corner Che t st. told Filth FA.
Astonishing, cure of Liver Complaint and D)spc , m. in t
ealineCtioll with General Debility ui the whole -carat :
Pini..suctanits. 1,11.
Messrs Storrs & Co—Gentlemen wife has Minn
for several years ;inflicted with u pout thiough her right
mile and shoulder. accompanied ,ilit ehills - throiselt her
whole Svsleia. mall con•talitly a tack •lonincli. at
tended with pant, invariably alter vating or drinking; n
much i 0 as to deprive her 01 011 ~..ati.l.llolllll
to eat. cern if she had a desire for food. which as us not
once the ease, as her appetite oils compleielv cone A
friend persuaded her to give DIL. DIZAI<ES PANACEA
a trial and I am now happy to say the first bottle gave
her ' ,lief Our Mani,• phy eictdn examined the Pamwea.
and approved oilier acing it. She hits taken three bottles
suite. and is greatly benefitted. She has now a good ap
petite, and coal cat liar ineals with satisfaction. The
pain. awl sick stoinneh have cutirel lett her, and we :eel
confident that the Panacea lan, affected a ca mple cure of
her clitticulties. and is wild recommend to all who Lae in
:hated us she has been to try Dr Dralie's Patim•ea,
NVILIA.:OI Asl 151 AN.
No :lA, North Street.
The above are but a few of the numerous testimonials
see :tee eoll,iallity I (Tel ving. 04 the Wontleinil ethea op or
Dr Drake', Panacea It is a pleasant. et most seat car
nag remedy : (tad the first iital will prove On power. It
reputation line were:vad since its introduction t*u degree
lutlie•rto auk:lowa in all medical diz,eoveries.
Willt ilie IMO rouvtnuol that no other remedy, so called.
I of the pi esent aze. Is equal to this. and dial toe theory
t apart ndncli it is compounded is too firmly established it/
be ors rthrown, the proprietois solicit a trial of 35r.
Drake's Panacea. willing to stand or full upon its own
Meta, well satisfied lt will bUilltlll the reputation it has
I already acquired.
12 i lON —The genuine DR. DTZART:S. PA.N.I.•
Cl:5. I , ota. up in laree smiare bottles—a has the stgtia
titre ot Geo Stun-00, luppel—aad also the name
•• Dr. Drake's Palini•ea. Plata " bio.yn pi the class.
Pt Lpared 01111 lip & Co. Druggist., No. dl North
I Sixth 7.t rent P.4ll.ldpitia.
—lt WILLIAMS. Colarribla Iletnitsh Son,
I Linteacter • 4'. A. Morris. .li. Co. York.
April 15. 1114s-1p
-1111: C 01... N.
•rcrat,l-1.1:1'11:11 111.024 1 1111.1! Si11:1111.1 , Uh
SOC I'll cAltoLix.‘
E&traei 01 lettel the editor of the Creeilville Mou,
tam, r C
Lu ti N"ixtta:tr-I),:ir Sir:— • • • A nr
ut 0 a I , c/ii(./t/ It ...11/L V! A INI.; 1. Co 11..11110 . iLttel
truth 011 e u , Vo l ilittect. .1 lite ot ',N.,
; 'V.IIO, :it p) , V.1.W.111. - Z , INL/LAN I.\ ttIA:
I.r Cr, ,tit. IC,-.'. t.-. 4 In. -, •1
ittat.t..l Lu.e evt i . 1 (Cl'. it
Wt.1.•11:1 N 1,A..11et; .4
ti te AAA', 11..1 se .. ...Ili,. lit: t.
rig .P.ZGEETT,
THE Subscribers Respectfully inform their
iriend, and the public, that they have taken the Store
formerly occupied by S. 13. Bootle Sr. Co., Corner of Locust
and Front Street, and arc now opening an entire new
Stork of Goods, purchased :stale present very low prices.
IIIIIOIIIT which are
Olive. Brown. and Blue Cloth.; French. English, and
Atuelican Blue,, mid Blue-Black Cto.iineres; Striped.
Plaid. and Figured Cas-itneres, Satinet,. Sommer Cloths.
untiltroons ; Low priced Summer Stuffs, Cords and Bea
veraten, Ste.
Grenadines, Organdie:, Ha Tete. Silk Tissue.
Lawns, Gmuloons. mid Blue's nud Itlite-Black Gro de
Mimes. Plaid and Striped II irk Dress Silks,
NVW St) le Chainelles. ASLO. Checks.
Glitulitims. Ticking. Chainlirey-c. Linen and Cotton Table
Dower- Napkins, (live., Cotton, Alpticti. and Silk Hose,
New Stele lloonet Triimmou, Sc.. tee. ALSO.
Sugars. COITV.,, Tea, :11.1eherel. Herring. Fish
and Sperm Oils. Soups, Candles. Spire, V c.. &c.
Our good. are :in NCt' and selected with great care.
and we hope by i.irier intention to to receive a
share oleo:tom of our ;ritals and the public. All kinds
of Country l'toduee tubs in at the highest prices.
flour. CHALFANT,
Columbia, March .5,
COLUMBIA IRON rounmatiz.
undersizned hereby tender their sincere
1 1 u k nu. le . ilgrnew. to their en-tomer, :tad the pub
lic generally. f or the very liberal patronage that has at
tended their calm , to please. and would intone them that
it will be their gi cue-t plea cure. ris heretofore. to condor!
their lith.ine-a to elicit a manner as to Merit then' continu
ed approbation and support.
‘Ve ruuWwc to make all hind , of Castings. vie
1111.LGI:.\RINC. SPUR. BEVEL. mrritn..d^moß-
Ticr.coG-wlii:ct.s. CAST SHAVI ' S tor water wheel,
CAR WHEELS end other Car Castings. to
gether with all bind , 01 Rol Road Casting.. for which
unexceptionable re:clone,: ella be given tor superiority
and uvulibility .
IVe have mute a variety of PATTI:IT:CS for making
lint Lila-t Pipes. Mr Itla,t Furnace...and tor %rater Pape,.
and. being m ell prepared tar Ca ,ling Pipe, it sa cer
tainly be - an ads:image to trace in want. to t all :aid ex
am!ric fur thetn,elve, as si.e. eau InaillitheiLliecheap.
or cheolo r, than any other establishment ill thIN , venoll
Of cottony.
We have different kinds of Patients for Steam Engines.
Threshing Machines. Plough , . Colin:too Stove, Stove
Plate, Stove C) tinder- and thaws. and many othei
tholes to our line of 1011-ines, hying the making and col
ic:L.lmq togmlier in the peat eleven years. h its mg the
Lest at mechanics employed at Pattern making.
me prepared to make any thing ul our line MAAS:IIIV, nl
the .11011,4 none,. :10:1 hetin; fits:it - ably .4111We:1 11l the
Cnunl Italia, ••fie , us the OtlValtla...le of lthntlllaVh-Lnal:
and tone:Aran g t:tt,tot4, to ally ;faint ienh lie9:lllCh Wei
at the C:1:011(11:
SA)11 - 111. TIit:SCOTT.
Dealing under the brat oz Geo. Wolf & Co.
Cotentin:l. Pa. March I. 1-1--11.
inr33r.lNCz7 wx. sc.
Franklin Fire Insurance Company of
1.1111.ADEIA•111.k.-01 , 11‘21;.N4,16:4 1:111;:,\:r1
Street, scar rilLll strct
CuAttu, N. 13Arsc I.otic.:l: Rtcil A no , r,
I IA It. Mouni.ent 1.1
TOM., ‘N A (o.i.n. A E. 11(11111.,
:111 NT. DAVID :IN IStul\t•S.
.IACIIII it Sxrr a. N 1,18111.1
Cl/1111.1110 To make 'astir:met. Inzpctuul or !united. nil
every de,crunioll of property In 1.11111 11111.1 tuudtr). to
111112. :1• :OW .1I 111, C011,,,111 aYIIII ,rallrate.
Tile Company have rc•erved a late Coutingent Fund
ith their Caput,' and Premium:, baurly itiew.ted.
aniple protection to the .1.--iued.
The 01 Ca• Compatiy. Oa January 1.1. 101 , . a-,
agreeably to an tic t of W 1•1•4:
1C11101.1..i. VI/ •
Real E-tute,
Temporal y Loans,
Cablt, Ste.
077 4.7
Sint, their incorporat;on. 11 1.0601 01 * 00_11110. 1 .,
1110, 111W0 1 1 1101 111 111 .trkk- 01 nue NW.... hrtrgarrri Mou
s ivd &dints, 10,-0. I, 11110. 110 rt•by 111t: , ••100
01 tile 11i1...ititage.ui 111-11fant Wk.o 1,1110 01 .01, situ
kll-4•0111k.1.110 liwk 1 Alllllo'ollsl o .llo—. :tU
C11.1.1i1.17 4 JI.I.NCKE.I{. I'l. lelcvl
11111 I.NI , 1..1.1 1 VD 10 -(7 0111111 ,0, .
.1.;0.11 tot 1 unk1:00114111101 , 0.4 1. 1'
1 . 7 11 E mullsiened hive just received the best
i:10..1 t...p.c.e ut /;11,i1-.11 C.
ut 1301 . 111.1: 11202-
RA:1.1:1) have ,v,r 1.01111 o fere‘l 1.1 tLn
-.elf price, ,pat e aII +wit all "s I liwrel
/le% eiv., .441 .el..euekill4 I'l , I OI.S. fall ..111
at I to cheap I lartlware ni
R.C.111'1.1.; & lILLs.
1,, .1,:.x11.; ,2k. 1-17.
V.:T.5 .7 1 . Z.l"/17 Zits
NllbSerilVr is 110 W manufaclurhm Priniinz
11:r0 I 1.1 18111, 1,1112 , 111
laa utt I i.ot o: I o•
t!la le:Ln.acd.
,;; %%v.: ta,:e 4.100:1 sac u pare ,Lase,
4 , 1 of 11 15 20,11, 30.:d)
• l'o• •••I II••l% • lllk 111. Ir•
1.i1,.10,e111,11, at ut. rt, tnc of
VAIL \ nl,l
Co11,1111,1:1 .20 1- ;7 —1:
C. onus. The public is resrelfully invited to
• • •
mot air at r ,s ta•li cal.not iLa To
u! .I LI A. 11 . 1:11,11
C o .11..r..1: 1-.:-1- —lt
s7L - E - A.rnin
I)RE3111:1 PLITIIS for the subscribers to the •
t i o : • ,..111 to ,Liny putt ol
L /wed u:
'rise Ccllunitqa:l 1.1z.1./1 at . for 1-4'. edited by Jolla
luau aunt Rohe. t .1 NN. e-t A I.•po,ttory of tltc cutesy-1
.Innerteati vottrely thi . 4lllal. and ul the 110,1
costly ortFtual etat, Vella. u: ,
l'he Comm!. MauaStite clam: epee n tiew vent r veal, '
pro-Teets Inc rea,uv,:y latula end prout,tug• It Ile, at
tamed .t proud pmemail to the pubile e.tonattoll. Thf•
pi, woh a gencrot, Avtaoll
t i roprietw grae may eekiii , o,leitue-, ionic 1,41.
molly to the sepereirn Ca Mend - are the plota.uoit
aud gle.4ata_e ot .01111.. 11,..buteut,• ,thlle 115 muilun...t:
uud couy.tod, 111111 the
lout /0,...1 th.• gailLiolet. uutm
aLuen.abk tdeue.• teat II hay wet tit expL., mime
DI un i te:ll It *man , to tile l'ulapaier ulua>t uuat.en.,,Ar
to speal. 1.1 tile .a . mr..
Il ,:twio• ...n1 ,melt or the vollailet
the ittermry 1.1 , pat Meet Le (AM:iota:le 'roc
%Nile irate -at lomi mid iii.eitertitet t , • , 1 duly.
comma, ,hare thl lulu 1 1.h:11.-
M: 1,1 witiuuuu that Iv. 1., toad, artangeta.h.t. sv:th
beveral 01 the lat.! it is I tier. nil ,mmare,
' alms reuelar t i e:out/um., Is in mit me lee Mtiu.: /lei ;
wilt!, to, eeretitime te, rammi lUill
n, the tame 01 n, a rocr. lia , peri to u. peith..
Elevated alai pure mid ti,a, dt,liiturtt.e all
the Ittet attire of 1114 . Colllllll.lall 3111,1/11,
pnpel con CO1111111)1,1 lull Inor,oer Inc
prlnted... notoohnoorod expro , —.l:. nor Ino• porpo., li) on,r
of larnro•l 0101 noo.t 1)1;114 ...sir. unit m. 0.,. t 0 4n•
Clll.l. :Mil soul Lc (A pruporLtutidtc lo
-00-. 8101,1 .. aahLe
1 - 1 . 0111
sul , sertiwt , at.d Inn-tt... aLoatalt.auce of IWi•
1111fleTIO so veht aided the Alaga/ille .1.
carne-till ttic hl.. 1,1,11} w ilia Ns lad, he toteiid, to co 11.1.1 et
lilac department ci tile or 1.. he thepareth al a lark
euthey. maelatathit It It4lll I'ora:tit ut thLtuaa..loa.
price 0 , 0 11011.11, 11, stipple and nicztu!titt.. which st ill lie
pre,ntei.. pl,-tine. to very )Pius) bun
:echoer to tth, N:V4a//11C. who oth bend 10 the
advance. postage pant. It an el)..,ra,
01,1101 such cute riot nara, aid tat. etalkaet 1. of such
prUllArnd .111(1 abaha.; tatere.t. that he Ca.llllot dUllbt. that
the 1.1,11 Maul} gr.itity Lie receiver. and largrely ne:l
the :IA of hi. 'at .eril , ers luliuW-
Ing uuu-cull} to nerd 0: r41.11C•/11011., it 1.111.;
alrwd LIM: Ult. are 50 Cash .
I 'or the an,: I:lthrathng of "W.ethingion.
1 or •.i..".5.1,0 cup,- 4.11 the .Nlagazint . and the Lagra,-
in, cull Pistilli.
I r - Ta , great netare of the Deelarntioli of p 1.01,11,1 Inch
pail ttl ti Cot Trtiomlili ;or the Rotunda I.: Wa.111,...t0n.
uudorv_tnuil) ti 0111 opper I p>lr liortonl has t,en
te.etigra , ..l air Itod is result 01 1110 )1 .11.; 1.11.01
It COIiLLIR. 1,1.0, :he :11.711( Ull.l I.n the
Ittpubl.ean I:tabitni iii I.IC bouts 0: evtry
clltecit 01 1:Ie tilsllll . log, t.y 01 thelm.., it
le prided art Inc attt it:a:L.l.l.r. 2, by do tuCi.s. k'r.ce.
Every per.on. w:to ,vdl tend to the Pabitsher of thv Via, pc.t paid. shall receive a ropy 01 ilia-
Lagravaat and a copy ot thelittLtta.Atte 101 Glue r yea—
the eligruvi:ig tree ul for $5, the
Ettgravtoi.; of Wablott.ton. and Declaration of ladela....
deuce. _ .
JOII:s: S. TAYLOR, PLA,ll.bhcr.
151 Va.•nu York
I V, EW Crop New Orleans Sugars and Molasses at
feblfr4,l. FRY & SPANGLIAVS
T IIIS kTT.NETIVELY: Doctor Hotland's Cele
Will effectually cure the Liver Complaint. Jaundice. Dy
spepsia. Chronic or Nervous Debility. Indigestion, Flatu
lence. Asthma. Diabetes, Disease of the Kidneys, Pulmo
nary AlreenDlls.(arl‘lng from disease of the stomach and
liver,) and all thseases arising from a weak or disordered
stoinaell in both :%lale and Female, su ch as Female Weak
ness. Dizziness, Fullness or Blood to the Head. Inward
Piles. Fluttering of the Ileum Didiculty of Breathing.
Constant lin:wining , of Evil. Great Depression of Spirits,
Dimness of Vision. Pain in the Side, Back, Breast, or
Limbs. Cold Feet. &sc.
they remove all acidity, and give tone and action to
the stein:tell. and assist digestion ; they contain no oleo
holic stimalaut. and eau be taken by the most delieate
stomach and will In every case entirely destroy Costive
ness. and renovate the whole system. removing nil im
purities mom the body. and remnants of previous disease,
and give health and vigor to the whole frame. thereby
preventing frightful dreams. walking while asleep, 5:e.,
winch oven result in accident.
The ;unctions of the stomach are of the utmost impor
lance to every one. constituting the source and mullion)
of Inc. which Is nutrition. No organ possesses such re
markable sympathies. none such remarkable power in
modifying every part of the system. A greater number
of persons fall v—tims to the harrassing of Constipation
and Dyspepsia, and more organic diseases commencing
in the digestive :system. than all other diseases combined
tztati.s thousands who die with Yellow Fever. Cholera.
Intluen /a. and other epaleimes is owing to disease or de
rangement there. It the thgestwe system is in perfect
health. the net rout sy stein and the circulation of the
blood w ill be also, as upon it they depend, then epidemics
loose all Muir terror.
These heing in. or visiting districts horrassed with
IT: \TX. AND Accr. annually. will find that by the
timely use at one or tw °bottles to renovate mid strengthen
the Sy St.nn. ao eXcess of bile will accumulate, and they
will not In any one instance take the disease. Preven
tion is tar better titan cure.
The rate success in treating diseases of the stomach
suceessfolly. has not been so w ool, a want of pathologi
cal knowledge of its funcituns. us the preparation at sun
able VE s .table compoinals, sons to ol.lnn, not wily their
whole power, but as they l‘ VOW be most ellecnial and
We irre all unworn that ?Oa many preparations have
ell. and are now before the pubis, that net only asp:M
ime, null some that Change the loetitny of the 111,1Lse.
Or 1 , L. , eat it tor IA shuts pet and then it returns mole for
midable Mail tit the first Ins'nliln, Snell preparations
most, Ilestroa ed the piddle ton brience. This article stand
, ine alone m numb , r or' amt es. and unrivalled. us thou
sum!, oi out hat,: test"! its vir
tues, eon alw be depernird tyuni tor the :Move named
diseases 11 tali elm Lill) ease that Cull lie cured lit
inedodue, Liu Matt, 55110, tie sti n t else has hauled jit still
Innnuctly restot e the thsensed organic finictions uf the
stomach, intestines. Respatinou. Cireirlonon. Ac
Thew linters. and the :spikenard ()MINIUM Will nitre
arty case tit le‘vard )'ilch; 11 is II rare UVUIIrIVIICI, to In
qui., more Ilion ono, 101110 or vain, 101 . 1110 worst eases.
For sal, at the (H MEDICINE ((FFI CE. No.
g7s. Itace :sneer. rare door 01.0, 1:10101. ',Dinh side. l'lloll.-
, adc , llln. tin I,l:lleasler. in:301111 I' lme: iii Harrisburg.
It) Darnel W. rises. in Pitistrtng. Wm. Thorit—aild
I by 11,11,.. gttie ralh IhrullUntllll I:111101 Mies.
ID - 'l . lll.lollnta cotta writ, cures and du,l-flInlOllS
gran ,
cel.•bral..,l VI:(;ETA BM; 11111:1..-
Nix! lc 1,1,•:. 1 0 , the Gont.llll,isnat,t, 1/101,-
, y, •tvere Nervrali III) ()IN P
}ll;\T. for the Core Tuner. Mil:mom,
pIIIILISIIED every Satttrilay.---Terrns 12 1-2eents
a ‘alllll er. or six ear. la it. Pate, —Tlas
ork is con , :urted rie tut Lat,ll'l oi
OVILIeII teas Livor.i!,ly
t:n•intl,l,o :or t hr. In turn'} year... 11,1.1 a- It is tone a-
I ,ri - ,/,• • appears -o Mien SVC not Oils elVe slat lliatel
Iresllllo , 10 It oy man) Olintt• ',•re exe:ude.l be
mouth' , but 551 tile ilia. elli•1141,1z oar ,ope :alit
eall.erine :1 elealer :eel neat .1111.ivave 'illicit. are :ado
to th.• ,01.1 and part of our liter
..ry. in-totu•il. ana iully to Sallsly
the 'nines 01 Inv
The ii.l.lllorale and -t.llelp lss:1) sof Ille rilllll , lll l .r. Qllllll
- Reel, anal 111,:ekOcia'rs uohitl el
COltis ito ll)• 1.0 ell pale I.:0011015a les bleltly
r 0.1.1111 Tale- de- , lipleel 01 :lira: unit 11101111'
1111 , 11 , 1 , ecialell.toviiis tel 11.41.
I nl Jed eiortiee. I.y Pit•
r. t‘o• 1110,14,1 , .ktllf .• l.. l/111. 1,1,)
t.te lice and eon,-
n.i. Varian la. 4 l' • 111111 If•-11t1 . 1.1111 ,
11.11 1 er. • lei, arc 01 , Ilio
: .. s o: 1 .01,1 tors lee. :Sae 'xi.]:
S. -q(155.•
19 1.1.) I 00
I.: ~t ,:ty. New
..11 I 1 . -, Cil,llthol.."
e .".t•ottr,
t•inti ; tin lout l'ont :
het:it goo.: 01 - Ole thim.lor
/ ii :h. d .• ::.•-. :ix, .1., our I.y 11/I
-puriatma, Ow I oit ~.; Eittoi, .Ind iLlyt:
ti: In 11...
T/1. .-11.111.-'lll.and .%rrira
,too r•
co.t,,,Lcrt• 11.1
a, por:-.11(010 tilt more t:lan r
r • v 1 veolnl • v‘ery al. I= ,• lo..l,:iv • ricat, to he
•/ 0,1211 .12t1
01/ . . /1..1: Ill> 1 0 , /11. It 111.11. r 1.1,1111.1,111.1, ,1110,,,-
1.1./ a . 114/.1 1 1 . 1.11, 111 be 1.1/..1., ...J.,. .10.1.111 x 11e 1 1 ..1111111-11
I lila,. telw t 1111: laanMal plopoct 00.1 , 1,t 1
r 1011 , a,
dl-out'^ra itroeret, 01 . 17.0:011.':1:1011.
(Witlea t• 0%1.1 :11.• tt ;iota lattrl:l 1 allt ,
11101 . 1 . 110,1-. Wt.!: C ..t.tnite 111a11:r tur n•c:cctin tt• :
and. lit ecl•etal. see-. altil eery hill:
Vel t . 0111 0.11 . 1,111, 1111.411111 C It Of V.A .. -
C 1411.1.1,1/, o . lolollt 11101,.11, 11,1 , (1,1111.4 oar 0..11
%t 10 01 . 1 :t: 1.,v,,14 .Izo
\VII. 000/ 10 '01110 . :•••• 01.01,0 of the
tqc:re-, of th.• inn t ,o. State-ate, I)ittac c.
al.I Pao —OJ 110.1 01 o,llla 11101 111 , a 01
, •11.1. tantle:cr .11. n el to ina!te
111104 0.0011 to Elicit 1\ 1L... Lti..1e:.11,1, L. WeeLicti•illal
tee(...111101- 00 .0011 111 our tlae a 1,
nd 'teat 1.111011.
lel :to: , In filthy 111.• .L. I; lalalo.prl..o.tiak 111 Co,, Nl ll .
11110.10.1 1..1111:a 1-4.1 y end,pe.alde becat,c . ill 1.11.
01 cheap wet : mac Al I , ant puttltae 10 Caara n:akinst
hie indigo 01 'chat It Lad la 1a.., and cictott, m
alty 1.1000 00y till I.trillailatZ It ttillheleht
0. a healthy character. I ' n . Ine:11:11 0111! Mutat upj.t ih
must 1,1 . era:111,11.
\ t• llopi• vial by "• I: flip Wheal from the
eikh 't• lor the tin 1,14
•) :k iiik ~10.1 Lit
,ikkrkt ,a:ikt 111 . kttk r. e tils) to thee kikkulki
whicii • -led! le tiodkilar st hike :it Pie line it flit!
.1 , 11:n• 10 lal ei the atutk Itird
Serve,_ A n 1.11. , 11411e1 every Sa•trnirly.
I v I. 1.7,1 i L ,C: C.• •:* 01 'Jr. tenetandl3romltii:d
lit- a 1,011:, , t, •1[ Jelled- a
a year 1 . 1 114.1,.1.t, ,. . icor day pcln , .l a ul I,
reoct,vii :111(1 rtol.ltiy t01,11.1v,1
111-ut , tit Inatatt2 Ine U . Ol L. 01 kIP • ,10„.,41,1 Lr
Dire—La to 1., o . „,ce 01 i.lii/14,1i/011.
Chit, pal tag ) vac ,til Le supplted :0-
Four for
Tvs,l,• ••
.CIS. 1111111 , ell VO:1101C, to the t'll , l 01 1 - 17.
1:0111 . ..”111,12.. I , oolld. autl itit:Al.d to nisi i t t,, are tur
do thirls
‘latial, may he had t•ettarAtly at two dollar.
hound. or a briar :tad a hole 111 1111110,1,
11,1oCo. r Ida) to• 124 rold tt mac
worni canto: Jul • 1:,•0111 ,, :N.' .1 purchti-r, to I,omplet.•
rot,„ rokeo .
Lid thin ,zreat'y
l'1111.“ !heir ~1111,
OIL of the very best quality, with an assort
u is of for beianez the , 11111 , :.611,,,, cat
llrtwern York. Wrialitsville and Co
--------Pre-ido atDirt, 0!
111,11 ' .;Itimore and !Said 11mol
i,10;{11g t 4. ollumtv thu :kIOILNING
TRALN belo.ven
v.lll Co , llllli/.1
, o.Lloek. A AI, anal the Trani. tad! h•urc
tat fit n'elt,k ito . tUrtallg. the Ttatit
Ica,. York at , o'eloch. A \I
Iprll 17.1-37
p"•-• RAIL 11---FARE REDUCED.---The
-Tht Pas-
Trani. run. .111) .1, GelOW
/3.11 1 / 1 110r“ at LI 0 . 12.10 Ck M., V.lld ar
rives :at , : o'clock. I'. 31
Artist, or t orl. at It! o'clock P. NI., and :caves fur Co
lutulna at I; o'cluelt. P. 31.
Lvov., I olutntn.t at 9 o'clock P. 31., and leaver York
for Bantintoc at .; o'c.ock P. M.
I'u i.• nnm 1i.11111111,1, In York, SI :al
Coli:li... , ...: - - CP.:}
Th , Train rnitii. ci- al Yorn wlth Stages for Ilarrtslmr4
u,u ) ...1..,;. Callao.. rnl.ur,:. Pia-i,i/r, nod York :nprlnt.•
1 AIII;TO 61:171: , 111 M. ANI) ILA Itli1S1111“;
Th, comr:sos t. aw Luu.rJ bs Inc proprl44tor. t. 41 2114
4 -4tage 1.1:14 • to 14'4'4 14 4' t , 44• far._ thrOt,ll boot /1411.11110 re Co
tkliy-144tnr, .11441 II a: I , lolif
an, AND II tit/0%111W:
l'aro 1.00t:44 to c.:114,1 , 1:14 . 4 .
D. I'. 11. BORD1.1:1". Sup t4O.
01t, u 4; :Norm 4.4 . Balt.
Baltimore & Susquehanna Rail Road.
Tne .Itoranirr T11.11:\ will nut
from 31.J.amor. I , l4.nnrlj. rerna r. on
etn. al or. ‘`',OrK A 11 ..nd li.dnualtn t,tll 'dart om Co
ltulna at Al.. Nl. rt.,t , War 2 1' N . and Iron, York
at 3 o'clock. V. .as un nth"r days of the Is trek. Ttt
Gaul Inruvetn I.3ai:nnorr• and York be carried by IL.,
C.1.1/1. 'so. run on Suirday.
Chrt IV) ' , rpennt•ndf . nt of Tranrporvatton
S•2O no
ll C IL 1301IDLI:1".
6%. •w
TN PRICES of Dry Goods. Who are to be benefited
Lt this retuarLuole ettumte? THE PEOPLE why
Let them call at the WEE HIVE SI'ORE. North Queen
street. and nee : hero they can buy as much for SI uti. as
they a short tune 1.1 , 40 would have to pay 5.2 (Cl for. Thi ,
then is a radical change tar the expre.ts benefit of the peo
ple. Let them call early and see the LARGE LOTS of
cheap and beautiful Goods just opettin.4: for Revolu
tions now-a-flays nee remarkable for their BREVITY.
Splendid LMM, fast color-. ltlk cents
RS inch Nruslins. heavy uud fine. for 01 cents
A good article of Plain Modes wad Elk. only 124 cents
A good article, Highly Caineleou.
Ladies can be supplied with every article for mourniva.
Good plain Blk. Clout/es, only 121 cents
do do Lawns, 121, I°, and '2.5 cents
;Bacotlens, Baregcs and Silk Tissues.
thread, Silk and Kid ; Misses Gloves in variety,
AT TILE Ben IfivE, CHAS. E. WENTZ Ar 13110.
GIN(' 11.A.NIS opened.l ensei ..plendsd French.
Score h. and I :nalkh Dre..., Gingham-, New putter:Ls mid
very Cheup—tni. Tilt-. Rex. I tivn. North Queen street.
The greatest variety of the moct .plestlal styles, just
received—m.l°l)g the styles are :
Itlttentlau., Nactutieent.
Zephrutes. - lietuuttul.
Zephry Tissues, - - I.ovely.
Pompadours. - - - Fascinating.
&e.. &c., perfectly exhattsiles , ., at the
BEE HIVE, North Queen Street.
Just opening, the newest stylcsfor Spring and Summer,
the gr.•.ttest variety ever scent in Lancaster. Great care
ha, Leen taken in the selection of styles and cob!, no the
11E11 lILVE.
Drench N. IV. Lace Capes.
do do do Collars.
do do do Edging and Inserting.
Eratiroidered Swiss Nlithinic. for Dresses.
At the BCE HIVE, North Queen st
Lancaster, April 15, 15.4ti.-tf
t. W H
Ott LOG IS I . mild re-peettull) !momlu, minter
ott, twat!, of Cultitubm and It, rteottly that he
i1it , .11,4 returned trout New York and Philadelphia with
Ityd. ndld It•-ortutent at all articles belonging to the
DIU , ”LNINE, sr,:
intur;s. mi , ,DiciNr.S. PATENT MEDICINES. PF,R-
Toeolwr wia a .operior lot and stele of HAM and
CIA") rill: lilt I.."SIICS tLnt took the io the Me
-61.11.1e., lout to ol New York.
Ale. a coli-aulit supply of Camp}woe and Ectiarreni Oil
Lusei e. %%oil a Prsh suit good Alatcrial to burn to them.
Co.o.try Mere Imo+. Drug:n.l+. 13aker,
Sore Keeper, Fullet,Dyets and dealer-111 general :AM
find it in dear ml•raniagc to call at the GOI,DEN
TAR 11l1CO .`:. 4 T011.3.:, Colitiabia, before !lurch:l,lw; cite
'sere. 1\•\1..1. LEADEIt.
Colombia, Morel, t:5, 1.c15 -if.
IDRUGS AND 31EIIICINES. The subscriber
~ ~,,,,Ci: , 1,11.11 - 0, 111.1116 , lot ht., vet.) titnAnt Clt
coura;:emelot lie bunt eeeived. arid Hatters lain.ell
that by .tract 101,111100 to 1 / 1 1-01es, to COllllllOO to inera a
-.hal, 0!1110.11e patronage. ilwstoel: of praZill/Iti Nletil
rim•. I. 01 the very rant -eit - ellOll, and as COlllpiele as any
to the pl.iee 111. aat tety ut good, 111 001111eC11011 Wllll
110: 1)111.4' 1111-lire,. is Very eXICII , Is a. Tire 10110010 g 11M
0/t. hid. 4 only a .mall par: s! la- ..-1,....,k:
npt.. :tad 011, tend) int•eLl ntott , . Camplonic or Prime
()11 Elli. - 11•111 I h 1.1)) e !tllll, Wiadow Putts. Shop
Cor..itto e Iloitic. Pot ter Boale,Vitt:.—a lull to-ot anent
—P.•r' mn re, t2ola4tte, Florida .ter. !may Item, Po
land. 1'11110i:0111e. 131.1 . 1:11,1TIOW. A,41q1.1t, Oil. Extract , . for
Inallkereinef. Toilet Powder. 1'e:11 I Powder. ll.or
pliatory Power. Putuade Devote. n
11...) evely kind Medtcoted Soap,. .lone..'❑
Cit. otte•il Italt.ta, I lault• N) taptt. Roo-ell', Clrca—ina,
V1.1,;‘,1%'.. Clime., Ise. I Imilr
111.. Jotter, , Coral. 0,11 Rahn
Colato...a. iliac Corltog Lhitod. Italic) . a Mouth ArLIIIIA,
11:1;1. IIINI;S AND TA,...•-;ELS.
r•ilk steel Puree~ and
a genttral venal) of odit.r rtir , es, Ctochet.
'look.. and Patent ltook,
N. It.— rite t.til , .criber ha; also a tarnc n“orttnent of
Ai.. and Cona•toek & Patent leili
t. t t liautl i ialek lie uLuuual directly iron. ilw
COr CASH. %%111.61 tvt:l enaltle law to cell them
nom 2t1.t.1 per Cu:lL:oo%r 111,1 their itzeill•—wiirrailt-
II - 11 11.1.W1S
tin it ',feet
ITOTEL, formerly Barr's, Front street, Barletta,
1%, tiAltl FINII,,ALLtiI t.t,..1.1..10 , 1
iiii• lake. the 110.1... e
of., aimed In tier turid
mole I.leval.) . Jo illithrt Tile boil,. coil
'ill, repotted with all e.Cpel ta e 01 hlallet.ll
,1.• ,11.,. with It. [ma licny pleputett trill, et.c.l;
coin, ta.,..uttottutt.tttott 104elher
11,1 , 1.11,111011 TO ieltee uo e.xttritun Ittittotte. rule hot,- tu
tn..trictlltl rottove cottlinttuitutt of the itatrutmix itt.telo
itut• -c. choir Ituut•c.
)lurch 1 - 1
. .
l.anu•r I:10 !tuner and I,itt,lll4er.c, l'hiladelplint N.
12,1:112,1 stale, (;:1,0110.
isiiit link I \llii, I lit 11-11 to amount ail
I,t.t. 1u1.u% 0:11c .or
A BTICLE Boat Stove. We, would call the
a, it 114 %V 411111• J, 04 Oat TIUCO
44114.41441411 4 1414.1 or 11/1,11 . 4..041 4 4 . 4:4114•110. 11.4
1444,1 111141144111 01 11. VFAIII,EIi &CO.
xxr zw Geo:B3
TIIE subscrilYas, thankful for past favors, lake
nu., /1,1:11-0.1 01 1.1 I, 11/1 II 1111.)
J 11,11 ,, . • ,1 • d t.i atltittout to their 1011I1,r Mock.
A.\ ttY (;00thi.
wilicit have beelt v lected will. great care and attention,
mtJ N , ill Le told C111;-11'. CALI. AND sac 111}.:,1 AT
CcAtttabia. February 19,
the ~,,,,e,..‘1111.1111,.. Slmp LIM) occula , •d I s .ar
TllOlOll, Cut(• Cal die canal 1.1,111 at 111, place, t. preparrd
to al. :11:11 build new• Car. in the 1110,1 dilralde. and
acme-I Ile tc ul.o prepared to do all lands of
reladiar• both of vsood and .nita ,ork, sun a way to give
coloothia. January 15. 1.-1 4 —ti
N I; A :zood second Laud Steam Enzoic of fourliorso
101 >a 1v Ly A M llauies.a. above.
()Y their own Cars in charge of messengers, and
Wider loci,. D.‘ll.Y bcmeett
ter. roittntwa. %Vr/glits% ie. Vork.(mmtysbui pr. llnluuurn•.
South. %Vest. .); Ulld lo) 1:\-1S
1).6 !.I.\ll.
Al. Co. :rye noo• prepared to forward in their Cars,
Packaa , .. Pared.. Dandles. Ii ht Cast .. and all dr,ertir
lion, of cood. and ao•rchaadve , nl.o t , pecre. BUM,
Not;, I)rut•. 01.1, :or collection, order.. :Le.. to oily or
the abo, e named place. by pa—ewer train: and mmi
-pi ed. Beam; de-Irons of rolording ere rn acuity tar the
prompt Mai commtlOetti 1M0 . ..0A:0il or am commtbmon
catra.ted to theta. Me) refpfrt null) solicit the patronage
of all to their litre.
All ~c ,01.1, or itackazes 'mot be marked "13y 111iller &
CO: to V. Agent.
311:1,-e & '..,ll4.preAs, Columbia
()rtmrs.—Corner m Taird a 4,1 CiteNittat istreei, Phila•
Clia.. Norman. I..meas.ier; 11. Kautfeit. York
Mit.e.ota Ilutklote, llaltvaore: I,a) S. Co.. cor. Wall anal
-tiro:1,1,00. ) . . Nate at. llonmot
1). C.. 1:o '1100t,.1, Cu., NVll,eeltog. Va.. Pitt,-
Mil Lt. Pa : Getty•l,dre Pa Nov 11. 1e,17.--if
VO. 121 Chesnut Street, a few doors below 4th,
• „h- _1 -I.l,•erther intortn, lun
Int_not , hntl tin intbln• 1.1 gtocral, that he null continue.,
L. .'p tn. "hut 1,:i11/11 4 1Insent.
L.tert. I , at all time.. taken to tender this one of
I:3e hr-t. and. horn it, central nittlaloll,ll is one of the
most einiteneuit I Intel , In the City.
I iis T.1.1.31,1:1- furnished. ut ull umes. with the choicest
dent-new. at the ,eaholl .
Ht. %LINE. , and Litzion...., arc not surpassed by any
other establisituturt to this city.
Ills t•ervants :Ire earelul. holiest and obliging.
of Hoarding to suit the tunes.
Country Merchant.. and Btistness Men will fund the 10-
ening, 01 lin: C112.1.Wr ar. IiOLSE.III the mcnt business
part of Phbadelplini.
The sullooriber pledges himself that every thing In his
be done to give t•alisinCliOn to those who to
i-or him with their patronage.
se - r , Ig.l7—ty Proprietor
OMNI STORE—The Subscribers, proprietors of
one of the oldest and most extensive China Stores in
the United States. have now on hand a very large supply
embracing all the varieties ever imported, which they
svill sell In large or small quantities. Wirot.r.s.u.g. OR Re-
TAIL. to suit the Wattle of the people, at prices to defy
The advantages to be derived from having a large stock
LO select from. ought certainly to lie apparent ID every one;
only two need he InentlOne
let. The variety to please the taste.
2d. The advantage of pnrcltasnsg at the lowest prices:
for it is certainly evident to every thinking mind. THAT
RV:Olt/IED. It is so ill every Urauch of trade. The Metal
toe rarer sells to the wholesale pagekage dealer; the
wholesale package dealer sells to the Jobber. and the job
her to the retail country :sealer: so that the farmer or con
salner of the article PATS AT LEAS VDU Men. °!
Why pay so many profits when you can come directly
to bend quarters? TYNDALE & MITCHELL,
April_', 16-It-2m '219 Chesnut street. above 7th street
scribers sue prepared in tornish. 511011 notice, every
article used to u Prinuir4 Oifice, and have reduced the
Prices of Type upwards of 1U per ecru. They nosy
chaipt tor
Pica. :12 eta. Minion.
Sari plea, r i •• Nonoaretl,
I,outr Primer, :16 " Agate.
liounteoia, 40 " Pearl,
lirevter, 46 " Diamond,
Determined to spare no expense in making their estab
lish:item as complete as po,dble, they are getting up
nuitorta Serie. of ;be celebrated ScArrett Faces, winch are
nuetmalled tor beauty and clitrahillty. and avhich they feel
assured will meet with general approbation. Several
are mow ready.
Having recently vt , ited Europe for the purpose or pro
curing every intprovetrient In Uttar line of business-they
note offer a greater variety of Fancy Type. Borders, Or
nament., &c.. d c.. than any other e-tablishment in the
United Suttee; and their Improved method:of casting. and
of prep:aunt metal, enable them to lurnisla orders in a
mariner to cueure sittismetion.
Pruning l'resses of es ery description, Printing Ink,
Chases, Cases, Bra-% flue, Furniture. &c., at the lowest
SCCOIId-111111d Presses and Type svhich has been used
only in stereotyping, generally on hand.
Book.. Pamphlets, Music, Medieme Directions, Labels,
Cheeks. Deans, &c., correctly and elegantly stereotyped
nc licreicture.
N. 13 Specimen Books will be sent to Printers who. to make orders L. JOIINsON & Co.
Pinta . Dec. lc, Isly.—tf No. 6. Little George at.
QIILIMAISDER, Fire and Thief Proof Iron Chests,
watrunied erpalto any other :nuke. arid have never
been imam! by Frye or Burglars, n a single instance. He
also keeps on hand a roll supply of e.:onunon Chests,
made of lighter iron. at lower prices.
Letter Copying Presses arid Books.
Tnicks tor Stores, Factories, &c.
Droggirits' Pre:seb.
Eagle Glass Paper.
Portable :shower Baths. &c.
Packing Levers Ili:risme , ' Machines.
Reingerators and Rates Filter
Gl Sonth Second St.. below Chesnut, l'hiludelphia
rir:ritioim.vroits for cooling and preserving' Meat,
❑utter, Milk ; and all articles intended for culinary par
l t WATER FILTY:II.9.-01wer ream. Celebrated Wa
ter Filters. bar Puru) log Water that r, brackish or mud
dy, whether by 1,111, minerals. ur uhierwr,e out lie had
01 all site, rind Imo , . at the NVarcrumal. No. 61 South
Second Sm•et. mu door, below Chesnut St.. Philatl.
Inele.lehOon 11,001., 81 1.-17
" 0 %Malt' 0.11.0. ! 0 IVIOILEI .1, !"
CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC--The only genuine
•• Di: l'A IC s VILA)
has the %%mien signature of the General Agent. VV. M.
SPEAR on the out side wrapper sun omitting each bottle;
tins i- toillesed to lie the only article. Leitrim; the °Love
title. LI. vnnuauug Irons the Vector. 'fir Curative or Wild
Cherre. tor milt:vale itifechons of the Lungs and that ail
important oreatt. the Liver. has long enjoyed the coal
deuce oI doinesuc procure.
City of Philileltilita.,.—Willtam M. Spear. of the city
of Philadelphia. being duly cavort) according to law. de-
I ow. tool tmys Mot he it. to the non-es-um to tile orlghtul
recipe no preparia; u attueuut 01 Wild Cherry. tor turee
n.., ol the winch aval, 211%01 to min lay Or. ' ietar.
remtarly unheated l'hysttittii. and that Inc ItelleVert it to
I.e the O.OV olle tin 1.04/0,1011 01 tally ita/r/.011 ea.Crlit site
-.oil 1/e. /.0 W. M.
vitlo unit Lei re toe. and city teal anixedt
en the hi day en :Not:comer, A I) 1,17.
1. S.) .11111\ SAI - IFT, Mayor.
A. cop, radii for Oti; Bel‘am is secured
At o ord 0,0 lady otipeur in the lace oi the 01,01.'e 1111t1C
ni.0.1e 11100% lid !atilt:lt/001 10.011 130 , tati...illit, recently
omitted to the male, ItiOnet Coitra of l'eatoq
ott eu Jill.. tuOII Ott 1.,,. (0/ .A.-.1.1a liar 1101 )dinted
at. ahat the 111.11.11 v• to itittvc tit :old Agent
al/-,10.14 the 0'11) _Cittolti Dr A% nine's .1101,0111 of
(:Itt rot. I-to I 10. 1..1.11 LlOllOl4 11w right 1 Of
ru Ira tiin /loth Jul.. , a, 1 Coot . / lumpily new-e 4 It
rine 1%11,1111 I, 1.0. 0: i'll • quavie 00.1elitile 01 Ole day',
VI-11110.2 to core panne. , as 110.. e. a .oe. lilt hc)0101110, rtueli
DI medallic. t or ies.M. hi tenet 10 lif, lit 001). V/.01115,
0114110, loosed w thou-nail- to ca.., to Le tile lardi.llloet.
elltatheso.l-. .001 u.lly getiniim I,l,p:it:mon 01 % *ild Cherry
of the motto :nth enter). tor thicenons Si the Lungs, and kiiilne) , . tlinotentl!, ternminting w consump
hot, es er 0 otetl.l to 11, pOl/111
A littoral di , tunitt to .Ira, 0 , 1. hill/ V011•Itry dealers.
NO' ICI: '1 0 fill: I'UBLIC —I hove Ito, day appollllCO
11%01.'1' S :"/ON, NO 1.1.2 NOIIII Z.NeCOIOI
l'lttl.oleli inn A% ilOO raIrtAINIIIII , 4 101 the (holy
1/ 001,1 e. I.llt itAL , A tt UP 11'11.1) Cl Eli-
RV. nt, ille • : New Volk. New Rog.
nt.ot Jet-e%. Detit,,ate. Di.itrict of
Cohlittt ta, V.1.411111i. CileOlitla aid
lor rte totettor ni 14•nn•.}Is:unn All orders for
tie 01 L._ 0•.t.0 , e• .tddo•—ed to 11,eto
ler .a'r..chuu•-ah• It 1:111. ey 1V11.1.1A.M M.
1 1.1.A1L No. I ..Ireet belu, etreet.
eol.ll A•zetlt 111 the culled :1JIl•, it rid the brylleli
e , let lee 0110 genuine) In littl,thl of
y Vl .Ni. r.,PE-11t.
In Cl! Q.T. 1-4 4
Al . , I :NT: , N lewold k Co. Nev York; A. 11c-
C1.,1 oA. Co Dr Han irk Co. ARAI:Iy. N. Y John F.
Pre, O'T Toy. N. 1 : I)) aT.Jr , Pio:ado:0o, It.
I . Hrddnu & l'o . Oot.too. Juines
(:: e , rl. I) :•volt. Jr. & Co. Worce.,ier. ; H. &J.
lir,ver . \ We:l-h. & Co„ Hart
,rd Cr J C)!,!! &Co I.noon-rer. Do.: Dr. A. 11. Dur
an. York. l'.: Re! no 11. & N C John
I. Ni.!" rll (o.or4otoo.:: II C. ; Duval. Melt:no:ld,
pr,c, p.r 1.0:11e . iot os
irr- DR. DYOTT•-C1
Certain Disruse Cured in TWO DAYS.--The
I' : 4 PEELY FOR I•NI.Nto IN 111 E
t 1.1.•, rt.( evt tll.ll chr , natr alreelint.s nt line kidneys, die
, i
or he bladder or; vyl, ',nom I tae,, nesti.dtc, Per
eon. win. Ity nhileing in a sorrel habit have entailed
on themselves t nnst !hit rata! debility should apply
to DK. KIN KUM'S. of the Philadelphia Medi
cal lloiote. the oldest Institut ton of the kind in the cty.
Min,. N. IV. corner 01 'I 111 lID and UNION Ste. be
ua ern In II Pine, 1 J eqpirtrev lino the Exchange.
Thu. .11tdical flaunt is est.ildirlied by Dr K. lifieen
year- a g Inc the qiiarkery, there tieing
... J ane nllll,nit 1.11.1, ledge, name Of character.
slit „ 1011 .11V,1114 1 111/.1116 in the nubile papero. that en in
-1,111101111111114 kind was 111VIIV necessary en prevent the
afflicted, eopesially strangers, front fa Ilona Mtn the hands
I.fehole onekillfol torekli, n Ile instead of cliring. might
, 1•1111 hie veil Inn In all 1111I1110 . 1) . grace. Th....bite. the
afflicted Oil Milli NOM the tolinernos pretended pheeician•
who know nothing of ille pram, e or theilarine. bill Con
spill Ilr K merlin 10110 cat roe .9 Certain Distant lo inn nr
litres .1.1%s +lc. tooling to therditte of the patient. wlthout
tin• nee or Illeinnlry. No Inert oral Ste need by
Or. Kinkel.. ; Ills 1111 1 1111 . 11 ins are 11.11.1talete .11111 114,1111CA',
au, all ht. panrnt • nun honorably I.lll..titinl, (rout even
the p. 01411111 ny "(being 111,1•Ver. d. who tinier! him
yeti under Inn care or Or. K . 111.1 y religiously ronfide In
1.14 1111114, UR a genilemati. and rely 1111011 hie it .. o 1,1, ) ..,inn. and if he to not speedily red loved no
S, 11111 e Ilellittlidkl.
SI mll I res. sure of the runt trnithie.nme and (tangent' le
(tfreetll... schh It Itllell 5.1111 m grayel.notlamat Intl. aenk
liess. Ke e Ur ICsooketto guarani ms to remove speedily;
as 3.1.1 I , l%elillieS diseased proostrale tic Stric
tures .ve ruined Many 101155 trod no knowledge of their
7ieke Pa etierila -Voliee.—Voitor men who have injured
t heiseolven toy a rrrnwl amens e indalgesl la—a habit
frespnqoily hos rat' groin ey 31 coreopasnots, or
thr .tyre 15. of „ lire mato ly tell even n lien asleep,
and destroy lent lI Mind arid body, should apply flame.
slt.stety. We.skne.s and enn..tsititional debility mime.
dints I; cured and hill vigor rektored. All tellers post paid.
Teke Xottre Hisokelin 13.1 a had greater marl ore in
the above Affections than airy plqssit Mil in the Milted
slates. lie also poa-i.e.Ser, au M 15511150, over ;Mothers.
from the fact of h. having Mush.. 111 t the great hospitals
nl Lunine- Thoussilds in Philadelphia tau testify that
tired 111.9111 after every 6111 Pd. Scpa
rate rooms f.r private consultation. Open 13119. P. M.
Tent elle, eupplleil lit a nanuem's enure, with the te
e....(le we/Ia:MCI. In erne themselves privately.
Pael,nze e e of medicines sent to ally part of the U. S.
Blare Mr spirit of the Times. 0e6'47.11
&gaff& GIESE di, SON, gilWEal
4, Commerce Street Wharf. isultunore. Will receive
anil bell Flour, Gram, Iron, and all kinds of country pro
:S. B.—Particular attention given to the sate of Loot",
and eaah ADVANCO3 made oo a Consignment when re
quired Mareh 26,, Ifslet -Ora
51 cts
toJ "
SI 20