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The Foster Club of this borough
intend having a torchlight parade this
sa- Col. s. I3renizer is here endeavor
ing to get up a writing class. The Col.
comes here highly recommeded as a
teacher and a gentleman. His terms are
three dollars and a quarter a course of
twenty lessons.
orTbere was a grand Mass Meeting
in Harrisburg on Wednesday last. The
Marietta Wide Awakes to the number
of seventy turned out and made quite a
creditable display. The whole affair
was quite a pageant.
erWe had the good fortune to re
ceive a basket of very nice and ripe Is
abella grapes, on Saturday morning last,
from Lizzie Sands, grand-daughter of Mr.
William H. Grosh. May her good ex
ample be followed by others.
ilar The Lancaster Express in speak
ing of the County Agricultural Fair,says:
"the second day opened much better
than the first, but still the display falls
far short of last year's or the year pre-
im-The farm of Peter Walter, deceas
ed, in East Donegal twp., containing 110
acres sold to Christian and David Wal
ter, for $167 per acre. Another tract of
44 acres, belonging to the same estate
sold to Joseph Lehman for $lB3 per acre.
'Haldeman of Columbia has receiv
ed a large arrival of Fall Goods. This
is one of the most extensive Dry Goods
'establishments west of Philadelphia and
persons who cannot be suited at this
place both in price or quality of goods,
are very hard to please. See advertise
Cr We have received from the author,
Dr. J. G. Stehman, of Lancaster, a
pamphlet entitled "Homeopathy con
trasted with Allopathy." The Dr. makes
a comparison, side by side, of the results
of treatment of the two - systems and
clearly illustrates the success of his sys
tem. Tho Dr. is an applicant for ad
mission to practice in our County Alms
Douse in order to test his system with
that of the old.
tßr'On the fourth of July last a tene
ment house in York county, opposite the
lower end of this borough. belonginr, to
Dr. Samuel Ruston of ,this place, was
set on fire and completely destroyed.—
During the last week the Doctor had
erected a new house on the site of the
old one. which was just receiving the
finishing touches, when on Friday night
last, the incendiary scoundrel applied
the torch and the house was burned to
the ground. No punishment could be
too severe for the perpetrator of such
villiany. The Dr. now offers a reward
of one hundred dollars for the conviction
of the incendiary.
admirable manner in which
the employees of the Pennsylvania
Railroad conducted their business on
Wednesday last, is the subject of univer
sal remark. Although thousands of peo
ple passed over the road, and extra trains
were constantly running, and the depot
at this point was crowded with people,
yet there was no confusion, no accident,
all was done in a systematic manner, and
every accomodation was freely given.—
Certainly no Railroad can have a more
careful, skillful and agreeable corps of
officers. The remark is especially appli
cable to those about this station, and it
gives us much pleasure to note the fact.
—Lancaster Union.
lot of stones are now being dressed for
the curbs along the Chestnut-st. front of
the new depot, which, for size and beauty,
exceed anything in the curb-stone line
we have yet seen, at least of home pro
duction. They are from a new quarry,
just opened by Capt. Hambright, for the
Railroad Company, on the property of
Jacob Hershey, near the Pequea Bridge,
thisside of Leman Place station. Some
of these curbs are 20. feet long, and a uni
form thickness of 9 inches, and are as
broad as they are wanted. They could
be tam out still longer, were it desira
ble. A tressel track was laid to the
quarry, and the train backed up to the
stones, which were hoisted from their
bed on to the cars. The supply of these
stones appears to be almost inexhausti
ble, and the quarry will no doubt prove
to be valuable.
The curb line for which these are in
tended will be the handsomest in the
city, extending an entire square, from
North Queen to Duke•streets. The
curb on the Queen-street front will be of
gianite, the same as that which Mr. Cad
well is laying around his new hotel, and
which will also be a credit to that corner.
—Lancaster Express.
In Marietta on Thursday 27th inst., by Rev.
Miss MARY GRADY, all of MaTietta.
Near Elizabethtown, on the • 18th instant,
HENRY EAGLE, aged 76 years.
On the 12th hot., ANNA MARY EAGLE, of
Maytowi, of typhoid fever, aged 37 years, 9
months and IS days.
A MONSTER PRF,SS.—The Scientific
American thus describes a monster steam
press, upon which Moses S. Beach, who
has just retired from the New York Sun,
is at work : "He is even now just com
pleting the construction of a monster
steam printing press, by which the sheets
are cut from the rolls, dampened, printed
upon both sides, at the rate of forty
thousand impressions an hour, folded up
counted, and delivered from the machine,
ready for the carrier and the mail. This
machine is as high as a common two
stork country dwelling house; and it
will, when finished—if the expectations
of its inventor are realized—constitute a
most extraordinary specimen of mechan
ical skill and ingenuity."
er The Vigilance Committee, at Pike's
Peak, at the last accounts, was waging a
war of extermination against the gamb
lers and thieves. Two men were hung
by them on the 6th inst., one of whom
wac taken from the stage while on his
was to the Missouri river.
1860 !] GREAT [ 1860 !
N 0 %V EXHIBITING, the largest, most
desirable and cheapest goods we have
ever offered, seiected in New-York and Phil
adelphia. Our friends and customers are invi
ted to inspect our goods, confidently believing
that all will be pleased, as to the variety, qual
ity and cheapness.
Entirely new styles of Fall Dress Silks , best
make of black dress silks, Lupin's French Mc
rinoes, in black, and in all colors, Lu pin's
French Sierinoes, printed in vines, baguets,
polka spots and medalions ; Lupin's all wool
printed Mouslies, in vines boquets and polka
spots and medallions; double width Irish pop
lins, new style, all wool printed Cashmeres;
black ground Foulards, Velour Ottomans, all
wool Plaids, Satin a Soie, Garabaldi's, Denor -
ah's, children's bright Plaid. 100 pieces Pa
cific de Lanes, 18 2 4 , cents; 100 pieces Hamilton
de lanes, I 1 cents ; French and English 4-4
Chintzes; 50 pieces Coburgs, all qualities, in
black and all colors.
Cloaks,—very newest Styles
Tagus, Victoria, Arabian, light Cloth and
Highland Cloaks, Light Cloaking
Cloths, all shades; Mantle
Silks and Velvets.
Stella, Long and Square Brocha; long and
square plain Black and plaid Blanket Shawls,
Misses and childten's Woolen Shawls, L o
priced shawls.
Cloths, Cassitneres and Vestings
The largest and most complete assortment we
ever offered and at unusually low prices ; we
invite particular our Cloth De
partment, Boy's Cassimeres,
Black and Fancy Super French and English
Black and Fancy Super French and English
The very latest style Vestings.
Cloths, Cassimeres, and every variety of goods
for boy's wear.
Blankets, Marsaille Lancaster and Allendale
Quilts, Woolen eloverlets, Comfort:ides,
Bleached and Brown Linen Table
Cloths from 9 yds. to 4 yds. wide,
Bleached and Brown Domes
. tic Table Cloths, Woolen
Table Covers, Work
Stand Woolen
Covers, _ _
Sacking Bottoms, Table Gil Clothes, Stair (01
Cloths, Crash for Stairs ' Brown and Bleached
Sheetings 1 yd. to 3 yds, wide, Pillow Case
Muslies, Tickens, Furniture Chintzes and
Checks, Towelings, Bureau Covers, &c., &e.,
Looking Glasses. a large stock,
Prime Live-picked Geese Feathers.
Window Shades, a new and full assortment,
Window Shades with Bailey's Fixtures,
Embroidered Muslin Window Curtains,
A very large lot of Uarpetings, new styles,
selling at reduced prices; Carpet Chain, wool
en, linen and cotton.
China, Glass & Queensware.
China Tea Setts, gold band ; White Granite
wale, in new shapes, in full Dinner and
Tea setts; Pitchers, Dishes, Soup
Tureen; Gravies, ; Chamber
and Toilet set's; Table and
Bur Tumblers, Wine &
Champagne Gla,:srs,
Egg and Cellery
Goblets, Preserve Dishes, Fruit Stands, Cake
Stands, &c.,
Floor Woolen Dru,..,..ets, from I to 3 yds. wide,
Velvet Rugs, Door ' Matts,
Foor Oil Cloth from I yd, to 4 yds. wide, the
latter cut in one piece to tit a ball,
Mattings, checked and plain from 1 yd. to 2
yds. wide.
A full line of Hoisery and Gloves,
,r 3— The above comprise only a small portion
of oar new goods. HALDEMAN'S
Cheap Cash Score, Columbia.
Sept. 29.]
Mahar 111 - pilg aPI.If aCtlllo $.
ifTT OWELL & BOURKE, having re-moved
to their new store, Corner of Fourth and
Market, are now prepared to offer to the trade
a large and elegant assortment of
Borders, Fire Screens, Window Curtain Goods,
tic., all of the newest and hest designs,
from the lowest priced article to the finest
Gold and Velvet Decorations.
Purchasers will do well tb visit the es
tablishinent of HOWELL & BOURKE,
kortheast Corner Fourth &M arket- sts . 5
Sept. 29-3 m.) PHILADELPHIA.
; Market Street Wharf, Philadelphia..
Have constantly on hand an assortment of
Viz: Mackerel, Shad, Salmon, Blue Fish,
herrings, Codfish, Beet, Pork, Lard,
Shoulders, Hams, Sides, Beans,
Rice, &c., &c., &c.
Sept. 29-3 m d
—The partnership heretofore existing be
tween Geo. Killing and Win. Rutledge trading
as Killing & Rutledge has this day been dis
solved by mutual consent, all business matters
relating to the late Firm will be settled by
Marietta, August 29th 1860.
VVTALL PAPERS.—We have just received
another supply from the New York and
Philadelphia manufactories. Purchaseis can
rely upon the newest styles, which will be
told unusually low at J. R. Ditienbach's.
-I;edriety of fashionable Boots and Shoes o
a!1 kinds and styles, which will be sold, at city
prices by „T. R. Diffenbach.
.633....z it..t NEW BRASS
C L 0 C K S—Good Time
- ' '"\ -LN. lr t::l= 77
.••- '''-- ~ - - . 7- --. Keepers, for One Dollar.
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry carefully re
paired and charges moderate, at WOLFE'S.
TT u .13 s ; Spokes, Felioes, Wagon Bows,
Oil Cloth, Varnishes, &e.
STERRE7T $• co.
WOOD'S Hair Restorative, at
. HEM FF'S SALE. On Thursday, the 11th
day of October, A. D., 1560, at 2 o'clock,
M. by virtue of sundry writs of Fieri Facias,
Venditioni Exponas and Levari Facias, issued
out of the Court of Common Pleas, of Lancas
ter C0.,-and to me directed, I will expose to
public sale or outcry, at the Court House, in
the city of Lancaster, the followirig neat Es
tate, viz : .
A Lot of ground in the village of Maytown,
fronting on the Marietta road 50 feet, more or
less, and extending in depth 250 feet; more or
aless, with a two-story frame DWELLING
a .11. story frame back building, hog pen, bake
oven, fruit trees and other improvements there
on, adjoining property of John Rumbach,
Jacob Longenecker and others.
No. 2, A piece of improved land in East
Donegal township, containing 5 ACRES, more
or less, with a frame grain shed and other im
provements thereon, adjoining property of Geo.
Terry, Henry Jacobs, John Peck and others.
No. 3, A corner lot of ground in the village
of Maytown, Lancaster county; containing 250
feet front (more or less,) on Queen street, and
'621- feet, (mote or less,) on Jacob street, with
two ll; story frame DWELLING HOUSES,
with kiteben attached to one of the dwelling
houses, a 21-story frame coverlet factory, sta
ble, hog pen, 2 bake ovens, 2 wells of water,
with pumps therein, fruit trees, and other im
provements thereon,.adjoining property of F.
Rightlinger on the southwest and fronting on
Jacob-st., Queen-st., and an alley. - • .
As the property of J no. F. Gebhart tend Ino.
R. Gebhart. .
All of which are seized and taken in execu
tion, and will be sold by
BENJ. F. ROWE, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Lancaster, Sept. 17, IS6O.
An Effective, Safe and Economical Compound,
For restoring Gray Hair to its original color
without . dyeing, and preventing the hair from
turning gray.
For Preventing Baldness, and curing it, when
there is the least particle of vitality or recuper
ative energy remaining.
For Removing Scurf and Dandruff', and all
cutaneous affections of the Scalp.
For Beautifying the Hair, imparting to it an
unequalled gloss and brillancy, making it raft
and silky in its texture and causing it to curl
The great celebrity and the increasing de
mand for this unequalled preparation, convinc e
the proprietor that one trial is only necessary
to satisfy a discerning public of its superior
qualities over another preparation at present in
use. It cleanses the head and scalp from dand
ruff and other cutaneous diseases. Causes the
hair to grow luxuriantly, and gives it a rich,
soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and also
where the hair is loosening and thinning, it will
give strength and vigor to the roots, and restore
the growth to those parts which have become
bald. causing it to yield a fresh covering of hair.
There are hundreds of ladies and gentlemen
in New York who have had their hair restored
by the use of this Invigorator, when all other
preparations had failed. L. M. has in his pos
session letters innumerable testifying to the
above facts, from persons of the highest respec
tibility. It will effectually prevent the hair
from turning gray until the latest period ot life ;
and in cases where the hair has already changed
its color, the use of the Invigorator will with
certainty restore to its original hue, giving it a
dark, glossy appearance. As a perfume toilet
and a Hair Restorative it is particularly rec
ommended, having an agreeable fragrance ;
and the great facilities it affords in dressing
the hair, which, when moist with the Invigo
rator can be dressed in any required ferm so as
to preserve its place. whetl-r plain or in curls
—hence the great demand for it by the ladies
as a standard toilet article which none ought to
be without, as the price places it within the
reach of all, being
per bottle, to be had at all respectable druggists
and perfumers.
L. Miller would call the attention of Parents
and Guardians to the use of his Invigorator, in
cases where the childrens' Hair inclines to be
weak - . The use of it lays the foundation for a
good head of hair, as it removes any impurities
that ma} have become connected with the
scalp, the rhmoval of which is necessary both
for the health of the child, and the future ap
pearance of its Hair:
CAUTION.—None genuine without the fac
simile Louis Mx m.rat being on the Outer , wrap
N. Y. blown in the glass.
WhAesale Depot,sl Dey St., and sold by all
the principal Merchants and Druggists through
out the world.
Liberal discount to purchasers by the quantity.
also desire to present to the American
Public my
New and Improved Instantaneous
which after years of scientific experimenting I
have brought to perfection. It dyes Black or
Brown instantly without injury to the Hair or
Skin, warranted the best article of the kind in
And the rarions affections consequent upon a disordered
Such as Indigestion, Acidity of the Stomach, Colicky
Pains, Heartburn,Loss of Appetite, Despondency,
Costiveness, Blin and" Bleeding Piles. In all Ner
vous, Rheumatic, and Neuralgic Affections, it has in
numerous instances proved highly beneficial, and in
others effected a decided cure.
This is a purely vegetable compound, prepared on
strictly scientific principles, after the manner of the
celebrated Holland Professor, Boerhave. Its reputation
at home produced its introduction here, the demand
commencing with those of the Fatherland scattered
over the face of this mighty country, many of whom
brought with them and banded down the tradition
of its value. It to ream offered to the American public,
knowing that its truly wonderful 2nedicinal urines
must be acknowledged.
It Is particularly recommended to those persons
whose constitutions may have been impaired by the
continuous use of ardent spirits, or other forms of
dissipation. Generally instantaneous in effect, it finds
its way directly to the seat of life, thrilling and quick
ening every nerve, raising up the drooping spirit, and,
in fact, infusing new health and vigor in the system.
NOTlCE—Whoever expecte to find this a beverage
will he disappointed; but to the sick, weak and low
spirited, it will prove a grateful aromatic cordial, pos
sessed of singular remedial properties..
The Genuine highly concentrated Bcerhave's Hol
land Bitters is put up in half-pint bottles only, and
retailed at ONE DOLLAR per bottle, or six bottles for
Errs DOLLARS. The great demand for this truly eels ,
brated Medicine has induced many imitations, which
the public should guard against purchasing.
AMP - Beware of Imposition. See that our name is on
the label of every bottle you bay.
Sold by Druggists generally. It can be for
warded by Express to most points. .
STEW ART'S New-York Candies, for sale
at WoLres.
Only Twenty-jive Cents
PRICE ONLY 50 cEivrs.
Depot, 56 Dell Street, New York:
Fharmateutists and Clemists
For sale at GROVE 8( ROTH'S, Marietta.
Southerner at Home
Handsomely bound in one volvme, 14 mo
526 pageS. Price $1.25.
Literary notices from the Press thrOughbat
the Country
THE SUNNY SOUTH—"This book iS el:un
posed of a.series of letters, written in an inter
esting style of a, narrative, embodyin,,,, ,, the
most romantic features of social life on differ
ent kinds of plantations. We can bear testi
mony, from our own persolal observation of
similar scenes in the South, to their truthfulneis
as here depicted. they are portrayed in a
vivid, interesting style, and we, would like ,to
see the book in the hands of thousands of de
ceived peopleovho have no personal knowl
edge 'either of Southerners or Southern life,
except what they have gained from partizan
journals, Or those who intentionally have writ
ten to decetve."—paily Republic, Buffalo,
New York.
THE SUNNY SOUTH.—"This valume is in
the form of letters. They give, so far as we
can judge, faithful pictnres of Southern life,
and are penned without prejudice. They pre
sent scenes quite different from,an "Uncle
Tom's Cabin," the pictures presented here are
quite graphic, and we think the portraits paint
ed are in very nearly natural colors."_—[ Boston
Daily Bee.
THE SUNNY Soumn.—"We have rarely
peeped within the covers of a more appetizing
volume. Although not intended as an answer
to the foul untruths in-the Uncle Torn trash of
the last ten years,
it nevertheless does unmer
cifully hurl back to their source all lies of such
a nature, and we are glad to believe that the
book will be read in thousand's'of northern
homes. The south also should take to it be
nignantly for independent of its truthfulness
and integrity it is one of the liveliest and most
entertaining bdoks of the year."—[Greeasboro
Times, N. C. •
THE SUN N Y Sourir—"The enterprising pub
lisher, G. G. Evans, Philadelphia, of Gift Book
notoriety, is weekly issuing new - works of in
terest, and spreading them over the country,
and his system of transacting business may be
looked upon as an institution, for diffusing
knowledge, unequalled by any in the country.
We commend this book to all."—[Daily News.
THE SureN Sour.—" This is a captivating
volume, strongly illustrative of Southern hie.
The heart of the authoress is with her theme,
and she carries the interest of the reader along
with her, and she, in her. amusing off hand
styl6, delinates the peculiarities of a Southern
home."—[ Press.
TUE SUNNY Souxn.—"Whatever bears the
name of Professsr Ingraham is Sure to involve
the elements of striking effect and a: wide pop
ular currency : and this is jest 'the case with
'The Sunny South, or the Southerner at Home,'
vhich appears from the presi of G. G. Evans,
*under the editorship of tlie graphic Professor.
It is vivid in style, keenly observant, interest
ing in plot, and in purpose az.d manner it ob
viously springsfrom a warm heart, ait'd will
be as warmly welcomed by a host of readers."
The Neiv Yorker.
Throne of David.
Consecration of the Shepherd of Bethlehem
Rebellion of Prince Absalom
Being an illustration of the Splendor,'Power,
and Dominion of the Reign of the Shep
herd King, in a series of Letters, ,
wherein the magnificence of
Judea is shown to the -
reader, as if
By the Rev. J. H. INGRAHAM, LL. D.
One volume, 12 mo., cloth, 603 pages.
Price $1.25.
"This is the third Volume, and the comple
tion of a series of works by the same author,
on the history of the Israelitish monarchy.—
The origin under Moses, was treated of in the
"Pillar of Fire," and its great glory - under
David, is treated of in this work, (The Throne
of David,) while the decline of Hebrew power
and the opening of the new dispensation meet
their delineation in the "Prince of the House
of David." These works are historically val
uable.- as handbooks of information relative to
the srenery, geography and manners of the
Holy Land. The styleisinteresting,andpow
erful and the work leads us to the contempla
tion and study of the sublime language of the
Bible and the great doctrines of truth it con
tains, without being,' as such books too ordina
rily are, either maudlin, stupid, dogmatfc or
conceited."—[Boston Daily Atlas.
Israel in Bondage.
By the Rev. J. H. INGRAHAM, author of
the "Prince of the House of David."
One volume, 12 mo., cloth, 600 pages.
Price $1.25.
"This work is designed to sketch the Hebraic
history during the bondage in Egypt, Moses
the Prophet being the central figure, and is a
free and`striking history of the period, in which
the writer gathers first, from the Bible and then
from profane history a vast mass of material,
which by his genius, is thrown into a fanciful
narrative of the most attractive character which
carries the reader along without diminution of
interest."—[Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.
Three Years . in 4e Holy City
In a series of letters relating as if by an, eye
witness, all the scenes and wonderful incident s
in the
From his Baptism in Jordan to his Crucifixion
on Calvary.
Rector of Christ Church, and of St. Thomas'
Hall, Holy Springs, Mississippi.
One volume, 12 mo. cloth, 472. pages.
Price $1.25.
. "In this work the author has succeeded in
the bold and daring task of presenting the great
leading historical parts of scripture in connex
ion with secular history, so as to present the
clear and life-like picture of those events as
they might be supposed to appear to a casual
observer. The descriptions of rites and Cere
monials, are spirited and cam prehanSive. The
style is highly imaginative and attractive, and
we predict that this volume will be as popular
as the "Pilgrim's Progress."--iPresbyterian
and Evangelist.
Copies of either of the above Niel's, with a
handsome Gift, worth from 50 cents to $lOO,
will be sent to any person in the United States,
upon recemeof $1.25; and 21 cents to pay post
age, by addressing 'the publisher, G. G. Etats,
Geo. G. Evans' GO Book Etta&lislonent
All books are sold at the Ptiblishers'
lowest price; and you have the
Of receiving
A Handsome Present
Worth from 50 cents td 100 dollars
with each boiik.
Send for a complete Classified Catalogue of
Books, which willbe mailed to you freellf
Order any book, that you may want, remit
the retail price, together with the amount re
quired for postage, and on:. trial will assure
you that the best place in the country to pur
chase books is at the
Gift Book Establishment of G. G. EVANS.
To whom greater inducements, such as cannot
be equalled by any other house, are ()tiered.
Any person, in any part of the country, can
be ad agent,'stmgly by forming a club, sending
a list of books, and remitting the amount of
money required for the same:
Send fdf a Catalogue,. which contains all the
desired itifordiation relative to agencies and
the formation of Clubs . ; and to insure prompt
and honOrable dealings, addresgall tirders tb
of .; G. EVANS
Largest Gift gook Establishment
Permanently located at No. 439 Chestnut-at.,
S. S. Itathvon,
Merchant Draper and C/othiet,
AVAILS himself, of this opportunity of an
nouncing to the citizens of Marietta and
vicinity, and his friends and the public in gen
eral, that he has taken the o 1 stand of the late
F. J, Kramph, where he has been employed
for the last ten years, and intends continuing
the Merchant Tailoting Clotliing business in all
...11.its various branches, and hopes that a
course of strict fidelity to his patrons may
Writ ik reasonable share of their confi
dence and support. In addition to a complete
Gentlemen Furnishing Goods,
Be will constantly endeavor to provide a good
assortment of French, German and American
Cloths, Cassimeres and Vcstings,
lOW' will be promptly made to order in a sub
stantial and faShionable manner, or according
to such styles as to his patrons may be most
desirable. The Foreign and American Fall
and Winter Fashions received, in addition to
the Monthly reports which come 411 and regu
larly thrOughout the year.
The agency tot the order On sale Of James
W. Scott's (formerlY Winchester. & Seott's)
celebrated Patent Shoulder-seam Shirts still
continued and properly attended to.
S. S. R. would be doing violence to 'his own
feelings and to the just deserts of his friends in
Marietta, were he here to omit returning his
sincere thanks fOr'flie' idany acts of kindness
they have extended towards him during a long
series of years, and hopes his future efforts
may not render him unworthy-- a continuance
of the same. Eir7-I.y
gigt4 3.ISiVEB tri(9.IPTIS 41.
Wine 6. „Liquor Dealer, Picot Building,
Front Street, Marietta, Pu.
BEGS leave to inform the public that he
will continue the WINE tk LIQUOR busi
ness, in all its branches: He will constantly
keep on hand all kiifds of ' ' '
Brandies IVines Gins, Irish and Scotch
Whiskey„ Cordials, .Bitters, 3-c.,
Benjamin's justly celebrated ROSE WHIS
KEY always on hand.
A very superior OLD RYE :WHISKEY
ust received, which is:warrairted pure.
All H. , D. B; now asks of the public
is a careful examination of - his stock and pri
ces, which is confident, result in Ho
tel keepers and others, finding it to their ad
vantage to make -their purchases froth I it'll.
Fashionable Tailors & Drapers,
. . ,
Qfposite . A. Cassel's :shire, Market street s
THE undersigned biting assdciated
selves into a co-partner/Min, would . here
by inform their old patrons and the pubic
generally, that they will continue the
Fashionable Tailoring Bimini:SS ;IL
at the old stand; adjoining Dr. Hinkle's Drug
Store, Market street. Having a fine stock of
0 . 10-11m00454101-es 645)0StiUS,
which they will dispose of and _"make up" on
reasonable terms. Being .deNrniiii&l to: give
satisfaction, they would respeCtfully ask a con
tinuation of past favors.-
d er.
Air Gutting done at' - 17toit:iip
Marietta., Sep. 10, 1359.4'
fiIHE undersigned having teased the above
I 'named old establshed Peri) , and , Hotel, in
Hellam ToWnship, York county, opposite the
borough of Merigtta, where 'he is prepared to
entertain the public at his bar and table with
the best-the inlitket affords: He would very
respectfullyinfoenr the traveling public that
having obtained
. ,
and efficient ferry Men, and is now full} preps
red to accommodate persons wishing to cross
the Snstmehanna; with vehicles or„ otherwise
without delay or detention: JOHN NOEL.
• OC.tober 1, 1859: ly
Civil Engieeer, Surveyor, ConVeyanCer
and Draughtsman.
Main street, Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa.
ALL kinds of land surveying and dividing,
levelling of Watercourses, rdads, &c Ac
curate and neatplain arui - dtnamental Mdppitig
and drauglaing bflOWn plans, large landau es
tates, &c. Mechanics', Quarries' and Earth
work measured - and eatimated. Deeds, Refea
see; Powers of attorney , and other legal instru
ments neatly and accurately draivn. - Execu
tors', Administratore, , Aasignees' and' Guar
dians accounts stated. - -
'Also, agent for. th'e sale Of th'e. R I D6i - w) c y
Connty, Communkations by letter Timing.
ly attended to - •
- stove .
BBOTT 8c NOILE,. 11.1ailtracturers, ofyie
raostappiosed stle o STOVES of every
destriPtion...t.SAMPE AVD SALES- ROOMS
No. 248 Water Street;New-York.
No, 410 Brow., Skeet, Philadelphia
11'• N. =Send for a Catalogas
liaMmered ,and - Rolled Isoni . a.
S. 'flask Nortia,,y, Nail Rods Arnenhan.
A and German Spring and Clist.Stphl,• Wagon
Boies, Iron Alles, Springs, 47.c,,,1br smiths.
. . .
Asuri.F.itioß COOK S'I:OV.E, very *in
style, each one warrariteci,to.per,l;
form to the entire satisfaction Of the.' - '
purchaser. . STFAltrirrr.& CO:: the.:,.
.. ~„
(f)A General Assortnterit. of all kinds of
-Bn.u.nrim - .Hattnim.4.lttn, Locos,
o llgesy Sewem„,:.-liolts, Cellar Grates,
Paints, Oils, 618.9.4 and P11144,7;17 cheap.
- • . " e STERMTT'aeCO.
Mark These Vatts:
The 'Testimony of the whole World !
lioildtOttqls Otit' tassetit4
Bad Legs, Bad Breastt, Safes and Like
All description of sores are rentedltsidel:9lke
proper and diligent use of
preparation. To attempt to cure , bad legs by
plastering the edges of .the vcoursitogetheris
folly; for should the skin mike, alegfinf
eased condition remains underneath ttk break
out with tenfold fury in a.few days. The only
rational and successful treatment, as indicated
by nature, is to reduce the inflammation in and
about the wound and to soothe,the.neighburing
parts by rubbing in plenty of the Ointment as
salt is forced into meat.
Diptheria, Ulcerated Sure Throat and
SCartet and Other Fetters.
Any of the above diseases may be Mired by
well rubbing the Ointment three times et day
into the chest, throat and neck of the patient;
it win soon penetrate, and- give immediate re
lict: Medicine taken by the mouth must oper
ate upon the Whole system ere its influence can
be felt in.any local part, whereas the Oint
ment will do its work at °net.. Whoever tries
the ungiient in, th a above taint:Mr far the die
eases named, or a - similar disorders affecting
the chest and throat, will find. themselves re
lieved as by a charnt.
Piles, F•'istulas, Strictuees
The aboveclass of tom plaints will be removed
by nightly fomenting the parts with Warm
,and then by most effectually tubbing in
the Ointment. Persons suffering from these
direful complaints should lose-not &moment in
arresting their progresS It should be nudes
stood that it is not sufficient merelY:to smear
the Ointment On the affected parts,. but it must
be well rubbed in for Smne-eonsiderable time
two of three 'links ii_day, that it maybe taken
Into the system , whence it will remove any
hidden sore or wound as effectually as though
palpable to the eye. There again -bread and
water poultices, after the 'rubbing in of the
Ointment, will do great -service. This is the
only, sure treatment for fernale cases of cancer
in the stomach, or where there may he a gen
eral bearing down: •
Indiscretions of Yotth; Sbres and Ulcers.
Dietetic', as / also swellings, can, with cer
tainty, be radically cored if the Ointment be
used freely, and the Pills be taken night and
Morning as ret bufmended in the printed in
structions, When treated in any other way
they only dry up in one place td bfeak out in
unothr•r; Whereas this o,inturient will remove
the humour from the sistein„ and leatie the pa
tient a vigorous and healthy :being. It will
require time with . the use of the Pills to ensure
a lasting cure.
Dropsical Smelting*, Paraysis and Stiff
Although the abeire complaints differ widely
in their origin and hature, yet they all require
lochl treatment. Many of the worsteases, of
such diseases, tvill . yield in it toinparatively
short space of time when thallintment is dili
gently ribbed had the parts affected) even after
every other means ititve failed. In all serious
inaladie.s the Phis should be tekett according
to the printtd difeetiona actompanying each
Both the Ointment and:Pills shiotddhe used
in the follOwin§ cases :
Bad Legs, Chiego-foot, Fistulas,
Bad Breasts, Chilblains ; =Gaut;
Burns, Chapped Hands,Glandular
Bunions, Co-hs t Softy • Swellings,
Bite of Mos- Cancers, Lutribago,
chetoes and Contracted and-Piles.
Sand-Flies, Stiff Joints, Rheumatism,
Chco bsy, Elephantiasis, Scalds,
"Skin Diseases, Shurvy, Sole Nipples,
Tumors, tikes, Sere-throates,
Wounds, Yaws, , `„ Stird,he4ds.
Le oTton are_ genuine unless the
words "HOLLOWAY', Zr".ew Ygitit AND Lon
noN," are discernable as a Wftter-morft in
every leaf of the book of, ditebtions, around
each pot - or box; the same 'lnky be plainly
seen by hbidittt Me kiff to the light. A hand
some reward will be giveh to any one rendering
such information as may Thad to the detectien
of any party . Or partieS comitetfeiting the Med
icines of vending the shine, .knowing them to
be sporioni.
Sald . at the ManufAdtbif . sf Professor got:
LOWAT, SO Maiden Lane, Nelt. YOrk and by
respectableatl Druggists and Dealers in Medi
cine througficut the cit'lliic4" . world, in pots, at
2.5 c., 62c. and $1 eachs . •
• -
11C3filete is a c'ohaidetable saving by taking
the larcrer sizes.
N; B.—Directions . for the guidance of pa
tients, in every disorder, affaffixed to each box.
O .3 4.7,- 45
,r 2 7c7 ,
*— a . ... ..N.t
- a . NtvAvi '0
.... rs ... .. 4 g, 9- ,s .30>
O ~g »_ e ,
O e. . 2 i.. P R '4.
tt , ~ s - t.l w 3 <,:. ~..,.
e 4. - ... ~ - 4 74 . e'" ;-...
t.: -,-, t.• cA , a r ,
t: , .., pk. 0 4 ..4 iea .
lam o °l a ;.... . 11 " 4*
0 " ' .., 24 • a ^."
.S. b r i 01 0-. ;:., 02 a ...
si. g . ••• 7 la 4 °
c. 4 - ; tti ~-. ''''' , s , ts g a lz ,
c .... t z r...." ;•-.1 to kt- t" il.
• t:J r. 2 """ -1 ECt Z
1.1 as .6 g 0 . R. 0.9
,t? A• 2 'Z . " a, , °
.L.. r „ •I F ,-11-. F ...5.., .
O F.. 0 - s r.-. 0 .=. -z r, .
2P i iFa --..P 5 - ~, 8 ..,,r.
,r 3 F ,„- c , -, , r ,
c, r • 5 .
`.... z -c)
7 A an
9 qg. - al
Dealer in Ilarclvtare, Cedarw' are,
Paints, Glass, Oils, Varnishes, Hoop
and Hai irt hi, Steel, Spikes,
Parlor'', Office, Ntill and Cook
STOVES, 4430
I IAKES this means of informing tlie citizens
. 11 ofMarietta and vicinity, that'he is now pre-'
pared to furnish anything ih his line off-busi
ness consisting in part, of Table Cutlery- Of all
kinds ; n d liousekeephy Raid-
Ware, in all styles, eufiery; Tools, Paints, Oils,
Glass,,Vardithes, Cbdatwate, Tubs,'lltreltets,
Churns, Kdives Spoons, Shovels, Pb
kbre,TOngt,' Pans, Waiters, Cop
per and BraSs Itettlt9,-ThSor, Desk, Pad and
01l other kind of Lodks, Nails, Spikes and
in fatt,everything hsually kept in a wellregula
teakiaidWat establishinetit.
.ttity 11, 18G0. Market Street, /Vanilla, Pa.
j GROSH Lqmber Deadaw.
lard at the Eastern part of Marietta,
IT- please call at their adjoining Om
illaEr.-iroax Wick hadze at The eitwAs,
jnr NIVES . & FbRKS, Britainia tindaSireer—
i plated Spdtins, Brass, Copper, Plain andl
Isoleled Ircin Kettles, and Housekeeping
"gads generally. .Sterrett Br.cti.,.;-
11.13 R SALE. Eight or ten Barretstperea-
Ser Viitega r, also a lot of,second
stoves, which can be seen-by calling-upcin- the
subscriber. GEO. 11.'ETT-
50 B ARRELS n mnea ! C lewilesoratth_
market rates by dm ban*
if. ,
GGY and Sleigh ti.ilik-EW„i f i g h x , —
, styles and at muthiT r Oviar - iitiCei ta. a m
ir .. .
same grades were sold.last fall. .. _ -, ,
.tano•kr Er Patterson• • ,
, ... . . •
IBUR SALF.:_aIEAP t One " Nit ` itkirk
j' and three Setts of Boat Hareem , Inquires
the tore a J. R. sfenbrw h.
E 0
•A 0 14
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r. 1-3
: "AA
• 1 2 1
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