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    FREDI L. BAKER. a,
77,e .llariettian is publi .hecl weekly,
..!:. c n-year, payable in advance.
;1 ; -I,indsoy's Building," near
oice corner, Marietta, Lan
; N gnty, Pa.
:.ireitiseinents will be inserted at the
rotes : One square,Mn lines
f cents fur the first insertion,
for $1:50. P; ofession
w. Canis, id six lines or less,
! , or. Notices in the reading col
yli3, cents a-,one; general adver,
srceic cents ,a-line for the first
find fur every additional in-
OM, (Oa c nts. A liberal deduc
lid made to yealqativertisers.
Hering put up a new Jobber-press
401 a large addition of job type,
border, etc., wit' ,enable Vie &bib
to ccicute every description
and Fancy Printing, from the
piliot card to the large,st poster, at
,iiort nutlett• and rea,.sonable rates.
Alarket ;Street, Marietta., Pa.
11311101( AC !dreamt, rocceseora to Dr. F.
COllOll/211 the burineas at the old
where they are daily receiving additioni
ihe,r btJa, which are received front the
xaa relie6le importers and manufacturers.
They would respretlully ark • liberal share
al puhlic ;.sironage.
I:ity Am now prepared to supply, the de
nude of the public with everything in their
of mule. stuck of '
rtEgi ANL ?VAC, 11AVIK6 am? ARRIVE".
vines atla quers"
Stuff's of all kinds , Fancy mut Toilet Ar
t:cif:sof every kind, Alcoholic and Fluid
Exiract.l, Alcaloid and Iteinnoida„ ail
the beA Trusses, Abdominal Sep
ponPre,Skoulder liraceN,Breaat
Pumps, Nipple Sheila and
Weida, :larding Bottles,
A largo supply ot ,
'kith Powtirr and Pastes, Oils, Perfumery,
coitibt, Hair I.4ea, Invigorators, hic-i
`:tat Sh 'def. Chimneys,. Wide, etc,
ticians .applied It religionist le rates.
and P. esetiptiona camfully aadas
cmnteil all hours of the *triad
.ot, by Charles H. Britton, Pharnueritu(iet,
A) especial attention to , this branch
Heving had over ten years
cyo r tetittncit in the drug bubiheea ena
:.• to otaratittte entire Battatacuou to tail
rt, pattootzu the hew firm.
„i„ it.t.toy t.:c000l huolta, .Stationary,
t.t.. al way, on hand.
liA Y 110 U IO:
r:m” ti to 1 0. a. In to 2, atnNh to 6 p. m.
( -1 , i's 11. th . itton. , A . . o.6lu.sser.
cetawr 20, 1866. 1 7 ll-if
' xplit •
‘I ()bid)
‘. 4 1 of ~14.) (tic it t,zvAia.ol
c piihti, jn srodtta 61, tliat,..tiMini 'hid in
I.; &tow koepaled to
tall ►tide of
Style and variety, at short notice
• Its nil. -a,lut of ii inn ure of 'hie own
for' fine - finish and good
e.":o,,is, Will rival any city make.
7 rout attention paid to repairing.
44 , 1 h. , w prepared to attend, in all its
• •• t•ft U N A K btisineas,
,e4 Vittil an iseet4ent Ilene. large
!tiers Cooling roc : &c. - •
''Cti;'FlN3 tininked in any ttyle—plain
and Manufactar3r, near Mr.
. builiitng, near the 66 Upper-Sta
. "anus, P. [Oct. 22.
& GAS Slit)VkLi.
lowing estracts :
" , Wedesire to 'speak ..of -this distio
ghished'etatesman, its he appeare id pub
lic=and private, before daring and
" since
14ving determined to , compile some'
of the. speeches. , letters and papers of
the Georgian, who has been so long and
favorably known to the Atnerican public
it is` proper to give' a robre enlarged
'sketch than has ever heretofOre been
given of
,some important and interesting
incidents and features in the tile of the
author of them.
Much of the material which composes
the body of this volume has never before
appeared' iu print ; some has only been,
seen by those to whom addressed, and,
Ult. J. Z. El OFP Fat, nun" has ever appeared in book fou l "
DENTIST. I Qi the man and'" his dwelling Place,
ur visa BALTlitost CotAner. his appearance, his earlier and later
tie DIOITAL F , iiiiithood. bite private esistente , and pub
r — 1,2
()F ilAititiSa""( 1 " lid •iireer , othete have often spoken •
()• v I in—Front street, - next door to It =
wilii‘ms• Drug State, between Lamm out genereetrterollgh the daily or ,
week •
" 4 Walnut greets, 17.olumbkat. y l eaves 11't fall frem'Cl'e r ress'
asAant.,a.ithe autumnal spoils df . the for.:
ests,-Apdiare gone Alla soon., i -Sonie Of the.
best andcaustotocurate of these,losee not
-been widely circulated; and-law, if any
of them, erg now accessible."
AA the cooking.for a firmly may.-
f.l - 4 doge with Kerotreue 13i1, or/Ga......
g3' ail less trouble. ut4.l .at leba ex-41:1
NAM any other. fuel. .a.„11
Eucn arlicle m.ouraotated by this Comeatty
1. , Au:oat-teed t:, pettorot all thsat is clakrua:d
'or • 11.4- .I.end for Circular.
Libeval Discount to the Trade.
} 4 . I ):NEN LA P t4EITER
206 tw YORK.
Phvaiciatralit Thirgeon.•
til AP located pt•rmahentir fit'a Colu'rthisi
midPrl.l his pYofessaliiii!seieiees to
hecuizene of that plate. • '
1 1P tom- be ouud sr his ofifeel at' the 'mi
lt,'" of %gist/tinHaldeman; on . toctiesit• •
r. p
41). trAO .. to in acrd: ratr7B , p.
things wishing hie bereiess In, areal cases,
'give, II these halts, will it eve *o .d.b,r,bote
atb 31, or through th" post
C ) r W 47
Surge -,n Dentist;
MAAXtT aTREET, ADJ 013""a -
SPttiL g le r & Riee's Stor, ,second floor,
......' -; Mi. Stupifeas hail been so' often U.
O FFICE 2.... MA 11 11 .41P0b erIIABLIP orr—vra 4t ! •4 16 .4.. f , obi ""viiiiiiii'ss_
SpougltriePatiiisoon's 61 . 06: = ; A - fp: s 4 llr: I :7 l 4.i e tir i::i t . it ilk.
~. -.. rioit TIC* A ?SM. , • Wei 11.1 1 ,74 A gi gg i aa i r d.s - To ppgulq .77 ) .. 1
oFFICE- 110 - Ul4: . r'' I " - ' 713 C . ' " 'l °
,1..' .i.'' al.hßf outelv s #4 1 44, V, iid
. ' ' " 6To 7 ir.• - •*. ' • - ..ram- - . 0 - 1
- ------.-
-. ' 11;4444116"114 —:ii... "1"1 -,..../ - - 5.1 . : 14116 r.rxt5 14111 :14: 441", r.• I'
1213/miwwm%pffif=r,:, , a , K.,ii
. .
..1 )
, 4 . 2 ,. ; 7 r 41 & flt!'3,l 1— . . 4.
T i
..! f,..,... .. ...,. P. ?; . •
( It .
. . .
N ' ' • - ' :11 . ~,.:-.. .. 'lt , ; 1. 1 1 , , j ,t) Ls. ~,j „ii. ''. • 1 • , ,0 4)IP
. Z. 3. .' . , ! .• : '.!' i : :! - OC , I , "': ',Y.. ~: I' , /, ; ...t!!!,7 1.1 : , .17, „.. ,• ' : . „
Two little pairs of bciote to-night
Before the fire are drying,
Tani little jinn of tired 'fC'et
trundle Ind are lying;
The •rack they'left upnu the ti,tor
Make me feel much Bk. sighing.
Those little boots witkeopper total
They ran the livelong day
And oftentimes I almoit wiahea
That they were miles away!
So tired I aMM hear en eft
'Their heavy tramps iat play.
. .
They walkabout the;new plowedgrohud
Where mud in plenty lies;
They-roll it upAn marbles rouhd,
Then bake it into`pies ;
night upon the floor,
In et' .ry shape it dries.
To-day I was disposed to scold,
But when I !milt, to-night,
At these little hoots before the file,
With copper toes so bright, .
I think how sad my heart would be
T., put then, our of s ght.
For in • trunk up stairi I've tail
Two eocke of white and blue ;
If calla/ to put those boots sway,
0, God'! what Null , II de 1
I moor.' that third ars not to-night
-Ihrie pairs =Mead of two.
I mourned bemuse I thought how nice
My neighbor, "creel+ the '°‘hY , "
Couto Warp her chroets all the year
Fruin getting urn or rit-y
Yet:well iruow shed smile to ow.l
Some little bouts to-day.
inotheis weary get and worst,
Orel t.ur of .carei
But how we speak ot these little 01414
Let each of es beware ;
Fur what would oar fireside be to-ru:gb
If no little boots were there t
Some, ag, with it poetic turn, . Wes
the old stall of ,the didieulty bettseree
the husband and Wife m ib. tenoning
news :
cOttpla at Meld. the 'hie
Debating which should Atat.retitit
The husband positively said,
" Wife, you shall go and warm the bcd.".
" I naves will," she quick mow,
I did so once, mita nearly died."
And 1 wi.l not !'' rejoined,the,epeuse,
With firmer ttnJ and lowering brows;
And then a war of warder arose,
C intinuing until 'they nearly froze ;
When both grew mute and hovering higher,
Around the faintly glimineling tire.
Trit y trembled o'er the dying embers,
As though ague had seized their members,
Resolved, like heroeti, ire'er to yield,
But force each, ot her from the field.
And thus this once fond, loving pair,
In siience,shooir and, shivered thsre.
'lll/ ta.dai,lit faded into morn;
And cools were crowing at the dawn ;
NS hen all *t once the husband said :
Wife, had we not better go to bed ?"
, • . .2. .
lii- of this great. statesman isabout being
published by:the Natioual Vublishing
()OM pany, 507 Minor street, Philadel
phia It is compiled or gotten:up by
Henry Clevelamd, root; an intimate
friend of Mr. Stvphens, And Mr. 8. will,
himself, supervise the proof shoots.
The work will be comprised in (ice large
volume of about 800 pages and will . soon
be ready for delivery; It will be sold
by suNcription only, and moots are
wanted in every, locality. From Odeon
erd leavgs Of the work make,the Col-
**** * * * *
• .• • • ~..„ ; ;
s Zdtptutittit. ptitstiVaitia• Pang.- tot, At, ow ...tuck
. .
nRIETTA,',PA. - ,: 5ATu1t))44. ) .A.:N . :' 2 44y):0, - .867.:
In presenting him, therefore, before
the Not lights eibit public stage is
Well min the poriraiture of privitie life
(both of winch are' the objects of this
sketch'); the r introiinctlon - to our audi:
truce may as wall be in the language of
R e v. Williain Henry Milburn, the, belt
chitplaitt of Congress.' ;Itis,as ac:
cniatmas ever. written of him. After
speak ng Wetly :of .J ohm (blimp Adams
and w•few otter veterans, he, then,prm
coeds to tell ; of two young men, the one
fr,um Georgia.lbeing described first, and
the other one being Stephen A. Dong
las; of Minnie., Ile says
"Alexander Hamilton Stephens is the
most powerful orator in Congress, and
that with all the odds against him.
When standing be is 'it man' of medium
heigh." but when seated he looks like a
b 4", fur hit trunk is remarkably short,
and his face exceedingly.youthful. Care
less.of his personal appearance, his hair
falling in masses over his line brow ; his
black, brown, or any other colored cra
vat (be seems not to know which) tied
in a sailor's knot; his clothes fitting
well, if be has been fOrtunate in his tail
or ( rarely the case) ; an immense gold
chain, terminated by a heavy seal, falling
from his watchfub, he presents an 'un
promising, not 'to say an mitre appear
ance. W hen 'in repose, his face' does
not promise much more : pale; .with a
slightly sallow tinge, sometimes will a
hectic flush upon his cheek, it seems to
belong to a beardless boy. His arms
and legs are very long, and bis whole
4/1111713, not compactly knit; appears loose
'and awkward, and the victim of life-long
- disease. Bow nearlydisease'and genius
say 'be associated, is a question which '1
!nave for physiologists and phitycholo
iiets to. rattle. But I feel - sure that
sleepless nights acid days of pain and
fever have ,bad .tritich to do with the
brilliaat istelleve of this remarkable man.
the voice, too, in commo n talk, givakas
'little liken of his power as his other
features, for it is thin, high-pitched, - sad
inclining to 'the falsetto. Trained as a
lawyer at the Georgie bar, a wondeilal
tchool for dioeloprineut, of popular elo-
quence ( fur the jury system is *pushed
thereto Its remotest limits ),, he eatly
disp:ayed those gifts %Altai have
his 'tante so ruinous ; a sharp, incisive
intellect, broad in its comprehensibit,
firm in its grasp, as keen id its pereep
fines; coupled with an emotienal uatuie,
delicatcras - it is strong,' giving him'itri - in
vincible hold upon the interest , and
.syrnp4thy. uf -his, ; he:ice,re.
Itaturoed to
the,. 1141118 p of ,4epresentatiies when
scarcely thirty . years o 1 age, he !lad, by
the time I tirst.saw.him, already gained
the undivided ear of the Llouse, When
he stood up to speak, there was no lunch
fug, chatting, or apathy in 'the flail
which `seethed divided between the
Once andlis yobs."
* * * * * * *• * * *
'• llis manner is rapid, sometimes ye
henient, Sainte dollacted ' Itaving in an
instant gained your absorbed attention,
he wins your confidence' byhie,appareet
fsirDess •On'rerisDniet. until , st length you'
submit yotirseif to his control without
compunetidn;•or the -dreg(Vorliiii *being
ovel , cume. The - • 11108 br it lie ut ; albeit ,
not: thuitioar , sititfying,; party of his-ora
tory is seen when he turns nrion his op
,ppriente.‘ his powers , of satire, fidictile,.
sarcasm, and in ventive,,era fearfeb, and
. the man,of good breeding: never _ for
gets himself, per is iturrit-cl, away ; into
eruceitintdbasti., Many aman has
dr'eeets 'Wit„he'red under 1§10i)h
ens irony or denunci ition ; betl' tines-
Lien if any, has ever had catiso to say that
ha aria not 'a gentteman.".
When Vo!- was command
at ,a post, just wilt° soldiers svrre called '
out for.drill,on a certain morning, it was
noticed that, one Of them.
,had only
blacked the•fore parts :ofhis shoes, leav
ing the back parts nnblaeked and nf a
dirty red anio r . The colonel noticed it
`and' - said, I.lineori,'yOu have not black
ed the bank parte . of our shoes'
i'elill'fidtFilnoon;' "it ziked -sob
diiir never lOOks-liehind
Dr.,Johnsen, being once in company
with some scandal mongers, one ofkhem .
haw iiecirse'd 'abisent'lrithidl'Of ) re.'
; 0' 4 ‘T,.'
sorting to ro?ge,
4 o i ser :
1 ; initch - libtegf for
Idheetk 4fien to 14
en other people's characters." •
' A. young datedy'
. 12 Droadwn s I"ew
aid, siondind d hitting:Yu - f01..`.
i; LI •
ow, :
ftif trash ti7our
;:i e 5:0 4 . !3. 7. 4 1 1‘
z,f.:::.::4•1 1 q .':,.....t.:.' ! .. 1:;1-1.......;
When a hoise : is car sles,sly lefto stapd
ing•on the street. sed„;, ;elk, a
furious rate intßeriling the, ljte or lim bs
of those whohappemto,be in his way„
rho. owner is charged with culpabilitythaideserves punishment A wild beast
escaped from a menagerie, in:Ohio, last
summer, and caused such a state_of con-
S.terFa and eaei”MettitthrelghPut
the suliounoing "coratnurtity,,,that the
lives of the keepers were threatened, and
only after the annual was slain were
they enabled to departin safety. 'When
Dr. Dia - Ahura, the Rebel emissary was
detected in the diabolical plot of inocu
lating the seaboard cities,.with the virus
of yellow fever, through old clothing
taken from,Po ll .44swhof ;40 ,
malignant , disease , in r the • Indies, -the
cheeks of the most resolute
,of, our. loyal
countrymen grew -pallid for ; the, moment
.at the thought.ef "deep seated Viudic
tiveness that pervaded the -hearts of
those, 3slic, sought ,our eptintry's ruin.
And; as with .one voice,,a_ mighty. wave
of horror and ,condemnation ;swept , -over
the free ; north, gip*, stayed its " -course un-
Ail all Burope stood aghast rtt this wors.e
than heathen barbarism and echoed
back its. united, voice in detestation of
the atrocity... - But when ;negligence and
crimes of greater magnitude than these
•ure.. perpetrated:hourly, in some portion
of ,the, land, halite legitimate result of
the use of liquors whichrtre told -under
:the sanction of Law, there-is no tremor
of fear or cry. of condemnation =uttered.
The man who is otherwise civil and or
derly, ender the brain excitetnetit of
strong drinks. chrips down hie neighbor's
wife in her own threshold; and leaves her
expiring,,another victih to alai
tiate his madness; and is only checked in
his:career by. overlie we ring•'force. - 'The
community .are.latartied ,, it- the crime,
-and dement severity of 'puniehmentot
jury is summoned, the 'lawyers plead.for
mercy, because of his drunkenness, the
dredge charges' to be Mere iftil becitieeof
the rvlleiched* than'i•couditioti ; - rirlteriqbe
deed was committed, but neither tiji - the
cointriunitY; the'"Judge or the 'Jury, is
the peztent fact plaiced in the foreground,
that`the thait4 dilitikennesk was attribut
ablerollie‘sariction- that , the--tam gives
to the 'Sale Of li4uors, altheegh the (Tithe
was one of the legitimate results of this
law, ordained privilege.
"of selling met,
'that which Pollutes theirs with dernoui
an spirit:A. There is gross injustice in
'hilt legalizing temptation; &en punish
ing'these who are ensnared by it.. The
father *daily depleted of his 'earnings
to allay 'ever recurring 'thirst for
strong - dritik,'while his children, misers.
Ably, clait fathisbing for food,' are
impelled, lry'hunker, to•`thb "cotiniiission
of petty crintei, that stamp' them with
intistsx, in all after life, and yet tbet4ears
,ilfU.mPathY,ol l ! 3 degl, a. 1 104, 91
ani:Lthe effortsi,pf„philantliropy ftil to
Awaken,a continued sipplecupqn the Bor.
face of public opinion in fsycir of ternov:
ing the fountain of a malady, that blights
and *destroys more hunian beings in this
country in one. year t thanlorsexrusinkng
away,.wild beasts at large; and Yellow
fever combined, has ever destroyed lin
ten sears. And-as
•r long as the sale of
is ithiddid siiitues;
will the' miier - Y, deliiittitientitod - 'brime„
reaultinglfroinr.theiehii,' cerition'e' l eo-be .
tit:in:Mows! 4iiilA-thiittditti Only to::
by entirti - extirpatiOnf Ilhe•sidoner this
radical 'measure adopted, the Testier
white itie victims heresiftet ahlinduiont
the altar of the liquor biotech, and tie"
earlier will the nation be, purged of
intity vicni that new sarely'beset it.
A 2lioetiYikerreceived.iviidtealrom- a'
lady to whom he 'was ,particularly
inched, requesting - hiin.lo:" make her. a_
pair of shoes ;an i knowing exactly
the style Eihtrequfred, he despatched
written mt~dlYB her asking her wheth
er'ile sroiici like them NVround or
Esq. Toad.. .rhe faqfpne, indignant at
4 •
this,rip!Recimen, df ormograppy,
A gipsy wb - inairtiroulisel) to,sbox two
Itierf'hitsl:;inil'ii'faces in a
cla " Mrby onlysee our Own
if a l.'''' at h *6l'l 4 ' l ifild'Oe.gioßy, "o°B 6
faces will be yOUT husbandi' wlieri you
t'a deg ro in hittof"- Not'tfsos
aiable," on 4 thti Arcked: ilititien
isti itaPiioVr t ."Nri c inntleltan
)) "
admitted notate he comes
t fi att.i.t fi do W . ? e, a id
1.. yolo '
th tOTEIf, ,41 the
Written for 2 - he afaiWeitititn::: ...: ;!;:, ~, Mini:dee thereafter, to their otter dia.
SLEEPINGAV CHURCH; VS; KEEPING - iN A 'rimy: ' XlMbit rim down with fatigue-and
''' -'' . - 4 CHURCifYIiII •' - ; •'. -' flight, but : Mutually supposing that they
~ -- I wete trying to circumvent each other,
they immediately wheeled about and ran.
- - ---- - • ,'-- : :'- l i. 1 for Wein CPPosite"directions again. end
.itrthern earl L ehinksibEight;-rci * soFka rdg4t , try'Circuitotierontes safely reached their
Did. t rhjsbe fparfully,o , er.rtrip.thp d e w , : :
irespeCtive homes, =..awi' on the tom-row
And ss; - theVoti'it 'shadow 'Cie liiiiiself, ' '
An 4 ran Ompayed avveili:o7"", ' ;•,•:- L. ,' *thee - they arose; the one stoutly livered.
' T ,her i. e areC otMat .Y peo ple - and - , as he saw grim death, and - the .othet as
V"fideritty Maintained he. saw the df•vit.
it iitilOiraittilthat -re story feller and 'a:
.=•,lt Was menthe thereafter before the
story-reader Shoi t tid eStaliSh - a 'in'itial
undersianal4 iliician.titirkiskble,l beg. mystery beeame!'sufficiently - unraveled
~.,_:„;•..___,,...,..i•AL .. ..,.. 000filio ., 014 -, 0ti ,... to assure.them - that they had beep mu
"- ”' Ti "° l '°° ( ' lin" i mu
tually mistaken.'
serration neither to young pedple no:
• Akin to this is en adventure of our
to little peoPie, but 'extend it to all inn
. of people ; little and 'big.: yoUng own ekperience; which it may not hr, in
-054 0.4
o'ralready. vott .,.. appropriate here to relate. Away back
ingdOWn tigain - ;ll , 4tiere not lea
- -- - , -- ' -.--; - - ,-- ;. meeting:at the " old Zion's church," of
people who wilekt care . f to 0. - eep' in a
.., 1 happy memory. In our .uative borough of
ctitirch," nor " yet in a 'clitirchystil.'
time (",‘;-..:... -phi l . 14 7'7' itWim mi !summer WO, sett a
don't mean et Seriiitiii
, bright, moonlight evening- The weath
thiug has actually, been - donb, - once, or
twice )
_hut_inilitt:ai . i4t7atill 1 . . - V . r R as exceedingly warm and the church
Lgreekinultitede of persons will ,be vio-, °A°?eA!ogly' crowded, and so vra sat
this vo si _ I Aile, on the` sod-eovered grave of o!d
teutly aspai c otieci,ilinoW: - bi .
_tickp ,:z. ip the ''broad lyUa ' day. 13t i t. : -i t , 1,4= 1 4 Ma; --,- under a large locust
to it , , , i : ol. to i tst. ..f i V i t. ort lf t ,a,.; t i , tiy tree, sod `leaner.' 'Ourself against the
ni ht. and l'Will undertake-to
.. ~..
inititi. , l -,, • ° ead stone that marked the spot
taiiiit ancenieitillion an y night hia.body was laid, altogether un
-' ' '• ----:". '. •• •-,-,--• '-. - tee, ( ' ' of . '4 l/ '... 1 .
ed for the ptirpOse, with any " one "tiHoinit-' - t, .e so elfin a‘imonition in
i.4'claettzi fi r Oin the test,who Will ' Meet rscribeff thereon. I lere we fell into 11
me eingli in ad 61t1 din fehitiiti,- before hoot tog slumber, which continued until
the noon c
all ight when we
ont) c ere oor „ ` arid . willprevious l y -. foil „
.., , awoke and
empower' me to luck ' him iii, if nee'clfill toned owlet(' alone--.alk sate a dog
to hie ee tte e tt o ti oe:..eofip toot e teg ,,,,.i that loomed up from
.n. short distance,
140 w, in including Churchyards' . in-the ini-lOoked upon us with two glaring
discussion of thleinhjeCt, Ido not mean eyea,.whose- disks increased grAnally in
those modern enclosures' which differ .
size until, they apparently reached the
very littiefrom any ether well appointed dimensions of clever sized frying pans.
-. !• - . - - The - liu
c rehyard gate was locked, nod
yards-with their . graveled walks end
grass-p tc ole-.44 those of the olden times ' how we threw. otirselvee over - the fence,
' '
is something in "ground and lofty tumb
which were, thickly people d with the
ling „ which we were never after able
dead:of ages,.i.d a nd- . antique gioto-
• •, - -• • - • ' • to explain. - site - sufficient
stones J sad, simple monuments .siided ~ : to B°Y that
In as infinitel y l eestime
thetr,sur ,the
r, - .then it hes tisk
• lice 'as' thickly as tall itod •
city cemetery.
ic hleachad tree ettimps do '
_a - western 'etvucto,tell ilia - tale , we 'found ourself
learing, 64 i;r n'' crowdedcemetery.outside the enclosure, and with a veloci
=• -•-• t el
There io. Ihereforta, vast ' difference ` tie- •7 sc ,ar x less - than - two -forty "we
I.3y.94.,B44.4:4o , l:chersheeiwhieh,, i isee:„ the *. tru4e et' straight coattail 7 and reached
rhe.ttletof theiy . departed worshippers, for - orkd o 'rniell - with , all our limbs nalan..
9;t, long- , line of „ years, . let erred around , Not st single i ii - Viiiibeing irot eren . a
them, and within the shadows - Of their Ir ir ih t=
or a bat was abroad, und not a
tz.(l4. gOle s , and, those which have them Ongle luminary, lave the pale moon was
visible: - . A11. - WaS hushed in the' silent°
reposing,in ..seutfar_aff ':City of ' . the
?if iieatli„and itWai'light enough almost-
~.dead„: ' , It is to the m
forer kind I :•:1 - e r,
in the reletiOns- 7 perheps therener may 19 pick ° P a-pin anYWhere.' Somehow.say ludicrous and, therefor
,irreverent I seized with apecniiar sense of Inneli
relatioes-whiat follow these necessary ness t .we Furc_norefrighteued here.-than
_preliminaries; : and which,.iftheycun- •inl he churchyard, although we saw no
taitylo special Ip9rot _ 4,ooog , ,,t4t . i3l ,ebket to be brightened At.: ' We finally
either itl)filligtd or 1111490Rhicol,lyet they ili ITASh,ed eor humble : geech .apd passed
teny. co tottin,,./04,-,-lap t s that, the reader .. !. the remainder-of
. the..pight in a troubled
:is at li.hert y„to, heAt. out,io to,sucy a formslophar..
.On : the,,morrow we learned
as. is mosk,.Aleasing 2 tp ,It,itrigelf...., ,
_.- . I-
'that - the had..notmoticed. us. and
Itltree, onidiertpreers ,oed• in loch; a -I:.halii also (90P14-on his dog, an insignia
,.,Gightn,ttk%qkt,ros .which,the , gilapt Lo- 1 cant cur, too large to . cree gon t between
azsze, led forth.the..beatitiful,Jm
essa:to the paling, anti-too small AG jump the
contemplate the , splendor of - t he full: -fence. ' Viiilyit joerficit appear 'tobe
111 CI 0 Va l ritia' in •the - avenue; „ -t h Wt. ited to a pleasant thing'to sleep in a char ch i or
foil. Perticri'llbal•i - iuthat two men fraud 'a elmrchyard ; end yet hew often is the
'601'6'41%4 leaked in a -village church, "m eat to that use, at mo•
oia t iii.:dOtrii in 'Old'' Virginity: 7 ' .'rCherone •ineritaitilien the sleeper ought to be at
'vises %quad eatiCessianvitiad=wai cladlin a
tetitire to the Words of eternal life, or
I the Wo - s 'ip l o 'the lining
snowy stinraer garb -thecostomroltbee
1.; , • ' .....,
- eitie - 4n . -
o fort-1 vnr , aristocracy.of
~ .
-the''old.: Domintod:' l'itei , :dther :was! a
dark Ethiopian, clothed in .'the• , sombre,
and c tattpred haVli merits peculiar to
,utatiy . of the Ihriftleas atid'Shittlea l chil-:
tee ofbitilege. The former ocCUPied
,a,rear,,pcff, eeei:,ttie; setite'r,Cti . thelight - , -
bpi . thevelpitand the latter, a pew 'the,
f mcietretnotts fle i til; the pulpit ] reserved
,_for, ,the BOA pan and of 't ire, ',' mein.
1 bens of liis swarthy pt Kde:'lfe're; 'fient
some cause otheror (here two Men laid
themselstes=„dPAlL 444,,te_okfterk enniug,
c'-.nap ",!and did not, ,wake, Roil the II ee p-,
litenedLtoice. et the village. belle two out
o. the hour,ef. triellVe.- • Aising. eireultatie
r.otislylifront- their. remand:mist . positions
they happened to be.:.face, to face, and
cast a wild and affrighted look epon,eech
other,:forit trust- be remembered that;
- ;they'were`tiycne;tbe•acitigre'gilliOn'hilving l
:sortie hoar since retired and distier'Sek=
'to theitAiniiiittrea. - •'l3 - 'J Hi; 11 Mi hitleiWbe-:
i ng eiiiiiirifte 'bait' et'a 'guilty consciences
and looking "upon their conduct”as' littler
,less-thstn.tuterepiintiq the white • n ' 1
, „,„...,,
~. ,t 4 .4. ,in
,hia t eAtremosifeitr, tgoltlita black man. for
§aten.or.ette A.l li)s imps front 'lL:tiles
o,n ..the other bond the ne ro - hiscon-.
-• • - -“ •-• 1 = -••-• =.l .giali! l7 ' -
stein ttiou took the white maitsor i ,: o „ . the,
angel or death,':..who had come to sum- 4
`inenti-himitroni the:settees 0f.....: this) w Iln I
idlic',l'xiclfed twbilxixe. ibeforeAtis-ii.ime.
•NA ati tioefeitemst.intimititletitek4or .
win.deistintpposiie direatiouir,--.dasorib:?
Os reapecti7qlcallrfect bee
-line-add made,gebd their (weep° rrotip the church:
~• - , :t. ..,-. nf•Art. , ..2 l ilicuu?, ..a!'.i.
Too much contused an d frightened to
r.: ”/a/, t
know 19...agertainty thepremse progiess o ,
'inatilliteatittes4boyd'lveretitakinV Al-,
.tholighitbsiWite tab_alloid *44
other. yet, singularly to salphtbayesset at
a cornerwhorerticatr - streetccrossed each
dtbitViiCriglif.ettilife t , i iti7rietiitf‘ifteeti.
' -- i- ,:'-'' r•r".!-? • ;.-,:= 1......,.
B 2 " G.24.71WY LL ITS .
Sam Shck says: " Iylienever you see
a gal with a hull •lot of sweethearts, it's
di:' oven' chance=it she gets married to
iiny 'em :1 Ode cools off and then
- another of them'coola of, and before she
calf br ng any of 'ern 'to the bright wed-
Idin' heat, the - cbal is gone and the fire is
out. PTben she way blow up a duet, but
dence.oni. [Wiwi 'can' she blowup
again to saveler soul alive."
' An old woman , on a steamboat ob
served.twO men pumping tip water to
Wit-h th , d deck,-'add the captain being
nearby, shw- accosted him as follows :
%Tell.; captain, -got a welt aboard. eh r
A l Yes, %11111'11IN -always carry 0n.," said
the pelite captain": tVelf, t h at'r cuter.
I. always did dislike the nasty river water
in dog d ays."
' You can do anything if you only
have - patience to wait," said an old fogy
lo i iikti'iton;:"Wititer' . upay be curried in a
.ii iii , v - g l if Yon 'Can Wait." "II ow long ?"
int4nited tho . gon,an impudent young
1 :-iiiierica - , Who coal , a hardly wait for 'the
father's obituary„ . :Tai it. frpeze'a."
Pr ‘ ri in t fn.
"Young mau l do you
tore state - 71 u: course I duz ; and
if to enter it AS soon
4; LI .13 !
etsy her thinti# read)."
rt . '
"What time is it, Tom?" i•Just time
hoßity - that - littitrtecount you owe me.'
"o;.indeed! Well, I didu't thick it
was half so late.'
An Isishmen.on;ce observed that mile -
stoneirwereTkirnt eifoyigh - togiuswer your
'' > quititin i tdi a without `git idy you the trouble
A Domestic Toast.—May your coffee
and tits---elendess.essiest-iou b#
- .4
; t
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