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at Mtatiettian.
Saturday Morning, August 3, 1867.
gar A woman residing near Center
Point, Clay county, Indiana, went to an
adjacent creek to do some washing,
taking with her three small children.
The two elder ones, while playing about
in the woods, were bitten by a venomous
snake, and their screams attracting the
attention of the mother, she hastened
to their relief, leaving the smallest
child. which, during her absence, fell
into the creek, and was drowned. The
other children died the same night
from the effects of the snake bite.
Last Wednesday at Chillicothe,
Ohio, a young man named Hunter was
standing in front of a saloon with sever
al companions, all very drunk, when
Hunter's mother came to the party and
implored her son to accompany her
borne. Suddenly he seemed seized with
a frenzy, rushed into the street, and,
picking up a healiy atone, threw it into
the group. The fatal missile struck his
mother on the temple. . She sank to
the ground and died in ten minutes.
ear Mrs. Burley, living in Vincennes,
Ind., on Wednesday evening last, at
tempted to pour coal oil on some hot
coal to make it burn more rapidly when
the coal ignited, bursting the can, and
setting her clothes on fire. She ran out
into the yard, screaming "fire," when
some of the neighbors ran to her aid,
tearing her clothing from her, but be
fore; they could do so she was horribly
burned. It is not expected that she
can live.
month or so ago, Mr. Rufus
Lord, the victim in the celebrated Lord
bond robbery, received from an unknown
source $1,400,000 of the bonds that had
been stolen. It has now been ascer
tained that they were sent to him
through the firm of James G. King's
Sone, from the London bankers, Bar
ring brothers, who received them from
a London lawyer, who in his turn had
received them from the guilty party.
Who that party is remains at present a
secret with the English lawyer.
( I T The Prince of Wales is treated
with great disrespect in England.—
When he walks into the smoking room
of a Club, instead of everybody rising
and taking off their hats to receive him,
they only nod their heads with a fa
miliar "How are you, Wales 1" A cor
respondent of the Times truly says that
the Prince is not himself so very strict
in his mariners as to be able to 'require
the highest standard of courtesy from
others. A young man who wears bob
tail coats and billycock hats and smokes
in a carriage. with ladies, can hardly
insist on rigorous etiquette.
or Mr. Otis; a native Of Manchester,
Ohio, has invented and patented a knit.:
ting machine said to be the most perfect
and 'wonderful yet brought before the
public. It will knit fifty pairs of stoat
ings in a day, and is so simple that a
child can work it. It can be furnished
at half the cost of a first•class sewing
machine. •
ihr Rev Henry Ward Beecher de
livered a sermon in Plymouth Church,
Brooklyn . , Sabbath evening,. on ,''The
Nobility of Labor," in which he said
that more public men of eminence had
started from the business of type.setting
than probably any other occupation.
war Ex-Confederate General Toombs
has not been pardoned by_the President,
as erroneously reported: and, further
more, his rebel friends claim that he has
never made application for. forgiveness,
an that he never will.
441` Queen Victoria is building a new
house in the Scottish highlands,-seven
miles from any other dwelling. She in
tends it to be a place of retirement for
herself and a few select friends.
air The citizens of West Chester
have shad executed• a bust of General
Anthony Wayne; of revolutionary fame,
which they intend to place in the Court
;I..lioutie at that place.
The eldest daughte; of Oa Queen
of Bpain, now a young 110 y grown,
kltrot:gly resembles her mother, and- 7 -
oot to put too fine a point upon it—is
said to be the hominoid girl in Europe.
'yearVillain, of-Baltimore, • during
'qear ending May. 1;186 . 7, sold milk
. 86 - wanting to over $37,000. The num
ber of cows milked varied from 180 to
rivelve old ladled met at a tea
rare; in (N. Y. • ) the other day.
Their aggregate 'age 1390.yearsY the
h.' eve rage 70. tiaMi`e
The world has 95,727 miles of
ailmid now, 36,893 of it:, , ,the United
.10 - The movement of Garibaldi for
the liberation of the city of Rome from
Papal rule bas so far excited the appre
hensions of the Pope that on July 15 he
appealed to the Emperor Napoleon for
protection, and had ordered the batteries
about the city to be strengthened and
garrisoned. In response to the appeal
of the Pope Napoleon notified the King
of Italy of the threatened movement of
Garibaldi, but took no other action.
Garibaldi announced to a public meeting
at Pistoia on Julyl9 that "the time had
now come for liberating Rome feom
Papal tyranny and restoring to thev city
her ancient freedom.
Gar Frederick Douglass has just met,
with a brother who has been in slavery
for forty years. In a letter to a friend,
announcing his' brother's ' arrival at
Rochester, he says: "The meeting with
my brother after nearly forty years sep
aration is an event altogether too affect
ing for words to describe. How un
naturally accursed is Slavery, and how
unspeakably joyful are the results of
its overthrow ! The search now being
made, and the happy reunions now tak
ing place all over the South, after years
of separation and sorrow, furnish a, sub
ject of the deepest pathos."
The news from Nlexice is to July
13. Maximilian's body was en route - to
Vera Cruz to be delivered to the Austri
an authorities. Escobedo has court
martailed and shot:twelve other general
officers and four Colonels. General
Ortega is still in prison. It is stated
that Santa Anna was not shot but re•
mains in prison at Carnpeachy. Juarez
has issued- an order for the convocation
of the Liberal Congress in Mexico city
to elect a President, he declining to
serve any longer.
Or A New Steam Wagon was seen
in the streets of Boston last week. It
was a light open baggy carrying two
men and had no visible means of loco
motion save a Blight apparatus tinder
the box.. The vehicle came along a
street on the track just behind a horse
car; but when the car stopped the bug
gy was turned aside and passed by the
car, and was guided as easily as if a
horse had been attached.
Cr The passion for collecting curios.
ities is too frequently carried to excess,
and much-time and money are expended
upon objects worthless in themselves
and without value in their associations.
It is stated in a New York paper that
a curiosity hunter has recently offered
forty dollars for a pair of cast off shoes
which were worn by the famous trotting
horse Dexter As old iron the shoes
are worth a few cents.
Cr A Lawyer named Paine, in Mon
roe county, N: Y., drew up a will for a
dying man, and after it was read and
signed, Paine claimed that it was not
right, and drew up ;a new one, which was
signed without reading, and it was found
that all the property was willed to
Paine. He is now in jail awaiting ex
amination. This practice proved a
tittle too sharp for him.
40" We are in receipt of a neat little
8 by 10 paper called The Roarin' Rag,
"published by; the editor, and edited by
the publisher," at Muscatine, lowa, de
voted to fun and fiction. Terms, five
cents a year, invariaby in advance. May
it roar so loud that the "editor and
publisher" shall be overwhelmed with
the "rags":as they flow into his exche
ow It is said the Mende of General
Sheridan contemplate placing him in
the field as ,a candidate for the Repub
lican nomination for the Presidency.
"Little Phil" is immensely popular with
the masses, and should he consent to
run, will not be easily distanced, His
record since the war has added much to
his well-earned fame as a leader during
the rebellion.
ow - The recovery by Mr. Rufus Lord
of $1,400,900 of bonds stolen in 1865
was effected through a New York bank
ing house, which received them from
Baring Brothers, of London, who had
them from , a London lawyer, a sort of
Mr. Joggers, who forced the guilty one,
who was his client; to give them up.
eir Louis Kossuth, who was at first
indisposed to accept the terms of the
restoration of her old constitution to
Hungary, has availed himself of the
amnesty declared by Francis-Joseph
returned to his country, and is a candi
date for the Hungarian Parliament from
the town of Waitzan.
l ir Hon. Lewis C. Peck, Nunda,
New York, who has served eight years
in Congress, and also as Supreme Judge
and County Judge in his own State, has
been arrested for complicity in the late
attempted swindle on the Accident In
surance Company at Baffalo.
eir A boy nine years of age, the son
or Andrew Jackson, of Centre Hill, N.
J., fell dead while his father was chas
tising him ongt..klity evening.
ifwa The `.remaining• portion of Table
Rock at Niagara alls, was blown away
by a tilast ofy.„tmo,ittiodred pounlls of
po - wder. - ,
of the Merchants in Boston
A 1 1E5g . G . U 5 E V i lir 1/11.Wiff°PP.IWaini=44
Ntkos 33tilf
A Boston broker, who has a wife and
child, eloped, a fortnight ago, with a
young lady of Chelsea and $BOOO of
the firm's jewelry, but detectives suc
ceeded in finding him and his companion
at Niagara Falls on Friday, and, return
ed them both to their homes, a wiser
but sorrier party. .
Ira Y. Mann, one of the leading
warehouse men of Chicago, was sued
for breach of contract of marriage on
Tuesday, by Samantha Pr:ltor, who
claims $lOO,OOO 'damages. Mr. Mann
has been a widower for several years.
The plaintiff announces her determina,
Lion to conduct . the case herself.
A Jewish paper deprecates the flirt
ing which goes-on in the choirs of their
temples when. Gentiles are employed.
A fascinating Christian tenor recently
.ran away with a lovely soprano dangh
ter of Rebecca, under the very droppings
of the sanctuary.
False ears of flesh colored India-rubber
have been invented for the use of ladies
with large ears. They are used in front
of the real ears, which are concealed
and drawn back under the hair.
Tom Hood said there is no man in
Germany more inhumanly abused than
the Jew. Lie is wronged, pelted and
hooted at—he is robb , d, taxed and spit
upon ; and all fo. what ? Because he
believes in the Old Testament and won't
eat pork andkeausages.
Every foot of ground on which Belfast
Ireland, is built, is owned by one man'
the Marquis of Donegal. Every citizen
has to pay tribute to him. His income
from ground rent is from one to two
millions of dollars per annum.
A Dubuque geulleman advertises for
a wife "who wears her own hair, her own
teeth, her own cheeks, her own bosoms
and her own calves, without having gone
a❑d bought them."
The Harrisburg Bridge Company
hare commenced operations for their
new bridge across the Susquehanna.
One of the richest moo in New Eng
land, Augustus Ilenenway, of Boston,
whose estate is valued at $5,000,000, is
confined in an insane asylum.
llaxia.ilion's death was celebrated by
a funeral service throughout the Aus
trian Navy. Vessels to go in crape.
Harvard has given the degree of M.
A., to Charles G. Leland. editor of For
ney's Press. The same college has
given the LL. D., to George Peabody.
The only copy of the first newspaper
printed in America, known to be in
existence, is iu the British archives in
Maximilian's mother, the Arcbdcch
es Sophia, has evinced signs of insanity
e:nce hearing of his death.
Anna Barey, the great Barrington,
Mass., child whipper, was convicted of
manslaughter, at Lennox, on July 17th,
and sentenced to five years' imprison
There is an old man in Taunton, aged
seventy-three, who has listened to five
thousand and seven sermons in his life.
He has survived them all.
Mfr. William Kerr. aged ninety years,
and a resident of Venango county, Pa.
since 1.784, died on the 12th. He served
as a soldier in 1812, and was for six
months, under General I larrison in the
Maumee region.
The other day, at Providence, R. 1.,
a young fellow of nineteen swam three•
quarters of a mile, drawing after him a
boat twelve feet long, containing six
good sized men. The time was inside
three-quarters of an hour.
A striped snake, nine feet long, was
killed at Essex, Mass., the other day,
and in his inside was found four toads,
three small turtles, fuur birds and a
large assortment of frogs, bugs and
other delicacies.
The American • Watch Company at
Watertown now finish a watch every
two and a half minutes during the work
ing hours of the day.
It is stated that about 13138 thousand
persons within the limits of. New York
city live wholly upon betting on races
or by jockeying horses.
Robert Ould, the ex-rebel commission
er for the exchange of prisoners of war,
publishes a letter, in which he says that
in 1864 the rebel authorities voluntarily
proposed to deliver up fifteen thousand
sick and wounded Union soldiers, with
out requiring any equivalent. He offers
to prove this by the evidence of 'Union
All the railroad conductors in. New
York State are to be uniformed, after
the first of October next. This will be
a great convenience to the traveling
public, as it will enable them to at once
distinguish the conductors, should they
have occasion to commuicate • with the
latter at any time during a journey.
All the bills passed by Congress at
the'recent session becarheslavis, except
that - introAnced by Mr Sumner making
colored persons eligible for office in- the
District-of Columbia. This bill
livered to: the President an hour before
Congress adjourned. Re did not return
ark A. mad by the name of Stephen THE INDIANS.—The question, What
F. Cameron, a native of Maryland, was to do with Indians 2 has been considera
pardoned by' the President, in order bly discussed in both branches of Con
that he might give evidence in behalf gross, and the opinion arrived at seems
of Surratt. His testimony was intend- to be that they ought not any longer to
ed to impeach the eherecter of Dr. be treated with as nations or tribes, but
McMillan, the surgeon of the vessel in as individuals and families, compelling
which Surratt left Canada for Europe. them, to live under territorial laws and
Tho cross-examination showed that the thus gradually bring them into a state
character of Cameron wasnot good. He of civilization and usefulnesi. The an
was one of Morgan's guerillas, and was nnities now granted them under so-call
connected with the St. Albans raiders, ed treaties, to be continued to them in
studied for 9 m'nistry, and has preach- agricultural implements, seeds and stock,
ed several different religions. His and in addition extending to them the
mode of life during the past two years, benefit of the homestead law, thus.giv
as admitted by himself, has been exceed- lag them a chance to humanize them
ingly preoarious. AV'titries - he taught t sielvenraridin'tourse of time to become
languages in France, music in London, citizens. This policy will probably be
was a Bohemian inEngland, a Catholic adopted at the next session of Congress,
_inCanada,an Episcopalian in America ; and the reservation policy, which is
and last, but not least, an unpardoned , also recommended, will probably be
rebel up to the commencement of the abandoned
trial, at which time he received his
pardon through the influence of Surratt's
counsel. As soon as his evidence had
been given he disappeared, and has so
far eluded discovery that the Judiciary
Committee of the House of Representa-
tives who desired to summon him in
the impeachment. case, were unable to
ferret him out. It is supposed he has
find to Canada
fir Serious trouble is brewing among
_for - ions. The issue is between
toe polygamous and anti-polygamous or
monogamous elements in this profanely
self styled Church. In the Utah ver
nacular these two parties are known as
the "Brigamites" and "Josephites"—
the former being named after Brigham
Young, the latter after Joseph Smith,
Jr., the son of the martyr, and he him
self a candidate for martyrdom if he ever
gets within the reach of the despotic
Young. Orson Hyde, Orson Pratt, and
Amasa Lyman, three of the twelve
apostles of Utah Mormondon, have be
come converts to the one•wife system of
Smith, who has his headquarters in
Illinois, and have all been ducally
anathematized and cut off
Cr It is reported in scientific and
historical circles that, Professor T. C.
Raffinson, of Copenhagen, has recently
discovered a Runic inscription below
the Great Falls in the Potomac. It
records the death Of an Icelandic woman
named Susan, who died in 1051. "►his
is a most remarkable discovery. It
proves conclusively not only the visit
of the hardy Northmen to our shores
five centuries before the discovery of
Uolurribus, but that their explorations
inland were greater than has been sur
Some sharpers have been going
around the country, selling lightening
rods. They make a written contract
with a farmer to put up a rod for $lB.
After having put up all the rods they
can in a neighborhood they go around
and present bills for $lB for putting up
the rod and 45 cents per foot for the rod
itself. The owner of the building gen
erally pays up, as from the deceptive
wording of the contract a suit would go
against him.
gip The Marquis of Westminster (said
to be the wealthiest English peer) lately
appropriated $250,000 for the purpose
of establishing a penny daily newspaper
as a rival to the Times. This paper
was named The Day, and wiis very ably
edited. T expensiveness of the un-
Artaking is evidenced by the fact that
the above large sum was exhausted by
forty issues, when the enterprise was
ar The French ladies spend 8,000,
000 francs per year for corsets, 15,000,
000 for gloves, and 10,000,000 fur bon
nets. False diamOnds cost them 1,000,
000 francs, false teeth 1,500,000, glass
eyes 84,000, masquerade diesses 730,000,
perfumery and cosmetics 22,000,000.
fans 5,000,000, artificial' flowers 28,000'
eir Gail Hamilton, in her new book,
entitled "Wool Gathering," remarks
that "A single fact will show how rapid
ly the course of empire has taken its
westward way. Only in 1840 there was
but a single school in Milwaukee, with
twenty scholars ; now there are
three hundred lager-beer shops !"
Qom' A few days since a man from
Fort Harker, Kansas, who was on horse
back, and armed ;with a Spencer rifle
and turevolver, was attacked. by thirteen
Indians. gOt down by the side of
hie horse and stood them fight, killing
four Indians, and receiving a wound
himself. •
sr. The English language is hereafter
to be studied in the public schools of
Japan and American works are to be
the text books. The Japanese Commis
sioners in this country have order-e.
some 20,000 copies of various American
'school books.
eir The President's veto of the Re
construction bill is a lengthy document,
and ends no defenders outside of the
Copperhead party. It is a bitter and
violent docutnent, and altogether worthy
of the souree from whence it emanated.
OW The principal excitement 'just
now,in Wisconsin is in 'hops. An in.
crease of 9000 acres for the preseut year
orted, and thtfaitiops
Cr At the public breakfast given to
William Lloyd Garrison in London. a
short time ago, there was a somewhat
remarkable feature connected with if.
Lord John Russell was among the par
ticipants to do honor to the great Amer
ican Abolitionist, and in a speech which
be delivered took occasion to confess in
the most frank and explicit manner that
his course toward the United States
while in office during the rebellion was
an error, that he had formed an errone
ous judgment of the whole subject, and
that he was now convinced that Presi
dent Lincoln's whole course was the
right one This is certainly in the
highest degree credita` le to the tale
foreign minister, and though the retrac
tion coma late it is better than if it
❑ever came
eg' Dr. Robert J. Breckinridge,
a son of the Rev. W. L. Breckinridge,
died suddenly in flouston, Texas, a few
days since. He was formerly Professor
in the Louisville Medical University
and Surgeon of the United States ;Ma
rine Hospital in the same city. During
the rebellion he served as Gen. Lee's
chief medical director, and offer the sur
render removed to Houston.
el — The Maysville (Ky ) Eagle says
We learn that Juhu L Scott has ;oid
his peach crop to a Cincinnati firm fur
$14,000, the purchaser to gatlier the
fruit, pay all expenses and take all risks.
Wo learn that the crop is very large,
and the quality of the fruit good. he
orchard contains fifty acres, and cost
Mr. Scott, some years ago, $4,600
cr . Albert G. BroWn, befor the war
a Mississippi Senator, advises the peo
ple of that State to accept the terms of
reconstruction 011-red by Congress,
"without cavil or delay.'' This sow d
counsel was given in a spioch made at
a public meeting at Jacksonville some
days since.
1-0' It is aseertained from an authen
tic 'source that the design still exists
with the President to supersede Gee-
Sheridan as commander of the Fifth
Military district. No time, h iwever, is
fixed for the contemplated change.
to- The mother of lion. Cassius M.
Clay died in Mudisor. county, Kentucky,
recently, aged 90 years.
On tLe 2Sth of July, by Rev. J. A. Darmstat
tor, of Coitunbia, Mr. Peter 13eiKDl~t, of
Germantown, Perry Co, Pa., to Misi Sallie
Gotts , :hall, of Marietta.
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T • _L he [Fry anu ser i ous acre reziort.
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Cloy's Amunition, Wads and Caps.
A Pemi-Monthly Journal ofllletdieine, Surgery,
Physiologh ' Hygiene, and General Litera
ture, devoted to the Prof, and the people.
The cheapest medical paper in the world,
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Building, Ninth street, south of Walnut.
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rive copies to one address, 415
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it ; Notez,
=i2rits ; C.)114 , 0-.11.1 Intert6t
(11 ci:r.r
of 7-30 Noto.s int 9 flat
Ne.l ,
Este. Ile.)rje7.: , 'cc j oirclituw Yfl I ',CI' .11!
j.tet. t
2L~ke r¢ i:e~
ibsur.; crLou•
.1 or fu, rtC
of 3:1 CQ.II.
/A I) )1 FOY•A
K 1 It r s 11:1'1111.
othh 11(.: II) .410
411,1 the
.1 . I
or. ,• the
1-3aCOS 01 the
upon the s!lnllh.!ir, in
of the ioi:s ; impro-
r.::e form svi!;flut ;i0;
lacing; f*V5 , n , d is anic,red
end recniamPod •‘'. by phy,icia! , s.
Ninnuf3( turp , : D. B. DER Co,
-iliit JrF'arfl ors.
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I are no i; uran i,thri a; the bent
PINT in use ; lava curia
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to Cilor, aad can be changed
to g uit ; , oat, °line, drab or cream, •,a
t rn h
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and 010- C ruse, ktal
g te [i n iar and
cater_ 2r.e.]
, sal
urns, Ftc On .e iauce
facti.aot ti svil uzed ithrreh the peat year)
and as n pain: for nn y par 0 , , , ,, is uaietra.ised.
Cur bud,,, ity, red eith,Aire -
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eat v;a:s eiele.
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brauLd 1 a turn
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