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Office is" LINDBAY ' S BUILDING," second
floor, on Elbow Lane, between the Post
Office Corner and Pront-St., Marietta,
Lancaster County, Petnsgvania.
ADVERTISING RATES: One aciwire (10
linek, or leas) 75 cents for the first insertion and
One Dollar and-a-half for 3 insertions. Pro
fessional and Business cal ds, of. six lbws or loss
at $5 per annum. Notices in the reading col
umns, ten cents a-line. Marriagesand Deaths,
the simple announcement, razr.; but for any
additional lines, ten cents a line.
A. liberal deduction made to yearly end half
yearly advertisers.
Raying just added , a " Newimay MOUN
TAIN JOBBER Paxiss,'? together with a large
assortment of new Job and Card type, Cuts,
Borders, &c., &c., to the Jab Office of " TJIE
MARIETTIAN," which will insure the f ne and
speedy execution of all kinds of JOB & CARD
PRINTING, from the smallest Card to the
LARGEST POSTER, at reasonable prices..
TRAINS of this road run by Reading Rail
Rood tune, which is ten minutes faster
rum that of Pennsylvania Railroad.
A. M.—Mail .Paasenger train fo
'AM Reading and intermediate stations
csnoecting at Lank isville, dailj•; except Mon
day, with Express of P. R. R. reaching
Philadelphia at 10:30 in the morning ; leaving
Mai:beim at 7:41 ; Litiz at 7:34 ; Ephrata at
b:^3; Reinholdsville at 8:50; Sinking Springs
at 9:16 ; and arriving at Reading at 3435. a. m.
At Reading connection is made with Fast Ex
press vain of East Pennsylvania Rail Road,
reaching New-York at 2:30 P. M. with train
of Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, reach
ing Philadelphia at 12:45 p. nr., and also with
trams for Puttaville, the Lebanon Valley and
2: io for . Reading ' Lid ' intermediate sta
limn, connecting at Landisville at .2:50 P. M.
with Express trains of Penn'a. R. R., both
East and West, leaving IVlanheim at 3:26; Litiz
; Ephrata at 4:10; . Reinholdsville 4:37 ;
:inking Springs d:O3 and arriving at Reading
at MO P. M. At Readinechnneetinn is made
with trains for Pottsville and Lebanon Valley.
for Columbia and intermediate eta
-0 \
lions, leaving Sinking Springs at 6 26 ; Rein
lioidiwille at 6 54, Ephrata at 7 2i, Litiz at
7 54, Manheim at S 08, making connection at
Landisville with train of Penn'a
reaching Lancaster at 8:33 A M. and Phila
delphia at 12:30; arriving , at Columbia. at 9
o'clock, A. M., there connecting the Ferry for
Wrightsville and Northern Central Railroad,
et 11:45 A. M.with train of Penn'a. Railroad
for the West.
P P. 11.—Mail Passenger Train for
Columbia and intermediate stations
won passengers leaving New-York at 12 M.,
and Philadelphia at 3:30 P. M., leaving Sink
ing Springs at 6:31 ' • Reinholdsville 6:56 ; Eph
rata 7:20 ; Lttiz 7:4S ; Manheim 8:03 ; connec
ting al Landisville with an Express train of
the P. It lt. for Lancaster and Philadelphia,
reaching Philadelphia at 11:30 p. in. and ar
riving at Columbia at 8:50 P. M.
It3=•The Pleasure Travel to Ephrata and
Lair. Springs from New-York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore and other points, is by this schedule
accommodated several times•per day with Ex
press trains connecting in all directions.
4P" Through tickets to New-York, Phila
delphia and Lancaster sold at principal sta-
Fraight carriell with utmost prornt-
EIS sad dispatch, at the lOweat rates.
Further information information with regard to Freight
or passenge, may be obtained from the agentt
of the Company.
M ENDES COEIEN,- Superintendent:
F.. F. KEEVER, ,Genetal Freight , and Mites .
INASH INGTON Skuleton. Skirts. The
beat article of the.kind Made each Skirt
it guaranteed. We are ; Agents for the Manu
Good Style Cassimerea`for Suits, Cloths, Ves-
Jeans, Cottonades, Shirting Flannels,
Neel :Ties, IC.I
Mualiaa Tickings and Checks, Ostiaburgs,
Drills and Flannels, Sbeetings, Diapers and
C ru h a , Feathers. Table - and Floor Oil Cloth,
Looking Glasses and Blankets, Transparent
and Holland Blinds.
Wall and Window Paper, Ibgrain and Rag
Carpet, Wool and Linen Carpet Chain. A
large_ assortment of Boys and
Hats and
l aPe• Common anal Fine Glass •Ware, Fine
Granite Dinner Sets.
,Sugar Syrup. Teas New Mackeral in all
Sired packages Sugar cured Hams and Dried
;e j e ce fi s. Salt, Rice Spice sikc. All at the lewest
—..._... 0 —.
A new article in this market, and fir supenor
A any other in use. A few reason's wily .
P int—They are free from twine, which is
affected by the lime, and liable to rut, caus
ing the falling out of the bristles.
&cond.—The bristles are inserted " N th e
wood, or body of the brush, when greellwill"
when dry, causes them to tie held fitmi:Ylr.n
their p l ace; any subsequent eioakingpF shrn -
age fails to affect them.' ''
' -
T hird.--Th e y are Made ofllthrUes eseltifive- ,
IV; many kinds being, coMR:11114. in Rartifim
tollidebcu .. . .
hurth.--They contain_ings brigies hit,
sie, and are as cheap aillie, eid4riary kind.
Bold exclusively by Jo HN RPANGLER;'
AT ars 11,intim.01;t:§11:432••
_ ... .
I f You wants • '' '
,Ititlete Black or Fitie.YlSi&
A nest or gsy chime pr De • ea • ' -_. -
'tk nest
Black or fancy Woolitst, Ila ululle
A Ana or modt uncer..Coloro44
A good Lavelle., De Agge o D. P _Olgi ti - '' `'`
Au Exce llent . Chintor good calico
A French, English or Shatatuy.,G)Tithißa' ,
You will fuulit at t
hiEley's Gun caper, Eters'Grtn Wylds;
,niont's Sporting and GT
)re fillet tc. .
'/W -
~lbbt " 38a3 Alkfer.
Another little private,
blustered in
The army of temptation
And of sin.
Another soldier arming
For`the strife, "
To fight the toilsome battles •
Of ts
Another little sentry,
Who will stand
On guard, while evils prowl
On every hand;
Lord, our little darling
Guide and save,
'Mid the perils Of the march
To the grave
Housekeeping Hints
We copy the following hints from that
valuable family journal, the Germantown
Telegraph :
Buckwheat Cakes wet with watei.—
Take a quart of buckwheat flour, and
nearly an even tablespoonful of salt.
Stir in warm water till it is the consis
tency of thin butter. Beat it thorough
ly. Add two tablespoonfuls of yeast, if
distillery; or twice as much if home
brewed. Set the batter where it will
be a little warm through the night.
Some persons never stir them after they
have risen, but take them out carefully
with a large spoon. Add a teaspoonful
of pearlash in the morning, if they are
sour. Sift it over the surface, and stir
it well. Some persons like to add one
or two tablespoonfuls of molasses, to
give them, a brotin color, and more
sweetness of taste.
Extempore Buckwheat Cakes.--Three
pinta of buckwheat, one - teaspoonful!
carbonate of soda dissolved in water
enough to make a batter, and when
mixed, add a teaspoonful of tartaric
acid, dissolved in a few spoonfuls of hot
water. Mix it in and bake immediately.
Use salt pork to grease the griddle.
Buckwhe . at Cakes wet with Milk.—Orke
quart of flour, and in winter stir in bike—
warm milk, till it is a thin batter, and
beat it thoroughly, adding nearly an
even tablespoonful! of salt. - Add small
teacup of 'lndian meal, two tablespoon
fuls of distillery yeast, or a good deal
more if •home brewed say half a tea
cupfull. Set it where it will keep warm
all night, and in the wornlng add a tea
spoonfull of saleratns, sifted over the
top, and well , stirred in. If sour, add
more saleratiis. This is the best kind
of buckwheat cakes.
Pickled Eggs.—Boil the eggs until'
very hard ; when cold, shell them,• and
cut them in halves - lengthways. Lay
them carefully in large:mouthed jars,,
and pour over them scalding vinegar,
well seasoned with whole pepper,',all
spice, a few pieces of-ginger,:and a few
cloves or garlic. When cold, tie up
closely, and let tham stand a month.
They are then fit for use. With cold
meat, they are a most delicious and del
icate pickle. -
Mince meat--Four pounds. of . suet,
four pounds currant, two pounds raisins,
three pounds sugai,"eight leinons, one
fourtliof a pound of candied,peel and, a
few apples. So.- somew one writes;-but
our housekeepe're- way think-diffetently.
Drop Cakes.—Are very fine'l for tea,
and here is the'lway to mike. them T One
and a half teacup sour milk, half fk tea_
cup cream, : ealt, one _teaspoon saloratus ;
stir quick with flour, and.drop in a tat . -:
tered . drippink paw. • - - • • •
To raise the' - pile - on' velvet.We are
sometimes' asked, ."What is the''',eiit
t hing, to do with a Velvet mantle afteiit .
has been in the-rain-2" Velvet that is
rough and knotty, from rain - spots' did .
splashe, can be iendereirnip
sethaitUib r
by thproughlydamping . ,Vie I4uk. of it,
.and then .passing.the kack ef ,the_ -Nelvet.
over a hotiron—the velvet; -.remember,.
must be passed over the iron, -and not
the . iron over the 'veliret:' The heat
converts - the water into "'
riseelliidugh the pile, and so separaiee
every filament. - Souili'dciiirrivance must
be made 'to:4141111w iron xiside down
while thilirelvitia, palmed- over it. If
rested ketwoo two bricke.covered-wItA
flannel, it will do very welb; but:if the ,
eame pair of hands that carried the um
brella over the mantle 'when it was out
in the rain can be' secured', for Writ of
"" , 111 Tb . •J
lee, they will be 'found' seitible
ladvotdiithitiljeara h wafil ade,
- roodetted by a gentleman' for who& Ake , '
had 2 greaCcentempt: thavifitti irduld '
stayoat/bonitythe Lotd•would Bend :tie***
a.husband.":- To which fihere : pliad, Oak
rbPilizifir.4 l4 t
wee, she hoped he would send a rope,
with him."
6.e,p . t6tut Vansitania flitintt `l4l,„Stine
Story of a Woman's CarWi.
An EngHA piper says i• "Anlncident
is just now being ditibussed ',in' Military
circles so eitraordinary, that were uot
its truth Vouched for by offiCial authori
ty, the narration 'wotild 'certainly be
deemed abiolutelr incrisditatfle. Our
officerslitartered at the cape between
fifteen and twenty yeare ago, may re
member a certain ,Dr. Barry, attached
to the Medical Staff here, and enjoying
a reputation for considerable skill in his
profession, especially for firmness, deci
siou and rapidity in difficult-operations.
This gentleman had entered the army
in 1813, had passed, " of course, through
the grades of Assistant Surgeon in ,: va-
Hens regiments, and had served as such
in various quarters of the globe. His
professional acquirements had procured
for him his promotion to the staff at the
cape. He was clever and agreeable,
save for the drawback of a - most quarrel
some temper and an inordinate addic
tion to argument, which perpetually
brought the former peculiarity into
play. He was excessively plain, of
feeble proportions, and labored under
the imperfection of a ludicrously squeak
ing voice. Any natural' `chaffing"
with regard to these; however, especial
ly aroused his' ire," but; was at length
discontinued on his I"calling out " a
persevering offender, - aud shooting him
through the lungs. -
About 1840 he became :"promoted to
be Medical Inspector, and was transfer
red to Malta. <There he was equally
distinguished by his skill and by his
pugnacious propensities, the latter be
coming so inconveniently developed'
upon the slightest difference of opinion
with him, that at, last no notice was al
lowed to be taken of his fits or temper.
He, proceeded. from Malta to. Corfu,.
where - he was quartered for many years,
still conspicuous for the same peculiari
ties. When our Government ceded
the lonian Islands to Greece, and our .
troops, of course - , quitted the territory,
Dr. Barry elected wMI to leave the army
and take up his residence for the rest of
his days at Corfu. He there died about
a month ,ago, and, upon his death, was - -
discovered to be a woman I Very prob
able this discovery was elicited during
the natural preparation for interment,
but there seems to-be an idea prevalent
that either verbally, during the last ill
ness, or by some writing, perused imme
diately after his, (for ive mast still use
the maiculine,)"death, he had begged
to be buried without`a post mortem ex
amination of any'abrt.
This; most likely, only aroused the
curiosity of the two nurses who 'altend
ed him; for, it was to them, it appears,
that a diselOaure of this mystery is ovi
ing. Voder'the circumstances, the fact
was deemed so important 'that melical
testimony was called in to report upon
and record its trutb. By this iOvestiga-,
tion, not only was the .assertion placed
beyond a doubt brought `to . light that
the individual in questiou had at some
time been a mother! This - is' all yet
known of this extraordinary story. The
motives that occasioned, and the time
when commenced this singitlar decep
tion, are 'l3l3th elironded iu mystery :
. But thus it:stanOs att,indubitable feet,
that a, forty years an. Officer
theAritish,service, _had fought. one
dual And t had .sough,t, many tnore,t had
puousota legitimSto 4tedieal. education,
had leoeived‘ s•regula; diploma, and had'
- acquired: almost A.cetebrity.for skill as a
surgical oßeratonl!!:
sir Young ladies are ;often asked why
they bindh 'do Whin spoken " to about
their lovers, but they ,are.aeldom able to
give aint,tisfacteryonawer. Takinepity.
on their "Aiaehfulnessi., 'a writer, in the
•American, ilte#ical Gazette furnishes the
following:4lldd ezplanatiou.otthe beau
tifol phopoinenon Ilha mind , comma
nicataa yitlk.,the• central-7 gatiglioni , the
jatter, by milex , :actionsi through; .the ,
brain ; and: fail nerve, tol the organic:
nezzefr iiktha t taeni.with!whicli ;its bran
ches inosculate.7 The, : mystery-is- no
k . Q' to' keep-. cider.--Solber
`Rotkinson,,lavraply to.Ahnopiestion of ar ,
sorrospoudgat, .sehlytthat Alia-way. .to;
keep.eiller i goodtiataigokit.clean by re.
peattukTuoitiogi and;finingwitbdeinewei,
and lhgnepatti~ : nps°.ins new; lalein, and ,
%Ot 41.002818: Helot &emit °Weir :put'
up is this way whiohewat , rb pars i'ohtio.
And Wr :sfr l- 1 -017 ,
ili 1- tie ivetip the
neriedder e*ar ;air.
-Good pathetic% Mit
—At twilight every hen4egkeroOalk
"! • . ,i"
was not over-rights : 4:ms uld_mau t ,urol
not much given'io - godly" couy,erKiii.l:l,
bat not withstanding hislmplety he vvas,
frivoriiiVith` the' "ii)odiieefife of
thelieighborh d reStAidted
by his= fellow w ineri;". "go*" it ifelappeneid
that Uncle '"Joe's oneEstory•andlii'-iiilf
mansion: had heau undergoing repUirs,
w.hich,, ..the. time of-onr story, were
nearly completed..,, mas intend
ing "to take boarders." , .
The men' stoOd:ip
door Way one afternoon abontditek pro':
bably adintring`the improved aspect of
his little domicile, and gloiting over the
gains lifs - bWarders," would bring him;
when Person B= chanced to be pass
B— wee One , " , of - the over .
zeelous . kind of ministers whisk one ec
cesionally meets with in the country,
and, thinking it a favorable opportunity
to -drop :a few seeds .of religionintie . the
falidemgronnd of-Uncle-Joe!srbenighte r il
sonl. embraced , -ir with - avidity.
Walkinglnp-to, , ,him he broke thelice at
00063 by asking':
"Well—is your house „yet ?"
" No.sir," replied .old. Joe, ever "
with .a reply. -" , We haven't any , board
ers now, but-shall•have 'lsoon."
" Poor _old man ! losing his hearing,"
sighed Permit! B— '
as he walked away.
But the sly twinkle I the old man's
• „,
eye implied that he' didn't think so him-
A GOOD WIFE.-A translation of a
Welsh Tria;l:_:-
She:is modest, void of deceit and.obe;
dient. • • ,
Pure of conseiencergracious ortongue
`and true to her; hus,band.
Her heartonot proud, her initiallers af
fable, and her bosom fall of compassion
foa the poor.
,to be tidy4 r sliilful of hand,
and fond of pritytheto God, ,
Her convertlation athiCble, her dress
decent and her house orderly.
Her person shapely; her thinners
agreeable and'her heart innocent.—
Her face- benignant, her he - ad intern':
gent and provident
' Neighborly, gentle, and of a:libetal
. of thinking. ,
Able in air:acting, providing what is
wanting, and a good mother to: her-chil
Loving her-,haelrend, loving peace,
and <loving God.
Happr is the man nho possesses such
it wife.
'Er " a facetious " knight
of the quill," invokes the following
anathemas upon the• Men whciiwoiA pay
the 4Printer :
'Nfily neverbe'lpermitted to kilts 'a'
handsome woman.
lie. have' sore 'eyes' arid a chietaut
ban far •
May hiS•bdatErleak; lie gun haft 'fiVe;
and hie fishing: iues 'Break.
• "May one thousand 'night:Mares trcit
quarter rack) over= his stomach every
May, his cog's! besweetened
'and hia'sauce seasoned with= spiders.
May, he, he sh?,sl : ,witA and
'compelled to wander over gunpowder::
May the famine stricker3,ghipt of an
editor's bahY hadn't his slinibiirs.
May )3 )3dea th —ti3 6 oarif
e. ore ay ow ith
niis&;ss practicing the firs ,
lesson's i canai9, wltknut the
, of seeing hie
May's' troop of printer's" devile, lean,
lank= and hungry, dog liie heels each
, and. a regiment of cats
his=wiodovrecech night: '
May hie daughters -marry cinemyed" -
editors at:Calle= ions wed , female tyge=4
stickers. = ' =.-
"Old, Butriblebee," was the oog
no Men of4r.'T, oof Ne , e
gainsrpm, e„,. as , hie
scatching hu r tniSbee one Oiy,at le wee,
- :shingling his, barn, and in- attein pt r ing
destroy'tfi&insent with a l ie lateldt, 'cut
ff %be. Bib Of titthumb d 'foie fi° ger,
letting the insect go unharmed. -
T., in cm° of his °Millais freaks, nalled,
hisielt,ampo firmly kietwoon
of a Pn9.1) 1 °.. r.1 11 141!° t 9 3 g
had to oIiIII9F,VO-tf M,
30 to get ezkrio,o
ted from t his He
once _Ent #. ! ) ,u0.9P.9 0 PM , 0 8 190
tli°ll9,osetl 3 PtOS7 l Fles c = et*,- of 441
l• 'vas when he ran , through- -the- streets,
with lafills *bunt ittithiiietisio l 4;
h eh) 'bel&Ffilin'i betgligitie 'Vel;krsby
'ipot to alibi% him, as he , nd' kievote
mealurel f ifij *I
Br' ha - Yqtng lades*" ?Mfg 44 - IPlittikst sink) dby
of Ala - tat 'RrietteiitJi . 11 t fitkiViike Ofie ffilltrintoet a *a4
Lots. - Because Ifni i ii traiil*eiMeriikt
A Tale-of-34110r P: Benjamin's Youth.
Toe hhilp i§ father - of the Dian "An
this Case eieiit i alearodl:7; and the floe of
descent entity traced from. tte hero Of
Ihr;`followini tal4."4l'thii rebel secretary
`ant his artful` ariologies for the crimes of
In the dips When! tlie'lletitoiii;geii
not and weetwaretrividlers
iliiouih E rthat State were ' to
siEVie VoiChes,' there Chanced to'be tray
ening iti c i r ode" of 'tittiscocOnveyaneW a,
yotinginativwho intelfigenie
agreeable manners attracted the eaten %
tion and won theregard...pca fellow-tra
..Th - g yob nAg tilat4c 9 p filled to ,
ineW tatifiv:..,w ! ls tan.
dent 'of' tile Oollege, expelled for some
boyish'indiecretion, that his iiride would-
Cot Patitit';hird to return to - his:l)oe,
and that heifarikew striking outln"tO a
tietir`conntry, the, intention of es—
tabliehiug his reputation, apd to earn tc
living by teaching :
,fgs . ollar, lie'
said; would take hiM tar 'as
where, consequently he iniendisd to step
:?1,13 - 94 "
add' try his ' fortune.
k '
The reCiriiiiit little of this o peg;
sonal history was sc . z fr ninchliile4e with
the unfortunate., atudent =and .his -good
iutentious ; that he tirge,d,.hinktp_ Nttend
h ,. iejtonineitplloch.„ester,,,,Wheteire !gm)-
self residesb , and *ere 1.140 - OrolliPlaeAlP
influenc'e,ist get
_ilia- yentig, frietidl,estab
fished in his pycifeesion.—
The young man. ;Badily;:np813111,84, and
his kind _frielid.paid,all..expenses to
Rochelter, ary:rfiqg took him in
to ,his . _own house. , neAilko, • ,ygurig
gentleman was. taken, , hop
Proirideif a physician, watified ati44,4wir
ed him until he.recovered,..and.tben got
' up a school ffir him ; by pertional effort.
Our young penitent soen had:: wfieuriste
.iug school, arid was•earning money“ ha
thereforeleft his friend'_khetistramdi t 4
; into - * friend introducing
him and becoming 'Tenser, for the . pay,f
mont of ! his hills:
_Things went on in
this way for some ; time, until.the teacher
had accumulated a- little; money ; when, :
"probably, pininglor some toore,,,promis
leg field fer,his peculiartalentsile sad
denly disappeared. He left town ,with
out notice, with -his—board- bill and his
doctor's bothi tinpadrlaildswith word
of farewellito= his , ' kind binefacigi
benefactor haiiing-tiolpaY `the Ptilihdiitr
ted accounts of the, 'Serpent- lieV. lad
This young ingrat' was jcidah' P.; Ben
jamin: A felv yearslater`' the 'above
mentioneol3Recheater-geritlianian Nifas
Ne w'f 0 rleans; and' in panful Through
the streets oflhat , oity; noticed
Of Benjamin, then`..a. lawyer ' aqd 'p iti=
cian of coneideliblaliihineiric_ad.rimple
The gentleman returned to his hotel'
made oat a bill fObtinte he bed
formerly paid fiirhie protege, to
told Benjamin there: w a s little bill
would like the money rd i r s if convenient.
Benjamin lodliedit:Oetill, andthen: at.
the man, and theb, Without a word of
apology' r or a sign
'of re
cognition, handed 04 hie_mopoy, and
they parted, . .
Pleb iii thlietoryorthin• man -Ben*.
4 -miu'e. start', in- life, lie -told to nine hint
stimmey ? ln. the care. bween.:
i a,n4 .:7-411110,1 1 Fa3ge,ntlemati; who knenc
-anilthadAt directly from the lips..of Ron ,
Rochester, fiiend.;—:-Boston:Ad
VINEGAR MARlNG.—'three qtiexts_ of
- molasses pAt_into_Aigittailorui_of_water
`in wnaskOvith.threeeepeonfulel of 'vied
"yeast,; •s iselr
hak en .logeth aimppurout -
of doors ima wierni'pletepvor ?korai:near
ihe - fire in 'Winter; where it: will' keep I
warmovill. s'ooreniate- good' vinegar.
-le said espeoially'irweheet of brown pa-
Tordipped; inAnolasses! , -andetorn into
zstripstiCaddedlto therliquid;, sibott, ten
-or fifteen tlaysiafterwaiktiots °Allis 'brow n
'lmper is sure •ty - inAkr "thn:tniftlfe&" of
the vinegar `
3.trittbaid ilint t ..tholateChier tßar=
Panion'oxertembetthr,t zhe.l mush
enjoyed.. At o . nel.of age' dinners‘
tiring) the- oAizes, there ma ..fitrecoh t!
.certain dignitag of the; .chnah.
.the cloth viaoremovedr-0.-lekanytthink,"
• eardottiiiievlrendineet, "tATerviiief-thinict
detitein kinalifitY44 *lite r
doeifidfdrifiOnoliaiiii > affit :4 *
nerd" « '
"replied the Chief BiAif
Oer4ain lukcsl4PlardtieTia, mi l t
ti 4 a l, • 11 , 1,
hfir k" • • WV • a
At . S• Sa 0;10 Tfflt
i,: - _l; ,- i,, (L 4,::
To Mothers—Speak Low
There are some houses, well-built and
handsomely furnished, where it is not
!pleasant to be even a visitor. Sharp
angry tones resound through them from
;morning till.night, and the influence is
`its contagious as &edges, and much more
1,0 , ., - ,the dreaded -in a household. The
!nhildren'cittch it, and it kits for life, an
'incurable disease. A friend has such a
sneighborwithin-the bearing of her house
-and even the poll-parrot caught the tune,
and , delights in - Bern:ming and scolding
until ehestint btieti sent in the country
to improve her habits. - Children catch
cross to qtftsket than perrots, and it
is a more` inlii4hievoils habit. Where
the mother aetii the example, yon will
icarcelyct e imi , pleasant word among
4,11.1 they plays with each
- dther.'''Yet the disapline of a family is
'Week and irreiulhie The children, ex-
Viet jukftio much - scolding before they
'rCrtinytViiii' their — are bidden, while in
Van" aliothe where - the low, firm tone
niotlfir,`"or a-decided look of her
fisr, they never think of
'diliofiedierine either fu or out of her eight.
Oh;' - racitheis it iir - wOrth a greht deal to
cultivate that excellent thing in woman,
n i lms7 , eet , voice.
4 Sinifrueit - VicrS.-That whiskey is
the' kei l ify *lii6h many 'gain an entrance
iritd oneptii'otin and alms-hanses.
11 T4int` bilindy:frafids the nose of all
Choi% Who 'Cannot govern their appetite.
That wine dailies many to take a wind
Thateptiodli tektite iianae of many on
Thit &Binge ; • while
beer brings pen) ,
Thatt‘hitmitioWiii,llie cause armful
•••Thai liin:lll4B . la7ve "eldWed " more
here yob. are, a`iy , good fellow; how d'ye
dti-? (-17 pan my word , it does my -heart
good to Bee yOu once more How's
your family-. and the L-old Amman ? we
haven't swen - hurfota lortgiline 7 -when
is to see. my wife l"
am' oitsi Well; I ihilk ybn ; but in
'deed, sir, you have the advantage'
of me,"
"Ad*aittige My'''. gbOd . fellOW—what
advantage?" "Wh y , reallY, sit, Ido
norkne* You!" "'Knit* toe 1 well, I
, .
do. not-knoW you; where it f the duet°
is the advantagel"
gar A gentlermurwbuut - whose Tue
tonic alibi theiecouldte but one opin-
WlWl:vie passing al'ong the' Street a few
daye iinek when' 6 'came' to 'kilt be
fore one' of the huge posters announcing
thit'cthnintafthe panorarod oT Piredise
Tibet: lie 'read:the line: 'A Rebellion
in ileaved When he broke forth as
fcilloiis: "AllebelliOn - in Heaven I! mine
got I that last not long now—Onkel
Abe, ieh
telotat eatfghtts sparrow and was
about to'devour it, buttha sparrow said,
"No gentleman' eats. •a ti be washes
his •fain.* The' oat strait at 'this re
mitrk, set the sparrow • down and began
to wash his face *kW his paW, but the
sparrow flew away. This vexed puss
extrentel,f,l63 hiTifitidTritif Nig as I
Si tiOtt - eitt;fitit'itild wish nil face af
teilnrds." whith atfcatel do to this day.
I iffill" Sir Christopher Tawney has some
Wonderful oldrport wine, which, he says
he laid down at the time.of the birth of
'hie eldest' daftliterrettte—wiwrie un
doubtedlY remarkably One ; but the
imost Wonderful thir4 ebstitt it is that
whereas the wltie,is - tliiity.two years old,
71bill'young lady, who hi, etill unmarried,
ne only jest enterinther three-and-twen
tieth year.
"What's the chief doe of bread?"
asked an examiner at a recent school
;"The chief 11130 - of bread,"
answered the urchin, al:Tar/MY Raton
islied at' the eiMplicity. of, the inquiry,
:.!`is to spread 12utteLan4 jam on it."
or'llie dove was the first newspape r
When_one morning it Wen t c
and brought a leaf for !loah.
PaiairapkOn the Weather, noti
Eying hini - that theleavy storm had suit
I* kirif we two are iipe,",suid a wii ,
brute wile,.ivhen biat you ,
- "then
your ow n hilLioliake'—
prettyjiir ruid. a wild hor4 -• ,
iF ato do mach fdlich ief, for the ,• •
`aria away body and • •
other rune away with bie heart.