The Weekly Mariettian. (Marietta, Pa.) 1860-1861, August 25, 1860, Image 1

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    111 t ':',Tl L1gg . .1. - zoittlitig.,
7 1 4
': .
gije C rOttelll L tarittiiii
/ ge , ecicAfcie• aakr-$,..
rA y A D ix
1. . A DVANCE.
i)TTIILICATION to ICE in,the second sto
-10 of CityLesl, on Front-Street, Jive
duai .,.. v East m rs . T
's Hotel, MARIETTA,
LA . C ASTER Covivtl i ErtreA.
If' ,li'vseriptions be alaid within six months,.
$.1.25 will he eharg.: and if delayed until the
~x l. ii nti o n of t h e is;, 11.50 will be charged.
Aug prison sendinii FIVE new subscribers
;hail have a sixtbillY for his trouble.
IV I snbseription reefed for a less period than
i.,,N months, and 'vapor will be diseontin
-1,1 until all arrragea are paid, unleas,at
t!,,. option of the ,blisher. ' A failure to no
ti(c a di,continuie at the expiration of the
1( i!n sel 6cribed ..f, will be considered a new
C!] V:lge II lent.
, 410 ,
A;.; LletlS ING RAgi One square (12 lines
ur hs s ) .511 cents r the first Insertion and 25
ccnt~ for cart sidequent insertion. Profes-
Basins cards, of six lines or less
~r -'l3 per annuli Notices in the reading
fire city tt-line. Marriages and
I,,:tths, the siirle announcement, FREE ,;
Luf kr any addiiinal lines, five cents a-line.
0.0 r,:.; ruct•ntly need a large lot of new Jon
• i C.i, a n TYR. we arc prepared to do all
-1 .7C shalt folio and reasonable pi-ices.
• A i 'Lila! it -count lade to quarterly, half-year
.: ly ytt.ity advrtisers.
01 • ppartimo.
.V. , .•.1.nt,. - 7:lincs nan, of Poimaylvan in
1 ei id , J aC. Breekinridge, of Ken
.Srpr,ikiT Cif Houle, ' Wm. Pennington, New
.f rsvy. .
Nrerreftiy ‘'tat,, Lewis Cass, of Michigan.
tarbr the 7 , rasyry, Howell CO ,
of all
Neer, terry ,a I be Nary, Nine Toucer, of Conn
.erri talg o , lran. John B. Floyd of
NuT, tart; Intrrior, Jacob Thompson, Miss
Gentrai, Joseph Holt, of Ky.
Attorney liriteral, Jeremiah S. 'flack; of Pa.
Chi,/ Justice, Roger B. Tauq,
AsNothde ,hAiccs, John WLeati,,..ros.,Wayne
John Catien, Peter V: Dadiar;batitl Nelson,
Robert P. Crier, John At Campbell, and Na
zhan Clifford.
1;or, (rnor, Wm. P. Packer, of Lycoming co.
.54 , erptiiry of Shift, Wm. M. Itoist.Ori of Berk, a.
Affr.rnry Gcneral„Thhn C. Knox, 'Tinge.
rru I:1 Mg' G,'nerol, Wm. H. Reini;:tif Berks. -
A mlifor Germr«l, Thos. E. - cticlirak, of. York.
Ntoe 'l'reourer, Eli Slifer, of talon.
okrrintindent of Public SchOol4 Thomas H.
liorrowes, of Lancaster. • ' • '
Juifees (,/ the Supreme emelt, Walter H. Lowrie,
Chief Justice. Geo. W. Wobdlvard, James
Thuropon, Win. Strong, John M. Reed.
l'l.s‘ltnt Judge, Henry G. Long , .
ANqvtant Judges, Alexander L. Mayes, Ferree
. Drinh,o.
Astrid Attorney, Ernlen Franklin.
proth,ruutury, William Carpenter.
Record( r, Anthony Good.
J.,. Johns. -
county Treasurer, Michael fr.irk.
Meriff, Benjamin F. Rowe.
Clerk of Quarter Sessions Court,'Stnn Evans.
(lent: r f thydittn.' Court, C. L. Stoner. -
Coroner, Levi Sammy.
County Commissioners, Daniel Good, Joseph
Boyer, I.evi S. Reist, Soliditer, Ed. ReilleY•
Clerk, Peter G. Eberman.
Directors of the Poor, ,RobTrt ,Dyers, Lewis
Spreeher, Daniel Overhulleer, John I-Tuber,
Simon Groh. David Styer James
IC. Alexander. Clerk, Wrn. Taylor.
//risen Inspectors, E,.. J. Houston, Day. Brandt,
John Long, Jacob: Seitz, Hiram Evans,.).
S. Gant. Solicitor, Dan'l G. Baker. Keep-.
or, Jay Cothran.
Auditors, Thornas,..S. Collins,...Taznes B. 'Lytle,
John Mecartioy.
County Surveyof;,,Tohn C. Lewis.
Chief ,Ditigess, Samuel D. Miller,
Assistant ,Eturgess, Peter L'alter;
7'oira Calmat, Barr Span,'
John Crull, Thomas Stance,
Henry S. Libhart.
f rineh Clerk, Theo: Moslem
Treasurer, John Auxer. -
Assessor of Vans, William
Collector of Taxes, Frederick
justice of the Peace, Emanuel
- High Constahle, Absidem EKIJ
Assistant Constabkr, Franklin
egnlators, John IV Goodm,
• errisar, Samuel Hippie,
f wet Directors, Alin Jay
dent, E. D. RoathTreasurer,
Secretary, John K. Fidler,
Jona:than M. Larzelere.
Poet Office" Hours: The P vat- Offic,c will
'be open from 6 o'clock , in the morning until
hull-past 7in the evening. T 11 ,3 ,Eastern mail
taict`Silver Spring and .Herepticid will close at
2 p. m., and arrive at 11 a. m. every Tuesday
• Thursday atid , BAturday.
The Eusternuile will clot at 7 a. in. and
4.1 b p. re., and ,return at 17.21 o'clOck;a: M.,
Anti at 6 .28 p. m.
The Western mails will close a 10.09 a. M.,
And arrive at 4.46 p. m. di
Railroad Time Table: 'bit Tagil train for
Waladelphia will leave this station at 7116 in
morning;,- The mail train west will leave
at 11.21 in the morning. The Harrisburg rm
. °dation ,ear,r,' passes at 4.56- And
sr 28 at 6 My. m.
' oar Exercises: Service will be had on
übbatit at 10 o'clock in the morning and
before S o'clock in the el-ell g, in th 7 Pres
liyterian church.' Rev. P. J. TinHoW,Rastor.
'Every Sabbath at o'clock in the morning
and at 1-4 before S o?clock in the evening
there will be service in the Methodist church.
Rev; T. W. - Martin, pastor.
Beneficial Societies: Trtt HARIVIONAr;A. N.
. Cassel, 'President; John Jay Libliart, Treafa
er ; Barr Spangler, Secretary. Tut: ProxivEn.,
Jay Libhart, Eresident;'Abrut'' Cassel
reasurer ; Win: Child, jr., Secretary.
The Hermitage Hotel,
c u.,
tOer Railratal 'Station, Marietta, Pa.
• '. •
. ~
~. E undersigned would most respeetftfliy
~„inform ,his friends and the public , that he
Ala leased „the above named old and well
,lcuoivn.botel., and is now prepared to aecom
. .ipdate all who may feel disposed to patronize
ixe being leave nothinglindone
n, 131 s, part . 1.0 merit, and hopes to receive, a
*ate of public patronage. '
',..,00d Stabling attached. -
.. ,
w o xcii 10, IMP.
"".• = :. VGY ned Sleigh IILANFT.TS et various
• - 0) -1 " . 4 11 4.0 much lowPr prices than 41st
Ame.egraacLsvere soil last fial.
~ ~,, , , Sruu:icr7 4 .i'atte"un.
etrot6 Yittrature, Agriculture,
My mother's voice : ! how..:often creeps -
Its cadence on my lonely hours !
Like healings sent on wings of sleep,
Or dew upon the unconscious flowers
I might forget her melting prayer
While ple'asures pulses madly fly; _
But in the still, unbroken air,
Her gentle tones come stealing by—
And years of sin and manhood flee,
And leave me at my Mother's knee.
Otte Look of nature, and the print
Of beauty on the whispering sea,
Gives still to me scomelineatnent
Of what I have been taught to be.
My heart is harder, and perhaps
My manliness has drunk up tears,
And there a mihipw , in the- lapse
Of a, few miserable •years -
But nature's book is even yet
With all nay mother's., lessons writ. •
I have been out at even-tide,
Beneath a moon light sky of spri
When . earth was garnished like a
And night had on her silver wig
When bursting buds and growin_
-And waters leaping to the ligh
And all that make the pulses pas
With wilder fleetness-, throng.
When all:svaa heauty,,then w•
With friends on whom my
Like mirth on wings of Arab)
Gazed up where evening's.
And when the leatiteous sp" aerei
Flung over its g olden. cha
My mother's voice came. o • ail',
Like the light dropping' t 0 rain,
And resting on some save r,
The spirit of a 'bonded
I've poured a deep and I', at praye
That our eternity nag]
To.rise in heaven like a at night,
And tread a living p• flight:
• :
- TO THE SU' -124 ANY
While on in beaur thou rol
Pure river to 11)
As bright and spa eunbea
Upon thy silyLr ast ;
As purely given erdant ban
Thy flashing N i 2 Ve ; .
As sv9etly miry in their ugh
The pensile b hes wave.
As. hen a our, gone byi
The birch° rit ye bore,
Whil e some 1 chieltain's i
The music to oar.
Or when : be it the curling sl
of thy d i , 'slithery trees,
• idea's raven try
, •the breeze.
, 'ning air. - " -
ISt,:when morning's mist,
~-:, and glade, . ,
TVith eager stroke, the hunter bold ,
Impels the flashing blade.
iti en the} - too have pass'd away, 14t
In 6 auty, - pO r, and pride,
Dittrild'in the suritruam's golden light,
Thy crystal waves will . glide ;
And flowrets sweet, with foliage fair,
Will fringe thy verdant shore,
Nor one softrnurmer tell of forms,
Who'll rove thy hnitnts no more ! /
wir...ossath, with the few - remaining
members of. his family, was • in- Paris at
last aceounts..._l is said that the Bins
krious Magyar felt keenly the death .of
his sister and that when he road'the ac
count of the attention and respect man-
ifestod by the gentlemen of Brooklyn at
her funeral, he wept and exclaimed—
"Oh, that'their people were my people,
and their God my God." From some
mysterious source Kossuth receives guar
toifilr,o6o;the e.ccornpaning note indi
&Wit simply that it is from a friend in
Xrilefiei:and that it is intended for his
personal expenditures,
Cr The Toronto Committee for the
reception of the Prince :OfWales are in
a fix. They proposed a grand ball in his
honor, at an estimate cost of ten thou
sand dollars, and for a fortnight past the
subsoription paper has been handed
iceind. When the COmmittee met on
Thursday evening to complete arrange
ments. it .was found that instead often
thousand dollars, only two thousand had
been subscribed.
The giftod though eccentric "'l'otn
Marshall!' has been delighting the peo
ple of Poughkeepsie and Milton with
his lectures on Henry Clay and Temper
- qaTtullards-areAo be kept without
the pale 'of West Point,. as the Commis
sioraers hive determined upon a rigid es
.emination of all future aspirants for'death.
'and glory. -
A. N')
CM 111Voko
!.s glide softly, on,
rill as clear,
tful cadence sweet
;rung ear;
itis in gladness rove,
waters play,
faity step,
taigin stray.
it's Bhadowy hour,
fr ye bear ;
music, softly sweet,"
liculturt, eke =zite Arts, Otaral gthls - frl fly pa l l: cow 4ifformation,
. Baker, Editor and Proprietor.
ao, isec).
l li r
Familiar Quotations..
re are many phrases and quota
-hich are'as"familiar in our mouths
oniehold words," whose origin
, is
r unknown or misconceived, and
but encniaching upon the sphere of
1 works devoted to this purpose, we
y mention a few of them :
"There is death. in the pot," is from
e 8ib1e,.2 Figs, iv, 40. "Lovely and
leasant in their lives, and, in death they
wero not divided," is spoken:uf Saul and
Jonathan, 2 Samuel, i, a ..A„ man af
ter his own heart," 1 Samuel, - Aiii. 14.
"The apple of bis eye," Dent., six, 21.
0 A 'still small voice," 1 Kings, six, 12.
"Escaped with the skin of my teeth,"
Job, six, 20. "That mine adversary had
written a book," Job, xxi, 35. "Spread
ing hirriself like a green bay tree," Psalm,
xxxvii, 35. "Hanging our harp upon
the willows," Psalm, csisvii, 2. "Rich-
os certainly make (not take, as it is often
quoted,) themselves wings," Proverbs,
5. "Heap coals of fire upon his,
head," Ibid, xxv, 23. "No new, threg
under the sun," Ecclesiastes, i, 0. "Of
making many books there is no end,"
Ibid, xii, 12. "Peace, peace, when there
is no peace," (made famous by Patrick
Henry,) Jeremiah, viii, 11. "My name
is Legion," Mark v,,6. "To kick against
the prießs," Acts, ix, 5.
"Make a virtue of necessity," .Shak
speare's Two Gentleman of Verona.—
"All that glistens is not gold," usually
quoted "All is not gold that glitters,"
Melelant of Venice. "Screw your cour
age to the sticking place," (not point,)
Macbeth. `• Make assurance' ddubly
sure," Ibid. "Hang out our banners on
the. outward (not outer) walls,"•lbid:
"Keep the word of promise to our (not
the) em:,.but, break it to our hope," Ibid.
".14, is an ill wind, turns none to good,"
usually quoted, "It's an ill wind blows
no one any good,"- Thothas 'Passer, 1580.
"Cbr'isithas comes but one- a year;"
"LOok ere then leap, Ibid and "Look
before'you ere you leap," lindibras,
donly quoted, "Look before You leap."
"Cni of Mind as soon as out of sight,"
usually quoted, "-Out of sight tout of
mind," Lord Brooke. "What, though
the field be lost, all is not lost'," Milton.
"Alvah°, arise, or be forever fallen,"
Ibid. "Necessity, the tyrant's plea,"!
Ibid. "That old man, eloquent," Ibid.
"Peace bath her victories," Ibid
"Though this may be play to you, 'tis
death' to us," Roger L'Estradge, - 1704.
"All cry and n 6 wool," (hot little vicol,)
Hudibras. "Count their chickens ere
(not before) they're hatched," Ibid.—
"Through thick and thin," Dryden.
"When Greeks joined Greeks, then
was the tug of war," usually quoted,
When Greek meets 9reek, then comes
the tug of war," Nathaniel Lee, 1692.
"Of the two -evils, I haves chosen Ifie
least, i. " Prior. - "Richard is hirndelf again,"
Colley Gibber. "Classic ground," Ad:
dison. "As clear as a whistle," Byron,
1763. "A good hater," Johnsoniana.—
"A - fellcrw feeling 'make one (not us)
wondrous kin.d." "Myname is N - orval,"
John Home, 1808. "Ask me no qtles
-tions,.and I'll tell you. de .fibs," Gold
smith. _IPNot much the worse for wear,"
(not none- the worse,) Gowper "What
will Mrs.',Grundy.say," Thomas Merton.
"No pont up Utica contracts ottrpowers,"
1 - ricathan M. Se - Well. 'Stith giyen
stages to Fortuna," Bacon.' (God's)
image cut in ebony," Thomas Fuller.- 7
"1 . 1 ise and masterly inactivity," Mack
intosh in .1791, though - generally attribi
ted to Randolph. "First in- wer;first
in peace, and first in the hearts of ~his
fellow-citizens," (not counti , imen,) reso
lutions presented to H6nsc;ibf Ropresen
'tatives, December, 1799; =prepared by
'Gen. Henry Lee; 4 Millione for defence,
but not one cent for tribute," Charles C.
Pinckney. " The 4lmighty bollar,"
Washington Irving, •
"As good_ as a- pirty,', King Charles,
when in Parliament attending-the dis
cussion of - Lord Boss's Divorce bill.—
"Sellinti a barnain"-is in •Leve's Labor
Lost. . "Fast and loose," Ibid. "Pump
ing apan,"-Otteway:s Venice Preserved.
"Go snacks," Pope's Prologueto Satires.
"In the wrong. box," Fox's-Martyrs.—
"To lame in the sense ono' heal, King
and no King; by Beaumont and Fletch
er." The haekneyed newspaper 'Latin
quotation, "Tempera matantaos et
i, ; n ,
mntamur in illis," is not fou:nd. 'any
classic or Latin author.. . I .llle 4
approach to it was, "Omni*" nuitatur;"
,Ste., and this is found in. Bourbonius, - a
German writer of the middle ages.,
"Smelling of the lamp," is to be found
in Plutarch, and is there attributed to.
Pyth'.as. "A little bird told Me" comes
from` Ecclesiastes, x,-20. "For a bird of
the uU -4141 carry the 'Voice, and that
Which hath wings Shall tell - the matter.'
He that fights and runs away,
May live to fight another day.
These lineS, usually ascribed to Hudi
bras, are realty much older. They are
to be found ih a bock published in 1656.
The same iaeals, however, expiessed in
a couplet published in 1542, While one
of the few fragments of Meander,Alie
9reek writer, that have been prgservqd,
embodies the same idea in a single lino.
The couplet in Itudibras is :
"For those that fly may fight again,
Which he can never do that's slain."
"Hell is paved with good intentions,"
though found in Johnson and Herbert,
was obviously in their day a proverbial
expression. Walter Scott ascribes it to
"some stern old divine."-- - -
"That's a good time coining," is an' ex
pression used by' Sir Walter - Scott in
nob lioy, and has doubtless, for a long
time, been a familiar saying in Scotland.
Whistling girls and crowing hens
Always conic to'some bad end
In one of the curimiS Chinese' books
recently- translated 'and Imblished in
Nee; this proverb ocuttrs in substanti
ally-the same words. It is also an in
jiinctiOn of the Chinese priesthood, and
a carefully-observed household custom,
to kill immediately every hen that crows,
as a preventive against the misfortune
which the circumstance
,is suppose to
indicate. The same practice prevails
throughout many portions of the United
ard, the rich Frenchman who founded the
institution in Philadelphia which boars
his name, had a favorite clerk, and he al
vays said "he intended to do well by
Ben Lippinccitt." So When*Ben got to
be twenty-one, he expected to. hear Mr.
Girard say something of, his, future pros
p,ecia, and perhaps lends helping hand
in starting him in the werldi but the "old
fox.earefully avoided the subject. Ben
mustered courage.
"I suppose_ I ,am now free, sir," said
he, ",end I thought I would, say some
thing to you as to my future course.—
what do you think I had better do?"
~."-Yes, yes, I know you are, " said the
old millionaire, " and my advice is that,
you learn the cooper's trade r " • ,
This application of ice nearly froze
Ben opt but recovering his equilibcium,
ho said, if .61r. Girard was in earnest, he
"I am in earnest," he replied.
. Ben terthwith sought the best cooper
in Spring Garden, beanie an apprentice,
and in duo time could matte as good a
barrel as the'best. He announced to old
Stephen that he had graduated, and was
ready to set np in business. The old man
seemed gratified, and: immediately order
ed three of the best barrels he could
turn out. Ben did his prettiest, and
wheeled them up to the old man's count
ing room. Old Girard pronounced them
first-rate, and demanded the price.
" One dollar," said Ben, "is as tow as
I can live by."
"Cheap-enough—make out your bill."
The bill was made out v, and old §teve
settledqt with a check dri2o,ooo, which
he itecompanied, with this little moral,
to theeffeCt that Iredjainin now had-a
trade, - Whichle could fail bit . ok on in case
he did not succeed in business.
learn from the Helena (Ark.) Shield that
'three nogro fellows, two of them the
propertY of Clayton Rodgers, the othdr
belonging to a sister living in Tennessee
were week 'edged in the county jail,
upon a charge of murder, they having on
Thursday night last, upon the.lantation
-of Jas. Rodgers," Esq., in the Walnut
Bag, murdered the oversee; Jos..-Pow
ers, by strangulation. They went to the
room about -11 &clock where Powers
was asleep; and with a strap. of coarse
Lowell cloth. strangled him to 0011.—
We understand that they have ecinfeSsed
the crime.
ITornellsvillo (Ohio) Journal states that
three young children ..of Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Howley, of that place, wont into
Vita weeds on Saturday last, to pick ber
ries, wAhnut the consent of their pa
rents, &A wandered about. until
Not refuniipg-before evening,- the anxi
ous paidirs,rincompany with nearly:bus
hutodied Ottere, started for the , woods,
'and succeeded,in finding them. When
found; -the two youngest were sleeping,
and the eldest, 'nbtiet teen years of agip,
was upon her knees praying.
Two tons Of ivlio - rtleborrioa worn yo,
ceived in Chicago, on l'ucsday
thw wottorla t0W144 vfAliuhiigau.
Pitoonass cos. LIBERIA SETMEMENT.—
The Rev. John Seys; writes an interest
ing letter from Liberia;:dated Monrovia,
May 12, from which we , qtlote the follow
ing in relaticin to the nett WWII of Carys
burg :
:;I-have boon quite recently on a visit
to Carysbutg. • ;Mrs. Seys•accompanied
me and was delighted with:lke place and
People. They are improving there be
yond our most sag,nuine elpectations.—
Already •they.have a population of 401,
and number 107 dw.llings, including the
three belonging to the American Col
onization Society. There are three
schools in which 10.8 children are daily
taught the rudiments of a sound Englioh
education,.: The •Methodists and Bap
tists have good congregations and two
co:Auld - thous frame churches are going
up to take the 'places 'or the thatched
honks of Worship In which they have
held - their services. Two iloutishin'g
Sabbath schools are also in operation,
numbering 91 pupils. They have also'
two military companies, One, literary as
sociation, and ono charitable institution.
The 'people seem all industrious and
thrifty;'and, era withal "given to hospi
tality."' My wife and rits , If were invi
ted out to breakrast, dine, and sup ; to
visit here, 'Lifers's, and everywhere, and
everywhere we saw evidenSeS of peace
amd•plenly, dontent and prosperity.
TIIE OLD QAiE.I , I Bucazr.The follow
ing reminiscence of Sarmiel Woodworth
possesses sufficient interest, we think, to
warrent us in presenting it to our read_
ers. It is a.portion of a private letter,
recently received from one whose author
ity in the matter can not be questioned.
In reference to the period of the produc
tion of the'_" Old Oaken Bucket," the
writer says It was written in , tthe
spring orsunruter of 1817. The, family
were living' ali,tle time in Duane Street.
The poet c.‘,,me-Lkoale to dinner one very, : heving walked from his office,
somewheroill ear thp foot of„ Wall Street.
Being numb heated„witlr the exercise,
be poured himself out 'a glass- of water
—New York pump water—and drank it
at a draught,exclaiming e as he, replaced
the tumbler °alba table L. '"rhat is very
refreshing but howrauch more.-refresh
ing would it be to take a good long
drought, this warm day, from the old oak
en bucket-I left hanging in my fathers
well, at home!" Bearing this,'the poet's
wife, who was' always suggestive Indy,
Beliin, Why wodld:pt th'at be a
pretty Zubjeetr for - apPein?' The poet
took the hint, and,"tinder the inspiration
of thd'inottient, sat doWn and poured out
froin his very soul thOic.' beaiftiful lines
which have immortalized the name of
in "gngland has won a wager of 40 by
smoking eleven pounds of strong sugars
within twelve-hours. Thu feat was m
oon:7o6nd cdi'anteatribbat between Lon
don'and bhelesa. The task was begun
at 1.0 A. M.., - and ended at 7 P. M. In
the course 'olnine honrs - andtweaty
utes 72 sugars-were fairly smoked out,
the greatest fautatei consumed being
in the second hour, when the smoker dis
posed of no less than: sixteen. The
smoker declared that he felt net the
slightest difficulty or unpleasantness
throagbont - his• nine hours and twenty
minutes work, and calculates that if the
match had gone.en to the end ,he should
have won by half an-hour. The , only re
freshments taken.duking•the .progress of
the match was, two o'clock, the
eating of-which _occupied twenty minutes,
and a gill and .a half of brandy in-cold
Water at interValsrduring the smoking.—
The , betting'when the match was first
riiade' - was six and seven to four against
the.smoker ; but after a public trial at
the White. Rear, Pideadilly, when the
smoker consumed au enormous eight
penny Seger in three minutes, offers wore
made to bet six to four against time.
tee of the Boar& (4 Trado who visited'
New York, for the 'purpoie of treating,
with the directors of the - Gieat, Eastern,-
with the view of having thatvesselcoree
tot this day, for exhibition, diluot, agrod
to the terms demanded. The directe'ri
asked a guarantee of $6,500 to ky,
penses of the passage to 805e0n,..4 4,
$OOO for:each week day she reMaatedr
here. They; Would listen to -ziriothei
- •
terms, although theywertroffered $5,000
to pay the extra expenses of this tripr.-:
On.the terms proposed, the rent B l ast ;
ern woad. have come - to 'Beaton this
week.. It is not, prphaby IWO° com
mittee of the Board.of'Aiderlien,
pointed to confer witli4he.directors, will
ialloaey actiou:at preselftrkkiton fray-
~i7. ; ~~,
man who claims to be:the'strcingest man
in the world, 'can lift 'eleveirkuridred
pounds, dead weight: •Anttanghlis exami
ples for improving bodily 11454)* art..
strength is one which we.-consider ter be.
of immense ittfpottat4: tit ,*oild i
because we knowit haristik:` 'ivith the
experience Of iTitioners
and physiologists. It, if, "Neves rise
early unless you retire ergly. B R A sure
to get sleep enough." - It isoertairr that
many children, who do not.go tb' fred
early, are driven into consumption by
bong turned out of fled at daOreak;
half awake. The early rising the*, •
to making one "healthy, wealthy, an
else," is, as practiced genera*,
greatest humbug in the worldit ,T4ipra , ,
tiea the early.rising theory itith bvne
one must go to bed early: - Nadi° t
quires a certain quantity of sleep; a
where this demand is not recognised,
penalty is surd to be exacted, if
journals are stating that the riince of
Wales is the first heir apparent t'
throne of-England, who Mt ever *Het
•the United States ; bift r fliiiifiam(stake.
Doubtless newspaper readers are familiar
With an anecdote of Wzlliara:lT., before
he came to his estate, to" the folliming
- effect: While at New York the krinco
called at a barber's shop:, to be shaved.
When the operation was completed he
stepped up to the barber's pretty wife,
who chanced to be present ; and, giving
her a kiss, remarked, "There, iiow You
can say you have been kissed by olio of
the Royal family:" The bathe*, elides ,
ing to receive this as an inifalt, belied
the Prince, and =helping hint otttlof
shop with the. foot, exclaiaied, PThore;
now, you can Say that yothuft teneivei
a royal kick from a freenitia!!' ' 2 ' j
sm.—The Chicot (Ark.) Press as
"Joshua M. Craig, of 0 hicot couqty.
recently sold to Jtidge litritrtn, of•W
ington county, Miss., his ttigtoifice
plantation krrown sit)*
about ten miles 'below Columbia, sindl
consisting of 3,200 sorest : 47W of, WWl*
are under cultivation, tliot , sbalatiott iu
timber. Also, his negrOes, to the tbun:
her of 163, old and youngr-120 being
worjAng hands-017 head of mules, and ,
the.entire <stack of farming implements,
84c. ; all fcrt thesorn of four hundred thou
sand dollar's. In- addition to this, Mr.
Craig reserves, the, present year'S crop o
cotton and corn, and eleven family, see;
28th day ,of July, was the eighty;graton
birthday. of the gallant RteWarti-00!
been in the service of his country alit
three years, He has fought in oyiar'toki
aetions; and will live in histovy if k , \
gallant captor of the Britiehttieuipf 7 weri
the Cynee and Levant ; when in
gate Constitution, Pebriaary 24; ,1815.
He is in the enjoytnent t of good
works on his farm at Bordentowth ftm
early in the morniggi tmtil time, fol. titl
cars or boat to leave, When iteitilel
down to' the rhihu4lphia NavySt,4
and attends to all the tininess apvei
taining to his positron as C.oW
with fidelity. May he enjoy
another score of y(
CURB FOR A:syn.—The foL
lug the rounds of the press
the season for fever smoky
approaching, We dont
manity to v 111,11611 the foli
forits cure. tylifeh has bona.
resorted to witltin. the circle
quaintonce, with invariable
is simply to pound up, fOr ti
sort, say four ounces of frsolri
sew it pp in a black silk
Worn by the patint next
pit of the stomach. We .0
Meted to try this simple.
Sherman Mr: Depth,
other day rescued:from the
waukee, was aNtessirtg'-i
Ripon, Wisconsin, on SAT
uty•marshal attempted' .fo
and there was an itur
.The crowd hust44the gt
,vtay, drew max..revelyear,
nate° of sifety;en the spot,
"Booth until he.choso to ler
-If a martyr is not mad! of (orw
NoveMber we mistake: of.
- .04t4t.
fo"Obed 13iissey, iiiveater-Artcel
.ehratecl Reaping Machine, rus:red
by 3. S. Marsh I.myrfaititg, Was Al
killed fr readitly; - -nt ``E-xeter,yW Ift%
I was ittreselent of •Baltimore,-a' worthy
toemberbf the §ociet.7 of Friends, an.c.
about (;eti.-yean. , old
I 4 .