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D. .........J. ALLISON
Editors and Proprietors.
&Note Ettinedtturrions ..
Is Class
Deorentien ne emus or rue Mill
for Two Domesissore Will vend by =a indienollijaws ;
and for Oxe DoLLen, thirty-throo numbers,. 414
Pastors sending ne Terms enbactiberei
be thereby entitled to a piper without ishargid.
RAW PENCIL MART on tbo paper, ,A s
term le Dourly out and that we deer° ammosra4„ ; • ,;
Renewals should bee rompt, n Ilttle trait' th e
Rend payments byo humid, byt mall. ' feat ./
Direct ell letters to
; VittsbussikePai I
DAVID ai l ' •
. .
Ppr the Preebyterton Banner.
why I Am Not . an
MY ' PEAR SIR :Af,.. l ;Oioir last friendly
interview you mapmussed l surprise that I
could not be mnde,to,see the vast superior
ity of the Arminian system to all others.
You reFarded . that'system as so agreeable
to all riglo,4o,fini of the Divine charac
ter, so epnponant lo the popular belief, and
withal, so consistent with itself and. free
from oPlec.t l ions, that you wondered i wity. it
0110Alof commend i tself the . under !
stet:ol4g of all enlightened, Christiaii:
You pursued this train of remark so -far;
that l. feel constrained to speak oat iu belt
diifence, and state frankly why I cannot
teeeive your theological creed. In execitt,
pig this task I hope you will allow me, the
same friendly freedom which has been•in
dulged in by yourself.
I. I have objections to your doctrine of
Agreeably to that .doctrine
,there, 'Ray.. be'.
persons in the World of despair 4rlio; once
received from the Lord, a complete pardon,
sealed to them by the witness of the
Spirit. This I cannot believe for several
1. 'lt 'represents the . ever-blessed. God *as
mocking the poor sinner by bestowing a
pardon which is worthless, and as. convey
ing to him an assurance which is false
and deceptive.
2. You will grant that God fore-knows
all things. You Will then adinit,',shat.if
there are sinners in hell who wore:meg
pardoned, he knew from the beginning•that
they would be finally last. He kn'etrit
the time he granted them the pardoapand
so, according to your .theory, he, bestowed
a full forgiveness on those poor VenitentO
and gave them an assurance of it, knowing
at the time that it would end in' nothing
but miserable disappointment l •
8. According to your 'great theologian,
the Rev. R. Watson,," what. God has, deter
mined to do, is'inade apparent by 'what he
actually does, which can be no new, no
sudden thought ; but known and purposed
from eternity, in view 'of the actual cir
cumstances." If, therefore, God actually
does send pardoned souls to hell, he must
always have purposed so to do. And can
it be that ho would grant forgivepess to a
believing penitent, intending at the same
time to send his soul to perdition 7 . That
is too hard for my belief.
To all this you will, reply, that when
God bestows a pardon, he bestows it on
the condition that a certain measure of
obedience shall be rendered by the sinner,
while life lasts, rindif dig§ is not complied
with, the pardon is juitly revoked. But,,
my dear sir, do you not see that, a pardon
suspended on conditions of future obi) . -
dience, is no pardon at all? At best, it is
nothing, more than a promise which "may
never be. realized. The •conditions•reqUire
the Whole period of:a . man's life in order
to their fulfillment ; and till the last •condi
tion is .fulfilled it is doubtful whether - A::
pardon will• ever be enjoyed. To•tell midi
a one that his sins are forgiven, is sheer
mockery. Down to the moment of disso
lUtion his Sins are unpardoned 'and if not
pardoned : 'he is not justified, and if not
justified he is condemned. ; What comfort
can such a one enjoy during,life ? If your
doctrine of conditions is true, there can be
no joys of pardoned sin, no welbgrounded
peace,this side the grave.
Besides: aseording to' your theory the
belieVer in Christ has' no
. great advantage
over the impenitent shiner. The one hai
a: promise• of salvation. .encumbered , with
such conditions as render it extremely
doubtful whether it will ever be
The other has a promise that if he believe
on Christ with a. tine and loving faith,
shall 'be
It is a part of your system that regener-.
ate men may become unregenerate, and
then the second time be born of
. God; and
so, as often as they fall from a 'state of
grace, be born anew. No 4 I . would like
to know what terms will definitely express
each of these successive spiritual births.
When a sinner, a child of wrath, "born of
the flesh," is for the first time born of God,
we very appropriately style him re-generated
(1. Pet. i : 23, anagegennemnqi,) or born .
again.' But when a man has experienced
this Divine change the second •or third
time, how shall'we speak of him? Shall
we style him re-regenerate or _re-re:ie
generate f, Or must we say, born the' third
time, the fonrtla time, &a., as the case' may
be ? It is certain that the Bible wilflibt,
help us out of• this difficulty... •
In connexion with the apostaey,of,saints,
you maintain that there maybe persons
hell who were once include& in the elec..
tioh of grace. And though we differ
materially in relation to that Divine pur
pose, you will, at least, agree with me in
this; that 'those who are elected of God are
elected to somdildhs.. - ..I.Prthen there be
pe'sons among tha..finallt Jost, who were
once elected , : to what,. were they,
elected. You cannot. say that they werer
elected to holiness ;. for then it would.
follow that the purpose of God, according ;
to election, did not st.a.nd.—See Rom.. ixt:.
11. They did not continue in holiness,
Ror the eanie reaSons, they could not have!
been elected to salvation ; they were . not,.
saved. I repeat the question then, Towhat t
were those lost souls once elected ? You:
would not like to say that they were elected
to serve God fora short period, and then to
lie down in eternal despair. And yet that
seeins to bethe 'only answer, consonant to:
your prineiples.whieh-yon,ean give to the
question. • •
Excuse me,:•dew air, think I:
have spoken too:plainly,: and • believe me to
be yours, truly, .' '• . N- D-
I don't like a profession. We will; not,
ask why, because we do.-not- believe this
dislike exists. We believe-the person, in
general, has no objection against profession.
Let us see. Most likely-he-belongs to some
politicsllartyl; ,and , it ifirtwo, , to one le has
professed his side, very warmly and re
peatedly.' Afid he may have a neighbor
who, on , the election day, votes no one
knows howl. when -the discussion is going
on takes no 'part; when asked his opinion,
evades the polut . ;, and it is quite likely
that our friend, 'wbo, says he does not like
professions, jhiiiiks, this conduct very
timid or pitiful, eipeeially if he suspects
diati be 'may be:o 4 liik own side. Let :is,
try again. It is (probable that -he is a
friend of some one. Of ',the half dozen
schools, of medicine. He believes in the
little grains, or the big- spoonfulls, in the
tail Or, 661 d water, oi"thelililling,processif,
steam, and he says so. He tries to show
his friends .the risk they run in trusting
their lives' differing his favorite
schOol. '.there would he no, great venture
iii saying that, le Would' "no_
patience ' , Withwond :who woulit take his
favorite medicines, -Ibut, .concesEithe fact.
He would very , much rather 'inteli 4 a -man'
would show his side, and-make a-prOtession
For the lireebytrian
. . .
. ..
.1 i)6l ~ [ T ricrti air . v t • z't ,P-.-. tc rl trTi . -10 7 1 .1 . .... 1 ' TT - T . .i ,9 4..7 . ..; I T
....... .
..... .
~,., ..t...t .
!. „..:• •-.... Vl' l' ' I' : . - 1 l'e ' .Ito.l N; 1: - •! - I . f ' '.v! ~ le, 1 . 4 7•'l Z .......„,.., t Tittll
. •„, 411 : 11. 1 ,..; , fr ~.. 44 .
• , ~, • ..._
• ." .
• , ,
.. , .! , r :...:: 1 :. • t ~.., ,: In , .1, ~,f4,
1, ' • : .-.: t c!: . -.) fin ...f".". '. & i ':. r- 1 ~ '. C: ' . •f: . • - 1 . ~ p...;:f
• I .
- .. , ,): 't:. 1 , .;.: ;!- Ji•?~ ; .. , r, , .• :.•! . 1 ;u-y.,T, i m:s-) .. I ),,-: il tr'fo.• , :•; •I . :•ri! 1-1- ;t1...:1 r; . i,•,...1.(,.. ' l .
~. :: . f p j!,
for the public good. Or.. we may. sup
pose that he is' endeavoring to •build 'a
bridge, or construct a railroad. It is not• say that he likes to hear pro
fessionspthat the enterprise is needed, and
willesucceed: The truth ,is, he does :not
dislike profession.
13ukhfdislikes the profession of religion!
This may, be. But does 'not God derye
the hOner of a Tublic recopit4iii q,t,.iito: as .
:mach as a political candidate,
or pnblie improvements ?,. ',You don ' t. like
A .prOfesiion ;. yet confesgoti Of ',Gar is
Brit - some do not likeibe
commands of God; some do not like"the
ei*hth:, et even the one before , that" ( ;My
'ffiendva, profession ie' plainly commended. :
That sco`.. , d4 not like it." NoW, is' your heart
so pnre.',iliat ,riOthing .should be required
but what you love ? . God gave no com
mend but such as men loved, how soon
-would- his law. Inake . the , world ",holy,:and .
.jest, an A,. good?','., , Y,on il t o not like the
commandient,, but God does; and, he will
be the 'fitial,jodge.
,sis opinioi!, and
. net
yours, will' prevail.* laat.. :Am a ea:Vi
cious circumstance against you, . ; that you
make .such . a difference between religion
and other things. You like 'professions,
and make , them,, only l, not, on religion.
Does it not seem yen . and God differs
widely? • Is it possible that you are "both
reconciled. nto one?" How can yott lope
•to spend; eternity, with tGod in. , heaven,
differing from. him ? • Can .ycary think of
lying under Ilia wrath in bell .?.- . .Beek; dear
friend, to have your. heart run parallel with
the,w4l of God that being, oiae with him
yon,may dyrell in his kingdom forever. ,
• •
• • .. . • -
POLICY "—NAPOLEON NOT Tauptiuk,ritovilupx FOR;WOUND.
. .
WOND'ON, Februcr/ 17, 1860
„Tn 43EANiumLOR's BUDGET--waited
for *impatiently, and delayed 'W the indis
pciaition Of its anther—Wes , brought before
the House' Of Commons on Friday evening
last. 'Mr. Gladstone's style 'Of 'speaking
have en now described to you. 'Flexible;
classic, Saxon, grave' and gay,-argumenti
tive, persuasive, business-like, full of facts
and figures •when there is a need to be---all
these, and -more, are to be' found in his
great efforts. His memory is truly mar-
Tenons; and, one does - not know whether
most to. admire-his power of analysis, or
of-eondensation. As a- financier, also, he
is eminently fertile in expedients, and, as
the ablest of the Peelite school; when he
proposes reforms in the modes of taxation,
or abolitions of any or every.deseription,
he is almost as bold and daringas -was his
great, master. , ,
Mr. 'Gladstone. stated ;that ', since 1859 2
the na tional Wealth had . ; increasedrate of 15} per cent., and 'he • eonsidered
that he'viaa thalefoie justified inliroposing
that ari'lianianibtaiti 'Of 10d.-'on the 'pound
shouldigrioithitiedtoiv all- inconies' above
£l5O, and 7d. a pound on incomes bolo*
thatamount. • . He.proposes. to..abolish :the
duty,en,peper-* T a,great hoon i tto,,..the ; new
paper proprietors and. to r literaturali gene
eral. By..tbe ~6,onunercial, Treaty.„ with
Vrilucer the duties. 9D—OCIIEP. and Mg will
be • reduced. this . Years and t-4, 0 .11 0 ;ti
junk . „henip,.,culd .other. itimea,:eezt. yeer f
Next year,l'rarice.,will *ince, the duties,on,
all English predUcts to an . 4 / F;cgfiron:diity
of 30 per, cent,*,luidaftei yea*, to 25
per Cent,
England engages to'aboiieh all duties on
French manufactured goods_er. onee,..and
On brandy it is to 'fac'tie:-2(1., 'in
itead of ,10s. per , gallon, and on *Fine, 35.,
25., .and Is., according to quality, instead
of 6s. 9d. per gallon. The treaty is to be
in force for , ten - The reduction in
our revenue this year, in consequence of
this treaty, will be over. one million ster
ling. Other reductions on the duties, of
tiniber,:frnit, hops, and';ehicCrY; aindrint,to
as much there. .' „ ; .* .
The expenditure for the.rireient year -is
estimate.dat more than4.70;000,000. Mith
the reduction of-taxes and loss of revenue
from' the , :Commercial'' Treaty;* . there was
presented an meal Maras * and.,gtilf of more
than !;,49;000,0,00 : deficit . But, ~ as ; the
Times says,'” when , he :states- sucks-deficits
and offers. 'the alternative' :of -the Contifiti ,
epee of the war duties , on"tea and sugar;
Od A nine-penny Income Tax,. or the re
duction of those : duties, and a shilling
Income Tar, he takes up a•position- doubly
strtingl first, because it is one that no rival
firOiiief4i will,be very anxious to take from
him; aiutiseeendly, because it rests en ,the
impregnable -foundations of a : clear „and
demonstrable necessity." •,1„,
The ladies will all vote' for -the Treaty
with France, i no., doix,bteps for epees, Auks,
and all kinds ofverfumess will-- now - come
into England -.compariiti'vely cheap. -It is
better; if Winii'ia.te be'used,'and thlii the
figkeic,pasSion for gin and Whiskey,ihonld
be abated, that -we -should , hav,e pure , aria
weak wines, as contrasted with highly
branded port and sherry; and above all,
With that.'horrid• compound "
wine,', , ' , which is furnished to ,workhouses,
and. other istablishMente, for* sickiiersons.
Aegreniarkable feature, Of :this,Budget=is
to reduce -the 'number of commoditiesoon
which:Custom drities..ase.Aevicd,frorn.four
hundred and - nineteen to-forty-four. - It
also reduces the duty on butters tallow,
cheese, and ;eggs, which iirery considers
ble,boon, and will heiji,hOullekeepers
that rather heavy.,Xaceme Tax, which I
fear is' now fairly established as- a idomestie
institution." ' .
'" Free Triaein Regal' such is the text
of 'a' leader leading, lour:nal,. in 'con . .
nexion . pith ;the,ii.bctitaon -,Of the paper
duties. That abolition wilLniake , a differ
ence to
. .the ...i Tipi55. 7 .44nie.,pf,,450,900 a
year; but 'the diffieulty - be, where to
find.material sufficient for A ilie paper, that
will be wanted. "We can-make paper-out
of Al junk, or wheat straw;: or .banib6o,
byit , .We cannot print a newspaper. tipon'it.
Ay fA roually we lope this may cone: ...
whiler,-we .are at the mercy of , the rag
merchant. Paper of any quality, worth
being called ~paper, must depend- ferl its
fibre upon ~ r ags. England does not,.pro
duce' rags •enough ; Ireland has her. own
use for hers." (Does this refer to the ex
traordinary; ,patelies, , crgi
cant, or the-bundles , of old! rap. that, stop,
up thebroken windows?). S•"Franed,Bel
gium, Spain, and Portugal, all rigo r o usl y. ,
prohibit -the export of -that .
only foreign. supplyicomes-fropi Italy•lind
:Germany, and'this supply is quite lucent
thensurate With: the ...dent4t(d'reqaired' to
keep , the, art(Cle At, reasciaable price."
'New i 4 there'nci help to.bii tit ; I iek;from•
the United States ? o . 'yeTree eitizeris'of
Great Republic, think not we mean to in-.
suit you. Rags and mretchedness arelittle
.kmiwn amongst you,. save where Popery
, and'viefi'•haice shown. :themselves:. , 'But- :
• e,
'there nO"lnginiOns'fieW-Ehgla*dei"libi ,
• .Prker;,T-'4 1 4 3 . • ylv , in4to, or 4 4 0 .. 1 0*Itel'tlflio
I ma, come ~ to •the helprot.tim*inewspape%
I peas England,-in this matter-of ft-leagl
4f i• • "Illiaar
rYILICA RCH111:17, 1,14 ;P:2l :1
A # A
supply ? Yon have i given us a. Rarerto
tame "Cruiser," and..a great.many other
vicious horses; you have sent• ns over mar,
vellous inventions. for .agrieldtpral.Aevelr
opment, and-I. knqw...not avhat:... Bnt rags!
:rags.! ;that .;is paw-,tko..Apiestio4,this
problem. :.5ha1...0 0 .M deR ..inaOince
start up at pugh a crisis,. gro!n
'and cia)y
'but, sprea d increasing light and nisrilisation
all over our' borders . . „ . •
Thidierisditeriof till
nitif week: • It 'renisinslo be seensvliit,lier
ainditiOn' the ''Coninierefal
Treaty, shall be made a party question `by
the Oppositioni vihidliihe Papists in the
Commons yrotild . sladbrayail..4einseAlreti, to
upset ihe'iO4in'et:: ,''Many fhitil 'the.
, defeatid. The lidelied
victuallers and s silk iiiiinUfaetiOra
• •
8144,i aflWeit —if: Fe4P.#
:G°TeTAMentSaalskor 4, 6 :; j e?KiPIP.
" ; Ain)!
F c ' te, " .." . d i ve "%Prig': fa
Yar') and *Sok It '21947fip1,"
. lifinikker,
.*alise, I t spit . 0143 , 7
departed from iiiiiiseenee
none ' ikreis
Italy; bit • only that
in ttislieng,''would Make - the pasiimite liB .
the Italian frontier, 'by any ' , Pewer, ' a 'Caen,:
'belli • againM; - that Poi& •birth's' iart:•of
the , other • five 'Thus Ita ly, free! front' all
fear 'of intstfeitinielfreinf.Frainie . Or Ana
tria, would ilia -left tonisittlelitsroiiir affairs.
The inixtisans: of. .thel Pope say;that • the
majority, of the,people are , against_ change
and ; revolution.. ...Lord Normanby r ths .bitit
vers and the,.•Wink .pgolapal: OratPror•PV
fLKaovimnoreven ixt the..4oFagna,,. Tusealfy, and
the rinse;§ .. ePfe . ',Mil in
the old systo: l • tel
11411 . .!aicaelfor.'.ruiv
or itiiethe' heats' - the
Central Italia Oil' die 'Of*
are the`Po'pe,. 'the gih of lUple'a Anittia
lriirkingg fortiesseii;
and lioliling Venetia writhing ii
whsle idl i the'teilly ' •`„thitaikhont
Europe niitheii'alliaili.• •2 • ' • •
' The Pope' is acting an infatuated •pirvili
aiming-dna scalding the' IftentiliiEniparar;
who, if not anxious Trettin •• military
supreniacy in Rome; niglit well be provoked,
by the Withdrailinent of his , •trodps, to leave
him and the Cardinals te , their! just doom..
• A 'Belgian papet eittys -that aoletter has
been !addressed by tha-Sopo theEmperorj
of which• the-following is: a specimen :•= • •
- refleet lipoll tbsi phrase of your Majesty
that if I• had accepted' that project' should have
raainktained-my • authority over, those provinces,
which seems, to4 . 9ply,thaikat the point wo hay.
arrived at: thertire trretriOably lost. .Sire, I bOg
of yoU,' in thel Titian of'the' • Chiftelf; and tithe
the point • of , vievi;of - .your own) intakes* to at*e
my apprehensions einjusitilied.i. : Certuba memoir!,
said to be secret i ones inform me,ths,4he EmpeF,-,
or Napo leon lefftolis family useful' vihinizip,
iirorthy of a ' Chilsliakp)iiltiitidiiiii *fibciteitilver
site; found in religimiaime!resoureeis and•conso-'
lation.,t•-• : • .
is.certal i n thutlrn shall all shortly havO,to
gipiieWbefc;ri : the . Siiieine'ffibtiiial reiaei:
Stkiet"acceunt ofver mots,' of - ell our :inirds: and)
thoughts. .Letlisit then; .endeavor 'to appear;: be-,
fors plat great God t in.rickguur As,to
68 able to feel the effects, fiiimerey„ and
' If
• 1" spealki to you; also; lin'mg quality of father;, Au f right of spalthing,thu, naked
truth; to, m y ; Sons,_ no_ mitt*? 'hall:A.l4oS jritny .
. pesition '&3 w6IIEC tliu you, Weyer"
thelees, benetolent einresiions 'toward'
me, sad:for the assurance iw,hich •
continuo t i otgafd me that soli i citwierwhic e h tt YPU say,
you liters alWays hitherto entertained for me. It
remains for me to ' pray ' Clod to' shed'
iri'ce blef3sifigs upoki;Amit.tli'e
upon the young prince ;
" The Vatican, Jan. 8, 1860."
The Dublin: Morning News f ithe orgainfof ,
4rehbishop Cullen, Tuhlished. thelollowng
from a •German.. paper. It, would' :1*
enrioaity f weredt. •not; in..the spiripand z ep.
plieation .of it,. a horrid
.piece.; of J4p
phew. Atul,sret .the , ..l.lretos. dOewja
admires it, and.,publiidos,it..t.on, in
help, th e ciplise.of that, ; 441christ w:ho,
Oug•inO?lite .afteldiy WOO ,the .knoti94 B
and prerogatives. of the Divine Redeemer
linle t ejfHeitting,in the-temple. of GOdottid
40*ing.1(ipiself,,t,ltat he is
• . • Write. Pope•before the CongremAtlf,lo . 4l,. ;.,
„lEDintitOß.,' , FRAN CE rrt *toff , .;.411p,r
Enid -2 votde
,videttp. ?'- 7 .Bgthold,the• ntp,)
5.y Whalliinlijou (Mattiie* t
zflit 66.),
. - attraiiiirri.=vfolie; dricitige
Away hime rainy , with. him; 'cruipify• him
fJohn,..M.s f : 15.) . 4 , „ p
"Sdr4^- ,
631411 91410.
.• • DEpt,-- . &Eau
110 ' Iffirat
t h-o r igen :•,.: • ' ; • A e•ni -:•,;tt-i
Quid male feeitB'l4±Wha.tioril4th
he doge t,,(ltio,ttheur xxvii
."Saltunt4-- 4 kips lege,m habemue
dwii hitita debet mori.'--iffe hive &Kind it& -
'4iitOrdin - gtil it he ought to dieVohni . :iii : •firyn •
• "Pausen—Nullam Lavern° in•• eo,;,eaussm.'--4
find tit'?. 93 4 11 1 41 ;i 1 1 4#9,09hik4viP-; 8 8 4 r
SPinr-ri linooen# ego sum jiieti
of the bliiOd 'of * thhi-jitlit
insnplitthelt 3tliiitt l 24..y_e•!' 5:91 . ; !;
‘‘ EckaTunal.— ,4- Ad : quid •Lperditio, hoe ;ITe
what , PaMaal*thia.W.fate4..(4attbe7.X.rritA4
" Ruasi t s 7 -' Quld ad noel Tu,Tiderml"---;What
is that -to nil m 4016106 ii.(Mattheei i=vii E
4. ) 1 1 1 !. 1•. 1 : • 7:'1 . ,./1 . 1 1 14 ' 11,4.
NaPteer-- ,- Eteiromnes soandelisati.(feaript
te, ego' nog seap4lisabeF4.l,ll4lgh t all i shail.
tiandalised in thee, will be ticanaa`lised
(Matthew xxvi,: 83.)
2 is Eiitr =kat Rabbi' ' (SPirittis
quidem promptus••eat; 'etre auteire infirmat) • I,xl
pifidiq onus moridtur pro Impute IRail; Rab
bi! (The 'spirit ' rig • willing; bit the Area
iresh I) . It' is expedient , that' ene - inan , Should 'die
for 'the '1164181 ' fliattbett&tvil:49;-; 4 11;:Jelni
:Ali 1 14:)" , " •;', '1 •• io.:T c r.. ~,t,
•' '~S~tr ', ass's~oFaxxos i' 3JDtil7tibi ' etljnetovilt
IP; Inbit4' Obit 7 pits6a , iieitwyttiudimpiopferr
*um thoii nothhig . to 'darr.vrithothati dais
piss •,'• I lutyeisnifered'inany i thingleini; Mean
beam* of hint: '(Mattheiw'•
"THE Oiratstra!-.4 Peorik =" Y%e9lomini ' illiJ per
Climes tratiettik:'-liWocto that inao.:by whOm he
'Bhan tifi'betriiiiid. (Mettler ixvi: 24.) • '
• ' "ALY,Xesfifecfni-- I, lrer'e tioiorea 'nostros sipse,
tiu it et eata . doetra Cpse portavit.'--Surely le
liattiborneOur iiorroa , s, inficairried. our sins (Ise:-
4; : 17.) ' • •
' 4o llilleinviriihlPatbare- I, 7eittitininio este, in
ptoxinib'enbilest; lilt a-Deo cirriiit:'=Benfigood
'courage, thy eutefrolii'llodiii at handlTobias v . :
donee" vidam Orem!
P i ostifieldiesiteeierginii!' . Et beatue eitolut.non
sandeliiittuiin'eibt Sit you heid; till 'L g'o
"'Aftei7titieedaye 'Aso again.
And blestied is he 'iihosiseirer,shall acanda-
Vied e (Matthew ; : 1 68 Luke
A.-; pacific policy, at is . said, .is ' about to be
indicated by i &iv Wench , GOveniment;,in
titeolatt to' iitgents:
: 4 1044771k
/the -Emperor• vectuetiow of ; armaments, .to
be met' .by a icorrespending move on
side ',if the "'The •Timperov lit' is
that 'e*-
kenaOlges , wWx;; 04 11 Y..44. FOry,
inekulirkwfortifidations and *defences,
mgkrithirestimtites 'tvsitgetlf , to rupwards ':of
1.2#4000'.001). Me it' is 4 : W141'46 Iy' has
'turned ~
ij:fr,rikid . ' .
,Of the; ewbre— no,, ;even ;Nitg444,44
this •moment--tnust,him, therloeli•tkpoxi
him, their heakta, as little better:than' a
brigand; and a'ethridingmeriace. , Hemsy
postpone the evil day, brit all seem ex
pect a tremendous upturning, in which he
will toe•the principal , conspirator , And setor.
rules "(nevelt ; he uses: men iiiirithis •
)lag' he; aced
of the,
is ,
ate doonuaudAsstinyA rw,.•
...PR.d i vanw •
WOND3b,',4o#l: P
by the ~army and ;
meat ) likierp*,, l , Fyn t
whioh _has . eetalol
siankies... These
reliable, tr.lip,,live;
lost an arm calm*,
injured., n
thus acting, I ft.o
part of t4..1331414'''
rate9fB4.Pedia" l !,
d 90 4 9. 4 :- )0 44/TiV"
medals ',on, tAieir ( b
diq9inkitc4 1 !?,/.c . e Pi
Russian „Is; for
hUndred and
erage iS
tb r :ti /being ,enw
and doisame'nt.B
after fietee
i f
has been created I . , e f Tetuan and Gran
dekOf paiti,-, ~1 ooriph, army has re
40:Aited to theif nit 1 444:ii,iiiid it,ietilil
itukiiiible to' folio 'thni: DeeiTy likie`
the Tlei.Oiiiii i heen; INlight.. They "are'..iiy:
diatiin as 'the lin' • . .l'ou 'which IlieYlirtli ,
been ;iron, and ivhi .1. , ,ieve .„en .. DI ' 1.
ftita watered . iet 1- i i ie. ;' . .-4
4patittildr el4i* ,' .- "o: lelteth4. n'''
. ' ,4 : . 7 4,: Nita .1
thousand men s
.e comba t. : . Kestionce
has ypen .very busy '"' lle 6*penditure I'4ol
wake . haye . be en 'e ! terPe r ,:; .1t '',o 1 01 . . 17 . 6(11
t:O • mark how tirObi ott,poweiii„ilepr,esen-_
titiyee , of:the `t*. " i _gfefti:sing-qatkatian,
systems,, *oli4ii'Di' . 0. 1 ,9 1 sia Popery 'are
...migitink 4itdoir"o , , lealkiithity ; thisyeur;-
wliile •litiOlat!'th" ' Niii;,owri Objects
ire,re'irniighteting, 't , einothOnietiesi)liditi .
Pf;:iiidi, iiid Prof? '', t'AirOp l e'Adkid;ep,
li ,Li h . ii ...„ . ..,
.. .
.0 . . , :. , t . 1. !:, 1 . . 1 :1 . 7 ;: : . .,.., 1
1 Y7r l t hlFtaik? : 6 f P ` . f Pi, IlfiVi.ittl'Op i liffgtilik
4 10 1. . 1 . 4 inig 4 .0,..4.' 4 t * ti glttf i t tl ' P th '
T. ; iPk a x d m i l?s. hi iq l'Amltiti j klifOr;,
im jiaittary 04. 1 • R.& . ) lin qßailt
:p73feii ( lini . iit ioil ik - 4 lAikdedl4 in it l .4'
+O4l 14a; dilin: 7 11; - .lioal!zn . p . illiiii4fia:
!truth ite . beginiui, 1 . meant Of gik,B,Alige,l
iti3,penetrit,te sonic; • t • ,'Or `dirkiiit'i l iep'esiefi T ' s
,iii:E'vipielist , it IPA' A . Z244;:tint..
ilf+Cilinte, 'has lie 4,:ilOintii'd'lti" it,' lo,iii:
linprikorYtneiiir: li 4 nipataialiiied igiiift"
stibiit,..'ama. • 'his,' iiitioci, :: i i ii , gf bis o l l :;
IMeiiiiwhile our GO riinientletieing urged'
public-meetin d.e.therwise,- to bring
'apressure to bear t ! _Spain i n . this matter.
I.A.t the •iYeS t nt. MO, 1 ' ? afeTiTgErifitt r e Be 1-
fast Presbytery, 11'ir -.Green-, a gentleman
OrhoNitsidedvVoine cti.iffil iiii.Spain,i 'Wight
ppp. the case t. and a tipprittee was , a I s tint:-
o ariddiii* v . iehipiiid'in' the ' .. e . 'at t.
natilt. '.'Whiint-46 it
11 14 . tnatific as NA ! til Ile'
. n - istEi and Ilan' ii - 041:' to' do t 'Fiw 'Aoi . dig 1
p_owes is being einithithidged: . 'The Viiii6lo
Eiipiroi, 'it ii'safdSOld' the Piiiiolilkihi l '
otii iitely,Aittr a sittildi-tlie Tiiiitiff 'tilde'
loSidArliii Ind. - dill:0k in ifnit ilaiii'd,nhe
vas at liliertOdlilteAlitt f itetti l Oh' liii r fiL"
i ta
ttiti - lie"kotilddfdf theVigrand'rtirritory t
iuntier zumetp , fiogiar atknk
' '4 ' ''' di . - • • Wfrailiz - '
Pith a •code - 'of la in socoirdince !with: the
ihecjiiire.ments ofvci4ll society, enclichiarking , i
hip over a contented people henceforth , bi
ecurlid:"..'llkcisiiiV thie-segse ',therefore,
indint this .-sense4u/y, -that, the ,"Emperor.;
exhorted ' the' BishoFetto =during), mprez
erasion for !the , sogetetßty 9finck-krono.if
he, Adepootidence*igmligis: • litoPPets .44 I
.atigbfo,r , ,the PO. - .9n4f.the tfoPITiP&.i
0 liht,CMnifv.ell . .0 4 4P a w404 , 4
14 it , 34 11 ,** idOITIYIPAMPPAi A.IPRIV4I:I
-9 1 41iWOblif -103*9#0 1 0 11 104, ' 41194Tim.,
~F , P .n1 . 1 . Y. t1..91P1., sins - of, Pit0.,F9.40-1:14. VIP,. .•
ns ; well An.E . 7 tnei,r pen, f, Dy ..ourniyal up ,
14 ;1° 1 444* 14 4 i Nek •r ii io . *SPLf s 4 e :
iteep1e..4:144., y ; the',Chure ~ .obey ere : efiit 7
tint to cry,' Longloll,he Church:' "' Bpi'
it is.added: . ..
". 7 . ' - -
, The,Xfaennne Ptis-yea;olsa.get.liom the- pope
panept nor circeasest a , Pop ular disaffection
ishovis till its nak'edgesiti;' 'There
Xl4 diitetidiato ` willing to kneel derthiPontifidardar- . '
Hags :goes -past; Frith :his half-mattered Arciden •
'grid Papa!" an exclamation in which theriors,s
{Wore of profaneness than deliberate malice. This
year. the Papaitcoliell and its ocenpant's blessings
areshurineil .the plaghe: People take:to their':
heels wherever •he Appears, and . the same, pare „is .
Laken to get out of the way of the red tassels on
he frontlets of the sleek, black, Roman-rioted"
steeds-Which annotince the•.appviaohrof toPriiibe
of .the Church. There is dire 4/stress in Roliee,
,and,the peeple, whether4lghtly.,or,wrlngly, steut.,,*
iy lay `it to the blanie'bf Tonti4lll'Cig,veiii-:
melt." It is thel'ope•WitlilibfobitinaCywho'pro'J
'longs. the 'Uncertainties °of :the present political
crisis, andi,tios.seexes wealthy travellers: nway ,
fora hheir.cntes.„,
_is,the.Ponegrlio,, by,his tes 7 ,
,tinoss„„droye Rbiobeinoitie subjects to revOlt,'
and rbblied Tarot 'thit lieVehite tb the
kapitattfroim , the sitbjeotecbllegitioism, Togethsr-
O!ith the Ror:tko4 they rAPP•cr,,tA9 -R9mans tell
Aulko'f : relhpon l azid d itt.ndnisteTa. lt, 'ilicre hai:d-,
ly . a; word opprobrium which nOt fierbeii
?itirlixt 'lathe 'heed of the' prieeiti haidly dia;-
paraginr rsneer • against' Abase - "lilack.;rtivens, o 4 '
pr,. 4 5b1, swine,'" that does ,not
,liecome widely
spa eo pool as out -As theatrical allusion;44tsqninade, Ora•ballail-singer's
!There istt deep-set; rahlass, 1 rabid inveteracy, of
jthe wholemaas of- the i population against the or- ;
ider,of theliriesthood, an : animOsity which seeks
iiis,vent it the present Moment in a thousand,oi--
art Ways, hitt 'Which- hi' Simi: Co lead to some
frightful open' outbreak whenever 'aubpport,tuoity
offers iteelt • •.;;•1 - ••• •
AaAkst,this Rent-mliut, cieeal
!placa g ble' aniukOsitirhardly
PO q pok,..hatNu ed itTlL
resolution !Ito. : follbw Brat Martyrs of • the.
GburekhAßAle:o l l 4l 9. o ml?lt• ; il l s head Minietert!er,
Secretary of §tate,who:lly intent upon the accuni- -
illitiOn of ill 2 gOtten PlaYs on' his
eign'afinik superbtitiou r s enthusiasm to' seti him
agginst -his i t ongAmdurizig Imperial•pxo tester, and.
iPßOlonUthis.o4ta.efroantagelliWt!etweePi Rome
lanct,PminpßA4 quoit time as_luppay,ltivis
,iihole or besi"part ea' wealth' alifi
I omit. ise *Akio c'othe. 3 .1 1 - To! °in"
' ' gign. Cif, &Cat' eas'ahtllfeak,Ahrli
Ibitts''C"Ori'Ciplitideni at Rome, has been
,reftue'd'imiiiission , to'idmaiiiitheie. •
gkilitil4l; grbstionknal 'if
! it' 'd'o' not rfiti'd'ilviraY to g ive authentic neWs
, Oven , of the siorcti rinachinatibus f tof. , :the
!Vatiaaupiii-it hair: always , -donir. i'lateift&
Sourees, , *otatukentaea;'arei . well-trighl.i4tet-;
haustible.:*: " • .1
There: Ins Irten4. l ..kletrkvakr.: l o:9. 3 nOplilthe
ittudOnteArgigAlßVl-PA1MP4)71:0:11... i i 1177
lignd4o4t9f.-.t4e!stimic* r pfatieBl . o,firf4P.
address .pf,,col,l,49lenpe.p the t A ) ,opp., ~c 1,4 E o n
41.,piew oih a t afrf•- 11 4YrifigPre4 I *:fflikt i *
!.,„ts. .
The ,iiimpror, gne '
'of ',the . ;,hlin loth
440 f ish note to
biujisaidchis at, koreo Nati. M ,. Val.:
Mnisl,er ,? , who has re-pl aced
iolities is me om is los
.• d - 4 1
On*, .Inehlieii l d 'id' the '9linf
iia'af'§iiiiit,(Petei. • 7
Tan ZumuotioiNoitTs) nelf. , " . o TA
aliy,e,4,lian,,torAitloog n peXioad.• • fihe4V.itts4
prayerotheMire token; ef , lik.479444Rethq
abound in the metropolii; antj...tkoliglmo
the. country, and ,ttpre,,ffit . pitt, was4ikves,o..
ens 6 f:the , q l , l Akctk e nergy. .Otihe
Ppirit in cniktatirion thsprelibliiikef
the. With - Sninlay
• Wifialla. 'll# w eek was held' a' large
of talegatea from the '!liffeielit
I . 4ggirci 806613'0f the metrOpolis.. " vile
%sae, a iiitinbeibf 'girls who had been ea
-Veiled,' began 'to' hold prayer-meetings' by
'themselves. • One day a.sottikh blaeksinith
came 'in anger .asked -the ..teaoheri,
4 " What have youlione•withony. daughterf?
iShe &in kneither eat itor,:sleep; she tweep's
constantly, and her eyes are bloodshot"
Jk•We , have:beea 4191 pg .4411ipgaitiAhAer,"
.was•tbeireplyl, " but, : we t helteva ,tikatrAod
*fir,f r • r•• i
7. . .1 , 14.d1t , ..
.nyf mann in Lig,
..P i epiii;on,973, gmils9 v ir lt
4.1 1 „ 1 1a t ittf! ti fiff,
.. 1 19°91 VSM4 i ft - 4 ,
3.3 1 R11 kristw.RPM•4?
" en i 131)14 M s ;:e w
' l ,ineeta a • ftee
)1 3 . , "3181043pq, trm l on e
ha to another l at ,
Atght t,he tarftY la ;
. .
Ae# ll ,.On the•skalla.,
lent, optypi ii
141 ,, r t
"4"lleen4eAti.L9f. 4,19
' Fl a .? f, -4 , oY• th P r6 A r4-. -
fa 1' 4:
ii •Fel.• T u k, 4i4 4 I° l
O ! it
rrt.zin • . r r i Clll l t
nrxitingi 14t , t , e4
Chatif taldell trettuim.
:Marshall O'lionnel
ilVtlEk I,dc*!grw,# l !...l l 4 ,l re at that
inimeat the gals.witre4Soitt; hCid their
i.T itglIPP J • " ` , 111.• • •
wayer-pretang. The
,man was invited to
rill He'-' did t so: a nis ' conscience
aniote:bitaphislheirt Wag' melted and sub
Amid; and ileiis v now: a ,clmnged character,
afissioilAnrEa now amount
to three handred.andifift,Y. They were late
ly addressed' by
Benjamin Scott, Ea+,
Chamberlain, : ,Lond i on, . and the Hon.
andßev: $. W. kaVe them full
details.,of -sconestand faets,of the Irish Re
vivai,_ as ascertained by:themselves. The
City' AfisiiivaNMaifacate - publiShed these ad
dresatoltklength,,in pebijiaty num6ef,
40.. 1 !V*04e 8 an
The Ulster Awakenine which it: Calle
4niq!impOrtant WOrki":. It , purposely re
,Pithliabing'ideftl ; information
thriiiimitli;'saYliig the great now
is, 4,1,0?: 494,ximarci?!...:It..ts.aurelY a to - ken
for good,lwhottigreathristiartanstittitious
such 'as)thiai(and neveriias , •there a Society
whose orgarn,fi?n,
,wps ,nic 4 re,
'cathrsia - tCl).4*.higißA...iiii. i .,Oyie.,Boo4 *P7
lessness,: A4,aro,,Aus. Aroughtfrof,reilize
that the great " Worker Wanted f
thiliblYGhesilirithout 'whom, Machindry,
141, 1 t77-Si4VA., j sflet if ire',P° 37 er
. 1, 86 ?
THE REv S. J. ' lnooitE, one of the!Mln ,
.„ d
in Lindo,n.',':2ll,l' •WrVicti4 . ay;
' ' churcties,'. addressed
Neclisr congregation on , 'Monclay even::
log on fTuciday rup4ning Tea at the hreak,
fuit-tahiP . 9f4he'il l rl..ko§P , * t Yg tPol(,Part
three. o'clock in, the
Est 'ider and, afterwards was present
kV 'the "meeting def the' lon/toil
Presbytery of our English Synclthi , He
~reittainttfot fo Weeka,-.Preachigg and
Aling:addreages-14:Hegh*gl1a g9°4I,P9TA
of .the
,steadfastuess:Of;the. converts, and of
iecent - ot iPirithil" and
dike Tp;aviii: * . fafteir inviiPpkterit' IWO' 'Mka' . of
its.exerkisli:•LlAtißalyane'imitherefire , many
convietione.).. 2 .At, !a :; .,great,.lll9otiggf inf,,thg
-1 3pittmirrOot•Alp!eT,.4t01 10 4, 11 7 , .444?
a whqle conglega,tton, was
by 'a - 'to'Weiful
iVeli;lifen;'brothertg;afteiripied t6` flee"sbet
theta!place ; •;vlkini the it Movement begai.
Oneigot , away. ; ....The t o.tker, was : at the : top
A...emr1i.41,-Peff, :PAC 434010:1PPtv .escape :
kls_lf;ft.afterwardg, under awfint.,copvAtiona t
i#eit ; 1104i8 014 intOiliA 411 A OE4' IiI4? ?
tagiOltia" Sii eal :
"Brother, Brother ! what.'crad alkont-mbni
ey do for-us,,if-our.souls,are-lost
Of I,ll4:l,h3wd i rtail . and eighty l eouperts re
cently', admittect Mr. Moore to' the'tord's
ttliildrafit . ifieireit'hid been' cipliyireally,Pios
trated. vu . stti
;.” . :
4)16 17. ~ •:4 . !.-.•! 1,, r
:gun:: BEM this iifi .of mine be wasted? •!f ;!!•
; .r:§15101 .#0817iNe7. 4 3 . 4:49 . 4 9c 1 1::
tn. ; rts::-:ttitt0.5,11,11141
•rturtil unfi lled:1, Y.-,
;1 • lti.cirtstialsponflits traegPitres.
J.r94ioSigti°Bl tli'Mt.falitiinct - AM f
to.i;:lls, l l olll = i t'l 9, lY4.l4 e ii ° II PAR / T le V e g'..
j , ,baildektili
.18:11.1 It Pr tlrolieirrlonn
nag+ Ittoe:, Pits vciliM4o: 1104;110, .1!
- 81 1eiLLQP01.0 1 041.33kt.t.__
Shall I notrhe bridle
Their frii4ilitibe 9 n'? •
1” . e
ae lf t tz ttir
".8 th.e eyee of mine Am
ellMiterfigieitiThilr" 47 " •
• •
neiwr fOn the! Welt 4 1 49- 31 18.§1,411NR
i.l•>ll , ll:r.stiv
—.11 , 109V0M v itlit . gt e t t hillfi l l§%. l M in Nii •
iitoraot.btrnito rtriflie t
• • ' • Life.atayr i•Vdreaspit,of , 846. , , ..' s
tilbittw","o.t. bArRP APP. Vt
Longhip Ruch as theseewritheii
rvt: t WhereOcross;tiod'eloee mewling,
Seta ithe , fatteo4 SPiTiteft9:••
711 ,hTIl t iffint i tP l ig e r u P
where ply aoul; . lhy rest aka be. te '
r.•. P ...:•!1:10); • •
154! 9 !rillPg .1 Lit
ofint—r sfAti l f. .tfY. TIVI
But each precious hour Wedeemig,
13797:A .av i v uer u
n2 l 43r i . ud -
' r!; - : : .1C •
r •
• For the Freetifietitsiii banner.
-4001 ind? 9 1111111e.:BOOki0 ..;
I.```Ft:~~''l~dll~Ts'Y:jEL( i ; /..rt
,1• r i f •
cf ltBStl rUryela ft d • •
Sion 4 ritirchilaktlikeit6 10114 feWlVords
thronghwybiii pitpe:4lhboutl Music mid :A
sic Boob. ', 170 , 0annotithave , M 1 40 3, 1keNr
t9StiY)iviitt°o rPer Alcus i c• -81°4i) any
more than Isiae could 'maid'
out straw, after a few prelihiiclii4ihaitai,
Ilwiithedtoilive*tfirat;•of 7 1nT .(111.• r."
! 0 1'`IItUlii l d libOltle it 'l.
• -% . .
"liiiii°l43,W4iiioeilyuliforeself 14th:the
" drill ""
importance' e geneF ure o f musio
thioughout our . entire' Churehi.aii • an.
der God, for great good; and especially its
cultivatiorosinongstlthe children and youth
!of lour:Church:as afaniilyi inn
ceivev iwefilutVe"anide igiievons mistake,
.and !suffered an influence froni: without to
.possess an , immense.ptiiier.over our youth, AO
lead ihem;9away froth 4. our: , Obtpleh byr.out •
;disregarding our. children,•'andiohildreifis:
music i books . , With .!theo.prtiper I training 'in
10eitittd.andi tioien co, i(Wli at little I
lattention his beetigiNi.endo:,the subjeet, t has'i
:bhenigeherallyto proiide book" adapted
!adults; Audi ttitattandi to &eh' straining aftell
the; time tp*oper i odltiare had!: passed.l
-' I the•Thildreds.World;lidid I- hope met
•liire , -daywhbn the Church i sabegin n i rig!
Ito soiree to ilier right' mindi 'cm I thi 'Subject,
,and)realiie Something :of 1 onn Saviour'
Itemstlin'ehildien, in retrace., our: steps :
the liroperi point•.df beginning bvery.thing.l
Stranip that Ave 'should haveon•lisoltean4 , stil
-fariliniconceived-.4 lour . cluti mil :2 C.onver-;
rsionspinissiont, Moneys • influences ; s ll,
tbeginAherti; rand Isostan ' uChurch
-ginninrio view it ;Ti
ihaiergivendtisolpromirienta position - limb*
, own -worship; andto+earithe ,!
16110 to this ighuich;,4 h t lielyand.With her,'
iiindusfoi slniattnit t:iiiairt•bornf; hgaiten-born;
Menoei , tartkur Churchdielonga tla,e ) *esptinsi-i
of ilthoidtureland*omoti on; fo* her:
oyrnupiiSsOn• IllsopoWer and zpleasurepikai
-part:. of lil3r and ~fora :heri
owrit<pnrposiA. , fi-Itnis a edienceimi4 :intact,
leombinea; and , its •proper. , pefforimince..dr,
execution jre!quires , muck ' , knowledge alato
fitinciplefPand: , foontinini , :plaptie"4.o
/kola of God :a(promixienee =this ktimernf
iffetaxelo,rbirdflimin.britipthe lath,
the) lionty,..and_r.the , -.blindp andifthat wAioi'
tonttusAroliktingzithits ule:! ) Howannolijof .
this the Chulsoh.lhain generally donfe,..niutiis
doing; is,far. t .liepin, l full view of her duty
ami1d.14.117.44110Pe -t 4 ? iflgtfMilligi sllfi 01K • I
• IVllerPittitta 4 :l) ll :4A . Nub/PeAn 9n 7 nrogo .
4104 40.
SaiikilyjmtlArsr.n,tueh less ;eigQ4'Sl;g4 w,L
9 1
s al P111010:PRIPat .15491114. we, 11 10!-bgliPe
copnpira ; kni.g-ralcste4; ~(4fy! RD
this subject as a Church andipssat t lr ; 9pf.
selves :l t° r ltbe,pwork, rn qhpre,;monntr our
nnmertius i works, would o be„fmppit4,lo, 3 Ap r
.-prgirprigell oo ,lffitilt ,P-siSiih-AwAllfiA44
takeickirge of wgius.icateolegticu as.,aro
" ' v .."
.an s if. a ... , :i /cm .Pi.). , t,,
ulaz br'eli . It' nichoil in any. 4rt• all of
enilariieliiat' siho'ols; liCaaeniied, ant• col
leges•? ~ If priniarily a Church•tiatter
arid• Interest, mven, .as :far as other branches
of .01mAtiony and noqifulFt.,,,A l 9r.)tin,,thA PPAtth
ifant,,of sp iiiLit i iy
_suet). ` s iglit t itutins we
eve"read coneeded!the'jpoint; itat i i reg i
a• part , 6f.thertriliningy of Jalliouu children
and. youth in these c ,,Tfistitutio . ns. But
where , have, we : made,, it . so , or, ov.ep.,pon
ceived 94iiea 7 . — Aori t niefy effor has
ben ihaeive'do' not ,give intent) 'thee place
in' 'all 'ciiir'hylitenidlif 'edn'eationVaild` *red
allyireligipusl'educationk4fhiehl ittcimpertL
ante as iii .11Cience , a14 i chennel i dideyotion
demands, andlYthilli. l A lAWkt:. Or 951p#69
our, bhuycli deTotions cap he proper y, 00-
dieted, or 'effective . . ' ' . And aktiii;Wlisit i lli :
tle -att e ntion`' is `tiviiile Vie 'subject, is
hot given at that• - tile bf Jlifee whepoitlis
likely ~to be -suegePsfuloPril M 144 would
t7F x r,' € ! eted r ' ta, ..T 3 O: t 94 10,410„ir#
„acquire ,in ementaii 01. p r actical
ItioWledie of iii . rotligi`seieikiT'neithhi ii
there; norlcan there.tepat that 'time; ofdif4
sufficient timeidexoted to. the subjectlto•obt.
twin a proficiency. And still apia,,wlierr
attended, to out of its proper place and
time, its place aid inatiner of heing ta ught,
had' "de 4 ' Phrtiliiil3 nit'eherailriVitglikeil ) ili
lkotttlatigg#l,t. S*; ' - ' I V"'
seenlarize, once mora ire , it, 1 . : &ertat .
fr9P its .proper saPidness , lin t?; - ichlifsh,
, Hence
„plir c9tii3u . al,
,implop riptips And
dili r ciiii(eil Ali the minims pi' our •Clititpkciei-
Vitei." We'll's s,'Utiureli;liiiii' iiiiiaiife prop-
er provision for "conducting: her , doer' of
praise, as, we sacredly havQffiltit•.ourlduty
to do her preached :Wpri4 r atid prayers,Amt
have to ink to tjr.worlifin zepera,l,for our
ldadeis end: grigerti 'of' ipiiiiiiir song. ' Pa!
haps • no' iiiieqhilitr aiiiirialOrt creates more
Perplexities laid hisit:-burningsT inf our:o6til
gregatione ; .than I the,'music ..-itnd! those mho
conduct ItPi'rirled" Ao,Y,,itheisq°44.r* -
fitiences of our c h urch services. But where
lies th'ediffiaiti, - ilneidio Si; iii'lhefalili',
hilt' the' Ohiirelt 1 hitielViii - tegleeting ifel
own . duty.. i•lf allPtheid 'eiils'areitor bore:
4t4YArlYtkili4Pfts bgginyl 41. a( ,ChX54ll) At : ,the
root of the .",i s igtlr t ano i l Alp, plptj own worlp
The Oharcli, motif take her own nkiri e ' in
hitil,liia l iidi'6OniiiiiitiCo aih t elirpaivide
her losint I prOinr•liiiirsiet bookrilft the gin`
' itructiont.cif our.l3hildreh; seeito it that-the
1 P)1. 8 0-Prilotiked , kr PlulatP, awl 0314tOle f ill
b r' 4 lo l/ Pr'JP ld l eo 4rPl% so , A B - t AIi'VJYt
torni a right: ta4tl in tic, cluidi hire our
Whiile• fiiinily of • Cliirdie ttligliftV sag in
early childhood, at. the , filuite' tintelfimprest
sedr with:thditrrith;thitt iimall ithht they•are
pre.pariug r fes „the orrice acif„ltie ( Chu ph
and as early, es,,,ppßeihrL;and ,tfi ,will
r e p
to'ulidlrhp t qUitii ' isiiifi—fiaVe m
kiikedli siiii'F" i i r n dig' iblvi&iii o't'he
Uhurarpan4 :takuie part inoleadihethoge
Seratioesi. tailing, hyinlispidepralreViseetiegi
Wl,P l o. 4l i4Pl49% ,, trifilf.FOATl:devA li Mft
At, that' trnie of, i lit, all car., snd iiktegf i n t s
etiaidi 4.4 A-10 : sing •ai, to i l ' WI . ; a trutli
not generalirlfeli'64dbeeliuse"not pfopbrli
tested, but .which -It-stre-prePared WI iiib
stiultiate.bytfut 4xpezience,in teachitig(many
' th9 l33 Andtßf , C:hPdFO. 1 4, 1 0-1 11 idOP APn l, 9 l l
:Want. class, to As V,olle i fie t and %heologi-
I, isl r EPai'ii - aif,'diiiirig a Be`riOir ot n neartail
Ivy:a n t ".,.. .1.0 tilit..o,, Ingyi lrg qii"ailin
it This heigg done, istat Q fluatilrof , sintt
in, children! the: : Chorclp woad . ! sifordib
WA hAt-dOile.nksierifitg4 n nia .13 11 114 A
' air our Church service§ I Td what a seam ,
antli"h i ost, ''Cri l gai44 i islo;11,11111g have of
rfiti•sAinE, With inicifurelieedtglagEteeldifi
them froorttheovorl'd9a) disthrbraortinnoy,
' her pear •ancb desecrate-Thert 'praise.;, • Suph
Eh state s9fAlioP , ' ' • I . ) ci . hili ;1:4 11 4 # ° im l
ri4innp i rthnntpxn;, a: er e ' isAollnp4 p lacitiA l
;triatont it, 'o3 r any real 511fficilty. fferei.
itiiiist Olio 'hal %afore' ithelCliniChl wiflt hiVe.
dOeeter diltrioter 'imdinfaUkily; couse,rok
services -54 our: varichis ''.o...k.upcii-intpiAn 7
t;p,us troy / 'Ednespipa ild, .',lnhlicalaßn .wo. axe;
ft* cquijoned for this very wolk. '- • ,
1 •iii , f--• —I , 1.."-- ur , -... ' , , t , '.- t.,,,.'
Ministerial lEtlatation. :
Dr. Piercei . of :the SoitthenciMeth
odiat Ch.Prelt,;holds; ,the fpliforAß
!4')01801 , in the Nafheige., eArptiw t fA f irl
Cate. . Ig ir i qg Ale Methodist Eniacunil
ClitiilW °nth; 'adapts "iniuglii 4
itei 'a edtielitiqg iltainykiP °tit IYohniE,
hien/sidled; sews belieVe,ato!'pre t ichakttyaa
it relates to menAtti l sqlt,nrevylug,Ly tuchr f
niched for the miAlitu im ave shall re
main dereliit to tity, inflidgment.
This is el Atigiaii:4ll'AeWe a litigt l l:lSo one
cenxtesteh awl tss ~he. ,does AA understand.
*mil 4m...op.:imp Pan:kuA..4oxoa.nikthe
t . 0,1, lat,,i,tis a mwm,pi.Divine
doctrine, except itis ,byeti , efip;
61 . 84eapPircation g sad' 'day!' tend
ivnian 'ant td taiCiatcandlcihi t supilorted as
a planchet., beforathe inapt:spited to preach
7TtAPSI 4p45.40. guX"T. 3 aut 43 loo/3 . A
tfigts .and ;( 1 9 42 .#0 1 9s of: PVistf,P o as
Ged;trutt bblikktiaiiirdfldnq
*Kink I,orifosent,
, 07 767
I' , ot Jr!
TAU,* • II
-ft*. kr? V. .1;t fr 5 , 112.1 1 ,01031(tifl , A bteingini
)?19. 11 rl i t i & [Was 9 4 1 1.01 1 44 0 L A, 0 /91
• i r
pg me a
zpa, pla d in 3 dialer
, .
Wthertit ene.of:euripriveipaithetelma
" Yehlairl . 6(11 •'•iri73ih.Rfit•.tfrrr: i'ver
't I iT b P .q. 3 37 s itirgil t 190.. dgmired ,
la the eater:Calla elandloia ' Aiiide, and
'cu tetILLT .. , 111JA
aaafesp : eu n
Alilidetholittaradl 9 T V ' F4r.(l
- li.AVelf.'ll(i Z3[6114;4411 JANE, VI 170ttl
flu & T O?! dOE4 go94llo l liitgAligliet.iltAffniq
IC , l l .: ‘, (l9oeakiS t ßOAA l l9 1) , . , „1. :
f' You makerpreimibly, ten fo ll arnavey;
-.1•4/1 ,L.„7,;,i. ow
wear r
:wyteigi . lll 95141 ill( 1 1 Ai t:*o Ilbi r.
Thmillifeaitosafexyl 'marmot )rpatrifer
*hat I have.,eiletemiliesl.„j 3taTe - 100 11, i 1: 94
-9 ' ;4%qFPIC t YPS.IIt 4 " Prffif i !lPl9 ,i s9M Y •T
,eggedvoirk -" t45-morrow. had '. en
'i thdi food ` or
entiefeff' r- yoill'Agfaidi l tilimiit. -0 1 Nalit
- *ottriltb. 5:,ir3
, Bay 341,y41147.7004/4u91111%91%-
i s e l .ql4 l A u 4M4 t i*DYPIP 9 TtO a9 . 4 I tA C IP
' Keep , DwrhiMee: ciirahoulititadiesir
" 114.4g U 6ti i 3igia
davi t far s i e d i i r if,tp , tr.vezii
,Plolithaieinotakingerl a lila A Imo ,pnimmt
..!‘ LAM,- take YQuX.:elio47:.:l, J, et e.i
?J . fgf,T, go,inta,ttp qmait h iptiumi, 9414.
ilsc r en ! , elf111: , P, Lad: no
you serious.? tf•plirell,ril polemnly
sigstithatemneOrAiikoTaiMrs4 EaT
MI; 4.:14,0 4 : t n . !)
I g••
" IFe the ° •
' . ".lll . li ng I " 01
yeario stkentthat;iustwealthpman
-eatered , ..tie.^..l o 4.o.lo7aaMP,ao.:•PTB
igetttlonat -.Lhe o f
tbe igiMe. heiirdithe
apVolibuit,who!intsr wintem
bei,of rthipChureh i .afia one :of tbeimpstsp
mect4l.9.,c4,4n;Hg-soap3., ; Hg- soap
WiorPc l 4l,,t-igh4, ke eal' api-le ti vP ,
inerekir,: r defeatiiig tilipteant,
end lad
:to B ajamc.casu -yen .5.1 T
.I:;:!.‘fifou(dcualraii)l4l:nbegozietc!yzoitt otir,fq
• ;-,..
y041...11A1). end
r ,t
iv` ' 011,'
o;o • B . * R
Publication Of f ice :
GAZETYB 81i1LD114438, 84 Film( IT., Prirniuson, PA.
Pan.A.DALVRIbi !Ammo-inst. Cot: or Trit Ala) Clorrour .
A Stitt/Are, (8 lines or 184) see itiserttoll, 60 Cents; ascii
eabeeqnent insertion, 40 &HUI; , 8114.11135. berptid, pight, 15 W.
.' , Allquatepee qarteki, sLOOCliiliniOiddledUl, 331 641
A azantrion made to adimtidette IV the jet F.
BUstNEBE.rioness of la unser* lag, >
O 0; eeth ad?
Ottonsl line, 10 cents.
DAVID . 14SIEDVItiAlrik:C08,
. , 211 "UFC° 1 S # D , PI T BIJ4 - •
although I told you I. was• fetuitil!itig, and
pledged my word'of honor to, pay you in a
week, you took my coat, and saw me go but
into the ine.letheXrair,'4t the risk 1.4,my
- , / , olWellpeirimhat thettl" .
_ l .,lagot,Aoueli v ,•;Total, -3rouraelf a Chris ,
t i ift;P.9 li s l 4. ygn,.1174r 1 ! . 6 'Part4idate for
nonwmitickn, and; brit.'gd ,;
me you would
114 e beitit l elieted for:CetigrOse!'
Thfree!yeare!iifter,:thitithristiati hotel..
keeper became.a.bankrept,-.The poor, din-
AerJefel Mrstcht Allat -XWrii'tisi UAW ia • high
fairtißpio,ip 4,Allny...,,T t kipw i *im
Al wank . pf `PrOvidenee ap indeed: won.
derflit, the'igatiab Veyc;hil
conception (• • 1 •
The. Privilew'of 'Prayer.
In In the. vestilinfe:nf St. Tete'rre ati Rom'e,
is% xfoorwaY; which is.willed airtpadtiriark : -
ed with a cross. It is opened.t,hut foul.
times in a eentur..y. Qn_Christmas Eve,
en9e.lsn twenty,five!yeani,,,tlftyppe.,ap
itroinshesAt in a princely stit4,,yrreh a reti
nue 'pt eaidinals attenain4, yi
deithliti oni of 'the dooki brittiking ii
thiee times With fucmnifmniWthen
the' ipaSsage is r opene_dy the arkultitude ,pass
1 r the PMR , Pf t lKrei thed i ai P, 1 34 Pu to
sollEq' 'llyul ia
n t e.„,yl4.)Lte ef rAi t tg
a' - Alla. Wte?e7 -ilifir
n 4'grtiiill'e r iltteiricins agent: 131 " 7- 11 ' .1 i .
' ••olniagine that the) Way to ; the , Thione of
Gxnee, were, like the. Porta .SunlarjOlWW
sible, save once in a „.„1.,,r..pc. it P 1 1 014 17,
ion the twenty-fi ft h of Aecembei, an 'then
only with auolisi,763lemiii . iles l COndticted by
; great difinlaffi r d ifi a! t lio ly r tifirt .Conceive
s4t t.. 4 ?!gf.i nAlv-itePlareamißlliel You, or I.
91 . In ° /i t r # on Pli i t a t t in lerA i . tted t °
' prayj aiil list . fittpen 'long years muit dreg
tlibmselies iiiiil;`kletioie iire"bthild 'Venture
again' io - Approicelr• God p aid ithet, at 'the
i meet; ,we eatadAiottihope l to pray more •than
tl7 O . ,Ktbre,e ,4 111 5 01 4 P IL Afedratil, WA ) 711 P :
• solicittule we should waif tat ..the, polawg
t a
ISA' 'Atilt 'MI • We'tlioalti lay a,'
plans of life , select our homes, •build‘ '64
Mouses;; elrohs oni . :•profcistiioiks;' formr;*onr
frier' d:shipaoutthi refetenee.. toi a Or: image
iP.o4:tAwlo 4 o,l l 7:Y.,ti .WeltkPla teat
•on j tile openengs of ditat 'Sacred
Door,, t iii , eiscsaig: n Nl3 ' dtlLer 'one ilierigla
; w"thildr engr' " ass iii much et;pui eliVes or ' krill
dlw hour •sensibilftiek 'so qutenselyi, lap ;the
thDught-of ! prayer. ilt IwOUld;multiPbct°ur
Oelli,di4 s . ciT'lo ;the, gi°t.ight. 4 bri.! l ,g: le4
would ik . so-, to,":hoFrer 'at tile idea of cly 7
in'ilf,etore' Oat - fefali . Of "liiliil4: "lto'Othei
, questioiONiedfd"%fle"tis t .'stibliViidii3 of
anxiety as-thesewould exmite-:. "-How many
years nowytpyie timoplippyptfllow many
months?, How many weeks?' i llow many
&tie "Shall we' live to 'See ai l " Wlin an
!Dju1m , ....... -‘,;- ~1 .• : -:.•.:( . 1 ~.:. '
Aatpant that 'great, day; amid .an inntun4
m)ga„tagoag, in. .a ,courtly
. prß.sence,
iyt,,eigh , and hearing of stately .rites, ;what
4piryl . cl prayer 'be ih.ortkto vs? Whg would
it' in :With Aluisa `still ino . ;
thitt,.4 1:P. 'J . ...11 la •'
of tthemindn r! • :
in which weirnomq can 7.f' find -Goil,",..evefy;
itay tuylte,spity ) wl.ifrAli.. : T rbat)4Y-119 1 gcLbe
more ? i ke , h l/ ‘ aipriPt 0015° 4° 4PQn s ,th4ll .
like 'the sweet minutes of With
' *bier titre eft 'taw
e4rtiry Issul‘: We ShiiiildrapjAeistiiiitis
uiltege•!: of 7Arplist)ptkireriDilvilleMAtet.olo3o
1 0honhi l y.e,i4°t t i. , •—. •
I world desire metlhlq e7:.;'
atl , innemibrnde! •.r!t
ci ofitA 700 1 5KP:0PT
' , iv: -Or
atm erthnia . "CI
That throngs the Atapywgi,7- ; :
To ?tear thy 'Tice,
In ' l9 11( tielik iihilly'beitrir , v•• • •
; Bearing
-oarheldrasaders of old, we are ~told; 104
to,)?j,ar.,a paint,ed ovissoffion their Shoulders
it is to be feared that many among us take
up'crosses which sit just as liihtily i thitigrii
of ornament, - paffroftsVrTesp - ectability, a.
ehessiiillibtadge: (11ftriggie never
ma i de ? and 8, .strove for.
31 1 0' let us akeivit ourselves." NOD@
. ywe e - titerid the kingdom of
heiven; Witliode tiibuletiod'—notrperliapsi
this ;tribulation _ofl?fiie, btosa, on , rebuild,- ox
b*Thellq ll.bllit4:llMtlib,nlatien ofd bowed
44rit , AO An j.TA1b1e,1 1 9•07. -- .4 " tle 161
• crucified an d conflicts
lif religich ..iof Tyr
1 elastic forint aCtor;hate-eOst us : peitturr pains
j to amiye, i nox3eAdanial.,to,Rrefery!,, nor
effor , tt to advance, nor struggle
I holy and unde i gled, we may be assured our
of the dead
• will hir With thatkprodigieusinultitude. who
• were purefin ,theitLownu eyes,; lud ,yet were
pßtiwasflied.fteek their „filth.igeppr-Ais. Dr.
, .•
•-• ..t. . • .:,• •
-ill, !leisya . Kai*
w • - r
Aiir i t iv •rwh: , • ,
u3tepAts ear 4 tit; ts'ipoklaSioad. over
it„analt dieerni ickmenif-'-4o 'does the sea.
inkt,moua men lifedlid - knew :brit
fir.Neiiill - They leireumiavigate it
Adwmitli -11 speed ArKiersiiihiel444llletWlL
Ar i i?aks., Put Ist astrqmsTAft,.up• b.lO
VF,s,,aii.d he, Marna ; to . total
mass of matter ; Vdnigtied:Avitli (1 410 h ' this
great globe its e lf
grain of .du5t.....-And, sante-each-of as walk
ing along
. 9)efC:41,0 eio ; f: fife4).mr, a day, or
an hour, seem long. As we grow
mai), -shortenss but; when we
lift upyoußlyihs !to, look beyond this earth,
ourAevonts , ,years; !ffid,..the lew , thousands
otlysyklehi,ch itAvt3 rolled ,I.ver the human
taee,.vatiiih into' a ioint ;. for then we are
a'gaiiiit 'Eternity. '
.i . ol lite ip pe ti I ?real ig n . .
40 • • • • .
tb AI
T yFt44., Sorry, (England,)
iwptee, f4-,a; f ri end in London, that finding a
rleahoFit..pleaclier. Wai..coirunitting some
hivoe amongst his'flobk, to 'counteract his
Rector announced that on
ISlnda.neyenings he would read the •Litany
iffk-hia.ehtirch.,,and preach extempore. He
../‘,Th,e,e,ffeet.fias been extraordinary.
My Bubject . etove to God and Love to
your -fellow-creatures? In the course of
!eight -lectures •I pretty • clearly explained
.that afif religion which lost sight .of Char
,il7,;:and the‘ hope that all men might be
.saved, the religion which our
-Lord. came , into the, world,;to teach. As
-*auras' fonr,liandfed, flocked around me
•every',Stinday. They listened with the
greatest attention, and though they were
fkeptefor nearly two,hours„they came to me
the.elose• and, thanked me, and only
eould,-havii,preached longer."
n ,„. . ,
The World:-
Do you know why the world is no better
fhawitede? Because• each. of na believes
that the; -warnings, the teachings and wise
inculcations, the hits at folly,, the moral
. aphorisms, the shafts shot at vice and crime
fiinnAitilpit, press-laid stage, Are all in
'tended ' foi.unt• 'right hand neighbor, and
':r d . iittrh*. • •• • •
9..: ,•;:rarr , . t „„
itlidsstv;z: . .::}!f A:414-? ,
The Bible has God for its autatoropha-
Arn I sp,cl 6 ,anfl truth, 74 ut.
tureof t error, for' tuattor".---Eocti.