Presbyterian banner. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1860-1898, November 16, 1861, Image 2

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Having paiahand i fbr etas Me " Righe 4 usg,
:lhokst Attetkotstsit nod Ihspatile.Meht; e'r heArlif . cdt,`
of our subscribers now have their pagers addresiedlo Mem
regularly by a ringuiarty unique ,uptchine; which ,fastens
on the itthilt i 'mul.gin ,cblareer ' , cadres' stamp," or;
bh,b4t, whireois appears their name plainly printed, followed:
by Woutisich thcy nave paid for. thosir.papers,--thit
Wag authorised by an Act of Congress. 'The dale will:
algfigYsAllAsdvanted Oft the rect,tiPt of siAbsoriPo°P.'Sionel4
in e.xart actorcktnee with the amount so 'received, an thus '
be an,ever *fly, and valid receipt; securittgito every one,
and at all times, apricot knowledge of his newspaper ae
eonnt, " WWI tif any error 'is ostattelso can immediately de- ;
tectAtt acid have it oorreetell-,a, Amon alitre , ocastable to the
publiiher and subscriber, as it must terminate all pdiVal ;
• Inieuncturstaudings between thorn -respecting aocoontir, and ,
ltirtstend to perpetuate their important relationship.. • 1.
ose those in arrears wilt please remit.
Receiving Agent.—The Secretary of the
Board of Education asks *us to say that
THaouottE H. NEviN, Esq., has been ap
ointed their receiving agent in , this city.
Chttrylhos ,are .requested , to ,forward their
contributions accordingly. , . „,
Installation.—The installation of Rev. A.
C. IVI'CLALAW3i, ea pastor opfcthe fourth
Presbyterian church ,of this. city will , take
place cn,the evening pf Thuradpy,, of next
:week,-:the 21st inst., Velock. .The
tßtev. ~L EA, and Drs 'JAttißuS and
Hovauto 'will officiate in, the services.
Vase! Calandtiet that IVai, is' 'the tide
of a'Eferinoti'prhaehecl in:the Park P,Fe:shi
ierian church, Erie, Pa., SePteinher 2oth,
by Rev. W.lll. BLA.OK(BUILN , Thepreacher
says :.:National sin is more , deplorable 1;
Treason is worse than war; -Secession ia
worse tan war, , Natienal Weiticnsi is
Worse than war. , rthe - ,sermon is F able,. pa
triotic, and pervade&by,a ,Christian
'trustees Western Thological Seminary.—
There will , be a meeting of the: Board . of
Trusteds . of the Westeiii Theologieal'Serni
nary, on' Tuesday, the 19th of November,
inst., in the. Lecture-Room of the First
Preibytatian church, 'Pittsburgh, at 10 o'-
clock A. M. A full attendance is
vequested. By order,
• • Jolttr:T. Loct'AN, Sec:
lflie Committee. oil Revision.—lt will be
seen, by the node° in another cOlunin; that
the'Assembly's Committee to 'revise the
Book of Discipline will not meet at Wash
ington, next .mouth, es t was stated at the
time of their adjournment, in this ecity. ,
The matter is impdrtant, and should re=
Ore the attention of our ministers and
iihurches. For ourselves we prefer.te have
no, innovations.; but if must have a
new Bodk, iet it be really an atnendment:
Disabled blikiders' ! Toni's;
Secretary aid Chairman of .the Disbursing
Committee of the. Trustees of the General
Assembly, tails earnestly for help: There`
are applications fro& disabled' ministers
who are in grist need, which cannot
beuitet unless funds'are increased. the
.churches fail to collect Nand remit, much
,offering must ensue.
Send to*GEonGE . H. VAN GELDER, Esq.,
or 10 Rev. JOSEPH H. JONES, D.D.,,Phila
The following incident. shows how a
bishop met with an unexpected ; reply, and
at the same time suggests - a .. , enost im
portant truth.. However many helpers'the
minister of the • Gospel may enirifoy in t the,
interpretation and illustration of Scripture,•
or howevor, deeply he may . bureadrin stand
awl. theology, let this sermons•nhear the-im
press of his own mind and be warmed by
theimpulses of his own heart_as it has been
made; to glow.with a Saviour's ,39ve. This
will make tie sermon attractive;
and refreshing: ,
Bishop BURNETT,, at °neva his visite
tions,mben the - name of alvery old gentle
man was
. called over (of whom a private
complaint had been made that ithe parish
could . not endure p
himle gave such bad
sermons,) gravely chided the _poor parson , :
"I am told, Mr. thatyour parish is
very well satisfied with you ; ,in;: :many, res
pects, but ..they are much:discontented with•
your sermons. NPW, : thgre L iEo7.o excuse for
.this; for, instead, of 'preachirio , extempore,
as I am told you, ,sometimes :; ,„d b o, , or giving
themyour own compositions, you have only
to preach good printed sermons,..aadi they•
will have no . , cause foricemplaint," „:fi May
itpleakie your lordship, replied rthe ,eler
gyman, " you have.been, wholly misinform
ed. I have long been ie - ithe':,habit .of
preaching printed , sermons; and , those I
have preferred are. yourjordship's.?'
'.The completion .ofithe Telegraph, con-'
meeting the Atlantic with the' Pacific, is
one of the triumphs' Of the - day; in art and
enterprise. Newii sent almOst
instantaneOusly,'frthii. ) ,liii'oCeur:TCities on
the _Ea** Francisco.
It .will be, only seldota,,that-,the lines will
Ire:so zonneoted asto'perfcirta this feat: It' clone only on otoiiiolis of much Im
,ilispatChee will be re
written several times, iii their - passage, thus ,
oceuffing a few how's; but it will be ea
sily pranticable to send''a'. message from
Weihingten to Eau Fratiei:s*ic the morn
ing, and receive a response in ,t4 - e
This *vsry slender , wire, ,atiretehed .for;
thousands of miles, is to be a•peowerfal so
cial tie. It will he'sne of the strong hoiids,,
retaining our country aaa,unity, and addino
greatly .to social We do but little in
the, ilireet 4 preaching ,cf the, Gospel, along
telegraphim wires; but wve may do' niiich'
priniotive *of the meini',..ind - aceessoiles to'
presibilig, and much toward, part,of What
preaching lams at; ,that, ,is, much-toward
the increase liumaa , happiness. Family
attachments 'be continued., ) businss
connexion's will abide firm, mutual love and .
corifidenee will be
The completion,, 'ithe- telegraph .lino
will facilitate the building of 'the railroad,
and. the.two combined will 'hasten theset-
Ilement. of the 'country: The Scientific
.Amewican, speaking of the 'enterprise, says:
";E:iiiri the importance of this inimk; im-‘
aineasuntble as it is, is eurpissed by its 'high
significance. It is an additional and a
striking proof of'the resources and energy
of a free and'edtteated people, and it sheirs
that great is:dustrial euterprisea may
carriedl'steadilt throUgh in spite'of 'ate
war. None of have not creased'. the,
No ."• '0 can form anyidea of the it
e `Of barren Pliin and'imountainniass
td. Wm between the Confines oflfissOuri
an dA t tek*# coast of CalifoOlt:
this di tat , u on its, row ofaits,'Wind-,
ingfitil friLy'xiliiii4l the valleys,'Oridus,ih
side s Of Ore 'lO/1 4 0 - thrtainti, and -4strgreliFk
aor e fjainire 'aftei*lecof ,
..drairirtthe aloilder *fro .t hat
f forms the road
Atiorieyihib)i t ideas' aka of ,/
`swiftneid. l- an
the ilarieggsf of all . , OonTiests of matt .
• -
t I;
.nerox , --44 - 2.: C ..
'll, let ;pi..
God is in the wan which now4filiets
land. This position no Christian will dis
pute. And on the part of God, the inflic
tion is both just and benevolent. He pun
itsites potions for their sinsi and, in our
chse,'4re tfus‘, he means that it shall result
in benefits.
The ,sins which have provoked God'
ger may be embraced under 'the four heads
—national infidelity, national immorality,
national pride, and national oppression ,nr
slavery. Three of these are confessed by
all who advance any serious claims to be re
prded as Christians. The iburth iS'd'enied
by' many; and they endeaVor to defend
their position ,by affirming ,that slavgry ez
isted when, OUP national being • commenced,
and': aver since, and yet God .`bleSsed its
greatly. They hence conclude thatit can
not be 'one of the si ns for which 'd.nd has
brought upon us this calamitous, war. The
; premises here are correct, but the concha.-
sion is illogical. God is icing2suffering..
Ile 'does 'riot willingly nnfiiat '<inik j ei.Y.e
• • • • ;••
weld, bybring goodness, men
to repent
ge..suffers ,-hardened
to fill up their. cup. Thus, we often -see
sinfUl nations long spared. Thus it may
be in regard to this nation"and its syStein
of shivery.
And further : Slavery may have been a sin
ins us at the commencement of our national
existence, but therentay have been paliating
circumstances. It may have . been introdued;
in our pupilage, and may have been against
our Will. There may have been :a confession
of the sin, and a declared pirpose:of amend . -
meat. But 'those paliating cirenmatinces
may haVe departed. We may Eave attained
self-cootrol ; the confession may have
been withdrawn, •the covenant of reform
may have been broken; and the dark
plague-spot may have been eiteitile4,4
the'evil intensified.
Now, what are the facts? We, are, not
about to discuss the questibn whether:Slat
very is a sin per se. An answer to this
Would depend very midi' upon the defji
tion given to Slavery. If tli6r 9 by fs meant
a system,of service modified, by the princi
ples and guided by the precepts of the New
Testament, it is not a sin; butif by Sla-
very we mean the whole system of modern
A'frican bOndage,, as established by human
laws and as generally enforced, then it is a
sin, and a sin of the deepest dye. But, as
intimated, the abStract question we do- not
mean to . ' discuss. =We would but look at
the facts, in connexion with our national-.
;When our fathers affirmed the principles
of freedom, declared independence, and `ap
pealed to God for help, and when God had
heard their
y . cry, and independence was
achieved and a•national government fanned,
Slavery was in the land: But is was con=
:fessed to be an evil. It was then but tol
erated, as a calamity broucilit upon us, and en
tailed by the mother country, an dfrommhich
.we =could not be at once delivered. 'But its
'gradual and final 'extirpation was Contem
plated. This is manifeit in the debate; and
writings of those times. It is manifest in.
the acts of religious /oodles #s well as polit
ical. Southern as . well as Northern .politi
chaos, statesmsuarid Christians so spoke and
So Wrote. Eighty years of national exist
ence have now passed, in which we have
made our own laws, free,from all dictation
and control, and 'What is the result.? Six.
of the original' States continue the system;
and nine new 'Slave States haVe been added.
New laws have been ;made in those States •
not tending to freedom; <but abridging still
further the righti•of the relives; and 'Caking
their bondagepore!opPressiie and'more de
grading.', A.sYsteniOf breeding SIUVeI
Bet of States '
for the market in, another, set,
has been inaugurated, and been enlaraing;
thus establishing a domestic slave-trade, by
which husbands -and: wives, , and parents
ands children, by the tens of thousands,
are separated forever. And alas! Sla
very- 7 -this very system of wrong, dagrada-,
tion,. and ,oppression --l ea's- been - charge&
scp9n , Gtocl, as though he had 'established it
in his engrafted it upon his 'and
made it , perpetual;!' Charged upon gqd, by
Pres - bytgies and Synods,_Conventions and
Conferences ;,by Presbyterians, ,Bpiscopa,,,-
liens, Methodiats, tmd `.Baptists; Chris=
tiara and infidel • bjethiniriter and politieiari v •
from the pulpit and through, the press! Is
not this enough to weary out GolVs patience
-enough: to provoke his anger to the:Utter
most ! God blessing us , constantly" for
eighty years, and-'we falsifying our` vows,
increasing' our oppressions, and finally
charging.upon, him our -iniquity l; •SureLy
this iwaslllingthe cup to the briin. What;
then, but the' - pouring imt'lof God's' wii:th'
could be expected?'We may beiice truly
say that Slavery is, one of„ and: a
prominent one, for which , ,Divine ,Provi
demo 'has brought war upon our country.
Theroriginalso of ' the war; its loCality ;
the demands, pleas, pretexts. xnve trans
arguments, 'the eonspiratot:s,fire,
connected , with slavery, and tend to , teach
us why it is that „God sends_ the chastise•
Now, what does God require ~at our, hands
to the appeasing of,his„.soger
Confession and lumiliation. -
2.. The.non-eitenSion . of Slavery.
3. Theoessation ,of sliverY'a„ domineer.
ing power inour national:44 ; m. Agility
we must give Ito the -South, hut not su.
preuxaoy; •.- E •
4. The ameliorating of the conaition of
the . Alayes— r the ,graating, to ,theta of the,
marriage and ,parental rights, the'
mental improvement, and a due reward for'
their toil `Shat is, the reduction of -"'ser
vicit" .to aArueG-ospel standard. ••
5. Emancipation wherever and whenever
it can . be effeCteddWithont
national'CoVenant;and without injury or
injustice, to the, parties ieterested.
By our Constitution and lairs ~,n tetsake,
nationally,'Under bonds to our brethren of
the gouth. These 'must not be , ;iciiat'ed by
IA ~But if .eheg44 , xlTYkrol l ose dm*,
aoi tntto free o,us. from l our , obligations i I then:
we are to make the or;pressedifree from hia
The most disbouragina feature in our ,
present condition, viewed eroclward, is, our
declared purpose to . preserve,; nationally,
theistatus iv° of )3184,71 To the keeping
i?of this purpose we feel hoinid. , by the
tiodat - compact : AU' Ged.'
h rebel i) ' • o ^l ll
peto ur ts the
aws of ar andgthe44riOt s of self-defense
tuilllAakTvoiclakil the obliet which
held, and' compel us to pro
claim and enforce emanciPation. It may
be that this is God's purpose; and if so,
our arms are no,t, yekto proarpref:i hand'
Will ba laid upon thenation yara'ore bogy
lii , kprovidences, and have compelled us to
yield oitr will and strength to the execution
.of his will.
We, still pray that, he may deal with us
in mercy, and not in wrath.; and that, by
the guiding light• and sweet influence 'of
his 'Word and 'and Spirit, he may bring our
whOle people* to that state of feeling: and
that, course of conduct which shall make
I: 2 ,ace and prosperity consistent with his
wise; upright;and equitable•government
his own intellioenecreatnres.
......% ,, t v, ~.,!.,.:,;,, .1.
The army or'tue. , ,t : inited,9tates.presents,
at•present,.one .of , the finest-fields of -labor;
for the advoestea s of temperance:" We have
about three. hundred.. and fifty thousand
Men undorattes . •'-atiEthe number 'is still
incierbsing.l:, E'er ,a: large :'lportion.. of. , the
time, these men .are in camp. The idle.
and.nienotornahs'life. they are there obliged;
. , ... life, ;they . , ,
to lead, induces a great ' longing Tor excite;
'meet. ' 'Renee' `the` nien nre exceedingly,
pre-disposed.lto'''an indulgence - in ' etiengi
drink. If the article is within their,:reach
.many , of Aketu will have iti in , ;Spite 'of all '
yre7entiye measures.. Venonthe. only way :
to keep ,an army sober, istokeepthemeans:
of intoxication iiieedSidble'.'ol2thiprin-•
ciiile.:•o4a4a.l 3 ,lVlebiiLiAx,liAriliS, BUT
- LEB, and others, are" acting:
Rixt;theyneed'help,, And they slionhli
have it extensively. gongressgave seine. its. last SeSsion;.byi. law ; restraining:
liquor dealers in the district of 'Colurnbici,
from iielling . to: sOidiera. The
. law should .
'Se revised; sand. be, made more; general :and
more string:oi! , The - donainander'a 'Poier '
ernbraces-Init,the'eamp, or, at,•the ex . -
tent : of the 'range' "tit''his Pieketa. ' Cont
giessriight - exterid his., sphere; and.greatly
strengthen This- hand's', and Might' make the
diiii obligatory` on tvqiy..eommaniler of an
army, and , might•enjointeVery offiCer"to aid
his superior Penalties iniglit 'also be, at,-
tulle& to drunkenness• on •the part of .6ffi
ters not only in the - hattie field and .on paL
rade i: butJat, any timennd inany place: , --,.
Men &oda' never he entrusted - "to''a
.nor i even• to a " moderate drink
er!' -: Those:;wh - o!will drink', at' any time,.
Will drink .More than usual whenunder.ex
citement ; and the excitement being'greatl:
est '6O f,1,4 , approach:. of . battle,•4o ~ in the
field, the officer is - most likely:to -Lein.toxi
, the, very
. . , . ...
cated at'o.,, voir:#m9. when he should be,
perfectly sober::.' Away with all intemper-•
ate' generali, colditeli; majors,', and captains,
Rut what cant our readers do ? - They
. • . . ..
form a part;anda very a part Of i
the public; : and. public sentiinentis the:ar-
• i biter in thiS - fland. - It 'creates all offices,,'
and eentrols . all : :officers. . It . enacts; modi- , ..
fies' repeale, or executes,' or prefenti the
eXe:cution. .ok.all laWs., .Let: public senti- ,
merit' be:right and strong, and every thing'
' ;will go well. '• Let it become e6triipt, incri,
or feeble, and 'ruin will reault. . •
In addition to. the influence to be, put
:forth by
. wlelespnie laws : and lay the .offi
'eers commanding, much may be. done in a
direct way:by 'the, bermiblent:':;The. ' con
.centration, of„mnititudes in• canip,,furuish
es a fine opportunity Tor persobalinfinence,
and 'also "for influence : . through. means of
temperance— :tracts; -.:and ,, -jon.ritals.: ; The
;chaplaincy system isay.:lonadean iMport
ant medium of successful . effort. , mAnd the
hospitals are'Planes Whereinen . are.eringre
ated under.•cireumstances peculiarly -fa-
Torable for receiving
„the, best' iMpreasions
and cultivating. the: noblest sentiments on
the subjectheforeins.' '. ' '."' '. '
.... ..: . ... .o::..if I
A Washington. : correspondenk, , of , :the
New-York Tribane.'renently .proinulgated a
thought viri;Ak.4,l4 - Ipjully,,i iieenorw,, for the
awaking of the ,friends'nf .teiniieriviip6 and
humanity. .It:ola.Woposition, ,-' restore
.the spirit ration to the , army., -, -461 says
" The most freinent 'derelictiot!sAPii-a
allays ening -frorti;whiski and,other kindred
'iourees of evil.. xlt has been seriously
"iirged of late that a Preventive against this
`temptation would be secured by supplying
the soldiers '''With,:a small daily ration of
fiiquor. It eould,be :fUrnished, without ad- ,
diticnal expense,Thy ;reducing ate the-same
time the threadistatiorr,lwhich is now iyaste
large "
A. Strange idea this for that once ardent
friend of' temperance,` Take aivii.v - `rein
~,• f,
the soldier the, staff 'of,life, and, give him
Poison ~ i nstead I ',-,Such, , ,a thought - But,
`preposterous las , itlie ideal , is,' there 'maybe .
`danger: The'tenh, of ihOttairi l ds of li4uor,
makers, and liquor v,enders, unuer toe pros-i
pept of ,fipecing.pur soldiers of millions of
their money, will t dare: desperate things.-
Let the 'friends of army "efficiently; and' df
order the friends of humanity aid relig-,
ion, be 7,4keful.and, active,
_ . ,spirit ration WS • discontinued ini
`the army. in-.1.832:0. The subject•ilaad been
biliught forward. dengresi 1429, by
(iv! ‘W' A.LW oii;
./93, of New-York.
Threeyettre afterwards thethe .act,, to
,ration Waspassed-by a large -majority.
The order for: the discontinuanbe of all ar;
dent 'spirits vial issued, signedby , General'
CAss, then 'Secretary of war, and !by AO
jutg!AftierOT (. .MF. B -. , Thirtflege
periencez have ;proved,, by the health, l order',
andoproprietY of the men, , and by - thetinn:.
teal -Confidence of men and officers, ,the
wiedoni„Of the course their ad op ed Let,troing back.. Let there rather
advanpes,iby, abolishingithe spirit ration
in thelNaiyilnd by mating , it impiactida
- bleibrnien in the - army to obtain.' 'by
ovo k i p 1.14, ase s, the
,deleterions article.; We
desire that, our sons , and neighbors,- Ahe
hundreds ' , Of thousands of our brave and
patriotic , volunteers, shall return to''their
homes" with bodies, souls, prinprilps and
bablts ilii.eoriupted by the baleful
atiocsKlCalnobPlin drinks- •1,
;• ,Ist is not unusual for the Biiihbpi of the
l Epieeepal Clinieh in passing their aioceses,
to find here andthere little ~ofi
Apiseppalians having no, eharphorganiza 7
Iottoo(;f W9rohl-PI ;Who disire the,
bishep,topreaehs,i4aantinister the rites:of
the-( litiroli , In such eases,theL churches Of
other idanipiitiliatiOns are moiaially phieed'at
I theiitalt4bie r f.
• ?.=
lishing accounts of suen‘services One church
. *.;
ff: 4,1;!:
• ar .COURTEOI3I.,,
them ill, neyer tamed a thurch,
t a house ' 7 o ?coo o 14, in
,ut ie. A ng °Vparagraph-of
ion giving an account or a visi
iehop DE ..T.ANGEY, in Western
The writer says, " The bishop
r• miles to FiieTorrepif, where in
gation Z_ .houseMof worshiß, &ei!
a he ebnimeneed a visitation by
tin'the . Baptist house of myisirip
as soon as the bishop enters an
house of worship, the term church
but iit4'
is •
stane : o
tation . by
New-Itor .•
rode o ttel
the Cons
' B
ThlS n isnot merely. accidental-,
led. and according to'the theory
,14 )
erminizatfon cntalde ef.itself
is enip).o
'but desi;
a'nd 'pra ,
admit `an
red a church. And in reporting
ea of other denominations; Epia
tdiously conveys the idea din
oritself: Now 'We' ask is Ads
is it courteous to accept the
be Consid,
the kipdn
feriority )
144:,:a hurch for, yeligious services, and
then to t 11 those who perform this fraterl
nal act th t 'they do not belong , to a &nick:
No otherfl
ch - ismore' largely indehted,
in Litany iioced, to courtesies of this kind the Episcopal, andisurely it is;about
tune fof that Church to show its , apPrecial
tion of /this liheiality in a iiiore' henoinini
thinner: . •':. ••
1820 took: the lead' of the nations in de
claring the slave trade piracy, and in affix
in it, the penalty of death. It is a humilia
ting fact, however, that there ;; has, never
been, a capital conviction before .to-day, ex
-11"7",,, - : • cept in ,a , single instance, and in that the
Sa . speasion ;.of Religious ~ Papers.— The prisoner was released for want, of attention;
Western„Re wr 'C le r" ' the,BB44 ist' paper ''toitimife techniCal requirement of evidenCe.
of,this .. city, has, suspended „publication; , , - - . - - , !
leaving, _=. infra the only, religious
Louisville. A.,few months sincethere were .able District Attorney, E. Delafield Smith;
paper •.4 1 , ISt has been left , to the present young,-and,
five ,papers` ; o£ this, kind in !tile : city. to secure the vindication of the statute 'in
These times. are peculiarly'
,trying,on Teti- question, and, to strike a blow at this ie
,,oious journals. . Nearly half of those,,pa- ~.. ~ ffi f.which - ' LL.
p - ers
7 . 1441. ,, cam , e , , , toouro l t i c - e a. year since
voitin , g,tra c,, r
f it cannot 500 n,,.
have ceased to live i * * * * * ' Who -we hope never-recover. 'through; Captain
will aid us to, live through the'crisis'— .Shufeldt, our :ConSul at Cuba, <with the
Priskyteriatr, lieralck ' , • cooperation of the Interior and Navy 'De'-
_ . r .
. •
; :Our Southern . contemporaries feel , the partments, and by his eiht energy'and ,per
pressure Muchmore than de Northern pa- severance, Mr. Smith obtained the, requisite
, 0 ~;,' 1 . religious evidence
~..` , , r,
pers. That ,'four-fifths or the
journals "of Louisville shoilld, hive suspend-, triaLresulted in a disag,reement of the jury.
ed regretted ; ,., _l 3 eopleare very un- The' seeond,las terminated in a 4eidiet 'of
wise to permit in occurrence' of this kind. ' gniltY. The District'Attorney, i unaided,
The religious paper' should be. held 'is in and slime; displayed'remarkable ability and
dispensable in every. tense. "The, cast Id ' tact in the conduct, of the ease in court,
but,',4, triile. ' The , benefit,' CSPecisili3v.itb, and his Closing address to the jury was
young, ,1 ~.,,. ~. . ~- ,
the is, incalculable. ,It is the seed- a convincing and masterly effort.
tinie with them. ' They should havothel
news; and i' have -it through a religious ' THE Nei-York Independent at Jest he r
comes sore under{ the eriticisms.made ~upon
channel ' Theypeed the . .!Enb'ilede,,, and. it for , publishing such stuff' as: is ,eften I
else., thelucitekents, religious) 111 °Ptl and, found in 'Beeeher's sermons:'' :It l , acknoWP:.
social, Of
~ ,e;weil conducted=paper., --,,., ,:, • edges that passages in these seri - aims are
~It is anamivise'thingto fall out With an
editor 'because in some "things he does , hot highly objectionable, but ‘ says ~that ;the
antidote may be found in other .terinons;
11 ' '
a g' iee *i6 'uils" - 11"e j eet her OY 'at " °e ;1 :)ut I ' and advises the collation , of 'the 'termutia ,
on m a tters -Pf,lnln°9- Importance ,- : for the of arriving'at Mr. Beecher,s
versity, of sentiment. ~Now man is perfect ; ' s3rstem of truth, and intimates that when
neither is,any: one - honinifte-receive , all that'
,he reads. , Eiciiiiiine and select; and'where ' this is -dope he will be found in9rooithodos:
than. is 'generally supposed.:: This is: cer
' ~ ' ~.;i,.., ,, • , • •
your paper' is orthOdbx in religious senti- -
. , ,
thinly a' - peor apology for the- monstrous
men t,,,cleste,An * i language, ,and patriotic,,
in social feelings, sustain it. , ,
errors' and absurdities'' this paper gives forth
to the World from4 l. ." 3 lneher) and .which
The profit to the publisher, of a religious ' some
paper is, at the best 'Of times, so low that; ' Presbyterians allow ,te n euter ; their:
families and inoculate their children.: ,, The
he eanfoL,affOrd the , , diminution. of evil o
believe,the' dit ' " f the'
truth .is, we e e ors
times. Hence ,the suspensions. Let f
•,, ' • .,independent are tired of Mr. Beecher, 'and
Christiana note this., . ' ~., , . ~ , .' would be gladly freed .from his resenee in
their columns. Bit Mr. Bowen owns the
. ,
THE CATALOiRr.E of Harvard Uniiergity
for 186142 'bias` been iadished: Tlie fol
lowniF is , the-sutun?ary :IDivinity Students,
18'; Luw Students, 103,;' Scientific
dents, ;,57; :Medical Studentsp 206;1
dent 'Graduates, 7 '7--391: Undef"Gradit-
JuniOra, 118 ; ,
snores, Freshmen, 114 ;4442. Total
833• • -; • 1
The war, 'have had:but little ,e,ef- scribed ~,merely on ..this.• account. Still,
feat detriineradl to , thiSiverretable Institu we must say= that- the, - story, -- so far' as'
tion. Would that itivere under an' hill- it' went,'' was 'net' adapted'' to reconi
• el•
once •more s decidedly 'Evaugelical.. -113,ut , mend:"Evengelical and. Bible truth,. and'
Anierican ehristins'yetlnPe and pray;for its stoppage was no loss ,tO the : ioteresta:
the reestablishment of the,Old i Puritanjaith of . But, to , : return to the new
in the -University , fournied:. by .Puriten discovery,: The, Independent ,has latelY
hands and ;endowed , ;with the , money of awakened to the ,fact that the BiUical
those who loved their tenets R erio Tyr , rnceto Theo co„ea
hinc,n has' been said. of late about inary are deeply tinctured with—what?,
extraorinary liberality'Uf liniversalists to- Be aStonished, =O, reader—with' Rcitionol
ward their ; , iterary institutions, and- of the ism r! ! The-indignation, ire; and love or
wonderful success' of their schools and col Truth of that jhurnal have been exerted to;
leges viiirninh popular favor. Among alarming ; degree'. and in due time, it..
these Tuft's 0;9 / liege Massachusetts haw) williset.about slowing up,in .the mostap
beep i a special ~object of patronage.. But ;,s proVed stylepthe Rationalism -of the , Rep-1
neither money her puffing has succededin ! ; ertork, and 'Princeton Seminary generally.
attracting a large number of studentkj Whether Hodge Dr., sits less easily in his
the Annual CatalOgue just . issued, ."
; prOfessorial chair, than formerly,or,whether
pe4fe,thatthe'nUMber of students is as his brother Professors are ready to fly be
lbws Seniors, 11.- Juniors, 15; Sopho- cause of , the threatened :attack; we have' not'
mores, 12; Freahmen - ,11; , Partial Course, learned
ppy:Fallon., .A.ppiqms bas, appointedd,
• Thursday,ithe2lst :of ,November, as a
EOf thanksgiving 'and • praise. This is ,
'24lst; anniversary ofthe diy . ,Of signing the
. • -- •
nal ca pact
,of government on .board ;
tibe Mayflower., in.'F'lymouth harbor. -This
4honida* an occasion of Igreat .interest
the Old Bay State. And donbt the '
f rnernoriOs Vie: fathers will be' revived' in
ry any
b •
1 'The felleviing lEicrimeNT RuidS were
4.4, • 4' 4
`adopted by some of. the soldiers in the Bth
horine g t:icui; re'giinbiit4 before :'leavingfor
, the: 'gidewh i r
r •1-:
WP 'the,undereigned,, do hex*
, C.
Istrie4y,Observe:the "o lowing rules
this - 'teit: ; l To Wholly abstain, from,, the
•41se„ / profane: aoltivulgarlanguage.,
'T° be • present at morning and evcning . de 7 .,
wotiOns, whenever it is possible. 3.4 To
foreguthb use of all. ntoicating,beverages
except for medicinal, purposes. We, will
strive,to ever, remember that we are fight 7
nit and holy cause, and will aim ; to
fit Ourselvei every way for, the hour. of
conflict and., danger.,
Soldiers who start outivith such .resolu
, tions and adhere steadfastlyto' them; cannot
/ fail' to do Signal SeiiviCe..for their country.„
ToO'nineh Care cannot be taken to
,oursarmy•vat a proper fear ,of God. , For
notwithstanding all thathis , been done, ,
,raueb.-syet; remains to be accomplished in
restraining from sin, 'andthe
Saviour of sinners: •
There-seems-to hem° unnatualltramous
,I ; INTEREST,at present;' throughout"' .„
England.' fi 1 i Juch
n, attention . is given, to Sib-
1 • `•
'bath School ,instruotion and, the -churches
aie-unusual+lyiwell`attethere , ara!
no revivalk land- only here Tonal - there are
additionitifiade Wilie awakes. - Yet ttt . ere
, are Loony who, sigh lono• pray, and labor
fctr a general revival,of religioni who Mourn.
'over the desolationi oflZiOn. • • -•
/VETr - YORK. •„ =
Turns: 'are. 'alarge,„ nuMber of strangers
." •
the city, almost equalhng t -r• he tim,,s of
t peate at this season of them!. tislpess.
~-<, ~, ~ .
eio , -
• 4 9 47 .
• \
10 14
is con, ,, iidetblyicreaaed, t r od
„ the-Niects
the distribittion4 of CrOverrunelit funds fOr
; Welt theriroduets of-the Weit are begtnning , to
be felt already r Debts in that quarter are
being paid, and cash purchases to a large
amount continually take place. And army
suppllies e t
ies ons luea very important branch
of trade.
week, createdconsiderable stir. The Marl':
Common Council, Board of Aldermen, and
the Committee .of Public Safety; respect
ively waited: on ' him, and . many of the
leadin& b 'Citisena honored h nY. with a call.
He sailed for Europe on Saturday, in com
pany with his son-in-law, Col. •H. L. Scott
and wife, and Thurlow Weed, on. the Arago.
The veteran General goes abroad to consult
. ,
diatinguished 'French' phygmana concern
ing hie maladies, on, account of which he
now suffers greatly. Thurlow Weed , de
clares that he goes to Europe solely. on
- private business, and in no official caliaCity
. .
Independent ; and- Mr. Beecher. - is• Mr.
Bowen's pastor, awl: ;`is deter
mined to make as much• money out .of Mr.
Beecher, both for gin!./ldeleieden't and the
Plymouth•ehureli of Brooklyn, as possible.
•HoWever, the 'Ziediitendent has made a dis
;covery, and taken another matter in hand.
!Lasts'itall; the s'ensa'tion' attraction of the
Iticreffendett was, a • story' from
Beecher StoWe; raw
.• • •€ # • 4-' :11 . ;
iittinhnrsinnd,then *ppid thes.litsaypoint
ipg .thn Nwegtnt,iona oft many•yrito had
BY TEM City of Hozo.rork, which reach
ed this port on Sunday, arrived Rev. H. G.
2,kif ,
Q. Dwight„Constantinople, - and
Rey. Albert Bushnell and,his of. -the
mission-at the Gabooni on the;'Western
coast ofAfrica. Dr: Dwight is 'one of the
,tri • - 73 a ,
oldest and most 'Of,, pur American
t honod i.„
rnissionaries,”having been, , in, the East
thirty years. i He "brings- with, him. three
daughters, and also , t;wn'of Re4K,MX:.Bliss:
Bushnell" left Africa - 'in &lily, ; on 'ac
tiae' itii . hiswife ,
coun o - ea o and,- as
-: • spent some weeks in -England, where they ,
hoped she • might .balso • far restored that ;
I trey <cdnld return at once to their
. fiell•of
;''labor.'''' But, finding;' the :,voyage' Of ; 'ilireat
ketefit, physicians advised, them, .to pr,p ! lnk
„thie f Atlantis and remain in America tilLthe
;•noitsetiaon. They • hope to go back2to
•• • .
irk* intthe'Spring.,
,THElo4,risokin, Attettigencer, the able or
fiddle an - kiiity : Of whichvie give an - '6i2.1
'adopte4 bithe membirm ofour
and this extract maybe consideredasaliplica
i .ble to ourselveSi,merely changinglheinniThlis
'Oar Church' hit loih'iiiiielirfiforealthiiiit;
. •., • • LI • , :.•T
. of a proper denominational , loyalty.;
• But there is still another kiadrof loyalty;
which is:by no, means an, generally a'dmitted.•
and,acted upou•as it deserves to 7 be. Thiel
is loyalty 4) the Clirch.. Christendom;`
even among orthodox _believers, is divided
into various camps, united bytheir general.
adhesion to the Gospekbut divided• by•their.
varying-.views on minor, , points.r%tEvery•
, disc:44B,lo make himeelt. truly effeettive,.or;
indeect; to,;falfila some of; his plainest; ido
, ties; must ijoia himeelfrto 7 one; dr the' other
thaielcamps ; arid ac - cordiugly 'all with '
,v i ery fevi exceptions, are found 'thus enrol
led, and. belong to some one of the •various
.dePominations or Churche.s.
Now, eccleei
astica•l _loyalty meansthat they rvrho have-be
come part of a,Church should identify them
selves, with it, ,and: labor to.serve the nom
„mon Master, through its means and modes.
This ; is ; a, part of the subj ection- they! met*
their brethren, in. the- Lord. Our , own
Church, fOr example, has certain; plink of,
benevolent, operation, not.theidd upon h er.
from . without i „but, adopted Arberiiirnrielp.i
resentative bodies' after:m*44 oonfererkt.,,i,
• ee to
liCiairtam•.---- ___
_ _ —______
So long asAese Ohm- continue every Duteh-*;
mania bogd tßyender to them his cooperai
tion)'. He'ingl.Pfild‘gp some or all of tbeni,
unwise or inexpe4i4 ent, but if he cannot peri
suede the Ohnrokticradopt his views, his only.
course is to fall in and help the causes
_for .
ward .a mach as be can. P articularly i close!
, ~
this duty devolve; upon the
414 plu c .. - -.
sistories. ' ZolaltYlO tilektrinieVteiltures'
them -to - give their pe6plgiuTopfidttiinityi
evcrY ryeart.lq, contri bute,: e. AO' haei VW
mired Itein, to the Various poards. . T4il, re
line. ibis, - no matt e r for Wiiai reason, is to
repudiate the alletianie due to theCltiCh
under Christ. It is rebellion on , aildnall'
scale. It is,a,necdler irAtzffe.,• dpn,Olei-,
national bonds.., It iiialiegripas,,Pli2:T e ltif A
the brotherh o od. ~Itilifystak ty4Aknags- Into'
all our Operati s citis. , ,It jp.a 09R•rse )o, l jclb'
if geeerat, Itykt,o„wpuld .sopn rissolife;
our body iak ot; ifaiiirignal up1er00441094
blacken, 00 ist.iryii* 4.laKteENiAiti'
honor. Oil; for a,r(14i4.2,f gwiraii,ifori
alty iii.',,theo46ll, ilivolhqiii;al.ll otr.
, _ , ,,,,,u ..:1.• ~., •* 1 V.* . 4. t
c/.r!v,1.-.:.:c,pit rttliern9 Iwo liv oni:tilnkj , t
C H atitaiwlloirsitznihas i j tiatv t rutligliiiai
a ...../..,...iktviiiii
a new werthrthe'lLiii.-N7p. ,tctee - .u. m; •
-en title'd - " Oltir'ijinTtry.attil il4 Ohnkli:" :
It ia,divided intik two parts. Part L.iQur•
Country' ' Its Exaltet. Part Il Tire ,
rt- ion. •; -:.;
Church-16 Perils.ind`Dativils., ' 3 ' , f. ,
~.• .. - h.)
.. !f •-••• ' ''. .. ~.,..,:iii tee- ii..1..,i,,,51/4141
Irtile bifiehiii! reaciVeriatinstiaiiisig&A:
degree from ', — ;li;igi," ir — f g i glt ,
lm.Rn. p., .
'Siring, when many dais, merofientit •in
posed themselves .. , hopelessly,, rikirrd ~ be
d-, i•-• .' b een ; '. t... !:
cause the ; ponthern trade,hpd cu sj off.
....,.:- ,the
'*t'el4 ff 94 litv ly or
nl44not .a, , le inoreiu • an,gFest
I. 'few are Atenmwhat utopia 9f Oc t terror
with Which ' they Were.neiteinn' iht-helii
:4; / 44:2' tn,.. , -) . II
91(iditlei tothis Philadelphia is,
n ref
h a the:
ceiving, v asolie should, sore,,
'Government bUsiness:. Cont i ract i s c have beet).
entered into in thiseity with the Gpvern
iiient,' inininish7iiithousenite?ool ) T i e ,,
Or tonii'..'forpipkets, in
.1•,1.11;_ w
Lion of those used by, the Frencharmy.
portion of these, will be R prcpared At:the
arsenal: theY are tobp,9lnen„arvi both
lighter in weight andkitronget than those
of cotton. They are buttoned together and
fornilat single tent e iin along continuous
line. ''Twenty thoniind 'Siblefients: have
alio been ordered, fni.,Whnter:ifilirters, at
cIPOPM Pa,* t?feAfT9 Inerl
Sixteenthousand light Sheet-iron Stoves;
with Out bottoms; have - then orgerect here;
at a doit'of $2.62i. , • These are for the of&
eerie tents. The fire *Willi be i ldpdledy;on
the ground under them, and knersow, fun
nel will,e4rry the smoke through a hole.
the top of the tent.
clATI' 4 * is depply,intprested, in, the jrelig:_:
ins condition of:our army, andrivill hold
a series of-meetings in someOfithetrlnci.,
pal cities, (the first of which linlethia
Week the pu i rfeie)?f
Calling the attention of Christiansgeneratly
to the great work tole.done forthe "spirit
ual welfare of our soldiers. • '
THE V. Tll6i4s M .031 , 3111131GEtilt.
was installed pastor of the
. ..4.leAanderPres-;
hyterian church, PhiladelPhin,•l4:theiCen
tral Presbytery' of: iihiladelphie, , 'on; the'
evening of Thuisday 3 lit the
:erator,,,the Env., Dr. ,West,,,preseeti,and
proposed, the constitutionatquestinns thei
_Rev. Dr.; 4dwards •preached the 'sermon;
the Rev Francis Ladd 'deliVered the 'charge'
• ,
'to' the pastor; end the Any: Dr. Olinetead`
+ charge to the peOpie The char' .Was
filled by en attentive and interested congre
, . ,
gratin', 'and the anew pastor npoir his
lehors in• the growing ainthemitiful4art of
the city *Which God' hit; east his lot , with.
pleaient, prospects Of, usefulness and,,sue
BitA 'ivas - Ordained. -an :Evan.
-; gelistliby- the PieabyteiyoffVeitleif3ey;
owthel.29th of Pre s bytery
Ile is to Joan
' later invarclieitly- settle* sehtii;n kif'iqeiv"
Jersey; on the ,Caniden nand Atlantic
Railroad. 1!.
*toed, Book :of
7DiNArlua..E - ,l{Ky.y 0ct28;r1.861.
• IV iEkSB.S ,::
jy ti 4 ° 4 _
. .r4g.Tosp Ver. 931 ii,u rowmey
as' CiddiatUn
'on the me ,
.erit ° the, kivisq Aook of
iyuc l ypzine, : t o make tbe follo,Wing . e*tement.
through' y our , foi.'94.MObrniatinne
of meMbert that ",Committee, &nth
the Church at large'?
1. 'All the members of` that COmmiyee,
will imniediately reeftive,-1.4, the office ef the Boairoil
.Pablication,., t twp
copies or the "
.Refined l .
' Book Aisp ft
pline," ai; agreed. 0n.. 0 .Al;e: ; preting ;at,
Pittsburgh, in Ang47o;tarlllak.,
2. 'Ate meeting of tlje ,-Pre-,
posedto be held—in Ny'arilkinKton•P • ity, in
thekora P' . 'art of D eO.94 ) OFLOS#)--ii, post-, poned' to ' l 2a, later _Teri* and. a _different
plan?: : Tha t -
, Ineil 7 nt,Alla 4 o: l o4 the
place of General ` Asse mbly,.
of 11511 Z, on 'tile day previous thereto, at
in INI - BicPlatota same
The i3ta ed ,!:p
.m •
of the ,piab
rids will • receive - twqinte4lenvc !
each, pt the I sevieed '
at in eaily'Periad.' 'These copies are for
the nee of. the , P r Ai ib itprino - 94,,•A 4 a ,zen
tainfkihn'otkinr to b.e-retuVkto Ake,. 9 1 *.7
nOtitee '
the ...#8*414; W ith •f9/4 q 41 , 11 .r 1
as "ale. PiesbYte4. Pit,Y? 4 1 E 2 k . '
FIAT ttiPtilfe, , smid.APti, Pq,•l
itliv ? ,ot the proper pia,Res t „.,T.heae .t ahould,
• beiettlibed to me ,s o "aslo "44
'threidace l. by the 'let of aar n 2 t. •-•
I‘4 •A :sufficient nutgliet; : eg "nt - 444*i
• cOities 'will' be printed": each mew ;
her of the General Assembly, of 1.862,With
ode;:-,tind will be Ali, V,eied . tif 'Lain w afteitbe
lx?dY is convened. r
' meniberp - or tbh cMnmittee *or
secure aci*tair' '';e:bliiilbieteis
'to reach' thlrilOth -otngeri6l4,r-,
or tlititillieplelt ~eattoec)iy ' of"tlie~n on tie
blani'leavie 'OTT *ll rill' 117nioigh
errors, an
, rnad g at t ia • . • •11 •
r .
• All' . the religions lieWspainl'Otitenieti
With' (Ali rei6a-tglifiugii`re
..milf* .at iv i vei ke rti*
ece 2441
_ . ,
4 ; 01 /P rr. 'Ix?: oho; 1., . 1
-This Canip is .noW-oacupieditrtie iliiga
Regiment' Pennsylvania: volinitetik--7Thitii
'Regiment - has been, mustered ttlirtlngh thei
I• energetic patriotismi of Colii.Plßyliiilly;
o%Kittanning, Who obtainedEittv'ooiltmitily
and the order for,iti organizatio n , trod-awl
proper' Departments ofoGovernment. ,
:Reginxirit hiur J Th e e
been raPidli - fillii g up Within ithe;past lei , weeks, a.ndita s the prOspadt
of(bentgi so pa •readir ftiri'reitoirti. to' tire. '
•of.warilit bat 0.: 1 (109q 9,dt .! I
1,5 t
and had an6lloiid 'Bl6 erief.command. C o l
L tkilregularly educated and experiente,i
having resigned the position o f
'Colonel, in the regiment command e d
by Mot. 8.X.; Black, now, at the seat of
war , to _ oe n4y his present position. I n
this offlcei:wertiliit have a • poliShed Ch r i s.
well' known in your c i t i es
88 an exemplary_member of_the Lutheran
. Church, -of which Rev : W. A. Passavant w as
• Day. licriy, of Callenpurg, Clari on
County, PitTlinsheen appointed Chaplain,
and has entefeCipon the - discharge of hi s
The tii .. nde : ** chiefly f rom
the rural.,distris4oo44l.#joining now,
ties, and Tal• Inty.rP,hlPf4Vse,d as one i n
which sojpipky t ;good . ,., 00 BT l :alid a just re ,
Bard for' the dlailip .9f ,rnokiikq. and religi on
will be duly maintained.
PiThe4lßeqencelofireoruits t 'frail) neighbor
hoods and families w hereetbese:interests are
regarded as impo, ,rtant; ,relatives an d
friends,..ityennekqy, solicited, in the e on ,.
pletion of the regiment. C.
, •
The lion. o C. roc on`lig
viha ing tv ir i N vi rr eit,i i 4. ei u G ed en a e i r_al ,
President rand;
the rebel nr
festo resigning hisrarilacetdir the' Senate..,
the United
Ex-Se Wlgf ( „X.he New-York
.Eveniv joppyrixtg hard ac
count of 7 #9. 8 -Pre9MinPoN.6' Brigadier
General : '
'‘‘,Wigfal = lies been miide a Brigadier
and_Sh.q.„...Rtolmo.on.d Examiner
rejoices, over .biru, ,as .>` a man of energy,
daring, great resource a i n j d o .untiring activ
ity, '---‘ ono of the most, useful friends we
rad ther'Snife.'-"Tliik'piaise 'is not, nu.
deserved..ti -Migfill"-hartft' the qualities
which, are*crittedctolhi.m.:-m-hut he has, un
fortunately, no trace of honesty; and such
.of 11;e r
Pogetier4tes„gtin own property
should thgir.'gdard'Ageiust the new
Brig,adier.Yltonis T:-Wigfail l of `Texas, is
pdrhaps, thelworsttmat thelSouth has. H e
began life as an assassin; when he was
force Ttofitzto,,,Texgs,,,,hs,set ~up there a
law Ana; coyectkris,ageney,.p.nd cheated the
tik.rehants-him, He ezz .
hekslect thewmciney - i he'collected, till he
could no longer get any onto trust him—
therkibeganlelitic..s,and gokiiiraself elected
to th,eipn4eslSitatesSe,n,a„hi,„,where he was
foremost in ;the fi l onspyacyr, mainst the
T3nion. Thief; mapneiirtheleWlierigOodlinaleriiirffir's Confed
• I Prinec Napoleon's ,. Ropott.—"We have seen
aipritateiettanfreinakgentrOninn-who knows
of, whatjte.,,wrj_tee,. Which pays: :that " the
ince - Nago eon stnee ; his ,return from
gmericsa makes no disguise -in - expressing,
both" ire'isitbibY and l ikiia.te t ; his decided
coniiditakt . thair diet NitrthPisonot o k rily abun
dantlss4l4-stoothi#,lhe ralairehiddegirtsineahrnuadti
that. it
; :; i be t t 'an ter 4 l,!7r l.l 4 l9 -0.. d e ° ,
coOe iA the, gpv.§."9olls4l4 l o,..finlnight
1 5..11..-11' i paueedis;., reaching
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which.- ;peals' theithpessiOnall attention in
these 'times..-1 1 .0thend familieer: 'remaining
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;another while the war lasted.
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America" was the most bitterly . abmilli:of
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*igied'togtl4:lkiihm'and - 6f "e 'Department
of Kentucky, entered the service on the Ist
, of Jnly,ipl4l, as secontiZentenant in the
iTlllo,Tura9l,,ry. lA9,imatly.disting4shed
himself in yariana . eßgag I:nepts during ; the
iMeiiim : .war, and . yr ‘ ap
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and xneritoriena,,eonduet 4 ,ilpi l jesysary,
lttN, h e was app:Ogled ,',A,sti444,4j,tttant,
Pi** wit.l l 49if rank of, captain,,and has
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partment ever OA%) 414g.).*VkVfientlY
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to fill a irapiney.created„h*,4ece4 ant of
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and ,e,graliate,Of :West, Point.. -
-The-Case of igob Milial' off the•aritY, has
beem:•llficided. niThenColoriel i ins ., charged
with drunkenness at the battle of Bull Run,
an f i . ;tlieeenet Of tlntelaiiirfib-dgihii n - jiilty,
butt'd &sides: that, in sale uch . • as% n $ : g n if ie j en t
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a Court Martially further pro
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the same metre as the originat - biit not in
rhyme, which] eftables: the trasislaterto keep
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whose name is associated with the East
Inaihif rebellion 'arii9eff iii'linallington a
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11 VAIRTIES:, , • 1
.ages_l !itlt.:i , & W . V . (
uigs Iof tQC ifilly.—The following
' • "i•s a ro LkilvAlfßA* l , 44 , s.tipn of ladies
11`71:1`;'uttii1310112%,411/:51.129 soldiers :
tr )l W4 eB,,l lfldJA9Fltne Yarn - Cast
, on ."..mtYr i ejgta.t r iatitpl,,ef i awl:knit the leg
;,..`t el lyP,ll B . 4r Pe:fOr . e ! seAtipd*" heel. The
1 11,55 1 °' 3 1 0 2 ,.tchrPe, t .(9A . Ak r 4lf inches long.
11111 ” 9 .l9i! l kiltqf one foie and one
LOSPJArt Etrie.al4k— The foot should
~1,31.91."434€1:1.: 7., •
State , /Of Friine,out of
three hundred and ten thousand two bus
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u nd 6 r ‘Proileription gra d es of so
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tweikty-ftye 'boort:ee, He'rs , of which the,
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