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F. L.
.sa,lcer, Editor,
Valcu , dag., 0 deicer- 1, Icf bJ
tar The papers are circulating a pro
posed amendment to the Constitution,
which contemplates the constant suc
cession of the Vice President to the
Presidency. A President and Vice
President are elected. At the end of
the four years' the fortner retiree and the
latter takes hie Place. Of course at
each subsequent election only a Vice
President is chosen. In this way the
one term rule is adopted : the Vice
President ie selected with special refer
ence to his fitness for the first position ;
and for four years he is being educated
for the vast responsibilities he is to as
Montgomery Blair spoke at the
Democratic meeting at New York, a
few evenings since, in favor of the can
didates of a party that has steadily and
cruelly slandered . Abraham Lincoln, who
made him Postmaster General, and An
drew Johnson, whose confidence he pro
fesses to enjoy. A surer promise of a
Union victory in the Empire State, on
the Bth of November, could not be'de
Gir The Pennsylvania Railroad . Co
mpany have under ,consideration the pro
ject of building a large and spacious
depot at Harrisburg. J. Edgar Thotn•
son, Esq., spent several days in Harris
burg recently, and it is undOrstood that
his visit had reference to the matter.
eir Col. W. W. H. Davis, the Demo
cratic candidate for Auditor General,
so badly defeated by General flartrarift,
on the 10th instant, announces is his
last paper, the Doylestown Democrat,
that he is about to take an October trip
to the solacing waters of Salt River.
The Fenians are creating a stir in
Canada Agents of the organization have
recently visited both Quebec and Otta
wa, with the view of establishing lodges
and it is reported that a number of the
brotherhood have lately left Toronto on
a special mission to Ireland.
or Hon. Asa Packer, who donated
half a million of dollars and a fine body
of land to establish a great Episcopal
college in the eastern part of the State,
has just returned from his foreign tour,
and is now at his home in Mauch Olink.
sir The English money nabobs who
were published as having been bondhol
ders in the Confederate loans are in a
great way ; several : have come out in
the Lyndon Vines denying that they
ever invested in any of the rebel loans.
gar Arrangements are now in progress
on the part of a number of ladies and
gentlemen of Baltimore for the pui * pose
of erecting over the grave of Edgar A.
Poe, the gifted poet, a marble monument
in testimony of hie poetical talents.
The Fireman's Parade_ of Phila
delphia, on Monday, was one of the
grandest pageants of the kind that ever
took place in the United Slates. The
procession was seven and a half miles in
ar A large procession of colored
Odd Fellows took. place in Baltimore
on the sth inst. Speeches were
ered. and everything passed off in a
highly creditable manner.
ear Some of the planters near Mont
gomery, Ala., put into their contracts
with the negroes an agreement to be
whipped when they need it, to which
the negroes agree.
The recently published views of
Henry Ward Beecher on future punish
ment, in which there is a leaning to
Universalism, is causing much discu:
ear Gen. Banks in a speech at
ranee, Mass., on the 2d. said that P 7
dent Johnson's policy was too lord.
and would be disastrous to the count
or Every county, save one, in Con
necticut, voted against the Negro Suff
rage Amendment, The total majority
against it is about-6,000.
Or A young lady at Niagara was
heard to .exclaim : "What an elegant
trimming that rainbow would make for a
white lace dress !"
gar Four hundred German and Polish
emigrants left Havre, Fiance; lately for
Virginia, where large tracts of land have
been granted them.
or In Ohio, Gen. Oox, the Republi
can candidate for Governor has 28,287
majority. The Legislature stands 95
Union to. Pemocrats.
lir An agent in Texas has purchased
30,000 acres of land in that State, for
the establishmi3nt of a colony ef Poles.
The proposed monument to Ste.
phen A. Douglas w4jAhalitlierlAPleze4
for lack of funds, has been commenced.
air Ruth Play was hung at Ports
mouth, N. 11., ninety-seven years ago,
fur child murder, and it is a singular
fact that the person who caused her ex-
ecution is still alive. She was a school-
teacher, and Mrs. Betsy Eastman, of
Salisbury, N. H., now 103 ye' rs old, was
one of her scholars, and still remembers
and relates the circtioastance. The
teacher was absent one day, and Mrs.
E., then a girl or six years, while at
play in the school house, saw a loose
board in the floor, which she raised
from motives of curiosity, and there dis
covered the remains of a dead infant.
She t 0.1.4 what she had seen, and an in
vestigation showed it to bo the child of
the teacher, Rho murdered it to conceal
its birth. She was tried, convicted and
eir The Scottish 'Farmer says that
soap suds, although generally deemed
only fit for being run off in the easiest
and most expeditions -manner possible,
are highly beneficial vegetable feeders,
as well as useful insect preventives.
Hence they should never be wasted by
parties having gardens, as their applica
tion to the ground, whether in winter or
summer, will shdw beneficially, not only
on ordinary vegetable crops, but also on
berry bushes, shrubs, etc., while, if pour
ed or syringed over roses, cabbages, etc.
they will mitigate the mischievous doings
of the green fly and catapillars.
Cr Among the present " lionesses"
at Paris is Lady Victoria Fitz William,
a fascinating Esquimaux of Grinnell Bay,
whose tender care of Lord Frederick
Fitz Williams, some three years ago,
when he was taken ill on board the En
glish man-of-war "George Henry," de
tained in a bay, by stress of weather, on
the Esquimaux coast, induced him to
offer her his hand. Her maiden name
was Tookolito, and the report of her ro.
Mantic devotion to the English officer,
if true, affords another proof that truth
is stranger than the most startling fic
gar A geldiugnamed "Dexter" made
the fastest time on record, at the Fash
ion Race-Course, Long Island, on Wed
nesday of last week. The - match was
$5,000 against $l,OOO that, no horse. gel
ding or mare, could, in three trials, un
der the saddle, make better time than a
mile in 2;19. " Dexter " did beat that
time trotting the mile in two minutes,
eighteen and one fifth seconds. This is
the best " time " on record.
five thofisand dollars has been offered
for "Dexter."
tfir At last the cho - era, advancing
fromthe dimmest recesses of Asia, has
reached -the borders of the Atlantic:
and, tired of ravaging Europe, threatens
America. The last foreign steamer' an
nounces it at Southampton, one of the
most prominent English sea-coast towns,
whence scores of vessels daily sail for
our shores. Philadelphia and New
York would be the first points visited,
for to them almost all of the Southamp
ton vessels come.N
An altercation occurred between
two discharged soldiers at Lawrence.
burg, Indiana, on Monday. One of the
men assaulted the other with brass
knocks and beat him so that he died in
a few minutes. The murdered man Was
quierand inoffensive, not having given
the least provocation for the deadly as
sault.• The murderer was committed- to
prison. r
ew Rev. Jeremiah Day, ex-President
of Yale College, is the oldest Klan in
New Haven. He is in his 93d year, and
visited Hartford the other day, where
he astonished the young men by _walk
ing all about the city and up Asylum
Hill, where younger men prefer to take
the horse cars.
It is said that during the visit o
English capitalists Sir Morton Peto i3X
pressed groat astonishment —and disap the appearance of Wash
ington. They expected to see a hand
some city, alive with business and en
terprise, after the manner of European
40 - President Johnson has ordered
the military authorities of Alabama to
transfer to the civil courts Geo. W.
Gayle, the man who offered the $1,000,-
000 reward for the assassination of Pres
e:z The - Virginia Congressional can
didates are declining by the wholesale,
being unable to take the test oath.
• Silks and laces 'to the amount of
$lO,OOO were found secreted in a vault
in a cemetery in Philadelphia.
eir In Springfield, 111., a barber was
ately fined $5O for shaving a gentleman
n his private room on Sunday.
gar Judah P. Benjamin, Rebel Sacra
ary of State, is about to betatzehimself
o the English bar.
oar The railroads kill at the rate of
about 7000 people a year, and maim
three or four thousitud.
ear Potatoes are.veryylenty in.4owa,
and sell for 20 . cents a bashol,at Daven-
Col. Edward A. Irvin has been
, -
appointed associate judge 'of Clearfield
c• - -TH - E
TL,bc Morlb in a Nut—Slitll
Florina Budworth, a female Philadel
phia soldier, whose sex was not discov
ered until shortly before her death, was
among the victims of rebel cruelty in
the prison at Florence, S. C.
There are fewer marriages by one-third
in New York than there were twenty
five years ago. Women must be con
tent to live so that men can nfford to
Over eight thousand steam engines
are employed in boring for and pumping
oil in the State of Pennsylvania.
A colored-corporal was hung at Camp
liamilton, near Fortress Monroe, on
Thursday, for rape c )(omitted last April.
The President has ordered the confis
cated Dangerfield property in Alexan
dria, val9ed at $50,000, to be restored
to Mrs. Dangerfield.
A new hotel is to be built in New
York, which will cost, with the ground,
about two million dollars. It is to be
located near the Central Park.
The twenty-third Army Corps, com
posed entirely of colored troops, and
now on the Rio Grande, is to be muster
ed out.
The railroad between Washington
and New Orleans is complete ; and the
first through passengers from New Or
leans arrived in Washington last Wed
Gen. James P. Brown, A:diutant Gen
eral of Tennessee, lately married Miss
Belle Cliff, Gov. Brownlow acting in
the capacity of parson and perfor - ming
the ceremony.
Fenians, who profess to speak by the
card, Bay that startling news from Ire
land may•soifn be expected. It is pri
vately stated that fifteen gunboats have
been purchased by the organization.
The will of the late Isaad B. Parker,
of Burlington, N. J., .has lately been
proved. His estate is worth about three
million of dollars. The larger part is
left to his scn, John Brown Parker,
Esq., of Carlisle, Peon.
Mary Gilmore, daughter of the sheriff
at Parairie du Chien, Wis., on Friday
night, taking advantage of the tempo
rary absence of her parents, released
two men named 6utherland, who had
been three weeks confined in the j oil, on
a charge of stealing oxen, and eloped
with them.
The Richmond Times says the Swed
ish emigration.experiment has worked
to the satisfaction of all parties, The
farmers are much pleased with the
Swedes, whom they find to be industri
ous, efficient, honest and orderly. They
do double the work of the late slaves,
and, require no looking after.
Champ Ferguson, the notorious guer
rilla, has been sentenced to death, and
was executed on the 20th inst. He re
ceived the announcement very calmly,
dqubtless because he knew the enormity
of his crimes and the abundance of proof
brought out on the trial. He is a • de
mon second to Winder, the arch
fiend. .
An agonizing story is told, of a vain
New York young lady, who, dissatisfied
with her good, but irregular teeth, had
fifteen of them pulled out to make room
for a-new and false set. In vain .the
dentist wished to spare her eye • teeth.
She would have them out. Nervous
prostration followed the operation, and
she died -a victim to her pride, and leav
ing the set of false teeth she had order
ed uncalled for. •
Colonel William Polk, a nephnw of
the late ex-President - Polk is, appointed
Special Agent of the United States
Treasury Department, for TexaS, to re
cover Governmeneeotton and wool, and
has entered upon his duties.
An oldgentleman remarked the other
day that in 1776 we went, to war on ac
count of the Stamp Act, and got the
nigger, while in 1861 we went to war
about the nigger and
,got the Stamp
A New Yorker living in Nineteenth
' , area, discovered the other day that he
his4l lived for two years on the same
block with his brother whom he had not
seen for twelve years.
/It is said that John C. Breckenridge,
rebel ex-Secretary of War_ and ex-gen
eral, proposes to become a British sub
ject, and enter into the pork business
in some Canadian town.
New Orleans papers announce that
the Hon. Pierre Soule is soon expected
to arrive in that city and mahn it Ids
permanent home.
The property of Joseph F. Davis, bro
ther of Jeff. Davis, and Gen. Wm. T.
Martin, both late of the rebel army, has
been restored to them.
The Mobile Tribune reports that a
newspaper to be edited by colored men,
in the interests of the colcired people,is
to be set up in that city.
John Minor Botts, has bean nominat-
ed for Gongressin.the Lynchburg, (Va.)
district, in place of an ineligible candi
Over 25;000 tinahela of oysteraare an
nanny planted in , the•llhemee riverwith--
in the town' ot.Notwieb,,Ownee.
withstanding all that is said about "rail-
road murders," it can be demonstrated
that railroad travelling is safer for the
community than any other method of
public conveyance. In the city of Lon
don alone nearly five times as many per
are killed and wounded by carts,
cabs, and omnibuses as are killed or in
jured by all the railways of England,
Scotland and Ireland taken together.
The railway accidents for the last year
over all the lines of the United King- '
dom together were 114 killed and 1611
wounded. During the first eight months
of the present year there were compu
ted to have i been in the United States
128 railroad accidents, with 266 persons
killed and 1109 injured. There are a
greater number of miles of railroad in
operation in the United States than in
Great Britain, and probably a much lar
ger travel, but still the disproportion of
accidents on the railroads of the two
countries would imply ours to be -most
unsafe. This ought not to be, and pro
bably when there is capital enough in
our railroads to keep them all in proper
order, will not be.
THE CnoLERA.--There is a strong pro.
bability that this terrible epidemic will
rage in Southern Europe during the
winter ; and cold weather will not save
either England or America from it, if
the people of these countries are not as
careful about their diet in December as
they were in July. The disease has
reached Southern France, and we shall
probably learn by next steamer that it
has appeared in Paris, The people of
the Atlantic States cannot be too care
ful of their habits for months to come.
Cr Joseph Redman, a colored man,
supposed to be dead, rose in his coffin,
at St. Louis, the ether day, and began
chattering unintelligibly, terribly fright
ening his wife and other mourners who
were sitting in the room, some of the
women fainting and the men rushing out
pell-mell, panic-stricken by the sight
and incoherent talk of the late deceased.
Cr The library of Peter Force, of
Washington, comprising fifty thousand
volumes, has been sold to the New York
Historical Society. Among its curiosi
ties of literature is said to be the only
copy of a printed newspaper containing
an account of the discovery of America
by Columbus, which was published but
-a few months after that event. •
Cr The election in this Stale, on the
10th inst., has resulted in the general
success of the Union party. The ma
jority for Gen. Hartranft over. Col. Da
vis, for Auditor General, and of Camp.
bell ever Linton for Surveyor General,
will not be less than 21,000, judging
from the official and unofficial returns
which have been received.
0' The grand parade of the Philadel
phia Fire Department on Monday last
was one of the most imposing and splen
did pageants ever presented in this
country. The procession was composed
of twenty-two divisions, each numbering
from four to six companies, making in
all ovtir one hundred and fourteen, in
cluding over thirty visiting companies.'
ar"Three ladies of Sumter, S. C.,
were called to account by the Provost
Marshal recently for wearing Confeder
ate flags at a party. They , were sharply
rebuked, and settled the matter by a
written apology, in which they disavow
ed all intention of insulting the United
States or expressing disloyalty.
011endorf, the grammer writer,
who died recently, is said to have lived
shabbily on the fourth or fifth story of a
great chocolate factory in the Rue Rich
elieu at Paris. He bought none but
second-hand newspapers, that is, papers
a day old, and which had gone through
many hands. He died wealthy.
eir The statement relative to the
muster-out of the Veteran Reserve
Uprps is premature. The War Depart=
meat looks upon the corps as a necessi
ty for the present, and it will, not be dis
banded, it is understood, until the regi
ments of the regular army are snific!ent
ly recruited to take its place.
A.New Bedford lady who was in
Boston bn Saturday week, astounded a
female pickpocket, who in a crowd bad
thrnst beriiand into the lady's pocket
by turning and coolly inquiring, " Why
do you put your hand into my pocket,
when I have my purse here in my hand ?"
An insane man in Tarrytown, N;
Y., was about to shoot his housekeeper,
when she calmly said r Mr. Lidenber
ger, you are too good a man to kill me."
when he turned the muzzle of the pistol
to his own head, and blew out his shat
tered brains.
4pir Mr. Motley, our Minister at Vi
enna, is very popular in high Austrian
society. He, as well as his daughter,
is an excellent German scholar, and the
ladies of Vienna aristocracy condescend
to give Mr. Motley credit for being
geisireich ( mind-rich).
Cr The majority for Gov. Stone, who
boldly' advocated negro suffrage, is about
15,000. The rest of the Union State
ticket will probably.reach -20,000. The
Legislature is largely Union. -
Larl Schurz is , about to start an
English radical paper in Saint Louie:
s 7 ;pwal Notict.s
Read E. D. E. N. .sauthworth's Letter.
Prospect College, Georgetown, D. C.
April 2, 1863.
Messrs. Hostetter 4- Smith
Gentlemen—lt gives me pleasure to add my
testimonial to those of others in favor of your
excellent preparation.—Several years of resi
dence on the banks of a Southern river, and
of close application to literacy work, had so
thoroughly exhausted my nervous system and
undermined my health, that I had become a
martyr to dyspepsia and nervous headache,
recurring at short intervals, and defying all
known remedies in the Materia Medics.. I
had come to the conclusion that nothiirg but a
total change of residence and pursuits , would
restore my health, when a friend recommend
en Hostetter's Bitters. I procured a bottle as
an experiment; it required but one bottle to
convince me that I had found at last the right"
combination of remedies, The relief it affor
ded me has been complete It is now some
years since I first tried Hostetter's Bitters,
arid it is but just to say that I have found the
preparation all that it claims to be. It is a
Standard Cordial with us, and evan
as a stimulant we like it better than anything
else; but we use it in all nervous, bilious and
dyspeptic cases, from fever down to toothache,
If what I have now said will lead any dyspep
tic or nervous invalid to a sure remedy, I
shall have done some good.
I remain, gentlemen, respectfUlly yours,
To CONSIIMPTIVES.—The undersigned hav
ing been restored to health in a few weeks by
a very simple remedy, after having suffered
several yeisrs, with a severe lung affection,
and that dread disease, Consumption, is an
xious to make known to his fellow-sufferers
the means of cure. To all who desire it, he
will send a copy of the prescription, flee of
charge, with the directions for preparing and
useing the same, which they Frill find a sure
cure for Consumption,Astma,Bronchitis,Colds,
Coughs, etc. The only object of the adverti
ser in sending the prest.ription is to benefit
the afflicted and spraid information which lie
conceives to be invaluable, and he hopes every
sufferer, will try his reined 44, as it will
. cost
themonothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the prescription, will please
address Rev. EDWARD A. WILSON, William
sburg, Rings County, New-York. rsep3o3m
MILLION ! A most valuable and wonderful
publication. A work of 400 pages, and 30
colored Engravings. Dr. Hunter's Vade Me
cum, an original and popular treatise on
Man and Woman their Physiology, FunctioLs,
and Sexual disorders of every kind, with Nev
er-failing Remedies for their speedy cure.
The practice of Dr. Hunter has long been,
and still is, unbounded, but at the earnest so
licitation of numerous persons, he has been
induced to extend his medical usefulness
through the medium of his "VADE MECUM."
It is a volume that should be in the hands of
every family in the land, as a preventive of
secret vices, or as a guide for the alleviation
of one of the most awful and destructive
scourges ever visited mankind. One copy,
securely enveloped, will be forwarded free of
postage to any part of the United States for
50 cents in P.-0. stamps. Address, post paid,
Dr. Hunter, No. 3 Division street, New York.
Dear Sir :—With your permission I wish to
say to the readers of your paper that I will
send, by return. mail, to all who wish it, (free)
a recipe, with full directions for making and
using a simple Vegetable Balm that will effec
tually remove, in ten ?flys, Pimples, Blotches,
Tan, Freckles, and all impurities of the skin,
leaving the same soft, clear, smooth and beau
tiful. I will also mail free to those having
Bald Heads, or Bare Faces, simple directions
and information that will enable them to start
a full growth of luxuriant Hair; Whiskers or
a Moustache, in less than 30 days.
All applications answered by return mail
without charge. Respectfully yours,
THOS.*. CHAPMAN, Chemist 4- Perfumer,
831 Broadway, N. Y. Dep. 30-3 m A&C
One Hundred Dollars Reward will be
paid by Messrs. C. G. CLARK & CO., for a
medicine that will cure coughs, colds, croup,
whooping cough, or relieve consumptive
cough, as quick as " Coe's Cough Balsam."
Let all our•readers bear in mind that COE'S
Dyspepsia Cure will certainly cure the worst
cases of Dyspepsia in existence ; will stop
pain after eating as soon as you take it, and
is a most excellect article for all diseases of
the stomach and bowels.
BLINDNESS, DEAFNESS and Catairh, trea
ted with the utmost success, by Dr. J. isaAcs,
Oculist and Aurist, (formerly of Ley - don, lot
land,) N 0.519 PINE street, Philadelphia. Tea
timonials from the most reliable sources in the
City and Country can be seen at his office.
The medical faculty are invited to accoffip , :ny
their patients, as he has no secrets in his prac
tice. ARTIFICIAL EYES inserted without pqin.
No charge made for examination. L26-Iy.
ITCH ! ITCH 1 . ! ITCH ! ! Scratch! Scratch!!
Scratch !! ! "Wheaton's Ointment" will cure
the Itch in 48 hours. Also cures Salt Rheum,
Ulcers,Chilblains, and all eruptions of the skin.
Price 50 cents. ,For sale by all druggists.
By sending 60 cents to WEEES 65 POTTER,
Sole Agents, _l7O Washington street, Boston,
Mais.; it will be forwarded by mail, free of
postage, to any part of the U. States [6m
"ELECTION.—;An election for officers of the
Lancaster and Marietta Turnpike Road
Company to serve the ensuing year, will take
place at. the public house of John Kendig, on
Monday the 6th day of November, 1865, at 9
&cloak in the forenoon.
A. N. CASSEL, Sec'y.
Oct. 14-4t.] 11'.Lancaster Examiner copy.
LOST' on MISLAID :—A promissory note
for sso' made payable to Mrs. Dias Bones
teel bearing date June 23d, 1661, has •been
lost or mislaid. Public notice is hereby given
that payment will be refused to any per Son
except to Mrs. Bonesteel in person.
Marietta, Oct. 14, 1865,-3t• 1
ciLIAMPAGNE and other Table Wines
guarrantepd to be pure, and sold as low es
can be bought in Philadelphia or New-York.
4. D. BENJAMIN Picot Building,
ACHOICE Lot of Books for children called
indistructable Pleasure Books ; School and
Paper Books, Stationary, Pens, Pen holders
Bzc , at LANDIS & TROUT.
beet Chewing and Smoking Tobacco at
at, DR. HIPELE , S. .
I YON'S, Peliodjeal Props, anok-Clark's
1 . 4 male -.1"1110, 'The Golden Illeortar,
The Drug Store oppo s it e I
Where Gold, Silrer an,l
F (1
Drugs, Oledicines,
&C., &C., &c.,
'Such as Perfumed Soaps, Hair Uilt, p
Dyes, Pomades, Tooth Soaps,
Washes, Hair, Nail, Clothe
Tooth Brushes, of ail chsciip
[ions. Extracts for the
' Handkerchief, Colo
gnes, Ambrosia
for the llair,
and many other articles too tcal..l- t
Ladies and Gents Port it,
of every description.
—A L S 0—
All the-most popular Patent )leiliriiks
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Jayne's Alterst.l,
pectorant, and Vermifuge, ,Ta )ne , ,
Carminitive Balsam, &c.,
Hoflland's German Bitters, Sl%
Worm Confeciions, Mrs. Will,lJ A •
Syrup, and in fact all the most !tma'.:c
medicines now in use.
Fresh Coal Oil constantly on Laud.
assortment of Coal Oil Lamps, ima:-..(•
nays, &c. Also, articles of noz.N , •
the sick, such as Corn Starch, -
Root, Tapioca, &c.
Spices of all kinds, Cloven, ,
spice, Mace, Black Pepper,
Pepper, French Mustaid, &c.
Chemi ca l Food, Citrate of
ing Cups for the Sick, Breast •
Shields, Nursing Bottles,
ringes, Flavoring Extracts !or
Golden Carp, or Gold Fish w.!., I .-.
Aquariums. Arrmigenients hare a:.
made with one of the be,t A -
State,to furnish Canary and
A lot of Family Dye eolith,
Fresh and reliable Garden
A large assortment of 1; 0 ,7„,
Everything in the Stationary .v
Pens, Inks, Note, Tismie, Bi,,ttJl
kinds of Paper, Envelopes,
Quills, scented Gloves for the wzu . ::
jen endless variety of fancy ant
usually found at such esta!,lishne.::..
article not on hand will be o:,:;,
A new kind of playing cards, •
Cards," having Stars, Flags and CHs.i,
of Clus, Diamonds, hearts,
cards arc Goddesses, Colonels,
Queens, Kings and Jacks. 'Elia
ful and patriotic substitute for the
blems and should be universally pren::
School Books, Copy Books, Slates
School Stationary generally, and lidd
always on hand
Subscriptions for all the
lustrated and Mammoth Weokla,
Sheet Nlusic of all kinds will Lc
with promptness atm dispatch.
Having secured the services of [
H. BRITTON, an, experienced mei e :
Pharmaceutist who will at:end t,, [ .
compounding with accuracy a:,
all hours. The Doctor himself can !l•
ted at the store, unless elsewhere prof: 3,
Being very thankful to the 101 l
past patronage bestowed upon hi:a.
and endeavor to please all who may
a call. F. 111 N, LE, J!
Marietta, February 4, Ibtin-tf
1:0111- -
IN LINO lobefilioß of
New Patent Duplex. Elliptic (or do .
THIS Invention consists of Duplex
Elliptic pure refined steel springs,
braided tightly and firmly tog. c , er, L
edge, making the toughest, must dexil Is.
tic and durable spring ever used.
dom bend or break, like the i•iaJle
and consequently preserve
beautiful shape more than tw as ;
any single spring skirt that ever ha
The wonderful flexibility and ;rent
and pleasure to any lady wrdring the
Elliptic skirt will be experienced par:
in all crowded Assemblies, Operas, ci
railroad cars, church pews, arm dr:
.1 •
promenade and house dress, hs the
be folded when in use to or cups
as easily and conveniently as a silk of
dress. .
A lady having enjoyed the pleas:Jr , .
fort and great convenience of weuriv.:;:.:
plex elliptic steel spring skirt for a t ar.... ,
will never afterwards willingly
their use. For children, Misses, aul
ladies they ar superier to all others.
The hoops are covered with ;2 ply
twisted thread and will wear twice a,:
the single yarn covering which is USe
Single steel hoop skirts. The three
rods on every skirt are also double
twice or double covered to prevent 111 ,
ing from wearing off the rods when ,]:.
down stairs, stone steps, Ste., &c.,
are constantly subject to when in use
All are made of the new and elegan:c
tapes, and are the best quality in eve: ,
giving to the wearer the most par.!.
perfect shape possible, and are uryuc
the lightest, most desirable, comturt:2
economical Skirt ever made.
the invention, and Sole Manui
Chambers, and 79 & 81 Reade ,tr
For sale in all first-class stores ill th '••
and throughout the United States, aLi •
Havana de Cuba, Mexico, South
and the West Indies.
11:3 Inquire for the Duplex Eli':
double) Spring Skirt.
First National Bank of 21p.ri
is nnw prepared to transact all
The Board of Directors meet weti;]y.
Wednesday, for discount and other be=:
3.Bank Hours : From 9A.Mto 3 v. •
LUTION. This solution is warr , ::
rightly applied, to prevent the decors',u
of any kind of fruit, and preserve it in
fectly fresh and wholesome condil.
years. It contains nothing which is
to health, or objectionable in articles el
The fruit retains its firmness and is c
any sealed. It is a liquid; each bottle
tains sixteen ounces and will preset" ,
hundred and fifty pounds of fruit and
at $1 per bottle.
For sale at Dr.
E LECTION.—An election for officer_
Marietta and Mountie) . Turripihi .
Company, to serve the ensuing year,
held at the public huuse of Jacob Fuld::
borough of Marietta, .on Monday the tI
of November 1865, between the Iloilo
4 o'clock in the afternoon.
S.P. STEEEET, Ser's'
Oct. 14, 1865-It.l -
r,ILECTION. — An election for oilicor,
the Marietta and Maytown
Road Company to serve the ensuing . Yesr , , v `
take place at the Toll House, on the r 0 5,, ,,
Monday the 6th day of November ,
tween the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock , A . .
C. C. ParßOSl 3 3 S '' ' '
October 14,1865 49