Presbyterian banner. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1860-1898, August 25, 1860, Image 4

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    . 11 ,4t riy ,
• nit 0144 . .the rat.
"Pat 43 /V4 W 9 185,ar i'. 010 . 1 , 1 ,
Said the shepherd's tittle • °MA'
To: the r iwiai,"B6l/194 : 6i110 . 016w,
As' it I'o'lo' aeirossr.the'rild.
When I hear it in the ehimneys,i ,
!hen it ayzpepealelig the ground,
'T is to the as it deo ,
Mingled etriinghlkirith flit+ sound.
Now they loritlwriawelltand nearer—
Now, they.. fall and die away:
Can's o 6Wtoll'iitii; dearest father,
What it is the. wild winds say ?"
" Nay, my child, they are not speaking;
Not a *Cid the winds impart,
But each sound the Almighty aendoth
MlALZaestutgeACALe heart, •
<" 0 - 4
"And that murmur ; haep l ate awful,
Couldat thou:catch its voice aright,
It Mfght4lastCl -0 01Aid; lietgraeful,
Thou agt Fafe at, home irpigpti t .
"While for thee the red fire ,burnethi
Sittigg r hy thy fat4er'i '
Many litdensliptgl are tossing
far'a•Wair aan BEM.
" MaY &Ahem; sitting watehfUl, • '
Count the storm-zuste one by one,
Weppißg gorely.ate theY tremble
For some ..distantliailor son.
They might tell oT Him who holdeth
. .
In the hoilow,pic - 4iojagOv.i,i - ;• •
Gentle breezep tad rudefarardis,
c;ilc. rg• b.?
, • • .
41. /[4,1 Vitieth . honie sheltei,
• irer?teeteth on the seas) ; •
When ihiwiid winds : seeni WhispeT, •
thillif tell thee things like the 4." • •
ikti,replied the ahephgrd . father,
thi child with •
Hesi x th'ionOt of mercies
is he lintened , to the wind
...!,.., itraiit.
~Sle.piag: Without ',flight
The "foliOwing• is .from. the " Faithful
AlothellC.V4W 3 ikrdr ii'vOltune published by
the Presbyterian hoard
It 44 'citstotii h . ) have the catidle're
moved from• hit ohamber as)soon as he was
put to bed. On ,this being Pitp,„one night
about.ihe clam of his third year, he called
loudly`ftk 'Me. I wekil l
much frighteneiti pale, and trembling, and
cryini.'ife'gioie me an incoherent account
of some.talel he had heard, and: entireifted.
that a, light • might be room::' I
had one brought, and told' him that it
should' again beremoved if he' wished
it to ,remain lb after, ate; Lima :a ..little - chat'
together, Init.' I thought;: he !Old it.
I thou' endeavored to " (3012SILCO ;Of
the folly of his fears, but finding that lie .
could IRA 'dein ' ' ' •
" How-old are you, my.dear John ?"
" A4.043.1*. rOOB, you say, '
" Havw*E-always had a candler with
You .; ~..,f1 t
"Hardly ever, mother.":.: •. • • •
" Whitt:Wen-has; taken care of you l'''
" Gall; lath - e 1 ..; I knoW that , *Gad tiaras
care of:in:10'831 idayiand all night:" I •
" thoughttaky.
into a..tkonsand• , dangers, .but God always
preserfid' On': 'When' you' kal 'from' the
tree youwere climbing,gto6day,Aad
candl&iblielp.ood ta2SOr i your head. from
being broken.on,arlar,ge:stene ;„
" ,iideed, mother?' ''
" my child,, yow , know .thet• God
sees as,we4 in 1,119,,daTk as,,4„tbe If
he saved-you then, withaut the help •of a
e,andle l i'dolft'YOu thing he can do so '3iud;
as easily ,now i rthat you are lying.quietly., on ,
your gbodiAlitlf .
"Bataane ssiduomething would catch
me '
" Diftfied,tell)_Georgelo.?"
" N_,,461.;#440.3!•!;;;.' -;".
•riminitieorge cannot kloir,:for
can ever hurt
,you unless God ,permits, it,
and G6ct can knoW or tell; When
he intelidlitibliennit• atiy one to be hurt."
He wag Went, clog ,te, me.
bade him • t y liqiiik 'What.
' cagdles
were 4acte. la repeated Wait-ply—
Grime and' cotton." • , ,-IF:;"
I looked athini a/niOnient with .an .cur;
. .
pression of regret and !aid :
" 'itr gr be," lielOied;:ohila,',4liitt .
y ou arfi.l l lW. 4
grease ti cotton, than in' -=
that God who .
has prestlryod yod, 'Orptigh,..ol;:,d94lllll
so manY'ilii3; ilia the darkneiti , 74 so many
nightst?"•! : , •
He toiSiedquitla diatresaed o ilid.A 'Went
on : "'Nothing oaf 'enter• this , tOcibliivith- - ,
out his ' ' t he 'ocittidlintlY
watching overtryou:-If he should , -allcrw •
anythingVooq!, fqtri 'could t i he pa i nit;t!Fiyki ,
" Oh ! . no, 'mother, it could 'not move
"Couldßody'?. ; r
"Yes, in a minute."
" - . i tny it darling, you.
afraid Wlten Yotelook at' the l ..4 '
candle burning
near you, than when ',YriirProithember that
God is wategArigrdy,6
think how sorry •it m r 3uti make t your ..h.eam
enly Father to see ilg i tt;,,,44lf how it
would . Owe .to am.youltrying todrint.
away 4 1 ,,aaal f,f4#l.'anA‘.
that you had rather trait 14") his 'goodness
than to! the brightest light Do you not
believe •'that, God always -keeps his iwom-
"Yes, to be sure, mother."
" And, •do .youunot: treoollect that irbsyn.
often toklyyoy.,has.
Book tbritim watike aniii6
their trust in him ?" . •
He Rrepei,Fue tightly. nrunnd ,the neck .
for as instant, 'and then. said-- , . '
"YittW'l. renieMber, ,mether,"o4,l. Will;
trust in him t:O-night. But please to tell
me what - I. Tot fio.toAepp t fr < ri e fielpiA l i ,
frightened?' "`i 1 . • •
" Why ; ji4tarnow iv deSr child how
very g9O lumiCaliviii(berar-tolin
suppose I lOke A , little prayer to ,him •for. :
you now—you can rqptt Ty words- 7 God
.15 p
will bear n iit) 4 I titt . lfatt7ii mit l Pl7,llu:
able to dd Ii '„ , „ .
~ , i
"Pleme:),. - ettier." -,. .. •
The struggle in' his-feelings was mani
festlyraj, and the eiirOit tone in which
he reiterated tliii'simPle -petition I offered,
was very affecting—but-he immediately
embraced me tenderlyAgia 44;iiinilr—
" Now, good night- • mother-please to
take away the light." ....-
" I will,,y,,,lopfg 40 jf...yph•Piptild ,feel
a little afraid' when it ,is : goixe,,juet, think
who is always nearlop;'and say to him, '0
God, take pare Wftnie:l' and think you
will not *int, Wie" ib UN; it NA , again•
" Yes; , ,mother I wilh"„ ''' ''. ', .' .
Thus ended',this — to , me4l l 44l3,•'. inter
eating eating conversation. - ' ''. - ' " ' •
I learned thagptyltilsibe;liiiirliiiii ttip
ken bps mischievog b(Or, tolVighteh ',hip,
and owing' to tiiiii'llvgliiietis of 'his imagina.!
tion and extreme sensitiveness, it was some
time beforeiThe - dbiagreeable effects of' thii
attempt could be
,obliterated. 1?..r0m . the
above peried holies oileasionally. dis posed '
to be timid 'arnight; but iti wa's ',lily recini 7 ,
site to remind him that the gracious Bein
who had hitlibitittard4.if h?it i l it;is''''..ftil i• ;',
would la plena d! !VV,!i,i,M liiertipiChilq,
' self t0 , 1N1114 1 044 Ovine, and. iratAni Ala s
trust eirtiretin ihinV-shtl: my. poipt *tit
,carried. He dismissed me, and fell quietly
deep. As he greiv older, raqVised
whenever he felt himself becoming fright
ened, to call to mind 'sena, of'Gbd's
goodness to him, and pray that he iyould
still proteet hiin 'from ',real f la n g e * and
would enable him to overeorie his coolish
fears, and confide ears.. •: lie.
,timea, told Me; belied done the' :pre
ceding night, and that God had . leen so
'very kind as te4nikeinin much 1E:6411%1d
Filfierw,ardsy and ; sometimes. to take ' away
his fears entirely,datid then he Te:li. , so. glad
and hippy, because 'there was no; , light in
the room. :
; C. •
• • Keep the Sabbath.
• Tbere , fp ;Mr. Ashley; , how, unlucky,!",
exclaimed joies,a,boy of,. fifteen—
au, after swifOnif , himself over a .fence,
with his pin his hand, he .found him
self. in fmat .9f4Pheb•pantnti , ng . tha •ChuTnk.
in the millage.,,,Lt was a Sunday,afternoon , ;
the bells for, Divine service badrjuSt begun
to ring. ,
Rob' was' 'Wit: !itie ; ef, those who
although he too :often neglected , .
it:. :He felt that he must appear ill in the
sight of the minister, and he :would' wik .
Jingly ',have avoided
..the .meeting. Bfi
, there was no opportunity. .._Mr.4shley had
seen him, and lila only endeavor now was
not to look as much` ashamed he felt.
"I am see you out with , y our
gun tO:Ao3')..friead Jones; have.yon Argot
ten that :this is the Lord's . day ?"'I • •
• Well;iie," replied Rob; . wiili'som lit-
tle awkWardness iohis manner, don't
usually shoot: on.Sunday;-: but this is the
-first day, IrOickli* fOr'. the . Partiidtek i. anti' i P "thought there waki • not • much twin •for
once in a; , "
".M Auut frien4)"
'continued the
- Minister, irtorgive me if I speak:if - 141Y:
There are but two path§ set[before,*;•:the
broad; path,: which leadeth to destruction,
and tkeinarioW path which leadeth 'to
eternal life. 'We must, each and
0 1 0 6 n 1 en, *A am. Limeailitig.?. l
rememberObat'upon the „ewer . to that
. question ' han gs' eternlt l y :
"Well, Mr. ashliy, g; Jones','' in''
rather aTdeggectupsulr e - i'llt3lo ffrateithat , ,
~ I am tan ;iathpr go to
'llthuich, most Sundays; neyer . 'defrauded
any oie , of twiny; no beathen. If
Igo Avronineiti:t'li;YOung, and I
can turn,, , when 7 '; •
-0C! fattifiniitak:el'! replied; Mr. Ash
y.leY " that thought has ruined *is of
thousands. Yeiii..Wait for a ‘.o6riviiient
season,' which may never; never 'borne ! °
You wait till bad. habits become rooted—
you wait till your heart becomes hardened
—you wait perhaps for a death-bed repent
ance, when even reason may be denied you
at last! „ . • '
. Rob made no , direct answer; but as he
Started,he half muttered to hiniself,
can turn when But he never did.
Rob's.shooting unsuccessfUl, and hi
felt vexed and dispirited. The birds Were
scarce and 'ehy,..and his gun hung fire.
Reader 1 haykyon'aer done what you.knew' dbe wrong; found' real enjoyment . 'in
so ? The broad path of sin is not a
smooth one
' :as every willful offender
passed own, when he looks back upon life passed
in disobedience to his Maker.-:—Reaper.i
tort OILS
6 . 6116016.11,61664 - 6 , T: 66604
6 , ,11611 ‘')
Our good city seems,,to.,be.. coming,into
favorable notice. Our Philadelphia breth=
ien,'a few months abused us , exceed
ingly about repridfution;, and, as in most
cases of abuse, they Manifested a consider of ignorinee in regard to facts,.
Nuw,..sury.the census
. returns are coming
in, they4begin to perceive that we are a
-peoPlefot some importance. These returns,
thouigh not; Yet pomplete,'.indicati., thutwe,
• , •
:are one.nt the four great cittea.of the West
—ahead of dhicago, even with , St. Louis,
and not Tar hehind Oincinnati.
PittsburOli. suffers, in 'patio estimation,
Vont its AiVided'nondition. We have titts
burgh 'PrOPer, Allegheny .Git~if'Manchester,
Birritingiouusi South Pittsbrughi.PDnqucens
BorOngh, Xinersville, Lawrenceville, all
contact, or separated only , ty,',Ake rivers;
bit joined 4 - numerous bridges and fer-
Aes,;and made
. e.vily & cfl i cl ,upeedilyoiccimski
the people of eaCh, by , Street, Pas
senger: Cam • and connected by factories ,
depositories ; hilliness houses, &c.,,4.
413d:qtke - scat bile
iifei l and '':* ined 'as immiti
palitl.7:Thiladelpiiit: was, for jo#g time,
so 4ividid. ; but-slie b;came consolidated,
and 'fourthec r importeli f e tr . be . :thereby
?";47; spenkiripefpitts.:.
burgh as , ..!!:Onir Western tim
ing remarked that firookiin , out
growth, and properly a part, of .firei:Voik
There is,.then,molother State in the con-.
.f.e4eTney.'Whieh has 'two such cities as F" . 11 4; .:
id - 41081464 Tittibitgli:: late
to di) justice to. herilelthy , codsolislating,.
•• 4 .
and tlas secur i ng tke,pxsofier,recog„wt?.an
her *wile tig
'o*y Etate, , ,yifortid,`..4
iruporttuit, A im) v ati a ta 'thus
• looked , i lLpoe, i O der`to matcriii• attention' to
;:lior interests atlho handl ortge . •National
ClOvernineet..ger two great cities "
nianUfacturing , to 'such en eit4nt •48 to be::
wi,thoitrivalry,eave in eadh Other, on thil
aide of the,oces.n. They have, theiefore;
cornmunityjof interests, and should so re-
go do i tth er .
Siariatrif at the Uf" the
the. juilctijon of the. Alle h oof,afid *mon,:
gehola, which there combine to form its
tnaniling positiom'ag4gi 3 tgiti°terniinus
of ,thegrl4t ~
its tribdtdries. 'Np - bne nbb'ds tot:tol,. a I
that 'thatyalley comprises the Nest bulk
'the int.rior of our country, since the•wliole
country'betWeen 'the Alleghenies ..ant`the
' 1 11:ob'Ity Mountains is drained by the" Missis
sippi and its branches. Pittsburgh is the
point where the. comukro&ol the seaboard
first 'touches .this . ...,griat valley ; .an'a there
the vast array 6ttreamboatfrtelfil thelatciry,
of its commerce. In order to call attention.
to t s, tive eife'sorne
Pittsburgh,.; . ;
St. Louis,.-
It will. be ohserved that ibe 'tonnage of
Pittsburgh distances all conapdtition.
steam tonnage 1851;,4viitit Andre
thanithree , times the Whole toupee 'of 'Oiri-
Oinn4ti, ,the..entire tonnage of ..Ohi
eagoi and alisad" . of Oat . of
.gt,;1448 ! :
•:In Pittalinigth7ii "AO
thi oitr in the .Vnion, surparingylitla , ,,
delphia, IdAtinuiri; JifostOn, 'and: being
beloir only New-York and. New-Orleans:
Nor is this an, unfair` reforeseotathe -or thk
trade of dre r city. In the yeoi. '18041 . 43
'Seal ' , trade 'gene ' inioteit'ed fd 7 8_,6100/06
• 'bushels, or IAII,OBB Otqllis vast
Jiggvegattrtioilesi than • 22;805,000 bushels
were; consumed' :Pittsburgh
14,4Q3,140 "bntqlels were espoited from
Pitt:put:AO' , other, 'places . ... The
..•-•: 4.1 , • •ar rivals
* In 1854;ihelleam tonme,lonllnts
ISteamTotair onry: stemlietits
iiitabutEM l umbered:6,B4B...
foot ;,,rt,,
• I:lftte
tonnage., lonnar.
1852,. .64,1691 :*57, 88
1854, 48,515 41 , 88,0
1854, 31,041
1 : , ), • MITER 1 41
• t I°
tvi , k)W . . •
~• I _
at the , four leadillg West . Fikports are iudi
eated by the iiktOin4d'figureir. '
Pittisbilib, 185 „576
St.:Louis, •41 1852 ? 8,184 t
:Cincinnati, 1858'y -• 9,988 '
iChicago ' 1851, ' 2 , 279 .
We might go orra,t.Jength r anct • * produce
statistics showing that .Pitteburgirlis
the leading comniercini pcdift liftlieVirust„
notwithstanding that it
,hee rated as
inferior, I.o . .'tbe ,otheri iorti. • lie great.
iltimbaoks upon its prosperity are the re
fusal of the General Goveriim - ent to improve
our rivers and"tharbois i ciiiddiliii d 4 e
policy of the: republic. The proteetioivof
our industry would giro immense impe
tus to its industry and 'Xii:ogreis; but if
that were coupled lith river and barbor
improvements, thenOndeed, would Pitts
-1)10101. be a great and .flourishing city.
Let the Children Bleep. , •
We earnestly adiise all who think
a great deal,..who lave.irifirixr health, who
ate in trouble,'ile*lio`liiive to work hard;
to • take - all' iie3 can get, withiitt
medical means.
We-tautfon viriiitisitfpartieusyliv not, to
allow their childierattr-be • Waked-up 'of
morninlet, she
will not do VIA, have a;
care that they go to.-badAt -An. early hold.;
let it be earlier. andlearlierruntilitzis found''
that they wake up themselves in full time
,•to. drest”for:.breakfastf- -Beinrivaiced , -up.
'early;, and allowed to ~engaq,e intlifhoult or
any, studies, late 9djlifit. bf3tdrst sietiring,
..ints'given many a beautiful' an a promising
and the brain_fever or determined ordi
ail ants t4a ; the production of, water .
en'tfhihrain. • : , I , . • ~
; AO parents make every possible effcil
'qhflifei r, iii slitei:: :in 4 ic 1 640 1
ant hnmbr .. ,Never 14colfiporigtve • lecterns,'
in- tiny, Way:
it'tneti ,to bea;.,
every •worldly"' care 'at- bed.time, l and , elet
cOmetto a riiiid•at'Veabefwitliß9d
all the world. `, ,"
Purgnit,o&Pleapre. •
A young mikitft/Leridein 'for the, pur,,
pose 'or .P : enjoyfpg . .himself," His ,object,
was ,
not the g ratifloation•of a laudabl s - mirk.
osity, but pleasure. •
~ . .
He .reached.lionie in:Alma:for . the
val; liis - purptiehraile enter inte , idllti,
gaieties., He ohtainedlmAtroductiolutc,a,.
lady of fashion, who sent hip?. a 9,aid of in
vitation to a splendid.rnasquer i tidb )*.ll. It
was on Sabbath oval:ido. :thhiih4 ‘joibed the
masks, and icontinued with them in the
dance till morning.
On 'Monday he returned to 'his lodgings
in a paroxysm of OillineSday'an'
acquaintance found him Irf , t-lhat state... 11q.
physician, who prononnned'ihe life
;Of his
.pa!ient tp.,l)e,ip.immediate, danger.,
His ; friend, anxious aboui . his.; spiritual
state, *lent, f. 01) ArtAkinist!e.r..7 11 9 came, :but,
could do the sufferer no good. His reason
had'. deisartid. No could*
-reach him..,
. • ,
Qd Saturday he was laid grave . !_
Saturday, the week preceding, his mind was.
wholly* occupied with the atiticipated-plea-.
sures of the ball. !A.:Part
day was spent, in thCeiciAmeLit: khe
.; During the remainder •of 'his. stay,
'on .narth le was delirious. Thus ended his
. .
wapiti of pleasure. ' ' •
• •
. ~. The Siii'ilf finite , ' Of"the' garden and field.
tali now ripening, and the season is at hand
when the question must soon .be settled by
each family having' a supply;
,as to what - 1
disposition shin )),s, made of them:, -Many
families, and ' thir, too, of moral and'
Christian people, ; have of late years, been
accustomed to, manufacture . from these
fruits, with the addition of sugar, alcoholic
:Wines, and the number who convert them
to . that . nse, we 'have reason to . " believe,: is'
yearlY increasing,, 11 . 7 we ask every wife
arid' mother weo.,,May peruse thig artiClo,
'o . 'o the disposahlof this., matter will, rest
mainly with them,) to pause '.and consider
Nell, before , they add.. to the amount•oimin
tincicating liquelf in: this dranirerii•Werld.
It.iis the presenee'd ilcohol i itlint:giteii the
charm to all forms of intoiciiii i iingliquors,
.Wines/foieigipi dOniestp, Boers; *Ales,
-Porter, WhiskSyl.Gin; Rum; trandy,—the,
ale „1K,9149r119,9.0:7-7owe . their attraction
and their mvertor nurcYielTothViGlioT
they contabLelAftihrri dtmifsti'c %fill'eti,Wciii4l
rant; gooseberry, raspberry, tomato, _rhu
barb,: or whutiOt,iall,ptilitait Ileolifilridfdt
diyarfier piokrtioinhan:the tratiet444,
man nor Italian!iineef,which are the pro
ducts effeninief rap% ipiP,e• -- ..NewAlten.
may well rejoice : lll7 torte ! Vick by. *Lich'
peril froin.the -preseiiee I iiiid4 . ;:owen .orfa
texleatikkg '441104 7 041"!AP41:1: all " 0 010,
`4ents of 'mischief operaiailitht.hUman so
erat , Y; are Ma 4 / 4 1, 0"90 rhilakte.fe.c.theßre:
'.diction of their
. 4:wri and iheir'cluldredi
.b44--ana that, too,,undenittivaileilike r .
41'6 forms . '-' ILA ' s' w.u(.3 ill c. - ..' t , ttz4.BU Ago
! : The columnsoT,sorne,or, 9 , pnpue l p
als often eontai k arr . eceipt,.. f or t t i heiprodir r
'thin. 9f• idoiiiinitdc : wines ) 1 yel, ;very hearty
'commendation of them, rand:Lthe liquors
.thuti,tiodnitid,:kai4.4ten,,ttio - ,.6ii the . 'grO#nd
lhat'tedilierance 104 thereby be'promoted.
It, is intersiitiitiglatbarie;:hawever, that
:I,uvie viko.woubrop ptolios:s.lpm . peTanc,,
I WI& *no . ta,ste, fibr,l,os..confiderice,.in other.
-intemp,ek% mangy could' ever • be. re-:
( f ormed - While tilling dolnestic alcOUlfe
wines, . 40. Ot r . ; :Kt , b fond
‘okout.touoreate , in constitutions of 'the"
,a demand in the end for stronger stimulants.
With, all the talk about , medimial use, .cook
apaltrgy:;fstother prcquotion
•*i. l4 iine ! 11 0 9 1 4 1 ..n(a NdiTe4,9:M 4 :44 , #;, .
who produce th em, even propose tO"confine.
geir Use' to:thesiCk-ifMitilirthe,panny.
"..Thp,x914,1 1 0.0.v qf 419.:!PF4+9 ,3 44q0q1
74iii; 4n nine cases out of ten, so faits wit •
havi Wad. Od, ff(dik:,l**•?Allitii-iiia.:: •
'dee'd'eli i .-,aijihthilAavinfille 0644440,0 A
a very • fine wine,,and 84.1
ber t aill t er; Pleasa 'take *S Pri ie Of3h t i
"Preßious•and tempting Aultlleomes, up Ass
cellar stairs,
;Midi to.,keep.. her, cinnPanh Mir; A4 , 3f4;
his tasted before, now • tasei 'agent; .Simply
to C
learnl,Nirlicitlintlin,. winig.'haelnipiffect.
since she tasted . rlasttl While Aerate tast
ing, very, likely tp . ohi,ldren,efm!pA,
,ap4 4.
" Let me tasteo34,l l . t iv:heard throu i ghp..the
entire circle, be if large .On
'must be
gratified with: "list' ilkiltb," and,
-thus the fii*io•kth4l:4 iif ; flie n coAffiii44l4
of those dear Children, which may, Perhaps,.
turn to the lowest i liell: • NovitiVoftee hap! :
sens, that vvhen AP A. actlier
have been,the cold,'oi' are unusu
ally oppresied with fatigne,'Or liaVe been'
broken Af ;141 .45 iest
'll,.ipk,chird, or a sick v ineikhlxlr l have,their
.they have eatenv.tte, Ste., &0., they happen
to 'remember the cask , of.w a ine ili'the cellar;
'tlie f winch has found, its,
way .thfy ouphnne,' and a' glass givO: con = 7
Isiderableviesent relief Alas! how n oise-.
b);lo l 6s44iii. 04, t.h i e gate 19'UElll$
• lifted; thdiliti 'en d if these mealmres 'are
persisted in, n letting the infernal flood:Of
evil Epiritei rfpon our most temperate
communities. ,when domestic wine- :him
thus been introduced to the stomachs . ' of
individuals, and to" thA k fapaily . ,k4.bgt,i§
step further to introduce it to a social peaty.
The'firsttim`e" Quill lrtiyatly - "be ht. a wki-I
"ding, out of foh4Maa," of Glitlilee,'of
eplifse, buteoWiltid6ttandfiathertAidfdthtri
*OW . 1 1 41 ot9PlikimiliiPti.`o, l l;'A 1. 4 1
d ;A°
'4 41
? 1 1d so .:down-2- 7 to Loin andiosorrow. By,
,and bir a drtinkiiVJOil'irsOme`bt our tasfel's
J 1#
Demestie Wilms.
is brought /WPM 1 . ).i haia drunken am:ups/i
father ...m :oe. *e 11 :01i.egilt0 We 19460.0 eyes
! glazed .
curse to her:face the:mother that hore
NOW come thelhour for ustenishmerit,-
g r ief, Vail; Mid 1 1anieutatioreki 2 . mid Tit
• h o ies • •he, PPOS4 l ..iitertl 4 4. l l9if. V,Femp;a7
ber. the wards .; lit "the ,;hleised bil;TiPAr ; •
gg.Whatsoever , a antur:soweth., that shall he
also' reap." , ~; Whiee, a rid• mothers of Maass,:
Ohtiseits;ielffeNVainea Recaocter;
''Who ire the' Great Preachers.
.1 The great ..preachers of the world -have
.been: thoseawho were in direotiuyinpathy
with.hurnan lifeyand' who 'hid' an end' to'
tin witji,the Mee.,kgfcre't.lieM . ; FO;w4 11
oUltnirikand r- scholastio . labits,.men *ye in-.
Iterpieted the wordinl.Goll,-" Follow me end.
I will - Inake,',leit `el'•Preiicher of • sermons."
The eni;Cof'pefirAliftigis4int'a good sermon'
but' a ;'44,titz ..- eermeee. Ae 4 e.
nearly nailed preaoAng., .minis
iers cored. more ~ for •-people,:jand less
for theirrmkr;hertionipthey Would lel:acme
• useful'. ' t6'l3e"
'a living business between. 11 ; .nutn's heart and'
the wants of his congreout t on: Rhetoric,
'elesiplee4, l ,4o4ifie .14 1 4000. .. 116 ** 1 ),
btWuo:Mani:3l l lll7,4R ,50)11.8,5*V0 . opAlf: roo t :
fear thdithrbbing pulse of, hia.wholetoon
gregationa=Vrho'idoes not know thnii wants •
—who; (Ines Tniti'l,Utudv theii•
does •4t,`'Undwili c a'n'd' taie, ehristianify r an d nppl.y . them.. to,
, the , c . onscienotis 'Of ,, xn en -in 'their, datly.,buit,
Such pr eaehers; andi only such;
will be certainly, efficacious; and such
preaching is necesstai r eti ( theombig of the
.churcho: "'lVreliitatiufeiihig Universal
in our r ,ti t i6„' r ivit.:4;ol,wi);(lo
i6"oieificoilni; bu ilonsanli.
Vont, have .to.sbe r .. For; you Imay; de
-00 utionvit; theret,ivieveiti adupur who
intelligentnth l l , and preaehtir it
with synipliVegr, Oen; tlio i o6'.:
fil,Achao,t , *At% - • •
v 1 .w
) -. A
0 0441144(1in :) 91fl i 1 ; ~..;;•- • ,! ~...-.
•i , !1 , . il , • ' .• • -•:, .L, , ,..,,,
• - - 4 ,,..., f•; I : , 7 ,..;!!
.••-• ~;•'. I . ..
tAtillier . . ititr.lti :: . .:i.l .. ,' ..•.• ' ' . )
'-' , ..aqMporteds - Weedro
•,( •.:
AgELOllltanSta tlArgaghl the, cpuntry, ail()
becoming alarmed:, atothe:rapid , iperease
obnosiotis'ileeedsywilieh'..niitilteeeitly were
x 6 44 1. P7P 4 1 11erkca- , Th'e. weeds - are
Irought overie the . , ,iit4*,,,We4 packing.
oekery ,
the. soil around fruit
trees; shrubs;. And4dilete) J..
at/AR -
The Xatstin6sii`jimileiss"Stite nit of dwarf
ing and"of,inagnifYiiig. vegetal:deproducts
an extraordinary manner. A recent.
"tilyelleri.states , thatche , saittta•plum• tree; a.
C'h i eriy 'treCiankri"figi treeilrwing in' :a
small box not iniii4"thiri' l ii*. iridiesl'ong;
tiie plum tree being in4l4iii6ni; whilst on
the dtbei"band;
at size ..,tl4, can
'lll4. . •
• Souit •• - faii' :*)
.A ;writer in the New-England .Pcieriner,
says that 1). M. Crowell,. of , thlassachusetts,
took ten lieiffer-eilVesiilast :Spring, rand
commenced feoing:tlietrotivs9urifiilk, at a
few days 'old; keepi n g ,'. them . oh"t4 9 - s anfe
kind 'taking
good !care to. feedotkeEltUnifOrMlydrrit not
'almedantlypiso as , .tei , keep :them. Mowing
toe - 1.11
the Fall Weg t Weileliit'ild:itailes #4 l tea
OD - hitY,43A ine4; 2 2iiiciequbg
Tian titycof the .18401: , iiikOu ' ally, ;with a view
of fitiirigtbiJnrfoit-beeha the-Spring; - at one
year old-or a;little under. Thseetdn.ealyes
'now look 'rite 'SiCaihg omen; kid are'reitincii
t4d to / weigh, five.hundred ; potp4s... each;
City Toads in 110' Conltty:
A gattreimin 'Hying a'Shorti distance out
of the piott
imPnr,ti4g , lnalliAiiii:Vitin# l o 6 ,d
cinity to, his .garideu;;,uety w.SAMagne;,with
the benevolent idea of giving them a Sum
mer airip ,rihitutblestablislii gent fer
maneikt , cOutitereisi'dih i cei t 3 add if Very
practice , Purl4o B . ilAtibre,u,sAti3r, this,
auimiithas beemalniost • universa lly regard
ed, as , of , iio pessibleluse; but-ta hour spent
&dewlgitrnirvements, will
emivineellfe ekeritiCal' i
that :theselailr ; Ciiif ° ,l? ,, 3we r vcr un
couth, they may' be in appearance, are
nta formidable foe /to : t heiinsect' ' world.
Hdilping:' amnia.. among c tlie„ plants,;, ands
gobbling doimuthe- worms ,apd insects .by
the dopnr ihef !prove themselves useful
g t asrdiana coCumb'elliiidothervineil,
whibli are so infested byilgiiiin'itt
season of the year. Thi`e :Wad feeds on
flies; bnitletf,laad wOrnßP'of atrisorts,.-
an- , neTtleffil. p.
rativiias.atee, ; ,l:4,4tles'lialict, )4 4 f,dyr k 4
the stomaia of tic single teadlll An animal
pioductive• he I Much ,goOdlis'surely•de
§itcling ' AtiOrdn psteeni thaff
from the 1,64,yar5..
off 11,ti ITA
Shaker Phi of tikpetioftp: 11'
,The .trustees'icif Shekel. , Villkg,e• N.. 444
dive to fh 4 d` Scitiiiffie•
watt 4411,0) 0::#4964 lof
s o ap ::. bRA ,„"„„ ~• r.f •
f s!f.:Ptlacievit shallow- ixorwirettle;,ito. ;hold:.
fi:OM ifotti.`toisitirsi bitriels;2 l ,ihsto•okit- of tire
wash tresSili t ,'iiiidei.' cover' oil tingliol;
;tiid tor
steam , , toit4e: middle of t 42.9 . .hottconib,
toAbrui3Of2sUrface,Andttenninating with
gpen snd' 'TFalkeeanother to discharge
cold WzaWif } ii - fer'tliiiiitoiS'6f &if kiittle?'-''Usd
the lies 44.4474,4:;°Agi5Wi1!14r:041131/
ill- the. proporiims „px , gikipg,44,of
.I .spireappourkds of, 'grease lona larrel.of .
'forty O.IIOUsJ I: Breakup theiLpotaih.:iuto ,
rdissolres .rather o slow, a,Wn.f3.11,-.Pctt44: 4
at.l ,when,aissolva, .p ut rthe! tolution
into rtia kettle ; : ;:attdatidd ::the dgresiim
. warm; alta i tad thdmiatlire togOthWiniAlltitr
:it :GS 5ta,23 . 4 ovg i Aiglit o if y co i lreuient:, „ja i
itheimorning apply a moderate jet.otAskeint
until the , tuructute I appear! ,ropy; or. ratheril
sowwppyy: - Shift Oft the steam rand open the
vold2.3ititei 316' 1. ini#tritW 12Ar,.
tti4"ividei run's, mitirtie `
11 *. -
Ifirijillused. My - man makes an excellent
wrbiole, and never hp t .rsviteritiO for
; gallons of sPitinielitl4ipi•iWoh t t prices,
sixty-four cents; the labor nothing, as the
mup iimotlindred by - making it." -
tyspepsi& imonlarmers.
~I . ;3 7 t'. i s-.a•a;i:terious*. 'fact that 'indigeatmn
.prevaile' talkie blithisiVel,ol6Btit the fatitt- •
ing ~population "of 4 th/. West • than. :among ,
,mayAV . hy . .lh;tliAL Cer-.
take Nix re asonable amount of eier
and that too in the open 'air,": and in
the . Theit lietts4
'ventilated; their! isolated situation.
,fr4c from.the matiy...linlikilthyinfluences of a,
.pent;up city.'
4r...6 think if our farmers4ill pause for
,itibiient „mid 'look- tip:tip:natter gravely
caoe;. Amy will discern the cause of ',
IpieVitlence of4this mother .of,,the Most
sAes among •theni; to be : • •
. ; ,;,.4. ThetbustEnt=use-of-saltrmeatrpartic=
Itlarly "salt pork. It is f iyell known that,
abomi nape) •*, fles, Ni94lr,if
ow - 41.filthy grel§4 c n 'tutee the 44o stg
t iffy in pearl" every farmhouse in the
..111idsissippi e val 9y., , ARIL. h9nsbity are
househdld - gbfda,''and decorliffitto'thio
cre66,..." iiiqpi t ensible,',V4) •
1 1,4 al.• .1 I
tHN NS. eq — tt.ft,•o4l • •,? _1„ ,
nem feititt*,
.ga •X1r12..64
WV i
Western housewife serves it up strong and
,good, morning, riettiliVidna' night ' Reader,
just think of themilest of flesh mashed.
into the -stomach three .:times a, day by .a
decoctiontof nareotio:potpon • - • •
3. Rapid eating. WA:shouldremember
that swallowing, one's food is pot the first
process necessary to: healthy; digestion. If
we had .gizzards we might, then swallow
our food whole as ducks . do,, but instead of
ersaidi, irehave teeth,. (some ,of us,) and
'Are 'coinmanded to 'use them in grinding
food for the stomach; but if we compel. the
-stomach to do both its , own work and that
of the teeth, soon give signs of de
loility and •• the_ shape of acidity,
'headaele,.sense of -weight' , over' the whole
man, irritable temper, despondency, etc.
Our farmers seldom spend more than ten`
•or' fift4n.„:minutes at a, meal, ,ond then' go
immeo4,teli to the. field. and, engage in the
icgst laborious work. 'feast one hOrtr
Should'be sient after' each meal in repose&
. both body ' will' allow 'the
• titomaOl :to ' doltiet: to So to speak, l£ .
Arie ciirentiq' of "blearout- of'which` 10'
Cliborate the gastric juice. Violent exer
cise calls the blood to 6th - sr parte of the
body, and thus robs theYgtoinaoli
46 North t 11 rib 'Street,
WEIBBEN ds SON,. Proprieters.
mar3-ly ,
gc, • *I.LNO*Ig
• •
tifth,•Atreeti , Pjitibijrgh.
•We offer to the ittlblle watziaraqk *ELWYN'S' •t •
IMPROVED gEitifitid i rdlietiliiit,' '
lifilh l increased confidence in its merits as the
FAMILY 1.3;‘
SEWING MACHINE now in use. I t sews equally
well on the t thickeey and:thinnest. fabrics, makes the Jock
stitch impossible to uniArel;witn,tho essential advantage. of
Leing alike An both eides'i tomtit no ridge or on the
tinder sida—ms simple in construadon, more speedy in move•
'gore Durable. tltan. • any other Machine.
f gifrattdri on to enable the purchamer to sew
;ordinary seams, stitch, hem, fell, quilt, gather, bind and tack,
sdl on the same machine, and
••.: '••• ',it , •
CIRCULARS containing
-TrAtiMOli* Min'Ladled tite mr*eit
.. .. .:East and West.;
>.. fliringdo.', wilriAltirithihed gratis; apnlicatidniii
n. • :•fts , • . !1•1.
bitistantly on hand. • • . • . . q": ...t.rt
• ,
pllll6-81nt st • tWM:: : 813BIARIC& CO •
. .
— 6OO DS.
01 -,-} • • . ,
•- Merchant' Tall r •
, •
N o 84:. 6 .- Pittotinrgh , ,
Reepectlnlly invites pnblithttentlonto hhi new anitextansive
assortment of Fashionable SPRING AND SIIMMERGOODS,
embracing all the new and desirable styles for gentlemen's
weer,, which will be made to order tfilhe very best manner,
at Tr/amiable PAW* • f! I 74y
•k:: I .'! '.'"•
.• Thread
These pn ;ivallegMa 'ieda•atttie
following prices:, ' " ' •
Small ltfacliiMis (plain) • • 535.00 '
• Large; •••" .• • i t " 40.00
-• ." •." quarter ; .
" " in half case. ' 50.00
“ -; ireful! • 85.d0 1
.• , .
• We claim for' this Machine: superiority over any Other Ma
chine ever' ade,tir.the following reasons: • •
let.; Both the. upper and under threads: are ; used directly
from Me orioltfai .spool, thus doing away with the trouble of
re-windinp, againstwhich so many complaints are made. •
. _
2d. It can :be worked backwards, as well as forwards, with
the same facility, can be started with the foot alone, and
• 3d. it uses a perptaidieular needle-bar, and strnightneedie,
and, nirtr breaks needles. • . • • . !..
4th. It la ao,simple that it can be Tery , easily learned 4441
operated, by a ebild twelve years of age.
3th. It is'alniostnoiseiest. • ' '
By the combination of these features, so important in a
Sewing Machine, we are enabled to offer to.abo, public ,a;
Machine which Emitatha undeistanding as a - ell as the puree .
of all: "•-•
; Every Machine istally.wtirranted.
TQOIB and frtAnrinted directions accombany,oach Machine..
Agent; wanton in Oveb , town throughout the country,
'moon profitable terms, and no puesibility of loos. Semi for
. Crcular of terms to Agents.
W. W. NORTHRotc . teneral
, •
f 4) Ml#:/cft Street, Staireo
Pittsburgh, Pa.
NE 117':! 1 .F. It A.' N
• :--• '•:rietriVEN'e,
j:lat;,4l__Ci:EW*Aß - IEINCIZ
• • During the last"forirte'en years; some four hundred patents
have been grardeal ' on inventions designed , to lighten the
drudgery of: family sewing, and at the taunt time to produce
a machine that 'could bo 'prolltably need for. manuthcturing
'purposes; but -stra.ngti to say, out of this large number of
Sewing Machines, only some.half dozen have been proven to
be of priictical vtdue; and of this small number, not ono has
to itnombinedtile advimitageS of a 'family and manufactnring
.!sanacldne. There arc' large, heavy, noisy, cumbrous, and
complicated inachinqq, designed for heavy work, that answer
';tu °very well; while there arc others of light
egr i triterin and delloeta adJustments, Which perform'ort light
•••!work to advantage;'and while the former . are .exeln
, sively.confined to heavy, work, the. latter - are of •little mane,
except on light &blies. Therefore I take great pleaiure in
• stating the important fact that Mr. llows, the original in
.ventor of Sewing bfaChinee, has recently perfected his Shuttle
Machine so as to combine, in a much smeller space and with
tar less machinery, the strength and durability of the manu
facturing machines, and at the same time potemisiing' that
delicacy of movement and ease of operation peculiar. to' the
family. machine., and which renders this the, onlvmachine in
market capable of working equally well.thelightot and
• kenotdst fabrics, and is therefore designed for ' '
,PoT •
Shirt-Makeri,:Vest-inakirs,' Tellers, Shbe-binders; Gaiter
litters, Ifuniessanakers, Carriage-trimmers, as well as for all
varieties of WM= SEWING • .
the only one that can give sadsfaction,. and bo
sold for one-/tair f6s,Nopey, charged for. any other machine
capable of doing as heavy work in rie good a manner: They
..machineitidiniot to got Out•of order' by arlyl fair Means. and
they will'be fully warranted for . one or more:years: • They
erileaticfi, hem, tuck, cord, bind,gathar,, and fell, without
':'Milting—making the I.scicstitCh seam (alike'on hirth.sidee) of
.- , . , great beauty. strength, and elasticity; and which cannot be
ripped or raveled,' • . . • .. •; • •
The.public are cordially Invited to pall at my rooms,. NO.
26' FINTIi STREET,' up stairs, and. thoroughly teat these
lachinee`onlitlkindsof work ;n't be Satisfied by . merely
—geeing' a Machine- sew .on a rag, but r+light
kemiest;work, and put the Machinate the most rigid
•••*.i rActive Akenfs Are *Anted for the sale of
theta) Macbluess upon liberal term; ' Please send for samples
work and particulars
q f agency.. Address . .r.,: W. B. "LASS'CELL, Agent;
'*. itug4,2m •• • r
18.0 7 /o,4t4rei , SKEASAgßkttrig
. .
• Price $80:00.
• ..,.Pritented'Jtine 2;1867.'Re-isitiNi lis1113;18.58.' • Patented
'''Stignet JO, 18.58. : vJunelipp8., ; Recembgr15; 1067, and4A- :
• ~ consed undeM Pat.gtits. „
.. •
.. Owned liirterally'•by'Jthaii Komi; ,
Jr., Wlieelei.all'ilsOn
9lanufricturiniVcr.,4. M. Singer &Co. ; and Grover Alßaker
daa#9o49 2 PanY,. • • •
e • 11
• Purchasere May therefore Jeolneentt are, y
a,first-class , • hl
.4, •
The points of :Superiority; peculiarly its. OWI4 4n. this Ma
-chine, may,behriefly,stated • •,, r !g:
71118 T. Tho;_reptarkoble simplicity and accuracy of its
me.chaniml.'manifelitedlil the fact, that it fi caiMblie of 'mak
nuerringlvlyounthousOnci stitchek alwinute. ,"•
Saco:co. It will not drop:stitches; and is, noiseless . In its op-,
• TILIRD. The wldeh thelearner may become -ex
, pert in openatingdransamilch as no mistake can-ho made-in
`•'aetting th,e ; neAla,.or l in,regulating the tension.; .
• Fotrant- A,patented.denof great,utility to lenineri lots
...recently beEn'applled:lthicli prevents the possibility of the
,Nachite being - rut .inethe wrong direction, or tho balance
iibeel wearlogn.lladyls dreas. • ; . •., . • , •. .
1; I NiPrit. Seing made ltiterchimgeablo in all its parts, any of
themosturretidily tieretdriced in case of acOident. '
THOS. J. III:INTER, Gcneral'Agent,
No. 51 pifthAt., Pittshrirgh, opposite the. Theatre. •
, .
(Estdolisnoa DWI.]
.BELL'S. The suliserlbers hare constiuilly for sale an
; sortinent of Chtirch, Itiotory,' Steathbost, Locomo
'fiEL.l.B. tire, Plantation,. School-house,..and :ether Bells
- .BELLS. mounted in the moat approved anddtrable manner.
BELLS. YOr 'partlenlais as to many reeept iiriprove,
BELLS. menti., warrantee, , diameter of Belle, 'spe. 'occupied
BELLS. in.frower; rotes ;of transportation, ,ic.,,send far a
BELLS. Weider. Belle ,f9r the South delivered 'in New
BELLS. "Mit. Address ' ' • • ' •
. •A. MY:NEELY% SONS; Agents.
MY/BlitM-tf 't. . • • WeiltaYrQ3'• NeW 'York.. •
The American .Sunday School Union
FORIVISTrusuTiat 1:1 .".
The S ID Sunday School Libraries for di button as per
;legacy in Will of the late CHARLES BREWER, will be
ready for delivery on and after July 10th.1800. •
The Sunday Schools entitled. to these ! Libraries aro those
'citablished in AlleglpinY County; Pa., subs 'Match • 31st,
• 1660. , , • .. • ,
• Applicants will be regnired to stibadiiho eititetnent' giv
ing name, location, and date 6f oretniztiticirn of the School;
'name and Post Office addreee of Superintepdent; average
number of teachers' and scholars in attendance,•and amount
then contributed for support .oP,School. •
Ireamonable evidence, by anidunt of con tributions and oth
! feiviise, of thenermanence bf the School will be required.
Apply to F. 11. EATON,
• •••• Of Begun, Ones 1* MAORIIIf,
jon.lo4lm No. 37 Fifth -St...Pittsburgh. , ,
Asityl l3 ... o , , At A-
For ''Brilliancy and Economy'•
market. It will Para is all. Myles, Oticoal oil lam .la.' '
-- "fatl? safe, and :free from, all oilitaxive odor. Map
and for sale • ••• • • • • 11 ,••.••• ••••••i•••
r ~.-.l4V7asurntAniar,f.PriteacpkoN.
V E Tol Adti 8444.41r.D -4 34 •
AVIB ir.roirip • •
I; Manufacturers and Wholedalltr: Mall Dealers,
No. 82 Nsovu,zt firootro4r, aboyeAudiet„Padladelphia.• t
The latt chiancet . , and best assortment of PL.LiK.,lin d
FA Q3 > of any other: establlithment In th e trattlkl Stated. ,
• ". so-REPAIRING promptly attended yht,Glyc us. a, oaf.
• And satisfy yourselves. • " febE4y •"' •
":01 , 3 public to the
Hotisekeepitig Dry Goods Store,
whims may belound a large , assortment of all kinds of Dry
Goods, required in furnishing a „house, thus saving the
trouble usually 'experienced in knitting 'Such articlea, in va.
nitres plades. In conseknencg , of.our giving our attention to
this kind of stock, to the cicipsion of dress and fancy goods,
weean guatuntee our prices and Styles to be the most fa.vora-
UM in the market. • [ . •
. ,
we are able to give perfect satisfaction; being. the . Oldest _Es
tablished Zinen Store lit the city; and having' been for more
than twenty ; years ;regular iniFOrters from some of the;best
manufacturers in Ireland. We offer, also, a large stock
of the best qualitieS; to; be obtained,• and at the veryiowest •
prices. Alstrißlankets, Quilts, Sheetine ' u, Tickings, Damask
Table Cloths, and Napkins, Tovrellings,Diapers, Huekabacke,
Table and; PiaMi Covers,
,Damasks and ,Moreans, lace and
Muslin Curtains,, Dimities, Furniture Chintzes Window
S badinge,';kc., &c.T JOHN , T.- COWELL Ss Chintzes,
E ; ;Yr. eorner, of Chestnut and Seventh Sts.,. ,
• ap3o4' Philadelphia.
-E, Si CO., Neviburyport, Mass., will em-
Ploy Mates indiFemales to act as local or travelling agents.
Those now,hitheir employ average - from $3O to $BO per, month.
. We canuot;iiitiiieadveitisement, particularize the business,
but we will in a circular, (five of cost,) to all Who address us•
upon the subject. This is a rare opportunity for those out of
employment to'ohtain an honorable sittiation, jyT-8t
Chartered by the State or reillSylVanin. • "
L Mortek is rectiived 'every day, mid in any amount, large'
2. FIVE PER CENT. Interest s paid for money from`the
day it is put in.' ".
3. The rponey,is always paid back in GOLD, whenever it is
called for,' and - without notice. ' " '
4. Money- fis,-,received :from Executors, Administrators,
Guardians, and pthers, who desire to have it In a place'of per
fect safety;and where interest can he obtained for it. • :
5: Who money received from depositors is invested in REAL
first class securities as the Charter directs. .
8. oFFiefi HOURS—Every day from 9 till 5. o'clock, and
Mondays and Thursdays till 8 - o'clock in the eVening. • -
HON. HENRY. , L. .BENNER, President.
Witiiana :T. Reed, Secr'etary. • • - •
.9lBP' OFFICE; Walnut Street, South-West Corner of Third.
Street, Philadelphia. • • " jan2ady
N •
. W I, S
•-• 114 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh,
, .
(nearly oppestite theifittetora House;) has just opened ; a !cry
cholas selection of - , •
of the latest importations. 'Also, '
, •COFFEES ; • ,
New Orleans, Oulni.,'dottbe; Crushed,' and Pulver:lie Sugars;"
Rice, Rice Flour, Pearl and Corn Starch, Farina,.Yeast Pow-.
dere, Maccaroni, Vermicelli, Cocoa, Prom% Extra No.l, and
Spiced Olificolate; TM° Grotind Spices; Castile, `Almond,
Toilet, Palm,. Gnman, a t nd Rosin Soaps; Sup. Carbonate ; of
Soda; Cream Tartar; Extra Fine Table Salt; Pure Extracts
Laura and - -Vanilla; Star,Mould,Und Dipped Candles; Sugar-
Cured lisms Aided : ,Becf Pagar, and. Soda
Crackers ; . Foreign Fruits,
,kc., &c: - '
MS stock has been purchased for CASH, r and - will be
offered to the Trade, and also to Families at very moderate.
advances, from whom we respectfully 'solicit a share of peg
ronage. , jardd-tf.
Family :.Grocerdr.' Tea .Dealer,. ,
Having recently returned fromtho r East,,And. added largely
to. his stock by fresh purchases, desires to call the attention
of the public to the:fmestiandlargesteliortmenf of ;
. .;
Choice Family Groceries .
Y'EAS - STIC,ES ; f irC •
to be found - in this city. 'Families, Schools, Hotels, and
Dealers who may; favor him mitlitheir.orders, may rely upon
the miality of the goods they. purchase, -as his object is to
.furnish the - best :and freshest ;goals in the market, at the
lowest prices, - .
Catalogues containing an. extended list of My stook fur
nished by mail, if desiSed. , -•;
.WIND charge for cartage. • L. • ..
- • . 1 :JOIN' A. RENSHAW,
ap7-ly re,, 'Liberty 'Street, near,Wood.
WS. HAVEN, ...• ~.,„
Boob and Job Printer
:PAPER% Corner, of Market .antl. ,Second, and Wood :avid
Third Streets, Pittsburgh, Pa. . ;
• C 411 f
Particular eAtention,paid to,printing a ogees or Colleges
and Seminaries, Piograirim'es, Diplomas, School Reports.
Wig A 1 ..S • . -
86 Wood Street 'Pittsburgh
nave a large assortment of ITARNESS. made during
. the
pest Winter, of the best material and WoilohanshipAbab :We
will sell at prices to defy all, competition ;to wit Two-Horse
Carriage Harness, - Silver Plated, at $30.00; One-Horse Buggy
do., at $14.00. And all other articles in - our line at remarka
bly low prices.
nirPoitmEns JOBBBBW, '" ~"
Foreign and Domestic. :Fancy. &caw - 4nd Baskets,
And'manufacturers of all kinds of f l oating,
: Glasses an
d Children's' Coaches. ' •I" •rf • • :
No 62 Wo).:DS. St ,'corder of l'teurthiPittsbargh,Ta..
jun.30:13 ,- ' ' ' • '
J_ • • 3••• (Late Jonnsox,)
illoleirannfiontarer and Dealer in the fallowing .three distinct
kinds of Roofing: : .` .
lst. Himi Elastic Cement, Felt and _ '•
7d.' Improved Felt, Cement and Grast on Eading.
Ild.'Pateht finglikh AsphiltiVc' 'Felt
, • • All. Fire and ..Water,...Pro24 : 4o4,7forranftd, • .
Roofing *aerial' fci sale, vkitli lirintia instructions for
• . •
g. • ' " •.•
air Office at Bates & Johnson's Old stand,
• 75 Binititfielil Stria, Pittsburgh. Pa.
GUM CEMENT 'l3 unequalled as a paint for
-Metal Roofs, lasting twice so long, and cheaper than common
paint; 'also as a paint to prevpnt•clanipnetes Walls.
dec3-iy WM. JOHNSON.
Late •of 'the firm of Kirk - Late. with Gillialple; ?tiler
patrick & Metz*. • & Co, Philatlflitit.; , .
Wk. , ' H. ' KERICIPATIddIt ;CO.,
• Wholessae EtToeers,
" -• • • •
No. 299 , Liberty-St.; opposittheadll4mithfiald,
Particular attention vai f l to: thp. &Me Country
D. KIRKPATRICK A . SONS, No. 21 S. Tarnn ST., between
Market and Chestnut Ste., Philadelphia, have for sale -•
• Dry and Salted- Spanish.:Rides.• 1
Dry and Green Salted• Patna sipe, Tanners i Oil, Tanner's and
en rrleeei 'lOdlent tfieToireat'priees, Anil 'Upon the beit teirh
W / 1 / 2 1.1.1cinde of.T ? ftther,in the, rougb. wanted,. for wlficii
the highest inarket piiee will be given in cash, or taken In
exchange ihr.3lidess. Leather stored free of charge, and' sola
on commblgon. : . • jan29-ly
— r. — OurrrigNialit.G 7
• •.
.44' OFFICE, NO. 104 FOUErfiSTEEET,. --- at
. .
Between Wood and Smithfield Streets.
From 9 o'clock A. M r ; St
WIC 41:1101113171110 ,. 4:IE. 41:11,
'Hats, A:Caps, and Straw Goods;
• ' , WHOLESALE AND' EMITML,:ioi , -
Tool Street", IPttitibvigh;
nonqiiiiinitd for Spring Mika, tie liutinint
assortment of G,oods Fuldpaii . be foam! z frn .oLthop egfem
cities, consisting of
••• • - •
Fui; Silk, a
wad W 4501 ad's,
of every style raid quality r gof everyilty an "latest
faabionc, Palm Leaf, Straw, Leghorn, and Panama Mint
Straw 'and Silk BONNETS, etc., etc. Petsonomishlng to
.purchase either by Wholesale or Retalii..*lll and it to Mote
4vatmige to call and examine onrgtock. • mat 19.17
I'IRST PREllll7ri t r'SWAn I BY
711.4:a AWE ,S7t4r. E:FAIE TO ' , ..,1-.:;vr..fserev.•
• 41Cie AVArib .
.o-A9/ 1 THE •A
"Air gig BEST iFtiblf:cooliiloVil•
• • iidi-imiaalitaelitir 13ThEef, %Wilk Said at *bilk
RAhei N,Si NwPI-Aa 0 S
I.; Owed . our. •yr! • ' r . ..•
••••••• •
Wishing teredncc . my stock di‘ Renting Pianos, I will sell
the followilig•deitirable lot of New 'and' Second-Imnd Pianos
'now in store, and ready for. ealunhudion• and sale a*,
extremely . low .prices annexial sq them, and, ltos° yrho do
purchase may be assured that shell an' oppdrtunityli ael
dom edrerikl. ' , ton - Blase mark& tritium, iso•dbscoutirwill
allowed, .•• l• . • A 55 •
Mme. cOtk ,•rhrie *OP; QMY "Pk be
Varbe lor Wm, R&M& th e tY,
or a discoisati &throe Iwie,'nentzlbr: eadi.,,TheAblidwide
elegpank ft., „! • .1. •;•_ •
Itosinnoil3Oviat Octave 'Pianos,
is9.irl'ggfiT; ri
. fiut dloz 'lr&
A new anifelegan a t
7 octavo Rpsearisixl Lc . iniiiXf7. l l4azio t
with all the litteet improyemente, 'made 'exPirialy for
subecrlber, and will ha warranted. The• factory price
of this style POO for nab), at
Another of the •Se style and price_ 3Sl'
Another from the an:die maker, in' an' elegant Rosewood 0
Case, nitmuLactimerir price 8376;. f0r ' 280
An:elegant Itopedyood 7 octavo PAano, made by. Emerson,
Boston ; in perfect order, and id nee lass than one, year i
the price wheh new WBB 1350 ' 240'
A richly carted 7 ottave, new and largo scale RosewOod
' Piano, made Gale, the New ',York price.
which ' one ygat- . - ...... ... . ..... i .7 o‘
Two elegant' Rosewood 7 'tictirve Pianos, carved
IVO; sage frinil.A to A; made hy Gale tik, 045,, ee0ad4. 1. 6
Bred byood . judges,tte mating the thlt,p . r.thipiiine
• - York niakera, at'theldw price of
One prune style, 6 3 4 octaves
One rilecantood Chirkering & Son'a 7 octave, Jou
emit, In use not more than Mx months, the' A rail hafoa ;-
of which'is ISM •
.10dahoganyra, a
douons. ble:round Cprnersi c'ell/YA,P*9O4'7, A. •
Chiceng S - • • • Ingo
Altoepirded, e octave, by .
ogarlY) o#4lll, •
____6peot 9.l4c k eril?ts ic itewar7.4,e,....., .80
ANifaiwwwub 'ay
A Mahogany V here, Loud4CP
, All.Wiewood, 6 octave,
1 8 4 0118, mcKl , 6 .eta.,..7e,P.1nnP.,91.3t',:-._ La-01119,
art Packing zone . ing i Lai furnished, Ana M . ;Planos
Vanked, free of chugt;'4-,,1 to g s titc-.1"
,oeb : - .4.41i).%44140, t
81 Wood Shiest
'Die, 3365 t. in T3se.
These Machines make the SHUTTLE, or Lace STITCH. whirh
is undeniably the 'hest. •
They use but little Thread, work almost noiselessly, are
simple, and easily operated.'
, Active and reliable local -Agents wanted.
Address M. RHOADS, Agent,
' Federal Street, Allegheny City
• . .4K6- SEND FOR t 1 CIRCULAR.'I4
J . " ,
76 , 110 - Eva , 41! 31e. 410 Ira. Jew 4e -
In its sixth , year. loom for over one hundred patients.
Bend for' ()trio:Liar, to
H.. FREASE, ,31. D.,
Pittsburgh, Pa,
xn 5- y
, ./,EOll.--$35:00 pays the entire cost of tuition. Minis
tors' on ball price.. Students enter at any time. For Cato
logries, Spaeiraens, &c.. manic five letter stMinis to
my2O-dm . .T.NSINS ik SMITE, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Family Se - viing Machines.
k NEW STYLE..' PRICE $50.00.
kraitis' Au Goods StoTe,) Zzintescz FTFTII ,S , th Et
. . . .. ,
~, I NF'. These
r gitchines sew from two spools, and form.
.seam of Unequalled 'strength. -beauty,' and elasticity, which
.w,O.A.' not - rip, , even if every fourth stitch be nut. They are
unquestionably `thebinit in the market for family use.
... A . ... . - -
•0- BEND FOR CIRCULAR. - aplthly
... : . .
Celebrated American
'THE. countenance ,is pale and leaden
.-• Colored, with occasional Hushes, or a cir
cumscribed spot on, one: or both cheeks ; the
• _eyes _become dull;, ,the pupils :dilate; an
azure semicircle runs along the_ lower eye
lid; the nose is irritated, swells, and some
times bleeds; a swelling of the upper lip;
occasional headache, with humming or
*throbbing of the ; ears; an unusual secretion
of saliva; slimy or furred tongue; breath
very foul, particularly in the morning; ap
petite l irariabie, sometimes `:voracious, with a
knawing= sensation s of the stomach, at others,
entirely gone; ;fleeting pains in the stomach;
"occasional nausea, an .vomiting ; violent
pains throughout the abdomen; bowels ir
regular, at times costive- stools slimy; not
imfrognently tinged with blood; belly swol
len and ° hard ; ithne turbid ; respiration oc
casionally ad - 'accompanied' by
hiccough ; couosSometines dry and convul
sive. uneasy and ' disturbed sleep, with
grinding` of the,reeth; temper variable; but
generally irritable, ire.
Whenev;er`the above symptonts are
• found to exist,
SF i
certairdy effect a cure.
The universal success which. has at
:tended`the administration of this' prepar.
ition has been such as to warrant us in
pledging ourselves to the public ,to..
in evetTinstance t -,where it should prove inef
fectuati cfßioviding the symptoms attending
the. iickids ofthe "child or adult should
warrant the supposition of worms being the
In t &cases- the Medicine to be given
We pledge ourselves to the public, tic at
" . 11: , P S '
in any , form ; aa'anciinEil
preparation, TiZt l '-Wiage• Of doing the
. slighte,st injury to thenti;st tanner is
Address tall orders to.i . i s
P. 8. Dealers and Physicians ordering rein othati than
Yl Bree.,irill do well to write than orders dlsthictly,
and take none, but Dr.: APLanes, .prvared by, .rkasing
Bras, ugh, As.. To thoeo wiria. to 'itive 'item s
vial, we will. forward per nraft.,,Peet .paid, be any, part of
the United States, one box of Pills for twelve tbreereent
postage stamps, or one vial , of Verinifugeufor fourteen
threeoent starve. Al!; orders from, paned!' most be as
comp pled by twenty Cents extra.
' voi• sot. byTiriagiiitiTh gold Ckruillaigr l3tats Beepers
semenilly. ' , _ DUB
- • ':1!,
-- _~-=
.1111Ltig N S L 0 W,
. physician, presents to,the atten.
, ,
'' :;0,00 'S YR U,P,
whifti'greatlifs'eflitates ftui proems of teething, by softening the gams,
• tilataiing all ftillananaftim—will stay ALL PAIN sad rpm:mile action,
Depend upon it, motion, it wll ere mt to yooraelves, end ' • •
We have pot up end .old thie alto)e for over tee paws, sod CAN
SAY, IN CONFIDENCE AND TRUTH of it what we weer have been
able to say of any other medicine, , ZNEVEß IDIV . nWAILED, A
Never did we know an instance of dlesaliefielitk? by' one who weed
.fit. OW the contrary, all are delighted With. Sti. NeraYboe nod speak
In terms of commendation of its ntegiesl affects owe medical TIMM
We Valk in this matter" WHAT WE DO 113,011",_ft after ten veers'
F/LLIIENT OF WHAT V7E HERE ' DI almost every to
' tance where the intuit is solferitse.. from polo sod exhaustion, relief will
be Sound hi 11 Ratio or twenty miwates altar Shoop - op is administered.
This valuable yreparatiomi•• tho egamiptioti of one of the moat MX
PERIENCED end S KILLEEN. B hew Ragland, and has hoes
It not only raliamailse feinapain,, but invigorates the stomach
and bowels, corrects acidity, and,pres tone *and energy to the whole
Spiharn.. It will almost instantly: infirm GRIPING IN THF: BOWELS,
AND:WIND COLIC, and overcome coaraheisaa, which. if netepemfrly
omsadfed,-erid in death. We' believe it the' RESTAND SURMT RE-
RFICRAIIrCHTLDRICN; whether it arises Dom teething, W from any
other mime. . We would an to every soother who him child eaffertog
feom any of the %foregoing amplest. ' re—DO'NOT I= l YOLIR PRE
yen and mar sedierilm child, end the relief that wi lb SORE—yee
ABSOLUTELY SURE—to follow the vas of . this medicine, if timely
med. Fall directions rm. min will :aeliner . ..oM,v each None
psalm mime the fanabaile of CURTIS & PERK INS, New York, is
on the outride .wrapper. ' . Sold be Droplets through ant the world
Principal. Office,..l3.eedar Street s N. Y.
my2.B-1,7: • : Y : '
ty:f 0 , F Ci _
. v .if • ..... daiiii"ii
;•....0 s o •DirED:t cliv ... o
- - -- '
...,,,' TBt
~.,...Eip-kTi `
• ' ' STAN4MaiIittEIIItEDIES •
I 45 tiV i ? P r ift 3 R t li tt e il e F""Tate& their, Meat i m44 deriti
, iliily*iirriO Awl, of trhd: .Thiboinided satiiifikotbigi
. , : i 'is ridaegied by ai.a Jilin caw - ..
:./Averipit t D.7l,9?er Jaundice. Nimmons Do
. biltr3r. Diseaseeor tae Kidneys,
sad all iiiimesisee arisindfrouollnse'rdered liver; or weak
1101e.of•the Stoinaetiand'Digestive Omuta,
11 :' , legloPoiluir ;41 PREVENT
Seaant:Abases? pipotobThuix., cents per Bottle.
llootiami'mt.Rdsamie Cordial
• . , •!;:ditiMiliftypEth 001.12
0014111 g BsomalLitis, Influenza,
T. ; Ororp! Pneu m onia , /strip' lent Consumption,
ask louspostinued t4fl most astonish Lug Meg over known
'it iduuegnaied. Pact. 76 cents
.* •
thrinighorit Enrope'axd'AmeriCa., needs
00 canfuendetiori herd. They are purely Ye/getable, are
Pretarid with 'great exacinew, and arta 'sugarcoated. No
better Cathartic PM can•be found., Peke, 25 eta. per box.
Thetkpotilehies•are PrePaSud, by. Dr. C. Jaciisox &
• CO4 P and Si. Lotia, 310, and are sold by
4.; (lealers in medidnei everywhere. The
naWre of Q M . J AMON villa* On the ontakle of each
• • bqtli cr bor.
dirran;c," published annually, you
testimony and'etinnnandatory notices from all
"parta,oUth'a canntry:-.liisbit Almanacs aro Mien away by
. 1 4 P 4r, M9 1 4 4 7/ .