The Columbia spy. and literary register. (Columbia, Pa.) 1848-1848, March 11, 1848, Image 4

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    IS THE MATTER ache intended application of MAR- 1
GARET BROWN, to the Court.ol Quarter Sessions. at
the April Term, Ir4H, for in
to .a.-p a la, ern 4
the Borough of Columbia, it being an old atand.
WE, the undersigned citizens of the Borough of Col
umbia, in which said tavern is proposed to be kept. Do
Certity, that the said tavern is mius:m' to accuiranodate
the public and entertani strangers mid travellers, and
that we are well acquainted with the said Margaret I
Brown. and that she is of good !crane for honesty and I
trinpenince. anti is well provided with house room and
ACOILVCIIICIICCS lin the accommodating of atrangeis and
John B. Edu arils. Michgcl V. - is:cr. Jr.. 11. IL Fry. Pe
ter A. Kimburz. Conrad :swarm John M l utl. J tuna-. Item
plc. J. W. Crate:ult, It. Citaliattt , Clint Peter llaluitinan, Jr..
John lirenizer. Peter lialultinuit.
March 4, 1-.4ti-3t
INTI-11: NIATT:I" of 'Ate. intended appliedtion of Cll flitt-
TiAI.S: NEFF . to the Court of i , ut thit
April Term. tar license to hei.p a to,. ern in rid
mouth. COMPy tOWIISIIIP, 11...4 1111
WE, the undersigned cituetii or Co.loy township, in
which said tavern is proposed to be kept Do Ceitifj, t ha t
the said inn or tavern is liceesscry 111,01/1./11J1i:. 1,
public and elite rude strangers :old enrl,. :111(1
we are well acquainted ON 11.14 the said Christian N:ir.
that he is of good repute iltr lione,ty and
Is well provided with house room and cm, tur
the accommodation of >Ulmer., nod trnecilrl
101111 Vonheer. Jr., Jolla Lifirich. Hrurt (trot e.cieorite
Cline. IVin. Dinkel, Benjamin 3liniek. Abraham Collin,.
John Hawk. Jarob A.. 31111er, Frederick smith, Jacol,
Albrite. Henry Zook.
March 4. 1-43-31
IN Till , . 'MATTER of the intended applieniton of MAO
DALI:NA GEIGER. to the Court oh Quarter
nt the April Term 101 0 . tor 'teen, to lo op a tavii tit in
Manor township. It t/I.IIIIZ 1111 old .11111 d.
-w r, the undersigned citizens of aintior town.liiro. in
which naid tavern in proposed to be kept. Do comfy_
that the toad inn or tavern lo neers•ary to accommodate
stranger, nod iron ellern, rind that sin are is ell ac
quainted with 1?. said Magdalena I;rigor. and that she is
of-tiond repine tor honesn and t.•lnporriner, and is well
p ro y i d,,i omi t 1, 0 ,,,,e2 mobil and eon, itietice,t for the ac
commodation of straw-it rs nod travogern
Body 11.•rr. John \V 'Envie. Joint Ortionn. Jr . .1811101
111111 alley. Peter t•ii lor. John Oheolord. Georze Lutz,
Jeer!, Ilitheekrt..%oni• It. t•ilintonn. l'••t. r 1 11,,tand Lm
\I tiler. G. Doi r. Set noel Gtoult. Bernard Ittitti. George
G. lint.h. Jaroli . .Nl3 ers.
Mnrch .1. 1-I—'4
JN Till: 7.1.t - r - rEn ear the ititertle , l at pheattoti
NVARD JACOII,I, to the Court ot Qua] yr Se. lot,. tit
the April 'Perm. for lire., to heti, a tar. c r.l iti
the Borough of Cohatihia, it latitiF all old ,I:1:1(1.
eititreit, of the /10r0ti..711 cc' Col
hieli 'aid tavern , prop° ed to he I.ept. Ito
Certify. that the -aid inu of to •. ern TO neraln.
IfIOLLIIC the ptiblie .2.111•11:1111 -tratiCer. old traveller.
:Iva that m.e are aril vetpititatcel with the . ud 1 ',ln and
Lech, arid thrt i... ui of repatc for holiet.ty and
tetcperatiee. iiitt I i, ...1.% I,ollt rl'id
Con, 111,11Cel fur the ceeuninioclatton of :orange,. and
It”th.ri ~ pcnr. Jul, Pc tor IS.ll,leturitl. Henry
II n /.. 11,11111011. Pr....% Thom,.
Isaac ‘V/1t..% r• to. ;et, 11, . 1 . I t tan- ;
itett.ttc..l.l4.ttloiv.elt It Clutha:it.
T111 , ...\1.\'171:11. ,•i the to , 1.1 .1 api I t
.11C)1.NIA.N, tot::, t 't. rat ot - ,a, the
Apral TVs 111. r co p a ta, era at the
to‘cobittt. of ‘V. , I llotttchc Id.
W/:. u a eat e .t. 11 , cuuiel.l
town-''p was hien ...lid 1.1, ern is 0,00.11.,1 It) be Lep!, th,
CcrW s, th.i! th , ••1111 wn ur of Clll, to at erun
rAce t 1...: Etc stua • 10.-c . .ta :11...1 truvcll.•,..
and . t , si• aid (;,,,re..l.
Fulwan. .0 a I c , I . "I ti too, :or liotte•t) and
Icalperattee• au It- aca pout ami• d s.t.h in,, room a 1.3
elmvent , tlet c..r the tzt•coutti.oilzttio.l r,
•-zrunger.l and
!teary Brue',art..T•trol , Chtna,re. dre. Andrea,., Chrt-han Sch. .Icrol. Mot,. 11,, chit. 1.
:\ I Culp. .1:1.'1. 1 VIII. J,./'lll I'm!). 1). IV. Nti.tkt,,r If A
March -1. ICI =it
iV Titr::..l.vrri - Az of the intended a anise:won et' Cilltls
TIAN DlT‘l't LICK. to tut Court of (2:tatter Set,ton.t,
at the Atoll Ten,. 1,1-. for liven-e to too It. a macro in
WO4 . 01111 , 1111., II 1•:o•; an o:11• (Yr., the u,det , igtad. edtzel, (Vq I rM pfir•h!
tOM.ll,llip. 111 le h Enid tavern itropo-ittl It. 4 , kept. Dr,
Ct•rtitj. tint Vitt 1113 Of tat ern --at y
cuu:oti public awl cht,^1:1111 kr -
I tier, and thnt are a ell nottuttiott the ...till
eltri , ttatt :Lull:Lit tic 1. I•C 4:11/111 r. tt.t:,• for
.Ikl t 4 Nt. el I lout Ikka 0.1 0 1 Itolltte
room and eenveniel.Le, fut II,01.I•33 0 1.01011 ci strait
(•f,, and tr.t,,11•
Audrew .)11. t/cer. Jw-tau Crzt2,. Ilotlnntn. Jacob
:14 (trider. liodnutn. nen., I:•lll..tann. 'hrt,:tan
:‘I. Cndcr. Join!, Noll. Joan laal":..10:nt Clreit.r. J/10
Stanirer, Ilenry Col ci lr•iiu.
3lnrch I 1?1--St
IN THE of Inc Intettdvti nit, :ic:titon 0: .1.1C.l )1
13.01,1,,‘:\ D. to th.! Coo rt
April Term. 1-I-. 11. r
town,liip v.AI. It 1,.•..; I leol
‘i. 1 . 1 . 1., .1-
ship. In 10111e11 1,10.01 i. pr0p0.,.1 to Lo hept. 1)0
Certir . that th” ..:11.1 uri or :al ern 'Ls , 10
mudate tile 111.1.11. W.! 01111rmin 111111
anti that we .1:.•well .1 9 :18 a-11 V. WI the •al'i .I.leoll
01111 t:i•lt Ile I , :o,oa repute for 111,11,01) awl
temperance. am! to u. II pro. idea room mild
:ur 1111
travel', ... .
13.•1111,1. J,lll Korr. \VII.
loon 1',11,c)..14,:. 11 . •sl; tQ,
lor. II :••111:1..I,... 7,..,1... I:
1 .1.
IN THEcI unc..ic calm, „ : cc.\
I E1.. to c.hc• (t.t.c , c• :L1
Ulf! Apni Tt I I ; Urci2.11../ %h .
i;Or011gil 4.11L,ni I C.l i cllci
\CI:, I , lc •4••c•c., et", n c, icc• " ‘••
ell:, 11l M 1.1 1 ,. --t ttl 1)./
that .1111111 1, • rn tic • cc:- c .11 ( •,. I . /1.10
1111114... 11111.111. 1 , 141 I . ,rtigr "
tivat wt.; art, V. 0.1 1 . 111.11.11111.• I'A.
;41 r. :1,111. he a : •
poritric ali.l t.:, I
vamtol:ce, fur INC at,... , 111 I vt.Lliti, 1,1
J. I" T:nglc..ll)t.C...ln 1).1. 1. S
\i' A1,..L111[11
'tlolt.'.l I. I-I - t
1.1 1.00 11. , 1,4 1t,1% V,ll
LL'IM 1.1:‘1 , 11:\ ele t dll ..1 I 11.1: er
nt L. 1.• .11 , 111 T. r.ll 1-1- Jr.. 11 ,, c,. ruin
I{lll . oll.Th 10. Mari. 11:1, 1t b. 11, “1.1.,.1..• 1 .
tie , ler,:ited..ll,
...1141 11111 1. to Lr
I.ept. t'et: ti. •ael ••,--,,r3 in ac
t:or...lllle pub public and. r. 11.. re•
a.l It, •
c!kr.., mitt that we are v.. ti aertr: %NW, 41,1 -41 , 1
tlhalll ( . 11111...., and that Ia• otrepute tar 1...11-
~.)) t. r:ipr ;rid 11 irrrir 1 , 4 ml.:1 /1..
',out r . Ol, .11 , 1 cc.. It, U., rri.lllollof
g, tut t I trat.,: , ,,
Jong t I,.(:ttra - zt• tThttat•tta,s.
brit 1011, It tt:attatatta. l't 1t.0....,..{r4m It 1 . 1 0 ...1.('‘.-
rml r. rt% of ,el, Jr. Ileltr, CuAghrtwut, Jalste,
Nnreh 1.
IN T/111 :tf V111:1: ot 11.•.iderl Ni.%
'l'l\ HILIVIN. lo the 1', , 111 . 1 of 411:111, ..f••••••14111.1, 111 111,
Aprll TOrlq. i s I - or In 1.1• o•o•p ,!u:.• nu in the
A% E. 11, 111111,,V1,1 d. eninp •, 0, - tine iiiithogin uj Col
lin:lth, no 1% Inirin r,t I propn•t ti In 1,, kepi. Un
Genii,. that I 1.• 'oat 11111 01 la, orin aerie...or) I. ac
ciornamilot•• tine Tth,• nod ennithianin 10111 in,.
elle,. 111111 11111,1,1 re Wl.l/ 11,1111alinto 11, 0111111. •-nniii Nino.
Inn Cr, tn. and nod In is 01 tOniei
lemincrane e .a o iliwi 11 Tree. n. 1 ,0 v.1:11 rithon anti thini.eonenees tor • tnd at connotonnttoti of , Irallt.:1:10 and
Ithve Ili la
.., tr . tr ; nrt II; 11,1ilton. Joh;
Jo'lll 1; 11.1tt :ink. MO.
.101,11 M PAH .la, 1.1. J, 1 .,t I. y. Pet, tiny
W 11. 1... t.. .1 II 11aliter.
Nluelt 1. 1-4--. t
TRY the New Light.---.11l fittuilies wine fan
‘ll,4 or I.mmt, 11u1 It tow tio•y
can nvoid all 1, on' de eit nt.), I.r.t mo,:o,eu 111 ,
latter, by ustug .11 L.:tn.. ‘‘lo, ur.• t r ee
horn smoke or . rt iit , lrr no
min; or rnufinr, nod arr w Lutl•tritt lo J C .11 n ten , pnot:
tut of 1:111 , •real m1:1 burn 12 hour. f.ennui. 11:11tereal
manufactured and ,old only Rauh. 'Alto 1. duly
nothorl/01. No Fluid sold an ]::astral w flats town
it. 1, 1-
I.* 'in* • in} -rs44
01' •
n,,,p,1,11 a the thaerent Ft tilt, of t.r, • II WC
!flack TEAS. put tip enretolly ut tin ion. at
roarer:l,l halt pound paprz, eapr,-ly (or tannl)
e dr. • t,^skary to enter Into detat.s. ..1,.,1w
.0 I •,.. Cr Teas IIFI• been lung te.ted 1,, ti.•
increa , lng demand tor them.
1.4.0,0 1 , 1 Ua, ut, No. South Second .treet. Phila
l'or sa:( by ksp_t c Lug,
who ore th, only analorized agents for Columbia
December 1 , . 1,37.—1. in
OZE! IttrZ 'IMAM ! !
i ry vtat's the matter? IVI
_ILL my hair it. all :tang out, and I shalt soon be bald.
Well, no matter tor that—i.ou have only to use Jayne's
Hair Tonic fatthfulty, and it will not only stop your hair
from falling off. and restore your senlp to s healthy con
dition. hut cause your hair to grow more beautiful
than ever Por sale try W A t.EADI:R
Cohnnbla. Jan 13, IV9—tl
HOMR PRESENTS: -We have just received
from the city the moat superb rund elegant a.,...ort
meet of Annuals and other fine books for the liollidnys,
over odered to the good caucus of Columbia. IVc give.
for the information of tho..e who lore to celebrate the
annual return of Chrtstiwis and New Year by exchang
ing. tokens of frietal.shm or esteem, a catalogue, from.
ts litch we are confident. every one may select u book
suitable for the , eneon, and expressive ot all the feeling.,
these - good old-th.llioned days" ..+0 %comic laspire.
Among oar Annuals may be frniml the follownia, which
are elegantly bound. and tail of splendid engravings and
intend -tom matter :
lo.n nets of Mem. tor IsP3, I :genital°,
soil,•iiii tor 1. , P., rriendshil • 's Gift,
Malor Of Life, . 'Flue Rainbow,
Opal. Christmas Blossoms,
t,ein of the S. asons, Clirt-iinte.s Keepsake,
l'orzet 3le Not. Itoon..t. large size,
Prielid.iiip's °tiering, May rfower,
1 Anoircioli. I loin , Suckle,
I Odd Fellow's Offering, The Snow Storm.
I T,,,, tiler v.itli n large number, and richly gotten up
..itle inble. , , all Hies: ail Presli tenon. Mettiodiat, fie s
1,11111 Bet. and Lutheran Bynum Books, suitable far 'loll-
day pi, .ents to cliardi members. naperb 'Turkey bound,
gilt ...,1•..
~.!...e. The Poetical Rork, IA
_ ..,
, shill,peale. Campbell, Scott,
Milton, Southey-, Cos.. per,
I it:, ion, RogLr,.. lurk:N.l.w,
• Moore. 'food, Coleridge,
I MI.- I fernang. Landon, Ifowitt.
' Sinn, b Turkey binding, and gilt edges.
t".irl's Own Book. Book fur Boy+.
Ain.•ricast Go P. Book, Boy',. Own Book.
Book tar 61:1.. Roy , . Country Book,
Talk for Girl., Talk for Boys,.
i Mother's 1,,,,0n to Girk. Days of Boyhood.
Little Songs for Mile folks, I loine Story Book,
Parleys Pet Book, Henry Lan
- dot.
Idle Boar Book, Boy's Book of Fiat.
Yankee Stories, Mince Pie for the Million,
I Mother Goose's Melodies, Comic IVorld.
Ni,,"" (lint Inc Book.
. -
The, Look. have all Levu gott en up expressly for the
Ilolulari, in a neat and beautiful manner. to plen.,e as
tell a. tal.trttet the young. A 111,1-t , upertor lot of Lnee,
t'...tu. and Gilt edge Note Paper. Envelope.. beautifully
wrougai to stilt. French Letter Po.t, b giit a
large IpIRIIT LT) of :.T.vrioN jun - of ete ry de.ertption.
All of %%loch eau be had at the Book and SintlCiller,"
Dee. 1617.—tf Locust .It.. uppo,te the P. O.
\A . 7110 have been Deceived with Mock Pretend
rd Pro•parninm , 1-I.ould rend the fulledAing
, tatetnett, of ro,pectable per-nn ,
tlr Abralt.on Vontlerbeck. of Avenue York.
rnist lac Merit WIle• entirely babl on the top. :mil
by the It , • of two bottle: of Fetal Ildir 1:c...t0t - -
wive. Itr ho, a good crop of hair, and will soon hate 11
1011 g, 111116 tool lu.sitriant
.11r. William Jack..on. Liberty , treat.
cern:it,: On the of February. that 'Mr. Thom.,
Joek-on's head on the top. m.o. clinr,•4 bold for inlet,
)ear.... and that by nsm, tit o :1•• bottle., of Jone: Coral
lie, Loan i . e. tile i- .;rowing and boal
thy. Ile t sprat , by 11,11 , .! 111, it little longer to hare a
ht 111: Hurl Lein t'l
tho-e ,11,4 hair 11.11:11'1, 01 and wcak
at the
that turnonz am% and ildl
nz nn that vice have n.ell June,' :` , :r.11 (lair
it ha.: Lea..ed 1..1111:e. I. cruiAlve
lee, :lark hetl:. I:elor, I jellee' Cor:l Hair
J I 0011.1.41 On /I.lillll/ , of hter ,/:•/!,
TONI Kim: .N. V.
HAVE `: ()It 111 \
r.l( r. I ht.• 003 1-
pL It htip V, 101 30, 'al
110-40.11‘, titir,ly per:11.1”.•1:;') col
1/0 ,N ant In bvanhtv. awl :wake !„,ntr
I. bltl.ol . 011 b0,•1 , 1 Inn ‘Te:11111.0:11
4, 011 th .N111 , ,..11. ei•ltily J(.01 . .. Corti Iltox
, (11.- 1it...! amyl, I • rr It-ea for clr.•-•;,,;.
t•I.• ; ;toil 1.0c 4 •oln:.; thcl , litt a lung ;tow , 13,1. t. !eon.
vi6c. lark 1.10 111 Ora,. 1:11 me eu.tower, iii,•!;•rred tt
to arty Loin jar
7. 1-17.---Gu/
ATECERIBLE tritiiersal Pills, arc a strengthen
, lag purgative and a purifying . 'runic.—'l'lle hope , , of
the Atnem ail agents are 1:1r more than reah-i•d by the
et Di I,e lint s Viere•Alde liniver,tl Ptils on this
:mle of the Athatt.e. • Niter did a nl,lll'lll , , 111.10 a 1.110
nrtniothate !wind...Hy. In Onto the , ' month , I
t thousand boxes beell disposed ; and et r.
,beak. fO . Cure- pei ,orated Ire, tV...1 N 11
I/111 /1'
..I‘r twatlrerl llei.oro The aura, am:11,1,41
great 11111111aq of f in t 1110.4,, bleb predominated
Ihilwas Fever. Col, I I.datual
.Appente. rlitiale we. ll'orni • and La,
of Ail pe^sons tthu take to in agree that they
.tperior to e, I ry other medicine Ile !.
tl.a 1 u 1110 lii" etter*..lll , l the Oil erg yofm ir
for they produce neither gripe nor 11,01.
net noon 111 seerenotts seal, great direenie.,. ll a n d
Till all alai a^ 0 poi IlOthila; 10 1), ;
I , seir great peetthar 1 . ge1 . 111 . 1101 . , 1111 d that which
11140:11 , 10 , theta float all °that 11111 , 1,11111,-• that hair op
erat.o.l 1. 1..114,ved by no teartio.t.—'llnar uni walled pit
nnulg inr Si Inch the, ate la-
L• 1 1 1 ,, It In 1110 esst•ll( . ..l// I , ltr..tltlttrl/11/ and other inateill
, in, Ie lag their high!) 10111. slollle.
Irola l'a• • •,traat of Wild Cherry. they do not -nail) the ,
dtg, s.Il, urg.n, into t.etton as t 11.41-101 Iper1111( 1 1111
1111. r ~.11111f1a, . .11111 till the 0111, .In 11;111al Oallll
all 011aa parg•tm, orn,lo,•e:
ulnae •1111,1111..11t 1 . 11 , 11,111.1. t
0110611. ry nine' -ystein mil 111 Inc nen. 11y. :me Pie how-
n :m411.1..11 11 t'l a r . 2, r , I , t- uer hoe.
A „„,„, „ Nvit,l .1"1 \ \\"\l A MI A
I 1:1: tour. cola. 1-17—I)
1 . 1 11 tl
iIAITIONED Aaainst rsinff. Common Prrpared
r a w. a I. to th , 4.1. t 111,1. f./111,
1111111,11 , 1, 1.1.• cdtl r 11,11g'
I I;
•r . oil.•-t 1 , .11
1.. 1•.11011 ate .:tit .11 I,'ll
1,1 MT]: It attraatt,
t•t.ttl t't tt utt,t, yt.titot .1 at 41 ioiint,t. 14.
it: alt.. I•ealtntv. c•.l Lr. •.; Ihr•
• hat , tiotuu as a rutttot. 4r ou (1
1..0 4,1
P — tt•lit - 11
• njte.
.44 14i Is p444.•44,4••444 444 I/4.411111Na 41.1141
4 411 4 I-4 Is I,tiot,ly recnininuml it- ti,e to al ,
414L11. 441-74 . ' ;15 41 11 . 1"!\ 1.147..,41.414.
l'orttzzli t.t. Atiga-t 7 I -17-41.1
ill' the Callon Tea Company. The undersigned
A. 2, at+ for th.• th••
-I'l:itlt tit TE.V... ihmori-41 hy the Canine 'rya Co:nanny.
t IP; i:e a trail•tr 4.1.. II :Ind
tf • l. I , QT. , •!...,tholv•
AN - arrant, .1
Apl.l 7. 17
f)ERRY DAVIS'S Pain killer, or the People's
t PAVOICITI: —The stibrcriber begs leave to inform
the cit er , ens of rolambia trail vicinity that he firm Just
received front Providence. It. 1.. three bore, of Perry Pain Killer, known In the New England
state, for retnot we all Mind. of 'mina. no mailer wli
kit.ll—Eileumati-m, Al 111111 Parr, Aniline Teeth. florae,
Pain tit The 'leek. hark, uod head; told., Chaim pain,
.SrCc , and for sale only tw %V. A. I.EADKIt.
Coluitahla. November
„t r n ut n n1 r 5 , 1 , 1:11 1 1 • ,.:2 , 7. 1, 1::114,,,
M . mind a.-
ri -uc CI M
at No e',nels . r. 11,1 leaves for Co
twt,l,ll. al I:, crel,,els. P.
at 2 o'elork P . and leaves York
for Ilalti.•inrr at I u'elorls I'. NI
I trust Itatlliture to York,
Wricht, the
Colombia. t! 11}
'l'll, 9•rnut ronneets at York u-ith Stager for Ifarri4l,itra
Getty , l,tirf.T. Cb;nnl , . • rdmrn, PlitsbllPZ :111141 York tprmg.
I'ARII 'CO C. I:l9'} - . Ill' NG AND I IA
The company I, nothora,(l I.y the proprietors of the
Stage I.tne l / 4 to ri'Vt•lVi . tire through !turn lialtanore to
Oett)•harg and Ilarrt
1,1LTINORI: 10 if ;I:r11-urr“; ih.Rßl , Dulto.
l'Are through to either pluce.:l"- - 1
1) C 11. t.
, 1 I,l7—if Ticket Oilier. ti 3 Vorth Halt
1 1 1 IE Fall and Winter Fashions have come to
Ii ri ft - SG. at No LIP The Fall and Winter rash
-1(11/ or 147 nod which. for test, cannot be carpus..
sed the ,orld—they arc th , ..m0....t Twrieet ever broucht
tm, tae of tie people o f tms dole Per .uus
their garments cut and made in the most elegant
stye. wmL do well by rolling nt B Young's Tailoring Es
tablishment. No Front etrect. Coln:Man, where they
will have their work executed to perfection and with
P. S. Persons wishing to purchase superior cloths, en,
simeres, vestings and trimmings. such as cannot be had
nt any other store in Columbia, will do well by calling at
To. ng Store. No at. Front 6,leet, whet( there
as one of the beat selections of the above gooda to the
eoantry They will also warrant the qualzty, cut. make
and fat of all the goods they sell and make up. They are
thankful for past lavers and hope to h!vc . a. share of pat
• rotage 1 an Ma S. C.IStaiLL
Columbia. September 11. 1-47.---tf.
.A.P=I:7ELLS ron-1848.
1 17i1OSE
19.11.. LM ROY'S
LAX 1 ,7115 11.1 LE
J. U. & J. Wltit;llr
Itepo,itory. as its name imports, presenting the richest
literary attractions for the young. 'l'ke contents are most
ly original. and unwearied ' pants are bestowed upon the
editorial department. it rispires to he, both in the char
acter of it, articles and in its mechanical execution, a
nadir of mote and excellence; and it is universally con
ceded that it stunts at the head of all works of its class
The thin) volume commences in January. ISIS; and the
increasing popularity of the magazine warrants the pub
lisher in promising that this Valuta.• shall be MORT. VALt - )-
nu: IN EVirat Ritin•ECT than either of the preceding oat+s.
Several new contributor, are cogaged, amone, whom are
T. S Arthur and Prot :Alden. wilobe Stories for the young
Ur , eXe.•lleil by no writer in the country.
I - TAMS Strist•CatrrlON. &t ONI.T Great inducements
are offered to those who take the work in clubs, and now
is the time to forth CLUB> for the new volume. The initial
or January !lumber is note ready. It contain: A srt,Exoto ON ...rein. and a great variety of engraving, on
%Niro!. pre liari•d expressly for the Cabinet. These en
gran ings alone eO4 more than 4200.
The yearly volume. lor 104,, besides containing nearly
400 large octavo pages of the choicest rending, ,vith ap-
PruOriate iiiiisie, a, ill be richer rut embellishments than
any of tt, eonletatiorariet., whether they appear in all
rostaine, or In 0110 lincrOWed from the
Other trio 111 ihe Allutittc.
The vole.• at vie piddle pers.. in universally and so
warmly expre+•ed. certainly indicate , that tin+ maga
zinc has Si on it+ airy to a logii place in popular fa,ar.
'rile puhlislier seletti two or three of those notices, as a
specimen anion , than a hinidred.
NOTIeF or rue, IT.Ess.
- This mngazilie is a model which we could wish were
followed by all ~ oil+, of it- via +. It Is serious without
dalliteits or melancholy elleelial. lint not IriValotit re
lanotvi, bill litndier Secturlan tar doginatiCal; while it
dune. Very happily the womitur :Mice la laintliarity with
the dignity of self-r+•+pecr.' IN. 1' Daily Tribune.
- It abounds in prectous gems. and seldom appears:with
, out a good!supply of solid and valuable ores. , [Nets Or
lean.: °beet, cr.
•• do not know of a Inure elegant and beneilenll
mark (Or the
.I.ollllg. - [NOtlll . .t. Weekly Ales-.
- It is beautitully illustrated, trod eVillee., great ability
nod aileron. 'I lie editor has a hue tact :fir such a a orb. -
[N. Y. Evang.
- If any of our Juvenile friends wish for n rrinen7ine
which is entertuming. and richly ~orili its cost. here it is.
NVe do not know a better walk for their purpose: : [3lo.
titer's Journal. N. V.
- I'lle editor is one of our best writers for the young"
[N.Y. Coin. Ade .
- Tin, articles ore original. and the tone fresh and live
ly.- IN. V. Christ Enquirer.
•- can but air high Oplllioll Of this
111011110)." IN. V. Christ Ado A. Jour.
••li It unnersally admitted that the Cabinet is one of
the most enteral ming. insinie aye and salutary periodicals
fm children: : (N. Y. Chti•t.
- Its editor goes to a irk the light wily to make child
ren happy, II) mina rtnig us. lid knowledge. and intere.....t.
Hann tit almtever is good Mai [Curtner
Odin I lan:ord. Pout
TI St7litter.till:ltS IN CLUES
one ) ear, m .titNanee, Sfl 110
5 00
10 00110, '• 7 00
I 5 copies, •• 10 00
The money ran be safely sent by maul The pub.
11,1:cr Sill! ray The postage. 011 orders Si and upwards-
TIOUN 1 - 01,171 ES 01' TI CABINET.
To pn par i ng the titotttlil, are taken
to trial, :I 1.,111111e tar the Ithrtry.
la thit, parlvolar IN. Yu. C•thint t hl , . ) et. no tem
it err Irt rti 111 ref/ other Cerelp:l , , cast he
10.11111, unit .1r ant it forum, and for the
• ma, xp •tte:t :in atttutt•lt nientrnataing lotowlvd•ze.
of solot.n • ot . :ht. won I; Tin.p ore aro% t
;,,, %, Alt rold ate parneularl, adapted bt
• c'10.,1 1.1. , .,t. 't .1 Pt 1,111111011 .0.131,.
Ire, re d In r e...1.1114 ^ llerel ther 51,11 .
Till: ' 4 EI IrNI) Fc)lt 1E.17,
Is 116,.• and may he had scpnrately. or in connec
tion oi-I. It I , v. - 411'401e ill a0.10:111001
tote untot,..; the wo.t iwpt.lar thug, in the VV:1) of A Jo-
Kk I ..,Ist:
Tile .I.c...nre-1., patron• thni there shell be no
.I.•lay their order- V.ore last
~...1, 0 11 A to,teit
SEPAIt (IR Tom:Ttinn
.41—t h.• tv, salute"., r 1.2 •.2.1
. .
Li god! ett;es. I two ‘0h00.,,,. 275
Mmli•ditiollt I 041-I
3 00
Both volume, anti one yeal',. F.ubsettpoon
'l3 110.
Poi.r,on l'ar - L—The tutu edition can be cent to tiny
part tit ilie riot. d State , . lor only 10 rents route , 2 , ••
remit '7 , 2 tor two shall receive the battle post
nNTru.—Several gentlemen of ability and
ire Wooled. lo ohlala silh , erther. tor the
td , f•II the !roam! volatile , Appitratttt , „
:•hotrld t
heaantpallioil t.ub re...11011 , 1bb! te.$11110111:li,
lu eharoeter and all letter., po-t paid. The
mem. will he otr,red to good ;o4entiii. .b small capital of
re. he 111, -, 11 . 11 111 honed VI/111111,N.
hod a ready .ale. the licia iiint,on for Ili,.
C E.3 - Po , nun , ler , tire titithrtri7ed to net
May avail t••• of the ptettlittin , <dilu ed abete. Or
re.servii S, tier cent of the moneys eolleeteil 01 new ..,üb
seriberb. Sptettnete. -eat gratin. tilde..
Clintint hull. Ncty York.
pitEMltiM PI,ITES for the subscribers to the
Conn,.lntut Ntagn,ine. Sent by nut! to any part of
L'iniod SW. tree of
T.• :Nlaganito. nor 1-4 , , edited by John In-
Init aini ;tot., t \\'e -\ ropo,itory sir the ellot.‘,l
Antern.ol aro. 4ntitrei) ullgtual. and La the most
ett-11, .netond 1.11111,11-innota-.
'I 1...• t't.lttetbet Allann/net inter- urinn n no•tv year with
1110.11l'eli•briaht anti pront-Ina. It has at
tain, tl a pt t 11,..111011 111 the 11111.11 e 'not
tot toilet r,a its . and st Ith a us•lierou, hotline., winch
the l'inprii•tor 1111111.•
nnnn Itl lie 11010 l.heinoire and proliodon
:ld .iintainve end. ,1111.1. u, lininci“e
aad. ena-lhools loor, • neitiontin. .11ri, that the
- ha. Inn liner, II the i.- - etnit -oninnent, and of
/, .. itnio • II.1,11C.: IL tine expontanoil
of , 100 .1 10 lint; l'l.ll/11.11,1' nlmu,t 111111V421,,IY)
al. too•
It e.t.a.: I, try say notch of Ow econlitet of
int!. .!. 01 the gelllit•111,1
[MIL: ...111-1.1..t0rt1:. (IL-chat_ I that dot).
Ltt, Will .... Pnltlidnir s, hap
. os nonooln tot., 1. , nil- tensors uncut, ith
r•O la. 1, lit •
t: hu ie renttillintioa- t iii ,otritill the .Niasia/tne .
toi.o• tio• unit it "inn alit. ,i 1111.• tutu In
o Linke 11111-r. r: ill 1,, the rm.-port to 11- , pat,-
• ..•111111,111 Unit purr. noir:Om still disttligitoth all
llm hie ut OW OnitIli111::11I
141111.111.1. V.111.•11111.- i'..lllllll , istu a ill liort•nnor In
14,1414 41 ,144.1411,11 n, 41 4•rnrc—', for tin b ) on,
4,1 dr. hone-A:POI 111104 111.41111, .•-toenwil in /111
I 1.111. :1,1.1 111 Slail lotcal prui,urnonate neat
Iv .4:11141 , 1. .
Toe r it- from author, 0r1144,.
hole, rib,. a t nn uuuuocc of the cooloteoee
hitherto -t.t uottorea,ll au araed ilo• Mae.o/nte. .‘, au eorno.t ith,raloy %%oh a 11101 he to coodoet
th.o rh parts., tit of tae wort:. Lc ha_ prepared. at a large
a t .iutoirei lit Lint !, oullt Portrait 4.x NVIt-latortuo.
prir. o .toil aiwz/otott. N, 1,4 f
ur it,. toe 10 eVery art)
rthor to Ow ,slto et ill , tool to the
, i tit :1,1, :111I11.11d. II IN all elizrm-
Inz .oto •ior Ito n,. tool the subject Is ui totelt
,wound tool al tilin% tot , o , t. ilott he 4.;n mot doubt that
the um atii tltUltiy thi rv. els er. and Irtraele 4, ell
the / ot Ili. 10,1 SO.. al.u, tbt tollet‘,
g tont.ottll, liker.ll rob:iv:awn it being under
stood then tho
Fot •=l. the .1 .• of \V"aoiinotout.
hi. lit I I r:•lt , . ui 11/. all 11, nod the I:ograv-
N% la k e. 14.11
•The gnunoun! Virtue, of tin Duelnrntioll of
tuttlette, pultll-1, a. Tl., picture. eltieli nv.ts
pitilittitll,2. Col Trumbull for the lliffittitla
:Intl ors:it:tall, cog - run etl oti (topper bl )1,1/orantl.1111,1•••••ti
It -ruiat annul tin el. and itntlto n`-till of tun I'd r.' labor.
It •touttuitt. portrait- of all Ulu ..u.rtiern. and tint'
IA puhhc:m Iltn111,•in w 111•. lutuit , tit en en ktut•rit•an
..111/1.11 -it, of the cnirrantonl 2 1 it :;1 ul, Itt•%. Il
pri1111•11 0111 Lit n.t plate p.rper. 2;51,) niche- Ptice•
er, per-on avhei s II %rntul to the of fl u .
('nlllllll,l:11i e cop) nil till.
1 . .11Zr:1%11i, and a , Op!, 01 . .Nlitniii/litc tor oite
tilt •Inztanittnr frt., inf hl•
1.11 , 41 . 11,111 g of \\*:,-liiinglou..nntl Utt Litation nil lialtipon
St fitt
JOIE\ S. TAYLOR. Polololer.
I3[ street. New York
1;1111 'torsi's, This Embrocation, so writ known
bl the Hummel,. \\ • agourr-. 'a
rrier. Fanner.. Siitue
Driver, and Prt, air tivntlemen. tt uh Ilorrvr•.
the highest tern, lur line folluvi tog c.unpinint, •oSI
or ire-in V 1,1111.1% nod old
linc, vallis produced col
l., ono ...addle. mid m all , where the joint.. and
tvialot, are to a rrin , :ed coudtivon. For mIT M .
Columbia. rel. 1.2-11'
ll2 S't
AVE have just received from the
„.. -. 1. ;.,.. : t r . , , , , , 1 , , , 1 .!:: 1, 7,:fi . e , i j, c. a .r ,; 1 :1,!.. .: ,.. ..1 :,:, , , ,...r , t , rt in i nn ( ~ , t t
1.V01t,,, Gallo n s, Polkas. Son g ., Glees.
Dil..:t, 4-0,, ;el lq 1P.,10 \ 1,,e. words and arcompant
rn, rte. ,:t n Vr4r.rit:rrii VIP are papered to :4EII 310,c
to .• er Zr,,,n 10,- • IT , I ••lii,l price and invite the amateurs of
C,,:t1,1111 .1 to ~,I, n ,,,, 0 ,,,,,,,,. ,
decl- 4--tf
OGSLIEDS, Pipes, Tierces, Barrels, of every
.1 kind.for sale cheap. at E. RAUWS
Columbia, Jaa. 1, 1914-,L New York atora.
, opposite the Pint Office
rasuszturds zinrrsza AGE .
PUBLISIED every Saturday.—Terms 12 Lieents
a nuiaber, or six dollars a year, in advance.—This
work is conducted in the spirit of Littell's Mipteuin of
Foreign Literature. (which was favorably received by
the public for the last twenty years,) but as it is twice as
large, and appears so often. we not only give spiritand
freshness to in by minty things which were excluded by a
month's delay, but while taus extending our scope and
gathering a greater and more attractive variety, are able
so to increase the solid and substantial pan of our liter
ary, historical, mid political harvest, as fully to satisfy
the wants of the American reader.
The elaborate and stately Essays of the Edinburg gitar
terly. and other Reviews; and Blackwood's noble criti
cisms on Poetry. Ins keen political Commentaries, highly
wrought Tales, and vivid deseription of rural and moon- I
lain Scenery; arid the contributions to Literature. Histo
ry, and common Life. by the sagacious Spectator. the
sparkling Exatniner, the ..
Attica:calm the busy
and industrious Literary Ga/ette, the sensible and com
prehensive Britannia. the sober and respectable Chris
tian Observer; these are intermixed with the 'Military
aid Naval retnentseences of the United Service, and witli
the best articles of the Dahlia rnicersity. New Nlnuthly.
Fraser's Tait's. Aucswortle., Head's. and of Chamber.'
admirable Journal We do not consider it beneath our
dignity to borrow wit and wisdom from Punch; and,
when We think it gond enough. make use of the thunder
of the The Tunes. IVe shall increase our variety by im
pOrtalltolls fern the continent of Europe, and iron; the
new growth of the British colomes.
'rile strain-hip Inns brought Europe. Asia. and Africa
into oar neighborhood; and will greatly multiply our
connect inns as Merchants. Travellers. and / . 131111alalls,
ct nil all pans of the world; so dud much more than tei er
it now I , l,lalles every intelligent American to he inform
ed of the condition and changes of foreign countries. And
this not only because of their nearer connection with our
selves. but because the nation scents to be hastening,
through a rapid process of change, to .1111 C Ile,' slate or
things, which the merely political prophet cannot corn
'wit: oresee.
diseuveries. the progress of Coloni/ation.
(..chsit t. e%timding over the whole world.) and Voyages
and 'Pisan els, will be tayorite mutter fur our sclecumis
and. in al nerul, we shall systematically and very folly
acquaint our readers nith the great department of For
eign affairs. without entirely neglecting our own.
- While we aspire to make the LB. ing Age desirable to
till who wish to keep theinselt es !wormed of the rapid
progress of the tins snafus—to State-ulll, Divines, La w
; ers. and Plis siemits—lo men of business and men of
leisurc—lt ms sill a stronger oldest to make it attittenve
and useinl to their Wit, and Childnet NVe b, hei e that
we can thus do some good in our day and emit ration;
and hope to make die clerk' indispensable in es ery oli
o:thrilled IVe say zndt•pcobable. because in Mc.
day of 01 0. 11 f, lurruaire it is 1101 possible to guard against
the influx ot what i. bad in taste and vicious in morals.
111 ally other via; than lit farinshmg a sutlictent supply
of a health; eh imetcr. The umlaut mid annul appetite
must be guard.
We hop.• dam by N, I 11110,111:: Ihla Wheat from the
shall: - bw pro, tiling abundantly fur the itimgmation. and
by n larje collection of Biography, Vo; ages aialTravels,
liedoi) sod more t•ulld :natter. 'Ai: may produce a work
ts lush shill be popular. at hile al the same tune it will
aspire to raise' the stanclaid of public Lists.
TrOM , ..--/ . lo` LIVII - O; AO, 1, 11.0..1i-1,41 Saturday.
It) E 1.1rria.1...( eoriwr 01 Tr, alma and Brontulield
st; 1.2; Vd•lit, unit dollar. a
a 2. .or in tal, nue., 1{1•1111111110•1`. 10r tin} period .*ill ho
Thu 1110111) received 0101 promptly attended to. 11=1-• •I 1)
aiL.lllO regllbtrii, m 111.1111111 Z the *cork. unl. r. •abllitlO be
0,11111 , ,eti 10 file wile.: of publie.dion. It. 1100Ve.
111111%. pa) lag a 01(1 w ad, ante, will Lou supplied as
four coptei for - - 21. Pi
• • - • -
Twt•lve - - ;so IN
I'ollllller, fifteen volume , . to the end 01 1 .- 77.
1.111 packed to ucut boSe-, zinc lot
:it It'll,)
Any C 0111010 ma:. be had crparatrly at two dollar , .
',maw anti a 11.11 111
11111,11 , r 1110) be had cot 191 cent , ; and it giro) be
worn) Ns laic or tite•er , m complete
any 1,101,11 Cohan, ihe). may have. and
etllrtlice 110 . 10 t aln,
V 01.1,11: X roil 1%1--0 S. 1 • I) W1.1:11 la lour.
;tad pert:, 0 ttr-.4.1 , , ,, :sod nor t ace. to Ito ,
too , t exalud co all 1 - et. to do th,.. sse ul`l-t
the 11111111111 C 011.41111111011 7 • brv. i'ltn•nnlugc.
l'11,11 , 10.:Y, 111111 31agleti-m embrace. and brace
expomid all 16e of oor Moo,: eomhtlon co Imp
pine-, :Lad C 011,111111.1: the plolo,opher, ,tone of mover,:d
1:toili another will vontaiii either the nnaly , i, and heir
lion of Nome phrenological :Acidly. illis , irated by 1:11-
arsenic. or an [Wit' 011 111 ,• Ir eolllllllllliloll , rlllllako the
f 0111,111,11 nod characti rot sonic ia
:Lg., 1,11 accompanied In it 11;•011 ,,,
i• hie, the gictit iniaratitent or talent. virtu, and
lin plum. —.nll ui Inch it augtoeut.. To it, ptr>cn tuuat
and Le-a...anon. Npecnil nnrininn vain la• g•lVnn
\l'ith prnetienl instruction, illteroclin, loch, an,l those
choir, malls whieh uniohls, with tie presented 111 this
The ldr"...otzs they enjoy, the inllut•urr tlwv crol wield
and flioir proparalOol for conducting uur iu , Utuuutn, will
I,rut :1 eerie. of .1. itch,
'Who doe, not lont4 earne-tly. and would eot ,trive nc
shim-tusk% to cultivate Ins natural putters. and muter
Lrmrli lu•tter :raid allure 'nappy I To buttlt mtett tttuntoer
tt tl: be a prompter nun! trot-honk.
Of this JOG rual , tit be seta GRATIS, NS lent desired.
To reePIN r nttrntwn, Irtter• and ordf.r4 mint Lc post
pnla. tool d rooted to
No. 131 . \.•w• York.
MA( tAZINE ()I' NIORAI) AND IN 11.:1(1,1)CTI1A1.
) , (11:Ne1: Volume I or 1-1--Anomean edlOon—C;i.o.
1:‘ Cox. Editors.
an.til and c 1,1,1 lie,Lra, cxprOcced li th,
Int 01 'Pill t• 110141...! ). oil 1111. , :de 1110 tlaittno. and the hop,
tin -till virther alicta:r izreat 4..1/1•1'. tn. 1111111 Cell uv
1/111Pit , i1 an .11tient :1.1 1• , i111‘. ” 1
SCHATiriC (11 it
It. eharneN, :1111i tfll•rif , .. nit I'll Litt title COlntnelli :at
thuu 111.11 1t Ira:mato. from •flirtr, of the alole-t imam! , pt
England and : , cothtail :cud ha, beeti buiutt- the paLpinc than in clay
r. COM
411.1i1”4111.11ell 7111.,10rug'11,11 a nter. i= 11% Tina;
coil:111,1nm, nail %Irma' roniltietor Tlii.
:ill lII.' nrw,11.e0....1 It s, log.cfaer v.1:11 all of intert,t
apprrtains :41,111Ce
\I U,\ ETI."•AI
it nlw ilrIVOC:11C, rphipiatlon to rancliPnl ,ol
ence. to the relief - of human stitlermg. and to it. outer
rIO , I , mot Impwtani
It al+o ure.. rilk crept alitlit and pre•CIIIIIIellt
Showmg. the benritig..nt . lie......iiier . of mind to
inn:, moral and poiltical at well as to 111111-
Th. lilt number St ill he ezni/c11,1113,1 tiitli a torantillil
portrait of Mr. Combe mid subicrplent number. by tlao,
0 1 011 0 , 410,1102010•11 000.0100111. unman
hill rnn
luw'JGpagee,mid will he I...tied gum ter') on the following
I \ V.IIII • I LI 1\ ADVANI/11.
Single cope. one !.car, 82 On
Three ropi, do 500
All ..ith.crmer, ,•111 confluence and ctn., with the
1 . 11.1 t,, address FO‘VI,EIt &
is ;12u• I . No. .1.. Nett Voric.
AHE 110.11 E JOURNAL FOR PLS. Edited by
:lion.RIS NVILLI , The er!lttou. of till,
January nwuLn r. of this tuns,- ill) popular r.tmrt.s
ure 111 4 1Ippearlag rapidly New St
N fin ti nh to pr12,1,1,c all the chapter, 01 the ue» . anti
‘Nictur.kx Novr.r
(not in the entirse of pattllnentuall and Isles or the .cord.
nor 1,1-. e.w I.....ttpinte.l ssHI, mains to .015 II nono a ll a t o
:,ppOcatton annle. T.:o Moo , .11,,r0al t, proo n ., It
ta list tt , tat.. ntopli.•• •In .lontraal tor llna-. It cantata ,
an comely on ..!notev w.lrnr tit I. rrfincd and -ter.
lotz literatur..- 1 / 1 0 11111111.111 g New and of
l , rattee nud Anta•rteti and a chronicle of toss. , tor ho It
It i, not only a a.c-61s met new of the rnogre..a.
Inn tt mistily ornarn..and parlor ta.w..paperof mutant and
311111 1'111.1111C , 1
pain, ever enlin.r... and I.• tar th. ono.,
o•rinutim: nod ..I..zaut TIo• tern, ar , olds ....2.011 a s ear.
( or 3 e o r ,,. for . 4 5) Morn, & WWI, No. 107
Fulton—tritni. Nett - York.
Brtween York. Wrialtlsiille and Co
hnnhm —Tht• Director. of
the 13111111110 r. nod . . ,1,1 / 1 1 1 41r1,111:1 Itond
Pompon} - 1111V111:: co....rated w culatioa., tine Mrilt \
TRAIN betwwo nho• rig,
.1 - "Thc Car will I.atc Colaoll in 1).%11.Y. iSondayr..l-
crptrall atCull•rk. A \l.. mat -Ow Tram wnil'lla o'clock RettiroAtar. tine 'rl in will
kayo York o clock, A. M
Apr 11:. 1,17
ti Baltimore S Susquehanna Rail Road.
The Morniiiii TRAIN run
note Baltimore regularly. hereatter. nn Sun
da), at 9 riehiek A. M . told Returning gill ...tart from Co
lumbia at I' M., 'Wrightsville 2P. M., and from York
at 3 o'clock, P. M. as on other days of the week. The
mail between Baltimore and York will be carried by this
train. No other train will run on Sunday.
Oct 27,1947. Superintendent of Transportauon.
1/I their, own Cars in charge at messengers, and
under locks. DAILY between Philadelphia, toucan
ter, Columbia. ‘Vrightsville. York, Gettysburg, Baltimore,
Washington. South. Went, North and East, by EVEN
& Co nre now prepared to forward in their Cars,
Packages, Parcels, Bundles, light Canes. and all descrip
tions of goods and merchantlize ; also Specie, Bank
Notes. Drafts, Bills for collection. orders. &c.. to any of
the above nutted places by passenger trams and mnil
.peed. Being desirous of adording, every facility for the
prompt and economical transaction of any commission
entrusted to them, they renpeetfully solicit the patronage
of all to their line
All goods or packages must lie marked s By Miller &
Co.'s Express.' 1). 1' GRIFFITH. Agent,
Miller & CO.'s Express, Columbia.
Orvicrs.--Corner of Third and Chestnut ntreet. Phila
delphia: Chas. Norman. Lancaster: 11. Kainifelt. York .
Museum Buildings, Baltimore; Gay' & Co.. eor. Wall mid
Broadway. N. V.: Goy & Co. Stole st.. Boston; Wash
ington. 1) C.: Richmond, Va.; Wheeling, Vn.: Pitts
blush. l's.; Gettysburg. Pa. Nov. 0, 1 , 47 —tf
C0L1711133X8 LIVEIC3r
TILE subscriber bating fitted up a Livery Sta
ble. ut the borough of Coltnbta, ut the IVadtington
Hotel, would re.pecttully cull the attention of the eiti/ens
and eouninnitity to llnat tact. lie, having gone to etin‘id
entitle enre ;Ind i•Vrien , e• to get up such a stand o the
II never yet had. would beg leave to announce : that
he ha, prepared lintisell wdli Zr goon and
Together with deferent hinds of CARRIAGES. to suit the
trot:tiling community. now asks it share of patronage due
to a public good. and hopes by strict and prompt atten
tion to Ins line of businos, to merit the some.
Ye youth:ill lteroe, all draw tutor
And to me feeble =mug gine ear,
If your in llorsematuslup delight
And on ...otne. balmy moonlit night.
Perchance some tate ono It your side,
I:tuoy the pleasure of an evening rule.
A Carnage. Hor.e or Couch yon treed
To .1 13 I:dwltruls, then first ,heed.
To .ern e von rll. Mal In u it able,
13y calling at In, !Avery : ,
Columbia. Octorwr
THE undersiatted have just received the best
.i mo-t aabortment of I:inth.,li and Ger-
III:111 .I,lli and n e at and patent breech norm.r.: BAR
RI:1.1:1) GUNS. o Inch have es er been utrered at this
market at .11 it mice , that v. ill suit all. Alau. ' , IA: Barrel
ed Revell. tau; and visTol.s. Call and .IX.
allillte Cur ) Our-01% cc. at tuc cheap Ilardware Sture of
Augubt :21, 1,17.
BI B. CRANSTON. The subseriber respectfully
1., and the pttl•lte treneral, that he
now lead} to , apply them at 6t, Zscw I:mehlt-potent.
111, thre , •-,tury loohltmg - to UM ).NT
on the lot tormerly 0,'111 , 1 , 11 by John Doley, as a rope
walk. Ile totetld. I s eeplog :1,-ortotent
FA , 111(11:ABIN 31.111 E (1.01.111\(;
Ile lot. pi-t retortted tram Plitkolelplort a n d N York.
wall It new rool .ple•nlul o,rtronothl of ail holt', of C.:1.1)-
ouole ot the I e , t w•m•ri 1., nod l t the Intent
L•—eua.i.wtq to 11011 01 .nprrlalu 61ur nod lark
11.0 I'll (.70.\ Tr. Plit Ali AN It SACK r20.1.T5.
C10111:11111 '1 . 11e1:11. Of ( 1 1,n• color nml 1111111/11V.
1 , 11—.1. larp• ploin mid laney
Cloth att.l ill other l'.‘ TS...tot:wk. tor Spring,
r•utril. r 111111 \"11L1t 1 T. 1,1 Cr , 1//` 111111 11,=1 . 1 . 11 , 110,
Sllll. untut. Merom 111111 N111 , .•1111`4.
•1111111i11 1 [or ail ,r,Oll, of o•vorr ,tyle :ma rooll
it) : to ‘Ollll/1 t. , 11 a beaatiatl it 01 tote Lin
en ho.ota du: Bosoms
Dra,ver. nod rather burl-.
. .
lures lot of Cra‘ 41t, ?it-pen'ler.. 11•tlo-iloce.
Sc rootlet.. guano!, of 800 I'S and SIIOKS or all
tier-. I and I 'A l'st 'l'r•n 'liner 'Pranks. rarptt Bog;
and %%dice-. n snri••tt 01 . 110:ion- ton teilion: to meow.n
wlae'l will he kept to rho.. Front Room. three
doors en-i of my
N. If elethlif matte to order at the Store. Ife has a
lan., .apply of lahill/st nn hand 1.1. qte piece on 1 a first
rate Tailor in atteadanee.—Do not tm.take t•ie place.
throe story hill/th:lg nit the lot forint:Hy occupied as u
Hope %Valk
Perton, will find it to their folvantar.c to vier hint a
call at to determined to si it as low as tiny other es.
111h1,11111,11 111 the ,tlllllly. and W:1111111 . 4 all goods. )le
tell- as In• r. prescitte them ttlica .old or the looney will
Lc retnielvd. Colitinlha .taus..:.
TIIE subscriber is now manufacturing Prinling
_X . INK of a Nopersor and otter, a jrJ .ale to
1111,,, Or ' l lllllll 111111111111 , 3. 11)11311 11<,11111111.01111111111; 11,11113. 111
am* neon., whet u• ?ha .ent out au,wer the de
se reenou, it v.ill be e,Nchallged or the pm, refooded.
A I:le•rul ilt , count gill be made upon large purchases
fur ca•ll
Newu put up nt kegs of 1:1, 15..00. SI, 30, 00
and 100 11,-
11D - A 20 U. kt.:4 of the 111.,, ink will br• srnt to
any point o. the Pena'a Improvement.. at my mk tree of
eltanzo. 111,11 rt.....•:pt of •=5
COPAL VARSIr3II to barrels. kro.. and ram. , ter.t.
Col , unbia, May 20. 1,17.—1 f
x erTher, are 11,11:13 I'd to tura,h, at .Lott notice. eivi)
:truck u,ed at a Print mg- (ace, arid have reduced th,
Pnee, of T) pu upward, of per cent. They Iwo
char.,' for
Determined to .•pate no expe,c their e,ab
-I,llnient ac complete a. po , .:hie. they getilllq up a
tanforin Sera, of the ad, Waled Sc nrrn 1•il•:_.. t* Inch are
nm)n:died for beauty and dunt , ,ilit, and cc loch they feel
••teed trill meet ci 1.11 geswral opprobatam. Si venal
.t.itt, un• now n
II:, my recently I.l , itrd Ihirnar for Ow pnrpo•r of pro
raring es, ry unpi of ent•at in their line of ui , • 7
now oily a greater vino} of Vane) •1•) I. Bolder, Or
,ke , Se, than any other r.tmhh.h nt •nt in the
i:ited Slate., and their unproved tnediod.ot ea.finz. and
of preparing metal. endide them to niran,h order, to
manner to en.un• .5:111,111(•11011.
Fruttaiz Fi , •••••• c . r ctv fleseriptton. Prizeitur Rule, Furniture, Sr., at the lusve..l
Pre.,,, and Type which has Leen uscEl
owl) lit ` 1,1,0 t1 p ,,, :. ern orally fill !Mall.
111 , 10. Jlyd tratc fareetloll. Label.
Cheek, correctly and elegantly stereotyped
N B. Speeimrn Books vi 111 be svot to Printera who
,Igh to Milk,. ()Me,. L JO! NSW , : S. Co.
Pluln., Bee 1-.37 —ti. No. 6. I.ittlt. Li ore,. st.
Q,AL MINDER, Fire and Thief Proof Iron Chests,
t ranted t goals° any °the' and have never
U. en Injured by lire or. Burglars. ni
also keep., or, hand a full supply of Common Cla,ta.
nuale of llghter iron. al lower prices.
L e t,,, copy c ad Bank,
Trucks for more, ractinins,
1:a zle (..1.1•- Paper
odd, Ba ill, Sc.
I'nrkunu era. Ilinstsmf Machines.
Reingeratorc and Wales Miters
fl Rauch Scrotal St.. below Chesnut , phoad e lphi a .
REFRIGERATORS tir cooling and ',rest ',tug Meat.
Rover. Milk. and all :trucks intended tor cahnary par
WATER. 111,11:11: 4 —C/Ilver Evtole Celel.rnoql \Va.
ter for l'oril , .lllo lVdo•r flaw 14 brneki , h or mod-
I.y rain, noneral.. or collem nr can be 100 l
at all and prier, al the Wrirefoolll , . No 01 South
Soeno,l Stroe t, two door% below Clo,out Si .
()ember thl. 1,17
F IRST Premium Writing Ink.—Silver medal just
N 0.,, Volk. 1 , -17
Tit, t
tullua me tvslitnolly frollllil-.:1/1:Z•11.,111•Ii illhlittnlolls
, I,Cak, for tibtlt :
Umvr:m.iri or PrNl..l.m. OS, O.
Flnladeliolint. May 11. 1-11 5
It emnr tried. for crime tone. the Illnek Ink miumfactit
red by Mr J.rph 1; !foyer, <v have loam: n well suih
rd for mant,ertar. by It:. runninz freely. and its exrmp.
lion from co.•t: .. :,, tom. It,ilnide rtko WI. Ore plen..eil OW).
W. E. HORNER. M. D., Dean attic Faculty and i'rofes•
.or of %warmly
.1011 N LUDLOW. Provost.
II Wl - 1.111 Ctrs Provoct.
111:NliV !ICED. Seermary of the Faenity of Arts.
itosnwr.i.r. PARKE. Prof of Nat Phil and Chemktry
W W Glatll.llll)._Lertarer in the Med. Department.
'We concur in die al,nve
SANI'L. G. MORTI IN. M D. Dean of the Faculty.
t r,,lril 11101 School, Plaludelplim.
A D. RA rim.
11. 31cNICRTRIE NI D. Pr0115....0r of Anatomy.
American Fir, li,nrailec Co, Philadelphia.
Cii.iorii !louse. Philadelphia,
.r. D GEnnoli. D , ,i,iitv Naval (nhcer.
A Superior Article. Warranted.
For sale, Wholesale and Retail. at the Manufactory,
No. El. North Third street. opposite Cherry street. Phila
delphia, be JOSEPH E. MOVER, Manufacturer.
Philadelphia, May c, IN7 —1).
Piro, n-2 co. Million. :14 rt.
:-anall Pion. :II " Noaparell, ce, -
I.ttag . Pittner. SO " Agmoc, , t 1
Boa _ to, 11l " Pearl. '2l Oil
Plc, ter, It, .• Dsantontl. 200 "
laßetail, No. 2d4 MARKET gTRFET, ninth door
above Eighth street, south side. Philadelphia, coin.
prises one of the largest and most beautiful assortments
of hors. Csrs & Mum; in the Union. and of the latest
arid most approved styles. oiallufliciiired under the
mediate superintendence of the Subscriber, In the best
manner of prime materials, and will be sold attire lowest
possible prices for cash.
" The assortment embraces a splendid variety of siLx,
MOI.LSKIN BEAVER. Boutin, RUNSIA, Norms and other
HATS. of beautiful finish, and a complete Stock of ail
the most desirable patterns, together with a supply of
MIN. Furs. Raffish, Robes. &c.
Colintry Merchants and others are respectfully In
vited to eXnunne the. Stock. which they will find it to
their advantage to do before purchasing, as It is his
.ki..rnoliatinn, having adopted the cash system, to sell
for Cash only, and at the the lowest pnccs.
294 Market St.. above 6th at., south side.
Philadelphia. Dec 4,1847.-9 ea
$500,00 REWARD.
TIIE Public are Hereby Cautioned against re
ceivtng from JESSE ROBERTS (our tomer agent)
any of llobetisack's Medicated Worm Syrup. as he has
been Discharged from our employ No medicine is gen•
ante without the written signature of J. N. & U. S Ho
bensmik on the label of each bottle. The above ' , maid
will be paid upon the conviction of any person counter
kiting said signature, of which the piddle have notice;
and are further cannoned against paying the above na
med Jec=e Roberts any money on our account, as he hat
no authority to receive the same.
Read the following certificate from a highly respecta.
ble .11C/1111:
Messrs. Hobensack take great pleasure in inform.
ing on of the great eif.caey of your 'Worm Syrup. My
diniuliter being afflicted for a long tune.! tried all the
remedies for her my skill was heir to, v) ithout rem,. ing
any benefit. and ease the race op ns hopeless.m h en I induced. by one of my family, to try your Wonn Sr. TN, MO I nuns
say. much against my will. bat surprisaft
to tell. before taking the whole of one bottle. it brought
the largest oimatily of ss °rm.. I hare ever well brought
from a child, un ill my practice. and almost instantl} res
tores' the druid to licaith Itespectitilly yours, &s.
JOSEPti ELKINToN. tl. D. Vincent*, n, N. J.
Prepared only by .T N. & lirobensack. tied end
Colds Si., Phila.. and for sale by all respectable storekeep•
ers in this and abouttm: counties. who o e have anthon
/ed to pay back the money in every case. should it fail in
Snil+lllCtloll—Pries 'Si el, Also. llobensaek's Hy
ena Tooth Ache Mops. a certain cure for tooth ache:._
Prtce 112 Cl. llobensuek's Rheumatic Liniment—prwe
123 cent, llobensuck's Cur, All Salve. for weak backs,
-p t .,. fresh and old sores. burns, ke.—Priee lt!! vents
iluben.tirk', 'Fetter Ointment—Price 9.5 scuts, OHS Lon
ssarranted to cure all crupttous of the shin. For sal , as
above. Philadelphia, Nov.:10. lrl7
( 1 OLDS, Asthma and Consumption.---Tlie Indian
Vegetahle lials•tin i• the only remmly that Call nrres
Stith c•• MOW ,. 111. V:111011. 11111100110ry 1114 1 C11011b under
Inch thousands sin!, into the grave.
No 0111 1 ever iis - ed this Balsam according to direction.:
without finding relief. 11 110.111V1:1} cure. A.111111:1. pron.
(111111:1, 1111 - 11101011011 1/1 the Ining, and . 1111 1 0:11. C0U1411..
12 1 ,1 1 1... Whooping Cough. Croup. Consumption. 4:e. I:
dm, all 0t 1101111 ,, . and all 110111, nfl.oll is JII , I 10 1411'1 1 .•
It Celt M.I. 010 11,111 VA WI,. pr.,: >11 11 1C1..0 . 11 1
every 110111;0 use kind.
Indian Vegemible Bal-am I; prepared only IA If
M. CO ins mid. Philadelphia. nod fur sale by I .Vesibroi;l:
Spangler. Agent wr Colutsiblrl; J. 'l'. Anderson. :Valletta ,
I'. S. 1. - ..tuilinan, ashingion IJ. I err ..Son. sin le
bor. October lit, la-17.---ain
ff i
~,., roust.lf for 25 cents. P p )
. r. , .......... ,,, 0.
1 v ,.. .... 5.r i . ,,, , . , ,, t, , i; !?.. ,. .. :t
I. 14: , ,-;.. ic,;,,,, ;.--5'eve,,,,,,,,1, "A , .',1.
ft, ‘,..0.0....,.. 1 . Lia, Anti lip, ard , of OM lull,
1 c,.., ,?' 47 ~ ~, ~4 died Engraving.. silo-nine Ili
1.., 7.'i
. i h ~_,,, ! : F .
lca W O , No,, Z and torn,. and maltormation, ot
l (nit. or., the gPIIC I rT ., ..e m 5 , c, 0 171 .„ 1, ,, m n
\ \ Vi t . i L l ~' The tunic. lin . . none “ it . rr . w..l,
\ 14,„..JVii , i-A ' , that person butiermag wpm .1.-
\; ......... ).,..i . :5 , r- 4/ sect clisen.w, need no moo I,r-
COYIIC A' IClielY Of Q11(LC1,V.2,-
by the pre•cripitons coinelii , a
in thi. hook any one, mar cure hitriqell, IA itliont tundra:iv,:
tolni.ine.... or Ilse knowledge of the most Intimate filen,l.
and with one-tt nth the usual expeilw in addition to thr
COOCTeI routine of Private thseleses. it folic ex.ploire• the
eau, of 3latiltootrs eat ly decline, will, ob..errittion on
NI nrriajr—he.itles ninny derangement, which it would
not be proper to entunerated in the pithhe prim..
ID --- l'ef•011b re,idnig at a de:ttince iron Philadelphia.
met 101 , , Oil , 1)001C lorward to tilt in throligh the Post
Other, on the receipt of tu ent)-fit ll' Ce . .lf, ill reeled to lit.
Willliant Yoteig, 15:1.. Spruce street, rhile.delpina.
January •!,...,1:7.1,.—:3in
Arriacomaz READ.
kCertain Disease Cured in TWO —The
:+lO-1. FOR TIII:
reeent nod chronic affections of the kuhu•)s,tha
ease ante bindde r gravel, seminal %Vert h nes.. &r Plr
sons who, by in,111121f1 , 2 in a secret habit have entailed
nn ft,•,,elvec re,alllllll ainl delahly, should apply im
mediately to OR. KINKELIN. of the Plgllntkiplim 1%1. di
cal the 01110 , -1 mstitnttnn of the kind lu the co).
Office, N. W corner ivt THIRD nod UNION Sip.. I:-
1.e., Spruce lit d Pine. If snort re• final the Excham!”.
To, .11ribra1 Ifoa,e ass e-tablished by Dr K. tirm . s‘s
year.. atm. for the ... mom—ion of quackery, there hew:,
o o ntolls Person . ., so tiltniti lon,ss teddy, no mg nr ch.tract et,
who pot adverto.eineols In the pnhD, plper..l. I 11:it an in
amino of Inns kind nna Melly neees•nry to prevent the
afflicted, rapru tally sir:togs.' a, from {Alma win the hawk
of.nunminakiilfol wretch, is he instead of curing. might
iii /11. V1( . 1110 In tin lint lately grave. Then char, tlm
afflicted shoold soma the !Mille/0114 pretended Worsts tool
w ho Lot t .' 'olong of Or prop:. r of mo,holo, kilt con
sult Dr Kiiikelin who cur, 4 CI elms Disease nI MO 01
I f/11,11.13 an lading I'. the state of the iestient, ss Mott!
the oar of mercury. Nn men ores! remerl . es are steed h.) ; medicine. are pal stage and iltirilde•o,
and all hi. p Went.. lire, honorahly slimilled. from even
the nor-1;111.y of Iti.tog .1 i.rovered. Ile who
io•If under the care of Dr. IC . may retie tonsil' gotifnie In
hi. honor ac ;I gentlen) ur nod confidently rely upon 1114
skill a- a tills, and if Its Is not :.peedily relies cd nn
reniton•rm ion so ill lie demanded.
Stra Ilrec. one of the 131001 tionithotorne and clangermit
affections, ss to II olten end to gravid, inflantat ino.. eak•
nes.. &c, Dr Ktrikelin ;J. - tittles
pilings diseased prostrate gland. yc. Stric
tures 11., vg ruined many who had nn knowledge of OW
TO. Parnell/lu. Altilee.—Vntitie men %elm leave injured
*Timely, by a remim practice indieleed ui—n habit
frecenimily learned from evil companions. or at. school—
tbe effects of which are nightly felt. even 54 ben mileep,
and destroy both timid and body,. should emit% mime
, ilmtely. %Veakile.i and con-t hill anal debility MIME .
diatel, cored and (till vigor reo• - •. c .; MI letters pest paid.
rake ..,Voitre —Dr. K nikel to 11.113 hurl Fern ter practice in
the above .11TVC11011.1 Ilan any physician In t
Ile also poci.,iiev an advantreee over all oilier+.
Irma the fact of hi= having stiedie.l in lite great hi - ism:ale
ot Europe. Tlinmands m I'htladelphm ran tent,tp that
Ire cured them after es cry other means leas In 0.41. Sepa
rate rooms fir private con siellation. Open till 9. P. NI.
Traerliers ',moiled at a moment's notice. With the re
p' Noe eileilumnis to mite theneoilvea privately.
P.irhogi, at inettmene , sena to any purl oh the IL S.
Mar,. nartil m6iry m the Spirit of lb, Teal, ocG'47.lY
1\ O. Chesnut ire el, n feu - doors below .1111,
•libbenber re•-peetfully tathrtas
the 'midi.: to Frneral, that he; conttato.s
to ket p the abo‘o establi.nment
r . \ I. hit ono, token In render thin ..c
the I.e.t. and nom its von teal •ittiatios, it is one 01 the
tno•t con,..n.ent I Iwo:, in city.
11, 'l' o. Curio-hod, ut all times, with the choicest
‘11 , 114,, of the sea,on.
N% INES nod 1.1(41:011.S are not iturpaseicd Ly any
Other rvahli•hmenl to thin city.
llw :sers•nnts tire easeful. honest nod obliging.
Terms of Itonsding to suit the tones.
Country Merehants mid Bunine.ii Men will find the 10-
cantor 01 the CIIF,NUT Sr. 110L.C. 111 the Must thisthess
pail of Pluladi•lphm
The ....dmerther pledges himself that every thing in Inis
Poq.•r lie dune to give sulisthellOn to those who ta
lus /on 'soh their patronage.
SAMUEL 3111.1. ER,
Pltilndelplua. Sept. 27, IS Propnetor.
T, ,;,...,, WATCIIES and JEWELRY, at the
ite, \L „, „.„,,-- a . DELptilA JEWELRY, '-'
,-"; -.,:. JEWELRY S1'0121;” ye North Sec
ond Street. corner of Quarry.
Gold Lever NVatches, fulljewelled, 18 carat cases, $45.00
Silver Lever Wl:ltches, full jewelled, nu°
Siker Lever Watches. seven Jewels, MOO
Silver Lepine Watche, Jewelled, fittest quality, / 3 , 00
Superior Quartier Watches . , 10.00
Imitation (blamer Watches, 5,00
Gold Spectacles, 8,00
Pine Silver Spectacles, 2.75
Gold Bracelets with topivr stones 150
Ludic , . Gold Pencils, 16 carats, 2.00
Gold Finger Mugs 37 cents to SE—Watch Glasses.
plain 121 cents. patent 19, Lunet 03. Other arnicles ta
propornon. All goods unscented to Le what they are
sold for. 0. CONRAD.
On hand. some Gold mid Silver Levers, Lepines glad
Quartiers lower than the above prices.
Pluladelphia, April 10, 1547.—1 y