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/he natiettian.
F L. Baker, Editor.
NI A II ir ETTA . PA :
$414044 -Votoi4o, - heeetnber-2a,A865..
EXEMPT FROM 13013NSlt - R A'n
ant case, and one ja which the public in
general are interested to a considerable
extent, was disposed of in the District
Court of Allegheny county: a . few weeks
ago. It was presented in the fOrm of a
stated case in iltich the school directois
of Plem townshiP, were plaintiffs, and
John Ewer was defendant. The facts
of the'caiii are aa, fotloWs: John FlWer.
a citizen of saidlownship was draftedin
July 1863 under the act of Cookr - reits,
paid the $3OO commutation and was dis
charged from further liability. In 1864,
a Bounty tax, under' the provision of
the Bounty acts of Pennsylvania, was
assessed and levied . on him, amounting
to $55, by the *6Ol Directors of said
township; which he ieftirieff to pay, Claim
ing that he was exempted under the ex
emptionein said Bounty acti l and henety
this stated case.
,The point of law sub
mitted to . the Court , for its decisiod,was,
whether he, having paid the commuta
tion in 1863..wae liable to pay a bounty
tax under the, peovisions of said act.
Mes;rs. MAE and Coehran appeared
for the School Directors, end' B. a
Childs, Beg , tor the.defendint. After
hearing the argucients of the counsel,
the Court decided that the payment of
commutatioq did , not bring the, defend.
ant within the exceptions contained in
:be fourth - sect - ion of said act, therefore
lie was liable to 'pay said tax, and order
ed judgement to , be entered in favor of
the plaintiffi rye , $55, the amount of tax
failed so assessed and on him, as'a'citi
ten of said - township. '
B. NI. Black, Se c retary of the
Mime for Friendless - Children - of Lao
caster °minty; appeals to the citizens of
the Counli'le its behalf. Our niimber
of destiinte•children is greater than at
any former period," 'and' although` we
receive Boldier'ii orphans,' room is re
served, so that none deatitute of the pro •
per age shill be 'turned 'away, , but all
may find a Rome ; eonsequentiy , we are'
obliged io call Upon you to help ua in
providing for 'them the necessaries: of
life. Sem' oryibii have already contri
buted freely of your means,' for abich
we feel rattdblly, end know you will not
turn a deaf - kilt to 'our appeal in OR; our
time of need. We 'eainestly invite
the friends of this' insiitifticia visit it
and see lbr tbeinsi3lvie %hi); 'is` n on :
ducted. We wish them to feel that the
Rome beionittitd the People of I:ances
ter County. From our country friende
we particularly solicit potatoes. We
require a greatmani, and as yet have
had no adequate supply lof he -winter."
***The, Northern' Copiierhend
idiot bti vocation vigorously: 4 Ifieteitd .
deleceptifig the lieuelor . the war, and'
devising means to prodgae harmony'be
tween the seatitfge South; '
belches' forth Ii "fitqii l e* `sad fury" eat
folio we throuiti 'the - Re.
cord" of New' Ytirk." Let the gorith
ern people hating paid 'the' price de
manded`forre'ithirittionV claim" - all ; then'
rights and privileges, b2l-fyll, and submit
to no abatement willingly or even si
`L'eit them not recbde one inch
before the tide of iadicalisin, but hold
their grininiese „ itearlfastlY ass they did
upon' nisi . Old 'Let them
thunder at theAwors: of;AlOngreso. sad
cease not untiLesenrvacant - Jiff-Ws fill
Pd. 'rite Repattlic.. is in tarsi taitalld , own
spare no ntan,llwakteotalt, those whose
councils have linided her through many
a dangiild the'daYs gone ' -
11 Paperlitte' risen - nearly one
dred letiginet and is now
quite an ittgb, ev . Bt,,Bo& . lime last
year, and the tenilfpFy tei,l,lonwaril
Bud upward. The : materials which go
to make a so, high that
no one ofirrwell-tdrord to publiah a pa.
per AA litits than- double the Priett;lzre
eeiredtUrorn` the war.
sr M. (Audiitt eirdillitifie- aged= re
pe etevely 66. abli 66/ .feitee„citiere : mu r.
- derefthia itheir-hboree: - county,
N. Yldatik , frbstrkeiivingf , dhy, ;hitt' the
mu rderet;e fallitit at og t .whieb
they Were'evittenfit after. i
Getietir Whitere, Mayo :, . elect of
Mite. fle, hes 'beeti 'notified that 'lie *ill
not he flowed to 11'14416i:hie °ice mail
: • • t
WI fitentialer,
stetonfit-mf .vapj
murder of:tal
.arrested in piVA a..nn
peel ocenplicitr i in the
bee bean Weaned.:
s t a ith i V ee il meiom •
n ounce , en • • Duck
ores De-
- Alardo.o. 4. Al -16, 4 1 - 4,i9° l 4*ia.
Loßckson,bni, lowa ALBrigg:
diet , General of volunteers, Aratr n
*cif reeriteriouil wirtist4 '
Jenekes of Rbodeisland has Submitted
Congress the fol:kmitie simple amend
ts.-merit of the gonstitutivt for ffecting,
it will be seen two protninei objects,
viz: the election of President by direct
rote, instead of the present cumbrous
machinery, and the establishment of
uniform suffrage :
Sect. I. In all elections of President
and Vice President the ballots shall be
cast directly for persons to fill said offi
ces and the person having the highest
number of %owe for each,oillco_shallbe
declared elected to sneh °Bee:
Sect. 2. in the election of President
aud.,-V 4 , coj4et4.-"alld,0 (*Wow bers.l.of.
the House of .Representatives, the fol
lowing describlid persons, and those only
she'll have theright to Vote, to wit :
Male Citizens' of the 'United' States of
the age"of tienti.Olie . .ieere, not under
conviction 'for inhations crime ` , who ceo
read, and who shall have' reardedlo'rine
year in the State and for six month's in
the district in which they shall offer 'to
Sect. 3. Congress shall have power
to pass laws providing for the registra
lion of voters, for _ascertaining tbeir
qualifications, for the times and manner
of conductink such elections and. for
pruventing frauds therein, and for :du
daring their result.
TION.--- A. very difficult surgical opera
tion was - perfo r med ' on Mr. Charles
flatiark. 'residing near Cherryville,
Ilunterdon county, N. J , by Dr Fields
ot Bono.; •a few days Since. Mr. Huff
man had been ill for several 'Months,
an..d'h . , ..
is physician pronounced him in
the last stag!. of 'conmamptio,u; at this
crisis, Mr Huffman expressed a desire
to 'have hieboily, opened—believing that
his lungs were not affected, but that
there was an abcess forming within hiS
body. Accordingly the above named
physician was called in--his body was
, andopnned, a large blatider-like sack of
matter, weighing four pounds and eleven
ounces, was detached from - one of his
luags and brought out through the inet:
Mon made into "his body. At last ac
ne, te, the patient, though very weak,
was oing well; with strong hopes'ofitis
ulti ' ate recovery. •
.... .
cure yourself of Dyspepsia .. This,
most a gravating of
,all complaints—a
3 iri.
disease run which,more, peopte suffer
and die than almost any other—has at .
last found its ma'ster. Coe s Dyspepsia
Careo o ntrols and completely cures it,
in its rat stages ;no one who suffers
from dyspepsia, sick-headache, souring
and rising , of the food, should be without
it: Whilst iu all cases of hard colds,
stubborn coughs, sore throat, and all
bronciol affections, Coe's Cough Bal
sam is the cheapest and ,best. These
trhartiClea are deservedly.very popular
with .ilia. masses.
Sar 21"mong,the failures -through un.
fortunate speculation i 0 * Oil- A . B.
tionsraker i r-P:resident of the:Adontgome-
ry National Bank of Norristown. Be
is shoot concluding,orrangements with
his.credLtdrs; which,will be entirely set,
isfactory to all parties. As there is-no any change, he will
remain ~President of the Ildontgoiriory,
National Book. :
:fit'. Edwin Forrest‘hactaken steps to
bee re-married to "his former. wife. ,She
some times' sincel.procured a. decree of
divorce', and a :large allowance of her
husbands: estate,, but he . has' recently
taken. an appeal , to the Supreme : Court
of the, United..States,,to, have the,decrae
ann u lied. Theleffect theorev.ersal ,of
the iCoort.below w.ould,of.'course,. be to
re-unite-the parties , in the " boly borids
of _wedlock: . • ,
G. When the 'er ended .in April
lastathpigovernment owned ap,d,used,foy
milltallTurpops 330 looptnotivcs, 40 . 00
cars, and 70,000 tons of iron. All the
locomotives have been.sold hut. -32 and
there are about 1000 clop : yet : on : „ hand 3
some have been cold for cash.atatiction,
and.some on Rix months and twQyepra
time to southerkrailroads. All will be
sold befove January,lst.
A ir Ex.,Qovernor William A. Graham
receoYB l 9o:o UPitgd .0 16 M1B, Senator
for N 00)3 qirf4inp, is a:t unpardpßed
rebel. enti , yet in the very face of this
rant, his,pkectkon, was, almost unanimous.
As lontas the
. wkippe,d, traitors show
no better evideneeof repentance,thanjs
exhibited inAnekacts, just
,so long
re-construction be delayed. ,
:4W . It is stated , that, 'at no i remo!a pe
riod, a bill will be introAnced into...on
greskitathori;ip,g. the issue
of blinnti
land, warritatedl6o atlrea4 thepri
!arida , ikkatiorablydispharged and • the
heirs of:Attease,d soldiers who had, borne
Grabs ,provost mara . beil o e f Washii.-
u ~. _
fon w,Aosaulked Th
op, oiklay, by, an
e4-cePtaitoo the !elm! ftriit
... Tpt k a t.
...ipz: itilli3OrAta_tie,-.0..;-.:4;vh s - tly . ;:i •
Vrs,. l o/ 3 49 3 TmOtY,4ll%,l 7 Pl P er9r
Icimift i vanton.,ll he liglatval it Ha.
.r , .;0 Ib ltvititNut—lfOlL
Q. Vitwson Ooleearitesq„ ?Jae again.
merle the hanc(setne contribution of 1114,
hundred dollar's to tut l 'approfiriated to
the purchase of coal for the needy of
Lebanon. Pa„ through the coming
The Altoona Tribune says about three
hundred houses are already ender con
tract to be erected neat season in that
town. I . . ,
A gentleman who recently inserted a
"want" in a Chicago paper,received six
hundred and thirty-two answers. . Who
says the people doislt read t k elavettiee,
/4 ats to I ' ."
t rt.: t st
- ,, The , Rennaylvania-sßailroads-Company
advertise for bidelor leasing , the weEAl
. 9jvisiqp of the main line. of. the
Pentisllvania Canal, " Bids will be re
neivedpttl the firm, of 4antinry,, , .
A German gir1,,.17 yeisis of age, with
out friends or relations; committed sui
cide-id MAOlien, a >dsy or two `Mice,
because her emplo y er charged-her• with
strialiness and discharged 'her:
Mr. Mardoeb . iiiSi taken' suddenly ill
on Friday evening, while performing in
the ''litrariger;'? at. Grover's' Theatre,
Washington, and liad'to be removed to
his home.
John Stoddard,-aged 87 years, one or
I3onaparte's veterans, and the keeper of
a lager beer_ saloon near ! Little Falls,
Llerbimer.eounty, New York. was bru
tally assaulted - on Friday ,evening_ last.
The ruffianshoped to itecure some money
which they supposed the old man had
in his possession.
The horse •• Deudy," formerly owned
by the late General Corcoran, was die=
poked of 1)j - riffling:a few . days -since, in
New York, for the sum • of . $1;506.
•• Dandy," as it will be judged fror&the
amount of his purchase money, was .a
very flue horse. I Singelarly enough, the
proCeeds of this nut too regulair -kind of
sale go to the Church - of the Transfigu
retion, and the winner Of the prize is the
brother of the priest.-
The quacks are already , thlting,advan
tege of the threatened.approaCh of the
cholera, and expect'to reap a harvest if
it really comes. Ali sorts . of nostrums
aud specifps, liquid and , solid, in pills
and.powders, are making. their appear
ance,,each warranted to cure. The in
telligent- public need not be warned
against these dangerous medicaments.
Some of them may be harmless, but
. far
the greater part are really injurious,
Families sometimes have the inisfor
tune to get , a barrel of poor flour. They
cannot make kood bread out of it. This
is especially the case at this season of
the year. Seth flour' whetvoused for'
breed-Making with yeiiet, will Sour before
it is ready for baking.- A -.lady corres-
pondent says this difficulty way be rem
edied by mixing a little finely pulverized
saleratus with the dry , " flour, and then
mii the yeast, and it will make sweet
biead. Ibis'is a fact certainly w orth
non. John Bell is residing quietly at
His once : erectform : is con._
siderably bowed,and his physical ener
gy inuch..impaired,.bnt his intellectual
vigor is represented to be is great us it
ever 7as. He has ETor,u 111 ,4giatikete. 1 9
the: Federal , governn4ent, and ; recisiv,e,d
pardon. •
- The.brilegroore'at a fashionable ertici
ding-in a church at Troy, ti.few evenings
isgo, Wes in - such haste" to'reach' the cal%
that he started dole lite aisle viiih his
bride when %lin - ceremony was only . half
performed. The clergyman. rushed at.
ter the retreating pair, and, amid a gen
ilia' titter, Completed his remarks.
The New Orleans. Bee is-authorized
to announce that an agency will soon be
opened in that city to accept proposi
tious ,from plnnters for a certain numher
of Asiatic immigrats, , llindoosn or Chi
nese. . .
Hon.,Thoinan Corwin, of Ohip, late
minister to e zioo,. die* et Washington
on Monday, from an attack of ,paralysis.
klesoecopied in his day, many, prominent
poiitions, among them-tttat of governor
of Ohio. = _ _ . •
IV is stated that Secretary Stanton
will resign shortly after die first of 'the
year, hie health having greatly failed in
conescinence of °vanished energies.
It is probable visit Enrop.e.
John Naylor, of flilgay, 'England,
died recently , at the age of one hundred
and seventeen years, as shown by' his
baptismal register: He retained all his
faculties and - was en active Walker to
the last:
Alexander Crum Mgbam was killed a
few eiglite , ego,-in New -York, a
quarrel in a saloon., by an unknown man
who thrust umbrelli nto ' his eye,
penatiatiag the' brain. • -
President Johnson his pniitivelyA.
dined to accept a carriage niade for'
him by tjie workmen of the army repair'
workshop, after:their working' Venni.,
Captain West; the Old Capitol. -Prig
on_keePer has belli cashiered. for too
great itOintacvsi i th Wirz.
A.lifteenalWar qjd Sags! 3.913 N s filner.
of twine.- :
Tim oily
1. A. -7131211MAND th1;1111 PRIZTIS.—The
Ametica Statesman has outdotte all of
ite competitors, in the number and val
ue of its I"riaes offered for Subscribed.
' It sends to every getter up of a Club of
Forty Subscribers, at $1 50 each, one of
Wheeler it Wileons Celebrated $5500
Family Sewing Machines.
I For every Club of Thirty and less
than Fifty it allows one dollar on each
1 subscriber towards tha purchase of said
machine. For, every club of Five, it
sends one of those Splendid Steel En
gravings of the Uniform Series of Na
tional Portraics, on the best board, 19-
44 inblies for framing, - including that
of`President •Linc'oln, Andrew Johusote,
Lieut. Gen'l. Grant, Gen'ls. Sherman,
'Sliellffilii:l'llniii as; 'MCC le II ariVF rem out;
• Aditifitlir. , D. G. Firragut .and U. --D.
Porter, nd.also tocluding George , and
Martha Washington, each valued at
$2.00 i includtng a selection. front about
five, hundred of the , leading Portraits,
Engravings, Lithographs and raintiDg B
now , published.
i Fur every additional Three , subseri
ibens; one of the above or . " any of the
, Engravings, Portraits or Lithographs
' sold in New York, at not above $2; at
. .. .
wholesale, as per catalogue of prices.
' The above offers one of the finest chart
! ces for the young in getting up Clubs NII . F.
have s'een,,to a long time. For further
particulars send for ' .
NussAn street, New York-
BOOKS FOR TUE l'ontro.—Just the
kind to elevie sod do 'them good. to he
had of Messrs. J. CI Garrigues Sr Co.,
148 South Fout:th street, Philadelphia.
For 'real excellence and worth their
stocirhas not its superior in the Country,
and it has already acquired - -a wide
spread reputation. In . additien'to their
own : publications, their collection in
cludes the very bevr 'and thest interesting
julienne books that haireissued.frotn the
promiiient pub:ishiog houses in this
country daring he past three or (der
years. -11.1acii book is carefully examined
and none passes muster`andinds its way
to their shelves that is not of the highest
order of merit.' Parents andinstructora
of the young maY'rely upOn it that no
better books can be fo - und to put in-the
hands of their children.
iggr A-case is before one of the courts
in Hartford, Conn:, :which reveals the
brutal conduct of a man towards hiS wife.
Timothy: E. -Goodrich, of Farrington,
some time ago wanted to get - rid 'of his
wife, and - -hirecra fellow to m:alle! insult
ing. - propositions to'her. She: resented
,the insult and .threateneil to sill hint-if.
he repeated his proposition, whereupon.
'he had her arrested on a charge of threat
ening his life, and of course her husband
refused to give bonds, and she was
,placed-in' jail and gotten out by - the
state attorney after .her- health had been
ruined. Goodrich refused to - take care
of her. and Mr. Moses McKee took _her
and-cared for her a tear and a half and
buried her, her husband all the .while
refusing-to do anything at all. for her.
Now 7 McKee. sue§ Goodrich for her
board and furieral.eipenses. .
en Margaret Rooney, o young wom
an 16 years of age, has been convicted
in Now York of pickles.. pockets, at- ta.
nerals. She. would attend , a fuoeFal,
pretend to be v y ineurper,'apd rifle.pockt
eta daring th prayer. A,t ono funeral
she obtained $2OO in this way from pne
of.the, nrkou)l3e,rs.
skil- Dr, Ju , lson, the celebrated - Bap ,
tist missionary, in a lettt;r written thirty'
Tears ago, describing the costume of
Karen women, said they wore fancifully
constructed bags ,enclosing the hair and
suspended from the hack . part of the
-A 'gentleman in - Iklew . `York has
- . -
made.a Christmas - cake 'for the Five
Points missions•whieh weighs 400 pounds,
and contains 120 pounds of 'Ectik'icr, - 100
°ands of ElOur; 'ay pounds of biitter,'6o
pounds of fruit and 850'egire: It - is 9
Test long; 21 inches wide; and 10' ieches
or A etriking..ouriosity,has
covered in the Nevada territory. It „is
a_mountain::of rook suit, situated. abont
-twenty *les Meaddivf Valley; ,
only eighteen.. mil rum the. , hpad.iof
navigation' ,on the,-,r. , It
risea . abruptly.from the plain.,ahout, 400
feet in height, a mountain of pure,epark
lingterysta.lized salt. -•- -
Gar lit - srildier belonging to the garri
eon tn. oronto u ndertook tbe•other day
tObeiti hie wife'with' his belt: but - ',Mei.:
dently struck the baby her arms witt4,
the buckle - Ad 0114 it. Ile and his
wife burned the child and kept quiet,
'but their tlietidfitl secret-was discoirered
aid the man was arrested. •
sr. 'William L. itarshdl;.of Fitchburg
...Mass., who' legs ?seventeen years. old .
when.hieLfalher , died,insoleent : thas just
pabitihettalanceCf.his fatimusi,
ecluess,..prinuipal audinterest......A.noble
._ Gi r ._ 7 ",be ram stoners f, at "Vfashing-
I ton, has heen-ientshita'(iiarltniiha,;iel
. , Ii ,:uiir. 14.. + ,- ;;Ct .„4 6 , 4 *.e". , ,, ' SW,. 1-10 - tr
kW Aver.havimj s mu d iscovered on
g..... 1. .. 411 • t .. s•ftt•T .y ,, ,r.,!. •
04 L - 4 ;`. 0.; Sec . V 444..,.. 44 iarsiau- , 1
. .iir Charles Dickens - conSiktnplablksi4 1
~ -,, L - :- + Ow 1
114/ 444,
*eke ' ; ildetaibildhlitiabidilliesibiateZiPol.4* " ' ' 4 - N . , dhe
*thigVitistinsOrte, le' Ftl t,OO ~: , -, e i,3 1 1 Neits,44l 5* , ni,
. . - ...,. .4..
u. 3r tit-.:-.~-
.Spettal Ratites
Wits? ADERNETBIT RAlD:—“Virell, sir,
what is the matter 7" said Abernethy, the
great English - singeon, to a cadaverous-look
ing patient, who had call. it to consult him.
"Oh, nothing seriona," was the reply, my
stomach and liver are out ot order, that's all."
Do you call that nothing serious?" said Ab
ernethy ; 1 tell you, sir, that when these
two organs are out of order, as you -all it,
there's not a square inch of the body that is
not mare or less diseased, nor a drop of blood
in it that is in a healthful condition." Noth
ing can be more true, therefore it is of the
very highest importance to keep the stomach
and liver in a vigorous condition. If the one
is weak and the other irregular in its action,
tone - and control them with Hostetter's •cele
brazed' Stonivich Bilters—the most genial iiege;.-
table Restorative anti Alterative that has ever
beemadministereitas , aNcuteduuDyspepsiskaml
Liver disease. is recommended. by distin
guished-surgeons and phystciais of the IJnited
Stiftes'Arniy, officers of the'ArmY and Na
vy, by qur'llikt authors, by' eminent 'clergy
men—in fa;iyhy - tholraitrids'of the moat intel
ligent of every classi - aaau'unequailed protec
tive against epedeinic and malarious disease,
and as a - perfectly innocuous, but at the same
• ‘, , ,
time 'pow erful,in viiorant a nd al teiliti ve.
Lvon's..P.citionicA Doors._ The great i
male Remedy for Irrepilarities.—Thene Drops
are Cacientifically compounded fluid prepara
tion, and better than any Pills,
,Powders or
Nest:ulna.. 13eing.liquid, their action is direct
and positive, rendering them a reliable, spee
dy. and certain specific for the cure of all ob
structions and suppressions of nature. Their
popularity ihdiC4ted by the fact that over
100,000 bottles are annually sold and consum
ed by the lades of the United States, every
one of whom speak in the strongest terms of
praise of their goodtuerits. They are rapidly
taking the place of every other Female Rem
edy, and are considered by all who know
aught of them, as the_ surest, safest and most
infallible preparation in th . e world, for the
cure of all female .pornplaints„ the removal of
a il,Ohg.Sti e orpi o I:,..natnre and the tr t o motio n
of health, regularity and strength. iirleit
directions stating when they .Mily be used, and
explaining, when they,s:iould not, nor could
not be used without prodneing effects contra
ry to nature's chosen laws, will be found care
fully Prided around each bottle, with the writ
,ten signature of Jonir L. Lyon, without
which none are genuine. - - -
I Prepared bv Dr. JOHN L. LYON, 19.3 Chapel
street, New-Haven, Conn., who can be con
suited either personally' or. by mail,. (enclosing
stamp) concerning all private diseases and fe
male weaknesses. Sod by Druggists every
where. C. G. CLARK & CO.,
lyl Gen'l Agts for I.J. S. and Canadas
To Co:cannel(' ES.—The advertiser hav
ing been restored to health in a few weeks by
a very . . simple remedy, after having sutfered
several 'years, with a severe lung affeetien,
and that dread disease, t!onsumption, is an
xioua to make known to his fellow-sufferers
the means of cure. To ail who desire it, he
will send a copy of the prescription, free of
charge, With the directions for preparing and
useing the acme, which they will find a sure
cure for Consumption, Asthma, Coughs, Bron
chitis, Coldi. nd all throat and lung &Erections.
The only object of the advertiser in sending
the presa.ription is to benefit the afflicted and
spread information Which he conceives to be
iiivaluable,'and be hopes every sufferer Will
try his remedy, as it will cost them nothing,
and may prove a blessing.
Pirties wishing the prescription, razz, tr.
return mail, will please address
Key. EDWARD A. Witsort,
Kings County . , New-York. LLY'
Ennons'or - Yocru.—A gentleman who suf
fered for years from Nervous -Debility, Pre
mature Isecay„and all the effects of youthful
indiscretion; will, for :the aloe of suffering
humanity, send free to all who need it, the
recipe and dilections• for making the BP iple
remedy by which he was cured. Sufferers
wishing to profit by the advertiser's experi;
ence, can do so by addressing
JOBN B. 0CD.E7.1,
No. 13 chamber st., Nix; Torn
STiPARGE, BUT Tatfe..--Every young lady
andgentleman in the United Shites can bear
sorriething very much to their advantsge' by
return mail (free of `charge.) by Addressing
the undersigned. Those having feels of being
humbogged,svill .oblige by. not. noticing this
card. All others will please address their
obedient servant,
831 Broadway, N. Y
BLEU DUES.% DXsrirEss and Cata.rla. trea
ted with the utmost success, by Dr J. /54 SCS,
Oculist and Anrist; (formerly of Le} - don; tiol
laud,) No. 519 Plan street, Philadelphia. 'Tee
tunonials from the most reliable bourres in the
City and Country can
. be seen at his once.
The medical faculty are invited to accompany
their patients, as he hiss no secrets in his' prac
tice:. A BTI ric llyr.s inserted withou. pain
No charge made for examination. 126 ly.
ITCH ! ITCH I Prim !! ! Scratch! 'Scratch!!
Scratch ! "Wheaten's Ointment" will cure
the Itch in 48 hours. Also cures Salt 14.1,einn
Ulcers,Chilbleinii, and al] eruptidnanf the skin
Price'so cents: For Bale
By. sendink 60 cents to WEEKS & POTTER,
Sole Agents, ./70 .Wa.abington street, Boston.
Mass , it will be forwarded by mail, free of
postage, to any part of _the U. States [6m
.10.- :Chore is, both log more certson to :pre
rent female iireiulathies than Dr tel
i'eingle B ei(se'a
ret u r n of Monthly sicknege, - withoutwliieli..rie
uriMairied lailkcan.enjaiiperfeetlealth.lfor
sale' at +Dr. 1-link le!s Al rag Alto it; •Narietta.:
-SFiret Plaiianal- Rank. at Marietta, ,j, ti
Deember ,6, 180. SS
Ari electionriine t o'setve -de
'enduidg year; will he held. at the ,lianti ing
taAhe Jlnicoughpf Marietta, on Tue
day;.litn'utkry9th, 1866, lietiVeen tr 4 titinre
band .41135.1,1311 m. A.MOS BRAT M
Cg , Gl.9 .
.„, •
Honey.: Clyciarine; Palm, Mutant! Bachand
Shaving SOAPS. tp, auy, inverted.,
Just received and for 'sale; verrchetitrat
4 j a 7 1 1 4411: 11 i _
":d:e4lar il
tieriirenttt 4 lkiin'hint;&o
.41,i. ;:;:, :1
Or a highly real:sect:Ole te. , 11 k no
to the Mercantile e n mmunity, 'l3
D R • 3. Li. SCHENC g ,
Laub c
Nu. 28 Nas.san St., New York, lune 1 lip'
Da J. ii. settErrit—Dear Sir
fifteen years I have uee:t troubled w; h, ° ' 4l
Tare cough. and usually tw.. or th ree
Year with int,re or Isms hemorrhug
itfr the last few years.bra
Mit lit flesh and o businej.;
kind wtiout suffering. In dAugust InstOl
a very severe hemorrnage, and, acc, rd
the j,tdgement of a good New I'm phv i i n ei zp
1 11,'13 ClSlSmeil as beyond t to reach '•lnie'd,
and , was advised to be prepared . to f a r pxrtx . Um,
deattersi were t concerned, to le y ,
short notice. The phy sie:a
c u
friends) said that the first old and iny "
prove later: — Early in January 1 tack' I took g im7„
e ;
vere c01d,...,and fortunately was occu;
roods"' at No. 32 13u NU ST k EEC, J a py
ote:riy,nui.ofrico4ej think about the l61": f
Jannaty 1 pi t i - mtiled a bottle of your PuioDi
ic :Trap and commenced taking it free)
My feet and limbs were very much ssosi t Y ;
and all the symptoms of a speedy °earn 0 , 4 !
e I to accompany my co.d. I sent In my
tormer physician, gird stated to hint tail
was taking ; your medicine, and after 'honer
them to hint, Sind tiatiing taste° of them, 3 e :
he replied: "'You can tale them if you Mu
they wad. you no harm" He said: ..1%.4
know what I told you laot summer, ant i ay
the same now, if, you has e any business!,
close Up, no not put it titf." He said to ofhn
friends, "
that he could see no hope
,for nl e ,s
and my friends and refations c.tueluded
time,had come. At this time I was t kieg
_oryouisneilmine, but hat not seen yO, l
The doctor'tidied' a few times, and food me
(much to tars surprise, he said.) improniib
and he could nut understand wl.y. My ink
Was increasing in your med , eines, and I 'Enda
wish tabaveyou- examine Hay case, and see
whit you had to say. When you nut tot
to any room and made the examination, y ea
cave me but littie encoura,rem:mt, but au IV:
contrsry, expressed sad doubts of any ern
being helped out of my then seeming dita.:,!.
ties' Tare see.nol time that you called, ns!.
ing me still gaining, you.gare me encounto.
wear. saysit , ' "" symptoms were irupros
ing ; the l'ulindnie Syrup. Sea-weed
and Mandrake Pills Lad acted like a thaw.
My circulation, qty coo4b, my appetite, aq
began to iinpriirecs and I coed walk about:lly
monk a,little. You visited me nearly trey
faesday, and found me. improving, and tog
rne'nut to go unf.of .
iriy . room u.itil the rte day of May. took nci white underls4
treatment, my appetite became firer-rate, ant
you told me to eat everything I Wi3ilE.i ult
nutritious nature, acid ,co exercise about tee
room as much as ressifiie. 1 followed year
advice us,O to - the surprise of any o;d obrocie:
and friends, I seem much. b.rtter than 1
been for several years and breathe balk:6l3
et expected - a persOu 'could with one
the left being completely dried up. I fol
Tory grateful to you, and c.sasiler yourslna
and tuedicines
Da. Scn Er:ex—Dear Sir : About two ear,
ago 1 wee taken with a very treubleant
cough arid a pain in itiy breast ; seven yr
eight months passed away without me dun;
any thing fur ikt self. Then I applied
physic' .n. who attended me for about
months without rendering me any service. I
also obtained the advice and treatment oft
physician in one of, our hospital, and air,
had the advice and treatiiien t of two otherpir.
sicians, but all to no 'purpose. During tint
tun,; space of time 1. was neatly dead; .ever•
al times my friett . ds_eame to see rue and no
ness my exit auto tne spirit-world. I Vat.cil.
lined to my bed two montlit at o:,e time. My
breathing was exceedingly short. 1 me c?
seeerai times all hope of- getting better; tut
as leganded getting well, that was eutirviyoct
ut the question. And to think this day lan
well and hearty ! I was advised by BMe di
my friends to try Da. 'Scuatiex's Medicine
I accordingly bought bottle after bottle, u li
I reached tue ; then I found a decided
change in jay cough for the b?tter.
severely froln Palpitation of the heart, and too
weeks after 1 - colninonc:d taking your medici[e
this difficulty ceased.
When I first went to Dr. &bench's o,fflee it
was with diffienity thahl could gw up iota bit
reception room, I was or weak suit so swelled;
my skin viralos sal lu w as though I had ihejon•
dice; telt dull, heavy, and steeple,' Lh.
hclictica, after eitoinitiing me. said both my
roils were affected, arid gave rue but fittn
hope ; but his medicines, in about two wsen,
wok right hold of me ; it seemed to g, rigc
thrungo triy„ wive, drptem.' The Pulmull:
hj rup, Mandrake Pillk
all took IP 'rtlik.right place. Ti
Pitts brougat awoy garat quisoti.iesoihdesel
slime ; the syrup louseded the matter in mr
lungs, which came off very free; thy Sowed
Tunic gave rue an appetite, and everythiii
ueeineu to taste good.
To show what great power the medicios
have in purifying ray sy stem, and to dot
how, bad I was uiseased, beside all the kit
that passed my bowel's, and the great guano.
ties-u! _ phlegm and matter I expectorated
broke out alt over in laige boils, that lend
cunrenu. to .other and run for about sot
weeati and I had at one time over twerfy•iv
bolls. I have nothing of the kind now. all
reel like another person altogether. 10 5
safely say that:.,l have - not enjoyed such !melt
fur five years as idd nobr; and cermet pair
you ur.d yodr medicines 'enough. Mat 1 ;. 4
abundantly oless andpre-erve you! Ili the as
core desire of one wockhas been so windmill'•
ly relieved thrinigh your agedey ; and itll!
one desires to litioW with re iv to the tote
fulness of this report, if they will call up) )I 6
of my Imelda, or upon me, N 0.4 'Alden Pisre ,
near Thdropsim - :street: below Cadwodl
Phinsdelphia„ they will be perfectly selid l
with the validity of the ease.. Yours, Iti°
much reaped, IMARY - SCI'S A I ut
The above case, as described, is Pe ,164
comet - 4 know it to be true. vutui,
DR. SC H CIC will be professionall) ' 1
principal 09ice s No. 15 Nom" SIXTH Stara
cornet of CohIMERCe., PRILADEI
NetUrday, firm 9 A. M. unit! 4 P. M. ;
Bond stree',..t, New, York, every TUelid6y , fr 4
9 to 3 ; N 0.38 Summer street, Boston, liar
every Wedneadav, from 9to 3, and ever)
Friday at 108-Baltimore street, Baltimore ,
All advice free, but for thorough examins o
of the lungs with his Respirometo, the cil°
in "hi ee dollars.
Price of the PitilliOnie Syrup and 5e ,46.
Tonic, each ;1.50 per bottle, or $7 50 per
dozen Mandrake Pi 115,25 cents per b , .l'
G/LSEY'S IRON BUILDING, 171 Bao4nn 4 .
New Vol*, have commenced Me
of taking SUBSCRIPTIONS to•
LY P for SI-10It,T
(to =nail). or half-yearly.) at the
learly rates, offering a great a ivantoi e , ,
overs of iiterature, who may %%All fj „,
several pnblicationa paying but a littie
if ir o
neY at s time. FuU particular! to C o l
lar rent on applicalion to any a ddred.
- A GOOD AGENT WA NTED in each. tr. v/. ..
J - P 0 S T—NlAsTki.itS are requette,
send for our circular containing 1B"
BLACKWF,LL tr. Co.. yak ,
MirewiwaY' New
that TY wife. kaigaret (soany;
bee left and board without 'he t
or Rd.v_oditje4: tierelly. caution P ;
Ageieet titlating.her on my account, C
loy no debio af 'her contracting. Is , ;
• - Di'm 241
T. 8. MILE,O,
Pastor of Hancock M. E. Chas.