The Mariettian. (Marietta [Pa.]) 1861-18??, October 28, 1865, Image 2

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rA - -Z:--Bak - 0., Editor.
Valuigdag., grialceig Re, 7shb".
Edward o anglelpoy co fined
on DryiTori(a island, ;title ctridt?
coast, under it six year, sentenc e . for
complicity in the assassination of Pres
ide rt ena e •
soriott4o Oath:4lB4o
life therei-and declaring his entireinno
caned Of of - oxide forr'iihfoli . 'WI'
convicted.. llie; of coursetainsists• 'that
be, ,knew, nothing :of-, Booties murderous
intention! after...theiffresident was
shot., "Itootb, l l he'says;'"•askeptle'rci
see to his'horee;'lttidh
te.would ,makeme. a handsome present,
which he dii-,4lltietirs'ion'the sands of
Dry Tortities.'"-:
ear Our Oldelit,people t eaye the, ole,
do 'accord; who_hava, cirefully noted
the "sign! of, the - times,, say , that we
_have anr.nnusual *entity of snow
this winter. , They say. much rain dur
ing the summer is always followed' b '
bevy falls of snow in 'the winter, and
claim that the •character. of the summer
is always _an- indox : to charapter of
the viintei. in this respect,..! . Our last
wet summer was 1855 ten years ago
—and it recollected. that the
winter of '55 '56 afforded more sleighing
than any winter :sines.
fit Captain Wirz, on Saturday, .un
derwent a private medical examination,
at his own request, in the presence of
the members composing the military
commission and of Mr. Schade, one of
his counsel. His right arm is much
swollen and inflamed from the effects of
a wound by a. shell: A. piece of bone
has been removedi rendering the limb of
but little, if any, use, A.gentleman wbo
witnessed the examination also said that
his body bore marks'of his having suffer
ed from the scurvy.
er Col. James L. Orr has been cho
sen Goverior" of South Carolina—the
first ever elected hy. , a popular vote.
001. Orr, like' Prov,fsioual Gov. Perry,
hails from , the upland ‘ portion of the
State, and 4ilkkiiid - seitice.. against
cession in , 1860 , -L was a moder
ate in 1860, but ftoally , yie:ldeqjo the
current.- Bora in.1822i be.wasfirst ebb
son to the State Legislature in .1:844, to
Oongresa. in 14148, , ead 1 in:11307 Nip! ,elec
ted Speaker—the last ever elevated', to
that poet.britti, petnecretjelvote.
,F.tififax, of
Loodou'dotent3i,Cirohiaf drtlie reb
el fleneintl I4ongfttreat's qckfr.
• t ,-. 1 g14 who
received a special pardoniroin thesPree
ident a short - tithe Vas forwarded
the neeeeearylooritarit-Vto%sectre tilts
reetitritfoiroftietfirofiertilirrilie above
conoty„' ‘ noy': 7readmen'e
Bureau, and irhiCh ie kuoi n 68• the Aiim
roe estate.
P l 4 lllOl / 4 1 4 t !Owe tilkw gn
riosity. , A dwrflllspheat is , on.its way
to New 1:111* for, himiliani inglund.
It ciune , "friiiir'.)thecititeridr•of- Africa,
and is Eilgintlke , size of a,Newfoundliirid
dog. There ie.but , otio.other on exhibi
tion worhi,,juidlthiii is An :the
Royal Zoological Gardens; London.—lt
cost Barnum about-V.:000.
Sar Out of - the:'rlphest:tneLi of New
York is... said: te keep. ha" , danghters,
married-itursitifilelbnar outtineoticon
pone for a whole aftertionn.sod, evening
before liit/ieit whllg the, cutting
is done the eldest daughter herself
sweeps eui . Abe.Tplkiti to, intercept - waifs
and astray& -
air in ithiciiktlp n
oiplog tanage. t e
President it is stated fully recognises
the manhood 41'14 'neg6 • 'lint would
qualify and tie it his right.oesulfrage by
educatinik or propexii Nyken' liroted
to be possessed of either. of, 'these, Jar.
Johnson thinks'he ought to' be allowed
1 1 ounimiesion has adjour
ned sine die, and sent. their ,verdiCt to
the Preeid,n.t.' counsel
for Wirz r haezoallitd won tho'Preeident
to intercede tto save thelife of hie client.
Several dayemioatelupee before the ver
dict, will be known.
Gir A nrunhei - 470Aglish detectiies
have arrived la this-country to ~ spy out
the iatioticies ao4„,giciieMpots of the
Asians, co that the'Brithdr•Wvernment
may be. yristiareik for the' ttfear : _invesion
of FeehmS from the'UniVed States which
it seeMP Al?..4ke,ctillg •
eir MAjor.43keueril AL 15. tiloCeek
teOdered•fili teilipistiou to the Seerl_
asg• of. War ,0144100 1 4.0 6 Y1 in Order .te
identitXtfietlelr*lth Butterfield
Overlet4Expries Oetivioy;,
APPi?r. in,
Itiuthiniitcd,-and wilt roast) , kit
slop in the evnee,to tike- tye wank,:
also tirtlitind giunf4ii
rMitMeTi.,94 -0
or Andrew has
w iteceited thirPieSideney
of a company diffigitd to 'aid, in reor
ganizing the South V . bringing t4gethOr
those who43avit ,plOtatiops and farlis
for which they desire' improvement, and
those who possess the capital skill re
quired for that work. There are thirty
five gentlemen connected with this en
terprise, who represent New York,
New England and the West. The suc
oess of this project, of which there can,
be no doubt, will do more for the South'
than all that thus far the South has done
for herielf.
time to advertise. -Vie 43ubobier is l iover
and the harvest is past, and everybody
'embegioningAlowit,hiitk-uakout--Ballwand ,
Winter,, siipplins-;, the country people
are praparingifor the , lehabging !season,
Business men will do remember,
this. • Band. in your, JadVertisements
an earliday itat , the - world may know
that,yok:.arm in •buidnase,• whatlyou , have
to sell dud:where:you are situated. :Ad
vertise, advertise. -Printerls-illik pays.
4iir the Pittsburg Gazette says that
the new liOuse of liepreseotatives will
consist of 66 , liipublipans and 34 Demo-
Crate: It may poseibly vary one or .two
from this , but no more. Of, the 11 Sen
ators elected 8 are Republicans and 3
Democrats.` The tegislaOre will stand :
Senate, 20 Republicans, 13 Democrats ,
Renee, 66 Republicans, 34 Democrats.
On joint ballot, 86 Republicani, 47
or Probably the-richest woman in
the United States--is Miss'. Hester Rob
i111300; airyonng and beautiful girl, lately
of New Bedford, bat now a resident of
'Newyork city. Her father died recent
ly,- leaving her-one million outright, and
'an income during-her-life-of about four
, millions-more. Her aunt, Miss- B. 'A.
Howland, of- New Bedford, who died
about"the first of last July," also left her
half a million.
sir A bright little girl, named Sarah
Ann Young, aged four years, recently
died, in London, from the fright of see
ing an Episcopal clergyman suddenly
emerge from thepestry into the church,
robed in his white surplice. The child
screamed, and was carried from the
church in convulsions, and died the
mutt day.
wir General T. C. 13c)ker; chief detec
tive of the War Department, Weshing=
ton, is about to publish a full history -of
the records of the secret service of the
Government, not' only emliraiing the
piocce'dings'irif hiuowirbilt those apPer.
taining to all officers belonging to the
'Detective service of the Guvernment.
'The ladies of Humboldt.county
hpye,sent to Gen. Grant a
silk bed-spread,-;one side of which As
gemposed, of,red,aud whits silk stripes,
the other le ,:a blue silk ground,
upon which are neatly wrought, the
national colors, thirty-six reiniatare,thigs
one for.eueh Stnte.
Themon p thou of the Meth°-
iliet - VotikregatiOri`in Newport - , - 144 over
which the' retiel ri3aatei ' sto n'
ranefilly;ilinad,!?/ the COlifelicnoe, htiie
resolved thorgh, io thii'majority, to irith
draw and worship r t in el es. "'Gni)
'of the Preebyterian'dhardhes` has heen
tendered them for
, -
s - ,lllll,4gr.uatytold baehelor i not jiking
the way,lislandlady's claughter,;4o - of
:appropriating;bis-hait oil, h.lled o bis bot
tle with Spaulding's glue the day before
As, ball to. which she'was in_vited,_aod' i she
stopped ,at home in _consequence., It
.Was - a fiendish revengs.
els - The, Philadelphiapapers Announce
the death of the Hon. Wm. J. DUMB,
aged 85 years. He was n becretary of
the Tieaeury unlit. Jackson, and resign
ed his office - rather then consent to the
removal of the der;Oiiid irc;eitie united
States Bank.. • " - '
iiire of-Christian.Wildt, of
'Schuylkill county ; Pa-A gave 'him .$5O
the other-day to go away, and not-trouble
her agein. He returned, however,= and
Joked for come clothes ; bat aho.-refused
'him: He therefore hung himself in ,her
.barn. . . .
lir " In Sacratuento;
"recently a woman
procured the "ielease 'of" herhusband
from jail, and that night ran off with
another fellOti; thilr object in procnr
ing her husband's release was to leave
somebody with the children.
The Antietam lsoldiers' cemetery
will consist of eleven -acres. The--land
costs one hundred dollars an acre. The
area will be twice as.large as that of. the
Gettysburg National Cemetery, and will
contain twice as many . graves.
w Several thousand dollar's were
alized Tueiday from the sale of the
stock and fixtures of the government
bakery at Absiandria, once a famous in
stitution of its kind.
zOr :Gen. •Bennregard is to he Super
intendent- of thee New Orleans and Jack-
Railroad. The rebel 'generals, all
seem to have'rtn jtehin,gdoro easy posi
tions thrttletylerell. • • •
Thil'efiln - ttrriiatid It Ireland
rs'w4 s- England !Amber two hundred,,i;and
semi otthem are to: he ,tried for high
treason. .
, tgbt L r • cora in a Nut-55br11.
4 ...a.,... .• -------.....
F 4
lora Temple has been gold for $15,-
0001 +,
li, Fr dent Oa's coo .'
enced. hie
message. - •
The Sioux murderers, Little Six and
Medicine Bottle, have been reprieved
by the President.
A building lot wailiiely Bold at lOW
emo for $1398 per. foot. •
4 ? t l • "
The lighthonswat New Point, in Ches
apeake bay, has been lighted up for the
first time since 1861.
, .t • f
Titania IDickon, bad A On , Stroke'
e , • Paris.ft' fl
'while in He was quite insulin
ble for several hoard, but s eedil re
cnisMrZiltriirlas a vices was Acute
--1 '
-The tehclier of-the colored 'school at
Greenvilli i irennemee; -wali nbtifled by
the Citizen to lasi° :imMediately after
the withdrawal cifithe, troops' from ' the
place; a 114.
- - • ;
Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher pr oposes
to read her husband's..lictures, upon in
vitations of lyceum's and literary associa
tkuPB, -Baecher's, health. preventing
him from undartaking ttnother lecture
Geveitiffent: hair kid - passtid to the
credit of bade debts $176,947,67, doe
from Isaac 0.-Fowl'er, late Democratic
Postmaster in New York. It has Wei;
ascertained that the defalcatian is Un
collected from his 8 e rides.
ill of the Wood work Ford's Thea
tre, Washington,' has been removed, and
workmen 'have nearly completed three
arch floors of brick masonry, and the
bisemen . also of brick. The, buildiei
will be perfectly fire proof, and a. cast
iron stairway. will be , erected from the
first floor to the third floor in the south-
West corner, of the building.
English detectives have arrived in
New:York `to• keep an eye npon the
Fenians and report to the home govern
ment. One or two of them-are on'. the
way. to_ Chicago.. . •
Gen. Averill, the notedcavalry .
mander, is at present located on Oil
Creek, and is at present the proprietor
of some half din Sen teams, which are
instill,* oil from Pithore to Miller's
A F..ansas paper announces dill!, two
thousand families of Merman descent
from Berks county, Pa., and from St.
Louis, Mp., jiave through their agent,
Capt. Brunswick, , selected _ ,extensive
tracts of land in the valley of the Solo
mon. It is as fine a.coontry as the wide
world canafford.
St. Leger Grenfel, -the Chicago con
spirator, who was sentenced to .beiliMig
ed by the,Cincinnati- Military ComMie•
eon, has , lad- his 'sentence transmuted
by the Presidentjo imprisonment-tor
life at the Dry-Tortugas.--.
. • .
The Kentucky PreribyterialSynoii is
in scission at Louisville. Di. Brecken
ridge has entered the 141.146 by
I7introducing aerreiorrciofrf;in against
treeisonable.preacherd anilduifoYal ineffi
biirs of the Synod.
Pg,r,her,?xesiA,iag at ,15
,sevAntikatkaat f New
,York, deed qmSaa
day frocman-oyardslep ofahlorofar,m,giy
en, him kiy.a druggist's .clerk tp an . 449
opeEgioas stf,i!elliag a .dialacated
The lo" Dispatch ^-publiehes. a
letter froirrEion. Fleury Z. Foote On the
vexed "qriestion o'Vnegro uttrsoe; 'in
eelihys; first,-that , it mater
Whicliviinghrttif^ he:drifgalaVed =^and, con'-
tiolled by sthii' respective:3 States, "and
secondly, that; the' rivilege might now
he granted to all:colors& men. who' can
read`and write and pay tax on'any pro
party. - . ^
• ;
A favorite qciestiOn of the young men
to the yoticg,liidleS of Mobile is, ‘" Has
your father beenpardored yet?" finding
oat from the answer whether or not be
comes the V 20,000 clause of the
amnesty proclamation, and" theticC cal
culating ,the probable amount of the
damsel's solid charms.
In sccordance with,a recently deliv
ered opinion of the Attorney General
- the. Second Comptroller has decided
that all , colored volunteers shall be pla
ced on the same footing with white sok
dierein regard,to bounty, and, paymas
ters are instructed to pay, them accord
ingly. This decision wikit is sapposed
call for an-additional $20,0001000t
The Quartermaster 'General is having
printed a plitaMphlot containing the
names of the Union soldiers -who .- died
and were interred in the Andersonville
ceinittery, together with oth,er matters
of intereiiin'thet connectien.
A. H. Stephens, the ex-iebel . Vice
Presidant, left Washington'foi hiti home
in Georgia. Mr. Stephens, while, here,
expressed his determination to use his
best efforts So induCe the 'people of the
south to accept the Conciliatory policy
of the Administration.
A..clergyinalllWho loatligcaTpo
with clothingtand•nermons, New Ha
ven,`„. recovArecLall Oft' ocrmone
among the 4aggage otan- opera company
at Albany. .2e:canse4 tke.arrest of the
agent'of the opera for confiscating his
" nt...Ok‘ • "'
.;,4"4 gr.:,
!eon 111. is sffiyears of age ; t fdexander
Emperor of Russia, 47r; Victer Emanu
el„4s : Lord Palmerston. Prime Minis
ter ofingland, 81; -tord.Jobii:Russell,
72 ; Earl Derby, 66 ; the Lord High
Chancellor of England,
stone, 56 ; F'resident‘Johnsoti,'s7; Sec
retary Seward, 65 ; ex. Secretary Came
ron, 66 ; Chief Justice Chase, 57 ;
Charles Sumner, 54 ; Ben Wade, 65 ;
Seriatim. W Hahn, 53 ; Gen,. Banks, 49 ;
erSecretoryTessenden, 59 ; Jitmes Bu
chanan, 74 ; Speaker Colfax, 42 ; Winter
Davis, 48 ; Vallandigham, 44 ; Senatos
Morgan, i
54 • Fernando W00d,,513 • Alf
Davis' ,S'sl ' Slitie : 721 Ma l Sol,''6'7 . i
"Tireckeririclgis, 43 ; Henry A:
Toombs, 55; Orr, 43; Alexander A.
$ ;gni
officer of the4.'S. Sena - to: 59.
or Emerson E t h eridge
,now on trial
for treason at Nashville, has put in . .a
plea denying ‘. thelarisdietion of the mil
itary commission, whiz 4 the court over,"
ruled, Whereupon Etheridge . , filed an
ceßtiod to,the , He, then pleaded
not guiltyto the charges
,and specifica
tions, except the second'specifi9,ltion
and second charge, to which ha, pleaded
guilty, and, th9conrt alloWed hip to in
troduce the wholefetter from 'Which tha
extract was made. This letter is known
as the, ,",Dresden letter," dated Jana 28,
in Wbich, he made the declaration that
Tennessee has no law but force, andno
semblance to civil government, State or
Federal, usurpation enforced by
the- bayonets of negroes. Etheridge
subsequently presente,d to the court a
written, statement, which admits the
first charge, namely, the encouragement
of resistance to ,the enforcement of the
1 ifirW. W. Holden, of North Caroli
na appointed-Provisional Governor of
that State byi-Presiden't Johnson, has
been nominated' for election on the--ba
sis •of repudiation of the' rebel' debt,
abolition of slavery, and besiaating their
civil 'rights ( sUffrage except:lA)° olion
the' Treedlnen. Governbr Holden is a
relative of the lamented Ezra'Bolden,
long since well knowir as the prosper
ous . and able 'editor -of -the .Battirday
Courier. 'lleAas been -the newspaper
leader of the- Democracy of North' Caro
line; and his journal, the Raleigh- Stan
dard, was the fervent advdcate of Ste
phen Douglas- in 1860. He is a man
4f groat purity and determination of
character.—Philadelphin T'ress.
.liar..A.Rupaber of drafted men, who
had. run off .but returned since the end
a the war, have bap tried. 4 a court
martial at
_Detroit C . One man, named
William Jove, was, a s found guilty of -de
sertion " and sentenced to ,confinement
at hard labor for-, three,,teonths, to be
dishopuyahly diachamed, to, he forevar
dppriyedeCcitizenabip, and the sentence
to puhlishedin at, ipast
,two, papers
published nearpt his. home .. Sentence
approved, and the State, prison,at„ Col
tnbus, .Ohlo,,desigh,ated las the place of
hie eqPfill,.ll l6 l l t ! . ne game PETAAY fyas
ia„the Ca,se,of George Giddings,
convicted of,alikaoffp.nce.-
sifirOoe's Cone? - Balsam 'and Coe's
DyspePida'Curn—iheyibonld aliiays be
In'q# w#WQlfor die
thny ire - the' moie . L'inliatilh''' rniiisties
`ktib'wn. one' haridi'
''sraledijia eases' of a — nal:len'
croup amongst the - 'ene
lug 't e sttibbo'in nonghi - and'coins,
fs - excellent Tor - Sore 6»a and all`km
`diffiCiilties, - the other 7 --Oile's`Dyipea
Oura—is certain 'tt 'cure' dYspiiiisia,. n 0
2 2ahnui long itanding,indigeshetii,
atatria iatins"tfuii, Orikinnl,Win a
Ora Ore d stain'of the s'tbinaell' itedt o
Maifimilian has for ;
warded.,fiNe toilljons.ordollttra to-Wash
ington, in tor.der:to intioence Congress
favor : l)f ilia - recognition. hy our, govern-
AWL The Items papers in : the . imperial
interesto"pehlieh' glowing.: accounts of
the prospects and resources .of the . em
.pire. They, claim,thet, the :country ,has
eight and la
tants, And that its ~ ,agricuiturul.anA
eraLresources render it self-sustaining„
Ferty 'persons were _poison'ed - re!.
cenily' in §hiloh; by hiiiring cor
rosive--Subliintife administered to' them
by mistake for calornel, a less powerful
ireParittion of inercury. Seven' have
diedAtiid fears` re eaterfai'tied fOr'cthere.
Neither the phYsiciati nor local . druggists
are to blame, as the medicine waddtaken
from the piickage in Which it , came from
a St:Louis . establistirnent, and probably
from England.
fir A letter,has been received .at the
Freed me u:s.llererru from Go vern or_Brag
ford, of Haryland,relative to.complaints
made of abuses committed upon colored
people in certain, counties, of. Lower
Maryland. Affidavits .haveb t erin sent
to the Governor in many instances, and
he has re ferred : them to: the prosecuting
attorneys of the differetrticountics,tyliere
tire abuses perpetrated., ,mith. in
.trugtions to prosecute ; the ;; offenders.
Gir" The following is a 'characteristic
short seringn, 'which PreeidentLindbln
Waiein 'the of pies:oiling to his
: " Doa't 'don't smoke,
'don't Chew,' dOn't gamer, 'doter,' gamble,
'don't he, don't Cleat; love your fallo w then, as 'Will "aa" Gnd, - 16ye InVe
Wring' and belepOy."
senticrietil, belOW Is from thi pest of
Hon. Gaff. S.llenrd confess "Chat
increasidg yeah bring with tliemefi in
creasing' TespEiCt for men who rdo not
succeed in life, as those words are CALTa•
monly used. Heaven is said to be a
place for those who have not succeeded
upon earth; and it is surely true that celes
tial graces do-not best thrive and bloom
in the hot blaze of worldly prosperity.
Illiinccess sometimes arises from a su
perabundance of qualities in themselves
good—from a conscience too sensitive,
a taste too fastidious, a self-forgetfulness -
Jon romantic, a modesty too refiring.
it *ill 4t go so far as to say
ing poet that " the world knows nothing
of itrnatsaLuipo,l'..,butikern FAA=
of greatnrywl)ick.-4i.n. a.nd make no
signl" thritretuitlrtyrfi -that miss- the
palm hi:twit : the staite . ; heroes,without
the laurel,. Mut..pop,quernre—Wigiout the
triumph. . f • -
Robert E. Lee, late General, in
Chief of the xebel army,- has _taken the
amnesty oath under the proclatnation of
the Preaident of the United . Stites:, It
was on= the 9th of April that ; this :man
surrendered. Oa the 2d of October,
neitly• Six - months - afterwards,. , he- took
the' oath - of allegiance at Lexington; in
Virginia. He swore that be would
" faithfully support,. protect and defend
the Constitution of the United States.
and the Union of the States thereunder ;"
that he would in like manner abide by
and faithfully support all laws and pro
clatnations which have been made dur'-
iog the rebellion with reference to, the
emancipation „of slaves. But as the
same Robert E. Lee.has already taken
a2part_ol,the-eame oath As,ank. officer—of
the United States army, a child of the
United States, educated at the expense
of the pebple, and supported at our
charge, - and has broke . it upon the
miserable pretbnse that he "must go
with his State,” - the fact that he 'has
sworn the Same oath ''a second time is
not vary interesting: He would doubt
less break it eirain - did interest or pas
sion incite him 'to do 'so. -
ger The-assertion is made positively,
in intelligent quarters, that there is now
before the Government something in
the nature of-a proposal from theEtitish
autherities•to 3 pay damages erising from
the dePredations of rebel privateers-fit
ted ontin •British ports, and-also to ar
rive at some agreement which shall pre
vent like transactions hereafter, as
tween the tWo nations, whether the hos
tile condition exists in Great Britain or
in the United States,. We think . it is
very likely. that such a propOsition has
beeti made. 'Edgland is beginning to
find that her position is a good deal
more vulnerable than she has heretofore
supposedoind that' it is better not to
make enemies ,of us.
cis - The * publication of tbelist of the
principatowders of the Shares of the
ConfederatU Co t tfou Loan has,itappears,
created muptif i esditernent - id trigland,
and called forth several deinands its to
its truth.''' Whatever errors it inayeen
tain, it is iiiiiierTo'lsait that' f the
on in
al AocuA9Et frPiji ..wkiPka RoltY Fati• ta
ken-and furziphectsktoultaneously to the
Arnericuppress,,iujn,pousession 9f .our
vpro liken t,, togethcr, wi th any: o rs
of an equally intor : citing,pharacterArpon
that. and other preptiods,relatin to reb
el proceedings, and : 911.4in94 13 9th,-at
.1 1 9,11,9,6 and4broad, which iII.BO me ;day
se9. ,the light. •
110 - The English Government and
people Were'full of wrath because a pass
`p.ort System' was estab e in
- lon%try tar ther detection of rebel e m is :
series. `YBo now every Per Son who lands
in Ireland frOin America is made subject
to an examination that extends to every
thing on' his person, or in his luggage,
to every paper and'every bit of linen
and if a revolver or 'a "powder=flask is
fonnd in his . trank' it is confiscated.
• r Fifty .thousand, Americans are
now sojourning or travelling-in , various
portions of Europe. They are scattered
among the various gay capitals' of ,thet
continent or the thousands of rural or
less crowded-resorts rendered interest
ing by _history, song.-or :story. These
Americans, it is estimated, are spending
at the.rate of one - hundred millions of
doilds in gold a year.
ifit, Capt. J. M. Moore , who was sent
to the Auden/paving Oemetery, for the
purpose of marking the gravekof Union
soldiers,, has made a, very
port of his;expedition,- He has maiked
over twelve, thpusand graves with the
names of the victims. of rebel cruelty
and about four hundred with the words
" Unknown United States Soldiers."
The other day three eoldiers- . iii
Keit - Obis' Tem.; while 'running- away
`froththe ifiorgliardi leaped froni the
Susquehanna'Bridge into the river; 'a
distance orsiity MT; and, swam the riv
er making:got:id their escape. ThIP is
the beet AiMping'sifiee Sam Patch ivent
over the Niagara Tana. -* •
iss- Six Iliciasand- acietrof land in Ar
tkihistie, belongibl to the :ex:rob : 6l 9 4Bn.
Gideon J. Pillow,. which has tbeeirheld
as abandoned prOperty'''f'di
past by the' Goierninelit;'-have- beer' re
stored to their original this
will probably be the cage with' 'incit3t - if
tint all ;thereat; - " ' ' '
Read E. D. E. N. Eouthworth's Letter,'
Prospect College, Georgetown,
April 2, 1861
Messrs. Hostetter 4' Smith
Gentlemen—lt gives me pleasure to add in g
testimonial to those of others in favor of y O , l ,
excellent preparation.—Several years of r es i,
dente on the banks of a Southern river, a nd
of closenpplication to literary work, b a d t
thoroughly exhausted my nervous system and
undermined my health, that I had becom e a
martyr to dyspepsia and nervous headache,
recurring at short interval., and defy ing 1 , 11
known remedies Materia Medics, ;
liad`come to the 'conclusion that nothing but g
totaLchange L of resideir felinpruits would
-btfiestilletYasaltvrs'ti poilkur'erdecabnolnitl74"
an experiment; it required but one bottle to
,i;,:i,6iiiggie,,onieod*hefoigndeat last Melle n
coßtatise. emedies, The relief it Woe.
;;..). complete It is now some
y•a ce rat Med Waterier Bitters,
and it is trutisit:to'floy Pikt I have found the
Preparation all that it claims to be. It Is a
Standard Cordial with us, and ern
as a stimulant we likefitbetter than anythi ng
else; but we - use itin all nervous, bilious sad
dyspeptit,essea, from fever. down to toothache,
If what I 4 h,rvAtiow &Oct : will lead any dyspep,
tic or nervous invalid to a sure remedy,
shall haliildit , dome good.
I reniairffgeritleme - rf, wespectfully yours,
TERt.e dit ge=SEC a ETS FOR TUE
Diisjiorr? = A most valuable and wonderful
publication. A work 400 pages, and 30
colored Engraving. Dr. Hunter's Vade Me.
coin, an original and popular treatise o h
Man and Womantheir. Physiology, Function,
and Sekual disordemofevery kind, with Nev.
er-failing Reniedies - fir =their speedy me,
The practice . J of, Dr. Hunter has long Neu,
and 'still is, unbpunded,,but.,at the earnest so
licitation of numerous persona, he has bees
induced to 'extend his medical usefulnes
through the medium °fhb VADE MECUM."
It is a volume that shotild bcin the hands of
every family in , the land, as -a preventive of
secret vices, or as a guide for , the alleviation
of one of the ,most awful, and destruetiv,
scourges -ever visited mankmd. One cupv,
securely enveloped, will be forwarded free of
postage to any part of the United States b:
50 cents in P. 0, atm - ripe, Address, post pal:,
Dr. Hunter, 1C0.3 Division street, New 1 ):,.
To Corrsveughtvns.—The undersigned hay.
ing been restored to health in a few weeks tv
a very simple niniedy,' after having sntfert:
several keatiCribi.:li.'..severe lung airecti.
and that dread disease, Consumption, is at,
sious to make known 'to his fellow-Nuiferi•ii
the means of cure. To all who desire it, he
will send a copy of the prescription, hoiii of
charge, with the directions for.prepartn;
useing the same, which they will find 8 :IN
cure for Consonoption,Astma,Bronchitis,C,,A
Coughs, etc. The only object of the adverb
Beer in sending the prescription is to beiltf.;
the afflicted and sproad information aqua
conceives to be invaluable, and he hopes ever
sufferer will try his remedy, as it win
therdnothing, and may prove a blessiii.
Parties wishing the prescription, will piew
address* RCV. - EDWARD A. Witsos, Williar.
sburg, Kings County, New-York. ,
Dear Sir.:—With your permission I win!' to
say to the readers of ycur paper that i
sond, byreturn . mail, to all who wish it, (I'm)
a recipe, with full directions for making and
using 1 c.
5 simple Vegetable Balm that will eift
tually reinove, its tan toys, Pimples, lilutc!lo.
Tan, Veckles; and all impurities of the ,k;n ;
leaving the same soft, clear, smooth aid ',Jean
tifni: I will also mail free to those ham.
Bald,Heads, ur . Bare Faces, simple direction?
and information that will enable them to soot
a full' grovrth - of luxuriant Hair, Whis'.:er ,
a Moustache, in less than 30 days.
All applications answered by return ins:,
without charge. Respectfully vows,
F. CIIAPDIAN, Chemist 4 .
531 Broadway, N. Y. [sep.3o-3:n :1&C
rf3- One Hundred Dollars Reward svill
paid by Meseta; C. G. CLARK & CO.,
medicine alit will cure coughs, colds, cn
whooping cough, or relieve COFIRIMP I :
cough, us quick as " Coe's Cough
Let all our readers bear in mind that Cl11:2%
Dyspepsia. Cure will certainly cure the
easervAnrwyspepsia m existence ; will
pain after eating as soon as you tate i t,
is a most-excellect article for all dises3o , :
the stomach and bowels.
BuntirrEss, DEAFNESS and Catarrh, to'
ted with the utmost success, by Dr. J. lsA AL!'
Oculist and -Aurist, (formerly of Leydon, ll :'
laud,) No. Sl9 PINE street, Philadelphia. 16
timonials from the most reliable sources in
City and Country can be seen at hit ot: ,
The medical faculty are invited to accrimps;!'
their patients, as he has no secrets in hit 10 , '
tice. A RT/FICFA 1. EYES inserted witho
No charge made for examination. 1.26"/.''
ITCH ! ITCH I ! ITCH ! ! ! SCratCh
Scratch!!! Wheaton's Ointment"
the Itch in 48 hours. Also cures Salt Rau..
Blcers,Chilblains, and all eruptions of the Air-
Price 60. cents. For sale by all druggists.
By sending 60 cents to - WEEKS &
Sole Agents, 170 Washington street, lioAr''
Mass ,tt will be forwarded by mail, free d
postage, to any part of the U. States P"
ELECTION.—An election for officers of
Lancaster and Marietta Turnpike lios:
• 151 ,
Company to serve the ensuing year, u
place at the public house of John Ken't'" ,
Monday the 6th day of November, 1565,
o'clock in the forenoon.
A. N. CASSEL, &I:Y .
Oct. 14.4t.] 113" Lancaster Examiner roF`'
L OST OR MISLAID :—A promissory
for $5O mane payable to Mrs. Elias ,d
teel bearing date June 23d, 1861, has
lost or mislaid. Public notice is hereby .4 , 1 !; n
that payment will be refused to any i' r "
except to Mrs. Bonesteel in person.
Marietta, Oct. 14, 1865,-3t.f
LECTION.— An election for officers of
Marietta and Mountjoy Turnpike ItoP
rill 14
Epany, to serve the ensuing year, t ie
held at the public house of Jacob Funk , ,
borough of Marietta, on Monday the tigl
of November 1865, between the hours of a°
4 o'clock in the afternoon.
Oct. 14, 1865-4t.]
ELECTION.—An election for °dicers o'
the, Marietta and Maytown
Road Company to serve the ensuing Y"'' d
take place at the ToBA-louse, on the ran , .
Monday the 6th day of November , I B6s, x i' e
tween the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock..
C. C. P. GROSH3 Se
tober 14, 186b-4t.1