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    qt 04611_1, Riatitttian.
Impartial—but not Neutral."
~/ticu, i .etta;
• •
SATURDAY, MAY 4, 1861.
Cir A number of articles have in con
sequenbe of our inability to issue last
week, been laid over, and some are now
too:late for publication.
. A. 0. P. F.,—A correspendent
froin I,ancaster writes a scathing letter
to the Philadelphia Sunday Atlas, from
which we glean the following extracts
It is doubtless true that the G. H. 0.
P. F. intends sailing for England very
sh s ortly; and many suppose with im
portant confidential communications
from •tbe Southern Confederacy to the
British and French Government.
" When 'Minister to England, under
Str: Pierce, the 0. P. F. went to Ostend,
and there Cotispired with Soule of Lou
isiana, Mason of Vi'rginia, and other
Snuthern rob the Span
ish Government of her lawful possessions.
Having failed, and being Chosen Presi
dent of the then happy United States,
be re-opened his negotiations with the
same base conspirators, and placed the
entire power of the Federal Government
in the hands of the Southern fire-eaters,
that they might destroy the Union. To
carry out their vile projects he sells, his
home in the bosom of this State, and
becomes to European courts the envoy
of rebels and traitors, to procure for
them recognition, arms, aid and com
I Tiny() also ascertained that he has
sent in advance of his departure $40,000
of the $2O gold pieces that he kept in
his house, which with the $6,000 he paid
for a mortgage on . the farm at Middle
town, makes at present under his bed but
434,000. This he keeps with . the view
of purchasing his peace should he be
molested by the popnlace before he-gets
out of the country. -
. lair. Buehapan is,eaid to be worth at
least $350,000, a large portion of which
he has invested in foreign securities, in
anticipation of his departare.
_.The G...H. 0. P. F. has sent word* to
the Doctor that if he will resign his
position itx. the * navy, and do what he
can to embarrass "Mr. Lincoln's Admin
istration;- he will pay the $l,OOO for
curing the nose and saving his life, and
say nothing about the operation for
strasbismus. The doctor refuses, but
goes for the stars and stripes ) and G. H.
0. P. F. - waxes very -angry and says—
" then he shall have no money of mine.'
The 0. P. F. is making great pitryie
on. account of, his haying asked- one of
his nephews to enlist, but no one here
gives him credit, since it is pretty gen
erally believed his object in sending
away his- relativ was to avoid ftirther
expenditere on;his account. It is the
same one. whore he had appointed to
West Point, in: utter disregard of the
long established practice of the Presi
dent to appoint =no one to that institu
tims- bt4 the deeen . dants of destinguished
officers in the'army or navy:
The Old .Public Funetionary is bh
coming very much alarmed at thepub
lications in your. paper, and fears some
one will commit personal violence on
him ; tint he need not be alarmed, as no
one here `considers him'worth attacking,
though hi may have about him large
amounts of money, which would be worth
having. -He has. resolved to cover his
retreatbyla sham'subseription of $5,000
to Die widow's - fund, and by hanging out
a flag--but straws show. Which way the
wind — blOwi, and if we had not in the
history of. his corruptand proscriptive
tcdminisiratroa the most conclusive evi
dence' of his treasonable designs upon
th 6 Government, we are furnished with
the.proof of his sympathy with the South
era Qonfederacy.bythe-fact that in his
parlor at Wheatland the only portrait
to %be seen. (except it is those of the
royal fatilily of England) is a magnificent
painting of the notorious Ben McMul
who is at . this moment , raising
troops in' Virginia to invade Washing
ton City.
It was the; 0: P. F. who first attempt
ed to degrade the noble General Llarney
for his able defence of San Juan island,
iVashington Territory, and many per
sons now eriPPose that it is through his
instrumentality _that• Ben M c enough
has been induced W arrest. the General
at Harper's -Ferry.. Whether this be.
true or not, it has" beeit well ascertained
that the Texas ranger was et
but a short time since, malting arrang,e
limits to secure the success of Jeff.'
Davis, and at that. time it was agreed
that be had better subscribe the $5,000,
in order to avoid suspicion, and he did
so on the assurance that the Southern.
Confederacy would advance the money:
He has. already recierad a check for the
amount from Mr. Winans, a noted seces
ionis.t, of Baltimore.
C - 1 9 , el " AAT A i 0. kA 4 ri 4, 11. -:'7\----ern
IZ-17 Thomas A. Scott, of Vennsylvania
rail-road, has brought the immense re
sources of that stupendous enterprise to
bear in this emergency, and is:using them
with great influence in facilitating the
execution of the orders of Gov. Curtin.
To Mr. Scott, individually, the govern
ment here is under many obligations for
the prompt meaner in which he has en
gaged in its service, and we would be do
ing injustice to the Governor, as well as
the people if we did not thus publicly ac
knowledge these labors, and express the
high estimation in which they are held
by the state administation. As the
head of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Mr.
Scott has left at the disposal .of Gov.
Curtin all the machinery and men of the
company, deeming it his duty thus to
dispose of the energies and resources of
a corporation which owes its past suc
cess to the tranquility of the country,
and which can alone depend for future
usefulness and power on the peace and
prosperity of the Union. •
Cr The Germantown Telegraph ; pub
lished by our old friend Major P. B.
Press, recently entered on its 32 year.
It was a good paper from the start, and
is now one of the very best literary, ag- -
riculture and news the Com
monwealth. What is better, it is one
of the best paying establishments in the
state, and nets from five - to ten thousand
dollars annually to its indefatigable Ed
itor, who labors just as hard and just as
assiduously as be did thirty odd years
age. Test of all, the Major is one *a
those genial, whole-souled men, whose
liberality increases with their income.
lie has done more, we verily belive, for
the advancement of agriculture and the
general diffusion of wholesome intelli_
gence among the people than any other
man in the state.
air Gen. Cameron is regarded by the
Philadelphia Evening Journal as the
ablest Secretary that. has filled the war
Department for many years. It says it is
a very good thing for the Country
that this true, unflinching, self. possessed
and brave patriot is the Secretary of
11 ar at this present crisis. In very
many of the movements which have been
attended with such good results, we have
noticed the suggestions of liis masterly
mind. Ile is 'not only gising all the
energies of his fine mind to the cause of
our country, but, in his indiVidual capa
city, he exhibits himself almost in the
relationship of a father towards the
brave soldiers.
oar Young men who are anxious to ob
tain positions in the army and navy
through appointment, to fill vacancies
created by the resignation of southern
secessionists, have a fine opportunity of
doing so by placing themselves iu the
ranks in response to the appeals of Gov
ernor Curtin and President Lincoln.
In this hour of trial, those who offer
themselves as soldiers to serve in any
position, will be rwnembered when the
hour of promotion arrives. Those who
desire ho-nor and position have, the op
portunity to earn them now.
Cir The promptitude, and efficiency of
the Pennsylvania Railroad company in
this emergency in transporting troops
for the government,lieeof charge, can
not be too warmly commended. M 2.
SCOTT, the energetic Vice President, has
given his whole time toping efficiency
to the object, and the company will thus
return. a sum far exceeding what the
tonnage tax would have amounted to
for many years. All honor to the Penn
sylyinia Railroad company.
air . The Baltimore Sun is beginning to
regard war as too horrible a thing for a
civiliied nation to resort to. It was
glorious enough for the Palmetto rebels
tb fire upon Port Sumpter, or for the
13ciltimore mob to assail the unarmed
Pennsylvania . troops, but the prospect
of a mighty nation in arms to chastise
those who ha . ft defied its authority, and
insulted and wronged iu every possible
manner its loyal citizens, is by no means
A uegro insurrection was discov
ered in .Sun Antonio, Northern Missis
sippi, on tha 14th. The ringleader was
hung, and on the scalTold told his exe
cutors that "they thought the niggers
didn't know what was going on, but they
all did, and that his death would be re
tar The Navy Yards of New York
and Brooklyn are turning ont vessels as
fast as possible to assist in blockading
Southern ports. The activity in these
yards never was so great. In a few
weeks the traitors will be as well confin
ed as if they were under lock and key*.
Cr For tlie atrocious crime of shel
tering two wounded Pennsylvanian sol
diers and procuring a surgeon for them,
a Frenchman was driven frem his home
with two little children ou Wednesday,
ileac _Havre de Grace.
eir The first gun was fired at Fort,
Stivlpter on Henry Clay's birthday. The
Port surrendered on Thomas Jefferson's
tut ay. ,
The Convicts in the Penitentiary
of are engaged in maufacta
ring tents for the army of the Southern
tom' Bishop Thadordunk of New York
died in that city on Tuesday last, aged
70 years.
The buildings and grounds (nearly 300
acres) of the Roman Catholic College of
St-Thomas, Irill'ano;a, Delaware county,
belonging to the " Augustinian Order,"
have been placed at the disposal of the
State and accepted as the general ren
dezvous for the volunteers of Delaware
county and vicinity.
Mr. Portman, who went out in the
Niagara as interpreter to the Japanese
embassy, has been called to Yeddo by
Mr. Harris, to fill the vacancy of secre
tary of American legation made by Mr.
Huesken's death.
The fishermen of Holland have been
for many years in the habit of killing
their fish immediately after catching
them. The fish are said to have a supe
rior flavor by being spared the struggles
and agony of dying by exhaustion.
The Pennsylvania Railroad company
has stationed armed men every three
hundred yards over the dangerous part
of the road, with rifles and signals, to
prevent interference by traitors.
The N. Y. Times learns that orders
have been despatched to England by the
government for twenty Armstrong guns,
which may be expected to arrive here at
an early day.
The young ladies of Rochester, fired
with the 'patriotism of the revolution,
are drilling a company of children into
music, in order to. give concerts, the
proceeds of which will be devoted to the
Volunteer Family-Fund.
An Old 111 exican Soldier, L. A. Pratt ,
of Rochester, has offered a stand of
colors to the first regular military com
pany from that city, accepted by the
Governor and mustered into service.
Joslyn's breech loading oarbine fac
tory at Worcester is engaged night and
day in filling orders. A large quantity
of these rifles has been ordered by the
States of New York and Pennsylvania.
A .Boston paper announces to its ex
changes, that it they need any war poetry
they can receive any quantity, "some of
it very good," as it is overstocked with
the article.
A flag of the secession stripe was dis
played across the street in Liverpool,
Onondaga co., N. Y., on Thursday. A
crowd quickly collected and took it
down, ,when it was torn into fragments
The Louisville Journal publishes a
list of appointments for Crittenden.
lie has entered the field for his country,
and says the Union must be preserved.
Mr. Dupont, of Wilinington, Del., who
owns the largest powder mill in 09
United States, has refused to sell his
powder to the secessionists.
A diver of Kingston, Jamaica. recent
ly recovered a thousand dollars' worth
of ivory from a ship sunk in the haroor
of that city, over one hundred years old.,
The anxiety to enlist is so great in
Providence, B. 1., that a gentleman
offered ten dollars for a chance to fill a
uniform in the Cadets.
The venerable 'Peter Cooper says ho
is too old to flight, but he has sore
money, which the Government can have
every dollar of, if it is needed.
Frank Blair is a candidate for Speak
er of the next Congress, with a prospect
of an election
A note from our friend JAMES E'
Mc4lut.rlu.N, Esq., a volunteer in the
ranks of the Pt. ITarrison Gliard, in
forms us that both COmpanies froni this
place were Sworn into the service of the
United States yesterday. The oath was
administered by Judge Coburn of Indi
anapolis.—Terre Haute Journri.
We learn from the above that JIM,
too, has left the case
_and gone to the
tented field.
ar Daniel E: Sickles has a regiment
for the war. fie has purchased, at a
cost of $1,600 a superb steel rifled-car
non, manufactured as a present for the
Emperor of Russia. A howitzer com
pany, with two fine brass pieces, will also
be attached to his regiment.
it-43 - Among the candidates already
mentioned fOr the vacancy On the'Su
promo Bench is N. H. SwaYee, Of Ohio.
Mr. Seward is else named for the same
There are eight brothers in the
different companies from Bluir county,
in this state. All now underarms and
eager for the fray, • •
ritgrFort Adams, in Newport; (R,1.)
harbor, is said to be the largest and most
formidable fortress in kik: country.
cost about five million dollars.
Some 'miscreant in Cleveland, 00..
hurled a stone at the 'statue of Perry,
breaking the swo-d lie , holds in his hand.
YS The authorities of Boston have al
rWy'awitrded the contract for furnish
ing frreworks for the Fourth of July.
-there is a colored woman in Charles
tOn, S. C., who pays . taxes on $40,000 of
real estate and fourteen slaves.
Grln Landon there are no less than
twenty thousand physicians, and eigh
teen hundred undertakers.
whirs. Gore, the novelist, left prop
erty to the value of $150,000.
THE rAy OF U. S. OFFICERS.—The fol
lowing is the rate of pay and value of
rations, etc., allowed in the army of the
United States, and to which the militia
is entitled when called into service
Colonel, per month, 8218 00
Lieutenant Colonel, per month, 194 00
Major, par month, 175 00
Captain, per month, 118 50
First Lieutenant, per month, 103 50
arevet Second Lieut., per month, 103 50
Ist or Orderly Sergent, per month, 29 00
Other Sergeuts, per month, 27 00
Corporals, per month, 22 00
Privates, per month, 20 00
Musicians, per month, 21 00
—We believe this pay does not in
clude rations, for which a deduction of
about one-third must be made.
Uf the origin of camp meetings
the New York Evangelist says: The
first camp meeting held in America was
in Kentucky. Two preachers—one a
Presbyterian, and the other a Metho
dist—met in a village on a Sabbath,
where there was out one church. The
Presbyterian officiated in the forenoon,
and the . Methodist in the afternoon.
The interest upon the subject was so
great that they continued the meetings
for a day or two at the house. The at
tendance soon became so large that they
adjourned to the woods, and continued
the meeting for a week. And this is
the origin of the modern camp meeting.
The Yard Arms of our men of
are to be ornamented with the bodies of
every captain sailing under the rebel flag
with letters of marque from Jeff. Davis,
empowering them to rove the sea as pir
ates. This is true policy. Let it be
understood that those who seek the
lives of our fellow-citizens are to be trea
ted as pirates, and the. navy department
will not be annoyed with the piracy of
the rebels.
Grit is an historical fact that every
four years Charleston is visited with the
yellow fever in its most malignant type,
and, as if the Lord wished to punish the
traitors of that city, this is the• year Yel
low Jack makes his appearance. Be
tween the avenging hand of the Lord and
the just punishment they will cc eet - at the
hands of their countrymen, their condi
tion is truly deplorable
'There was a wholesale
. exezution
of river pirates at Canton, China, lately ;
not less than two hundred being decapi
tated on the bridge where such- execu
tions occur. The whole business took
but half an hour. The executioners, of
whom there were several, vied to see who
could do the largest amount of work;
one succeeding in cutting off 63 heads
for which lie would receive what he would
consider a nice douceur, as 500 cash is
giv en for each Input.
Cr The Lebanon Courier says, "A
scheme was laid among the prisoners in
our county jail, last week, for a general
stampede; but the plot was frustrated by
one of them informing the Sheriff.of the
contemplated begin. The Sheriff pro
ceeded to examine the prisoners, and
found on them hooks, ropes, and - other
preparations for scaling the walls and
obtaining " liberty."
KfirA yeah who came .from New
York with two valises filled with dirt;
knives, was arrested in Philadelphia a
few days since. The lad was taken to
the marshal's rooms and infOrmed that
his property would be confiscated if be
ventured beyond Philadelphia With wea
pons of war. He was allowed to go, but
on the condition that the knives were to
be disposed of in the city.
(Er A high-spirited Boston mother
seeing her son, who had revived some
training in the Chelsea Light Infantry,
haiag fire 'about going to fight, severely
reprimanded liim for his lack - of pluck
in the hour of danger, and told him that
she had rather he would die than be a
laggard, and that if he did not join in,
she would put on his uniform and go her
self., That did the buisness, and the
young.soldier stood no longer'upon' the
order of going, but went at once.
eir At the suggestion of the Grand
Jury and the Court last week, our
County - Commissioners have nobly ap
propriated the sum of $20,000 for the
benefit of the volunteers in this county
who have gone or may hereafter go, to
defend their country in this her time of
0 - There remains now, not one foot of
unorganized territory in the Republic.
The organization during the last session
of Congress, of the three new Territories,
to wit: Colorado, Nevada and Daeotali,
has wiped out all the unorganized terri
Cr An Irish woman apparently died
at . Woburn, Mass., last week. The
friends met to "wake" her, and she came
back to life; she died in reality two
days after.
t:.0" The bungling telegraphic. des
patches pretending to contradict the se
coed requisition for troops, proves to be
Several iron works in Centre coun
tk have commenced operations since the
passage of the new tariff bill.
. 10' COLS. C. Sla,yrnaker, has leased
the EpUrSti Mountain Skinis and. \Val
open for visitors on the first of June.
gular scene took place last Sabbath, in
West Philadelphia, at the church in
- charge of Rev. Henry A. Wise, jr., son
of the ex• Governor of Virginia. My in
forsmant tells me that in the prayer of
Mr. Wise, who is an Episcopalian, he
left out the President, when Mr. Drexel,
one of the leading members, rose and de-
mended that he should repeat the prayer
correctly, which the clergyman refused
to do. He was then compelled to leave
the pulpit and the church, amidst the
greatest indignation. It is stated that
when be reached the city yesterday, the
barber, who heard him talk secession
while he was shaving him, refused to
complete, the operation, and sent the
celebrated divine out of his shop half
To FEED "'CAMP CURTIN " It will be
interesting to many persons to knot the
quantity of proiisions consumed daily
at "Camp Curtin." The following state
ment, says the Harrisburg Patriot, has
been received from headquarters, and
shows the average daily consumption' of
5000 men during last week :
Fresh Beef, 6,500 pounds.
Bread, 6,500 "
Sugar, 600
Coffee, 30J
Candles, 100 "
Salt, 4 bushels.
Beans, - 13 "
TIM Smarr Ue.-1.1 ow deeply the na
tional heart has been moved may be in
ferred from several facts which have just
been made public. Col. Rufus King, re
cently appointed United States Minis
ter to Rome,-has asked leave of absence
from his post, in order to lead his reg
iment in the approaching war.—ll on.
Cassius M. Clay, the newly appointed
Miaister to St. Petersburg, went to the
war Depatment and offered to serve ei
ther as an officer or as a private in the
new army.—ln fact., many men have been
taken from almost every position, high
and low. The chief Clerk of the Phil
adelphia Common Council has raised a
brigade. . Senator Lane of Kansas; has
command of a company. General Ney,
the new Governor of Nevada, is in com
mand of another corps.
—Miss •Selby, a Twenty-second street
(New York) belle, who was "fraudulent
ly married" by a circus rider, has sue
ceeded in getting a divorce. The nice
young man took her heart away, and suc
ceeded, somehow or another, in misrep
resenting his profession, and gaining
such favor from Alary that the wedding
was'easily accomplished. It is said he
has made a big thing of the divorce, the
fond father of the sweet one having bled
freely to get rid of the equestrian acro
volunteers are buying revolvers to take
with them to the seat of war. We saw
a man yesterday with two revolvers and
a knife in his belt. When the forty
pounds of burden are put on every maa's
back, he will be disposed to throw; his
pistol's away. No man who carries a
musket and bayonet will need a revolver,
and it is simply absurji to squander time
and money in their purchase. We heard
an officer say, yesterday, that no man in
his company Should carry any supernu
merary weapon.
M I LTON ATCII .-Sir Charles Pal-
lowes hes bequeathed the watch of Mil
ton to the British Museum, in the fol
lowing terms: "I give and bequeath
Milton's watch to the trustees of the
British Museum, to be deposited in the
British Museuni, up:in condition that the
watch may be placed under glass, or in
some other way be always kept exposed
to public view."
air The New York Sun says, Mr.
Peter Cooper remarked, on Thursday,
in the presence of several friends : Gen
tlemen, I am too old to fight, but I hare
some money and my couuntry can have
every dollar of it, if it is needed to up
hold the Constitution:" A. T. Stuart,
Esq., has tendered the Government $l,
000,000 of his private fortune. Wm. B.
Astor, Esq., we here it reported, has
offered to give 4,000,000 and to loan
810,000,000 for the defence of the Union.
or Reader, is the paper you are now
reading your own, taken by you,. paid
for, or is it just borrowed for the occa
sion from your neighbour?,
,And are you
in the habit of borrowing and reading it
as it comes round each week? If such is
the case, the first opportunity you have
call at the office and subscribe-for one
of your own. By referring to the terms
you will preceive that they are nest to
nothing. If you like it, take it and pay
for it.
er We notice-that in several counties
of this State, the Commissioners have
caused the Stars and Stripes to be raised
on the Court Houses. This is a good
cir A single Odd Fellow's Lodge,
Covdnant,'No. 35, of New York, have
appropriated $2OOO to suport the fami
lies of members who may volunteer.
air We learn that operations will soon
be the Trevorton coal re
gion,under hir, Mowton, who has become
the lessee of the mines of the company.
ifer I. N. Edwards, a hdrsa thief, was
hung by- a mob in Topeka, Kansas, last
week, for killing an Indian.
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rums oil is the only sure remedy in tha
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Gild Riot* on the,
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tinctive traits of the various
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Stony Coneritibni,. Palsy, Di
atrhcea, Jaundice, Ilepatat
rhcea, Moody Drag, StOtie:3 to
the Kidneys avid Madder, In
flammation, and other diseases
of the Stomach, Bowes,l.l%er
and Urinary _Qualls.
Will Tell You Of the causes, symptoms, and
Treatment of Bone, Blood and
Beg, Spavin, Sweenie, Strains,
Ring-Bone. 'Broker. Knees,
Wind Galls; .Pounder,
Bruise and Gravel, tracked
II o o f e, -Seratches, Canker,
Thrush, arid Corns. ' also, of
Alegrims, ertigo, Epilepsy,.
Staggers, and other diseases o f
the Feet, Lega,and Head.
Will Tell You Of the ettitses, symptoms, and
Treatment of Fistula. Poll
Evil, Glanders, Furey, Scarlet
Fever, Manger Surfeit, Locked
Jaw, Rheumatism, Cramp,
Galls, DiseaSes of the Eye and
Heart, &e., &c., and- how to
manage Castration, Bleeding,
Trephureiri,g, Roweling, Fir
ing, fierniaiAmputation,Tap
• • ping,-and other surgical oper
IVill Tell You Of Ilarey's Method of taming
horses; how to Approach,'Halter, or Stable a
Colt; how to accustom a horse to strange
sounds and sights, and how to Bit, Saddle,
Ride, and Break him to liar
. ness; also, the form and law
of Warranty. The *hole be
ing the result of more than 15
years' carefutstutly of the hab
its, peculiarities, wants ant
• - weaknesiel of this noble and
useful animal:
The book contains 384, pugee r appropriately
illustrated by nearly. One klutidred Engravings.
It is printed in a clear awl-Awn type, and will
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