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    fully and laboriously doing their partsin
,managinga trust which they haVo ed 164
cherished b alid adorned
- 'The Unit et closing is one ofrniteli l 4l
barrassment. At or after the iisard 'o a t6, l ,
of meeting among the PreshytericsiOnany
students forsake the examination, especially
those of the middle or second class, who
go to got license. To curtail the„session
anymore, the Professors regard as 'Unwise
and essentially injurious. Full thirty-four
weeks of the year, in actual session, are
considered as already too short a time for a
three years' course ; and, yet, to begin the
term earlier than the ist of September is
considered impracticable. A paragraph
from the report the . Faculty will be
transmitted to .the'. Assembly, relating to
the danger cif - `eVeiic 'Violating the constitu
tion of the Church, by•the usage of licens
ing students„Vier the second term of
Seminary stadia& Before Seminaries had
an palatal:leo in our Church, it was ordered
by .constitutional law that the candidate
" shall have studied divinity at least two
years." Seminary sessions aro the oreaticin
of !the General Assembly, • which has no
power, directly or indirectly, to supersede
a constitutional requirement. NoW when a
student is matriculated weeks after the be
ginning of one term, and licensed before
the end of another, his study of divinity
is actually reduced from twenty-four months
to twenty, at the most, and sometimes even
to fifteen months. Instances are not un
common of students entering at the middle
of ono term, and being licensed before the
end of another.
The late Dr. J. Addison Alexander was
greatly troubled on' , this subject. He con
sidered the abuse as not only irregular, but
deeply injurious to the best interests of the
Church. His luminous, comprehensive; ,
and eminently practical mind, could appre,f
elate the advantages ; but he always int
aisted that the disadvantages of license be
fdre the completion of the Seminary course,
vastly preponderate. Experience at Prince
ton more and more justifies the wisdom of
his judkment. Of the forty-six students
in the Senior Class last year, ten were ab
sorbed prematurely by the churches . , in con
sequence of license at the end of the second
year. And this year twelve, at least, of the
Second Class were absent from ,the exam
inations, in order to obtain lieensure from
Presbyteries at a distance, not to speak of
many who obtained it from neighboring
Presbyteries, before or in the midst of these
examinations. Of course, the Professors
can do no more than remonstrate. But the
Presbyteries would do well to consider that.
our constitution means time, and not term
--Lmalarity, and not forma/44, in the con` ,'
ditions of preparation.
But I am becoming tedious. I feel so
much more like talking to old frien4s, than
writing for the columns of a valuable paper,
that I am in danger of invading more than
the space you would like to give such a
a letter. . M.
A. J. TOMPTAIty t .2I., -k e pt the Westei:n
Theological Sentinso; was licensed 'to
preach the,. elsifielby We - Presbytery of
Pi ttsbilrghp 113* at 'th e i r la te , meet
ing. 4„ ,
ing. • ;
Rev.' J. M. BIJOHANA.II,- of Milwauille,
Wisconsin his receivled.e.all",fiom the
First Church, New Brunswick, N. J:
Rev: A. B..Buvraon's Post Office address,
is at present,. Office...of the Presbyterian,
606 Chestnut Street Philadelphia.
Rev. AMA hikvilripirv*fro, ni
Latirenisiilfe, Carolina, ta- Macon,
Georgia, correspondents 1111 please. ad
niess him at the latter. place.
. .
Rev. H. MeArasTma's Post Office .address
is now Kyle's Landing, N. C., instead of
Man cheater,. as formerly: • •
Rev, J. M. JA:misort having received an
invitation, to take ckarge of the
'on =his
of 11tillershilig and Edgington;
Post Office address is &tinged from Ma
rengoi Meicei"
• ,
Rev. A. HANNA'S Post Offioe_address is
changed : Yale Eilit Stark
Co., OhiO; to Mount Eaton,' Wayne
For thePreebytodao I;4nner;
ladies' Bible Society of illegkeny- City.
The annual meeting of the Ladies' Bible 'So
ciety of Allegheny city, was held in the.Leoture
room of Dr. Swift's church, April 2d, Rev. J.
MohLillan, President.
By aveference to our Constitution, we find that
the Ladles' Bible Sogiety of Allegheny city, was
organized in the Spring of 1830. In the second
year of its existehee, it became :auxilliiry•to• (Ike
Arderican Bible Seciety of 'New Yerk... Since
that time $698.17 have been paid for "Bibles for
home distribution, and 3.,089.26 have en q ap
propria4zteco the'Paront'Sbdiety, m s agihtl4,2Bl.
42 ogiloored since our organization. May we not
humWy hope that this seed sown! dttriig the last
thirty years, lies been blesied, and has borne
some-per ,irt great work - yrhich / luis ibeeu
sprfadiug'ovtirkallAandh:mhere the, Gapel has
boon preached? Surely, we may, for God's
promise encourages the feeblest effort put forth in
his cause: fry wetd ehall tint crettira unttsme
void, ,brit it shall accogiplisli,tltat)Whielt I. please,
and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent
Since our last annual meetjng, death ; hasen
tered our ranks, and claimed-go hiS victim one of
our oldest and most worthy members—Mrs. MAI:-
gavot George. She was connected with this So
ciety ever since its organization, and was elected
Treasurer very soon after that time; the duties of
which office she,continued to discharge faithfully
until the year previous to her death, when fail
ing health compelled' her to yield her work to
other hands. 'ln' Fier removal, our. Seciety'lloi
lost one who in all her;actiens exemplified, in' do
eminent degree:, the religion of Jesus Christ.
Truly it may be said other, she "meat about
doinggood.' "Blessed are the deatryhich die
in the Lord from henceforth . ;. yea,. aaithr.the Spir
it, that they may rest from tliairlitbio6sSid their
was do follow them." •" • - -hr . : It.
The following officers and tanagers were elect
ed.feir the present year: President; :Mrs.'iSwiftl
Viet: President, Mrs. Irwin; ,Corresponding See
retAry,, Mrs. Hays ; Recording Secretary,. Miss
Miry_ gerron ;. Treasurer, Mrs. Richhauta ; Li
bririan., Mrs. Patterson.
Setnple, Cochrane, Brunet,
Jandadtf/Patterson; McKnight, Sampson; Davis,
StewarL;;Xellelillan, Breading; Saivyer, -Sprott,
Dunie.p c Cilbiton, Preston, Sands ; Mistiest Slater,
Porterfield,., 'pie:imp:on, Fleming, Sproull, Black
stoOlc., Ta'seey; m i ty, Elliott, Lo.eithait, Whit
ten', •Witglii.`" A ' • •
Treasurer's .124602 ffir'lBs9. ', ' A
Cash cOlhietaitiiiietiirkiiiiiiieti ''' ' *
' ' 17.87
Cash received frommitioftemibielbers.... 311.14
German Bib* ,aold, 4
. 7 100
, • • A a t.,...... t ( ..f.i. ..A4.1: 1:/.. 4.W._l__
Total r ... .4829.81
By cash remitted to Artier% i3ihttiSo Y ei l ay!.sB22.oo
Cash paid for Bibles and Testaments _
Discount for draft 90
Dispount on unonrrent note 10
Pdinag4 Stamps "
Cash on hand • ' • ' I'lB4
.. -M —tannaum, TreaAur;
.sB2q sa
A:Prit 8 1800
Yor the Preabytirian Ewer
Prfalliteir .gt:,
13arneaville--Maha y,First `Sabbath
o May •
McDonald, ThirdiStibbath of flay; Holliday,
First Sabbath of June • hlotl4,_ Third S . abbath of
June ; :Graham to tfolnliditerlke :lord ' Supper,
and take up a collection for Board of Domestic
Mlssiciktr Boyd, First(Sithbathtif July; Otago,
Third Sabbath of July; Mahaffy, First Sabbath
of Allguld:; Crawford, Tliht Sabbath+ of August:
McDonald, 'First Sabbath,.' of September;:Third
Sahhfith pf, September, Mitchell iv and,Orahant, to
administer the Lord's Bupper; and take up
collection for Foreign Missiont -
IFiebr 7 Grimes, Fourth Sabbatir , of June, to
administer the - Lord's Supper', ant{ take iip a col
lection;for Board of Domestic Mhisione.; •
..Facpqrh-Knox ' . Third Sabbeth;:cifXoy;, fool,
Third Sabbath of. June, to administer.the Lord's
Supper,vand . take a collection for Niird of
mastic Misshina ; Arinetro4 Fouriii'Oitbatt of
ifattery,` Fourth Sabbath of August.,
St/heater—Donnell, Ritirth Sabbath 'of•May;
Vincent, FOnith Bibbed( 'of 'June, adiartileter
he Lord's Supper, and take collection f4136a-rd
qf rDomeatic Missions ; Malniffy;Tou.rtligalbtrat4
of 'July.
. ,
Messrs. Robert Tanneyhill Geogo)10Pon-,
aid, were ordained to the of t
Mr. Tanneyhill was 'instilled titieltdi of the
church of Grandview and Brownsville; and a
Committee was appointed to install Mr. M'Don
tad pastor of the church of IlealLsville.
In the ordination services, Mr. Moffat preached
the sermon from Phillipians iv: I, Dr. Mitchell
presided and .charged the pastor, and Mr. Vin
cent, the people.
The Rev. Satinet Mabaffy, and Benjamin_Jack
son, Elder, were appointed Commissioners to the
General' Assembly.
JOHN MOFFAT, Stated Clerk.
For the Presbyterian Banner.
Pienbitery . of Redstone—Supplies.
Uniontown.—J. R. Hughes, Second Sabbath
in May; J. H. Flanagan, Fourth Sabbath in
Death of a Well-Known Lady.--'--At.
gow, Scotland, an the 2d inst., ,Isabella Graham,
widow of Andrew Smith, Esq„ formerly of Vir
ginia, more recently of Washington, D. C. Mrs.
Smith was the third and' youngest daughter of
Mrs. Isabella Graham, and sister of Johanna
Bethune, of New York. She was eminently'
respected and. beloved by a wide.cirole of*friends
for the strength of her cultivated mind, her
ardent piety, and her devotedly useful life.
Mrs. Smith bad attained a very advanced ago,
having been born in Fort Niagara, now State of
New York, then a British garrison, (to which her'
father, Doctor Graham, of the Royal; Americans,
was attached,) in 1772. .- • • .
This lady was the aunt of the 'Rev. Dr:
Bethune, of NeW York.
The Old School Presbytery of Chicago' re
ceived'failier Chiniquy and' his: church' . ervolp,
vented Catholics without requiring them to,beie::.
baptized. The General Assembly decided;. in,
1845, by a vote of one hundred and seventy
three to eight, that "baptism in the Romisb
Churoh is not valid," and . the action of the
Chicago Presbyter/ is severely • criticised, muk
will be a fruitful theme for contention in the next
General Assembly., • .
The Bust of Sir Walter Raleigh, that
stood for more than a century in front of the old
Raleign Tavern in Williamsburg, Va., has been'
brought to Richmond, to be deposited at Meehan
it's' Institute 'Hall. The bust is of lead, is more
than one hundred and forty years old, and weighs'
four hundred and fifty pounds.
At a sale of Autograph Letters in Loudon
lately, a letter of George Washington, written
when.a subaltern in the service of the. Colonial
Government to the Governor of Virginia, sold
for £l6 10s. The signatures of rebels grow
valuable with age.
C. G. Graham, recently read a paper, before
the Royal, Asiatic Society, stating that,he hag
found in teGreat: Desert, of the Hauian, and of
the Jordan, five ancient towns, all as perfect as
if the inhabitants had just left them.
eitittral gem.
The May number of the Eclectic its embellished
with two beautiful historical engravings. The
selections are judicious, being eighteen in all.
This is the first part of Volume Fifty. Mr. Bid
well's labors are appreciated by a discerning
f : -
.... ~..1
k ~•
The Charleston Convention.
We feel it :a duly to chronicle some of the do
,ings of politicians. They are, or may be, inti
mately connected .with our personal rights and
'privilege., with our country's welfare, and with
the religious condition of the people, and the
?peace .and prosperity of, the Church. And the
Convention above named, seems to be of the
,deePost importance of any party or public
gathering which has been had for many years.
'lt Is professedly and strictly partizati--Democrat
ie. But is evidently not the "harmonious" De
mocracy; and, seemingly, not the " nnterrified"
either. Such jarring, such dissensions, such
professed fearfulness of the resdlts of suggested
measures, it haa not' been our` ot Io rebd 'of, lox
many a day. Storms, however, terrific storms,
even destiucti4e:hUrricaries, are among the pha;:,
nomens which the Ruler of „natare and of men,
employs for the perfecting of his wise counsels.
This Convention, composed of representatives
from all the States, of the great national Demo
cratic party, met at Charleston, on Monday,
April 23d. An organization was effected by the
election of Hon. Caleb Cushing, of Massachu
setts, as President. The first great ; buainess was
the construction of a great political platform. 'lt
must sitrong, and broad' enough for to
stand ppon, and so constructed that. all, should be
pleased with every part. Partt politicians are
great tyrantiti, as regards the liberty of thought,
speech, ,or action. '
To effect unanimity, a Committee of one from
each State, was appointed. These three and
'thirty artists exercised themselves a whole week
without avail. They could easily construct a.
'half dozen of platforms,• but to make one so
unique that every man Fight have his plank there,
:and that no man's plank should displease his*
felkontWaS Amid to'be an itapoSsiliflikit.. 4 .'.Weirliid
and despairing, they brought their 'work before
the ,Convention. But, all in vain. ~To harmonize
'was impossible. The North, generally, would be
satisfied- with a re-adoption' of the Cincinnati
resolutions. The South deinanded the distinct
recognition-of slakes amproperty—property to be
proteeled in all States and all Territories, just, as
other•preperty. The North cannot grant this.
The - Constitution does not alaveti as
property,. It dees not even Tule laTes. l It
speaks of persons held to seraitte, and recog
nizes a right to -them so far, as ifiat., escaping
from service,, they,,, 7 shall be restored. Beyond
thisit goes not. The 4irich . yielded so far as to
add to the Cincinnati emenai,of Democratic doc
trine,' the enforcing ;of the 'decisions of the,
United States Court, on the subject of slavery. !
This, however, , WOuld . not lathe.) , the South, and
after the most agitated sessions of which we
have read, as any deliberative body, the
representatives, of Georgia, Alabama, Missis
sippi; Arkansas, Florida; Texas, South Carolina,
and part of Louisiana, withdrew. This took'
,place on Monday. - -!, • •,•:.
After the withdrawal, On Monday, the seceding
delegates held Iv:meet:ll4; l.. .We ibusinellii
,S,everal **eche.' were made,, ac
knowledging that. their' represeritativti4aracter
had ceased, but. suggesting that, if unacceptable
candidates should be presented by the Conven
tion, they:would recommend names; and issue an
address to the people. -
The reports of Tuetida,yre:proceedings are mea
gre. A portion of 'the "Georgia delegation re
main. The latest speech reported, is that of Mr.
Mkirdgegßery, of Pa., who Said, ',if there are mote
delegations prepared to leave, let them go; they
have made up their minds, and we have made up
llowe's Sewing Machine,
We I)aid a visit on Saturday to a new •room at
N 0.20 Fifth Street, up stairs, just fitted up by
Mr :William B. Le.seell, agent in this city for
Howes.B‘wing.Machines... Mr. Howe, it iswell
kno4n t , took out tile - first patent for's sewing nitt ,
chine in 1846, since` which time hundreds of .
others hiivfr followed ; 'but we believe all of any'
value employ a part of his machinery and pay
for the privilege. The machine now offered for
sale is Mr. Howe's latest effort, and combines the
advantages of the Singer, the standard for heavy
work, and of , the• Grover St, Baker, and Weeler
Wilson, acknoirledged to :be , the best for light
work. , Howe's machine, does the work of both
equally well, thus combining two machines, in
one., It is perfectly simple', is warranted not to,
get out of order, and will stitch, hem, fell, tuek,
gather, cord, and quilt, without baating—W will
hem the finest cambric handkerchief, or stitch up
the heaviest boot-leg, and isparticulaeliAdapted
for Shirt Makers, Vest Makers, Tailors, • Gaiter
Fitters, Shoe Binders, Harness Makers, and Car
riage Trimniers, as 'well for
,all varieties of
household sewing.. It makes the .much admired
lock-stitch seam—alike on both. Sides—Cf great
strength, beauty, and elasticity which cannot be
rifped, ravelled, or Pulled out. It uses aperPen
dicular needle-bar and straight needle, (which
seldom breaks.) It runs rapidly, smoothly; and
easily; it has a late and important improvement
matins 4hrittle, by . which, an, even :tension is al
wajta obtained on , the shuttle., thread, and has
superior under-wheel' feed, which gives a posi
..l,}s •
Eeleetie Magazine.
live and regit' leoviimint . tecitie 'fabric 'while
being sewedl. in a word, it is just the machine
to give satisfaction on all varieties of work.
Ltisdetwill'furnish the machines at; from $5O to
$lOO. A number are now in use in the city, giv
ing ooppleta.satisfaction ; and ,we eadvise all in
wantlbr It 'first clasp eowing machine to' call on
Mr. L.—Post.
'The advertisement of the above machine can
be, found in another column. . • '
Duffs Alereantile College, Fifth Street, Pitts
burgh, Pa,
The following l etter; is an additional indica- .
tion of the success and superior attainments of
the graduatei of Ihiff's Mereantile College of
Pittsburgh: • • • •
HAIMIBAL; Apiji 19,1860
"Tux Pinson:tr. lan TRACHERS or Dun's
MERCANTILE DOLLNGE :—Gaiilenten .:Accept my
best thanks tor. what- I acquired .from you. I
would hardly barter my' knowledge of book=
keeping for any money. With nci other practice
than what I got from your beautifY2l system of
book-keeping in your classes, I have since kept.
ono set of books entire, and have closed another
sot, that had 'been open for' five years ? without
any difficulty. A number of others propose en- '
tering your classes from this town. ' • •
"A. DUNLAP." ,
Spalding's Prepared Glue.
• e_ •
, Among desirable 'articles, we ruay name as
foremost the' want of a useful glue, easy. of use,
and of general and universal application to' the '
'repair of furniture, ,crockery,.• shell-work,: and ,
other serviceable and ornamental purposes. The,
prime qualitiee of a good glue are immediate: :
readiness for use at all times and reliability- r';
a bold-fast. And this is the article which )4,1
. 11. C. Spalding has been so fortunate as to in-':
traduce. • In convenient bottles with a handy i
brush ; Spalding's PreparOd :Glue' regnires n o ;
day's preparatory softening in water ;• no. heat
ing for use, and no tedious delays, to seccure.:its
junction and cohesion—being . he ld in solution
'chemically, and capable of being
stantly, and to every variety of, work and re:
quirement. Spalding's Glue thus proves itself t t g
be a true Household Friend; and will be wel
'corned heartily in all Rafts of .the country. We '
have given it's Mal; and we have Amid it quick
as hunger in taking hold, and ,firm as death Itt
holding fast.—Frin the, New-Porker, Jay 80,
What, or Which is the Best, Yermifage or '
Worm Destroyer!
Is a question daily . and hourly asked by
parents anxious for the health of their children.
.All whir are at all acquainted -with the article,
will immediately answer,
Dr. ll'Lane's Celebrated •Vernufuge,r•Pr,epared by
Fleming Bros., of Pittsburgh, Pa
It has never been fail, and is one of
the safest reinedies that can be used. A friend
of ours lately handed us the followini statements
izireference to this Yertnifuge ; .
NEW YORK, Sept.' 25, 1852. ,
, • Gentlemen :—A young lady of my acquaintance
Aid, bean for a long time troubled very,much with
"worms. I advised her to try Dr. M'l.,ane's Cele -
;breted Itermifuge, prepared by Fleming Bros., of
Aifilsburgh, Pa. She accordingly'purchased and
;took one ° vinl, - which caused her to ''discharge en
unusual largo quaritity : of worms. r. She! was im
mediately relieved of 'all the dreadftil symptoms
accompanying this disease, and rapidly, recover
ed herousual health.• The young lady does' not
wish her, name, mentioned; her, residence, how
ever, is 820 Fifth Street; ,and she refers to Mrs.
Hardie, No. 8 Manhattan Place. ' '
Purchaserswill be careful to ask foiDr.ll,PLanea
Celebrated Vermifuge, manufactured by .l7eming
.4tru . Ifile!ourg4, Pue, All otheryeregfujiegirr
comparison are worthless. Dr. M'Line's
genuine Vermifuge, also his Celebriled Mrs;
Pills,' can now be had at- all respe'ciaile - drug
stores. None genuine, :without ithelsignature
foreign gelits.
..TAke . f.r . rftt4iertigt.lms'arrived at New York, with
:Liverpool dates to April 18th, - making the quick
est trip oil record:, ! • • •
There is nothing of importance politics:
The Parliainentary Eister recess still continued.
A great reform meeting was held at Munches—,
ter on the 12th inst. Mr. Bright was the princi
pal speaker, and made a long and churacteiist lc
Address, in whinh,he.adirocated. the acceptance
'Lord John Russell's. pending reform bill. He
urged the people not.; to permit the war .spirit to
be,excited, as a mow,ol: .insktring,thepostpone-
Merit: of the refornfieeenre. •• • •
A bill was tinder consideration in• the French
legislative body. whiok provides t k lukt the ',Taw ma
terials of the manufacturers , hipertod'ln . foreigit
vessels, are not to pay a heavier duty than when
imported in French' bottoms. '."
Rumors were current in Paris that de Pe
signy was to be made Minister of Foreign Af-.
fairs, and that M. Thouvenel was krge t io London
as French Ambassador. • • •
- The Bishop of Orleans is said liaie.refused
the Cardinal's list offered him by the -- Pope, P iiii
;the gro l und that his acceptance 11.041 lead to the
impression thiit devetion'to'the . cause of the
tope's temporatimiiier.ivOUld be attributed to in
terested motives. . . .
PARIS, SATURDAY.—The Noniteur announces
that. the legislativel body has ',agreed `• to the con-
:tingent of one hundred thousand men.for v the
present year, by two hundred and thirty-six
against six rotes. , • , -17
The Cabinet of the new Italian• kingdom is
said to have been fixed upon the following basis:
It is to consist of eight members, three of whom
are to'be constituted by thelold kingdom of Pied
nionb-,two by, the !Romagna, , and, one . ,each by.
Tuscany, Modena, and Lombardy. ..
The Pope's , bull had been rtublisheirin a Semi
official „journal of Tulin. .It is preceded by a
feW lines; stating that publicity is the sole chits=
.tissment for such a lucubration.
lions, April 13.—A greet manifestation took
'Place yesterday, in -commemoration of the. anni
versary of the return of the Pope in 1850.
General Lamoricierelas issued an order of the
day, in which he_declares,thst q lle has not t lieslne- ,
ted to re s ume sword when required' by the
Pope. He continuos thus • .• • • :
" Catholic Christianity is the life of Civilize.'
Lion. Europe is threatened by revolution, as it
formerly was by Islamism; •;The cause of the
Pope is that, of civilization and liberty."
The General concludes, by exhort_ing; the ,
diers to have confidence in the success of the
cause which is entrusted - 10 then .
o: l. lAtriiTß& „ypNvyr.rr
A Vienna letter says the Cabinet of:Vienna was
leaving ,no means , .untried
draw. -close to-the
cabiziet-Of SC- : Jame', and that the:latter (ides not
seem altogether indifferent•to•the advance made.
There was much talk at Vienna.of an, approach- I
ing visit of the Emperor of Austria to the Queen
of England. • - • : .
The Kreunzeitung of Iterlin, also "
•well informed circles, it is believed that, a, mien
will be effected between Prussia, England; and
Austria, in reference to. the threitined interest of
',Switzerland; but it is expressly stated that no'
hopes are en*taiiied'that'ltigysidOrill'join this
The answer ~of Austria,to -the circular note of
M. Thoit4enel, of this 13th March, cin'the annex
atiOn'tof ‘Sav'oy 'and Nice to`'France, had been
sent to Paris. The,ansirer,k,very, similar to the
dispatch of Russia` on" the "'saute subject,.
Austrian Cabinet, like that of Russia, does ,
not raise any objection to the fact'of annexation
as long as this annexation is represented Its being
the result. of it'oessi'on freely consented ta.,by
Piedmont, and not as the effect of universal std
The Iletropolitatt had carried in the Itlil3Bo
Greek Synod, a vote for the translation of-the
New Teskarnept into, the t 4comnton,language of the
Plttsbink Market.
ABlEEill—Soda 3@3jic.; Pots, 4 1 /, & @4"lie.; Pearls,
15 1 40514;
lIACV N—Hams, 10 1 4®10)4c4 Shoulders,
Eildep„,9®9%@9No.; Sugar Cured Oanui,l2@lVA,'e.:*lb:=
BEATIS—SniaII7Wh Its, 75080 c: per bushel.
CIIEgSB-4180t1Welltep ReServe,,J.Q®,lol4llc.
DRIED FRUlT:—jApnlas, St6o@l.7s:iPeacilea, s4.l2a*.
NEATIIBES—Prime Western, ~15e. in lots to,deulers ; In
the timall.way, 48@fdre.l1 lb. -.. , ,
FIAIIJR—Super., M30(4)5.404 ,F„lxtra ss.6.s@gsb ~Ex t rik
"$5.90@.5.9146,00; Fancy, 0.4063.5C1,06.76.
ORAN—Corn, 58@80e for medium, and , tibe for prime.
Oats., 44(451 4Te. Burley, 714 , [80c. Wheat: 1..25®1.40, a 7
atiraatitya 1.4 11 't
OROCERLES--Cofee /.43..Wbe. gnat', 83/ 2 ®6e. for
fair to primes,: 0. Nolitmas,-48@b9c. far Kew Orteana. T
TUESDA Art! y 1, 1880
LiAT—S16A00110.00•11 ton, at :rifleavbaled 'frill store,
$11.50018.00 per ton.
LEMBER--Shingles, .11l 1,000 ; Timber : solos at
tiriers ranging . from 6@5 1 ,4:th . 1347 ; Shires sales of beer
Staves at 041.00(0 e latterlo.oo- , th Irrr red Oak. •, •, •
ILIDES AND LEATMElt— preen beef hides, 606Xc.; green
salted hides, Ty j ollye.; dry flint, '15.10.1e.'• RonSlOcountry
leather is dull id (427 c.• Drressd leather. le' quoted ,- as .fol.
lows : Med Spanish sole 'a lb., 21425 C. :Slatittlitei Sole Vb.,
260200'4: llpperiLeither,* dean; Var - 088: llridle Leather
dcaon, t 740445; Skirting Ifeatiter ; Marness,
• LAED-,10 1 / 2 1114111c. *Th.. • •y• ; •; I ; ,
MESS PORE — Country, S 16.00018.00; city, $ 18.00@ 19,60. 01L—N0. I. Lard Oil, 88a0004 Re fi ne& Coal." 011, 75a5004
Llueeed, Ofe6Sc.
PIG METAL-400 tone Mahonini at $26.00, Mine; 100
DudlOy'Furnacc, 23:50; niontlidf; 201) At); lishoning For
nace, a choice brand,. 5.00, Mx, months ;. 1,000 N0..1
gheny; ni6nths.
• POTATOES—N.IORn posks,,!9c.. Sse.
'SEEDS—CIover, SUENtill. sEbrioth)•,!2,B4 - o,Ajo. lu x?
$1.40. • ' ' • ' •' • ' • ' • :
BERVES—Tho offerings during the weekamounted to 400
head, of which one-half wero sold at prices ranging from 2%
to 4Y 4 c., grows.
WEEP—The offerings amounted•to .364 head, and mien
teem made in lota at 43,4©5%e. genic, according to else and
1108—Offerings limited, and.rattail wens made in. small
lota nt by,,a6Ne.; grace. , - L ? . kr •,: , .
.The• following is the =mint .oS c Asst,i4epls rertve4.and
• - • - 1 -,r , -
StoOk'StatioNum tho fat to
21stof , Aprilt 2 _•" • • • .
Cattle, ' Hens, Sheft,
... 2,205 . •'• 11,7g6' '3,0111W
litirmily6fdt .142 . • 1,178 . 8 774 . 0314
• . 6 ."'
Nzir 4fflix, May I.—Flour: $5.4010.45 for 'SAW. SW",
6.5046E60 for eitra do., 5.40;0.45 for saran.' Western, 6.626
6.00.61 r common to medium extra do., and!6.15n6.25 .16r
shipping b rands of extra R. H. 0. Canadian Flour, 5.70 a
7.40 tbr c ommon to choice 'extra. Rye. Floitr, 3.400.25 . fir
cornmonlo choice superfine. ' Wheat: Chicano Spring, 1.25 a
1.27 ; Milnaukie Club; 1.88aL32; • White, Walk* 1.62 1 ,4.
Rye, 850.. Barley!, 71c, - Corn::79aBoc: for Western mixed,
8.24158 c. for yellowSoutheni and Jersey ! nn d,B4 • s6 4 . for white
Southern. Oats: . 4 7 aXir for Wesstefirmid'Osiiiidio, and 434
44c.: for State. ,• 3 !.. •
c s
ireafated'ana en .ehanges
of our climate are'llhatfhl'inkureoi PiihriOnary and,BiOn
cbial alibaions. ' Niperteriee hivlbg proved that stipple rem
edles Oran act speedily and ceriain4 , when taken in the early
stages of the disease; reconme 'etiottle,at . once be had ; 10
"41roum's Bronchia{ Troches," or Lounges, let the Cough
or Irritation of the Throat he ever so alight, ne by this pre
caution a more serious' attack may lie n effectually Off:
a itair
Aprit 9th, by Re 4. Mr: 'Jailed ilainNir
oCltedbarik lownship, to Miss Emseutsru : A..:pi t usllolr..or
Wayne Townsbip, Armstrong County, Pa." • • '
April 19th, by RIM. O. H. 311116r,5t the:Zoiat'Howw,
Louisa County, lowa, Mr. C11.9112911:1,SILTOltilo Mks Atm
E. llumsro.s.
' 1 ' • • r
,Cyn Thursday, April 19th ; by Rey. J. Allbulrt JACOB
Grunour to . Miss'Fnencue littowzr, ot.Mieikiiiirnm County; O:
On the same day,,bylhe name, Mr. 4riDlVl', Orurrorr;of Alle
gheny County, P., to MIN CLIZMIETIi 'ViNOiiiRAINS of Mus
kingum County, Ohio. .
On the 17th inst. 7 ar"the reddeircrortheblide's *Aber,
AuexArrorp. Pow, Esq., of, Salens,:golumbiana County, Ohio,
to Miss Ilsantar C. BAID{VIN, Cflifitoll Town hip ,
elunt•TObiP• • : •;.1 1.1 I:
. By, Roy. Alexsusdee.M.
Metrosars Aimettada; both of DionegsdiTort.mship..Washing
tontCounty, Ps.. On the same day, 4 Mr. Jaunt*: M'Ousrist
to Mies IlaxasAt R. Casio, all of:Buffalo Township, Washing
ton Connty,'Pa: On the sanie MiCR.,4I C: BaAn
noca to Mimi . Maar CART/14 both ;of ;Rich 11W Tp.,,Queen
°minty, Pa.
;. • . •;•::
On' the evening, of March 22d. at the rtql,dopeo .of - ;tea
brides father; in Piqua, ,
Ohre • by 'Res-.4 . .1: P.43affortkV.D.;
Mr. Ilaztar Diumoroax ,to. Mias.•LumisokJosasnism OBABONj
langhter of Diridifitehell, cldei of tho ProshYterian church ;
all of this place. . • .11; 10 •••
April 24th, by Ear. James Young; at-the-residence of Dr.
8. P. Conklin, Mr. Jona Nowt to ALS lipiT/LL Knramr, of
Delphos, 'Van WireCoupty, Ohio.' • ' •' •
On: Tneeday,: March 20th, at tlio•iesitience.of.the tado's
father, by Rey. 3. A. E. Simpson, Mr.
,Davin H. .2sair, to
Mks LYDIA. .AirmarßONC: both of 'Holmes County, 'Ohio.
On Thursday, April 19th. .Mr.- Ronaar .Titoarrouno tco.liise
fer.seirE o:RooKmax, both of Relines County;
'At the Scott Rouse, PiNsbitrgh, Pa, on the .17th r inst., by
Res•L i.A. O.:Patterson, Mr. Dronda:Prannuss - to' Mimi
LOCETTA Couar . s, both of West Newton •Pa.,. .
. -
111 1 1,
AP I}ttltarkr-:.
CZNTS A LINE, liirliViraiA• •
- ' .:" :; . • I!. 7t.
DIED—At Weit Newton, on tftelfid . nlik.„lin the 63d year
:of her age, Mrs. ELEft.,1192...11, 1 age of.Magander Plumer,
Her illness . , which wee brief and Painhili,lahe bore with ea.-
imnplary Christian-parlance... fteving.enjoyed the advantages
of: careful religious training itcher youth, Mrs. P. et an.evly,
period united with the Presbyterian chiarch, of Middle Spring,
. near SiiipPensheig, under 'the pastoial ?ate of the Ewe: Dr.
.Moody; and enbseinently became a member of the cgureb of
• West Newton, to the doctrines and Order of rrliiclashe Warmly
and intelligently adhered through life: iller mind beirig well
,stored with religious truth and her heart warmed with the
love of the Saviour, .she evinced much interest In. religions
:conversatieri,' in the daily rendineofltlie Et:erect 'Scriptures.
:In public nod private devotion, and . In the benevoient opera
tions' of the Church. She winia'dovaixf ) wife; and tender and
,affectionate in all the relations of life. 'Her inspected re-'
moval ha.s.left numerous relatives end friinds.and!especiallr
.an affectionate and deeply afflicted husband; to mourn up*ly
ithis severe bereavement. "Bat they mourn, nu 4. .
t uthese . who .
• • ,*-
[Presbyterial 1) . 14% mi . ..,,,a34 - fr[at;d d l?!l . l.lto Banner.]
DIED--Of pnerliniontea, April 18th, IRO, MART CARO
LI NE, only child of Andrew and Eliralwih Stervoitrif Irair
flyld"Ceinixty,,Cddo;r4relrryeeriginillo:lfAyo: :1., s rit l
DIED,On tile „morning of pie ..13t4 of April. 3.860, ,Elea.
.11.1rniatieNoidi, 7 1& the 47th year of
, .
DIED—Of croup, April 22d, WILLTAM CHAMBERS, son'
of ' t i i r i :' , B 7 i t er;Z: r o ithriF,. Bag, 504t0/4,; Atltittrong purity, Pa,
in tws age.
. . • .
"Alas I how changed that lotellilliweri •
Which bloomed and cheered my ; • •
,•: Fair; Beating comfort at anitiosir,"• •'•
How won we're called to part."
DlED—April sth, at Pike 'Furnace, Mr. JAMES dtPlall;•
In the 60th year or his ago. '
Mr. M'Klm wail a consistent, exemplary,' and , devoted
:Ruling Eider in' the Prcebyterian church of Greenwood.
The good of this little church lay near his heart, as his con
etant and solf-kactificing,llibors•kbutidintljiMstity. ;•Brit!ltla
Christian character shone with it brighter, lustre during hie
hutted ahotit three months. ;During a part
of this time his sufferings were, intense; yet ho•wa., always
calmknii Joyful. Ho knew hiaend'isiii approaching, but ho
feared not; for death wise robbed of its 'sting, and tho grave .
of Ita :victory. • For him to lira was Christ, and to die was
Cotineßernie, at the revidence scriber eon-in -kw,
N. C. M'Coirmick, EN., February let., hire: ISABEL MOOR-:
MICK; aged. 82 years , 10 months, and 9 days.' •
~The,deatiti of atruly.gOod,women is honeirecorded. Along
life was granted hor, end it was one of •no ordinary Tided
tude. In 1798, at the ago of sixteen; she left her ziative
place, the pariah Annehilt, Count*, Ireland, and the
remaining members of the family.of. which 'she was one, to .
make her home with en uncle residing in the bounds of the .
Big Springs congregation, near Chanberiburg. The same
year she united witirthe above church, by a profession of hor
faith. In Deccmher, 1198dAninuirtledMi.Hu,ghDayarman,
with whom, sticiitiy after, she, removed to Weetain Penneyl
. ratiiii, stopping first for a year or more in Westmoreland
County, then setting near lihilontown; casting in her lot
with the Tent congregation, then ministered to by the, late
Rev. Wm. Wylie. In 1818 her husband died, leaving hor
with a large tlimily of children, (she had borne him thirteen,)
and under pecuniary embarrassment. In 1818 she married
Mr. Noble M'COrralck, who died in 1840.' Two children were
thelrult of MIA marriage, at the house of one of whom Sher
. . . , ,
breathed her lair, having spent the leat.eight years ot her lifo
with this daughter. Twohusbande and ten children proceeded
her to the tomb. The remaining five children, all of whom
are Professing Christians, and others.wito knew her, have the
'privilege of callin mind her evident piety, what gratitude
she expressed, wh hope she had, what 'unfeigned hemility,
atidhow peacefblly she . fell asleep hi Jeans
~ J. 13..,,
devotes special atteption to the tt...3otment, medical and
surgical; all Mufti* beforinitlei Defeeta of the EYE.
REVERENGET,RroicsisorvlLestenuThoologicAts49l.. nfrY•
Proldnte frondsAletenie" can procure BOurdlni'ommotierite
OFFICE, 111 PENN STRZET, Pittehaigh... e.
Office Hours: S%e'clock A. and. 2 o'clock P. M.
roys-4t a 4.: 1 .4 't
• Second Spring - Supp;.y..
JuSe'received, complete . aiiertment ,Of the 'nforivatiod
STEINWAY '& • SON'S' (New Twee) PrATfOS, plain et lte
and pricee. InclOding 11l splendid'
' STEINWAY'S are admitted to, ',l)e,the wanetiterfeetAino
Fortes ever manufactured . - They nro-warranted for EWE
YEARS, and, are sold at New York •modutheturers
We respectfully solicit A call from purchasers.. ; .. • !
. . H. KLEMM' k BRO.,
• , .
etyfrlt , , Snia 4gents for, dulnway'ayinnos. .
Presbyterian Beard of Publication, ,,
NO. 821. 11 airSSYNgi, I SThEET, ,
Philadelphia. , • •
Family Religion. (Sznith.) . 60 cents. ,
The Christian Home. (Collier.) 60 cents. '
Mbar and her. Tunes. (Lowrie.),.6o cents. •
Tho Titles of our Lord. (Randall.) :60 cents. •
Calcine Letters. Vol. 111. $1.30.
Bellerer's Daily Treasure. 25 cents. •
Physelan's Councile. 15 and 26 cents..
History and Habits $l.OO.
&km for l'outh. 16tno. 'illustrated.
'Merl Or' ' Light Shining in DirlF Maas--
Pp.:108. ,price 15 and 20 cents. • •
Drolis of Tiuth Arian tho Fadatidn. of Whitlow. Compiled
for the Board. Pp. 278.' 0 Piico 30 end 35 cents: ' •
Emily Grey, the Orplina; and Her Kind Aunt. Pp. 153.
Price 20 and 25 cunt& •
The Bar of Iron, and the CloUcl*e of the..llattor. Pp.
147. Price 20 and 25 dents... • - •
.12510. 27tAPTS. . 1 . , ,
. . . . ,
No. 236. The (lennan Watedanaker.Pp, 8. '
No. 237. With Chriet or Aguint 4.1t0. pp: 16. .
No. ZS. . Griece,ns the'HOly 1!'p.2{;.,.
, feb2L '. 4 ",.:, 0 ;,.195t'P1i P. ENGLES, PulillshipgAgout
contains the following 'attains:
I. Theories of the Eldership.
11. The Dissolution of Empires.
111. - Sir Wiliam Hamilton's Theory of Perception.
IV. Man, Moreil;and risysicaL, . •
V. The First and Second Adam.'
Short Notices.
Tho Biliitgi Rinertoryand Princeton Boyle* is edited by
the Bev. Charles Dodge, D.D., and is published quarterly, in
January, April, July, 'and Odober, 'at' three dullard per
annum. • • a J . ;;; • • . .
1. Subscribers for one Copy, who remit three dollars in ad
vance, to the office of publication wilt be entitled to payment
QT on i all nuntpers.istinett after the receipt of the
„money: "
2. Subscribers who remit five .dollars in advance, to the
office of publication, will bo entitled to one copy for two
Years, podium paid. • '
3. Six or Moro persons uniting in a club, and , remitting in
ono sum to the office publicatimi, at the rate Of tiro dollars
and fifty cents each, will be , entitled to payment of . postage
on the numbers loomed after the receipt of the mone y . Pay
ment at club4ate . will not be received' froni'a lose number
than six subscriber, in OM association.. If payment is de
layed by members Of a club until after the expiration of
the year, the, full price of three dollars will invariably be
4, Theological Students, Missionaries, Young Men's Chris
thin Aisoctintions, &c., Are furnished with the Review at two
dollars per or $2.2,3, by tool], postage pnia.•
6. "All'arretiragnti 'urn charged at three dollars per year.
The abovo are.the only tonne upon which the Itovlow is
furnished . to subscribers.
Subecribern and Presbyterial Agents are requested to remit
by cheek or draft, to order of PETER WALKER, -
'' r • ' ' 821 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
* * *Where a check cannot be of concentantly, money may
be sent by'nudi, in a registered letter, id our risk.
In its sixth year. Room for over one hundred patients.
hiaY- Send for Circular, to w i.• . ; •
•H. FICEASk. M . D.,. ;:
• •
rayS-ly Pittsb urgh, Pa.
taro • . • ' -•••
..LlTer Cospielnt, ,Dyspepetar Nervone
horn. the Jtvr, n. JOSEPH- lI.KENR'IARD, Pastor of .tho
."". Tenth Baptist Choral.' •
Jai:IUD ,
Di. C. M. .
S --..Dear Sir :—lbirro been frequently
requested to counter my munewith commendations of differ
entlinds of'ntedicines, hat regarding the practice as out of
my. appropriate sphere, I have in all cases declined: hut with
a clear proof in varions instances, and particularly in my
own family; of the usefulness of Dr. Hoottand's Cerman.Dit=
tent, I depart for once from my usual course, to express ray
that,lor general , debilitrof'the•systemzand
, especially for Liver Complaint, it is a safe and valuable prep
aration. In some cases it may fall; but usually.l doubt not
It will be very thoaowho su ff er ;from the above
causes. 'Young verylreiwafully, i'"
" • ' • IL 'HENNAED,
Eighth below Coates Street.
Philadelphia, December 24th.
For sale by Druggists and Dealers everywhere. Price 75
cents per bottle r
i•PILLIK-A mere list of the exPeiimMital medicines
used by ;'the profession," would fill many volumes. Yet
the greatest of modern surgeons and chambdi, Majeudie;luie
told us that not ono of these can be uniformly relied on as a
specific. On- the other•handr for • Holloway's
remedies that c h' nine cases out of ten they cure those upon
whom the whold :materia MiediciiLl: has been ex
pended in Vain.
Sold at the Manufactory, No. 80 Maiden: Lana, Nevi
acid by all 1/Fuggists, at 25c., 030., and $l.OO per, pot or•box.
•lmySit • • . .• )!• •
CLERIC" COURTS. . • : • :. • • ; k r ,
1'2A31:884,01171tY, a Candidate
*r Clark iir,ckntreysubjeat.he d on '
the Iteknblican
Cetuiti Oceirotiticin. vistr3-310.-
Wir ,
Acßutra t so. eel!: fine Steel ,Fiate ..Engravinga, including
80P,PD140.,•&c. . An'active person, ,with (*pi?
tat, pa make S5O to $6O per month. For particulates Qatar
• • IL •MULFORD,I67 Broadway; ( New 'OW'
..!.7 • Lkostaqistatt in 1820.] • • -,.
.1§1%,[4. • ' 'The . . eulmicribors * bar& conk/Luny iOr saiii in• ete.
BELLS. Ornignent of ,Cbturch, Factory, StetypPeati iLocoi* ,
11P24.4. Live, rhintatiou; School-house, and &hal' Bells,
BELLS.' mounted- in tlielinoit ariproyed and thimble manlier:
BELLS. ll'or Ball particulars as .to many. recent improve
/YELLS.. meats, warren*, diameter df Bella, spaoe'oedukoted ToWer,. mica of treneriortationi etc' send tiff, *
BELLS. Circular. Bells for the South deity:re& in New
BELLS.'"iliik: 'Address • ' ' • ' '
;., • ", A. MEN.r..BLY'S SONS, Agents",
tnyl6-eow-tf ; . . , West Trop, New York:
BOOK - AGENTS •' "A• NTED. • ' •.• '
For Of reulare t 'addreas GEO. F. TUTTLE,
apl4-4t • •N 0.1.00 •Nassan Street; New York. •
bill 4. •iiila(iMalilil4
WILLIAM . A..*-11ERRON will bo a candidate for the office .
of 'Cleilr of 'the Mart.. subject to the decision of the BcpublP
can County Convention.:.. feblB-tf
qualified to . coritraf Et school, Mad give instruction iri
the Mathematics :and. Chunks, and Oho ordinary Breglish
branches.. Any person thus qualified, who desires a situation.
where he can' build' up a permanent and floniishing
School or Academy, or who is willing to teach far at. least
two', or three consecutive years, will hear of a place by ad
dressin ' • • • 'REV..W. W. CAMPBELL;
Fairmont Marion County • Vs
LATE.r,pup.icsenoNs. &C.
SABO A-T H-SCIIOOI . V 141'101;
Naw:`lpl , q,npr :BEEW:q.
.After: ; the April number, the Sabbath-Schonl. will
. .
;appeal as ari enlirrged sheet, upon fine paper, with new,
jlarge;and cline type, and embellished in every' number *lad
,new and beautiful wood•cuts.. 'No effort or, expense will be'.
sparerrto render leas attracilfe and Instrnetivo as pomade to
youthful ioaders: - • -..; ; • .
'will be, primarily,, to guide its rappers to the cross. of Christ,
and through him to salvation-, secondarily, to excite in their
minds controlling desire •to lire wise, holy, 'and useful
and along with these, to infuse into them an intelligent
liberal, and'affectionilte attachment to our own branch of the •
, All friends of : Christ and of the
. rising generation
are earnestly headlight' to procure and for Ward, as eoou as
:possible, names of Atewsentocribors,!, • .•
In order to enable the Board to make the the. Improre
pientelvithotit inCneaeliig thb price, it will:be issued .
• •
• Mon.tttly - ' • • ,
Sublicriberderhohavemiready,nre-pald_ tbr the year:ll36o, •
on, the former and higher tprrne, can,obtain an equivalent by
'reCeivinga larger:number , of copied, or by having the surplus
Keloarnent credited on next year's bill,•aa they may ,elect. ; .
In order : to secure, thin .equivalent it will be necessary to
hefOreluly let - next, to lir:Vilma Wamicr-,' NO. 8211
:Cheatant Street, Philadelphia, and atato their .on.
this po[nt
. • • •4
TERMS: " • •• : • •
• .; ; For a !Ogle copy ; 21 4. ~1
10 copies to one ad • drerc .11,00
'copies to ono addreas • " '''.` 4.a.1.L.4.501
' 100 copies to one address.
• For 15 coidelsto one aditntes ......... 2.00
• • For; 60 coplexto one address"'• X•t' . • ''.so.oo •
.•For 100 copies, to one ;address
Payracht invariably required in advance.
Mr! paper. Will be'stopped when the .time pre-Paid for ex- -
Thor Viiitor Will be sent, ; as betetaore, free' of ex : penise s ,. tO;
Kip ;following slaces :-,4lsivrast R Bios, 630 Broadway, - ;New
York. Guitzso It SULLIVAN, Baltimore, Maryland. Rev. B.
Waywr.; NeW•Orlean's,'LiSuieleta. L. NI - snars,
Kentucky. Y Cnswatc t Co.-.Wborling, VirOnia.;..Rac.:
.A: Kizscnt, I;ontioii ; Canada Weet: BOARD OP GOLPORTAGE,
46 St: ClairStnet, Plitaburgh; Ponnsylsisnia..;d: D. Tnoepz
Cincinnati, Ohio. KEITH & WOODS, St. Louis, Missouri.
W. 6. HOLMES, —Moose I Nuts, Troy, New
tticl • 'f '
Exchangesapersiof a es intended, or nsertion in the
Visitor, should be addressed to the Editor of the ,Sabbath
School Visitor,'... No. 821 ; .Cheitnat Street,•Philadelphla..- •
Orders for tho Visator. and money in. ayment for it, should,
be SuldressOd to iltr.4iirss SZtOtialtittst Street, ;
naadolitia. i th ro y a r • • . • . t i otrii . ••• • • • •• ; •
f..teap7-Bt(.l3'lNo.•B2l.lohestant.BtreerMiiladelada..i. •
: : ?. ..:;•:::
,Tbe .subscriber.,is now ,ipso) e hundred: th ousand
Splendid' Colored .. Enginiingl'of EMiJW DT P.thtLE'S
celebrated Original Pulndflgot.the; „;:i ',.•••
at ihe
• SIZE; 21i • • . '
The •loWeit ngiliar iricel for . engiraiiiige of the 'site and'
quality of ; this de 15--and in answer, to .the question, Huw
can they bessold 'for OrieDollair the subsCriber would state
thet instead ofihmaing. MOO , copiee hi(issues'loo,ooo
copies, at $l. The main expenie of such a work, is mot in . the
paper and printing, bat in' getting up 'the plates:" If 5,000
only are sold, $5 is tint a fair price. Bat if 100,000 are sold .
at $l, the aggregate profits are larger than on the 5,000. •
Painting; of which the Enemy - Inge nre•
roc-81MILE copy, Was painted-by, Rembrandt Peale in the city:
of Baltimore, in 162', and has he'en the study and admiration
of tiensilf.thousandatif oureitizens. It has long been valued at '
5, 1 000 ' Dollars.
• •
Death is PersoidAed es Silting or Monarch, end there is not '
a skeleton or.snything.mptAlpive iu,the picture.
There are TWENTY-TUXES TULL-SIZED 1101TRES in the en
graving. and arranged into Ave groups; preapting living
repreeentstimui'Ot DentX Sensing Pleasure, Interuper
'mice • andithe Trimnpits of Christian Faith over the,Terrors
work-to delight thiKeye, and improve the heart. It •
can be studied and inidernitood' by a child , while ,its *sublime
conception affords eiopti td the strongest imagination:
It has boon made the subject of special discourse, by Rev.
Dr.'Sniagne, Rev. Dr. Weick,'Rev. Dr. Bacon; Rev. Dr. Cleve.'
land,•Rey. Dr. Ntiyland, and others. .• , •!!
A more impressive, instructive, or beautiful Parlor Orris
.theocceniia nottne pui+lnieed. • •
' . The euhetriber was advised to have the 'drapery o( the,fig
vies brillient and ehoWy, to gratify the taste of the "country
people;" beMbe 'determined to imitate exactly the itch 'WWI,
'low tints of the original painting in this respect. The wisdom.
of this decision' is verified not o nly by the ArtistS IA
.city, baby the venerable Rembrandt Peale himsel f ,, tar hill'
bo seen by the following unqualified certilleate:• ' a •
PHILADELPHIA, Novel:ol4r* 1856: '
,'t PhamiMen the•Chrome•Lithographics Engraving. Of my
Painting of the Court of Death, recently executed for 'Dr. G.,
Q. Colton (thelcresent proprietor) iiirSaroiiy, Major & 'Knapp,'
of, New, Yprk,. and' can' certify that It is en accurate and ad-'
filtrable copy of the Original : Painting
• I r, ' ....REDEBRANDT PEALE." ;
By hioloairig One DollanandifoiirylalterAtw' ( 10 . Pay.
postage) the Engreving . will . hpetit 7 ,• d, rolled
Clor&vmen can add largely to tholr yen,rly income (in corn-;
'Missions) by interesting themselves in the distribution, and'
at the same time place in the hamis of each subscriber "a
sermon on Min*sii. '
• Anymprson who will show_ this advertisement ; .9bisin;eve
.subecribers, and forwardSi, shall receive a sixth' cS'AT grabs j
AG TB---aentlemen or ladles—inin'inake money rapidly .
bytaking aubseri¢tions for thlalbeentlful work. Ono Dollar
,eix., stamps from Agents, for .one copy and. a latter, of .
A:genny, stating eptlelal terms.
An active:Agent can not nake , less than.from two hundred:
topme hundred dollats per ' year in the business, above ex-.
• pcnit;s: deiscription will tie sent with each picture. : • ' •
Thirsubscribet rckan ;to the following gentlemen: The,
venerable Rembiiindt Peale; Philadelphia; the Hon. Millard .
, Pillmore, , Huffilor Abe am,. D.D:, Editor Now
York Observer; Rev.,11..11. Palmer, D.D., New Orleuns; . A.
Prop Meter 'New Orlentui : Plcayitne'• the
• Nev., Alta D. tilmio;;D.D; the; Rev. Dr.; Abel Stevens, Zollitor:
ClastitiO . :Advotate•and Journal,. New York ; the hey. Ger
, bail D. Abbott; Spfngler Institute ;, tbS Hon: Essen; Brooke,
New:York.;,,the nun. Henry J. Raymond, New York.
To *414 Mistake 'the Name, Town, Counti., and State
shouldt• minim .Written. Address ' i
I ;N . / G ithai ; te tf• ' °PI/a ,;
fie'. 37 Row , Y olk
O. Box No. 3,291.
Will Rnd
the meet cOmpleta naeortment of books relating to
the& burliness that can' be fond In the world, at'C. N. SAX
TON, BARKER k CO.'S Agriettiturat Book Howe, 2b Park
Row, Now York. Send for a catalogue. felllB-1y
84 , Y .N
• • 4i Bt. Clair Street,' ••• .. ••:
Offers for sale a choke ',election of book& suitable Cr all
classics, on. very reasonable terms. The collectioe embraces
the entire publications of the Presbyterian . Board,. of five
hundredand sixty-nfue'ilistilict works, and a largo variety at
Peaims and Hymns, and the l'selass.. of, •David in metro.
Alio, a good selection from Carter's late publications, Mar=
lien's, Nelson's, Massachusetts 8. 13. Society, Tieselbaciety; and
S. S. Union; viz.: •
• • ; 47;1,
Hodge on Corinthians. - 2 vote • '22.00
" Ephesians ' • 4 • ' 2.00
English Hearts and English Hands. .......... 75
The Words and Mind 01 Jeans ' ' • 40
The Faltahl:Protrileer-
Still hour,; or, Communion with G0d...,
Life of Oen. Thilvelock ... .... . : ... • 76
Life of Capt. Vicars 40
Cumming • • ..;;;1.00
Sermons to Working. Men. By JAY. A1egateder.....14...• • 75
Mary Engle. By Br.. Potts, ..... 25
The Christian's Ifotne.. A Prize 'Besay: .................... 60
Family Religion. By Smith to
Esther and Mer Timm. .By J. M. 60
Last . Days of Jesus. 'By T. T. Moore. ..... . 56
Titles of our Lord ' a,.,.::.,..«..«50
History and Habits' of 1.00
The Gospel in Bitrinah.- A new and interesting work
88,2 pages
Method of Grace •
. .
Riches of Bunyan • ' .64
Songs for Little Ones at
The Sturm and the Angels l.2s
Boardman'', Higher Christian ...
Br. Spencer's SketcheS.:" • '
Mamma's Lessons about Jest's • , 75
The Board have. taken special care to obtain a choice ;sew-
Con and large variety' of Sabbath School boeks, embracing
1875 vole:, and.werallAbraries,•embmeing from fifty to one
hundred volumes each, at from $2,50 to $lO.OO, selected from
the Board of Publication, Carter's "Idartien's,' B.' a. Union,
Tract Society, Massachusetts B. B. Society, and.Nelsou 3 Soria
All these they offer at a very liberal discount, as an induce
ment:to Superintendents and Teachers in the oonntry
tricts, whose schools have been suspendod during the Winter,
and are sorin to be reLcornmenced,lo obtain the beet library
within their reads. • , •, , , ; • • •inar3l-eow,
STIETuDON . ar. .00.9$
4e94inil; btiPrs.
Tty a. IREN4 I / 7 8 Item -York
Observer. Ilhistrated irith Six VlewB orpidis fb#Beiry,: : /
volume,l2no2 • , Prim 1.1.00. ' ./. . t •
.11 is tho dhierhainathig, genlal, , heart•inicdrini etimr ,at
what a Chriistran gentleman found ! hi owpAltheiunt later.
eating eciuntrlei of .ttio .world, .and tongraitaatildui Od
having provided so pleasant mornorial of.MstrimilatAkzoar
of editorial life."—N. Y. Examiner; '• • ' • ' '
•!..i . • .
Being tho SecOnd Volume of Ths Fiareect Stories.
JACOB ABBOTT, Adthor of the ."1611O'Booka." ITOiIiMC By
18mo. Illwdintsti , with • Seven Ettgrueings.. Pries Meant;
. . ..
"I,lr. Abbott in known to be a pure, successful and, useful
writer &Ville young and'ohL Ile' is arso the tubas popular
author of juvenile books now Ileing."--Neur-York Observer.
.11fc.,Abbott soon .to go abroad; and tho remaining vol
nines of Soria:4lll'W to "Rollo'e Tour
in .Y.nrope.", .IV.bliwas :ylllO6. an account of the
Orkney Islands." i • • • ,
Beingthe: Semindiel'olmno 'ornate •Oaliland Stories.
by GEORAIE-.11. TAyLOU., of Virgl!in With..illustrutions by
IC ' •161noi‘ i rice nO 'OeUts. Uniform
with ".Hennyil Om livid volume Hof tho Series. •• • •
"This is:a series, bearing some features of resemblance to
the well-known'Rbllo Books, nitd, iii oar' jidgMent, (Mite as
interesting and profitable for the boys and.giris. It deserTen
a prominent place among presents, in the book line,earn
binlug, as it (hies so largely, the itseral with theinteresting.".
—Hartford christian Secretary.:' • •
• • •! 'Will PutMb,' May let: i" •
'MARY BUN. YAM, : ' t
ROF0:?Ii.; Ifi.nrcußon: By ?am 44.000:10TER
PORD,‘ Louhrville.; ' 1 vol., limo. Ilirtstrusa. Price 'Silk):
: The great popularity of "Grace Truman,? .(of which
thirty tlionSand copies haw been sold,) will secure, 'for this
book,Ahousandi of readers. It traces life: history of a pe
,rif moat ,toagic intcrisit—the religions persecution and
intolerance'which marked the reign of Charles 11. of •Eng
latid,• and . the trio* ands sufferings through which Bunyan
wan called to pass. it order to prepare him to be the author
of the immortal "Pilgrim's Progress." ' • •
Eternal Fnnlelinienieiinalsteit with the Fatherhood
By RBT.,JOSEPF P. THOMPSON, D.D., - . Pastor of - the
Broady* , Tabernacle Church.
God."L-Rom. xi : 22
ABORIGINAL' A\ILIEICA . Batogiim.ihit volume of a
Now. Series, of .American History. By JACOB :ABBOTT,
. author of the ‘• 80110 Books," "Rollo 's Tour in Europe,"
"Harp4r's , Series of European Histories," 616: Beautifully
embellished with eighteen illustrations, In the best style,.
front original designs, by Darloy, Chapin, Stephens, Perkins,
I Herrick, Mullin, Parsons, and' others. 1 vol.' 16mo. 'Price ,
The Publishers, in presenting this Series of palmier Amer
ican' Histories for YoUth; believe' that they are supplying a
want long; felt in our. country, and one which no au4ior..
living is so Well able as Jacolt Abbott; the popular an.
thor of so many juvenile toxiks. • Mr. Abbotthas givenonore
than.UeUld care in the' preparation of this Series, and they
will beillistrated in the best manner, it being the Intention
of the Publinhers to make them as attractive as they will be
usefalnnd entertaining..
A:News:History of .England. for sthe Young.
1 vol., laroo. With twenty illustrations by J; B. Chapin,
and other,. - BY' 'Mrs. THOMAS ' OPILDART.' Author Of.
Thoughts for 4 Stories !of. Scotland,"
1" Stories of Ireland,".&e. •
one of the tried ,Populer Nveltere 'for the
ybung in England, and no more :profitable 'books; can be
placed in the hands uf the young than her Historical Series.
"'What children read they often retain ;, theinfore it is de-,
sirabln that their. books should be of a' high moral tone. In,
;thiimuspett, Mrs. Geldart has foreguals as an, author, and we,
hope that this little work will lie,fatind in Oveu child's lb:
brary,--Toquster. :
The ,
'Life of Freidrith Soliiilcr
ftfi..ff A lit :E.1'40 .ffirINATION OF is WO:EKS. -
By:THO'SIAeCARIeiIiE; Author of fAlrench -Revolution,.
ac.i&o. 1 v 01. ,: Unto: ; Brion $l.OO. Uniform with:the new
`edition ..6f Carlyle's Esa:tys„iir fonr vole., riow being
This is one of Carlile's Best IVork:i.
, And. Other - Sketoties. ,
AR:ritlattAlD C. 3PCOIII.IIOM, Author or 'flaw:War in
;the Crimea," Lc. 1 VOL, 32M0. Price 3t.00. -febl9.
'Of the 'Ne', - vv - Testa - midi:Lt. •
FOriginal linalterff and Complete' Edition.
• •For reasons stated in n bit : Cubit- recently iisniceby tin,' arid
Which will ho sent tee' afiy.who niny desire it, the price orilen-;
gel's great - work has been reduced for the 5 vela., Svc.,
,to' $5,00 net, M. by mail, pie.paid,lolso: `n- •
Lately Published:
'Stitt'' s Words of 'Jesus.' 5 vols., Bvo., cloth • $14.00
Gerlach on the,pontatench.' • 2.50
?nob:Mb:on' ST6.; C 1001" • -225
ViVihnea Nairil'estameut Grainmar. STU., half morocco, .8.50
"ilermeneutical Manual. 12m0.; cloth , . ... 1.50
!Religious Cases of Conscience. 12m0.,;c10th1...i1.. •
;Helps for the Pulpit. 12rne., cloth 1.25
'Coles on God's - SovereigritY.'l.lhriCtlifitif -•! 63
!Tooke's Diversions of Purley. pro., cloth 3.00
• • ' SMITif, , ENGLiSif, & CO.,
N 0.23 North-Sixth Street, Philadelphia.
• sa— Smith,' English it Ca.; have 'inlet 'ruin:Mid to - NO. 23
XORTII-SIXTH STRET, nearly .: opposite their former, 10,.
rThe Celebrated It* Engraving
. '
:it is. pre•eminently , spgiopriate for ,the
Either tissitmlorwslOr centre tisMisj :
- •
of our Divine Saviouil
Makitifident Wreath , of Art:
on thefittigellartiltar'et our Filthy ~ ! rf) • z
•Rrozi ReiV Dr. Prhne; Editor ,Of the " New. YorktOhisetwer."];
'Dayton & Co.'s advertisement of their: fine engraving of;
,Thorivaldsep's, cetebmted group of "Christ Christ and his Apostles,"
attniet Attention. "OneM' the plettnes hangin oar 8614,
and , wo:regaid•themorh us? eminently suitable for ; the-walla,
of every Christian household. The beautiful clasped tible,
whieh liteieerifid(witliVis'botind lin :velvet:and giltOuld.
the price at which be offers them is so low, that, thousands
may avail themselves of the opithrtieilti. We Hope they , WM '
[From6 Div. Di: Prime.]
'Marox'o,"plooatriaoa.- n Nye would %Ito calk
~Attention,. to
Mr. Dayton'aWthairtitamonta. ban every, remain tobe
ileia that there? wily:a? the; proyier 'Attain& , frosil
eatabliahrpent to any lettere, 9ontalninvoorp?for , its apleodid
Artirkii of Art.' • " • - -""
. .
• - .:; •,- „
pit= the New itorkleadee.l' S
,Tho f1, 31 9, 11 ;th0g7 , 03,' cf.
-"Atist4nd Jll3 l loBfieeL!
wi, • - 10; ':`l4l Tir '
th ineeVehtbeiate surroundings, 'a copy er which attracted'
great attention at : the fair for. thellistera wrov e i tcy , Do i t e
valuable adjunct. tq tho ctfice,„the studio,or, the boudoir._
The a7COniVailying this , ditterifrise la 'a Ina , Pooket
,bound puiplettral gold .
..11 r , ; 3;Z:
The Bible whickwe present with,this impresive engraving,
te boididin velvet—with gilt rifles-wed 'Clasps, %Tx:TM
latreta44from"f2 to $4. - • ;
epp_these who wish, to , pairehesei this religionk picture
without the Bible,' the price is $1; with` 12 cents to pay
4Eir Send to DAYTON ' 37..P0rk-Now, N. y., $2, and,
25 tents in stamps ` for return pbetsiie Brigreving , nnd °
Bible. :
Editors ering . the abiwpon"itusertkon a:#4formardiwgat
'copy of, their,pafi6r 7 Marked, Will receive copy of aid* a
mail,44e - paid: , l" Ado:U*4'
ADAY2ON &. ; .CO:,
• ' ( 37 iiarOtOW, New Tork.
- [Fromthetiferald,of4Orntb.l
Dayton's Engravlog of Thormaldsergo ,„oll4.Tne
Aluigtlei";ts" aqiuttnifl&ntigiblip:: frlio. l 6igriiving ientrze
cute(' jrt amnoterly, potoper,tand,fto 'Fork of ort, folaighly;
. „ . , 1
•ler With epeciahperinlesion, we invite all ,enr patrons', ff
w r iter to,thp,Rey.iMr. 'Allison, of the "Presbyter,lan lidininn:".
ithet ire DAV rearankithle, and that oitrianintthil angrasingitLy
1 I ele,gant tible are not thisrOpthaenten -; . !
_i unit:34m ..',
Prrtglittit : F r EMAttbOLLEGE ,
• REV. I. C. PERSEthifi r •President, lunisted by ir
• Superior Yd are affhtded fair obtaining i a thorcingh
Academic andeiliierdion.• Flury effort will be
Made to astasee the happineM and fityproyement of all who
may attend.' •Ths Collegiate year begins An Slut; 'second
ffassloo,•Decrinber 7th ; and the third, Marcia 21st. • Tuition
varies front $l3 fo.slB per Session, according to, studies. For
rurther infonnitticiri, apply to UM President; . 6i to 'Professor
KNowLEB, Pittsburgh, Pa. • aulS
New iStock ! New Styleal
EATON, cnEr. 1441411Urd
To The Readers of• the .P•rarbyterialt Bawer.
We invite special attention of all WHOLESALE AND BE ,
TAIL BUYERS, to our '
New Spring and Summer Stork •
Of Dress Trimmings, Embroideries, and Laces.;
Handkerchiefs, Veils, Barbee, Berthas, &c.; •
Hosiery, Gloves, Ganntlets, and Mitts;
Skirts, Comae, and Frencli,Forms
Bonnet Ribbons, Flowers, and ltuales;
Shirts, Collars, Cravats, and Ties; •
Summer Unikpahirta and Drawer. •
Head Drawee, Read Nets, and Baalaibl4
Zephyr. and Shetland Word, Patterssi ftr— • .
FA NCY ARTIcLy,s, AND, NolfOrfs,
And eveniklng Istaally kept In .I(inkelalme Trimming and'
Notion Home. • • • •`' • '
COUNTRY BARCHANTS it =LINERS are solicited to
call and examine otir atock and learn our prices before pur
chasing elsewhere. EATON, ORES A: MACRUM'S
Trimming, Millinery, and Notion House
' ap7•Sm 'No. 17 Fifth Stniet. Pittsburgh.
.T3' A. 'l' HOMT g
, • , _ s PIIIIADELPIITA, February, 1860.
The Arm of E. T. MOCRRIDGE & CO., Waif dissolved oil
the First of January. The Undersigned will continue the
at 62. North Fourth Street, (up stairs) Three Doors above the
blerchante Hotel, where . Buyers will find a Stock of HATS •
AND CAPS at figures from 20 to SO per cent. lees than idithr --
tar Credit Prices. Respectfully,
P. S.-4141ti ARigheetyrble obtained for FURS Bent to us on.
Alt. L. scomans. O. POLLAMBIZ. T. A. IWISIZARIL:
. _
PoOgzi 4.11FP
No. 81 nth Street, tank Block, Pittsburgh, Ps.
• •We invite the attention of our customers and Merchants
generally to our very large stock of Boots and Shots* for
Spring and Summer sated, and would respectfully solicit a
continuance of the liberal patronage heretofore bestowed
upon the Mouse. Our stock of
obtained at first hands strictly from manufacturers, having
been selected with the greatest Ismail:de care, bas never been
surpassed, and it particularly adapted to the wants of WEST
Our Goods we have had mannfartured with especial refer
ence to the wante of those engaged in Retailing, and are
warranted to give satisfaction.
Purchasers visiting thie market sire respectfully requested
to call and examine our stock, as we arc prepared so acetone ,
modatelhem with prime goods, and of just such
as they may want. Our prices we will gm/metes es low a*
those of New York or Philadelphia.
All- ordere promptly attended to. and Benefaction war
ranted. WM...II,I3CHMERTZ & CO,
ap7-3in No. 31 Fifth Street.
During the last fourteen years, some four hundred patent*
hits been granted on inventions designed to *lighten the
drudgery of family, setting, and at same time to produce au
machine that conld be profitably wed for manufacturing_
pnrhoses: but.,. strange to my, oat 'of this largo number of
Sewing Machines, only some half dozen have been proven to
be of practical val he; and of This entail =trifler, not one has
in it combined the advantages of a family and manufacturing
Machine. There are large, heavy, noisy, cumbrous, and
complicated machines, designed for heavy week, that anteiree
the purpose - very xvell; while there are cabers of light
mechanism and delicate adjustments, which perform on light
work to advantage; and while the former are • exclu
!ivory confined to heavy work, the latter are of little value,
except on light fabrics: Therefore I take great pleasure in
stating the important fact that Mr. Mows, the original in
ventor of Sewing Machines, brie reecntlyperfeeted his Shuttle
Machine so as to combine, in a much smaller space and with
far tem machinery, the strength and durability of the manu
facturing machines, and at the same time possessing that
delicacy of movement and ease of operation peculiar to the
family-machine; and which renders this the only machine in
market. capable of working equally wet/ the lightest cud
hearfestfa!rries, and is therefore designed for
For Shirt-makers, Vest-ionizers, Tailors, Shoo-binders, Gaiter
': fliWit4Harness-trooketa, Carrianctriunneno, as well as for all
!TariWes of FAMILY.SE WING, .
.• • • •
THE• •
. , .
tliiinedy one that cart give satisfaction; and they will be
sold.for one-half the money charged for any other machine
capable of doing as heavy work in as good a manner. These
machines cannot bigot out of order by any fair means. and
they will be fully warranted for one or more years. They
will stitch, hem, tuck, cord, bind, gather, and fell, without
bastingi--making the lock-et:kb seam (alike on bath sides) of
great beauty, strength, and elasticity, and which cannot be
zipped or raveled.
The public are corillally invited to tall at my rooms, NO.
.26 1ar . 17.1 'STREET, up stairs, and thoroughly test those
machines on all kinds of work; don't be satisfied by merely
. seeing a Machine saw on a rag, bat bring along your light
' obi. and heavieit work, and pat the Machine to The moat rigid
" A.otive and responsible Agents are wanted for the sale of
these Machines, upon liberal tonna. Please send far samples
of work and particulars of agency,. Address
. , ...
W. B. - LASSCBLL, Agent,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Family Sewing Machines.
Rupee Dry Stoto,) ENTRANCE ON Parrs- Sums,
'405 BROAOWAT,' Mew Tortx.
'73O , OIIESTM:IT STREET, Psimannimm.
)137 - These Machines sew froM tiro spode, rind form ft
;seam of unequalled strength, beauty, and elasticity, which
will 'wit rip, evert if every fourth stitch be Out. They are
unquestionably the best is the market fur family use.
te— SEND FOR A crßogioa..
• .
W.' D. ' 8: H. * M'CALtITNI,
87. Fourth . Street,
ItaTo received their SPRING STOCK of
42y4t,igrngs!„ esma&ezAßE,
~-.,Bhades,.Matting , Rugs, •
MATS, BTiilfß RODS, &C..
Their issortnierdls nasurpassed, and will be sold at tit*
rery hareat rates, for Gantt. ap2l-In
_ .
Family,. Grocer :and Tea Dealer,
!Daring recently returned from the East, and added largely
'to his stock by , freeli purchases, desires to tall the. attention
of the public to the finest end largest assortment of
Choice , Family
;to be found in this* city. Families, Schools, Hotels, and
'Dealers who may favor him with their eiders, may rely upon
,quality of the geode they-purchase, as. his object is-to
famish the beat and . freshest (nods 'in the market; at the
lowestgqrriui. ;:
Dant *Les Containing an,entended list of 'nay *MA fur.
.iidshedleyenall,lf desired:
.4467, charg for cartage.
e, JOHN A:RENkitaw,
Liberty Street, near Wood.
rural do I 5) ttzwata Izmir ;4I) Wl)4 Z4ll
Tho. subscribers, offer for sale sixty thousand barrel* of
POUDRETTE, made , by the 1,,0 la MermacrimaNG ComPANT,
itildite to snit 'Purckiasers; This 'article is in the twentieth`
year of its tutrodection into this country,. and has outlived
:fertilizers 'of every other description, for the folloising
let 'lt is itacie from the night soil of the City of Nesi York,
bytholi.tal. Co, who have a capital of $lOO.OOO, lirtestett in
the bneinent, which is al risk should„they make a • bad
2d. Forparnasad :Vegetables itis the cheapest, neatest and
handiest indifnro in' he :world :tit can be placed in direct con
ma With. •the - seed, forces !and ripens vegetation two weeks
=earlier, preiunts the cut worm ? doubter the crop, smile with
;Tit'disagr'ithbli odor: Three dollars wtath, or - two barrels,
is all-spflicient to manure an acre of Comma the baL ;=
• Piact-1. bbl.; $2.00: 2 Tibia., $3.50; 3 bbls., ss.oo; andtrier
;dibble.; $1.50 per barrel; deliveredfree Of Cartage, ItiVeatithi
or railroad in New York City.
A pamphlet containing every information, and certificates
(from farmers all over the united States, who have used it
;from two to,seventeen years, will be sent,tree to-any one IT-
T - bring fOr'the same. °RIFTING, BROTHERS & C0., - '
. „ . North River Agricultural Warehouse,.
60 Courtland gieet, New York;
marlo.2m , or. 1343.SontIonalaiare•Avenue, Phila.,
. 1 : 142 Ae l
,111 re„
e u 7 420
. ^S PT 7
MlS#vg ° ^Q.
ef • Infigrostoti 2 dr:
• Save the Pieces ! •I.
f 48 awictowts will, happen, earn Gs will-wwl4stai ftwaililks, Ror
teratiablii to !Aye some ehe.p i iiid sonlwilload way l4r ag,
lig..r,urnisFe,lo7 l , Crc4r7.ten
, .
tiee% nn i LiPOPn“l3ol,d . 16 9: 0 4r0fd
wlthontt IC It Is alwra7ys rends and op to the sticking , poW .
Thor. In no longer 0. necessity for liropine oboint, otdlidoidel
bicolc wry =Mex. • Itdo -Jtod thwerild•
t firer°, sbolket! r d,otbot: ornamental ',ark, so, popolir httpoo.
; • • -;
s oh, othotriddelitepirdttonli Nod cold, toinic,elierdadly
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