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Saturday Morning, February 23. 1867,
*Er Godey'lßaOy's. book for March is
on our table. There ate -fifty engrav
ings in this number. "Watching Baby,"
the steel engraving, is a most excellent
design. Colored fashion plate—six
beautiful figures and very truthful in the
styles. "The Robbins," another beau
tiful wood cut. An engraving of a
handsome villiage or suburban res idence
with plan, is also given in this number
The literary department is filled with in_
teresting reading matter. Terme 83.00
per annum in advance. Address L. A.
Godey, N. B. Corner of Sixth and Chest
nut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.
cir A.bill making it unlawful for any
person to practice medicine, surgery,
and midwifery, in Philadelphia, who has
not a diplonia from some respectable
college or university, under a penalty of
$lOO for each offence, has been reported
negatively by the General Judiciary com
mittee ; as also has one inflicting a pen
alty of $lOO for any, newspaper to pub
lish any gift enterprise or scheme in the
shape of lotteries to dispose of real es
tate,jewelry, greenbacks, or other things,
of value.
eir The Secretary of War has decided
that every bounty claimant re
garded as having served to the end of
the war, who enlisted for three years,
and was mustered out with hie organize_
tion because the services of the latter
were no longer required, and is there
fore entitled to the additional bounty
under the act of July 28th, 1866. This
Is really a very important decision, as it
admits the claims of a large class of soh
Tiers for the additional bounty, who
would otherwise be debarred from the
privileges of that act.
GT' Many persons injure themselves
by absurd and foolish trials 'of physical
strength. We are told' in one of bur
exchanges of a young man at Milwaukie,
who, bbasting of his strength, said he
could knock , the panel • out of a door
with a single blow of his fist. He tried
the experiment, knocked the panel out,
but his band has been paralyzed by the
injury inflicted upon it, and is gradually
withering up.
lir John and Patrick McCcillougb,
of St. Clair, Schuylkill county, had a
hearing a few•days since on the charge
of distilling and selling whisky without
:% Government license. A. sample of
the article made was obtained, and it is
aid that among the materials used in
tts manufacture were molasses and horse
manure. What a palatable, beverage
that must be!
er So great is the destitution in
:'Zorth Oarorina, and so stringent the pe
• iniery affairs of the people, that the
:sheriff of Pitt County was lately mob
.3d, and
,Ltll his writs and executions
ore burned ; and the Legislature has
been forced to pass a "Relief Bill," un
,!or the provisions of which the payment
a debt may be deferred one year.
fir The New York Commercial Ad-
, rtiser says that recently ei Connecti
' t farmer'awire, noted for a keen eye
the finances . , was told by her husband
'lst the church had elected Mai de aeon,
aereupon ehe eagerly inquired, " How
:ich money will you get by it ?"
o—Kentucky is sadly in need of mar
11.1,l law. The State is most entirely
Jed by lynch law. The Governor, nna
e furnish State militia, has
,mpelled to ask for a detachment of
Cnited States troops to preserve quiet.
fir Samuel A. Cornmao, a young
,ember of the bar, pleaded guilty in the
1.. carter Sessions in Philadelphia, on Fri
y, to a charge of forgery, and was sen
. Jced by Judge Ludlow to an imprison
....nt of ehree' years.
. The Kansas Legislature on Feb
:•.Lry 6, ameAded the State suffrage bill
striking out the word, "male"—or in
• her words, extending the suffrage to
aw The Long , Bridge across the Po
,luae River at Washington was swept
on. February - 5, by the breaking up
the ice
al" The Swatara, with Sarratt on
ard,,arrived at the Washington navy
ed, on Sunday night. - The prisoner
io good health.
far 13 enford Conover, indieted for per.
y in ;:giving false testimony against
Lincoln assassins was convicted on
, The• ippointreent or 'Cowan, as
aieter to.:Atistria, was rejected by the
• • nate.
AT Moscow had gas for the first time
its eventful histOry, on the 15th of
ifir The Home Amusement for March
is received. It fully sustains its former
reputation as one of thi! best and choicest
lady's and family magazines published.
Every number shows a decided improve
ment on the preceding one, both in its
choice selections, typographical execu
tion and beautiful appearance. Its pub
lishers have adopted a form and a style
for a parlor magazine unsurpassed in this
country. Every number is printed on
the best p?re white book paper, sized
and calendered, folded, stitched and trim
med in book form, for binding. The
magazine, for one year, complete, will
comprize a beautiful volume, larger than
Webster's Unnbridged Dictionary of 416
pages. This is sent semi-monthly for on
ly $1 50 per annum. It is, therefore, the
cheapest eemi-,monthly magazine pub
lished in the United States.
Its stories are all chaste, amusing and
instructive. Every number contains two
or three original stories, selected tales,
a number of pieces, of selected poetry,
amusing anecdotes, sparkling wit and hu
mor. with a review_ of the fashions and
passing events.
The first, story of• the present number,
entitled "How I Was Duped," a ,tale
from French life, showing the cunning
intrigue in metropolitan life to beset the
young and unwary, is alone worth the
entire subscription for one year for the
lesson it .conveys.
The second story, "The Miser and his
Treasure," showing the vanity of ill got
gain, is worth a volume of sermons to
the young. Every mether should place
this number in the hands of their sons ;
and with each article ,and paragraph we
could say the same.
Large and valuable prizes, consisting
of W heeler & Wilson's Sewing M achines,
Washing Machines, Clothes Wringers,
Hoop Skirts, Engravings, &c., are sent
to persons rising clubs.
It is sold by agents everywhere, Sam
ple copies to agents raising clubs are
sent free. Address the publishers of
Home Amusement, 78 Nassau street,
New York.
l ir Mr. . ayard Taylor and his family
sailed on Saturday for' Southampton It
is Mr. Taylors intention to remain abroad
for about a year and a half, spending the
ensuing spring and summer in. Germany,
and the autumn and-:Winter in Italy.
He will also make short journals to
places not heretofore visited by him—
Sicily, the Balearic isles, &c. .
air A. chiropodist in Buffalo has a
huge sign on which is painted in flesh
color a human foot, with as much of the
leg as would reach up to the knee at
tached, covered with warts, bunions, car
buncles, contusions; swellings, and all
manner of horrid and unnatural deform
Gir The most unhappy person in the
world is the dyspeptic. Everything
looks dark and gloomy ; . he feels "out
of 'sorts" with himself and every body
else. Life is a burden to him. This can
all be changed by taking Peruvian Syr
up (a protoxide of Iron). Cases of 27
years standing have been cured by it.
d A,railroa i d from MartiusbUrg,
to Hagerstown, Md., is projected and
will soon be under way. It is to be an
extension of the Cumberland Valley road
running now , from Harrisburg to Hagers
or In Washington county, Tenn.,
twenty miles northeast of Jonesboro, is
an ancient birch tree, on tho bark of
which is still legible the following in
scription : "1771—D. Boone killed, a
garJalias Wintelmeyer, worth half a
million dollars, died in St. Louis Onjan.
29th. He left all his wealth to his wife,
with the exception of one dollar to each
of his children.
eir A bill has been introduced into
the State Legislature for the repeal of
all laws or parts of laws, providing for
State Inspectors of flour, leather, whisky,
bark, &c.
ear The table' on which the Declara
tion of Independence was signed and the
"Hancock chair," are hereafter to be
kept in Independence Hall,• Philadelphia
instead of at Harrisburg.
ear The dome of the Capitol at Wash
ington is lighted by means of 1,083 gas
burners. which Can be lighted in a mo
ment by the agency of. electricity.
eir The Catholics of Erie have or
ganized a temperance society, the mem
bership in which is to be confined, to
adherents of the church.
rln Jackson county, lowa, one
night last week, three brothers married
three sisters.
eir There is a young lady in: Marie:.
burg who oatrplay two pieces at once on
the piano, and at the same time shit;
i On •Tuesday next, February 26th,
the great Temperance convention will
convene at Harrisburg. •
Orr Had President Lincoln lived un
til Tuesday last, (February 12th) be
wouldatave-beep 58 yearn old.
shr The negro suffrage is now the law
of Tennessee.
V ~ ~ .~i. R ~ ~ A
News in 313thf
They have a quick way of dissolving
the matrimonial fauna in Chicago. One
day last week a dissatisfied wife applied
for divorce, the papers were made out,
the alimony determined, the request
granted, and the lawyers paid—all inside
of four hours.
A singular law-suit is now on trial at
Albany. Two young men each married
but a few weeks got sick of their wives
and proposed to "swop," and very sin
gularly the wives consented. But the
husband of the homeliest promised to
pay $3O "to boot," and as he has nsglect
ed to hand over, suit has been brought
to recover the money.
Jay Cooke, the banker, has recently
been buying some magnificent paintings
for his grand residence; now nearly com•
pleted, at. Cheltenham, near Philadelph
ia. A picture by Nebling, "After the
battle," cost him 5,000. Eight, years
ago Jay Cooke was connected with a
Cincinnati banking bonse•at a salary per
year not half as much as he gave for, "Af.
ter the battle." But he earned his.means
and deserves his luxuries.
The goldedriile for a young lady'is to
converse with your young female friends
as if a gentleman were present; and with
young men as if your female companiOns
were present.' Well warrant it to be
chaste and becoming.
Two Irishmen were traveling when
they stopped to examine a guide board.
"Twelve miles to Portland," said one.
"Just sex miles apiece," said the other.
And they trudged on, apparently well
satisfied f at the small distance.
The tax on whiskey will not be reduc
ed, and whiskey offered for sale at 'a less
price than the tax—s 2 per gallon—will
be confiscated.
The Ways and Means Committee of
the Rouse have agreed upon the aboli
tion of the tax on incomes under $l,OOO,
and a five per cent. tax on all incomes
over that amount.
After a wearisome struggle that must
have exhausted both friends and foes, the
bill providing for the acceptance by the
National Government of the gift of
League Island as a site . for an Iron-clad
naval depot has passed both houses of
Congress in a concurrent shape and now
goes to the President for signature.
The bill amending the act organizing
the several territories, conferring suffrage
therein without regard to race or color,
has become a law without the Presi
dent's approval. It was presented to
him on the 12th ult., aud•he had not re
turned it within the ten days , allowed by
the Constitution. The bill repealing
the timnesty and pardon authority given
to , the President, became a law in a sim
ilar way.
By a vote of the West Virginia Leg
islature it has been decided that Mor
gantown, in M onongahel a county, is to be
the new capititl of that State. Hereto
fore the seat of government has been at
Wheeling, u the extreme northwest cor
ner of West Virginia, MorgantOwn is
situated on the Monongahela river.
The Buffalo Commercial Advertiser
states that the First National Bank of
that city has, in a period of four years,
accummulated a surplus greater than its
original capital, and without impairing
this surplus, it•paid its proprietors a div
idend for the past year of fifty percent.
Since 1821 Mexico has had twenty
three presidents, seven dictators, two
emperors, one president and one
generalissimo—or an average of a new
ruler every sixteen months. `lhe long
est reign has been three years.
Hon. C. V. Culver, who was connect
ed with the great Beni failures in the
oil regions, was tried before the Court
at Franklin, and acquitted.
A man in Fredericksburg, Va:, was
knocked down by lightning, and cured
of rheumatism. He don't recommend
the remedy. •
Rev. Father Ashley Pool, a distin
guished. Methodist clergyman, died in
his eighty-fifth year, recently, at his
residence near Morgantown, West Vir
The Senate -Foreign Committe hive
reported against Cowan as minister to
.Austria. There never was a.shadow .of
a chance for him.
A colored man has been finedll and
costs in New London, Ct., for groaning
like' a possum in meeting.
George Everson.dropped dead while
dancing at a ball in Burlington, lowa,
one day,last week. '
The Schuylkill river. at Philadelphia
has not been so thickly frozen as now; in
the last fifteen years.
The New. York Post says it requires
an income of nearly ten thousand,dollars
to live comfortably in New :York.
The remains of the' ex-rebel, General
Barksdale, have been removed from. the
field of Gettysburg to Mississippi.
ofthr, Delaware Legis
lature. have rejected the canatitUtional
hmendraent.' -
A Catholic Church; explueivply for col-
J oied people, ia to
,he hcilt at:St. Louis.
Mr. Bancroft has declined the Boston
sr Some person has taken the time
and trouble-to give us thefollowing cu
rious facts. .Th 6 total mailer of human
beings on: the earth is computed at
3,060,000,000, and they speak 3063
known tongues.
The average duration of life is 334-
One fourth of those born die before
they are 7 years old, and one half before
they. are the age of 17.
Out of one hundred persons, only six
reach the, age of 60.
Out of five hundred persons, only one
attains the age, of 80..
Sixty persons die every minute.
Tall men live longer than short ones,
Married men are longer lived than
the single.
Rich men live, on the average 42 years
but the poor only 30.
There is a drunkard to every 74.
60 - The Easton Express says : "Messrs
T. & T. Miller, contractere of the Le
high Company's Railroad, discovered, a
short time ago, about half a mile from
Seigfried's Bridge, an Indian grave-yard,
on the property of Joseph Kleppinger.
Upon making an examination, diey found
the remains of seventeen Indians, and
with them a large number of beads, with
whieh, 'doubtless, these red men had one
day bedecked themselves. A chief, ev
idently, was buried udder an old apple
tree. About his remains were found
eighty beads of a large size, ninety rings,
and about a'peck of small beads, besides
a medal, dated 1824, his pipe, in good
order, made of clay, one pair of scissors,
one knife, a number of arrow•heads, &c.
The discovery created considerable ex
citement in the neighborhood, and par
ties from all directions visited the spot
to gratify their curiosity by seeing what
was to be seen."
tfr On Wednesday last, strange as it
may seem, Secretary McCulloch appoin
ted Solomon Johnson, a colored men, to
a regular first-class clerkship, ha having
previously passed the required examina
tion, the rules of which were strictly en
forced. Mr. Johnson is the first colored
man who has occupied a clerkship in any
of the Government departments. The
apppointee was a soldier in the late war,
is a practical phonographer, and has re_
ceived a collegiate , education. * The
Democrats will be very much pleased to
hear this.
Ex-detective Baker testified be
fore the Impeachment Committee to
having once been in the possession of a
letter, purporting to have been written
by Andrew Johnson , during the early
part of the war to Jefferson Davis. offer
ing to join the rebellion on certain terms.
Doubting the authenticity of this docu
ment, he took it to the President's pri
vate secretary who declared that the sig
nature was unque tionably genuine. H e
further states that the letter aforesaid is
not now is his possession, but he pre
sumed it can be reached.
tor Mrs. Jenny Van Zandt, (daughter
of Signor Blitz,) the favorite American
prima donna, is playing at Warsaw,
Russia. She has been engaged by the
Russian government for six months
from November 1; and made a success
ful debut in " Lucia." Her Marguerite
is also highly praised. She is engaged
to sing in Vienna during the month of
May. Her success in Warsaw is the
more decided, as the company there is
composed of the best artistes from her
Majesty's and Covent Garden . , London.
A son of Signor Blitz,. named Capt.
John N. Blitz, died at Barbadoes, on
the 28th'ef.December last, aged 31 years
The West , Chester Jefferspnian
says- "A few f .days since,. Mr. Cheyney
Martin, of West Bradford township, was
compelled• to kill a valuable cow, to re
lieve her of, her •misery. Upon making
a post mortem examination, five calves
were discovered. Four of them had been
living when the mother was killed, but
the fifth had evidently been dead about a
month. This is the most remarkable
case we ever heard of."
Oar Prof. Alex. Haßab Bache died at
Newport, R. on Sunday last, aged 61
years. He Was a - great` grandson' of
Benjamin Franklin. In 1853 he was ap
pointed Superintendent of the United
States Coast Survey, which position he
held at the time of his death.
fur Tlke statue. of Edward Everett
has been completed, in , clay. by Mr.
Story, and isiiow at Muojett ,ready for
casting. It is expected to arrive: at
Boston some time in May, and it will be
dedicated in June.•
• ...
rar The report, that Postmaster Gen
eral Randall had resigned is contradict.
ed. All the`Cabinet officers, with the
exception . of Mr.'Stanton, are asserted
to be,"inaccord-with the President on
the great questions of the day."
eirmiss Mary Bards, who shot her
seducer, .4arroughs, in the treasury
building, at Washington, two years ago,
has just been admitted, to the Insane
Thineas T. Barnum, the great
showman„ who resides at. Bridg'eport,
Ct., has been nominated for Congress as
the Republican candidate. • .
ofir Horace Greeley, it is , said • will be
Post Master General, and Ei-Gov. An
drew, of Massachusetts, to succeed Sew
ard, who is about , to resign.
Important News.!
Early Spring Styles.
w - E have just replenished our Stock with
the latest choice designs of
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
purchased — at greatly reduced prices, and
which we are selling at prices gratifying to
purchasers. We have full lines of the best
'makes of 'Black and' Cblered"WoM Delames,
Superior Black and Fancy Silks,
Rich styles Silk Warp Poplins,
Various grades black and colored Alpacas,
French, Scotch and American Ginghams,
10000 yards Fanny and Mourning Prints,
, Childrens, , Misses and Ladies-Balmoral', ...
Swisses, Cambria and Jaconette,
Cambric and Swiss edging and Inserting',
Bleath and unbleached muslins of all
Cassimeres and Cloths for Spring wear,
Jeans, Cottonades and Denims,_
Plain arid'kaney`plaid Wool Shirtingi.
BARGAINS For New Housekeepers.
Tickings in all widths, very cheap, .
Furniture Check, in great variety, .
Linen and colored Cottrin Oinaburgs,
Linen and Cotton, White and unbleached
:Towels and Toweling, plain and figured,
Cotton and Woolen, Bright colored Cov
French and American Counterpanes,
100 pair white and colored Blankets,
Ingrain, Venetian, Stair and Rag Carpets,
Floor and Table Oil Cloths, all widths,
Transparent Oil cloth and Holland blinds,
Rosewood, Mahogany, and Walnat frame
Looking Glasses,
Wool, Linen and Cotton carpet Chain,
Superior steamed live picked Feathers.
a, 67 and 110 ps.Setts Iron Stone Ware,
Granite and Iron stone Chamber setts,
Fine and Common Glass ware of ail kinds,
Common Queensware in variety.
Sugars, Coffees, Teas, Dried Fruit,
Salt, Fish, Spices, etc., etc.
fir An early call is solicited.
Bradley's Celebrated Patent Duplex Elliptic
THE Wonderful flexibility and great com
fort and pleasure to any I , tly wearing the
'Duplex hlliptic Skirt Will be experienced par
tii.ularlY in all crowded assemblies, operas,
carriages, railroad .cars church pews, aim
chairs ler promenade and house dress, us the
skirt cau be folded when in use to occupy a
small place as easily and conveniently as a
silk or muslin dress, an invaluable quality in
crinoline not found in any single spring skirt.
A lady having enjoyed the pleasure, comfort
and great convenience of wearing the Duplex
Elliptic steel spring skirt for a single day, will
never afterwards willingly dispense with their
use. Fur children, misses, and young ladies
they are superior to all others.
They will not bend or break like the Single
Spring, but will preserve their perfect and
grace shape when three or four ordinary skirts
will have been thrown aside as useless. The
hoops are covered with double and twisted
thread, and the bottom rods are not only, detible
springs, but twice (or double) covefell4'pre
renting them from }veering out when dragging
down steps, stairs, &c:.
The Duplex Elliptic is a great favorite with
all ladies and is univer:ally recommended by
the Fashion Magazines as the standard skirt of
the fashionable world.
To enjoy the following inestimable advanta
ges in crinoline, viz: superior quality, perfect
tuanufitclure, stylish shape and finish, flexibil
ty, durability, comfort and economy, enquire
or J. W. B lt•A D L 'S Duplex Elliptic or
Double spring Skirt, and be sure you get the
genuine article.
CAUTION :—To guard against imposition be
particular to notice that skirts as "Du-
FLEX" have the red ink stamp, viz - : "J. W.
Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Steel Springs," upon
toe waistband—none others are genuine. Also
notice that every hoop.will admit a pin being
passed through the centre, thus revealing the
two (or double) springs braided together there
in, which is the secret of their flexibility and
strength, and a combination not to be found in
any other Skirt.
For sale in all stores where first class
skirts are sold, throughout the United States
and elsewhere. Manufactured by the sole
owners of the patent,
,CA R Y,
No. 97 'Phattrbers and 79 Br. 81 Beride.;Sts, N.I.
Tanuarti . ;16,1867.-3m]
NeW Trimming and Variety Store,
Opposite Dffenback's old stand, and two
doors West of the Golden Mortar
Drug Store, Market Street.
BEGS leave to announce to the Ladies of the
Elp borough of Marietta and vicinity, that she
hag just returned from Philadelphia, where
she laid - in an entire new stock- of fashionable
TICLES, A OTIONS; &e., embracing all the
Novelties of the Season', among which will be
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colors; Pangy Fans, Rid, Kid-ankh Silk
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Mitts, Embroidery,, Men's Gloves
and Neck Ties ' Pearl'Coff
Buttons, Belt Buckles of
various_' TaVe —
Trimming, Linen
.'and Thread .
. . Lace,
Thinibles, Silk TAsels, Emery Bags, Fancy
Soaps; Perfumery, Sm., &e.'
Particular attention has been paid to the se
lecting of small wares; such as 'Sewing Silk,
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and• Eyes, Needles, Pins, &c..
11:. The public are particularly requested' to
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P'Mrs. R. is agent, far the sale of the cel
ebrated Singer "A! Fatally Sewing Machines
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York State Fair.,She will also instruct per
sons purchasing rom her, how to Work tfie
For useful things and things of sport,
The gay ancl serious here resort.
Superior Skates—Ladies Men's and Boys',
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Duston's Hand and, Tennant Saws,
Wringers. late . improved,
All varieties of fine Ivory and common Table
Rolling Pine, Washers, &c., (Cutlery,
Eley's Amunition, Wads and Capp.
. . _ ,
Dili Ritib4l if? 'ff
No. 61 Market Street, Marietta, PR.,
ARE awake to the downfall In goods an
th interests . and Wants of the
will display on their counters during the next
week, for the inspection of the public, anoth
er lot of those
only 20 cents;
Go o O'd
7 4: 8 4 Brci , itn Sheeting,
0 "18 cents ;
it 3-4 " " 12i Cents!
d eti 4 ng i o l n y lp hi t,
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only 25c, usual price, 35c; Ext,,r t g,
- : :White 'Sheeting, only 30c, usual
price 40c; good Cotton Flan
nels, iio and 22c, usual
price 35 and 40c1 ex
' tra' heavy all-
Wool Twi led Flannels only 37 1-2 Cents,
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. Choice Balmorals
from 'sl:7s to $2:0; Ladies
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A good assortment of Hosiery, from
15c per pair upwards, and everything in
Come this way and get Bargain s ,
u wi k ll b F e i governed isbe
t ; e r byth
r a ol u j
ling,"tl iaFt.a
lh 'Q at ic is to say that we would rsther sell
ate small advance, than not sell at all.
in this establishment will always be foam
a choice lot of Tema, Coffees, Sugars and r_
ups. Having purchased our stock roe
enables us to otfer bargains to purchaaera.
Marietta, January 12, 1867
Have now in store of my ov.o Lc:porta:iv:l
and manufacture one of the lar,r,est and tuce
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a fine assortment of Gem's
I um enabled to dispose of gym- pods at very
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cit a call from my friends of I ancaster count;
and vicinity.
Remember the name number and street.
above 7th, south side, P RI I, A DELP Wlt.
I have no partner, nor conneetiln
any other store in Philadelphia. 1.10-17 t,
On the popular one priue plait, giving every
patron a han&oule and reliable watch for tho
low rice of Ten Doi ! Without regtal to
value, and not to be paid for unlei..s perfectly
satisfact4ry !
WO Solid Gold Hunting Watches Vf:Ot,
.500 Magic Cased God " Sl2oo to am
500 Ladies' Enamelled " lUb to
1,000 Gold liuntin.s.: Chronometer
1,000 Gold hunting English levels 'au is:2,o
3,000 Gold hunting, Dupiea weto t.
5,000 Gold hunting American
5,000 Silver Hunting Levers
5,000 Silver Hunting Duplexes
5,000 Gold Ladies' Watches :: 1 1 w 2.11 ,
10,000 Gold Hunting Lepines Ill) to 75
10,000 Miscellaneous sbver Watches nO to lOU
25,000 Hunting Silver Watches ;11 to ho
30,000 assorted Watches, all winds 10 to 15
•Every patron obtains a tva;ca by this ar
rangement, costing but ;,10, while it may be
worth $700.. No pariiality
Messrs. J. Ridding Ce.'s Grim American
Watch Co., New Yorlr . . City, WWI to immedi
ately dispose of the above inageilieent stoel..
Certificates naming Lintels s, are placed 1.1
sealed envelopes. Holders are retitled to tin
articles named on their certificates, upon the
payntent of Ten Dollars, whether it be a Wlii.Cll
worth $750 or one worth less. The return of
any of our certificates entitles you to the arti
cle named thereon, upon payment, irrespective
of its worth, and as no article %slued lose than
$lO is named on. any certificate, it will at
once be seen that this is no lottery, but 3
straight forivard legitimate transaction, which
may be participated in even by the most fasti
dious !
A single Certificate will be sent by mail,
post-paid, upon receipt of 25 cents, fire for Sli
'eleven for $2, thirty-thiee and elegant !trend
urn for ss ' 'siirty-six and more valonale pre
mium for $lO, one huntixed and most supero
Watch for sls.' To Agents or those wisaing
employment this is a rare opportunity. It b
a legitimately conducted business, duly 55
thorized by the government, and open to the
most carelul scrutiny. Try toe'.
1-19 Broadway—near P. tl.
Feb. J City of New Tort.
OLIN SPANGLER has just rceeived
has for • sale this, celebrated Wriger , witi d l
or. without cog-wheels: This is now regarde
as the best machine in use. It is tore easily
adjusted to the tub, and as wider than any me. -
chine of the vice.. .No. I „without cog-whesls
with cog-wheels, ;
teirinch rollers, is selling at .;;S 1 " 3 .
11. inches, 3, with coghes,
mos simple complete and easily rosn'
aged .Sewing .11a.ohnie . now in use. It does
every, description, of, work—never stops ot
needs to be helpe&pver seams, hut does
its work rapidly. and well. The needle r?'
quires no adjustment—you cannot get It
wrong—it makes any width of hem you Irish .
does braiding beautifully. The Braider Is
in the:foot of -every machine and [Pat of it,
and is alwayS adjusted, never gets out of
Call and examine them before porehs 64
any other, at
H. L. & E. J. ZA.III I, S ,
Corrker,astortb .Queen , street and Centre Square,
Sole Agents for Lancaster County.
Lancaster, February 17, 1866.11.
/ feL4L ei fi f e ral , hi )
H. L. 6- E. J. ZAHAI,
Corner of North Queen-St. ,, * -
and Centre,Squgre, Lancaster, Pa.
E are prepared to sell American snd
.Swiss Watches at tlfe lowest cash rata!
Me buy directly from the
loptrs and Alan
ufacturera, and , 'can, and sell Watches ss
low as they can be bought in Philadelphia or
A fine stock of Zllocks Jewelry
onstantly, Spectac on
Silver and Silver-plated ware c
hand. Every article fairly represented.
Corner North Queen Street and Centre `qu ays
John Forefra's
it Nallufactorl,
wet, above 7th,
100 to 2,11
;AI io
7. to `l,,