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P 4 •
F. L. - Baiter, Editor.
:August It, 18"65.
Admiral piblgren was mar
ried in New York, on Wednesday, to
Mrs. Goddard, the daughter of the late
Hon. Samuel Tinton, of Ohio. The ac
complished lady.ifrovel; known in Wash
ington cirelee i , not only in private , life,
but as an elequent-and ingenious author
ess. : Tkeinapriage took•place at 5 P.M.
at the•bouse of Oa Rev. Dr. Cutlmiaga,
the pastor . of SG, Stephen's Church, and
it : wae conducted•in a quiet and unosten
tatious way." The. A &are is said to be
about 55, and t his lady is, some 25 yeas
his junior. .There,w,ere hat futy persOns
present, at the ceremony. ; ,
fir Gen. Giant, it.would seem, will
after all said and, done, make his old
home, Galana, 111., his permanent'
dense. Some' twoi or three friends thare
have purchased a handsome • house, and
furnishedit from, top to botOiii,land
presented l it 'When 14 `accept
ed the Phiiiidelpfila reildence, - it was
conditionaliy that eventually he Was to
return to Illinois.:
Gir . That Wrettihed esitiff John Bell,
bee taken the an3nesty , oath at Nahbville
Kennett Rayner, °see a' leading North-
Carolinian, has begged for and'receiveii
the pardon of the Piesident. - Many
others of note, in otherdays, either' have
receiVeil or'are petitiohing for. mercy.
Bittalo; who 'ha's
not a hair more loyal thin any of these,
has not yet:niade aPplication.
4i,t, Barkley, Md., a young colored
man, who bad been paying.atten:tion to
an unwilling Adored
,girl, Tecently naked
her for. the.4ast, time if sha tvonld, marry
him. J3he , said not,..iten he
held „up a piece- of paper, 'remarking,
"This is.your•geath •warrant." He im
mediately 'drew a revolver; and fired
twice, killing both -her and. himself. •
Robsit R. tioivtlier,
,form Orl y. of
Armstrong c - ounty, fate a colonelio
the rebel - army, retUrrieid' to Kittanning
last week. He tiund some relatiVes,
but very fec,v !Fiends , and after a brief
stay, was waited on by a committee of
citiZSUP,. and, ordered t out . of: town—a
,wli,ichlS, lost no time is 'obey-
Or Br. Coll:Kith, lit Leighton, Michi
gan, some Months' since, kissed a lady
named Bright, whose husband was in the
army. She iesented" it, and- informed
her husband of the ineult; when he came
home. Theflinstiiina vowed vengeance;
and Meeting. the offender, soon 'after,
shot him with a revolver and killed 'him;
'Alemeleiw !Wile !attire Was ar
rested the 'otheCnight. in the_ streets. of
iecienati ilith °proved .to - be W ,respect.
able. lady efilibe city, who 'had, adopted
this disguise, to - ,wateh her husband;
whodi she stuipebted .of infidelity. She
was released and:advised to. return home,
whieb,see eoneentedito P..., .
the rinforlobs per.
illelei(dei,l on trialb6fore,a military
commission in session it M'eniPhia. The
testimony so far warrants the gential
opinion that his life will be forfeite4 for
thWiinmeronseapital 'Offences which 'are
being broight'lininiVA, him. ' ' '
writ: is said that "Elder
Yenng intimated tcr:SpeakerColfax, in
a recent interview at Silt .Lake City,
thatita eipected wrevelation,lrom the
Lordlhitt Ypolygarny 'should be, Stop
ped," and said he
force the divine injunction.
Majoryclen.., grentise
4 was arrestedAt Q,liine3s Illinois, on Sa
turday, and
,Ened sP—far. t4ratehiag a
young man
,who kept company with hie
daughter against the, General's ,isiehes.
His eon aided in theyiork, and was Maud
a like amount..
GF General Carl Schurs left ,Savan
nah on tbe,2d for Augusta, and Captain
Cider on the same daY arrived from
Augusta with 63,000 in silver, and 82,4100
in gold, said to have been scattered„by
Jefferson.Divie in his flight, near the
reeidence of aowell Cobb.
4 Sam Erosion, it , is now proved,
was Unionto the last. , The rebel pa
pers lied about 111E4'0 aliont everything
else, and the rebel ,afilt . po rittes tried to
get him to swear:feafty - to' the ionfed
erany, knit.the old lierk:speriled them.
ia - Harry Gilmore, the rebel leader,,
pet of Maryland and"highway, robber,,
went 'straight to Europe from t Fort War-.
ren t fearing to go home on Redoubt of a
warrant for" treason 'being bat igainet
him " •
jar Mary Harris, lately acquitted of
the milder of Bnirotighe, , in Washing
ton citfis 't o Ireland. A.
liberikretibscriiltioll for
her for that purpose.:";r ` .
nounced some time ago that the Hon.
Robert Dale Owen *as about to com
mence writing the Life of President
Lincoln ; and we . now learn that ,the
task has been commenced, and so labo
rious is it considered that it will require
two years to complete it. His publisher,
so cognizant is he of the magnitude of
the work and the distinguished ability
brought to bear upon it, pays Mr. Owen
three thousand dollars in advance, and
fifteen thousand when the work 'is ready
for the press.
fir At Oxford, Rock county the oth
er day, a copperhead, formody postmas
ter under Jas. Buchanan, who ran'away
at every call for men and prospect_of a
draft, returned home, when the 'neigh
bore_ in large force assembled„and gave
him notice to leave within twenty-four
hours. At the end - of that time he was
stall in town, whereupon preparatione
were made' o tar and feather him, alarre;
ed which he again skedaddled.
lir A fat cattle epidemic has broker;
out in Woodstock, Canada. A number
of cattle and horses died within a week.
In hogs it first shows itself, by a swell. :
lug of the throat, - and'terminates fatally
in about twelve`'hours. In cows and
horses, they are sick only ten or twelve
hours, • and in every case: where they
have' been attacked the resnit lids 'been
fatal.'.:: -
Or The catafalque used on the: occa.
Sion.of President Lincoln's funeral In
New •York was_ put up at auction 'in
New York 'on Thursday: - It was divi.
ded into-:a 11:5 lots, of which only'thirty
were sold, and although it cost $lB,OOO
originally, it will not now bring $ l2OO
all told. •The-remainder will be.sold at
a fair, for the benefit ors charitable in-
Stitation. ••
tar A.hoFse insurance company is the
latest successful enterprise in Illinois:
Its officers claim to have, established a
thorough,system of horse thief detection,
by Imiving one or more agents and de-
Vectiyes in every county in the State,
whose iconeinees it is, not only to take
applications for insurance, but to be on
the alert for the detection of thieves.
isr Wm. Puffer, of Peterbore, N. H.,
who ie in his eighty-fifth year, goes into
the field every morning, and mows all
the 'foram:inn, and rakes in the afternoon
an steadily'an h . man in the'prime'of life.
He 'has lived on' fhe lame 'farm eighty
Years. '•He reads `without-glasses, and
walks to the village, three miles, and
back without a'eane. ' ' '
or A London letter says.the Daven
ports and Pay have been taken posses
sion of by,an old;East Indian Nabob,
who, having plenty ofmoneY, has carried
them of i tto a Castle in France,. where,
he has nightly. seances, in which the
spirits give him concerts, drink whisky
and play at billiards.
sir General Howard has issued an or-
der, to the effect that if the planters of
Lower Maryland' do not cease turning
off Weir slhves to Starve, or neglect
tO • diniiloy then), the governinent will
, .
seize their farms and put freedmen to
work upon the lands.
ar A. "mad-stone" for the ,cure of
hydrophobia is in the : .possession.. •of
Leonard Evians, of Linn Co: Inwa.' Du
ring the-,past eight:years hik says it has
cured 379 cases. The stone acts as a
leech, and when applied to 'the' wciund
absorbs all the poison. ' • • •
evil professor of music was oowbld l
Sala Erie on: Tuesday night by ",an' en
rige;i fattier. The prolessor being, a
Married man had paid his attentions to
the, daughter, and thereby brought dowii
upon his devoted head the Wrath of the
'4404 A 4ittle4child' of Henry-Barns -of
Willistown, , died 'a few 'days ago from
tae effeete 'nreatifig matches. A and
of Enoch"-Qtly, same township, died a
short time previous from the same cause:
Two-chadien lately died , in Tredyffrin - ,
also-from eating matches.
Rudd, Arnold, O'Laughlin and
Spnngler_wero assigned C.) Fort Jeffer
son on the Dry Tortugas, on July 25th,
Dr: *mid has been -made an assistant
Burped ; Arnold a clerk, and Spangler
a carpenter. There are now 550 prison
era on tie Dry . Tortugas.
• or may - be preserved for sever-
Wehks in the following simple manner':
Pour:fresh milk into, glass bottles, then
Set thcrbottles`info a kettle-of cold wa
ter to boiling pOints, and then - cork and
seal tight.
our 'A. Sisterhood of Fenians was last
week ...organized at. •Rew York ; when
thirty-five daughters of Erin mere, en
rolled under the Fenian banner.
' How John Morriasey *ears - an
$l,BOO ditirnond in his shirt bosom is
the anhject or a Saratcisa letter , '
I The Meow. (Geo.) Journal 'and
.Meetenier . hae been' eippreseed, for .rid
-10111113g:the oath otallegianoe:
**,Anti..meat clubs are springing up
many, towns and boroughs of Penn
I Dire. Lincoln is lividg =in perfect
ofeclimidfr refeit Miles . from /Ohictgo.
c--v - '(&TI - IE M.A_RIETTI.A.N.@..,-0--)
Zile Mora in a Nut—Sbell
Queen Victoria's salary is about two
millions per annum.
A brother of Charles Dickens is resi
ding in Chicago.
The French Emperor is going to have
a black regiment from Africa.
The "waterfall" is going out of fash
ion at Saratoga.
Admiral Stewart has been in the na
vy eixty-seven years.
Mary Harris, the - murderess, is going
to live with her parents.
Hayti has had eleven revolutions •in
six years.
Erikente is — said to be laboring under
a fit ofjealousy 'provoked by a flaxen
haired beauty.
, Somemonkeye ttUaoked.a roan in the
Zoologidal Gardena in Antwerp, Eng
land, and nearly bit; death.
Thiee ears are now running on the
Harrisburg Street Railway and are doing
well. -
The fashion at Newport this season is
forladies to invite the nice young • men
to ride, the lady driving.
.:Only: seventeen hundred deserters
from the draft have' availed themselves
of President Lincoln's offer of pardon.
A romantic young lady in Waterloo,
New York, proposes a monument over
the grave of Edgar . A. Poe. Ratber
Nearly: twenty thousand 'dollars •have
been collected for the statue of Shake
speare, which is to be erected in• Cen
tral Park, New York. •
Secretary Seward and the members
of his family have arrived at Calie. Isl
and, where a cottage bad been elegantly
furnisheA for their reception.
One or, two of the French Ministers
have spoken of their determination to
resign if the French troops are .not
recalled from Mexico within two months.
• Miss Imogen Willis, daughter of N.•
P: Willis, editor of-the Home . Journal,
was married a few days ago, at Idlewild,
to Dr. William Eddy, of New Bedford,
Describing the burning of Barnum's
Museum, an exchange says the
family bad an unhappy end o —their dooni
was written in letters of fire ; their fate
was sealed, but the seal was saved.'
The Saratoga tribe of Indians in -re
duced nearly taa minimum. It consists
this year, it is stated,..of six or eight
Canadian Frenchmen, a -candle-eating
Labradorian, two octogenarian squaws,
and a North American papoose..
The Northern Central Railway; Ccim.
puny has contributed $2,500 to assist
the borough of York to pay for the as
sessment made, upon the citizens by the
rebel Gen. Early, during his raid into
that portion of the Flte.te,
A private letter from Paris says that
there arcynore Am,ericans there - at the
present time than was ever know,n z
Some of the largest Parisian. linters are
almost !utelusively -occupied, by. .rizh
In Bridgeport, Rh6lse-island, a bounty
of one dollar is paid for- a . dog's' fortt
ploys ; in consequence of whichiSoye
hniit the animals and cut off theiipnws,
and cruelly leave the poorbrutes in their
Covent Garden Theatre the largest,
in London, has seats for two ,thousand
elven hundred and. fifty people,..; the
New York Academy of.Musie seat
two thousand eight•hundred and thirty.
On Wednesday, Veal. Admiral Dahl
gred was married in New York, to Mrs.
Goddard, the daughter of the Sam
„tall Vinton ; of Ohfo. marriage
took plane 'at the horse of;tlie :Reir: Dr.
Cummings, pastor - of -- St.' Stephan'S
Church, New York. - • •”
The receipts for the internal revenue
in July approximate to twenty-two mil
lions. 19 . 0 w. that the income tax is .be
ginning to be paid, CA,is s estimated tluit
the receipts will be at least a million of
dollars .per day for.the.nest.two or three
months. - .
Mrs. Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie 'has
been engaged by the manager of the
Beistcin theatre. to appear next season in
the series of characters in: which 'she
won so muel reputation fen `yeais ago.
He gives twenty-five- thousand dollars
for eight ruobths' engagement.'
Experiments are being made in Phil
adelphia in infiltration, a process by
which alive hog may be converted into
corned pork- in twenty
, urinates..--. The
animal is killed„his heart removed, And
an instrument inserted in' its place by;
which sweet pickle is sent through the
,mein artery into every part of the pig.
It is estimated, that this - propess,will re
duce the price offood fifty per cent.
Parson Brownlow says he.agrees with
those who are horrified by the execution
of Mrs. Surratt. But the terrible' thing
is net merely_that a woman should be
huoi,.but that a woman should do a
deed meriting banging. In his oprnjon,
a she•devil is - ns much' to ,be` dreaded,
and as properly snbject to punishment
atrone of the otheilea.
The great national arms manufactory
at Springfield, Altos., has, like other es
tablishments which flourished during
the febellian, experienced great changes
with its suppression. Since the close
of the war, of the three thousand men
constantly employed there during the
last two years of its continuance over
two thousand have been discharged.
While the war lasted, 8180,000 were re
quired monthly to pay the workmen's
wages, and one thousand guns were
turned out daily. No more of the old
and celebrated pattern of Springfield
muskets are to be manufactured ; 250,-
000 of them are now stored in the arsen
al, and 50,000 were recently sent to the
arsenal at Columbus, Ohio.
A startling balloon accident has hap
pened in Ireland. Mr. Coswell's balloon
after having ascended from Belfast with
ten people in the car, effected a perilous
descent, owing to the valve at the top
not acting properly. Flight:of the mro
newts succeeded in getting out (some of
them severely injured,) when the bal
loon again ascended with two gentle
men still in the car, and nothing has
since been heard of it.
After the death of Abdermen, caliph
of. Cordova, the following paper was
found in his own. handwriting;-"Fifty
years have elapsed since .1 became caliph.
I have possessed riches, honors, pleas
ures, friends : in short, everything that
man can desire in this world. I have
reckoned up• the days in which I could
say I was really happy, ; and they amount
to fourteen."
At the wedding of a burghmaster in a
village of Upper Austria all the rela
tions of the bride and bridegroom were
entertained for three days of uninterrup
ted festivity. The bill of fare InclEides,
among other thing's consumed on this
occasion, forty-eight oxen, forty-six pigs
and sheep, sixty seven calves, and sev
eral hundred barrels of wine.
A married couple were alone in a rail
way carriage In England, when a colli
sion occurred. They were uninjured ;
but to secure damages the husband
struck his wife in the face cutting her
beautifully. He has instituted a suit
against the company for injuries sustain
ed by_ the railroad accident.
say, Pat," said a Yankee, "Why
don't you sue that railroad Company for
damages received. Both your legs bro
ken all to smash ; sue them for dama
•ges." "Sue them for damages ! 1 have•
damage enough already; I'll sue them
for repairs."
A late captain in the army has, open
ed a school in Chicago for the purpose
of instructing gentlemen in the use of
the common walking cane as a means of
attack and defense by scientific rules—
something like those which apply to
On Tuesday last the bank of North
umberland, at Sunbury, deStroyed by
fire the old issue of bank bills, to the
amount of $62,700, The calling
in its notes with the view of becoming a
National Bank.
An expert swimmer is giving exhibi
tions at Fall. River. He suffers himself
to be thrown into , ths water with his
hands and rea tied , when he will release
himself and-perform other unprecedent
ed feats afloat. -
A Montreal despatch to the Toronto
Leader says that another attempt was
recently made to abduct George N.
Saundisirs. - Two of the conspirators
have been arrested, and the police are
on the track of the others. -
Blondin commenced an
G engagement..
at Kroll's (garden, Berlin, on, the Ist of
July. A rope cine hundred feet long
and ninety high was been erected for his
exclusive accommodation...
The" employment of camels in the
carrying of mails across the Plains will
soon commence. Omaha is to lie the
Starting point in.Nebrasita, and Sacra
mento the terminus in California.
Sotneliedy has written from New York
the'Londen Times that. John Mitch
ell would be sent to England under the
Extredition Treaty as an escaped con
vict from Austraile,.
A. race.between a horse and a steam
carriage which lately came off at New
Haven, Conn,, ._ for $1.,000, was won by
the horse. It is-to he tried over again.
Majar•General George G. Meade has
taken -up .his -summer residence: near
Jenkintown ; on the North Pennsylitinia
Railroad. •
The,town of Lincoln, in New Ha:nip
shire, has 1:10t: furnished a soldier in the
late war, nor raised a cent in the prose
cution of it.
Constance Kent, who murdered her ,
little brother in England, is to - be par.
doned because she is pious and, prettjr.
An Irishman - in Danbury, who weighs
127 r potiride; lately lifted a atone with
hie teeth that weighed 1251 pounds.
The Siamese twins,. having lost all
their ,property in North Carolina, will
soon exhibit thenisolves. .
Forty thousand ne'groes have learned
to read and write since . the rebellion
broke out ' ' -
A brother of Stonewall Jaelison fell
over board near Mobile and was -drown-
Union says that the afflicted father of
Payne, the would he murderer of Secre
tary Seward, has been making a visit to
Jacksonville in that State. The Union
The father of Payne called on us one
day this week. Ity resides on a planta
tion three miles from Live Oak Station,
on the Pensacola and Georgia Railroad.
He lost one son at the battle of Mur
freesborough, another returned home
maimed for life, "Lewis" was his only
hope in his old age. The afflicted fath
er was a Baptist minister, as has been
stated. We must necessarily pronounce
jast the terrible punishment to the son,
but we cannot withhold our deepest
sympathy for the heart-stricken parent,
or esteem him less as a worthy man Bind
' The Old Stnyvesant pear tree at
the corner of Thirteenth street and
Third avenue, New York, bears fruit
this season, as it has done for a long pe
riod of time. The recent storms blew
down a number of the pears, and only a
few remain on the tree; but.these are
of good appearance, and are larger than
pears usually are. It is expected the
fruit will be ripe in a few weeks.
The person recently arrested and
brought to Washington city, and who,
without any apparent reasons was sup
posed to be John R. Surratt, gives his
name as John G. Ryan, of Texas, late
captain in the - Confederate Navy. It is
said he was engaged in the Booth con
spiracy.* Much and very unnecessary
mystery has been attached to this arrest.
eir Some boys being surprised by the
police while bathing at Troy, the other
day, one of them made a rush for the
shore, and put for home. He naturally
created a sensation, running as he did
four or Eve blocks through the business
part of the city without any clothes on,
ear A wealthy old gentlemen just de
ceased in Paris left 100,000 francs to a
young man who politely gave up his
seat to him one night at the crowded
trZ" A brother of Charles Dickens,
residing in Chicago, had three children
born to him last week.
& CoitihtbiQ
rp RAINS of this road run by Reading Rail
Road time, which is ten minutes faster
than that of Pennsylvania Railroad.
A. M.—Mail Passenger train for
/ j Reading andintermediate stations,
lea. ing Landisville at 7:.43 a. rn., Manheim at
7:58 ; Litiz at 8:13 ; Ephrata
_lit 5:42 • Rein
holdsville at 9:08; Sinking Springs at 6:40 and
arriving at Rvading at ten o"clock. At Read
ing connection is made with Fast Expresst rain
of East Pennsylvania Railroad, reaching New
York at 2:30 P. M. with train of Philadelphia
and Reading Railroad, reaching Philadelphia
at 1:20 P. M., and also with trains for Potts
ville, the Lebanon Valle) and Harrisburg.
R M ea .— dinr , sad intermediate sta
tions, connecting at fandisville at 2:50 P. M.
with Express trains of Penn'a. R. R., both
East and West, leaving Man helm at 3:26; Litiz
3:41 ; Ephrata at 4:10; Reinholdsville 4:37;
Sinking Springs 5:03 and arriving at Reading
at 5:20 P.-M. At Reading connection is made
with trains.for Pottsville and Lebanon Valley.
_ o _
0.1 P. M.—Express-Passenger Train
for Reading and intermediate sta
tions, leaving Ephrata at 2:44, Reinholdsville,
3:11 ; Sinking Springs, 3:30 and arriving. at
Reading at 3:45 P. M. At Reading-connection
is made with Fast Express of East Penn'a R.
reachiug - New.York at 10 o'clock, P. M.,
and with train of Philadelphia and Reading R.
R., reaeliine Philadelphia at 7:05 P. M.
6.00 A ..M.—MAIL PASSENGER iain
for. Columbia and intermediate sta
tions, leaving Sinking Springs at 6 16 ; Rein
holdsville at 6 44, Ephrata at 7 11, Litiz at
7 '4O, Mai:Maim at 7 58, making connection' at
Landisville with train of Penn'a Railroad,
reaching Lancaster at 8:33 A M. and Phi's 12:30;' arriving at Columbia at 9
o'clock, A. M., there connecting the Ferry for
Wrightsville and Northern Central Railroad,
at 11:45 A. M.with train of Fenn's. Railroad
or the West. .
A. M.—Passenger Train for. Litiz
and intermediate stations - in ar
-10:55. ,
rival of passenger trains from Philadelphia
and Pottsville, leaving Sinking. Springs at 11:18
Reinholdsville at 1l:53; Ephrata 12:25 and
arriving at Litiz at one o'clock, P. M.
6-15 M.—Mail Passenger Train for
Columbia and intermediate stations
with passengers reeving' New-York at 12 M.,
and Philadelphia at 3:30 P. M., leaving Sink=
ing Springs at 6:31 ; Reinholdsville 6:59 ;
rata 7:26 ; Litiz 7:56 ; Manlieirn 8:11 ; 'Landis
ville 8:27 ; arriving' at Columbia4f9 P. M.
liz3=• The Pleasure Travel to .Ephrata and
Litiz Springs from New-York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore and other points, is by this schedule
ascommodatedseVeral.times per day. with Ex',
press.trains connecting in, all directions.
113- Through tickets to New-Yark, Phila
delphia and Lancaster sold at principal sta
tions. Freight carried with utmost prompt
ness and dispatch, at the lowest rates.
Further information with regard
_to Freight
or passenge, may be obtained froin the agents
Of the , Company. A
• M ENDES coligN, Superintendent. .
E. F. REEVEII, General Freight and TiEket
DR. J. Z:.l-IOFFER ;
_ . .
OFr I CE:—Front street, next door to R.
Williams' Drug Store, between Locust
sod.:Waliaut, streets, :
_ ,
Diseases of the-Urinary aud Sexual Systems.
—a new and reliable treatment. Also, the
BRIDAL CHAMBER; an Essay of warning and
Instruction, sent -in ,sealed •envelopes, free of
Charge. Address, Dn. S. Sitzturr HOUGHTON,
Howard Association, No. 2 South Ninth-st.,
Philadelphia; Pa. - [ jan. 1,165-Iy.
Spangler do Pattersen'a.Store. • •
__ _ F.pat' TO g .X,
- L - • -..-. -•— .-•-:•?, • 6 iffl-i.-711.-
The Drug Store opposite 1;lq
Where Gold, Silver and Greenbak
&c., ize &c.,
Such as Perfumed Soaps, Hair Oils, H a
Dyes, Pomades, Tooth Soaps, Tech
Hair; Nail, Clothe and
Tooth Brushes, of all descrip
tions, Extracts for the
Handkerchief, Colo
gnes, Ambrosia
for the Hair,
and many other articles too tedious to
Ladies and Gents Port ..119n n •
of every deseziption
-A L S 0-
All the moat popular Patent 31 edicifil,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Jayne's Altera:,
pectorant, and Vermifuge, Jayne's P 1.25 e.
Carminitive Balsam, tke., Hostetter', :ir.,-
Hoffland's German Bitters, Swai r w s
Worm Confections, Mrs. Winsloa
Syrup t and in fact all the most reliable Psi,
medicines now in use.
Fresh Coal Oil constantly on hand. 1
assortment of Coal Oil Lamps, Shades
neys, Sic. Also, articles of,t •
the sick, such as Corn Starch, Farina,
Root, Tapioca, &c.
Spices of all kinds, Cloves. Cinneine a ,
spice, Mace, Black Ppper, 'African Cu a ; .,
Pepper, French Mustaid, &c.
Chemical Food, Citrate of Magnesia, Fi g ,;.
ing Cupsfor the Sick, Breast Pumps, Sippie
Shields, Nursing Bottles, Self-injecti ng
ringes, Flavoring Extracts for cooking : Sc'
Golden Carp, or Gold Fish with Founts,ill,i
Aquariums. Arrangements have also air,
made with one of the best Aviarys ;: e
State,to furnish Canary and Mocking Bilds.c
A lot of Family Dye colors, of every alhilv.
Fresh and reliable Garden Seeds.
A large assortment of Books and
Eyerything in the Stationary wey, such fts
Pens, Inks, Note, Tissue, Blotting and other
kinds of Paper, Envelopes, Clarified and other
Quills, Scented Gloves for the wardrobe, eai
an endless variety of fancy and useful strider.
usually found at such establishments, but a1. ,-
article not on hand will be ordered at once.
A new kind of playing cards, called nUnier,
Cards," having Stars, Flags and Crests insteil
of Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, &c. The Pace
cards are Goddesses, Colonels, instead of the
Queens, Kings and Jacks. This is a beauti
ful and patriotic substitute for the foreign ere
blems and should be universally preferred.
School Books, Copy Books, Slates and the
School Stationary general]) , and Bibles, Sze.,
always on hand.'
117- Subscriptions for all the Magazines, Il
lustrated and Mammoth Weeklies received.
Sheet Music of all kindi will be ordered
with promptness ana dispatch.
Having secured the services of Mr. Cliss.
If. Bnitrroer, an Operiericed and competent
Pharmaceutist who will attend to carefully
compounding with accuracy and dispatch, it
all hours. The Doctor himself'can be consul ,
ted at the store, unless elsewhere professionally
Being very thankful to the public for the
past patronage best Owed upon him, will try
and endeavor to please all -who may give hint
a call. F . IHAV,KL.b.:, M. D.
Marietta, February 4,'1865-tf.
Corner of North Queen-St., and Centre
Square, Lancaster, Pa.
American and Swiss Watches
IN ,
SPECTACLES in et - Cri style ofierieiS
frame, and' With e lasses `suit
any who neeitartificial aid.. We have twen
ty years experience in this business.
Spoons; Forks; Butter• Knives, &c , stampd
with our name and warranted standard.
The-best plated Ware ib the United States
We warrant our best' Table ware—Spoon:
Forlra, &c.,—to wear ten ty9nra in daily use.
Rings; Pin,S j leev \ e V .l3st L oo ll e,.tuds and a Va
riety of every-artielejn this line.
Bair JeWelry made to older..l'w° hundre
styles or samples, constantly on hand.
ri 2 Re p'a king of Watches, Clocks, Specta
cles or Jewelry, done neatly and prempdy.
H. L.s E. J. ZAIIM,
Corner North Queen Street Una. Centre Squart,
CAPITAL STOCK; - 450,000
NC MBER OF '200,000.
Subseriptiort s Price, 25'tents ier_Share,
11eSeirbea eapilal, .80,000
SHAICES or $20 , 000 .
Office of the annpanyipt . J. , A. Bigler
Co's Banking liroge i . Harrisburg.
frALzor If EAGLE,
of LancostetCpwAy, Pa.
. _
JOAN A.BIGI - R; .. llcist . nerg, Pa
8.. I. Sloan, Alexandiiih
Col. S. B. Thominr,"lllitristiurg,
Abm. jl. MusplesaanOtarletta,
James H. Smitls.ll.anklin, Pa.,
Janie's : J. kartin(Philidelphia.
Wm. H. Trampt,Phlladelphia,
J. T. Carroll, lipw,York.
• DAVID'ROTH; Agent, ltlarietta.
. .
JOUN BEIJI. Merchant Tailor,
Car. of Market-at.; anel-E7bow lane, Marietta
et R &TERI!: for past fivers rwouid returr
N.Xmy thanks to m3 . ' /waitrons friends 2nri
tronntind inform them that Pell! continue tbe
old business at the old stand, where I. mill
pleased to see them at alLtunes,and having
full and splendid assortment of
which will be made up to' order at the shortsi
notice by the belt of Wonlaneniaind on reasons.:
hie terms,. I would be pleased„ ;AL erefore, to we''
upon 'my old' 'diatom - eye and aIY who see proper
to patronize me lieieafecr:ii Toct.29-'56•
- 11.1704N-FIY-AT LAW-,
-opp,oeite the'-Court Houed, where he will
_tend to the practice of hie profeanon 211 t
various britebee.
~ `"~'