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    the Mariettiatt.
saftiiiqD V . 01.010, §epteNbe,t. 2Q,1866.
Major ; Ge4braljOHA car.i,ozeviz
OF CUMBERLAND' - eotrtre - -
fir It is . said, that a Mrs. Porch, who
lives in the mountains of-East-Tennessee,
is aged 121 yeare. "Slie is blind bat
quite hearty, mad walks without assist-
ante. Her memory is" unimpaired, and
she can recount many of the events of
the Revelation with-'great accuracy.
The Staunton (Pa..,) Spectator says
there is a n'egeg 'wqtaati at Mountain
Top, near 'Siannton, who is 130 years
old. ' ' '
Cr The suicidal course of the .NeW,
York Times in sestainingthe-President's
policy is said to cost It o,n ; the
other hand, the New-York Trihnne e now
the only Repuklictui daily piper in New
York, has gained ten thousand on its
daily, and thirty thousand on its weekly,
since the Ist. of August. Its daily will
circulate abont'seventy thousand during
this canvass. . •
While the Piesideht was ipeaking
from the iludoVir Of the De!Ewan House
at Albany, - he loge - trod, "To Whom have
I proved a traitiir wheti an Irishman
replied, "To Glen Sweeney and the .
Faynians." He continued, "'I have
held every office in the'gift:of the people
what more can I desire f' when a felloW
sung out, "Amither term.
i k r George Peabody, has recently ,
been in Thetford, Vt., on a visit- to- an
aged aunt residing, there, and has. given
the citizens of-the village $5OOO for a
librarp—s2ooo is to a permanent fund,
the interest to be expended
,yearly in
the purchase orhooks. A library build
ing is to be erected , immediately.-
Or A guerilla leader, named Dick
Hempstead, was lately captured by the
Regulators, near Little Rock, Arkansas,
who after trying him and "finding him
guilty of eleven murders, all of "which
confessed, burned him to .leath by a
slow fire, which tcitalli'oensained hii
eir In Memphis, the' other day, a
policeman requested a certain doctor to
visit a poor woman sick of cholera. He
refused nnless•paid In advance. , Being
calle offirt second time, 'le .- consented*
to gotif the policeman .IvOuld be semi.
ty for payment.
isir Three women were overhauled by
the cuatom house olEcerslat Ogdensburg
last week, andupo . they? were found
sixteen eounds of'tobac,o, three gross
of matches, eight pounde s of pepper,. and _
three bottles of whisky.
sr Jos. Ur Butler and Lewis Worth
ington, wealthy Protestafili of •Ciocin
n.ati, have purehttand the.• S. 'Marine
Hospital, in that tity, for V 70,500 and
presented it in fee simple' to the Sisters
of Charity. - . • _
eir A couple in Newport,,R. 1., have
four children, who were born severally
in Rhode 111.1 and„ Nehraelia,,Nevada and
California, each.of whom hearkthe name,
of hie or her Dative,State-:
ear A man , who was run over by a
train atElizabeth; N. Jr., and Mortally
injured, was shot through - the 'head, 'at
his own requeitt, to end hie sufferings.
So says an exchange. ‘,
sir A western•clergymart*told his fe
male worshippers that our Lard appear
ed to a woman after his resurrection,
"only that the tidings might he spread
the sooner."
eir Mrs, Hatch of spiritualist celeb
rity, seems to get a new name every
year. She iii now advertiied in Roch
ester as f` Mrs. Oora-L.AT.-Scott Daniels
formerly Mrs. Hatch." -
ter An Englishman, just , dead, has
left a large sum of money ; the interest
to be divided every five years' among
five young maidens, who are to dance
around his grave.
fir A liorwegian woman, 105 years
old, accompanied by 78 of bar descend
ants, passed through lowa,' a few days
since, on the way" td Salt Like City.
air A man who will exhibiting Cali.
fornia rattleanakee,at the New England
Fair, got bitten by ope,ofthemirbut sav
ed hie life , by large dosage whisky. •
Ur One hundred and fifty women are
raid to be employed as mations and hod
oarrfers on the new Opera honee at. Vi-
ge' The r Fr pgb, - gov,erngebt isBp
Ping cooxict. Jemales to , —nyenne, -
wives for the well behaved convict s tfi as
Sir Madame Itistori's boigage com
prises 105' trunks, forty of which contain
her . theatilear.war a dicibe., "d .l 1 ' :
igirthtfrbtdrdf %dr ftfideleifdr
dier ha been found in the Petersburg
crater, in good preservation.
r, ME, Mr.—Mr.J,ohneon is epo ted
by somebody to halirsied that 712"fy often
passed twelve hourasin the Wh i te 4use
without reflectinrthatie is 'fpresldent
of the United States. This may or may
not be true ; but no man can say that he
ever heard the President speak twelve
seconds without making allusion to him
men fills seventy-nine lines in
the Sunday Morning Chronicle, 'and is
composed of thirty-seven sentences. It
forty-four times, which are two egotiams
for each sentence, with seven ) to' earry;
`and one egotism for every two
with four and the nest
modest effort.—,- Washington Chronicle.
isgr When the President set out, on
his tour througb'the thousaniis
flocked•to see and tear him, to show
proper respect fee thivq'tesidential 'of.
fice. It Ilea`wince bacon:1010- be a fact,
that thousands flock to see him because
both his laninage'aturmanner are die
graceTtil to him, es-a man,-and‘ utterly
degrading to his high
, position—a feat
that proves that; as hum= nature is, no
exhibition earl be so'gromr that thou's
ands will not witnees it.-:—Fitts
burg Commercial. ,•
gar A human skull was lately
Calaveras county, California, at ,the
depth of one hundred and fifty feet, in
what is known by geologists as the ple
locene formation. This discovery is one
of the most important ever made forge
ology, and will create a greet sensation
in the learned world. It seems to
tablish the fact that man existed on this
planet countless ages before the time
designated by any of our traditions re
specting his first appearance here. •
er Before the late war Prussia own
ed an irregular shaped territory contain
ing 108,771 square miles and including
in its eight provinces a population of
19,204,843. By the treaty of • Ptagne,
just signed, she gets additional territory
of 42,584 square miles with an additiOn
al popolalion Of 7,l7l,6Bo—making her
entire present territory 151,355 square
miles, and her entire pOpulation 27,476,
Or A correspondent suggests that we
make a• comparison .between the "digni
fled address of Frederick Douglas " and
the "disgraceful harangues of Andrew
Johnson." We would like to oblige our
correspondent, , but - then, comparisons
are odious, especially where there is
such avast difference in the objects - to
be.compared. Besides, we do not think
RA... Douglas would feel at all compli
mented.— Washington Chronicle.
Or George Trussell, a a gambler
by profesaion and principal owner of the
trottigg horse Dezter, was shot dead by
his inlstress, in a drinking saloon in Chi
cago, on Tuesday night. Jealousy was
the cause. Trussell was 32 years old,
a native of Danville, Vt., and had amass
ed $lOO,OOO by keeping agambling house
The woman, after she committed the
deed, was seized with remorse and be
came almost frantic with grief.
Cis It is aunou'need in a letter from
St. Petersburg, that, an imperial ukase
has just been'issued, abolishing all pun
ishments heretofore inflicted upon per
sons for renouncing...the Greet: church,
the state •religion •.of Russia. This, ire
form is regarded as almost as great . 0 0
stepin - advanced civilization as the re.
cent abolitiOn orserfdoni; andlt=speaks
well for the enlightened policy of the
Emperor Alexander.
ear B. J. Row, or Qlearfield, has been
zemoved as route
,agent,for Pennsylva
oia and Now jersey. ,',the ‘ Post Qi.Ece
Department could satisfied
with the efficiency and fidelity of the
man thus discharged ; 'but, as an active
and true Republican, he would not en.
list in the Bread and-Butter Brigade,
and hence his fate. -•-
66 - 0 .41. theory has been broached which
seems to account for President John,
son's radical change of policy, to wit :
He feared the rebels would
. dispose of
him as President Lincoln' was disposed
of, and to save his precious life, he, be
trayed the people who protected and
ice' The Chicago Tribune says that - a
plot has been diseovered 'among the
President's reconstructed 'friends in New
Orleans, to assassinate General Sheri
dan, Commander of the Gulf Depart
ment It.was designed to accomplish
his death by the explosion -of II shell
made for the occasion.
. An appletree in Worcester, Mass.
which bloomed in May, in June and
again in July, is -. now clothed in its
fourth series 'of blossoms, The tree
contains well developed fruit from the
first blossoms.
sir Senator Doolittle visited his hOnie
at Racine, Wisconsin, on Monday, and
was very coolly redeived by his friends.
Numbers bUthem refused to recognize
him. ' -
Ear The peach, crop • in_the central
part of-Ne`w,liork. , in large... Last wbek
the shipirientmfromitochesterty express
amounted to about forty tons a day.'
frl)2 Lynchbur g'
that snow ware to) " igiNPIUgPSII.ts
Virginia on Thuis -4'.ll.l6°PiqhwPiitern
gua7 °venlig? of lase
Boston netlof Sut lay says
The city was ffiled leistleveni4 with rig
;more tt President J h jaasonthad bee 4
;assassinated dnring t a-kfter6ol whileH
going from Chicago to St. Louis. The
excitement in consequence was very
great. The rumor spread to all the
places of amusement and other resorts,
'and ifilnini•
The rumors, as far as could be ascertain-,
ed;:caute, ma! friftm; 5em&41'1;44114.
telegraph oifices—"but on being traced
up, no foundation wh stave ran-t ru th could
be found for them. The whole affair was
a stuPid,44eil,,Milfchins)ioax: That ,
any PeisCu could - deliberately invent so '
mean and monstrous a canard is but
40.‘02.4e,...e1e65, .44
another evidence that the satanic in
man is untitinately ii`nd nn.
fir The York' True . Democrat Bays.
thit ihe'eitra which the' 'Pied:
dent and suite passed through that bo,-
rough on Settlideititoreing;was divided'
into twonpartinente. 'ln one; piles of
cbainpagnd baskets were ifildble, and eit"
the car moved along, the track in the
neighbortedd - ef Hantz'e'corriei,
empty bottles were flung out of the "car.
and broken : on the traek. The copper
heads of the borough, we are told,'Arn
ished the party, with an additional sup
ply of liquors of different brands, which
were placed on the car for
_their use.
between York , and Bettina . ..ore. A more
spirited crowd never visited that borough.
fir F. T. Barnum and others are pre
paring lo‘start a zoological gitrden
NeW York, in connection With l3arhure's
Museum, a part of which show' will be
free'to the public, and the entire
bition kept down to the Museum pricee.
A. charter'for the association has been
obtained from the Connecticut Leglilit:
tare, - with a capital of $2,000,000, arid
thirty acres of land have been purch Ised
in the vicinity of Bridgeport, oe
are being-erected suitable builditigs and'
glass edifiCes for breeding and acclima
ting rare - aniteals, birds, etc., - and for
training some of them for public perforni
4W We would say to our readers that
Messrs. C. G. Clark & Co., proprietors
of Coe's Dyspepsia Cora, warrant it to
cure thilHaost obstinate cases of Dys
pepsia, no matter of how long standing.
We bid you use Coe's Dyspepsia Cure;
it will help you. Constipation one of
the chief causes of ill health, is com
pletely cured by the use of the. •Cure.
All diseases of the stomach and bowels;
like sick-headache, heartburn, cramps,
pains are controlled instantaneously by
the use of Coe's Dyspepsia Cure.
Cr General Jno. A. Dix—the poor
office-seeking old dotard, has been de
feated in the nomination for Governor
of New York, by Hoffman, the present
copperhead mayor of New York city;
this, it appears, little Raymond, of the
New York Times, could not stand, and
now begs to get backto !,he, Ropublican
ranks in order to be re-nominated for
®'A cat iu Greene, !de.; a few days
since, was deprived of a company of
kittens by an untimely blow of the owner.
Determined not to be without; young of
some sort, the cat disappeared and went
to the Woods, soon after returning-'with
two young 'rabbit's, which -she is moW
nursing with most motherly care. This
is . certainly a curious case of hybrid at.'
Cr Miss Spurgeon, the daughter of
the popular preacher, accompanied
Queen Emma to this country. Miss
Spurgeon is on her way to th • S'andwich
Islands, in tbe hope of being able to in
struct the natives in the doctrines of
Christianity. She is twenty four .years
of age, has a fine, intellectual face, and
very prepossessing.manners.
sir The coffin of- a colored woman,
who had •apparently died of cholera, it
Cairo, illiuoie, the other day, during her.
husband's absence, was opened by the
latter on his return,' and signs of life
were observed in the supposed corpse.
The woman was removed froth the coffin,
and is now as well ae ever.
eir In Portland, on Wednesday last
sia.ty.two days , after the great-fire .there
bricks dug out of the ruins were so hot
that they were uncomfortable to handle. , '
Oo the same day pieces of iron ' were
takentfrcim the Fox Block lot thit blist
ered the men's hands to touch them.
er The dog-pound in New York was
closed recently after an existence of
elev'en weeks, during which . tune: 4819:
animals were received and of these, all
but 460 'were sent to their final adeennt
in the regular way.
Or The Wilmington, S. 0., Journal
says Ahe new eolleetor'of that port got'
so drunk on his arrival there, and beeame
sonoisy and offensive that he wasairest
ed and put iu the look-up. y •
liar Charles Kean recently test
betore a committee of Parliament,
the audience at theatreelin -America were
more qiiiet Ind.-orderly thancliniihrece
else in the-world: 4..rh) exsa ac
- 6
eft 'lO lexandei ditkell',litts
elected dotted States S t editio ' rfrOll " ble - w 4
Jersey, Sc.oyel.votio
t i t s
' ',..... t 4.....1 . 1 :-.3......A.F.4 YAAPIINIA 11.t.+4 fit,. , 4 1
, ~ T ql Cil le ' 4 sll ,l l.4l lDlßs4 l Su P ?" ? g. »VI
Peat y all ot the city ranimads, in Pl3lla.
At)ll4 whohad the .1./ i mtten more
thane dozen tim es , says that the cus
tom of joining hands in matrimony i 8
said to be taken fronk, the'".prautice-of
pugilists shaking hands before they be
gin to fight.
Last week, sixteen pounds of tobacco,
three,gross ,otmatches, eight,pounds of
pepper, and - three; bottleis - Of whiskY,
were found under the skirts of three fe
males, by the Custom House Officer at
. 4
= RIB - officially announced that the cost
of the rectption,,,of President Johnson
ilWriircrork was $20,643. `The
monico dinner' was served at an expense
of $ll,OOO. The bill was paid by 142
man, named Perry was recently
caught by the Indians near Ruby (lity,
Idaho wooden pins driven through his
body into the ground, and then his arms ,
and legs cut off, in whicb awful condi
tion he was found.
A woman named Korwan committed
suicide in New York a day,or two since.
Before committing the. act- she made
mourning dresses foi her children, bound
her husband's hat with crape, and laid
out her own burial clothes.
An Atlanta corres pondent Says:
"Eight riegroes left this. morning for
Washington to'cOnfer with the antborl
ties' for • transportation to Liberia for
thousands of freedmen."
Ketchum lives well at Sing Sing,
keepe , o, refrigerator, ,receives ,calls in
the prison parlor, bat has to. wear :the
stripes, march lock step and go tomes's
with-his poorer brethren. •
.9. - fortnigta, ago, Miss Lottießedle
_ ,
Man, of lost her
speeOh irr consequence of excessive tick
ling under the arms. She can now only
speak in a whisper.
The London Times, of Tuesday _last,
the, lost., has a letter crop) Paris,
which says, the Emperor. Maximilian is
expected to return from Mexico to Eu
rope by every steamer.
During. the war the ::Albany Argus
called :the 'Onion soldiers " Lincoln's
pups," now it. is trying to soft soap
them into.totingits Oppperjohnson. tick,
Gonzales and Pellicer, convicted of
the murder of Senor . Otero in Brooklyn,
in November last, have, been sentenced
to be banged on.. Om 12th of October
The Darlington, S. - C., Southerner
learns that the negroes in that section
are preparing to emigrate in large num
he. .
rs to the public lauds in Florida.
An exchange tells a truth very inge
niously by a. typographical error, in
which it calls the President the "nem' ,
instead of the "hero" of New Orleans.
General Dix is talked of by the Na
tional Unionists for Governor of New
York. We do not see why he should
not be 'nominated. • -
A. New York correspondent says that
E. Z: C. Judio'n (Ned Buntline )'is now
a homeless, wretched vagabond and
The body of a soldier exhumed at
Mobile was found to have become .a sol
id rock, with all the features of the. man
perfectly preserved.
The convicts in the Masiischusetts
State prison at Charlestown; have con
tributed to the Portland sufferers over
s.2oo—"a good deed in a naughty place."
The Peonsylvania,Railroad Company
own three hundred and .seventy locomo
tives, three hundred . and . ten of which
are in actual use.,
Tea-kettlee are decidedly Yankee in'
their melody`; they sing through their
A new paper, eptilled the Great Be-,
public, appeared in Washington. It
will sripport Congress..
Mr. Bancroft has= ~completed: the last
volume of his history of the United
States. •
Theta are three`water-COlOt societies
in London, besides numeions sketch
The,. .A.tlautip Vable oompany have
made retArns showing their receipts .to
beat the ,rate 14414,500,000 per annum.
'. , "Aiidie*'Aibirsciii"`is iii jair in Rich:
mend; 'for picking " Horace 'Gireeley'er"
Comalodors •Vanderbilt aapirei3 to the
Dean's place in - the New York Central.
'The Biehop of 'Oxford 'says ins more
difficult to get tracts read thou written.
The City Councils of Cincinnati re
furn() I.el o give_ theßreeideni a reception,
C. C. Clay, formerly Governor of Ala
bama:, died 'at Iluntiville nn the 9th.
o • •
Bothermel will be paid 600,000 for
painting the-Battleof-Gettyaburg.
Misa Weston Diti;Sa . 'bas
Corpmptiorp,Np4 and ktjaajt3 Warren
are Afkb,4.3.*.fitriei A m ,
ea e
T 2ll
JL ' PRI= s ltiba 34 RAW
as well as Xdmiral
Lady Don is very successfully play.
ins in -San Francisco. '
Spodger came across a man the other
day who is so conservative that he re
fuses to take a particle of medicine be
cauae it promises to work a radical care
The New Academy of Music in New
York will have some private boxes where
one can see everybody without being
A woman, whose son lost $750 by
gamblers on a Mississippi steamboat,
has sued the captain and recovered the
The little abip, Red, White and Blue,
'with-its crew, is to be exhibited ih the
'London Crystal Palace.
ton, by Stone, is to be , placed in the
Capitol at YVAB-hi, o o9n. ,
Domestic.unhappiness caused -aman
to throw himself from • the suspension
bridge at.Natiliville.- -
A man in ' Brooklyn, N. Y,, threw hie
wife out of it second stari'vindowi tint
didn't quitWirilt-her.-
A man, in St. I.agnia was decoyed into
an alley; shot through the head and rob
bed- ofi3ooo, in,broad daylight.
Mr. ConAelly, M. P.,„bas ,presented .a
splendid saddle to General Robert •E.
Goesip'eiya Senator Stunner is,going
to marry !dm. Russell Sturgea, a rich
Mrs. Q. says hw : hush,aud has joined
the late kodr
,movemenl,,and she don't
The Einperor cif Rassia is at:41.441s
five years olsi.
A New Orleans dentist bas been in
dieted for killing.a-lady with chloroform
John C. Brgekeeridge„end• (Emily
have arrived in-London.,
The Asto . iliouse; in' New York, is
rented for $95,000 a year.
was hardly4o,be suppospd that our re
publican incomes would. bear. _any com
parison to the aristocratic •incomes of
the titled and wealthy bf old England,
yet in active busincsil circles some of our
American incomes outa-trip them in Eng
land. Mr...A: T. Stewart's income -has
been put down at $4,000,000. This, the
London Spectator sayii, " is, (if Mr.
Stewart is not the representative" of a
company,) in-all probability the dargest
business income in the wcirld ; It is ex.
tremely improbable if we except the
Rotbschilds, whose wealth' Is rather of a
family than of an individual, that -any
uncrowned person has' an income ap
proaching Mr Stewart's. If suers 'one
exists, it must be arming - Vie 'So'uth
American States, where there are one
or two families with incomes surpassing
those of• Europe.
far Twenty to thirty ladies were on
trial at Indianola,. Warren county, lowa
for compeling a secesh - female to carry
the Ameri3an lag in a procession.
*ir Joseph S. Dnifie, the brother of
the es confederate Presideot, has been
pardortrtit by Presiddrit- JOhrison.
A wit once asked_a peasant , what
part he performed in the great drama of
ljfe," I mind my own business," was
Whiter G-obas
.14ive just been ope,ie,4 by
• spangzer, Idea,
No. 66 Market street, Marietta; Pa
Embracing full lines,of - Lathes .Fashionable
Dress goods, desirable plain styles Dress goods,
Sacking and Cloaking' Clothi, Stella, Thibit
and Plaid. Shawls, Balmorals and Spring Skirts
in, all alias, Calicos, Gingham, Muslins,
IoW 'Case and Shirting Muslina; Checks, Sheet
ing, Tickings, Osnaburgs, Chambrys, Diapers,
Counterßanes, Coverlids, Blankets, Crash, &c.
Old* .0205406$ & lkstiqg,
Hos,,c a p,. Shirts and, Drawers.
Walt papers, Window. Blinds, Carpets, Carpet
Chain, 'Floor - and Table Oil - Cloths, &C.
Full setts Iron stone and. Granite Queensware,
a yrirtety of Glassware. Groceries of all
' kinda;Sugais, Sj nips.. LOffees; Teak
Fish, fCheese, Rice, &c., &c., &c.-
The bulk of our geods have been bought in ,
packages from'the manufacturers, at the
est Leash prices;,we are, therefore, offering
great to purchasers. An early calLui
, . .
pring Shawls Balmorals Gloves, Hosiery
OBeits and Buelles, Embroidered Handker
chiefs and' Collars, -- -Mourning C9,llars and
Veils,tflead Nets and Drees Triumui*,s.'"':., , ,
A full supply at
"EI j NAMEL OF AMERICA, for beautifying
the complexion, softening the "skin, re- -
Moving lan, freckles and pimples. .
Sale at Dr 4 Landis' "Golden
1 - 11 L, LI. LANDIS is, the sole _agent for he
1 J Sale nf. 14115.11L0.2.$ DITT,4 it. 8, in the
Borough of Marietta. For sale at the...,
" GOLDEN MOE7'lll2l
OAL HODS, coal Selves, Coal Sho
Prkera; Suite Gratis, - Cylinderd . and U:
Wings of different kinds, kept on hand at
, Jptf.N . SPANPLER'S.
. ,
PA' S T.O,C.K'S Nonpareil,Chernieal,
Writing Fluid now ready and for sale
General - Agent.
. .
TTRAPT, STADT.DS, Meat Stenos, Wine
Eadkete'ittid s -Cedar-warg
generally, constantly on • -
-1 1 — V6A4R, ROLLS; the latest fashiontall is
and see
thepe7llllAl.l.9 tnAciti"?.„
; 1"
t O.BIOPLUNUNG of.eyery, tden fi
-1 .
.ecuWl with.. neai:ness.and.diapatchaittie z
fete hl . The'llariettian. ' `"''t
B OHLEN'S long celebrated GIN,
Ipttial MMus
these been a season as fruitfu/ t e h r i b s e off: e al . -
rious diseases. Not only on the parairies s a ;
in the valleys of the West; not ine rtly izi
0 4
the old haunts of Fever and Ague and gth, ls
Remittent Fever have these p r ostratin g oa,
eases been unusually virulent; hut% h oe
,extended to towns and cities
felted with them, and have ascended It
mountains and attacked thotunds et p eople
supposed to have been placed by the 1.. _ ,
Nature above their reach. Renee '
we are
„compelledto,admit that a fatal elem ent vet.
1 vades the universal air this sesson,a i th the
at once-resoityto the only approved preventive
1 1 'ofitikcensequences, Hostetter's &sa e Bit ,
I s firs; a tonic so potent, an an re per.
~.fect„an alterative so irresistible, and o slim s .
I lent so wire, that it enables the humasuyaet
to resist and baffle all the predisposing ,sues
'of disease. With the confidence that one
clothed in incombustible garments tnightala
among blazing buildings, the man who sans
himself against malaria with this powerful
defensive medicine may walk a fever-sconrgeo
district fearless of its insalubrious atmosphere,
Mit intermittenta and remittents at present is
gener a l in all parts of the country may po et
the forerunners of a deadlier scourge DOW 011
its way westward from the far Fast, Pique
the system with Hostetter's Bitters for a sue,
cessful battle with the mephitic causes of co
epidemici. Be wise in time. Sold ever.
where —New York World. Nov. 6,1165.
TO Cortstneenvns.—The advertiser hav
ing been restored to health in a few weeks by
a very simple remedy, after having Whitt
several years, with a severe lung affection,
and that dread disease, Consumption,is an.
xious to make known to his fellow-aufferns
the means of cure. To all who desire it,b r
will send a copy of the prescription, flee of
charge r: with the directions for preparing and
useing — Oie same, which they will find a tore
cope fortonsumption, Asthma, Coughs, Bro.
chithitolds, and alt throat and lung affection].
The only object of the advertiser in sending
the prescription is to benefit the afflicted and
spread information which he conceives to be
invaluable, arid he hopes every sufferer will
try his remedy, as it will cost them nothing,
and: may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the prescription, FREE,b
return mail, will please address
Rev. EDWARD A. WILSOR, Williamsburg,
Kings County, Nrw-York. 1
BLACK- As A" CROW, a. few years eject, ant
many a splendid head that is now grey or gar.
zled. Why not restore to the yet unwrinkled
brow its raven honors 1 Rye minutes effects
the aplend.d transformation. In less time this
a' man would take to Load and Fire tkree
Once, the grayest head may be made darker
than the Raven's wing. No matter of what
undesirable tint the hair or whiskers or bend
may be, the change to a superb and perfectly
natural black or brown is accomplished bytes
application of Ulna, CORO'S HAIR DYE, with.
opt:staining the skin or injuringthe filament'.
Manufactured by .1. CH It IST A DOW), 6 As.
tor House, New- York. Sold by all Druggists.
AppliMl by all Hair-dressers.
'Dr• TOBIAS' Horse Venetian Lionneat,
Pint.Botthmi at $l, for the cure of lameness,
scratches, wind-galls, sprains, b,tnses,,plinti,
cuts, colic , . slipping stifle, over-heating, tor:
throat, nail on the foot, etc. It is warranted
cheaper and better than any other ar'icle ere
offered to the public. Thousands of animals
have been cured of the colic and over-heating
by this liniment, and hundreds that %anent , -
pled and lame have been restored to their for
mer vigor. It is used by all the first horsemen
throUghout the States. Orders are constantly
received f,om the racing stables of England
for fresh supplies of this invaluable article.—
Over 2,500 testimonials have been received.—
Reritember $1 laid out in time may save the
life of yciur horse. Sold by all druggists. Ile•
pot r Ati Courtlandt-st., N. Y.
33' 7 Permanent and wide-spread success if
the best evidence of the goodness of Basso-
RE - rte's PILLS.—They should he in every fam
ily, ready for use on the first symptoms of die
ease occurring. This method will often toe
life. Remember the Cholera must be treated
as a poison, and your safety demands it should
be gotAd of without delay. Colds, rheuma
tism, asthma, pleurisy, diarrhoea, collo,
fact all sickness Is the consequence of attire
impurities of the blood ; these being removed,
the restored at once. Observe my
name in the government stamp in white Jet
tern. Sold by all druggists.
ERRORS op Yor - ro.—A gentleman %Ousel.
fered for years from Nervous hi'
mature Decay, and all the effects of youlhid
indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffer in g
humanity, Send free to all who need it, the
recipe arid 'directions for making the simple
remedy by which be was cured. Sufferers
wishing to profit by the advertiser's erpen•
mice, can do so by addressing .tons o,*
DEN, No. 13 Chamber St., New-York.
la - Deafness, Blindness and Catarrh, new
ted with- the utmost success, by J. ISAAC S,
M. D., Oculist and Aurist, (formed) Of her
den, Holland,) No. 519 PINE st., Philadd"
phis. Testimonials from the most relisbl e
sources in thb city and country can be Resit
his office. The medical faculty :re in:ited to
accompany their patients, as he has nose;
in his practice . Artificial 'Eyes inserted
out pain. No charge for examination .
, ITCH ! !! ! &race
.Scratch !1- - ,-:.. Saititch I!! AV iiiocroles OISP
mnrur. will cure the ITCH in 48 hours. AI
cures Salt Rheum, Ulcers, Chilblains anal
e e ti r i r e p h ti y on u a ll- o ci f ru t g h s e iet s e k . skin. Price 50 c
6 o da n
WEEKS Br. POTTER, ' sole sx: s ci s i , n l g lo o W e t essblist°
e -
ton-at., Boston, it will be forwarded 6;01'
free of
STaanan, faris7--EVely young 1,4
Postage, to any past of the Dios.
and gentleman in the United States can hest
something very much to their advantage bY
ther e
return u
l o . f hu e s h e a t r l g s e v , i ) eg b .f 3 e '
humbugged will oblige by Snot noticing
Obedient ,servant, Tnos. CuArasni
card: ill others will please address ill
a r
s d
od ebiesii;
13roadway, N. Y.
warning and instruction for young 'On : ' l !'
Diseases and Abuses which premstureh'
U f
trate Abe Vital Powers, with sure means
reteif. Sent - free of charge, in sealed L etter
envelopes. Address, Da. J. 00
TONI Howard Association, No. 2 South
afeet, Philadelphia, Pa. [PI) . 1 ) '66.1Y.
" -------
The real :ecleprtszud:r:::. .13,P,itibIseyshwouillid:rst
tie used
ly bring on a miscarriage. Said try, Dr. / 413
Marit-ttsz,si.d 1-.3 . Cui good tirqi,,is•t.