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    I.ut, fortunately, did not effect as meefi•
&aware as .w,as at one time feared.. Tj a9 ,
v rater has often before c omtnitted far wOist
a ntics. eruption is recorded in Octo
ber, 1755. a fortnight before the earthqitake,
which destroyed Lisbon ; and with respeet
to another, which occurred in NM, tt
related that showers of ashes were.thrown
as far as l3ergen. in Norway.---Exchange.
Books oN ITALY.—During the'` past
eighteen months, about attionsand books
and tracts have appeared!rtEttOpe and the.
United States relatinT 40Vridly, and all
more or less bearing enl. l 4,question of the
temporal power of the 'Ai*. Three hun
dred of these books Mind pamphlets have
been published since the first of January
last. The fade • allow , the vast interests_
that are involved in the Roman question;
and the strong held it has upon the public
mind of thaswillized world.
Ii 1 LDS.r.jt .bas recently been proven that,
the LondOn "Times is mainly owned by the
llothsehilds, and the litet creates consider
able sensation in London. • The statement
of Mr. Walters, M.l'., in Parliament, that
he was not the principal owner, as well as
the course taken by the Times, for many
years, proves and confirms it all. Not one
single move on the political chess-board of
Europe that would tend to injure the se
curities of any nation largely in debt to
tho house of Rothschilds, particularly
trio, but has been vehemently opposed by
the Times.
Srecsss rs BinjaminxPranklin
attributed his success as , wpublic man, got
to his talents or his' pniv'er of sPdatim! , , for
these were but moderate, but to ( his l iC e c
integrity of 'character, " lifence it walk,
he says, "that I had so much weight with
my . -151 7 . pa but a bad speak
er, never eloquetit,isnlAjtt.: to Initd4, h te
flon iu choice of words, Ea;al3 , correct
in language, and yet rgeneridly carried my
poi Oharactet creates ednfideneeininen
or high situations as well as in bumble
I t was said of the first . .Emperer Alexande r
of Russia, that his personal !character was
Univalent to a cOnatitutitia.; "Daring - the
wars of the Fronde, MOtitaitrie was the
only man among the 4:Ftenbll 'gentry 'Who
kept his castle gates 'up-barred; and it mei
said of him that Ms perstmal-eharseter'wei
worth more to him then •It regiment of
horse. That character is power is true' Yn
a much higher sense than that knowledgeis
power. Mind without 'bent, intelligence
without conduct, cleverness ivitliont good
ness, are powers only for mischief. We
may be instructed or amused by then 4
it is difficult to admire thwlexterity 4 - 44
pickpocket or the horsemanship of a: high ,
waymnn. Truthfulness, integrity,,,,ao
goodness, qualities that hang,,not on„eus
ninn's breath, form the essence of mitery
character; or, as one 'of our'eld ri wilters
has it, that inbred loyalty unto,.*ir4e,,.
which can serve her without a Ifvery., l .' 4
When Stephen of Colouna fell into
hands of his. base ease:fleets, and' ; ;they
asked him in derisioi,:"'Where is now
your fortress ?" as his bold re
ply, placing his hind ripthrihis
is in misfbrtune that the .character of the
upright man shine's the greatest
lustre ; and when all, oleo fails, he takes this
stand upon his integrity: And courage.. .
EIGHTY miles from I')evenPort; 4 Id
there is nn eighteen acre" field ofciiiiitidi
that will yield the neat littletsymkofiVso.
• DA:
The PRESEITTEUT OF DES MOL*2ll3irill In Cory
don, on 'the Bird Thursday of Septrmbiiti T o'oliant.l4l
J. SI. BIO4'OIIET,DER; ,S;upd Clerk. ..
The PRESBYTERY OP lOWA' stands adJourned 'to .Striit
In Yort Mtullson, on Tuesday, September 4.tb, at 7 o'clock
I'. M. • A. 0. MeOI.P.LLAND, Statedaere
The I'RESIfYT.ERY OP RICIILA)M 'atantbt adjourned to
meet at Ifaysville, Ashland County. -01110,. on the..Sreond
Tueedur, (the'lltb) of September. at 7 &clock P. M.
JA3I ES 110WLAND, S tated Clerk ~I
terrtirinnali .6
J S E. CAUSON, Statckl_Clpfk—
• .
Thit PRESBYTERY' Or MARION standi liclJourta4•,(o:
meet in Flictardsvilie, on the First Tneseink of September.'at
IA o'clock A. • IMAYi,Stated Clerk.
The PIIIISItYTEItY OF PEORIA - Istneds AilP:qui:led' to
meet in i'iineoyttle; Septeniher 18th, et 13 o'elOck
'rho PIVORBYTEItY OP CEDAR wittineet to Oecht;'/liiPitiss
the 13drd Tomtday (15th) of September, at 71.4.tee100k P. AL . ,.
1., .; E. RELDEIN Statetielerk.:,
The PRESBYTERY 'OP BAIRP.I.ELD old meet at,Sigotn
ney, -.Keokuk ,Coutity,..lawa. on tho' Second, Ilizunlay.(llth
day) of September, at 7 &Meek P. AI..
.Bl'cg.:`,.l:, 4:tat:Pi; 9aerki,
Its next meeting at the Hllends church, on the wood Tuesday
of September next, at 12 o'clock M.
'WILLIAM ANN AN, Stated Clerk.
Waynesville, on Fri Say, September 6th. at 7 o'clock - P..IS.
It. CONOVER, Stated.Cierk.
ThP BR.BBITTTERY OF DUBUQUE will meet at Hoplan
ton, OW Third Monday (17th)'of Belttenilmr,ot 8 o'clock P. M.
. AMIN 'BOGCIS, Stated Clerk.
. .
Tip PRESBYTERY Or ZANESVILLE stands ntljournecl
to meet la Cambridge on the &cowl Toesdny of 34AM:fiber,
at 7 o'cleiek P. M. WM. M. 808 IN SON, Stated Clerk,
The PRESBYTERY OF CHICAGO titoncle culiourned to
meet alultockftird the In 4 Tuesday (25t11) or Senfeinificr, , itc
o'clock F. M. ,
JOITN -Stated'Olerk,
Thu PR'ESBYTERY OF H)CKINO stands tbi.,loniiii;d to
fleet la thu Presbyterian church at..- Athens, on Tuesday,
Bepten4bor IPA at • o'clock P. M.
.1. H. PRATT, Stated Clerk..
The SYNOD Of lOWA stands adjourned to meet In Cedar
ankle on the Third Thursday of September neat, at T o'clock
.1. I. MASON', Stated Clerk.
The SYNOD OF SOUTIIEWN ifOYA will meet at Ottumwa
' audio County, lowa, on the last Thueeday (27th day) of
.eptember, at 7 o'clock
• • S. O. M'CUNE, Stated Clerk: .
The 'SYNOD OF ,ALLEGIIENY Nil!! meet hi thi First
resbyterian church of Allegheny City, on .the Fourth-
Thursday of &Moniker. (2 4h) nt-S k o'clock
reabyterhtl Nattlitives 41'e to be sent, before the first of ;
Septetibet, to' BM John V. Reynolds, D.D.. Pa.
ELLIOT E. SWIFT, Stated Clerk.
The SYNOD OF ILI4INOIS will meet nt Drcatur, on, the
Second Wednesday (10th) isf October, sit - 7 1 / o'clock P. AL .
ritual Mits
W. P..Montgqmery.
AtlteAtioo is requested to the advertisernent`Of
this gintleman, agent of the Pieshyterian Cola
nial Association.
Bissell & Co.-
deputation of the articles' manufactured
by these gentlentiniitiiiery "Otii friends in
need of any thing in their line will find them
ttentive'and obliging, and - their prices,as low'es
ny others, ° ° 0
Pittsburgh Female (101,1ege;'
The Fall term of this flourshing institution
; , orameneed 'Wednesday morning. During. the
aeatipn the buildings have been put in excellent
oondaign ;',andevery provision is made . the y ,
comfort and advancement of the pupils.
Rev ws
Messrs. L." t s , l'Cloid Street, New
York, are rapidly putting forth their reprints of
the English Reviews for the current quarter.
These publications bete been long issued with
such regularity, that I.he,etinouncement of ,their
issue Juts become almost, ttrpecessary, as readers *
know when confidently to .expect them. The
following is' an abstract of the contents of the
present Ti t taber of the 1,444Q/Orter//,: I The
Missing fink and the London I'aor ; 11. Joseph.
Scaliger; 111. Workmen's Earnings and Savings;
IV. The Cape and South Afriea ; V. Ary
Scheffes; VI. 'Stonehenge ; VII, Darwin's Origin
of Species; VIII. The Conservative 'Reaction.
Our lady readers will finis themselveitlnpapable
of reading Nos, I, and 111, above enumerated,
without having their `'inte T es i. and:':aiptpathy *
deeply moved, Price ,$ ,Perpannum.
lisped by L. Scott & Co., 64 Gold Street, Ikeiv
York, is received. It contain an lunusAtil va
riety of articles—no less than , 'twelve- 7 -AT the
anbjects of the most striking interest in the lit
erary and political world. The tnerel ides of the
principal articles in this number of the Edin
burgh arc sufficiently attractive, and teed no
comment from us to iridicatetheir scope or pur
port. The titles referred to are as. follows:
Chevalier on the .probab eE • all in the 1 7 alue o
cold ; Latest. Geological - DiscOveries; The Patri
mony of. St. Peter; Igret Grote's Memoir of Ary
Scheffer; Prince Dolgoroltkow on. Russia and
Serf Emend pit ion ; CorrisPondence of Humboldt
and Varnhagen von Ense ; Cardinal Mai's Edi
tion of the Vatican Codex. It may be as well to
remark that this number commences a volume;
and though each is perfect in itself, and subscrip
tions may be'roade at any time, yet there is an
obvious propriety and convenience in securing
complete' volumes. Price $a &year. ',
August number of this Review, 'published by. J.
M. Sherwood,•No. 6 Beckman Street, New-York,
is able, various and instructive. The articles
are': President Willard's Body of Divinity, by
Rev. J. F. Stearns, D.D., Newnrk,.N. J.; Jan
senism and the Jansenists, by 'Rev. Lyman
Whiting, Providence, R. I.; English Lexicog
raphy, by Prof. Francis . A. Marsh, Easton, Pa.;
Moses and the Geologists, by Rev. W. Bartows,
Reeding, Mass.; The Spiritual in Man the
Proper Object of Patlpit Addfess, by:Rev. N. G.
Clarke, Ptofessor in the University of Vermont;
Natural History - , .by Professor. Chester Dewey,
Rochester, N. .Y:; .Hurtz's Church History, by
Henry M. Baird, Professor in NewsY#LDniver
sity ; together 'with . the usual TheidogiCal and
Literary Intelligence, Notices of Books,' and
News of the Churches and Missions. Terms, $3
year, in advance.
News has been received from Oregon to the
81st of July., The general opinion then was
that the State would produce larger crops than
ever before. The political news is uninteresting.
Of the ten papers in Oregon, four support
,Ltstug z :
las, three lireckinridge and thk , e Lincoln. •- • '
S•r. Louis, August 27.—Considerible .excite
ment exists in Hancock County, 111., rotative to
a rumor that,the Mormons intend returning and
settling at NanvOo, under the lead of JOe
Jr. A mass meeting of the citizens was held on
the 21st, at Carthage, who protested against• and
declared that they would not allow them to re
turn. •
Up to Saturday morning last, twenty-one cows,
bitten by a mad dog, exhibited symptoms of hy
drophobia in the vicinity of the Two Bridges,
between Little Falls and Patterson. Of these
nineteen have 'died. Ten other !cattle: were • bit
ten by the same dog. The destruction caused by
thie one dog is estimated at sl,2oo.—lfeicark
More than six;weeks have elapsed since a fall
of rain in our county. The condition of our
farmers is, as a consequence, more deplorable
than was ever known to follow such bright pros
pects as gladdened every heart but a short time
ago. Even the late corn is hopelesslY blighted,
and grasses of all kinds, potatoes and other,
vegetables in the ground, have deoayeti.—Gai=
latin (Ten.):Ezaininer. l T.. r
A party of gentlemen undertook to travel
through Arkansas lately on horseback, but were
compelled to, return on iteciount of scarcity of
corn. In many places they say the corn is good,
but the people seara_ta_aßprehend hard times,
and will not pert -1 6 th a Pec" 4 - . .-etrangers at any
price. --
Emigration to Louisiana and Texasifest*.wi n.
ter must. be very limited, except along the nevi--
gable streams, where corn can be supplied from
Now-Orleans. And there will be little or no
park in the cojotri, - as there is no mast, unleis
it i s d r i ve rp-in. from Missouri. : 'Ten cents per,
pound-frill not buy corn-fattened pork .in North:
j a asiauff--lleinville Baptist,
WAsurturrox CITY, August 27.—The following
is a correct list of the vessels ordered to special
service in the Gulf, of lkiekico: .Susqueheittie,
Potahattan, Pocahontas, Savannah, . Sabine, St.
Louis, Supply, and two or three others of the
home squadron. The Preble was telegraphed at
Pensacola, but she had sailed for Boston before
the receipt of the dispatch. She will not now be
ordered to the Gulf.
Although it is not positively 'ascertained that
Spain intends a hostile attack on Vera' Cruz and
other MexiCan,ports, the Administration has„in
consequence of recent information, taken`pre4
cautionary measures to render whatever
tion may become necessary to American persons
ST. Jostri, August 27.---The Pony Express
reached here last night with news to the 11th
There are about $450,000 in the'State treasury,
but $275,000 of this amount will soon go to ef
fect a complete payment of all State prison
claims thaeluive accrued to date..;
The Washoe mining news possesser little in
terest. The'Visalia Delta says fifteen or twenty
assays have been made of silver ore fiem the
Coro mines, the -results 'ranging from- S7 Q O t 6
$B,OOO per ton, and averaging:ahout - $1,200
OregonadViceS are received to the tith inst.
The news is unimportant. The Wheat'crtip is re-
ported good, and a large surplus will require ex
port. . • .
The report from the Jacksonville quartz mines
continue favorable. . ,
The British Columbia dolt* are o,the 9th, per :
the steirrier Oregon; which Vraught- down over
$50.00 . in- gold.
Taken on the night of the 24th instant,'from
the stable of Dr. PI. H. Hill, in McKeesport; Pa.,
a bright, though dark, bay horse, about fifteen
and a half hands high, with white feet to pas
tern-joints—has a thickening", of one side of the
under jaw at about the' middle of, the bone,
which can be ascertained by applying the hand
--several patches of hair off where other horses
, have
.bitten 'Wm., It will, take ten days ,or more
for the hair to grow sufficient to hide those bitis*
—hoofs worn off by''running in paeture without
shoes.AwtherOakeitlhe was shod allliionaiviih
old shoes, with but little or no corks on them.
The horse fa five years tight, 'and smooth
built limbs clean, with short hair; rump droops
a Tittle ; mane, tail, and• legs quite black. The
horse is of one-fourth Jiawkeye (Canadian)
blood, raised by ; Col. George A. Bayard,' out of
a blooded mare.
Last Spring the hope.Was . ,Som Sheriff
etime at
Patterson's stable, in pitteburgh, on training,
and it is thought the thief saw and -conceived
the idea of stealing him, while -there. There
was also „taken a black, •• quilted saddle, torn,
slightly-in-'one or two Pbtces; a cotillion singe
reined bridle with hitching strap; 'and patched
up, martingale., Forty dollars will be paid for
the return of the horse and the arrest of the
thief, oi• any reasonable sum for information
relative to thorn. Address
The editor of.ite Enterprise (Liss.).• News, lay
.Laudbrdale and Newton
Counties - in' that state, reports the crop; both
corn and cotton, almost a totalfailure. Many n
te will not' make fifty bushels of corn, who
have herelofore made several hundred bushaslo
spare. He ,saw some
„fields that- would not
make the seed printed. The cotton weed is very
small, and has the fewest number of balls on it;
has alreatly blosSomed out at the top, and it will
be impossible to make one-forth of a crop.
A Charleston (S. C,) paper says- the entire
crop of the State will be short; many. planters
will have to buy corn. We, heard of -a planter
who had to put up two :hundred scree of corn,
• only to hopefully secure it for fodder.
The following strong language is from the
Silent (Alm) Sentinel:
"We are satisfied, unless some action is taken
during the Summer and Fall, that then Sandi of
poor people in Alabama will actually starys."
The" Vicksburg (Miss.) San says in , certain
portions of Madison, Leake, Attala, Winston,'
Chontaw and. Scott. Counties, the farmers will not
make enough corn to plant next year, much less
enough to support themselvessnd ,
The drought still continues. ,Our .farmers,
at lsast a' - Majority of them, will not makahread.:
Franklin is as dry as a powder-mill, 'and the.
dust as,thiek - as the earth can make it.
.I,onooratie Amu":
• V` , P0m5x , w . 1. ,00 .. 4-6, A1•411.M5T
Oregon :
No Rain Yet.
Scarcity of Corn.
From California.
Horse Stolen'--$4O Reivard.
W. 11. HILL, KeKeesiort, Pa
Southern Crop News.
bU 3 DI:11:141 V 3 OVA A :MOON=ON OIN mann 11/WEI,' :1860,
There -are' sixty-four inmates of the' Ohio-
State prjson, - at Columbus, tinder sentence of life,
one of whom hat been. confined twenty-four
yeari, nine others more•than ten years, Sz.e. Of
theselen are . hopelessly insane, others are on the
last verge of insanity, and the tendeneY of
nearly all is to monomania an 1 dispair—facts
calchlated to inspire the belief that life ientenees
are by no means cheerful, punishment. ,
•The Smoky Rill Wagon Road . Expedition.
LUAVENWOIIIII, •, ../Yntei "hit
intelligence of , the safe' arrival at'lloldtidofeitY
of the Smoky Hill wagoitroad expedition.' They
have constructed a good wagon road ;from Fort
Itiley to Denver. and Coloradn... ,The party lost
one man in a .skirmish with otitiowas,
There' is 'much rejoicing heti Ever the Snal suc
cess of the . expedition and Ai' 'opening of the
route. • • .
The school fund of Texas. already amounts to
nearly three million of : dollars. Two millions of
this sum is derived from the fund received froin
the United States under the boundary treaty.
This is'increased by one-tenth of the annual rev
enue of the State. In addition, each county has
four leagues of land devoted by the State for the
'use of the oomnion schools, and nine-tenths
the reserved latids'in the tracts donated to` rail
road Oompanies,`thi-other tenth being appropih; .
aced to the university fund.. The whole univer-'
sky fund is now estimated , at $1,000,000, coin ?
- posed of this tenth of the land reservation, 'and
fifty leagues of land, of which sales have been
made to the amount of $200,000, with a donatioa
of $lOO,OOO from•the•United States bonds.
The New-Orleans papersitaimate that the in
cendiary crimes in Texas have been perpetrated,
in revenge; by men who Were driven out of the
State •on .the pretext of entertaining opinions
unfavorable to slavery. This - is the meet • resi
sonable suggestion that we have seen. The idea
of an organized abolition Conspiracy stems very
absurd. There is be 'gained by such
a'donspiracy; and only medium would enter into
' It, is said that. the drought in Texas is so
general and so extreme that the large emigration
flowing into that. State has been chicked, and
many families from Alabama and other Southern
States arc returning to their former homes. In
Galveston, it is reported, there has been no
rain since April, and water is now-selling at
three dollars per barrel, brought dowrcto Trinity.
A San Antonio letter says that water brought
froth the
,Mississippi river is selling in Indianola
and Lavacca for twenty-five Oents a gallon:
• The principal hotel and all the business
honses, with one exception,' were destroyed by
the'recentlre at Henderson, Texas. 'The total
loss is estimated at from '5250,000 to. $275,000.
A gretit many learned treatises hate been writ
ten, explaining the: origin- of;' and classifyittg
the • worms generaytd ; in the t human system. r
SOarcely any,toiin,t4 medical science has, elicit
ecl,more'acute obiervition'and profound research • ;
and yet, physicians .are Very, much ..divided • in
opinion on the' subject. *lt must 'be adntitted,
however, that,, after all, a mode of expelling
these worms,• and purifying the body from their
presence, is of more•value 'than the Wiliest :dis
quisitions as to the origin.' The expoillitigagint.
has at length been found—Dr.. M'Latie's*
fuge, prepared by Fleming .Ilros.• •is .the. much
sought after spebific, and has'already atipeisedel
all other worm medicines, iti - e . ffibacy being uni
versally acknowledged by medical practltioners:
Purchasers will be careful to ask for 'Dr. APLane' a
Celebrated Verndfuge, manufaCtured
Bros. of Pittsburgh, Pa. ' All OtherVertnifugeti ins
comparison . are worthless. •Dr.:•::lPLane's
genuine Vermifuge, also. his Celebrat.ed. Liver
Pills, can now be bad at all retspOtitPe drug
stores. None ; genuine • withoul : theAdgnature
of FLEXING lbws. , •••
Npty YORE, August 26,—The :steamship Van
derbilt, front Havre a,
this &Hermit - m - 4;7lLn - iverpoo an 'on e ' on aciviens7
to the 15th inst. She brings three hundred and
eighty passengers.,
The resolution for raising - 414 n. of ;47,99931 . 007,
tor Italy has been, agreed to by the House, of
The Neapolitan Parliamentary elections 'Com
menced on the .19th inst.. • Refugees are preferred
by the,electors who openly 4etilitt•e in favor otthe
annexation 'of . Naples'to. Piedmont.
Austria is said to have abandoned , the idea of
possessing Venetia. as granted by Germany:
Garibaldi is expected to attack : Venice, and.
Austria will Maintain the conflict alone' against
Prussia will remain neutral, while r the,:other
powergOe not interfere .' r ,.,. ;; .,,
The war material at the Auslrian arsenal at,
- Venice, is being traitiferre:if to Pau.,
The steamship Trcloce entered Castellamaro
midnight on the dth, and, fired several cannon
shots a,f,Monaion, and'retired Wlthent producing
any results.
Advices from China say that Sooe,bow has been
Pack . ed 'and .burneit. . ,
O-Excu, August M.—The-payers publish:a - dis-'
patch announcing theunoppOsed}disembarication
of Garibaldi,
,with eight. thousand men, near
Reggio, on the night of the 10th:inst. Thesame
dispatches report; he evacuation of , the frontier;
of Scylla by the Neapolitans. loth these reporti•
are considered doubtful. •
Tatssra, - Augnstl.s-:-'-
baldininteridt to sittlickAuslria:not on the Vene,
thin but on the Croatian Celia; by attempting a
disembarkation at Fieutn. ' The Austrian author
ities believe that he *ill first endeavor to provoke l a
revolution in Croatia•and: Hungary before pro
ceeding to 'Venetia. '
All 'the coasts are vigorouily wittelied..:li the
Imperial cruisers. • • • . . -
Lord' John Russell explained, the position of
the question for, making Spain one of the Great
Powers. The movement he stated ;Ores firstini
tiated by the .French Government.,,'; Suggestions
mere. also under consideration that Sweden,- , and
perhaps Portugal , and. Sardinia, :ougbt also tq
added to the Great. Powers. Lord Russell' said
the concert of the Great Powers on various ques
tions had tended materially to preservpilie peace
of Europe.
The British Government were of the . opinion
that it was not undesirable. to make some addi
tions to the moral force of. Europe - •
• :
The Emperor, after reviewing the, troops „des-
tined for Syria, addressed them as follows:
~ S citannus: You . leave JO 'Syria: . France
hails with joy an eipeditio, the sole -,aim. of
which is to cause the.rights:of justhe and hu
manity to triumph. You do not
,go to make, war.
against "a fOieign nation, but,
to' buo assist. the Sultan
in bringing'back to obedience his subjects, who
are'blinded by the fanaticism of the former cen- ,
tury In that" district you have great reMinis-'
cences. Fulfill your duty:' , show. , yourselved
worthy .to be the children of those who 'once
gloriously carried,into that country the banner of
Christ. Yi . )ti dO, not leave in great ?umbers, but
your courage au,d, prestige are it , 'Supply to the
deficiency ; because whenever the, trencji,thg
seen to pass, thifnittions klow . trittt a great cause
,precedes it, and, great, people follow it."
The Emperor luis given goo,ago francs in aid ,
of the fugitives from Syria.
The semi-official correspondent le inclined to
think the interview between the Etnperor andthe
Queen of Spain, which has"been spoken of,• will
not take place. =• •
`• Later.
FAI4INIt POINT, August 2, The stetunehiP
Nova Shotict; from. Liverpool on the 18th inst.,
passed this.point from Quebec.
The Pope of Rome is said, to ,have written a
most melancholy letter'to his Cardinal in France,
'in which he regards all AN lost., Although eon
-Armed that' he shall die by the bullet of an, att
'sassin he declares that he will quit. Rome. under
no circumstances, no price.
CONSTANTINOPLE, August 11.—.-Advices from`..
Damascus to the 6th, states that Fund Paella has
surrounded Lebanon with troops, and:threatened
to put them to the sword, .if the Druse :Sheiks,
did not surrender.. in two days! TWenty tiara
already been taken, and nearly eight hundred
other important'arrestilivitieen made..: A thou
sand camel loads of the plundered property has
also been recovered:
The Sultan has made speech expressing his •
resolution„to punisitthe Sxrian offenders most se
verely, as well his'` intention. of 'reducing the
vast'lisis el sinecure:s r :oi occupied ,by high
functionaries,: aft& otherwiseeffecting' economy; :
in the details of his government:A 'The Sultan is
Alep about ;to, address. another letter-'to Queen V.
Victoria, nd the %lEmperorlcapoleon; expressing
the desire to have , the,solef control over the p i nz--
isliment of the offondem: -
The neivEf of the massacre: i3alhee has lae
confirmed, but no details ha've yet been received.
Texal Items.
Worms ! Worm's
• [LI
, .
l'lttsbargh Market.
. • .
•.TUESDAY, Areintst v., tom •
ArYLES-11.26(a)2.25-* bbl.; according to quality. • ;
ASHES-Soda -Ash, 34:1Xc.; Pots, 4X@4%c.; Pearls,
5 , /,@siA. The stuck In first hande Is ample for all ordinary
porpoises. • .
BAOON 7 -Shoulders, lOc.j Sides, 3./4e.; Plafts
@lf!C.; Buiat•OnVed do:: lac:* Ih. • :
BEANS-Suoall White, fio96se.,: , ardiTork ; f3tate,43s , 9oo: .
per bushel.
BROOMS-:Common, 82.00 ; faney,"2.7k3.26; • •
.BUTTER-Fresh 8011, 104:113e. 'f4,lh ,In bids. eICEESE— . Weiderit *Reserve, .13;4,09e4" Gattien,
COIN REAL-Frota find hands, 030N32.; from . store,,
' • • . . 1, .t. • . • ;
- -
.• • .
1:008--.11eady,,aml in mther•better demand, at Bf.p9e. • .
YLOI3II-Siiper., 5t.P444.136; St:9746.2eedii.Vl;
P.xt Veal y. $3.00065.60(41.75 ; Fancy. $5.15®8.00016.20... • •
GRAIN-,Corn, shelled, 50,62®54c. pate, 24026 e. Wlmat,
1.10. Rye. 56t. • '
POTATOES-New, 450155 e., . • • • .
BALI No. 1, $1.0041.05.
,SEPlDSClover,s3.9o®4.2s. VinOthy,t2.lo@o.oo: , ! tax,
per tiorce: ' : •
-TALLOW—ltough,:7e.; Cnuotry rendered; 0,4010 e.
fat llolitts.
irm open its next Session on MONDAY, the 10th of ,Septetn 7
ber, at 3 O'clock P. M. The opening address to the strident.
will ligdelivered by Prof. WILSON, 6 'T'itesilay morning, in
tho . eloiriel, at 10 o'clock.' Alio Roy. W. 3t. PAXTON, 1311., ap
pointed by the last General Assembly ae Professor of Stirred
Ithetdric,.will enter upon, his iluties:', The Faculty now yen;
filets of fir Professors, viz.: I:tofit, t ßiiiiurr, l 3A t i{ollllf, Pz.uxu,
Wilson, and PAITON..
Rooms, neatly furnished, are all i dtVg 6Aile `a( a d;'• D ie,' '44
of rent. The charge for board iti . 4C'ellent• tdmlltcef is
$2.00 to $2.50 per E week. The total E.:simmer of a .indent, for
the term, need not oneeeg from $lOO to g 59. Students•who,
require ald, can receive a SCholarailp . oF $l2O, frau; the Sem
inary, or the Board ofiducation, or they can ohtain
such aid as tiieY Deed from a private sifid; on eqmtication to
the Profeasorel. • •'' • • • •
It le especleili desirable that the.studontehe,presentrittlie
opening of the term.. : . . l. T. /1.../lATAN t Tre9eurer. :
auglg4t '
Antioal Examination of titifettidentil of Washington COl-.
lege will commenci3, THURSDAY,. Auitun4Oth, tita
A. M., and dm MONDAt p liei4ombor 3d. ,
The Baccalaureate Setiuum,:by tlii , Txtsident, will bt~del[r
end on Fro Moth morning, September TA., .'- -
' Sermon to ISktets ; 'Of Religions Ingnlrv, by'Re 4 i. Wza:111. •
Ferguson; of Ohio, on Sabbath evening,'Beplember 2d.:!;!)
The luhirise to -the,-Literary Soolet , lesj At Rev. - AobegisT;
Brecbintidge D.D LL.D will be diltrered on Tuesday
evening. 'September 4ili. s
The Tumid' on' ToesifaY,
o'clockPAL' .• ::;••••• it • •.. . r; • .•'l,
Commeociensidlierohan:will take place:On .Wednesday,
September Mi.. ' Tripmp tirBENNAN, -
- Secretary Board of. Trustees.
AIRS.. WiNSLOW.. an ..e);perieneed Nurse
and Female, Viyirician, hail, a Soothing, Syrup for children
teething; which greatly faciptlites the process of teething,
softeninethi. game; reducirig till liinairimpilbn—Will allay all
pain' and regulate the bowels. Depend apOreit. mothers, it .
will give reetto yourselves and relief and health to yottf
(ante. Perfectly safe in all CMOS. • See adreolaamapt. r ,
mr -ly 1f
o fflarritb ;._,.
By Rev., W. F.-lam - gnu, August 4th. I,lr. TnoatAs.liosept
to Mime 'MARI L. STEWART,' both of - Murat Valley. Auguit,
16th, 111. r.: ? Tow/. J,...M031.E.A.vs to Ming MARY 'JANE M'OA WHET
both of Rural Valley, Armstrong County; 'Ph. August 21a4,
Mr. RODER? M. KELLY tO Miss FLOWS A. BlcCotiss, b4thn
Kittanning, Pa.
At Bradshaw's Hotel, Fairview. 0., on the 10th of August,
by Rev. W. M. Ferguson, Mr: 'ALex. N. WILLIAMS to Miss
ALUMNA J. licrwrint, both of Belmont County. Ohio. On the
same da)7rat. ;Bo reaMence et the, bride's; mother, near, Gib-
Gue'rriseY tohnty, 0.; Mt'. BriCi. C. SEGBIAT'LO
Mine Blthoic .• • • : • .• •
June'Mati W:Mechlin,lMnilAviu.L.
to Miss Limo. daughtir of. David Limia, of WeseMshoulng,
Inalaria Coputy, 'Pit. July 9th, Mi. 'jOiitt" POSLE' to Vies
Lima Dnodx, botkof :Ikayton;lt..) - • • ).
At: Mestdville, tumidity miirnlng, , . Augustalet, by Itev.'
J. T. Reynolils,D.D.,•JAlnts P.ll f tttlt.Fu l of Fayette City, Pu y
to Ansa 1 131. LL Devis,.of tholfuriaerplatte: ` •• ' • • '•
"J.; 1:111Vir '
lit* . It. '• •
; ”71'• .k11:14
'Y sth, in •R Tani ARi A 4CRIc
' DIE nne Oth, in • nal y ,
TELL I t .i •,. • • - • •--
. .
DlET:l—dnly 19th; in Rural • Valley* . Ainiqtrniig C§inty,
Pa t idra; JANE STRAIN, in the slst of her age: •
:DIED4n the 21nt inst., nt his! residence in the, limelight
of CberrY-tree, Indiana County, 31 - 11.,tramA...PFATT ? M.D:,,
in tbd 85th'year of his age.
• . .
DlED—Annudt .1.6t1, of pnlmopir
cOntramo ,
faith nod 'hope of the Gospel,
ettswilk, North Ilaatingdon Toirisblp, • Weignorebuia * Oo.:,
Pa., agexl 39 yeara:
rE urru5,...... JA.l4l f ilpilt
' ircs6,lgcrt4i,ihtes'd
LITTLE &TRIM , o. n ,
GOsses arti Contsa4ssiots,dictC/idnlti Diklers
in Flour, Bacon, Cheese,' Fisb. Oils, Pr oduce, , ,Iron,
Glass, Cotton Yarns,' and' Pittstaritilthinatactitt44l 'article!'
generally. . •, ~ co i • a
Vre retipecifally Inritethe attention of merchants rislilita
this 'city :to 'our. large 'and •carefullytaefectedlitasortment'bf
gi,ods,tyhlch we.offpr for. ealc, on tile, mpst fitvorablatettps.,
Partlenlaftim! prompt aftentlon'paldlo nuing orders:,
• • . +:114v . ,1114. •:1 .
101 - • • S S; N 14%, t!I -) • . 4
iv 80, Smithfield Wee:, .keeps. wait:Andy on. hand a large
tuasaitmeabf Cana; Shronds,
ofjbe latest styles, ,Pqnsonal siticed caacityvhen ,
required, and no pains be spared to:give entire satisfac
tion; and relieve the friends lot. the • inatiy nnOleadiut Atittis •
necessargy connected kith the„ preparatips,for„burial, -at
grentryikidOced - itobnisol4u'diiralid Miran'
and,Ceariages furnished.
. •
HAS E C.Orci
• • ,3 W II ;P:tOPMFAX ,•. •
e:001"11r0 '1'..4,1t .01f - 4070 HE,AtriN-G
rALI 1130„ „., , >• •
, .• - •I •
Grate Fronta,_Feriders,—Gangfis,..&e.,
sepl-ly •.!I
- 52 and .54 Murray Stript,'Neik='•Yokk,'"".
Importers and Jobbers of CLOTHS;. O:IO3BIIdiRES,-VEBT
INGS, and every, sty!e.and quality of,Odods,otbiers
and Meicbani Tailor:4 for Men'S and Ibipl.lVosi,
isepl-ly : !;, • J 1:
PresbiterianS disiritit to eniiiratiito Hansits.mill send iheic
Post Office address to Trie;at St. Laniaallialsoart,indrwill•foro;
want thearsome Information of marding a Theatiots•
in Kansas: '' MO TOO 11
r odplf2ra, Ltixotnptaki, Rabat& 9
liIARE OP • ITV."'
co., ic - wbperrivri, eni
ploy, Males and' Etanalea to . act fie lard or fraVmllint agenM. in their employ ncerege from 530 MVP parr/moth.:
We cannot, in this advertlseinent.• particularise 'thd - buOneea:
blityß.Wlll-,IIIIIR Circular, (free of; cpst,) to, all who nddreee ue.
ploy the enbJet. This Je a rare opportunity for thpt-of .
ement to obtain airlinnonibleifttuttion. ' so pl;
• ;iltiatrealEym i 31 11 ' •
1 7 2.0233Pa:LTA S.. 3aalkSlVl3 .
•93 Wciod Stiiiiit;,POtsto l inijt"Pa'• ' •
-• •,, tlt If ;'.l ; ; 1.
Outlin~re ' pf Theology, by Rev. 4. Alexantler
Treatiseon the Canon' aiiillitererOrisUitlOh - of the '
Scrlpturop, for the spenial lament obiunlor t::.
cal Student intended also for ptiititu,Christlans ,• .
in, general, by Alga. ld'Clelland ...
The Year ‘4 praos,•by flibson 1.26
itlatory, Tbsofy iund•Pmetiee.ef RientrieTelegrstph • T.tft
Trnv in els p . li and,,,Resso . reties , Eitste . rn Africa,tiby:,prcifou Est
Avoidable Cauties'Ot Disease, br - Joliti • Ellii;AWlLHL4el))o!
Self Help, by
Stephenson, ' "
A' Run Through Europe: :by Entatus Betteditsti.,.'.U.o:l2s:
Studies Auinutl Life, by 9e°. ryp, , tlTe•. 40
Art Recfeatioris pen ,
••• ' • • - '
Nemesis, (marlon,Harland'allout
What May be Learned friths a Tree, by Ilarlall&COUble 1.00
3lt. Vernon Papeniclbylldward Everete„.v.:.:44A.
Physiology of Common Life, by Goo.lAeultY Lewes},;,.,..
Young I:armor's Manual,
,by $. E. Toad '
Poptilar,Aatronomn,by 0.41.• Mitchell' • •+IL-.'4-,.:.A..25•
Addison Alexander', Sermons, 2 vogs i. . 14.• 0. 1 . 60
Remion and Revelation', by Robert SI Citua1f4,1):12.4.4, '22
Tarr:tee SCAtinCO to: Theology
Lectures on the English Language, SAO.
history of Ilerodotul, by George - Rnwlliiion;-Consinatkfr
4 :rola ' • .. ."VIT4 t-rntnimAck•
Morin'slifiTlienica, by : ll4ll6kt" • , • • • 3.00
Ultimate Civilization, ,by Xiala Taylor .„, ~„
Aadley's Greek Grammar„. ' 1.26
.OZ*- Orders by Mail will teeeliat prompt attention.
li oLLow:ANis , .l'ltiL§ . AND DINT
ITol.l.lliiefciul and: unsiglitlyi
eraMtive disorder' of the raw is sieedily, and permanently,
eradicated by. a few •opplientions 61. this: innolimit . Ointment,
and the Pills, by purifying the blond . , metals tho operation!.
Many casWinbandoned by pbyeleiansasi ha . Peloos, have 'been
immediately cured _ by these medicines: l, . f.!* ,•.:•;•
Sold by 0.11 Draggiets,,at 215c,;6 0 ..c. perficsi.
• , •
QCLAND'S 4,111 . 91411,14, 13irr,EFIS
Ai= Will poeftivoly are '
Liver Coiiiptaint, Dyspepsia, Nervous Debility
IleAd• the certificate of 'the Rey...7.'31. LYONS, 'ffirth'o7.lY.
paator of the Columbus, iiiillstawa, Pa.; Baptist
C. 111: .7Aettifini:—.l7/ "-I feel 11 -•
...Jeer 'Sir feel It a pleasure,
thus, of my. Own ama/rd, to bear. MatimoDY to thtraxeellenato
of thu "Gorman Bittern."- Somo_y s erirs eblee, pinch • With' dysPilitia,l `need them With very &hada!
sults. I luvre oftcn recatnauladed, h ea r d wpersons eufeeldod
by that tormenting disease , and hero fr o m
them the
most flattering testimonials all to their'gmatledire. I n'eakes
of general debtllty, I heti - aye It co bter i faula that caouOt. be
New Noehelle, Apr11 , 22;,113359.. •
>'or sale by
_Druggists sad Deign; everywhere. l ice. 75 •
chute ',tor bbttif, *pit
• •
W -!
folipectrially infhrin one
friends, FOLIO* istnl.Utto public generally, that,treleye now
in Store and - 011or WHOLESALE . AND RETAIL, at the
lowa , ' C ash i'rfret, a large and very choice Stock of WAIT II as,
Jewri.ay,,g , lLVlK Aire l'barso Wear,, of every variety and
style. • .
Every description of Dinuionit Work and other 'Jewelry.
maxis to order at short notice. All goods warranted to ho as
,a4L , lt.—Particalai , attention given to :the 'Repairing of
Watchetand Jewflry, of every description. . •
• '' • .rilittyc'kraciles bF THE
‘ l vrtebbytiiiitin l • Baird of Publication,. • •
'oatPhllPdelphla •••
,t.. •
_.• :• •
Idti.**RETYll.. leen . 0 . " • .1013 . Price 15. and 20
cent*. •,• '•L'• • ' • • "
• DROPS Ok TRUTH. 18mo., pp. 273. Price 30 and 30
!ccotie. •
3041417 GARY. lame.; 153: PPrice , 2o and 25 &mtg.
.Trir., F Aßicw„tEpri.: ,Price 20; end 25
P ITTLE ANNIF.I34III/MtElkitiGHTEV:lBmo:. , pp.' :87.
reel 20 and .20 alma. . "
a y; ; 20` a n d 21
-T I ig . LOPrORILDRE2I4I.Bmo,pp. ca au
, ,
pp. 7 . 6. Prier , 20 and . tScentip,
.:MAICKSBPONSIBLE • FOR Ms BELIEF . 1444 0 , 4P:7 1 ;
kidENTIiii p 3NESIV: PP. 44. PAM
3kAntalr.v...:n• ,11 . r; 9f.
- .
Illy. TWO SACRAM E NTS. 12m 9 ., pp. 33.. Pr 10,5 poste..
.rrice 55 cents..
TICE TRUE PATh. 1.%n0... pp. 200. Price CO cents.
Price 3 cents. • )i:f • •• • • • :
32n10.; OWN gift edints, price 25 cants. •I- - l ••;••••• •
'Ail little ,vol now is an able and: ralnahle, aid to A l who
are' inquiiing'into . their apirittnil itixte. •
MENT. By. Rev. Stuart Bll , tf4elL ,18neo.; pp. i 32. Price
20`it4id 25'eentic . . • ,
_KATIF. ,, SRYMOUR; ..on,grror Ma):o.loMen..llappy.
Illriitrated with three beintiftillypolored . 18mo pp .
'230. Price 35 and 40 cerita.: , • , • ••f • ,
For, oath in Pi Etaburgh : thi l ,pies +Book
Rooms, St: Clair Street. , JOSEPH P. GLIM, . .
ff;b2l:tf • • ' It" I ,Pnblinhinil'Airill
• .
'Tl3l's Is :Weekty.:Rolfe, aper, •publihedobt the
ABLE Itle , ,Vl . AII'IIn#YAIII4OL•UN; 01!,,:!it. tilV: Tra . tjp":
pries of • • .
t rs.destFnetl fot...knrtnth : Teathetee AO. ; op who' 'nil,. tett .
ga t interested in the religious training of the yoWng.
I also en excellent Family Paper.
. .
..k.portion,of the Sandal/ &hag. Timm, Is occupied '7,;ith
. NIERATIVES'and other matter partiadailj Interesting to
yoittsir perlons....l:eachers will !India-it much that they wilt;
like to read to their clasees—inteii;ting. matter prepared to.
their handl and such as they cannot And elsewhere: • • Fob the
seiliereasen, members of hibleclasees h and the oldrrscholare
generally, will be greatly beinditted by 'the periamtl Of this
priger:.•••.! ; ! ''!i'•:!.
- The Sundoy, SC7IOO/ riMIS. hall; ' every weep, a,,
rtioi'4 , Oflibeehoice,t matter seleeted from the 'NOON PRAYkR
MURTIIctIS, which are se interesting to'all , elmises rofiChris-.
&aides &large aliment of genera relightoute'lr*llYgteice,
the Sunday School. . Times . cont4i the most recent,Son
daj 'School ' riewe.:"lt repoits all the important CONTtIN
TIONS, of-Sunday School• teachers: Ia diecussea . the. Mice ,
tient; which moat inter e st and, berpleg teachers and parent{;
teeniceting the various methods ofreligions training;for the
young, the means of 'gainitirthe utte,ntion, and affections of
children, and especially tit ecetirltig their conversion and ;
bringing them to Christ. Thesulijectof MISSION SCHOOLS , .
for cTtioq , and,of:Sunday School ruissionati worlc i forthe in-_
torihr,:in' thoroughly (*visaed. , Indeed, there is hail* a
topleef practical importance to iiinr,who are interested 'Tithe
subject of religious education, width is not here brought tin
den ConsideratiOir front' week to•ivielL tekcher, rio parent,'
elfould,lt,withont it.. . - ' . !• r;
The'qnt , tdd,"y'qc/iocil - Tittles hint been the direct means, with:
out. any other. ngency, of establishing' . filiinhey: Selmois in.
neighborhoods where none existed before. and of giving life,
to other schools which were languishing. It lathe testimony
of Agnclrctis,of gupocrip ten dents,,tbgt .they.,,baye, found.their ,
sehooli-reviving front the time that this paper began to cir
culate among their teachers and in the families of their con
gregations. „
RELIGIOUS CONTRQ rig .ektlrely excluded from
this paper. The Sunday Sch&C , Tinii-fdoes not even reply to
its own ataailante. Its' only answer td' 'attacks, is to labor
more industriously to make a paper, which shall be worthy
.orthe petronage of warm-hearted, working Christiana, and
which shall breathe. throughput the epixit r nf meekness and
love. ;
Tile conductors of this paper endeavor to remember, that
the great murofnll Christian effortistoifrhig men to Christ.
They aim, accordingly to put into every number of the pa.
Paper something which • shall 'have for itediieefloblect the
conversionof Lstge-heatted Christjans,, who, are
/seeking the metiiii of doing good; wtralb, file believed. do an
important service,, and perbsps, pa the means. of . . many :uou
veleieiiii,l4 inilisciihing for copies of this paper for y.onng
persons of theirixteenairitancee, ;hien largely 'engaged in
umnitGirturcs might thus confer n lasting benefit upon their
apprentices or workmen. ' ;L.
Many hundreds of elirc - rine'n ere entiseribere .
end recommend itynwnly ti).theirprityytittiono. , 1 , • .f
Ca nv asserv.. f Wanted ,:iin,tall t .,.Parts, -,otAthe .
• .Uo.ted Stskte,s..
;') •.1
Will find ill* Wipe etA i oitmeut tif
at:C.ll: SAX
TON. Belt glpfv4ylol.:ll4ort:puitaititi Bonk efilepese, • 4.:eit!ic
• t m 4: Wii.+T 4iirt .PW4•Gir ;• ' • &Vital' '
: P r '2E l* -• • 1., ; . i;
' •i 17 „ij.,6,_1..,-( 8 = m „ . , •••
, •
• 246 'Peeli . 'Street
In thelhottee ltrreerly.occupiett by 1:/t. Heyeer, opposite
Christ chervil: 4 'Lie will giVe all the modern 'lruprovetnerite:
,Teetit 111 00 0 d:it f 1 . • :
•1 • . - 1 111 061 1 1 1 1 0 $O2 Pp MET. , , , ,
•• t 11EFFAEls . , .
R i ttesll.D. SAMVEL FICDL T ••
• A 4 .*.BluiDisr:l = . o.3l'oiym.eas; t:
J. 11.1110Pas6 W ANKra;
Dr..escaos IL SAUER, W.
SAMUn • •
~ Yil~£i' ef!
?„:"? c„,„ •
COC A ;:.;
I + i
A: . Si' ItAltNEE14 1 1111111; , '
^T IP alLtlilf;:i , 1 1:3;1 WI.:
-..;),51;tr53 ,, J0:11.45.v0f
ArEvr vomit ;
1 ,, IV wool )41$1:Itiltil 1" . ..1!1;•. , 1
fOktpofLpdiid'toany pzrt'q th4omatikailif
Smith lc Afartla's sod pct:iihkst-ElOO-4190ff,
ICOPIfi • " ' ' •
10:;Beent System of Penmanship.". - - ; •
Broolfilelit's first Bohlt. in Compotttiop. ~
. 1 , , )7 , - 3
IVBOYdlrlfalisn'ti Systerit of TOgie. ' '
11L"Mahan's Intellectual Philosophy. b F I . I).
• 144,11033Ps Homes' Elements of Criticism.
• 15. Boyd's Edition of-English -
Brooks' Latin sod Greek Classical Series.
_ .
TT. timid* Orthographiral MorArs'. 4 , 1:1f ii iN" . •
1 :- • 7'l . ' STA TE! AT WEST -, ?!:R1T• v i - .. , ; ..;... 3%..1 .:
Davies' Unliersity Arithinc#6... -- ' .., . . •• 51,1
' Davit:sqlourbeai's Alga •. , '-'I I , ;I, • l'f!1 ~I;,,rtt
ipsvie l4 'sLeifondrfs ..1:t': ,;. ~T i" '..' 'l4 '47-4) 7
Gis a ir.
nailes' Elements of 9
' Elites' Deaeriptive-O ' ' ' li' , ' ' l ' • ~ • ' K . • • ' 1 • ) -' ,l
teavice%Sbades, Sheller', and 14oTFPiirlpostlye— .7 : ... ...
Enrilett l s'AtialytlCal Illechon10.•' ~. '' - . 1
. • Baitlett's Acoustics and. Olitles. f: %;:, .'; L . fl, , ' 9 .."•,'.
Bartlett's..Sphorical 4stronniny. ......0; • ". . { i : I
iMany, o f tb4' f a f btiva ari l alio - the; : *tizt:Boini 'F:eib ,
e New
IforleYree Acaditny l.Coltnbia. College3lN..Y: Eltate:Nbinial ,
Lfiehool,) , and Reelteatee Aloivereity ;, also, tinive,tetty of :Vit . .,
girlie, 'Miehigan ? and 'numerous other . InntituUona in the'
!different States of theMpion. ;: •, 4 : (; ,-.! '
.• ;.: ; .1
.411 7 ' , N11.9 1 4 'IT 1 41. 2,.., 11: q. k :A 8 ‘ ......'•' 410 ;
..! . ....1' Aka -EINIE IOI IPRIF-P . ,_ ~.014 : , LIM!! we:
Publish the, re;l l lllsnoiirit,vidkeeinnder the hoed of. 4 4'mcliers ,
Llbraricien y nal meta fen vole., and highly recommended to
the School Teachers o the United Mates, at
.$l. ;per volume:,
1. 'Page's Tlieos7 and Practice of Teaching. , ~.L i , . -
2 , .'Holbrook!allob3ial Method OrTeaeliint thatcOmmet '
1.1.14 Bnchee:
'i. ''.i .: 'l. . , ...1 Ci(itt t , . •
.:'_ ort!.icn'd'e Tea ' .c..or an. Pm,nt:, '.. ,
.. 4. xariagl.4d on..Arnelloan,Ellueation.: i• • '•. • : 1 1 . : a :Tv.
! 11. Me Tocqueville's Amerhadi r iluititutions. .-)r _.,.- „:
t. • a, Bli fi esinstitutel,Vetuii:s on Menial and Mbralaudiati4 4
`• V Itwiglit's Higher Christian . Sdicattion, i 7 .r)91 ljf;
i MaYllevr_ on .ICiniversel Education.. ' • , • ... , ,
.Duviee'Logicmf mathematics. ‘ , (~ l i 01l .41' tia ' t
I I '
, .10. History , of Edupation..with Banning. ... r
~ ......,
! • 9F:n7 • ! ,: t .; . RECENTLY TUILUBEEDitlifail yam fl
,Revotioar..propli e r o 4,24ooV
Modeth Phllolcwa. ls;
• 111.14401Thili!ellionandllardirTrenck.. • . i';;•
$ Airtl9 ll l l o l VPl PlttabFich by ik.p. : NEGY e414.0.0';;
.3! !
; • •A. 8. BARNES & BURR.
• ,‘-• ..Ne. 822 141*ket Street, Satith Side, Philadelydi
•' • -
rrplg,fsA7k, PC1199 L ,
I. To Teachers or others, who are •srllUni to 'cuirass for
this paper, anti, who will send.ueoir.oiiiiiirne,•the names of
um , Nov so - Moor:Ens, end A , Vett anUars in cash, NVP
TIONARY, Nev Pictorial Erlition .price $6,00:,0r ofaI.IY
_ .
• ' IT. To those who will rend us. at one time, the names of
its.anyf sumpanisaii, and ten donars in•!caih,••Are will •gtve
'a copy of the new and splendid MAP OE ANCIENT JEItU
SALEM, fotaile Uytonr Bodetyliio 'feat by seven, 'minted
and colored.. PriceSlO. •., . • , .• .
. Perso e:UV whalirefei: eativrt6ing for'COMpeasntion
money, and who can I produce satisfactony-testimonials eis to
character, will Twelve most liberal terms.
IV. MONTHLY TIMES. The Sunday, Scheel ;times for
the first wewlc*ln••eadh Month'. is Yalioileinied• tit a separate
form. us altos - 7w peps for thow schoOls . 49o ,Similietwho
do not wish to t.iike I 4.oelkly. Price; to •
• • taTlS`Vnr.• , ..rttawurcung pre:rumen or — CoMpettantion
canvassers, four single subscribers to the Irmghly Times are
ciounted,the mime as obi sulitiriber to the IVeeklyiTiiieii
Alir.'Specimem copies of the paper, and other documents
Address WALDRON J.jellEYNEY,itiesArer,
AmetionnoSdelayiEchkol Ph;bia9lphia..
NviiiirfrEP4ipvtArtofrigli.l 6 ,ArrirA
nuttfon ai raeher It maif parttnent of
gemhutry or IliglrSchoolliPlelieeddroett,wlthcpartionlarso
• 1.
' ififf2s4l4 " " 4 ' itodbaftir, - Beit . • ybr cdi Pa:
RS, .GARDE . RA,. YRUIT;ilX#Y.E.Ak4kß3,-E.g
NZ I 'Dili I S
; . •
. •
• .
.• • •• • ;;: ' ;f:F) 4611' I'2 • • ... 'n.•' •ALC " I S • • •••
• .• . ! ::.• 4;1? r !':
. .
. PUBLISneD I Dir• I
t : 1•:. •.• Iv gi
rriavf‘' COmOlete Cotinso.Of Maihriitatim sae.
2., Willartl'el Sericg School..l,liStories. •. f 1;
3.. lifYnteith had McNally's System' of
4.' Clark's Systmil of English:Grammar.
6.;P:vrker 4v.Watson'el Aeries of Itsfuters and,Elpeilog.„, it
'Eh •Parkbr's - Nitural anti ,rackiimeatil Philo4phy: "
.7-..P4tee.s;Rralnoiples pf.•ChemicitrY. : r _I A .
8. Northend's . Doublz Series of School Spcakirs i gidEM
. Fartica intending to,plant . :
Fruit Trees, strawberry • Plants, &c:,
this Fall, aro respectfully invited to visit tile rBeuickley Nur
eeries of T. L. SIiIPILDS & CO.. befon, giving•thair orders
out, and examine their stock of 'Trees. Plante; AC. 'Mrtnli Va
rieties of Fruit Trees can• be. furnished of a beating siie.
Catalogues may be, pipeured, and orders . left at the Seed
Storoi 47 Fifth gtreet.!' ' • • -
T,h..SIII4DS. &CO:, ,Sewickley Nurseries.
augfl-4t ' • ' JAMES WARDROP; Agent `
••• • • •
- TEWHEit id' an Amulet* or' gigh'Sclool, VT 'a
young Man of nearly throe years' experience. in loathing:
no best of teetinronials can be given.
- Address, with particulars ! • • "A. S. P.;"
... 0ug18430 , ~ . 'Unison Oity , Westworeiiind Co., Pa.
au g 18430 .
rM A:lT'Vir AT C E S
. ' Kafir , ins
4:140.1(1411:: : WATCH COMPANY
. At , Waltham - IVlas:
Attention is inOttiid to the folfinvintiitatenient and 'acdonil
rtaying.tetters of retotnmendation'and testimonials; in favor:
of•these.ctieltrated RgtSLes r...
A gold modal was awarded4o. ,CoMPr.f;
can Institute, at New York, 5 i11,1857. r ,
The Cdnmen'y also received' Elie that preMinm—a gold.
the. Franklin Institide;Philadolphia,
These Watches have now been in the market for nearly ten .
years, during which time they have been tested as to accu
racy, durability, and reliability, in every conceivable matinet.,
and bait proi;ad then/sets:ea to be the most satisfactory time
piecee ever offered to the jAtbliC. '
• This result has been - brough't' about by a strut djipllcatlon
'of Mechanical,ocienco to the construction of the Watch from
its .very. inception, rendering it when finished, mathematically
correct In all its proportions, and necessarily as perfect a
tirrie-leepoi. on it Is possible to make. ,
The dniniany hays tested tbeiCWatches in many instatices
bs attaal daily , noting, and die rMult of tht i test. him • been
that they ltav * 6 exhibitedit rate equal In •ftgulartty; to the
bfst marine chronometer. 1•• 1';
s% 11.—We harp justlntrooced,.s tat. sgee otAinitpi ,
elalicrittel . y. finished, arid thinner tiVan . I,4beityk
the grent4mt. accuracy of Oriel-mince; and to - prevehe tad
usualaccidents and dorangeinento to .which foreign witches
are G. • •
:11.11g following fe:fiam Mr. litiarra,:tho well-known* Maria, I
9149n. 0, 00 • • " f ,
April . •
/4r2• 111)911 Tr!. ••• -6'.4lllltti ••
and Anti
beyeracobt a ntimbei tit iour Compeekife Tatebektead 'lOl.ll
FtP a r i - ftrsih ;0401 .withold 4 3 .410.441 . 050711!rttP3••.
lattroebleitadmypAtstomors, every safgAnalcal. Feßally a,
sold mi.! 1,4 .
broken'.down ;
isnfely hOlno Its, Waltham Wahl:
Spire, trulX, . „ • : Ei Pcselen4 :
;;( , f Qicriae.Ar I
- . . .
• New York:October '27 ; 1809,
AdifiltfCAN WATpI!COIII..4:Cr, Waltham,: ~ • r
'Genttinien carried one °flour Watches foie the
Init eighteen months, I can my coalidentlythat they wlltd4
and may be bought with imsurancu that they. will 'keep time.
I belicci),thewfitclt.uneurliatised. ..Itoeace Gimmze.:;,
• Book Room, .No. 200 Miabern Year,'
.11e'bruary. 6 1860.. f •
R. E.. Tioittins • s, Trsurer Ame etc? p patch ,
.Deo?!.lii; take g.t i siei r nr, in being ablie
tinit tbritite last ten months I Mire carried a' ivaiciilicio
manufactory of the American Watch Company, azfdthattk
has gilt!! perfect
.gettitdbction aa'a time-keepere,,i.7l4lng
from the one I hare, 1.110,n0t hesitate to predict that,tbo. da= .
is not'f.ii distant wheat' eratch6 made in the United gnat,
will:s • dpetsCrin'Oth JANE ' S Fier; D.D. ' '
• WI . LT":I BLIIYF ' C., October, 20,1850
• • • ~; Is •
Itoinnrs, • " •
Dear'-Sir threcitantchvCof yourMlanunicturewhieg
I purnlutse d to betite4oll my plantation, r lince proved !to 1m
the moat cortect time-keepers I have ever known. I gave my,
head, percent, my bead carneuter.' end niy !lead . etgiueei;
CiMh`dao of them: and since they have tieen in theii' rtopelid.
ire possession, every thingon the plantation has moved
Clock-work, in consequence of the extreme aocaracylasai*-
Ylariti with W4tek the#l.ll/4Ph" PC'Fformi 7 t:it •
You* truly, • ; Ulm
cAlcA oo ..P l s.Marchiq B6o .
itilitaim AMC ceilP alttuan, . • '
c 6, -or ti,4 , ivati,
nirekutiiiii. .•etir elude, and so accurate
amlwqvabio baciustaits lwrfortuvutra that I have thought it'
wuptlJlAterrel f. royt, and fill . otat . 7ll)yßilia.rn-Ifitlicytalogy, to
IN! a reviled o f its %%Autism. 'lt was finally set to true ,Limn
altar It had beta rugaliting resesslun fur three rabitlp.
• alirie t s Sete.
- : August '" 9
Since. trhicte time; Ibi! avail* Vatlaiioriallas not'
impended sLc Asian& 41 • 1.. 408.31A27. WIARD- 1
ivat'cli is 'noir eitenairely couriarfeited '•
by Ihi-eigtimanufactitreri, we haVe tainfurni the public that
no ntell istoLour pioduction which le ,unnecompaniitaiby„a,
aertificiAe.pizeniiinesess, beerMig the number, of the wlweb,
by" 1.
and Treasurer, E. !Azi int, or by pre ;
:eraieSsg,:itigision; T rsoy eeti. " =
{ As- these watches era for sale by JeweleriliiiiiriaW
4sugbisat the Union, the LAmerican: WAteh :Oompeafiao
nuP.)&O49IIP?I, for single N":*cha'
AlloenY County So.cleth
P. 0.11 WESTERN :PENNSYLVANIA . ..1.111:0, OHIO,
• • • • • .
4th rah 6th ~and 7th of,„Scptember .1860 e
; .,r4Emiums AMOUNT TO NEARII; $4OOO. •
's ' , Fair . Grounds, Ninth ,Ward Pittsburgh. :.• , ;
ifErn 11OA1tb OF MANAGERS trouldatinoinvie . that
ERA', PREMIUMS Ite.;,e.been offered in allthet , epartmentik•'
Abundance of, S';'EA 51. POWER .n9l .be, prwided,for
running of Machinery, 'etc.. • , .
In addition to thelarge PREMIUMS FOR 'IVIA:CJITNERY''
in the Printed Lilt, thsfollosinF premitinis atn . o
47 , 04:
geaeil :dee,. (11,i opiiiiigitiYflilver_
add — • •11.4:1 ' -•" . 1. 1 .J. •
Second wending L., 20.00
For triselron Tirr'dinebithe,,titt
Sogese Gutting Machine.. der:i •• 10.00
do . Press. - - • • ;5.00
j' Tion'Planer (it; daitioit:) Silver Media iuki /' I .10:00'
do, ,Centering Lathe,.forSlaaftitik (in tinttlonyg.... 2 . 400.
' 4 654 104 variety of Engine, (in nicatio.) atter ..
tinui thosn enutnenited , ire Class4l4
; t -Medal and •••
499? I .
• 'inn" Front,..bne j story high, ROY - op oit the•'
I ! it j; •gronod,.Silver.Medal:anC.,
do Steam Eire Engine, pilreT Medal
r.sii abikoinilikesseif •
YOUNG?..Jr., careffdly . ibbeltsk , witliTig‘
owntr's name and residence. , • Y. • . .
11ARY. „ •
tsql,cif,Augritit: IfOr.wirtlcialara, ad.drees
.the Prig_
cipals, , : S. B, ar4itcmit. Pripcipal Academy. •
. - rimy: J: A. brOlLL,'Pzioctpal of Seminary.' l .
.fte1110?-00', „ • ' •• • ' „ , ..;
HE,R • ' !:
yws•Priprthyleritil Institution is located at Wallington. 04..
inlay between Wheeling and Zanesville. ,It ;is of easyl
it..e“ by thethhitional TIMM and by th e Central Ohio Rai I road:
Xilpi,t9wn , .Ontaine is, population of one thousand I oilakt!'.
Itsints, and ilaurroundcd by u billy and healthful country. .
TIIIB 2tcndetnp Is: furnished 'with' h liandimme bailill
braries, Literary Societies, and competent Teachers.,
Thorough Instruction is combined with paternal goveral •
men(tt,ral whelesenicieligloutcitillueneel: • • :...
The studfes include a complete glassical course to far °SOL
Jutinr"4lifiss Int . the Leif Colleges; and all' Engilidi"
branches I nepde4 to fit 'ramie man . for : Buisinees: awl;
Teaching.•. .
The Summer en' the FIRST MONDAY OF'
MAY, and the Whiter, term an the lI.RST,TURSD4Y
Teltioa,Reee malt be paid quarterly in advance, at thh
lotvlitg tutee per SISIII9II gf 4ye mouths : : • ".
'Tut Rnelsti . .....
„••! Ciaasical . ... ' ' • - .12.00; „
Ladles me adinitted;antrinistructlOit to given tn'aima,;;•?••.:l ,
Mei andan the Piano;andlielotiedn. • • • • 1,.•
Boardingln,private thin Wee, with. room! fu9dllt4 !is
. 11in . 4 .
Book a and stationery withbe.fanda.bled
661 • pi 1441. . • '.
rt , . or • r t
Terfurther information,addreft• ' • L -
• ~ ,
-jitigll4r. ' ' ' '
-.p ;!rf oi v Reif ? • . 1.;
oriaea in n 1€340;'.:
ilndotorfilitioted by , thi, TennsSill"
wtinia walla` PerphtuiPChirtei•
9TER FIVE iIIOUSAND STert&NTS, from , nearliavery."
State in iheD Ilion, have hero been educated for bushilianen
Axing tbe only College of the kind in the 'Orate,' Sti ti'
..which the young merchant aukaccountent amedutated fat
•buelnese•under the daily eup•Crrlidett of as esperfeticed prac
ticer merchant. A large pritnithlet , circullii.i containing the
testimonials of, over four hundred merchants, bankers, and .
Mceoutitan* (graduate's of the College,) with' eiamples of our
• ri f , D rpp u r l i yrifing, and an elegant craving building, .
'mailed on receipt of bye letter !tamp,
' Ad'drem • i • ' 'DEPT! PrinctOil,
• • • • Pittsburgh, Pa
. . air FOR SALE BY BOOKSELLERS.—Barper's enlargei,,
edition *of Dufre New Spline' nf , Book-keeOlnk,. py.' 222 ; )
Royal Octavo. Anvil-der]
_four Bilyorfnied&S Statculblbs.l
'and esii . OtJoned by the Amerlain .lietitute and Chamber of
Conunerca of biew•York; [lathe; beat gyitterii' of account , pub: 11
.11"1 1 14 ; .4 c!.. Morro ,`•.l au g ll4 *, •
MEROMINTS7 HO'rEll, • • . • 4%s
'Act , ..1 Lits
%Pr t,S e
U. aquaitaa a 80k, Proprietor&
= l .
• ,; , 1 Avlio!o B ? l (44eilts, . •
, No. Is 2 DrivlLday,liew.:Yorls. ,
: Einem teCoOed at Reed'e-Jeirnlil ti.. 6811
Street. after.A.Agnet 20. ,• .;
.., , ,„:„. .....1(„! •• 0 .4 oi Ili: ,-,
Tickete r hir, sale antOieinliini Llste...far lift •
Reed's Jewett*. Store, NV; 6S Fißli sbiee, atiiiiii Sclisiarte
Drag Stpreaedend Street, A11egheny.,.... , ,,. ~. , 1 ,..: . ~, ~.
HAY li.N 0 STRAW GRATIS roe all' aliiudic'eafiietfof "
ir j
exlub,4ionlaadArain at lowest Cash prime.' ',Li, :' , 4,.0 K
'All entries meet be made ~n the Judge ' s bon* uor bet) ...
11.1 - 33DAY-IiVESI NG, the' 4th of Septerob‘oi; andiill titie ell'
and all, laninulla ntttat be brought- w,l,tiii a'
. the tr,lelmga ;by, !.
To (kitty noon. ' ' .. . .
,Amiittractive Trognuume for each day. . ; -: .. . .
f l'Xijant Nlxltbaud pay Pollee. , . , .:
ittllflltSiON h.^
Exhi-ltt-n Tlckete, $1.06 3 ,Flit .Tickeial4 '
51-00'; - .2.Intle Tlekete, 25c. . Two-00111e Vehiclee, 25 c4 . 5 63 /1 111 '
Horse Vehicles, loc.; Single ; 110pe..10c.: OccuneTtit ! t ic lidera w il l pay the regular rateein addition.
114XLWATAGGOMb.tODATIONS to andtrem the Geendde.
For inAnmation, address *S. 301.017191, ,Tr., Req., i ..
, . ...- I 'li ... :. •. . ,) • . •. , . ~.1 p ittj ,s urgh, • •
; !..
ItuglS.3t.• •,. i.. or Z. KNOX.; econetapapsling Secreul.r..Y.! J.
•,c ~i
prrTsßnti PEVii:42Vgto Cut :
..." u
ItEV. C: TETI. ffiNG, A.10:4 Prespleut,. assisted by a
FAA:ill's' OF Er.eves TEACHERS.... ; , 11 . .
Superior rulTantages an: afforded for obtaining a•thoronAh. ,
Academic. and Collegiate educr.tion. Every effort 'will be
made trl secuce the happiness and haproyenthtit,of all who
mio.'titand.' The Collegiate year begins Auguit 3f sti,secOnd
Season, Deceinber:.7th sad. the third,i Mardi 21st. it Tuition ,
'varies from SS to SlB pea' Session, according tostudiea. For
further information, apply.,to.the.P.resident, or to Professor
J. U. KNOW4ES, Pittsburgh, Pa. nugll-,v
yrep e
`" 42*-
1 1X .ae
• • t!
,15 1
• I.
05, Mfigii
411 505
• Save the Pieces! .7•1
. •
'efa accidents will happni, Ovum leen-regulated fserrillasa It Ai
leery 'desirable to base some cheap end convenient we, ler ai ,
lug Furniture, Toyrn.creekery, Am • .
motto ell such emetsioncies, end, on household can afford to bs,
. erlthont it. it is always reedy and np to the sticking point.
' There is no longer a necessity 'for limping chairs, splintensd en ,
. noose, headless dolls, and brokedfrodlcs. It ts Just the as-ticle
cone, shell, said other orsialnerital work, so popular with ladle*
of refinement and taste. -• •
• this nth:nimble prepanttlen Is need told, being chemically held'
soluttudandpossesising all the walnable , qv:Wilke of the be.
caldn'et-M'aierer'' dine. It may be tureelo . the place of ordins—
zincliege, befrutosistly more adhestv'a •
N. 11.—A Brissh 56ompwnlee battle: Priro, 2b cent
%kitolesale; DOiwt, No. 30 Platt-st, Nevilfork.
• Pot wp for Deolain In Ceuta crintainfng four, eight, and twelve
ikmon—a bountiful Ltthograpble Bhow.Card accompanying each
will cave ten timer IL cost aunt:telly to every bonotho4d.49ll/
Bold by all• prominent Stationer, DropNlsts, Hardware e
furniture Deniers, Orocera, and Fancy Storm
Catguts', nierebente should makes note of 'SPALDINCI'S PIM
?AILED GLUE, when making up their Usk it , will woad oft
ari'Whoesale Depot removed from No. 30 Platt Street'
NA "In nom AR STRA N.T. Now Irnrk.
sir.q.ilv LAI, FUR
Gentlemen's Garments,
in, s rpat variety ; : embracing in put, a large and well se
lected stock of Fancy French and English
Togetheii. with an fine an assortment of Black and Colored.
Monis AND YESTINGS, as the manufactories of Europe
eau produce, which are adapted to thowants of gentlemen of
taMmovAtonppreciate style and quality in clothing
. SAMUEL GRAY & clothing .
• .1 N0..1.9 Fifth St, Pttothurgh.
itidATicinis, Lb.
NO. 929 Cheatnat . Mitt Philade pkia,
Mors, as suitable for, ladliviattials,..thurchea, families, and
Biinday &lode, a lama variety of
! • iliteiided for Children lied Yogi&
hit.,yeltunes,, being handsomely illustrated by Bil• 41111•
graving., printed in clear type, and well bound.
The assortment embraces over four hundred end . .fltly
volumes: .
Orders may b6'sent to
jil-ly .
NOI 23 Ylorlii 'ilieth - Street Philadelphia,
' Pnblish*the following Valuable Works
Farrar's Scietice in Theology. 12mo • ' • ......
Stier's Words of Jesus. 5 vols. Bvo
Thuluck on'.7ohn'S Gospel. Bvo
Winer's Ontmniar of (ho New Testament Medea- . 8 vo. 3.5 D
Fairbalm's Hermeneutics,. Manual. L5O
Religious Cases of C.:insolence'. 'l2mo ' ' • 1.00
Ilielps for the Pulpit. ..... 1.25
Gerlach on the Pentateuch. Bvo 2,50
Coles on God's - , Sovereignty. ...... ..... 63
Schmucker'm Popular Theology. Philo 1.00
Luther on Galatians. Small Bvo 125
BengrPa Guollaon.of the- New Testament. C. vols. Bvo.
licllvaine's.EvideUrim of Christianity.• 12mo SS
Litton on the Church of Christ. Bvo 125
niAtir skiqsanteit brr
Flaming 'Vocabulary bf Philoaophyl , Edited, with an
introduction, ,Annlytical index,, de-, by Charles P.
'Erauth, D.D. '3lmo ' • 3bo
Hangstenberg on Ecticehuges, and other Treatifris. 'Svo. 2.00
Pulpit Themeaand Preacher's Asaiatant. By the Author
• of Ilelpa for the .Pulpit."
C t-pj!pt •Booir.slroß THE SEASON.
. .
".31anwis. 'GOULD &'LINCOLN deserve the hearty thanks of
the Anterican public for their re-publication of so many works
of solid and enduring merit. The. Catalogue of their books
comprises nea et few of those whiCh 'The scAolivr, the theolo
gian; and the Christian would place in the eery first rank."
Roriew,July, 1860.
The Year of Grace ; A History of the Revival in Irelandin labo. By nee. Williarn.Qibson, Professor of Christian
Rthicsin the Presbyterian College, Beilfinl. 12mo. Cloth.
$1.25. (Just published:) • .
Of this work, Dr. WATLAND remarks: ".1" liars been de
lighted•nititit beiond measure. * *' * The harratlye Is
clear, unexaggerated. and rich in everything that can delight
a soul thatis Waiting fiir the crinsolation oflsrael.' I know of
nothing offlater time; whlch,will. do .so much . to strengthen
the faith and encourage the prayers of Christian people
throughout the world." .
The Christian Life;.. Social" and, Indliidnal. By Peter
Rayne, M.A. 12nio. Cloth $1.25.
..WThe bad:, as a whole, is rulndrable the biographical
sketches •worthy of a ;place beside those of Carlyle, Ma-
Slack imolai, and Stephens."—lion. B. F. Thomas,
Oxelopartilikof Anocdotesj of Literature and the Flue
Arts. Containing a Choice Selection of Anecdotes of the
Variourfoimi of:Literature, 'of the Arts, of Architecture,
Music, Poetry, painting. and Sculpture, and of the .most
celebrated LiterarY . Chltractirs and Artists, Ac. By liazlitt
, With. numerotas,'Xilustrritiens. 725 pp.
Detain, Cloth. Sa.oo.
The 'Signet Ring ant Other Geins:'' - By Rev. J. De Liefde.
14mo. Cloth. G 3 cents.. .. • •
This little volume. Just Published, consists of three parts:
I. The Bignet-liing audits Heavenly Motto. 11. The I ober
itanlcCittidlise-Journey to Obtain it. • 111. The Shipwrecked
Traveller, Th4worli- is ereryWhere spoken of in terms of
1 . 1t 1 e Vi i 7• 46114) ."""F• .
Plaits to European Celebrities. By the Rev. William B.
Sprague, D.D. 12mo. Cloth.' $l.OO.
series ofgrapbic and'life-like Personal Sketches of many
of.the most distiuguished men and women of Europe, por
trayed as the author saw them in their own homes.
ilfe . James MoiitgOinery. By Mrs. 11. C. Knight, an-
I thor.
•‘,Lily Buntingt, on, and,her Friends," Se. 12mo. $ 1.23. ' . •
! "The' psalm of3fontgroniery's priinte life, prepared in 3frs.
u.sual.gracefut and happy manner."—.E.teter hears
Shan:Mem' Rome Rook. or Pocket Miscellany; a Choice
. pelfttio of Interesting and Instructive Reading, for Old
i and' Taking. 16mo. Cloth. 53.00.
Chambers' eyeloPtedlit• of English Liter:Mire. A Selac
; tion,oc,tha,enpicast-oroducttons of English Authors, from
tha Melted to the present tithe. Two imperial octavo sol
i nmeavatiknages each, double cotamns ;- with 300 elegant
I Illustrqtions. Embossed cloth. $.5.00.
'tnint 'ilia the, kontitnin Nestorions. By Rev.
lihotum:L‘turie, his surviving , associate in that Misoien.
With a Map and numerous. Illustrations. 1:hno. Cloth.
51:25. : • ••
Kletk(irtyson, letters.. Selections from the Correspondence
ofk.k. 11. Grayson, Esq. Edited by Henry Rogers, author
I Of " FaitTil" .12mo. Cloth. $1.25.
“The Letters aro intellectual gems, radiant with beanty,
ha pity inteniiinglifig the grave and the gity."—thristiate
Okserecr. . • • ' .
Knowledge Is Power. A. Tiew of the Prodnetive•Foreee of
MOdorn Society. mid the Results 01 Labki,r, Capital, and
Skill. By Charles Knight. With numerous Illustra
tions. Revised by David A. Wells, A.M. 12tuo. Cloth.
This is emPhatically a book for the penplc. The intelligent
reader cannot fail to be richly rewarded in its perusal, while
.mo of its suggestions may return him his investment a
thousand fold.
' '
Memorials of .Early ObrDstiaaity ; .Presenting, in •
graphic and.porinlar form, Meinorable Events of Early Et
. lia,lesiastical History, -ite.• By Rev. J. G. Mail.
eronifllhistraticms. 12mo. Cloth. $l.OO. '
MOrmingilloirtilit. Potato& ' The Opening 'Vision Of the
, Apocalypse, and Christ's Bpletle to the Seven Churches of
'Asia. 'By ftev..A.C:Thompson. 12nio. Cloth. $l.OO. (Just
• , . •
Dr. Thompson is well known as the author of." The Better
Lind." of whicli'ffftern large editions have been sold. This
volume Is a plessaytt i ttlMattng of .e.xitortntion and exposition,
with personal niminisoences. of Patmos and the cites of the
Seven. ChurcheiLl h. t! " t
.1y Mother ;• or, Recollections of Maternal Influence. By a
. 11
Sew Finglo i nd Clergyroast..,,';s9,ith a beautiful ..Fronttspieee.
Isino.. Cloth. 75 cents.
"It &one of thSse rens blettire.; tusinted front life with the
exquisite skill , of ons of, the. pia Masters, :which so seldom
present thiinselves to, the amateur."
TIM 'Brain of Life; 'c;r, Light and Comfort amidst the
. „Shadows of }Declining Fears. By Rev. Jeremiah Chaplin, '
D.D: 12mo. Cloth. $l.OO.
A most charming and appro_priate work for the aged.
The Better Land.; or, The Belienr's Journey and Future
Horne... By Rev. A.. C. Thempson. - Fifteenth thousand.
12mo. - !Cloth.. ilbicents.
Copley sent by mail, post-paid, on recriptot price.
.ii • ' GOl3lO & LINCOLN,
•as %Vssbinglats St, Berton
NpWif '417#711' 'VALUABLE BOWLS
• tr../1 ' • •
gtX7X, 2 1-2'.3=it r6:c C
:/..GERMAtirEI PIN'ORITII4OII2% .•••••••• I •
-•--- - - - •
By 2nonAi Cittvrti.' Aiitot of "French ReTottiticm," epi,;
_ • ; !mg. , vol.; ..12mo. •-•'...
• rro j oi the /!haaelelpffiu Nbrt+ifnutrie' .;
" L itieikatniy presents the Lent view air given of
Character and gerilus of the noble Sehllbse... . .
Front fhe New York Tribune.
'!Un'spite . of newizifortriation in re&id•to s Siddliei,iiiietie"
able ,treatment of the subJect by froth ikeritilie.
mist longleetilitiii singularly Te ''
01ec?..?!...b, 1 ,9fcraPhY77 - , •
The ''Wife's` Tri,il§l4
12mo. Printed on "Rose-tinted Paper, and
balloromety. boandm.price4l,oo,.... tor
From the Philadelphia North American.
"The diameters am diiitjnet and well-pustained—flk=
dents nest r* find TAIT the style , nniaphlttoree,Tinti
ful. Thefelth,pti.disis _62 lestrning,nlnt amplA tnowisdge
Auld high eniture r aie OT .rraiere unconsciously visible. .1111Im
book le handewmoly 'got up' in its externals, and ladles
especially will find it good reading."
One volume
By S. Duarztnt Patirit t ,D.D, author off ".g8mi5.40431 the
Bait," Potier of - Prayer,'" Bible In the Lefabt.,"llo4
. i 111iistrat,lotith atm choir...Thiel of iStettio &eel •rt t i'. •
1 volume, 12mo PHI sl.oo* • t •
' Dr; rrinib novo )Suety to ,write a pull se,ntenca, and
prOmptet . sorb natural beintylas aboundsin bbei3path4illf
the, ke,ita3itouriat, 'be bits ,bere, Ptepti*lteill amtnt, 0(4.12.
Jounieyinge'woreitYtofthiniatilf I 'The . ptiblb6.! )
ere Increase the attractive appearance of the booltibr ficxtrrit
parating ,with, ate text some well, executa4,lllusixations.of
prominent sceneir."---adston'fbiLl t f:f.l •:3 YOU
• ! • f .... ..,; 1 .,1 f ~,,r trifll
- 14
i ri... h. L.: r7Z. , Tr. ka attIPIIWWNI.. •.+-:itr.
A /4 r u s 9t'sxacii'es,bx
,'i. 04 Necrotic* Anibpy 0 1 " ft
/“Wariii Niet'ffmes: ."Firbi 115hb. kicelf.Or '" 1
r, _ • • r., 1 .
i Among the ; ardente are : ,,,, A.f. ay...With ogiigh 3;11316, 1 . •
'The Birth-Pigs of Thomson," "1 he London Sho-filaeksi"
.ThAfs of Constituting:oe 'Ss Poul'A. ko., de.
I t ,
Eioz No. 3,600; New York.'
Trnct House, •
No. ' ' Chestnut Streit. Phila.
... 2.25