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4 . h.iliAy VolTiog, Selyteipbet 29, 1866
Major General JOHN W. GEARY,
GEN. Jos. W. FISHER, Columbia.
CAPT. E. D. ROA.TEI, Marietta.
Associate" Judge
JACOB F. Fans, Manor.
COL. W. L. BEAR, Warwick
Issno HOLLINGER, Petersburg.
Clerk of Quarter Sessibns.
JACOB M. GUIDER, West Hempfield
Clerk of Orphan's Court.
CAPT. J. Q. MERCER, Sadsbary.
Directors of the Poor
Prison Inspectors
H. 31. ?JOBBER, Earl.
J. A. SWEIGART, Ephrata.
Gro. W. Hmisp.t.; Eden
ea- A horrible affair reported in Mon
tana is the murder of an Irish hotel
keeper by, a professed clergyman, who
seized the former's property, claiming to
have bought it, and served up the body
of the former host in various cooked
dishes to his guests.
ar A. Johnson, of Chicago, was to
have been married on Sunday night ;
the wedding party assembled and the
bride was in Waiting—but the bride
groom did not appear, and has not been
heard of since. His wedding suit dis
appeared triio him and suspicions are
entertained that he has been murdered.
gir A boy .of eighteen was recently
executed at ,Manchester, England, for
murder. He acknowledged his guilt to
warn all,fonng people of both sexes to
be obedient to their parents ; not to ne
glect the Sabbath, the school and the
Bible, and against all profanness and
debauchery, and especially against evil
company, which, he said, was his ruin,
pgr Six men were on Saturday arrest
ed in Choctaw county, Ala., for attemp
ting to murder a colored family by pois
oning their water. Fortunately they
were seen in the act, and on complaint
to the military authorities were arrested.
eir A letter from North Carolina
says that though the obloquy heaped
upon the Union men of that section is
even greater than in. 1860- they remain
undismayed, and are looking with hope
to the northern elections, as our triumph
will be theirs.
At Detroit the great iron ferry
boat has been launched to ply at the
railroad crossing. Her tonnage is 1,800
tons, and makes her the largest vessel
now plying upon the, lakes or rivers of
the northwest. Upon the two tracks
running the length of the steamer can
be placed fourteen cars.
er A poor woman in St. Louis, Mo.,
recently arrested for stealing a shirt,
which she sold to keep her children
from starvation, created so much sympa
thy when brolight hefore the court, that
sh e was acquitted without trial, and the
attorney, who was to have prosecuted
her, hired her as a servant and took her
home. •
Gga The great Canadian cheese . , weigh.
ing three and shelf tons, twenty-one and
a half feet in circumference, six feet ten
inches diameter, and three feet high,
which required thirts-five tons of milk to
make, is now exhibiting about the
country, in the vicinity of saratoga,
N. Y,
Sir Gen. Dix is appointed Naval Ofii•
cer at N.ew York, andat is said he will
accept, rit,seems to'have been a oonsid
erikble plague. to provide for him, but
something had td?• be done to molify hie
severe disappoinAment in being laid on
the ahelf by ON Hybrid convention at
Albany. • . •
sir Maj. Geri. Q. A. Gilthore has ar
rived _at Vowelise .
, conduct a
aeries of experiments with 1645ciii glintL
and rifled , piece of •ordpance,4lgainst the
iron-clad rtone target erected near the
rortresik •,• • •
Snommis DEATH.—On Wednesday,
Mrs. Harlow, wife of Mr. John P. Har
low, wheat receiver at Hann Cren
shaw's mills, Riehmond,vieited the mills
in company with two lady friends.
While turning to leave the upper story
her dress was caught in the conveyor
wheels which carry the dour to the su
perfine bolting apparatus and she was
drawn into the machinery. Mr. Taylor
who was standing by, caught her and
would have rescued her, but her steel
hoop skirt bad become entangled in the
cog-wheels and Mr. Taylor's attempts
were in vain, and he came .hear being
drawn himself into the machinery which
in a moment mangled the unfortunate
lady in a manner too horrible to con
ear A singular and most distressing
scene took place on the 6th, in a grave
yard at Edwardsville, Illinois, where,
during the funeralceremonies over the
body of a child of Mr. John Gaffney,
the mourners and attendants were at
tacked by a swarm of bumble bee. The
irate insects lit upon the uncovered
heads and faces of those present, who
were mostly all stung in a terrible man
ner. The ladies screamed, and a retreat
was absolutely necessary before the cer
emony was concluded. One of the
ladies stung is confined to her bed from
the effects of the virus.
car The wife of Mr. Henry Witley, a
resident of the town of Worth, 111., was
bitten by a mad dog about two weeks
since. She was taken with the hydro
phobia, a short time afterwards, and died
from the effects of the disease. The
death of the wife distracted the husband.
He became possessed with the idea that
he was also attacked with the dreadful
disease, and on the '7th inst., strangely
enough, drowned himself in a stream
near town.
la' The woman, Mollie Trussel, who
last week killed her paramour in Chica
ao, is now in close confinement in the
county jail, awaiting her trial for murder.
She seems quite overwhelmed with min
gled grief and fear, and at times evi
dences signs of mental aberration. Oa
Thursday she nearly succeeded in hang
ing herself, by making a rope of her
shawl and tying one end to the bars over
her door. She had swung herself off,
but her struggles alarmed a prisoner in
an adjoining cell, when she was cut down
and her life saved.
It is stated that a company of
English capitalists, with a capital of two
millions, are about to start in Charleston
S. C., an enormous cotton factory es
tablishment, for supplying European
trade. They are backed by the wealth
iest firms In England and France. Sev
eral other enterprises are under consid
eration which, if successful, will speedi
ly render Charleston the leading city of
the South.
egr Union men with their families are
constantly passing through Washington
on their way North to settle. They are
obliged to leave their homes' in the
South Olraccount of the persecutions to
which they are subjected at the hands
of the reconstructed rebels. They state
that it is fast becoming impossible for
men entertaining loyal sentiments to
live in most parts of the South.
lir Samuel Rolland, a colored man
residing in Memphis, Tenn., has brought
a suit against his former master for the
recovery of $1,400 in gold, the savings
of a life time, which, before the war had
been discovered and taken away by his
owner, who applied it to his own use.
In case the civil courts refuse to do him,
Rolland will try a military tribunal.
An old man named Tucker, a re
turned Confederate soldier, -in Maritan
county, Mo., one day last week shot a
neighbor of his who had ran away with
his ( Tucker's-) wife, an,o was keeping
her from returning to him. The next
day Tucker was seized by a gang of men
and taken to the woods and riddled with
air In the throat of a cow which died
one day last-week in the eastern part of
the State of Maine was found a piece of
a hoop skirt, which la - to the supposi
tion that she had swallowed the milk
maid.' The matter has, after due hives
tigation, been settled—the; maid had
suddenly disappeared, but returned a
blushing bride.
A spurious Tennyson has appear.
ed in London. B wing a close resem
blance to the poet laureate, he was able
to deceive many_ persons,. and is said to
have parted with several locks of hair,
in deference to the wishes of enthusias
tic women. It turned out that the man
was a cheesemonger, of Carlisle.
eir The famous '• Pitcher Portrait"
of Washington, the property of John A.
Washington, and which met with the
vicissitudes of the war and traveled as
far - as Michigan was restored to its
rightful owner last week. It is said to
be the'best "and truest :likeness of the
!':Father of his Country" now extant.
fir A. full list of the Philadelphia ap
pointmenta-.was made"out 'on Monday.
Amonk them 'are Clhainb - --r3 McKibbin
Treasurer orthe:Mitit ; Wm: -Millivard,
, Pato:Mete ';`` " lankieri ,
'OBicer. Mr. )11 irea - Derdirerit,r.
Slanigen is the @Olior of the Daily News.
MARIETTI.A_N.&-% - ;
1 The
,Montrose ( Fa.,) Independ
ent Republican announces the admission
to the bar of Jonathan J, yi r right, "a
full blooded negro." The Republican
says : " Mr. Wright began studying sev
eral years ago in the office of Bently,
Fitch & Bentley ! prepared himself for
examination ; but owing to prejudice or
some other cause, was not able even to
get before a committee. He then spent
a year in South Carolina, practicing in
the provisional courts of that unrecon
structed State. On his return to this
place he 'obtained a committee, passed a
creditable examination, and on motion
of B. S, Bentley, Esq., was on Monday
last admitted to practice.
eir Florida papers say the island of
Dry Tortugas was recently fired upon
by a strange craft bearing the Confeder
ate flag, and Dr. Mudd, whols confined
there, was seriously wounded by the ex
plosion of a shell. The vessel was .a
schooner rigged steamer .and painted
lead color, with four guns on each broad_
side, which were all discharged at the
distance of two miles
. from the island,
when the boat put to sea. The United
States, revenue cutter was lying in the
harbor at the time, but not having on
steam was unable to pursue.
ar A gentleman, resident of Cleve
land, became crazy on hearing that his
brother, his sister and her husband; and
their family, had all died of cholera at
Cincinnati. He was found roaming
through the , streets, heedless of the tears
and entreaties of hie wife, who was try
ing to persuade him to return home.
The police took him home, where he had'
to be guarded and confined to his room.
oar The first balloon ascension ever
made by a lady alone took place in Dur
ham, England, a short time since. She
started about nine o'clock in the even
ing, and went about nine miles in twen
ty minutes, when she descended in an
open field. Not seeing any habitation
near, she remained in the basket covered
with the folds of the balloon over night,
and returned to her friends, who were
waiting anxiously to hear from her the
next day.
Fir The Oivil Rights bill has been
practically tested in Louisville, Ky., be
fore United. States Commissioner Bal
lard. Three whites, arrested on the
charge of robbing and attacking some
negroes, were arrested by the military.
One of them was bound over for appear
ance ; the other two were dismissed,
there not being sufficient ' evidence
against them. The only testimony
against them was given by five negroes.
cfir During a prayermeeting at the
Presbyterian church, at Salisbury, Som
erset county, Maryland, Dr. Oathell
Humphreys fell dead while engaged in
worship. The New Era says :—lt ap
pears that the deceased had just finished
an extemporaneous lecture and was in
the act of praying, when he was, seen to
fall forward, and his face coming in con
tact with a bench was severely bruised,
whereupon assistance being immediate
ly offered, life was found extinct.
sir A San Francisco merchant was
recently complained of to the Health
officer of that city, for creating a nuis
ance in the neighborhood by keeping
the dead body of his wife for over a year
in a room of his residence. Occasional
ly he would take it out in the garden
and play the hose on it.
Cr It is understood that the friends
of Dr. Mudd, one of the assassination
conspirators, now undergoing sentence
at the Dry Tortugas for life, are getting
up an immense petition, to be signed by
the residents of the three lower counties
of Maryland, where the doctor resided,
praying for his pardon.
wr The New York Elerald's Rich
mond correspondent states positively,
that the body of Col. Dahlgren, of Gen.
Kilpatrick's staff, who was killed in a
raid on Richmond, March 1864, was nev
er recovered, but that the body given his
ftiends,was a fictitious one, palmed off
for some purposes unknown.
eir Major Gee, the former rebel com
mandant of Salisbury prison, where so
many of our soldiers were starved to
death; is to be the recipient of a hand
some testimonial in the shape of a purse
of $5,000 presented by his rebel admir
air The Springfield (Mass.,) Repub.
lican says the lady whom Senator Sum
ner—now for over fifty years a bachelor
—is about to marry, is Mrs. Sturgis
Hooper, daughter-imlaw of Representa:
tive Hooper, of Boston, a beautiful and
accomplished lady.
slir The Atlantic cable, from the
point where it leaves Valentia Island to
the spot where it was landed at Heart's
Content is precisely 1866 miles in length.
It is a queer coiocidence that it should
have been perfected this year.
Henceforth tN3, Pope of Rome
will be a spiritual "rather than a tempor_
at sovereign,. ,and the protectorate of
Roicle' will "ptitai into the hands of ViCior
Eza= Plantere in Mississipyi are grad=
nab); Ainining to the 014 pled of
'ping, their , Mayes. They
of the Bureau."
Iltkoo in I.3rftf
Sim Jennings, a rich miser, diet] re
cently in Ohio, leaving a fortune of $2,-
000,000 which his heirs are quarreling
Two deaf mutes from the Ohio Deaf
and Dumb Asylum were married at Cin
cinnati on the 7th inst., by a deaf and
dumb minister.
A horse and buggy nearly went out
of eight in a mud hole in the middle of
State street, Ct., during a recent rain
An attempt was made on Sunday to
poison the - President of the Virginia
Central Railroad by means of poisoned
apples which—he didn't eat.
The Journal du Havre says that one
of the Paris Exhibition prizes next year
will be a prize of 10,000 franca for the
best singer in the world.
Mollie Douglas ( white) and John
Clifton ( mulatto,) have been commit
ted to the workhouse at Louisville for,
living together as man and' wife. The
patties are from Xenia, Ohio, where
they were married.
A boy named Powers broke his neck
at Holyoke, one day last week, while
trying to see how long he could stand
on his head.
The Douglas hl °unmet' r. Fund has been
increased by the profits of the late me
morial ceremonies.
Corn is worth now, in Tuscaloosa, Al a .
five dollars a bushel, and the people
north of that point are without any
means of subsistence.
The authorities of Mobile have con
veyed, as a free gift, three acres of land
within the corporate limits of that city
for the interment of the dead of the
Union army.
An excavation in the Seaside Park
at Bridgeport, Ct., has resulted in the
discovery of Indian skeletons that must
have been there since long before the
Capt. Moses Libby, of Scarborough,
Maine, ninety-five years of age, attended
a town meeting: and voted at the elec
tion on-Monday. He cast his first vote
for George Washington fir President.
A western young !tidy while on her
way to be married was run over and
killed. A..-con6rmed old maid sagely
and savagely remarked, " she had avoid
ed a more lingering and horrible desti-
Two men named respectively David
Cooper and Henry Darrington, who
were crossing the Niagara river in a
Bail boat, were swept over the Falls and
of coarse killed. They were intoxica
President Johnson says he "intends
to fight it out on the line ho has adopt
ed." Somebody suggests that a line on
which be can stand does not run very
Jeff Davis is reported to be much
downcast at the political aspects. His
friends will suffer a worse defeat in 1866
than they did in 1865.
Dick Turner, the Libby Prison mon
ster, who was pardoned by President
Johnson, has turned up in a street shoot
ing affray, in Richmond.
A New York merchant is suing an
insurance company for $21.000 to pay
for hia daughter's wardrobe, destroyed
by fire.
There are nearly four thousand oys
ter cellars and saloons where tha bi
valves are sold in New York, which give
employment to twenty thousand per
sons. Oysters are reported plenty at
The Lincoln Monument- Fund has
'reached $70.000. It is invested in Gov
ernment securities, and the interest is
being added to the principal. No de
sign has yet been adopted.
Edward Bettie; Esq,, has been nomi.
nated by the Republican Convention of
Camden county, New Jersey, for State
Senator, in the room. of Mr. Scovel,
whose term has expired.
It is estimated that there are in Eng
land thirty thousaud of the vagabond
strollers known by the name of tramps ;
and that the amount of contributions
levied by them in the name of charity,
last year, was several thousands pounds.
A western paper publishes the follow
ing wonderful description : 'Lost or
strade from the scriber a sheep all over
white—one leg was black and half his
body—zall persons sball receive five dol
lars to bring him. .11e was a she goat."'
The French Minister of War receives
as Minister, $1.6,000 a year ; as Senator
$6,000.; as French Marshal $6,000; as
Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor,
$6,000. Total $34,000. Besides he is
lodged, lighted and _,warmed and his
torses fed at Government expense.
It is understood that a gentleman of
Detroit has"-sacceeded in oblaining a•
contract "( connectibn with two oth
ers ) 'from Senor Romero; the Mexican
Minister,-to furnieh arms and munitions
of war to Wit:, belliroiatTV , oy
En)Pfre The contract, au:1011)14 An
$914,600. 1
Ziatial Notitts
thole been a season as fruitful as this of male
rious diseases. Not only on the parairies and
in the valleys o f the West ; not merely in all
the old haunts of Fever and Ague and Bilious
Remittent Fever have these prostrating dis
eases been unusually virulent; but they have
extended to towns and cities never before in
fested with them, and have ascended the
mountains and attacked thousands of people
supposed to have been placed by the laws of
Nature above their reach. Hence we are
compelled to admit that a fatal element per
vades the universal air this season, and should
at once resort to the only approved preventive
of its consequences, Hostetter's Stem= Bit
ters, a tonic so potent, an anti-septic so per
fect, an alterative so irresistible, and a Mime
lant so pure, that it enables the human system
to resist and baffle all the predisposing causes
of disease. With the confidence that one
clothed in incombustible garments might move
among blazing buildings, the man who arms
himself against, malaria with this powerful
defensive medicine may walk a fever-scourged
district fearless of its insalubrious atmosphere.
The intermittents and remittents at present so
general in all parts of the country may be but
the forerunners of a deadlier scourge now on
its way westward from the far East. Prepare
the system with Hostetter's Bitters for a suc
cessful battle with the mephitic causes of all
epidemics. Be wise in time. Sold every
where —New York World. Nov. 6, 1865.
To CONSUMPTIVES.—The advertiser hav
ing been restored to health in a few weeks by
a very simple remedy, after having suffered
several years, with a severe lung affection,
and that dread disease, Consumption, is an
xious to make known to his fellow-sufferers
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charge, with the directions for preparing and
useing the same, which they will find a sure
cure for Consumption, Asthma, Coughs, Bron
chitis, Colds, a nd all throat and lung affections.
The only object of the advertiser in sending
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spread information which he conceives to be
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Parties wishing the prescription, FREE, b:
return mail, will please address k
Rev. EDWARD A. WlLson, Williamsburg,
Kings County, New-York. Lir
BLACK AS A Cnow, a few years since, was
many a splendid head that is now grey or grit
zled. Why not restore to the yet unwrinkled
brow its raven honors? Five minutes effects
the splendid transformation. In less time than
a rifleman would take to Load and Fire three
times, the grayest head may be made darker
than the Raven's wing. No matter of n hat
undesirable tint the hair or whiskers or beard
may be, the change to a superb and perfectly
natural black or brown is accomplished by one
application of CRISTA.DORO'S HAIR DYE, with
out staining the skin or injuring the filaments.
Manufactured by J. CHRISTADORO, 6 As
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Applied by all Hair-dressers.
IC:r Dr. TOBIAS , Horse Venetian Liniment.
Pint Bottles at .SI, for the cure of lameness,
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impurities of the blood ; these being removed,
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ters. Sold by all druggists.
ERRORS OF YOUTH.-.--A gentleman who suf
fered foe years from Nervous Debility, Pre
mature Decay, and all the effects of youthful
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4 fg9 .
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t 4
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Telegraphing is ten dollars and Phonons.
phy (short hand) twenty dollars extra, h ut
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plest principles of Book Keeping, after which
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transactions': each set representing a businen,
(stock and partnership) and each set inyair.
ing the application of one or more principle&
Next, he is admitted into the Department at
Here the student applies practically what he
has been taught theoretically. For a full ex
planation of this Department send for a Da.
lege Paper which we will mail toyouraddins
free. Sulfite it to say that the student begios
business with a real
With which he buys and sells merchandise,
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ery kind of business transaction, even to at
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A lot of new fall and wnter kJ° Is Ea flaw
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dies wear generally.
English, French and Domestic cloths; Car
simeres and resting; in great variety; Bearer
cloths for Overcoatinz; undershirtsaaildraa - •
ers; hats and caps, &c , Vic. , &e.,
House. furnishing goods of all kindni tlan•
nets from 35 cents to $1 per yard; ledge Int of
bleached aad unbleached :Medias, bids and
Cotton flannels. Gass and Queernwarei
floor and table oil cloths Groceries of an
kinds Salt and Fish, all s+-Ilingat canespand•
ingly low paces. Call and exarnmeforyout
sel yes.
Marietta, Sept_ 29. ISSIi.
These Pius, so celebrated moor fool 1 0
in Paris, for the relief of female irregularities,
and afterwards so notorious for their criminal
employment in the practice of abortimitar t
now offered for sale fie the first Muth' Aram
ica. They have been kept in camparativeoh
seurity from the fact that the originator , Dr.
VALP A U, is a Physician in Paris, of gest
wealth and strict conscientious principleso ad
has withheld them from general use, leg they
should be employed for unlawful proposes.
In overcoming female obstructions they seem
to be truly otrinipitent, bursting apes the ilooa
gates from whatever cause may hare stopped
them ; hut they are offered to the public only
for legitimate uses, and all agents are foetid'
den to sell them when it is understood that
the object is unlawful.
For sale by Dr. F. Hinkle, Marietta; P.
Pyle, Mountjoy ; H. D. Parry and 11.
liams, Columbia, and druggists generallY•
Ladies can procure a box; settled fromtha
eyes of the curious, by enclosing SI sli d l
postage stamps to 0. G. STAPLF.S, Geila to '
Agent for us,' Watertown, Now-) orb,or
any of the above agents. intad-b'
LETTERS REMAINING unclainiedinna.
Fost Office at Malietta, Pa., Tatirisrofi
September 27, 1566:
Flood, Miss Georeetia Henry, Mr. J*
Hoffman, Mr. C. 3 Jacobs, Miss 11 ,
Klumppe, Mrs. E. Landis, Mr.
N . i•
Lindemuth, Mr. Leander Miller, •
Miller, Mrs. Christian Wearer, F.
D 3— To obtain any of these letters, they:
plicant must call for "advertised letters,'
the date of this list, and pay one cent Or '
vertisil.g. ABRAHAM CASSEL, P.
/00,000 sfh iDbeTY 1 11 1 10 ) ; °r °.
n'sAl e b n a , ny, Norwood,
Jucunda, Triomphe DeGond,
Agriculturist, Russell Proli fic,
Lening's White.
For sale by HENRY WOLFE.
Another arrival of those incomparable fas
Burning Parlor Stoves. Also,
Call and sae them at J. SPANGL R
KRATJT STANPS, Meat Stasi, e.
Kegs, Tubs, Buckets
generally, constantly on band at
EST Quality of Wince and Liqums lor
3 medicinal purposes, at D. Landis'.
ALL kinds of Blanks printed ander Isle
. .
• ei