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    gt Wffethig Ularititian.
EiiittrittlAirdirPTEMßEß 15, 1860.
r 4:UMW P34.4.11AML)3.1, of, Maine.
. .
,11Ant 74,T0F, Paradise,
..Jpert tiIIESTA RD, City.
YOSEPII 'HOOD - ; Township,
. •
L , MICHAEL 'OBER, West Donegal,
•F•r , "Jii`nn• M. StEVIINIAtir; Penn,
, 4 , 1" • 'HENRY M. WRITE, OSIY•
. ' For. ShAlifit
~S., W. P. .BOND, Fulton.
For Prothonotary;
ETER ART y Ep h rata.
for Register,
;" .IVi".Ftetorcieer
44)," : •P0P0,,0ff Quarter, Sessions,
/ !F l T..M. T l s P E T! , ;." S c rasbu rg•
qiWf . 0 /lA4ne
SAffiII f EL M...tYLYEIS, Mount Joy
c'iir County Commisstoner,
offeDoliti ,'AftinOr.
..Skin"DireetOrs .of the PoOr, S. M'Arierts r,! Coleraine,
Awl!** METZGAR, Conestoga,
IsEL,gasstraArt, Elizabeth. •
„For PA'sOn , Inspectors,
'tACini B. •Biitinkinst,-Motintjoy Ttop.,
•• , For , Coroner,
w • r DANINL , BALu'r.n,- Elizabethtown.
. , ,4 FY, • Auditor,
„ Wct.r.s4se you NF.xps., .Brecknock.
4t`tiE* _______ __ASS MEETING : The
nieelinflon'tl4 19th instant, says the
Landalte i r Examiner, promises to be,
ajwild the day be film, one of the largest
everholdp4ancaster. There will be
diNg.fttifing :frOni all the, principal towns
within one hundred miles of Lancaster.
wiAl.send several thousand
p}ppatmapfrltiona are being made
,Yoris, Harrisburg, Lebanon,
.If,epoilifig, and. the smaller neighboring
- town!! wip,tte out in full force.
~ftliT,idoAwake parade in the even
ing will:lse a magnificent affair, and will
beititielpated in by all the Wide Awake
Clap", in the enmity and from abroad.
447 . .nyi the proparations ,making in the
diffecoplAistricts An the , county, a floe
day ill „wititess such a display of the
oriAte Old Guard: as will stir the
blood of the Veterans of 1840 and - '44.
a n t e milters i aßDO A ßced.-embrace the
best.te4nt in ,the Republican.rarks.—
Tim following among others will posi
col,,,Appisw G. CURTIN.
,cepailSonouz, of•Weisconsin.
9 4 4nlitro. A. I GROW, of Bradford,
Apprr4l4,ollonwer., of:Philadelphia.
AkianonSlopirin, John. Sherman, John
Wakatalhlglitntberai are confidently ex
papAkAinti will he. here if it is, possible
foir4 elgiatf#o,oMmittee to. secu re their
prommt.4, Nothing, but . previous posi:
ti! agegmentarwili t ime p them away.
It'remaina but for us to give them a re
ception worthy of thecause and our can
didtifei" ; • ' '
"sepond-Aditionmiof-the caucus or "hide-
Pen4tner! licketoutiO !issued "fresh from
the propananal.ondtty, and for the present
etaglis,asafollows •
litillet,PlM",tors4-HBolomon Diller, Earl
twp.;o, CI-L. Ransacker, Alan helm.
Asitepibly.-rlilamuel A. Worth, Cale
ra/last; Lecke, iLeacock ; Samuel
Limiest, blariatta ; John Q. Walton,
Stioniff—ffenry S. Shona, City.
Frpthonotary.---Gerardus Clarks° n
Ql if ' : •
Rogider--Jbha Martin; Copestoga.
Reaordor- liasrlF.ilthckads, East Co
, , •
Olerk Quarte'rSessiona--Col. D. Haack,
cllerkkrrplians'Oonrt- - Elisha Geiger
Cloststykpooruissioner—Wm. Spencer
Prison Insprtert=Jacob E. Cross,
Sairmer Blank &Asbury.
Directors of the i'oar—Jac. M. Frantz
I_,sheeltier tkehTy Shreiner, Ilan
heiin ; John Eshleniati,'West Lampeter,
Cii`reper--John Hamilton, City.
Att'illior--Benjainin 'F. Lutz, East
Hempfleld. '
from Africa state that the King of Da
hontei iiabont to make , animmense sae
rificie hrimab life to the memorio * This
late father. great pit has been dug,
and inthis'pit two thousand persons will
be sacrificed. lie. has sent'ont an expe
dition to onptn,tl3 pri'soners; the iounger
portion of whoM !gill be soldon the coast
to slavers, while the old will be thrown
copy the following well-deserved compli
ment to our townsman, says the Harris
burg Telegraph, Lienteront Alexander
N. Shipley,from the York Press. Lieut.
S. is well known in this city, and the
compliment here bestowed is only an
honor to him is a soldier and a gentle
man :
We had.the pleasure of meeting• our
old friend,'Lieut. Alexander N.,Shipleyt
3d Infantry, U. S. Army, who acted as
Adjutant of the battalion daring the
Encampment. We know the gallant
Lieut. and we must say that we have sell
dom met with a, more worthy
of esteem, or with one better,qualified to
perform the dUtiee of the capacity in
which he acted _during, the past week,
and we would be willing in any emer
gency of a warlike character, however
trying, to trust our fate to the discretion
and the military knowledge and disci
pline of Lieut. Shipley. As an officer
and soldier, he has seen years of active
service upon the frontiers of Texas and
upon the plains of Utah and New Mex
ico. With us, and among the troops
present at the Encampment, there was
but one opinion in regard to the military
ability and qualifications of this gallant
and courteous officer, and none who wit
nessed the drills and parades during the
week, can fail to remember the soldier
like bearing and the military skill and
precision ,with which, he performed his
duties. With both the soldiers and the
citizens he was decidedly a favorite.—
We understand that Lieut. Shipley, is
soon to join his regiment stationed upon
the wild frontier of our western country.
He has, as a parting salutation, our best
wishes for the future and a safe return
to his friends and family.
of Caleb and Ellice Benedict, of Fairfield
county, Conn., consists (415 children, 94
grandchildren, and 26 great•grandchil
dren—in a 11135 persons, 119 of whom are
living. The combined ages of Mrs. Ben
edict and her 14 children,who are still liv
ing, is 797 years. Mrs. Benedict is 77 yrs.
of age, enjoys the best of health, is likely
to live a number of years, and to see the
fifth generation, as her oldest great
grandchild a , girl of 16:years old.
sr An ameteur wire -walker, named
Theodore Price, on the 4th instant, per
formed the ordinary feats of Blondin
(wheelbarrow, cooking, and man on his
back excepted) with success, on a wire
rope stretched diagonally across one o
the streets of Indianapolis, a distanee o
two hundred feet, and at a height of fifty
ea'Hon. John Young Brown, the
young member of Congress from Ken
tacky, was married, on the 3d inst., to
Miss Rebecca, daughter of Ron. Archi
bald Dixon, ex-Governor, ex-United
States Senator of Kentucky. The young
lady is heiress to wealth, and is said to
be beautiful and accomplished.
lIEF'Sir James Clark, physician to
Queen Victoria, in a letter to Dr. Jack
son, of Boston, dated Msy 26th, 1860,
says : "As a physician advances in age,
he generally, I think, plaCes less confi
dence in the ordinary medical treatment
than he did, not' only-during his early,
but even in his middle period of life."
we presume, by the re
ported resuscitation of Hicks, the pirate,
"Mountain Farmer" writes to the' Green
field Courier expressing doubt that An
dre was ever executed. The soldier who
guarded him on the night when he was
to have been hung has told a friend of
"Mountain Farmer" in his early days
that he was hung with an "iron life pre
server" about his neck.
'The Philadelphia Press says, the
present colored population of the city is
from twenty to twenty-five thousand.—
They own property to the amount of
nearly three millions of dollars, and have
churches and schools valued at from four
hundred thousand to five hundred• thou
sand dollars.
gir Several days since a conductor on
the Memphis and Little Rock Railroad,
forcibly ejected an Irishman who refused
to leave the cars, and shortly afterward
the man was found near the track with
his neck broken and quite dead. Should
the conductor be hanged for murder?
4ig'Gov. Moore, of Alabama has given
a new direetion to gallantry, and mani
fested his deference to the female sex in
a novel way. It is reported tbat, finding
the penitentiary at Wetnmpka' too full,
he has' discharged the female convicts
to make room for the males.
Massachusetts has had twenty gov
ernors since the adoption of the State
Constitution ; eight of whom are still
living, viz : Messrs. Lincoln, Everett
Briggs, Boutwell, Clifford, Washburn,
Gardener and Banks.
Complete census returns show that
the present population of Detroit, Mich.,
numbers 46,834: Those, wlio fancied
that the figures would be 75,000 are
much disappointed.
era,. company have recently.strack a
small lead of oil, near Cube, A.kleghany
county, New York, which yields two
barrels of pure oil per day. They intend
to bore deeper.
c479--IaTHE kA 11 4 h. •
This startling announcement ap
pears in the New York Times.
"Gen. Lane, the Breckinridge candi
date for Vice President ; who has been
stopping in this city for several days
past, leaves for Washington, whence he
will proceed immediately to Indiana,
and commence stumping the State.. He
intends to follow up Douglas from the
time he emerges from the slave States,
and out-stump him werever he goes,
while his colleague, Breckinridge, is to
take the stump South, and endeavor to
repair the mischief done by the Little
Giant in that region." .
To which Forney adds : We recom
mend.the General to the kind considera
tion of the Indiana schoolmasters. He
will do more damage to grammar than
eirln going through Baltimore in tak
ing the census some of the marshals
found numbers of old persons who have
lived far beyond the term allotted to man.
In Stockton alley, near Baltimore street,
Mr. Andrew C. Gregg found in one house
three colored women, the youngest of
whoin was ninety years of age. The
oldest is Mary Johnson, who stated she
was one hundred and five years old; the
next Mary Jenning. who is one hundred,
and last, Letitia Martin, ninety years
old. Immediately on the opposite side
of the alley is one who stated her age to
be one hundred and eight years. The
eldest of these was twenty-eight years of
age when the independence of the Colo
nies was declared.
Young America will read this from
Wilkes' Spirit of the Times with great
"A great number of inquiries, which
come from all parts of the country; are
continually made of us for our opinions
as to whether Heenan and Morrissey are
likely to fight again. All we have to say
in answer is, that as both men are brave,
able, and well, and` that, as there still
exists 'an irrepressible conflict' between
them and their friends, the likelihood is
that they will 'come together' again.—
When that will be no one can say.—
Heenan is still engaged in his sparring
tour. Morrissey is now in this city."
sr At a late, meeting -of the stock
holders, of the Harri.sburg.& Lancaster
Railroad Company, the following per
sons were elected directors of said road
for the ensuing year : Michael V. Baker,
William Ford, .Algernon S. Roberts,
John Holmes, M. D., James Magee,
Robert V. Massey, William W. Long
streth, James Mehaffey, (Marietta,)
John H. Towne, Joshua B. Lippincott,
James Young, (Middletown,) Edward F.
Gay, Thomas Sparks.
ilarThe great difficulty of getting hor
ses from a stable, where surrounding
buildings are in a state of conflagration,
is well known. Wilkes' Spirit of the
Times says a gentleman whose • horses
had been in great peril from such a cause,
having in vain tried to save them, hit
upon the experiment of having them
harnassed, when, to his astonishment
they were led from the stable without
Wm. E. Dodge, Esq., of New York,
one of the most esteemed and honorable
merchants.of that city, of the well known
house of Phelps, Dodge & Co., and who
was one of the:Vice Presidents at the
Bell-Everett Ratification Meeting held,
in New York on the Bth of June 'last,
repudiates the Syracuse juggle, and has
declared for Lincoln and Hamlin.
IMr. Jeremiah Hann, for a great
many years one of the proprietors of the
Bridgeton and`Philadelphia mail stage
line, met with a serious if not fatal acci
dent, on Wednesday. When about leav
ing Pittstown, he dropped one of the
lines, and reaching over to pick it up,
fell out of the stage, and was run over,
the wheel passing across his breast.—
The stage had in it eight passengers at
the time.
eirA Pennsylvania aeronaut has made
to the citizens of Cleveland, Ohio, a t
ries of handsome offers. He will go up
in his balloon alone for $2OO ; with a
horie, for $3OO and his expenses; with a
horse and buggy for $4OO ; with two hor
ses and a lady on one of them for $5OO.
He will descend from a height of one
mile by a parachute, or will send a lady
in his place for $5OO.
illgrA correspondent of the Troy Arena
says that among,the visitors at Saratoga
Springs is a runaway nun. Sick and
tired of confined life, she ran away from
the clositer, and is now here with her
friends, recuperating her health—a con
trast which must be sensibly felt. Her
face is really beautiful, and she attracts
no little attention by her modest, Unas
suming behavior.
,Breckinridge in imitation of
Douglas, has .signified his intention to
stump the country, "in order," as is said,
"to arouse 4it to a sense of danger of
Lincoln's election."
. .
ggr,Of the one hundred and seventy
three deaths that occuired'in St. Louis
last week, one hundred and twenty-five
were tlose of children under five years
of age.
40 - Millard :P.: Fillmore son of ex-
President Fillmore, is president'of the"
Buffalo Bell and Everett National:o . We u
Hon. S. S. Cox, of Ohio, has received
his death-blow from the Bulletin, of Co
lumbus, 00., which states that he was
the _author of the Washington corres
pondence of the Ohio Statesman which
told how "the youthful orator" demol
ished Sherman and Corwin.
The Home J ournal , has the following
"Madaine Le Vert and daughter are
stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hot3l.
The distinguished authoi of "Souvenirs
of Travel' is surrounded nightly by the
elite of the town, who gather around her
to pay her those attentions which her
talent and beauty so deservedly merit."
The Moravians of Bethlehem, Penn
sylvania, intend to vote daring the next
election for Lincoln and Hamlin. In
1856 the borough brought in a majority
for Buchanan, but this year it is expected
that its polls will record as complete a
Republican triumph as they formerly
did for the Whigs.
Seven miles withiO the hour has been
about the greatest speed in walking, but
a Mr. Hall, in a match with Mountjoy,
the pedestrian, accomplished the follow
ing : One mile in seven minutes thir
teen seconds; two miles, fifteen minutes
twenty seconds ; and four miles in thirty
two minutes exactly. This latter is the
highest point of speed on record.
The Home Journal publishes a rumor
that Estelle Anna Lewis, the author •of
"Records of the Heart" and the foreign
correspondent of the Journal, is soon to'
be married to a celebrated Parisian
Count. A reference to the New Amer
ican Cyclopedia shows that the lady re
ferred to was born "about" the year 1825.
The contestants in the Broderick will
case were asking permission to send a
commission to New York to examine J.
C. McKibbin, John B. Haskin, John W.
Forney, and others, in order to sustain
their allegations relative to the forged
testament. There is no other news of
i n portance.
The New York correspondence of the
Boston Journal says that "the really
finest mansions in all this region, and
one well Suited to a Prince, is that on
Washington Heights, owned and occu
pied,by James' Gordon Bennett."
A Universalist writes to the Christian
Freeman : If my orthodox brethren will
send me $lO,OOO, to pay the expenses of
a trip to Ja:panj will engage to intro
duce Christianity into that empire, or re
turn the money at the end of three years
with compound interest,
Kansas is said to be suffering greatly
for the necessaries of life. The crop is
estimated at less than the wants of the
inhabitants, and a plan is on foot for
Eastern assistance, to enable the people
to live through the coming winter.
W. Bailey notified 3. Hooks in Twiggs
county, Georgia, that he would whip
him "on sight," and accordingly attacked
him a few days ago ; whereupon Hooks
shot him dead. Hooks was examined,
and discharged on the ground that he
acted in self defence.
A Boston jeweller, a short time since,
borrowed money of all his most intimate
friends, and as a token of gratitude for
their kindness, took their watches for
gratuitous cleaning and repair, and, then
ran off with both their time and money.
An Illinois paper states that the peach
crop in the lower sections of that State
is so heavy that a district twenty miles
long by five to seven miles wide, will
this year yield not less than a million
bushels. Some of them will be distilled.
The Williamsport Press says "that
there is on foot a prospoct to erect a
new county, out of Lycoming, to be
called Crane County, and the county
pat of which is to be Jersey Shore."
Among the Delgates to the Virginia
Breckinridge Convention, at Charlottes.
'ville, Va., was Abraham Lincoln, of
Rockingham, said to be a cousin of the
Republican candidate for President. 'N
..... ...... ......
Madame Elizabeth Ortes, the great
grand-mother of the editor of the St.
Louis Bulletin, is one hundred and five
years of age, and has resided in that city
one hundred and three years.
Gen. Carey, of Ohio, known as a tem
perance lecturer, has abandoned the
cause of Bell, and on Saturday night
last made his first Republican Lincoln
speech in Cincinnati.
Johnny Lanarus challenged Billy Don
nelly to fight him at catch weights for
from $3OO to $5OO a side, six weeks from
the date of signing articles.
The birth-day of the Duchess of Kent,
the Queen's mother, was celebrated Au
gust 17, with the usual honors. The
Duchess is 74 years old.
Enormous quantities of peaches are
being shipped from Western New York
east and west. One firm at Rochester
sent off eight hundred bushels in one day.
Millard Fillmore heads the committee
of citizens of Buffalo, which is to make
arrangements for the reception of the
Prince of Wales at that point.
Two , unsuccessfal attempts to kidnap
colored men have been made at Chicago
Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria
has just completed his: 30th year.
from Paris says : Kossuth's prolonged
stay iti Paris has not been without mean
ing. The certain grant of a liberal con
stitution and a separate government to
Hungary has been the talk of the Bourse
recently. A deeply-laid and most exten
sive conspiracy, beginning in the old pal
ace of Buda, has just been discovered,
and was to have burst on the occasion
of St. Stephen's Hungarian celebration,
towards the close of August. The Em
peror of Austria, acting under the advice
of the Regent of Prussia, has made known
his intention of according Hungarian
independence on the 18th, his natal day.
This wise conduct will not only save fire,
bullet, rope and sword, but Hungary it
self (for a little while longer) to the Haps•
sonville, Fla.. on tie evening of the 22d
ult., G. Parrett, while sitting with his
wife at the tea table, was handling a
loaded pistol, when it'went off, the ball
passing through her throat, causing her
death in a short time.
gland codfish are plenty and salmon com
paratively scarce and dear. In Califor
nia, however, codfish are scarce while
salmon are plenty, the former being quot
ed in San Francisco at 12, and the latter
at 10 cents per pound.
Health and Beauty—how to secure theth.—Fe
male Irregularities.- - Beauty is as indispennable
to the happiness of woman as is health to her
existence the loss of charmsbeing regarded as
a greater affliction than death itself. Hollo
way's Pills and Ointment have done More to
wards preservfng it arid relieving the various
disorders incidental to the sex than all other
advertised medicines united. Thousands of
lovely females have had their constitutions
ruined and beauty blighted by drastic aperi
ents, pernicious stimulants and poisonous lo
tions. The mild, soothing, and restorative in
fluence of Holloway's great internal and ex
ternal remedies in all complaints of woman are
now generally admitted whether in the Spring
time of womanhood or in the Autumn or turn
of life.
AGE & DEBILITY.—As old age comes creep
ing on, it brings with it many attendant infirm
ities. Loss of appetite and weakness impair
the health, and want of activity makes the
mind discontented and unhappy: in cases where
old age adds its influence, it is almost impossi
ble to add vigor and health, and although many
remedies have been tried, all have failed, until
Bwthave's Holland Bitters were known and
used. In every case where they have been em
ployed, they have invariably given strength and
restored the appetite. They have become an
agent for this alone, and are used by many peo
ple who are suffering from loss of appetite and
general debility. In cases of long standing
chronic diseases, they act as a charm, invigorat
ing the system, thus giving nature another op •
portunity to repair physical injunes. See ad
vertisment in another column.
To CONSUMPTIVES : The advertiser having
been restored to health in a few weeks, by a
very simple remedy, after having suffered sev
eral years with a severe Lung affection, and
that dread disease, Consumption, is anxious to
make known to his fellow sufferers the means
of cure. To all who desire it he will send a
copy of the prescription used, [free of charge]
with directions for preparing and using the
same, which they will find a sure. cure for Con
sumption, Bronchitis, &c. The only object of
advertiser in sending the prescription is to ben
efit the afflicted, and he hopes every sufferer
will try his remedy, as it will cost them noth
ing, and may prove a blessing. Parties wish
ing the prescription will please address
Williamsburg, Kings co., N. Y. [3m
WILLIAM COSGROVE, while laboring; as a mis
sionary in Japan, was cured of Consumption,
when all other means had failed, by a recipe
obtained from a learned physician residing in
the great city of Jeddo. This recipe has cured
great numbers who were suffering from Con
sumption, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Coughs and
Colds, and the debility and nervous depression
caused by these disorders.
Desirous of benefitting others, I will send
this recipe, which I have brought home with
me, to all who need it, free of charge.
439 Fulton Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
E tr.—The subscriber will send (free of charge)
to all who desire it, the Recipe and directions
for makiag a simple Vegetable Balm, that will,
in from two to eight days, remove Pimples,
Blotches, Tan, Freckles, Sallowness, and all
impurities And roughness of the Skin, leaving
the same—as Nature intended it should be
-soft, clear, smooth, and beautiful. Those de
siring the Recipe, with full instructions, diiec
tions, and advice, will please call on or address
(with return postage,) •
JAS. T. MARSHALL, Practical Chemist,
No. 32 City Buildings,.. New York.
—The partnership heretofore existing be
tween Geo. Killing and Wm. Rutledge trading
as Killing & Rutledge has this day been dis
solved by mutual consent, all business matters
relating to the late Firm will be settled by
Marietta, August 29th 12;60.
"CIMBROIDERIES-Just received the largest
ir and most desirable lot of Embroideries eve
offered for sale here, consisting in part of beau
tiful French Worked Collers, Undersleeves,
Spencers„ Swiss and Jackonett Edging and In
serting, Flouncing, &c.; which be sold at
prices that cannot fail to give satisfaction by
J. R. Diffenbach.
A yr ALL PAPERS.—We have justreceived
n' another supply from the New York and
Philadelphia manufactories. Purchasers can
rely upon the newest styles, which wilt be
told unusually low at I. R. Diffenbach's
12 r ' e A ty SE O f
fashionableßO ITS& S H
Bole and A g-r
Shoes atv a of
all Kinds and styles, which will be gold, at city
prices by J. R. Diffeithach.
GROCERIES: A lot of prime Groceries,
Syrups at 40 and 50 cents a gallon, Teas,
Coffees, Sugars, Fish, Salt, &c, &e., just re
ceived and for sale cheap, at
DIFFENBACH'S „Clitap.Stetre.
C" ST ANTLY on hand, Monongahela Tee
• tified.Wlliakey. Benjamin Co Co
Mark These Facts;
The Testimony of the whole World !
Holloway's Ointment.
Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Sores and Ulcers
All description of sores are remediable by the
proper and diligent use of this inestimable
preparation. To attempt to cure bad legs by
plastering the edges of, the wound.together is a
folly • for should the skin unite, a boggy dis
eased condition remains underneath to break
out with tenfold fury in a few days.- The only
rational and successful treatrnent, as indicated
by nature s is to reduce the inflammation in and
about the Wound and to soothe the neighboring
parts by rubbing in plenty of the Ointment as
salt is forced into meat.
Diptheria, ulcerated Sore Throat, and
Scarlet and other Fevers
Any of the above diseases may be cured by
well rubbing the Ointment three times a day
into the chests throat and neck of the patient;
it will soon penetrate, and give immediate re
lief. Medicine taken by the mouth must oper
ate upon the whole system ere its influence can
be felt in any local part, whereas the Oint
ment will do its work at once. Whoever tries
the unguent in the above manner for the dis
eases named, or any similar disorders affecting
the chest and throat, will find themselves re
lieved as by a charm.
Piles, Fistulas, Strictures
The above class of complaintswill be removed
by nightly •fomenting the parts with warm
water, and then by most effectually rubbing in
the Ointment. Persons suffering from these
direful complaints should Jose not a moment in
arresting their progress It should be 'under
stood that it is not sufficient merely to smear
the Ointment on the affected parts, but it must
be well rubbed in for some considerable time
two of three timesta day, that it may be taken
into the system, viihence it will remove any
hidden sore or wound as effectually as though
palpable to the eie. There again bread and
water poultices, after the rubbing in of the
Ointment, will doi great service. This is the
only sure treatment for female cases of cancer
in the stomach, oil where there may be a gen
eral bearing down
Indiscretions ofl
1 - out h ; Sores and Ulcers.
swellings, can, with cer
cured i! the Ointment be
ie Pills belaken night and
mended in the printed in
treated in any other way
one place to break out in
this Ointment will remove
he system, and leave the pa
mid healthy being. It will
the use of the Pills to ensure
Blotches, as al
ainty, be radical!
used freely, and
morning as reco
hey only dry up
another; wberea
the humour from
lent a vigorous
require time wit
a lasting cure.
Dropsical Stye
ings, Paralysis and Still
Although the
in their origin a
local treatment..
such diseases,
short space of ti
gently rubbed iz
every other ine.
maladies the Pi
to the printed
!.. ye complaints differ widely
T nature, yet they all require
Many of the worst cases, of
yield in a comparatively
.e when this Ointment isdili
the parts affected, even after
s have failed. In all serioni
s should be taken according .
"rections accompanying each
Both: the Ointy
in t'
nt and Pills should Gs used
following cases :
Bad Legs,
Bad Breasts,
'hiego-foot, Fistulas,
Chilblains, Gout,
;Nipped Hands,Glandular
Corns (Soft) Swellings,
:sneers, Lumbago,
Bite of Mos
chetoes and
Coco bay,
Skin Disease
.ntracted and Piles.
Stiff Joints, Rheumatism,
lephantiasis, Scalds,
Scurvy, Sore Nipples,
ulcers, So re-th roates,
Yaws; Sore-heads.
None are genuine unless the
cernable as a Water-mark in
the book of directions, around
x ; the same may be plainly
the !eaf to the light. A hand
be given to any one rendering
.11 as may lend to the detection
parties counterfeiting the meti
ng the same, knowing them to
words "Hot.
DON," are
every leaf o
each pot or
seen by hold
some reward
such inform
of any party
mines or ye
be spurious.
Sold at th
all respecta
tine throug
2.5 c. 62c. a
the larger
Manufactory of Professor Hot,
alder' Lane, New York and liy
Druggists and Dealers in Medi
ut the civilized world, in pots, at
$1 each.
a considerable saving by taking
N. 13.
ients, in e
ections for the guidance of pa
y disorder, are affixed to each box.
1. , " DRUG STORE,
aving formed a co-pot leer
mrpose of conducting the
.er the firm of
.unce to the citizens of Marietta
that they have just completed their
hich they they now offer for sale,
tete asssortment of
ledicines Chemicals, Paints,
arnishes, Dye-Stuffs, Glass,
lead, Brushes of all kinds,
lug usually kept by druggists and
R. J.
ship for th
hereby a
and vicini
being a c.
i n
and ever
An as
Tops, W
ent of all kind of LAMPS, for
'4l, Pine Oil or Coal Oil. Lamp
s and Oils constantly on band.
selected lot of all kinds of STA
, Envelopes, Pens, Pen-holders,
fall grades and at all prices.
y, Pomades, Soaps, Tooth Washes
less variety of Panay and Toilet ar
which will be sold at reasonable
[Jan 845-Iy
A nice
Ink s, &c
and an
tides, al
• r in Hardware, Cedarware
8, Glass, Oils, Varnishes, Hoop
Bar Iron, Steel, Spikes, Nails,
Parlor, Office, Hall and Cook
of r
pared t.
ness, co
ware, I
kers, T.
per and
all oth
in fact e
his means of informing the citizens
tta and vicinity„ that heis now pre
. rnish anythingin his line of busi
ing in part, of Table Cutlery of all
an d Housekeeping Hard
styles, Cutlery, Tools, Paints, Oils,
ashes, Cedarware, Tubs, Buckets,
nives,Forks, Spoons, Shovels, Po
., Cadlesticks, Pans, Waiters, Cop
:es Kettles, Door, Desk, Pad and
ind of Locks ,
. Nails, Spikes and
ytbing usually kept in a well regula
te establishment.
Market Street, Marietta, Pa.
: M A :—For the instant relief
ermauent cure of this distress
ETT ES, made by
lORE & CO., 107 Nassau-st., N. Y.
per box; sent free by post.
sale by all Druggists.
A s
ing co
C. B. S
LE. Eight or ten Barrels pure Ci
inega r, also a lot of second hand
ich can be seen by callinrupon the
12 der
I ARRELS 'Monongahela Whiskey
whiell• - will be aold at , the lowest
es by the barrel or gapes►.
J. R. Difcnback.
- 4 - a