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Saturday Morning, May 11, 1867.
CAN Tom se 4—ThefSar rieburg
Patriot - and Union, epee - One (tt(e - yvh al e.'
sale robbery of the last session of the
Lezislatire,UYS r"Th% ameron Leg
islature, which has just adjourned, gave
evidence of'the 'boldest systetolof rob.
bery that has ever been perpetrated
upon any body of, people.. The
. rizodus
operandi of pocket-picking, highway rob
bery, burglary,, garroting, : confiscating
postage stamps, &c., is in every respect
commendable when compared, with the
manner in which Republican legislators
filched the hard earnings of our tazpay
ers from the Treasury. In one instance,
George De Haven, Jr., Representative
from Philadelphia, brought his son here
—a mere child--had him sworn in as an
officer, and sent him -off to school. the
nest 'day. . The boy was never on duty
a single dayia 'truth, he did not return
until the day previous ,to the adjourn
ment, when be came to draw. $9OO of the
people's money. Senator George Con
nell, reputed to be worth $220,000, also
brought his son here (as he has for four
or five sessions past) to , be a recipient of
some of the dealings. Young Connell
was sworn in, and the last that was seen
of him in this vicinity was at, the Golds
boro' prize fight; on the day-Geary was
inaugurated, until April 9th, when he too
came in for his gobble. Senator Gra-
Imm brought his son here, and had him
sworn in as a clerk, but, to, his credit be
it said, he remained at his post end ren
dered the State some.aervice."
fir Has anybody a nickel penny of
1858 ? The WaShington Star says there
is an active search for them, and that
they are considered worth twenty-five
cents each, because they have been al
most wholly withdrawn from circulation,
and will be very valuable by and by in
completing collections. The penny in
question will be remembered as bearing
on one face the representation of a non
descript broken backed bird, supposed
t ) represent the American eagle.
W Rats, it is reported, weigh on an
average a Pound each, and each pound.
represents five brisbels of corn. A ship
laden with corn was reCentlfdischarged
at Antwerp, and an inameilse swarm - of
rats of enormous size rushed :from the
hold and invaded the neighboring vessels,
warehouses and habitations. The work
men were obliged to retreat-to give pas
sage to these unwelcome stringers.
sir A Congressional inquiry into, the
Facts connected with the capture of Jeff
Davis fully confirmed the,report,that he
was disguised in female garments when
taken. He had on a lady'eyratar-proof
..loak, gathered at the waist, and a shawl
drawn over his head. He carried a tin
pail upon his head, as if going for water.
A. pair of top-boots, wliTch the clolik did
not hide, betrayed him. -
tir The sewers-of Paris have; an
~ regate, length. 0T294. miles. They are
kept clean by means of boata—or in the
smaller sewers, cars'orirails-,,armed` in
front with a dialvwhich fits' the sewer
I Ire a piston ; the whole being.propelled
through the %current of water.
cr Speaking of John MorriSsey :in
'ongress, an English papers4l„ that
`.ord Houghton's iinmediate predeces
• or in the H 04430 of Commons was John
i ally, celebrated in the prize and betting
fir John Titus, a boy ten years old
F.ceidentally stepped,into a den of rattle
snakes the other day, neat Village Ridge,
ixteen miles from Cairo, Illinois, and
was bitten so that he died in twenty-fanr
1. ours
car Twenty bishops who die 4 in Ire
lind during the past forty-five years left
- everally t money amounting to the aver
To of 5215,000 each, not to speak o
r-al estate.
far A Gentleman living near Bangor,
\laine, in taking own an old barn, found
a valuable gold watch which bad been
• Lulen from him'twelve years previous.
ter The religion of the inhabitants of
•itussian Americatialle same as that of
t lo people of Russia. - They belong to
he Greek'Clatholic Church. - ' •
fir A soldier is alive in Cleveland who
se reported dead daring the war;'and
whom it monument was erected in
'Woodland Cemetery.' '
anniv6rsary, ,the
: rthdeir,Aftanry _Clay was duly cele
' Med at Aaehland, Kentucky, on the
'...Llk ultimo
..Sir At the west, Wherever the eight
at system has been adnpted.'therb has
•en'a rednetion 6f
Cir,fatricils fitagrAth, the_ .lash . of, the
` ,ll Nnsitil t 9 13 4 04u45-.,9.E1 1, 1 14: of
.1 lae:A! Ak"' -- "" --A ia• fe 41-1.!
• The widow or Bishop Polle64e
ea- Hydrophobiateeins tothe raging
as an epidemic jest bow. *id t.dogs
abound at Chicago, iidiantipblis .and,,,
Evansville, and some have 'been. killed ;,
in Cincinnati, in Covington, and Ger
mantown, Montgomery county Ohio.
In Chicago general alarm prevails, and
dogs are slaughtered without mercy.
D - ohlitleffiritran y'' inn oxiou vatii m al Ei have'
been sacrificed, and it is hardly possible
that every biting canine is rabid, yet the j
deaths by hydophobia have been suffi]
Aiently numerpue there ..Is
ground for alarm. We have noticed in
our exchanges during the last month or
tw4l. more accounts of deaths from' the
bites of dogs than iu any year previous.
The evil is one which demands prompt
liar Two immence Masonic Temples.
are to-be erected,' one in 'Philadelphia
and the other in Washingtoncity, as
soon as - the preliminaries - call be arrang
ed: The one-in Plitedelphia is , to be
located somewhere on Broad street, and
will be theivonder of the world when
finished.' The building in Washington
will be four stories high, with a front on
Ninth street' of fifty-onelfeet by one hun
dred and fifty feet on F street. The
ancient order in Washington is in good
condition, but'it needs a first class hall.
Or A. woman •of Paterson, named
Rowe, has been guilty =of inhuman 'bar
barity' towards her own son ; a child
about six or seven .years• old,- while in a
state of intoxication. She proceeded
to-vent her spite upon her. child; Seiz
ing the boy while .upon the eidewalk•she
dashed-him upon Lthe 'pavement, head
foremost, _andafter repeating this treat
ment once or twico , slie.flung him forci
bly through a window into the. house.
haunted house in Saginaw,
Michigan, from which the ghosts have
driven seTerat faMilies who attempted
to occupy it during the last three years,
by irropressible noises, has. been taken
possession of by . a deaf man, and the
spirits will have to resort to some other
means than noise to rout him. The re
sult is anxiously watched by the believ
ers in the marvelous.
air The town of Napoleon, Arkansas,
is situated on a tongue of land at the
junction of the Mississippi and Arkansas
river.., Last year the river cut deeplY'in
at this point, and now a large portion of
the town has disappeared. The water,
the other day, was 16 feet deep in the
streets, and the chancis are that another
season will.see steamers running over
the site.,
Sir A reporter of the New York pa
pers, in • describing Senator Wilson's
speech in Richmond on Monday night
says : "The last occission that your re
porter witnessed a public meeting on
the game ground was exactly . six years
ago, when, the Richmond secessionists
gloried,ov.or the fall of Fort ,Sumter.
What a difference between then and
now 1"
fir A Wisconsin paper tells.the story
of a man wko -eloped with another's
'wife, but on going to the hotel breakfast
table' iriChicitgo, Where such congenial
spirits most do congregate, was thled
with conaternation at seeing his own
wife with the man whose domestic peace
he thought ha had wrecked forever.
After consultation each - escorted his
own lawful wife bang to his deserted
eir The most awful event of the last
century in the great faMine in India. In
Oesio,:it is reported that two millions
five hundred thousand people have per
ished within the last five months from
starvation. Before this terible calami
eve:tiVue awful war seems insignificant.
A case ha's been decided against
Generil Gideon J. Pillow, at Memphis,
for goods taken by him while in com
mand orrebel forces. Re pleaded the
usages otwar, but vrithout avail. The
matter 4111 be carried before the U. S.
Supreme Court.
er The reclaimed women in London
rescued by the "midnight movement"
have been-provided for to the nntuber . of
one , thounand thrOe hundred and ten.
A printing office is'one of the'means .by
which therafe' furniehed with' employ
ogr.4ailway,.carriages are to be.hence
forth allowed tti traverse the Pontificial
States from_ Naples to . Florence, and
vice versa , without being overhauled by
police or custona, house officers, either
personally or as to their baggage.
Cr Over the entrance to the hall where
the . French court concerts are held, is
the announcement that '"You piriat
look at the Emperor - . through an opera
,eir - Much of the hitherto neglected
lands , of. New iTers'ey'ltro being cut up
and sold in small tracts, to be deToted
chiefly to fruit growing and market gar
far The first criminals. sent to the
South Carolina Penitentiary after the
wer,were Iwo-white - men, , for stealing
bacon from 'a _
k ,..6117 T4e.:Chictilo.ar4.l0 11 , 434 . 1 4414 8 .
begun eleauijig g t: eete,4l iphe
,„: .
SwissriltrpiL ilitISTOll.--A correspond
ent traveling in Switzerland' writes that
the custom tieunaking,gifteto the bride
prevails thnip, aa v e every . ifhere ,
thinks it is'better regulated, The bride
makes out a written list of things she
will require in beginning to keep house,
especially those that are over and above
what would naturally— be furnished =by
her friends; and one of them says, "I will
sive her tliis!? and-it:larks that as proyi-,
ded for; another will give something else,
and.sornetimes,two ,or three will combine„
and furnish a more expensive present
than one Would giiii: - alotief atm Wed
ding ccinple usually 'starttoffoii an - eieur.
sion, aud on their return they find their
dwelling filled with these presents, each
marked with the giver's naMe.
&FA boy of fifteen -named. Stanley
Marshall, living in Fort Wayne, Ind.,
lost his speech•. and- hearing- in conse
quence of an attack of lung fever, about
a year ago. - A few days since, a. man
named George:Lloyd conceived Et plan
of restoring the lost 'powers by the ad
ministration. of a violent shock. -The
boy.was made drunk, and then muffled
and rolled. Finally something gave way
in Marshall's throat with a. report like
the.popping of a champagne cork, and
he called Loyd a fool, the first time he
bad spoken for a year. He soon began
to talk more freely, his speech coming
back-in broken 4tecents like that of .a
child. .He , ivent to bed quite sick that
night; and woke up nest morning quite
stifrartd sore from the harsh treatment
the day before, but able to hear and talk
- nearly as well as ever. •
air Thoge of our readers who need
anything in the way of cosmetics or toi- •
let articles, well to patronize
the firm of Berger, Shutts & Co.,
N. Y. They, are the only Agents in
America for many of the most valuable
French and English toilet articles and,
preparations that are used by the beau-,
ties of the Old World, to beautify and
make attractive their person. See their,
advertisement in another column.
ar Business men are quite familiar
with the printed endorsement on* the
envelopei of business letters, requesting
the postmaster, if the letter`is-not called
for in ten days, to return it. A Schen
ectady merchant has getup-an improve
ment on this. which runs minnows : "If
Mr. - don't pay the-> bill in this
dunning; letter within ten days; the post
master may open this and Bend us the
money himself.
sur Commander Henry A.. Wise, Chief
of the Ordnance Bureau of theNavy t is
said to have written one of his character
istic letters to a clergyman of Pittsburg,
who complained to Secretary Wells that
two large cannon cast in that city have
been respectively christened 'Satan' and
'Lucifer.' The gallant commander thinks
that ‘death•dealing instrun;lents of war
should not receive Christian „names.
giir Some people place their ideas- of
happiness upon one thing and some upon
another. A:lady made a call upon a
friend who - had lately been `married.—
When her husband came home to dinner,
she said: "I have been to See Mrs. —."
"Well," replied her husband, "I suppose
she is very - liappy." - "Happy h I should ,
think she ought to be ; she has a camel's
hair shawl two-thirds , - border."
:65- 1 9, woman in Winemac, Wis., mar
ried and was divorced from three hue.
bands in succession,, when she returned
to her first love, and was married to him.
She had,no childrefi by Ns,s,
that naught that ir_tangible reminds her
of her wanderings.
Cir It was one yeer on the first` day of
May,'Since George Peabody landed 'at
New York. With the strictest comae. ,
my it Must havii cost him at least
000,000 to gel along during the 'twelve
or Irwin Davis, formerly waiter in a
Springfield (Mass) hotel, is now a San
Francisco millionaire, enjoying an' in
come from a single silver mining corn-
pang of $50,000 to $60,000 a month.
ler A keg of powder exploded near
Fort Lee C`ll - thlarEldiyr blowing a man
named MeCally fifty feet into the-'air
and "landing" him , in the river. He
swam ashore and is still living.'
sir A lady in Reading, Pa., found a
large lizard in the milk she poured into
the coffee. Milkmen might at least
strain the product °Utile pomp as well
as of the cow. •
,1' A Mrs. Petty, living near Water
Vally, Ga., had an ap,opleetielit recent-
ly, and fell into' the gre, ':She ,ha'd
infant in her arms and both wereburned
to,death. . ,
441- Lydia Bli*en, of Leaog.,- - Mass.;
attempted to untie her shoe string with
a fork, when the fork slipped, , striking
her in the'eye.and potting it out.
'll4 - A „
NVliite chap named Charles
Smith is now serving the city of Rich
mond in the chain gang for swindling
colored folks out ortheir money.
ar Most of the ten hoar strikers - in
LaWrence, Mass., have - gone back to
work under old system, after soffev-
ing great privations.
.1 8 . 7 . 4 %-• Young- iad.T. o f 5e v 9la 4@a, Actin
-0411:1PaL8N 4114 PAY flab 4d. a ba 4-
Ntbzio tit Britt'.
hics. Nancy Botch died in New Bed
ford,'ldass„ on
: Thursday last, in the
ninety-first year of her age. She was
the widow of Francis Itotcb, Esq., one
of the owners of the _slap Dartmoutb,
celebrated as the vessel which brought
into Boston harbor the tea, the "poison
onsierb" which so excited the wrath
of good people of the then colony, and
which the-!' Fifty Idokawkisr known as
the "Boston Tea Party," in the year
1773,1hrewitto the salt crater:"
A little boy in Michigan was ,being
prtt to:bed tlie other
, night shan't 'dark,
when he objected to going so early.
Flierinbther"thld'hint "the chickens 'went
early, and he must do so to. The= little
felloW` said he wonld, - if his mother
would•do as•the - cild , hens did—go to bed
first; rind then' coax .the chickens to
come. • -•
George Haven, a Frenchinan, of East
Douglas, who has been employed by the
Axe company in' one of their grinding
shops for the last fourteen years died
last week. A poet mortem examination
showed that his lungs were filled with
grindstone grit, which in some places
had' collected to such an extent as to be
quite hard.
'AA, least one hundred thousand dollars
have been collected in Pennsylvania in
aid of the Pope. It is estimated that a
million and a half dollars have been-col
lected for the same purpose in the-Uni
ted. States.
A party of scientific gentlemen are
about proceedihg on Et tour from Bloom
ington,-Illt; to the'western slope of the
Rocky Mountains. - Gen. Grant has or
dered a company of cavalry to accompa
nrthe tourists. •
J. P. Benjamin, ex United States
Sentor, from Louisiana, and ex-Secre
tary of. State of the Confederate States,
is - meeting with decided success in tte
practice of law in the - ffnglish courts.
Sir Frederick W. A. Bruce, the Brit
ish Minister, called upon the President
and read him an official communication
from the English government, announc
ing the birth , of a . roye.l . baby, the child
of the Prince and Princess of Wales.
James Buckslew, of Jamesburg, N. J.
recently sold a - lot of five hundred mules
to the Delaware and Raritan Canal
Company, for ninety .thousand dollars,
and took a single check for the amount,
and put it in his pebket.
The French crown diamonds are
shown in the Paris Exhibition ; the case
in which they are placeil IS lowered into
the ground every night.
There are forty-nine factories in Low
ell, Mass., sl , itl:l..a capital stock of $13,-
650,000, and employing 9,013 .females
and 4,019 Rates.
Tornatoes placed upon a newly• paint
ed-shelf to .rjpen mill take up the lead
in`suelt a fordeqts to render them pois-
A letter from St. Louis says business
never was duller, and there is no end to
the complaints-of mercantile men. The
city is full of men out of employment.
Within the liist few years Boston and
the towns in its immediate vicinity, all
within a . radius of fourteen miles have
lost thirty.five churehes by fire.
False lips, made.of pink india rubber,
shaped to give the mouth a pouting ap
pearance, are no,wamong. the - men char.
mere. •
A vegetable society is formed in Day
ton, Ohio, its :dirsMter being.. a woman
who has lived on vegetables for sixteen
years, and who looks as Halle had.
The Pope bits ititten`a letter to the
municipality of Toledo, Ohio, thanking
them for an offer of refugeehould . a rev.
olution compel him to leave Rollie.
Mr. Astor, of Nev :York, owns real
estate to the amount of $65,000:000, and
with the interest of his wealth,, is con-
Unitedly buying more.
McCall, the defaulting treasurer of
Santa-Clara county, California,- was ar
rested in Nevada, and $lB,OOO was re-
- Thwine in the St. Lawrence, at Que
bec, still remains firm, the attempt to
blow it up having proved successful.
The ice is reported to be'fifty feet thick
in some places.. -
There, are 120,000 children in New
York .who do not go, to either Protestant
or Catholic_schoole. •
General -Schofield has , advised r the
running of extra cars for colored people
on the city railway of Richmond, Va.
Ea-Senator Vii
rgfall, formerly of Tei
as, is now engaged business 'in Lon-
DrEtsshoppers are so thick in Kansas
that they ecoctp them up by thp, peck
A noted courtezan in St. Louis:k.sub--
scribed $lO,OOO to the rebuilding of the
Lindell House.
A million dollars is annually mado - by
the sale of Florida cedar wood for lead
The value of,ibe Queen's portrait-to
be pres,ented,tp Mr : r eabody, is 8,70.0,90.
I:Cassia is to receive a fleet of iron clads
lo=pAymeat. of Russian America.
It is nnderstooii that Surratt wilt be
T GreatDa sEnT n g i z z : h — A Nl v a r d o a kt ui g e i 3 t
, E ci .
ai i: :
e t suchlln-I: win n h d' ritir f l r o
LAW OF EsTi t kYs.—The f4llOwiDg is
i Th iC or rl n ° t w on, T the
a s to
the law with reference to eatrays :
tiftc c p l o a s s se se B s a s :
Persons having any stray cattle or I i i:e a d at th a e n s d ei P e s n Y ' cinmetrician' Who
has "I°4 "
; has now located herself at 1 1.
horses in ' their possession.are liable in
; Madame Thornton
the eum or five dollars, and will receive
no comunsation for damages or costs, powers of second sight,
if they fail to report the fact to the part knowledge of the greatest
Town Clerk within four days, and it is the single t. or i married h of ei• sex. Whilee to
his duty to make record of the same,
t a ll s r t es te
of the
rapnercseo,nsyeoudellTleated the very fea.
subject to the same punishment in default '
the aid cf an instrument e t:i77. and by
thereof. If the owner of the astray known as the Ps ch 1 ."*e P olv er,
, y omotrope, unta i p- '
presents himself to the Clerk within ten produce a life-like picture of the futu " h l te
days, he is entitied to receive his prop- band or wife of the applicant. N ett ,:
c, 11 .e . '
arty on payment of charges. If, after date of marriage, position in life, leadhw treitbto
•the expiration of that time, no owner is
t o h f ou ch s : T r i a d o s te o r ;
t & es c ti .
mo T n his s is no humbug, ,
found, the person possessing the astray Will send when desired u' a l te e" ' "sell.
is required to advertise it • and if within or writtenguarantee , that certified certificate
the picture is what
daysno - ''' -
sixty thereafter owner 'appear, it purports to be. By enclosing a small lock
the person taking np the same shall ap- of hair, and stating place of birth, age, di sp°.
ply to a Justice of the Peace in the sitter' and complexion, and enclosing fifty
township, who is required to issue his cents lf and stamped .l envelope addressed to your
warrani to a Constable,.who, after giving sinefo,n)n'oauti:
receive the picture and desired
return mail. All connunka
ten days notice, is required to sell the tions confidential . sacredly y Address in conti
same.--the money for which is to be paid d en ", ivr
......I.DAME. E. F. TI4ORIITON, P.O. Boy,
into the hands of the Justice of the 223, Hudson, rl. V.'
Peace, who is to Day all reasonable
charges for the cost olkeep,registering,
advertising, selling, &c., and the balance,
if there be any, to be paid into the coun
ty treasury -impo-nra:mid:
air What lady would wear false hair
or curls, when, by an outlay of one dol
lar, she can procure an article that will
cause her hair to curl in wavy ringlets,
or heavy, massive curls? - It does not
injure the-hair, but on the contrary,
ders it soft, glossy and healthful. ft is
etßally efficacious an curling thehair of
the opposite sex. Messrs Berger.
Shntts & Co., Chemists, of Troy. N. Y..
are agents for the same. See their card
in, another column.
110- We are surprised to, see children
wearing shoes with ragged holes at the
toes-- : wnstipg their parents' money, and
endangering their health, when fora tri r
fle more, shoes with copper or the new
and beautiful silver Tips can be had
which never weak out at the toes, thus
preventing these two seriouse evils.—N.
Y. Post.
INT Attention is called to the adver
tiseinent, anOther'c - olumn, of Madame
£l. A. Perrigo, of Buffalo, N. Y., the
great Astrologist and Clairvoyant. Ma
dame P. can be consulted by letter, on
all affairs of life, paet, present and future
itizr A woman has just died at Kronen
in the Grand DuChy of Baden, at the age
of hundred and twenty-four. She had
exercised the calling of 'a beggar -for
upward of a hundred years without inter
The testimony of negroPs in a suit
where both parties were white has just
been admitted in the Municipal Court.
at Richmond, Va. Itis the tirst instance
of the kind under a new law just passe I
by the Legislature.
irsir 0. H. Browning, Andy Johnson's
secretary of the interior, died in Wash
ington, on' Monday evening last. •
SpcciaL Notitts'
til' , 'Consusiertorr curable by Dr. Schenck's
Medicines. To cure Consumption, the system
must be prepared so that the lunge will heal.
To accomplish this,. the liver And stomach
must first be.cleansed and an appetite created
for good wholesome food, which, by these
mediCines, willbe digested properly, and goed
healthy blood made; thus - building up tte
constitution: •Schenck's Mandrake Pills
cleanse the stomach of all bilious or mucous
accumulations; and : by using the Sea Weed
Tonic in connection, the appetite is restored.
" Schenck's • Pulrnonic Syrup is nutriciousas
*ell as medicinal, and, by using the three
remedies, all impurities are expelled from the
system, and good, wholesome blood made,
which will repel all disease. If patients will
take these medicines according to directions,
ConsurriPtion very frequently in its last stages
yields readily to their' action. Take the pills
frequently, to cleanse the liver and stomach.
It does not follow that 'because the bowels are
not costive they are not required, for some
times in diarrhea they are necessary. The
stomach must be, kept health), and au appe
tite created to allow the Pulmonic Syrup to
act on the respirat yy Organs properly and allay
any irritation: Then all that is required to
perform a perinanent cure is, to Prevent taking
cola; exercise about the rooms as much as pos
sible, eat: all the richest food—fat meat, game,
and, in fact, anything the appetite. craves . ;
but be
,particular and masticate well. „ [2
A YuIING LADY returning: te' her country
home, after a sojourn of a feW months in the
city, was hardly recognized by her • friends,
In place of a coarse, rustic, flushed face, she
had a soft ruby complexion of almost nimble
smoothness, and instead % of twenty-three she
really appeared 'but eighteen. , Upon inquiry
as to the cause OEB3 great a change, site plain.
IY told them that she used the CIRCASSIAN
BALLlyalld CC:llSidtred it an invaluable acqui
sition to any Lady's toilet. By its use any
Lady or Gentleman can improve.their per:on
al appearance an hundred fold: It is simple
in its combination, as Nature herself is simple,
yet unsurpassed in its efficacy in drawing im
purities' from, Also healing, cleansing and
beautifying the skin and complexion. By its
direct action on the cuticle it draws from it all
its impurities, kindly, healing the same, and
leaving the suiface as Nature intened it
should be, clear, soft, smooth and beautiful.
Price $l, sentby Mail or express, on receipt
of an order,by W. L. Cidiax & Co.,
No. 3 West Fayette St., Syracuse, N. Y.,
The only American Agent; for the sale - of
the same.
proved Rose Waslicnires secret,. and delicate
disorderi irl all their stages, at little expense,
little or no change of diet, no inconvenience,
lift 3 d no 'exposure: It is pleasant in taste and
-odor;lannediatellt its action, - and free from
ngton, the world renowned Astrologist an
Somnambulistic Clairvoyant, while in a clair
voyant state, delineates the very features of
the person you are to marry, and by the a il
of an instrument *ofintense power, known as
the Psychomotrope, guarantees to produce a
perfect and life-like picture of the future hus
band or wife of the applicant, with date of
marriage, occupation, leading traits of charac
ter, &c. This is no imposition, as testimonials
without number can assert. By stating place
of birth, age, disposition, culor of eyes and
hair, and enclosing fifty cents, and stamped
envelope addressed to yourself, you will re
ceive the picture by return mail, together with
desired information.
k Address in confidence, MADAME GER
TRUDE ,REMpiGITOPT 3 P. V. Box 29i, West
Troy, N. Y.
THE PUZZLE OF THE. Ace !—The sharpest
observers give it up. People who are pro
verbial for their critical perceptions are utter
ly at fault. No living eye can detect any dl
ference between the richest blach and browns
that nature has bestowed upon the hair, and
the superb artificial tints conferred upon grey,
red or sandy hair, by the incomparable rep.
table aient, CRISTADORO'S HAIR one. With
the color it imparts bus' re, end does not dim.
inish the flexibility of the fibres. Manufact•
ured by J. Cristadoro, 6 Astor House, New
York. Applied by all hairdressers.
Firosons or YoUTH.—A gentleman who der
feted for years from Nervous debility, Preen
fare decay, and all the effects of youthful is
discretion, will, for the sake of FuTe!ing hu
manity, send free to all who need it, the ,eei
pe and directions for making the simple reme
dy by which he was cured. Sufferers aishini
to profit by the advertiser's experience, canjo
so, by addressing in perfect confidence.
JOHN B. OGDE 1, 42 Cedar street, N Y
disease, whether of the stonrieh and bowe',
enlargement of the joint, , , rheuilate pins,
cutaneous eruptions, even dyspeptic com
plaints, boils, or whatcvar form so h 'scat
disease puts on, are so many “PoiVs;oc a
disordered state of the blond Alli
which BRA Nl3ll F.T11 5 6 . PILLS correct sad coo?
Experience and 40,000 certificates say this is
FC2 ITCH ! !!! Scrdtriz
Scratch. !! Scratch ! ! WHEATON'S OINT
MENT will cure the ITCH in 4S hours. Also
cures Salt Rheum, Ulcers, C !tartans and al
eraptions of the skin. Price 50 cents. For
sale by all druggists. By sending 60 cents to
WEEKS & POTTER, sole age,ds, 170 WilAiing
ton-st., Boston, it will be forwarded by mail,
free of postage, to any part of the Union.
Ruchu is the Creed Diuretic.
Is the Great HI od Purifier.
Both are prepared according to flaps of
Pharmacy and Chemistry, and are the mot
active that can be made.
FREE TO Ev ERYBODY.—A large ti pp. Circu
lar, giving information of the greatest import
tance to the young of both saxes.
It teaches how the homely may become
beautiful, the despised respected, and the for
saken loved. No young lady or geuticman
should fail to send their address, ace receive
a copy post-paid, by return mail.
Address P. 0. Drawer,2l,
Troy, N. Y•
Ilelmbcld's Extract Buchu.
G ently it penetrates through every pore,
• R elieving sufferers from each angry sore ;
A 11 wounds it heals with certainty and speed
C uts, Buriis r from inflamation soon are freed;
Eruptions, at its presence disappear; [deal!
S kins lose each stain, and the complesioas
Salve, such as Grace's every - one should buy,
lA. 11 to its wondrous merits testify - ,
L et those who doubt, a single boa but try, —
V (4'4, then its true deserts 'Mould have;
E ven Unbelievers would laud GRACE'S Salve
H. L. 6- E. J. ZA143 1 ",
.- p reittdel , s ,
AA IF: Corner of North Queen -St.,
Centre Square, Lancaster, aand
Swiss Watches at the lowest lle6oll
cash raiese
We buy E are prepared to se 1 1l M
ufacturers, and can, and do sell Watc h " fI9
directly from the Imprters and Man
low as they can be bought in Philadelphia 01
A fine stock of "clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles:
Silver and Silver-plated ware constantlyo
hand. Every article fairly represanted.
H. L.
Corner North Queen Street and Centre : SE. J. ZAII:11S, e
1" 17
First National Bank of liarietts.
is now prepared to transact all lords of
The Board of Directors meet weelcl):, 011
Wednesday, for diacount and other bon -IM.
Ernanlc /Tours : From 9A•M 10 3 PS T,
AMOS BO WMA N, Cashier.
lizuoartnorns (Piles.) Rceers' B°lBnie
Ointment cures the Piles and Skin disease:.
50 cents a box. Sent by ands for 60 ctreet,
Address Dr. S. Augers. 205 Doak s
SPIC EBOXE S,sugar boxes, nun ja.s,
dow blinds,