The Weekly Mariettian. (Marietta, Pa.) 1860-1861, April 13, 1861, Image 4

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For iho 71:ear closing March 2:0, 13.51
Cush Sur Torn Ilan Rent, &c., $ 25,011
Stile of F urniture, 5,:, , i.1
Tuxes, collected, f , S4,US
Balance in Treasury at last settlement, t(,6,32
Expendituree, per . items annexed, 301,18
Bal. in Ttessury, March 30, ISGI, $ 30,02
Expenditures : !
William Shields, Constable, $ 2 ,62
do do do 10,00
Samuel D. Miller, Burgess salary, 25,001
Theo. Hiestand, Town Clerk, do 30,00
Thomas Stence, Councilman, do 5,00
E. P. Trainer, - Do do 5,0 0
John Crull, Do do 5,00
Aaron H. Sumtny, Do do 5,00
B. Spangler, Do do 5,00
William Child, Jun., Assessor, do 16,00
George Leader, labor, 1,50
John Naylor, hauling, .4,75
Supplee & Brother, lamp posts, 26,00
Dyott Lamps, 3,50
George Kissling, labor, • 1,00
Repairing, Hose, and freight, 20,12
George Rudisill, pipe, 1,00
Pioneer Fire Co., rent and interest, 35,34
Harmony B. Society, rent and interest, 39,00
Joins W. Clark, part of Kelly's note, 50,00
Do do. 50,00
Do do ..
Do do 50,00
Do Kelly's note, in full, 9,00
Charles Kelly, part of note, 50,00
Do do do 30.00
Do balance of note in full, 25,7:3
James Folly, flushing cinder, 7,62
Sam'l Scantling, do do 7,62
Aaron H. Summy, repairs, - 6 9 19
Samuel Hippie, hauling cinder, 61,50
Do do do 50,00
Do do do . • 50,00
Do do do • 50,00
Samuel It. Hippie, labor, 40,25
Supplement to Charter, 1,50
J. M. Erisman, lumber, 11,39
William Chapman, hauling, . 5,12
A. Emswiler, vagrants, 2,00
FK. Mosey, do . 1,87
A. Emswiler, killing dogs, tsm., 9,00
Do Constable salary, . 17,2.5
F. L. Baker, advertising and printing, 11,00
E. D. ROath", regulating, 3,00
Do Map of Borough. 15,00
William Tredenick, hauling cinder, 47,19
John Morris, labor, 3,00
Harry & Hippie, stone, 4,20
John McDutfey, pikeing, ' , 25,00
Do do 25,00
D. G. Baker, Solicitor's bill of 1559, 10,00
Sterrett & Co„ hardware, 1,91
•Theo. Hiestand, T. C. part of salary, 15,00
Election Officers' pay, 5,00
'Samuel D. Miller, services, . 14,00
John Auxer, Treasurer's ,salary, 15,00
Liabilities March 30, 1361
Bond. Harmony Beneficial Society, $lOO,OO
Do Pioneer Fire Company, • 139,1'3
Do Donegal Lodge I. 0. 0. Ti'
Do Aaron 11. Summy,
Do. Samuel Hipple,
Orders unpaid,
Dealer in Hardware,
Cedarware, Pailits, Oils, Glass,
,'4HOl', Cools, Rail arty offigis stobes, &c.,
WOULD take this means of informing the
citizens of Marietta and vicinity that he
is prepared to furnish anything in his line,
consisting in part, of Table Cutlery of aft
kinds; Building an d Housekeeping Hard
ware, in all styles, Cutlery, Tools, Paints, Oils,
Glass, Varnishes, Cedarware, Tubs, , Buckets,
Churns, Knives, Forks, Spoons, Shovels, Po
kers, Tongs, Candlesticks, Pans; Waiters, Cop
per and Brass Kettles, Door, Destc,• Pad and
all other kind of Locks, Nails, Spikes and
in fact everything usually kept in a well regula
ted Hardware establishment.
And General Machinists, Second street,
Below Union, Columbia, Pa.
They are prepared to make all kinds of Iron
Castings for Rolling . Mills and Mast Furnaces,
Pipes, for Steam, Water and ,Gas ; Columns,
Fronts, Cellar Doors, Weights, &c., for Buil
siltAgsi and castings of every description ;,
Manner; Pumps, Brick Presses, Shafting and
Pulleys,"Mill Gearing, Taps, Dies, Machinery
for Mining and Tinning ; Brass Bearings,
Steam & Blast Gauges, Lubricators, Oil Cocks,
Valves for Stearn, Gas, and Water ; Brass Fit
tings in all their variety; Boilers, Tanks, Flues,
Beaters, StackS, Bolk, Nuts, Vault Doors,
From long experien4 in building machinery we
flatter ourselves that we can give general satis
faction to, those why may favor us with their
orders. It :3 Repairing prnalptly attended to.
Orders by mail addressed as above, will meet
with prompt attention. Prices to suit the limes.
Z. 5U.PP.1.:P.:1: 3
Columbia, October 20, 1360. 14-tf
ADJoURNED COURTS F011.1861.—1t is
ordered by the Court that adjourbed
courts for IS6I be' held, for the trial and de
cision of cases in the Common Pleas, Orphans'
Coutrand Quarter Sessions, as foiluws:
I week comm'ng on Monday the 18th of March.
CC 44 CC " " 17th of June.
'• " 16th of Sept.
" 16th of Dec.
To continue one week from the said days re
7sTiectively, and as much longer as the business
hall require. All the cases on the list for ar
gument in the Orphans' Court shall be taken
up on the first days of said terms, and proceed
ed with until disposed of, unless continued by
consent or cause shown.
The eases on the argument list in the Quarter
Sessions shall be taken up on the Wednesday
of said week, if not prevented by the business
of the Orphans' Court; and if so, the cases in
the Quarter Sessions will be commenced at the
termination of the Orphans' Court business.
The argument of the cases in the Common
Pleas ter. be commenced On Thursday of the
week, if - hot prevehted by the'Orphans' Court
or Quarter. Sessions cases; in that case the ar
gument list of the said Court will be taken up
at the termination of the cases in the other
Courts and proceeded in .until disposed of, un
less continued by . consent or cause shown.
It is further ordered that the absence of coun
sel at the time appointed fur taking up cases
mentioned in the preceding orders shall be no
cease to suspend proceedings therein, unless
by consent or legal ground for Colll.illlltinCe
be shown..
ADJOURNED Jolty TRIA IS.—// is ordered by
the Court that adjoutned Courts forlttry Trials
in the Common Pleas will be held as follows :
1-wwkeoniin'ng the lot Monday,4th February.
"': ' 4th •c 2:sth February.
LC cc " 4th " 27th May.
ac '''t " ISt " 3rd June.
" Ist " 2nd Sept.
" " /34 •", 21st October.
cc " 11.4 ' 'cc 28th October.
SC " " Dec.
And such . other . p rods' s may be appOited at
the aforesaid ,Courts, Orbit their regular terms.
The foregoing td' be' published in all the
newspapers in the City and Couptpof Lancas
ter, three suednisiVe times in each, at the ex
pense of the county—bill to be presented at the
Commissioners' Office.
PETER MARTIN, Prothonotary
171',Ottits'por.pound at J. AI. Anderson's.'
MUSTARD in pots at
iiraf. :liar's Hair Invigorator.
43 i..ztefiLT, fe and Economical Giro pound !
(Lt=i, ct,
ing Gray 'Hair to its orijEal color
wiihout dyeing, and preventing the hair from
turning gray.
For Prrvedirtg, Baldness, and curing it, when
there is the least particle or vitality or recuper
ative energy remaining.
For Removing Scurf and Dandruff', and all
cutaneous affections of the Scalp.
For ileautifying the Nair, imparting to it an
unequalled-gloss and brillancy, making it roft
and silky in its texture and causing it to curl
The great celebrity and the increasing de
mand for this unequalled preparation, convince
the proprietor that one trial is only necessary
to satisfy a discerning public of its superior
qualities over another preparation at present in
use. .It cleanses the head and scalp from demi- ,
ruff and other cutaneous diseases. Causes the I
hair to grow luxuriantly, and gives it a rich,
soft,. glossy and flexible appearance, and also
where the hair is loosening and thinning, it will
give strength and vigor to the roots, and restore
the growth to those parts which have become
bald, causing it to yield a freslicovering of hair.
There are hundreds of ladies and gentlemen
in New York who have had their hair. restored
by the use of this Invigorator, when all other
preparations had failed. L. M. has in his pos
session letters innumerable testifying to the
above facts, from persons of the highest respec
tibility. It will effectually prevent the hair
from turning gray until the latestperiod o t life
and in cases where the hair has already changed
its color, the use of the Invigorator will with
certainty restore to its original hue, giving it a
dark, glossy appearance. As a perfume toilet
and a Hair Restorative it is particularly rec
ommended, having an agreeable fragrance ;
and the great facilities it affords in dressing
the hair, which, when moist with the Invigo
rator can be dressed in any. required farm so as
to preserve its place. .tl,letlyr plain or in curls
—hence the great demand for it by the ladies
as a standard toilet article which , none ought to
bewilhout, as the price places it within the
reach of all, being
per bottle, to be had at all respectable druggists
and perfumers.
L. Miller would call the attention of Parents
and Guardians to the use of his Invigorator, in
cases where the childrens' Hair inclines to be
weak, The use of it lays the foundktion for a
good head of hair, as it removes any impurities
that may have become connected with the
scalp, the removal of which Is necessary both
for the, health of the child, and the future ap
pearance of its Hair,
,CA . UTION.—None genuine without the fac
simile Louis MILLER being on the outer wrap
per , also, L. MILLER'S HAIR IrcvlOonaroa,
N. Y. blown in the glass. -
Wlrplesitle Depot, a 6 Dry St., and sold by all
the principal Merchants and Druggists through
out the world.
Liberal discount to purchasers by the quantity.
I also desire to present to' the - American
Public my
New 4- Improved Instantanious Hair Dye
which after years of scientific experimenting I
have brought to perfection. It dyes Black or
Brown instantly without injury to the Bair or
Skin, warranted the best article of the kind in
Depot, 56 Dey Street, New York
Iron .111 esters look to . your Interests !
Marietta, Lancaster County, Pa.
The Undersigned will constantly keep on
hand and tnake to older ut short notice the
above celebrated machine, the best in the Uni
ted States! They will warrant their machines
to run lighter, lust longer and wash el( aver and
with less water than,any other machine now
in use. They can be easily put together on the
bank. All orders addressed to either of the
undersigned will meet with prompt attention.
ft:r They are also, prepared to sell individu
al, County and State Rights.
October-13, IS6 - 0. v7-no. Iy
JOHN BELL, Merchant Tailor,
Cor. of Market-st., and Elbow Lane, Marietta.
RATEFUL for past favors I would return
Ajfmy thanks to my numerous friends and pa
trons and inform them that 1 still continue the
old business lathe eld stand, where I will be
pleased to see them at all times, and having a
full and splendid assortment of
which will be made up to order at the shortest
notice by the best of workmen, and on reasona
ble terms, I would be pleased, therefore, to wait
upon my old customers and all who see proper
to patronize me hereafter. rOct.29-,56.
A Benevolent Institution established by
special endowment, for the Relief of the Sick and
Distressed, afflicted with Virulent and Epideinis
Diseases, and especially for the cure of Diseasec
of Me Sexual organs. Medioal advice given
gratis, by the Acting Surgeon, to all who apply
by letter, with a description of their condition,
(age, occupation, habits of life, &c.,) and in
cases of extreme poverty, medicines furnished
free of charge.
Valuable Reports on Spermatorrhcea, and
other Diseases of the Sexual Organs, and on
the New Remedies employed in the Dispensary
sent to the afflicted in sealed letter envelopes,
free of charge. Two or three postage stamps
will be acceptable to pre-pay postage.
Address, DR. J. Sairaart Houcirron . , Acting
Surgeon, Howard Association, No. 2 South 9th
St., Philadelphia. By order of the Directors.
TAMES M. ANDERSON respectfully
t) an
nounces to the citizens of Marietta and vi
cinity, that he has just received direct from the
eastern markets one of the largest and best as
sorted, stocks of Confectionary ever offered in
thiri borough, consisting of Candies, Foreign
Fruits,and Nuts, Toys, and Holiday Presents
to endless variety. Come and see and be coo.
vinced of the fine assortment and the low pri
ces at which everything in his line is selling.
r HE American Watches are among the best
timekeepers now in use, and for durability
strength and simplicity far surpass any other
watch made in the world.
Corner of North Queen-st., and Centre Square
Lancaster, Pa., have them for sa]e at the verb
/oldest rates—every watch accompanied with
'the manufacturers guarrantee to ensure its gen.
LATED WARE : A Large and fine stock
r of Plated ware at H. L. & E. J. ZAllm 7 s,
* Corner of North Queen street & Center Square,
Lancaster, Pa. Tea. Setts,_ in variety, Coffee
Urns. , Pitchers , Goblets, Salt Stands, Cake
Baikets, Card Baskets, Spoons, Forks„.KniVes,
Casters, &c., &e., at manufacturers prices.
EPLATiNG attended to :At moderate rates.
DMIIROIDERIES—Just received the largest
and most desirable lot of Embroideries eve
tittered for sale here, consisting iiiptLrt of beau
tiful French Worked Collers, UndersleeveS
.pencets, Siviss and Jackonett Edging and in
serting, Flouticink, &c., idhich Will he sold at
prices thii . tcanroit fail to give satisfaction by
J. B. Diffenbach, Market street.
can be 'had of H. L. & E. J. ZAHM, Coi.
'Borth Queen-st:, and Center Square, Lancas
ter, Pa., in the shape of Equilibrium Levers--
the best article of Swiss levers now in the mar
ket. They are lower in price than any watch
'of equal quality andj ust as true for timekeeping
lE3•Collectionspro!nptly attended to.
B OYS Spring Caps, at
CitULL'S, No. P 2 Market-st.
c -- 4 , --f&TII ill WEEKLY MA RI
H. L. 4 E. .T. Z A HAC
e4 . Z11 01) '43 ijo,
The Horse and His Diseases :
Professor of Pathology Operative Surgery in
the Veterinary College of Philadelphia, etc.
Will Tell You Of the Origin, History and dis
tinctive traits of the various
breeds of European, Asiatic,
African and American llorses,
• with the physical formation
and peculiarities of the animal,
and 110Wr to ascertain his age
by the number and condition
of his teeth ; illustrated with
numerous explanatory engra
Will Tell You Of Breeding, Breaking, Sta
bli n g, Feeding, Grooming,
and the - general man
ageMent of the horse, with the
best modes of administering
medicine, also, how to treat
Biting, Kicking, Rearing, Shy
ing, Stumbling, Crib Biting,
Restlessness, and other vices
to which lie is subject ; with
• with . numerous explanatory
Will Tell You Of the causes, symptoms, and
Treatment of Strangles, Sore
Throat, Distemper, Catarrh,
Influenza, Bronchitis, Pneu
monia, Pleurisy,Broken tVind
Chronic Cough, Roaring and
Whistling, Lam pas, Ulcers,
and Sore 'Mouth, and Decayed
Teeth, with other diseases of
the Mouth and Respiratory
Will Tell You Of the causes, symptoms, and
Treatment of Worms, Colic,
Hots, Strangulation, Ruptures,
Stony Concretions, Palsy, Di
' arrhina, „Jaundice, Idepatir
rlima, Bloody Urine, Stones in
the Kidneys and Bladder, In
• •' flammation, and other diseases
of the Stomach, Bowels, Liver
• and Urinary Organs.
Will Tell You Of the causes, symptoms, and
Treatment of Bone, Blood and
Bog, Spavin, Sweenie, Strums,
Ring-Bone, Broker. Knees,
Wind Galls, Founder, Sole
Bruise and Gravel, Cracked
Hoof s; Scratches, Canker,
Thrush, and Corns; also, of
Megrims, Vertigo, Epilepsy,
Staggers, and other diseases of
the Feet, Legs, and Head.
Will Tell You Of the causes, symptoms, and
Treatment of Fistula. Poll
Evil, Glanders, Farcy. Scarlet
Fever, Mange, Surfeit, Lucked
Jaiv,. Rheumatism, Cramp,
Galas, Diseases of the Eye and
Heart; &c., &c., and how to
manage Castration, Bleeding,
Trepliinnivg, Roweling, Fir
ing, Hernia, Amput at ion, Tap
ping, and other surgical oper
Tell You Of Rarey's ,Ilethod of taming
Moises; how to Approach, Halter, or Stable it
Colt; how to accustom a horse to strange
sounds and sights, .and how to Bit, Saddle,
Ride, and llrcak him to Har
ness; also, the form and law
of Warranty. The whole be
ing, the result of more than 15
years , careful study of the hab
its, peculiarities, wants and
weaknesses of this noble and
useful animal.
The book contains 384 pages, appropriately
illustrated by nearly One Hundred Engravings.
It is printed in a clear and open type, and will
be forwarded to any address, postage paid, on
receipt of price, half bound, $l.OO, or, in cloth,
extra, $1.2.5. •
by enterprising men everywhere, in selling the
above work, and other popular works of ours.
, Our inducements to all such are very liberal.
For single copies of the Book, or fur terms to
agents with other informatioo, apply to or ad
..No. 617 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa.
0001i1.:? i tj iii Ali ifs bilfici)es
Carefully Revised by Mrs. S. J. Hale.
It Tells You How to choose all kinds of
Meats, Poultry, and Game, with
all the various and most ap
proved modes of dressing and
cooking Beef and Pork; also
the best and simplest way of
salting, pickling and curing the
It Tells You All the various and most ap
proved modes of dressing, cook
ing, and boning Mutton, Lamb,
Veal, Poultry, and Game of all
kinds, with the different Dres
sings, Gravies, and Stuffings ap
propriate to each.
It Tells You Bow to choose, Wean, and pre
, serve Fish of all kinds, and how
to sweeten it when tainted ; also
all the various and most ap
proved modes of cooking, with
the different Dressings, Sauces,
and Flavorings appropriate to
It Tells You All the various and most ap
proved modes of preparing over
fifty different kinds of Moat,
Fish, Fowl, Game, and Vegeta
ble Soups, Broths, and Stews,
with the Relishes and Season
ings appropriate to each.
It Tells You All the various and most ap
proved modes of cooking Vege
tables of every description, also
how to prepare Pickles, Catsups
and Curries of all kinds, Potted
Meats, Fish, Game,Nushroons,
It TeLs You All the various and most ap
proved modes of preparing and
cooking all kinds of Plain and
'Fancy Pastry, Puddings, Ome
lettes, Fritters, Cakes, Confec
tionery, Preserves, Jellies, and
• Sweet Dishes of every descrip
It Tells You All the various. and most ap
proved modes of making Bread,
Rusks, Muffins, and Biscuit, the
best method of preparing toffee,
Chocolate, and Tea, and how to
make S.)rups, Cordials, and
Wines of various kinds.
It Tells •You How to set out and ornament a
Table, how to Carve all kinds
of Fish, Flesh or Fowl, and in
short, how to so simplify the
whole Art of Cooking us to
bring the choicest luxuries of
tho table within everybody's
The book contains .418 pages, and upwards
of tivelve hundred Recipes, all of which are
the results of actual experience, having been
fully - and carefully tested under the personal
superintendence of the writers. It is printed
in a clear and open type, is illustrated with ap
propriate engravings, and will be forwarded lb
any address, neatly bound, and postage paid,
on receipt of the price, OAR), or in cloth, ex
tra, $1.2.5.
slooo' A YEAR- made
by enterprising men every where, in selling the
above wmk, as our inducements to all such are
eery liberal.
For mode copies of the Book, or for terms to
agents with other information, apply to or ad
dress JOHN 111. POTTER, Puntisnr.a,
Igo. 617 Sansom Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Dec. 1,-Gm.]
SF.GARS and Chewing Tobacco. A large
and good variety at J. M. Anderson's.
ITUED FRU LT now se — lijug cheap at
UIXCELLENT Cooking and Eating!Apples
always on hand at Anderson's.
A 'Through Trip to California
C. S. COLBERT CO'S 1:11 , 111
Grand Quarterly Distribution
Of 100,000 Articles, worth $:300,000!
WHICH will be sold for 100.000 Dollars, to
the porch:l:lms of our Goklen Pais at 30 cents
per Box. Our Golden Pen is the best ever used.
and is warranted not to corrode in any ink.
Every business man and family should use the
Golden Pen. The following list of 100,000 ar
ticles will be distributed among our patrons at
$lOO each, and need not be paid for until we
inform the purchaser which of the following
articles we will sell him for $l.OO and then it
is optional whether he sends the dollar and
takes the goods or not. A 1 I Goods can be re
turned at our expense within ten days after
the Purchaser receii, ed them, unless they are
satisfactory, and the money will be refunded.
List of Goods Included in the Distribution.
Pianos, Gold Hunting Cased Watches, Gold
Watches, Ladies' Silver Watches, Guard, Vest
and Chatelain Chains, Cameo Brooches, Mosaic
and Jet Ear-Drops, Lava and Florentine Ear-
Drops, Coral Ear-Drops, Emerald and Opal
Ear-Drops, Handsome Seal Rings, Mosaic and
Cameo Bracelets, Gents Breastpins, Watch
Keys Fob and Ribbon Slides, Sets of Bosom
Studs, Sleeve Buttons, Plain Rings, Stone Set
Rings, Sets Ladies' Jewelry, Canton Crape
Shawls,Mousscline de Laines, Challies, French
and American Lawns,Bereges,Poplins. French
Calicoes, and other Lathes' Dress Goods in great
variety, together with Head Dresses, Cabas,
Fancy Fans, and in fact almost every descrip
tion of GOODS usually found in first class Dry
Goods Stores. . . _
Highest Premium $lOO, Lowest Premium $2
The articles are numbered, and Certificates
stating what we will sell each person for One
dollar are placed in sealed Envelopes, with a
Decimal arrangement of Premiums : so that in
each hundred certificates there is one for a Gold
Watch, and there will also be a splendid pre
mium in each ten certificates. Ladies, if you
desire a line shawl, or dress patern or a beau
tiful article of jewelry, enclose us 90 cents for
a box of the golden pens, and we will send you
a certificate which may enable you to procure
it for $l, "Try us."
4 Boxes Pens with 4 Certificates, $ 1.
9 do . do 9 do 2.
25 do do 2.5 do 5.
do 100
100 do
N. 13.—With each package of 100 boxes we
present,the purchases 100 certificates, one of
which is Auarranteed to contain one order for
a fine watch, or Sewing Machine, or by order
ing 50 boxes in one package you are sure to
receive 50 certificates containing one order for
a splendid silvei watch, beside a large number
of other very valuable premiums. WC certifi
cate sent gratis, upon application of any per
son desiring to act as Agent, which may ena
ble him to procure a valuable premium upon
the payment of $l.
Pianos, Melodeons, Music Books, Sewing
Machines, S•c.
Bought and sold on commission. Any article
will be sent to the country at the lowest whole
sale prices with the addition ofd per cent com
mission fot forwarding.
N: B.—Agents wanted in every town. Cir
culars sent on application. Address all com
munications to C. S. COLBEit.T & CO.
Commission merchants and General Agents,
135 Sorth Rurth-st., below Chestnut, Phil'a
IL.7.4 — Fur our integrity and ability to fulfil our
engagements, we be.; , to refer you to the follow
ing well known gentlemen and business firms:
His Excellency J. W. Geary, Ex-Gov. Kan
sas, Westmoreland, Pa.; Palmer, Richardson
& Co., Jewellers, Philadelphia ; E. A. Warne,
Esq., Philadelphia; Wm. A. Gray, Esq., Phil
adelphia; :Messrs. Kemmeier ts.:. Moore, Water
St. below Arch, Phil's; Messrs Pratt & Reath,
Fifth and Market Sts., PlriPa ; J. C. Fuller,
Esq., Jeweller, Phil's; A. F. Ward,
Publisher of Fashions, &c., Philsa ; lf. 11.
Home, Catasauqua Bank ; Don. L. N. Burson.
Eureka., California. [Sep.29;6o-ly
An Aperient and Stomachic preparation of
Iran purified of Oxygen and Carbon by
combustion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by the
highest Medical Authorities, both in Europe
and the. United States, and prescribed in thei.
The experience of thousands daily proves
that no preparation of Iron can be compared
with it. Impurities of the blood, depression
of vital energy, pale and otherwise sickly
complexions, indicate its necessity in almost
every conceivable case.
Innoxious in all maladies in which it has
been tried, it has proved absolutely curative in
each of the following complaints, viz :
In Debility, Nervous AI/ ections, Emaciation,
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Diarrhea, Dys,
eatery, Incipient Consumption, Scrofu
taus Tuburculosis, Solt Rheum, •
Mismenstruation, Chiorosis,
Whites, Live Complaints;
Chronic Headaches,
_Rheumatism, hi
' termittent Fe
vers, Pim
ples on the
face, &c.
In cases of General Debility, whether the 1 e
sult of acute disease, or of the continued dim
inution of nervous and muscular energy from
chronic complaints, one trial of this restorative
has proved successful to an extent which no
description nor written attestation would rend
er credible. Invalids so long bed-ridden as to
have become forgotten in their own neighbor
hoods, have suddenly re-appeared in the busy
world as if just returned front protracted travel
in a distant land. Some very signal iiistances
of this kind are attested of female Sufferers,
emaciated victims of apparent marasmus, sane,
guineous exhaustion, crittical changes, and
that complication of ? nervous and dyspepti
aversion to air and exercise for which the phy
sician has no name.
In Nervous Affections of all kinds, and for
reasons familiar to medical men, the operation
of this preparation of iron must necessarily be
salutary; tor, unlike the old oxides, it is vie°.
musty tonic, without being exciting and over
heating ; and gently, regularly aperient, even
in the most obstinate cases of costiveness with-
Out ever being a gastric purgative, or inflicting
a disagreeable sensation.
It is this latter property, among others,
which makes it so remarkably effectual and
permanent a remedy for Piles, upon which it
also appears to exert a distinct and specific
action, by dispersing the local tendency which
forms them.
la Dopepsia, innumerable as are its causes,
a single box of these Chalybeate Pills has often
sufficed for the most habitual cases, including
the attendent Costiveness.
In unchecked Diarrhwa, even when ad
vanced to Dysentary, confirmed, emaciating,
and apparently malignant, the effects have
been equally decisive and astonishing.
In the local pains, loss of flesh and strength,
debilitating cough, and remitten, hectic, which
generally indicate Incipient Consumptron,..this
remedy has allayed the alarm of friends and
physicians, in several very gratifying and in
teresting instances.
In Scrofulous Tuberculosis, this medicated
iron has had far more than the good effect of
the most cautiously- balanced preparations of
iodine, without any of their well known lia
The attention of females cannot be too con
fidently invited to this remedy and restorative,'
in the cases peculiarly affecting them.
In Rheumatism, both chronic and itillamma
tory—in the latter, however, more decidedly—
it has been invariably well reported, both as
alleviating pain and reducing the swellings
and stiffness of the joints and muscles.
In Intermittent Fevers it m nit necessarily be
a great remedy and energetic.restorative, and
its progress in the new settlements of the West,
will probably be one of high renown and use
No remedy has ever been discovered in the
whole history of medicine, which exerts such
prompt, happy, and fully restorative effects.—
Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acqui
sition of strength, with an unusual disposition
for active and cheerful exercise, immediately
follow its use.
Put up in neatflat metal boxes containing
50 pills, price 50 cents per box; for sale by
druggists and dealers. Will be sent free to
any address on receipt of the price. All let
ters, orders, etc., should be addressed to
R. B. LOCKE. & CO., General Agents '
Cedar-st., N. Y
Dit. )10FFAVS
r EsE mED I CIN have now r'een before
the public tor a period of thirty y,:rs,:trici
during that time have maintained a nigh char
acter lit almost every part of the Glol e. for
their extraordinary and immediate power of
reetor:ng - pcifect health to persons suffering
under nearly every kind of disease to which
the human frame is liable.
The following are among the distressing va
riety of human diseases in which the
Are well known to he infallible.
DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing the
first and second stomachs, and creating a flow
of pure, healthy bile, instead of the stale and
so id kind ; FLATULENCY, Loss of Appe
tite, Heartburn, Headache, Restlessness, 111-
Temper, Anxiety, Languor, and Melancholy,
which are the general symptoms of Dyspepsia,
will vanish, as a natural consequence of its
COSTIVENESS. by cleansing the whole
loath of the intestines with a solvent process,
and without violence ; all violent purgesleave
the bowels costive within two days.
FETTERS of all kinds, by restoring the blood
to a regular circulation, through the process of
prespiration in such cases, and the thorough
solution of all intestinal obstruction in others.
The Life Medicines have been known to cure
RIIEUMATIS3I permanently in three weeks,
and GOUT in half that time, by removing lo
cal inflammation from the muscles and liga
ments of the joints.
DRO PSI ES of all kinds, by freeing and
strengthening the kidneys and bladder; they
operate most delightfully on these important
organs, and hence have ever been found a cer
tain remedy for the worst cases of GRAVEL.
Also WORMS, by dislodging from the turn
ings of the bowels the slimy matter to which
these creatures adhere.
SORES, by the perfect purity which these Life
Medicines give to the blood, and ail the haniors,
plexions, by their alterative effect upon the
fluids that feed the skin, and the morbid state
of which occasions an eruptive complaints,
sallow, cloudy, and other disagreeable com
The use of these Pills for a very short time
will effect an entire cure of SALT RHEUM,
and a striking improvement in the clearness of
the slcin• COMlitaN COLDS' and MEW , .
ENZA will always be cured by one dose, or by
two in the worst cases.
PILES.—The original proprietor of these
Medicines, was cured of Piles, of 35 years
standing by the use of the Life Medicines alone.
FEVER AND AGUE.—For this scourge of
the Western countr2,!,.these Medicines will be
found a safe, speedy, and certain remedy.—
Other medicines have the system subject 'to a
return of the disease—a cure by these Medi
cines is permanent—try them, be satisfied, and
be cured.
p LAlNTs.—General Debility, Loss of Appe
tite, and Diseases of Females—the Medicines
biro been used with the most beneficial results
un cases of tins description:—Kings Evil, `anal
Scrofula, in its worst lirms, yields to the mild
yet powerful action of these remarkable Med
icines. Night Sweats, Nervous Debility,Ner
vous Complaints (it all kinds, Palpitation of
the Heart, Painters' Colic, [tie speedily cured.
constitutions have become impaired by the in
judicious use of Mercury, will find these Med
icines a perfect cure, as they never fail to erad
icate from the system, all the effects of NI ed
eery, infinitely sooner than the most powerful
preparations of Sarsap Prepared and
sold by W. B. MOP PAT,
335 Broadway, New York.
4 4 .4
Coughs and Colds, Croup, Bronchitis. Asthma,
Difficulty in Breathing', Palpitation of
The Heart, Diptheria, and for
The relief of patients
together with all Diseases of the Throat and
Chest, and which predispose to Consumpti'Jn.
It is peculiarly adapted to the radical cure of
Asthma. 'Being prepared by a practical phys
ician-E.l,f dru g gist,' and one of great experience
in the cure of the various diseases to whicg the
human frame is liable.
It is offered the afflicted with the great
est confidence. Tar rr and be convinced that
it is•invaluable in the cure of Bronchial affec
Prepdred only by Da. A. ESENWELN & CO.,
Poplar streets, Philadelphia.
Sold by every respectable Druggist and
Dealer in Medicines throughout the State.
April 7, IS6O-Iv.
One of the largest and most complete flatteries
i n the United states, where the -best Pic
tures, known to the Photographic art,
at prices no higher than are paid
for inilerabie caricatures.
The Proprietor, a practical Photographer, at-
tends personally , every sitting—and allows no
picture to leave-the Gallery unl'ss it gives per
fect satisfaction.
Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes of absent
or deceased fiends, photographed to any de
sired size, or taken on Canvass, life size, and
painted in Oil by the best Artists.
At this Gallery pictures can be taken in any
weather—as perfect in clqudy days as when
the sun shines.
Persons visiting the city are respectfully in
vited to examine our specimens, which for
price and quality defy competition.
r instructions given in the art of Photog
raphy. R. NEWELL,
Gallery of Art, 724 Arch St., Philadelphia.
From Hon. Lewis D. Campbell, M. C., Ohio.
My family and friends all concur in the opin
ion that the (Newell) Picture is more life-like
than anything they ever saw. My likeness
has been repeatedly taken by artists in various
ways, but 1 have never yet had one which pre
tents so true to nature, all tne features and ex
pressions of countenance as this.
From Bon. E. Joy Morris, late Minister to
The exquisite finish, beauty and softness . of
your portraits, conjoined with their durability
of color and faithfulness as likenessses, cannot
fail to commend them to the attention and pa
tronage of all Who appreciate true art.
From Col. Jamesi.Page.
Having occasion for a portrait, I procured
one from Mr. Robert Newell, of the city of
Philadelphia, a miniature in Oil Colors, under
the new process discovered• by him, and take
great pleasure in expressing the satisfaction giv
en me, not only by the accuracy of the like 11 eES 3
but its artistic finish in all respects, and recom
mend him to the patronage of those disposed to
encourage the beautiful art.
Nov. 24, 1860.-Iyl
T UMBER. 0111 assortment of Dry Lumber
Lifor sale at the most reasonable ratcs:con
sising of White Pine Boards, Plank, Joist and
short Shingles. Also Hemlock Boards, Bails,
Scantling and Fencing by J. M. ANDERSON.
Vanilla ' Strawberry, Pine Apple,
Almond, Rose, Lemon,
Just received and for sale at Grove fc Roth's.
peORTABLE LAMPS. A new and most
convenient and perfectly safe lamp, called
t "Portable Coal Oil Lamp," for sale cheap
at Grove 4. Moth's Drug Store.
13 - HAT, AT CR UL L )S,
No. 92 Market Street, Marietta, Pa. *l'
)perior to any now in use, can be had at the
Cheap Store of DtAnbarh.
CO:\ STANT L Y on hand, Monongahela rec
tified Whiskey. Benjamin & Co.
el UM DROPS: Stewart's Ne . tv-York Gum
Drops, S varieties, at Wolfe's.
SUPERIOR COA OIL-25 cents a (plait B RANDIES—_ all brands--warranted to he
at GROVE & ROTII'S. genuine. Benjamin 4 co.
E Corner Eighth and Arch, str(ete,
I' 111 L. 4 I) L II I .4.
F .- FM many years' experience in all the
branches of the Aft, the Proprietors
confidently invite the attention of their ft tend ,
and the public to their extensive establishment,
which presents the opportunity for procuring
the best pictures, equal at least, to any first
class Gallery in the United States..
'Preparations are complete for executing
the improved styles known to the Art. They
Late a patent arrangement for copying Da
guerreotypes, &c., &c., making them Life size,
it dished—tire only one of the kind in this
country. Attached to this establishment are
three coloring Artists.
Ple,to.rophs, including Painting,
low as t 2 no.
I'hotol-raphs, with Frame as low as $2 62
Do. at ;5 and $l. Extra. copies 50
cts. or $6 per doz. Life size Photo
graphs as low as S 6, and lvorytype at
same price. Durable Ambrotypes at
50 cents and upwards.
A most extensive assortment of Gilt Frames,
embracing a select and choice variety of the
latest styles. Prices from 62 cents anti up
Especial attention bestowed upon Life-sized
Phutographs in oil; transferred from small pic
tures, and frow life. Prices from $l5 to $lOO.
instructions given in the Art.
February 23, Is6l-Iy.
'x. mg. a private instructor for mar
persons. or those about to be mar-.
ried„ Loin male and female, in every
thing concerning the physiology and`"
relations of our s e nal system, and
the production or prevention of offspring in
cluding all the new discoveries never- before
given in the English language, by WILLIAM
YOU NG. M. D. This is realy.,a valuableand
interesting work. It is written in plain lan
guage for the general reader, and is illustrated
With numerous engravings. All young mar
ried people, or those contemplating marriage,
and having the least impediment to marred
life, should read this book. It discloses secrets
thAt every one should he acquaidted with ; Stilt
it is a book that must be locked up, and not
lie about the house. It will be sent to any one
on the receipt of twenty-five cents, in speCie or
postage stamps. Address Dr. Win. YOUNG,
No. 416 Spruce st. above 9th, Philadelphia:
ter what may be your disease before you place
yourself under thc care of any one of the no
torious quacks—naive or foreign—who adver
tise to this or any other paper, ost a coley of
either of ft-. Young's Books, and read it care
y; it tuoy Le! the means of saving you many
a dollar, your health, and possibly your life.
Dr. I . oi NC: can be consulted on any of the
~ • •;•i!,f,l in his publications.. at his
Office, Sri. 416 !!.. , pruce-st, above Fourth.
N I.:AV A NI) r'lil 111
.4;1177 OW, e.
mH. I harinc , just returned from
/Philadelphia with trie most completc and
sun assortment of everything in his line ever
offered in this Borough. ' lie has purchased
another supply of PURE 1, 75 n Yarsit
winch can Lc depended ; vu for,what they are
rrpresentod, having received his pmsonal
attention iu the selection.' In 'addition to a er
his Drugs oili he found a nicely selected
consistim; in part of German, French' and Eng
lish Shaving Soaps and Creams,
Tooth and Nail Brushes,Bullalo and other
tr;ff.. li Al R COMBS, OILS,
Ponnide '
etc., etc. Port Mounaies,
Pocket Book,:, Puff and PeWder Boxes, &c.
()Id Port, Sherry and :Madeira Wines ~a nd
Brandies for medical purposes.
The justly ceiebrated Batchelor's II A I It Dye.
DeCosta's and otter Tooth Washes, India Cola
gogue, Bari v's Tueoperous, for the hair. Bay
Rum, Arnold's Ink, large and small sited bot
tles, :Balm of a Thousand Flrtwers, Flour or
Bice, Corn Starch, Decker's Farina, all. kinds
of pure Spices, Compound Syrup of
Phosphate, or Chemical food, an excellent ar
ticai for (Tonic dyspepsia and a tunic in Con
sumptive rises, Itenii6t,'"fereerd<iulatim;iMilk,
an excellent preperatiordfatithetable Table
Oil—very - nue —iiettles in Pro sizes. Pure Cod
Liver Oil. All of Hael's perfumery, pomades,
soaps, &c. II is Kalliairon-or Hair Restorative
is now everywhere acknowledged flue best.
Particular attention will be paid and great
caution observed in compounding Physicans
prescriptions with accuracy. Dr. H. will al
ways be found in the Store unless professionally
engaged elsewhere.
ANK NOTICENotice is hereby given
jj that the undersigned have formed an as
sociation and prepaid a certificate for the pur
pose of Estab:ishing a bank of issue discount
and deposit, under the provisions of the act en
titled an act to establish.a,system ,ot free
banking in Pennsylvania, and to secure the
public against loss from insolvent Banks" ap
proved the alst day of
. Mtuch 1 60.
The Ball be callts.d Bank of Marietta to
be located in the borougitof Marietta and Coun
ty of Lancazter, to consist of a Capital Stock
of One Hundred Thousand Dollars in Shares of
Fifty Dollars each, anb it is contemplated to
increase the Capital Stock to the amount of
Two Hundred Thonknd Dollars.
James L. Shultz, Henry Alusselman,
John Kline, John Miller,
John W. Clark, S. '
Aaron Gable, Doc. J, H. Grove,
James MeMacy, B. F. Hiestand,
John R. Dilfenbach, David Harry,
Thomas Zell, A; N. Cassel.
John Becker,
.Barr . Spangler,
it: The Harrisburg Telegraph and Bears'
German, paper insert 6 months and send bill to
this office for collection.
Opposite the Cross Keys Hotel,
fr lIE undersigned would respectfully inform.
the public that he still continues, at the
old stand, corner of Second and Walnut streets,
directly opposite the Cross Keys Hotel, to keep
on hand and for sale, all kinds of cigars from
Half Spanish up, in prices from $6, $7 $2O to
$.60 per thousand. TOBACCO.—Natural Leaf,
Excelsior Cavendish, Oranoko Virginia, Con
gress Fine Spun Ladies ,Twist, Coarse Spun
Twist, Eldorado, Jewel of Ophir tobacco, An
derson's best Fine-cut. All kinds of fine Ci
gars manufactured of imported stock. SIXES
HALF SPANISH. Rappee Snuff and alr kinds
Fine-cut Smoking Tobacco. Scented snuffs,
Fancy Pipes, Cigar Tubes, .5 - c. [ jam. 30,'5S
TTIFIE undersigned having leased the above
named old established Feary and Hotel, in
Reliant Township, York county, opposite the
borough of Marietta, where he is prepared to
entertain the public nt his bar and table with
the best the market affords. He would very
respectfully inform the traveling public that
having obtained ,
. .
and efficient ferrytnen, and is now fully prepa
red to accommodate persons wishing to cross
the Susquehanna with vehicles or otherwise
without delay or detention. JOHN NOEL.
October 1, 18.59. ly
TtiST RECEIVED at Anderson's Confec
t) tionary.and Variety Store, in Tdarket-st., a
line assortment of children's gigs, baskets
Wagons, perambulators, wheelbarrows, toys
rocking horses, wagons, dru is s , Children's
Gigs, Wheel harrows, Sleighs, hobby Horses,
China and Paper Toys, Dolls of every size
material Black and White. Animals of all
kinds and an endiess variety of Holiday gifts.
J. M. Anderson's, Atarket-st.
ADIE AND GENTS Anderson has just
_t_4 received an elegant assortment of Perfu
mery, .consisting of Toiliet Soaps, Hair this,
Extracts and colognes at prices much below .
fhe usual rates, also some very handsome Canes
tor gentleman, Portmonies, &c.
(H. H. 3W111.11