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    t 4 c rottehig Nariettian.
"Impartial---but not Neutral."
,Acutletta, Oa.
SECESSION SCRAPS l High authority
announces that the policy of the Admin
istration, towards the Secessionists, is
entirely changed. Henceforth it will be
conciliatory but firm in the execution of
the laws. The President approve& the
conduct of Major Anderson, on the
ground that he had tangible evidence of
the intention, on the part of the South
Carolinians, to seize and , occupy Fort
Sumpter. Subsequent disclosures have
satisfied those well informed, that such
was the intention. Once in occupancy
of Sumpter, Major Anderson would have
been powerless and at the mercy of the
Carolinians. No reinforcement of Fort
Moultrie could have been made effectual
for the recovery of Fort Sumpter. Maj.
Anderson being in command, took a mil-
Rant view, and anticipated the South
Carolinians by proceeding to the strong
hold they coveted, under the cover of
the night. Upon these considerations,
the President also refused to interfere
for the withdrawal of the United States
forces, saying "This I cannot do, and I
will not do."
He also announced his firm determina
tion to collect the revenues, and that the
property now in the occupancy of the
troops of SOuth 'Carolina must be re
stored. The seizure of the U. S. Ar
senal be deems a high-handed outrage.
On Monday last, after 3 o'clock, the re
ply of the President was addressed to
the Hons. Rhett, Orr and Adams, and
delivered by the Presidents's secretary.
On its reception great mortification was
evinced at the non recognition of the title
of Commissioners by which they had des
ignated themselves. .
Secretary-of-War Holt has appointed
Capt. Charles Stone, on recommendation
of Gen. Scott, to be Inspector-General
of Militia in the District of Columbia.
To him is entrusted the important duty
of immediately organizing the District
Militia, to repel invasion, suppress insur
rection and preserve public property.—
Stone's commission will be issued by the
President to-day. He is a West Point
graduate, and Scott has the highest
opinion of him.
The Washington Star states that Gov.
Letcher is open and loud in his denun
ciations of the advice of the Enquirer
and Examiner, and says that no expedi
tion against Washington shall leave the
Old Dominion while he is its chief mag
istrate, and thus commands its regular
military force. •
The steam frigate Brooklyn and anoth
er vessel at Norfolk have been ordered
to be in readiness for immediate depar
-tare to Charleston. The Brooklyn's
cruise is up, and her crew aro waiting to
be paid off and discharged. But the
emergency is considered too pressing to
admit it.
Any attack on Major Anderson or
Fort Sumpter, by the Carolinians, will
be followed by sending out frigates, ma
rines and troops. Troops will be sent
to Fourt Moultrie from Norfolk, where
there are eight companies, and southern
fortifications will be reinforced also.
Prominent members of the Democratic
party at the North assure the President
that he will be sustained, and that if the
"stars and stripes" are declared by him
to be in danger, there will be no lack o
stout. arms to defend it.
New York Sun learns from a gentleman
whose authority is a letter from a well
informed friend in Washington, that a
challenge from Secretary Floyd to Sec
retary Thompson, in consequence of the
latter attempting to connect Mr. Floyd's
name with the Indian Trust Fund Rob
bery, is probable. It is a matter of com
mon report that Floyd has, on occasions,
when his acts as head of the War De
partment have been subjects of consid
eration in Cabinet Council, stormed and
bullied in a manner to intimidate his
The members of the South Caro
lina Assembly sit with their hats on.—
The Clerk, clothed like an Episcopal
clergyman, calls the roll. The Messen
ger, in front of the Speaker's room,
strikes his staff on the floor, crying out,
"Make way for the Speaker," the Door
keeper repeats it loudly with three heavy
raps of his staff; and then the Speaker
himself, clothed in a rich blue nazarine
robe, marches up the aisle to his seat.
arm, a dinner at the President's,
given to the , Judea of the Supreuie
Court, Chief Alsace Taney remarked
that he should administer the oath of
office to Mr. Lincoln, if he was obliged
to go to Springfield to do it,
of Virginia, and Stephens, of Georgia,
are said to havo been tendered posts in
the Cabinet by. Mr. Lincoln.
The Mississippi delegation urge upon
Secretary Thompson the propriety of re-
It is rumored that forces have been
sent to Charleston already for the
strengthening of Fort Sumpter and the
Federal position.
The Cabinet resolved not to withdraw
Major Anderson from Charleston, but
are uudecided on reinforcing him.
The President 'has sent a letter to
General Floyd, accepting his resigna
tion. In it he expresses the hope that
peace will soon be restored to the coun
Postmaster Holt will occupy the lead
ing position in the War Department,
and will be seconded by General Scott
in reforming existing abuses. •
Mr. Buchanan, it is said,•is becoming
more decided now that be is relieved
from the counsels of Cobb and Floyd,
and he evinces a more decided determi
nation to execute the laws..
The Secessionists are moved with ap
prehensions of an attack on the house in
which the South Carolina Commissioners
Mayor Barrett has assured a Republi
can Senator that there is no reason to
apprehend vioNnee here, either when
the votes shall be counted, or at the In
auguration. He says that the'people of
the District can preserve order, and
maintain the supremacy of the laws.•
Brevet Major Washington, says .Lin
coin shall be inaugurated peaceably in
Washington, and ridicules the threatened
surrender of the Capitol to the secessioe
ists, in spite of the encouragpment given
to such a project by "The Constitntion."
The President was heard the other day
to say that the. South Carolina Commis
sioners had made nolormal - demand on
him of any kind. The Commissioners
tell the Southern navy officers who med
itate resigning, that there will be no em
ployment for them South at present, nor
until the Southern Confederacy is form
ed. This is regarded as evidence of a
disposition to discourage any- further res,.
There are half a dozen tolerably good
volunteer companies here; three of them
organized as a battalion, but probably
not more than two hundred and fifty men
could be mustered, and they have no
artillery. If the fears of those who dread
revolution are realized, the - dashing dra
goons of the Virginia mountains, and
the well disciplined volunteers of Rich
mond, might easily take and hold the me
dispatch was received a few days since
by a citizen of Harrisburg stating that
Mr. Lincoln had appointed Senator Cam
eron as Secretary of the Treasury under
the new administration. Mr. Cameron
is now at Springfield, and the dispatch
states that he has accepted the appoint
ment. The authority for this informa
tion is deemed reliable at Harrisburg,
and a strong antagonism is expressed
against the appointment of Mr. Cameron
to any place in the new Cabinet. It is
also stated that Mr. Lincoln telegraphed
to A. K. McClure to go to Springfield,
which summons which Mr. McC. imme
diately responded to. If the appoint
ment of Mr. Cameron should prove cor
rect, it will somewhat damage the "reli
able authority" for the selection OfTudge
Wilmot, as Pennsylvania can hardly ex
pect to fill two seats in the circle of the
President's advisors..
The Troy Daily Times contains
two letters from General Wool, taking
strong grounds in favor of the Union,
and in favor of sustaining _Anderson in
his position at Fort Sumpter, and earn
estly urging that a firm ground be adopt
ed to put down rebellion. He declares
that if Fort Sumpter be surrendered to
the secessionists, in twenty days , two
hundred thousand men would be in read
iness to take vengeance on all who would
betray the Union into the bands of its
ar One of the most dismal signs of
the times, so far as the Seceders are con
cerned, is tho rapid decline in the value
of negroes. A. Washington gentleman,
who lately returned from Virginia, says
that the greatest consternation prevails
in that State on this account, and that
many of the richest slave holders talk of
selling out and moving to the North.
ilar Gov. Sam Huston, of Texas, the
"old San Jacinto War Horse," has at
length, yielded to the outside pressure
and convened the Legislature, in extra
session on the 21st of January to consid
er the present crisis. The Convention
of the people met on the 28th instant.—
The secession feeling is in the ascendant.
Colonel Hardee; late commandant at
West Point, is now in New York, and
a few days ago admitted that he was
there for the purpose of purchasing guns
and ammunition of war for the State of
Georgia. He is thus receiving the pay
of the-Federal Government, and, at the
same time, assisting to ruin it.
Gil -Bigler, of Pennsylvania, meeting
John Cochrane casually in the hall at
Willard's Hotel, said, "What about this
Bailey fraud, Cochrane ; do you hear
anything in addition . ?" "Oh," replied
Cochrane, "there is nothing Addition,
it's all in Subtraction."
applied as a reproach to the Republican
party by their opponents, is like bloody
instructions, returning "to plague the
inventors." The slaves have been taught
to believe that the Republican Presi
dent and Vice President are "black,"
and that, of course, with men of their own
color in power, they will become free !
It is by no means improbable, therefore,
that this deliberate and wicked injustice
to ns, may retaliate fearfully upon them
Ormsbee, a citizen of Warren, R. 1., has
boen deprived of sight and the power to
articulate' a single word for the last
fifty-five piers. About three weeks ago,
as she described it, without any extra
effort on her own part, she began to con
verse, and now holds conversation with
all who visit her. Miss Ormsbee is now
75 years old, and became dumb when she
was 20 years of age.
A few nights since the Rev. Mt. Buchan,
residing at Stirling, C. W. was struck
twice over the head while in bed, and
jumping up seized his assailant, who
proved to be his housekeeper, Mrs. Mc-
Avoy, who confessed to intending to
murder him and then rob and set fire to
the house. She was sent to jail,
Morse has just received from the King
of Portugal the Cross of Chevalier of the
Order of the Tower and Sword, being the
fifth titlo of that character which has
been bestowed upon him by European
sovereigns for his invention of the tele
The Washington National Intolligen
cer has carefully examined the laws of
the Northern States relating to the Fu
gitive Slave Law, and finds that Ver
mont, Massachusetts, Michigan and Wis
consin are the only States which, have
unconstitutional laws about fugitive
Somo one proposes a:military dicta_
torsbip under General Scott as a solu
tion for our troubles. The veteran, cov
ered with .honorable wounds obtained in
his country's wars, would scout such a
proposition as Washington did the crown
offered to him during the ievolution.
Petitions aro in circulation in Michi
gan 'asking the Legislature of the State
to repeal tho personal liberty law now
on the statue book. It is said to be ex
tensively signed by the Republicans.
Caleb Cushing is in Washington mous
ing after the place of the late Justice
Daniels on the Supreme Bench.
The Post-office Department continues
to receive the resignatioes of South Car.
olina postmasters, who give as a reason
that they are out of the Union.
It is reported that a Western Demo
crat urgod the sending of troops to Fort
Moultrie, to which Mr: Buchanan re
plied : "No I I cannot do it. If I did, I
should be assassinated right here in the
The telegraph informs us of a power
ful movement for the repeal of the Mas
sachusetts Personal Liberty Bills. We
have not a doubt they will be erased from
the statutes of the State.
The French and Spanish Cassels at
Charleston have given the cold shoulder
to the Secessionists, who desired their
co-operation in their, treason_
It is stated that Mr. Breekinridge is
about to declare strongly against seces
sion. Such a declaration from him
would do' good. It would have done
more before the election.
The Pope's finances are said to be in a
very bad condition. He is receiving
large contributions from the United
Garibaldi's income as a farmer, is
about $3OO a year—not enough to find
many an American rum and tobacco.
The - Journal - of Rome annunces that
the sum received as PeterV Pence ex
ceeds two millions of Roman crowns.
A letter from 'Vienna states that Bar
on Rothschild has won four-fifths of the
great prize3o,ooo florins—in the State
It is stated that Charlotte Cushman;
by her four weeks' engagement at the
Boston Theatro, realized the handsome
sum of $6,000 I
Col. John C. Fremont may be consid
ered the richest man living. With the
recent improvements, the monthly pro
ducts of his mines are near $lOO,OOO.
The suniroigi&'66ifirg s lieeu collect
ed for the building of the monster chap
el being erected for Rev. Mr. Spurgeon,
of Loudon.
Charlestonians were subscri
bing liberally to the testimonial for Caleb
Cushing, but when it was announced he
had denied that he authorized, the hoist
ing•of the Palmetto flag on one of his
steamers, the subscriptions were discon
tinued and the money returned to the
original owners.
Cr Gen. Scott says that Fort Moultrie
is not the strongest 'fortification, but
Fort Surnpfer is, and that 260 men can
hold it against all South Carolina, and
GOO men can defy the world.
CO' A letter from Charleston, pub
lished in the New York World, says
that the table upon which the Declara
tion of Independence of the United
States was signed, is now in possession
of a lady in that city. On the 20th she
was urged by the Secessionists to per
mit them to use it for the signing of their
Declaration. The lady told the commit
tee who made the ropiest, that rather
than have tho ordinance of secession
signed thereon, she would burn the table
to ashes.
Certain members of Congress have
gone to Washington, taken the oath to
support the Constitution, and are receiv
ing their regular pay from the public
treasury; and yet they devote all their
energies, as they themselves will not
deny, to bringing about the destruction
of the Union. It may not always seem
courteous to call things by their right
_names, but, if -it were, we should feel
strongly tempted to charge the gentle-
Men in - question with perjury, swindling,
and treason.
00- There is a woman in Bernards
town, Maine, over fifty years old, who
drinks one quart of laudanum and two
quarts of ether per week, and has been
in the habit of using these . stimulents to
this extent for twenty years. Some
times she takes them separately, and
sometimes mixed. She is dependent on
the town for assistance, and the drug
gist's bill for the above articles is gener
ally paid by the town. She complains
of nervousness.
Ralph Farnham, said to have been
the last survivor of the battle of Bunker
Bill, and who was, as such, presented to
the Prince of Wales, at the time of the
visit of that personage to this country,
died yesterday, at Acton Maine, having
reached the very advanced age of one
hundred and four years, and having up
to tho timo of his death full possession
of his mental and physical faculties.
445'1t is reported that the Hon. Emer
son Etheridge, of Tennessee, has been
invited to address the people of Balti
more upon the issues of the day, If he
will, the Baltimore Patriots pledges him
such a reception, as will show that the
lifeblood of the great heart - of l3alti
more, is for the Union, first, last, and
ar Lewis Cass, dr., late United
States Minister at Rome, returned to
his old home in Detroit, on Saturday.—
His health, some time ago, compelled
him to relinquish public life, since which
he has been traveling in Switzerland and
other parts of continental Europe.
Car It would seem, after all, that the
South Carolina delegation, or some of
them, consider themselves as yet belong
ing to Uncle Sam's family. A letter
was received in Washington on Friday,
dated Charleston, S. C., Dec. 26, under
the frank of Hon. Mr. Keitt.
ar. It is given out, upon pretty good
authority, that Hon. Francis Jordon, of
Bedford county, will be appointed Sec
retary of the Commonwealth, and Hon.
Samuel A. Purviance; of Butler; Attorn:
ey General, under the new State Admin
The watch stolen from Mrs. S. A.
Douglas at Memphis, ou the J. C. Swan,
has been found together with about $2.
500 worth of stolen jewelry, in a "fence"
house iuMeosPhis, kept by a free negro
named Henry H. Holland,
; a barber.
ger A deserted huaband folloNied his
runaway wife from Dayton, Ohio, last
week: While at the opera at Cincinnati,
on Saturday evening, he saw his wife,
with her parathour;whom he slapped in
the face, and took his wife away.
The Monde, a Roman Catholic
journal of Paris, thinks that a Dictator
is needed to set the United States right,
and recommends Capt. Bonaparte, for
merly of Baltimore, for the office.
15rMr. Christian Schaeffer, of Ester
township, Berks county, is the owner of
a bull calf of extraordinary size. It
weighed, when only four weeks old, 267
iffir A drunken fellow tried to steal a
pair of skates from a young lady at Al
bany, on Monday ; the lady's brother be
ing at hand, gavo the' would-be thief a
sound trouncing.
Cr Henry Clarke, a compositor in a
Charlestown printing office, was shipped
northward on the 15th inst., for express
ing Abolition sentiments.
ig ion. James Cooper, (late or Pa.,)
now a resident of Maryland, is spoken
of for the Attorney Generalship under
Imo' Judie Bates has left St. Louis
for Springfield; as is undoi:stood, on a
second invitation from Mr. Lincoln.
KW - Sargent Wyck, of West Chester is
about enlisting a company of volunteers,
to serve the 'country in case of need.
Olg'The Charleston Mercury now pub
lishes Congressional proceedings under
the head of "Foreign News."
Franklin's birthday, 17th inst.,
will be celebrated, in Cincinnati, by a
grand printer's ball.
The SpringUold Journal denies
that it is the home organ of Mr. Lincoln,
WHAT NEXT? The Sall Franciscans
are ago ahead people. The latest men
tion of the Golden State is a plan to
make white dogs useful. Your San
Franciscan seizes up his white cur, and
with stencil-plate and black ink, inscribes
his business card on each side of the
wretched pup, and sends him forth a
quadrupedal locomotive advertisement
—a deguarreotype of tho fast people of a
fast country in a fast age. It is reckoned
that a lively dog will be worth at least
five dollars per day or equal to a quarter
of a column in a newspaper. San Fran
cisco can take the hat.
The New York papers state that
it is extremely probable that the London
volunteers will send by the next steamer
an invitation to the Seventh Regiment
to pay a visit to England. Mr. Blanch
ard Jerrold, who is captain .of a crack
London volunteer corpse, and several
other literary and military celebrities,
are very enthusiastic in relation to the
matter, and have interested many leading
citizens of London, by whom it is pro
posed to raise £25,000 to defray the ex
Ord Mexican blew his brains out
in - a bar-room in New Orleans, on Sun
day evening, because he was charged
with being a mulatto.
vive or perish. Chest .Afflictions. During this
season of the year the terrible sacrifice of human
life is really alarming, and the bills of mortality
considerably swelled by rash exposure .to the
damp atmosphere, which received into the
lungs poisons the very fount of the blood and
induces bronchitis, pleurisy, asthma and con
sumption, all of which may be speedly pre
vented by a timely recourse to Holloway's fa
mous Pills and Ointment—no time should be
lost, the least delay being dsmgerous and pro
ductive of the most frightful consequences.—
All who die with such remedies at hand are
morally guilty of self-destruction.
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very simple remedy, after having suffered sev
eral Years with a severe Lung affection, and
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ing the prescription will please address
REV. EDWARD A. WILSON, Williamsburg,
Oct. 13-3m] Kings co., N. Y.
have's Holland Bitters.—Persons subject to
nervous or sick headache, will find in Iher
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out doubt, a most delightful preperation, and
an effectual remedy. The fact that it is now
a very popular medicine throughout all the Hol
land settlements in Wisconsin, New York, Il
linois, Michigan and Indiana, speaks much in
its favor. See advertisement in another column.
lE3= We take pleasure in calling attention to
the advertisement of It. Newell's Gallery of
Art. The testimonials arc of the first charac
t'See advertisment of Prof. L. Miller's
Hair Invigorator, and Liquid Hair Dye, in an
ohler column.
Will be sold at public sales at the Donegal
House, Marietta, on Saturday, JANUARY
12th, 1861, the following very desirable town
property, viz :
_One 'Lot of Ground,.
Situate on High or Market Street, adjoining
Dr. Hinkle's Drug Store on the west, on which
are erected a Two-story Frame
The location of this property either asa pri
vate residence or place of business, is unsur
passed in the borough.
Sale to commence at l'o , clock in the after
noon; when terms and condihons will be made
known by . THE HEMS.
Marietta, December 22, 1860-ta.
Nazietta Select School.
MILE session will commence on Monday;
April Bth, 1861, to continue 12 weeks.
The principle objects of every recitation will
be to develope and train the Mind--to cultivate
habits- of investigation and Self-reliance--to
improve the judgement, and 'thus strengthen
and.e...xnit the whole character,. • •
Pupils of Primary Department, $2.00
Intermediate, 3.00
Secondiry, 4.00
High gchool, ' 5.00
1)..Nr0 deduction except in protracted sickness.
Marietta, December 10, 1860.4E1
NOTICE. The subscribers to the Capital
Stock of " The Marietta and 111twtown
Turnpike Road CompanY - " arc hereby notifi
ed to pay to John W. - Clark, Treasurer, on or
before January 19th, 1861, a' fourth instalment
of Five Dollars per share.
interest at the rate of I per cent per month,
will be required on this instalment, on all not
paid up, previous to February 19th, 1861.
By Order of the Board.
• •
• J. W. CLARK, Secretary.
Marietta, December 29, 1860. •
TITALL PAPERS.—We have Just received
V" another supply from the New York and
Philadelphia manufactories. Purchasets can
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NIV .Sr. FORKS, Britainia . and Silver
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NT''''" sir Rcstorativc,
IsT or LETTERS remaininz in C..
, 1
IA Alec at Marietta, Larwas , er Count, I
Deco :nber 31, IS6O. Persons tri4lairin , .; I:,r I,
ter.B will please mention they are fulverti..,,,!.
Allen James Letchmn ..s. - . Yoon:z
A 11%, r Geode 2 Litideniatli Jllr.
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prase Daniel 2 Mard Henry
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Dennison A. 2 Riggs A. II-
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4 4 4
Coughs and Colds, Croup, Bronchitis. Asthma,
Difficulty in Breathing, Palpitation of
The Heart, Diptheria, and for
The relief of patients
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Chest, and which predispose to 'Consumption:
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Poplar Streets, Philadelphia.
irs - • Sold by every respectable Druggist and
Dealer in Medicines throughout the State.
April 7, 1560-ly.
HOWARD ASSOCI A TI 0 Philadelphia.
A Benevolent Institution established by
special endowment, for the Relief of the Sick and
Distressed, afflicted with Virulent and Epidemic
Diseases, and especially for the cure of Diseases
of the sSezual organs. Medical advice given
gratis, by the Acting Surgeon, to all who apply
by letter, with a description of their condition ,
(age, Occupation, habits of life, &d.,) and in
cases of extreme poverty, medicines furnished
free of charge.
Valuable Reports on Spermatorrhcea, and
other Diseases of the Sexual Organs, and on
the New Remedies emploXed in,the,Dispensary
sent'to the afflicted in sealed letter envelopes,
free of charge. Two or three postage stamps
will be acceptable to pre-pay postage.
Surgeon, Howard Association, No. 2 South 9th
St., Philadelphia. By order of the Directors.
'EZRA D. HEARTWELL, President.
ItE - NNEM AN it
To his MARIETTA Friends !! '
- UTE has romoved from Cenh:e Square, to
posite Coo-pees Hotel . ; where he has tide finest
He makes fine calfskin Boots - (the beat) for $4
Calfskin Walking Shoes, $2,25
. .
Ladies Half Gaiters, (double soles) $2,00
Ladies Morocco Boots, (heels) $1,1.2:,
He has concluded to make the best work at
somewhat reduced prices,and hopes by so doing
to enlarge and increase his business.
ra. Mending of every kind neatly done-
Cilizens of Marietta:—When you come to
Lancaster, give BRENNEMAN a 'call and
you will surely be pleased with his work.
September 15, 1860, 9-1 T
e4Ol $4O !
This Machine is claimdd to be fully equal for
all work, to any Machine, of any price, and
is much easier to manage. It sews
from common spools without re-
winding; makes a strong; elastic stitch which
will not rip by any wear or tear that can be
put upon it, and is so plain and simple in its
construction, that it is easily understood, and
not likely to get out of repair..
Certificate:—We own, and have had this
machine in use in our houses tot:several months
past, and we fully concur in the above repre
sentation, and recommend_ it to all. 11. K.
Parsons; David Haynes, Rev. J. G. Miles, Rev.
James Colder, Dr. George W. Porter, George
Cunkle, - Silas Ward, Harrisburg, Thos. C.
Chambers, Carlisle,- James Graham, Mechan
icsburg, Williams Parker, Kingstown, also to
Capt. Miller and N. Dyer, Marietta.
All are invited *to call and examine it. In
structions given free.
W. 1-1. FOP.T.N.tY, Watchmaker, -
Agent, Marietta.
Market Street, Marietta, Pa. , t,tY
Tr AVING opened out in the room of Mr.
— 1 Nicholas Chapman, opposite Lyndsay's
Shoe Store, where he is prepared to offer for
sale everything usually found in a jewelry es
tablishment at reasonable prices. All articles
'warranted as represented.
All kinds of Itepairfng, promptly attended to
Wo ll,LE a ß t 2 d o o o v D e S r . coa t ja io rf b e s2 assortment
Extra-heavy Fancy Cassirneres
Rich Velvet and Cashmere Vestings,
Gents Shawls and Fur Mulllers,.
Scarfs, Neck-ties and Gloves.
French Merinoes—very cheap,
Coburgs, Thibits and Mousede Lamm,
Superior Cloth Cloaks,
Shawls of every shape,
Zephyr Hoods, Gloves, &c.
Together with a full assortment of Blankets,
Counterpanes, MuBli n s, Checks, Tickibgs,
Sheetings, just received by •
Marietta, December 8, 1860.
can be had Of H. L. tk E. J.-SAan, Cor.
North Queen-et., and Center Square, Lancas
ter, Pa.,in the shape of Equilibrium Levers—
thebesarticle of Swiss levers now in the mar
ket. They are lower in price.than any watch
of equal quality and j uat as true for timekeeping
TiA.DIRS AND GENTS Anderson has just
received an elegant assortment of Perfu
mery, consisting of Toiliet Soaps, Hair Oils,
Extracts and Colognes at prices much below
; the usual rates, also some very handsome Canes
for gentlemen, Portinonies, &c.
12 ANDERSON'S! , Attention Butchers
and Houskeepers. Having a great demand for
our famed SPICES, 1 have concluded to con
tinue to keep a constant eupply of Gromull'ep , ..'
per. Groutul Curriander, and 44vect Marjoram.