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50 001, voning,yee4 $6, iBB7.
rrltie Morning Passenger train for Lan
and Philadelphia Philadelphia will leave the upper
eon at 12 mines w est w ard 8 o'clock. The
: g o trent going will pass upper
' l oon at 7 minuted after 12 o'clock, NOON.
v i e liarrisburg accommodation train eastward
s oi pass st 26 minutes after 5 o'clock, in the
12ernaon and returning 'strive here at 43
;lotto after 6 o'clock in the evening.
attest of Friday was very spirited—no
last than three tickets in the Beld. The
Bret was styled the' "Pig Ringer,"—the
woa d the "Citizens" and the last the
.Beriblicao." It . will be observed that
somber of c andidates were on two if
the tickets sod were thus elected. We
a ppend the number of votes each candi
date received, but cannot give tbre vote
° r eac h ticket separate and entire. Our
ro o d fleoseal has again tied a compet
iior—o be did last year.
Chief Burgess :
John Barr, 93
Asst. Burgess :
A. Lindsay. 85
Town Council :
(leo. U. Goodman, 123
Lewis Houseal, 108
S. L. Dellinger. 93
F. Waller. 108
F. Maulick, 80
Borough Judge:
B. F. McElroy. 103
J. M Hanle!). 104
Amos B. Mechem. 82
Borough Constable :
W. Fryberger. 133
Town clerks :
Henry Bucher. 89
A. R. Erisman. 109
Township Judge:
John Peck, Jr. 144
lospecl or :
John Iltighes. 111
F. B. Curran. 101
Asst Assessors:
Dr. J. Cushman. 106
David Harry. 95
School Directors :
David W. Coble. 125
Allen S. Ruby. 90
Asst. Constable :
Benjamin Taylor. 135
(.;bief Burgess :
James Park. 13
Asst. Burgess :
Charles Girod. 16
Town Council :
John Barr. 29
A. Lindsay-
Len is 13 onseal.
S. G. Biestand.
Geo. U. Goodman.
Borough Judge
E. F. McElroy.
Icopectore :
J. M. Elooleu.
Amos B. Macleo.
Borough Constable
W. Fryberger.
Tows, clerks :
A. R. Brisman.
Christ. Bunten. 15
Township Judge :
John Peck, Jr.
Henry Bucher. - 29
Assessor :
George Shreiner, 27
Asst. Assessors :
Reuben Welchem. 38
David Barry.
School Directors:
David W. Coble.
G. W. Meba fey. 30
Asst. Constable
Benjamin Taylor.
Chief Bt•gess :
Tilos Stet.ce 112
Asst. Burgess :
John K. Fidler. 114
Town C uncil :
Barr Spar gler, 95
J. J. Libhart, 96
(1, A. Mayling, 104
8. C. Iliestaud, 117
Alex. Lyndsay. 122
Borough Judge :
C. E. Nagle. 111
Inspectors :
J: M. Anderson, 111
Edward Busing. 109
Borough Constable :
A. Emswiller. 84
Town clerks:
Theo Erestand, 110
Jas. W. Fidler. 105
Ti wnsbip Judge
Simon Groh. 185
John R. Sammy. 178
A ssessor :
P. L. Baker. 111
Asst. Assessors :
3. M. Laraelere, 122
G. W. Mahaffey. 120
School Directors :
C. A. &hat' tier, 1.17
Abrm. Sammy. 113
Asst. Constable :
Russel A. Child. 106
fi The celebrated Scottish Temper
ance orator, Thomas Roberts, G. W
T., of the I. 0. of G. Ty of Delaware,
will deliver a lecture on Temperance in
/ euiperance Hall, on Friday evening
text, to commence at 7,} o'clock. Mr.
Roberts has lectured in the States of
Delaware and Maryland, and his witti-
Dl'ms and native intelligence make him
a general favorite with the people. The
Mlle is earnestly invited to attend..
IR' The pedestrians from front to
Market street are under obligations to
Mr• Martin, the present proprietor of
Ibe "White Swan," for a pair of large
/ft alPs—one placed at the corner of the
41113 Y on the east of the Hotel, and the
%tier on the corner of the stable, thus
lighting the narrow passage way between
Us Post Office corner and front street.
4 " 8431 Child, who superintended these
im provements, is never behind.
John El, Smyth, the "Black nos
!Ills," Will give cue of hia entertainments
la Temperance Hall, on T ues d a y evening
not, see advertisement in another col
unn• Mr. Smith is a colored man and
Or A certified copy of the following
supplement to the,charter of the borough ,
has been received and is here published
for the benefit of those interested in its
By order of the Chief Burgess.
A Further Supplement to an Act Incur
'prating the Borough of Marietta
in the County of Lancaster.
SECTION I. Be it enacted by the
Senate and House of RepresentatiVes of
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in
General Assembly met, and it is hereby
enacted by the authority of the same,
That the Chief Burgess- and Town
Council of the Borough of Marietta or a
majority of them shall have powei 'and
they or a majority of them are hereby
authorized to issue permits to non resi
dents, dealers and traders in jewelry
wares and all kinds of merchandise in
the said borough and that hereafter all
son residents of said borough before
they shall be permitted to sell or ex
pose to sale any goods, jewelry wares,
or any kinds of merchandise are hereby
required to obtain and procure a permit
from the Chief Burgess and town Coun
cil of the said borough to make such
sales for which permit the sum of ten
dollars shall be paid into the treasury of
said borough and any violation of this
supplement shalt subject the off.tnder
to a penalty not exceeding fifty dollars,
to be levied upon his or her goods and
chattels by process and attachment from
any magistrate, at the instance of the
said Chiel Burgess and Town Council.
Provided, That no permit shall be is
sued or granted for a longer period than
sixty days, at any one time.
Ja.s. R. KELLEY,
Speaker of the House of Representa
Speaker or the Senate.
Approved the seventh day of January,
Auno Domini, one thousand, eight
hundred and sixty-seven
eir The Susquehanna is now in good
running order, and daring the past week
a few rafts arrived at this place. The
Clearfield Journal of the 13th says:
"Owing to the quantity of rain and snow
that has fallen during the past two days,
and the mildness of the air, the water
in the river has reached a good rafting
stage. The prospect fora favorable
rafting flood is excellent, as large quan
tities of snow still remain in the forest,
the melting of Which, under a mild air,
will keep the stream up for some time
to come.
"Notwithstanding . the unpleasantness
of the weather, some of our lumbermen
have been at work on the river, during
the past eight 'days, but have made com
paratively little progress. But as the
air is becoming mild and warm, the opy
ration of "rafting-in" willbe commenced
in earnest. This (Wednesday) morning
however, the streams are quite high,
which will somewhat retard the "raft-
ing-in" business, yet, in the course of
eight or ten days, we anticipate to see a
large number of rafts on their way to the
eastern markets."
fir Prof. Selzer, of New Y ork, lectur
ed before the Marietta Literary society,
on Thursday evening last, to a very
crowded house. Prof. Wells had been
announced as the lecturer, but in conse
quence of an over press of business at
home, Prof. S. was substituted and we
have heard of but one opinion of the sub
eitule, which was a very flattering one.
This lecture closes the course. We
hope to hear of an earlier start next
season, and the selection of a higher
-grade of talent which can only be obtain
ed by liberal contributions from persons
able to contribute liberally. All in ell,
however, this has been an interesting
lecture season, but our next can be made
more so. The "getters-up" deserve many
thanks. .
Cr Robert Crane, of Columbia, who
was nominated Revenue Collector of
this District, by "his Accidency," has
been rejected by the 11. S. Senate. Ed.
gar Cowan, the renegade, has also been
rejected as Minister to Austria. James
Black, who was spoken of for Assessor
of this District, has been, we learn, with-
drawn, and thus our Revenue affairs are
still in the hands of irresponsible subor
dinates. .
itar A flock of wild geese was seen
moving toward the Duffy farm, adjoin
ing town, on Thursday evening last,
when Canova Libhart, son of John Jay
Libhart, and several others, followed
after, Canova "bringing down" a goose
which weighed ten pounds.
gir We bid a flying visit from Mr.
Samuel H. Fulton, for six years a resi
dent of this borough. Mr. F. can be
found by any of his old Marietta friends
at No. 728 Arch et., Philabelphia,
ifir A new foot-bridge across the canal
is about being erected immediately op
posite the "Bieler House." This will
be good news for the pedestrians in that
locality, who have to walk three or four
squares in order to get over the canal.
eir Mr. Geist, as will be seen by an
advertisement in another column, will
open the Wickersham Academy on Mon
day, April first. Mr. G. is too well
known here, as a teacher, to need any
thing at oar hands
sir Rev. Thomas Pearson will preach
in the Methodist church on tomorrow
MA.RIETTIA.N.@\-Ar:• - •
On Thursday, 14th inst. at the Presbyterian l
Personage, by Rev. W. A. Fleming, Mr. I
CHRISTIAN SANER, of East flemptield twp.
twp Lancaster county, Pa.
.%/Irtial NDtitts
Thornton, the Great English Astrologist, Clair
voyant and Psychometrician, who has aston
ished the scientific classes of the Old World,
has now located herself at Hudson, N. Y.
Madame Thornton possesses such wonderful
powers of second sight, as to enable her to im
part knowledge of the greatest importance to
the single or married of el - her sex. While in
a state of trance, she delineates the very fea
tures of the person you are to marry, and by
the aid cf an instrument of intense power,
known as the Psychomotrope, guarantees to
produce a life-like picture of the future hus
band or wife of the applicant. together with
date of marriage, pgsition in life, leading traits
of character, &c. This is no humbug, as
thousands of testimonials can assert. She
will send when desired, a certified certificate
or written guarantee, that the picture is what
it purports to be. By enclosing a-small lock
of hair, and stating place of birth, age, dispo
sition and complexion, .and enclosing futy
cents and stamped envelope addressed to your
self, you will receive the picture and desired
information by return mail. All communica
tions sacredly confidential. Address in confi
dence, MADAME E. F. THORNTON, P.O. Box
223, -Hudson, rv. Y.
Faust A LADY.
West Milton, Saratoga Co., N. Y
July 6, 1666.
Dr. Hostette• --Sir : I have long delayed
writing to you my sincere thanks for the good
you have done my daughter. I can truly say
that nothing but the kind hand of Providence
and your BITTERS have saved her from an
early grave.. For three years I have been
doctoring her with syrups and all kinds of bit
ters that have been recommended to me for
her, besides having two first-rate physicians ;
but all seemed to do her 113 good, while I was
searching the almanacs and all the newspapers
that I could get hold of, in hopes of finding
something that would suit her case. Acci
dentally there' came part of a newspaper
around some goods that I bought at the Spa.
Li looking it over 'I saw at a glance that your
Bitfhrs was just what she needed. Z sent the
next day to Ballston Spa and got a bottle of
your Bitters. She commenced taking them,
and such a change in one week with her ap
petite, and the distress that victuals occasion
ed, and that burning in the stomach, I never
saw in my life, as there was in her. She has
taken three bottles, and is now able to work
all the time. I think there is a little derange
ment of the liver. Please send me. three bot
tles more, which l think will cure her entire
ly. We and others thought she had disease
of the heart, butt at beating and fluttering
that would almost stop her from breathing at
times, is all gone. Yours, with respect,
A Y.urro LADY returning to her country
home, after a sojourn of a few months in the
city, was hardly recognized by her Maids,
In place of a coarse, rustic, flushed face, she
had a soft ruby complexion of almost marble
smoothness, and instead of twenty-three she
really appeared but eighteen. Upon inquiry
as to the cause of sa great a change, she plain
ly told them that she used the CIRCASSIA'
BALIi, and cmisidered it an invaluable acqui
sition to any Lady's toilet. By its use any
Lady or Gentleman can improve their per: on
al appearance an hundred fold. It is simple
in its combination, as Nature herself is simple,
yet unsurpassed in its efficacy in drawing im
purities from, also healing, cleansing and
beautifying the skin and complexion. By its
direct action ou the cuticle it draws from it all
its impurities, kindly healing the same, and
leaving the surface as Nature intened it
should be, clear, soft, smooth and beautiful.
I Price $l, Sent by mail or express, on receipt
I of an order,by W. L. CLARK & Co.,
No. 3 West Fayette St., Syracuse, N. Y.,
The only . American Agents for the sale -of
the same
WONDERFUL. BUT Tana. — Madame Rem
ington, the werld renowned Astrologist an
Somnambulistic Clairvoyant, while in a clair.
voyant state, delineates the very features of
the person you are to marry, and by the aid
of an instrument of intense power, known as
the Psychnmotrope, guarantees to produce a
perfect and life-like picture of the futtire hus
band or wife of the applicant, with date of
marriage, occupation, leading traits of charac
ter, &c. This is no imposition, as testimonials
without number can assert... By stating place
of birth, age, disposition, color of eyes and
hair, and enclosing fifty cents, and stamped
envelope addressed to yourself, you will re
ceive the picture by return mail, together with
desired information.
la — Address in confidence, MADAME. GErt-
Troy, N. Y
Er Deafness, Blindness And Catarrh, trea
ted with the utmost success, by J. ISAACS,
31. D., Oculist and. Aurist, (formerly of Ley
den, Holland,) No. 519 PINE st., Philadel
phia. Testimonials from the most reliable
sources in - the city and country can be - .seen at
his office. The medical faculty are invited tc
accompany their patients, as he hasno secrets
in his practice. Artificial Eyes inserted with
out pain, No charge for examination.
FREE TO EVERYBODY. - A large 6 pp. Circu
lar, giving information of the greatest import
tance to the young of both sexes.
It teaches how the homely may become
beautiful, the despised respected, and the for
saken loved. No young lady or gentlerdan
should fail to send their address, anti receive
a copy post-paid, by return mail.
Address P. 0. Drawer, 21,
Troy, N. Y.
113— Iron ! !! ! Scratch!
Scratch !! Scratch ! I WHEATON'S 0/2.1T-
Hiatt-will cure the ITCH in 48 hours. Also
cures Salt Rheum, Ulcers, Chilbrains and al
eraptione of the akin. Price 50 cents. For
sale by all druggists. By sending 60 cents to
WEEtts & POTTER, sole ageuts, 170 Washing
ton-st., Boston, it will be forwarded by mail,
free of postage, to any part of the Union.
proved Rose Wash cures secret and delicate
disorders in all their stages, at little expense,
little or no change of diet, no inconvenience,
and no exposure. If is pleasant in taste and,l
odor, immediate in its action, and free from
iurioq lokotrtice,
" Mislike me not for my complexion,
The shadow'd livery of the burnished 811[1.' 3 .
41-e Ora-,rei",—Merdide[Mtd.,
By John H.• Smyth,
_Vetter known as _Mack Rosizte,
In Temperance Ball, on Tuesday
Evening next, March 19th.
Barbara Frietchie,
Song of Moses,
Sleeping Seatinel,
Black Regiment,
Sheridan's Ride,
Bingen on the Rhine,
Paul before Agrippa,
Maud Muller, J. G. Whittier,
Mr. Pickwick's Romantic
Adventure with a middle
aged lady in yellow earl papers, Dickens.
To be had of Mr. B. Spangler, and at the door
on the evening of the entertainment.
Doors open at 7 o'clock—lo'commence at 72
Marietta, March 161 1867.
% ‘gyERY
-194 4
A • ts 4 /4" " °
_ -
, -4•.;
The HOWE Sewing Machines.
699 Broadway, sew-York.
Ibe, 3lJahlil ilenobma ,5,61)100
Were awarded the highest premium at
the World's Fair in London, and
six first premiums at the N. Y.
State Fair of 1866, and
Are celebrated fur doing the best work, using
a much smaller needle for the same thread
than any other machine, and by the introduc
of the most approved machinery, we are
now able to supply the very best machines in
the world. These machines are made at our
new and spacious Factory at Bridgeport, ann.
under the immediate supervision of the Presi
dent of the Company, ELI AS HOWE, Jr„ the
original inventor of the Sewing Machine.
The, are adapted to all kinds of Family Sew
ing, Army Clothing, and to the use of Seam
stresses, Dress makers, Tailors, Manufactur
ers of Shirts, Collars, Skirts, Cloaks, Mantil
las, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Corsets, Boots,
Shoes. Harness, Saddles, Linen Goods, Urn
brellas, Parasols, etc. They work equally
well upon silk, linen, woolen and cotton
goods with silk, cotton, or linen thread. They
will seam, quilt, gather. hem, fell, cord, bratd,
bind, and perform every species of sewing,
Making a beautiful and perfect stitch, alike on
both sides of the articles sewed.
The Stitch invented by Mr. HOWE, and
made on this machine, is the most popular
and durable, and all Sewing Machines are sub -
jed to the principle invented by hint.
699 Broadway, Cor. Fourth-St., New-York
February 23, 1367.•6m.]
CA PITA L AND ASSETS, $532,210:49.
rpHIS Company continues to insure Build
ings, Merchandise, and other property,
against loss and damage Ly fire, on the mutual
plan, either for a cash premium cr premium
Whole amount insured,
Less ain't expired in 1865,
Amt of premium notes, Jan. 1,
1865, $420,090:66
Less premium notes expired in
1865, 16,073:45
--- 410,0.7:21
Am't of premium notes recd in '65,115,584:13
Balance of premiums, Jan. 1, '65, 3,830:14
Cash receipts / less commissions, in '65, 40,786:89
Chem - Las,
Losses and expenses paid in 1865, 37,987:88
Balance capital and assets,
January 1, 1866, 532,210:49
GEORGE YOUNG, Jr., geeretarg.
Samuel Shock, 'William Patton,
Robert T. Ryon, John W. Steacy,
John Fendrich, . George Young, Jr.,
H. G. Minch, Nicholas M'Dcluzld,
Samuel F. Eoef Lein, Michael S. Shuman,
Amos S. Green- S. C. Slaymaker,
Edmund Spering.
Columbia, March 30, 1866.- ly.
Blank Book and Stationery
728 Arch Street, Philadelphia,
Ras constantly on hand, and Manufactures
to, order every variety of
for Bankers, Merchants and Manufacturers.
Drafts, Notes, Checks, and Headings of every
description, engraved or lithographed.• A very
full stock of Stationery wholesale or retail.
S. H. Fulton, formerly of Marietta, has
charge of one department of the business, and
will give personal and special attention to any
orders by mail or otherwise. All goods at the
most reasonable rates and all Blank work
guaranteed of the most superior quality
I.HE undersigned takes this means-of in.
forming the citizens of the Borough of
Marietta and vicinity, that he has consented
to-open a Select Sehool,,in the Wickersham
Academy building, on the first Monday in
April. Terms: Tuition for 16 weeks, MOO.
Higher branches, extra, $2:00. For further
particulars apply to " I. S. GEIST.
First National Bank of Marietta. Pa , Feb
ruary 25th, 1867. Capital $lOO.OOO. Surplus
fund, $30,000. Five and one-half pel cent.
Interest'will be paid by this Bank for Depos
ita made for one year.
APAIR of good mules, one 4 years old
the other d, will work well in single or
double harness. The only reason for selling
them is that they are tin slow for the btisiness.
Inquire of W. W. BULLAR,
Maytown Accommodation Line.
March 2,-3t.
"Er A MEL OF AMERICA., for beagtifying
r the complexion, softening the skin, re.
moving tan, freckles and pimples.
Sale.: at Dr. Limdis' "Golden Mortar."
LL kinds of 131anks printed and for sale
W. C. Bryant.
J, G. Whittier.
T. B. Read.
I•rs. De H Janvier
G. H. Baker.
T. B. Read.
Mrs. Norton.
Edgar A. P,3e.
Select School
Interest on Deposits.
Mules for Sale
Unanimously awarded the first prize, a
Gold Medal,
American Institute, New . York, October, ISO. I
Being pronounced superior in Quality.
Power and Variety of tone, and in number of '
"As the best instruments of America were
there contending, whichever won the bat.le
would have nothing left to conquer."—Amer
tcan Art Journal, (edited by a well known •
musical critic.)
They have also taken the first premium
wherever exhibited this season.
PEDAL ORGANS, one, two and there
banks of keys—six sizes— to $1.500
Without pedals, single and double bank in
1 great variety, $55 to $450. These Organs,
1 with their smooth, pipe-like quality of tone,
1 beautiful solo stops, strength of chorus, un
equalled pedals, and general organ -like eftbefs
are superior for. Churches, Halls, Parlors and
Schools. They are put up in cases of solid
Walnut, fancy veneered Walnut ( new and
1 unique styles) and elegant Rosewood, of
splendid designs and finish, and of the best
workmanship I—it being intended that each
instrument shall be a model of its class. All
instruments down to a fine octavo portable
Melodeon have the beautiful Tremolante
stop, without extra charge.
I A large assortment constantly on hand at
t our General Who'.esale and Retail Warerooms
841 Broadwry.
Our I.llusirated Circular and Price, lists.
with ournew styles, are now ready. Eend
I for a circular.
Manufacturers, No. all Broadway, New
York city.
March 9,-stn.
These Pianos are universally acknowledzed
by competent judges equal to the beet Piano
made. For reference they have many thous
and city and country residents• including
large numbers of the High Schools, Seminaries
These Pianos have not only stood the con
tinual use and heavy practice of One Year,
but have been used the last Fifteen Years to
the utmost satisfaction of those using them.
They have taken Premiums and Medals
wherever exhibited. Such has been the de•
mend for these Pianos, that Messrs. litinEs
'Lao's., have been compelled to enlarge their
works to the extent of 24 to 30 pianos a week.
Having now one of the most extensive and
complete Factories in the United States, Fac
tories alone covering over 3.4 of an acre of
ground, comprising a frontage of 219 feet on
2nd Avenue.
They are undoubtedly the cheapest first
class Pianos in market. Fully guaranteed
for .5 years: Send for illustrated Circular.
356, 358, 360, 362, 364, 366, 368, 370, 372,
Second Avenue, New York City.
March 9,-3m
PERUVIAN SYRUP.—A protected solution
of the Protoxide of iron, supplies the Blood
with its life element, iron, giving strength,
vigor and new life to the whole system.
If the thousands who are suffering from
Dyspepsia, Debility, Female Weaknesses, &c.,
would but test the virtues of the Peruvian
Syrup, the effect would not only astonish
themselves but would please all their friends ;
for instead of feelingocross, "all gone" and
miserable, they would be cheerful, vigorous
and active.
I have tried the Peruvian Syrup, and the
result fully sustains your prediction. It has
made a new man of me, infused into my sys
tem new vigor and energy ; I am no longer
tr,mulous and debilitated, as when you last
saw me, but stronger, heartier, and with larg
er capacity for labor, mental and physical,
than at any time during the last five . years.
Thousands have been changed by the use of
this remedy from weak, sickly, suffering crea
tures, to strong, he-ilthy, and happy men and
women; and invalids cannot reasonably hesi
tate to give it a Hal.
The genuine has " PERUVIAN SYRUP"
blown in the glass. A 32 page pamphlet will
be sent free.
J. P. DINSMORE, Proprietor, 36 Dey St., N.
Y., and by all Druggists.
AsiEsaußY, IVIASS., OCT. 13th, 1865.
Mr. Grace—Dear Sir :--Ilaving been af
flicted grievously for several weeks with a se
ve.e abscess upon my -side, I used several
remedies for its eradication without receiving
any relief, until I applied your salve, which
effected a speedy and permanent cure. I
therefore feel happy to certify my confidence
in its virtues. Yours with respect,
I certify to the truthfulness of the above
statement. H. S. DEARBORN, M. D.
Prepared by SETH W. FO ,'LE & SON, 18
Tremont St., Boston, and for ,sale by 'Drug
gists generally.
Auburn, Golden, Flaxen, and
Silken Curls,
PRODUCED by the use of Prof. De Breaux ,
Friser Le Cheveux. One application war
ranted to curl the most straight and stubborn
hair of either sex into wavy ringlets, or heavy
massive curls. Has been used by the fashion
ables of Paris and London with the most gra
tifying results. Does no injury to the hair.
Price by mail, sealed and postpaid, $l. De
. scriptive circulars mailed free. Address BER
GER, SHuTTs st Co., Chemists, No. 285 Riv
er St., Troy, N. Y., Sole agents for the Unit
ed States.
eipsteliaYs fair gxtertirmto. )1
For Removing Superfluous Hair.
To the ladies especially this invilutt.l. - - -
pilatory recommends itself as being an almost
indispensable article to female beauty, is eas
ily applied, does not burn or injure the skin,
but acts directly on the roots. It is warrant
ed to remove superfluous hair from low fore
heads, or from any part of the body, complete
ly, totally and radically extirpating the same,
leaving the akin soft, smooth and natural.
This is the only article used by the French,
and is the only real effectual depilatory in ex
istence. Price 75' dents per package, sent
post-paid, to any address, on receipt of an or
der, by BERGER, SRUTTS & Co.,
" • Chemists,
285 River St., Troy, N. Y.
FORCED to grow upon the smoothest face in
from three to five weeks by using Dr. Sev
igne's Restaurateur Capillaire, the most won
derful discnvery in modern science, acting
upon the beard and hair in an almost miracu
lous manner. It has.been used' by the elite of
Paris and London With the most flattering suc
cess. Names of all purchasers will be regist
ered, and if entire satisfaction is not given in
every instance, the money will be cheerfully
refunded. Price by mail, sealed and postpaid,
$l. Descriptive_ circulars and testimonials
• mailed free. Address BERGER, SHIJ TTS
Co,, Chemists, No. 285 River Street, Troy,
N. Y. Sole agents for the United States.
COAL HODS, Coal Selves, Coal Shovels
P' kers, Stove Grates, Cylinders and Li
nings of different kinds, kept on band at .
HAIR ROLLS, the latest fashion—call
at Mrs. ROTH'S Variety Store and a
them—all the rage now, in the cities.
TO B PRINTING - of every alieriptign ex
eeuted with neatness and dieplithh at the
0 'Lee of The Mariettian.
SHADES at remarkably low pipett—
e OV. Sear SYAWar.$ll.
200,000 fuilisilea fig, S.GobetplOrtf.
Army Revolver, 44-100 inch Calibre,
Navy Revolver, 36-100 " "
Belt Revolver, Navy-size Calibre,
Police Revolver, 1) fl 30
New Pocket Revolver, 51-100 in. Calibre,
Pocket Revolver, [Rider's patent] 31-l a oo in.
Repeating Pistol, [Elliot patent] No. 22 and
32 Cartridge, [ridge,
Vest Pocket Pistol, No. 22,30,32 and 41 Cart-
Gun Cane, No. 22 and 32 Cartridge,
Breech Loading Rifle, (Beak's) No. 32 and 38
Revolving Rifle, 36 and 41-100 inch Calibre
Moore & Nichols, New-York,
Win. Read & Son, Boston,
Jos. C. Grubb & Co., Philadelphia,
Poultney & Trimble, Baltimore,
Henry Folsom & Co., New Orleans,
Johnson, Spencer, & Co., Chicago,
L. M. Rumsey•& Co., St. Louis,
Albert E. Crane, San Francisco
March 2, 1867. 30-6 m.
VE have just replenishedmur Stock w ith
the latest choice desigas of
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
purchased at greatly reduced prices, and
which we are selling at prices gratifying to
purchasers. We have full lines of the best
makes of Black and Colored Wool Delaines,
Superior Black and Fancy Silks,
Itich sty Silk Warp Poplins,
Various g'ffsdes black and colored Alpacas,
French, Scotch aid American Ginghams,
10000 yards Fanoy and Mourning Prints,
Childress, Misses arid Ladies Balmorals,
"Swisses, Cambrics and Jaconetts,
Cambric and Swiss edging and Inartings,
Bleact and unbleached muslins of all
Cassimeres and Cloths for Spring wear,
Jeans, Cottonades and Denims,
Plain and Fancy plaid Wool Shirtings.
BARGAINS For New Housekeepers.
Ticking in all widths, very cheap,
Furniture Check, in great variety,
Linen and colored Cotton Osnaburgs.
Linen and Cotton, White and unbleached
Towels and Toweling, plain and figured,
Cotton and Woolen, Blight colored Cov
French and American Counterpanes,
100 pair white and colored Blankets,
Ingrain, Venetian, Stair and Rag Carpets,
Floor and Table Oil Cloths, all widths,
Transparent Oil cloth and Holland blinds,
Rosewood, Mahogany, and Walnut frame
Looking Glasses,
Wool, Linen and Cotton carpet Chain,
Superior steamed live picked Feathers.
46, 67 and 110 ps Setts Iron Stone Ware,
Granite and Iron stone Chamber setts,
Fine and Common Glass ware of all kinds,
Common Queensware in variety.
Sugars, Coffees, Teas, Dried Fruit,
Salt, Fish, Spices, etc., etc.
nr- An early call is solicited.
AFFLICTED ! !---Suffer no More.!
When by the use of Dr. Joinville's Elixir,
you can be cured permanently and at a trifling
The astonishing success which has attended
this invaluable medicine for physical and ner
vous weaknesses, general debility and prostra
tion; loss of muscular energy. Impotency, or
any of the consequences of youthful indiscre
tion, renders it the most valuable preparation
ever discovered.
It will remove all nervous affections, de
pression, excitement, incapacity to study or
business, loss of memory, confusion, thoughts
of self-destruction, fears of insanity, &c. It
will restore the appetite, renew the health of
those who have destoyed it by sensual excess
or evil practices.
Young men, be humbugged no more by
"Quack Doctors," ant ignorant practitioners,
but send without delay for the Elixir, and be
at once restored to health and happiness. A
perfect cure is guaranteed in even instance
Price, $l, or four bottles to one address, $3.
One bottle is sufficient to effect a cure in all
ordinary cases.
Also, Dr. Joinville's Specific Pills, for the
. speedy and permanent core of Gonorrhea,
Gleet, Urethral discharges, Gravel, Stricture,
1 and all affections of the Kidneyi and Bladder.
' Cures effected in from one to five days. They
are prepared from vegetable extracts that are
harmless on the system, and never nauseate
the stomach or impregnate the breath. No
change of diet is necessary while using them.
I nor does their action in any manner interfere
with business pursuits. Price, $1 per box.
Either of the above-mentioned articles will
be sent to any address, closely sealed, and
post-paid, by mail or express, on receipt of
price. Address all orders to
BERGER, SHUTTS & Co., Chemists.
No. 285 River Street, Troy, N. Y.
Throw away your false frizzes, your switch
es, your wig—
Destructive of comfort, and not worth a fig;
Come aged, come youthful, come ugly and fair,
And rejoice in your own luxuriant hair.
- For restoring hair upon bald heads (from
whatever cause it may have fallen out ) and
forcing a growth of hair upon the face, it has
i no equal. It will force the beard to grow
upon the smoothest face in from five to eight
weeks, or hair upon bald heads in from two to
three months. A few ignorant practitioners
i have asserted that there is nothing . that will
I force or hasten the growth of the hair or beard.
1 Their assertions are false, as thousands of 'iv
' ing witnesses (from there own experience)
can bear witness. But many will say, how
' are we to t'istinguish the genuine from the
spurious 1 It certainly is difficult as nine
tenths of the different Preparations advertised
1 for the hair and beard are entirely worthless,
and you may have already thrown away large
amounts in their purchase. To such we
would say, try the Reparator Capili ; it will
1 cost 'you nothing unless it fully comes up to
I our representations. If your druggist does not
I keep it, send us one dollar and we will for
; ward it, postpaid, together with a receipt for
the money, which will be returned you on ap-
Vacation, providing entire satisfaction is rof
given. Address,
W. L„CLARIC ac CO., Chemists,
No 3 West Fayette Street, Syracuse, N. Y.
H B .
1 TROUT, ht. D.,
Offers his professional services to the citizens
of Marietta and vicinity.
-OrrrcE:—ln the Rooms formerly occupied
by Dr. F. Hinkle, Market-st., Marietta.
Surgeon Dentist,
Spangler & Bieh's Store, second floor,
pIAHNES.T-OCK'S Nonpareil themielki
Writing Fluid now ready and for sale
Important NM'S !
Ealy Spiag Styles.
- VCTorra.ll,
l AEI" 'i'- TA, PA.