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    1NNE..............J. ALLISON S. LITTLE
Editors and Proprietors.
CLUBS 1.25
Two DOLLARS, we will liffild py man seventy number
Ir ONE. DOLLAR, thirty-three numbers.
nes sending us twiorre subscribers and upwards, will
eby entitled, to a papey without charge.
nvals should be prompt, A little before the year expires
pnyments by safe hands. or by mail.
all letters to DAVID APIIINNET
Pittsburgh, Pa.
loteedlngs of the Synod of Pittsburgh,
KITTANNING, October 10th, 1861.
l Synod of Pittsburgh met according to ad
anent, at 7 o'clock P. M., in the Presbyte-
Church. The opening sermon was preached
le Rev. Charles P. Cummins, the Moderotor,
Phil. iv : 6—" Let your moderation be known
men. The Lord is at hand."
(ter sermon, the Synod was called to order,
constituted with prayer by the
a. Niniatere. PIWoe.
• Patterson, D.D., Joshua B. Gibbons,
)nerond, Ehenczer
gel IVilson , D.D., Matthew,Hawkins,
on Hughes, H. Roland,
' TlcOlintoak, Sohn
Hughes, W. S. 'Caldwell.
MB Jeffery, D.D., Joseph MoGaughy,
id McKinney, D.D. Thomas Siddoo,
Jennings, D.D., James Laughlin,
Mollvaine, John Jaoh,
:. McClung, John S: Russell,
trd Lea, James Armor,
• Jacous, D.D., F. G. -Bailey,
D.D., Wm.: McClure,
4 Kerr, John Morrison,
(es H. Smith, John Hays,
. AlcKaig, • William McMillan.
W. Hazlett,
M. Paxton, D.D.,
lam Grenough.
D.D., Robert McWillien,
cFarren, D.D., D. McConnell,
Gillett, W. L. Trimble,
Is Davis, J. M. Turner,
lam Edgar,
. Walker,
s Montgomery, John Moffit,
cCay, Thomas Steyrart,
un McMichael, Samuel Sloan
Cummins, Joseph Armstrong,
Wray, L. E. ,Bartlett
ob Mat eer, Joseph Porterliep,
McKean, William Ariattrong,
J. M. Kelly:
ritessimaßT FIAA.MIIIS6
)h Painter, D.D., John Hood,
Colledge, Joseph Harbison,
Donaldson, D.D., Itobeif lark,
Stark, Josephz Sutton,
. W oodend,
James MoKes,
9w AicElwayne, W. Mqntosh,,
B. Irwin,
James Stewart,
R.O. Martin,
.T. W. Lokan,
Joshua Anderson,
James Morton,
Robert McHenry . ,
David Coon,
John. McCurdy.
P. Kennedy,
; Townsend,
T. Spargrove,
rosbytery of Redstone.—Rev., Messrs. A. G.
,hild, D. D., J. B. McKee, T., Martin, H. y.
;B, W. F. Hamilton, Alex. lge,Haiighey, Ii Y.
Jborough, J. Martin, J. H. Flaneffatt, W. W.
4 eBbytery of Ohio.—Rev.• Messrs. •W. Smith,
~ George. Marshall, •D.D., A. B. Brown, D.D.,
Marks, D.D., W. D. sow,rd, D.D..,John„
i, Samuel Fulton,Sturnuerionak;,,lltomi
Jerson, C. G. Bradock, Thomas "'(r: Thie
f; N. Mollittney.
-esbytery Blairsville,—Joseph , Smith, D.D.,
i. Hastings, Boss Stevenson, B. L. Agnew.
, eshy tery of SaiWiurg.—John 14,,Kirkpatrick;
t. Barrett, S. P. Bollman, W. G. Shand.
,o(l then proceeded to,tbe election of officers,
the Rev. George Hill„Wat3 chosen Modera
old Rev. Andrew Mcglwayne, Temporary
*od then adjourned Aill•toTmorrow morning,
eclock. Concluded with prayer.
FRIDAY MclitNING, 9 o'clock.
od met, and was opened with prayer.
Minutes of the last session were read.
Stated Clerk laid a docket on the table.
)'Moderator announced the appointment. of
flowing Committees, viz. :
BILLS AND OvErgyn”,--1 1 liniPter 2 —Cba,s•
tannins, C. V. M'lCa!g; Jas. Davis , JOhn
iers, J. M'Clintook. Alders—J. Miffit; J.
), E. Finley.
ICIAL COMMlTTEE.—Afif4iiierB—R. Lea, J.
4ghes, W. W. Woodend, D;,.gcy; D. Prk
ik. Elders—F. G. Dailey", - J'as. Carothers,
4. Montgomery, W.. M. PaN n ton,, N. H.
j . Elders—H. Roland, J. Harhition.
I,vr. of ABSENCE FROM. Pplamm.l3Bspions.
hers—J. Stoneroad, G. W. Meoldin, J.
Elders—S. Sloan, D. M'Connell. ••-
lONS or ABSENCE FROM Pan - limns' Men
calliniffltera—S. M. M'Clung, T. S..Lnaeon,
'.r. Elders—J. B. Gribbodo,
4:motiAL EXERHISES.—MHOgre -- 7Jogo r pti
F. Orr. Eider-4ohn Hoed.
Vs —S. H. Shepley, J. S. Elder. Elder
1.D51 OF .THE PRESBYTERY OF 012110.—itin
.. 0. Patterson, D. W. Town end. .Elder
terii eld.
:^s—W. Hunter, J. E. Carothers. - Elder
17 . 8—A. Donaldson, J. W. Walker. Eder—
Mateer, W. Ewing. Elder—J:lll.
motion, Synod resolved to meet at 9 &oleo&
and adjourn at 12 M., to meet at 2, and
at f) P. M., during their present ,ses-
Committee on the. Narrative of the, State
(glen being absent, on motion, Drs. Jacek
td A. 0. Patterson, and elder'W. S. Cald
kere appointed to prepare a Narrative.
add proceeded to appoint the time and
'the next meeting; and the FiTO : phurch,
tgh, was chosen as the place, 'and 'the
'Tuesday of October, 1862 at 3 o'clock
,',, as the time.
Rev. James Wilson, of the Synod of Nash
Rev. William Fleming, of the Synod of
is ; Rev. W. F. Kean, of the Synod 54' Atte-
; Rev. S. Caldwell, of the Synod of Chi-
Revs. W. Haines, and Jas. Kirk, of the
,of Iowa; and Rev. M..Schweigart, of the
Ical Lutheran Church, were invited to
lOrre.ponding Members.
ward of Colportage presented their .Ait
.port, which was accepted and committed
~S.Ferran and J. Y. breartney, And
T. Russell, to report thereon.
!allowing is the Report of the Board:
" •
Ilscal year, just closed, has been ,onelif
'tostration in general business. The banks
ipended specie payments; the State has
, stay-law ; imports have deoyeased more
talf ; manufacturing has diminished.; hun
millions of dollars, due by the South to
th, are withheld; civil war has been
end rages; the 'country is in turmoil, and
Vs feelings are absorbed in the'strife;
ributions to works of benevolence have
fearfully. It cannot then but beeslt our Board of Colportage will share
'amity. We are, however, enabled to
the reduction in the amount of -our
vs been small, while, in some suspects
•d's interests, ouncendition has, im-
:eputive Committee were. induced, last
emove our place of•husiness from St.
to Hand Street. !hie -Ibirmer peel
s I central, public, and well known, the
teadu wit)) teMe trhpiaatiopt , Put.
James Cnrothere,,M.D.,
D. Ei. joxis,
John Love,
Wm. Barnett,
Robert Beatty.
• cit...) - -,,, „. • -.•-,• - : • - - - t , ''"- - ' -4 ' - -"".""`• - . - - '''''''''''''''''"*''"' 17- ' 1 v ,,,, '4. L •_ , _
,_ : 12;. _. .....:__ -1-, "".!Armt- , - ,,,,, .....--= -....-...
, 11 r
_......_ * '
~. 6. ....: ~.1,.,,' , .‘ „ .„, ~,„ .' .....'• , ....
. .. _ . ...,.....
, .
. ...
_ L.. ,
- 7"
. . .
, • , -,„. .: •_, , , k . 4, 7 , ~ , , , u•Thili.,-1 c , ~....,,, ~ • • • . • ,
. .
!••• 4.1
those rooms were poor,' and the refit was high:
The removal would cost us some money;and
a loss of some weeks of , business; but still',
was ventured; and the result, thus far, indicates
that. it was wise. The furniture, Ste., for the
nw, store-room and committee-room, were .
Plied,gratuitously by a few friends ; we save fifty
dollars a year intent; and our' establisliniefit is
much improved in comfok and, attractiveness.
We submit to the Synods the following State
ment of the Condition and Business : of the Board
froth. September, 1860, to September, 1861:
Volumes on. hand, 5,883, val-
Lees 25 per cent. dicoqnt,..
Amount of debts front ledger.
Furniture, carpets, &c.,
Cash on4ad,
Amoont of our jadebtedneso,..
Capital stock,
Sales from Sept. 1860, to
Sept. 'lBBl,
Profit on Baletzt,
Expenses of the Room,
Contributions : to Colportage,
from churches,
Paid Colporteurs
,anti done
Lions, •
Colporteurs employed, ocen,
Capital at the close of 1859,
‘f. 1860,
44 44 veil
On,. this statement, of the Board,',o affairs, w.e
make a few , remarke:
1. It is obvious that . our expenses are .very;
Leso than: seven. hundred, dollars :psysi
our Librarian and salesman, our rents, freight,
taxes, Postage, fuel, stationery, '&e. Our . sales, I
owing to the stagnation. of .business, have been ;
not quite so large Its they were last year, but still,
the profits have met expenses.
2. Our Capital .has. increased nearly five hun
dred dollars.; our stock also, is larger by three
hundied`dallars, and our indebtedness is less by
three hundred sad nine &Bari; All this shows:
an improved condition.
"3. Contributions from the churches have been
less this year than the previons, by $l2O. Renee
our colportage work .end gifts home been; less.
This is deeply to be regretted. The indifference
•of our Churches to this work;; we do 'not knoiv.
,how,. to account for. When we say churph-,
es, we mean especially pastors and elders, the
leader's of the churches. The people we are .
.00riddent ivouhi contribute three-fold, or Aye-I
fold more than they de, if ,only they w e re in-'
ft:risked of the'Board's work and` Its need;indrifi
tlieirlwere called upon regularly.. , Can thehreth-,
ran ? pot be awakened to more, prativiW, ? th).olci
of two Synods, einbracing 166 %ministers 245
churches, and 20,432:communicants, eontiibut..;
ing,orily- $317.70 to Such a cause, and for a fLpiii
so needy, is truly painful:
4. Oar stock of books embraces the publics-;
,tkeas, of X1°41 ,4 *14 4 P1.1 80 Vt gc,tel
selection from the best Boards and publishing,
houses in the'couritry, We thus furnish's large,
choice te teloistere,itriTA4 80- 1
bath Schools. For this reason we press it upon.
the brethren of `the'Syners 'to Patronize their'
own,gtOre, tilkeY them' .
selves, .and strengthening their own institution.
5. We agaiwentreat, that every-clutrch
give us an. annual collection; and,Aus make As
the distrihuters of their bounty by tolportage.
and 'donations: • E
:The Deard„hwattstained a serious loss in the
death.of Rev. A. D. ,Cempbell,.D.D. Dr. Camp-,
bell was one of our= - roost efficient mernbers
always on .the, Bieoutive Conintittee ; LL always
prompt, ,and ever,actlye.,. ,He, died in, .the ,faith
and 'hope of ihe Gospel, Sept.:2lsC,qh his 'seven- ,
lieth year. .His Memory is blessed:
The time of service: of the following members
of tbaßoard. expjree.witb: the .present meetings
of Bynods, viz.: girapd.of Pittsburgh—Revs. A, p.
Campbell, D,D., M. Ja4ofrue,D.D. and S. M.
McClung; and Messrs. J. TO. MeCord,"P: G.. Ba
iley, and Wm. Bakewell.' "Synod of Allegheny—
ltovo.-Aames 'R: , ,Wilson, .13. C.
Critchlo*; and Messrs. Richard 'Bard, J.
Johuston„ and John Reynolds...
Presbyterial Records , were „Thr,allll ,
\ placed in. the liandsorilarn •
The Statistical Reports of Presbyteries were
presented, ready end apprevS.
RevP. A. o.Rockwall ll . l k4 I,ll d
elder W. McMillan, of the presbyterY of Ohio;
Rev. A. 'Torrance, of the Presbytery of Blair -i
villa, and elder John Wilson, of the Preshitery .
of Clarion, assigned; reasons for latealttietid
once, which were sustained.; •
On motion, . •
Resolved, That
,Hereafter the practice of np-,
pointing preachers and subjects for Synodical_
sermons be dispensed with.'
The subject of the f Foodewtaent
_of ,the jolts:di
Professorship in the ,Western ; TheoloKiP4 Aural
nary was taken up, and the member appojnted . in
each Presbytery to superintend this matter, was
called on, and reported what .he had done.
After which these members, viz.: Rev. A. 0
Patterson, -S. C. Jeanings,..N.-R—Gillett, James
Koptgoviery, and A. Malwayne,were appointed
a Committee to prepare a .report on, the subject
for the action. of Synod.
On 'motion, Dr. • Carothers was appointed
Treasurer pro. tem. .
Synod: took up.aoolleotion,of.t*onty-five cents
from each , member, for the, Contingent, Fund.
Synod ,thea adjourned till o'clock P.
Conoluded with. prayer.
Synod met, and was opened with prayer.
The Minutes of 'the last session were read,
John E. M'Curdy an elder of the Presbytery,
of Redstone, assigned reasons for late attendance,
which were sustained.
The Stated Clerk of the ;.Presbytery of Ohio
reported the Rev. A. C. M'Clelland as having
been this day received into 'that hody, and on
tuition, was added tuthe roll of Sputa.
, Roolved, -That this Synod Will unite this j
,e,yeping, with the Presbytery 0f.,0bi0,. in the
ordination of an Evangelist, with a view to labor
in the work of Foreign Mission's.
The -Committee appointed at the last meeting,
.on , the subject of 'Chaplaincies in the , Army and
Novi, reported; The report was accepte&and
adopted, and is as follows, viz.:
The .Committee: to wham IverP .referred the
,circulars of,the Synods of Baltimore ; and bierth
Carolina, on the snbjeet.Of Chaplaincies, respect
fully report : 7
1. The employment of a .sufficient number of
truly evangelical,...chaplains-in the.. Army sad
Nagy is a, matter, of .vast importance, and is sift
rioi/sly coniMended to those who have the ap
pointing power::..: , ~d
2. It is becoming in Christian ministers to ac
cept the position of chaplain, .4rlitif duly called
thereto; and our Christian. people sshould en
deavor to have suitable Men so, called .t
The Rev. J. V. Miller, of-the- Synod' of Alle
gheny, was invited to sit as a CoriesPonding
Mr. Joseph M. Wilson, publisher 'of the`Pies
byterian Almanac, was, on motiOn, invited to ad
dress the Synod in reference to said work, and
also on the subject of Manses,
A letter from Dr. T. L. JanewayWis read, and
on motion, committed to Messrs. *Kinney, S.
Willson, and J. 14, pibbons, to report thereon,
• The following , aper was presented and, adopt
ed, viz.:
b,elievelthat there : aro in the
regiment of, volunteer; iri, camp near.this place,
some.inembers,of churches, under our Care, and ,
many more connected
.'pith families under our
ears; and
Whereas, At is understood that,.they‘are.„ex
peoted to remove from,theirmPresent encampment,
next. Lord's day • .therefore
Revived, That the Rev. WOOS. George Hill,
Jos. Painter,' D.D., M. W. Jacobus; ri.v.; Samna
Wilson; 11. D., David , Kirkpatrick, D.D., , Daiid
M'Cay, 'and Messrs., J. B. ,Gibbons and Jetties
Laughlin, elders, ,be ; appointed, aScnntnitiee ,to
.confer with„the officers in e t ommand,atParnp Orr,
to ascertain whether the movement of troops on
the Sabbath is a matter'of itecessiti. ft
Synod then adjourned till 9 o!clock to-morrow
morning. concluded with prayer.
SA.Tuar•Ar bionvrixa t 9 o'clock.,
~S yttodxcilt,,,pad. :cris.9AreFl,
The Mzg~it~e Of tlo,lPBtll9s4PTOTerci read.
Rey. RA bknerti9noo:9 4 ; Tilt' B.- Br9wPr. ol #7,,
off ithe !PAPtibit4rl` 1. 14 Y4, Ross Ste-
venson, of the Presbytery of 'Blairsville, as,-
Signed reasons for late attendance, which were
The Committee ori,T,eaVe of Absence reported
that they had given leave to Rev R. *. Wallace
and elder. John 'Sutton. The report was ac
The. Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of. Ohio
reported.thename, of. the Rev. F. J. q...Schnelder,
and it was added to tho,xell of Sypod;
The Committees, on the Records of_ the,Bres
byteries of Redstone,,,Oldo, Blairsville,. Clarion,
and ,Saltsbarg,,repoytqcl,,,andthe reports were
accepted, and the; Records, approved.
The judicial Committee 'reported that no busi
ness had demanded:their action, and asked lo be
discharged.. •The report was accepted; and Ihe
request was granted.
The Committee on the Report of tbe Board of
Colportage reported.' The report Was accepted
and adopted, andfis as , follows, viz.:
The Committee' to.which'was referred the Re
port' of thh Board of Colportage of .the Synod of
Pittsburgh and Allegheny recOmmond:the ,adop
tion of thefclloning, ,aa, an expression of ;the
views anti wishes of the *nod on this subject,:
1. We rejoice that the Board, under the dis
couraging- circumstances- of.the case, have ac
complished so. much,, and re gr e t _ that it has not
been in their power to keePniore atilporteurs em
ployed on sr , theroughtaree,, and . in .our, moun
tainous and destitute neighboihoods; and we
especially 'regret that 'the 'Board' has - not been
enabled to do more by way tof, sup dying enr,vol
ithteers with religions reading,
2. Synod regards thei4olicy adopted by the
: Board, of making the profits of Oa, boAlt. con,
cern support' the expenses of the estahlishment,
ea wise and proper. We' think it"queetionable
`whether atty.eireilar institution exists,. which; s
managed with greater economy ; and oar minis
lers •and members would ivell'to redMiblier
, that by patronisingthe. Board andincreaaing
their sales, we can : enable them to meet, their
very moderate exPensei'bY moderate Profits. -
.1-3; We earttestly:recotemenit to -each!' of- the
congregations under our care to etnatribut,3antriti
ally to thia Board: A small contribution 'from
!each contregkticin . vould'ilable the Board great=
.1y .to enlarge. their ,operations. And we reconf
mend to the -Board hereafter to accompany their
report to the 'Synods *With' list of the' congrega
tions which...haye'failed to comply.withthe , above
• 668.81
Qn motion, Reis. M. W. Jacobus, D.D., and
Samuel M. McClung,' and Messrs. 3. D. bitCOtird,
4." G Bailey and William Bakewell, were re'eloltiOed.
Members of the Board of -Colportage ; else
Rev. A. C.,..MeCleikind, in the:ropm. of Rev. A. D.
D4)•1 leased. .
Oa motion,
leisp;i4d, That we direct the attention of the
Board of PublicatiOn' to the Work' 'of the
ilVtillta:m.. ,4 4.uka. , P, on •`,`,Tlle Difficulties Arnin
ian Methodism,'' as a kook, worthy of the attention
of the churches. And that iiii'rectimmend to 'th%
.Board,, if practicable, :to:secure.:the privilege -of
,publishing a ! cheap , editton for
: general pi:renter
reported;" The' report 'was all
accepted` "d
-adopted, As follows, viz.:
TheCoMadttee. on. the Mndolvment.of .the Fourth
I,"rpfeesersh,p,of the Western. Theological Senn
nary; have to' report,' that of if - le - el:14ot s7,6Bgaii
:portioned:to this Synod, but abouttivo-thirdshave
,heon paid. Some ,of i,he,congegntions jii o the
different - Pres4teries 'hive . 'paid 4heir entire
'quota. Seine 'have paid in ;part,' a , few have' pre-'.
,ferred paying, the 'interest • on. their ..app9tion-
Meat; and seine.have paid noibing. It is b,e
lieved that by ' a proper attention ta niatter,
„by pastors, .and
.4.4 gs in bringing the. plaints, of
the Seminary before the people of the delinquent
•congrigratitind; tluis 'ail:mint can be sectiiecf. •
.„4.13,it is hi:gbly important to the..inteiests of
,the Seminary, and it is due to the worth; Pro
'faisor'who occupies the Peitith 'Chair; thatthi's
, i3ompletediiiihout delay; there
Resolved, That this Synod direct the i'resby
leries to take sucks:Mien oh this subject as may
be ,nensmry, to secure the;:comp j la • .
Reaol'oed,' 'That- one or more Members of each
_Presbytery 'be. appall).* Ad ,in. the appal-
Piishment of this matter .
On motien, the following committees were ap
'pointed' in: the several PresbYteries,:viz.:
:A.' o. , Patterson, , and Hughes, of •Redstone.
Rem& S. C. Jettningai DiD., and G. Marshall, "P.D.,
,of Ohio. Reip:A. H. Gilletttind George 11111,,stof
Blairsville feV. D..McCay, and 3. Mateer,„of
Clarion. Revs. A. 'Moidaraine and G.M.R.par
grove, of Saltaburg.
The Committee On the Minutes of the - General
Assembly reported. The repOrti lams , accepted
and adopted, as follows,
The Centre . .. it.tle.,?n'therNtnntee.ef the Munn
bly, call the attention of Synod to the following
items, viz. : -
On Page :800, in;relation' to. the :" Plund for
Disabled • Ministers," &c., the Synods would
join upon Presbyteries whiCkmay notliave tkiken
'ction in, that tliop appoint one of their
,number to see that an,antinal. collection be taken
up for this importnieObjecit, in all our churches;
and that the ':churches be celled on to reperttto
Presbytery. vr,hat they.have done in this, ease.
On page 849, in relation to haten
sion," the Asset:ably has enjoined On PreS6y
,teries,to take,such e,ofilip as will secure for itthe
attention dean their chuiches. The'SYnod coin
'mend this to the attention of, all our Preshy
The Committee refer with pleasure, to thitac-
Of the Assembly (pages 329:71.1id 380) on the
'State of the {Country,"as ,expressive of . the
• • • ' - 4` ff 4: :1"7 ;4 4 :211 . 141tt1': 4411,; 4 '4,4 4.. 44i) 1, c)4,41 45
KTRGH, SATURDAY, '2l 0 OBER 26; 1861.:
The`Committee oit the Fourth Frofessorehig,
views and feelings which this Bynocl. eni;ertain,...vt
relation to our Federal Government, in this the
diens of our. National peril. And :whilewe hum
bly confess and .bewail our tiwn and. our National
sins, we ppint with pleasure and „gratitude' to
the manner 'in *hick the ) young men :of, our
, country have come forwardto the,suppeTt of our
Government, and will not cease to pray for the
guidance 'and -bleasing of Ged open our ruleis
and their ,counsels, ; and.upow otir arms and -our
armies, that ,we may :soon be, permitted to re
joice in tinißlessings or a speedy and honorable
The Committee would,also direct the attention
'of the Synod to the aotion 'of the Assembly; on
page. 305; in relation: ,to T. the observance.: of, the
last Thursday of Februttrz L. as a day of special
prayer fel. - learning, and
Ore children and youth erfAlfe"P,hurch. !' ; '
inasmuch as the I prßsent' aspects of God's
providence seem to'be , pointing our attention to
rtlie fact..that , the, 'hope: of, the -, ,Chureh, atid. the
world rests upon the „character of : the risingigen
eration, we would urge it Upon all otrendiusters
.to direct the Special attention of '.the :peOple to
Allis subject alidiErekis. l3 P.on-,thenl, the, impOrtanee
of earnest and in
,prayer, for this great
We would a s 6 point the attention of the uun
isters and 'elders to the - fact that the Aisembly
has, directed .that on thietThursday,.of.prayer, , a
.collection . he:lifted for the CellegeFand-fOr ;the
Board of. Education.
The Rev. of:the:United Presbyterian
Church, was invited to sit as a .Corresponding
The Rev. AJ. McClintock was .appointed to
preach this, eveningi_and the Rev. N. Gillett
on to-morrow evening, on the Subjects' assigned
to them by Synod at their last meeting.
The committee appointed-to wait on corn
'mending officers at Camp Orr, to represent the
earnest. wish of the Synod that the'troops should
'notbeMovedlrom the camßto Pittsburgh on the
Lord's 44, as contein lated report that they
were well „received Col. Serwell and Lieut,
Col Barclay, and other officers, and that they
expressed their. strong desire that the,troc;ps
:,should not , be moved on the Sabbath. Theyalso
eTpieseeti - the ,opintan. that a proper Fepreeenta
tion of flee o rnatterjo 14 , 308.Y ; wcalLIA eaeOcall,
OW; the ,; • 9Pi9oc , [l9f And,. would
greatly, gratifyr:the
Anqqap,, Dr ; 4 - Apobps w s.appointetito,pcm- I
fey- Aen. ,geglepin k e z e,cordstiee with ! theang
gestiop: of, Col, Serylpll 114 bis pfficas.
Thceummittee.on.Rillannd Ov,ertures, report
ed iamifererm to .thetiatteropurporting„to come,
frt..= , Conimittee. ofilth:e-Sved- of. Allegheny,'
.thougliWithout signature, on.the subject id: ale-:
caving agent of the:Board:Of Domestic. Missions.
The Report-was received .and laid on-tbe
The Coniniittee to report on the subject of Mr.
Addiess,report - -
[;- rArnansait; Th ,
e itayertatieFef a elVlanse' deheine
for the PreabyterialoChilreheanhot. be' Over-es-
LAttedYetr4selluillg,t inel74l4l4.olCelfortinlaiie
to awaken.the Chnich to a Sense of, her privilege
and' her 'ditty, in proviiiiiii atilt - citable ' lieme•P
for, her 'ministry, shoul,d ben ' tiiined.i''there4)
foie, .
Resolved, That this Synod ews her'favora- '
ble•opinion of .thia,matter v and4smmentili the lif
toffs now. being made by,Joiiph i .M. Wilson, in,
behalf of this object, and ths . tlie - Prisbytifies
Under I 'onr care take auchlSictiolv.ip 'reference
t 9, the.matter AS Sill. tleif,..jdttneut , they deem
The Coinmittee on the letterspf Dr. Janeway,
repoffed. The Report wna n ficadiltiief .iticii.?
ed, as folloirs,:iiz. : ' ~ i c '' . f . ': ( : ' : 1 :il -aL 1
Domestic a the hurch s'
agents in preaching the GOkikl-to , theipeor. '
Our enterprise •in this, linti,is one, of, the,
distinctive evidences• that ' l ive -are a true,
Church. It is, in our ease' no means
. ,
as strong and brilliant is' , ,,, it should ' 'be.
But we have it. And we`seek in rease.
We have been employing, *kern. than4ix. ,
hundred men in the work; ,atid,w i e conteha- 1
p)ate large additions. There , is room..,
There are, calls, many, lond-,and .pa'rnest.
This Synod would' not be ' birf . 'io' them.
We l would 'not ' have our Ch.t rail Board be
deaf Neither would we lialieltzso , fee'hieil
that it shall be obliged tO,
• piriiindr , ni4t 4 ,.
help; ' gr. 1 , s., 4 tia •
A, combination of circumptanees, ihich
we need' ot new rehearYe,Ofit i ii ithliiiiled.'
the Beard. . It has become indahtied to iti!O
lahorerby beyond its ability tb,ipaY: ti It bak
borrowed fifteen thousand
,dollars, !• - :, ,
PP.,,Vate t . ken?irt
„part ; .but it still : pwos
Pbentheirfeurteen thousand. "., Ai "remedial
means, it has reduced appitOiatiiiii:
its missionaries twenty-five ,. ir ,.. celitt'' It'l
has arranged with its bank 'creditors, to. ex.-1,,
tent,l, the time .of
„payment ,of its ,borrow
ings. It has ,relieved itself of the burden
of a second Secretary, and of lave mg
Superintendents. It establishedhaW nsYs
-1 ... -I. • 0,., :4 i . i ~ , • ,,i,, h ~- . I
tern of strict economy, so two seems to toe
consistent with full efficiency ButS its
needi'a large increase of !deans. It ' must'
still incur obligitfons' for labifir; becanie the
work inaj . .ticit cease: ' lt: Abet reintYite
borrowed Money; and step' tlig!intereif.`i It'
must restore to its mission'artpi their former'
ealarieS.: And it, must 'eniple Still 'lore:
ialiOrerS; to ' occupy' the kf ' • extending:
e f
'fieldS'. And fOr 'the' hec i iiiiii ishing . Of 'all'.
l Aii,`" it is .dependenf uPen thY__iilierait and
promptitude of the' church llf Nkgefi
itself, no nioney, i;iiia c itimgh.l9o l o" . iiiikiiig.,
money: leis a' ree,ipleni- 2 416 - deptiii.tery'
of the churches—the, _ distributor 'lSt - Abe'
hininty of God ChildientL-114 1 6'eieentek:Of
the': will of., - Christ's' peop'le'. 11 1itill ihit,si tt ) ,
Use the 'means with ' Which `it is Turniehed.•
i . Thelexperience of the lkiarV for thelaSt
two 'and' a',half ' Years, in ifird4lti* e j i!U kink
rS,'Ssments have oemiriedc'fi tio£ qitthdiit'
benefits. Its conductors have learned Yilb
Confidence inthe Eiecutiveqd indiSpen-,
sable *to the effiel OA ca'rryiii;g` Ofi rP Of 'an en:,-
I terpise'.' 'lyheie there •ii...'&thfideilee' in a'
,Goveihnient it. can raise' inefiel.'- coal.
den ce in a Oeneral . willlrOnge 'Men' toineiri
to his standard. Arid 'con e fideiiee. : lfle, fli4'
Board of Domestic Missione%*ill bring all
.needed means ' ' into iti" . `treasiiii: ;Oar
01iitieh has wealth enough to supply all
present wants .'' and we trust t hat' s he ha
also the grace of - giving, inseeptible of be
ing addanately excited : , Her ' t wo,bilidied,
thousand communica.ri is-=our in lii e
:BOuth being not'counted4C l an readily'eih
,p..,, of present debts and dnitairaei Mial'
swamies ? it only . they . .,liV4 do4dence:"..l,n.
thelidard. and' its offiaerS: -,Arid itlifs eiShfi)
;dense is ikiaitited
t i e establishin. , of 'the principles. of action
,of Which' this Syn od ' 'approves. The See=
•le '' - a` m an' ability,`ef'
t retary is a working pan i . ., „
l and earnestly' ilifVo'tedio .the' 'Oise IST 'me
siOns Considering' the change'of notion in.
I the A,ssenthry,' and ' the`,elianges in'• the
1 13 bard and' its 'officers,' all d the 'benefits of
e.iikeriefice;the reasons ire - ample Loran ai
suraiieh;..that f all 'funds entrusted to the
Board will b used ''ecOnoinieillY,' apcl. that
the ;work 'of Domestic MMission's`;Will` - 'he_
I prosecuted ` wisely' .and efficiently.` -Theie
: fore ,` ,
Resolved That 'tbe Board oiTime4tie,epti;oenii t ed to the rich; speedy;
rep r e4ed; d our
T4 9 ,c 9 pp ß ithe . tie 17arra0 F9p8r04.,
The Repast accepted and e4PPIf, ( / , r 1 1;:f.1097,, 8 1
viz. •
The report of the_watchmaii , is calledlfor with:
the glleate§l , :foßklYetTWllen -*
ofdarltrices and tuniult- 7 or popular agitation and
public - calamitY --When the ,interests of the
Church' are SPecially`Perlifed' by oieriihelining
exciteirkeiitein the 'World, "the eagerihittiiry is;
":Watchman, what, of the,; night?" lie eau All -
swer, The morning . „cOmath—whilehecannot gou t -,
ceal the fact, that the night come* also And
Mean - While, if there lieanyeiggrnesineleariitfie
fads oeZion's forO'greeS' and - prosPileik'tliis ti;
hopeful token. ' • '
Narratives have ',been - sent upSrom ;only three •
of the•five Presbyteries.within pur bonads. But
with the ,aid of their;Statistical Reportstvre find
that; during the year last past, 'neindia thousand
meinheir have been gathered- to • the chtirches
frent the world' (Rofiy::---a regiment -of addiers • of
the cross, gathered - in by, these who are the , coml•
missioned officers _of the Lord Jesus
. ghrist, to do
battle under the great: Captain of our, salvation.
The Synodcomprisesan aggregate of X 5,872
communicants. 'Ci,ify; one of the Narratives:re
pt:kris a special) workiiif
, graced-the 'church` at,
Greensburg has been again , still further blessed
in an accession, of i fifty.four rkembers „from i tlie
world* ,
*9 are not 9ift.,t;reytitlB . epnigs! ; ;lde . ,w.
peeted ef can -As4dik:by ✓ this -
awful means also intlY
wall yin troublous times. The insurrection in India
seemed be God's method, in proxidence,in Open
ing the, gay,. for . a t eseater ,prevaleace.and power
of Divine truth. ,The Church I‘bountl,to.invire
what' iethe burden; what're the;WS . 46n, .4:nd
*tat the' duty"of the limes: spirit of; in-"
subordination is fearfully abroad; inithe land.
Has it .not, sprung from insubordination „in" the
family Has not the absence of family religion
been the fruitful source of all this-,where..the
children have early 'east 'off pirentalrestraints,
incrboth`the Clinroh and the pAnt, like, 21V-of
Old; have neglected to reprOve them, until „in' the
State, Which is only the larger family;the feteu,l
ceneequence is seen? „
While all the Nar,rativen report an encely4af,
attention to Sabbath School.and" Bible' Class in
itination, this most iSportantageiiBi isficitbed&P
loWed up by earnest watch and7care of tliehonse
held, for the maintenance
„The total contribution to the great objects of
Beneficence,fi including expenses,is $84,3i§,; for the'year. • ' " ' ' "
- The prostration in business, growing out of the
present. public calamity, haVinot. affected the
bounds.of this Synod as severely as, lthasuaffect
many others. Yet the troublinm times „arid
the unsettled prospect will be the :pies with
'thultitudea against any - liberal
Hut ,this is not the teaching of Scripture- c " Give
a portion to REYEN and also to ziour,„ r for thou
'Trnosesi not iehar eat' 'shall''re taicin
When , men of ;the world will .elaiin to husband
theiresoFe j ea because they cannot penetrate.
ills gloom'
glooof thiO t ii2ritedinid then' tte
-Christian ought,: all the ratherilto.eihow hisidhith
by his_ orks, for_this vry, }.•4lfen, ,that he can•
not, diseern the future.`','Hp may litiOW this much
of i tliefuture, that, it man. rob God, in tithes
And offaringai. he j may t ,oxpect t eursedwitha.
envie; iaa that,,GO'd 4111 he:trtie i ,o - iihatlit . hits
-sand; Unit iffeiatthe tithes 'aie , briughlitito the
house .he , i aQ -Ikeftu.f!rt'angf,Y 6 til'
us out a, blessing, there shall not he room,
enough to receive it r; • sake of
tithe-giving-CliArehi , be will...rebuke the devour- 1
t er, that he 84E41 Aot ,dpstrey the fruits, of_the
igrlad; and st , that shall Ta r ot' east her-;f4t,
before the time in the. AttiVi and all nations shall;
call, us blessed, for we shall , a delightsome:
lanci,":fitliA the `Lord of "Hosts."'
The Western-. Tlieologicel Seminary has re
ceived, already ? , as large,t, this term,. and
others are ii*iteeted. ' So' that:the steady in
is'lrkel t y in be' Well<telitaine4l: 'Thee
ionslintereitmiatiifeated-ainofig tseiyoung'men is
truly encouraging::... , • It: 41 ,t , :I••.P,
TlL,p,!Ril?ge,l6,otWN"lVlstathiSßlM IRMA, I
is also flouriihingin i the,numbers and character
arid deserves the prayers.' of the
ohnrOtteeton,:itEthelutlf-, ; • '
This Synod is called to 'mourn the loss of the
i , ettertihletPitinC6ffeir
ministry, whosecpraise all the. churches,
nn , whose hisAor r yoo pregnant, in.good works, is
largel*lnteiwordn with thi hieing of thifilind
othe„r,Syned.slclf thisiregion, !.“1714171;maory - Ofithe
just isoklessod.", , "Blesse d are the dead whoh die
in the''Leikijor" they rese'fisOin!`theli labor's, and
Their litoeksido`iollbwi'thCniit The - Ref."Altan , D,
partylkell,,D,D.,,has*seheert his rest;
and the i Synod - Z:44ra, With s soiioicihe loss of
inie 'Who liras , fad' gaffe - nein' ittiptilses, lie fdr:-
ward in g00d.,-. and
labors Occuplees,o t ,large the 'doings of
thia'Synnill' ) ' 6 rhtfatAiii;'sfikeri are deg,deg,, and the
PrPpliettict9 044(4 1 4 forever
. .
God's call upon renew our efforts in
uis glorious service rinibitiskdors "of 'Jesus
Chriati 'att4lis fioldiersi of the - cross.. The .Great
captain i ekour ; sAhltion, r
iirlls,os to gather to ,hift
Krmy gn.idettetathirhost ovollinVeerS; while' he
promisee tailfurniskithef equip's:fen* and. supplies;
and pconties s i.? lead us on, to a certaiu,and splen
did - irje` toy, ‘‘tohi4 DiatA' add'He2t be cast
oto glee ak e .iffirl , k . 1
SyriOdisktjotrits• ed.' to trieet. o"olocre:
torrtallit.t. pr;ayer. fct •
SAll*DfArrdAYTElt r ipalf," drelook
"°t- 62114 ihnd f ly44l;rpeaxeth vitith , :prayer.
X 11 .90 1 # 1 / I .l l olAfistiell44 se!faitt4 were read-
.Th e- 1. 1 Gozolutbee ,ort Religious Rxereises, report
.1 14.t51 , f. •
OS follows, viz..:
Pm* Freetb*ridn Wilion to
pr as i h liailli l eirarriiiiie;'"Dr. KirkFitil6k ito in-
tt44.uceithe 9t4itaks.e of Ake liord!gt Sapp.
fatterson to make the y conseeratingpre. " wadi
the cop Awitthe ;Moderator, perfOrm. the telosing
oxe c icisea. Gillett to preach arnight,:pyap
piiintitetitlieSitiokr. x ' •
mita, , Presligtericui chareh.—Rev,:l S. M. Mo'
°lun A ;,t l CicicT.A• G. Mc::
Oreiland iireachlit the` aft:raven.
-111E6aV'etiord 444tfieraw'ekurela.Dr:. Donaldson
4,prwh-ia ,tho npforning.i Rev. NtrAtmcn Hughes
to preach fa tivi evening._
" •
qtgtAtet, ,to pf* f ah t the i paeraing ;
Moore, to preach in the evening.
bf'Avo`qh.'d >P4t 4 '4,:fti/ie ecildieiv in Cam:p
Rev. 4..• MeElwayne *aid Torraace..
ifoortor churck.—Rey. R. Lea to preaoh, at 11
CMOS:It/4 ." ; , ' • "
TIM) Conunittee on Bills and Oiertureti report=
ed-taa overtime on .the State oft our, Cciuntiy, ,
YfACk PftragraPhif,tand
lad and s adopted as f9ll93Mtitt•ri
As ,our itelotcetipountry -iir nor tinffering from
kreat injuries inflicted' upon her the'liands tit
it& OWArebellions sons ;-therefOre,:t • I
.resolved, That.- we tender , to , the,General,GoT'ini Our iiinere Witi'Y for
the.:eticeeer ofourt„ twiny Wad. triilvyillitirthiA re=
hellion, is :utterly suppressed, and„the, authority
Of the - Cirnititaiiion reggtabliilied` over every
st a t e „ v ; , 3 .1 ra,• f•
‘,.;418141?5cf, _ That, .. , ft As a Pattiter ,, Pti t h ankf ulne s s
that. so tesny,of our young men so nobly volnn-
IteY''to;.fiilit for `their &inth' many'of
kurtpattotie I ladi.'es, industripus4..provide for. the
comfort of those, in camp and i fteld ; and that so
O l uPiiiiiittettk r antr-physieitini '6,i4;
tigtOildmithater, profesSionally; to the' and
teies of our soldiery.
ego ve , f—
ar as
is war i s a
from God, for our.) sine; wtliumbly lay our our
le}ves at. his , ,feeti andearrtestly pray that he
wilt''remove every group& of controversy, and
tlifn tind'fblehis is b *nth peace, unity, and a•gen
-pral -revival of religion. ;
• Tile Committee on, ,fteatens of Absence• from
former meetings, report—Rev. J. Painter, • D.D.,
R. Ny, Waling,lX. , X Campbell, A. G.
child` b.D., if. Itospborough, w.
Alden.` IS:D., M, W. 'Jicobus,
M.VaxtOn.;- D.D.; J. Y. McCartney; J.
C. Carson, 8, 1 0.1. Junkui, Gietives, W.
'Colledge, IV. Biggs, and S. Wilson, have
asi,dgnedeatisfastory reasons.-
The Revs. John M. Batith; W. G. pawl, Wat
re' rd .
Itepirt was ae'ehp e an approved
.* The following , Committee ;Was appointed to pre
:pare ta. dslarrative of ithei . tate 'lteligiori, to la e
-P r -9 8413 M5" At*,t/IP I (4. l, r;rlt.efitilag,of;
Revs. D.,l4pCay, and A. , Torrance, and Elder F.
G. I3ailey.
The Treastirer Pres'entedthepliowltig Report,
v" ) '
- 0 Bias.lice per list, Report L'
'. 9, o l.,lePti°ta r nod • ..
L;irle.,Sie l te'd Clerk
<Vertrieb erit i..
Bslsa'Oe is Tresec4
- 0 0)2 'Biotic-at
• Resolved, That the thanki of_lkaodche ten
ilered,teAte Tye*let.; of the, 000 mer 4 : iop for the
&Mr bitlzeiik -s of
a:Anis - it leiciaiti:toi.deitz ieadiods. hoopi
MitYo49Eigg siSi B . o .oln l • ;11 ; t! •••
• ,trfltititf°T,4-.
lie;iworehte.,„ Af ter reo r ies,.,the, Re v. s Zahn . Mo.`
reffZelir c deli;er l 4f•
TiiiiiffiYervOil f •Faith."'kyiita thgrigiajouried•
.doneluded with prayer and thelawaietion.• ... I
• -W.-8.-MoUggAlNßeßermaaent Clerk. •
Mil ,11.1 u t. vi:J.4
4191/toog ° PP S YP I PPT E7
D Sfftn IM L tfitlfiT Qmic j,
'Siff. • Alia kardasa;,'Alra' itralreaa ,
o?, ptiaaparzap-,Ta, Cz4a pap PITA'. TOR
Sum V. Btrijiii IN TllB
•:• LANDaßoikaz Niirioaa ; AND Tail laTialAT. allasT.-zlaiTs4
Tatamt , ,OaniveiT . ;!..prVaaTe.To. Ramikaamn : r. PLAcai
.:,rac t utztl ) . 'T " Iff 64'4 it: '• •.'
tI ,, P9RDAZY:. $lP:f: 287 Agfa., . •
T. 117. lllSO . rE!tAttlietanforl'Eastoinl.t.J:
not .7,PllliVax7e to Nie.ll!-
!Sroik. a swei‘ted' b u t whichKum
ifft ''OCinsetv'ea !410-;.
•wichitriterhig tresien
slonlogales ancl:teeiui; thilic ;cased both pain
:iitt9 I 49NPPIM
n7l: pf
anupower to• they oug ht
ito l lii.VgieenOßEigaitriiieth - e. vast size' Of
kthe vessel; iibiedifer• that hail* with
out iii.seLshe is , notaxiluilified; (till suety is
5A04 6 4.1.4 1 ') A.P.'; TWA 91'11r:thit...1n.Tbulet0
Ocean. , It was sn
ti g i S l At r ilVf at
Vep u itli . would' 'Zonal:tit ,naves ;
%U MW is ea . +, ifie°6sg), h
roiled On
-the 'late occasion ad fearfully as to ;keep the.
passengers (of mhopi,theremeremany, and
t one of.thcal,Mincrieggq,) l in great
. also . ; t‘ii ,the, • ()skirl :pp their
stf in this ,Liiinaz
'than •ship,
i.haVe •had. zavera sigrnithaiit Ptooln-ail- to
rebubrod* . - B•bvid'etice•to
tlie limting i tipixit: p ftt mak taitiopp: .
Thus it has bep,p, In,:cpFtetilt ?kid! the
9!ieut ;
litatitefe. The Vaasa 'ia'ittiOlf marfail
- strong,. and it isivery •probable that
.ere long,with s .Thew 'appliances, including:a
!Leal, she will Ilai,,roh
. o'er the ,mountain
waves with waltzing facility. • .
TAE. I3 °F. III -93 1 . ',9A . .Tiq R 0 11.41 grip
-110,1 Inni# 4; Ei Pt a l dl I rl l ieaing,qp,to i tije
obsour,& Jinni whi h; i spParently l it was
sti<mt •to 'Theo Pkipe . • clings with
tenieity ! . tOl. theiensiorld snprems4: iiiid
loghe 3401rweilrfsc14.0 4 *Wrist 'oli- the'
Prt.9r,s.all isl.tAs.
Prime N9jB.4r,Pf• Nly,
tttenng sail temptmli tfLOUgh they txt.
e-is t6l:ll"thit"iiti'espitg crlthly Weill
'be his` Capital Sag-4040n oritipeMY
met apartAwidi guard') t`gahoseln , byl himself
from, Catholic Asktoncescd. splendid dota
_tions elcitript bp, & a en ni t l i g nt tac on tbe
national risirenne 'fir
,the' Pipe and„ tile
'Caiaiiiitlis." - Iptril t pal ait eVetaarigi'also is
to be complefedry Thifelii 4614 'hii -ibis
tiaw ihteiference witiOthe inniihatidn'and.
i t
app,ointrapat,,pf s Bisho S mr._olArdinals.. t if f
I Fere thßi - V°lllll.of ./# .14Wriev:PINtr
would iiiile my mon 'Wsteki 00 • en
falling Vice owiallilditiOni orthe j IPA
peep 4hiott.lail aiw*ENtank , wiitigleruidity
0 A theaMmarlaipqvusr, , aiub hag' oftlinfe,
:WA!' OgksiSPAP trat , 4 1 /410 4 1040 tIY /hope=
;••• 34 9 9-7 - 44-7;
P0r772 OP
WHOLE No r 474
i LL ,
less grave; I supppaq'l shorild• just' dot as
Pius IX.- is • d'oing, and obetintifely.'rneek
arid martyr-like Would .say, " Nolo
these suspicious , proposals. „ mayjuskadds
to prevent . any surmises as, to my ertho r
dozy or sanity ) , that I am not covetin the
'Chair of St. Peter, or'Yet the Pope'S.coUch,
for sure2l aui that "'uneagy "lies the Had
that wears " the tiara; and more than-that;
it is meet.and right should, be,so.
. The krench, Emperor is embarrassed
with 'Papal' " "resistance ' NegotiatitiA
ibe'Remirilpie4tien are gOing-Ori ethiataltiV.
ly. between ITtirin,..and. Paris. Meanwhile
the,,vexed que,stiork as to. Ow alleged: secret
paCtion that the,Emperor should, have Sar i
dirtia banded 'over to him 'se' cOmpensa
'ton" for his WithdraWing Ads‘troops
'Rothe, has been farther ventilated , : ' First
came the alarming talk of "-transactions
and "guarantees "'before the french troops
could be :permitted to, retire; but. gibes
GiivernMent papers intimated that fiance
too 4igti.riiiiided to haggle With' an•
in his hour of - need, an& too poWerful tti
need--any security,' but ...that which is ;Afford
-94 in ; lter
,ow,n, right arm. „ ,Ihnitelfr
11,1 s o declared , i in, ) .pmitiy,e tg,Fus
ttlidWittver tkeen ' -.Ensiotilegota
ti on s begun or 'eantereplated aetd r ib&Ceil
sion to - France` of Sardinia, and declared
that this'would;he " a conquest and mit a
." cession." Itisremarkable r however, that
French „agents were knoin tC, be busy in
thaCiSland,arid seemed to he Tellowino. Out
the 4arne rote as ' that adopted before'the
annexation:of -Savoy. 13ut; says tlielretiet
papert4N;Satoy. and Nices belonged as
rhght, t F.ren9 l / 1 territory, and besides, it
was Teally, necessary, to rectify the frontier
in that' quarter. Well, the same argu
tient would hold true with' regard to Bel
gium, and its'. Frenekspeaking populatitmi
as well as km :Western banks , of. , thelthine
itself'. When liwas ,at Geneva the brit. ,
Rant , purity and transparency ef the atmos-
Phere'hrbukht, out in 'singlilar' diatineinesg
the glorious range• of the Savoy moutitains',
including Moth , Blane itself; - and , this:at a
distance ,of ,fifty,three; miles.' And the
Swiss never. speak. -about the annexation of
these and the adjoining. territory to France
without uneonifOrtable misgivings 'fh
wacky hoivever, Would show
face at once,and backed by England's Mop
al influence, And, - the indignant protests of
all , that is. Liberal or just in Europe ; 'they
would probably suppress
,the rising flame
of rmperial ambition' ere - if bad,' regtt - tf
Ciasteand conannie 'their borders:
, becomes every
a .1. 1 oF:'
day` a' question ' ofdeeper' d' More iniins
interest'in Englima: is a: steak in
hand_atdaiverponi much , less tha n- this time
twelve:inouthe ago, and it is to be remeanbered
that last year, we continued, to receive large
importations of cotton for several months
after thia period of the year. 'To'inceeds.e
the anxiety and- einbarrassment, tiverpool
•speculators, who had bought cottairiptlOW
prices, are sending large quantities - ,to New
in consequence of the higy s price, of
the article in the United States. The
is, that at Stoekport the Messrs.
`Bright are .running their naills 'half tithe,
and, at Manchester, &c., notices of the
early adoption of this course are being
issued to the working peeple, with earnest
recommendations to'them to be as saving
`in their habits of eXpenditure as possible,
in prospect of the evil-day:' •
From India we hear of very active mess
dencies: very probablii'that' these
efforts . will be entirely stiaekssfal - in 'the
.16zig. run, and that . thus India—raihraje
opening np.the.,country ere .long--7101.1. be
come a bucylionrjalikag.,costmbfield t .
wcifid in the re
lation'orEurope to 66'86444, Siateslf
- Amelia, and those thei:whO'rishrf or de
liberatisl7 inaugurated"' an aitianita On, the
Federal GloyArnment, and on the, honest,-
- hearted, Presicfat.",who desired to., limit
'their unbounded ` extensi on
of the "domestic instituti'on',' may live to
the' dap when -hey alienated from
: themselves the,hest customers in. the world
: :,--drfyilw them to . other markets. Still
tbitilatie oithie ind'ineanWhile
unless fresh . duccestlios of the Wad - and
!naval "force of thiPtUnited :Stites:Wring fhn
mar to au catly,tminclusion, the sulferini
of .the
.PC o P!!) , .til 9Fth:Pf , $410 1 4.4 ,
t dpriag the ,Winter,
..will be very, .great.
batever einiiii,'hbiever; the 8ii48%
wilPncit in any circumstance,
:fittemptiteritiseitlio'blockade , of the 'South
, erarcoaats.en.debarborli. • -. •.3
I TER A.Vreit of the Russian Cita' toll%
VimeiicariXPiesident and people, .lias.ix
pited w ninch attention in this., jmongy.
r Theje aro, Topes cherished,,,that,' ultimately
iris advice and, 'that he
may become the "eligiieiiiid .r retibiiiiseil .
, reciancilei and ..Moderater. isi_not
, 1 1 0q1jElved , t1.40 A40 , ;1 1 4:: 1100. 1 40k°
asisa for m3til, there, ha;ve have . , scope
Acrriile t. collisiena and 'fisiifriyilobiiiihed:,
larFliristieft if ?
filOndiiioniof -the Southerbbei
.cothfciigs, and resources; is Itermielly Ething
, , 41 1 4eri98. Ife!.a.blocoQuilicten3 0t... 1 1P
t,of 0A 43 . I .;Ae:ditioP•b? Cape ITatt4l*;(sB
He adds, - doubt
'piletfte intim:lice of • thiii;eaup 'IA,Telt
and' 'Arlin*
aprobably. induce', -the - Confederates , to - fiak
)01 Stick 4 :ol l .;.WasAillgt:qi lITH IPPT9h Into
AftrYlant: •It IP,JistcPqrPOPIY l e ad. to, a
diffusion 'of part iafttti6a. threes 'to. Watich
the iivers 'aiiien'tie.i"of'lstOith 'Carolina?'
Asides this,the rott4til'ei.pCditiorie,
of which we hear, ienconrage the hopes of
rapid ,suecessee to the,. gederalist cause.
AttAhis moment, 'doubt. is, expressed and
'felt as to Whether" General -Freniattlti.oo
- as to 'the 1014;416ln slibiefi' is
endorsed by the .iklinittistration; , irr tyriot. .
.That the question . slave _emancipation,
w.hiAk mainly interests the .middle claspAn
this pqmory. • '
A speech by Sir Bulwcr Lytton,
• . fr i,, , , , •-•% 171 ICJ
'foreign- politacif t ti t c, recent agracultur 1
'ciedufpied - by' iefereilaa
ttozitbe war in Atnerickr. It is to be remem
lbered ;that, sir Nd.ward is not ionly a tfa
:Mons liteisteur o lku i t .also, a first class poli
tician iind.orator .
.lind that as Co lonial Mif
iii the QC-1341)F GovdttiitiOitl T ai lie
be ao•ain; islibiald "the Conserva:tiv'es
;taste offiaellhi was tbe :dbunder of the
Pr.Reiteirig.ligl l .l 9 nY.. •Ctf;..Pritilkh
,! who Citlopyo.",hev!iy, .
her, ranciouveriQen..from, th4indElop a
coiniaiiy; , Eii gl a:tia• her only
iyossessioi- owthe-Piteifie•Ocean. thit
ifosseision isothei keprtd. 'the Pacifie; 'sad
I still kben , :ip ogres, long befoße44,4 * l.
Aenp t nfe, ,tla
, kik i ,olE..,Ene of
''itemeate WOufd haite sirang up
ICA° Vritlll4 s ktliiian . .''''' -A1 tea
. tVecmarsooor hi§ ife:Abli;lii)l3lltifitil
.axpreised rtds symplithnwitik - AnittiaN - in
.dev,19P4 1 .13 CopiAtilti9P4!CroXlMPAL
Sc A otland;Lon!th
eaS ib
4 1 eite4Ainf the rFi l 4i l fflkof)CriAlir . &AlMesi toe kref A scandal of
Ira puseyifi . uigesfafi ind*Bugithi
atists. Dr: IslormiOlifiliebdc
,dot long.since:pteacbedi before hel•:, Thi s ,
ilkltYß.#ll villikstet VV. giellifiallowi 1 1 ,4 1
ex eat e4rrlj~gte,_the -grOftSPAYlol,°°,
at r e tong deprerou coafe-1
'Vibe Irmo tftercleßihisof ' her'Saar' l ibel
Itobigs osatent.vshii- giadantiortitte
Publication Office I
GezETTE BlTlLMNGBol4 l Piriiiikk, Piriazitraeli, PL!.:
Tniide nt='ADNAlrcrt • :
lquarc, (8 Ifnes,or less,) one inmrtion, 50 ;.each
subsiquent intergon, 40 cents; each line beyond. eigfit, 5 ate
- 44.43quhrs paiighikter; $4.00; each line additibnali 30 cents
A BZDtrOTER? wall to advertisers by the year, e „
BI3t3TNES9 NOTICES of T.& lines or less, $1.09 each Id
ditional line, xp centac • . •
.• ;
: • 'AVID ItrErNNEY fif, CO.,
PnctrAngonS 4ND Ppnusimns.
cottagers, converses: with-- : the innkeepers
and ethers, end feels herself there far
more, at : ; home than at Windsor Castle, or
Buckingham. Palace.. She lately, made-4
tour overlthe mountains, to visit Lord Dal.
housie (Panmure formerly, andlvell knowri
as , au elder ,of -the Free Church.)"..
to entertain as his "guests, the Kings' of
Prnisia and telginni; and'Probablyilsa the
PaCiii 'Hui:it. He .se'ems' to eiercise a
kindlef influence - over
rivals. It is notorious that he wae'disap
pbinted in the"results -'ef his interviews'
with the German - sovereigns. last year, and
that the people at Kiel and elsewhere ' sUffi
cieritly 'indica:i(' to him that they loved
° luiii not,' and 'ttriated him not., It is the
apprehensidi of' secret designs on his part,
that' keeps Germany armed to the teeth.
P3* Will drilititttErKilird
a very unpopular act in visiting Napoleon
territory f: The intervieW, - fbr
the 'sAila t e"reison, will" be a 'very - short one.
The student Becker, who some time since
fired at the—King ofPrim e si-at i;; Baden-
Baden;4abligt! 'Week- tried, ihidlen tended
firrifelitylreafaz4miniserniient. The King's
intriql&iirica 'Frederie is. a meMber of the
Prussian Cabinet, and takes a deep interest
in public' affairs. his was stated to me
whenl was at Geneva, by Herr Bethonan
Von Hollweg, Minister of Public Worship
at Berlin.
indicating an unsettled condition of affairs.
The Prussian Minister has failed to obtain
a Commercial treaty from the Chinese Gov
ernment, while Russia has secured 'a fresh
slip of territory. - The - rebels are said to be
approaching Shanghai with` One , hundied
thousand Men. Nankin is still closely in
yested by ,the Imperial troops. The work
. .„ , ,
an.' of the new , Custom House laws is most
AnSatisfactory to the foreign. merchants.
On the other'hand, •the lovely island" of
Poinosa •is= opened to conniterce (in one
port,) under, the: late treaty, and a British
Clonsul.hasheen established there. Two of
the English Presbyterian , missionaries vis
ited this iiland laet year, and came away
with hearts yearning over the people, and
longing forthe , day when messengers might
g 9.; ,thith.e,r with the •glad, tidings on their
- As to Japan., an attempt has been made
to rnnider the British Legation, and Mr.
OliPlikitt. and Mr. Morrison`have been se
riously wounded. The perpetrators of the
outrage, , are probably of the same Ultra
Tory ; party who, murdered, some ,time ago,
the ;Sing himself, and afterwards put to
death the Secretary of the American Em
bassy. It is plain that, the lives of Euro
peans there are-injeopardy. The English
fleet, it is, understood, will _demand satis
factiou., , The.Japnnese Government affects
- be concerned,' and itis probable
that'airthe 'whild So`treacherous
that only fear, or it signal demonstration of
• Tomei will,secure.the l safety of foreigners in
future. No permission is given under the
new treaty to speak one word about Chris
tianitY to the Japanese. If, as I think is
the case, an American missionary is living
amongst them, it is in the meantime in si
lenCe add as a - pif;:rate individual. The
Church of God needs continually to re
member China
„and - Japan, in' her prayers
nand interceSsi'ons. There is much to cause
anxiety; there, are many adversaries; but
God has broken down the wall of China
of her enlightenment and purification. For,
purificaticiri she needs . ; glowing accounts
time home at first, about virtuous heathen
being found at last. " Bat a closer inspec
tion ;discloses impurity in, full sway—the
Ipiimii,:indeed,,viEiible, to all around.
2•Trans:to Temarkable . places I sometimes
make, while engaged-in 'deputation. work.
Thus ; for t exampleollive recently been not
only at Rugby—nsindicated in my last—
but at-Warviok•Gastler•the- seat of the
celebrated Neville fitmily, where lived, and
flourished once, but afterwards perished
hater* 'stronger liand • than- his own;' 'that
famous Neville whO Was-called " The King-
Maker," and where, still earlier, Guy, Earl
of. Warwick,„conflict.
The American trividler will not fail to
visit ,the beautiful region of which War
viriek is theeentre. 'After having seen the
intetior•of the fine oldcastle, with its splen
did pictures, and looked doww , with awe
the dark donjon-keep where many a
.prisow in, olden. time pined and perishgl;
- aftei vi s iting . the .l,~eani ifnl `Park witli its
cedaii=lhelargest'ilinnlier I have seen in
'England" - let •h9m linatt.' repair to Kenil
worth. If it is the favorable time of the
r molkth,.. let him .do with„ Kenilworth Oastle
3 V/114_ Walter Scott as. to. Melrose
AblYriy7” visit 'it 'Moonlight:" Brit
fliither IWritglit'or day, imagina
tion will be fired by the ruins in connexion
•:withlr.the , ..histary of gthe olden fame---and
specially ni,th,lthe splendid pageant that
swept bY,..,when
.9ueen "glizabeth visited
the .. C astle honor of her favorite, the
'Bail' of 'Lek:eater."' Her banquet-hall, so
IsPicions and =magnificent, ,is now disman
ltleol,. 04,411 is.ifiute,; and long since, the
. silken_courtier Eart-i-false to his wife and
`Corrupt to the, core..--perisheil in battle in
lieland. But itie•-riiitiss are alike beautiful
and suggestive, and the fields,''the olives,
the oakq,, thcfigalidat;' . .fin7iii t eli about the
very best 4.pieiirieti.'ef •the'lrepose; verdure
levelinew of the,England of the olden
-IV • ' •
•• • •
o Boeweph Field; alio, I. have repaired,
itlfeisl'Owli - thia u itichard 111. fought his
'teat 'fight; atefinished his wicked and cruel
.eareerthe Duke of Richmond being the
Nemmni:j, en,d4v . enger,. The town, ofßoa
-7h) il.o4..fardmity,tfa j a
' quiet village. on
tube tasatenunence Semi from -afar—
and . nittillle ! bOtie i seaa, nought could be
'xitor-i can 'Ono think tha t
even the fields - and ,thein old fence and haw
...thorns,,nor even ;the ,vpry s pastures, where
brouse thp,,slieep,andcgrase the cattle, have
itidesgope 'any. Citagge.,,.., But here is an ob
- (disk ~te ( perk . Alipi . ,tspot, !erected over a
sprkipggrminegt l ol4, ! fits chars cte . r—whenee
Ahe : ,docreed,,ltighesdAtank on that day,
when he set ; :his, mpiika and life upon one
cauft,canit Intst.Opm both. • There is a Latin
psertptigkover..the :well, which, will inter
_ est 5epie, 4 ,.,013,0ur readers, and4?ins as fol
lows: - • •
,„ • • , :; • Aqitt c* hoc puteo haustft
site'm sedavit • • '
- . ' Iticilidus Tenho 'hes 'Atlglice
' CurnlFfenfice Comite de nichmondia
5.,.; • -.Aceiritn* sitque infensizeitasS prcelians •
- ,:a ...;ot• .1 ,Jl4,4lAiuPe....iiP":fixiulkonptro -,•
Ante nod.= 01114141'_, us• •
, p.,11-nl i Sept. A. I?.*.pccpway..
' Lichfield ii asacmilitAititt tbe nl9,e; and
literary ,lation ‘ 3,.alia renown of D4Lbt Snit
u eat4 6 # 4 QP•n , Tb j t al., ?? is w V.P I7I * wts
born is Still unC •
~ and . 4yerlook's one
' %NA ; ad itriiii'liti iktitaidlrete public
./..hiaitei of tiliW te‘ls ; fri . AA*, rgyniao• of the
...Englh Chureb,tannzieqinnty years .ago,
cAr‘c9l ,l 4 ta. BOP°
.in Ilieji9llß;74o - iikenege
...?I". eileo 4*; v i Pt t* -i ltZd f 0" 5 .4 ." -
relleiiir 'admil l ably " es
~ bringing out
t do`ine'or Alii'liiibidenia isf of
11 Joh iiioii,lalf itrall 7 ag4anitirkabree pities. in
raat,er7yealisi - • :41•;IT 1.. Icitz.q.: I•:. - •
Thp Clithe4rall at : Eister,4 a atariiflienf
shyi t t i gre. „ . I.tis built of u t : liweld yedissea
u ltone. - ItliiiiiyaSso3 tili.ongli'iriaiiPtieli -
J qiiffictei r aritTsAliet kliF tbii tiiielberrths
civil war, fironi leliiibiettiwaieti-thevlaw