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Editor and Proprietor.
fly MAIL
MILIYERLD IY arritliffrrho etntO
For Two Dou.sits. we will send by mall seventy numbers,
ad for Orra DOLI.An, thirty-three numbers.
FAstors sending Us TWtXTT . subscribers and upwards, will
thereby entitled to a.paper,without cbarge.
ltenewalishould beprompt, a little before the year expires'
fiend payments by mare hand', or by mall.
Direct all lette r! to
Pittsbuiltii Pa.
raSlMig AIM
"Passing sistrty . l" So whippers tbe wind
As it treads its trackless course ;
And "passing away," doth the bright rill any,
As it lonpB from its crystal source—
All " passing away," on the Stretun of time,
To oblivion's vale in a fsr,oir olime.
Matter and man, we make no delay.
To eternity's gulf we are passing away.
"Passing away I" Mark the farrowed brow,
And the head with ftm Wery tsar,
And the pale; web cheek, lioW Lhoy plainly speak;
That they 're leaving a world of care.
Yes, passing away. Even beauty's flower •
Is fading fast 'Death the spoiler's power; • •
And fair and frail to their bed of slay,
Adown to the tomb they're, paseingaway:
" Passing away 1" moans the oeeas's wave •
As it breaks oa , tbit beaten
And. the torturetr:tide is left toehlde , •
The oliffe with their hollow ?atm -
Ay, paesintsWayl both MOO liatthytrAiirboti.
The places wititiiiiiirtitii*lllOitiß'Aftoiritellity
Whether pea - sant 4. Prince, nature!s jest aebtio
At the fiat of God, we are pissinraway: • • ••
" Passing away I" for their hour is pith—
Earth's riohei are a inotiO"Prie,
The monarch's throne and his sword and crown,
And the pen and the poet's lyre:
All passing away, e'en.the pomp of art, •
And the pride of the dealiot;rnnst all dairOt,
And the relies Of : raal . Ina each
And the naulinir . iii4e . ,iiatieris bo
,„.,. . . .
Passir , ig away I", I;•ren Time himself
Bends under )ftia load of Years; ,
His limbs are frail, and' his oheeks grow pale •:-
With the furrows of sorrowing tears ; •
With his brolsen'selythe, with a silent tread,
Ile's pgesing on. tothe . home of the dead
Withit bending form, and with looks grown.gray,.
Old Time himself is paseing'away.
"Passing away 1" All but God's .bright throne,
And his ssrvant'g home abovb i
And his 'grace Wine, and the boi&alestemitte
Of God's'etisishillove ;
And his will tobave, through a Saviour's bleed,
The child of faith who hath-washod•italtbellood;
Even earth to its framework dOth
But God in his love
Corrtiplininiftt. of the
NASHVILLE; May 4th,48881
gates of• the Christian Comm ii3eioh;
mevemdnfl are 'forbidden snbjeoteof
respondence.glorefOr interesting a .re
port of operatiM 'theft' bit the commis
mon'doretiye -
mouth l ea 1 1 4 1 3 1 e i llte,itie:
.. 11 eviithegile
statement oft thoiprogress•ot the rittsburgb.
delegates may , nole.(be • Nrithettt interest to
the Christian public.-
" " r e -ltf
rokoAtfiTil e dtio' of4i, A s :
though deitained a few.:days in. Leuisvitle,
waiting for .our eqhipmenta, • thii' tin@ twits
not lost. We made an' efittiitide l 'oll ) onl
work' a few houre after, op'Biileieorfil
oftre, , b.7 Oe IA 41 1 )1 4 18 : oT
thereare thwtrtwo, with , only roux chap
lains to attend theta t alb" At Exelninge
llamas fdildd the aerate% 1:A
to . a
most eb.l•cleit 4 iiio" gWele us' a
heirty webiorrie, ;and •ari. r po• usy . ‘ i Cr&
work and do as'you please." •
We hold three meetings' on. Sabbath '
mornil4, attebded by ove't three Miliaria'
men. A lafge riiii3alSer of them weilel.Trifeti
refugees from East Tennimeee, who rive i k
terrible account of their sufferings in-the
mountains, and of tire cruel tmaidistuttitty
and their fliinilltr re.iei*Cdlrdmi l :rdiral )
soldreio. OuF gave ns their tar.
vided and after Elervioe many
grasped our bands and thanked us kindly.
Many of them ha& not lidtened to a sermon
for !floras. I`,Tiaie airy trite conEeptien'of
the sufferink and misery
,tlietie men have
endured, you must see them, and conyerse
with them. Their ragged olothins, their
emaciated forms, their thin; pallid cheekst
and their strong determination to sae e '•
their wronge, tell a fealful story of suffer-,
ing. Nearly all of ‘ the four hundred men
who escaped to Louisville, have already en
listed in the 'Federal - army During 'the
two dire liiitdt in 'LefibMile i
tion, nuenbenni,five,,iglisieel 14f1ie 'post
chaplain, held nineteen ineetlngs in • the
various catnips and hospitals.
At Nashvillel we fetrdd an imineilse field
of labor. Thorifare tvFnity-rodereirWolt
pitals, with; only eight ellapleine;
thousands '
of troops in and around the
city. There is but one church in the city
open for worship, all the rest being used
for hospitals.
A few days'•after our afrival; three of
otir`nutiibeileftfoi trtirfreesber46l 7 4 ire nein-
pang, with ev.Ed. f r if l3 o l : 8 .1 44, the
the deneral Field Agent in the Army of
the Ourriberland..
• Last Sabbath ,(MAY isktOri connexion
with' our deTiOtei who Wire . Operulibg die
slay in this eity t ,held V= ie rehgtougoneet.
ins, and,one funeral service.
Very many of the soldiers are deeply
concerned for the salvation of their souls,
and ` soine.hiiVe professed a hdpe in Christ.
.Ater services, we walk abOttt the iiiyaa ot
the,ospitalti, and sit down in t,lie tents of
the eamps t and have private conversations
With the snifiiertf,_eudeavoring tebdtepeu
iiitYserioniiiiiffareon'i that nifty have been
Made by. the ,prayers and exhortations.
They greet us kindly, and menifest a most
intense d'esire for"-books,..papers, and sing.
iug-books, such as , are used in the Sabbath
Snhools of yenialif.: Tf stiii of your read
• ers have such booko,that they can spare,
send them to the storeroom .of •the Army
Committee, and they will 'be doing a good
work for, donittleacent soldiers.
Inone of the cenvaliihint *fade, We .. ,
have good reason -to , believe that-a-great
work of° grace is beginning, and we-;have
firm hope that very soon some who are now.
anxiously, Efetiking Saviour, will enliteitid
fight undtiftliiiMintier,df the Ncfb''
ho l d ineetiiiii there .every morning, and
spend some time private conversation'
Yesterday we - preached .once in ti.tomb-''
prof eft:Alia° of PoriNegley. Affer'Siti
litite;'Stne of the soldiers came up
wintlodeeoinething for this
sion," and handed us four dollars, which
amount' will'' be' sent to the Triasurer in
Pittsburgh. , .
'Every - thing is scarce here, excepting
soldiefa titidihehe you Meet at every turn.
Potatoes and bilious aro much needed
Palmleaf fans and musquito netting, for
keeping flies off-the faces of sick men,
would do' them more' :areal good, - and add
istOi'l to their doilifortrilian medicine. -
BiAt`good intereSting t ing
neceisarily religious is most nee e eon-,
VOL. XI., NO. 35
valescents in the hospitals, and soldleinin
the camp, when'off active duty, valne Jtoth
log so highly as newspapers, maganitieN or
good books. Give them these, .and you
crowd out the " yellow-covered„" literatere
-trash which they will read in abieuge of
something better. For this win:A. / of the
soldier, your readers
.will - please - reinember,.
the Government does not and cannot make
provision. To supply this need is one of
the aims of the — C7istiiifi t tiiiiitnis - sion.
DIESSEtti. EDITORI3.:--Some persons, in
terested in the"prosperity of Zion, have
requested' that a more full account 'of the
'precious work of grace with,which Lewis
town was blessed the past -Winter.,-,ahonld
ibe given: to'Clod's-neople through youi col.
limns, I had hoped that a more graphic pen
than mine would, ere this,.„have delineated
thji, delightfuli i yreAk,of thelF9,lA4Sultiirit. '
A`• union meeting e r,tvli commeneetl' u the
meek of prayer. Th denclnipatinpalhik,
.ing in the union meetings, were the. Prow
! byterian, the• Methodist, the Luthenqiisuid!
.Episcopalian. The union sei`vieeS,"eionidet . -;
lug .of A pritYsr-metitibg.ar3 o'clock
'and presetting in the evening, were beld in
these "chutelies in rotation: , : A united
pra,.yet,tfliqug, and hUniiltition, was ob:
The cordial union of ministers
and'"ifiltaib,lite': of thesrchtifehes,
'deep- -and - sofemn impression upon - the'
'world. .
saw - then - unitedly laboring
*mid riyitig . for their'salvatiotr, and not as
theY.had. erroneously suppoied, their object
'was' to infil4.nrp thetr teepective denomina
tions. - Theywere led to believe that there
was a - reilifyi in religidn; and that'
ministers and Christians were - seeking the,
salvation of their souls.
After•the first weekl:iiacti - denominatitn;
by mutual eonsnt, held a
. -priyer.meetiut
in each of thou chutilies at 3 o'clock P.
Al., and preiching in the everiihr, - eoitid
meneing , at 7 e'eloek, t.heir churches:
The attendince now ;trendy , ihu Cdr
The awakehing internst'el- the- Holy, Opirit .
first teed°. its appearairce*Aniblig the youth'
of the
Sclabole: At this stage ofl
;the the : Hotel-keepers of the place '
agreed' to close their bars at 7 o'clock; and"!
the nigiehante their stores, that all might'
have an opportunity of attending on Divine j
service in th&evening.
The mentbera of the Presbyterian ehttreh'i
• observed-an'other dajtAlfasting and praiiirl!''
The work soon extendedlete%all elassg- 1 .!
;the middle-aged and' the old.: 'Nara 'a
! promidedt, - larwyer of the . piles On' *We'
-'not a Inembnr of' the ..chnith at that time,'
'but sines become-otie,) say that he lid':
inecasiOn, ,oti. Intsines; - ilio visit one ofilie,
' sEilootoi. to_hio
prise he found the persons there, who were
,not in the, habit! of attending,,, sit
. ting calmly dilolasing !the Subject - 151 relig
ion with interest. The seriousness perVad
ed the whole community. Theilfifife -- 70 -
inquirers in the4P - resiliteriaii church; np
tyards of 100 in the Lutheran; 70 in, the
• blelbOdiet . ; itnd 14 in tbe' : Bp,isco'palifairih,..,
• Mutt ,is : : 'After tile"
to ; Manifest theinselve§,', there
tigliitnquril..meetinglield in the leo*rli
robin' every day 'at: 11 o'clock A. M. :tit
ei/eilirif t
the itigliiiers • were rititiested . to • take tfib
Wont pews in the - ohiliisb; or intlit . the mint
isters in the ledtiire-rlitlin*,*ffilfit thelieopte
of' God remained ,ittilbt‘ i pb l iorch to -pray.
These prayer ., -rdee4ngs w ere delightful boa
inns. Tfuire' - iai 'a realtafttion" of ills Di-
vide gesLeillie;.
meek', eittly tlfirrif
the Imilitillst4Of "fEdet
ste Mt ratable - 1d
th ,
e ' y inti •
still, soullitqnnaitottrok
casiori~ly:hear"itlOtirellfred u giot ; ifif or a
sob, the Aptl(iii OA of o'o
a b l dtediehlistiku
lie 1; 88 . 1 1 ..40;51 - .iinies
and John did on the moult Or Aranefigura
. tion, "It ;vas good •tawbe-therii," and would
fain hblfe 9 efehteti attratreli sherd'
pastoral , visitation-was' perlbreed
dririOr this r• *doh. Ohtlattles dlthf lent'
bbillietliPiiid'tvitle:lltikri 'ad - 014W
WeaitS neconvate , Thelle
• and neighbors;and - .bilked with:them about
the , eternal interests of their souls: -
The meeti! contititted for ilitilirstiVid•
'u'nabate'd' intaieg.' • The'iles-,
tor, in his faithful and arduous lat'iiirs; was
assisted by the ; Rev. James Williamson,.
and myself: Brother 0. O. McOlean's
(the failfecir) ricrill'Vas'andbrbblrikethe WOrk.
lE .
relahOred infirdiietisly day arid night:
ehigited ali r that . intense ansietY
faithful pastor, >in such seasons,...feels.lor ,
the well-being of the people of his eharge.
lie seemed to realite - the trnths4 God's
blessed beak, AftaithalegoVeoriMis heav
en-tend • an- awful hell ; and that heaven can
onge be. attained' through tbe redemption'
tffirit in ClfidseXesins oaf Lend . : Oh,. if
firobaisatOrs of 'Phriet; t•ef,LF
iced that all the d ear pec4le of 'our eingre.,
gations, who are Nmt of Christ, arc lost,
Now los'', and indlit beloved by believing:
in the Lord Chilei;:tir Perditibti f ja z
their inevitable lot,, heir: drateren . tli
we preach, pray and:libei in : Pastoral du;
The, preaching: wail Vie 7Gbspel. It wail'
pithily laid clearly presented, " No revsval'
measures (as they are errqueepsly
were used. God bleieed'his Own-trntli
The -pastors met every afternoon, About
one hour before the evening eerviei; .. for.
eonfereine and 'prayer. Thii
icirdliters . of the different deniiii4attinns,
was delightful. "Behold how gond, .and
how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell to
gether in unity." ,
• The Lutheran church has had
.. an addi
tieft ths - m4haaio a!, 'on
ototatiOni the - Poi6or;ari‘gnt,3,
this oldie 'of the iit'eafittli
atllikiegiilitr.lsotim'uniori'seirion, 81*e:re
lidNa 'la 'the..ifiegi;reriaa' chnroli; cif ea- ;
amination,' and 9.0 n-certificate. More are
ex - voted to unith 'themselves at the -next
' ,
Wlid shoUld tibqtab oboe or ga4,o:
" tl,B ll l4
exist oni.o - are y
reason, in the .mature , of things, every
chitteht in our breed' laid' 'should not now
be revived? l'intiiiiirod'fittite is theiiiiitural
state of the ohttrobesys' lukewarm state; is
übnattuial; it itaffetistfe to•ths!great King
and FflistiV
irere • olita'por. 'heti 'Oli`en t
art like*arni, and neither .ocild:gor , hot,,.l:
will ainenthee out of inrmo*h." , • ,
Yours fraternally,/
heibi e igh iU t
be found itLclhrist, that 119
a rldit
oftraiii;*SlVat e fteliiir 7i g a g nit Y
,- • .
. . .
t .
. . fl•-
. .
, .
T ,,t. .. ~i . ... 1 .. ..
1 1
• i
411 :4111 '' lb
r . . . ..
. .. . ....., .
. .
. ..
Pb? the'Pr.esbyteriatataiiiier.
Lawiaiown, Pa.
Intetinatfoital Complications and Anxiety—Roe
buck's Violence—The Government ancrthe Scitusr
of the ethszandra— What Sir R. Palmer and the
Daily News says—Pleas for the North—The Am=
bassaclor and his Leiter to Admiral Dupont—Mr.
At. Mills, M. Guthrie'e Speech at Ectin
buryh— Visit to Peebles—The Silver Tweed--
Calais Ground—William and'Robert Chambers
—The Chatnbers' Institution—Description of the
linilding and its Contents-9U' Scottish Inserip r.
~lions—Library.and Reaeßng Rooms—A Students'
Paradise- 4, The Slave Auction "—Postscript?
LBNhON, 25, - 1868. ...
ANXIETY as to-the continuange of frkervi.t.
ly international relations , is • being, -feltj,ia
consequence' of various causes and oomph-
cations. The depredations.of the Alabama .
on American commerce, the eonduot r ot Ad-.
miral Wilkes in seizing ,and sendingpfo
prize, court, adjudication English !gesso*
bound for Matamorasoci4
publication of the,.letter..tso..,-Adtpirglipik:
pent, ti the license " .cheer#ol , Y
by,,thea-10n., - Fran oicciAclame,Aa t rAnaerman;
Ambaaeadery as a , p ri sOlt,oeneoldfipaWiljoh:
conveyed iirmatneials ; desigted :r te; helpttho
lltexioarlarin their,,watkiwith•Fralloo-theee,:,
'together, the I lailgitage : , used. toward,
England !by,Orenerale B.4ler,,Mtiagitryan,d4
others ,all - have : an :agitating tendency.. ?
; The%dovernment 'hike been : extremely_ caul
'tiottiotnd i lloyd ".Palmerllton did I bis hektp,t,,p;
atop Mr. Roebuck in his violeaVtuid M a lt4, l
teelperate laegnege" Ctukthe Morning Post
4110 ' it,) 'bur fattilnd
' would'havci'hip`War.'"the Gra%
Roebuck and Kinglake (the hiatOrbutivif
the ; Crimearr, war, w bo - r , cI ibhcelteas
the French ; Emperor, spit Ot*Etb),
game catgory.„ It waivin, men. of
this atamp,;aa well as Mr., liereuttarr;:wito
:i8 a kinil of " 'free lanee7-Ishrtiaelite that.
3il; i Palmer, a member of the ile*eng- ,
merit, paid, lot night:. ;. • . 0 .
",.I think it : will be% remernbeirs;d: h aorow
tlie•Atlantiort,hat, : in_ Aphis itts- 5 in , ..90 , 0 as-
. .
every member is -freely at , liberty:
U.:. express his own sen tinitinytai. I:it/that.
those sentimsnuit Incrist.Anit: be umed :tP.•
the :
-sentiments. theEsasemutyitomaton
that ; tmembet , heiongir!.,!.
.The Noityvarty areritiiry angry 'with.ila.
Government,seisure..of•the- Alexandra
Liverpool/ because it n ivas* shown; that : the?.
'intention :was to use her, ligainst ,- ,a•coAnt - f17.:.
with:whiai'we are at peace. ,Bn,t, notwith. 7 l
standing this, and the outcry:of/Liverpool.,
(interested) merchanta jt ithe ,Government:
maintains itsposition. :Iwaddition; to this,
a vesiseL . sail liom Ealmouth,,forE
Matamoral, whose often , asked that a maila,
agent-should-be' put on. board, in connex
ion. with the mail .bags;thas sailed without,
the;anails, the -,Postinaster. General, as -ad-:
iviseid by' Earl- Russel, shaving '-ofusigi :the.
,request. National irritations, there , are MIT
both sides 'and it-is ditnestly.tir.,be Utopia .
that they- will not ; p9.tagg . rikaged-rby
collision of naval. foives 'on ithe, Nest Iddia '
station, or otherwipe. ' '
T,he Iffoz;nipg epft, and. exen :i the Times,
Bab that tliclre. should tow much. coosidera--
tion and Iforbearanee oonsidoring that-the:''
P . Opral Government. are, naturally and ea-:
geyy. engaged,irk.pressing ,the:cpnlederates .
has m already..,broug,hti
them to, the, verge ot ff f r amine and which,. it ;
kept np may lead, it is expected, to-ittiport,,
'ant-issues. It is much to be regretted tints
-the mattor of the Arnbasmior's certificate,
Ints,peburred, hecause while it is . easily Eq....,
.pkaineiLfiour his, own standpoint,.,it is not
• by the Liberal IVlernbers of,
'l,4liament, out any, friendly newspaper,
-(eave , in one case,, where it .was pleaded ,
.cliat he :was anaipita, to: !el a n the ehange4.
la, Omsk seizure by,,,Admmil.'Wilfrea, and.
component inoiease., of feeling , pere,) .acid•
theTe sea : xiay ; be,. a .donht ,that it, is,
deeply; regretted - . by hitiself.:,
ton Miles, M. ; P., lask, night' in; the . Housa
of Cobimons, spoke in 'an
toward the United States, and in reference'
to the•patiena'and TorligilliiitoO of oni' own
sufferingrliopulatione,4lxii in -spite of Peso
trials, --rafted .to ::eulharraffs-lohe North,: by,
calling for interyention„: . .. ;
DOOTOR ,period of my
recent visit to Edintrargh;delivered a most
intereeting4eietf;illiistrlifilieiof his erica- .
riences in the Cowgate, and the lowest ands
morally : the worst.districts of the Scottish
metropolis. reminiscences on such.,a,
subject are. always 'valuable, and his lan-;
guage is so, pictorial, that ths scener,inoi,
dents, andpersonages—includingßr.,Ohal.,,
mers and hiaiself looking over th 4
of 'George. the,l.V. Bridge, doain• to those
whonpretended •te.go to the " West Kirk." as:we-read. Nor caw
adthiration. be. withheld from the contrast
so yividly,.drP, wn .between the " country.
pariah" mut thC ) Cowgate : -
"It is'now' twenty-Rik years,or well-nag'
that periti4since I first made my. apricot 4.
knee. in , the
~C,ougate ;,,and well, do. I ire
member liow, one. day, after I came here—,
damp, murki.dsiyHtlie, smoke hanging
Over the .CowgateLthe streets, which are
never clean, in that.parte') dirtysgith4iipd;
and crowds of miserable -looking ..arditu is,.
monuments of da rk_
an,d vice, who..erept;
about in the.,dark and disniAlAtmospliere
well, I, klay,,;ilo I remember 'that day, ail,
eg„ov,er t i t he . . railings, of George
idge, I Was', .contemplating this field of
labor, when Dr. Chalmers happened to . oome
himself opposite to me,. and,
looking down ,with his owa benevolent eye,
upon the poor crowds below, said—what
certainly did survise me g a little, and would .
.have astoniihed most Ab, Mr.
Guthrie, what 11. capital field of labor you
have down 'there P.. I sin,. Sorry to say I
found it! no beautfful field of labor, sl
though it might : have been a useful one,
and I hope and trust that it was. Often
after my , day's labor, whPu;.T.J.COned wea
ried and worn out, with a lid
_heart, and .
With all my feelingsharresiveX,bY the scenel
of temporal and 'sp iritual initiery. which I
had witnessed—whop T. left i th4 J . Cowgate,
and the deatitntlon te4, ~)een : toiling
amidstfrom .Morning ; t4ll. and from
noon till night; to take My.way. Pp to Ar ;
gYlU,Sqi . lare---when I recollected 'the seenek
that,thed been accustomed to labor among,
,m.y. cOuntry parish—flowers springing.
lip,mader neTpath; larks singing above my:
head; an honest plougliman standing in.
his own doorway after his day's' Wor,k,.din:-
tiling a child in his arms, and s ome htilf
dozen, others cinstering about his knee; a ,
.beautiful ocean- spread oat and boHering
my parish; a decent popnlation*(only one
man in the parish who never irAftt to church,
and only one man in the parish who could,
not read) these being Accounted such won,
ders, that they -were
6 That's the matt that disna gang ;to the
kirk,'. or, •'That's the man that canna:244V.
When I remembered all this as -I we 14.16226,
from the _ Cewgatete 4 .4agyie ea „tiitt
ten thought within myself, 'What a fool
you' were to leave such a place, and' tome
to the "miserable-and '
. degraded' Cowgate.'
Many a day of sadt;e*tand sorrow I passed
in these localities; and the reason was this.
I had no objection to fight, tbe battle ; nay,
I was willing to fight it; but, with the ex
ception of old Mr. ChiseY,the missionary,
who gave his whole labia's to this field with
unticaried assiduity andittsiyei,
aldti*in the aziwgettrtellight;
in o'ubnm
stances that I felt madii'lt like figlitifigib
a-caseldliat:Vrasoallpbu.t.l.hopeless\... Of tke,•,;
first IsB..pecip le , 'the. Connie,
there'Were , not! five of Ahern. that ; ,ever ~.ent
end the house- of god,tand esti
mate I am. including all plaaseis, and ;
uominations., They tem, rettly enoigh
profess.thatfthey went w th the-church, w , h4 r
er Ithey; did or. not.
• Fox; example, tite4trit- •
versal refuge -of till 4 those-`,peoplea.mus, the
West Church. - •It t. e question were put
to them-- - =‘W4iwslott r uolrfirtheri !v ould
say—' 'the Wilt No
doubt this one • but
held all ; besse.,triurprafeserto go ;here,
itf; . 113 A 0 mi1#4. 0 4191!: w 94- .4 1 Plve„ l*lnp tla*o
to.the . uttermost. I' remember ;ssktpg t oui . , 3 *
ord4Onian, Who did' *Jib T
iriresio *Air
lerelifribla Whichionel' sill Iw '4 l ‘ 6::
thelt:olo4Afiriallc Oieci:Pehe;, ' , Ohy 'you Or,
"Olt, do~yoa . Who he . miinister , there ?;f,,
'The IIIII118411: 1 .pia W gy, Pr- ineity
Alid7tfail'iia&sii'd to lathiest:l or'f6u4Yedisi
after Dtl'likei &ad. biien• in hirgrave:llT,.4
= • Nett' we. :have , . a.,:alreteht- of • the• frnibu
ty,atierd from! such- s an ;l unprmaisingfipld,
urtliAm.get44.lfAmmt3 ftg94AOß° l 4l.iPtt .
its resu lts,: . . •,.
. : rify m *, ;1 • ' : ni2l.
' i re J• ll . e .t. 6°./l lr th e r e Pn , "To
Wil'eie"Obt . :AfiniOtyPs'grak , : hyrwrOng
tditdisiVi ipy"sid""iiiildfieide 'in 'th"e-'
Vovgafiklklio %as taught el kithato thd 'nand
or. woman who wishes to tell upon'tliaaa l de-.4.;
gllpkied.,pe9,pla for the*: good should pun
rag'thlk,nges of, Divine truth . , *here he will,
90481 then 3 ye Niko are .0001Mtonked )40.0
evil way learn to do mkeli kr:aidr ` 1 4.14, 1 N ,
a child in The way 'that he ilikinl4;,gp,:ano
Whin'hci iyifl tiopi
The gork9liktioa`,.thafatia; 7 Ao
Wikik; 'that if
,intr man' lanstiok
people; vP tagsiuk,ibilleAtAdz
shotkld, while hedoes' not i ikeieeediote
vrt,Olie adults; direct his litioar tliedliff:'
drink."' It was that; and 'tliat.:4lOnii;
iziadi; me set agoing My jigged iloiikaO).*ie;fe-''
roepti After Spendiikg, three, or fditi rata
kW' CoWgate, became 'satisfied: thb.,
Wilk those Who have b long' as:must:to aied 4
of the greStcli . vloe-41i6 fitufTia,'
hUtiinly eileilling,fik:ect iu itllilfithiliapA:s •
4-theriiiiid`i?ery hope 'general'"
i' t nipitivetnent. But roulthe 'other haiidi
becaurer:ConvinceditEatif' we - coultil;get them
4hi Wren , • to' rii6e ee • the /doctrines . of,religz,q
ion if we could sermanerge that: We &midi
heal :::the - waters: .as they 'came , dowiri , erisl
they..piefsed, in:the, course ofitime; •into:thee
poltatiunetof the Dead Seak. , - , .wc , might"
the.ceurskof-iiigentratimr , -.or :two by thisii
*tenni' ehturge; the :whore ; Ace , atteasph
and putifY•the Witittethier. -
end -in :view, Fetartett the. iteggellehoei; •
and I am happy to think thar , if
good Juivp
i einfmtilnee, won dered
what God brieght: . fee i liere
.f eT, 1 11n0,1:14a7)?,,_
wondered.,:li4w;l, e9Rld. e.v•eirr4rA:).4o ll 4 , s o „
foolll )4 1 6 3 . 13 4.' lovebf ! 011 , 1 iTY:
to ~ b e "mitierable in , the. CPwgsfe:,
But I see the reason of it nevi.' After '
retfghl the terrible? edrue'StiOn
Of. the-C6e:kateiisk hive:llo' iteiiitatinii'qpili
saying-'that iiian;\ like .
Smith, who labors in the , Cliw - gctte , ,.
the high places, ;of - ithe-ftshiv ; I look upon
Such a man with far more respect than I
locAriitioil;year mitisiitere for ~I
think the Cowgitteminister hen furcliarder: ,
werluto do. When 4- I • mica to: lokonoing.ra•e
in the,C,OWg!4er, - 7,Wheu4. fß , l°AAPPAfst b : ( l ° '
with the vices, w ithout the v i rtues, , of
h&'ofteit r t"
wiiiihrikhld 'Male'
positiontittivibe‘N mat Who .hasrfarchierden
work to do than any man whO,:goen tos
P 0- t° 4 4f !hflat l l,a; :P-1 44 -ks
tlireugti . my terrible - time n . ..01: 0 90w 7i .
134ihai riFtifi l6 4, ,63 :talsP- IP , n lYsi m° oll:c
mont,cog cagge4 04)4418*,.)11uCh.ga4 'kap • ,
bleesel": '
Piton like: 'QUatrie who r ,figh t with ,and,
conquer: , Vice and Ignorance,: are, ,heroe,a lL
above andmbove all Boraark i ftune.,,,
sPeziatzsfrtses.lthe last:. mete 'visited-4n
arysSdottish tourt , 'dlt is'about twen " ty 'ilea
by, rail from“Bdiubuighlteutilward....lts , is!
a very.inoient pladvanii was once theresi4
deuce , -of Scottish kings:m: 4 .4lMo King's,
Meadow ",:is , thezitamerot at portio& of ',thew
lOvelYqielda:that . fringeathe silver • 1 1'weed ,,
on either. •Iside',. Y it , :fieww , imsward toweled.:
the Gereitm 0138111 V They hills,•arotmd - 4tre 2,
most pioturesqui, , :clothed With , fhectlaiob )
fir-and othertreess,vand; rike the' montrtains ,
round about' Jerusalem,' encompassing as :
great , sentinels: , -the place , on every , side..
As•;you milk out; the. views Y are' ! ver vary,
ink • and , all Charming'. This-may : well, 'be .
called " The Vale of' Heal tb." Here hand, i
some ,villas .rising on the suburban
uplands, bitilt by merchants at a distance,
or by local papital . TOr theAcciinmcidation
of Visitors:,-,Who' in , !..the Summer 'Months
come lithertfor4hOciiivrgoratifftiffit seoth=
ing climate. •••• Mire,. too; :are Christian :.
privileges. ',rimy j) , rebious . , and tii . Mluise . ten
anted, at Once -iirs 'Goa- fearing and acorn
pliihed minister and his. •family i whose ,
heart and door aro ever open to the Chris-,
tian stranger. First-class education, also,
may be here , phtOned for
Not far away are, the banks of YarrAow,",
and the fainilidr haunts of the”odebrated '
James Hogg, "the'Ettriek Shepliert,'Nnto
whom Paefessor. .in his famous •
" Noctes Am brosianm," puts many a sper.oh p ,„
new, lasghterins, now tesr,micippllim,
sublime abitidith,whiPh Proirc*Oligiaß'"
, illiaM i and Bobert" Chfinkheitil;, - tho - .
fOiltders , and proliFACtors of ''e!frh,elElikti=
burgh Blege . siuel„ " i tshich hes so , Inni s bcinie
their name, 'Were i bsith . ,natiies elbbis,
Their birth_ was Okaihreifith' . eatly i ,
atf,oggies faith' Kissed ; ago, hey
attained to,a - posifion Of suolinfleperlium,
honor, ;and repOtation,. as NI 'tit
few.. They owe this, u n der. Pkotippos , ,
their, untiring iiekugo i
continuous self-dinuall. l 60
-°Pm - •
able a htlYiliq ilkenuAß t 6,
suPV"adqhttqui li tan d .-PNileto'4 l, ioOi n g ,,
of t et t rjOt . ,.latogsiti, 'At, mist:
bi'od4 l -001110.1110)".ftlit4F,
•• . •
There was, it is true, in ' 4 thambers' I
Journal," for' a long time, an almost total
negation of Christian-doctrine and motives
to- conduct , and actions pure and lovely,
drawn from the arose .of Him of whom
Cowper says, j‘ The grand :morality is love,
of Thee." Butt latterly the golden thread
of Christianity has hegnn to "throw its
wool - across the-web,"; and a Free Church
minister, resident not far from Peebles , has
suchspecial editorialckarge,ini!.giFos
power to exclude everything -thst r , has, a
;skeptical tendericy,,' idniit ind
'soft 'flier - and unontitrixtlitterkiiiifioneting
landoedifying. , l..i•s w
.William - VbitinlbelitEl.asfeW• , Yeitrs ...*4.oi.
'bought t .a .4peetritate,ost, the banks of .the,
weeil,, in tie - n4hbsi - lined- .iOf ' i'eebtea.
J2le'fornced ttexiisiliiito iiis found ' in hi;
tfeltitaV• aill l linitititte if irik identified.'
"ithathee-tatibei of • hisaatittle shouldpi f
ittgatibi% Rarmll99P. tly ttillalioe.,AP4 o .h.F,anl,
:4ffll44l o .freW'teqAhli s Ort;t4 w ,A% ZPH a ~ f.
lresolye has been 'earried: c l iCto -- a, nisbli;
l Ositir leiko'c i fiiiiibtrti v. naciaiti6k: 'HMI!'
ellallilibreptikbiielPne I:BS I TNAP - arioiritit .
IlAnd,picturpstineu buildirie standing : in. thii
1 !High stseet z g l Penbles,,,opety the, ipyppero
'of - Abst.,,aVa a. ,,of ct ahressdale,_ rand,,Dul,rfax . 4,
f.lp.'eeiabrirry„,6',llea •
pieenSbirg . lodginics,,
!affiiii"siairli,Cent a I .io t Wn resideinie'O'Pri
aisfoilitirfamililaceriVditg id bld Ilinges -hi.
Besitlaritiworlnt - Arignst of the same Yeikr the,
490.killit t ipB ; sone- of the i llalbef sthe,.lospi- k .
!tittion—in i the rear, ,o,f
,the:hp,use ppyclias,a4.
L-ia's laiA with Masonic' ind;Otlier honnrs.i
131idaei 'this' corn plCtitiii og - thit'betaitifur
Hifi-Ilia fsii - p^siblis4 inentingS, concerti;
&c:, .4hich , ..ikryiazdulli.lengthrportraittufi.
•44 "- worthy , -Incli 2490e0miiiltlerr-riMitt ,
i 'tageß s F/71 1-. M
4,1 4 2 C stfie Etig , ,
anciand ,
principal builiineauct severs! dilayuditar
,ritilitaitiiiikof igetllilitinirthiFOsterri: sideir
"ph% i 4 tiadiffoglo-:* - 11.1 theca - IWe'. of the'
kinatiringkiwas ,crected the - . 1 bid Ito w n foross.i
VA• ?Yer•Oe' , eeveral bgildjag4 exe l bevc,tdio,
I FYli a r.3? d Oie s o l 44,FlFjE ti gi n P) 7 r i i`sit all i 3 ll4 ,
Its st o ry, While attlie same. `Line re eetirig,
:the feelings or illefagaei 0 - f-tioentato.
ofrit.t tleVeritt If itiliharginteriPtiobtk of
&bonitos:Jr kidd iare.moreipmticitlarlycadfi
kiretPed7toiYoght au*" hicilly:litWelx%' , ) , -v.;
i`g 3 r l3l t B 4 l st•Atch:the,,i'°ws t?,11.V.P11 die,"
ar B 4,PtitPAlt°44og°4:: `•::•;.., .,, •'• ' ,
! ' "fere it utaj be notioealnit t h e sgrOtice
rit u aril•Vilii i infitlijiltolfirinr trililings 'Wats
ritiffrimiri 2 iiiitingt , or the-tgrriat unatirins , of
Lrilignity.:t It' as enjoinedsirr , the Mosaic!
'cods :, slf4s4l.4llPn ill/0 ,Ifritg st. , _ll„ flin, ItEVE•
ths..pepp, of..tne ho_tisp ,and, ori, tquake r s, ; "
l lii tike . :6la! diribrirgh' nioiiifectOrOhere
were fidYiniiiillit's iianifpliis;' some cof lihich:
ati 1 /64 male) ilielesieliest; i nieripti enlacing
usually, iii-r.iiiegidaberoi.of: emphatic-Amp:al
sings, alill i sbtkospi pnhseqnsnt, tot, the,
fri g form i qcp,w,ere l AielOoripturpl %Rots
'pone Of a p iou s and - tiii: 'llizai;
tiy . fiaiinsiiiiiiibilfffthi
lintel' riff Irdtkii •
riaill'el ObWpite: newt thelOot ofithe-Hoises
Nynd, is : " Gif (if) ye didl;aszle,sottloL l
11PrPN02.6kaig•At 8 03:e ..)Vid:(o l Tfiqd): l, 01/6
. 5,1 ept,gof,,Roj r ,f i rßove4,. wak: "'He.
t: tholes (en s dirr9,) invereiiintniV"' ,He.
.Fotlierliii the`-Wes t fftoii.`iras e" 4 Faitlf , in'
'..dhrbik Nin)ii 1 sailt,..." 1*57.".. • . On e t &sr.! A'
drisWiir, ont_fiellar'eniGilste4x!f.T4o4l. o sida* ,
1 18 8 111tefPSolgi•_ 11 ,4 1- - Oft•if , " • Stine , ,l.Par.iPi.
tiOns are La 'Lelia, as "Pee honor at
'glrillia." l " ,'W.ribtifei t s liV' the "- COic7niii.4
"-Hodre•iiiihii 'chili tibi, 'eV ligitur Anal"!
Chit ii,.".TO-daydmme34OTmorrow ,
Ill;(erAtfattitt $ 1 40. 11, „4fix 1 93 1 4.ri 'l,:--, - c .
' The. phambers'.lfttkit)ltioi% MAP SenlPle - ,
•ted; Aria& 'ilia :ct_f#liilealmisibre he .
'end of 1859. It witii inarigiiiiited'bfa
Baia of rpdbilb i li'eltV(Att#,S Kadd ifestii i ties.
'.l3;y ithe Asadt,ob gifti • the .slehole proper ty illi
1 11 04.44YeScgiti r PretA 'AiIdPIPP, :AO Ale, ;c1 ,i,vill,
eizreoi.atior,t e ,.and tbe,manttgenteptor c a body .
of a.6eitars! .l t Ai' ' Lord ' - tredtbilent' an d
Sheriff of the county are honoratifiiildtbite
Ihir , 'StratEgbilitiiist! conducts& hp tte
'.keeperi-t - o 7 the quadrangle Mul ? hill.... In ar
PiNdkro9ln•soPlAlleltecciavAltiP •PF.i5%140, , e, Lt.
firy l in , the hall,, is seen *9 Obloog_tableh;
containing the ititaiitiailarfaioif,'aiiiilta •
_Rein rialfielintrbfnfertiqiiiidiesaa to Vicfsil
,who•areto ,paiiioiptikoin the benefits of-thel
l lnsOitution-:rre.z. , . 4 • .!: .r...,; -..; .1 : .:a
I A: ,j If; 44usecellatifinder:: . - • . ~ r t...
, .
Built to thyA ,
ninde, „ _
''' Agaltilinvittiolittlitysdost,Y-' 1 4 4 f.. l *.d '!:-
Serve thou:64ll6ore,, ... , w , '"i - -:' - f , -^r . ..,l
God and the,poor, , T _ , r ,
And then mylitior Iti not loat." 2 ' .'f . '
;In the Hall itiglflarre.Airiplayid - arational
.and civil flags, on es projected from
each:lborlicl..% AmP.E,kg449 l t o ;olßitilt 41 , 010
t ' Union Jack • tan* of th
•5494aVtf114.;;• , ~.. .. : • ' ,P• . - ,frei
`United /Awe,- :ii- "firiAn IA; 'lleac@ r e
illiok r air ad r LIVII4.y tileiog afri' 4 18,060'461 , 4•-
luilitepr t Glerietal EiWoil; the,bl4f; Bilile-'-
'eartif,ritripart;. ObiirkHisten:y . ,..llferitar
Plfilinicilii,.'l9.stiikiii'l . Edirne-14i Lii`ii
gic ; , 60'11'440;7,, **emir; 'Pi:461514r
Hellti 1:1 5 illitiovil l lige Sficiar ' Conom,Y;
Botany,lto ticultiii• taldsba" Pe bardelt.•
iiig, Agririnit . riip; Patti - '`Stook, andißdirar•
Affairs; tutifai . ,aad i Neolriiiitest . geieeee;• ;
,Platutalt)liliforitc:qiiiilO6fiallirieralogyi .
Geograighi,'"Topolgtiap i lq, •rint' Stitieti es; ancliSsihool"B c Ookbj'En'riyolOpssi ,
ilia; bietiiiiiiies, 'Orailitleeis • and 'Atlases • •
Sititritlis; . ..VirliiiineptirY Ripriitiahiii and 1
ToecisiorisprSdpieeii§i CoUrts*6l Soc:tslarid . •;,
Itoyigni ; and' 'Travels c . Nose 'Fietio4 -. lid'
l'ilatil ; ;Grail and' Roman Claisigii•j• RV
bl'es and •kihierreisisiinentir i ld the' , original;
teiogue.s,."o.4li ttailitaiiinkii ; A :976403, in Ger
man, French,,and'Aida.; Aiitili boOkii;;
a miscellaneoui bodilif Litertariff* and Pe
riodicals. There is also, a Reference Li:.
hiary,, of great - value;:and a El*unt R00m,,.
,young!,riiiin 41eSixorii of 'finishing
theirstudies in the Classiesi,,SOfinot, "Phi.:
losopl4, Thechigy, or' Other brinihris'Of
lekrumiti r bave
, feir .ibe'OuTpoie. ' ,
1 'f Itlevonfidettly Wished that the ,ficili-,
. 11cie' t aikvielot ilituiji . , Will 'ettimat
yinirig , n.iill iukiting - eilelire .to PeehlO"'
(wh 'nee 'fro* th - e'Urifted'Siiiiite Vollekeit,,
hereto We' i‘leillqeie iio 011),: find .
friiiliiieselit' 'iiiit - itr4sim : 'l) a &tusk %die:
vacations .of the T i bitverikty;' ' In the Libra-'
Iti ..**llse; ?Ouid .. eicio boon which can-,
•dlidhisii i f4, (A. itlinstry are examined, by;
AiliiaTigite oonndited' 4011,the Chttiai."
•• - 'Eli GAlerfr of - 4.rt;4141 Museum,. cow:
liiiiik , orin apartment seyisrity-sii het Icrig
liiiiriesen feet wide. Its special obiee't is
; to exhibit casts, which , are are selected yiftli .
tisi c tieir i of 'being `copie d
. 1;s, tYike . perail of
• sindeigis.'TheiluiSii been, -Pioonted Nei
the Mbikinina of the Vstbian at 'Rome; die .
Lenvirt,St ,'Piris ; the Bridal' ,Museum ,'
Loncibn I the Royal Ipstitntion , ,. Aealreily;
st.Aainbiliii;:ind,Oth'er - oolleotione:' there
are. 81i Malta oil6BElit ieliti ' ve.' ' ' ' .'"'.
I '‘::
' ' Wtirfililitiler i'"Cittiii 4 gialeri bile
County Musenni'iitiliaeGfenfogiiiil t Sobudhal;
Ar..Y....r.:i :t tm-1- o ?..• ~... ~. "
WHOLE NO. 556,
and Zoological departments. There is alio
anlierbarium of' Pcebleshirs, in a-series of
volumes; in which the plants 'are arranged
according to the natural orders,--and speci
mens of the animals, and birds, and fish
of the county are exhibited. Collections
of insects have been begun, and the Sal
monidal of the Tweed' and its tributaries
(Salmon, 'SelmM-trout, Trout, Par, Ste„)
will ere, long' be: illustroted by well pre? ,
served . specimens, and. ,in the different
stages_of their grewth; It is also proposed
thafripe l diritens of the pliatte Cultivate&
the agriculture' . 6f the 'eoiiiity;ishall be col-'
leoted• and arranged in a volume al , them
selves.; .and particularly that. all t the
ties of ,corri-gents in general,, cultivation
shalrbe thus exhibited. SpeciMens of the
hie& Of two of the 'Most rinportarit breeds
of-airdernf which 3 fioitki3 byi the.
Peebleshire farmers—the Leicester and;
the•„B,lack-faced---er&-placed in tUnatlinfe -
If - the ; - foregoing notice shall "attract.,
Artinlibity'ednrifits Scotland tb pay , a
visit , te - Peehles;' 1.-" shall have on tem ,
service. ; :, and iy f any, students . cariL
there , for a ,Sunitmer r they z will find t all t that
Oie:Ts want fur M,Tiaticn, heath,aPd,,
tal aliment, provided by one t.;f:th most
reinerkable'aniodg Sefrinad,d 'inert:” int
in oder& Chrinibeili,'sentelarn
agoonade raAbur the. - ir nitbd Stites;
including, the Sonth„:44 . .-published
loNog s s i pf that .i toy,.and_they were written
in kindly`tipirit thward:Anieripids. In'
On)* Galleryit lills l Vpinteerlif iiater
ofiloref OfialslavaitiletiOn catcliticibinend; at
which he was present: l t 3 It is _no-,caricature,.l
but Yl 4 :w4iil 44 .; 4 reality, of fll,PYe9,4iLt-1134A;
and thinking of what a hiowlap r befrk gymn,
tO'SlitiCiy; and iii - abcfriiirtatiing the
0 firW arT oriels ledsto +geni6A*lE6 prayer,
that soon they may be totally-swept' away'
from yoUrcontinentr . -- - t.T W.
I 1 Y i A ' l i
P. S.—We.,pie only in receipt ofpart of
'+‘'.,ll.lo ll o' l, •
theprbecedings at ana before Charleston,
and liive-uhrunor thatlatnirible, conflict"
between thilandhices vir ;both -aides lwas
..TrP ChaPcONF °K-- the 4x,oh9cuir: is
Ahle,,yy . tlie excess 'ot revenue , to throw off
2d. - per of oppressive
iaberale'tax;idid elbii6th'pet Ib'.'of the tea
£50,000 has haea st'otediby.the House of
Copnions f9r,the. ccompi_a t ticip . ,of the Nettpn-.
a~ Meororial to Prince cost
aiiiiidtriti,oooliirait,' 'Be a'n'ti e fi?cin.
Cr.(isS;f .150 cfeei high: His 'true Ineitio ,
riar is 'the natisdslheaft.
_ ; The Springqwekther is .13cant'iful, and,
rene, almrt beyond . , precedent ,, and the
orn-trade :lan - gurihes accordingly: We
‘prs:ThablY - have in early fiatirest. - -The
cultivation of flax ii.lreland exietidin*g,
Majorr,O'Reilly' P • ----an -,Ultra-Xon-,
tanist—warns Dais. capptryp.en.,apinpt, en
listing in the Federal service, because .he
siyll;. that a's Irishmen are -fief Ing onboth'
Sides; they will' another, get
no. gay; tbr `many months ; atter it •is 'due,,
haveinadaquate..rations, &c. the
present, ro/s,of „the Ronkanista., i eertainly,
au Invading three would meet with no warm welcome few
_ .
4 , •3`Coua ylrefdscl men, the . v
• presents ti
Ota Mitchell, -OWN - 'and. S mith, 0 'Brien..
T4P; BstniPh ;Prieriterlf*.E.4waya•conseT..V l -
1! 1
oljsl . ljbertp
is 'that 4 . 4lMiinon, may reign in lamp'
' Yotie Preeliyterl'an Biumer
, . .
. irelbyteir of St eltiirtville:
The Presbytery of St. Clairiville bishf
in theohriithitfiliVigiss.
v'Cinpliell . niiiiieeleotedE
kaiak. tbi l ;'
.0 4.
7 *Thfc flaanolld rektiohltifweentileyi Jain* .
'congregation of
also;` the'
torarielitiOn betiviOiVß6V. Alfa' L. Knor
fhdigi conkeoaftion
• '4l4'.Rei . lsedilroole of Discipline was
ikrcifed;' 114 'folloWifig am iidment.e:
let.. Thi.C,,krt.' l 2li3e;
Book; be ` enbstifiiiedlin' l wjandliifkArt.. , llth,O
441' 4th, 'of "the - i NOW 21V ; ThittP
Aft.'l2thi:l4 - e?gd;l'ilf)2(iileitlirof i the' Old'
arts ifietd;
,800k.:}., ,;.
lir; 'Jain
Ms* were elected OonmissiOrierit "to
Ake 1 0,0!8 a=
pi preach •
nonftaticinti of irk
'ib:vial:ea* to vsupyly` tlicorolv'ers... •
ThOriiktAPpleeTTAlurtkaa,b)4ll,9l SPY,:
Mr. Grow* ,FifWakteabliatta:: Migri r Alt
Mehaffey. ; r Second' Sat?PIMP . % of. Jiule, Mrs.
Mehaffey; •to. adnileistgitite'Lord's Supper, ;
andifake,ap,, a collection,fotithe Betul,
Domestio,- Missions :,Fourth
Ynne, Sri Seolt. ;SeePn.4.-fiabbioll July,,
Itr,,Mehaffey. ...Frt4r91 . 4 1 ) 1 ;0 11 of, July
Drc-Illitcheß..-)SenoVitSebbatk.of Angne4
Mr.s.eampbell. ,Fourth SabbatikocAugust,
M. Armstrong. Second r.Sabbath of Sep-,
tember, Aft% ;; Griures. 7 . „Fonr4t,Babbath of
Septeinbe: Mr. Mehaffey., 3 . •
. I s4,bairt of jI WAY,-
Mrs Wallace i : Second --Sqbbath,of
tolkmood. goertli. sol4th • 9.011ne,-
Mr. Mehaffey. Second Sabbittli- of,Jttly, t
Aft.,•MoDonaid. Fourth . Sabbath of .Tniy,
Mt: Beat. `of August,
Mehatiliy.i': Fent:tit gabbatirilfAngnst,
Mr..Mehaffey to administen‘the Lord's S
per; and lake np a.eolleetion..gorAbn Board
of Foreign- Missions. Second Sli,bliatb. of
iSeppknber, Mr_.. Tannyhill. , Fotirtli
gob Of SePietiibbr,;3l.r. Sainnel Boyd:
• -Statuiater.—Fourth. Sabbath's otiMay,
fiktrif ; Graham. • Second :Sabbath ;net/nue,
, Mr. -Knox. , FourtkSabbatll„of,Jmuk IKr:
'Crawford; to edit:oloer .th e 149Nrsi-§lfEßet,-
and take , up a collection for, the Voard of
,MissiOns;lfoiirtli"sa`sbasli' of
Tuly, -3411r:* triehaftey. , Youtdr.Sabbath
August,. Mr. Vincent. R.ourtli LBablisth, of..
September,, gehaffey -,- • . -
JOHN B . c } / 3 4 i 'l dbf,
. ~ • . •
, NiT.4OlO; -
kWest-Liberty. - 71 1 9Jeconii s4l ) bit4o l 0 144.447trf
Mr. ,511.9,141;4anui 1140.,,,,C4v
Dr: Stockton.;,. to Nlteiriniter the j sacrane
of the to;d's - Sußpei:'
• , -
May, I ,l le.leinlng. Second ' Site
;Jun4- Grier. . Ton o d4 va t 0, ,
June,Fingtennn. :Fir o ( T ,f
July, Mr. 6 , - F. 4 31 1• PP ANL sinithi
July, Mr Lester Se % 8 Idn i tket.
Ekllo 7 /- ew nd ' a
- , ver.
For iheiziebyt4ian Ittitinpi of Auguttilir. on second
Sitptdmbervtly.mell v al44 P g i' ".* .i:
!:?eettc l l` e( * jasYllskilf. ? goo* c l'Olurches, have
3 '3
stated meet-
The PreehYfrorY, ef,Ka*aski#,," , .. l - 3 11Mlose4 and .W:a ves tint'', 3 1 13 , 3 :: '
the„fOrmr reelaytrits gilleGoro' 'nfi r p,lo)s' \ '' of -
land Kaskaskia, in Greenville, 11l 'on un anitooncil'ten aerin g' ‘ a "
APrir 10th, 1863,' , iit '-ci'Olo'ck; 4i,to,themitizerts of Wellalvu,rg, tl tti rt Ait hstix`z,
Itiv r iitnd - mac opened ,ivithesectaon .0, 4 -24popitaitie.11iktivon c ren 44,
itev, ,ace Any 014914 Presbytery4ePdr' •
Ptesettlao* MOC
c Tie Diggs cifikeli Iliefitcinitef , ' I
,ros , Afr p/ v •
Publication Office :
GAZETTE BIILLDINGE, 84 Pm's ST, Pirissomijitm...
Parw mpnie, Boma-West Cow.. or TTE AZD OHASTZUIi
A Square, (8 lines or leas,) one insertion, 60 Genii; mob
edbeemsent. insertion,Ao ante; each lino bsycoje4a
A Square perviaiter, $4.00; each : line ad& IlUdeita
A REDI7OIION made to advertisers by the year.
iftdowil line, Monts.
Pnesnirron eat ,
The sermon was so timely and. Seriptm4,,„
that many of the citizens requested Bro.
Stafford to repeat it on the following:, Xcalt...
day evening, which he did, to a very -.lirgt
Rev.`Yames Stafford was chdienlfoderla
tor, and Rev. 11. M: Corbett;;Clerlipttel - 4
•^ • f
Twenty-five members were present, thir
teen ministers . and..twelic_ltuling-Elifero.
Harmony and Christian feelingchmscifff
ikeA'all the doliheiationa of P.resbitersit.
Rev. Wm. Barnes, of the Coneeg s hionar
church, was received' is' al iniiinber; Itiftikas
due and , satisfactory examination Orr tile,
various.. points, specified in the;l3,ook—uLf
Dis 6 jOue,./ - - • •
A report was read Prow the P rincipal
Nashville Presbyterial Acaderay 'it ithAi -
that „the aggregate
year : was 218 ; • in lifilVal
ince, - frota l Bo to 145; average,l WM:nib - 100Q it
The..Nastati - ve of the •Statetfif Religion '.
speaksnflate. ,gerlialdinsPeritYArlct Ptllfite
real FR 1 TP 3 . 4 ").1 9 41 ,.
gratitude _
tude ..and mdse. 'Aeplore4 the ca.,
*pities of 'civil war brOUghi, a bY f'
wiekecl rebellion , wlie~eby all oni a niches'
suffer the evil of -having ;tukny.,.of theitd
most active. and efficient, young-Allen called
away to: the tented field:
the;, " ide spread . Prevalence of.; TAcf,.. a ißr-ERF N
Sounds, especially intemperope,
•. - • , -t•••
prevail roan'tos to to an alarming 'extent, In our, fez
• - • tl
folltitt4g-res 1 tton w • teal" -t
Tftitt'we d'acolizinelat'thiA3he'
chiirehev lib der air Carel. observe April 80t1,oi
as designated-iby„the Rreshientiof.4lte
"tesl, State.4as,A day, o„f! fasgag g. hreffiatiolre
and and that we, as a Presby tery riejOi de' to set Shelf - emirieritly: Vhristurti
Views set forth in a Presidantitaqir6elaatil-:
Presbyteiy recommended - Rev: W,
Ceertilestotiyaillii suitaldellie?setidforq
thissionask labors-. inz connexion Nrith,;the,t,
ino t y,-; :z a.)ad requested him,o if, the vraY
. devote a Ipooy,oy fr , wp„to that ,
work '
• ' „ '
Presbytery adjourned Monday morning,
to"meet Watelated church 464 RAI&
boro iyiittlie 3d day• - 45f06tObeiyatro'Cloek
P.lo o- • ALFRED DENNY "!
. Stitted Clerk
--A Bor theTrespyterian Banner.
A 'quits Occitqioni: '
The : sacrament taf - 4prkre 0511f.p
adMinisteled:iri the:Presbyterian,
,elittr y oh"
on the fit Sabbath, of May It
occasion tat will not' soon ' lfielorgßttenloy
fhose ;whis - ,witnessed..4. .r g
persons,"Slaty five were idded:
membership ; 11f onreh--, fifty:seiren i nt,
whom' were received professioli,nf
theii faith in, ,phrist. `Ahoitt. t tienty,,of7
number ; 'are heads of 'families some
of them far` adirano.ed• in life. ;wirwpre,
providentially hindered frem uniting
the. phuroh, wholarr it tOnik their dnhys
defiesOtheilf prefeVedlbt
10j-inking:thisintil nett:Sin' , ditte;ul-
iThe;w,ork of grace, still goes on. There,
itre..still some of ,all ages And
quiring the w 4 of life. ? During the past
liar,' over one hundrecthiti4 teen addeft'tii!
th'e utembefsliipofthe Presbyterian clitirde,a
Moubngehelai!Oity: • -1
Thispeople% haTo -been sigpal!y<hleix4;
„tflpporitly,tuad t apixitaiillyy Aurp?gthe .
tisanietudei uRd troublee thelia}t
and it: s l . 43°6'lles ibinn - to = lie = humbleAd
ihiinkful'i*fite Almighty (Rid - hislll .
bistaivaairig•goodness. < • : if lr
The influence of, Alio. good
,lirs* , is tot,
throughonttbe coNcauerty. Places
of drinking. are noNy o ncr i ly f ibandoned ; the
Sabbath is re,speceed, and 'those who still
;continue' in sitr,. seem to shrinV;fion? public
gase: f the. Lord'to doings,
l uutryellcus It i out, eyes!' ,",.Ztaise,,AeNie ly
; f `iful. ), Tl B ‘7l744icir i ffe .. 4.i
I .. ls Vr . eAlltpy,,o,f stat , s
•,'• •fflbeißreabytery of WashingtonsonttiOn;
,'the .28th ult., according to,adj9Noimult,
waif eoistitnted
D.D: Wi)th
T vienty-five rain isterial and,thoiselno 'bumf
bcr ,O E.AaY , wierebeN were Pr.g l 99t- A'Te# - A
wesalso fayored (thrmghlilieoVire. l
sessiol,?;w4h - the presenpe coimsels of
!tlief'Rev:irSllftitt; DIY., of thePriiiibiA
;teryt:d . 24.1teghiny: City, and , (the '
P.l.Maitonif.of. the Presbytery of
The,,,l4,3:4amei Sloan, D.l) ~,wae
and D. W. Fisher ao.9lfor
j". Hervey; Clerks,
The - Ref. johri.'Moffat, ptiiitbr=eleit=" tea
• ;the tSecond church, Wheeling ; was received
its a member from the> I'r.esbytery of pt.„
liev. J. Ir. Calhoun was disinissed to the
1413,ibttery ;of Bloomington, and Itei 11: -
'P.''Havison to that of Allegheni. ,
Messrs: Wan. S. Eagleson and. J. Boyd ,
-Stevenson, of theW,estern.,•Thep.logigl„
Seminary, were license d as probation
for the Gospel ministry. ,
. Rev. James I. Rrownaon, D.D., and Rev.
'Wm. B. Keeling, Were' appointed ministe
_rid, and Messrs. Thomas MeKenhau,-MeD.,
Of, the ; cohureh of ,Washington, and Joseph' :
,of, the, ohur . ph.,of . Cross„Crp4,„ le y ;
deliglts .to the General Asseml4y.
..:#S I O I PB • •
-'rfrashitigtortell-Fourth Sabbath .„of : 4!ffey,,
Mr. Moffat... Fifth Sabbath of , 1 . )11,!ty . ,,, , Ar., :
Sabbath - Of - May,
Dit'cileatti - SibbathLot-" Duo Mr':''
• -