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None shall'with impunity soil these sacred sym
bols of our Country's life, liberty and power.
~.retai-ipila_, Oa
f ,
sage'sents in' on Friday last, to Congress,
-is unquestionably, the most important
paper, ever read before that body. The
President „commences on the causes of
thelvitt the attack on Fort &niters:—
The case is stated with remarkable force
in ,the, paragraph which says that the
rebels, knowing the Tort to be held
merely, as the symbol of a possession and
authority which. the President had no
yight,whatever to yield,up, assailed and
reduced it for the sole purpose of driving
out the visible eatlidiity orthe Federal
Union, and thus forcing'it to immediate
dissolttibn::' This: is, the',.truth: Fort
Sumter was bombarded to destroy the
Union, not to protect Charleston, • and
every man in the. North felt this truth
in his heart - as the telegraph flashed us
the account of that infamous assault.—
The whole theory secession was never
more vigeousfy and tersely refuted than
in this admirple messbge.
rhe•financial recommendations of the
message 'are" . vel4,brieT, not touching
brilibery 'subjects of legislation at all, as
the President states at the outset that
the attention of. Congress is not called
to any ordinary subjectS of legislation.
It ream:needed that the aggregate
sum of , four hundred minion Of dollars
be placed.,ivithin. reach of the Govern
ment, as it may be , required, and that a
force'of four hundred thousand men be
authorized. ' These 'are large numbers;
calf/'a thought of their magnitude may
convey' some idea of our, accumulated
national power.. Of the four hundred
thousand 'men, two hundred and fifty
thatisand have been already called out
or acceptled;andfifty thousand more can
be placed under arms within two days
from the libur in which Congress shall
giie.the,requisit authority. The whole
number ca® be obtained without resort
iti.ditift in any State, and the spectacle
of almost half a million of volunteers in
arms will• be one the world never dream
ed it possible to see. This number the
President, deems it better to authorize,
aild , time will ' soon tell whether the
whOle nutnher 'need' be called to the
field. The authority to collect and
move this overwelming array '
of armies
. .
should,when given by Congress, make
some impression on the madmen now in
arms against the government, and, un
dOilittedly,lt will at, once lift the Union
banner in - Tennessee`and North Caro
The - mode of raising the means neces
sary to maintain the'inilifary operations
of the government is not stated-iu_ the
measage,' and We''t:eserve any commen
taries'on,that Part of the subject ha re
fer to TillE 'Chase's report. It will nbt
be' tire magnitude of the sum, great
thatis, whh will constitute an obstruc
tion in the view of any respectable mem
bedn,either House of Congress; or with
the people; the only ground for disces
siert will be the• mode of procedure : 1 '
The Closing argument of the message
on the respective rights of the States
and -of the general government is as
clear and powerful •as it is.origine.l.--
There can be no fear or turning
• Of pur
pose on the part of an Executive who
so lays down the: line - of his duty, and
declares the purpose in suoh unliesita
- ting wcirdh. He declares that all faith
ful ,citizens" who have had their rights
violated aid their peace invaded shall'
promptly receive the strong protection
of the 'gs:pierilineint through evi:rlihoh
the territary. ever belonging to the Uuion.
To this wilt*? lid 'deiotes himself Unre
servedly, mid : the people, in arms by huri
dreds of thousalids,'and id stech earnest
service as. they `can render Aar
arms, are ready to sustain the' President
• -
to the end.'
In a 'word,read , the message entire
want of space compels us to omit it, and
yet it is not long; its
,good, plain com
rnOb sense recommends it to, the perusal
of every American.
car Presburjr, Sykes Ohad
wick; late. of the'Girard 'House, •Phila
delphia, have leased Willard's !lota,
- Washington, and will' take possession
to-morrow . (July 14).
Arr effort is being made in Con
gress, to make tke pay of private iol
tliers,-filteen, instead of eleven dollap
a month, commencing on the first of.
Cr..4lFretich Legitimist journal states
that Cavour's successor,
is a
Prot anti is well knoiiii for
his hostility to the -Pope."
• I-
alaptrel sent magnifi-
Garibaldi's daughter
hel l liie.rriage.
G.Fea 1
11)-17OGY ate#
'styles till
bume sold last,
c.k. Reporter ann
riffs, Smith .018-rien,
ti 1 A -i A
Garrett Davis, of Kentucky,
writes a Witer in defence of John J.
.Crittereden, declaring .that that distill-
guished gentleman, so far from opposing,
the administration in its suppression of
the rebellion, stands ready" to, vote men
and money to any amount that may be
come necessary to defend tle govern
ment against all enemies, "foreign or do
mestic.' • If, however, the seceded'states
make "a just and 'reasonable proposi
tion to restore the Union and peace,"
Mr. Davis. declares that Mr. Critten
den " will not .tpereafter vote another
man or dollar to make war upon them."
10' The 'House of Representatives has
passed a bill providing ;for the payment
of the militia and volunteers called into
tbe service of the United States by the
- proclamation of the President of th'e 18th
of A0.11,-1861. The bill provides that
they :shall be paid - from the time they
were called into service until the 30th
of June. The unanimity with which the
House passed this bill • argues well for
- the spirittOw'arrimating ils rriernbeis. 2 --
The volunteers are suffering for the want
of money,'and the passage of this netes
sary measure of relief will gladden many
a camp fire, Alia assuage many of the
necessary trials of the soldiers 'life:.
gir All the available cavalry at the
command of the United States in- the
Eastern, Department was, oh Friday, put
under orders ,For the field. ; The Carlisle
authorities have , been ordereti . to , hurry
their drilling exercises, and, put the men
in the saddle as soon as possible. The
delay in getting saddles an,d bridles. op
erates rather .deleteriously on the chief
officers. Some of the horses latelypur
chased, too, have been put aside for"ex
etnpt artillerists."
Or The, Cynthania (f 4.). News, a
violent disunion organ had the following
significant paragraph on June
"Let every. man, in favor of direct taxa
tion, aitd .in favor of giving men and
money to defend Lincoln's Capitol and
Lincoln's flag, vote for Crittenden, who
declared in his speech here on Saturday,
that he would vote the last dollar out of
his own pocket, and out of the pockets
of those whom he addressed, to defend
the Federal Capital and protect the
csr The Report of the Secretary of
War states that the forCe now in com
b-land of the goVernment is 310,000 men,
Which will be reduced to 230.000 after
the discharge of the three mouths' vol :
unteers. Mr. Cameron recommends that_
the term of enlistment for the new reit
meets bethree years, and all who are
honorably discharged at the closeof the
term receive a bounty of slgo.
cir Senator Wilson • has added a sec
tion to his bill for the' organization of
the•volhriteer •foree." It authorizes the
Lieutonani Colonel:110er
jutant IlliSter of each kegi :
mint to •frank letters' fOr the iroaps
under their coininarid. µThe numbers of
the regiment and tlie•Company, togethei
with the name of the writer, must be
superscribed upon each letter.
Cr The letter to President Lincoln
from Jeff. Davis,. broil& under o ahig
of truce, by a rebel officer, is suspected
to, .have been a ruse to communicate
with the secret agents , of the rebels in
the cal4tal• . anti. from, them. learn, the
movements of our army. The emissary
was seat back with a &alit his ear.
The Richmond Whig says that
whaftivoi. shame 'and bunfilationa may
lie iniolved in the confession, the fact
cainot be denieil that the Virginia for
ces behaved shainefully at Fairfax Court
House, and still more shamefully at
,• Illgr 4 .ltris.asserted - on good authority
that •Gen,SecitV'peeitively proposes to
cress. over into Virginia, and be present
at the thrashing about to be administer
ed to the rebels at Manassas.Junction.
Ails body-guard are' now be4ig selected:
t i t General:Fremont , has at length
been assigned' to thp command of the
great exp . dttionfo'r the conquest of the
lower Mississpii T,04, and will at,onee
leave 'Washington 'for that purpose.
itob A correspondent of the CorE'Ex
miner states, tint when 'the news of
Cavour's•death reached norehaven, four
tar barrels and a.huge bonfire Were
lie t
ed as assign of rejoicing.
(Er The Richmond (Va.) City-. Cou
ncil has bought a mansion in that ton
for 850;00‘for Jeff. Davis, as President
of the Southern Confederacy.
Pateht Preserved potatoes are
now prepared in London. The artical
is cooked in ten minutes, and produces
a'Splended dish of mashed polatoes.' -
Air The Secessionists have already
taken 51 ships,-the value of which: with
cargOes,•.mus . t lie at least $3,000,000. •
lap The city of Mexice contains 582
nuns, with an aggregate endowment of
over two, millions of•dollars. •
OW The Pcitie's health is alarming .
He has 'an abacess in his right,leg, which
affects' his 'w hole' lir ciy
Ex-Governor Floyd haspresented
a magnificauepair of holies to Vresident
la" Alvey, the noted secessionists of
Ete.gerstown, has been sent to Fort Mc-
Ilenry, by way of Harrisburg. lie is
said to be a man of talent and refine
ment, and severely felt his situation.—
He was nicely discovered. The rebel
Gen. Johnson, knowing this man, wrote
him a letter, asking for information as to
the position and weakest point of attack
of the Union army. .This letter fell into
the hands of one of Gen. Patterson's
officers. It was taken to headquarters
and carefully_ opened, read, re-sealed,
and the officer, in citizen's dress deliver
ed it in person to Alvey, and said he
would await an answer. The — answer
was gi;Ten, which was at once taken to
Gen. Patterson, and-was found to con
tain all the particulars asked for, with
complete , -diagrams of the position of
the several Union encampments ! Thus
the bait was taken and the traitor was
Biig. Gen: Irvin MCDowell,now
in command of the troops at Alexandria,
is a native of Ohio, and nephew of Gen.
Cass. • He graduated with honor at
West Point, in 1838, (in the same class
with Gen.'Heatireg,uard,) and entered the
artillery branch:of the service. He was
soon after appointed an Aid to Gener
al Wool, and subsequently had an ap
pointment on .
Gen. Scott's staff. He
served -with credit in the MexiCan war.
At the commencement of the present
war he held the rank of Major in the
'Quartermaster's Department, and has
recently been promoted to hiS present
A. recent dicision ofJudge Brooks
in the Sixth judicial ,district of. New
York, is to the effect that a minor may
not be enlisted directly into the
_army of
thh . United States without the, written
consent of his parent, or guardian,or ;mis
ter; but that if he . belongs to the mili
tary of the State, he is bound to do mili
tary duty in the service of the United
States, if he shall be mustered ;therein
in pursuance of a call of the President,
KW The editor of the South Bend (In
(liana) Register says - that Senator Doug
las so rarely attacked or denounced any
one in social conversation, that we were
struck, years ago, with remarks of his,
addressed to a Massachusetts Congress
man and ourself in reglird to Jefferson
Davis, whom be declared then, with ap
parently prophetic forecast, would prove
himself utterly disloyal to his country
before he died.' '
olg-, Three .Polish rope:daucers, per
forming at the•Jiippodrome in Paris,
were recently precipitated, to the,ground
by the breaking of a rotten rope.. The
father and.,son were killed on the spot ;
the other'sonbad his legs broken. The
widows of the two men brought an action
against the -director for damages, and
were allpwed 26,000, francs. The direc
tor then turned upon the rope maker,
and obtained the same amount from him.
er• Governor Morgan has issued a
Pre`e4iniation'fOrbidding any more regiL
ments of volunteers to be raised in*New
York State for'thepreSent,'as the "cost
of triceps,' including the contributions
by the State, by the city
, of New Ycirk,
and by other - citioi and towns and iudi
vidu'alS, is estimated to have been about
$10,b00;000. And all .this without' im
pairing in the 'least the credit of the
• IS - The brave Gen. Lyon,.we are glad
to see, has been promoted to a Major-
Generalship.• This is rapid promotion
from a April to a Major-
Generalship in. July; but. it has been.
most nobly earned. General Lyon has
shown 'a readiness for emergencieS—an
energy and efficiency:of movement,- and
a boldness aad completeness of execu
tion, as has. seldom been . wituessed in
modern warfare. -
' The Cincinnati Inquirer• says that
.Major General McClellan's command,
as exhibited by the consolidated returns_
to the War Department, shows the force
of his division to be 45,000 men from
the States of Ohio, Indianna, and Illi
nois. Many returns have not been sent
in, but the War Department have been
assured, that the total number in the
department of. Ohio will exceed 80,000
RP Long, a Marylander by birth, aid
de-camp and son-in-law of Gen. Sumner,
at • San Francisco, has resigned: The
General is unhappy in his son-in-law.—
Eugene McLean, another of his sons-in
law, also a Marylander, resigned about
two weeks ago and joined the rebels.
A French gentleman, N.l.,Jacquet,
lately died at Rouen, leaving all his for
tune to a, lady in Paris. Singular to re
late, the lady died about the same hour,
leaving y . ..Jacquet all her money. The
heirs ; of, both are to contest which was
the survivor.
or Mr. Charles Wister, of German
town, has, after a protracted contest,
been appointed sutler fOr'tlie troops at
Fortress Monroe, by Secretary Cameion.
The position is' consi'de'red a very lucra
tive one.
Goy. Curtin has appointed Gideon
J. Ball, of, Erie, Francis. Jordan, of Bed- ; 1
ford, and Charles !Gilpin, of Philadel-
Phia, Commissioners to revise_and codify
all the revenue laws of the, Coturnon-
W.ealth. •
I.:RDDIt AND SLICIDE.—" We learn,"
says the Auburn (N. Y.) Advertiser,
"from a gentleman from Ithica, that a
terrible tragedy accurred in that village
on Thursday. It appears that a young
man, named Cornell, 19 years old, was
engaged to a girl of 17. The friends of
the parties objected to the marriage.—
Cornell invited his betrothed to ride,
and on reaching a point beyond the city,
lid drew from his pocket a pistol and
shot her, killing her instantly. Placing
her body in the bottom of the carriage,
he returned to the village, fastened the
horse by the door of his house, proceed
ed to the inlet and threw herself fn.,—
He was subsequently taken out dead.
THE GREAT GUNS.—The Pittsbur,gers
are quite proud of the fact that all the
great guns bearing the names' Floyd,
Union and Rodman, now at Fortress
Monroe, were cast in their city. They
are the design of Captain Rodman,•and
will perforate the hull of any iron •or
steel plated frigate.that can be built.—
This is the most terrible engine of war
yet invented, and all the experiments
made fully sustain the feat. The gun
is sixteen feet long, weighs over 25 tons,
carries a. ball one foot' in diameter,'
weighinT,r, 600 lbs., and will throw a dis
tance of full four miles. • •
TIIE VOLUNTEHR 1? OiC E.--1110 bill
touching the volunteer force empowers
the President to appoint not exceeding
six Major-Generals and eighteen Briga
diers. The bill enlarging the regular
army empowers the President to in
crease the old regiments to the standard
of the uew ones. The bill legalizes the
President's acts since the . 4th of March
empowers him, in case of exigen cy, when
Congress is not in session, to take simi
lar measures.
la• Hon. Wm, L. Daylon, our Min
ister to France, was. known to Louis
Napoleon when 'he was in this country.
Mr. Dayton lived at Trenton, New Jer
sey, which is only ten miles from Bor.
dentown, where Joseph Bonaparte, the
uncle of the present Emporer, long re
sided after the overthrow of Napoleon
at Waterloo, in 1815. In 1837, when
Louis 'Napoleon was in this country, he
was a visitor: at• his 'uncle Joseph's, and
made - many' excursions In company with
him to Trenton and its vicinity: In that
way he became known to Mr. Dayton,
who could have little .anticipated , that
he would ever be the embassador to the
French Court over which the exile would
preside - as' Emperor.
The' National - Intelligeucer con
tains 'a letter from James E. I larvey,
American Minister to Portugal. Mr.
'Harvey writes from Paris, and express
es strong Union sentiments. He speaks
of visiting the editors of the London
Times . and NeWs'and other journals, and
expresseS surprise at the strength of
the sentiment in Ldridon and Paris in
favor of our government. lie_ says , hie
attended Spurgeon's church in Loudon,
and adds that when the preacher prayed
for the victory of the government and' the
, of slavery, fervent " Amens "
came up froin all parts of the house.
Er Free ialt.water bathing-has been
provided for the people of Charlestown,
Mass., by the City Council. The bath:
ing heuse is located on the bank of the
Mystic River, Medford .street, at the
foot of Elm street. The ladies are to be
accommodated forenoons, and the gen.-
tlemeu . in the afternoons and evening,s.
The, establishment is in charge of a po
liceman, and persons Wishing, to bathe
can enjoy it unmolested. ' '
A recruit in Buffalo, who lacked
half an inch orthe regulation height, was
much mortified that he .could not, go..
At last. he asked the recruiting officer
what be paid a full private. Ile., was
told twelve dollars. " Well," said he .
an -I ain't tall enough for a full private,
if you'll take me I'll go for eight dollars
a,month." He was accepted and allow
ed full pay for his spunk:
Cr Henry M. Herman bas been 'pro
moted to a first lieutenantcy in . the
S. army,
_as 'a reward:for valuable ser
vices rendered to the government.-
Furtiishe'd with an organ 'and a monkey,
he visited the prominent points of Vir
ginia'and took . notes, which he reported
to the war Department.
tlir Some days ago Col. J: W. Webb,
anounced that, his journal, the Courier
and Inquirer, was about to merge into
the 'World. Ho—retires from editorial
life afterthirty-four years of service.—
His son-will represent, him in the new
arrangements ishich 'took place on Mon
day last. • . .
. r A.n,Arrnstroug Shell was recently
fired by Capt, Caldwell,from the British
frigate Mersey, at au ice-berg about 150
feet high, at a distance of miles and
such was the accuracy and effect, that a
blocli of ice, judged to be 100 tons fell
from the summit. ,
lEr The marrage of the Princess Alice
with Prince Louis of Hesse is not to
take place this year,"birt at what period
in 1862 it is to be celebrated has yet to
he settled ; but in all probability it will
be early in the season, •
.(a -- In the Presbyterian Synod, of Eng
land an attempt has lately been made to
prevent the. use of organs in churches.
The mostion is div,idingthe clergy, .
- WHAT A CAN Do.—There is a
woman residing on the Hastings road,
who, in the Spring of [EGO, sowed two
bushels oiSpring wheat, and hoed it in;
when ripe, she reaped, threshed, and
cleaned it, and had for her pains thirty
bushels of good wheat. This labor was
preformed without the slightest assis
tance from any one, which will appear
the more extraordinary when it is
t known that she is the mother of thirteen
children, the youngest of whom is 22
years of age. A new country settled
with such a race of people must pros
per.-114itby (q)per Canada) Watchman.
digham, the Breckiuridge democratic
member from Ohio, declares that there
are twenty five members of the House
who will vote against all appropriations
for the army. He himself will vote . for
money and means for the defence of the
capital, but not to carry on a war against
the Southern States, as he thinks that
Jeff. Davis is willing to make a'compro
mise and remain in the .Union.
the attention of all our readers to the
advertisement of Messrs. Johns Sc Oros
ley, New York, in another column.—
Their "CEMENT GLUE" will no doubt
meet with a large sale, is a great saving
to hausekeepers, and within the reach of
all. Only 25 cents per bottle, and for
sale by druggists and storekeepers gen
ANNInALISM.—I G is rumored that
there has been a horrible case of canni
balism in Bavaria. Five Chinese Coo
lies caught a child three, yearsOld,dragg
ed him into an but:of-the-way-place, kill
ed him, andwere eating him when dis
covered by his father. Ile, in his fury,
seized an ii;ori bar laying near, slew three
of the villains on the spot and put the
rest. to flight.
COL. COLT —The Gonad (Texas) Mes
senger says that Colohel Colt, the inven
tor of the celebraled revolver, has pur
chased the town of Lamar, on our
Southern coast. He owned one-fourth
interest before, and gave $lB,OOO for the
other claim."
r LIXIR PROPytAk m ,
• - •
Doling the past year we have introduced to
the notice of the medical profession of this
country the Pare Crystalized Chloride of Pro-
pylamine, as a
and having received from many sources, both
from physicianS of the ihighest standing and
from patients, the
1110S 4 1 FLAI'TER.ING
in the treatment of this painful and obstinate
disease, we are induced to 'present it to the
public in a form READY I'OR 1411 m EVIATE USE:,
Which we hope will corromeod itself to those
who are suffering with ,this afflicting complaint,
aed to the medical practitioner who may feel
disposed to test. the powers. of• this valuable
ELIXIR PROPYLAMINE, in the form above
spoken of,.has recently been extensively ex
peritnented with in the .
and with Marked success (as will appear from
the published acco unG in the medical journals.)
3=l.t is carefully put up ready for immedi:
ate use, with full directions, and can be ob . -
tained from all the druggists at 75 cents per
bottle, and at wholesale of
Druggists and Manufacturing Chemists,
till ;VINES Sr. LlE:lain.
•IP 11' ; El. D. BENJAMIN,
Picot Building, Marietta, Pa.
EGS leave to inform the public that be
JIDI will continue the WINE LIQU OR busi
ness, in all its branches. He will constantly
keep on band all hinds of
Brandies, Wines, Gins, -.Trish and Scotch
Whiskey, Cordials, Bitters, ,S•c„
Justly Celebrated Rose Wkisky,
A very surerior OLD RYE WHISKEY
ust received, which is warranted pure.
All H. D. B. now asks of the public
Is a careful examination of his stock and pri
ces, which will, he is confident, result in _Ho
tel keeperi and others finding it to their ad.
,vantage to make their purehases from
111AIIIE . T7tzl .111:7:RBI.g •.7i'Aßil.
TosT)bsifeaa Siones,
MICHAEL GABLE, Alalble Mason,
• Opposite the Town Hall Park,. r,
!Marietta, Pa.
HE Marble business in all its branches,
will be continued at the old place, near
the Town Hall and opposite Funk's Cross Keys
'l;avern, where every description of marble
Work will be kept on hand or made to order at
short notice and at very•reasonable prices:
,Marietta, J une 49-ly •
riIHE American, Watcues are among the best
timekeepers now - in use, and for durability
strength and simplicity far surpass any other
watch made in the world.
H.. L. 8t B. T. ZAHM
Corner of North Queen-st. and Centre Square
Lancaster, Pa., have them lor ale at the very
laioest rates—e'vety watch' accompanied with
the manufacturer's guarrantee to ensure 4.s gen
ATADERIA. WINES, full bodied and fruity,
at the" Enterprise Store.'} '
A. p , /2E SG, dfo,ani, Jul(. .
j- - .....ii),!•45'1Cr eiNap t,s:i r
Queen-st., near the Examiner
1 fertile! Office
T HE Proprietor of THE LANCASTER CitEA p
has availed himself of the opportunity to pur
chase a large stock of the most varied assort
ment of valuable books of every class and de
scrip:ion. Ile now offers to the public the same
at proportionably and unusually Low rates.
Those in want of valuable standard works,
for the improving of a well selected library,
will find it to their great advantage to call and
examine the extensive stock on hand. illy ob
ject and wish is, as it always was, to supply
the wants of the community with anything in
my line on the most reasonable terms possible.
This we find the better and most advantageous
course for all parties. The Political Econo
mist tells us, "cheaper an article is, the more
it can and will be used." Then the conclusion
is; that when we buy cheap, we mast sell
cheap, simply allowing ourselves a reasona
ble prOfit.
I would call especial attention to my large
assortment of Sunday School Books on hand,
of every variety wanted for the use of Sunday
Schools and sell all at Sunday Schthil Irak%
prices. 1 have the agencies for the publica
tions of the American Sunday School Union,.
A merican Tract Society, Methodist Book and•
Tract Society. Also, the Lutheran, Presbyte •
rian, Episcopal and other denominations are
kept on hand.
Those in want of a neat and cheap Quarto
Family Bible, lip find it to their advantage
to call and examine at
the largest stock on hand, ranging form One,
to Twenty-five Dollars.
Before purchasing elsewhere, call and exam
ine the large and cheap stock of
Successor to Murray, Young & Co.
such, that, if they were generally known, the
dealers in drugs might throw their physic to
the dogs, for the people—at least the intelligent
portion of them—would have none of it. And
why should they?', 'Can a -man take fire into
his bosom and not be: burnt 'l, Nay verily I No
more can he lake ; poison into his stomach
without being injured by it.
READ THE 'tOLLOWING! Professor J. M-
Smith, M. D., of the • New-York College' of
Physicians and Surgeons, says: "All medi
cines which enter the circulation poison the
blood." Prof. A. Clark, of the Mee school,
says "All of our curative agents are poisons :
and as a consequence every dose diminishes the
patients vitality." Prof. IL G.. Cox, M. D., of
the New-York Medical College, says "The
fewer remelics you employin any disease the
better for your patient."
READ AGAIN Prof. Parker. says " Hy
giene is of far more value in the •treatment of
diseases than drugs."—Prof. Clark "A sponge
bath will often do more to quiet feverish rest
less patients than an 'anodyne."—Prof. Gil
man " Hygienic treatment is of far more val
ue titan all drugs combined."
- 4 Ft
Jolts CAMERON, M. Dr, corner of Front and
Gay streets, Marietta, practices the hygienic
‘Vater-Cure system exclusively, and confident
ly submits that it is perfectly and agreeably
applicable in every curable disease; while, at
the saute time, it is the only medical system
yet discovered, that has philosophy and com
mon sense to commend it to public confidence.
The following are some of the diseases in
the treatment of which Dr. C. is prepared to
prove the efficacy and superiority of his sys
tem, viz : ltillatatnatory, Typhoid, Remittent,
Intermittent, Symptomatic and Eruptive Fe
vers, inflammatory affections, Gout, Rheuma
tism, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Diarrhea,
Dysentery, Worms, Piles, Incipient Consump
tion, Scurvy, Scrofula, 'Erysipelas, Thrush. Ep
ilepsy, when not caused by any structular de
rangement, Hysterics, Bronchitis, Croup, Pal
pitation., Apoplexy, Paralysis; Rickets, Neu
ralgia, Rashes, litmus, Sculls and other disea
ses of the skin, 1411smenstruarion; Leuchor
rhea,Prolapsus and othergenital.displacements.
Venereal diseases, diseases of tire Urinary or
gans, &c., &c., &.c.
Marietta, May IS, 1861
Merchant Tailor ; and
At J. Kranu A's Old Dand, an the Cor
ner of North Queen and' Orange
Streets, Lant;uster, Penn'a.
Glt AT E UL to the Citizens of Marietta
and vicinity, for the liberal patronage
hei etotore exteudee, the undersigned respect
fully solicits a continuance 'of the same; as
suring them, that under all circumstances, no
efforts will be spared in reffdeting a satisfactory
equivalent for every act of confidence reposed.
such other seasonable material as fashion and
the market furnishes, constantly kept on hand
and manufactured to order, promptly, and rea
sonably, as taste or style may suggest.
Gentlemen's Furnishing Gooods
and such articles as usually belong to a Mer
elianX Tailoring and Clothing establishment.
5.'5..J A THVO N, Merchant Tailor &• Clothier,
N. E. Cur. of N. Queen nod Orange-sts.
List:Asrun, April 13, IStils,
CO ...7 1
....- c §ts --,
tc 'n. 1 '
- 7 -' i.-.' ,3 ,< Et.; :i. Ci) 5. 0
C. ,-;.. i. W-. `, LI '' 'zi YJ ° c.
. • 0-n en c P n ~.. H oz,
z , ,•-,; . % 1 - ~., . : :.7, , , l ' e.. C. s. '. :." -
c; !F"' 4,71 R m q - *u - 1 2-, '.."..,'' ?; H
.. ,;,.. ;.::. ~' -,_. I. - ~. r. i _, ..-: _
P... ,'7'... ..• c" —• C° = 0 ce ...4 A , N ; - ...1..
;1 t 7 ii 4 4 ../ :71' ,
~ , Z,',. . 1
Pk. .0, ~.,, r.-. ~, o n ~, A , =1
Q..- '-' ° ''' :5- ' g H 0 ..r. fib.
''" P? `•° ;". t- a... c .T. "c ° , 1
' r t . " r: a .:- .4 "I ;, 1 3,. 6 ta 1 j 7 1 .,
,rn 9 .-."- ... 'c , ''.'" 9. 6 - ;:. .-,' I [ll
= " -,- r.-4" ~:ir- ...".
s e . , , . ez.
.'" ri- c. •-• 0 ,-,
CI :'' ?....' Z ...
.3 ',,," '; & c A ! 4 b
° t, : ~, :: ot° `' .=-. Z. v. F..' ~;
.-`.... 0,, , , 2,. c=, 0
,7 . 7.1* :-..... 4-• , 8 p •rA .-,- ',-_-; - n>
r 2 ''''' '-'' .1. •-- c' 7 F l- H % ~
~. g .... 8 .. r ....: ....-, ~• m
'.7.• P ff • - 5 4 P ' 1-' 4
..,. <4 i
Q '
I IST OP - LI..:TTERS remaining in the post
office at Marietta, Pa., June 26, 1561.
Boner William B ' Kline J H
Beene Thomas - Kreider - John
Brenneman John S Kline Mr
Houtz Jane Lehman A W:
Bucher Christian Mingas John,
Clark Mary Ann Missley J. W -
Chaney Charles A Parker Charlotte.
Fraley Hiram Buhland Maria
Francis E F Shaffner As Masia
GerlstiMaria Rosina Thomas WB& Co
Hoover Joseph z Walter T
Jones Abraham Weber Gotfried
Persons calling on fins list gill please Men
tion they are advertised. A. CASSEL, P. M.
—in good condition—will be sold Tm.-- !it
at the low price of $1 each and delivered any
where in or near Marietta free of charge. Be
ing in want of cellar mom, if taken li - om the
store soon, a trifle less wiil be laken. Alsos a
lot of excellent
very cheap. For sale at DIFFENBAC.H'S-.
Having removed her Millineryestablishment to,
Fulk's new building, near Market Square,
AVHERE she hopes to meet her friemds
and old customers, a. d merit and rece ivq
a continuation of the liberal patronage he re
,tofore extended to her.
Large Posters, witn tuts,
Sale Bills, ail sizes,
Circulars, Blanks, Cards,
and every description of Job Printing, neatly
and cheaply done at short notice, at the office of'
TH4 WEEKIAr Altliirn AN."