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    htlmttrian, Namur.
The War.
The last week has been a period of pain
-1111 tidings Terrible ,battics have been
fought, in front of Richmond, and though
our ttoops claim victories, and a remarka
ble 'success, yet their s victories have been
bad amid sad losses; and their F necess has
been the saving of an endangered army
from annihilation. The fact is that we have
lost some 15,000 to 20,000 m'n, 30 or 40
field pieces, much ammunition and army
stores, and are 15 miles farther from Rich
mond than we were on the morning of
June 26th. These are the lOsses. The
gains are, that we have a large acquisition
of military knowledge, by our experience;
we have escaped destruction from a vastly
overwhelming . force, which the enemy
in his despairl'hed collected; we hdPre
killed, wounded, and captured some 30,000
of the 'opposing troops; we have ,changed
our basis` of operations, so that our naval
and lend 'forces can cooperate ; We have
saved nearly all our material of war ; 'we
have taken some cannon; we have gotten
our army into a far more healthy and,inore
comfortable situation; and the country has
' learned more of the power of her foe, and
been incited to more vigorous efforts to of
feet his speedy conquest.
The grand failure of our Government
has been in underrating the power of the
enemy. Henoo the refusal of many regi
ments which tendered their services, and
the stopping of the recruiting service, and
the many hasty and inconsiderate advances
of, our troops, and the dire repulses which
we have experienced, and , hence the'-pro
tracted war, and the many deaths of ,brave
men, and the danger of embroilments with
foreign nations. We trust it will now ap
pear that having bought wit 'at a high
price, we have abandoned our folly.
Bomar three weeks ago it became manifest'
to Gen. MoMellen that he could not have
reinforcements adequate to overcome the
rapidly accumulating army of the enemy,
nor even to hold his own forany length of
.time. He must necessarily keep up his
connexions with his souroe of supplies, and
this, in his advanced position,
not be
done in presence of a foe now become
greatly his superior in numbers. He must
hence either
„ retire to West Point on the
York River, or he must so change his po
sition that his rear would rest on the James
River. The latter,' though the most diffi
cult to accomplish, promised the greatest
advantages to the army ,He accordingly
commepeed arrangements to that end; but
the watchful foe, who had been gathering
strength from every quarter to overwhelm
our army, speedily discovered the begin
nings of the movement, and hastened his
efforts to accomplish his own purpose.
2he contest was commenoed on Wednes-
day, June 26th, when, after a brisk fight,
our left, near Fair Oaks, advanced about a
mile,'and occupied the position which was
intended Wibe the right of the new line. On
Thursday the' enemy enghged ' our right
wing, near Mechanicsville. Our men,
about 25,000. in number, under Gene. Por
ter rand ~McCall, were assailed by Gen.
Jackson, with his Shenandoah army of
sortie 80,000, and by a large force from
Richmond. Our men, having the advanr
'tage of entrenchreent, made a stern resist
ance, Maintaining their ground through the
day, on most of the line, and destroying
many of the enemy. At night ours retired
some distance; and formed a newfine. On
Friday morning the enemy advanceCearly ,
to theiFitttnelf* ThO was ,a . terrible days
battle. lt was at &nes' Hill, , Our,men
suffered severely, and would have been
badly}Men had they not betn reinforied
from thecent r re. The aid afforded checked
and *ran, dtrogito.:l4 the; adVaneing foal
But our losses were very heav:y.--.Atmiglit,
our troops retired across the Ohickahominy-.
On Saturday there was not much fighting.
On §abbath ‘ our army, having sent its
\vegan trains forward, retreated toward the
James river, the enemy not annoying them
much. On 4piaday the enemy pressed
upon our rear, end there was, in the neigh
borhood of the White Oak Swamp bridge,
another terrible battle. The enemy were
still repulsed, and:, onr movements were
slow and in good order: By evening, the
cattle, the wagon trains, aNi the advance of
the army, had reached this river, at Turkey
Bend. On Tuesday our army-retired a few
miles down, theri , ver, to Harria,on's Land
ing, for the - sake - of a better situation: 'On
this day the enemy pressed halld,'"and' the
most: obstinate fight-of the week oi.hid.
It was, however, with less loss of life on
our part, and - with greater loss on his part.
It is astimated,that 10,000`;'± his men fell
on that Am, and his repulse was_ a. route.
It was of this'day's movements, ''an'd not of
the whole series of battles, that General
McClellan 4r6tet to the War Department
that he had lost but one gun and one
wag6n. Of the loins on the previous days
he Ihtntbefore spoken.
Our less is put at 1;5,000 to 20,000, and
the enemy's to 30,000 to 43,000, taking the
statements of prisoners, and of some Rich
mond papers,. which were captured. We
lost more prisoners
,_than he, and he lost
more in killed and wounded. The reason
of his greater loss on the field was, that our
men, at the beginning of the battle, fought
in their, trenches, also, our irtillery was su
perior 'in his; and further, trusting to his
numbers, he threw vast masses 'Of Men on
our lines, among whom our canister, grape,
and, shrapnel. made terrible haVoc. The
official lists, when made out, will, hnivever,
give numbers differing from the above
hasty estimates.
The result to uk is, that we hive a
stronger position for defence, than wer . jiad.
But defence is not our object. We would
advance; and in this aspect we have gained
nothing, unless , we can"' clear the Jangt,ll
river so that the'efinbepati prOceedei!n
nitaneonsly with the army. To clear the
river will, be a hard tasistliFßOLitt,Wetegeot
ive can be done Wifgont N;ast 'reinfordi-
men ts
The precise strength , of the two armies,
it is impossible for us to ascertain. Ours
was probably about 80,000. The enemy's
we see put at 175,000, and, even as high as
220,000. The last is doubtless an over
statement, and. even
.the first:may - be come=
what exaggerated.
The reverse sustained by our army is to
be deeply regretted, but it,may tend / to the
furtherance 'of cur clime; if only We' - shall
manage wisely. We have the strength to
overcome any amount of forces the enemy
can accumulate,-and his collecting them in
one place brings them more within our
reach, while it leaves other ; parts unpro
tected. We would greatly either have hiS'
200,000 men at Richmond, than divided
into three or four armies.
_Only let us
hold them there; inder 'elchinsting pro
cess, while we operate with energy in the
valley of the Mississippi. Let =that be
cleared out, and Richmond can be man
The President's oall„for, 300,000.)addi
tional troops is spoken Uf t with much favor,
and <tbere are indications that it will be
niet by volunteers. The sooner the letter.
There a report that VICKSBURG is
ours. It is also said that we have men at
work opening a pass fbr the river across
a'point, by which the , channel of the liver
may'be changed. If tio, it will be a.dire
calamity to that city ; but it will 'Save
much trouble in keeping open navigation;
• For.the Presbyterian Banner
Death of the Rev, •Dr, Woods. •
`, At a meetipg of the - Elders and Trus
tees of the Presbyterian church of Lewis
town, Pa., July 4th, 1862 :
ResolVecl, That in" thii death' of thn Rev.
James S. Woods;D. LI., who died on the'
20th ultimo, at is residence in this r3lace,
the congregation have, in the Providence
of Him who doeth all things right, been'
deprived of the services of a faitbfal , and
able minister of the Church of Christ, of
a. beloved pastor,
and the community in
which he resided for fOrtylyears, of *kind
and sympathising neighbor and friend, and
upright Citizen.
Resolved, That the lite attendande of
niinisters and people of the Presbyterian
and other churches, of all .denominations,
to take part, in and witness the' burial of
this - venerated and venerable minister of
the. Gospel of the great Redeemer, gives
assurance that he was a;,good matt. and an
efficient bishop in the church.,
Resolved, That the loss to his congrega
tion and the church, by his removal to the
upper sanctuary, as well as to the comma- -
nity in which he so long; lived and.'active
ly engaged in every public and private en
`terprise which in his 'eatithation 'tended to
public and private welfare in religious, ed
ucational, and benevolent institutions, is
now deplored and may ., be more hereafter.
Resolved, That for ottriiPlves.:and dn be
half of the congregation, we hereby tender
our sincere condolence to the family of
their deceased father and oar friend, and
pray the God of our fathers that he may
graciously remember us in this severe af
fliction. •
Resolved, That , copies of the rforegoing
resolutions be furnished to the family of
the deceased, and to the Presbyterian, and
Presbyterian Banner, and to the newspa
pers of the county for publication, and re
corded in the chureh-book. '
E. BANKS, 'Chili -than
R. W. Patton, Say.
For tlieFreebsterian Banner
DAVIDS' ISLA . l.4isi s eTilly- 4, 4842.
Ma. EDITOR, : - The ,:undersigtted has
been a week at the United ; States General
Hospital here, and in the vicinity. His
mission is to care for - bli son, Watson J.
Young, who was wounded in the battle at
Fair Oaks; and also,fer.several other sol
diers of Butley
Davide Island is *on the Long ISland
Sound, eighteen miles from New-York City,
by water, and twenty i miles by railway (to
New Rochelle,) and two miles by land and
water from New Rochelle,_making twenty
two miles. The island cofitains about eighty
acres, all cleared but two or three small
but lovely groves. In these groies the
pleasure-seekers and the invalids,' from
New-York City, have for years found: a
pleasant and healthy resort. The Neptune
House in Pelham, opposite the island, has
always afforded accommodations for them;
there'being no publffbense on the island. ;
This lovely and salubriousisland has been
rented 'by the Governnien't for a hosPital
for sick and wounded soldiers. A better
location could hardly be found. Here are
tents sufficient to accommodate nearly a
thousand, art&harracks are in a course of
erection for'B;s'oo.
There ate' now* about three' hundred Sick
and wounded soldiers here, eighty-one hav
ing died since• their arrivah ''They are welt'
eared for having excellent medical attend
ante. ;Rev. Martneluke- , Dillon, an ortho
dex Episcopal olergyman, spends some
time with the soldiers almost every day,
ministering r to their-temporal:and. spiritnal
necessities, 314 7 ,
The citizens . of New Jtochelle and Pel
ham kindly furnish them with 'comforts
someof, the. ladies visiting .theth. almost
daily, leaving ~them books,.- Ful l speaking,
words of' kindness. No visitingas allowed
pit.* Sabbath, and I was willing to be:
shut off from the island' on" the day of resty
(although. I :had intended to employ the
dt!ty in distributing tracts and other religious
bOdks,)'*hen the' same order kept Of, thoSe
who would ,have taken license to desecrate
the day in, idle cariosity. It seems hard,
however, that a mother whohad come from
a distance, aline° late on Saturday tivsee
her wounded son, could-not get permission
to visit him on: the Sabbath. 0 how many
fathers and inothiUisloave come, during this
week of my sojourn, from various parts of
the land, to hunt oui: their noble sons.
And'some came to learn 'the sad, sad lesson,
that their beloved sons, hadhien comthitted
to the grave.
Beeeltwoocl Cemetery, rn Ni 4 Rochelle
. Cypress Hill, on Long Island, are the
resting places of Jmany....
'I could tell how I met the atuciods -fath
er, who put a piece of money into my'hand
as he was leaving, and requested :me to'
purchase a Bible and . Prayer-Book for his
son, - and wept as parents know hevr''t6
weep for their afflicted children. I could
'not but think of the 1.0&I Psalm, "Like de
a father pitieth his children, so the Lord
pitieth them that fear him." I could tell
of the young wife coming• to find her husk
band, who had gone, forth in his patriotism,
and beau brought, back a Aufferer for,his
countr3r.. I could telluf strange,. sad, cruel
wounds, which I saw dressed with skillful
liands. Here was the'man whose feet were
both blown off by a shell. Here was one
who ha& received five bullets in his body.
Here was another through whose shoulder
and back had passed a grpe-shot weighing
a pound arid five ounces, and he had the
trophy. And here was another, through
whose scull there had been ploughed a
groove two inches wide, and so near to the
brain that its palpitations could be distinet
ly seen. The morning I first conversed with
him, two pieces of the scull bone had been
taken away, that were pressing upon the
brain. In relating The sensation produced
by the operation, he,told me that it felt as
thongh a train of 'ears was rushing, over his
T..t. is in scenes like these that we see
some of the terrible, eyils of, war. But the
necessity is upon us, and ithese young
men utter no regrets that,they made the
' I expect to get a short furloucrh for' my
sou, and others, next• week.
Truly yours LOYAL YouNG.
For the Presbyterian Banner.
Congregational Meetink.
At a meeting of the congregation of the
Presbyterian church of Johnstown, Pa.,
held on - Monday. evening, June 4, 1862,
James Potts, Esco , was called tiak the chair.
Hon. M. Canan, Dr. C. Sheridan, and C.
L: - Pershilig; a Committee appointed at a
• .
previous meeting of the Session, reported
the following resolutiens, whieh were, unan
imously. adopted
WHEREAS, During the absence of our
pastor, Rev. B. L. "Agnewi, (who lika re- '
cently returnedlo his charge,) 'as chaplain
of the 76th Regiment,. Penna. Volunteers,
in South Carolina, the..congregation was,
supplied by. Rev. W. A. Fleming,. of Peoria
Presbytery; therefore,
Resolved i -That -in-separating from Rev.
W. A. ; Veining, tbiii...epngregation,' , „desires
to bean .ito this abilifrc,as a
preaclierverlitiAtieal . and usefultutss *ibis
owed,Re Thnt:, we cordially ccommend
BrotlikPlefiling as a mlnister", fait ful : in
the discharge, r of'every_fitity RetlNiiill4to
his calling):and *destiViiig`
Christian fellowship and - confidence
Resqhml, thesaPiticeedings be py.,l?-
Trih'unei: Presiiyte.:
Tian and PresbyteriAa., ;
New Oath of Office Required in Future.—
A Committee of.' Conference agreed on
the following bill to prescribe an oath of
°Thee for every person hereafter elected or
appointed to any offiee under the Govern
meat -either civil, Military, or navar, the ;
President, of the United States (whese
oath is prescribed by the Constitution) be
ing alone excepted
" I, , do solemnly swear that Dave
never ~voluntarily borne arms against the
Government of the United States since
lilhave been a citizen thereof; that I have.
voluntarily given no aid, countenance, coun
'gel or encenragement to persons engaged in
armed hostility thereto.; that I have neither
sought nor accepted; nor 'attempted to exer
cise, the functions of 'any office whatever
under any authority or pretended authority in
hostility the Government of the United
States; that I have neither voluntarily re
nounced my allegiance to the Government of
therUnited States, not; yielded & voluntary
support to any pretended Government,•
thority, poWer, or Constitution hostile or
inimical thereto. And Ido further' swear
(or affirm) that, to the best of my knowl
ease, and ability, I, will support and defend
the Constitution and. Government of the
United States, and all laws made in pursu
ance thereof, against .all •enemies, foreign,
and ,domestie; that I will "bear true faith
anti .allegiance to the same; that I take this
obligation freely, without any mental reser
vation or purpose of •evasion ; and that I
will ,well and faithfully diseharge the kid;
ties of the office on which I am about to en
ter, so,. help * God ; which said oath, so
taken and signed, shall be preserved among
the files of the Court, House of Con wress,
or Depalihnent•to which the said, office may
appertain. And . any person who shall
falselytake the said oath shall be guilty of
perjury, and, on conviction, in addition to
the penalties now prescribed for that of
fence shall be deprived of his office and,
rendered incapable forefer' after :of holding
any office or. place :under the' . United
States" •
Movements 'of the Orleans Prinees.—the
three Orleans Princes—Prince de Joinville,
Count de Paris,.and Thic de Chartres—ar
rived at Washngton on Wednesday, en:.
route for Boston .and Europe. They re
turn to Europe after "a campaign of a num ,
'her of months, in which they have ha t d no
oppoitnnity to earn personal, distinction.
Speculators in' diplo i matie matters try to see
special significance in their sudden depar
ture. Some think that it was occasioned
by a friendly hint from Queen Victoria,
who, is a r -stanlch friend of the, Orleans'
family,-that they ought to come .home be
fore they,become involved , in a posi
tion, in which threateninff events might
pOssibly plicuthim.
Qintall PUS.
Rational, lediciite,
,Edited by C. H. Clesi' eland, M.D., Cincinnati, is
a monthly of .32 pages, published at, si.tlo a
year. It gives Fkuph valuable informallon.
FrontNicksburtlind Vile' River.
B.—The ,steamer Stinsknsi' from
Vicksburg on "the 30th, reports the bombardment
as still continuing The town is,the
. . . .
The news froin White ririer,7Ark., is not en
Col. Fitch still holds St. Charles. "
No relief has reached Gen.!psis.
The whole - country borderin on White river,:
'is reported in arms,, •
The boats were frequently - fired on from the
Address to the Army after the Battle.
Camp neap Harrison's Landing,
. . - July 4, 1862
Soldiers of the Arniy, of the Potomac : - tour
.achievements 'of the last ten days have ithistrated
the .valer.and endlirance of the American soldier.
Attacked by superior foroes, and without hopes
'of, reinforcements, you have succeded in el:tang
ling your base of operations by a flank movement,
- always regarded as the most hazardous of mili
tary exPedients. You have saved all yoUr mate
rial, all your trains and all your guns, except a
few lost in battle, taking in .return guns,,and
colors from the enemy. Upon your march you
have been assailed day after day with desperate
fury by Men of the, same race and nation, ,skill
fully massed and led under every advantage
of numbe2r,:and'neceSeity .position. Alie, you
hays, every"' Conflict, beaten - back yourloes
With enormous slaughter. Your oenduct ranks
you among the celebrated armies Oblatory. No
one will now question that' each. of you may
always with pride say, I belonged to the army of
the Potomac. You have reached this - new base
complete in organization and unimpaired in
spirit. The enemy may. at any time attack you,
we are prepared to meet them,
I have personally established lines. Let
them come, and we will convert their. repulse
into a final defeat. Your Government is strength
ening you with the resources of a great people.
On this, our nation's birth"-day, , we deolare to our
foes, who are rebels against the best interests of
Mankind, that this army shill enter the' Capital
of the so-called Confe'deracy; that our'Natiobal
Constitution shall prevail, and that the Union,
which can alone insure internal peace and exter
nal security to each State, must and shall be
preserved, cost what it may; in time, treasure,
and blood.
Major-General Comiinding.
FORTRFAS Zuly : troops ar
rived here, from Washington yesterday, and went
up the James river in the. evening., r 7,
Four small steamers, with,fogr barges irt.tow,
arrived at Fortress Monroe this morning, laden
with artillery, nien, horses; &a.; aid iveradonlit
less bound up the
A skirmish, took ,place yesterday-morning
near our left, wing, which resulted, in the defeat
of the•iebels. We took one theurid rebel pris
oners, and three small batteries., Our,,,cavalry
followed them till they passed'beyond White Oak.
For the past two' dope the rebels have shown
little disposition to, fight, and; yesterday , relin
quished their ground 4nd batteries almost with
out resistance.
'Gen. McClellan sent, down MS rebel' prisoners
to-day, who were marchettirith Fel:tress Monroe
in single file, and a more unique spectacle never
could he dreamed of. Their' wore' all Soitti
dress, much. of :which.. a.had . ; undoubtedly...been
taken from,.eur t soldiers. No; two .werers alike,
, Fossit. - sss) woritan, officer in
charge of the.sick awl *blinded at Savages Sta
tion states thatill were'reineVid previous to the
rebels advancing on that place:-
:Gen. lirelellan has advanced about seven miles
up the James river since the4th.
, No fighting within the last‘two days.
:Besides the gunboat Tearer, captured frearthe;
rebels, another small-gunboat was captuted.,
She encountered our gunboats about twelve
miles above Harrison's Landing.
The lliiiekeibodker left this eiening . ivith'696
sick and Woundedlor Washington. I
A flag of truce returned to-day from a -cruize
up the Fork river,
'At CuMberland was ,fo,und ninety of our
wounded `Seldica. They 'were - brought a Teti
miles away,' 'Whem the rebels' compelled 'us' to
return them , to =the hospital where they came
All.quiet.on the James..river.
From Gei Week's' Army.
CORINTH, Miss., July 6.--To Hon.Hthoin M.
, Stanton; 'Sefretary of liar': Official reporta have
just-beenTeceived of a brilliant affair of ouecav
; alrynear Boonville, Miss 4 on the Ist Col.
,Sheridam: of the 2d Michigan eavalryovith. two
regiments of 728' men were attacked by parts, of,
eiglifieginients'of rebeli, numbering some 4,700,
; men, which he defeated and drove' bkelt' after
g . seven hours' fighting.. Our loss was 41 killed
wounded and missing. That Cfthe eneniiniust
have been Very great. The 4 'left 65• dead on-the
Official reports vrillibe forwarded Sylniail:
I resPectfully recommend Oa. Sheridan,for ;pro
. motion, for gallant conduct in battle.
' 1 (Bigned) .
July '2.---The = President approved and
signed: the , Pacific Railroad and. the Internal
Revenue, or Tax,bille. ,.1
The President, in accordance with the provi
sions of the recent act, for the collectien , of
rect taxes: in the insurrectionary districtstwithin;
the United States, has ; issued a Proclamation,.
declaring in what States, and;parts of States, in
surrection exists, namely Schuh Carolina,
Florida, Georgia, Alabama, tiulisiana, Texas,'
Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennesiee; North Caro
lina, and; Virginia; excepting from the, list :Leer
tain-named Western counties. ; :
July Richmond.= papers,-. of July •2,
furnish a mutter: of items with,regartito the,
battle of Monday - , ' -, •
It says that on Sunday, Geni Bill and tong.:
street, with their divisions; croak& the ,Chicka
'hominy, and late on Monday afternoon, attacked
the enemy, about five`miles North/West of Dor
town; nil' the New Market Road. 7 The conflict:,
was . terrible, and: by half-past eight - o'clock, the)
enemy,,had been, driven-. a mile and a half. • At
half-past nine, the enemy
,being. heavily rein
forced, made another stand. The loss on our
(the rebel) side was terrible. The 'Situation be
ing evidently hopeless against snehleVeipower
ing forc'es, Gen. slowly-retreated'areid the
vociferous: cheers of the :Yankees. '.:4 r•
The Examiner, says it thinks that •the division
whien . went 'into the - fight, on Monday, 14,-
000 strong, could only muster 6,000 men for
duty, and that the loss of life exceeds that of Any
battle 'or siege yet fought.
July 6.--The rebel gunboat Termer :was cap
tured in a bend of the ,l'ames River, on the 4th
of - JUly---verY important 'pattern' were found
on ,her:'
Jiffy 7.--There is nothing new frem the `Arty.
of the' Potomac. We are-tissured=?by Gen.' ..Mc 3
Clellan, of the excellent spirits of the men. All
quiet up to 8 o'clock A. M., to-day, •
The President has nominated 'to tha Senate
Gene.' Keintzleman, Sumner, Keyes"and FLU'
John Porter, to be brei'et - Brigedier-Getierals in
the regular army, and: Major-Generals of volun 2
teers, for gallant conduct. in Ale field.. „
The Lynchburg. Republican, of the., says
that it was currently, reported here, on, Saturday,
Mint Beauregard had been suspended 'from his
command of the army of the West: The . cause
's not known. If the repoit is true; it will raise
storin about the, head of the President, whiiit
h6,will ) fiud diffioult,to allay. , ,We sincerely trust
there is no foundation of the rumor.
The vessels in, the James River are formed
into a separate squadron,' distinct from that of
Com. Ga dshorough's blockading the coast. big.
Wilkes is ordered 6' command-the river squad
ron, and left for his . post this, afternoon.
'Mr. Porter 'introduced a bill providing for 'the
construction of a Governinent ` , *Railroad from
Washington to Point,' of Rocks, near Harper's
ForrY,' Wended.: to 'giv'e7an outlet from the;
• capital withqut going through Baltimore.. ,
The bill;establishing nrsenals a!,'Columbus, In
diantipolis and itoek Island, for the .deposit,and ,
repair of, arms," hae, passed the' IlOnse,erid will
become e, law is soon as it receives ; ; 'the PreirP
'dent's signature. •
The Star'says that a distinguished , General of
the army itlie Potomac, who arrived - in z
city, this morning, estimates the rfshel loss io killed, ;
and wounded,' and those otherwise rendered hors
de combat,• at the immense number , Of £ 75,0 . 06.
They refuge to receive a flag of trnce frem gen.
Meplellan„, , conveying inquiries ,relat,iy,e to, the,
fate' Union officers and others, believed to be
wounded 'and prisoners in their' hands. This
evening great disinclination to nerinitting Mc-
Clellan to obtain any inkling, boweier obscure;
of thelr, real,oondition since the termination. of
the battles, is, discernable. It is„eertaief, that
they have; been utterly unable to resume the Sght.
since Timsday last. - - ' ' •
Sufficient reinforcements have' reached Mc-
Clellan to render his•position entirely: secure. °
July B.—The Senate adopted the FlititneeCom
mittee's;anieltdMents to the Tati'ff bill, and'patni
ed it. • lOne amendtnent , proVidesithitt jail goods
in bonded Niarehouses.on- the first of :.Augustpand.
.all. goods ,on shiphoard and in public ,storps at,
that tiine;Shall be regnirel to pay the regular,
The Treasury Note bill passed the House to=
day, and Will 'VecoMe' a law as soon as'aighed.
It, authorizes f theYissue of one •hundred-and.• fifty
millions,more treasury, notes; thirty-five:millians
to be in denominations less.than, $5. ,
The Pay ; and Emolument ; bill cutting down in-
numerable perquisites of army ,officers,,,Rassed
both houses to-day It outs off large extra' if
lowanceS for'forage: eitte, horses, fuel, servants,
Sze., and it is claimed, will save the Government
ten or, twelve •millions yearly.
Returnsl i to-day show .that there are overAen
thousand wounded in, the hospitals ia and around
Washington. •
The Star, of this evening, says that, on. Friday
last, ardiviiion of McDOwell'e army took
,tip, a
line of - mareh'for 'Werrento; which point , - it
nowllrolde It is 'Tireinuned thattliri2nickinttent
From Fortress Noires.
Washingten... ;
is 7preparatisfy to a • piampVioncentration of
Pope's army •
The Richmond Dispatch, of 1-nly sth; iman ar
ticle on the, late engagements in front of ,Rich %
mond, says that from the most careful and re
liable estimates they can procure from officers
and the authorities; it' appears their losi - in kill
ed alone was= about> ten thousand..
said 'of the ..wounded and missing. ; -
Anur Movenients.
Pumannx,rata, July B.—A. letter to the. Press
dafed July 2d, from NeWbern, says Gen. Burn
side's entire corps is in motion, boundinland. -
probably 19 support Gen. McClellan. You will
hear news from• Burnside very soon.:. •
By private letters received , :irk , Philadelphia
last night, we learn that Gen.McClellan is every
where pushing the , enemy back, and advancing
In a few hours Gen. Pope will be marching
Southward " with.. a hundred thousand, :men..
Richmond, attacked by McClellan,. ;Pope . and
Burnside, mini :fall, and With it the ;ebellion.
The event will not' be long delayed.
~ - -
. ....~
ST. JOHNS, July 7:—The'Royal Mail steamer
Europa passed' off, Cape Race 'tit 'midnight, ou
the 6th. She left Liverpool on the 28th via,
Southampton, on, the 29th, and brings two days
later tnivioes.
xhe news from AMeriee, by the steamer . Per
sia,' calmed increased eioitemeut in England and'
in the Liverpool•cotton market: 'Prices had-fur
The London, Times, in its 'editorial on the date
of affairs in.Amerie,a, ays the . tiew,s shows that.
nothidg much cawbe expected before Fall, but it
hopes that, means' wilt be devised: . by'which the'
conflict may be ended . ; ;
Th e . French:Chambers have • adjourned:. Ru
mors are current that the Emperor. is consider:
ing.the prineiplee of the Mexican
The embarkation 'of troops to Ititlexieelad been
pruvisiorially. suspended. -
'The ship fAmeda Snot!, ashore-near Basgin
V:. ,, ,'.',:1 , :', i',,:....:.., „.;:,, .
. .... ~ --: r , 1 ~„.....1
....::: ..‘
•., •. • !'.r EDNESDAY, , July ts 1.1162.
ASTIES-LS . oda Ash, I8g)8 1 ,04; :Pots, 4@4*.; Pearls ; ;
byte. Vie stack in first hands is amnia_ for, all ordinary
pnr es
BACION--SSouldera, 434 c ,Plain Rams, Or.; Sugar Ifarus,
BEANS-.-Prime White, 51.80. per bush*)l.; ;
BALOON-L:Sbimlders: Han* . 6e. 1 0b.
BUTTBE.—Clholat ;toll, Ba. sa:11:p. • A ;
01TERSE-:Weetern Aest?rve. lb.
Ecqs=lob...pir dozen.: • ' • s•
FEATHERS—Prime Western, 45c. 'ftdb 1
EEDl=4•Rye Stiorts, We. cwt.; 76e:
TLOI7.ItL- . -14xtrai $4.4 . 0@4,50 ; Rxtra Fatiti i',l4%ll) , ;."Fancy',"
iciff4i‘ Rio; 83
Ripp,...§Watic.. 141
olasses, bite. ; ! •
nAY-$t af scales..,
I LlME•Loitieville. from.statv, sl.2fipii:bllll . •••
POTATOES-7,l3atihainlookß,Aoo4 1 4 1 4fedp ,450 .1 93 0 ) W1L •
SALT=LNO.:I; $1.40.`
SEEDS—Olover, - 40:7)1(08.80: 'llm4tiltyt; UAW: . Flax;
. • • •
STRkitINE--9346 1 3 1 4. it), • , / '- 4 r•-4 -,
TALTOF;774OI I IO4 .c.c4 Co'AutrY•:•reAderrA, qo .
JEFFERSON' UOTiIiEGV-- - --The 13da'rd' of
Tiusteel tint atbat on' TbrEiriAr, - tfia 4th f August, at 10,
o'cldck A. M, = - Theniekitoni are ifiqueitad to ba'piiiictual in
theif, attendance. - .; 1 ; i‘AIIES.MTICILI:OIIII,It,
Pie A 94? 1 ,0-, xi Conime:2 ol,l : 3 °t, ll l'lat9iPlacefi,tjeffer - ,
eon tml4Pga, art yirDNliaDdY, sth of„,aagust. • Exei,
chats to'cocrimende at 9 o'clock : A. Af, , -
." •
RIZ WORLD. •-1 ` • . • ',.
WILLIAM A. BATOITELOWS - celebrated Hair Dye pro
daces a 'color not , to be distinguished from nattire— , warranted
-not to injure the itair in the-least; reniedies the ill:effects-of ,
hed-dY_ekeel leeiget44 l the -4eir , ter. ;life. . AßßYr RP;O:t
DUSTY.;II4IL instantly tarns a ,splendid,Blantr..or Brown,,
leaving the Hair soft and beautqul. Sold by all Druggists,
signed r tWlitiAM Af.laTCll , 7gLOR'
on Uzi four shies 4f eackibar-: r`i
LACToRT,, pia. ; 8r )191 *ay flranwrylizw:iXoam. ;
.(Late 238liv9ulway and 16 Bond St ! reet.),; r jun7-1y
DENTI3 BY : ;Dr C:., 246 Penn
'Street ; litte4:3s ,cofalkbrailches ig;Atai,,Dental.profession
-f el f 3-1 Y t
3VIII. FORBAST,.. "Carpenter , ana -Joiner
I .4neen: siVhruAl ;Street Aug.
Cherry Alley. .All kinds of House , Repeleng4lone.un short
notice ,and in WorklanlilEe - ,oianoei." 'Ch'irgeeisoiierate
Leavi'Veir orders. All orders promptly attended to
• fiye...2m.; • :„,, A - A; A • •
, .. .
:.„.., t
.- .., -.•.. . arne - - --
col, .0 , t. v . --,. J
On Jung 4 kbt -by Rev; CaA ;.Cunningham; •at
the residence of the, bride's:mother, Mr. Wlison
C,TritittitCHAle Le' iikkas Bins. J4e,,d i titOTElßitS,.
both of teeker COunty, ' •
By Rev J E ;Woods, •on Alio morning of the f
22d 6f May; Mr. Rinnin BLS.bkwcin - b to Miss
Wiircuti'botn - ''Of Frankliii : Oeunti! O.'
On Thursday moining, • dune''26th:"-at the iesi- 1
denee of, the bride's; father, assisted by Rev. 11,2
O. Galbraith, SAY., Apar*tti TAYLOR, Of, St.
.Mary's Ohio, to Miss NINA, Of Fair
field Conaty, ' ' •
, •
On tile 2d. inst., by ;Rev. A. 0. Realtwell, .14r.
DAVID C.' taaliss-itiny R. WA.t:s.irt bath
of Allegheny County.
Jane 32th„by Rciv. Jahn /lice honse int
Greenville, Mr. SAMUEL Invitin M'Comis to bliss
Cs.ntAitiNE MOOK; - both' of Greene Tp:, Indishe,
il lt arp. .
• . -
km* Boo m,lens'
,Pcmecit laws,,Bia‘ . 11t031011*Illnii '•• • '•
DlED=tp Obbrahville"Clanda' Ociunty: - Pa;,
gaze. , 2Bth, dip'theria i .PR4NKIB,`'I*.th eon
, off3ta.,D.., and Eleanorieirall, avid 8, yeara. '
4 ' ° ..1,11t1" . 7r11, AP3 1
pj:Eti r7 -thiJun p 29th, in soca.* Valley,;
Blatir , Ike redden - ea of his lion:
ITOOki; W.'wittirAm
aged 7 , 7 : =ieareand'2oA*oi3, `, ••
DlEj:ll;',lntt.ho f 2d of ' Tune, tAelBSth 'xi:tar:Of
Ili age, aniOn "!..le s calm and
. peac d eful 'hope of
lititinous ' rinstirrebtiOn, "'JAME§ SCOTTi.
,father of Thomas Scott, Ruling Elder in Lebation
I Presbyterian church.--....
PIRD 77 On ,the.,4th,inst, sp i
,N lmjand,peaceful, in
bope of a beiter,.'reintrec t ion,'rs.Llt LINDA',
winkor thonas ; Rcott, in lig 'l39th' ,; ,*eai•iir.ber
ag e. R• -t - • , am: 7 ,,
•••• ! • '
. ,
DIED,, in'tke4 l.6 llPite
iit.!Acamburg v ,Tennefilitse, „or, ,eainfir, fern,
JAILEMI9H ICESZEIC, pViiida or 'co. 1..,.:18d
Beek Q. V. 1..
'G formerly of Fairfield Cp..
in tket2Otli:year of is lie. tinal•r" 31. E. W.'
• rtfui: 1 ,
# DIEP--74 , ,Citer17 11 illiARThinCVQPIA3',
on Sabbath, May 11114 HANNAH SUSANNA,
• eldeat dattetter of
~I,o,moshn A. , an d gra, -
fAdair,..ilod'2epiiiii; radian:, B dliit. l
r . : •:.•
She ..rte
.metner.,.of the Harmony
terhte.ehurefi•'4l l ) B lr,'iteV.terie . d
her assurance of hvoixtibqoponod. Shortly
before, her death, wen xeiy orrea)t„abe ,eaici to
.het; xtt i otim,. 4 f Nod g . ,heaTen is ob in*
I t e i t eM,AlTl'" Her *l4litti• PiteEoeee " 11 9° 10 . -
ill" the timid he4eVflte , l o 9lcrtinviklli t94eet4
lon s o,geor. i i • .' 7C.
o ,ti.
BablieW lay 4ili; 1882,'ItOttERT;iiid t n alei.
%Os 28d year. 1.4 •
Vl* shaft `ears, r 'tibias
iini4 ll.- eilidi .'*it irviiral 'lm uredinOC 3 : . /F , a-:
iiiiihritVyiaili - beldra Ms the had boa r
member of liarniony Presbyterian 'church, and ."
conducted himself alwaYs in g manner beekeing
the Chi'titian_ 'Character., His Conversation during'
his slakness was very comforting to his friends,
and profitable to all.' Though his Worda were
plain his manner and spirit eloquentlY preached
the Bailout.. Be was anxiously 'desirous to
bring the ungodly ,to Christ, . and to have profes
sors of Christ walk worthily of their 'calling.,
He would often express the comfort be bad in.,
having 'sought and found Christ before he be
came sick,and the superior value of heavenly to
earthly blessings. ile ,NritAlt, peacemaker, and -
earnestlystrove that should feel and
, aet in a Christian spirit; "Being dead, he yet
speaketh.n., May we remember his words, , his
wishes,. and his prayers. ; ~ J. it.
DIED June , 24th; 1862,- at his, residence in
Coshocton County ,'
Ohio, ,
SEY, in the net. year of his age:
In"thi'ntoritirie of the 'day he died; while' in
apparent • perfect 'health, he was itrieken down
, .
by a stroke of paralysis, and only survived eight
The deceased was in Ireland in 1701, and"
emigrated to thelTnited States in 1816. lle has
been .a member of the old SChool 'lq , esbyterian
Church' for the past, twenty - eight years, and' foi
the eighteen years last past he has been a Ruling
Elder in the -congregation s of:
I Kpenei.Ohio.;
his death the congregation has, lost one ,:Of its ,
oldest:ad most experienced elders. Hp served
with, greet i neceptance in,the office, ,for the ;per-,
formance of the duties of whichhe,was remark
ably well fitted. has heen long and favorably
knowri assn,aotivpand;Hberal - supporter of the
,Church sicinity.: , i•
his , friendship and, intereohrse with society,
he was true, , ,just,, and!' lionorable l ;:•and his uni-`
formrpleasant 'demeanor And affable disposition, -
`secured for him the esteem= of all:Who:knew him.
`•, He Tleaves: an aged and s feeble.'companion to
. inourtkimid the' growing .infirmitiel of , old age
L'-this'ArYing bereavement;;but She'irienims"not.,
`Without hope, for we have good reastni=to;belieVe
that he has gone •to mingle' with the Saints in'
'gloryt`• = • ' • 3." L .Ta.
•DIED - Of, PliqUU lo , l 4, Carllefitle, - .Clarien
Pa.,,J•nne 24th, the Koh: WILLIAM CIJILLL,.
the 82d yeir of his age. ‘• •
deceased Was, Jlorn! on the gad, Pf May,
,11,81., in( County Atarim,lreland.,..When . about: -
fourteen years of, age. he , left the innd.sof- his :us
tivity,. whet() ,he had„ already :aoquire& a. good. 31
education; and came :to : the., United ,States
!Anterice.. „ He - arrived. in Philadelphia,t June
f16tb, : 1795. -iirOctober,lBo6, hC was united ,
• marriage ' tcn Miss - Sarah Vanleer, by, ReV. ;
Philadelphis!i Their union 'was
a longue - rod happy - One. .On f'. O
- the Ist october,-
1.520, 'he and his ' Wife • united With the Predby.-''
`terian Chnrch dr.Bolesbimenentre Conthy,'
under the pastoral eaire -
'of Rev. Wm Stewart by
•which •
profeesion' of 'their faigh in‘ Christ, a c tame
be was baptised with' all lila house i• '
FroM'Centie County he to 'Armstrong,'
how,Clarion _Count', ?ti` the year, i 824,. and united •
` , with 'the Presbyterian ' - clirch` of Licking, by` ;
certificate. ln 1825 ire was'eleil
of Ruling Elder in• said.- chureh-,--and -was or
dained andjustalled by the late Rev,. John Core,,
then peeler. He was devoted to y
" the intereits of
thec'eliiireli, and fsought , ti.boie 4. 41 P -things its
. peace; ~ p urity,' and- PreSpertey. He 'Was' a
of sleep /'and 'earnest even
, de, itirPriVata xn tic an Publibly
the' church; His - pastor and`'brethren in then
eldership have lost itilleinCrien r cied'iencljndidious
counsellor ;' his aged andraftlicted wife, a devoted'
-.husband; and his children, a (leveled - father.;
They, all mourn their loss for hireto Hie was,;
and to die , gain.. 4 Blesied` are;the deid
. ,
.whiCh die in "the Lard:”
' '
.:. ,• .
-. . .
..'e."l):' MAC - . MASTER.; •
r, . - ..-aw...• - , J•-. 1 ' 'J t .
in j this via :gas 1 born, and for this 1.
T o carat 1 into th -
i Ibbf a ; lAitt. riltov2d. beat' , w itneas . 'th;e , triOth'Y' Ye'
: sinili be 1 1 14.1 " 8 1 444° . 116e 7 " 1 -7 P9'F' : T :
•, . .
The enbentitier irdpoteitto . eetnbliehtln 'the city or Clow'.
lati :n9monttd3s ptrelleetthoni to: be :called .27u Ifessitrnic
Witness.) . •'. •
It le IntendeWthatltie titled the work, kroutided on the' .
'Worths or:onr•Lord .whrch.wre have ad0pt...41 ae a legend; shall
indiaite its pridondnaht character, its main objects , and ite
chief'end, - j • 41`.• • 7 .• . : ,
linder,Ohrist, theMlneirs in Chief,' the, Church with ,
mini try is the Divinely ordalniall Espneiter of the'Oracletrof
Gild; and therein the Divinelyordnined, Witness to:the ?des- •
slab . , as the Founder,Establisher, and head . of -hie peculiar,
Kingdom, the Chery:add as Ifeied, DS the Chtirch, overall'•
states, kingdoms,, empires, as outlying provintes, we man.
180 speak ; , nay, over all things in heaven, and in earth, and
unddr the earth; cab inits tretniephere and liCeUrding•to •
its own proper nature, and the perullir. law, ,of its own'
being; all' variottely related to the Chtrch; and 'ail made '
subject to Him who, while lie iy Kr,ad of the Church., is also
the Prince of the Kings of the earth, and the •First-born, that
is the Loid, of the wholeicreatiool (Oomp. John 86, •
37 ; Acta i : : 20—'4 ; Phil. : it-11; .11.0V..i :1,
b; C 01.1: 15.) Chlifit, the &Mira and true Witneee, calla
upon•tbe Church in general, and upon - all and •sinionlar the"
membere of the Church in particular, to unite thei r testimony.,,,
with teetimoriyi to' all truth touching - this the enhject met
'ter uf• their common teetimooy. I o obedience, tratitia call ef,s .
I fione Divine Lord, among the . great cloud of witnesses who
'have tisb4l their tixtiniciny adiPenteied into rest' and the •'
;many wiseessee,on earth who ara„ yet, didivering their teed,- i1
imony, we,claiin, through rhe,',.*ssiasiie .Witnelii, an hum-. •
ble place..L I. 117.;
Aa the dominion of the Messiah_ is s. wide and great do- ,
minion, embracing objects and events, and intereetv, maid
fold, varlet's, and, yery islivectilled, the, range anbietite
treated in our proposed work need nut be narrow. It Is not
intended that the work'shill bi;'Orofweirly epeakitig, the:Creels
of Any party, or strictly even Of..allY denommatian '
Church catholic; but that, white Christian and even Prissily
terian in its principles, it shall btogenerat io its scopd, and 1
wide in the range of tie topics • embracing articles, biblical,
exegetical, theologine, eocLisiaslical, ethical,•eithico' poilticalf f
i'philoariphical, literary and Pliseellantove;regard,beinse eon,:
etantly bad In all to the leading objects and ends of am.-
" wink •It Is our purposetbatthe predirmlnint 'diameter , ori(
the work' shall be •expoettory .and didactic'', rather thaw,'
polemical: but'that it shall discas, ati thete may eeem teal
occasion,' in avoids of trolly/and moberneee, freely and fear
lesely,lthe living questions of the times. as ,well xe the, great,
principles and intermits which belong all - -
Arrangements have been made to secure (rpm able writer!: t
,contributiOns to its pagas tippropriats to its character manta. ,
feet!. Within certain-11watt not , inconsistent with theiselbf
'which the editor shall be thejWigiN•6lXlle,
.diversity of views, .
on subjects which tire ridt'iiiflkitti nor of cardinal fmport- "
'ante, will be allowed ; each•Airitei-. being Aelemeible for his ,
,own articles,. which. unless ip mcceptional cases and for spe-,,
dal mean 6, ' WM Ilpfrilr 'dyer hiegriitiale, the editor' being'
responsible only for their publication. '
The work will be published monthly., Each, number 'will.
'contain forty-eirlst pave; 'crown octavo; oirwhich the
,forty pages, will be occuldedOxtbetinticipo articiee„TlLTYll4 .
in length' from Atone bier pages,to'twelve'or feurisen uanally
'leaving about eight pages for minor, irtielev Lucinda ncahort •
notices of new publications, • a summailrjlew , of, public
affairs, ecclesiastical arid Political, a home-and' sOrdeld,. lit- •'
'erarx into lipnce, etc. • al{,, •• "0. •
The work willke wall printed in ilnaU pica, on, nne whits,
paper. and the whole Mechanical B:libation ',lithe handsome .
kin all respects. The prioe will,he one dollar strictly in ad
vance, for as volume of five hundred and seeentv-idx•
'Pages. •'` " ' ' •t et
nth tint numbs will No lesnal as soon as a sufficient num- ,
',fear subserlfferi shill' be obtained to' furnish a gnaranteePs,
- that,the,publication,will,b • eeiffeistaining., t
, onhactir . tion price of the Eng volume will be payable
'on delivery of the first number. '
i Persons who may obtain eubscrlbere are requested to send
a listof the names, with their poet-offices addreimesalabdnly
and correctlyritten, by mail, at an early day dlirected• act r ,
E. D. ,MAC NIA.STER.• , •
ipaE . pipitt6,
•The Bfflcrosoove eimpilfled,end adapted to popular as .
'as Scientific - 6e: A new optical wonder!' Patenterfliebruary'•'
18.1862. This is the only itietruree'At of. high . mow Vitriois: , ;
which ,requiree .no focal adjustme,nt. ..
therelbro..arck be
'reititili , need by every • oreveien-hyi children. Ofithieinly
Two.Dollers. iterwithin the,rencb a ell in l the-ooMtelonlty,
and should be on the table of every fatrilli , .
Thlebeautiftil and ornamental instrument .renderte :the ,
blood,,pue,,and milk globules, end eloper cent!. at well oa
the anithaloillto of stagrianewatnr, distinctly visible ;'shows
• the tubular •structure dr heir ;..the ,circuletloo of the (bloil4l
in the web of a frOg's foot; 'end opcne up the minutiae of;
creation to the View of the aatbniehed *older, g!wheie: , :.
uneeellrted. eight no beauty treoa.7 „It ttnurrnntoh ap ,eudSpae.
source 'or home amusement 'end 'instruttion ,to ever);
especially to the young... • , •,- :1, , • ityl vi
• Asa, Gift or Present to alrieed or child, it Is piisurpaipted,..
•being inetrnetiye, amne . .ng and ehealti s : • ) •
; There ieno other Leila mn,do like It thpate fies • a •
100 climate - re or 10,000 U11104;140, - owing to its etmVltrity, it .
Is inOdiaahle 'for..phyeieLsne,' ecienttllc• men: students:map
Thabove wlrl *meat' by milt:tb' any address, 'on pt
of $2.26. P.L.2) ,bnaii
OBERT loavte r .
• • .! 43.
.13 Wood Street, Prtieburgh.:.
fj , 2t
Q l „ElLftreLASU i tiL.scHooL FOR
LADIIt - S, coiner of salmi and•SO'Uth
lAlbilheilYielfY, PI- •' l 44 , o l 4 l4 4kkiiTa•
• • ,tnar29:Ty • •
..117:43,t,A3NTEEItS. A 081i,y,•
- should not 64 , until 'with
TIMItYId 1.8 AND, OINTMENT: Noti Scoriyiw
Pog, IT ovum, nod Bowoligoloptatod= bi
'nl9olotifileidfoll4 .nifetYrricoliv
. 4 )dtc.'ir: 1 514 1 14. 6 010311%-tir..-i al
Tn F. 0 It: f. INA ;,
sawswe macqm*Mee
Established - 1845; Perfected 1862.
Mr. HOWE invites attention to the' important improvp
ciente which he has recently made in his Sewing Machines.
which enables them to do a larger range of work with lass
machinery, less noise, leeiatzotible, and more perfectly than
any Machine now before the public, 774 e teisednp of stitches
and breaking of needles, an common and annoying in other
Machines, is entirely done away with in the lerraov an
Howe. No trouble in making any garment worn by male or
female, howsver delicate or heavy. with silk, cotton, or linen
threads on the same Machine.. We Ilse a straight needle, and
the stitch is elastic and alike on. both sides. For Shirt
Makers, Dress Makers',Vailors, Shoe Binders, Gaiter Fitters,
as well as for every variety of Family Sewing, thetinproresi
Rowe Machine now stands far in advance of the Machine,: ,d
the day, and they will be sold at &Much-less price than any
other Machine capable of doing the same iangr of work in
as good a manner. No person should 'think of purchasing
a Sewing Machine ,without first geeing, tbia , —the latest and,
greatest triumph of the original inventor of the Sewing
Persons at a distance can order a Machine with the Mann
,gnarnutep that it will reach them safely, and prove
every way sattsfacterY. '
A. few responsible Agents are wanted; who find our terms
liberal. Send for descriptive Catalogue of styles and prices,
and address the
j une2l 6
By a Teacher, of,twelve years'. experience, competent
tri teach the Classica and blethematies, as Principal 'or As
sistant Teacher .in some.. good Academy, Seminary, or per
manently established School, male or iMnale--but male pre
ferred—with a fixed yearly salary. Good references and
teetimonials I
Address A FRIEND,
Jun2l.-4t* tock.ltot N0.'104, Pittabnricti P. 0.
''S. KENNEDY; Agint,
Continues the manufacture of OHILDREN'aI OATtItIAOES,
ak the old stanch ! : • '
1 ' .40ir NO. 177 LADOOK BTftpr, ALLEGUSNY.7639,
Persons wishing to purchase, at Wholesale or Retail, will
'find it greatly to their, advantage to call before purchaaing
elsewhere, jun2B4lt
. . ,
Soldier's Camp Library.
has just issued a beautiful Library, consisting of TWENTY
FIVE VOLUMES,IBmo., inclosed in %box, at the lour price
of $3.0 ; among which are "General Havelock," t' Copt.
.Hedley Vicars,' " Capt. Hammond," "The Bins Flag,"
" Young Man from Horne."
Packages of 3,000 pages of select Tracts, at $2.00, are put
• up to accompany the Library, when desired.
terentylve in flexible covers coittunlig the
Soldier's Text499k,, Soldier's Hymns, The Soldiers and
Jesus, Story of Lucknow, and other appropriate works,
The American, Tract Society. bas, furnished gratuitously
many huhdredi - .1 thousands & pages of Tracts to the sol
diers of Pennsylvania, as well as others, • • Thefriende el the
soldiers are availingthemselves of the opportunity of putting
into their hands these most valuably books. And there are
not a few insteneei where mbst happy'restilbr have followed
the truth they contain ;
d le
'Books carefully put up; and forwa e as pure users may
direct Address • • ,
11: EN
No. 821
1 ,Chestnut Street Philadelphia, ;FOR
A 4 L S 0 -
• r.) t. •CL A.S.S. BOOK,
Irkutht. Catalogni prlce,eof :which a diecount of 25 per
cent. is made on =Quail over $l2 when the cub, accompa
nied iliVniddr. •' ' ' ' • • -3 ' l • •
Catalogues,Will be, sent application.
/I:.ldonthli Paper, aitvoted to the beat Inteieste of the 'Chil
dren of therPosebyteiian Church, fol , whorls no better pe
'.riodleal eau ; he found. Printed..on lino paper, and beau
tifully illustrated. ' '
F •:a single:copy •
For l'en,oppi4B to .0116.addresa
For 1 1 1fOt'eoples to ono Mdins .
For onOhnnOrM:copietkto ono address:...
For fifteen Copies to„ one Olreee
Porlaity coiiiiitolOtte'addiess •
For fifty, enpies,,to one' address
For one huntinnt 'copies' one address
Pleads address orrdets for BOoke
Business Correspondent::
,821,Chentnirt, Street,,PhiladelOts,„
iEi` For ` aie En Pittebnrgfi at the Freebyterlan Book_
geoin4s7 Haturgernee• •I' • „. :r, - bni-tr •
aneforAhe Visitor+ to
L' Y -
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SeirWhOlelialg a4d
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t•bt 644;4. •
'94l;it t g, • , • 7 7 - 7 7 . ••;•
. • ,
V V ‘ . p tibia itrika •
Where paay, be foUnd r a, lame assortment of all kinds of Drs ,
°pod' e; required iri furnishing a house, thus saving th
teoukle iikuallyemperienced in hunting such articlos, in vs.
rioua places.. consequence of our gielogour attention to
thiiikindef eiock, to the exclusion' of dress and fancy goods,
we.can guarantee our prates and style, to bathe. most favorer
ble in the. market.
,', DS
-"liztl.r.litriPkisfoo . ,
r . •
lie nre`ablo toltiVeTbrfecteetiefeitfeit; being the Oldest E4F
tabjfalted Linen Store in tbe city;:snd,beving•been for more
than - twenty 'years regular importers from some of t' I best
'manufacturers in Irelitud: , We 'direr, also, alarge stock of
oithebesi qiuslithal to be obtained; and -at the very lowest
pikes. Also, Blankets, Quilts, Sheetinga, 'Pickings, Damask
Table'Oloths, and Napkins, Towellings, Diapers, Ruckabacks
Table andaßlano . Covers; Damasks; and Moreau's,: Lsce and
Muslin Curtains, Dimities, Furniture Chintzes, Window
Shadings; aiK;.&e. ' 'JOHN V. COWELL & SON.
••• , :4 1 ; iiV• Col Vet of Chastnpt and Seventh Sta.,
till •
• 'Oasis' iPiano Style IiCiEtObEON:
order for ninety doilarii: 'Jur sale by ?- 1 ire )1 •is
„ say.l3 JOHN. H. M F. 3.1.014 i Bl Wood Minsk.
0); SIPP.O/k1 DEIAND. v .. ; -5 OCTAVE, .
• ,Poria n... 4tlllotesais, of Carhq4d treedhaa, I , l!dasork
• - 1.V 4 IMALLOR. 8 1 Wood•P
S;.•••TEPR24IAIt t,•
g4l•. l i V E
LAiE -, : #g
lYkr .:
71:fi.:41 Pl' .frirll l s Y hy; t, . 1 ' lie1 ie" 7 •
REV:9l.4l4igraPifrls' .
.. 1,.:, f fergL••• : tT. ,, ,•s
• •
• ~•• • • • I •
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Thig, &IWO .Nuis .bAsu. in successful operation under. .
samd flugetiirteddisthe'foi TUe re than tbittryearit I tinwilit •
ifiDdllkyorgbly - kno*n. , . was the 'design-of Its. roundish, tu t .
sidablish an lostitution on Christian prlnntolcs, whose aim
irould'bo,tegtve tiOt ' only etioron.o4 Cie ituireld
but tt‘e, rvilgion. of ()nest to Atie,beart. In .tta, r turi•
blqietnithem. DIME* htitory the 'OD OT
the tiotyflpfrithaiireisted Upwir,c, (-; '.1•I a• ! j
stimbe,nville is retearitahlolloklantibgssityand heigtleollogo,
of ittssitioitibtri; rind fir' .u 4 or.ft-ari-prosn'tivofi tutectior
e ; ObJP Weer. and ittailtoothre sr - 'rat • • !la ,
• . *Bei, Gintasetzun i tias tooeaux boon-sama tolls Oath*.
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i; ••• • .••,,• • • •
*Ai: moo Are tub t. l tiondit m g"
• al; •1' :iliermuller rm. 3.31 .Y.:1141
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tuition .
•:J fl') lux • ..,•14f:t
lir.usic,A'alntincs,A94 • • tin
' chitiWie lire, tis ito ic t"til,lai ii tocoonno4s..
9fiz! .1 7 ) A il ti.: .; •'"
From are terms deduction of Arr . oust. ; li st a
for the danklftkii tad far #3l) , pnIIDs
dent. bY.I/ 1 91( 1 ."! ) e.RFAY• t' t. ••i .• •A -
For pai gulary, iktioty to die Bopotentoisdeitt 0 •
trokr44lolg. , 013 i;1•1 i y 1,: 11 1 ,, ?Ile
urn! reemz,
''n 44/
_ l, 9 b '' r e.Yo 6l . o ` l K 2 l.', l " - •
PTICEr 7 . THEi -4 0 LA BILVis
EMMEN Y • VOU NTT "Me 'dapliciais ( for yotit
'Mies 0f:1662 wlllibe bereadlues. at tblabfflomottland Wait
the NIBggT DaT4I),v;JITIN NEXT. for ttleyetymen6 of Coon
tr Efate; Pooir abd . Raftidiii , YU* totowhich'it ,
abatemb a t!of, ",16ROENT. bo*,,llMved,fl,44,lel
the time preenribmrbr law. The Relief Tax *alleges to ba.
paid within! the pieicribed this, or f6tVaddLthin of 10•Imiti'
cent. will be adde4... . „ • . , •' •4" •• •
Bata of • Cdanty 6 mills. • •• •
I .'s ,:`fi Slat. Tait
InteYeac on ...ROW , Raitydad.o, oll(•t4.•. 2 l t. 4i order thepublic at large' erkay oetter accomMo;• •
engjtated that the realdmita of' the 'Odes aud
t Va r. i ,' c: 1 ? 1 i 7; ( l a St th e
Mi n t a) it•t' their,
Taxep .on
t . Wpm." country dritricteunka9th4yu the ftakllyertOit of elik
k l et •
el'Wkriusibireaioret‘f44e , 6o Ta64llo364oOttiet-i
437 BuommAir, NEW-YozuL
Nn COO i" , taat,.r,* nit.".,
. 8.00.