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Receipts In the Obuniy Treasury, 1860.
0. MICHEAL II SHIRK, Treasurer, Dr.
Jan. 10, To Cash received of Daniel
- Herr, Esq., late
Treasurer, being,
balance n hie
bands per report of
County Auditor% $48,907 56
reoeiyed. of John
&Offer, Justice of
the Peace, East
Hempfield, at ray '
steer sold,
received of B. F.
,Rowe, Sheriff', fines
and Jury fund,
received of A. Fair
er, 61ty Exonerated
received'of Brinton
Water, Sadsbury,
Taxes on unseated
received of William
'Gfilbraith, Justice
'Of'the Peace, Cole
rain, fines ,
received of J. Bear.
of West Earl, 1-3 of
';l3ridge across Co
, calico Creek,
' received of William
Frick, Justiee of the
Peire, City, for 2
stray horses sold by
.lehri Shenk,
received of Sarah
Mtartney, of Sials
'birytownship, loan,
received of Peter
Fullerton, of Penn
"township, loan,
received of George
Sahm, of East Hemp
field township, loan,
received of Elizabeth
Petz of East Hemp-
Meld twp., loan, 1,000 00
received of John B.
Sensenig, of Earl
twp.u, loan,
received of John Sen
ilenig, of Earl twp.,
leen,, 633 Q 0
received of Abraham
D. Heller, of Man
helm twp., loan,
received of Eliza
beth Miller, of East
Hempfield twp. loan, 300 00
‘ oo * received of Eliza
° 'both Aeist, of Man.
' beim Usti., loan,
" 3. - ' received of Daniel
, , Nana, of Rapho
"tarp., loan,
received of Jacob
Rohrer, Sr., of East
Lampeter twp; loan, 1,600 00
received of E. Reilly
Esq. costa in Com.
I,' " received of William
Kongmacher, Ephra
ta twp., loan, 1,000 00
" received of Edwin
Konigmarher, Ephra
" ' to twp., loan, 1,000 00
", 20, " received of Joseph
Bncher, of Warwick '
twp., 1-3 Midge
across Cocalico creek, i 49 58
" 23, " received of M. Res
eel; Conestoga twp,
1-3 bridge across
received of William
Ensminger, Man
heim twp., loan,
received of B. F.
• Rowe, Sheriff fines
and Jury fund,
id received ofJas.
Than, of Strasbuig
borough; for, asses:.
inept ,Q
''received of k,
r Esq.,Aostq in porn
oyealp vsBR
" 16 'cc received of H.
son, Martic, on ac
count 'f o r bridge
, , across Pequea,
kft I received of E. Reilly;
' ' FAq costs in born
' mon ealth vs. Ba
„ ker
d received of Tile. 5e1,,,,
,,,, 4 ., 1;, Aornridge, Justice of
the Peace Leacock
Vies )
received of E. Reilly
Esq., costs in corn
inon wealth vs. J.' H.
Erb, n.
received 'of Michael' '
Zug, East Deregal,
for assessment book, ,75
" received of Benj. F.
Rowe, Sheriff, lines,
ad., In Commbn=
wealth vs. J. Kautz, '46 25
received of E. Reilly
Esq., eosts in com
monwealth vs. A.
teceived of J. Cad-
Well, Esq., fines,
received of Farmers'
bank of Lancaster,
loan, 8,000 00
received of Manor
township, exonera
ted tax o f 1859,
received of William
Galbraith, Justice of
the Peace, Goland%
for stray sheep sold,
received of It. li.
Shirk, .Fulton twp.,
exonerated tax,
received of William
Hauck, as witness
fees refunded ,for J.
received of S. W. P.
Boyd, Sheriff, flues
and jury Wad,
reeeived of J. Cad
well, Esq,., fipea of
E. Wilma . %
received of County
Commissioners, Sta
tionery, &c.,in Mil
itia account,
received' of Benj. F.
Rowe, Sheriff; lama
and jury fund,
Aggregate Assessment of the coun
ty rates and levies per list fur
nished Treasurer by Gounty Com
missioners, to wit:.
Adamstown, $ 157 45
Bart, 700
Breakneck, 587 71
Uarnarvon, 1,20518
Uncalico East, 1,070'26
Uocalieo West, 1,503 57
Colerain, 747 26
,Columbia 2,381 52
Conestoga, 1,835 27
Conoy, 1,068 02
Clay, 1,259 27
Donegal East, 3,315 6B
Donegal West, . 851 75
Drumore, 1,404 54
Ephrata, 2,286 8%
Earl, 3,199 94
gia East, 1,991, 92
-.Earl West, 2,448 16
Elizabeth, - 745 24
Elizabethtown, 304 03
Eden, 505 17
F ,
ulton, 882'31
Ilempfield East, 3,079 92
13enrIpfiel&West, 21842 1 26
Lampeter East, 3,398 56
Lampeter West, 2,674 26
Lancaster township, 1,230'02
Lancaster city; 9,254 81, 2,697 83
Lilac i pek Upper, 2,500 99
TAM Britain, 1;049 30
Manheim township, 3,749 74
Martin,. - 654 00
16 2.
It 30, ' tc
Feb. - 22, (c
• ZS; is
7 4 1 ,1 , 1 , "
ir. - 5
at. y ft
CC ._3l, cc
cP CC (t
A pill 2, •
cc cc- • • cc,
~‘ ' .4
te 16,
it 30, •
May, 7,
,',116 , 1,•
.r ,„1:1::1
Aug. 4,, "
Sept." IT.: 'qv'
ec ';"fte,.
" ,452
Oct. 8,
di 39,
“ 29,
Dec. 11,
cc la,
Manor, , 5,212 93
Mount Joy township,l,B62 17
Mount Joy Bor., , 518 64
Marietta, 733 66
Marrheiru borough, 353 20
Paradise, 2,187 40
Penn, 2,135 67
Pequea, 1,331 03
Providence, 700 97
Rapho,' 3,145. 21.
Salisbury, 3,522 32
Sadsbury, 980 69
Strasburg township, 2,510 16
Strasburg borough, 449 25
Washington borough, 199 34
Warwick, 2,579 28
--$92,006 30
To cash received as Excess Tax as '
follows, to ,wit:
22 63
22 00
. . 1859. 1860.
East Donegal, $4 53 $lO 41
141arietta, - • 383 33 77
Elizabethtown, 250
Little Britain; 678
Manbeim twp., • " • 67'52'
Lancaster twp., 7 84
Eden, 9 12
Conoy, 3 57
Elizabeth, 18 60
Carnarvon,. 5 70
4 00
149 58
Cocalico East, 3 33
Conestoga, 9 98
Warwick, 5143
Strasburg boroughs. 13 SG
Upper Leacedz, - 3 16'
Earl., 6 09.
Providence,. 5 23
Raphp, . 3 54s
100 00
'l5 00
Penn, 341
6 37
Mount Joy twp., 4 9t
Colerain, 12 35
Manheira borobgh, 2 33
Sadsbury, 24 23
Columbia, 119 37
Bart,. 22 71
Earl West, • , 474
Hempfield East,' 31 59 ,
Manor, . 25.09
Strasburg twp., 4 '75
Lancaster city, 62 48 ,
Hempfield West,, 4.99 , '
Breckhock, 1 Q 5
Adamstown, 1 24
Mount Joy,, 9 74
Cocalico West; 6 30
Salisbury, 11 03
Lampeter East, . 13 07
Ephrata, , 11 30
Paradise, 14 73
Martic, 2 91 '
Pequea, 2 91
240 00
900 00
100 00
500 00
10 00
$l7 64 $656 94 674 5F5
To amount of outstanding taxes
per Auditors report, 9,981 02
Items unpaid, Court bills and Cer
Total Rebeipts
• Outstanding Taxes for 1860.
Adamstown, $ 10 00
Breakneck, 210 32
*Carnarvon, 308 70
Cocalico East, 46 00160
**Cocalico West, 401
Colerain, 214 71
Oolunibia, 1,381 52
*Coney, 50 00
Clay, .377 42
Donegal East, 438 80
Donegal West, 308 24
Drutnore, " 1,097 54
*Earl, , 29 18
Earl East, 691 46
Earl West, 481. 26
Elizabethtown, ' 129' 93
Fulton, - 465 46
gemptield West; 1,360 53
*Lampeter East, 91 81.
Lampeter. West, • 702 88
Lancaster city; 3,164 56•
Little Brittain, 424 62
Manor, 842 77
Mount Joy twp., • 953 67
Pequea, 20 79
Salisbury, 1,054 23
*Salsbury, 498 89
Strasburg twp.. 657.18
*Strasburg borough, 149 61
Washington, 146 34
Earl East, 1857, ' 30 87
Strasburg bor., 1859, 188 99
207 39
300 00
,22 00
18 00
76 00
8 63
Those marked thus (o) have since paid
b 25
rpHE following is a statement of the Corn
-missioners , Orders drawn on Michael H
Shirk, Esq., Treasurer of Lancaster county
for the year 1860. •
Assessors Pay, 1860
AdrinastOwn, S. Stork, taking asst. $l5 00
Bart, Henry Baughman, 40 00
13recknock, Levi Lanai', 42 00
Carnarvon . , William Yoder, 40 00
Cocitheo Fast, Nelson Wolfkill, 35 00
'Co:Malice West, Adam Sharp, 40 00
Co!drain, - ' Henry Paxson, 42 00
Columbia Bor., James Barber, 85 00
Conestoga, Samuel S. Fehl, 45 00
Conoy, B. F. Ebersole, 32 00
Clay, W. K. Furlough, '35 00
Donegal East, George Long, 60 00
'Donegal West, Michael Ober, 37 50
Drumore, ' James. Welsh, 56 00
Ephrata, Jacob S. Sliarp, 52 00
Earl, James Darrow, 70 00
Earl East, Isaac Ranck, 52 00
Earl West, Levi Kemper, . 47 00
Elizabeth, Peter Resser, 30 00
Elizabethtown bor.Jacob Idail, 20 00
Eden, James Risk, 32 00
Fulton Lewis H. MCCardle, 43 21
Hemplield East, Jacob Hershey, 55 00
Hempfield West, J. Ilerneman, 45 00
Liinmeter East, 'A. Buck - walter, . 40 00
Lskripeter West, George Ulmer, 38 00
Lancaster, Benj. Huber, 22 00
Leatock, Benj. Hunsecker, 35 00
Leacock Upper, N. F. Slieaffer, 40 00
Little Britain, John P. Hays, 35 00
Ltinc'r city, N. W. Ward, James Wiley, 160 00
" " S. W, Ward, IL P. Carson, 130 00
" " S. E. Ward, Jacob Gumpf, 130 00
" ''i o N. E. Ward, Geo. P. King, 130 00
Manheim, M. S. Heiser, 65 10
Martic, James H. Pagan, 25 00
Manor, A. R. Witmer, , 85 00
Mount Joy, H. B. Painter, 50 00
Mount Joy Bor., Dann C. Mowrer, . 25 00
Marietta,Bor., David Roth, 32 00
Manhehn Bor., David May, *l7 00
Paradise, - George Anthony, 40 00
Penn, '• 'lsaac Gingrich, 30 00
'Pequea, Martin G. Rush, 25 00
Piovidence, Martin Huber. 30 'OO
Rapho, . J. B. Breneman, • 50 00
Salisbury, J. D. Warfel, 65 00
Sadsbury, Wm. Boreland, 44 00
Strasburg, H. K. Brenernan, 56 00
Strasburg Bor., Jacob liildelfrand, 19 00
Warwick, G. E. Bietnesderier, 56 00
'Washington Bor., H. H. Bitner, 4 20 00
8 62
68. 00
20 OD
10 OD
So 00
$2,544 71
Erecting Bridges.
Davis nub, for building bridge across
Pogue& Creek, at Harnishes Mill, $1307 91;
William Corwin, in full for Bridges
at Graver's and Snavely's Mills, 1324 50
F. Allej & Co., Masonry to If arnish's
Mill, 35 00
Samuel Royer, roofing wing wall of
Bridge at Graver's Mill, 10 54
Elias McMullen r Masonry for Bridge
at Snavely's Milli 172 90
Henry lHeSsAMasonly for Bridge at
Graver's, 190 37
40 62
$163,572 29
$17,243 88
$3041 22,
Repairing Bridges.
Aaron Heiman, for Masonry for Bridge
n at White Rock, $ 53 00
Daniel Ehrisman, repairing Bridge at
Old Cotton Factory, 50 03
L. Miller & Musser,Lumber & Freight b 3 94
William Worth, q., for labor and
materials for repairing Bridge at White
Rpck, . 128 72
Potts & Blight, whitewashing Bridge at
Manic Forge. 5 00
$320 69
Court of Quarter Sessions.
Witness Fees, $7766 90
Jurors' Pay, 2275 31
Justices and Constables costs, 2277 38
Crier and Tipstaves, 304 50
E. Franklin, Esq., Attorney fees, 977 00
B. F. Rowe, Esq., Sheriff's fees, 388 67
Samuel Evans, Esq., Clerk fees, 568 59
S. W. P. AN, Esq. ) Sheriff fees,' 140 50
0. J. Dickey, Attorney fees, 18 00
F. Cooper, itir boarding Jurors and
Tipstaves,' 89 93
Win. M. Gormly, services in Common
wealth vs. Maillen. 5 73
$10,812 51
Court of Common Pleas.
Jurors pay,
Crier and Tipstaves,
Ditto for Supreme Court,
$3,234 03
Court House.
Lancaster. Gas Company bill for Gas, $l3O RS
Kendrick & Biggs, repairing water pipes, 14 50
Joseph Gottshall, shoveling snow, 4 50
Joseph C. Snyder, cleaning furnaces and
sundries, 56 23
Davis Kitch, smith work, 3 50
Sprecher & Bro., for cement, 24 75
Daniel Ehrisman, for carpentry, 13 15
County Prison, for carpeting, 43 S 3
H. Breneman, 4.1 days labor, 4 50
Ellen Wiley, cleaning house, 5 00
John R. Russel, for cement, . 704
Joseph Eberman's estate, care of town
Work, o 25 00
Joseph Sampson, bill for brushes, 5 56
Jacob Rotharmel, do do 5 12
Henry Wagener, taking in coal, 4 50
D. L. McDonald, paving and masonry, 46 70
Charles Shauble, bill for sand, 12 50
John Ford, hauling sand, 1 25
Jacob Huber, for lime, 1 00
S. W. Taylor, for painting and glazing, 99 12
George Calder, for sand, 3 : - .0
George M. Steinman & Co. for hardware, 15 40
Levi Summy, Coroner, and Justices, for
holding inquests on the bodies' f 55 dead .
bodies found in Lancaster county, - $606 32
• Commisioners Office.
Jacob F. Fry, Esq., in full for 189 days,
services as Commissioner at $2 00
per day, $378 00, and 4090 mites at
6 cts. per mile $245 40. Total $623 40.
Ballance in full, $ 223 40
Daniel Good, Esq., 184 days, $368 00
and 3103 miles, SIS 6 IS. Total to
Jan'y 18th, $554 18. Balance due
January 18th, 1860, 154 18
On account for services, 400 00
Joseph Boyers, 176 days $352 00, and
3676 miles $220 00. Total $572 56.
Balance to Jan'y,-18th, 1360, 172 56
On account, 500 00
P. G, Eberman, Salary as Clerk, 747 47
Edward Reilly; Esq., Solicitor to Jan'y 37 50
Ditto on account, 112 50
Levi S. Reist, Esq., on account of ser
vices as Commissioner, , 300 00
Charles E. Heinitsh, Ink, Wafers, &c., 258
John Sheaffer, Stationary, 5 00
P. G. Eberman, Jr., Cleaning Clock, 1 00
*2,656 19
. .
91ncers of elections holding general _. .
election, $l,lBB 40
Officersi:d elections holding Presiden
tial election,l,27s 13
Officers of elections holding township
electionS, , ' 954 37
Officers of elections holding city elec-
tions;. . 89 25
Assessors pay for lists of voters, pc., 677 Q 9
Constables pay, . 192 11
Officers for *cis! elections, 54 84
T. Ay...Heir - and G. Breneinan, clerk-
Jug for return Judges at General and
`'Presidential elections, 53 17
Geo. King and others, challengers at
4-„Presidential' election, 18 00
llenryllauingardner, bill for coal, $216 45
. . Printing. .
T. B. Cochran, for printing, ,$lBO 50
Pearsol &, Geist, " 167 50
J.A. Hiestand & Co., '' 3.66 59
John- Bear's Sons; " - . - .114 60
Gen:Sandergon, " ' 169.00
R. Kuhn, .i 99 50
F. L. Baker; " 78 00
S. A. Wilie, 41 72 00
Sam'! Wright, .1 '7l OO
John M. Ensininger,." 60 00
F. H. Stauffer, ~ 57 00
S. B. Markly,' " 30 00
W. H. Thomas, " 27 00
W. J. Kauffman, " . '9 00
Wm. B. Wiley, " 8 25
S. Kenedy & Co., " 200
$1253 94
Postage and Envelopes.
H. B. Swarr, for postage and envelops, $S 26
Public Offices.
George Wiant, Blank Books for Offices, $159 12
P. C. Itaninger, do do 32 00
John Sheaffer, - do do 1 00
C. L. Stones, indexing (Orpuass' Court
Office) 36 00
W. L. Atlee, auditing in public offices, 115 50
G. M. Zahm, repairing seal press, 2 50
046 12
Poor and House of Employment.
Wtn. Gorrecht, for support of Pool and
House of Employment f0r,1060, $12,900
• Prison.
Hugh S. Gara, Esq , for support of
Prison for 1560, • $11;000
Penitentiary. ,
Eastern Pei.itentiary for support of
contets for 1858, $940,67
Paid to Banks and individpals, $23,159 00
Paid to Banks and individuals, $7,22~8 63
. Post lifortenzExaminations.
Post mortirmexatnimitions held on the •
bodies of 25 persons, found dead in
Lancas,er county. $250 00
Road Damages.
Samuel Leed, . r $ 800
Jacob 'Warfel, Conestoga trop., 10 00
Joseph Harris, Sadsbury, 45 00
Thomas Dean, do 75 00
John McSimmons, do 25 00
Jason Bolbmi, Drumore, 10 00
Geo. Sanderson, Esq., Mayor, proportion
due the city of Lancaster, 568 81
Martin Eshleman, Providence, 25 00
Frederick Stively, do 50 00
Abraham Wissler, Pequea, 100 00
Abraham M. Hess, do 25 00
C. M. Hess, Drumore, 75 00
Peter Caldron,lo 00
Benjamin Good, 12 00
Amos Glime,. 400
Jesse Messner; 18 00
Jacob Coldren, 16 00
John McColm, , 12 00
Jacob Roub, 5 00
George Aument, Drumore, • ;85 00
William Reed, do 25.0 Q
Amos Warfel, do 7.00
Michael Winters, Providence, 20 00
Samuel Jones, Drumore, 10 00
Nancy Bowman, Strasburg, - 10 00
David Myers, • do . 6 00
Jacob Hoffer, Mount Joy bor. 55 00
Jacob Echternach, • 15 00
William Liidwig: : . 7 00
$1333 31
. -
• . 'Janitor.- "
J. C. SnyderAin fulito Jan. 23,1 . 860 2 $ 41 00
Oniaccount, 3604)0
. .
Geo. Sanderson, Esq., Mayor & Con
stables fees, $1045 24
E. Sengewalt, for error in duplicate at
sett lement, 69
Joseph C. Snyder, whitewashing celler,
repairing pavements, &c., 40 00
E. Reiley, Esq., professional services, 50 00
Daniel Herr, Esq., late Treasurer, ex
°notations on State and Military tax, 61 79
Jacob D. Warfel, serving subpoenas in
Coin. vs. McAllen, 39 OS
John J. Musser, tax refunded, .5 00
Jos. Bowman, Prothonatory's fees, IS 59
A. Fairer, Collector, tax refunded, 2S 22
T. W. Herr, expenses to Harrisburg
on County business, 4 20
Thomas Welsh, Esq., vagrant fees in
Columbia, 130 93
Wm. B. Wiley qualifying. Sheriff and
Commissioners 225
Samuel Hinkley, tax refunded 3 00
P. G. Eberman, distributing tally pa
pers for elections, 50 00
T. W. Herr and others, copying tax
duplicates . 100 62
Wm. Demuth, adjusting bell 2 10
S. Blank arresting Doutrich & Hoover 24 92
John Greider, tax refunded 9 00
J. E. Cassel for transcript for election
laws 1 25
John A. Wier, Esq., Treasurer Penna.
State Lunatic Hospital hoarding &c.
for Howe and S. A. Clark 215 3S
Geo. R. Hendrickson costs in Comth
vs. Kemper 2 S 4
Sam'l Evans recording narnes'of town
ship officers 103 25
P. G. Eberman Jr. assisisting clerk on
Ist of April 1 50
Jacob Gundaker constable bringing J.
Dougherty from Chester to Lancas
ter jail 11 05
John Eddy tax refunded 1 15
Lancaster County Prison expenses for
shed for black maria 23 GB
Philip Baker for bringing Gordon and
Bostic from Cincinnati to Lancaster
$2639 03
545 00
60 00
county jail 172 37
Solomon Sprechcr boarding jurors 9 50
Sam'! Eberly surveying Stateroad be
tween Becks and Lancaster county 22 50
Telegraph office for dispatch 70
Lancaster city for water rent 38 00
Jacob Stauffer plans and specifications
for bridges 42 00
C. Smith whitewashing bridge , 500
A. C. Messenkop taking C. A. Holstoffir
to House of Refuge 10.75
P. G. Eberthan copying lists of taxables
for elections 30 00
George Mowrer horse hire 2 00
M. Steigerwalt bill for ice9s
P. Geist and S. McDonald witness fees 592
American Fire Company services at
Court House . 500
John Sheaffer election laws 6 00
A. C. Messenkop taking it. Zercher to
House of Refuge 10 75
P. G. Eberman Jr. and others copying
list of voters for Presi t dential election 30.00
Sam'! Eby dividing election districts 10 09
J. Gundaker and John Kuhns services
Corn. vs. H. Bush and R. Smith 9 00
A. Fairer for collecting taxes in four
wards at elections and lor lists of
delinquents ' 65 00
P. S. Baker taking Harriet Crum to
House of Refuge 10 50
Hook and Ladder•Cbm'y subscription 50 00
Allen Hibshman and D. Steck estab
lishing the line between Lancaster
and Berks counties • 304 63
Jacob Souder distributing tally papers 25 00
J. Winter Const Columbia vagrant fees 700
John Eddy Collector Columbia tax re
funded 34 75
Frank Quinn shovelling snow 1 00
S. W. Mifflin tax refunded 5 10
M. Zahn!, for interpreting in Court 25 00
J. S. Hunsberger tax refunded 1 48
Joseph C. Snyder distributing Tally ,
Papers Transcripts Assessments &.e.
for elections 100 00
$5.97 53
' $3017 14
Road viewers orders • $ 470 59
Constables returns 239 77
Balance in Treasurer's hands 52734 15
Treasurers Commissions 1210 30
Auditors pay. 130 00
. .
Clerks pay 25 00
Unpaid Commissioners orders 41 08.
Outstanding taxes - 17243 88
Exoneration and Coin. Orders 1859 469 81
cc cc " " IS6O 5707 13
Balance in Treasurer's hands 52734 15
$168,572 2a
Lancaster, Jan. 21st 1861. Commissioners.
$4,502 36
We the undersigned Auditors of Lancaster
county, do certify that we have carefully ex
amined the above account of MICHAEL H.
SHIRK, Esq., Treasurer of said county, and
compared his vouchers with the same, and find
a balance in, his hands of fifty-two thousand,
seven hundred and thirty-four dollars and fif
teen cents ($52,734 lb )
We have examined the account of WIL LIA H
GORRECHT, Esq.; Treasurer of the Poor and
House of Employment of Lancaster county,
and find a balance in his hands of seven hun
dried and twenty-one dollars and fifty-seven
cents ($721 57) on the Iseclay of Jan'y, 1861.
We have also examineththe account of HUGE(
S. GARA, Esq., Treasurer of the Board of Pris
on Inspectors, and find it correct, and showing
a balance due him by the said Board, en the
Ist day of January, IS6I, of seven hundred and
taixty-four dollars and 46 cents. ($764 4G.)
. The liabilities of the counts , for individual
loans, at the present time at 5 per cent per
annum,,amount to .$126,720 75; deducting the
amount in hands of the Treasurer ($52,734 15)
would show an indebtedness of 573,086 60
The outstanding taxes amount to $17,243 88.
In witness whereof we have hereunto set
our hands at the County Commissioners Office
this 25th day of January, 1861.
Auditors of Lancaster county.
Geo. L. d/Tackley, •
'FA3liimble oaf 40 cap
ri AVING purchased of Mr. Crull the stock
good will and fixtures of this well known
establishment, I.hereby inform my numerous
friends, and the public generally that I am pre
pared to supply their wants in the HAT AND
CAP line at all times with promptness, and at
as reasonable rates as any establishment in the
Union. Havi had 5 years expeiience as a
practical hatter and being in the receipt of the
latest "Reports of Fashions," and having fa
cilities for obtaining goods direct from the East
in 48 hours; by strict attention to business and
a desire to please, I hope to merit and receive
a liberal share of public patronage.
P. S.—Having disposed of my establishment
to George L. Mackley, I. cheerfully recom
mend hurl.% the favorable notice of all who
desire a "conifortable covering for the head."
In retiring from business 1 extend my un
feigned thanks to my friends for the patronage
so liberally bestowed to me and hope the same
may be my worthy successor.
Marietta,i.A,ugust 28, 1858_
Saw Mill. and Lumbar Yard,
o ci h
, ONSTANTLY onand•a full assortmen
jot' all kinds of Seasoned Lumber, which he
ers at reasonable prices.
Boards, Plank, Joist, Scantling,
Rafters, Laths, Shingles,
Pails, 6.c., frc., 6-c.
All orders attended to with dispatch. •
.1. 111. ERISMAN.
Marietta. April 1 ltf. ,1854.-
I(NIVES &•FORKS, Britainia and Silver
plated Spoons, Brass, Copper, Plain and
Enameled Iron Kettles, and . Housekeeping
goods generally..St errett' Co.
4 , 401 00
DR. HINKLE having just returned from
Philadelphia with the most complete and
full assortment of everything in his line ever
offered in this Borough. He has purchased
another supply of PURE AND FRESir DRUGS,
which can be depended on for what they are
represented, having received his personal
attention in the selection. In addition to
his Drugs will be found a nicely selected
consisting in-part of German, French and Eng
lish perfumery, Shaving Soaps and Creams,
Tooth and Nail Brushes, Buffalo and other
la Pomades, 'etc., etc. Port Monnaies,
Pocket Books, Pulf and Powder Boxes, tk.c.
Old Port; Sherry and Madeira Wines and
Brandies for medical purposes.
The justly celebrated Batchelor's HAIR Dye.
DeCosta's and other Tooth Washes, India Cola
gogue, Bariv's Tricoperous, for the hair, Bay
Rum, Arnold's Ink, large and small sized bot
tles, Balm of a Thousand Flowers, Flour or
Rice, Corn Starch, Hecker's Farina, all kinds
of pure Ground Spices, Compound Syrup of
Phosphate, 'or Chemical food, an excellent ar-
Mal for cronic dyspepsia and a tonic in Con
sumptive cases, Rennet, for coagulating milk,
an excellent preperation for the table ; Table
Oil—very fine—bottles in two sizes. Pure Cod
Liver Oil. All of Hael's perfumery, pomades,
soaps, &c. His Kathairon or Hair Restorative
is now everywhere acknowledged the best.
Particular attention will be paid and great
caution observed in compounding Physicans
prescriptions with accuracy. Dr. IL will al
ways be found in the Store unlessprofessionally
'engaged elsewhere.
in the World For Pain!
P. , . CT RIC OIL_
mHIS oil is the only sure remedy in the
I world for the Cure of Rheumatism, Deaf
ness, Gout, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Sciatica,
Spinal and Bronchial complaints, Tic Dolor
eux, Headache, Cramps* Croup, Piles, Felons,
Sprains and Bruises, Cuts and Wounds, Swell
ed Glands, Stiff Joints, Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Sore Nipples, Swelled Breast, Womb Disor
ders, Salt Rheum, Canker in the Mouth and
Stomach,Palpatation, Eruptions,Caked Breast,
Quinsy, Sore Throat, Palsy, Pleurisy, Ulcers,
Lock Jaw, Heart Burn, Tooth and Ear-ache ;
Nervousness, Costiveness, Burns, Sore Gums
of teething infants, Hemorrhage; Abscess, Stiff
Necks, Broken Breast, Chilblains, Tetter,
Shingles,Frosted Feet, Fever and Ague,Chapp
ed Hans, or any Diseases that 'are sore or
painful, in the only article ever brought be
fore the public that will do its work perfectly
in from three to twenty -minuets—has been
by thousands and pronounced to be the
be remedy ever discovered.
- .
This Oil acts on the system with electricity
—is of pure vegetable preparation. Not the
slightest danger of applying it outwardly= or
inwardly. It at once gives a permanent cure
—in most cases from ten to twenty minuets.
The best physiologists of Europe have discov
ered that all organic derangement of the ani
mal system is the effect of an obstruction of the
physico-electric fluid in the organ diseased.—
A skillful application of this Oil puts in im
mediate motion the nerve fluid, and the cure is
atonce accomplished. No bleedings—no vom
iting, purging or blistering is resorted to.
None genuine without signature of Prof.
C. DE GRATH. Labels signed in writing.
Principal Depot No. 217 South Eighth St.
Philadelphia. ' Country dealers and druggists
can be supplied wholesale and retail. Price
25 cents, 50 cents, and $ i per bottle.
Try everything else; give this one simple
CAUTION—Be careful to ask for and Ft DE
GRA.TII'S Electric Oil, as worthless imitations
There are numerous imitations sprung up on
the reputation my article has acquired. 'the
public must beware. They are worthless.
For sale by all dealers and druggists. Prin
cipal office 217 South St h street, Phila.
Trunk Olannlisciary;
Between Spangler 4 Patterson's Store.
and Tirolfe's Nation House,
Market Street.
TITO U L D most respectfully inform the
public that he continues the ;shove bus . -
ness in all its branches. Anything not on
hand will be manufactured at short notice and
warranted to give satisfaction in workmanship
and price. He Will always endeavor to keep
on hand an assortment of
Wagon ) Carriage and Ridging Whips, Ply-nets
Horse COM? s, Collars, Trunks., Valieces,
Carpet Bags and in fact everything in his line
of business, all of which will be of the best
material and workmanship, and at prices in
keeping with the times. Come and see.,
Marietta, August 25, 1860. [ju II '56
ing a private instructor for mar
ried persons, or those about to be mar-
ried,i both male and female, in every
thing concerning the physiology and
relations of our sexual sy stem, and
the production or prevention of offspring in
cluding all the new discoveries never bfore
given in the English language, by WILLIAM
YOUNG, M. D. This is realy a:valuable and
interesting work. It is written ir. plain lan
guage for the general reader, and is illustrated
with numerous engravings. All young mar
ried people, or those contemplating marriage,
and having the least impediment to married
lifeohould read this book. It discloses secrets
that every one should be acquainted with ; still
it is a book that must be locked up, and not
lie about the house. It will be sent to anyone
on the receipt of twenty-five cents, in specie or
postage stamps. Address Dr. Wir. YOUNG,
No. 416 Spruce st. above 4th, Philadelphia.
ter what may be your disease before you place
yourself under the care of any one of the no
torious quacks---natve or foreign=who a dyer
tise in this or any other paper, get a copy of
either of Dr. Voung's Books, and read it care
fully; it may be the means of saving you many
a dollar, your health, and possibly your life.
Dr. You.wo can be consulted on any of the
diseases described in his publications, at his
office, No. 416 Spruce-st., above Fourth.
Opposite the Cross Keys hotel,
THE undersigned would rospectfully inform
the public that he still continues, at the
old stand, corner of Second and WalnUt streets,
directly opposite the Cross Keys Hotel, to keep
on hand and for sale, all kinds of cigars from
Half Spanish up, in prices from $6, $7 $2O to
$BO per thousand. TO.DACCO.—Natural Leaf,
Excelsior Cavendish, Oranoko Virginia, Con
gress Fine Spun Ladies Twist, Coarse Spun
Twist, Eldorado, Jewel of Ophir tobacco, An
derson's best Fine-cut. All kinds of fine Ci
gars manufactured of imported stock. SixEs
BALE. Spamrsu. Rappee Snuff and all kinds
Fine-cut Smoking Tobacco. Scented snuffs,
Fancy Pipes, Cigar Tubes, 4rc. Dan. 30,255
Marietta, Lancaster Co., Pa
THOMAS C. CHILD, AGT., has constantly
on hand, or Manufactured to order, all
kinds of SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, Shutters,
qtr.; &c. All orders addressed to MEITAFFEY,
HOUTZ & Co., for any of the above articles, or
for Bill Stuff, Timber Girders, Lath, Pickets,
Pales, Shingling Lath, Floor Boards, Weather
Boarding, White Pine Shingles, or Lumber will
elways meet with, prom pt attention, and be sup
plied on as favorable terms as from any other
astablishment in the country.
A liberal discount off for cash.
SEGARS and Chewing Tobacco. A large
and good variety at J. M. Anderson's.
1H ESE MEDICINES havenow been be
f .re
the public for a period of thirty yearn.
during that time have maintained a high char
acter in almost every part of the Globe, for
their extraordinary and immediate power of
restoring perfect health to persons suffering
under nearly every kind of diseaso to which
the human friend is liable.
The following are among the distressing va
riety of human diseases in which the
Are well known to be infallible.
. .
DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing the
first and second stomachs, and.creating a flow
of pure, healthy bile, instead of the stale and
acrid kind ; FLATULENCY, Loss of .Appe
tite, Heartburn, Headache, Kestlessness, ill-
Temper, A.ns.iety, Languor, and Melancholy,
which are the general symptoms of Dyspepsia,
will vanish, as a natural consequence ; of its
COSTIVENESS,. billeausing. - the whole
lenth of the intestines ih a solvent process,
and without violence ; all violent purges leave
the bowels costive within twn - days:.
FEVERS of all, kinds, by restoringthe blood
to a regular circulation, through' the process of
prespiration in Such cases, and the thorough
solution of all intestinal obstruction in.others.
The Life Medicines have been known'to cure
RHEUMATISM permanently in three'weeks,
and GOUT in half that time, by remoyting lo
cal inflammation from the muscks and liga
ments of the joints.
DROPSIES of all kinds, by freeing and
strengthening the kidneys and bladder; they
operate most delightfully on these important
organs, and hence have- eyer been foun.d a cer
tain remedy for the worst cases of GRAVEL.
Also WORMS, by dislodging Yroarthelurn
logs of the bowels the allow matter to which
these creatures adhere.
SORES, by the'perfect purity which these Life
Medicines give to the blood, and all the humors.
plexions, by their alterative effect tition the
fluids that fend the akin '
and the „morbid Attate
of which occasions all eruptive complaints,
sallow, cloudy, and other' disagreeable"
pi exions. , ,
The use of these Pali fiir a very short time
will effect an entire cure of SA.Lr
and a striking.nriproyement in the clearness of
the skin• COMMON COLDS and INFLU
ENZA will always be cured by one dole; oi• by
two in the worst cases. . •
PILES.—The original proprietgr of these
Medicines, was cored' of Piles, of' 36 years
standing by the use of the Life Medicinesalone-
FEVER AND;AVUE.--For this scourge of
the Western country, these Medicines will be
found a sufe, speedy, :and certain remedy.—
Other medicines hayethe.system subject ito a
return of the ditiease—a cure by these Medi
cines is permanent=tii them, be satisfied, and
be cured.
PLAINTS.—GeneraI Debility, Lou of Appe
tite, and Diseases of Females--•the Medicines
have been used with the most beneficial results
in cases of this description r--Kings Evil, and
Scrofula, in its worst forms,,yields to the mild
yet powerful action of these remarkable Med
icines. Night Sweats, Nervous Debility, Ner
vous. Complaints of all kinds, Palpitation of
the Heart, Painters' Colin, are speedily cured.
constitutions. have become impaired by the in
julicious use of Mercury, will find these Med
icines a perfect cure, as they never fail to erad
icate from the system, all the effects, of Med
cury, infinitely soonenthan the most powerful
preparations of SarsapArilla. Prepared and
sold by 'W. 13. AIOFFAT,
• 335 Broadway, New York.
Restorative Pills of-humi
An Aperient and 'Stomachic preparation of
Iron purified of Oxygen and Carbon by
combustion in Hydrogen. , :-Sanctioned by the
highest Medical Authorities, both in Europe
and the United States, and prescribed in their
The experience of, thousands daily proves
that no preparation Of Iron can be compared
with it. impurities of 'the blood ) depression
of vital energy, pale anal otherwise, sickly
complexions, indicate its necessity in almost
every conceivable case.
Innoxious is all Maladies in which it has
been tried, it has proved absolutely curative to
each of thy following complaints, vix„:
/n. Debility, Nervous Affections, E maciation,
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Diarrheea, Dys- •
entery, Incipient Consuniption,..Veroftt
bus TUburculosis, Salt Rheum,
htismenstruation, Chlorosis,
Whites, Live Complaints,
Chronic Headaches,
Rheumatism, In,-
vers, • Pim.-.
plea on tha .
face, tfc.
In cases ,o 1 General Debility, whether the re
sult of acute disease, or of the continued dim
inution of nervous and muscular energy front
chronic complaints, one trial of this restorative
has proved successful to an extent wind, no
description nor written attestation would rend
er credible. Invalids so long : bed-ridden as to
have become forgotten in their own neighbor
hoods, have suddenly re-appepred in the busy
world aaif just returned froin'prOtnicted travel
in a. distant land. Some very signal instances
of this kind are attested ,of .fetnale Sufferers,
emaciated victims of apparent rnarasmus, sane
guineous exhaustion, 'erittiear Changes, and
that complication of nervena'and dyspepti
aversion to uir and exerciseforwlfich the phy
sician has no name.
In Nervous A f fections of all kinds, and fo'r
reasons familiar to medical men,the operatioth
of this preparation of iron must necessarily be
salutary, for, unlike the old oxides, it is 'Tien--
roust} , tonic, without being exciting and over-.
heating; and gently, regularly aperient, even.
in the most obstinate cases of costiveness with
ever being a gastric purgative, or inflicting
a disagreeable sensation.
It is this latter property, among others,
Which makes it so remarkably effectual and
permanent a remedy for Piles, upon whit]) it
also appears to exert - a distinct and specific
action, by dispersing the local tendency which
forms them.
In Ds spepsia, innunierable as are its causes,
a single box of these Chalybeata,Rds has often
sufficed for the most habitual cases, Including
tho attendent Costiveness.
In unchecked Diarrhea, :even when
vanced to Dysentary, confirmed, emaciating,
and, apparently malignant, : the effects have
been equally decisive and astonishing. .
In the local pains, MSS of fleslermd strength,
debilitating cough, and remitten, hectic, which
generally indicate Incipifq ;Consumption, this
remedy has allayed the alarrii of friends and
physicians, in several very gratifying and in
In Scrofulous Tuberculosis, this medicated
iron has had far more 'titan the good effect of
the most Cautiously balanced preparations of
iodine, without any of their well known lia
The attention of feiffales cannot be too con
fidently invited to this remedy and restorative,
in the cases peculiarly affecting them.
In Rkeumatism, both chronic and inliarrima
tory—in the latter, however, mcire'decidedly—
it has been invariably well,. reported, both as
alleviating pain and reducing the swellings
and stiffness of the joints and muscles.
In'Tutennittent Felieri it Mutt necessarilyhe
a great remedy and ,enerxetic - restorative, and
its progress in the new settlements of the West,
wilt probably be one . of higgrenown and use
No remedy has everbeen discovered in the
whole historyof medicine, which exerts such
prompt, happy, and fully restorVive effects.—
Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid aequi
sitiop of strength, with an unusual disposition
for active and cheerful, exercise, immediately
follow its use.
Put up in neat flat metal boxes . contairdng
50 pills, , price- , 50 cents per box - ; for sale by
druggists and dealers. Will be Sent frect
any address on receipt of themice.
tens, orders, etc. should be addressed to
R. kg. LoCRE. & CO., General Agents,.
ZO Cedar-et., N. Y..
TIDATABLE LA It S. A new and most
Jr - conienient and perfectly safe lamp, caged
toe "Portable Coal Oil Lamp,'? fersaln cheap
at Grove 4 Rolit's Drug Store.