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    g4e Maliktaricitian.
" Impartial---but not Ffeutsral."
~/tEctoletia, Oa
- -41 1 / 6 1r41. LINCOLN; of Illinois.
ca. PREIRD.wr, ,
rIIB & L idiVilabf, of Maine.
f • Fait Go vv. ago% .
t iVint.i..zass HAMILTON, Paradise,
'Alb( HIESTA ND, City.
.TossirM • noon ; Bart Township, •
• 4 ,MICKA EL -.OBER, West. Donegal,
Air Sheriff,
• 'S. W. P. Btvn;Puiton.
• ' -`• For ProtlunfOtary,
For- Register,
' • , GEORGE C. tlawirisonte r Manor.
, ger Recorder, .
, , • esnsas Wasoori t Radsbury.
For Clef of (jWailer Sessions,
MiDiER, Strasburg.
• 'PM. (Atilt Of &Aims' Court,
S'Astutt AVE Minsits, Mount Joy.
• • Irer Ckninty Commissioner,
30IIN HONER, Manor. ,
.For; Director,-of the , Poor,
WUHAN, H. • METZGAR s Conestoga,
leRAiL ' ZlNTNAN:klizabeth.
'For Tifion Inspectors,
• `JiAttu! B:BRIMAKER, Illountjoy Twp.,
~-.for Coroner,
DANIEL BALM, Elizabethtown
;For- Auditor.,
The Adriatic arrived at New York
on the-24tiriastant, with Inter news from
`Eardfid:"J"Thr;ifitelligerree; though ex
itnticirtant,- has evidently been
ifilibiplifild in the minds or our readers
ideektfetiissary 'consequen . ce or preceding
VranCis II has fled from Italy,
sad'Utiribaldi is Dictator of Naples.—
The . Liberator 'entered the capital of
Naileffen the Bth of September, accorn
ptiniad'66l, 'by tis stiit'amid the mani
festatioditUthemostliitense enthusiasm.
Garibaldi transferred the fleet and ar-
renal of Naplecinto the hands of the
'de tlin 'Sardinian fleet, and pro
.' alltidietilriitor EmmaniteyK jug of 'ltaly.
ICing, in his atidiiiition, was ace:om
'hinted by the'll'aptd Nuncio, and many
„Arßed i n the fashionable - color now
~,jkappng.thn,,lallito of Paris. We see,
VAri 1 4. let4A4r, , black rnosquetaire hats,
berdered.wjtb red, and, decorated with a
,FA4,*l4ll,ftri thejed flannel under-skirt
is displayed by the dress being tucked
up ala Pompadourin festoons; t h e red
stocktrigst set , advantage the pretty
tutted ankle, and Parisian bled; bottine.
Mihtfrodb etume: law beeome the vogue
froarbkviat been adopted by the Em
gees' n her roSings on the sea-side at
Siarsita. The'brilliant dolor is peculi
-4:1-7 adaPted for displaying to advantage
the beautifully fair complexion of her
Mejeetv. •
One of the. Marshals taring the
census in Rush township, Northumber
land county, called at the house ofFred
ariakflimiemsuokad found the old gen
tleman, who-is . just one hundred years
old, busy mending a rake, to take up
sonie4outs , which he bad cradled a few
dayspre.fions. is wife, 'who is ninety
years of age, was sitting by his side, en
gaged !ft. 3 1,1143 ,o d fashioned employment
of "knitting." •
erJames Sutton .an alleged
defaulter in, : aud fugitine from England,
whoa° case gave rise to some litigation
in the courts in New Yerk about twelve
mouth ago died in that city a few days
Bum, in,,great,peaury. Be was iu the
cuatot otthe stearin' at the time of his
ie'Within foTt-thiles of Williamsport,
Pd., therd Fare twenty-five steam saw
mains, cbutaining irr the aggregate about
one thouband saws, with a eapar;ity . for
crittimf at least one , hundred thousand
feet of !limber in five days.
r 'Old Abe's claims to distinction
re founded on the sth verse of the 74th
'Bala: "A mtur 'was famous according
uB hif lifted up axes against thick truce'
Airßev. Win. C. Doane, son of the
lat 9 Bishop Doane, has received a call'
to the rectorship of St. Mary's Church,
Burlington, N. J. _
ern.. Thos. Butts, or Southampton,'
recently, has direCted'irt
his wriTillitt all his servants ` lO5 in unix
. • .
her,' tihaWb t e freed. '
sr A. J. Glosobrenner of York, has
aceeptA. Yd.:the - President's teniiii4e':'be
come'his private secretary.
Fayette county (Pa.) jail ie now,
without an occupant. '
COLONEL Evans, of Baltimore, said to
be connected with theßaltimore Patriot
addressed a Iterptiblican meeting in New
York, on Friday night. In the course
of his speech he informed the audience
that Mr. IPTabish, the gram dson of Chas.
Carroll of Carrolton, who resides near
Baltimore and owns more than sixty
slaves, is a devoted advocate of the elec
tion of .Lincoln. Col: Evans declared
there were thousands of such'in the south;
many of them were deterred from ex
pressing their opinions, but if Lincoln is
elected, he said, "the waters will flow
over the dam and we will be brothers
again-?' As-to the threatened attempt
to resist the inauguration of Lincoln, in
case of his election, Mr: Evans said all
they asked'vras.that- it-should be left -to
the people of the South themselves, who
would see that the President elect had
his rights.
NUB 29,1860
TILE I . RINCE'S CAL—The car to be
used by the Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany, in carrying Baron Renfrew and his
suite from Cincinnati to Baltimore, via
Crestline, Pittsburg, and Harrisburg,
was sent westward, to meet the distin•
guished party for whose use it is intended.
The car is arranged in compartments,
with' sitting-room, sleeping couches, di
ning -room, closets, foc„ and at one end
is an open verandah, which Will accom
modate a dozen persons with seats, af
fording a fine opportunity to view the
road and surrounding country. It is
said to be the most beautiful car on any
of the roads in the States, and for this
reason it has been tendered and accepted
for the use of the Prince and his suite.
HORRIBLE MURDER.-A cool blooded
murder was committed on Thursday, at
Dennisville, N. J., which has thrown the
whole place into an intense excitement.
A man, known as old Abe Garrison,
while under the influence of liquor, de
manded some money of his wife, which
she refusing, he seized an axe and knock
ed her brains out, killing her instantly.
He then jumped upon her body, causing
the entrails to protrude,and so disfiguring
the poor woman that she could hardly
be recognized by her friends. The inhu
man wretch was arrested and locked up
in the jail.
of a very pleasant character occurred in
Greensburg, during the recent Republi
can Convention held in that borough:—
After Col. Curtin had concluded his ad
dress, he was introduced by a friend to
the accomplished wife and family of his
opponent, General Foster, and tendered
his respects, with au assurance of his
personal esteem for the husband and
father.—Harrisburg Telegraph.
arA negro woman was executed a
few days ago, at Frankfort, Ky., for an
attempt to poison one Hiram Berry.—
This is the only case of hhnging that has
occnred at Frankfort for a period of over
twenty-five years, although murders,
committed with impunity by "respecta
ble" revolver-bearing citizens, are among
the commonest things in that part of
the country.
wir An old man, aged ninety-three
years,living in Maryland, in one"day dur
ing the late harvest, ci with a sickle
thirteen and a half dozen sheaves of
wheat, and bound and shocked them.—
The last was the eightieth harvest in
which he bad successfully labored, and
he is still in posession of much mental'as
well as physical vigor.
cia-So many conflicting reports have
been received in regard to the fusion in
New York, that we
. are at a loss what
to believe. It is now reported, how
ever, that an electoral ticket has been
arranged which stands as follows :
Donglas men, 18 ; Bell and Everett, 10
and Brdckinridge 7.
ea-Two of the oldest and most respect
ed citizens of Lebanon county, departed
this life on Monday a week—John Kil
linger, father of J. W. Killinger, mem
ber of Congress ; and Wm. Lehman, for
many years prominently identified with
the management of the Union Canal.
'The Philadelphia North American,
an entirely reliable paper, states that
filen& of Gen. Foster have been in New
York i portuning British iron masters
and dealers for assistance, promising
that if they can carry Pennsylvania, the
Tariff shall not be changed.
The total amount of, salaries to
city officers paid yearly from the Phila
delphia treasury is $973,869,60. The
police department alone costs $370,009 ;
school teachers' salaries, $336.050.
ifirThere are'lools everywhere.—
Some dirty water left by the Prince of
Wales in a basin in his apartments at
Quebec, was bottled and sold for four
shillings a vial, to some of his toadying
erThe Japanese steamer Candinmur.
rah ; June 25; from San ,'Francisco. The
commander gives a highly colore4 report
of the brilliant manner in which they
were entertainet•here.
WALL% Gowan, writing from Sebas
topol, says that the graves of.those who
fell at the Crimean war occupy: twelve
square miles of Territory.
i' Twenty- three hundred barrels of
oil were received at Erie, in August,
from the Pennsylvania oil region.
.t? E W LA 4 IFITTI_A_N.gc---s---
Five editors in Michigan have been
nominated for the Legislature this year.
The number of acres of new lands in
troduced to market by proclamation of
the President, during the past year, is
164 millions.
The Bureau or Napoleon I, recently
advertised for sale, way sold, iu Paris on
the lath, for 5,000 E, to. AL Bineau, a fur-
niture dealer
Twelaer thousand and twenty-one dol
lars were subscribed in Newport in aid
of Garibaldi and his friends.
A South Carolina paper announces
that""Afr. Douglas will visit the grave of
his wife's mother," in that State.
The sale of photographs of Garibaldi
is prohibited . in Vienna.
The San Francisco papers state that
Col. Fremont refuses to take any part
in the Presidential canvass.
The wishes of Baron Renfrew as re
gards the privacy of his reception at
Cambridge are to be implicitly regarded.
The students, hoivever, will have an op
portunity of personally paying their re
spects to the distinguished visitor, in
one of the halls belonging to the corpor
ation, of the University.
Yancey and Caleb Cushing are to 'ad
dress the Breckinridge folks at Bangor,
Me., on the 2d of October. They were
not quite so near together, in politics,
twenty years ago.
Gen. Lane is now on a visit to his
brother, in Indiana. It is rumored, that
he will visit Georgia, on invitation, early
in October.
George Law has recently purchased
the villa of Mr. Cazet, on the hill adja-.
cent to Stapleton, Staten Island, for
fifty thousand dollars.
By the arrival of the steamer Francisco
the report is furnished that Gen. Walker
and Col. Radler have been shot by the
Honduras Government, Walker's men
were allowed to depart unmolested.
Mr. Hackett, the actor, has just pur
chased a small but beautiful residence on
the heights of Yonkers, New York.
President. Buchanan declines to be
present at the ball to be given in New
York, in boner of the Prince of Wales.
Three songs, two of them written by
Acton Bell and one of them by Ellis
Bell, the sisters of Charlotte Bronte,
have been set to music in England, are
highly praised by the London critics.
A couple of rare half-pennies have
been sold in Hartford for $l6, a rare
Vermont penny for $6 50, a United
States penny of 1799 for $9, and a very
full cabinet of half-pennies, with a few
colonials, for $lOO.
Fisher's Island, in Long Island Sound,
has recently been sold to a gentleman
of New York, for the sum of $50,000.
The Island is some • six miles long, and
is estimated to contain 5.060 acres.
Frank Hughes, of New Haven, Conn.,
only 12 years of age, has been sent to the
poor-house, on application of his father,
for being a common drunkard.
-Henry Winter Davis, of Maryland,
was written to by some of the managers
of the Bell meeting in Easton, this State,
and requested to favor them with a
speech. His reply was the effect that
he would be happy to make any number
of speeches for them—but hereafter his
speeches would favor the election of
Lincoln !
Near Media, Delaware county, on Sat
urday morning, an armed band of five
ruffians went to the house of Mrs. Sarah
Miller, and made a vain attempt to ab
duct a little colored servant girl. But
she eluded them, and while they were
struggling with the family, the girl got
on horseback and aroused the neighbors,
who pursued and captured the villains.
La Mountain, the aeronaut, during his
recent ascension at Albany. was caught
in a tornado when over East Lanesboro,
Mass., and in attempting to land was
dashed against a stone wall. He was
dragged until lie came in contact with a
tree, tearing the netting of his balloon.
Hd was then carried forward to another
tree, where h,is baloon was burst, and he
knocked senseless. He was rescued by
some farmers, and reached Lansingberg
Orestes A. Brownson, the editor of a
well known Quarterly Review, published
in the interests of the Catholic Church,
and who was heretofore a radical Dem
ocrat, has come out for the Republicans.
He made a thorough going Republican
speech at Elizabethport, N. J., on Thurs
day evening last. He not only recom
mended the policy of the party in regard
to the freedom of the Territories, but he
eulogized the honest backwoodsman of
An mronaut, Wells by name, succeed
ed in making an ascension at Riehinou.d,
Virginia, in a caloric balloon a few days
ago. Be• ascended quite easily. to a
height -of.four hundred feet, and came
down a little more rapidly,than he went
up, as soon as the heated air cooled and
lost its aseensive power. He made a
voyage of about half a mile. • The ascen
sion, it majnbewas well to state, Was made
with the intent of'drawing an audience
for a Bell Ind Everett meeting.
THE STATE DEBT: The Commissioners
of the Sinking Fund have made report
to the Governor that they have redeem
ed, during the year ending Sep. 3rd,1860,
$502,264 36 of the State Debt, and Gov
ernor Packer has issued his proclama-
tion declaring so much of the debt "paid,
cancelled, extinguished and finally dis
charged." Thus Pennsylvania goes on
steadily in the work of reducing the bur
den of debt under which she has so long
labored. Every year witnesses a reduc
tion of the debt. The revenue of the
State, from sources other than canal and
railroad tolls, is abundant, and the rapid
reduction of the debt makes it reason
able to expect, before a great while a de
cided reduction in the rate of State tax
A TALL TICKET.—The standard bearers
of the Republican party are all large and
fine looking men. Abraham Lincoln is
six feet four inches in height. Hanibal
liamlin is six feet three inches in height.
Andrew G. Curtin is six feet two inches
in height. Making a total of eighteen
feet nine inches of candidates of the
People for President and Vice: Presi
dent, and Governor of Pennsylvania. If
a taller ticket can be "seared up," trot
it out.
EATING ON TUE CARS.—One of the lat
est public conveniences is the establish
ment of sleeping cars on all the great
railroads in the country. The smoking
car has long been a recognized institu
tion. Something beyond all this has
just been commenced on the line of travel
between Harrisburg and New York, via
Reading, Allentown, and Easton. A
restaurant car is attached to each thor
ough train, where travellers may procure
things to eat and drink even more com
fortably than they could at the stations
along the road.
eir Gov. Brown (A. G. Brown,) of
Mississippi has been speaking in Copiah
county, in that state. He is reported to
have ventured on a critique of the char
acters of the several presidential candi
dates, from which we learn that, in Gov.
B.'s opinion. Mr. Douglas is the most
intellectual man in the Senate, Mr. Lin
coln "bold, fearless, and determined,"
with considerable ability; Mr. Bell wiser
and honester than either; and Mr.
Breckinridge, " a young man of great
ability, but very modest."
The Barnstable (Mass.) 'Patriot
states that a young man named Kleith,
who was terribly maimed some time ago,
by the premature discharge of a cannon,
at Hyannis, has been enabled by means
of artificial hands and forearms, to write,
send messages as a telegraph . operator,
drive a horse and carriage, and perform
many other acts requiring muscular agil
ity and skill.
tar Rev. Dr. Abel McEwen, of the
First Congregational Church of New
London, Coon., of which he had been
pastor for ovar fifty years, died in that
city on the ith inst., aged SO years. He
graduated at Yale in HOS, a classmate
of John C. Calhoun, and took the vale
dictory away from him. He was a dis
tinguished theologian, and one of the
corporation of Yale College.
14Ir. E. W. Carpenter, of Milwankie,
last week found a basket in one of the
streets of that city, in which were seven
thousand one hundred and ten dollars,
in American eagles ! A family of Ger
mans, just arrived, proved to be the own
ers. It had been set down and foregot
ten, while something about their baggage
required adjustment in the street.
ogr A. good Sewing Machine in a fam
ils is a treasure. . Rave you seen the ma
chine called the "Erie"? If not, we ad
vise some of oar readers who may not
have all the work.they_ean attend to, to
write to Mr. J. N. Boylan, at Milan,
Ohio, and get the Company's confiden
tial terms to agents.
itEr Among those who rsndered valua
ble assistance, along the beach of the
lake, in recovering the bodies of the lost
passengers of the Lady Elgin, was a no
ble Newfoundland dog, who utterly re
fused tiny reward in the shape of caresses
from bystanders, snapping and snarling
at them when they offered them.
win Troy, recently, a large rat in
cautiously put his foot into the mouth of
an oyster. No sooner had he done so,
however, than the oyster closed upon
him, and held him so tightly that atten
tion was attracted by the noise, and the
unlucky vermin quickly dispatched.
0 - Washington City contains 61,400
inhabitants,_ which is an increase since
1850 of 21,399. The whole of the Dis
trict of Columbia contains a population
of 75,365, against 51,687 in 1859. The
number of slaves is 3231, against 3687 in
1850—a decrease of 456.
itir Gov. Banks will go to Chicago in
a few' days; to" make arrangements for
the removal of his family, and for the as
sumption of his new duties. His family
will remove thither early this fall, and
the Governor will join them at the close
of his official duties.
arA Huntington (Conn.) farmer, who
visited Springfield last week, niade a
nearly fatal leap from the express train,
at Huntington. One side of his body
was completely undressed and §kinned.
Ile explained the matter by saying he
"had cows' to milk."
garA Washington writer says that
the accounts of Brigham Young, as Stt•
perintendent of Indian affairs at Utah,
have undergone a searching investigation
at Washington, and it is ascertained
that he is a defaulter to a considerable
amount. An agent has been sent to
'Utah to collect the money.
cess the attribute of merit. Erysipelas and cu
taneous diseases. If popularity be the test of
a medicine, Holloway's Pills and Ointment ale
assuredly the greatest remedies of this or any
other age as they are unconfined to nations or
people, being as familiar to the denizens of the
backwoods as to the citizens of New York,
London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, St. Petersburg,
&c. Their universabity is howeverr the least
of +heir merit. Their safe and speedy cures of
Erysipelas, Salt-Rheum, King's Evil, Scrofula
and all skin diseases are their chief recommen
dation. Persons afflicted with any of the
above disorders should have immediate re
course to them.
AGE & DEBILITY.—As old age comes creep
ing on, it brings with it many attendant infirm
ities. Loss of appetite and weakness impair
the health, and want of activity makes the
mind discontented and unhappy: in cases where
old age adds its influence, it is almost impossi
ble to add vigor and health, and although many
remedies have been tried, all have failed, until
Berltave's Holland Bitters were known and
used. In every case where they have been em
ployed, they have invariably given strength and
restored the, appetite. They have become an
agent for this alone, and are used by many peo
ple who are suffering from loss of appetite and
general debility. In cases .of long standing
chronic diseases, they act as a charm, invigorat
ing the system, thus giving nature another op -
portunity, to repair physical injuries. See ad
vertisment in another column.
To CONSUMPTIVES : The advertiser having
been restored to health in a few weeks, by a
very sitiple remedy, after having suffered sev
eral years with a severe Lung affection, and
that dread disease, Consumption, is anxious to
make known to his fellow sufferers the means
of cure. To all who desire it he will send a
copy of the prescription used, [free of charge . '
with directions for preparing and using the
same, which they will find a sure'cure for Con
sumption, Bronchitis, Cc. The only object of
advertiser in sending the prescription is to ben
efit the afflicted, and he hopes every sufferer
will try his remedy, as it will cost them noth
ing, and may prove a blessing. Parties wish
ing the prescription will please address
Williamsburg, Kings co., N. Y. [3m
WILLIAM Cost:ROVE., while laboring as a mis
sionary in Japan, was cured of Consumption,
when all other means had failed, by a recipe
obtained from a learned physician residing in
the great city of Jeddo. This recipe has cured
great numbers who were suffering from Con
sumption, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Coughs and
Colds, and the debility and nervous depression
caused by these disorders.
Desirous of benefitting others; I will send
this recipe, which I have brought home with
de, to all who need it. free of charge.
Address REV. W➢[. COSGROVE,
439 Fulton Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
MEN.—The subscriber will send (free of charge)
to all who desire it, the Recipe and directions
for mak iag a simple Vegetable Balm, that will,
in from two to eight days, remove Pimples,
Blotches, Tan, Freckles, Sallowness, and all
impurities and roughness of the Skin, leaving
tho same—as ?Nature intended it should be
-soft, clear, smooth, and beautiful. Those de
siring the Recipe, with full instructions, direc
tions, and advice, will please call on or address
(with return postage,)
JAS. T. MARSHALL, Practical Chemist,
No. 32 City Buildings, New York.
See advertisment of Prof. L. Miller's
Hair Invigorotor 3 and Liquid Hair Dye, in an
other column.
spAngiel' & 11)10iief-st.
ARE now supplied with a general
EMU CVcrything desirable in their line.
Superior Silk Velvet, Granadine and Woolen
Vestings, French Silk-mixed Doeskin and
Plain Cussirueres, Cloths of all grades,
for Coats, Over-coats and
Business suits, Union Cassimeres, Sattinetts,
Plaid and Plain Jeans, Lamb's-wool, Silk
and Cotton Shirts and Drawers, Gloves,
Wool atm cotton Hosiery, Suspenders,
Cravats, Neck-ties, Shirt breasts and
collars, Boy's and Men's Shawls,
Cricket Jackets, children's,
youth's and men's Cap and Soft Hats.
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LaMes, Rep Nepolitans, Mourning Thibit .
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li )ifeegfto
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MARrETTA, September 22, 1860.
,1107iLics ,„,cr,
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Transparent Blinds.
Glass, Queensware and Cedarware.
Gaiters, slippers, Boots, Shoes, Brogans. &.e.
Very superior Syrup at 50 cents a gallon.
All kinds of Liquors wholesale or retail
Rio Coffee at 15 cents, and other goods at cor
respondingly low rates.
The highest price given for Country produce.
tuotfiV of any
for -"Restot.iog fita 2.* and rah,.
Many, since the great discovery of Prof.
Wood, have attempted not only to imitate his
restorative, but profess to have discovered
something that would produce results identical ;
but they have all come and gone, being car
ried away by the wonderful results of Prof.
Wood', preparation, and have been forted to
leave the field to its resistless sway. Read
the following :
Bath, Maine, April ISth, 1659.
PRO r. 0. J. WOOD & CO. :—Tbe letter I wrote
you in ISM concerning your valuable Hair Re
storative, and which you have published in
this vicinity and elsewhere, has given rise to
numerous enquiries touching the facts in the
case. The enquiries are, first, is it a Net of my
habitation and name,-ns stated in the commu
nication ; second, is it true of all therein con
tained ; third, does my hair still continue to he
in good order and of natural color f To all
can and du answer invariably yes. My hair
is even better than in any stage of my life for
40 years past, more soft, thrifty, and better
colored ; the same is true of my whiskers, and
the only cause why it is not generally true, is
that the substance is washed off by frequent
ablution of the face, when if care were used by
wiping the face in • close connection wkli tho
whiskers, the same result will follow as Ito
hair. 1 -have been in the receipt of a great
number of letters from all parts of New Eng
land, asking me if my hair still continues to
be gold ; as there is so much fraud in the mat.-
. ufucture and sale of various compounds as
well as this, it has, no doubt been basely imi
tated and been used, not only without any
I good effect, but to absolute injury. 1 have nos
used any of your Restorative cf any account
for, some months, and yet my hail is as good as
ever, and hundreds have examined it with bur
prise, as I am now 6l years old and not a gray
hair in my head or on my face ; and to prov,
this fact, I send you a lock of my hair take: ,
oil the past week. I received your favor of
two quart bottles last summer, for which I am
very grateful . 1 gave it to my friends and in
ducedthein to try it, many were skeptical un
til after trial, and then purchased and used it
with universal success. I will ask as a favor,
that you send one a test by which I can dis
cover fraud in the Restorative, sold by many,
I fear, without authority from you. A pare
article will insure success : and I believe where
good effects do not follow, the failure is caused
by the impure article, which curses the inven
tor of the good. I deem it my duty as hereto
fore, to keep you apprised of the continued ef
fect on my hair, as I assure all who enquires
of me of my unshaked opinion of its valuable
results. I remain, dear sir, yours,
Aaron's Run, Ky., Nov. 3U, ISiS.
PROF. 0. J. Wow): ear :4.-1 would cer
tainly be doingyou a great injustice notto make
known to the world, the wonderful, as well as
the unexpected result I have experienced front
using one bottle of your Hait Restorative. Af
ter using every kind of Restoratives extant,
but without success, and finding my head nearly
destitute of hair, I was finally induced to try
a,bottle of your Hair Restorative. Now, can
dor and justice compel me to announce to who
ever may read this, that I now possess a new
and beautiful growth of hair, which I pro
nounce richer sod handsomer than the original
was. 1 will therefore take occasion to recom
mend this invaluable remedy to all who may
feel the necessity of it.
Respectfully yours, Ray. S. ALLEN BROCK.
P. S.—This testimonial of my appiobation
for your valuable medicine (as you are aware
of) is unsolicited i—diut if you think it worthy
a place among the rest, insert if you wish ; if
not destroy and say nothing.
THE RESTORATIVE is put up in bettles'of
three sizes, viz : large, medium, and small ; the
small holds ! ; -a pint, and retails for $1 a bottle;
the medium holds at least twenty per cent more
in proportion than the small;retails fur $2 per
bottle; the large holds a quart, 40 per cent
Inure in proportion, and retails for $3.
O. J. WOOD & CO., Proprietors,
No. 444 Broadway, New-York, and
114 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo.
11:3='And sold by all good druggists and fancy
goods dealers.
To his MARIETTA Friends !!‘
TT E has romoved from Centre Square,to
posite Cooper's Hotel, where he has the finest
He makes fine calfskin Boots (the best) for
Calfskin Walking Shoes, $2,20
Ladies Half Gaiters, (double soles) $2,00
Ladies Morocco Boots, (heels) $1,(2!-t
He has concluded to make the best work at
somewhat reduced prices,and hopes by so doing
to enlarge and increase his business.
1"'• Mending of every kind neatly done.
Citizens of Marietta :—When you come to
Eanaaster,. give BItENNEMAN a call and
you will sureiy be pleased with his work.
epStember 15,1860, 9-tf
OT ICE is Hereby Given, that the second
111 instalment of the Capital Stock of " The
Marietta and Maytown Turnpike Road Com
pany," amounting to FIVE DOLLARS per
share, is required to be paid to the. Treasurer,_
at his residence, on or before the 15th day of
October next; and the third instalment of like
amount, at the same place, on or before the
Ist day of November next. .
Marietta, September 22, 1860-3 t. .
For the Building of a Toll. House.
SEALED proposals will be received up to
October Ist., by the undersiffned, for the
building of a Toll house, etc., in accordance
With another plan and specifications, which
can be seen by calling at the residence of
Sep. 22, 1860. J. W. CLARK, Sec'y.
15BARRELS Prime New-York Apples,
fresh from the orchards just received and
for sale at WO L FE' S. Apples always on
hand. We have contracted with, one of the
most ex tensive Fruit dealers, in Philadelphia,
for our Fall supply of Apples and Peaches,
so there will be- difficulty in obtaining a nice
juicy apple, or sheet melting peach , by call
ing at WOLFE'S.