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came ; its cause a mystery ? If so, 'what
an bumbler of Science it is! • How it a level the learned and illiteaTe,
showing that the unknown may be tojhe
known as the ocean to a drop—as eternity
to time.
Hold I Hero is. a 2n:ofessio7iae gentle-.
man that can, he says, accountfor this
singular phenomenon. He ,
has recently read a work on Philosophy,
of rare excellence. profound,
satisfactory on all matters touching
camel , rerun: , A , book—na—„ y a golden
key that unlocks the gri3at door of the
Strong Castle, in which dame Nature for
ages has kept hid her mysteries. That is,
so be says. Well; according to hint, this
sable stranger is a lump of petrified lava
from earth's centre. The globe is hollow,
or rather a ball of fire, like a huge sun is
at the centre. *Oloanoes are only the es
cape pipes of this immense centre-terranian
furnace. Water, passing to this by filtra
tion, or through fissures, is turned to steam
instun6r,4xiilodes, and thus heaves tof tte
heavens.part of old earth's bowels, which
rata - 4613g in the air fbr the time of its ascent
and descent, at last strikes the surface at no
,small distance from the place where it a t
first had e g ress
,Now, reader, what do you think of that
theory? In vain I reminded him of the
fact that all objects partake of the motion
of the body that carries them. To this he
responded, that haying plumbed a loaded
musket, lie fired it off, and awaited the re
turn of the ball, but he found, by actual
calculation, that owing* the diurnal revo
lution of he earth on its axis, said ball
would fall a distance West of the :musket
proportioned to the altitude - of ascent, and
this latter *as also alWays in ratio to the
projectile force received by the ball. We
told him, too, of the story of the mendacious
sailor who said he once sailed an that
went so fast, that in falling frorn'the top of
the.main mast, one •day, he was, not. hurt,
for the vessel, as he descende, g,liff'init.
from under him, arid left him to fall into
the sea! But all would not do. He was
right. So we left him, and found oursolves
in.Bellnir, on‘the Ohio river. All the sae
sengers here debark and mutter .;:the greitt
er, number cross the river, to continue their
journey Eastward—iv few take the Cir
cambendibus " Northward; ..but we (thy
family and self;) sauntered off into the
country in tt.vehicile provided by a kind
friend, to enjoy the rural beauties of the
Belmont.,Hills, the sweet-fragrtince of gar
den flowers, and the rich flavor of the best
of strawberries, and .sweet, pure- cream I
So, reader, I bid you . good-bye for the
present, having
,before me a well-filled
of these exquisite delicacies ready todis
patch—promising,- you, however,: other
" Incidents and klights" soon; of a eharac-
ter far more interesting than these.
W. M. k.
The Prince of Wales, during his visit to
Niagara ' swill be lodged at the residense of
the late 'Mr. Zimmerman. Every' visitor
to the Falls will remember this delightful
place. It is Situated on'the Canada side,
but a few rods from the Clifton Florist, and
commands noble views of the Ciititact.
The mansion itself is surrounded byluxu
rious foliage, while an elegant-fountain be
forea adds to the beauty of the greunds.
Rim expected that the young
Prince. will
visit Ottawa and Toronto.. At Kingston
the people are fitting up the Crystal Palace
for his reeeption, tied he will officially in
augurate the -new Crystal palace at Mon
- Lady Franklin,—We are pleased to learn
that, the.Nerth Atlantic Steamship Com
pany have generously proffered to lay
Franklin a free passage for herself, her
niece• and maid, in, their magnificent steam
ship Adriatic, on her next trip from South
ampton to New York. We think she will
:,met by the song noble.epirit, ;bk . our
countrymen when landed on our shores.
Piing de Joinville has gone to Canada
Sir Charles Barry, the distinguished
architect, whose death was I:ocently an
nomieed has-been interred in Westminster
The Widow of Osawatomie Brown has
recoived $B,OOO from her colorea ,sympa
thisers in Hayti.
Brigham Young, with several of the digni
taries of his Church, has been in Philadel
phia for the past ten days He is neeotia
ting for the purchase of a paper mill, which
he proposes to set up in his city.
Subscriptions have been opened in_ vari
ous parts of Italy in favor of Garibaldi's
expedition. At Milan it already amounts
to 40 , 000 f.
Chas; Kingsley has been appointed to fill
the chair of modern historrat Cilbridge
England, rendered vacant by the death of
Sir James Stephen.
- 7
'Pickerel Parker bAueathed his private
library, containing over thirty thousand
volumes,, to the public library of the city
of Boston.
CMS L. gillOtt, of Charleston; S.' C., re
cently deceased, left in his will $lOO to the
Ladle's' Mount Vernon. Assodiation: This
is said, to be the first bequest to that Asso
ciation. P
Three of the four Fix-Presidents of the•
United States were in New York city Jest
week_-Messrs. Van Buren, Fillmore,' and
Pierce—all of them in excellent health.
M. Van Buren 'is aged 78 ; Mr. Filmore,
aged 60; Gen; Pierce, Aged 56.
President`Collins, of 'Dickinson College,
Carlisle, has been 'elected President of the
State Female College, Nashville Tennessee,
lind will enter upon hiS ne* duties imme
diately after the next comineneenient . at
Lally Byron, a few days previous, to her
death, sent the sum of two hundred dollars
to the Sicilian Committee of London, in
aid ,of the Garibaldi fund. By her, death
her eldest grandson, aged twenty-fouryears,
enteral the Rouse of Lords as Baron Went
Ihin; 'Simmil D. Ingham died on Tuesday,
at Trenton, at the advanced age of eighty.
one years. persons, either in public
or private life, have been more esteemed
than was this , g , entleman : Ale was bore in
Pennsylvania in 17'79, and Wits' a represen
tative from that State in COngiess from
1818 to 1818, and from 1822 to 1829,
when he.was appointed by 'President Jaek
on, SeCretary of the TreaSnry. Ile`was
largely' interested in the Remeyal of:de
posits from the 'United States iitthk.
Mit t 'Pierre, the distinguished mathema
tician ~o f Harvard College, has - gone to
England to spend the Summer tuonths...
* 6 '
Ronson L Losing is about starting on a
tour to colfiet original sketches to illus. ;
trate his (Pgjelii. Book of the War of 1812,"
a work which' will. appear in about a year
from the preierit tithe, as a companion to
his "Field Book of,the Revolution."
The Bishop of Peril, %silo , suspended, the
priests for assisting at the celebration of
the Pe Deum at Bologna, in honor of,,the
Sardinian Constitution, has-been prosecu
ted by the Piedmontese Government.
Nedici, who follows G arilialdi to Sicily,
was distinguished in the. defense of Rome.
He is a splendid type of an Italian, stand
ing over six feet high, with 414nrient fair
hair, an aquiline nose ( and'
tual east of eounterianse. ''5.00,4 8 4 8 he
has kept a small dry goods storfri!i;l , Penos,
and was so genertaly .r6peettir he
walked through the streets. thelishaitan43
of every grade unuOvtrell. /;!0-;;;lx'''
hMidt and hai,hushanil'
iy Lind Goldschmit...
will leave London for Sweeden in the, early
part of June. They will make a Visit to
.the North, of three or lbw months in
Dr. Hayes in Ensinud.—Two editions of
a The Arctic Boat jOurney," by`Dr. Hayes,
have been published in 'England—one by
Low & Co., and one by Bentley of London,
the latter being.edited With an introduction
and notes by Dr. Norton Shaw. The
Athenzewnz, which rarely praises Ameri
can book, says the work is " full of thrill
ing interest, so full that we could not lay.
it down until we had read it thrmigh.
is a, well,written narrative of terrible pi
vations and sufferings, borne with a forti
tude and patient endurance, which may
have, been equalled, but certainly never
surpassed." After deleting four columns
to"the volume, the Athenteum thus speaks
of the author: "Dr. Hayes' most interest
ing and well-written narrative. shows that
he is fully entitled to take rank with the
most intrepid and heroic Arctic voyagers!'
The American publishers are Messrs.'
Brown & Tao•crard, of Boston.
Hon. Geo. Davila has consented to deliv
er the oration when the corner-stone of
Perry's Monument is laid in Cleveland,
Ohio, on the 10th of September next.
,L. .I.I4IRIIPATRICK. has been
appointed to, an agency for the Columbia
Theological Seminary, 'in "the 'Synod
of Alabama, and has asked to be re
leased from the pastoral charge of the
Glebe Street church, in Charleston,
South Carolina.
Rev. JAMES It. GRAHAM, of Winchester,
Va., .has, received a call , to, the. First
church Of Wheeling, Va.
Rev. J. C. THORNTON'S Post-Office address
is changed from Orleans, Ind., to Mt.
Carmel, Wabash Co., 111.
Rev. Dr. JAMES PURVIANCE'S Post-Office
address is changed from Oakland College,
Miss, to Natchez Miss.
Rev. ROBERT GAMBLE vas installed, pas
tor of the Union church, Philadelphia,
on Friday evening, 11th
Go to the Prayer-Meeting,
Let attendance on the meetings be regu
lar and constant. Be sure to go, if possible;
go and see who you can find there. If
yoUr faith is weak, go. If' your love is
chilled, go. If hope be clouded, go. If
joy 'and peace fail to rise in your soul, go.
Every professed Christian, be sure, if pos
sible; to go, that the activities of the soul
may be stirred up and drawn out in the
service of Christ. - If -you have for'a long
time staid away, and the Christian armor
has got rusty, go. "Prayer makes it
bright," burnishes the shield, the sword,',
the helmet and the breast-plate of right
eousness. Go, if only a few are expected
to be there, for if you stay away the, num
ber will be less. Go, as did the good dea
con, to :the red school-hciuSe r 'year after
year; and often alone; and, like him, you
may by-andr-by find the place filled with
anxious worshipers, and see souls convert
ed. Go,, expecting the presence and re
fresliings of the - Holy Spirit; and ex
pecting to meet Christ there, agreeable to
his promise,, that where two or three are
gathered in his name he will be in the
midst of them. Be sure to go, always go
to the prayer-meeting, when possible, even
at the sacrifice of ease and profit in world
ly things; and you will find a rich reward in
it to your own soul, and see blessings descend
upon the Church or Christ.. Go—all go,
and carry out these suggestions, and God's
blessing will be to you, like
.his promises,
sure. Try faithfully this recipe.—Chris•
titin Miran
The Moravian Church.
The organ of this body, which' is pub
.lished at Bethlehem, acknowledges that. the
Moravian Church moves but
,slowly, and
needa, and probably will experience great
reodiffpation•within a,century ..It admits
that in this country the Church is in a
transition state. "It is feared by many
that it may not survive the uncertainties
and perplexities of these times;' we earn
estly hope and pray Go d that he may in
spire us with wisdom, that his work may
net suffer in our hands, but that by a new
impulse from on high, it may go forward,
reaping the rich rewards of devotion to the
service of God, and the best interests of
agreeably to adjournment, in the Ridge church, on the
Fourth Tuesday of June, at 10 o'clock A. iii.
Persons travelling on' the Steubenville' and Indiana Rail
road, to attend Presbytery, will please , stop : at"Tairview,
where they:Will:Aid a Committee,- who - will furnish them en
tertainment, and a the place of. meeting.
Neenah, Wla., on Thursday, June 28th, at 7 o'clock P. M.
11. M. ROBERTSON, Stated Clerk.
Lebanon i outheTourth Tuesday of Jana, at 2 deldck.P. M
W. W.' WOMEND, Stated`Cleik.
The PnESUKTPIIV OF BLAIRSVILLE will meet, accord
ing triedfdininfeist r atMurraysville,'on the Third Tiesday
of June at,2, o'clock P. M.
Members doming by Railrarul, will leave the"cars at Manor
Station, iThere, tiny will find a conveyance to the place tor
meeting. JAMES DAVIS, Stated Clerk:
The PRESBYTERY OF ERIE will meet at Georgetown
on the Fourth Tuesday of June, (26th,) at 2 o'clock P. 31.
- • S. J. 31. EA ON, Stated Clerk.
The PRESBYTERY OF DDBUQUE will bold an adjourned
meeting at Maquoketa, on the Third Tueeday In June, at 73
,lelock P. M. 7 . JOHN 151,110003, Stated Clerk.
lek, on the 1903 day of Jane, at I.lsJclock,A. M.
J. It; 'COULTER; stated Clerk.
The PRESBYTERY' OP'BEAVER will meet in the church
of Unity, on the Third Tuesday of June, et, 11 o'clock A. AL
. D. 0, REED, Stated Clerk.
~The PRESBYTICT OF row mato' N;wilitioid ifs next
reiaeffitein the'. Presbyterian church in 'Alliance, , 'Aftiartee, OE the
Third Tneaday of Tune, at 2 o'clock P. M. •
The Presbyterial Sermon will be preached by the Rev. T.
. Speer; at 3 o'clock of the came day::
ROBERT HAYS Slated Clerk.
l'r,tnerat Phls.
Appleton's - Illustrated Rand Book tf American
This work is indispensable to all who would
travel through this country speedily, cheaply,
and intelligently: And iteofitains a vast amount
Ofuseful information ' to* those who ,
stay at home.
Reviews and Magazines for April and N a)
:War and Progress in China; Capt. Speke's
Adventures in Somali 'Laud ; Judicial Puzzles
'Elizabeth Canning ; Wellington's Career, Part 11.
The - Mill on the Floss; Narcissus; The Snow-
Drop; A Reuilleton ; Switzerland and French
THE Loruff QIIAATEULY for April has the
following -articles: Laborers' Homes; Souve
nirs et Correspondence de Madame ROcamier ;
ViCissitudes of Families, and other Essays"; The
Bar of Philadelphia.--Washington's Farewell
Address ; Miss Nightingale's Notes on Nursing ;
Fox-hunting ; Recollections of Leslie; The
Budget andthe Reforin Bill.
THE NORTH BRUME Ilnytsw for May hos the
following able articles:: Redding's Reminiscen
ces—Thomas Campbell; Quakerism—r Past and
Present; 'Sir Henry Lawrence; Australian
Ethnology; Poems by Heinrich Heine; Church
and, „state , The Origin
.of , Spec i es; British
Lighthouses; The State of Europe; Recent
Publications. .
'The above with the Edinburgh and 'Westminster
Review.% are republished by Leonard Scott & Co.,
New York at. $lO per annum. These fonr Re-
Views with ,Blackwood,' contain an amount; of
literary; ,scientific, historical., and—theological
disquisitiot, every year that-ta : Hies - thenrtolln
imiiitinie,paironage in this country.
.i'I•ANNER.:;:-.5.0(110).A.t.5 . 01 1 :t i',5_.6;;:1:800...
Sewing Machines.
. Attention is requested to the advertisement of
the excellent Sewing Machine of Wannxr..e. &
WlLsoii . , -which we advertise this week. ills not
our business to pronounce on the coMparative
merits .of the iventions -which we advertise.
Those who desire to purchase. will do that 'work
-for- themselves. -But so many of our friends
have used the :Wheeler Br. Wilson machine that we
feel safe in saying that it is a good article -
Our Marlids,
• Our markets, says the Evening. Chronicle, con
tinue to be well supplied with all the necessaries
of life prices being Mitch loWor than usual, and •
likely to remain so, for some. time.,
,Prime bntier
can be, had for fifteen or sixteen cents, eggs for
fifteen cents a dozen, and Spring chickens at
Sixty-two cents a • pair. The. Price of all ,kinds •
of meat about tite same; with perhaps a , clown-
ward ,tendency. , Vegetables of every •kind •are
very abundant, and there ft large supply, of
such fruits •as are in season. New potatoes (are
brought in in limited quantities, and sell readily .
at remunerative prices. The crop looks very
promising, this year,. and: promises to exceed that
'of last year even bkibundance:• On the' whole,
lie have neVerseen our Markets better supplied
with everything at this season of the year--a fact
which affords general satisfaction to. our house
keepers:'', • ' "
Tlic; Slave ,Tride.
This nefarious traffic seems to be carried on,
this year, with more thane usual 'energy. The
capture of four slavers, by our navy, in the course
of a few weeks, is an Utterly unusual occurrence:
These vessels' were taken off the coast'of Cuba,
and are •
Barque Wildfire ' 580 iegroei
ac William' • • ' 650i , '" 4,
43ogotit. •
A French barque 590
Total ' 2,180
Alt these 'vessels are of American build, and
hail from New• -York— —•
The New. York Tribunee-gives alurther list of
slavers lately fitted out at.that port,, as follows:
Outhe 81st of December, the ,bark> lowa of
,the burden of 263 tuns, cleared at this, port for
a whaling expbdition. The Whiles 'she went to
catch were running about likn the 4 red' herrings'
in the nursery rhyme,'• tin the woods.' She' was
:fitted out for a slave voyage, and, ere :this, per"-
Naps,has landed a cargo of Africans on the
coast of Cuba, or in some lonely, haven on our
Southern coast. On the 21st of January, the
barque Wm. G. Lewis, burden 264 tuns, cleared
for the. Rio Congo and a market: *Her owners
are probably expecting daily, if they have not
already received ; .the returns of, her voyage
showig a profit of not less than $lOO,OOO on a
cargo` of slaves. On the 28th of the same month,
the brig W. B. Kibbe, of 199 tuns, cleared'for
the , Port, de Senna. , On the 4th :of February.,
week later, the;barque Emily, of 801 tuns,,and on
the. 27th of March,. the. brig , . Falmouth, of 208
tuns cleared for the same port, and, on the, same
errand. On the 7th of 'April, the ship Atlantic,
'of 699 tuns, and on the 28th of the same month,
the: ship Montank, of • '505 tuns cleared : for
whaling voyages ostensibly, but fitted as slavers,
and, bound for the coast of Africa for negroes.
On the -2d of last, month, the brig Storm King,
Of 220 tuns,' sailed for the Congo River;`and'on •
the 21St the barque Buckeye,' 820 tuns, sailed for
the West collet of Africa. There is little doubt
of; the purposes of their voyages: •
•, "These vessels, it will be seen, range from 200
,to 500 tuns burden,, and that is
,the size sought
for in this trade. ,They must be fast sailers, of
,good capacity, and loftily Sparred, with a:wide
'spread of canvas to catch light breezes. Vessels
of this charaoter go:quick in this city for ready
money, and all the business connected with:them
is a cash business, Without any nice particularity
as to prices, and money changes, hands not mere
ly fer legitimate articles or traffic, such as ships
and ship stores, ,but official blindness and official
good will arehandsomely paid for. 'Altogether, a
very brisk trade exists umong those:. connected
with it;_ so brisk that a single one of those.mer
chants known as "agents' has pocketed in com
mission alone on slavers fitted 'out at this port
within four 'months, the snug sum'-of $16,000."
Stich a condition of things, is disgraceful to
our country. We Would . gladly suppress the
, ,
statement,'but that it is a duty to seek a remedy,
:and the :remedy is , in - the - hands of the - people.
Government: could suppress the:evil, and Govern
ment is instituted ands : controlled by the freemen
of the country. With party politics we' have
nought to : do, but hi - goOd governinent we baire
the deepest interest. Let, the people ,insist that
the laws - shill'be enforoed.
By the Overland Bail.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo., June 10.—The overland
mail coach with, six passengers, and San Fran
cisco dates to the 21st ,of. May, arrived here at 8
o'clock this morning.."
The San Francisco papers furnish the follow
ing highly important news from Japan and Chi-
The steamer Yugtez,,with news from -ohiantto
April 10th, report that the Chinese have condo ps4 , the English and-French GOverninents
their expenses, and accede to all their demands.
The, ports and the navigation of the rivers are to
The Americans are charged by the China Chron
icle with having been ertgaged-in,the coolie trade,
and aproclaumtfon been - issued by a distin
guished Chinese official, warning them against
the practice of kidnapping.
The Prince Gortairo, who was et the head of
the present Japanese Government, was assassina
'ted on the 15th of March. He was going from
his house to the Palace with his train, when he
was attacked by fourteen Japanese, 'dressed as
travelers. 114 retinue had six killed and several
wounded. One of the assassins, who was wound
ed and could not escape, had his head cub off by
his comrades, .and`carfieff off to preient their
being recognized.-. .
Twc of .the,, assassins were. princes .of „high
railefitridlad the privilege given `them' Of' cut
ting open their own abdomens with a -sword,
thereby preventing their property from.• being
confiscated, and, saving their. faMilies frem the
disgrace which would entail upon them had they
'been beheaded. . Thirty people were beheaded
en,the first of April; having been interested in
the affair. Since the death of the old Tycoon, in
whose reign the treaty was made, 'there has
been an entire change. in, the Government,
the present dynasty being opposed to foreign•in
tercourse, and throwing every obstacle in the
way to interrupt trade, and commerce, that they
possibly can, without violating the treaty.
The opposition, at the head of which is Prinee
Meta, is reported as being'as strong as the pres
ent Government, and an-insurrection is moment
arily expected. Foreigners are requeited not to,
go out after dark, and are advised by their re
spective consuls to,go,arneed at, all: times.
Vinoixin 'CITY, May DewningvMe
troops, one hundred and fifteen men on' foot,
with sixty guns, twelve pack mule's and, provis
ions; are ontheir . iray. hither; and are expected
to-morrow. There is a great scarcity of hories
and saddles for •.
volunteers now organizing.
Provisions are growing scarce.
A letter from. Judge Watson, ofitagtown, May
11th, announces the Indians ready for war.
.Theyare stealing all the'stock along the Hum
bolt river. Eighteen whites are reported killed
near Honey Lake. ,
Passing Notice.
.N.e Housekeeper's Friend—Spalding' a Prepared
; Thia admirable addition to our standardhouse
hold economies will be hailed by all.good house
wives as a boon long' wished:for,'but hitlierta un
attained. Spalding's Prepared .Glue is peafectly'
adiPted for thoin timely repairs to household
wares, furniture ' crockery, and for fancY work,
that is almost daily demanded by the experience
of every housekeeper. It is chemically held in
solution, will withstand the action, of climate and
time, retains its full strength, and is put up in a
snug, convenient bottle, with a brush, all for twen
ty-five cents. " On being applied, the chemicals
readily ItivaPorate and , the glue' 'becomes - firm
quickly, _and adheres with the tenacity, of: the
best cabinat4naker's glue. For wood, leather,'
or other articles where glue is ever used, it is ,
just.the thing. We have tried it,' . and speak by
the card. In the' country it will be invaluable,
and nobody' in the city will think of doing with
out it. If Mr. Spalding desires to become a
candidate for the Presidency, and his friends
stick like his glue, he will be sure of an election.
—Frank, Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, :New-York,
July 80, 1859:'
Worms l. Worms!
There is no disease more common among
dren, andYetsnOne'isrhioW so' frequently baffles
the skill Of the''phytiiciari; - are
thighlr detrimental to , the constitution'; and their".,
,presience carefally guarded agninst by
parents. On tba. 4 first, nianifeStatious-, of symp
toms, every means should be'used:lo expel them
promptly and thoroughly. Dr. IVFLane's Vermi
fuge, prepared by Fleming Bros., of Pittsburgh,
is well established as the most certain, safe, and
speedy, remedy ever offered for this, troublesome
and dangerous, malady and. all who have the
management, of children shoull,keep this inpulu
able medicine on hand. " In additiod to. its per
fect safety; it never failsto produce the dei3ired
Ptirehasers will be careful to ask for Dr..3f Lane's
Celebrated Vermffuge, manufactured by: Flemiriy
Bros. of .Pittzburgh, Pe.. All other Vermifuges in,
comparison :are worthless. Dr. • M'Lane's
genuine Vermifuge ; "also his Celebrated Liver
Pills, can now be had at aII respectable drug
stores. 'None, genuine - without: the Signature
of Ftzatmallncis.
' • -E44l' "
By the arrriral of the steamship Africa, we
have news from Europe to the 24th ult.:
The information relative to. the,.progress
Garibaldi continuesmoagre,anci very conflicting.
A supplement to:the :Genoa ...ffooimento of 'the
2dd of 'May, alleges that Garibaldi had entered
Palermo with nine •thousand infantry, and' a•
squadron of cavalry. ' The .Neapolitans laid down
their arms. The most extraordinary enthusiasm'
prevailed at Palermo'.
The Paris Pairie.doubts the above
The Daily'Netds' Paris' correspondent; however,
is assured of its correctness, and says that Geri-
Nadi has determined t%make himself, ,undispated'
master of Sicily'before making any attempt on
the mainland. He Will afterwards forth a strong
'naval force, `and descend upon Calabria.
The 'same. authority professes Co have 'special
instructions for believing. that Garibaldi bad .re
ally entered : Palermo, and that s he; had issued,a
stirring proclimation,:dated from that ciiy, declir
ing that he had 'assumed the provisional. Dicta
. torsbip . of Sicily. .
;:,The Insurrectional Committee in Sicily, •had, it
is said, sent a note to the foreign consuls,
ing that the nation would be ciinsulted, and that
the" Sicilian Pailianaent 'would be 'Convoked.
The Paris 'correspondent' of the' London Post
also says thetaproelamation had been issued by
Garibaldi in which he took upon limself all the
responsibilities of the Dictatorship of Sicily,
AAilipatch 'dated Messina, 22d May, says :
,‘ There Is a great panic among the authorities.
The inhabitants are joining. Garibaldi in-orowds.
Great numbers of strangers are {quitting the
towns. .. , The soldiers are taking refuge in :the
forts.• •
The Paris , Patrie•,'after`ng the NeaPolitan
dispatch announcing the defeat •of Garibaldi,
"A second dispatch states that Garibaldi had
attacked the, royal troops, who were strongly en-,
trenched, and to have completely beaten them.
.According • to the same.;dispatcli,. this -combat
would lead tolthe,iramediate evacuation , by the
royal troops of Palermo, : Messina,. Trapani, Ca
tania, and Syracnse.." ,
MesSina tylviCes "to the 21st state thitforty-Sfx
Neapolitan deserters were fired at while , -passing
to the insurgents.: There have been,two consid
erable ,disembarkations „of volunteers at, San
Stefano . de, Camestra, to the right;afid at 'Santo,
Veto, to the left' of Palerino. The rising at
Messina has not yet taken place. It is expected
that Palermo would • soon surrender. •r. A procla-!
mation of the committee of Palernic is posted up:
,in all parts,_Nef that town, anntaincing, the Victo
•rious marcrof Garibaldi, an& that'SiCily ;would.
soon become independent. It alsoadds EVen
the Neapolitan police are commencing to- desert
their master." - • • , .
The official Turin gazette contains's dispatch,
dated'the'24th of May; relative to' the encounter
of Garibaldi, at San Martino; with 'BaVarlans in
the Neapolitan service. Garibaldi had approach
ed nearer,to Palermo, the heights, around which
were occupied by
,hisurgerits. 'attack' was
imminent. = General Lanza had deb:landed an ar
mistice of 'Garibaldi without effect.. ;i ; -•
The dispatch,
A telegram from PalermoJ of the 2M of May,
at ten P. M., announces that Garibaldi's troops,
were - in position near 'Palermo, and in attack
was momentarily expected. '
Twenty thousand Neapolitans , occupied the,
heights, which commanded the town for two .
miles round., 'hlay 26.= The" packet which left
Naples on the 22d has' 'arid brings
letters from Palermo. dated 21st inst., which slate
that the. anxiety was increasing,' and popular
passions were,infiamed. • •
On the eveninlof the 20th inst. several shots
, , „.
Were fired from e balconies in the, Rue Toledo.
The police returned the fire, and`cwounded Bev
mai persons.• Strangers had taken refuge under
the national flags. The authorities had ordered
the doors of the public buildings, to be built to,
half their height. • •
There was s panic among the public functiona
ries, and the' director of . the' official journal had
taken to' flight. The churches were opened on
Sunday; ,but remained deserted. , ,•Yeaterday. the
fire. of an insurgent bivo,ae was seen , on the
heights surrounding,Palermo, and it was Nicer
•tained that a battle had taken Tilacte: .: .'" S'''• •
The populatibn were anxiously expecting the
result,'-which .was not , knowm- , A 'very concilia
tory proclamation. of Gen.-4.Lainza had . been
coldly received. ••• I : "' • ••
PARIS May 26.-The P attie:;eof this evening
published details identicaliiitli thoSe'contained
in the dispatch from Marseilles, and adds that'it
was believed.that the assault'; upon :,-Palermo
.would„ take place before the 27th:of May. • •
il t dyices from hlessina f 4), the : 23d inst. ,Says,
that a gloomy tranquility, prevails. The GOV
, ,
Otis:a:Of Malta: Who bad arriVed'at Mars - eines in
lhelirdian AWE steamer;leiien this evening , fat!
London. • • .•1‘ • , ,
Rots May 28:--Prinee.,Wouloneki f: the g new
Russian plenipotentiary,. keit..PTtlay..fOr, ;1,411 , 14:
It is es c erted that:heis bearer !it); rea li se
instructions in ieferenee fo" ; • .-••• •
the'ofildial roPort'of iffilVatthetrotto,
nearldontetialeir, the'pndarmettiiis Much • coin -
mended.' • She of Oran,. anthor.,of .the
attempt, is dead... The Govoisor the; 01%;
Aya Tendmiti, took tO.flfeht With'
the police . : 'Ho Usti linewrinioied froiii'offine iy.
the Minister:--- • • •
It is asserted.,tbat.Gen Latnodelere left to-day
for Ansonia. He dirieff yesterd(o .. with General
A rumor wam ourre 4 l . that t o Paris Montteur
wasiiiting: CO' publish a speech 'of M. Lavalntte
lir fifes Sultan, of so shinning' a 'natureas to' throw
thetSicillian insurrection into the shade. •
...The new law concerning sugars,and coffee had
been promulgated in the 4/Oniteur.
':The Paris errespondent of the Liidoit Minting
Cleicrnicie give§ ourre'ncy to wieport flat ilia, BM
peror .of Rimsia would shoirarvititTials:,*l
Iforti gn gebls.
_pf,,.troopEO:rop„Naplgs to Sicily
' " " • • MAME'.
THE'DEPOSED: **').iittl:bi;r7sris
. .
A. Turin letter, •of Mom , in the , Opinions
Nationale, gives thefollowing iteportant;,confir-•
motion 'Of the new that' here is a coalition
tween the Pepe, Austria, and the deposed dukes,
against the pebple of Italy. ,)
An Ancona correspondent, witnse .statements
are slways reliable, writes to me es: follows :
The . Austrian corvette Immaculate 'Conception
has landed here, from Venice,' sii cannons; 'two
mortars' and thirty horses, and - some ertillery
men. Who do you suppose they , belong to ?
Why, to the Duchies of Parma! And, more
over, the vessel has gone - trtai - to - fetch a battery
and a half of artillery of .the)Duke of Modena.
The North Briton has arrived,' bringing later
news - there the 'Africri. The latest ; information
from Naples Confine the otatenlent
had entered Palermo on *the 26th, and
.took ap
his headquarters- in the centre
The population had The
troops niede'ati a t temp t to bo mbard the city by
sea and land but to no effect. :
• ,
had increased to forty thoisaed men -
Pltpsburgh Market. ,
TUESDAY, June •12, 1860.
ASIIES—Seda Ash, 3031/c4 Pots, 4%,@14Y 4 c.; Pesxle,
SYASY. The stock In 'first handils ample or all ordliary
BACONSlMulders,t3aMe:; Plain !lams,
10%a1034c.; Sugar Cured do - , 12c. 115,1 b.. • • •
BEANS—SmaII White, 65@70c., and York State,, $l.OO
per bushel: •
, • BUTTER—Fresh 8011, 10013 c. 7154,p:eked, 91.010 c.
BROOMS—Common, 2.00a2.60; fancy 2.75a3.Z:
CANDLES AND SOAP--Candles: dipped,•l2l4, mould,
and adamantine 18a19c. 7$ lb. Soap: Sc.. foi common,
5Uc. for Rahn, and 10e. for Sawyer's Toilet and Castile;
515%e.rt0r Sawyer's Chemk;al Olive. and7c..Tor German.,,
. OEOEBE—New Weston;Reserve, 9aptil4,c4 hamburg
,• nov ioco e : gob ; , .
OORN 4L—From: first hands, 804482c4 from store,
.851470 c.
•.1 DRIED FII.IIIT-:-:Apples, 11'.2.501.27; Peaches; 3426@4.59.
EOOB-rPueked, 1234.:0.dcr5. ,
Weetern, 4844450 c: '414 lb. '
r• 71811—No: 8 Mackerel, lame, E 2.50 '44 bbL, md, half bids.
; Lake White , 10.00@10.50 bbl.; half bble. do.,
5.25@5.50:- Lake Trout, 8.50 '451 bbl."'Herring:' Baltimere,
7147.80,; Halifax, .„ ; , .
FRED-Midali $1.2501.30' per 100 Esi.; 'Erhorter,
Bran. 85c • Bbipstuffs. 90(41.00.: • • 1. • '
FLOITEL, Bupet,,• .$5,40@4.45,4 4i7.6 .45.;
SSA 0.00;0.10V0.24i; 'snore $62503. ..50.
• GRAIN—Oorn, St, 60602 e. Oats. 35c. from store... Rye,
70e. Barley : 65a08c. Air Spring, and 10i75c. for Fell.;
GROCERIES -- Coffee: Good ltio, 143!®1,5e. Sugar, WA,
Sji@no. fOr Gdr prime N. 0: Molnises, 49@60c.' tbr Now ,
HAY-511.00414.00 lk ton, at scales.
HIDES ANDIRATHER-Green beef hides, 603 1 / 2 e.; green
salted hides, 731173'e.; dry flint. l6@lfic. Rough countty
leather le dull M 264127 c. Dretued leather be quoted 'as 'fol.
iorre : Red Spanish Soleil lb., 21@25e..Slaughter lb.,
r2ge.; tipper Leathor f 31, dozen, 1123(438 : Bridle Leather,
dozen, $40@;‘45 . ; , Skirting Leather V; lb., ,32@34; Harness,
$1.25. Maryland, 1.75.
LARD-10%@11e. 'l% m for• No. 1 city In bbls:, and 1.1 1 4(ill
1114 e in kegs; country, 1001034 c.
LINBER—SIO.OOaI4.OO for common, M and 20.00031 for
clear. Shingles, $2.253.75, according to quality.
MESS PORK—Country, S10.06@18.150; city, $18.H318.50.
OIL—No. 1 Lard Oil, 88a90e.; Refined Cloal'.oll, SSalOc.;
Liusesxl, 02a65n. • ;
POTATOES—Neshannocks, bans6c.i Red 5,3683864 Bluth
, . . .
46c.; Pinkeyes,•soc. . •, • • •
SALT—No. 1, $1.00®1.10. ,
SEEDSCioner, $4.2.5@4.37. Timothy; $5.0411.12. '
51.8001.40. ; •
STEARINE-10% per tierce. -
TALLOW--Rough, 7cl; Country rendered, 9%®10e. •
EV E Et—The offerings during the week amounted 'to 420
head, of which 200 were sold at prices rangiag ,froin , 23( 4 to
434 c.. gross. • The remainder Will be sent Bost.
SHEEP-Ths: offerings amounted to:500 head, and sales
were made . at $3.75a4.00 .it cwt.
• HOGS--sy z ai3c:, grow, according to quality.
• Now-Tork.
Nsw Toni, June $5.15a5.20 for super. State;
5.25415 for extra State; 5.15115.20 for super..Westorn :-
.5.25a5.45 for common to medium extra Western; 5.75115.85
for shipping brands of, R.,H. o..,..Canadian Flour : 5.30a7.40
for common to choice extra": Rye F10ur,,3.50a4M for com
mon to choice ;Super. Wheat: Milwaulcim Club, 1.26a1.%
for common to very choice; Racine, white Canadian, and
white. Indians. 1.48. , Rye, 86c. Corn : G334a65 3,4 for rtn
sou'nd. mixed Western; 66 for sound shipping da.; 70 for
choice Westirn yellow .70 for Jersey do.; and . 7 for :choice
white Southern. Oats; 38a42c. ' • • •
i„. '
•• .
'• MRS. W . INSLOW •an experienced" Nu r se
and Female Physician, has a Soothing Syrup for children
teething:which greatly faailitates the process, of teething, by
'softening the going, reducing all inflammation—will allay all
pain and regulate the bowels. Depend upon it,.mothers,• it
will give rest to yourselves and relief and health to your M
ints. Perfectly safe in all cases. See advertisement.
m 28-ly
Is no taint of onackery their composition. Very milli! Of{
:the first pig/Solaris, where the Troches are , maiinfolctoied:
know their ingredients , and freely recommend their:Mk.,
Where habitual or occasional constipation exists, they : W:tn,
infallibly remove it,and will In due time restore a natural`
and healthy a•Olon. . •
Of I _ ,:•
arrit- -
In East Dear .Townahip, May 31st,. by Rem. W.l). Taylor,
Mr. A. H. Bl'Havri to Hies ELEA:fon ,BOTD. On the same`
evening, 'at 'Taientum, Joni Eitiett. to Mee ANN E.
,!? • • ' • - • •
In Stewartatown,_ York County, Pa., AprillBth; by. Ben
.T. Y.ldetdlce, Mr. THOMAS H. li r ltl9llT to MISS Kier{
On Thursday, May 24th',. by Roy. W. P. Moore,• ,
31r. 1).
Bnirre, of Blair County, Pa., to Miss MART M. Caina, of
Clarion County, Pa.
. .
At Island Creek Parnbnage. Junti,4tb, by Rev. M. A: Par-'
kinson, anointed by Rev. Dr: Elliott,' Mr.'
to Miss MARS E. tuts; both. of Jefferson County, Ohio. •
' On the 6th tnet.,by Amy. R. 8. Morton.:in the Treebytcrian
church of Ilooketown, Pa., Res.-, Wsimau F. J011:48TON, of
ltichmond; Ohio,. Mliedoneey to to' Mies RAcnit. L.,
daughter of David Kerr, Jr., of lloolcstown. . . . •
. .
On the sth inst., at the house of the bride's mother, by
ROY. Joseph Stevens. Dr. PF.NJAMIN BEAR to Miss LYDIA
HOPHIJIIN,. only ,stireiving Inughter 'of.,the late. Jamcs M
Hepburn, both of Jersey Shore.
0 ......„ + . I
..,.. 'd
[A NNOIICE611:1110V 111:013 ;ADDITPONAL. RiuAace, FIVIS
DlED—bn the 20th of May, 1860. at his residence,. near
New Akiiaitißiak Capt . . JOHN CRAIG, in tlie 75th year of
Ilia age: t ,: • . • •
DIEDAt the residence of his lean; Rec.
Coshocton, Ohio, on , the 3d hunt; Dr. WK. P. HUNT, in the,
69th year of his ace, of Pedticktown, Salem Colmty, New
Jamey where he had been engaged In the praetice of medi
*atm fo ' rty-live years.
. • •
DIED—At his late retidence, in leorthemptofi, l :Bucke Con'
'Pi_ on Fridnj'moroing. May 18th, after 'a llngvring illness,
`ISAAC VAN ARTSDALEN, in . the 89th year of his age)
The demo/led was for forty, years a member of the Preabr
i‘lan.nhurch of, Newtown , ya.,,itnd for twenty-five years of
that time, one of. their most active and efficient Ruling
'Hiders, whime counsels wets highly appreciated, till 'he was
lafilaside by dieestee. By the death of Mr. -Van Arisdalen,
'the Sessidn feel,that they base loot a dear friend, a faithful .
.and judicious no-worker; the church; an able and .honored
officer and liberal supporter; and the whole community an
upright Christian man, and a useful member of society. Ho
was possessed of iliOes sterling virtues and'gruces that impirt
force and energy; and glee beauty, loveliness aid attraction to
the:whole , Christian and eoclal character' of man. - Ile. was
, ogemlly faithful in priest4s, social, and public reiigious duties.
, lookell well thsrays ; of bousehold;and trained up
children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord,
. .
Who ncrii"rini up to'calitim blessed. pne eon, whom he Mu
cats& forithe Gospel ministry; he lived to seaman:) , years slit
cesefully engaged in his heavenly calling. ' . : • .
In the various judicatories ofpi3stuiJcb, from the Session
to the General Assembly, he wee often a member, and took A
deep interest in all thitt pertained to the welfare of Zion. He
was ever ready to give his time and talents to promote every
good cause, and all benevolent schemes found in him a liberal
palron. ' Thus be labored till'etricken down'hy paralysiA, and
heluia 'defierted to that Mat and' rewak that' remain for the
people of God. And in his departurnwas strikingly exhib
ited the power of religion to sustain And comfort the depart
ing, soul. In his lest illness? his mind we; clearer and
fiiioner than it had been for some ,mouths previous, and to
the end'it vies trunquil and full of hog,. hire' had
'no terrors'; it Waif not only'rObbettof: int sting, but was a
sweet release from his sufferings., .He seemed to have . no de
eire to live or die; but with the, resignation and spirit
Would often say, All the days of my appointed time will I
wait till my change come." Conscious of the near alueiat
lie gave directions concerning', tixik an
affealtioniate , farewell of his wife and' children, and sweetly
..111lialeleksp in Jesus, to awake in his likeness. . • , _
"How blest therighteous.wheu he dies." ; , • 8.
DIED—At the. residence of her son, nOar. 'Stenbemille,
Ohio, May 20th, Mrs. HANNAH ROBERTSON, wife of the
hite Thomas Robertson, in•the Sith year of her age:
:Mrs . ..Hebei:Mon .was an esteemed and worthy rtiother in
She ;descended from' pious' anceitore; and in early
enjoyed the ; blueing:of a, religioc!l It, 1798,
With her husband, she remred, from WestmorelandCou9ty,
Pa., to Ohio, and settled In the bounds.orwhit IO now'lslatid
Creek congregation ; and Wheri' that church Was organized,
• she was one of the number who compcsed'iti-niemberehip,
,and at the time of her death WRB the; last of number,
'havingilxfon a member of that church for nearly sixty years,
She .war an earnest and active Christian, and always took an
active part , in all the interests' of the Church: Her piaci",
When hi health wile never vacant in the house. of Ood -4 he
,10v;..d to sit at the feet of 'Jesus; and ebe lived near the cross.
Her love for the Saviour and his cause.inereased with her
years, and the strength , of her lov e was manifested in her
last short illness. -- 11er - cioSin4IIIILITI were vent in talking
of Jeans, and'ebblineriding'him around her. She
earnestly desired the moment ?flier departure to hast,sn,
ipatieuYto De'ivltti her Saviour; end she Could ,iritiMplantly
"0 doath,'Wheio Sting? 0 ire,' where is' thy
:victory?" ,!, • • : • . • ;.
upeeeedpre the dead which die theMord.'!'. es4A,
A GREAT ' 8008 BY TEIE iirliOß 'OF '"GR ACE .
' ...FRIIMAN." • • : t: ,
~1, . ::•:i
- .• ' MARY' BMITAIC " . -'/.-:'
The DFnamers 'Blind . Diughtet:' .i •
A.,t4LE i ,90 . ,„RE..4.00ug : PERsgcuTjopc-
BY MR& .1. ROCIEBSTEIL F6111:0, of Leaknille. r :
1 vohnie. 12niii. 483 palm. Illustrated •• Price $l.OO.
The - great , popularity 'Of - "Grace Truman," (of 'Which
thirty thousand copies have been sold,) will secure, for Ude
book, thousands of readere.
~ . .
' -. ;• , 7 • Frain the New-York Eicaminer. •• : ' • •
• The numerous. readere of; "Grace Truman", have here
another work on a toplc.of deep and thrilling interest, from'
the anther of that highly popular book. Mary Bilnyan; tho•
blind'daughter of the. immortal dreamer, - Is referred to re
peatedly in his autobiography and other works. elle WAS
'about twelve years of ago when Bunyan was :imprisoned in.
Bedford ]all y sodhis anxiety on her behalf was ono of his
principal Ca 115611 of 'distress In his long imprisonment.
Ae drawn by Mrs:ford, her character seems to leave been
one .of great modesty and loveliness, and the story of her'
love for William thinner, and of his death for the curiae of:
civil i and religious freedom, bee much of the pathetic element
In it. Mrs. Fdrd Is evidently thoroughly an fail in the hid-,
dents of- Bunyan'a family history, and in the topography of
Bedford and alletaw.: . We can safely predict for the work, an
extensive sale.'
- . From the New-York Evangelist. I ,;:•••
The simple incidents of Bunyan's life, his protracted Joh:
prisonmeut, his heroid endurance and lofty faith eruct them.'
selvei full of the deepest and most' thrilling. intereiiti:T.
needed only the 'picture of ,his blind, daughter, Mary,.in.:ller
gentleness and patience under sore misfortune, to give-cent
pletences to the tragic yet noble scenes in which Ituriyart
figures, so modestly yet grandly conspicuous. Tho author of
the volume befortrusilfirs'eareitillrgathered up such histori
cal facts, and they are,,forhquately,uninerous and well au
thenticated, as could thrOw; light' Upon the sultieet, and 'has
employed them with great sagacity and effect in the constnie
tion of her Story. • - , .• •
- • From the American Baptist, N.Y. I .
• , The announcement of a new work front the pen of the aectml
pllshed authoress of Gruen Truman," will send a thrill of de
light through thousands of hearts: The book will be read with.
an enthusiasm, rarely equalled. , There will be; many a mois
tened eye ' over the beautiful ilges of 'touching scenes in the
history.of one whom all know. only to love.. Befdre•it was
out of the press, five thousand copies had bon ordered, and
wo doubt not it will haveah immense Sale. • ' • • '
From the Pittsburgh Chronicle...) . • .1 .
Mkt .is ; the last, product trom the, pen of a...lady • whose.
writings are rapidly becoming popular. 'Her last work;
"Grace Truman, had weals of-over Uurty Ginn-send copies,
and this one is said , to be a better and a more interesting.
book. It - Is a -Tery^rhasinirtato" of fiction, - the scene of
whirl] is in Morrie England,",and the chint,ohafacter, the,
immortal Hall beiiif-to-*fergotion John . :Bimyen, tpiiter of
i , •.1 - f,'; 7'
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, .
No scientific subject can he so ,mantie,fhat of
his own life. No knowledge , can be so incessantly appealed ..
to by the'incidentsuf"every day as the knowledge'of the Pro.
cesses by, which he lives and acts. Atcverrmomenthe is in
danger of disobeying laws which, When disobeyed, may bring
years of suffering, decline of powers,•premature decay. bani
tory reformers preach in vain, because they preach to a public '
which does not understand the laws oflife—laws as rigorous'
as those of gravitation or motion. Even the sad experience'
of:others yield us no iessons,, unless we Ande'rEp.ndlthe prin-1
aiples iavolyed. If one man is eeen to suffer frein vitiated ,
air,' another is seen to: endure .it without apparent barrik a
, third concludes - that ~ it,is' all chance.," and, trusts, to that
chance. ' Mid he Understood the principle'invOlicd, he 'would ,
hot have; been left to chancet-his first - lesson in swimming:
would not have been, a shipwreck,, f , ,
' The course of inquiry includes' ' 1 - ,;
Hunger and Thirst, - . :Ths Structure and Iliesof
Digestion. and
Indigestion, the Blood, ,
cli c , ii i a tib i i; - ~ , ... ' , Respiration,:and ;Suffocation, ,:
Why we ,are Warp. and, how: Feeling and Thinking, . •
we keeper:, ' ' Our 'Senses and 'Sensations, ;
The:blind and the Brain, , - The.Qunlitieswelnherit from
Sleep and Dreams, : our Parents, .
Feed and Drink, '' ' ' ' ' Life and Death.'
D. A. .t.Do. him recently published Dle. Third Edition of
THE ciitivii.STßY OF`O,9MMON LIFE.
. . . .
plustratbd:witE ;numerous Engtavings.' 2 vas: 12mo. $2
KIRKPATRICK & SONS, No. PI 5. Tnnto Sr., between
;Market and Chestnut Ste., Philadelphia, have for sale
. • n Dry. and Salted Spanish Hides. .
Dry and Green Salted Patnit Ripe, Tanner'a Oil, Tanner's and
.Cnrrier'e Tools at the lowest prices, and upon•the best terms.
• .elf: All kinds of Leather in the rough.wanted, for which
the highest market price will be given in cash, or taken in
exchange for Hides. Leather stored free of charge, and sold
• on commission.. , ~.
•••. jan24Fly
. .
Jr' 4
I.l l lRielid' , year. Room for•crier omikedidied pattente.
1± Or:Send for Cirespar, to. • •
H. FREABE; M. D..,
' • Pittebargh, Pa.
1 ' inys-13-
lavorril Merchant. Tailor; o
' 'B ' 4 'Wylie :streit lfittsbnr h,
Neepectfully invites pubileiditention to his new and extenkve
iseortment of FasblonsbleSPßlNG AND SUMMER GOODS,
embracing all the new, inif ,desimble styles for gentlemen's
wear which will be 'made order in the very best manner,
at' reasonable prices.. :, 1 , • • marlT-1..r
. .
• . . . •
s' • HA . 1r E N','
Boole. and Job Printer,
'PAPERS, Corner of 'Market and Second, and Wood and
;Third Streets, Pittsburg)), Pa.
Pirtieular attentiottpaid to printing Catalogues for Colleges
and Seminar's; PiogrammeeMplomaa,"and School Reports.'
••;..,.• I ,nar 3l-1 .Y.; . •. : . • . • • •
Wens Or /526.]
T3ELLS.' The' subartibereliave constantly for male kW 'as-
BELLS, sortment of Church, Factory, Steamboat, LocCano-
BELLS. tivo, Plantation, School-house, and, other Bells,
!BELLS. mounted in the moat ipprored anddurablr. manner.
BELLS. For full partieulara :Be .tii many, recent iinprove-
ItELLT. manta, warrantee. diennet , ei Of Bells, apace occupied
Tower; • rates of tintnispOiltation, &c., send.fer
SETALS,Circnlar. Bella for. the, South delivered in New
york. Addreas ' " ' • • •
: igt , !!. A: MENEBLT'S BONS,: Agents, ;
lbaow-tf, , • West Troy, NAT ; Tprk.
•91r•t.E,..E. fr._11:•.•••• ••• • , , •
• : d_.
hoe removed to . •
, .• No. 246:..T'emi Street,
house formerly occupied by Dr. G. 11. Kepler, otipos' ite
Christ church. 110 will give all the modern improvements.
Teethinsorted•at various prieee; •
FROM , $l5 TO $O2 PERte&T.-•'
. Rev. 7. D. 110FAZ.D, . Rev. &mum Funist.
ii..'BitatiLsr, • • ' A.G. M'CANDLess,
Roesurel• VANTI.III3I.,
try. GEORGE,IL TOTISICA t . /54111014.
'4V,BLXVEL*.brKir. • • ' " : • martbt,:ly
V tNFT I 4.N ' .. A1 . 1..1.141 . D .
C 0.,,.
lisaviiduro and Whol6sale and Hetill bailers,
. ,
• No. 3 . 2 Nonni Becovin Sr., above Market, PhNadelphli.
• The largest, 'cheapest, and beat assortment of Put= and
,FAINCY .11,41ND6 Many other establlshmentinthallulted States.
REPAIRING promptly attended to. Give us it call
tiatietlyryouraelvea • • • •_ PIS rehEl-1y
• REV: I. 10.: PERSHING; :A,ll4 . lllBl . dia,:assistad 'by a
r.Faklaxtr - ap,Euvaa Tsecnsasi• , H • •
' Superior advantages tun afforded tOr obtaining a thorough
:Academic and Collegiate education: Fvery'effort *PP be
pada to secure the happiness and, improvemen of all.lrho
may=tend. The Collegiate year begins t
August 31st; second
Seitsion,Docembeeithi and the third, March 2138. Tuition
varies from $8 to $lB per Seision, =cording to studies. For
birth= information; apply to the Prealdent, or to -PrOfersor
;J.4l...sNoyyLs . s, Pittsburgh, Pa
N • • • •
; • New, Stocks!New Styles'
'ZirrON CREE 8. MACRUtit
-. • SPECIAL NOTICE... I ' ' -
To the Readers of the,• Prestmterials Ba ' ittiat
Wo Invite special attE n tion.ofalk.lVllOLESALS AND RE- '
New Spring , and lumpier Stock
Of'Dress Trimmings,•Sinbroiaeries; and Laces;
Bandyerchiere,,Veils, Barbee, Destines,
Scenery, Oloves,'Gauntlets, and Mitts ;
• Skirls, Correa, lend trellelPFSlrms;
'Bonnet Ribbons, Flowers, and Ruches;
Shiite, Collars, Creel/if:4,f and Ties;
Summer Under-shirts and Drawers;
Head Dresses, React Nets, and Beek
jZephyr and ShetlandiliFsiolil
A large.iii?i 3 of; '10 517.41.1./ /1 % •
1 4 A2c,r ;AflTA . C.L.E . .s444.ltarfolis,i
And ever in usu Ally kept in a Piirthitass 0
Notitin Souse: • • •• • ,
call and eAamine our stock and learn, onr prices befoh ,
ibhiailikehleirliero.:' ' , EATON, CANE 'A 'MACItiSII3 '
Tramping, niillinery, and
erp7-aro Nal IF Fiftb Street, Pittsburgh.
LEGE.—S3S.OO Pito liJ eilarptost of tuition. M
n ale
te' sons half price. Siudinfii enter t any time. For Cata
logues, Specimens, &c.. coclase five letter stamps to
my26-6m JENKINS & SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa.
it. Tr ep' ev p
A g e , im e o d e
1:1 7
"w• ECONOMY! * r oo
Sig i
ce Dispatel OP
Ciq "".
Save the Pieces •
Is aOciAnta, aiii Aappaat. toew M weZrigoolnawl Aworriaa. Y at
very jearalile to haialifinie , eboati ind wamosimat way ter mall.
ling Furniture, Tnie,"Creckery, ka. •
meow all snob eurtgenciee, until no,boneehold lan abed es ae;
without It. it Is always ready . and up to this Woking pant,
There le'Vio longer a "necessity ter limping clothe, splint/nod ve
neers, /mallow dolls, cud broken cradles. It. Is ism tbe ankle
for cone. shell, and other ornamental work, so molar with New
of rellnithent end thine. ' -
This, edmimble propandion Is nand coid, being chemieal> MIA
In solctlen, and posiodisiag all thu onlaahls qualities of the boo,
cablnet-inekere , 'Ohm. TiMerbe wed In the planner *Mimi"
more .4140y6. t• •
. •
• RVERV Roues."
it. B.—A Brush aceiUripantes each bottle. .. — Prtes, 25 e
,Wholesale Depot, Ne-30.Platt-st, New York.
EMMY C. !WALDEN • & co.,
`..,, Box No. 3,600, Brow York.
Pot up for Dealer/ In Caaea containing lbw., eight, awl melee
dolum—a beautiful Lithographic Show• Card eeeochpaoyiug each
or A .alugle bottle of SPALDING'S PRSPARND GLUE
will ear, led Gam ita - eont annually to everrhouaaboht wet
Sold by all prominent Stationer., Branhas,. Hardware tat
garniture (Nagler*, Bracer. and gamy Stan*.
Country merehauts ebould Make a note of SPALDING'S PM
rAimico OLDS, Whrti making ap Utak Hat. It will 'stinted,
.4Nr• Whoesale Depot removed from No. SO Platt Street to
, NO.,. 4 4teRMAltaTI,Lig.ff.T..NoW -
46 .N.6ith. Flourtif ',Street,
& SON, Proprietors.
Late or theAirm 'of Kirk- Late with Gillespie, Keller
patriek A ilfettgar. pa, Philadelphia.
``-Wholesale Grocers,
No. 299' St.; opposite head of Smithfield,
• ;;' , PiT,TSisIIRGE, P. A,. • .
Particular 'attention paid to the ode of Country Produce.
T. SYIf 0 :13 S
45 St. Clair Street,
Offers 'far sale a choiCe*.selection of books suitable for all
dames, on very reasonable terms. The collection embraces
the entire publications of the Presbyterian Board; of Jive
hundred and atity-nine distinct works; and alarge variety of
Psalms, and Hymns, and the Psalms of David in metre.
Also, a Food 'selection froni:Catter's 'late publications, Mar
pen's. Nolson's,llassachusetts S. S. Society, Tract Society, and
S. S. Union
. . •
Hodge on Corinthians. l vols.
The Words and Mind of Jesus,
The Faithful Fromiser..
Still Maui or,
,COIMMUtiOtt with God
Calamine's Great Tribulation
Sermons : to Working ...Ken. By J. 'W. ALexiiii.unt
The Christian's Rome. A Prize Essay
Family Religion. By Smith
Esther and Her Times. By J. M. Lowrie
Lmt:Days of,Jeaus t 7.1 w, Tc,v,, Moore
'Titles of our Lord • ' " ' '
lddthbd , 6naia6e
Michas of Bunyan
Songs for . Jade Ones at•Moine
- The Stirs and tho Angels
astirdmitit'a Higher Christian Life
Dr. Conger'? Sketehps
Mamma's Lessons about Je5u5.......
~. . . . ... .... . ... ..
Rei'. j.Addisoif Alexander's Sermons. 2 v01i.......... ..... 2.50
Rev. j. W. Alexander's Forty Years' Letters. 2 vole 2.50
Rev. J. W. Alexander's Consolation to the Suffering 1.25
Rev. Dr. Halsey's Literary Attractions of the Bible ..... .. L 25
The Province of lleason. I By Young 75
Nelson's Beautiful Oil Color Views of American and
• bad Eastern Cities, in naekaies of twelve views-- .25
; The.Board have taken special care to obtain a cLoice aelee
tion and: large variety of, Sabbath School books, embracing
1875 voli.,'ati& several Libraries, embracing from fifty to one
hundred volumes each, ettrom $2.50 to $lO.OO, selected from
'the' Board of Publication; Carter's, Martien'a, S. Union,
; Tract Society, Massachusetts S. S. Society, and Nelson & Sons.
All these they offer at a very liberal discount, as an induce..
Meat to 'Superintendents" and Tu.tchers' in the 'country dis
,tricts,vvhase schools have been snspended.during the V inter,
r and' are eoon to be re-commenced; to obtain the best library
:within the' each. .maral-eovq.
Bookseller's, Publishers, arid Importers
No. 23 North-Sixth Street, 'Philadelphia:
REFORMATION. •From the German of Professor Kurtz.
With Emendations and Additions by the Any. Alfred Eder
shah', Ph: I) - Svo., Cliith, $1.50.
Christianity In tie Firsi CentiEry•
Chr. Hoffman. Translated from the German. 12m0.,
Cloth, I ' I ' ' • "
THE DIVERSIONS tiF PURLEY. By John Horne Toolte.
With: Numerous Additions from-the Copy prepared by the
Author for re-publication ; to which is added his Letter to
'John Dunning. Esq.' "Revised, and Corrected, with addi
tional Nines, by Richard Taylnr, F.5.A.,: ' Svo.,
Cloth, •' - . ' •
* * *Any of the above will be sent by mail, upon receipt
of price advertised. ittns-ly
Presbyterian-Board of Publication,. ,
• • Thiladetptiiii; •
• - • SINCE MAY ley; ism
. , .Veries : for,,rauth. 18mo., nhatritos.... • •
Little Annie's, Phut Thoughts about G od. By Pfoo,
' • • ' • • ' —•-• r
The Lost Children; or, Henry and his Torch. By the avr•
tbor. of 'the Widow's Sixpence. Pp. 82. ' • 4 `.•
• 12M0. TRACTS...
No. =9. Are You Baptized? Pp. 8.
' Nh. 240. Are Your Children Baptized? *Pp. 8.
No. 24L Johnii Baptism not Christian Baptism, Pp. &
No. 212. 'Why I Love my Church. Pp. 8,
• 'IBMO. TRACT. • .
• Man Responsible for bleßellef. Ity the ECM. W. P. Bread.
Pp. Price 3 colts.
. ,
The Board are now prepared to furnish the Church Register
and Minutes of. Session at the following prices: - •
Church Register, plain, $2.10; full bound, $8.60. •
Session BSA, for Minutes, 2,3, and 4 quire', plain, $2.60,
$3.00, and $8:50;' fall bound, $3,30;'14.00; and 54.75.
Register and.Minutee bound , together; plain, 18.59, $4.004
.and $4.50; full bound, $L76,1526, and $5.75. •
. Ale- For. eala. in :Pittsburgh at the Presbyterian Book
Rooms, St. Club attest. JOSEPH P. ENOLES,
fbli2l-tf . Pnblishing Agent.
Life and Correspondence of Daniel Wilson, D.D. With
Portz:die, Illustrations, and a Map of his Travels. Dy Joaiah
Bateman. • Royal Bvo. „Cloth, 1,U0.,
Puiitans ; or, The Church, Court and Parliament . of Eng
land, during- the reigns of Edward. Sixth and • Elizabeth.
By Samuel Hopkins. Royal Svo. Vols. I. and IL, each
The ITlstorical. Evidences of the Truth, of the Scriptaaro
Recnids, ivitb, special reference to the doubts and discoveries
of Modern Times. ~ B y George Rawlinion,. M. nuo.
Chrlat In History. By: Itobert Turnbull, D. D. 12mo
Cloth. $1.25. ' - •
The Still !Hour ;_or, Communion with God. By Austin
Phelps. 16mci. . Cloth. 88 cents... Twunty-filth,thonrand.
The Crucible ; Tests of a egerierate State; designed
to - bring. to light- suppressed hopes, expose false ones, and
confirm the true. .lty 'Rev. A.Goodhnec A.IL With an
Introduction by Itov. E. It.fiirk, D.D. 12m0., Cloth. .81.00.
Spiritualism Totted; or, The facts of its History
tled„and their canna is• nature yeritled . frOot ancient and
modern testimonies. By George W. Samson, D.D., President
of Columbitin'College. , 16mo. Cloth. 88 Cents. '
Gottbold's Emblems ; or, Invisible„Things : Understood by
Things 'that are 'Made. By Christian Scriver. 'Tnithelated
from the liwenty l eighth German edition. .Bvo.. Meth. .31:00..
Annual of SCientific Discovery; or, Year,Book of Facts for'
-186 u. 'By D. A. Wks eq. lthno. • 81:26.' • '
Limits of Religioill Thought Exatruned., By
B:D.' 12m0.” Cloth. " 81:00.
: Ilhistautions ofitUfrljture. , Suggested b 7 Tour through
:7tiliono!y .
Lifo • and Times of.Jolkoddllton. By David blown, AL A
'Vol. 1. 'loyal Bro. ClOth: $2.75.
British Novelists and Uielr Style.. By David Masson,
l6nio. Cloth. 70 cents: .
Theopneustia—l'be, Bible, Its Divine Origin.and Inspira
tion;.Ganesen;:D.D.' 12mo. SLOG. " •
~Leaders of the Reformatictnt or, the Representative Men of
Germany, France, Brighind, and Scotland. By J. Tulloch,
D.11: • ••12mg; Cloth. $O.OO.
HistOricaT Vindication; or,The Province and Use. of
Baptist History. ,By 8.8 . Cut ting, D.D. 12mo. Cloth. 7b
Lessons at the' Crass; 'or Spiritual Troths familiarly ex
hibited. By S. Hopkins,. 16mo. Cloth. 75 cents.
The Great Concern; or Man's Relations to God and a Fu
ture State.. *By N..Adanit. D;D: 12mo. Cloth. 85 cents.
Commentary on the Epietle .to the Eplcsians. Explana
tory, •Doctiiiud and Practical. By R. E. Pattiiien, D. D.
12me. Clgth. • bs.cents.• -• •• _ • • ' '•
Kind Words for Children, to Guide them to the Path of
Peace. , •My Harvey Newcomb. .16mo. Cloth'... 42 'cents.
Moral Philosophy, Including Theoretical and •Frartical
Ethics. •By Joseph Baron, D.D. 12mo. Cloth. $1'.25:
Lectures on Metaphysics. By Sir : William •Ilamilton.
ItoynlBvo. Cloth. $5.00. .
1' Any N!ork.senthy mail,,polt-paid: on receipt of prim
COULD & .„
'E;9 Weahliinton St.. Boston.
' febT3-1 y
TIIE .13 tig/ 11 04-N:lttititT.
NO. 919 Chestnut - Street, Philadelphia,'
- •
,Offers, ea asiAbtelffinfafAvidixals, ebtarcbea fanatics; - lad
Of them, a faille number is Intended for
.Children and , .Yofah
—the filaincif' beiag baiadioxuely illusf.rafTl by, fine en
graving/i,!printett in clear type, and well bbund.
The essorrineat eMbraces orer 'Mar r hundred lid fifty
voluineaf • , . • ' ;.. • ,
DayopaNAT.,„..,. • • • IVIAPE,T O JEI4IO_,TIIII
' sent to
, N..THIVELIa • •
• $.• $; . ; 11. 2.,744 . 97 , i .114 hcesm „, e ,
. .
Win find filiMl(Odioniletormiefortoqreit °MasksrdadMl4
that' litisineei that, can bo found in the workl.A4 Clll.
, IMi,IIkIt4EWNOCI*.% Arr t icuitili-eir-ifooklaieidt -25 1.5 4
Rbwr, Mrst WA, Bend far a catielegua. MO*