The Mariettian. (Marietta [Pa.]) 1861-18??, October 27, 1866, Image 2

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    The Mariettian.
.sllooaij NONifT, October QT, 1860.
fir The first public telegram ever
sent over the wires was on the 14th of
June, 1844, and directly thereafter a
well known member of Congress from
In..liana was defeated for reelection in
consequence, it is said, of his vote sus
taining an appropriation of $25,000 to
aid the enterprise, on the ground that
" a man who could be made to believe
in such a humbug was too big a fool to
go to Congress."
sr Those who have met Mr. W. H
Seward during the last year are aware .
that he is only a wreck of his former
self, Time, and disease, and indulgence,
have produced their natural effects upon
both body and mind. He has had a
collosal reputation coming down from
the past. At present he is only a shad.
ow, that must soon pass away. Would
that he was rounding out his life in har
mony with the beginning of it.
ar The next month is emphatically
the month of elections. The sixth of
November will be the "day of days,"
for the popular decision of great ques
tions. On that day, elections will be
held in Massachusetts, New York, New
Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Illinois,
Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Mis
souri, Kansas ankNevada, twelve States
having ninety one Representatives in
or If the United States was as dense
ly populated as France, our population
would number 528,000,000, or if popula
ted as densely as England and Wales,
924,000,000 ; and if according to Belgi
um's density of population ( 397 to the
square mile) the United States would
contain 1,195,000,000, which is 110,086,-
000 more than the entire population of
the world in 1866.
SW The report of Mr. Stanton'e res
ignation is not confirmed, but it is said
he will soon leave the cabinet and suc
ceed Mr. Hale as Minister to Spain.
That Gen. Sherman will become Acting
Secretary of War till Mr. Stanton's sue•
cessor is appointed is as yet a rumor,
but not improbable.
The former law pairtaer of Mr.
Linen* the Hon. Wm. El. Marna:in,
made a speech in Springfield, Illinois,
the other evening, in which he proved
to his own satisfaction that Andrew
Johnson was the personal and political
enemy of the late !?resident during his
entire administration.
Cr According to an official report of
the War Department, the number of
Union prisoners taken during the re
bellion, was 260,910 ; rebel prisoners 20,-
000. Number of Union prisoners who
died in confinement, 22,576 ; of rebels
who died in Northern prisons, 26,430.
igir The proposition made to send
from California a section of the "Origi
nal Big Tree " to the World's Fair at
Paris, is said to be impractible, for want
of a saw long enough to cut it. The
cutting will require a saw 40 feet long.
sir Joseph E. Davis, brother of Jeff.
is to receive the rents that have accrued
on his property since the date of his
pardon papers, which were issued in
March last, but not forwarded him until
fir It is a strange coincidence that
seven of the passengers of the ill-fated
steamer Evening Star were rescued by
the schooner Morning Star and carried
into Charleston. Thesetting Star found
another rising one to take its place.
tur Attorney General Stanbury has
decided that Secretary Harlan's contract
selling 800,000 acres of Cherokee lands
to a Connecticut society for per acre
is invalid, and it will probably be ignor
At Erie, in his speech. the f're•i
dent said : " I tell you all the powers of
hell cannot turn me from my purpose."
To which some exchange adds : "Doubt
less they don't waut to !
6 Lieut. Scott, after four years
fighting in the field, was appointed post
master of Olean. He has just been re
moved, and an anti-war rebel sympathi
zer appointed. •
air Chief Justice Chase has been
elected President of the Freedmen's
Union Commission, in place of Bishop
Simpson, resigned.
A. boot blacking machine has made
its appearance on the streets of Buffalo,
greatly to the indignation of " profes
ear Robert E. Lee has seat a lock of
hie hair to St.-Louis, at the request of a
lady..:lt,ie to be put up,in a raffia.
S lies:Mier& are like flies that leap ever
all a man's good parte to'light only on
his Horse. °
ilar The household effects left at the
Arlington Mansion by R. E. Lee, late
rebel general, or rather the fragments
remaining of them, were, on Wednesday
delivered to the party authorized to re
ceive them. This was done, the Nation
al Intelligencer says, under the order of
the President. It appears that nearly
everything of any value has been stolen
and many valuable heirlooms, including
some of the family portraits, had been
purloined. The portraits taken from
the frames were packed in boxes, and
stored in the upper loft of the mansion
for safety in 1861. These boxes had
been broken open and everything of real
value taken away, and letters and priv
ate papers scattered over the loft.
gar In Detroit, on Saturday, a man 38
years of age, applied to a justice, in
company with a girl of eighteen, to be
married, and on inquiry stated that he
already had a wife, but that she had
gone off with a younger man, Being in
formed that he could not be again mar
ried before obtaining a divorce, he quick
ly said that there would be no trouble
on that score, as he bad sold his wife to
her paramour. The magistrate endeav
ored to find out the price paid, but could
only elicit the fact that he "didn't get
much for her as she wasn't worth a great
deal, but was a poor sort of a wife."
sir Protecting the toes of children's
Shoes from wear by Metal Tips, has
proved a most important and useful in
vention. But until lately a great mis
take has been made in applying them
chiefly to the coarser grades of shoes.
For the higher the cost of the shoe the
more there is saved by protecting the
toe from wear, which can only be done
by a Metal-Tip. Genteel Metal-Tipped
shoes are now being made and are worn
by the best families in the city. Manu
facturers could not have conferred a
greater public favor than by supplying
this great want.—Boston Journal.
gar Gen. G. W. Custer has written a
letter in which he says : "Copperheads
who opposed the government during the
rebellion are worse than those rebels
who had the courage to fight for their
cause." He says "he can pardon the
rebels who fought against him, but no
soldier can ever pardon those men in
the North who opposed the nation and
their own States." He soya he could
not vote for such a man, and could not
advise any soldier to do 80. They ought
never to be forgotten.
E An accident on the Pennsylvania
R. R. happened sometime during Satur
day night last, between Spruce Creek
and Newton Hamilton. Seventeen cars
and their contents were wrecked, the
engineer slightly scalded and the fire
man *tautly killed. The latter was
not rescued•from the wreck until some
time during Sunday forenoon. The ac
cident was caused by running over a cow
and upsetting the engine:
sir Man has not yet exhausted his in
genuity in making animals work for him.
The Australian papers speak of a col
onist who has put a kangaroo to work.
A machine is put in motion by the ani
mal—continually springing up. It
works at about half horse power, and
turns a grinding atone, chaff critter,
bean mill, turnip cutter, and a washing
machine, and all at the same time. The
contrivance also lifts water separately
for irrigating the garden.
fir A. carefully revised list of the pas
sengers and crew of the steamship
Evening Star shows the following as the
number on board. Officers and crew 59
persons ;
,cabin passengers ( including
Alhaiza's opera troupe and Spalding 4'k
Bidwell's circus company, about 80 per
sons,) 116 ; steerage passengers, 53 ;
Total 278. Of these it is probable that
250 were lost.
slar A Cincinnati letter says : " Hogs
large enough to be fattened this year,
are in good demand, and bring good
prices. The number of hog's next year
will be double that of this year, because
nearly every farmer has a lot of fine
young pigs. They are much cheaper
than last year, and six cents a pound,
against twelve cents last year, is all they
will bring."
The French Empress presented to
the Imperial Library of Paris a large
Bible, in two volumes, of the thirteenth
century. It is written on vellum, con
tains many valuable marginal notes, is
illustrated in a very curious and eaquis•
ite manner, and i 9 altogether a splendid
specimen of old works of this kind. It
was recently brought from Arabia.
eir A fearful tragedy was enacted at
Medina, Lenawee county, Michigan, on
the 4th inst. A woman named Simms,
wife of a farm laborer, took her four
children to a barn and cut all of their
throats, and then her own. Three of
the children and the mother are dead.
The fourth child cannot recover.
ear The Christian Advocate and
Journal states that "from $2,000,000 to
$2,500,000 worth of tobacco is annually
consumed by the members of the Meth
odist Church In the United States,"
'Me Is between $6,000 and $7,000 a day
for the gratification of a sensual habit.
Ea' A New. York milliner has just
paid $95,000 for a " shop " on 114.. Fifth
c - s
Ntkoz hr 33rit£
The remains of Francis S. Key, au
thor of " the Star Spangled Banner,"
have lately been removed from Balti
more to Frederick, Md.
The Paris letter writers, who have
shown so much anxiety about the con
dition of !Napoleon's health, are now
expressing fears for the life of the young
Prince Imperial, his son. They say he
is singularly delicate, and that his com•
plexion alarms people who remember
that his aunt died of consumption.
Strauss, the celebrated musician, has
paid $300,000 for the right of giving
monster concerts at the Elyssian Fields,
Paris, daring the Exposition. He of
fered Verdi $20,000 and Rossini $40,000
to direct the concerts, but the great
composers indignantly rejected his offer.
The new Germanic Confederation,
over which Prussia enjoys military and
political supremacy, can raise an effec
tive military force of 1,116,000 men. Of
these 650,000 belong to the regular ar
mies, and 466,000 to the " Landwehr,'
or reserves,
Louie Napoleon, it seems, does not
trust his precious body alone and un
protected. - His secret police are never
far away from him, and two of them,
quiet and in citizen's dress, follow him
at a short distance when he goes out to
The. Virginian, published at Stanton,
iu the Shenandoah Valley, proposes
that the authorities of that place P ha4l
appoint one or more colored policemen,
to keep in order the negro population,
Hon. Charles Sumner was married in
Boston, on Wednesday, to Mrs. Alice
Hooper, daughter of Jonathan Mason,
Esq., of that city. The nuptial cere
monies were performed by Bishop East
Harry Gilmor, the raider, who took a
roundabout way to enter Washington
during the war, went there on Friday,
direct from Baltimore. He asks pardon
and there is no doubt that he will get
It is ascertained by the cholera returns
in London that the cases were always
heavier on Mondays and Tuesdays than
on any other days, owing to great drunk
enness which prevailed on Saturday
night, often extending over Monday
800, Thomas Williams, a member of
the present Congress, and re elected by
an increased majority in Allegheny
county, pledged himself publicly that,
in case he was reelected, he would prefer
charges of impeachment against Andrew
A little girl in the employ of the
Wolcottvillo ( Conn„ ) Manufacturing
Company possesses wonderful arithmet
ical powers. She counts 2000 percussion
caps and puts them in twenty boxes (100
in each) in one minute, and never makes
a mistake.
At Berea, Ohio, a train ran into the
car which had be en specially assigned
to General Butler, his wife and daughter,
.they were thrown violently upon the
floor, but received no serions injuries.
General Beauregard called at General
Grant's headquarters on Saturday, and
paid his rebpects to the General-in-chief.
The ex-rebel chieftain was courteously
The father of Gen. Grant made a
speech at a Republican meeting in Cin
cinnati the night previous to the elec
tion. He took a decidedly Republican
A tug boat recently passed through
the famous Dutch Gap Canal. A . pro
ject is on foot to improve this canal, and
if possible, make it navigable for vessels
of all sizes.
Horace Greeley has been nominated
for Congress in the Fourth District of
New York. Mr. Benjamin
.Wood will
ptobably be one of his competitors.
A herd of blooded cattle was recently
sold in England for $lO,OOO, an average
of $l3O per head. The English papers
say these prices were unusually high.
The population of the Sandwich Isl
ands has been reduced by licentiousness
and dissipation in fifteen years, from
140,000 to 70,000.
Head Centre Stephens has made a
speech in St. Louis, declaring that the
Fenian struggle in Ireland would begin
before the close of the year.
The first election for territorial officers
in Omaha has resulted in a Republican
victory by more than 600 majority.
The difference between the number of
people who eat. and those who sleep in
New York is 197,000.
At a tournament held a few days ago
at Lynchburg, Va., rebel flags were sub
stituted for.the Union colors.
Rats are swarming in the Northwest
of Ohio, destroying corn, potatoes, to
matoes, and even climbing fruit trees
and destroying the fruit.
Gen. Pritchard, who captured Jeff
Davis, is a Republican candidate for
Congress from Miebigan.
Nine hundred dead bodies were pinfi
ed up in the streets of Balame, India in
one morning. Famine.
fir The New York Tribune, speaking I
of the vote of that city in connection
with its welfare, makes this astounding
statement :—" The ignorance, the vice,
the brutality here massed are fearfully
powerful. The Citizens' Association
estimates that sixty thousand voters in
this city who, in one way or another,
have a personal interest in misgovern
ment. There is no reason to expect
that the great army of thieves and law
defying ruffians who burrow here will
vote for good government ; since such a
governti3ent would soon stop their ca
reer. And the multitudes who live by,
pandering to others' vice and debauch: i
ery are natural enemies to good govern
ment. The dance houses, dens of lewd
ness, and law defying groggeries of our
city (and,, their name is Legion) are
nurseries and recruiting stations Of
Sham Democracy. And so long as near
ly a full half of the voters of our city
have a personal interest in misgovern
ment, we cannot expect to carry major
ities for any organization substantially
identical in ideas and objects with the
Republican Union party.
The rebel Gen. Forrest, at a re_
cent meeting of confederate soldiers in
Memphis. to respond to the sentiments
of the Clevel.,nd Convention, thus heart
ily indorsed the President : " Bethought
it the duty of the South to stand by
President Johnson, so long as he makes
the Constitution his guide. Be would
not standby any man or any party long
er than this. Be was glad to see so
large a number of those at the meeting
whom he had been associated with in
the army. They were together then as
they were now, for the maintenance of
the rights and the vindication of their
character. It behooved every Southern
soldier to stand by President Johnson."
r Three thousand millions of debt,
half a million of soldiers' graves, two
and a half millions of the people clothed
in garments of mourning, surely are sol
emn monuments of the earnest purpose,
of a nation to save its life. A "policy'
that will waste this sacrifice—a political
"policy" that will voluntarily surrender
the fruits of such a costly war and give
to the rebels the advantages and power
they failed to.conqiier by arms—such a
policy, argued tolaspayers, cannot but
be accepted as treason—urged upon by
the relatives of the slain, must be felt to
be blasphemy—pronounced in the hear
ing of the world, surely will be consid
ered the phenomenon of insanity or
liar A private letter from Mayport
Mills, Florida, says that Gouldsby, the
second mate of the Evening Star, has ar
rived there, having left the steamer with
a boat load of ladies. All but two were
lost beTore getting near shore. In laud
ing, the latter were lost----one named
Annie, from Rhode Island, and the oth
er Rosa Howard, of New York. Both
became insane from want and starvation.
The bodies were washed ashore. That
of the latter was nearly devoured by
sharks. The mate is barely alive.
inr• In a suit recently tried in the
Snyder county court, in which Solomon
Books was plaintiff, and the Penosylva
nia Railroad Company defendants, the
jury rendered a verdict in favor of the
plaintiff in the sum of $13,90P. The suit
was brought to recover damages for in
juries sustained by plaintiff in an acci
dent that occurred on the road some
time since.
OW George Peabod3, the eminent
London banker, visited Philip's Acade
my, N. 11., o❑ Wednesday, and briefly
addressed the boys, He remarked that
he had never bad the advantages open
to them, for he Lad not been at school
since he was ten years old. Many and
many a time be would have cheerfully
given half his fortune for the sake of an
Cr An innocent young girl of Ro
chester, N. Y., after being accused and
arrested for stealing gold rings, and
hauled for two weeks from the jail to the
police court, treated as a felon, and
condemned to the society of the degrad
ed and corrupt, has at length been saved
from a lifa in the State's prison by the
confession of another girl.
ear Letty Charter, a colored woman,
died in St. Louis the other day, at the
good old age of 96. It may be mention
ed as rather a remarkable incident in
the woman's history, that, at the age of
about eighty, she gave birth to a son,
who still survives, and whom she had
never seen, owing to the deprivation of
ilidr A "Louisiana Tig2r," boasting
of his having fought in the rebel army,
was knocked down by a barkeeper in
Reading, on Saturday night. The bar
keeper was a returned soldier, and the
language of the " Tiger" pleased him
tor A woman in Louisville lately
gave birth to twins, and shortly after
wards sold , them, to two neighbors—the
boy for two dollareitad the girl for two
pairs of children's shoes.
Gir Lightning struck a• tree.. wider
which.a flock of eheep_had taken refuge
.near Marlboro, Prince. George county,
Maryland, on the 22d ultimo.. Twenty
two of the animals were killed.
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Louisville, 1.; Bigley Sr. 8r0.,. IdeolPh i *
Tenn.; P. E. Depuy, Richmond, Vat, ; Thorn , '
-sen & Block, :Baltimore; Md.-;-Dexter a Nel
goer, Albany, N. Y. Strong & Armrostng ,
Cleveland, Ohio; Wm. Johnson, Detroit
Mich. T Wilsori-Peters'& Co., Louisville, KY.
October 13, 1866.-Iy,