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    gJt Total Atarititian.
MARIISI7A CAR TIME: The follol9ing Ig
the starting thee for leaving "Upper-Statiom”
Marletti Accommodation, at - 7.60 a, m.
Harriett:mg Accommodation,. 2.21 p, m.
Mail Vain, 6.26 p. m.
Live Stick with Emigrant attached, 10.10 p.m.
Mail. Train, 12.11 noon,
Harrisburg . Accommodation, 6.26 p. in.
Express freight and Emigrant, . lowa, in.
The Mail train East and Harrisburg Aceom..
nwdatlon West will pats at "UPper Station."
lar'At the urgent ; solicitation of a
number of the hearers - of Dr. Timlow's
Thanksgiving sermon, hejlas consented
to allow it to be 'published. It
pear in our next.
TEE COUNTY omm:lo3.—The kgentle
03011 elected in Octobar, to fill the Court
House offices for the ensuing three years
entered upon their duties on Saturday
last, as follows :
Prothonotary—Peter Martin,Esq., who
has appointed Gerardus Clarkson, of this'
city, and William L. Itear,of Liti".„ as
Clerks. The statement that Jos..i. onig.
macher was , one of the. Swedes of Esq.,
Martin was an error.
Register-,—George:O. - Hawthorn, Esq.,
John Johns, Esq., (late Register) Clerk.
Joseph Ehrenfried, 'Esq.; who has for
many years occupied a desk in this office,
retires at an adVanced age,wititheifood
wishes of the whole community.
Recorder4George Whitson, Eaq. B
Bauman continued as clerk.
Clerk of Quarter Sessions—Henry
Musser, Esq. Theo. W. Herr, clerk.
Orlc of Orphans' Court—Samuel M.
Myers, Esq. David M. Myers, clerk.
ELECTION OF orstosss.--Thili bilird of
Hrison, Inspectors of this county, on
Monday last, elected offumrs for the en
suing year—as follows
President—Joseph Sanison.
Secretary—J acob Seitz.
Treasurer— Hugh S. Gars.
Solicitor—Daniel G. Baker, Esq.
Physician—Dr. Wm. Compton.
Warden—Jay Cad well. '
Uhder-Keepers—RudolPh Aeitsbir Jas.
Watchman—Samuel Hollingsworth.
ei'The Marietta Literary Society will
meet in the High-School building on
Monday evening neat at half past 6
o'clocic. The question to be discussed
reads as follows : "Has increase of wealth
a favorable influence upon the morals of
a people." Affirmative, I. S. Geist, Dr.
Groye, Theo. 'Boland, Jno. Clerk,
H. L. Girod, and James A. odngdon.—
Negative, Barr Spangler; Al N. Cassel,
H. H. Sawyer, Geo. H. Uttla, Samuel
Lindsay and W. R. Groah. Ocstion
referred to Dr. Grove :—Does , climate
effect the character of a peoplt,;,
slir Our juvenile friends, baving.charge
of the old fire engine, have reldhristened
her t•Tne VIGILANT," and intend giving a
Ball at the Donegal House on Christmas
Eve for the purpose of raising funds "to
fit her up for use." She bats eon 110 0 4
service in her day and the titneltexpend
iture ot a little money may' restore her
to her former usefulness. •
The storehouse bnildingsland the
Lodge dwellings, belonging_ to the AIR
Whitehill estate, were !white Mr. John!
; the frame dwelling ad
joining the Store property, to,Pr•illinkle.:
• ,
. .
tr . on Tuesday the inet: the
board cif auditors of the' Itiilitsoßriitsqe
will meet at H. S. Shenk's- hotel„tati
easter, to -distribute the military , fnud.
sir Anderson hesjust yeti:trued frem
the city with a fresh lot of Confection
eries. See advertisements.
ifir Spangler & 'Patterson areltst
now opening a new :winter stook. 'See
JUDOS TANEY.--The 'Baltimore Ex: ,
change says that Judge Titney's health is
now better than for a Jong ,time ,past,
and that his intellect exhibita that Clear
ness and vigor which have characterized
its legal efforts in the - . past. The Ex
change adds—" We haie reason to be
lieve - that the ChM( Justice does not,
contemplate handing in. Ws' resignation
to Mr. Buchanan now. or at any other
_time." •
A letter published in the Baltimore
PaPenl,_tendering the Services of a regi
ment df volunteers in ihiecity, to the
'Governor of South Carolina, proves to
be bogus. There is no slichsegiment in
existencei'and the gallant colonel is , a,
Oltarlem,F. Egelman,,,Who for for
ity,threa years past fOrnished the princi
-palcalculations for .the. Almanacs print
the ncited States, died at his•resi
deuce,* Iteadlng on Friday. last, at the
ripe age of nearly seventy-nine years.
• _ _
Sir The Xaegielature of Vhrmont has
refonotte repeal the personnliibarty act
te: The vote to repeal was
of Oat sta
68, (261,tapublicans, 33 Democrats ;) the
vote send repealing was 126, (all Re
ablicanto •
-Doe ilos atade a strong Union
speech :i 0 ()Awe, and Houston In.
Tessa, iliflet the-electios of Lincoln was
known. IBlth said ,they stenie oppose
him in what.they deemed wron;, inside
4W I CM . ARM. k m VA NA I CIO SWUM I DOM NI blir7.
the Press. Read it. Sprains, dislocations,&c. I
—We take great pleasure in recommending
this deservedly popular medicine to our friends
and patrons in particular and to the public at •
large. We speak advisedly, being in a posi
tion to pronounce a reliable opinion from hav
ing used it at home, besides the economy of
the article, as we have saved in the year more
than one Doctor's bill, by having the Ointment
on hand. We have tried opedeldoc liniments,
embrocations, and pain extractors without end,
but for the immediate cure of Sprains, disloca
tions, mounds, bruises, cuts, burns, scalds,
blotches, pimples, and cutaneous eruptions, we
have found none so speedy or effectual as Hol
loway's Ointment.—Herald.
To•• Cortsusiznyrs The advertiser having
been restored. .to health in a few weeks, by a
very simple remedy, after-having suffered sev
eral years with a''severe Lung affection, and
that,,ffeead disesie, Ontramptiint, is anxious to
make. known to„his fellow sufferers the means
of cure. To all who desire it he will send a
copy of the prescription used, [free pf charge]
with directiOns for , Preparing and using the
same,which they will find a mire cure for Con
suniption, Bronchitis, &c. The only object of
advertiser ineending theytesclintion is to ben
efit the afflicted, and he hopes every sufferer
will try hislremedy, as it will.cost them noth
ing, and may , prove a blessing. Parties wish
ing the prescription will plese , address
Rev. EDWARD A. Yitrzismv, Williamsburg,
Oct. 13-3m] , , Rings co., N. Y.
lisve's Holland Bitters. l —Persons subject to
nervous or sick headache,' will find 'in Ther
. . -
have's Hollanfi Sitters a sure, safe and pleas
ant remedy. It soothes
,the throbbir.g head,
co"rr"ects acidity of the' stomach, assists diges
rion,and creates a healthy . appetite. It is,with
out doubt,-a most delightful preperation, and
an effectual remedy. The .fact that it is now
a very popular medicine throughout all the Hol
settlements in Wisconsin, New York, Il
linois, Michigan and Indiana, -speaks much in
its favor. See advertisement in inothr column.
WILLIAM COSGROVE" *hilt. IEI/01in& asa mis
siouary in,Japan,Was'eured` of Consumption,
when all other means had failed, by a recipe
obtained from a learned physician residing in
the 'great city of Jeddo. This recipe has cured
great numbers who NVere suffering Con
gumption, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Coughs and
Colds, and the debilitYului nervous depression
caused by these disorder&
Desirous of benefitting others, I will send
thie recipe,- which I have brought halite with
me, to all who need it free of charge.
Address REV. WM. COSGROVE c ,
439 Fulton Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Icy- We take pleasure in calling attention to
the advertisement of it. Newell's Gallery of
Art. The testimonials are of the first chtirie
fri - See - advertiament of Prof. L. 'it
Hair Invigorator, and Liquid Hair Dye, in an
other column.
On Sunday evening last, by Rev. P. J. Tim
daughter "ofthe late Robert Ramsey, all of this
Ilatinjoy, on the 27th ult., BAYARD
TAYLOR, 60t of Capt. Henry Sherbahn, aged
3 years, 8 months and 26 days.
aTINTB.R GOODS. A. large assortment
V V of Coat and Oveicoat Cloths,
Extra7heavY „Fancy Cassirneres,
Rich Velv et and Cashmere Vesting,
tients Shawls and,,Fur Mufflers,
• Scarfs, Neck-ties and Gloves.
French Merinoes—very cheap,
Coburgs, Thibits and Motteede Leine,.
Superior ClOth Cloaks,
Shawls of every shape,
Zephyr Hoods, Gloves,& c. Together with a fulassortment of Blankets,
Counterpanes; Muslin s; Checks. Tickiaes,
Sheetings, just received by
Marietta, December 'B, i 8.60.
O M E TO ANDERSON'S where will be
kj found' the largest and best asdortment of
Fruits, and poufectionaries -of all kinds, such
as Figs, Dates, a .cask of excellent Cooking
•Prtiens, Citron, Bunch, Seedless, Valencia and
Layer Raabe,- Currants, Cranberries, Hour
hound & Flaxseed , Cough Candy; Pon& Drop's,
Pepper Candy, Preserved Fruit,Gum Fruit, Fig
Paste, Oriental Pressed , Figs, Cream Bonbons,
Jully Lumps, Fine Vanilla Almonds, Cream
Strawberries, Jujube Paste, Rock Candy, '
Aar's Cough Candy, Walnut Candy, Maple,
Strawberry and tium Tally, Fruit. Candy and
candies sol every quality and price: at
J. M. AND.ERSON'S, Market-A.,
- -
hU no)ies Valencia and BunCluitaisinti,
Bagi pared and unpared Dried Peaches,
50 Bags, pared Dried Apples,
1000 Lbs. Cod Fish ; Fine Syrups, B'ugurs,
executed in the best styie known-in the art
No. 632 Arch et., east of Sixth, Philadelphia.
13—Life size in Oil and Pastit, S'tereoscopie
"POrtraits, Amarotylies, Daguerreotypes, te., for
:Cases, Medalions, Pine, Rings, &c. [ly
GIVEN AWAY! 1 - • • •
4 GO Values /rink Two Dbilars to One Hun
dred - Dollars even with' every Book sold
• • ' - ' at Retdil Prices ! ' '
At least One Watch is Cruartiinteed to
every twelve,hooks.
These inducements are off : erect by the :
37 Park Ro v, New York.
The MOst Extensive and the Most Liberal Gift
Concern in existence. Established in 1855.
S . ana for a Catal•Ogao. . , ,
Those who have pmronized Other Gift Houses
are, particularly . requested to, acquaint tnein
„selves with Our, terms. OM. inducements
'unrivalled, and, put, all others in the shade.
The following are some or the Gifts to pur
chasers of books.: .
-English: Lever Gold Watches, Hunting Cases.
Patent ,Lever, ” " , C. ii
Ladles' Lever co ti "Open Face.
• Detstehed Lever 911ver Watches, Hunting Case,
Lepine Silver Watches, Operi•Face. _.. .
'Geld. Lockets, Various Sizes..
tadies' and Gents'Gold.Chains, various Styles.
Ladies' and Gents' Gold Sleeve Buttons' and
Studs, all Patterns.
Gents' Bosom Pins, New and Rich 'Styles. '
Gold Peheilti'and Pens.
Ladies' and Gents' Gold-Rings.
Gold Watch XeyS and. •Belt Pins.
A great variety of Ladies' Jewelry, Fins and
Ear -Drops, comprising all the styles now worn,
`such as Cardeo" Mosaic, Gold Stone, Lava,
Florentine, &c.,&c., &c.
Gold' Bracelets,` all Styles. .
••' The' List of Books comprises a'great assort
ment of standard works in every department
of literature, interesting to the young old.
Do not fail to send for a catalogue. Catalog4es
mailed free to,any address. Apply to
ißrancit t7 P Ojfi ar c k e RNoiro.3:Nlle6w W Y as or h k int• Cit t y on . Street,
0 ' Boston,. Mass. - -
Dec.. 8,-1880- 6 4 "
f b 1)i ~elegha~h•
i Terms
Inducement to Clubs !
In order to place the Weekly Telegraph within
the reach of even the poorest in community,
we have determined to reduce the subscription
to One Dollar a Year in Advance, thus offering
an additional inducement to persons who desire
to keep themselves posted up in the political
and general news of the day, and the doings of
the State Legislature. Full and accurate re
ports of the proceedings and ,debates of the
Legislature will be given, (special reporters
having been employed for the purpose at great
expense,) in connection with the doings of
Congress, which will be of unusual interest the ,
coming winter.
A large amount of Miscellaneous and• Lite
rary reading will also be given in the columns
, of the Weekly -Telegraph, rendering it .a first
class Family Newspaper. Also all the import
ant news of the day, Foreign and Domestic,
with full and 'enable reports of the Philadel
phia, Baltimore And New York markets, alone
worth to business men more than the price of
• 'The present subscribers to the Weekly Tele
graph, who-desires to avail themselves of the
reduction , will please settle up 'their old - ac
counts without delay—otherwise they will be
charged $2, as heretofore.
Single subscribers will be charged $1 per
annum invariably in advance.
- 7-Aubs Of 60, directed to one Post Office, $4O.
Single copies semi-weekly during the Session
of the -Legislature, and -weekly during the re
mainder of the year, fi 1 b 0 in advante.
The Daily Telegraph was established in 1856,
and has now beep over four years in existence.
Manyof our friends :considdred die' establish
ment of a daily Republican newspaper at the
Capital of the State as a hazardous undertak
ing, but we have succeeded, after eipending a
large sum of money, in placing the same on. a
permanent basis, and the public may rely on
its prompt and regular publication,' •
The Telegraph' s the onlyestablishm,ent that
employs a corps of regular' stenographic' re
porters during the' session of' the Legislature,
and those desiring correct reports .of the pro
ceedings of the Legislature can look in "the
Telegraph for them.
The, Telegraph is the ,only paper in thesity
of Harrisburg that receives the, regular Asioci
ated Press. reports by Telegraph. The
patches appear therefore much earlier thah:
they arrive hem in.the Philadellphia and Ne'W
York morning papers. Full Congressional Re
.will appear daily, together with all .the
latest ieoreign and Domestic News.
The , wily will be furnialied during the Ses
sion of the Legislature:for $l. Yearly subscri
bers who receive their papers by, mail will be
charged $4, payable in advance. Address
BANK NOTlCE.—Notice 1e hereby given
that the undersigned have formed an as
sociation and,prepaid a certificate for the pur
pose of Establishing a bank of issue discount
and deposit, under the provisions of the act en
titled • an act to establish a system of free
banking - in Pennsylvania, and to secure the
public against loss from insolvent Banks" ap
proved the 31st day of Maich 1:60.
The. Bank to be called Bank of Marietta to
be located in the borough of Marietta and Coun
ty of Lancaster, to consist of a Capital Stock
of One Hundred Thousand Dollars in Shares of
Fifty Dollars each, and it is contemplated to
increase the Capital Stock to the amount of
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars. . •
James L. Shultz, Henry - Musselman,
John Kline,' John Willet,t 1 .•
John W.Xltirk,
Aaron Gable, Doc. .1;11. Grove,
James Mehaffey, B. F. Hiestand,
John Becker, Stung Patterson,
John R. Diffenbach, David Harry,
Thomas Zell, A. N. Cassel.
Barr Spangler, , [lB-6m
- 4/7.2endid siadeaf
~./% eut t g'ui , s!
. . • .
ElIIN? of NEW ;
a u
TlllSD a A n Y— G t v inag rE i.ficent as
•,,,,, ,
Mink- Marten,.
Stone' Marten, ,
Fitch 'Marten, c
Silver Marten,
in all the prnailing style
Black Sable,
'Brown Sables
Squirrel], •
es and at very low prices.
t direct from New
vaiieties• cdii be :found
Holland Pippins, Winter Oreenings,
Orange Pippities,Abode IsPd grenings :
,•;.- astliMatifil:Ske.ets.
Igor lide 'SPY;
Esti* of Sacol) - qrosh, Deceased,
lat; of Btalletta.
EVTF.Rscof Administration; with the Will
annexed, having peen granted to theim
dersigned,, they therefore notify,all:indebted to
said Estate immediate o mak immediate paytheht ; and
all who have'claims against the same, to,pre
sedt them for aettlement,"to
A. 13. GROH,
. ,
• ' - • , C. C:P:GIi.OSFI.,'
• I •Administratots.loith the Will annexed..
. 4 .,Varietta; Nev. 17; 1560 7 6 Y. ^
Having-veiy vaulty ailed a. ge and lash
*mat* assortike,a tptTypee and Printtagma
. 'tericitef,ichieh will itiab/e u s to do all7cof
SuilltmeN:larde; ' ViCkets, •
Ofrpnlapi, Prograturrs, Blantut,
eiders; Sale Bine, &c.
Rieutliidg in the .Toit PRINTIiie line neatly
and cheaply executed ankat ehort . nolice.
"The Weekly Illariettian" Office.
Fashionable Tailors & Draper%
Opposite A. Passel's store, Mat l ket street,
,IPHE undersigned having associated them
1, selves into a co-partnership, would here
by inform their old patrons and the pubic
generally, that they will 'continue the l y e
Fashionable Tailoring Business iI
at the old Stand, adjoining Hinkle , S irug
Store . Market greet. Having, a fine stock of
Go* emssketes &lkstings
which they will dispose of and "make ups' on
feasonatile terms. Being determined to' give
'satisfattion, they would respectfully asia,con
tilluation of past fuvori. '
akr'tsitan Plumb,.
• ` ,Nt.tiOn -Ayer.
tr Guiting done .notice. •
Marietta,'Sep. 10, 1859.-if.
Opposite the residence of Cot. T. Ciork.
Prompt attention given to securinaand collect
ing Claims, and,Oiptinni' liAsiinnos
geArally, Will attend to tipsiness in;'
Lancaster and adjoining counties:
Conveyancing and "etfier writings promptly
• . execitted. • •
10.11011-CRANBER.RIESJ justlreceived at
.L 1 J. M. Anderson's.
An Effective, Safe and Economical Compound I
For restoring Gray Hair to its original color
without dyeing, and preventing the hair from
turning gray.
For Preventing Baldness, and curing it, when
there is the least particle of vitality or recuper
ative energy remaining.
For Removing Scurf and Dandruff, and all
cutaneous affections of the Scalp.
For Beautifying the Hair, imparting to it an
unequalled gloss and brillancy, making it roft
and silky in its texture and causing it to curl
The great celebrity and the increasing . de
mand for this unequalled preparation, convince
the proprietor that one trial is only necessary
to satisfy a discerning public of its superior
qualities over another:preparation at present in
use. -It cleanses the head and scalp from dand
ruff and uther cutaneous diseases. Causes the
hair to grow luxuriantly, and gives it a rich,
soft, glossy ,and.flexible appearance, and also
where the hair is loosening and thinning, it will
give strength and vigor to the roots, and restore
the growth to those parts: which have become
bald, causing it to yield a fresh covering of hair.
There are hundreds of ladies and gentlemen
in New York who have had their hair restored
by the use of this invigorator, when all other
preparations had failed. L. M. has in his pos
session letters innumerable testifying to the
above facts r from persons of the highest realise
tibility. It will effectually prevent the heir
from turning gray until the latest period of life,
and in cases where the hair has already changed
its color, the use of the Invigorator will with
certainty restore to its original hue r giving it a
dark, glossy appearance. As a ,perfume toilet
and a Hair Restorative it is pal tichlariy rec
ommended, having; an -agreeable fragrance
and the great facilities it .affords in dressing,
the hair, which, when moist with , the Invigp
rator dressed in any. required form so as
to. preserve. its-place, wheth.r plain or in
—hence the great demand for it by the ladies
as'a standard toilet article which none ought to
be without, as the price places it within the
reach of all, being .
- -Only Twenty-five Cents
per bottle, to be had at all respectable druggists
and perfumem.
L. Miller would calltheattention of -Parents
and Guardians to the use of his Invigorator, in
cases where the childrens!•Hair inclines to be
Weak: The use of itlays the foundation for a
good head of hair, as it-removes anyimpurities
that ma} .:have become connected with the
removalsof which is•necessaqg both
fertile health•of the-child, and ,the intro ap
pearance of its Hair.
- Csustos.--None genuine. without the lac
simile-Louis MlLLER. being onthe outerwrap.
N. Y.- blown in the glass. • . •
Wholesale-Depot, 56 •Dey -St., and sold by all
the principal Merchants and Druggists through
out the world. • ,' ,
Liberal discount to purchasers by the quantity.
I also desire to present, to the American
Public my ,
• New and improved Instantaneous
_ .
which after years - of scientific experimenting I
have brought to perfection.. It dyes Black or
Brown- instantly without injury to the Hair , or
Skin, warranted the bestarticle Of the kind in
existence. . •
Ne s, -,..• •
o ~1 g 1....-1. ts ,
2 :Is „ " 9,..., . ~. o
I s . 1 , . 2 .- T - r
k.l o 3‘ . o ,
cr .." , b 0-.
1 M c < . . l ..3 ro l , 0 7 S 0. A r 7
o 1:4 114 .4
''' 4 1 .9. 4 ;"'
0 . 2 , , ti R. 1 -? ; -; r,atgol.g 5 m
..t.:J 4 z,... Ei' t 4 ~, ~? 4 g , ... .-. 1 : 1
2,3 5 ...,22 ,-3 ~.:: , %,., . 1 .,.... e. 14, tv
M ,• ,F . Z, otl m t 4 , 0 ' g ,q r", g 1.1
tv 0 '' a '0:: li :i ,:'l, ? ? 1 , 0- 72 td to
,•,,f ~, o g ,p ~:, K .. ~, 7.. 2 ~ _
•li. P: ,P :. 4 ' 4 to a. 4 .. .°
' Vi ,q -"' I na :
' • 4. tt 5.. `o' -6. • b• , r:, g. g " 5 .• b..'" lig' Co"
RI tJ ` 4 t'?. ` 4- ; 6 5 -. 2 ig . M ' 1-1 '
' l ': s R." 4 ' ." 4 V . a 'n •Fr -el -u2
' .1 . ~ htf IA 5:1 -p, &' - • • 3-3 , 0
riv, .4., E =i 9 ',lg, k. 21 X . 17 I ' s P'• ' 9
i'las - 40.." E 5 4 . - g- 11, g
g 1 fz,.. -:i ~.„. !I' ' , z) I s;#
.s, 3 , " . - t , Co - 8.. , g- c.;, ; I t 9, 0 . ,-,
clC, ta . C ) '-
G'' M rn q M
? r i eu .'
° I
'° P ' - P--
One of the largest and most complete Galleries
in the United States, where the best Pic
tures, known to the Photographic art,,
at prices'no higher than - are - paid '
' • • for miserable caricatures.
The Proprietor, a practical Photographer, at
tends personal!), every sitting—and allowsl' nd
picture to leave the Gallery unk as it gives per
fect satisfaction. •
Daguerreotypes and, Ambrotypes of absent
or deceased friend's, photographed to any de
sired size, or taken on Canvass, life size, and
painted in Oil by the best Artists.
At this Gallery pictures can be taken in any
weather—as perfect in cloudy days as when
the, sun shines.
Persons visiting the city are respectfully in
vited to examine our specimens, which for
price and quality defy competition.
ll Instructions given in the art of Photog
raphy. , R. NEWELL,
Gallery of Art, 724 Arch St., Philadelphia.
From Hon. Lewis D. Campbell, M. C., 'Ohio.
My family and friends all concur in:the opin
ion that the (Newell) Picture is more life 7 like
than anything they ever saw. My likeness
has been repeatedly taken by artists in various
ways, but Lhaye never yet had`one which pre
sents so true to nature, all the features and ex
preseione of countenance as this.
From Hon. E. Joy Morris, late Minister to
The, eiquisite finish, beauty, and, softness of
your portraits, : conjoined with their durability
of color and fattlifulness as likenessses, cannot
fail to • commend them to the attention and pa
tronage of all who appreciate true art.
From Col. James Page.
Having, occasion, for a portrait, I <procured
one from Mr. RobertNewell,' of. the pity ! of
Philadelphia, a miniature in Oil Colors,'.under
the new process discovered by .him, and , take
great pleasure in expressing the satisfaction g iv
en me, not only by the accuracy of the likeness,
but; ts artistic finish in all respects, and•recora
mend him to the patronage of these disposed to
encourage the beautiful art.
Nov. 29, 1860.-ly]
e receiving our Winter
ork City. Among the
1860! Fourth Arrival of 1860!
FUIL a003).5., •
q - OW OPENING, a be - int:Bß assortment
of New Fall Goods, bought in . New
ork and Philadelphia.
CLO , A.K.S,
The newest fall Styles:
The Arab,
The Basque, .
The Walking'Coa't, - •
The. Full Back, . . .' .
The plain Back, `
The Cape .Style,
The Beaver Cloth, &c.,.8r.c-, &c.
• Cloaking Cloths of every kind. Dress goods of
every description, newest styles and ,lust im
ported in New York.
t :SHAWLS. . ,
A beautiful assortm Int, and latest styles:
Brocha Long , Shawls', ' . ' - .
'Scotch Long Blanket Shawls,
French Long Blanket Shawls,
I Stella Shawls, embracing every color lk
Depot, 56 Dey Street, New York.
Coating, Cas.sinieres, and Yestiiigs.
We respectfully invite attention to our stock
o£ Coatings, Caisumeres and Vestiugs, ekceed
ing in variet3 ,quality and cheapness, any goods
in that line we ever offered.
Cheap Cash State.
Nov. 3, 1860.
Hammered and Rolled Iron, kl.
Bars. Norway. Nail Rods, American
and German Spring" and .Cast Wagon
-Boxes, Iron Axles, Springs, &c., for smiths.
D RIED FRUIT now selling cheap at
THESE MEDICINES have now been before
the public for a period of thirty years, and
during that time have maintained - a high char
acter in almost every part of the Globe, for
their extraordinary and immediate power of
restoring perfect health to persons suffering
under nearly every kind of disease to which
the human finale is liable.
The following are among the distressing va
riety of human diseases in which the
Are well known to be infallible.
DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing the
first and second stomachs, and creating a flow'
of pure, healthy . bile, instead of the stale and
acrid kind i • FLATULENCY, Loss of Appe
tite, Heartburn, Headache, Restlessness,
Temper, Anxiety, Languor, and Melancholy,
which are tfie . general symplorris . of 'Dyspepsia,
will vanish; as: 'a natural consequence of its
COSTIVENESS, by cleansing the whole
lenth of the intestines with a solvent process,
and without violence call,violent Purgesleave
the bowels costive within two days.
FEVERS'of all kinds, by restoring the blood
to a regular , eirculation, thrchigh•the process of
prespiration in ,such cases; and the thorough
solution tifaltinteitinal obstruction in others.
The Life Medici:hes hafe been linoWn to cure
RHEUMATISAIRermanentIy in three weeks,
and GOIPTI in liaPthat by removing lo
cal inflammation from the muscles ,and liga
ments of tlie joints. •
DROPSIES of all kinds, by freeing and
strengthening the kidneys and ; they
operate Most, delightfully on theie.important
liave ever been found a cer
tain remedy for the, Worst cases of GRAVAL:
Also WOR4B, dislodging from tie turn
ings of the boWers the slimy matter to which
these creatures'adhere. 0.. .
SORES, by the perfect ptrity Which these Life
Medicines, give to the blood,and-all the humors.
plexions, by their alterative effect, upon the
fluids that feed the akin, and the morbid state
of. which occasions' all eruptive raimplaints,
atilioW, cloudy, - and Other' 'disagreeable Com
plexions. '
The use of these Pills for a very short time
will effect art — eutite`mire of : SAL T RHEUM,
and a striking iinproyernerit m the'clearness of
the skin:. ,COMI,I/RN COLDS an& INFLU 7
EgZ:A: ;will` always cured by onedese,bilty .
two, in the Worst cases:
PILES The original proprietor Of these
Medicines, *Si cured of Piles; of 35 yeare
standing by'the use of the'Life Medicines alone.
.F.gF.E,R. AND AGUE.—For this scourge of
the Western country, these Medicines will be
blind, „speedy, and certain
Uflier,medicines'have the system subject to a
Mai "of the disease—a cure by there Medi
cines is.permanent—Ttry , them, be satisfied; and
be cured.
PLAINTS.--General Debility; Loss of.Appe
, tite, and Diseases of Females-=the Medicines
have been used with the. most beneficial results
in cases of this description =Kings Evil, and
Scrofula, in its worst forms,, yields to the ,mild
yet powerful action of these remarkable' Med
icines. Night Sweats, Nervous Debility, Ner
vous Complaints of all kinds, Palpitation of
the Heart, Painters' Colic, are speedily cured.
constitutions have become impaired by the in
julicious use of Mereuryiwill find these Med-icines a perfect cure, as they never failto erati
icate from the. System, all the effects of Med
cury, infinitely sooner than the most powerful
preparations of Sarsaparilla. Prepared and
sold by W. B e MOFFAT;
' 335 BroadviitY; NeW York.
Having proofs so strong and direct as to
For Statesmen, Judges, Editors, Physicians
of the oldest schools as well as new, give it
their unqualified . sanction; and recommend it
for all , cases of eruptions, and diseases elle
scalp and brairi'; but who have- used it,
unite; in testifyingthatit will preserve the hair
from being and from falling to any age;
as well as restore. Reed the following
Oak Grove, S. C. June 24th; 1869.
Prior. 0. J. Woon : • Dear Sir :—Your Hair
Restorative is rapidly gaining popularity in this
community - 1 haveihrid occasion to lay preju
dice aside, and give your Hair Restorative a
perfect test:—
During the year 1854,1 was so unfortunate
as-try be-thrown my sulky against a srock near
the roadside, from which my head received a
mdst terrible blow; ciusirign great deal of ir
ritadon, which communicated to the bralnitind
external surface, of the head, from the effects
of which my hail finally destroyed over
the entire surface of the head. - From thetime
I first discovored its dioriping, fioivever, 'to
the time of its total disappearance, employed
everything I could think of, being a profes
sional man• myself,
„and ~as I thought, Ander 7
standing the .nature of the disease, but. was
finally defeated in every perseription advanced.
These .and no other, circumstances induced
me to, resort to your .worthy Hair Restorative,
which I have every reason to believe, produced
,a very happy,result two months after the first
application, I had is beentiftil a head of young
hair as I ; ever, saw, for which I Certainly. owe
you my, Most sincere thanks. Rest assured,
dear sir, I shall recommend Your remedy to all
inquirers; moreover, I shall use My , influence,
which I flatter myself to say, isnot a little. 7
..You Call publish this if you think proper.
Yours, very respectfully,
Office of the Jeffersonian, Philippi, Va.,, ,
' • December 12th 1858
Dear Sir feel it my, duty as.viell as ;my
pleasure;to state to you the following citcu is
stance, which you can use 144.Youthink Primer.
A gentleman of ,thialrilace, lawyer,), has
been ,bald ever his early youth; so much
.so, that he was compelled to wear a „wig. He
was induced tcinse a bottle of yOur.tuiir "Hair
Restorative," which he liked very much ; and
after usinesome two or three betties his hair
grew out quite luxuriantly, and lie now has a
handsome head olintir. The gentleman's name
is Bradford, and, as he is very well knovin in
our adjoining counties, many persons can ;Mk:
tify to the truth of this statement; Tgive itto
you at the -requeit , of,Mr: Bradford. , You, can
sell is great; deal of your Hair Restorative in
this and the adjoining counties if yell have the
proper, agents., •Yeursprkc.,
DR. Woon: Dear Sir: Permit me to express
the obligations I nin under for the entire res
toration of my, hair to its origipal color;,abent
the time pf my arrival in,the United`Siates it
was rapidly becoming gray, ,but upon the,ap
plication of..yeur Restorative" it soon
recovered its original fine. I cerisider your re
storative as a very wonderful, invention, quite
efficiCiOus as well as 'agreeable. -
THE RESTORATIVE' up hettleitit
three sizes,' viz large; inediuM, antfOnili ;Ike
small holds;i-a..pincand retails for sl"a bottle;
- the tnedium holds at least.*enty per cent more
in proportion thari the small, retails - for 92 per'
bottle; the large holds a quart, 40' per cent
more in proportion, and retails for $3..
O. J. WOOD & Proprietors,
No. 444 Broadway ; New-York, and
114 Market Street; St.' Louis, ltdm
it 'Andkold by all good druggists and finty
goods Oaten. [97-7=144n.
Dealerin Hardware, Cedarware.,
• iitiihts;''Olass, Oils, HoppVatnisher, HO
and Bar .Iron Steel Spikes, , Nails,
' -
Parlor, Offici,'Hau and Cook
A this means of informing the citizens
jrisK M E ari B etta awl I? feinit}i,,tißt . he is new pre
line of
parwi to furnish aPkthi4g %'Ventlery of all
ness, consisting in part, of 'Ts eg a
; Building
a n d " Houseke e pin g
Pa in inta id , ()il
-1 ware, in alllstyles, C utl ery , l e 'opi,
I Glass Vitiligfesa cedaTwar ) Tubs ,
Churp r s, I.Xn
Ives Forks; Spoons, Shovels,Po
kers,' k - Pans,waiters, Cop,
peantdan fra'ss Cil'a led i l ttpi e e l - D 4 clor, . eak. 1',14.(1 , n
'i t g° plaifil ''Spikes Ind
l i t fact -ether ie itto4 P u. 5ya.,41140 . 1u — , 11 Ai#l're"piik:
tedat .4141 vale es t bi t h - ale t t iVlD ROTH, •
1 ''' ..V 4 : ' : dricet Streit, Mdreitter, .Fa.
it Ih►oucth Belief to ealifoiliq 1
riftkgrand 'Quarterky Distribution
Of 190,000 Articles, IVOIV $300,000!
WHICH will-be sold for $100;000, to the
purchasers of our-Go/den - Pens at 30 cts.
per Box. Our Golden Pen is the best'ever used,
and is warranticrnotto corrode , in any ink.—
Every business'nitik and faintly should use the
Golden Pen. The following list of 100,000 ar
ticles will be distributed among our patrons at
$lOO each, and need notbe paid for until we
inform the purchaser which of the following
articles we will sell him for $l.OO and then it
is optional whether he Belida the dollar and
takes the goods or not. All Goods can be re
turned at our ..expense within ten days after
the Purchasetteceived them, unless they are
satiefactory,the money will be refunded.
List of Good iiluded in the Distribution.
di io
Pianos,, Gold ' rating Cased Watches, Gold
Watches, Ladies - Over Watches, Guard, Vest
and Chatelain Chains, Cameoßrooches, Mosaic
and Jet For-Arops, Lava and „Florentine Ear-
Drops, Coral, Ear-Ileops, Emerald and Opal
Ear-Drops, Handsomer Seal Rings, Mosaic and
Cameo Bracelets, . Gielts Breastpins, Watch
Keys - Fob and Ribbon" Slides, Sets of Bosom
Studs, Sleeve Button lai n Bihgs, Stone Set
Bangs, Sets Ladies' Je ~
Canton Crape Shawls ,otisseline de Laines,
Chalks; Vied& ' and t , ' . ken Lawns,
BeregesPoplins. Fren licoes, and
other ladie.s' Dress t Sin great
variety, together ~.., Head
Dresses, Cabas,Fan , 'anti,
and hi fact almo - livery
description of r 1,,0DS
usually found ii first
class Dry Coeds
Stores. 4,, , ,
Highest Premium $lOO, L Premium $2.
The articles are numberhd, and Certificates
stating what we will sell. each person for one
dollar are placed in sealed, ?Envelopes, with a
Decimal arrangement of PreMiums : so that in
each hundred certificates thereis one for a Gold
Watch, and there, will alsothe a splendid pre
mieni in'each ten certificate(. - ' Ladies, if you
desire a fine shawl, or dress Patern, or a beau
tiful article of jewelry, enclose us 30 cents for
a 'box of the golden pens, and we Will send YOU
a certificate which may enable you 'to procure.
it for $l, "Try us." ,
4 Boxes Pens with 4 Certificates, Vl,
9 do :do 9 do 2....
25 do. do. 25 do
100 do do - 100 do 4
N. E.—With each package of 100 boxes
present the purchases 100 certificates, one of
which is Auarranteed to contain one rkrder for
a fine watch, or. Sewing Machine, or bx,order
ing 50 boxes in one package you are cure to
receive 50 certificates containing one order for
a splendid silver watch, beside a large number
of other very valuable premiums. Oncint.ifi
cate,sent. gratis, upon, application of any per
son desiringto act as Agent, which may ena
ble him to procure a valuable premiinm upon
the payment of $l.
Pianos, Ilirelodions; Music Books, Sewing
- . . , Machines, liv. . .
Bought and sold on commission. Any article
will be sent to the country at the lowest whole
sale prices with the addition of.dper centcom
mission for forwarding.
N. B:—Agents wanted in Cir
culars sent on application. Address all com
munications to
Commission merchants and Genera!, :Agents,
138 South Fourth-it., below Chestnut, Phil'a.
la - For our integrity and fulfil our
engagements, we begto "refer you to the follow
ing well known gentlemen and business firms
His Excellency J..W. Geary, Ex-Gov. Eain
sas, Westmoreland; Pa.; Pahnorr
& C 0.,. Jewellers, Philadelphia ; A. Warne,
Esq., Philadelphia; Wm. A. Gray,Esq., Phil
adelphia ; Messrs. Kemmerer & Moore, Water
St. below Arch, ; Messrs. Pratt & Reath;
Fifth and Market. Sts., C. Fuller,
Esq.; Jeweller, PhiPa ; A. F, Ward, Esq„
Publisher of Fashions, &c., Phil'a M. H.
Borne, Catasauqua Bank; Hon. L. M. Burson.
Eureka, California.
September 29, 1860.
ilhunon's Corteerfthglea ReNebio.
eradicates , all the evil , exacta of: self abuse
as loss of memory, shortness of .breath, giddi
ness, palpitation of the heart, dimness of vis-
ion, or any constitutional , derangement of the
system brought on , by the unrestrained indul
gence of the passions. Acts alike lin either sex.
Price one 'dollar.
No. 2. THE BALM.—WiII cure fn from two
to eight days, any case'of dentorrhoefts(clap)is
withwit taste or smell and reunites no restric
tion of action or diet; for either lex ; price $l.
NO. 3. THE TEREB will cure Gleet in the
shortest possible time, and Lean show certifi
cates of cures effected' by this remedy, when
all others have failed. No taste or smell.—
Price one .doltar. ,
NO. 4. THE, PntirrEn' is the only known
that . 'will Positively 'cure stricturesof
the urethra, no matter of howlong standing or
neglected, the case 'May be. "Price one dollar.
N0..5:' THE ISOLUTOR IWill,.clire'ally case
of Gravel. permanently .and. speedily.remove
all diieases from the bladdei and kidneys.—
Price one dollar: " ' '
No. 6. T4-1„y. Pwq.irrop.zis w sure preven
tion against - the contraction, of any disease s is
less expensive Mid far preferable to anything
in use. Adapted to ekthp„r pegc.; 11,7
N 0,7. Die- Aiwal. will ogre whi
radically "
and In - le; time than,theyon, be, id -
feetually riquove4 m
y y ; ether ire meat;
fact this is the only iemedy, that ``will really
cure this 'disease pleasant to:take. : : Price $l.
NO. S. Taz ORIENTAL Pearris are cer-
Min, safe and speedy in producing menstrua
tion or, correcting any irregularities of the
monthly periods. , Price: two dollars.
No. 9., Tus FEMALE SAFEIII74.III), or Off
spring Regulator will last a Mei:Woe. Price $5.
Either • of the Remedies will be seat free by
mail on receipt of, the price annexed. Circu
lars containing valuable informationmith, full
description ef each Remedy, marl,* obtained
by enclosingoue post stamp., • Addrgar,
DB.. FELIX BRUNON, 80g , 99,
Philadelphia, Pa. .
These Remedies are sold in Marietta only by
JOHN JAY LIBLIART, where circulars con -
taining , a full description of each case can tie
obtained gratis, on application. A :
General Depot, North East Coiner of York
i ll tbe
Avenue autlCallowhill street,P ' adelphia,Pa.
la" In complicated cases Ica - consulted
by letter, or personally at my o e;
No. 401 York Avenue. Da. Y . BRUNON.
August 27, 1859.-Iy. fr
. ,
lion AND liaise Fouriiiimii - i
Second. Street,' below , . Union,
They are prepared to make all kinds of Iron
Ceilings for Rolling Mills and Blast Furnaces,
Pipes, .for - Steam, \Grater and ' Gas; Columns,
Fronts, Cellar Doorb; Weights, &c., for
dings, and castings of every description.;
. - .
- .. ,
. ,
• Pumps, Brick Pre a,- Shafting and
Pulleys, Mill Gearing, Ta - Mee t M achinery b
for Mining and 'Tannin ( Biuss ' Bearings,
Steam and Blast Giuge Lulmeiteis,'Aila
Gooks, Valves :for . St , in,' GS,S, find
Water;`Brass Fittin 4 in Weed. '.-l
Viricty; Bone* Ta . " Mireii,T7 '
Dieters, Stacks,' 7 ' , . . ti;: „ -::: I.
' Nuts,' Vault D. ~.:. , - •
Washers, &c: 4.-
, -
. •IN GENERAL '''. l ..-
From long experience in 1;411044
. _Thigry We
flatter ourselves that we can give geierai satis
faction to . thOeft why mg foVoi lie; 2 their
orders. Ilae-RePairing; , -P,TwAS ' to.
Orders by mail addressed as abov,: ' Meet
'math prompt attention. ITP Prices
stilrflie rata.
T. R. SUPPLEE. '..
Columbip, ,October2o, 1860. , . 14-tf
ANT OOD4 Hair Restorativb, st