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' -
Saturday Morning, January 6, 1867.
air Several of the corLductow on
Pennsylanift Rail—Road ''charged, with'
embezzling, and Forge' acqiiit - ted; are
about to commence-suits,- against Pink,
erton, the Uhicago,detective, for darsag
os. The bearing was.before G. U. Fran.
cisen4. General Alient of the road, who
is satisfied that if crime has been com
mitted it has been to a very trifling
amount. The conductors on the Read.
jog Railroad; who . wera discharged a few
years since on the oath' of Pinkerton,
and made to disgorge lost sums of m on ey,
have commenced suits for its recovery.
120" A great watch dog, t:elonging to
a Philadelphia dry goods house, died re
c,,utly, and the clerks could not easily
set rid of the holy. Thej finally put it
in a slacking case, nailed on the lid and
marking it, A. 'l'. Stewart & Co ," left
it over night on the sidewalk, first giving
a hint to tho watchman on that beat.
That same night a : furoit ;are wagon, with
the horse ' s feet ii tfflyd in carp.t, droVe
up, two men jumped out, quickly and
qoietly put iu the box jumped in again
and drove•away. . That was the last seen
of the remains of that faithful animal.
41kr Mr. William Strut:bun, of New
burg, lies in•his possession a manuscript
copy of part of a ilistory of 13‘ornabism.
written by John 11. Surrutt At the
time of thu assassination of President
Lincoln this manuscript was seied
among the other papers of Surratt, and
reeured by Mr. Robert Straehan, pho
tographic reporter h the ;fudge Advo
cate'il Court. Surrutt was engaged upon
the plots work white plotting against
the life of the President.
liar A shucking affair took place re
cently in a public school situated at
Pleasant Valley, Erie county, New
York. A young woman who was- the
teacher, named. Haskins, undertook to
correct one of her pupils, a little - girl,
when ibe was set upon by an elder sister
of the girl and cruelly beaten, rracturing
her skull and leaving h - er : a maniac be
yond hope of recovery.
Printitig, type is being- Made' in
England fronewulcanized India rubber;
and it is being mtitlh used there. It is
claimed to be quickly made, and sis as
handsome and - itufable - as metal type at
two-thirds. 6a cost. It is an American
invention. not be surprised
to see after awhile .knife blades made
front prepared gingerbread.
Colonel,Thoinas A. Scat. First
Vice President of the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company, announces that es;
elusion tickets will 'he issued on that
road and on the Philadelphia and Erie
road, to ail persons desirous of visiting
Harrisburg on the occasion of the inau
guration of General Geary, (governor.
r An application for'a habeas corp.
1:19 in the case of Dr. Mudd lids been de=
nied by Chief Justice Chase, who says,
however, that this does not prevent a
similar application from being made to
some other judge or civil tribunal win
Florida or elsewhere. . •
eir The chaii originally used at the
first meeting of Congress—CommonlY
calla./ the John Hancock chair Land
since that time in use by every stieitier
of the - 1; nose. of Rt-presentatives of
Penrsylvania, is to he returned t "lode
prod...lwo Pluludelphis.
60 Frederick Daughts lectured in
National Hall , Philadelphia, on Thurs
day i-vetting last. Subj.-ct : "Sources
or Danger to the Republie." The
.. Btael; Swan " sang-before- and alter
the bet:ire,'
rite The Legisla•ure met on Tuesday
Lonis W. Hall was elected speak.
er .tt" the Senate and Goo W. 111111311..1 ,
rl , rk. 11l the .1 - lonse, Got. John I'.
G Wnshitgton c. , unts Atte o:Pct..
ed .speaker anti -A.. W. Benedict. clerk.
fur 11irs Jeanie' Cameron; daughter
nithe PI 00. Suomi Cameron, was married
to tin 111'V, iv!). E-q . of Weft
Chester, nu t .:15.11 of DeeP to her last.
Ito J. Ruble) Danalit;nri, 0r IG« Phil
adelphia ti . arg Pri
vista Seerotary of the Gorernor elect;
Geo. Goury
tfeir A Nimes. 'lit:leg near the battle
fietti tAiVitiris iitt:4 been eultietsting
wheivillitilieo i et= , k.'re buried.
cif A wiiitiotts grief is often very
short, - her the
f WO'S only for a esecund:
111.0 Pr4dustiorlilipt-Lp:rotiouneprilow
I:retteh C4ok. :is!gividgDleetarea in
Philadelphia on etig4drig.
inAh. 1044% 865.theiH dud iti:Frarwa
mit._ hundred.. ttusi _perliiini:it , yer
one hueilred ;ream '
Quill pens tirt , t ui4id in 553'. A
m, tu th" etas mum j uto use There am thirty-nue candidates for
Ntb3.s . fn,
. , 5,
Mr. Ilarriot was Riesident .of a gold
mining company„: in 'New—York. The
company overissiied to croak to the a
mount of $BO.OOO, and the fraud was dis
covered. Mr. H. took a heavy dose of
strychine to end his troubles, physicians
saved his life, but his reason was lost.
He is now a i aviu; maniac 1 - na lunatic
asylum. Mr. liarriot resided at White
Plains, was an influential member of the
Methodist church, and had been minsid
Ou Sunday, Put. Farrell attempte - d to
break into a store on the Third Avenue,
New York. Ile. was surprised by officer
t itrescaPe, the o ffice r
ordered hitn . to stop. He refused to do
so, and the officer tired at him, inflicting
a wound from which he , died on Monday.
Before he expired, he sent far the officer,
and sai ~" I forgive you because I know
you was doing your duty."
Major Still, the Pardon Clerk has
been busily employed for sometime past
in making ont u list of pardoned rebels,
to be transmitted to the flouie of Rep
resentatives, in answer to their resolution
calling on the President to furnish the
same, The list of all the high officers,
members of Congress and graduates of
West Point who joined the rebellion has
been completed, and will be sent to the
&bu rgl a r attempting to enter a house
at Bury, Eng. through the chimney, stuck
fai.t in the flu., and remained in that un
comfortable position five hours, when his
cries at last attracted attention, and the
police fished him •out at the top of tho
chimney, in a sorry plight.
In New York, Leonard W. Jerome,
a broker, recently invited a number of
dies to his house, and placed on the plate
of each a gift worth a thousand dollars.
Some of the husbands of the ladies Were
very indicrmt, and compolled them to
send their presenti hock.
Thomas Morris, a respectable citizen
of Genesee. Wis., suffering from a tu
mor in the throat, which ile . was convin
ced would prove fatal, last week went
back of his house, and hanged himself
with the precision of a scientific execu
, In Minn.eapolie, the other day, two
young girls on their way to church were
kidnapped. , A few days afterwed their
mother received a leiter from her hus
ha•id from whom she had separated, tell
ing her that he hod the children and she
would never again see them.
Aletfer of Genetal Millen, president
of the Fenian Military Council of Ire
land, in which he denounces James Ste.
phoneas a humbne and a rascal. is pub
lished in the Dublin papers, uud has
treated a profound sensation among the
people. -.
The President has received from
James Lyons, of Richmond, a.cane made
ofa Piece of the old frigate Constitution,
The inscription on the gold head of the
cane compliments Johnson as "the res
torer of the Constitution."
A new statue iu Missouri provides
that all persomi who'are pieseuted by a
grand jury as vagrants, and shall by a
jury trial have been found to be such,
shall be hired out
, to labor by the sheriff
for Fix months. In St. Louis recently
six vagrants were presented, .
Late one evening a couple of weeks
ago, as Dail. Bryant was looking at the
animals of Robinson's circus, in winter
quarters at Cincinnati, an - elephant
seized him and threw him about twenty
fe'et. Dan. was more astonished than
In Alilwaukie, during the pre - sent year,
one rolling mill. two breweries. two. dis
tilleries. six churches. 29 business blocks
and 1:500 private residences have been
erected. •
Jase'pk S. Amery 11,35 - been fined - $2O
and costs; F) , a Baas county ciitirt, for
tiptiing 100 pounthl of pour on the result
of the election for Governor.
The editor - of the I.ouitiville (Miss.)
Butte - lin is the keeper of the jail, and
lives and prints his journal within •the
. .
wills of that establishment.
A father in
.. Williatn,Tort, whipped
his daughter, eighteen years of
. ttge, for
"sitting up nights" with her lover. The
peat day there was a runaway match in
the neighborhood.
'the International Chulera Confer
ence at Gonstantinople has recommend
ed th.. neiverpul nholt,liment of sewers
and the aduldion,of- "earth closets"'
The Spanish religious journals recom
mend the re-;stablishinent of the inquisi
tion in Spain, as the sole means of saving
society. ,
General lie it Ddite, the comrade of
tht; guerilla John Morgan, is named as - a
candidate for Governor of Kentucky.
A pteir a rats well situated anti left
entirely to ttienniultras 'und:sturheti, aril,
in three years. have reaittil to 655,808.
iittzoit; t h -e oldest
kewopiper . extant. It is niiiv 'hi ita tiin
h uud re? tit and 1 hi rty Fixtb
The. totel cost ot- A.. T. , Stewart's
munpictt~iu,New York, with its foinitur_e,
will nut be less than 1;;;141,0011 •
or A piper for tiveryfainily;titid . we
mean not only every family, but :single
people as well, when we recommend to
all the .. , ,American Agriculturisf-the . l
mast valuable and the cheapest journal ;
in the world. We have received the
first of the new Volume, which begins
the Second Quarter century, and find it
of unexampled-.excellence -and beauty
while the publishers announce still
greater things to,..coine;-• Mr. (flirt,' one
o(the most; popular' and practical writers
of.tlie country,. Is to join . .the already
large and strong editorial force of the
Agriculturist, and redular contributions
are promised from the well known -"l'iin
othy Banker, Esq ," the " Down_ East
. , .... ..,, ..., ..
Farmer." The Agriculturist is a mar
vel of value and cheapness. Each num
ber has 36 to 40 large double octavo
pages, containing 23 to 35 or more costly
beautiful and instructive Engravings;
and is packed full of useful, reliable in
formation. The publishers promise - to
expend the present year at least'
in engravings alone, and $15,000 in pro
curing and preparing sterling reading
matter, adapted to the work of the Farb',
the Garden, and the Household, includ
ing an entertaining end instructive de
partMent for Children acd Youth.
Nothing less than a - circulation of over
150,000, which reduces the expenses to a
small sum each, could enable the pub
lishers to furnish such a journal, for only
$1.50 a year. We again advise every
person to subscribe fur the Agticulttir
ist. It is adapted to City, Village and
Country. Orange Judd Sz - ..00., Publish
ers, 41. Park Row, N. Y. City.
CO Lieutenant Robert Wells son or
Thaddeus Wells, shoti himself through,
the head with a pistol in his father's stu
dy. lie entered the room with a pistol
in his hand, threw his - arm uround his
father's neck, kissed him, exclaiming
"fare well, ' and putting the pistol to his
right temple, fired, the ball passing
through his head. ,Lientenant W. was
highly esteemed, and only 24.yeurs of
age. He gained his ranks in the regu
lar army. The heayy melancholy produ
ced by the death otitis brother last sum
mer, by the explosion of an engioo at
Mare Island, California, is, believed to
have been the cause of the rash act.
Cr Thomas Pope, at Missouri City
Junction, IlHattie, got-married, rented a!
house, bought furniture, and went to" ,
housekeeping.: Ten days after the mar
riage, MrS. Pope ran'away, came back,
but Mr. Pope: wouldn't receive her..
She cient away again, and . again came
back, and this time 'was received. In .a
short time she again eloped, but in a.
few daysafter some preliminary arrange
ments through agents, she visited her
hUshand io company with her paramour,
a Mr. Murray: Mr. .11urray proposed
to Mr Pope to buy his. wife, furniture
etc... Pope agreed; fifteen dollars' was
paid by Murray, and all was well.
OW Some days ago un application was
made by J. A. S. Rtdgely, of Baltimore,
to Chief Justice Chase, fora writ of habe
as corpus for the release of Dr. Mudd,
one oftha persons condemned by the mil
itary commission which tried the Booth
conspirators to imprisonment for life,at
the Dry Tortugas. it was returned by
tha.ChiefJustice to the counsel with the
following indorse,tnent "The within ap
plication he's been considered and is de
nied. This does not, however, preyent
A similar application from being made to
some other judge or civil tribunal in
Florida or elsewhere."
. John Wagner,' of Old Manheim
township, York county, let a footman.
get into a buggy with him a few dap
since, and after they hail been tiding a
fetv miles the•paesenger he had picked
up asked him to smell at a phial which
he uncorked. This Mr. Wagner did
and knew nothing more until he found
himself robbed and lying in alence cor
ner next morning. So says the Hanover
Ise' There is a rumor that Miss Susan
Denin, the well known actress, has unit
ed her fortunes in marriage with-a well
known young man named Peter Curley,
The ceremony, so the story goes,. wst.
performed at the Delavan House, Al
hang, on Monday last. This is the fourth
or fifth time that the " festive" Susan
has been martied. - *
A WESTERN NAN, speaking of the
Electric Railroad, :eye it is one of the
••funniest coincidences in the world, that
almost every alternate p ectinsof land on
either side of the road belongs to some
members of Congress."
co- w. 8. Fargo', President of the
American Fxpress Co.. was at one time
a stave driver; - Cornelius Vanderbilt
used to peddle vegetables from Staten'
Island. -
gar A Newark, N. J., beggar salmi
for a pie and because he didn't get, it,
hurled an iron bar through a window, to
the astonishmentof an old gentlem an
sitting within. lid goes to jail.
. .
4E-4 . "Michael • Connor; convietetof rob
tho mall in Ohio. and eenteneed in
October. 105.
A O flee;
~are iinprison
ment, hes beep pardoned by Abe Presi
dent:- •
air..opelbuirld red t udisixteen.menibers
of Congress have their wives, dtingtftellt
or other ladies with thew at Washing-
BURIED ALIVE.—Mrs. J. 11. McClure,l
the wife of,a farmer living some miles
eastabf the city, was taken sick on the
iind the 4th she "ceased to
breathe, and it, was apparent to every
one that she was dead. On the sth she
was buried in the faMily snit. An old
lady, in company with the children of
the,deceased,- visited„-the Nault,
they were startled by bearing groans is•
suing therefrom, which so frighteoed
the old lady that she fainted. The chil
dren, becoming terrified, ran home and ,
related the circumstauces to their father,
who, with three or fuer of his i neighbors
repaired to the, vault, broke open - the•
door, raised the coin lid , and there- 77
Wiritia sight to meet a husband's eyo—
was the living mangled form of his wife: .
The flesh on her flitgers was torn arid
bleeding, her faco was mutilated, and
hairparfly torn out by the roots, in her
efforts •to escape the living death to
which-she bad been aseigned. What
horror-Tervades the mind at the thought
of being - buried alive What muethave
been her sufferings, her imaginations:
and her thoughts during the time Ehe
was coulined alive in that lonely, narrow
prison house of the dead 7 The mind
wanders, and reason itself is prone to
take its- flight at the bare contemplation
of sup a horrible situation. She was
immediately removed to tho house and
medical attendance summoned, and we
understand that she is now in a fair way
of recovery,— Quincy (111-.) Herald.
cur Everybody who is in the streets
at a late hour of the night or early in
the morning may_ notice individuals
about the fronts of the restaurants ho
tels.und bar-rooms, gathering from the
streets and gutters the stumps of cigars
that have been
. swept out or emptied
from spittoons, and will doubtless won
der what posi;ibls use can be made of
them. For the benefit of pipesmokeys
and tobacco chewers we cum give FMB
information , ;11 that subject. There are
a number of es , ablishments in this city
to which this filthy refuse is taken and
sold, and where it 'goss through the fol
lowing process; It is washed. dried in .
the sun or over a fire, placed in a small
mill and ground, and then neatly put up
in small packages, and sold us a superior
quality of fine cut chewing and smoking ;
tobacco of various fancy , brands., TLe
quantity of "old soldiers," as the, boys
call them, thus gathered, emodelled and
sold every day, is almost incredible.
The general quality of the tobacco which
goes through this process is said, to
excellent. 77 Forney's. Press. • -
at - A Detroit journal has the follow
ing account of a mistake in the * inerring°
service :
Last evening Edward Thayer and
Helen- F. Jelliman, attended by Mr.
Austin Llumphrey and Annie E. CrauSe
went to St. Paul's church, the former
couple to get married, and the hitter to
act as groomsman and bridesmaid.
They all stood up before the altar and
officiating clergyman, the Rev. Mr.
Dean, supposing that both couples were
to be married, requested the gentlemen
to join bands with their respective la
dies, which was done, and in a very short
spaee of time the four Were madetwo.
The titnation being fully realized by the
latter couple they conciude'd to accept
what:they could not very well help, and
all adjourned to their boarding house
quite well pleased with the result of the
preacher's mistake.
Not lobg ago a melodeon was
purchased and used in the Methodist
church at. College Corner, lud. Some
of the members were strongly opposed
to its introduction, and so much ill feel
ing !vaulted that the,..young- piano was
finally carried out of the church one
night by. unknown,parties and burned
up.- Recently another melodeon was
procured and placed in the church; but
it was also demolished.
- ear State Treasurer, Wm. 11. lieinble,
has directedto he propared at once a
li , =Cof he soldiers of 1812 entitled to
pensions from the State of Pennsylvania.
Separate lists for each county will, as
soon us they are completed, be forward.
ed by Mr. Kemble to the treasurers
thereof, whiCh officers will pay the semi
annual pensions due on the Ist of Jana
ary, 1867.
ar The Nebraska News - states that
there is more corn, ;wheat and ; cattle
raised in, Nebrusku, in 'proportion to it s
population; than any State in the Union.
It says :that, this year ono county- alone
has a surplus of wheat amounting to
250,000 bushels, and has sold . 80;000
head of beef cattle in the market since
. first of July last.
far Captain Charles. A. Boutelle. of
Augusta, Me, recovered a watch recent
ly which was.stolen from him six years
age, 10 Liverpool, England. Ile was in
concert I•oo,tn,at the time it was stolen,
and immediately made the fact known to
the,detectives there, who, after six years
succeeded in findfng it. ••
445- The first and only execution in
Montgomery county, : ea., took place on
the 12th of April; 1.788, when John
13rown was hung for burglary. They
are , t6'hate•anothor in a few days.
Morrissey , .
air errissey in liongress may be a
sbrewd voter if not a iletti, speaker, for
he bits learned to diecriminate closely
ZprziaL Mattes
New-York, Ncv. 23, 1359.
T. Adcock & Co.. Gentlemen: I lately
suffered severely from a weakness is my back.
Having beard your plasters much recummen
dad for cases of this kind, I procured one, and
the result was all I could desire. A single
plaster cured mein a week. Yours,
V. Br - twos, proprietor of the
Brandreth House.
' 'Care of Crick in the Back, and Lumbago.
Lyons, N. V., July 4, ISO.
Messrs..Alleock St,Cn. Please send me a
dollar's worth of your playlets. 1 hey have
cured me of a crick in my back ; which has
Troubled me fur some ti • e, and now mylfath••
er is going to t.y them rot difficulty about his
„„„, . L. 11. S/1.1.:AVQ:0013,..,1)
Dr. Gicen, No. KB Broadway, 1\ ew York,
informs us he told, on Monday, June 22, '62,
two plasters to a young woman suffering very
severely from lumbago. On Thursday 6he
called to get two more for a friend, and then
stated' bury the two she had purchased on
Monday had releived her immediately after
putting them un, and cued her in two days of
a most d.etressing pain in Ler
_back and
Sold by all druggists.
The stomach is the res; onsible organ of the
systurt. if :he digestion is impelled', every
member, every gland, ever• mthele, every
nerve anti fibre is more or less out of order!
All the fluids ate depraved.' The Wain is c,ou
dtd. The spirit= are de,. ressel. All dyspep
tics know this to be the truth. It is not, how
ever, half the trd:h. Cofumns would be re
quired to enunaci....-.le the pains and penalties
of dy - rpepsia, nor - qould'a . rty pen do them j.zs
ti,..c. Tens of thousands ftel them; no man
can describe them.
Can they- be prevented? Can they be re
lieved? Can they be banished at once and
forever? Unquestionably they can. No dy
speptic hasi ever taken "li:stetter's stomach
I.l.tters" its vstn. I.l.lieve no one who say s
the complaint is incurable. The grrat vegeta
ble stomachic will eradi, ate it—is eradicating
it in thousands of casef over- which medical
practitioners have Lhalren their heads omi
nously, saying Nothing can be dons "
The faculty has.its faltacies. line of them
is that lndigestizm is the most difficult of ell
the ordinary ailment: of mankind to combat
and submit. This is a mistake- Nothing can
be caner titan to conquer it, it' the I'rw specific
be administered. Tins vegetable combination
which has become fatuous tin od,gbout the civ
ilized world as-llostetter's Stsmith B.lters is
an antidote to the disease which has never been
known to fail, and fintunately it is every
where procurable. If you wish to pml with
the dyspepsia, try the ph.rmacopcea prescrip
tions. 11 3on want to rook it out and prevent
its recurs( nee, take the bitters daPy. There
is no discoant on the testimony in its favor
if there is a mon or woman who has ever tried
trot udigesti on. without benefitted, the
feet has not tramspired. Universal, tiaciietra 7
dieted praise avouches its WOUdelful tonic vie
!tics. - 1J
A UM SUG.--liow often we hear - this ,ex
pression from persons reading advertisements
of Patent Medicines, and in mina cases cut of
ten they tnay be tight. It is over 19 years
since 1 inttuduccd my medicine, the Venetian
Liniment to the public. I had nu money to
advertise it. So I Bit it for sale with a few
druggists and storekeepers thrrtu; o .l a small
section of cmintry, many, tuki:ig it with great
zeluctance; but I told them to let any one
have it, aid if it dill not do all I stated on my
pamphlet : no one need pay far it. In sortie
stores two or three bottles were taken on trial
by persons present. 1 was, by matiy, thought
crazy, and that would be the last they would
see of me. But•I knew my medicine was no
humbug. In about two months I. began tto
receive orders for more Liniment, some calling
it my valuable. Liniment, who had refused to
sign a receipt when 1 left it at their stole
Now my sales are millions of bottles yearly,
and all for- cash. I warrant it superior to any
other medicine-for the cure of Croup, Diarrhe9,
Dysentery, Colic, Vomiting, Spasms,. and t'ea
sickenness, us an internal remedy. It is per
fectly innocent to take intern illy, see oath ac
companying each bottle,—and externally, for
Chronic Rhetintatism, headache, Mumps,
Frosted Feet, Bruises,' pram, Old Sores, Swel
-1 ings, Sore Throats, &c., &c. Sold by all the
Druggists. Depot 36 Cortland street, N. Y.
cine invented by - Dr. T. H. Schenck, of Phila.:
delphiti, is intencici to dissolve , the fund' and
make it into chyme, the first process of diges
tion. By cli ansing the stomach with Schenck's
Mandrake Pills, the tonic soon restores the
appetite, and food that could not be eaten be
fore using it - will be easily digested.
Cormiim2tion cannotbe cured by Echenck's
Pulmonic Syrup unless the stomach and liver
is made healthy and the appetite restored,
hence tt.e Tonic and 1 1 ,11 s are required in near
ly every case of consumption. A half dozen
bottles of the SEAWEED TONIC and, three nr
four boxes of the MANDE I. HE FILLS will cure
any ordinary case of dyspepsia. -
Dr. Schenck makes professional visits in
New York, Boston, and at his principal office
in Philadelphia every week. Sec daily papers
of each place, or his pamphlet on consump
tion for his days for visitation.
Please observe, when Purchasing, that the
two liken/lasses of the Cidetor, Otte when in
the last stage of Consumption, and the Ai Ott
as he now is, in perfect health, are on the Gov
ernment stamp.
Sold by all druggists and deiders,,price $ :.60
per bottle or $7.1',0 the half dozen. All letters
for advice should be addressed to Dc.
Scuirica's Principal office, No. 15 Ns.rth 6th
Street, Philadelphia, I a.
General Wholesale Agents: Demos Barnes
& Co., N. Y..; 'S. S. lluoce, Baltimore, Md.;
John D. Parke, Cincinnati, Ohio . ; Walker &
Taylor Chicago, Ill.; Collins Llios.,,St. Louis.
MissOuri. oct.
to, all °theta for family and ,nauufacturing
purposes ; contain all the latest improvements;
are speedy . , noisless, durable and easy to work.
Illustrated Circulari sent flee. 'Agents Want.
ea.. Liberal discount allowed. 1.0 consign
ments made. Address .Erseraz S. M. Co, 616
Broadway, N. Y. [xiii;6-iy
cellent sitiele for ladies. Just received
an 4 for bale at *RS. RIOTIPS Variety Store.
, DOOR ".111ATTS,
Excellent quality: °cheap,
Reasons why the Amen'ean Tri z t c h
Made at [ VAL:MA.II, :tri ms.
It is mace on the best principle. Its L m 3
is composed of solid plates. No in. can inter
fere with the harmony if its wor.ines dno
sudden shoe's can t 1 i's Ey_
cry piece is made and fin Zed by machinery
(itself famous, tor its no , tk, „., 1,
as forii ' s
etrectiveness) and is leinte opesty
The Watch is what nil I n c b,,,, i„a
—accurate, simple, strong end.. cnnm,il
Except some high gradvs, too nisi y t.„
usq,..forcign-wateLts are cnivity Imo, b y
women and boys. Sach are cotsp.
sed ofseverak hundred pieces, screwed and fir ° -
=ited together, and rcquire constant repairs to
keep them in any Lied or order. A:i per zea ,
whn have carried " ancres," "
" English Patent Levers," ,re f.elly well
aware of the truth of this statement.
At the beginning of ow entetrize, mo re
than ten ten years ap, it was our first o jl e t
to make a thoroughly good tow priced watch
for the million, to take the place of these f.r.
eig,n impositions; the refuse of foruigu Into
lies, - vhich were entirely unsaleable at home
and pelectly worthless everywhere.
How well well we have accomplished this,
may be understood from the fact that Wier kJ
many years of public trial, we now make niers
than halt of all the watches sold in Lie Clot: e d
States, and that no others have ever givertsl.l:ll
univers;l satisfaction. While this department
of our business is continued with inereae:dr,
ci:rties for pet fect work, WO al . . at PreKqlt
gaged in the manufacture of watches of the
very llighe,f grade known t • Chronome ry, tun
eagnalled by any thing hitherto made I y on:.
selves, and unsurpassed by anything
the world. For this purpose we have the are.
pleat facilities. We hays erected au addition
to our main building, and have fitted h with
the best wart , men in our service. - New m a .
chines and adpiiances have been colistructed
which perform their work with consult-unts
delicacy and exactness. - 1 he choicest and
moat approved materials r:n y. are Li
we challenge comparison between this grade
of oar won and the finest iniporte.l cluilune
terz. We du - not pretend to eel! our
jar less mite!, fureign watchets, hut we
co assert without fear of contradiction that
fur the same mosey our pruiluti incomp3N.
bly superior. MI our aatclus, of whibiver
grad;, are fully waliant.d . an 11.1.;
is good at all tr.aes ajainzt its Sr our 11,;,ents ii
all parts of the world
CA TI —The public are ca:::lonel tob..y
only of reiv ctable dealers. All perJ.,s
ing couple/fella will be prosecuted.
llubbias Appleto,
.1 1 / 6 ric./4
16:.! BROADWAY, N. Y
Agents f,r the
Suulk il'eSl Curlier of ilorket SyN:l],e,
This Academy is a“uatel on the tta.,..f
the Soati . deaan 7 in the pleaacahi. nu.u.7.7.: ii
' Aa:ci cuLaty, 1: a,.173
about 3000 tilltab::aata aao I:tut
titltetettt ticauttattattons. to
pazellid ca:: ha:e n diutee w 7,e,d:11 7 ;
)outli. The P.misylva;.ia Lvai;..iry
run tour l'al4enger Craw, pane
wahing it easy a I a ces7 I root .1, e.11..1
of 1110 Mate, which r,nti2ts .1 peeahariy
atrable to parents who may olall t
auna'and ilaughtera nom :Wic to tA.: t.lve.ttet.
p,eaClit P.inetpul 'eels gieitiy
aged at t,.e pet...ohue etirem:ll to 'ard
ehlerprite, that he le ni th:st
eftall Le itit wldine to me he .1 onC of the fret
schnol! lh the State fer ehtttin:;.;
T. .e braticlun t.:rJg!it em.:.: , :rn IR 0! a
thorough English u. C,oss:c.:l 1,-
rottrn With Fiebcti 61.4.11110t1,
VOCal a, id than rat
Eyery br.ibeb teugh: u. lec ebet
. 4V11.161. tin: principal will cconii:iitly
make iheri i ingn 6CbOfa.9, ae siiii
less importaii I tai i 1 , 2 M
priftelpied. bett
secure the pit . zeaL . ..tilt:
co.wokted to ltt , 3 tldtOl I , e
rt . . crud b.ellite toe si.oilioits au.i,g Lie
„ .
I.E Itltat —lll • ZelitiOt lizit I is nit.)
LwJ_iCaaWtliUt -I. (.1 tV. Ct. ele.
lu I 32.1.1 n eJat ue.,Laa; a in: t4ild
I.lloutl.t3' in Liap:o .li Der dal atos.,4
a,lll O jell
day iu
F , r boarding, washing, and light
sensiun uf Live
Teitinn !u Enghsh brisuches,
Fir and Getman
—cacti extra,
B)011 keeping,
Leeborie at brewing,
lustruine .tal Music,
A regmur exaromstion will be held 3i ilia
cloas of cue./ icrin.
- • -
Persoas wishing to pla:e their sons' or
dilughter, in this lustitulion will eilLo
early applitatiall ny lei t,r or
S. .1.1.4. 1 i11r ELL,
Rev. J. J. Lame,
R. ti'. Smith, Wri.flitsvitte,
Lr. J. Levorgoud, Lanca.ter,
Aaron Baker, Chatham, Cheater, at.
Rev. Ro'aert Aleamnder, Little Maisie.
D. Wilson, Baltimore,
Samuel LandsaY, Mari,ltta,
Calvin A. Behatrilei, t
D. B..ejamM
Dr. J. Cushman, .1
1):. V. Hinkie, g;
Thomas se
A N. Caiael,
Jecob Roth, g;
Gougge W. Stahl, "
Alarie , ta, Feoruary 3, 1566.-qtf.
1011 N $1 , 71 , ... 7 a Elt has just—received and
has Mr mile this celebialed Wrioger.wili;
or without cog-wheels. This is how t egiodou
as the best machine in use. It is more eabily
alusteal to tho tub, and is wider than any o ur
chine nt the price. No. I, %without cos-whe t t 3
with ten inch rollers, is selling at cb o•
with cog-wheels, $9; No. 3, with tugwh ol6J
11 niches, $ll.
N Al EL OF AMERICA, for beautiflina
r) the complexion, softenntg the skia,le
movim; tan, freck!e3 and pimples.
Sale at Dr. Landis' "Golden :',Jortctr."
LANDLORDS! anal received, Scotch
and II I S K ft: S. a - arraa•
ted to be pure. at 1I D. I?erzia.,;n,o.
R"'ER'S Celehrated (earl Cement a
Oil PROP Blacking at
. • -
PR AqS parcelisin HTIO , I prrQerviTe LPtrleop
J-, cheap. at JOHN SPANOLVA'S.
$.O OJ