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    the pariettient.
F. L. faker,
_ i itcack 181. 161
The Copperhead papers have set
up the hue and cry that President Lin
cola closed the door to peace by insist
ing that what action had i 'been taken
with regard to slaveirshould not'be dis
turbed. Unfortunately for the theory
that this was all that stood in the way
of negotiation; 'Judah P. Benjamin, the
rebel Sectetury of State,' declared in his
speech at Richmond, that "our commis
sioiters sent to'confer with the enemy,
went with a piece•of bhink'paper filled
with one word written'by +our President
—'INDEPENDENOE.' That settles. the
question of the tering on'which,thetrebei
leaders would have conCluded peace ;
sad, 'unless. the ,CopPerheads 'are pre
pared to eoncede the independence of
the rebels, they ; are: shedding crocodile
tears over the failure of. negotiations.
to" Fear years ago, a Rebel conven
tion, speaking for South Carolina, de
clared the "UDien heretofore existing
betweee that State, a.ed States of
North America is dissolved," and that
the "States of :
,Sodth Carolina.has re
sumed her posi4orl.qmong the nations of
the world." . Where is the pride of her
power to-day 7 per papital ,in poxes
sion of a "Yankee" force, her : ch i ef com
mercial city in the bands of the same
'Yankees, and ,presided, over for the
present by one of the prermen 'Boors'
they so much detest, her territory over
run by ievadinvarmies, ~her. principal
citizens "fugitives from justiee,"—hew
hies ahe,Fallen from her, high , estate.
er Goverior''Mo'rton, of Indians, has
been addiebsing fetters to the Govern=
ors of allthelOyal Stites, to gather in
formatioh resitect' to the admission
or exclueion of negro testimony : ' From
the answers retarned it appears, as Gov
ernor Morton ekpiesses it, that "Indi,
aim and Illinois and the only free States
whose statue-hooks 'are dishonored by
the retention Or a - law , so repugnant to
the spirit Of the age and the dictates of
cornmon sense." ' e Sepbs'
has repealed' the aw eicludtkligro
testimony, the Indiaha Legislature
one, therefore; in the . Keten
--tittn of the PhipPcIAGY.,
sir Captain Beill,"`at' the 'breaking
out of the wait, it is'said, owned' a largn
plantation in' Jefferson Bounty,
and worked abOut,loo slaVes. His' for
tune was then estimate'd at 61,500,000;
and he js, in addition, th hpir apparent
of Lord . Egelby„ of - England: He was
only thirty-tWo years of age,
sir Five of the , fleet of vessels on
which Collector:Draper is .loading• the
cotton-captured at Savannah by Gener,
al Sherman, arrived: at' Port fßoyal, S.
C., on Ahe 28th alt. There are twelve
more vessels of the fleet, and when all
had arrived at Port Royal they would
sail for New York tinder convoy.of sev.
oral revenue cutters. - . •
car The Baltite'ore American says' a'
substantial company, to be, made up of
New York, Washingtoli acid paltiinere
capitalists, is . about Veing'for'ined for
the purpose of establishing a camel' lino
between the—Missouri frontier and WU
forums, the eastern -terminus of. the line
to be at Oniaha city..
Within the past eight Months up
wards of four bundred newspnpers have
"died," in coniequeiice of Ile' egilibit
ant price or printing paper. ° And yet
theprcitifbition' "fOieign paper
must be continued in prtfer, that a :fe'iv
papermakers may become enortncius4y
fur Thq, 4eading,llonynal states, t 2 htkt
a drafted man from the upper , end ,inf
that county bit week paid , a stibstit4B
bailing, from .Reading,, $l,OO in
, cash, is
deed for, fifteen acrea i of good farm lam;
and, an ,excelent horse. is, the
most 'Mural pay forshotticipring a , mus
ket that we have heard of.
we' Col. , penj. M., Anderson, one, of
the parties implicateOn ,the bhicago.
conspiracy, shot himself in the, stomach
on Sunday . and , cannot, survive.
sai4 ;t the eviden . cp was, so streng
against, him,..that he ..was dyiven to 6.. 7
spair. , •
Secretiry of Wet Stanton', sent .a
dispatch to Govener : Fenton, at A.lhant,
on Saturday higtit,[tuirib'Mmilig the fall
° of Columbia, addin g' that the spring cam
paign will end the irrecrutting
is pushed rapidly on. • - ; '
One hundred ,years,.riparhy, ,hav
ing transpired since Americanillgogio
dism began, that denomination is,t4ing
nieasures for an imrressive celebration
of the event.
ar A privath i letter t from Faris says
that Ge9rge thedjelialstill, has his
cards printed. q Major General.. liebl,4l
correspondent at Wilmington, N. C., is
informed by the chaplain of a Connecti
cut regiment, and had the fact attested
by an escaped prisoner, that a number
of sick Union prisoners who were lying
in a house, and enable to move with the
retreating rebel army from Wilmington,
were burned to death hi the house by
the roadside. The house was set on
fire, probably, with the intention of dri
ving them out, but being unable to save
themselves, they fell victims to the
flames. Their charred remains have
been seen lying where they perished.
Such hellish barbarity will not, we be
lieve, go unpunished by an avenging
nevi army ration proposed by Prof.
'Raiford, of Harvard University, which
substitutes roastad wheat for "hard
tack," meat sausage in the t plice of salt
beef, pork, &c.; and self-raising flour in
the Place of soft bread, fora marching
ration; has been recommended by' Gen
eral Grant to the Secretary of War, and
the latter has ordered a half million of
the new rations to be' prepared and is=
siredfor trial. It is said that thirty
days of Voisford's rations can'be carried
with less difficulty than , eight of the
present rations.
ear The Senate by a unanimous vote,
confirmed the appointment of the Eton.
Thigh M'Cullough as Secretary of, the.
Treasury.., Mr. M'Cullough is a citizen
of Indiana, where-he ,had„long egperi
eons as a 'banker, and since this war
coremencedle has been-occupied in a
high and responsible,position in the det
,partment• of which he is now-the head.
or Andrew, Jackson Donelspe r
adopted son of den. Jackson, a promi.:
tient citizen of Tennessee, and in 1856
candidate for the Vice-Yresidency, has
came within our, lines and taken the am
nesty oath. Whilein rebeldom he took
no part in either , its civil or military af
airs. -Ho is permitted to go . any where
within the limits.of his State.
air Coffee in San Francisco on the
ist of February was selling below the
cost of importation, in consequence of
'the excessive stock on hand. Ws_Jwi: s l'
therefore soon expect a cantderable
fall here, as we notice _tee arrival'' of
3000 bags at this portthe first in more
than a year. . •
. as fuel for locornotiies i has
b.:KT - fried on one of the. New, York
roads, and wai.found to answer equally
Went-114th coal, with this advantagm:
That a too, of peat will : drive an, t engiop
twice as many miles as coal; andlcao be,
purchased at-about . two-thirds the, Kice
'of coal.
Sir James dark, : alias "Sue filund,y,"
was convicted by a court' martial .of
being guilty of different murders.anil :or
baying thrOwn a train of 'cars off the
track and robbing the. intssengei4, i 'ficr
which-he - was sentenced to, ,be hung in
Louisville, Ky., on the 15th :instant.
ge Flow Gen. Sherman has verified
what he said when hewas abOut leaving
Savannah - for,his onward march, "I will
not, go Within one hundred miles of
Charleston,,, bid mark my 'lard, I will
compel them to evacuate' without tiring
a g li n !" • .
art Gen. Sherman gives it as his opin
ion that , so terrible.-and relentless has
been , theidesPotisM Jell Davis, that
the people of the South are thOroughly
intimidated, and must ourag9 be
forer_they, vFili,dare,,aiternpt anything, to
restore the, national PeNyer.
Cr A sin,gular animal; resembling a
kangaroo or balioan, has beentaught on
one of thii'llighek peaks of theBierras:
Its'voihe stringelp Hien that'of a he
mnn' being..lThe animil, When standing
on its hind legs; is abnut three and' 'a
helf feet high. .•
inr,ilenry Thompson,A printer, who
was bitten several months since by 11
small dog, died in Columbus, Ohio, a
fe 'd `146, 1- 6T bill, 'Ethyl rik
suffered prodUced by that
Grahe rf t bsil General Whiting ,died
on , the 10th, at` Qovernor's Island, New.
York, harbor. was who command
ed th,e,forees Foxt, Fisher, and was.
badly, wonnded tholes. ; ,
Mai7 - Land, a native of New
York, but for the last ninety years - 'a
resident af.Philacinlphia; died las,weet
Xlmi,advaileed r ge of: one hundred and
two years.
g tate tegislittnr*liavnpiSs
ed a . bili making the' pay 'of 'Members
81906 the session. otthe' Linees
ter C'Ouriti Members toted 'against the
Ofthiity4wo hundred prisonnrs
confined at Citnp Douglas, Chicago,
more than One.Oeth of the entire riumber
refuse to be exchanged and return 'to
sealptor.,of Maine
is now with Gen. Grant, at City Point,
engageil in .takia.r, sittings for a, ,bitst, to
be execatedjitifily,
iter lion: - ohn P 'Hale has ileen . 'dpv
p;i:tin v. ,
ted nriTdonl ericiod Atininide'td.
10fIt, Vastz anA Sciszozo
John Rodgers, of New London, Conn.,
has been sentenced to thirty day's im
prisonment for starving his horse to
A company has started in London for
supplying the public with filters for the
purification of water, on the same prin
ciple .that gas-meters are furnished.
They will be fixed anct kept in repair,
and 'a small rental charged.
The London Times startles its read.
ers with the announcement that Jeff.
Davis "has the game in his own hands,"
and that he can secure independence
whenever he wishes it, "with or without
the consent of the north !" Positively,
"no other paper has the news."
One dollar notes _ . on the Bank of
Montgomery County, altered to tens,
haye,made their appoarance. No one
need be deceived by them if they will
remember that the portraits on the one
dollar notes are military, while those on
the genuine tens are ."civil."
A letter from - Virginia City, Monta
na territory, sage greenbacks are un
known, gold-dust being entirely the cir
culating medium. Wages are $6 to $l2
a day, board $l4 to $2O a week, flour
$5O to $6O a barrel, sugar 75 cents a.
pound, coal oil $l2 a gallon, and other
things in 'proportion. Nobody is ad
vised to go there unless he wishes to
lead the roughest kind of a rough life.
It is reported that Major General W.
S. Hancock will be, assigned to. the
command of the departMent of West.
Virginia, as the successor of Major
General George Crook,.captured.
lEkon. George Darsie died in Alle
gliany county on Friday, aged 65 years.
Mr,Darsie was for , some years State
Senator, at a later period of his life was
Canal Commissioner, and afterwards re
presented that district in Congress.
At a recent letting of pews in the
Unitarian Church in San Francisco; of
,whfch the Rev. Mr. Stebbins is pastor,
the amount obtained was $2'7,000 in
gold, equal, at the day of bidding, to
$70,000 in currency. This exceeds the
rotztjg' of Mr. Iteecher's church, which
waSiso;ooo for the last year.
John. D. Fox; in whose house and in
connection with whose family modern
spirit-rapping bad its origin, recently
died in Wayne county,. New York, aged
'1,6 years. Though his-daughters became
lanious as apostles of the. new creed; the
father never became-.a believer in spirit
ualism, but lived and died in the com
munion of , the , Methodist Episcopal
Fanny Elssler, the famous danseuse,
who, some twenty-five yearsago turned
the heads of our citizens as she turned
her heels "still, lives," and was present
lately at, the "Concordia Ball," in 'Vi
enna, in January, which was attended
by all gentleman of the aristocracy and
bureaucracy„ and the, elite of artists
Mme. Fanny Eisler, appeared in a white
satin dress and train, literally covered
with diamonds, rubies and emeralds.
Robert Small, the slave pilot of
Charleston, who ran the steamer Pilot
out of Charleston baihor, and delivered
it over to the blecliadiig,'sgtiudion;tind
has since been of so much service irfour
nave] operations on the Carolina coast,
is said to be now worth 834,000, all of
which he hue' invested in government
securities. '
Five men were suffocated at Quincy,
111., last Friday in consequence of blow
ing out thegas in.their loom at the,ho
tel, on retiring for the night, instead of
turning it off, thus leaving the gas , to
escape and fill their room. They;Were
found insensible in, the,morning,
Connecticut papers mention the fact
that' at `West CernWall, in. th'at- State, a
youth; agd 74, Was married last week
to ''a young lady of Litchfield, aged - 67:
The Wedding' took' placer: in the' same
house' where the Wide' was married forty
3 ears ego. •
A paw lady in, Brooklyn, N. Y., is
makinl large nuMber , young men
unhappy.. She is emPlOye'd by . the Pro
vost Marshal, to draw the , names from
the draft wheel. •
General Dick Taylor 'who has super
needed Gen. Hood in command of the
rebel army of the Tennessee, is a'brcith
er of Jefferson Davis's first wife, and' a
son of-General Zachery Tayle'r.
hie, said that the South Carolinians,
though'poOrerless fiirmischief;are more
enraged than ever since the fall of their
capital and their commercial port,
G. Saulsbury, President of the Dela-
Avare Senate, a thorough worshipper }
, of,
slavery, is acting Governor of the State,
as successor to tlie lamented.Ounb`on;k
Six Strawberries, raisedin Fitchburg,
were recently sold' for liege ;illoner
party id New York for $2.50'. Thee six
just;filled' OElB' btigket:
The oil wells i4,13,ar030.4vt? yielded
800,000 barrels of oil. anima* for over
a hundied'Years.
Parson BiOwelevi hiss lieen elected
Goverpor of Teribeigee.
.11 a;,O YillnNte93arfoullile4 Prt,
ga 1 .1.011, 6 ,P44 1 9: ‘, . '
..:=7: ~A::' 4
ti' Splendid Jewelry almost Given
Away.--In our advertising columns to
day will be found the announcement of
Messrs. Newborn & Co., of New York,
for the sale of an immense stock of Jew
elry, &c., on the novel plan of One Dol
lar for each article. This is a new firm,
and the fact that it is ambitious to build
up a good name, makes it probable that
easterners will be liberally dealt with.
It will cost but twenty-five cents to try
the experiment any way.
fir The Bankrupt Bill will doubtless
again fail at the present session of Con
gress. Two or three weeks ago appear
ance fiivored its passage; and perhaps
at this time, were other business regard
ed as much more important, disposed of
it would become a law. But the fates
are again against it, as they havei been
*fr the last twenty-five or thirty years,
d, m before, it will go by the board,
to tie resuscitated by the next Congress.
ifilr John sergeant Meade, son of Ma
jor-Gen. Meade, died on Tuesday even
ing at.'lo father's residence in Philadel:
phia,'Of consumption. Be was a young
•man of much prothise, and eateemed for
hie many good qualities. •
ifir At the recent examinations of the
several classes at Newport Naval Acad
emy, about twenty of the "middies"
'were allowed
_to, resign, because they
were "found wanting."
Simla Nutisto:
IL To CONSUMPTIVES, The undersigned
havingteen restored to health in a feorweeks,
by a very si mplkmedy, after having suffer
ed several yeats, with a severe lung affection,
and that dread disease, Consumption—is anx
ious to make known to his follow sufferers
the means of cure.
To all.who desire it, he will sand a copy of
the prescription used .? (free of charge,) with
the directions for preparing and using the
same, which they will find a sure cure for Corr-
COIDS, &c. The only object of the advertiser
in sending trie Prescription is to benef.t the
afflicted, and spread information which he
conceives to be invaluable; and he hopes ev-.
cry sufferer wi.l try his remedy, as it will
cost them nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the preseiiptien will please
Williamsburg, Kings' o. N. Y.
tar te,ditor of. 7,lte
DEAu.Szu: 7 •Wish your permission I wish
10 say to the readers ,of your, paper Mat . l will
send, by Midi' aiuil, to all who wish it, (free)
a recipe, with' full directions for making and
usfeg . a simple Vegetable Bann that will effec
tually remove, hi ien tays, Pimples, Blotches,
Tan, Freckles, and,all impurities of the skin,
lesiving•tbe same soft, clear, smooth and beau
tiful., I will also flee to those having
Bala 'He'ads; ar Bitiekstees,'Siruple directions
and infOrdistion - ihaeWilf enable themidstart
a fdll glowth of ltixariaht;' Hair, :Whiskers or
a Aloustucdte, M-less-thati 30 dais. .
All applications. answererl by 'Morn snail
'without clu9sge. , yoY".• •
30-3m] S3I Bread Way, N. Y.
..A Clergyman,
while residing in South Amesica, as a'nussion-
Ury, discovered -a safe and simple remedy for
the cure of Nervous Weakness,' Early Decay,
Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and the whole train of disorders brought on
by baneful and
,vicious habits. ,Great num
bers have been already cured by this noble
remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the
afilicted and tnifortunate; I will send the- re
eiPe Tor preparing - and using this medicine,e in
a sealed envelope,- to any - one who 'needs it,
Free of 'Charge, • -
Please'encloae a pnst,paid7euvelope,•addree
sed to.,y.otuself.. • .
( ) 'New Ycrile City.
• rk• INFORM &TOE FREE !—To Nervous
Sufferers.A' gentleman,. cured of nervous de
bility, incompetency, premature decay, and
youthful error, actuated by a desire to benefit
others, will be happy to furnish to all who
need it, (free of charge) : the. receipt and di
rections for making the simple remody , used in
his case. 'Sufferers waing to profit by the
advertiser's tied expelience;and .
possess a sure
and valuable remedy, can do;eo-byaddressing
him• at once at his place of business. The re-:
cciOt . and fall' information—of vital import
ance—will be cheerfully. sent by return mail.
No. 60 Nassau-st., New-Ydrk-
P. 6. 7 —Neryaus sufferers of both seines will
findthis information invaluable. 3m
IF You ;waxy TO KNOW little of every
thing relating to the human system, male and
female.; the causes and 'treatment of diseases;
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marry well, and athousand other things never
published before, read the revised and enlarged
edition of « MEDICAL COMMON SENSE," a
curious book for curious people, and ti - good
tiookldi everyone. • It 'contains 400 pages, 100
illustrations: Trice, $1:50. Contents table
stint free to any address. Books, may belied
at the- book stores, or will be sent by mail,
post paid, on receipt of price.. Address,
E. B. Voini: D' 1130 liroadaiY'
OLD Eves MADE NEW.-;A pamphlet di
recting how to speedily restore sight and give
up spectacles, . without aid of doctor or Medi
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of .Whiskers,,a,nice Moustache, or a beauti
ful ticiLdAif gfossy , Hair, will please read the
canref 'trios. F. 'Cliaerts:ri, in this 'paper.
B LINDNESS ; N S Ud ue ' C us AT It RH
treatedm D
the n
utmost' ,
by DR.
J. ISAA:CB, — Oculist and Aunst; (formerly of
LeydOn;ll(ill`add,) No 019 Pile street; Phil
adelphia., Testimonialb from the most relia
ble aces in the City and'country can be
aegn -lia ofliee.
.The medical faculty are
invited to accompany their patients, as he has
mrSeCVets' in " bus ;pia ' ARTIFICIAL'
p.)(P, ; inserted 41vitbeut
,pirn.l. , ,No charge
made for eilitutiation. (jai. 28:1y.
Cheap Fertilizers.
/PRE FERTILIZERS prepared by the Ag
ricultural Chemical Company, [ a com
pany chartered by the legislature of Pennsyl
vania with a capital of $250,000,] have been
proved in practice to be the cheapest, most
profitable and best, for the Farmer, Gardener
and Fruit Grower, of all concentrated ma
nures now offered in any market. The Coin
patty's list embraces the following :
PABU LETTE. This Fertilizer is composed
of night soil and the fertilizing elements of
urine combined, chemically and mechanically
with other valuable fertilizing agents and ab
It is reduced to a pulverized condition, rea
dy for immediate use, and without loss of its
highly nitrogenous fertilizing properties.
Its, universal application to all crops and
soils, and its durability and active qualities,
are well known to be all that agriculturists
can disire. PRICE $3O PER Tow.
CkIEMICAL COMPOST. This Fertilizer
is largely composed of animal matter,
such as meat, bone, fish, leather, hair and
wool, together with chemicals and inorganic
fertilizers, which decompose the mass, and re
tain the nitrogenous elements. •
It is a very valuable fertilizer for field crops
generally, and especially for potatoes, and
garden purposes.
Its excellent qualities, strength and cheap
ness, have made it very popular with all who
have used it. , Price, $4O rest Tote.
ly phosphatic fertilizer, is particulurly
adapted for the cultiiation of Trees, Fruits,
Lawns and Flowers. It will promote a
very vigorous and healthy grovathof wood and
fruit, and largely increase the quantity and
perfect the maturity of the fruit. For hot
house and household plants and dowers, it
will be found an indispensable article to se
cure their greatest perfection. It Sill prevent
and cure disease& conditions of the peach and
grape, and is eicellent for grads and lawns.
It is composed of such elements as make it
adapted to the growth of all kinds of crops uk,
all kinds of soils.
The formula or method of combining its
constituent fertilizing;•ingredients have re
ceived the highest appinval of eminent chem
ists and scientific agriculturists. - Price, lib°
131110 tIOSP RATE OF LIME. The Agricultu
ral Chemical Company manufacture a
Phosphate of Uric in accordance with. a new
and valuable foraali, which -' a very supe
rior article is produced, so far into be afforded
at a less price thin other manufaCturers charge.
Practical tests h'd yjfiproved that its valim; as a
fertilizet, is equal to the best Phosphate of .
Lime in the market. Price $65 PER lon.
t TERMS Casx.—Alt orders of a Ton, or
more, will be delivered at the railroad stations
and the wharves of shipment, free of cartage.
Cartage will be charged on all orders of six
barrels or less. One Dollar per Ton allow
ance for cartage will be made on all sales de •
livered at the werks of.tbe Company, on Ca
nal Wharf.
At Canal, harf, on the Delaware.
Office, 4111 Arch St., Philadephia, Pa.
R. B. Firrs, General Agent.
The company's Phamphlet ("hetilar, em
bracing full directions for using the above
Fertilizers, sent by mait'free, when requested.
March 11, 1865-6 m)
ETTERS REMAIN-ING unchained in the
I 4 Post office at Marietta', Pa., THURSDA
LA RUH 16, 1565..
Barlon, mris - Sarah Rider, henry
Courier. Mrs., Sophia Risser,, Mrs. A. L.
Drenner, Mre. Jane Ralidon, Miss F.
Darr, George Souders, Miss E. A.
Hirsh, Henry Stands, Thomas
Hines, Thomas Stonner, Miss 11.
Herr, - John F. ex.' John
Icenhouner, Jonas Vaimburgh, Cara
Myers, Miss Susan Weilage,. J. B.
Nichols, Miss - Mice Weever, George
Nixdorf, Mrs. A. M. Weaver, Miss E. H.
Nourton Mrs, A.
11-36 To . obtain - any of theSe letters,.the ap
plicant must call for t'advertised /elters,” givz
the date of this list; and pay one cent foi ad
vertiithig.. "ABRAHAM CASSEL,.P.:-M.;
ao ,leis for, i,1)%,.' 1)Sil 1160..
Petis to snit. the hand, and prices to suit
The beet Gold Pens' in the World!
(AN receipt of the following sums, we %111
send,'by mail, or as directed a Gold Pen
or Pens, selecting the same accardini. to de=
scription. 'namely:
Gold Pens, in Silmr Plated Extension
Fot $l, No. 2 Pen; for $1:.25, No. g.Pen • fOr
0 :50 No 4 Pen • for $2 No.' 5 Pen • "or
$2:25, No. 6 pen.
These pelt a are stamped THEIMPERIAL
PEN t and ate well finished ,and ,finer writing
GOLD PENS : with goad aridum pointd, al-_
though they-are unwarranted, and cannot 'be
exchanged. .
Y.,) is stamped on all our Ist. quality , Pens,
and the points are warranted for six months,
oicept against accident.' Cur second clUALtiy-
Pens, are stamped THE NAII.OII'AL I , ;EN,.
with the initials of our firm (A, d. P. Co." )
and are 'carefully a.ade, having ten .same
points as our first quality•llens, the only great
difreronce being in the quality of the Gold.
Gold Pen's,'lst cind 2d quality in Sol
id SilSer Extension Cases, with Pencils:
For $2:00 a N0.,1 pea Ist quality; or. a. No. .2
pen 2d ,quality. •
For $2:25e N. pen Ist quality; oils No. 3
pen , • •
For $2:25 a No. 3 pen first quality, or a No. 4
pen 2d quality.
For $3:50 a No. 4 pen Ist quality, or a No. r.."
pett2d q4o,ity. .
,* . •
For s4sso 5 No. pen Ist quality; br a No. 6
pen 241$•quality.
For $5:80,4 N 0,76 pen Ist qpolity.
The same . 'Gold Pens, in Solid 'Sillier
Gold:Plated Ebony Desk Holders
and. Moraceo Cases. •
For s2:2s,a,fip. $ pen Ist pr. a N0..4.
pen 2d quality.
For $2:50 a'Nisl4 pen lst quality, or a Na.. , 5'
pen 2d qualityy ,. '
For $3:20 a No. 5 pen Ist quality,'or a Na. 6'
pen 2d qualifyl.' •
For $4:00 a No. 6 pen Ist quality. :Fey $6:4()
a N 0.7 pen. , For $6:75 a No. S pen. For
$12:00 a No. 12 pen : all first quality:
Our pens rank throughout the country , as ;
equal if not superior to any, gold pens Manu
factured. Not only for their writing qualities
but durability, and elegant finish. Thp
in great
est care is ,usedtheir 'manufacture,
none are-sold is'ith4the slightest imperfection
which skill can detect.
Parties in ordering mug specify the name,
number and quality in all instances and
whether stiffni, amber, coarse or' fine.
A discOunt of 12 per cent. will
,be '
on iuniad'Of nl5, if Senttomie address, at one
time ;.15 . per cent ! on 52.5 ; 20, per_ cent; on
All remittances by niail,• , REcifsrminin, are
at our ; risk, To all who enclose 20 cents, ex-,
tra for registering, we guarantee the 'safe de-.
lifery Of the gbods.
Circulars of. all, our new, styles, -with. P.ngra
vi9gs of exact sizes , and prices, sent tiffen're
ceipt of stainp, if desired. Pens re-pointed ter
de cents. hy, mail.
S . . requested
to correspond with us as we can offer them
3 ml No. 200 BrbiLdivity, N. Y.
.. , ~_. ~
,_ .
Spangler & Patteracin'e'Store. ''•
FROM 7, TO 8 11.; id.
OFFICE- lIOURS. ' " 1 yo 2:
" 6T07 r. bt. , .
Folt SALE. In exeellent. condition—a
falling-top ,Buggy--,will be sold chep,p)
rt applied for soon.
,1) ' - 1 . 011,TA3'‘8.• STER.VA.:V:
3latietta 3 February IS. ISGi. •
the l'ot:lzet
Gases with Pencils
cl if 3 T)
Colb AO ,SiSb& athitciNs,
ON TifF. ei' DOLLAR PiSti".
The entire stock of one Gold and
II "atch Manufactory, Two Inin,
Jewelry Establishments, One
Plating Ware house, One
And Pencil Maker,
The Goods are of fashionable inylts
most excellent workmanship, and are 5a., 1 ,.
ced in this manner to relieve the propt iot ,.,
from embarrassment occasioned by a
trig civil war. It should be prominently sr,
ted, also, that they are mostly of
and therefore greatly superior to the g,.
imported front abroad and hawked about a ,
the cheapest ever sold. The simple duty
imported goods and the high premium on r;,:
(all foreign bills are payable in gold,) anorru•
to more than the entire cost of ninny of
articles offered by us to the public. To fay,; ;
tate the sale
will be charged for any article on out list, n;; •
this sum the purchaser need not pay until h,
knows what he is to get! This plan arcor.',
with the method recently become so p or ,„ l ,
for disposing of large stocks of Jewdry
similar productions.
The name of each article offered for sal,
as "Gold Hunting Watch," "Gold
Bracelet," "Pesti Breastpin and Ear-Dr‘ii,...
"Held Er smelled Ring," "Silver Plated cm,
Basket," &c., is written on a card and r:i
closed in a sealed envelope ; these
are then placed in a drawer and well tniv.!
then as an order is received, with twenty....
cents for return postage and other char,,,,
one of the cards or Certificates is taker. 5
random and sent by first mail to the cuitnny•
who wilt see at once whet he can get for e,
Dollar. II he is pleased with his femme
can forward the money according to dincti.rn,
on the certificate and secure the prize. If
article awarded should be unsuited t.•
purchaser—as for example, a set of l'earl
Drops and Breastpin to a young man iv!
could not wear them, and had no one to gu
them to—we will send any other article on r -
catalogue of equal price which may be pr.
ferred• Or if, for any reason, you choose •
venture no further, then you can let the CM'
ter drop where it is and spezd no more.
amine carefully our Catalogue!
300 Gents' Patt.nt Lever Gold Hunting
Case. $5O to 32 , .
300 Gents' Detach'd Lever Gold Hunt
ing Case 411 17.
400 Gents' Swiss Gold Hunting Case 30 lor
200 Ladies' Gold and Enameled Hunt
ing Case. to
400 Gent,' Patent Lever Silver Hunting
Case. 30 ;.,•
400 Gents' Det. Lever Silver
Case, 3o
300 Gents' Detached Lever Silver 01 , ..n
Face. 20 ~r)
300 Gents' Patent Lever Silver Open
Face. no
300 Gents' Swiss Silver. is
300 Diamond Rings. $4O to 12.
31. k, Gents' Diamond Pins.
3000 Gents' Califui Mu Diamond Pins. 3
3000 Gents' Cdlifornia Diamond Rings. 3 i;
5000 Gents' Gold and Enameled Fob
Chains. 3
'4OOO Gents' Gold Vest Chains. 5
4000 Pair Gents' Gold Sleeve Buttons 3 1,,
4000 Pair Gents' Gold & Enam. Sleeve
Buttons 3 to
6000 Sets Cents' Gold Studs. 3
5000 Gents' Stone Set and Signet Rings 3 IC
6000 Gents' Stone Set and Signet Kelm.
Rings. 4
6000 Ladies' Gold Neck Chains.
4000 Gild Oval-hand Bnieelets. 3
6000 Gold and Jet Bracelets. s I.
5000 Gold and Enameled Bracelets.
3000 Gold Chatelain amine. S 3.)
.5000 Pair Ladies' Gold Sleeve Buttons. 3 s
4000 Pair Ladies' Gold Ena Sleeve
Buttons. .1 10
.8000 Solitaire Gold Brooches. 3 12
6000 Coral, Opal and Emerald Brooches 3 It
5000 Geld Cameo and Pearl Ear-!lops 3
, 7000 Mosaic, Jet, Lava & Florentine Ear
Drops. 3 10
5000 Geld Thimbles. 5 It
10000 Coral, Opal and Emerald Ear
Drops. 3 10
10000 Miniature Lockets. 4 Is
10000 Miniature Lockets-magic spring 8 2)
10000 Plain Gold Rings. 4 12
16030 Sets Ladies' Jewelry, Gold & Jet 5 20
10000 Sets' Lidies' Jewelry, Cameo, Pearl
&c., 5 211
10000 Ladies' Gilt and Jet Bracelets. 4 IT
10000 & Jet Hat Suppor
ters; 2 12
10000ttipii. $2 to 20
SO® (tablets. 3 12
10000 Pair Nitpkin Rings. 2 10
2000 Card .Baskets, 4 Pi
3000 Cake Baskets. • 5 20
4000 Castor Frames--cemplete.with bot
tles. , 5 N
2000 Ice Pitchers. lO 2 0
6000 pair Butter Knives. , 3 1,
5000 Soup, Oyster and,Graiy Ladles. 2 , s
1000 Engraved Pie Knives. "3
8000 Uozen Tea Spoons. per doz.
6000 Dozen. Table Spoons. per doz. 8 24
6000 Dozen Dessert Forks. per doz.. 7 2 . ,
6000 Dimen,Table Forks. per. doz. 8 30
12000 Gold Pens, Silver Extention Hol
ders, sB to $lO
12000 Gold Penitk.Silver Mounted Hol
ders. 2 z'
8::00 Gold Perfs, Gold Mounted Hol
ders. 3 15
6000 Gold Pens with Gold Extension
Ho'deny • 10 2i
6600 'Gold : rens, Gold Ridden and Pen-
ells. 10 30
6000 Gold Pencils.,' i
In all cases we charge Jot for Warding the
Certificate, postage, and doing the business,
the sum of Twenty-five Cents, which must he
enclosed,iq the, order. Five Certificates will
be sent for $1; eleven for, $2 • thirty for s s i
sixty-five for 4.10 ; one hundred for $l5.
Thioughout the Country to operate for us.
laige compensation will be Paid. Send for
terms, - 8m , enclesing 'stamp._
am-m] 75 FULTON STREET. N. V.
Estate of Samuel Collins, late of the
BoroUgh of Marietta, deceased.
Letters of administration on said-estate har
ing been granted. to -the untlersxneth all per
sons.indelited thereto are reqnesta to make
immediate Settlement,,and tho e se haying claUs
or demandi against the , sainesl^2l present then
wittinut delay. for rir.ttlentent-to the undersign
ed, residing in the. Borough of-Marietta.
Marietta, March;1448 . 66. - 31-61
Estate of Joshua. :Smith E. Brown late of
the Bannigh of Marietta decaased.
Letters of administration on said estate har
ing been granted to the undersigned, all per
sona indebted thereto are requested to make
immediate settlement, and those having claim ,
or demands against the same will present them
without. delay for settlement to the undersign
ed, residing in said Borough of Marietta.
Marietta, March 17, 1865.
T 4 Asr NOTICE. A 4 'persons indebted to
I the subscriber, are requested to seqle
their accounts, on, or 'before the Ist day 01,
April next. J. It. DIFFENBACH•
ZVI For Safe. Inquire of