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Editor and Proprietor.
Dr MAIL $1.50
1/ILIVRRID lY al on or IEI ()STIER 2.00
For Two Dou.eas, we will send by mail seventy mambas,
d for Ovra DOLLAR, thlrtythree numbers. •
pastors eending us MINTY subscribers and upwards, will
thereby entitled to a paper Without alarm,.
Renewalishould be prompts &little , before the year expire.
Bend payments by sate hand!, or by mail.
Direct all totters to
Pittsburgh, Pa.
The Anchor within .the Tell.
Amid the shadows and the fears
That overcloud this home of tears ;
Amid my poverty and sin,
The tempest and the war within.
• I cast my soul on thee,
Mighty to save e'en me,
• Jesus, then Son of God.
Drifting.seross-a: aimless sea,.
Cold, heavy mist eneurtaining me;
Toiling along life's broken road,
With snares around, and foes abroad,
I east my soul on thee,
Mighty to save e'en me,
Jesus, thou Son of God.
ine is a day of fear and strife,
A needy soul, a needy life,
A needy world, s needpage;
Yet in my perilous:pilgrimsrge, •
I east my soul one thee,
Mighty- to save , e'en me,
Jesus, thou Son of God:
To thee I come—ah I,only thou
Cast wipe -the 'sweat fromtoff thietbrow
Thou, onky thou, oanst; maketzne:Whole,
And. soothe the4ever of my: souk;
I usst iny..soultom thee, • •
Mighty to,save ein•me,
Jesus, thou Sonof God•.
On thee T. and.grace
Are my sours rook and resting-place ;
In thee my thhit and hunger sore,
Toord, let quenohlorevermore.
1., oast my , sohlon , thee,
Mighty ,to save &en me,
jesusi -thdu Son of God.
'T is earthy flat heaven; 'tie night,. notnnott,
The serraeless is pealing.pop.;
Out till the morn of life, appears,.
Whisk mule, tha t
_tinsk the. tears, , I y ! tout on,t4ee,
Mighty : lo,foret.cepivine,
Jesus, thov, gkopk.
rhesebinpand Hearing.
DlEsse.s. Entlibitiliere can be no
4Plisbt4batx ol 7- meek- of-,our sPrenelaiag" is
in, vain: Nothing„ perhape, , sol utterly dies
out in,,,tha min dic irierittui the -average Sah;
bath;sermon of the MOP , Prkeitober... Of
Ow- hundreds. of:sermons which r many l hear,,
how. meek do they careyaiway,,and. aemern =
I;spr, andfdedtipen ? Itpwiss thelaalue-leng:
Etirts•too. • siwies:OniXeate , Shi*-Reatiels3Or.bes
4eetil Of 40-,-Wetdsonnd. s not, t hearers
4.PAstiming'4 ll ,9MPOlvea- would have ,
them - 4 200 2 !* , 044 1 , hetiwsw-thativias
the, onlyssaays theisheart and
the mikatcric Qua' of , these -" hearers
OnlY, ;) 4E0 8 414' °Wacker ,rpor.trayeli in: a
sereepo r isnt r beholding his nat.
ignl4*.iikng'itss,:goeisAienoty and straiiht.
way;ffwgetss—valpit manner .of nuin si le- is.
,our flora hearer comes, and., , sitib l and
listens, and thinks he is getting all " the
good of the pleaingr and pia away
only toefridilihnielftdeceliedintongetid got;
no vivid impression received; no sound
principlelaik_,,ay,ity in,, its Oise s :PP
reaolAtion carifirined; no new,lighti-throxyn
pemartentlytßlX.: hie' !HO; Do/distinct re
membrance it all,-save- that,
_on Sabbath
niOrtling;Xftkirl-ioma'-;hiriraild '49rry; 4 "he
traVelled'Aiii`Qeovi i to i dir`rOgh.‘roadis;
or walked, ihur or.Ove squares underrnhitrn
ingaitia) sailboard indistinctly the preach
er say something,---about what preachers
geherally say, lie supposes, and• Wen *o?t,,
home with a, stentnee t d ,iinpresSi4.4 l o 6
was not muobststniwiaer,or , the:better o that
discsursai scoortActbbick that is
about the emerlsgess ,o. goodly number
of us. *e haye„,n9 !miming love for the
truth ; no great 'kektArdstioSwing more than
we now know,; no grand doctrine over
Which We , WO thotigtie and prayed; . no
partied& enthusiasm about anything,-,be
fore we come to the ehureh; -and sto' we
cenuoyAthaio-ninyandElisten to netpurpose;
and goAssay, our minds-veer blank indeed.
We got glimpses ef -.thingew, the !sermon,
but only, glimpses, which, fade away. as do
Of hoW'tistanY hearers have now
told the experience! Yon sad , yourself in
the d oetrtneythes Minister. Tema' ed, but it
was a glimpse.sfors , a moinent, and so soon
as you had- gene nut Of the -4hurells and
spoken to , your neighbor of ,the , weitheroor
the crops, or. the war,- you. !forgOts- what
manner-of-titian you seemed to- yourself , in
the sermon,
And now let ..y . mthere is nothing
so profoundly discouraging to the minister
who is not hinieelf thrice 'dead, making
himssometinieefeel like throwing tip his
commission in--despair, as to 'knew that;
his people are only hearers or the ) Word;
and not doers 9f the work . Te -look et. a
community where the...people have sat un
der the Gospel gerteratien,after generation,
and have listened, coracle their thousand
sermons, 1 0r more; and • yet see no advance
thattare be appreciated or pointed to; in faith,
oteharity, that is what
: breaks
Many a minister's heart! How often:does
he go:home; hls.aoul botre&in the , dust, to
cry, " , have ealled •and no man answered "
labored and, see' no fruits of my labor.
Theis the secret of gray hairs premature;
ty,nnd, of ,wrinkles on 'yeow browse! No
manAnowse,theslitterneeeli ll f that cup but he
who has drainrid it. To preach, and'hear the
people say, " All-goodand - true and right
eous doctrine," sanditheasseeathem go away
and do, just, the., opposite .:l „To , prAtieh char
ity, which sufereth , long and, is ,liirldsia not
easily provoked, beareth all , things, be
lieveth all things, hopeth all things—hear
the people say, " What a b-eautiful thing
charity is," and wonder if there, aliioenir
Is such a thing really existing; and .then
see them go away uncharitabhs, unable
bear anything, kind to none but thein
selves, provoked at'the least things, and all
that ! To , :preach prayer, its nature, ne
cessity, and Advantages, and hear the peo
ple approve in their way,.dever thioking
disputing a sin* thing the preacher sap's,
and then see them go their way, prayerlesa
still, si lent in their families and silent, in
the,soeial meeting—that is what takes, the
fire out of many a man's eye, the roundiees
and ring ont of' his voice, and sprinkles
gray hairs` among raven locks like patches
otstiew on dark green hedges
And what is the result of this hearing
and not doing—this saying, " It's all
right," and then acting right across your
saying? Well, One result is to become
Gospel-hardened,' to--'steer the conscience
and blunt the sensibilities, so that nothing
will move you;
dead while you live!
Another thing He that knoweth his. Mas,
ter's will and doeth it not, shall'
with many stripes. Thirs of - th at
~~ ~..,,
.e'ller.the.Preabytertan Banner.
cui , it / a
b ,
trill it - 1 aluttr
cl .„..,„ +
VOL. XL NO. 31
hearers of the Word who are not doers of
the work, and repent lest ye bear the
stripes ! And, inasmuch as this sort of
bearing is ruining the souls of many hear
ers and killing the bodies of many preach
ers, a few plain rules for hearing may not
be out of place, although it may be but
telling the people over again what they
know as well as I•. to the consideration of
a few such rules, in another article, I in
vite the reader who has honored 'Chit with
his attention. 41.
lr'or tie Trestiyititiats Muter.
Death of an Elder.
Mr. &bort SuOtigrate, an, -elder in the
Teutpertinceville Presbyterian ohurch, died
on , Alottday, l lllarch 30th, in. the 68. th -year
of his age., Illehad.heen. an elder Tor over
thirty-4,w0 yeers, and Arming,• that time.
novas Missed a, sin gle communion hut ;one ;
and-the =day after that, he went ttt`f the mar
riage, supper:o• of,itheAanib."
log is- his :dy-ing-,-mesaage to the slued);
which- heltae left,An tears; .and -truly
being dead, yetoipeaketh. Y. f MO.
Not,z,knovting .how soon „ , .1.-4 may tenter
eternity;--and- thinking ; that iti may; he very
sooniiLdesirootoksay toiall , theomembers of
theTemperanseville ehurch ? that esteem
them Tooyt re
cognise- hsothers artd,-aistere iii
4?hsrst•Jeausiiandithat Ihopeto-meet:them
in,ithedDhUrch , triitatplutuk emtbigh*telly
only r hope tis crueifiedt,,and,-rq
eat nestrprayer is, that tall -utyldear frielids
may --saved ..throgglilhithbloode-sind,enr
joy with me athaPpytetesnity:
‘t I leave-the Ohurch andlhetworldi only
regretting.that , L noluore for my-Loral
aed4Master ;•taud .I. 4 wish 404 my
dying:.; testimony that.sueh - -a- Saviour , as
RAhriatJeausiideservet any service andoany
'Sacrifice. No-one can too -muck for , the
,Saviour ..of= sitmersi or labor too- earnestly
for thead v anvil:dent, .-of his cause, -an& the
extension , of .his,kingdom. • •
4 .‘ 1 fervently pwayithatrthe-churchof my
adoPtion .. reay #e Ngleatiy,prospered; -
ollitarmembertt,mapjlue muniq and love;
And that pastot; , andielderk and people shay
-labor t together,forctlie,seivatiod of souls.
16:lesire to oommeedtotthoomembeustoftthe
~ o hurohr t is.sow,toonatitu
tedostudquast that God may greatlyt:hless
them, and mtico Ahem
. talessiug.
" P9ying that There muy ,be joy in heav
en in which I nifty `pittiCipate, over many
sinners repilitag. inn , Ternperaneeville
.e_kinsoh, Dhid,you 4 .4ll,Adlett,.in- hope ,of a
glorious burnt:lo4lW,, mi:4l4lessed , reilatiOn
-beyend.the gave.." ,
For the PFefsbrkiair.-1411ilker•
oftlattiniburg 'Gongligation,'
`is 'a COD gregiticni ng
made en effort , to support, the "ney'...`A.
Vedkfot'd `the "Wole,of the time, "and bay
ingTound ourselves ' unable to`'`'do so, ;
fearkpur sincere regret',.thaterueh is-the case ;
theratoree the 'irreraiiqs of thic k-congrega
chelfriftingj4i'onr4earts a
niembrao en for On; do' offgrAfte fOlicrstirist'
resolutions token of our respect':
Resolved, That pia i - laboret in'the yine
gard of hie 'Master; he *as Manifeeted"inere :
than ordinary : zeal fol i thri'interest ef.,thu
7niith, and especially in the rinlinilding,
bur, Sabbath School;
Pesn'teed,, That as a .roan, his sonial in
4roomse airenattB has been one Of exenr
Iklary ‘ eonduot;:kind; affah.le n gnirfeorti, and
.worthy of thelifgliest"ciirrstrin respect
Resolved, That as Chriatian :and a
young minister of thi'Goanni, exhibits
a "degree df earn i eziness'that ,ts;t6 theiton
or end glory of God, in laboring fOrthe
uphuihii i iiieZiOn and ingritfiering:of OW
nerS,ant,thirt his iabor amengit us has
,been one of honor` arid' userniness,:' emi
nently worthy par piapeat, 'and: esteem,
and we iirtfeineto our heartfelt' wishes
in this nn e frienstly',wiold; and oirr prayers
that whereier'he".be called to' labor" in the
vineyard of otitpivine Muster, hp .pray
`eminently" arroOeisfid lnhislabore.
jogO,FE gaGFATA.
sAairtzt Kinat,, .
- J. J" tit() ADEIEAD
• 116r•the'PreabqteriaiPaaikuer
What is iliiiteaspirr
Whir i is it, Alit w.hile,,some,,og;onr, l 4,4)- -
bath( Sohnola v ortteittak r afro ost 40 1. 4 091 -1 19wr
in g , othenvare in.a lanOishing i ongdigen ;
empty seats telling ,the ,@a d: stAgypgc l itAfflu t
scholars, 'while, eve7thiog , IlVegla . 0
lost that spirit : and, energy which olco f the
iu spoh.schpols? - •
It is, not. lecanse:all the.-children , are
gathered in somewhere else. ;Oh, no.
You have . only. to, walk along the -streets
during the ,ho,ur:of ! school, .to be•convinced
that,tbere ars:Ware/01ton little ones, with
nu t a_Sbeglkerd; vith• no one to.lead _them
to the fold s.,af.',Ohrist l • roor l ,meglected
ones! who lOU SkagepinE. ymi f Is ,there 'no
hand to savei.- , n0 , :0nt.t0.441.3t0n,,y0u are
wandering kom -the leg, and f okhovtlen , the
way to it?.., , : .
I The. Totu3on, theo,, 'e .icitthail i fiere. are.
no more children, to come; but, t,iie wekt :
of a missionary, spirit among `these who
have elmiga•of.-the school. ,We ,top. cdlen
go to achool; Wolk around, 'and say . tO our
selves; " Well; here are gaite,4 n u m§ar . ta.,
day ; the .school is respectably.full." -Bier's
teacher has some scholars; though, ettaih'
might easily, take twice or three times as
many So they set contentedly, to ,work '
teaching those whom tb,ey have, andnot;
perhaps,. thinking of the many who are
: outside, playing in the' street s, and who
root 100,petts0y.gathere . ii in. •, . ..
~f 0:0 .ye out into the highways; and,
..Innigee, and , coMpel them • to came g !in."
liincattade them , by 'kind gentle words to
1.3 , .
oonie. Are we clping it? Alas not , Thiy.
afpr day we pass.mnps of chddren,,..with-
Out once ingnirang,:whether — their Attend
school, or saying anything to tbem s about it.
They like to-see .the,teaphers take interest
icaough in ttiem,,to talk , to them, about the
school.: I 'have many times, when
-404.t0 ste4 to one boy or girl,heeri Bur
rounded . •• y • others, all eager to talk, either
about the .schOol they , attend, orif. not' at
riiiiiing an: p .0 itik.queitions about the one
I wish t "to : .Dome to; And. icry ,often
they g lat . .3,vse, 6. ,, to„.. ‘ , " fs . Thole ,who
have Reyes , „toed. At2..1 . o not knw . how
pleasant 4414 or,. etiolgjog ,soiitiorajfor.
the Saoday.,So opt funny, is...
.• . r -7- ;
Bnt, tbere.aio tea4ere - needed 21.112.10„
_ii l . lB
.. . . .
scholars; or ratber,, jhe' 1000. 11 09.. ARIFYIP.F
of scholars ,wiJl reqpire m ore, ; ttenthev.
Only a week ',go, :in one . of,..nnilaygegt
churches . , .1 held a note readhy4lie, Alf'
fr,O% one ,of AgAisfo.n..SahPatit ,, Po ,
4 t)ke otyt askilts;fouPwitz 0
. -
felt both glad and sad, when we heard this.
Glad that there were so many in attend
ance as to make it necessary to call for
more teachers,• and sad to think that so
few Christians were ready to .do this work,
for the Saviour they profess to love, and to
wait, until called to the work. " Lavest
thou me if you dothen " Feed my
Don't wait for ...the parents to,,send their.
Oildr.en. Many of ;them dp not care,
whether they go to . school. or t play
street, just so that
,they,, are not troubled
with them. Irtbey'lie 'at - be brought to
the ',school; it—must bethe- work Aof /the
teachers and , ; scholars. , :TbeY ,can ido
ami.should.. We ,bave not long
,to Iork;
the min
night soon es. Let, us be 'dihgeut,
thiU, 'While . it is 6,V The" sied 'doWn
lkte 'Sunday &hoots xnaylii-hifried; at:lotig
and ,uenerallyldoes; bat ;if semi:, an,
4:viti will , OPe .41aY sPraPg-MI-r-Lqilari
aft t er l the,teacher bas beengathere4,
Let' us then, : witli rifore earnestness Aid*
ever," • trY to little ones; wrl4b bane'
bo-onelo care fdr thbir souls ;- then
see , pitimrt,schoohipfulli , and , motAintilAhen:
M., S. , C•
• 77!”177rEretirilniaft
• .• Atti.Vity,,ftlidlDtptildelttes
nor • 'AP?. 4.1a 1 494i
Appllpi,,Aatersd hilt; OP,d
crease. F:o'i we,are laborers together wilt"
(Wwarehere , taughtlhet activity of •-man
for , the salvation •;of , rothers,..iand - de
pendence,pp Clod.fproincee,ss :in, the. use f of
means. Analogy teeches„ the necessity - of
activity, in the ,nati t iraf ikoild''we must :
Plant if we wOuld I ,.Activitis Peees:
' yto eve e ;Chris tianchar ;
ae;ter. .'The - Christiats Own good' ritiiiires
h'ttn ; to be active Fitoiii'theTery Aftire of
the case, the Christian tntistlabor for the
salvation of'otherqit is only by,petive
eitions 'tha,t truth patrife, preie r nted . to, the
minds Of , men; the' 'Bible teaehes t :ihe tie
oeisity and importance of Christi an aetiy
ity ;.* consistency, requires.'it, and, "prayer
,Withotit ..effert not A9'0141114 the, - fie-
Sired'ilbjeet. • ' ,:" „
As to dependence for' stmeass,: We. Must
remember lthatircilllllehis , :eiforts' toAlead
men to Christ, the Chpistiann,..liaa4o,rdejd
with free, moral .agents,, who o ,corrupt,
alk4-)Ylt43*a.T4 not 9141 4 ire,risttAßg
his efforts, buCwho. ,dispOseci, to7,regjat
..ti.kem• APO 0111 Y. can overrule unfav orable
eireumstanees-t-he„only,paii, j ruder v ieralkq
effeptualhe only.,Oan,tinhdrie
will; of , sinners and,renew,their, hearts L ate
Bible ,doela es ,they dependence A4P9P
•tii;4l:fos filX9Pos4 ,, G4d :014. 4,07,1Y qW?-,lol4irethe
Christian for .worlf,,alery,qhristf - a0
is sensible, oithis dependenen •
Fikep f
then- are two irtitha • gutnis
, s .;!
, I, l s`p.# l 47l l tittl ? s ;P1 e F94 4111- Y
,hartfloalEesZ#ll79aPilrlll44- There ii S M I P47
ly a ' , anion of human and agenpy 'fp
the conversion, of men to OW: Dlen plant
Wit4r Gfod iiinteas& 'We
are )laborer-' together =with , ' God. -• is
:wrong to separate; i`eityain..tthe7oamel.of
Christ from dependence ppou,grod
cps* ;it is wrepg teach the . ,acti,v3.ty
man and - rioishiti'dimiaenea;idd wrong to
teach iiiti'depeileilee — andlot•hiP'ahli , iio.
hat Go d' j oined toggolet, 'Man
should‘not dare to ''
separate: it is quite as
wrong to separate these truths in . our fat,-
' 1 44 addi'in‘ as 44A - ilia.
The tine ;Wafii„ tie knee as4tio - uoi, i kil B ll6-
pencleil onus, and to feet as though althlie
perilled on
,Grod. lihrlitidttct'as if all
- depatitted,Oli us, ferit true" thit',ltiit
;. - - I,`
mentfty, aft does depend on us.
should ak if `lalt depended .otidod r , 'for
i is true "itiat, 4 eitieieiitrY;lll 44 dPeS T Abgird
on him. Whilg - vie j feet set' thus,
shillifeeliandmict!iiight jt-hutrif,we feefiand
act other wiaeime shall; feet . ; tqtil<act wrong.
meffeeh andomit right; God' -blessvni,
.and-we.sbalf.enjoyAtiii presence;rbrit if we
ipieseitowtand!)hisnbleseing; - tand
languid; beneath himfrowni ;
Letsts;then,'=haive.r•ightf views of.l. tre
:latiotiw to r : God,:the , viorld,—tright
::views' Ofrouraillitylan&ourr.dependentiii` , k ,- ---
and - esmekiteel)
and then.Ged4ilitlikuile upoittusi- shall
lelaboiers togethev with ::hiinv.and- while
we plant-and: wafdri' he will give: theliii
iereaSet - .
.1- •
Letting - Down, strings.,
'BY 'Tag kalV. itY41 4 1 , 40DD,. D.D.
There Was a, young man walking among
gay companions in a dark forest.
There was light tverheed, and thdtgh they
knew DO exactly the course they were,goiiig
andAlimigh they had many misgivings - that
they. Were gerng wrong yet. they shoWed
DO tear; the laugh`, the story, andthe song,
beguiled the way. ; . they hoped ,to come-out
o,r the- woods iighP•qade, . dna dem
irirted tbernSelVes thrl if they ' should 'not,
there Would - be some short cut disteyered
by which' they could got home safely.
All of a sptden2 tkiejr,Stemed . changed,
the sky grew dark, ,- the woods grew sol
'emn trie abirils-eeeasedt° towsing; •• end' here
tairdAliere eisualter•ernitleatut
,All at time, t.eo;,orit of.these,young-men
etumbledever i somethingowhich. they could
not Seediir underitatd: As he fell, witli:t
'cry of 'ferier; they Saw' kkrover a pret -
'ipice, steep'•and fearful They gathered en
• thelbrin k and '•carefully dooked over.' And
what was their joy to find thatAnstead of
. going down out of,. sigh t, he had cailght
Fold of a bah, arid 'War hearing . With -- his
lharfibB;,. midway ixittweeti 'the -log qui& the
dmttorn, • .-They Shouted tto.f hilt. to ilteep sup
getclecinrage r andilang-ou,iand,they
relieve him. So they began to nleke. , repes
by which the poor fellow could °lig& bank
*alt. The first L rope looked' , large land
:powerful. It .was made ,of a material
. which we ,eall " self-righteousness." „It
looked as if it would hold half a dozen men.
'So they let it down to him, , and'he"gigilly
'Seized it- with "one - hind: = • •
" Now hold main • they - tried; "land "you
.are safe ; „ •
Alas I it broke.all topiecealefore
;lifticd , k l AluP ..614411Ph > -
" 0," :he 849034; ", the:, r9P.0 3 b,Koke,
Give me, something,-. stronger.- And .be
quick, for- my. tiaos ache terribly !"..
So they made a second: This . see med
sound, and, hard,. and. smooth, and surely-it
must held. It was wade of ".moridigyi"
strongly tWikrted.
_,Agnin ho .seized it, and
alLfelt,tonfidente4;luttiheinwet mow t.):4o4jfi ,
ed ups „, 14 4 44 tror Woken,. end
i4ONWPAI,A-kn§ o lP 4ft efk
"Altoinktertso,o,litgere'm rie4t1.464.41,-,get
me something stronger or I must Arl/41140,
perish. I can hang heves any' longer—as
it seems to me 1"
While they were making,a .rope,
the poor "fellow looked down to see it he
could See' any -bottom. It was all 'dark',
and he could see nothing. Bat he heard •
a voice coming up, loud, , elear, mid swept.
46 Fall!. fall ! and / will save My
arms will catch you! Fall,,at owe I Let
go the hush I"
- By this time his4riendalhedi-goltia new
ropetmade. It badibright isolets ill it,- and
there seemed to-he little lights stniugtPlong"
its whole length tc..malcat seem_p2werful.
It , I was wade of a .vog, t sgift , .. t7,.ffktc i rjja,
which' - i4; the forest. callhd
abijd oel otiations:"
.ffinctir , wei
have, airope,..thati.willrliold. ,
and iholdion.'.' — r
kallinto myarma said wise
froni below. • '
AtiriWlie.eaited`the"rope; but, hurlargh4'
seemed numb, and his courage wills greatip
weakiMedg: thoreAtieeitmd
to lie• an „tinseen..swogliXthe&word of the 7
Spirit,) cutting off , the ,roots
116;coold ;heir; one ald',inelSer 4
.dittek ash
give . 414: to
• "I.soldiknr.anttwiwilluget- - ;yourupt - nowil
110147eip s on.A. , e,y.tb.eatvit tPperwfi. (44 left
down l' They pildled , and he held—but
alas ! it `aiid bri m 3ra ' - Jrliere he -
Ifiti-etieiiktharae,failing , faet. t
AfTAll;f4lvinl4- I- will :saYtk 35 4 2 u
",` t fi can rfee,,f3TY.. N* 1 °9 3 . 1 T4 4 1Fkp
dOWn, there !, I Must fall so lei an am so :
I" •
faith in and.
The companions shouted, "lield„9p4 ;
bold on I"
*But hipbushwas,givi ' he last
root waeft&lag.L:eritiZif,i * h was •
!gone, and he r ceialkop,ly4cry4iitly, "Lord
=save me, or I perish'!"rile`dropi)Odi " ;
emninution s cloaked i after Ajar? atair
,could only hear tilAt ;, , ..74,W 1 41`h(41441 1 gtitt*
. .
singing ,T
PlVat: aOavionf i rl4.;vii
WA see* Vsus 1 1'.1jt:
lalin4f.44iiliy 1, 4 ' ' *
• 0:51, s;
M 1611041100147 lOW%
•' l 4 ; ?litte'niiiti t qtl'oitaninli I`
he orqei:'*w
" will
hough dar k znyeoittl
We golds i nie 0141 lan,
Wherefore,tosm fleave , i
yrGed 441filtitAin Aklit;
Ile leadn'fellyriiiiiiiviVr
Ad anrto sbiintPolilibre;
44P4itt / FARVai t ql 'lu it
he 4 1 1 " 4 11,09 1 ;i, VA)/
And'patiently 1, Vail his' day: • t
, .
• .Wk e'er, my, God ordoldros qg iik
can boNt
• 1144•Jned,.ioine , .due; • ••„.
, • , F•im (sd.iikkitlike, • - ; -!: :
114;1 on titatdeliittmelbssitrathlX
3Afdd. alltrikritteart4ith hope( i!st.filled..
Whate'er,rov Ged„.Ordains,is right;
Though I the cup must drink .
That,bitter seemsAis i ng faint r .hlisrt,
„,.1 will not, fear,norshrink; . •
N.W4.°11 4 4, 8 . 1 11 1 ,P75Y; • ~ ; 4,- -
With Anoisy;.
• • '*'4(44; cloPfgtfY,P4hall PY.2 1 0 111 :ti:
- 44 1 11 ) 04.# a.l.o.lrAgrAtrrehs l 4 4 . l 4itisrt , , „
Whaie'er my (Rid orde,ins ie.ri g ht
ere wi e my, stan d, ,
o° l 2oo3 9 :crow, neeo,for death -Make earth
• For, me.a,
My Faller's mire
Is round me there
He holds r m9,that a lAhalknot
„And.5e40:10 1 :1,4 0 0 3 !t"qt'
„,14.0e05 .-for4lter - ;1
Ate tWh#448,47,04 1 ” i;d4Aorills good
4#ff.1";,01, erhat #Tra4q4mioy,, MlL i oniog
Counsel hy, vior4N ., ,ithout lt.nowledge t :ite
. frOm r li f fs'Re ' eket
hopijrAlif.the..'Neio Testaimiii 3
"This only shall I say, I have found truth
at,lapt, betweeu., .th .f ojeay .. eo of, this book."
pocket, it is pielithited."'`
'Wb'at a isivoittietilliasiktak4.4labeli3inen
4iat?tiar - What tlironeilliatre,beett--foisi
tiling& l e Viiafqiiieritiel ef'thel.ltitit€ l -haQ
livtldi and " r , sitr hat' warido, facuthtAfiej ,
and fetters -of'priesti4antdriopek'ilitli
MieS iigsAtairoP ttriedelortiikidafait iii
slavery the Voidliof . -Gbd I He -41jUleitt
itriOn-tho' threat laNtitlietititAhoir follnienti
scattered it 4 ittiu''M'glttheqOititMs , 4hittt4S''bf
the-fee Ofiffe.
endl•'EftiViiiWthie - woltd'or'fife, Una tritii:
may it make-ti-fseerimieniff @titbit' ghatial
*Tito-IBrO' ofilAbalFiLl/k•
During Dr.77ranklinisTresideneeninPar
is,, after au. eyen ng : en tertaintnec Lk. um
her of ` the literapipreeen i t ;ciseg,tedqto
generar charge against the tihle ail3eing
piece of deceptidii," and •destitute`' of Vny
literary merit. While -, the whole , party:Cii4
aanted, .ohserged.,Ahat Oe-/Dr,,gave
no i sirwer, Andi j. ttcy 9,Miled•to him for his
°Pinion "In lit.sivay he siinded in'exPres
iatt by that tiffs 4 iidd haViden 1412 1
!Aug on • a•lieWciFooknuthiel;rheflnidlfallieii iii
with at one of the stores. It:might anteri - -
ctff tr them if he road a t 4toct,,fe?pjon.
114 - eager`To %Oak" Taking the
hook'near his' pocket, he read" in
an* Belem* iiiannerfa;••shorV -poem •They
iprenounced it :the,-hest-they;had4ktver
T-008,,,fine;:,134.14.• ond,
üblimity,4lo4 ; 2l o Per.. lias not
mous opinion.
. Theyiall ~ wishedt:, to know if •thatdiras a
specimen °Elbe, Wok; " gertaibly"!•i said
the Dr; tt.itTis.fttlboffinitili paseigent
no„other , than youtt•goothforliothingl , Bible,
but of *Mobil. have= :read* Abe:. pras4tr,.of
•ABliotttlation doknlgegicetsof the le:
Dr. Thonitis-Gdodwi p , Presid'eliebrilite
toulettneblv .flogers,Aif tihkihauri
W 04.41 giolgiibiOtimati the OKIPOO%
In the sermon be. fell into att expostelition
with the ,people about the neglect ,of the .
Bible. He personates :God to the people,
telling them, " Well I have trusted yeti so ,
long with my . Bible,- you have slighted
it lies in such and such houses . covered
with dust and cobwebs : jieu care not to
'leek at it. Do yeti ttle - MYBible, so ? Well
you shall have my Bible no longer." Be
takes up, the Bible from 'hid cushion., , and
Seems saif o lte - wereigoing and,
earryirtg.iti from ,thent4, ' but immediately
ogynogan& pereocatee;:blie peciple..ets.Godi;
falls Alownyort,hisiktrempicries and ipleade,
most,; , , earetestiyy,,g 4 Isobd,batehatoeeeen thou
cleat; tniusotake noV4hy Bikle , fropitts.; kill
otunchildony butwourhousesi destroy Anr
goods; only spare its xtli'Y ,only.; take
mitiewleyithy Thenghe4perkonntes
Gnti again Ito the, people! . o "nSayo ty.OU
Well .Rwill,itryoltow-e.whilb.,longeri and
hest is unyAßibl'e kin , iypuiL4illUttee, how
you willn4e..:lAtediether \ love,
f el I 444' 4 1 4 1 It . gir t o;4ltget ,
an l i ve time ce t or to it.' By ese
itte -put val 4,16' , Ufa
&damp's-tate dia khevtiaise iiraff ffi 3 litddhkill7
the! peapleitainostaxielugelii with Oleicrse
Pr-r.,1104,4*e74, , b5ivit O E I O9. wMfAiti to
sang a ' u rter . of an our npon the flea'
before he had poser.
t6Aiii*iff?iiitr strat e'in iinWesOioriiiiihii
enditthetipeople,, having. eon thus Apeete , x
leted ) mitit c ,for ! the i negleit, f-of il thee.l3kblelp-2
Point Home. .
r I t it_a
• .•• ,
To/andZand Rtureicaz-Yrinch Land Etigbish4tetihr-4-;
4144 0 ,i n tfjj.t4, 1 „7 - 4 , nau d r i liqi4vg,6l
1.--:irasthicklerAD4d- 2 -H4
keni. , z , an"4ta The: /lines
'sßeijg=Thed Batuiddi lirehtr
• • r rov .lt
Aga 't
aNit ‘`-' ,l lzoniVeia-ViAtriiechf2Ar isd3r
Ra t, na', aVe glad. dre
rani; rPolitildt (aid
the: ~ Illemodistrances, l adatOsed 4 ; 011 , Russii;
,Thebißssrmlion i Jas ( Income ,almesk-na
teptt i f ttus q 9 l )°lP- t i M a 'P l treePtt on
heart g
:t ive - GiiiiioDukeotisaninie
rri le&de?Aca". la t dawn` their ai'm
on4-the 4prbinisitVatefiewbor4l intteread&ifor
99PligItiAtievisk,rigtite , ,in , theirt , i?ehalf3 -have
b1941-,fijmix. ,T,}I9;, ? B.7FIPPOP&I:Ief
s Freneh yaosie, are fherobgh si ty awasect,
1,1(e troken out
artfrlec iliatopreaidenerotlthe:Lerdialayor,
Ahem, v has, s l24eoaAa gr,eo,-..citylmogtingv at,
and addressed ,pqr4l, Skaftshury
OtWei 4 nhaem b en'aba,goellethat. 4O:tna
r an g
rea4,44.1 , 44 9“,,rea .i 3 tmi
r a r4aropeao
.1. 41o" tiot expect any
Ahenaisetiegreadureclliaißolkadcalie savage
pAtteliiitikllPS,9 l w9k4Mbikv-fhthe itimigreg
( fotgffinth9-4A ra .89. 8 Rfhlikintilc?e4 , 44l.l ll tßa
- hornbill( .cl i es9ription—all 'keeo : a.ry thg
ithr4lopte l 4llAteetibithlitefittaialt - ethl•POL
aunt:L.s, i al`4 !.t.> --J4f
0,, Ad IFitsfictl"PVlSlT eifeP•SbOift.alfit 'llia
-hroughb me ith is. week,itand aristo.the - etime
4cpIEPTeSPAPJ s p itf.ac4g)t
ig afi.7 l 4,T tp "A 3 ck.lAWlrb ,
eq4-411 , 4*4401ter004411P 1 4• 1
triessitire •and 'a ft erwards by Ayrs ire an
1 1Vitfitirth 411Wse•
lisiOultiOliefWepand , tolitsgrAW frill of intett
est: Avnan, insMilmfriesshire, fh ads
-4remed,,t:k menticg, And ~!iyas a guest'
IT, tip 04144 Al#Tsg., .otaOtia
illiamifebuvattitldepdand 'hy -, the4r'ettirgreiy
amid a scene."tot , t great *excitement. His
AelaAtiT9a—fiAsoos and UP.4e.FS7F-ara
the, town. t .ldis. .91iphant's recent
° ertife Jie rcivvave Irving, is a splendid
*ale of feet
inentsmilnaiiition ofateriheroi ~ s 0
blaruts. , tol-mock tatabe : ,discifiline to whith,
r.for, D Wa29F,FPrl4,,h9,.',lgts 41 1 4.1.d0es
Injustice4o,the,urrnorf , ,qh,,,iniers .4
seif. - livitg Heat and - erratic
%ening: .11.1taillitiioiliiiileifdt*loieltitYr.
tin his 'last hours refteatedtthiEtwenty
\tAkirdoPsidm inAllehraw:4
„TheActiVhof_ScutlattdAl%henn ,yisited
c by me within the last .`few, days Crossing,
`the r 'fidre'r,
-.0101161t4) tile little 'Vitra:o I df
:GriotomiGreen;.,:dong icfamous. as - :tithe +snot:
9VbaKV,HbY, - ,
bond of marriage was tied,finiiltlibe
tween runaway couples, some of
of 'high 'dggiVe. = lt that 'tord'
lilreughaiti4 - was nibfried thud ,s" audFs in
, itheslong , registers! of lthe Gretna inarriage,
w i de r are o, pe? seen
P.WeFPIA 9 .41491.0 f .9r
.... 'perssn„a_after wards ; tFnowtvo' i tanle,,, .or,pho,
w`ere titla',iry ilist.:And,repent
'at lends '`was fm"doubt'pracgxcoilfy illus-'
trated oftentimes.. , It'slrews theg , difftettity
of ohs i nging a gld cus i tmus, r .and laws, that a
C'rretaagf.r9T l PatFiIiSSJIAS not rt , 99l , Yet
if:N!oOtraYSYri.r9Pl:lSo9t4aO4-. The
31,90 15- 9 3 `ern 13 O4:2 3. ToRifillakPxtg,'rently,. , uhern , ;
7,bajoS@ form,SEVAkerPallkes ,
!TO* :OM orTiv9 o at Gretna u_Reoi-e.T9 O
at,aniPtight,Anight, once wa ke up s the:.
'blwod i have .themeremonY,so syd:
de:l er i foUeii thahreathle s fathers or
.fri-voda swifP Poo* galPe 1 11 3 11aYaFiakrY
sPitewhS4t-- 1 1MgIth,SASA;S. , 9 4
,vgittep,s9(jetailatt. bPrilesteafP, etc par
ties can)lo-,utute r d. 4 4,- is more ;than proba
kgo. the ~, eatii3 O l.alatMo kor sit*
!away, ,root arid .bratreh,,,assnred-'
1;39% be
In:Seotlartil according, to anancientlaw
I..rtarriage, is reah and o ydid„if inthe,pres
epne of,witnesses, without u a 'plergypian„er,
.!‘„,eiVil„ - egoker, inntual - ,_trotlhis plighted, and
if this is framed byfthe p'arties living: to-'
I , gether also%hatt,betn,much.dis
toßSS,e4 of liato. r oarMeajoawith :ode:
;tmarleCt - `'ITSIY-9roo gaast'
4 1 0,40444 as faii , as the.lrish-Pkarriago
4 8 11OOO9aroP4)‘ ' bot_ 4% th 9 n8.9 0 4 18 4'
Judges 4aKeEr9A9Pno9,( l :. favOr: of; .* 3 .
; Y i elyeEtop,,.(Picielut, Longworth,)inerriage
vows Asfieg4teen o elichartged. , r 6e, ap
-1)914-9" kiMeaßk3P o t114, 1 4W, Lor4s in Lon
,don, will
rui.xionht,l4ltg put trash disop
oi9p 4113, pr:etsent., marriage layfit,',4of
,4e 0 .0s410:11 it is ; . pretty, ; 404% L; however,
,that, the A 59 1 04 - *IL '.theiT'llaii9. l 4 l
tenacity (pertinacitY would he arhipapolit.e
,word,,.) -ats to any invasion of 091friMoielat
lfg!4iz9 ,l :-.9Patoban - as toy matters
dm aural
Land-of Burns , ", is the ,name :'
given by some ,of. our =literary tryitera l „to
those,regions-pf:the - South ,and, Wrtst,fif
OatiaPa'whi-oh , are-assoPiatf4twitli t4eilika=
40.ontil : Poet and hard. Ido not think ; that
there. is much:familiaritilvith Itnritsi t as
4.1199 t, 91 1, 0 1 4. 1 "P,a4 9fAke)Preseht and, the
riet,pg getieratipp or TSAO4.4 l 4en; 4 8 . was
tthe gaae - with their .fathers to.4ot,that his
,i40. 0 4,1ge 4#0 11 .9.1 ar.OOPkAPPXo -
A.o4 3 .4"ilNCßSAY44 4 .4E o ,o4 l idgthy.h.igh
'and low.; and idroutea. *V , 10141. Seatjtili
WHOLE 'NO. 55h
dialect, which has some tendency to die
out or at leut is more and 'amore diluted'
by the pure English tongiie---Ithe e'OrtU7i
ciaticin of course Scottish, not hagfish,
Doris rather than .e.ttin, rough and burr-10,
as compared pith thc snft and . refined.
SoUthern 'tut:ihe youn g people
of Seotliiiid 'are' leaf 'restricted' mow, tbau
in former limo; lurrito theirs litlerary Yea&
ing,. and' it m‘ot be added—that, tltere, ie.
groseoesein s one. ,oc
p. .parpa's poemslWlt
m,ake t ,parenta ; Ana.nkt o t t re;car
ipst 4 o
4iTo&i . Wears ' lige;
thelime, theiegyvis learl'ehibutilmtictreelg ,
Waage:o44e ,binth Afißobersl3urps
over Scotland, throughsst„oo,,gplonian,.
and at the Crystal Palace, Elydeilliam; Lon
don, we had the'l!olirienifig of the poet's
bust; vid, , the,
lad at. lit `!-.SoPtliflykialkft audig
. -
er r plesei t ,hy, persons .iwho, "poi4d thrq,w.the r. ,.
&arts, as wellas voieeft,lnto the 'perforri
liee. idinff- ltrg l i t ildjiYVilai 'QS' ifilt
Birrneliff,d awl died., I ....,' • 7r. -:i fyii...0.1
I spent a day and night ap umftlepi
/AI as fe,„ntF.,dgf,r,l r .m.„rpvpluß
,4. 0t , ; , f ,_,X..cyhr,u,l)pirliar t . tavl; closing.
PS& °tll , kite., T4l ora'tbs Reridd 'he
teali Locifirli;,. !Aga Apetitl d
:V . .3 1 4, l' .., ..1 Itute- ti - ..,
lit e' , mm, r )?n,een
kik POO N.Ydlutobj . l 6 l'ion IR;X 1 1. 1 1 f litgn ;
hti htd,„viditedAnicea ftifiralA,".tefif fited
iii i ir ' 1,41;e1W,*11 . ",t, e ,11rillkafi,k,''and` - ' r the
•le iiejZO i cii i a p pill tyre_ 0 ii i reiti arlalkiiiEflieom
RchlP . 41/ " an O e.- Sl!O t ßa il f A'ne the
barriers of self-r' l44'4 t, ;gine 9iad' n ,in
measurcpnced him . ron,xiiiiii-liiiiiiiVOal
1 t' OW .1 1 ltr i'lel ...
IlPvillatt th'ei Mae ittblaltriti, in *Wolf f
atlexe-Arly Tage6aft37iicyeare twith.shattereil
Ilil,l1)04 1 . • 4 4 Pa1a t ,ff,9 1 ?rt..9/Purna.,•4ig,ti
T 4143," ivta ‘ gpitapp, , wAtten bx l hAiact,t,
se% en‘4ly, opi,ida'ble iii it'hartpayTalit
tilirehrefrieiviihifirteth YriiiVertalicht=
tend;' . whethilitliis eitilre3ati• Aralofb,lorobrs•
scended " darkly " , t to ".4ow•purSuits,',.;:',lw
vz • “Aruiew-pandefit o caution/4i BeiPoontaol:
:.7 P'3itlPP'sr9?t,' % n , 1.,,,.:
pggyEattelf.p„ connexion with ; lifi pan,
oramtlia ,Igiftakoliiiii l * e l ii j ohse
.1, ..J , ... ~ - 'I ti n , ~!.7. ...:1 ,Zelk .
issat PR le APtill OfF i g at
ot.ilve,afo RAM+ ,:ine t zob 2 k-ba We. P ain
'Van 40. 15 ,-,4 ... f., 44 4 1 4:PortilicW iiiii , oo,kod
bn'ilii - AaZt_ •vi4f44.. it (Mita" l47 4: l Sq 3 )
iiiiil4tha-itoat'An OA, morning iia:iiiiiiked
04:fop:A. and mdvows,.;phe :soi shone
iiiltfbayail vr..,ain i i i ly,apon it..., Aliere'lkitrias
ffiVi.fallN;yea7a.) 910 t..4 46' 4' bf 4 3:Bll4tis
tas j c I' 'lvailv'ciondiiiited over t thi fintikii'by
:the DitAltoc-i Aiiii„ed§ . oki‘i - r igpl n e xt
A ° B7i.s h i•r i g ` .; li o r` d)4o .l4o 4 ' . 4(i i, vi i ij, n g
31,1,1ks'aqitipicr ;n i oinr i ft l its i ii• i part• cr 'their
dweiribk. 'Tteie hi lii, Val I TOIL 1 11 ?1'• of
the ball on entering, Ciiiiiill'ltitAreN,"'ind
on the left a roarrl'iilfidlir'illglit"bnebfrthe
lifitii-laiiilLeitudy , 4l Lire' - pot' The •oikri'
dalifartniatiretifi filskilraii One; i After the
dergh‘ofslirrsi•Btaintizflong 'Out •almr. the
deperture , *filreri.htisbarid,)tthete,•*as;an
adetiew`bt the i ftertki tine i I Br,i) ,;abd ^ ernry
aitible , Vras lloughb at 'estrava 'tint! prices) to
bef kept , is, a Mid?* iitsiadmiritig•pur
*ehus&e: I Bel linAtis tile ;eerier lin which
Ilift an) t i li ( li fil e t Ile 1 roe , ititthrscde timid,
orFeetill)ittetkitobpitplmrliiiix she fine J rolled
hand? 'Whieht ididtingttiahedr 5 him,i , 4 '"the
*bough* thatlhreailed,Abtfaviords • that
-irdrebil.": , Rafe hIS nisolktpk hisi(erccoiints ,
1113 lino tettiseit an ; and litre ftbikhiliowife
add tAildren,rand oatasionally stianters,
visitors, or intimate friend6gathered around
hisibearth and table: , • .
~-14pl i stairs to the right . t iif Abe landingds
I Ale bedroom of the poet; :UHL-the fied.on,
I"iiitibirliblapired. ': One'llbaftriiil LWOW*
codfu:•altilitrilk , r; (frith itelittlirirliiiiiint
closet for his boys off it,) betterirekiiu,
than at a distapjep r ,9K,'!gicoan and dying
strife," of the 'Viad., He bid come home
irdlii liieVeilififelivliiit'ec lielllla inaired
'11;q1ke" - "Icope)litarbiirtiitiktihwilfideitoga
Iheilth,;..and• - witliiiv threacweeirs After &Ts
lAtlitup aiAlcing day by 4y i: ando*Jalit fall-
Mg,. AptA) 4 detirinm,he, Rattindmtax. t ,19
,'Nlitran o`f the echoed, said hat
Vior l ifibif iiihis` deiali' lie CAtififrie t d," t eq
lhalllbeallitilliethe GreaglAderet!" litone
of his bioFraphers mention thif:7 Nc'did
at ; 411# 4 4041. 11 ,tteranlfl•t9 kkeptip,l•33ayinEs,
;butt/fa.kitaPPli IPPAALI.AIito •1 10 ,art• the •wr.aat
ili,uAlgagiave.r , zogPM94; 3 riandjtift . 4c59,, at
3414;V ..tio son.Pf/A tatiA4AhofretY
AP4•Ant9tia9ikrabaggitigY4ffea ...4(t.ikilfr,F}Pm -
Actrabia•NtaSkea.ugfal , •f`Ubt44 l r* i 6 g,UP/aY
Nnight" To give advice to others,nhich
alasJ he did -not taliediemm.well qualified.
Voa ifioa iiii:iribike . ....To"Viltnig Aend :
•it r, (• ..ill 1 i iri:liim'cl , l I,i' t) it” .
-- ' 1; 1 1ko great dreator to revere,
' I ,
Must sure become the crestufter..• - i. `K'• `
But still the, mt . :Alb:l • zant,forlbear, •
And ev'n the ngur feature;:; . Y , .I'reirrie'er4itht wits'-gcifanee fovrieWg*
~,P4,2oniplais t anse exteuckedi•- * ,... / , ityrca!,;<,
, kii.itheist's liugh 'a m oor exchange
, • 'F'oe-Deiti , ilfrilildett:'; - 4.1 v. , • • , s. 1:
''-- WEleiiirtinting inund iii4leTtliar` irsirini;•
' . Baligia.naaaY be obi led-. • ~ t -s: ••.' -
' 4 ?t rt aitl l itil37l2:a:' ,'' ' ' ' F '' ; i . ` - z- ,14 It .
i ,13.0 whereon - life elf e'retempeit4rlien4 , it;
A,eenscienee,tut a eank ki ir, „ .
' 'A aorresioniteuee 'b'd wi”Heli?ri
- , Is siire)amobicanehor. o "l: < -1.,,.: f.
1 After ieiving thelehamber rwhcie /Bumf's
lexpired,,l crossed, theilobby into thsit'vrbete
4100. 131 .1r4 (tfie," l Dl3 Jean 'f of: hip youth
I nc, song,) a passet away. She airays talt
very'teaderly i4th his in:emery, altlengh,
'doubtless, she had suffered iiiiiith from his
ifdllies.-vilierh anbeirwow mingle* thliiiris
.in the•ohilSouth„.church ;of„D WO fries, :un
ilex a < pplenslid, nrnniren,t7--th Grecian tem
py—rin which IS seen in stathary i the fig
tiire of tterne,...and °oiler the genius, of
lEifirittiglitaiin* - inierAiiehim Willett w'oe's
iirdlendie. t4BlB Wig interrad4n.anotfierapa
of the churchyard, Ibut ,thestenuilus live's*
removed to the'Ake of the new monument
after it wr comPretetrTh was at this last
period iti at, diirilikithil Xiligliga ) east was
taken• of the. cranium of x ßuarie,Land ppon
its diagnosis _ by _ azu eminent : phrenoloaiat,
a striking confirmation, *as men to the
iiiiiio triton of' alialities irr this-iemarkii
ble man. 'The‘arcireal andthe delthietive,
-were', combined with the. i otellelitteal, f the
conscientious and the tenderkeiptild,; .but
irlas.tile, former;predominating,A9,,vras, at
e , last Moral ShipiVietik, 61' went dein
to.a preafature grave. _ •
~. , . , :
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- 'APiric r eoliot t fitin_i -A 'tti niiiiiii *it'Ainet
tin igider,;irtic; ti a . his atioaav ii P a4
1 "iiitla 1 13gOiltiiV e ' Iriii "intiikkiage as
.* k • •. 0% ... ....••••It. i .
'the Beene of the niiiiiSti7 •or Joan Wel s h,
1 gid.! 'of Jiittnitt ok,itii (ite idau
otfriger' iiiiii petivir. He wall ions to
rfeciirtliii iiiitraDs; 4if the nikht„,aigi'uliter
t ttee` Wifigtie'ciflis responsibilities,:sititrin i
strong agony for the perishing,'tio Nilife
for ablibirwrapping 'his plaidt arerindl tm,
he remained on hie knees pleading,.q4k4d,
. paritih n ithii gar i 4 sAilt f4ad a
il)orlArtftntuPwitio, l3 gatrateaktftict+Pen4re
Publication Office :
44A2STHR BUILDIN. ,13 04-Pirre dr., -r1 c.
Horse-Wm COIL or 7111 11PIO 01111111111171
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A Square, (11 lines or leas,) one insertion, 80 its; wok
subsequent inanition, 40 cents; each line be.ron
A Square ter quarter, 1400; eiteti line additional,
Altapturtaoo made to adyertiecte by Op year.
BUSINESS NOTICES of Tan lines or leis, 11.00 oat a'
ditional line, 10oents. . .
'ltkVe - DAVID
in the- last eetetiry,'Of the -3146ratts*
the Obur6h of SitothiO!l. It ii,ao
elusively so,, however yet;., it deefae:
prevailed both-inand sreukdAyr,
In, a. book-shop I purchased a obtspof
Pbelis, to iefredh
Of 'boyhood connCiYin:witirthe.
whiah was abiiit • RP,KbgA t 4
the .town ,t,e <the ..soutaward.,7 mow &mitt*
road, through highly cultivated'humicytnwe
with e•toebitekgypintil Idle dis
tance, ailegiti ittaiiiid to' th'e' : door of
thegeogglpcitAc.:WA fttli l / 4 7for the_igst
qiallll`B yam ;
one lands and Malone. ttqt , :i6;now:Anu3xne'f.
and t# Ptt
1040,.p, p l Oing,Hol, (for Oeknif i i4locnt
memoretton of gimes memory;),pdother
Dittand, and `to The itotieflEiii
side; :are tli fieliliboutofive acres in ex-
tent—which- cmstitnted.the-little farm of
ViTilltifri'd3hihaMhe - poierrfitYlkbr,Vdtifilm
which .the ilifewbutic acality
FlAniqatiik-AwintAuttaifted4o 3 3 l 44l6i talk*
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.Liya* y
Je...tlowglmaaw ) "lytmed liossOht
aria fonsdNibjfae l a tenter ,Rl:tiint. Inas Vok ;
iia Fbniieliofk with tin; littlegiUMllibak
driven by the ploughshare tfromrittailliitlipg:
plam„rd.t.mas„thus, A 4 4- as be expressed
himself," the pcielic gen tuljof my country
found,,me at the plough ? find tbrew heAin
efliiihg--116111? tl l vei l pef.'' s ShP r madP 'me
sin c e-I.lre 44.04, kW. loyipllie'llritrsbith*
I said srurslArlerutrikestiotzny: 714/kti , Boil sin:
14YE:1.111k0, te'tAonve l ; J.Jtuge,d, i gur c wilgA t tEtr,
• less, notea s ps ,840,ipniFe.,d.,", H ere, OA
' Close at lanti,:arrP 16 The„Bankekalite*
Of - Bonny rioon, 4 ' tifa" WC 'MA f7V
battik 'riVir; ainidawliciii ftlitiVgAvat
he pledgedthimitbwat4".Highlandakfria.
But psustugAt,theisottqp first, here mark
its low ceiling, its, bed in u u tr illtrpsess of
the 'kitchen, its , ,floor ,cpyerea With cut .
stones, alniost worn k,ut. treire-id:iffilbld
fireplace wheresgthe - iire - burnt - bright,
eglibilAdigANaggelitW YFAlSTeiliMusitutew°
apprtments T -At i lirit,;llLilaki,l9lthit
m" (pirroi) i , mile latt e r ;Is a port i ratt
iffStinS,'ioti'wOodlliireiPtialftell a fAlireg
and ansideficl tatdeclili636o.` :?: *•:.• - f tV'i 3
J AWebdibi .My Avar4filittid, - :llfitiiiinZ
tAlloway Kirk-I - gar:V.', -, thislacettetiftf.dlerdi
14 10 ,p 8 111FttIl 3 1 . , 1 0; 1s z.P1 11 ..9.ikettt9ri qt4.0 3 4/111
!`itsP r irlif e ,. l . 'o ° l 3 'o 9l llr *4
a wttc,
~ pvef yonoer ol d; . `bri e, w gsg
"Ifififbife " '•wa's jiig hid ed "liTila u tS
.siiiii) l " - -Tta" hinitAlflrc&-l4felY. l VI%
epSuivitselflis,ifoc ita.iniagiinjwafitbkrunitz;
inimiAttliehPoilielt 1014-fln,:*..l4ilgsh
or in 'the kirk-yard it makes a deep im
pression. - .liiireTTZ; et church no graves
aPielill butt tali ika u lai la fl i ft i faumt
the hamliiiiilheft' 'MIA)/ tl36ll4lfinterred
kiPl i PtTh
4r 8 r.1 " 16n-Af m il l 4 f4Z
Itelidied,) ' nd wliose ' iviltesstill en o
t e same nst i,from the•tirwn
' triii• cliblNerlre'aiilidniti lidiloPb
anshipitotileraii) A visiudiliir ittughirma
at . " Bridge House," not far away, anil i muhl
Net' 115.13c79e 4 Y• ed, - . IM-1 3, 4f., m el r
Inc ic w
e,.twa origin lett,ln ofkeyltp c.
! g'iheirtiya.e.medg ttk1ekA19 3 ,%=,701)%
ii.i:liiiitlier iii'..ti;ndon,,ilio,cliedt - thertaatag
...... ; ,:.,......,.. ..,,,,, , ..„,, k, oJ ~r• . ib. *1,0., ~/.4
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e & h - e, miss volan . ,-unmAdtt „aviltf.
ottwtelci.,itkm tpl.. aIF
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la,lOonasio9iimikoitwweibrltmait , •!,'''''i
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81e05.14/rre:g4r 9 .03M i11 n.?4;.,! r
I sharfiio47 insyeation. '
.., •:. ..m . ~.„, ~,•,
There is a monument ireieeglitellAthe
banks, gf r the Doon, very costly miolipAmnt.
I t,stlinds,on beautifully : kept j gretp,clg t eird
there is a are-taker and Cititidiiin ready to
f igipiio to' tt(i' ringing of ' ale 'l4ll 'leen .
-pew: e , acrb - elareto belseesn'tketWllfraikfli
pieties. of statuary (produced brareinit.nble
man) ef,!` Tate - 5r 6 heeteT4P4 1 39 1 404 011 .7
ilk ".; hp,re, likewise Are, shopm,..p i 10 0 of
4 1 - Ee that! orl3uta' 0 Hilittallk . 4 .' ivtio
'di 'd at:Geidencleir,infd Islinfild th'A
largo lite'. Bifite-in - whicii4litil• iiittiliteTibill.
;Stan selimtilybwritten andisigheclor.crindett
. AMtkAtiig.leAe9.oo.lge,-!he words .; ,- 0f 1 9 9t41 -
` L ure,, Au - By:rump; 's - ,han:clwritips; "thou
libalt "not 'filirsweir fliyi3elf, but illidta
•tferin;untbires-Loltil triiTheidithe..": - A r't- mi
i 3 ;tirdeltrs'ad lindliarate6niitlinfeWhie :Mit
cued by my visit to these actims r lamerr
. k_,,b 7 t 3 e + tni e t l oA r L i T n . -, ~-.Y.,l:ktkFdAY.N.E.;afsvf
w iy ß ipr mg . i ts warm breath maal_gli
tile? git'aif abalttiViiieadate 01 . 6 lii•V : gal a
aloft, the thrush (Scottish`tab'}
whistled from -thy- brakei-and - the river
softly -w,iirtgliOt t y, ~,, I t *Am liit t glimpse
of' the 'native not N O analte f7ifin asso
-olitad folevel , viith•th liiiicl2 A 4.4lbsi3iMy
Moticel , of , the scimerwhibh:Williinzatimas,
the father, hed•PPseteviAOrkhkistOltfmiii
the f ollowin g verses,,,from ," , ,Thp,-Goityipi
lilittAllafliight " : -
priest-like fatheitasl,2
was the' friend oflirrier
•OrlidoleCbade eternaDWarfiretiiike f t`
idi ; ungFaelous,
Or; how ; tile.B,oysl Bard did groanuNlie
13enhatV-the litrolte , oflieititrzigriVengiarrieV i •
er*Job't, pathetic Plaint, 1 044Pgtorl;-ort.,
ur rapt Isaiah's wild, seraphic. fir i e
•tlierhOly:seers that tniietiPilie siititiedly%l
tfeii 1
• "
sgrestips tke %n •
apes volume is the them%
Ho* r tbitteirfilh Ws
Rad ukt i on. earth whmeen tq Ity his hesi:t;r ,„
How'hWfi'M t`atlo~vera ' anii serve is pfd,
00.0 #42fh2,11! 1 e mli n it i r d u -
134 iii in the 'sun a mighti ap t4and ;
• , Heairen's eenuaand,
' ' Then,-' knlieling.lifeirn-'telAiiiiiiti kFtSWINt
._ .•: 1 C- o, :- _ .
_, 1 - o; .1 :...A .:..
The sant, the father , and the'huaktidErge; .
Rope springs exulting otrikatiblialtible ''
IThaqiustt.theyrill Orailimiet insintin
Vhere neT,.llask An unpres,ttdae.xt . , ; ..
10m - 6re - to - Tie, J r shed Iheßittekede
TogotiberohymniartlieirCrowtot ihstel
In. att4h.' t "iil'Mr° dear: G 3:
'While circling' time movesrout& '"'ssi
'w hine >.! ' - -.. • vv .; tt . : .11G0.1113411
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iitaibil 'lsr Ai 'Wee - V&A' 'did n.
`Cliiiffifibity;iolalil WsuithealtyvAatAllb
email oflrewtledlitligien tinuthe *WO
degree , prohable; , eta, de? nut•ctimpaidailp
teachings of
t 1,14.14 1 0.-:49lki t tfik the
teachien of u flatlet:oy to is own ..-
';:tia fititl4;_tied faun& 1110 Pei 4 a
- teiftleinitAilitilePirgidiei l l& i trefitdlilti l inet l e
doubt than he could his omit atisteikaa.
A :book; .sot infinitely i Intent 'er„, 7 4a, iekthe
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t e wanp or the .8 to tne / teuißtett, tne
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