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in the Secretary of the
Maxon 26th, 1364, this Bank
ed to receive subscriptions for the
.-- tonal 10 40 Five per cent. Loan, in Coupon
or Registered Bonds.
This Loan, principal and interest, is paya
ble in gold. On Bonds of $5OO and upwards,
semi-annually. (Ist of March and September)
and on tios: of less denominations annually,
(Ist of March.)
Subscribers can receive Bonds with Coupons
from March Ist, by paying the accrued inter
est in coin or in lawful money by adding 60
per cent. for pre l ium. Or, if preferred, may
deposit the principal only, and receive Bonds
with Coupons from date of subscription.
Registered Bonds will be issued of the de
nominations of $5O, $lOO, $5OO, $l,OOO, $5,000
and $10;000, in Coupon Bonds of $5O, $lOO,
$6OO and $l,OOO.
For the greater convenience of subscrib re;
the different Banks and Bankers throughout
the country are authorized to act as agent for
the Loan.
As only 11200,000,000 of this Loan can be
issued, we would urge upon persons having
surplus money, to subscribe promptly and se
cure the investment at par.
The Secretary in presenting this new Loan
to the public %rough the National Banks, re
lies upon the liberality and patriotism of our
people, to use all honorable means, and to
make exertion for its sale.
lt is hoped that Lancaster county, having
done an well in the past in furnishing the Go
vernment means, will be equally prompt at
this time
Just Published, a new edition of
Dr. Culverwell's Celebrated Essay
On the radical cure (without medicine) of,
Spermatorrhcea. or Seminal Weakness, Invol- :
untary Seminal Losses, Impotency, Mental.
and Physical Incapacity, Impediments to'
Marriage, etc.; also Censumption, Epilepsy,
and Fits, induced by self-indulgence or sexu
al extravagance.
Price, on a Sealed-Envelope, only Six Cents.
The celebrated author in this admirable es
say clearly demonstrates, from a thirty years.
successful practice, that the alarming conse
gences of self-abuse .may be radically cured
without the dangerous use of internal medi
cine or the application of the knife—pointing
out a wok of cure, at once simple, certain
and effectual, by means of which every stif
fere; no matter what his condition may be,
may cure himself cheaply, privately, and
03F.. This Lecture should be in the hands of
every youth and every man in the land.
Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any
address, post paid, on receipt of six cents, or
two postage stamps, by addressing the publish
ers, CHAS. J. C KLINI: Rt ca,
127 Bowery, New-York, P' 0. Box, 4586. .
Ready to nail down.
At l ess than half the" cost of tin roofs.
More durable than tin.
Suitable for steep or flat roofs.
For all kinds of buildings, in all climates.
Easily, cheaply, and quickly put on. NeedS
no coating over unth cement after it
is =lad down.
Made of a strong woven fabric, thoroughly
saturated, and covered upon both surfaces
with a perfectly water-proof compositioni
and put up in rolls ready for use-40 inch
wide, and 75 feet.long.
We also manufacture
For Leaky fin Roofs,
Much cheaper and more'durable than oil paint.
For Leaky Shingle Roois,' which will often
save the cost of a new roof.
Sample of Ready Roofing and Circulars seri
by mail when desired.
Favorable terms made with rpsponsible par
ties who buy to sell again.
73 Maiden Lane, N.`Y.
&C., INSECTS ON ILA NTS, Fowra, Animals, 81T:
Put up in 26c., 50c. and *I Boles, Bottles;
and Flasks. Time and Five dollars sizes for
Hotels Public Institutions, &o.
"Only infallible remedies known."
"Free from Poisons."
"Not dangerodi to 'the Human Family." 1
"Rats come out of their holes to die."
13— Sold wholesale in all large cities.
Sold by all druggists and retailers eve.:
Et" B E WARE of all worthless imitations ! !
Se&that "COSTAR'S" mitosis olfefich
Box, Bottle, and , Flask, before 'you buy.
Address •
Principal Depot, 482 Broadway, N. Y.
irr Sold by all wbolesale and retail Drug=
gists in Marietta, Pa. ' 110-30
Celebrated Prepared, Java Coffee,
Warranted superior to any in the Market
IT is used by first-class families everywhere,
and highly recommended for nervous and
dyspeptic persons, being very nutritious and
free from all deleterious substances, in testi
mony of which I have certificates from the
most eminent Physimans and Chemists in this
country. Try it and you will be sure to con
tinue its use in preference to any other.
Sold at retail for Twenty Five cents a-pound,
by first-class Grocers throughout the United
A liberal discount allowed to the trade.
Put up only by
Wholesale Depot, 69 Warren st., N. Y
Opposite the Cross Keys Hotel,
T HE undersigned would respectfully inform
the public that he still continues, at the
ol stand, corner of Second and Walnu;streets,
directly opposite the Cross Keys Hotel, to keep
an hand and for sale, all kinds of cigars from
Half Spanish up, in prices from $6, $7 $2O to
Illbo per thousand. Tonaeco.—Natural• Leaf,
Excelsior Cavendish, Oranoko Virginia, Con
gress Fine Spun Ladies Twist, Coarse Spun
Twist, Eldorado, Jewel of Ophir tobacco, An- ,
derson's best Fine-cut. All kinds of See a
gars manufactured of imported stock. SIXES
HALF SPANISH. Rappee Snuff and all kinds
Fancy P Smoking Tobacco. Scented snuffs
Fnie-cutipes, Cigar Tubes, 80. . [jan.3o,'s
Located on Chestnut street, opposite the
and in close proximity to the principal Jobbing
and Importing Houses, Banks, Custom House,
and places of amusement& The City Cars
can be takerfat the door (or within a square)
for any depot in the City. The House hat
been renovated and refittea. !
can be had of, IL L. & E. J. Za-Km, Cor
err& Queen-st., and Center Squaie, 'Lancas
ter, ,pa., in the shape of Equilibrium Levers--
the Nest article of Swiss levers now in the mar
ket. They are lower in price than any Watch
of equal quality and net as true for tirnekeepirig
AJET ILC 0 X 2 S Celebrated Inwgrja
VV tension Steel... Spring Skeleton Skirt,
self seli-adjustible , Thistle. The latest and bee t in,
use, just received at
D IF FE NO Aoll%'
TO LANDLORDS! lust reaii,ed, Scotdh
and Irish WHIBICI-EB, warritti-,
ted pure, at H. D. Benjamaires.
• S. 7 -30 MADAN.
The Secretary of the Timmy gives notice
that subscriptions will be received for Coupon
Treasury Notes, payable three years from
August 15th, 1564 with semi.aanual interest
at the rate of seven and three-tenths pet-cent.
per' annum,—principal and interest both to be
paid in lawful mcney.
These notes will be convertible at the option
of the. holder at maturity, into six per cent.
gold liearing Winds, payable not less than five
nor more than.twenty years from their date,
as the Government may elect. They will be
issued in denominations of $5O, $lOO, $5OO,
$l.OOO and $5,000, and all subscriptions must
be for fifty dollars or some multiple of fifty
dollars. •
The notes will be transmitted to the owners
free of,transportation charges as soon after
the receipt of the original Certificates of De
positas they can, be prepared
As BA notes draw interest from August 15,
persoark making deposits subsequent to that
date must pay the interest accrued from date
of note to date of deposit.
Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dol
lars and upwards for these nqtes at any one
time, will be allowed a commission of one
quarter of one per cent. which will be paid
by,the Treasury Department upon the receipt
of a bill for the amount, certified to by the
officer with whom the deposit was made. No
deductions for commissions must oe made
from the deposits.
• Special Advantages of this Loan.
It is a National Savings Bank, offering a
higher rate of interest than any other, and the
best security . An:y savings bank which pays
its &traitors in S.; Notes, considers that it
is payinn best circulating mediuni&the
country, and it cannot pay in anytbing,Wer,
for its own assets are either in governmefif
curitie`s or; in notes or bona pay able in gpliern
meat paper.,, • •
It is equally convenient as a temporary or
permanent investment. The notes can ilyrra,ys
be sold for within a fraction of their fa'ee skid
Scannulated intereat,4ind are the best s'ecurity
with banks as colaterals for discounts.
Convertahle into a Sixper cent, 5-20 Gold
In addition to the very liberal interest orrilie
notes fed threeyears, tins privilege of convers
ion is now worth about, 3 per sent. per an
num, for the,current rate for 5-20 Bonds is not
less than 9,per'cetk; premium, and before the
war the premituri an per cent. U. S. Stocks
was Over 20 per 'cent. It will be Ewen that the
actual profit on this loan,
at the present mar
ket is~e, is less than ten per cent, per an
num. Its exemption
:From State or. Municipal Taxation.
But aside'from all the advantages we have
enumerated, a special Act of Congress exempts
all Bond,s and Tivasury No from local tax
talon.' On the average, -this exemption is
worth ahOut two per cent. per annum, accord
ing to the rate of taxation in various parts of
the country. .
It is believed that no securities offer so great
inducements to lenders as those issued by the
• government. In all other forms of indebted.
ness. the faith or.abllity of priVaie parties, or
stockcompanies, or seperate communities, on
ly, is riledged'for payment, while the whole
property of the country is held, to secure the
discharge of all the obligations of the United
States., l , • ,
While tkeg'oiernmerit Offers the Most liber
al terms fort.its bans, it behev,es that the very
strongest appeal will- be to the loyalty', and
patgotiem of the p,eople,„, , fn ,
Duplicate certificates will be issued 'for all
deposits. Thepitttyilepositing must endorse
upon the :engine/ certificate the denomination
of notes requwed;and whether they are t 9 be
isdnenn blank or payable to order. When
so endorsed it must be'left with the Officer re
'ceivingthe deposif, `to; be forivarded to the
Treasury .Department.
Suriscrnitions will be 'received by the Treas
urer of the United States, at Waahington,„the
ledkeal Assistant Treasurers arid designated
Depositaries, and by the
First'Aztional Bank af 'Marietta,
and by all National'B'aiiks which are deposi-
Aeries. of•publie money; and all respectable'-
hmughout the
, coitntiy will give further Infer-
Itnatlotn:aoAfford every, facility to. subsCribers.
fl-F.,KIABpNys 4enyine ThtiattiOßS,
'For diseases of the Bladdnr, „Kidneys, Cia,vel,
and Dropsical SWellings.
This Medicine increases • the power of Diges
tion, and excites, the Absorbents into healthy
aStion,'liy.Which the Watery - or Colcareous de
positions, and all Unnatural enlargements are•
reduced, as well as pain and inflamation.
For weakness' arising from 'excesses, habit•
of dissipation, early indiscretion of abuse, at
tended with the:following syinptoms
Indisposition M'exertiiin, - ' Loss of Power,'
Difficulty of breating, Loss of Memory,
Weak Trembling,
Horror of ,Disease,.. Wakefulness,
Dimness of Fission,. $ Pain in the Back,
Uniyerial lasSitude of the muscular system,
Flushing of the body, " Hot Hands,
gruptions on the; Face., Dryness of the skin,
Palid COuntenance.
These sjimidorns, if allowed to gb on, which
this medicine invariably remoies, soon follows
Impotency, Fatuity, Epileptic Fits,
in one of which the patient may expile.
Who can say that they . are not frequently fol
lowed by those "Direful Diseases,"
• • qlnsanny and'Consiimption."
Many are aware of the' cause of their suffer
ing, but none will confess the records of the
Insane Asylums.
Melancholy-death:l by. Consumption bear am
ple,the. truth of the assertion.
The Constitution once effected with Organic
weakness requires :the. aid of medicine to
strengthen and invigorate 'system, which
i n v'a riab 1 y dee& A trial will convince the
most skeptical.'
In many affections peculiar to ferndles the
Extract Buchu is uneaqualed by any other
remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention, Irregu
larity, Painfalriess!or aumiression of customa
ry evacuations, Ulcerated or Scirrhous state
of the Eterus,•Leuchorrhoea or Whites, Ster
rility, and for all complaints incident to the
sex, whothlr arising from indiscretion, habits
of dissipation, or in the decline or change of life.
It, causes a frequent desire and gives strength
to urinate, thereby removing obstructions, pre
venting and curing Strictures of the Urethra
allaying pain , andthflaination, so frequent in
the class ofdiseases, and expelling all poison
ous, fliseased;ancltpornout matter. '
Tiwy,inn.ds upon thousands who have been
the yietims of quacks, and who have paid heavy
fees to Pe cured in a short time, have found
244 were deCeived, and that the "Poison"
has, by .the .use of "powerful astringents ? "
seen dried up in the system, to break out in
an aggravated form, and perhaps after Mar •
Use Hem&ld's Extract Buchu for all affec
tions and diseases of the Urinary Ozgans,
whether exiatiag . in Male or Female, from
whatever eatise originating and no matter of
how tong standing.
Diseases of these Organs requires the aid of
a Diuretic, HeWeld's Extract
great Diuretic, and is. certain to have the do
sired effect in all Diseases for which it is Rec
Evidence of the most reliable and responsi
ble character will accompany the medicine.
,PRICE $l.OO PER BOTTLE, or SIX for $5.00
Delivered to any Address, securely packe.
from observation.
.IJescri6e' Syniptoms in all Cornraunications."!
Cares Guaranteed ! Advice Gratis
Addrede letters for information to
H. T. ,HELPIIKILD, Chemist.
104 om4h,„,,Tenth.tri.„lwl. Chestnut, Pi a .
Vad4C'herriical grarihOuke.
504 1 11rhidway, New York.
BOWNYLI - of ,Cmtrltteeits" and-Uhpimbililed
liertietir wlal"oile,avor- thcir
artYcles onthe teputaiion
attemtd tor
-4 1:141ntoid'ir diukine tereperitions.
ac Extract Much .
r re , " ' 'ir
1 ) - 'er Improved Bose Wash.
Schd'-by all Diuggieti ekmrywhere.
DE ail Eal" loTo.
Bitter 'N7Vime,
31EXIM.110111 1 4K - ..
APURE and powerful TONIC, Corrective
and Alterative, of wonderful efficacy in
diseases of the Stomach, Liver and Buwels.
Cures .
Liver Complaints
Headache, General
Debility, Nervousness, De
pression of Spirits, Constipation,
Intermittent Fever, Acidity of the
Stomach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for
Food, Fullness or Weight in the Stomach,
Sinking .or Fluttering at the Pit of the
htomach, Swimming of the Bead, Dif
cult Breathing, Yellowness of the
Skin and Eyes, Fever and
Dull pains in the Head,
Pain in the Side,
Back, Chest and
It will cure every case of Chronic or Nervous
Debility, DiseaseS of the Kidneys, and
Diseases arising 'from a disordered
Stomach, Good fur Male or Fe
male,Old 01 Young.
-The most benecial medicine known ; given
better esti:faction and cures more diseases
that any other preparation offered to the pub
lic. Prepared solely by S. A. KUNKEL &
BRO., 118 Market street,
For sale by druggists and dealers everywhere.
As Kunkel's Bitter Wine of Iron is the only
sure and effectual remedy in the known world
for the permanent cure of Dyspepsia and De
bility, and as there ara.a number of imitations
offered to the public, we would 'caution the
community to purchase none but the genuine
article, manufactured by ii. A KUNKLE. &
Brio., and has their stamp on the top of the
cork of every bottle. The very fact that others
are attempting to imitate this valuable reme
dy, proves its worth and speliks volumes in
its favor.
The Bitter Wine of Iron is put up in 75 cent
and $1 00 bottles, and sold by all leapectable
druggists throughout the country. Be partic
ular that every bottle bears the fac simile of
the proprietor's signature. - -
;This Wine includes ttie most agreeable and
efficient Salt of Iron we possess ; Citrate of
Magnetic Oxide combined, with the most en
ergetic of vegetable tonics, Yellow Peruvian
bark. The effect in many cases of debility,
loss of appetite, and 'general prostration, of
an efficient Salt of Iron, combined with our
,valuable Nerve Tonic, is most happy. It
augments the appetite, raises the pulse, takes
ofEmuscular flabbiness, removes the pallor of
,debility, and gives a florid vigor to the coun
tenance'. '
118 Marlcet Street,
For sale;:by all respectable - dealers through
out the country. [Ju 25-6 m
. , .
Corrective aml alternative of wonderful effica
cy in disease of the Stomach, Liver and Bow
els; cures Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Head
ache; General Debility, Nervousness, Denies+
' sion of Spifits, Constipation, Colic, Intermitten-
Fevei s, Cramps and Spasms, and all complaints
of either sex, arising from bodily weakness
whether inherent in the system or produced
by sp'ecial causes..
Nothing that is not wholesome, genial and
,restorative in its nature enters into the compo
sition of Hostetter , l Stomach Bitters. This
`Popular preparation contains no mineral of
'any kind, no deadly botanical element ; no fi
ery, excitant, but it is a combination of the ex
tracts of rare balsamic herbs and plants with
the purest and mildest of all diffusive stimu
lants. •
It is well to be forearmed against diseaso
and so fares the human system can be protec
ted by, human means against maladies en
gendered by an unwholesome atmosphere, im
pure water and other external causes,
may be relied on as a safeguatd.
In districts infested with Fever and Ague, it
has been found infallible as a preventative and
irresistible as a remedy, and thousands who
resort to it under apprehension of - an attaek,
escape the scourge; and thousands who ne
glect ro avail themselves of its protective qual
ities in advance, are cured by a very brief
'course of this 'marvelous medicine. Fever and
.Ague patient's, after being plied with quinine
for months in vain, satu rated with
that dangeious alkaloid, are not unfrequently
r estored to health within a few daysby the use
of Hostetter's Bitters.
The weak stomach is rapidly invigorated
and the appetite restored by this agreeable to
nic,,and hence it works wonders in cases of
Dyspepsia and in less confirmed forms of Indi
gestion. Acting as a gentle and painless appe
,rient, as well as upon the liver, it also invari
ably relieves the Constipation superinduced/by
irregular action of the digestive and secretive
organs. Persons of feeble habit, liable to ner
vous attacks, lowness of spirits and fits of lan
gour, find prompt and permanent relief from
the Bitters. The testimony on this point is
most conclusive, and from both sexes.
The agony of Bilious Colic is immediately
assuaged by a single dose of the stimulant, and
by occasionally resorting to it, the return of the
complaint may be prevented.
Last, but not least, it is The Only Safe Stim
ulant, being manufactured front sound and
innocuous materials, and entirely flee frem the
acid elements present more or less in all the
ordinary tonics and stornachics of the day.
No family medicine has been so universally,
and, it may be truly added, deservedly popular
with the intelligent portion of the community,
Prepared by HOSTETTER & SMITH,
Pittsburg, Pa.
Sold by all Druggists, Grocers and Store
keepers everywhere.
No Dirt. No Smoke. No Smell.
Will Boil, Broil, Roast Bake, Toast, Stew,
and Heat Irons cheaper than
Coal or Wood!
I have on hand, and make to order Stoves
' and Furnaces for Chemists, Tinners, Book
binders, Dentists, Tea Stores, Vulcanizing
Stoves, Photographer's Ovens, &c., and Laun
dry Irons. Send for a Descriptive Gatalogue.
I also manufacture Coal Oil Stoies, for
Cooking & Heating. Burns the common Ke
rosene Oil, and does the cooking for a family
for one cent per hour.
bola Manufacturer,
474 Broadway, N. Y.
The American Advertising and -Purchasing
Agency receive orders for the. above-named
Merchandize. Bus. Dep., E. AtVD.BD. Cor
reap. Dep. Fowler & WRlla,. . ,
389, Broadway, N. Y.
Dlt.- \NU,Ii.,TTIDR,•
, 65
• Dyikiepsie, ConsumPtion, Liver . Complaint,
Diarrhea,Piles Bic„ and all •
-Female Complaiits.
D. W. will send his ThHoir oT Chronic
eases, for 6 cents, to pre:pay:postage.
Symptomlate for any disease, fOrwarded.
fl Medicines fen - verde& to any pod office
the United' States. Post Nice 'Box, 3092.
St, Louis,' Atignit 1,1863.-Iy.
Prepared by Dr. C. IYI. Jackson,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Or an Intoxicating Beverage, but a highly con
centrated Vegetable Extract, a Puse Tonic
free from alcoholic stimulent or injurious drugs
and will effectually cure
Liver Complaint,
Dppepsia, and
Chionic or Nervous Debility, Disease of the
Kidneys, and Disease' arising from a
Disordered Stomach.
resulting from disorders of the digestive organs:
Constipation, Inward Plles,, Fumess or Blood
to the Head, acidity of the Stomach, Nausea,
Ileartburn Disgust fdr Food, Fullness or
weight in the Stomach, sour eructations, sink
(mg or fluttering of the Pit of the Stomach,
iwimming of the Head, hurried and difficult
sreathing, • fluttering at the heart, choking or
suffocating sensations when in a lying posture,
dimness of vission, dots or webs before the
sight, fever and dull pain in the head, defici
ency of perspiration, yellowness of the skin
and eyes, pain in the side, back, chest, limbs,
&c., sudden flushes of heat, burning in the flesh,
constant immaginings of evil, and great de
pression of spirits.
A Good. Appetite,
6tr,mg helves,
Healthy Nerves,
Steady Nerves,
Brisk Feelings,
Energetic Feelings,
Healthy Feelings,
A. Good Cor.z.stitution,
A Strong Constitution,
A Healthy Constitution,
A Sound Constitution.
Will make the
Will make the
Will make the
Depressed Lively,
Will make the
Sallow Complexion Clear,
Will make the Dull eye
Clear and Bright.
- Will prove a blessing in every family,
/3" Can be used with perfect safety by male
or Female, Old or Young.
There are many preparations soid under the
name of Bitters, put up in quart bottles, com
pounded of the cheapest Whiskey or common
Rum, costing from 20 to 40 cents per gallon,
he taste disguised by Anise or Coriander seed,
This class of Bitters has caused and will Con
dnue to cause, as loag as they can be sold,
aundreds to die tie death of a drunkard. By
their use the system is kept continually under
the influence of alcoholic stimulaots of the
worst kind, the desire for liquor is created and
kept up, and the result is a❑ the horrors at
tendant upon a drunkard's life and death. Be
ware of them.
Por those who desire and will have a liquor
bitters, we pubiish the following receipt :
Get one bottle Rooftand's German Bitters and
mix with three quarts of good Whiskey -or
Brandy, and the result will be a preparation
that will far excel in medicinal virtues and
true excellence any of the numerous liquor
bitters in the market, and twit/ cat much less.
You will have all the virtues of Ragland's Bit
ters in connection with a good article of liquor
and at a much less price then these inferior
preparations will cost you.
Those suffering from marasrnus, wasting
away, with scarcely any flesh. on their bones.
are cured in a very short time; one bottle in
such cases, will have most surprising effect.
Resulting from Fevers of any kind—these bit
ters will renew your strength in a short time.
FEVER AND .11.1:3t1E.—The chills will not re
turn if these Bitters are used. No person in a
fever and ague district should be without.them.
From. Rev. .T. Newton Brown, D. D., Editor
of the . Encyclopedia of Religious Knouicdge
Although not disposed to favor or recommend
Patent Medicines in general, through dishiest
of their ingredients and effects; I yet know
of no suffici mt reason why a man ma, not tes
tify to the benefits be believes himself to have
received from any simple preparation, in the
hope that he may thus contribute to the bene
fit of others.
I do this more readily in regard to Hoofland's
German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson
because I was prejudiced against them for a
number of
_years, under the impression that
tht.y were chiefly an alcoholic mixture. lam
indebted to my friend Rob't Shoemaker, esq.,
for the removal of this prejudice by proper
tests;and for eneouragement to try them, when
suffering - from great and long debility. The
use of three bottles of these bitters, at the be
ginning of the present year; was followed by
evident relief, and restoration to a degree of
bodily and mental vigor which I had not felt
for six months before,
and had almost dispair
ed of regaining. I therefore thank God and
my friend for directing me to the use of them.
Philadelphia, June 23, 1362.
We call the attention of all having relations
or friends in the army to the fact that "Hoof
land's German Bitters" will cure nine-tenths
of the diseases induced by privation and ex
posures incident to camp life. In the lists
published almost daily in the newspapers, ou
the arrival of the sick, it will be noticed that
a very large proportion are suffering from de
bility. Every case of that kind can be readi
y cured by Hoofland's German Bitters. We
have no hesitation in stating that, if these bit
ters are freely used among our soldiers, hund
reds of lives might be saved , that otherwise
would be lost;
The proprietors ere daily receiving thankful
letters from sufferers in the army and hospi
tals,who have been restored to health by the use
of these Bitters, sent to them by their friends.
Beware of•counterfeits ! See that the sig
nature of "C. M. Jackson,” is on the wrapper
of each bottle.
Large Size, $1:00 per bottle, or z dozen for $5.
Medium size, 75c per bottle, or t dozen for $4.
The• larger size, on account of the quantity
the bottles hold, are much the cheaper.
Should your nearest druggist not have the
article, do not be put off by any of theintoxi
eating preparations that may be otfpred in its
place, but send to us, and we will forward,
securely packed, by express.
Principal Office and Manufactory,
- No. 631 ARCH STREET.
Successors to - C. M. Jackson & Co:•
DEPOT : - . I6, S.REA.D.E7ST., N. Y.
The above Company are kno vn all over the
world as .the owners of the. Coffee Plantations
of Java and Batavia in the Dutch East-Indies,
and are the largest monopolizers of Coffee on
the Globe.
The undersigned (who., is appointed their
sole Agent in the United States' and in the
British Colonies) will have for sale three dif
ferent kinds of COFFEE; which,lor regular
ity of grade and cheapness of price, will - defy
competition.' '
Our "BATAVIA COFFEE" never before
introduced in this country, but extensively
used in the Armies and Navies of Europe and
richly valued, will be put up at prices to come
withln the reach of all consumers,,` and our
_EXTRA JAVA` will be the Migitiin Boziuna
Coffee of the age.
We will have, for accoMmodation of Gro
cers, Families and Governbieht'Contractors,
bunnies (dry, and drali)for testing.
Orders solicited. On receipt of'caith,' Coffee
.promptly forwarded as. direeted.
• A. LIPPMAN; 168Redde-st , .' N. Y
Sole 'Agent; D. Ci Company.-
Dr. F. Brumes Celebrated Remedies
NO. 1. THE GREAT REVlVER.—Speedily
eradicates all the evil effects of self abuse,
as loss of memory, shortness of breath, giddi
ness, palpitation of the heart, dimness of vie
ion, or any constitutional derangement of the
system brought on by the unrestrained indul
gence of the passions. Actsalike on either sex.
Price one dollar.
No. 2. T.VIE ltArst.—Will cure in from two
to eight days, any case of Gonorrhoee,(clap?is
without taste or smell and requires no restric
tion of action or diet; for either sex price $l.
NO. 3. Thy - .TERSE will cure elect in the
strortest possible time, and I C3ll show certifi
cotes of cures effected by this remedy, whet
all others hove failed. No taste or smell.—
Price one dollar.
NO. 4. THE Pu;eirnit is the only known
remedy that will positively cure strictures of
the urethra, no matter of how longstanding or
neglected the case may be. Price One. dollar.
NO. 5. THE SOLUTOR, will cure any case
of Gravel permanently and speedily remov
all diseases from the bladder and kidneys.—
Price one dollar.
No. 6. THE PREVENTOR is a sure preven
Lion against the contraction of any disease, is
less expensive and far preferable, to anything
in use. Adapted to either sex. Pride $l.
NO 7. THE Anwar. will cure the whites
radically and in less time than they can be ef
fectually removed by an: other treatment ; in
fact this is the only remedy that will ;really
care this disease; pleasant to take. Price $l.
tamp, safe and speedy in producing menstrua
tion or coirecting any irregularities of the
monthly periods. Price two dollars.
spring Regulator will last a lifetime. Price 4ge.
Either of the Remedies will be sent free to - y
mail on receipt of the price annexed. Circu
lars containing valua')le information with full
description of each Remedy, may be obtained
by enclosing one post stamp. Address„
Philadelphia, Pa.
These]Remedies are sold in Marietta only by
JOHN JAY LIBHART, where circulars con
tabling a full description Of each case Can be
obtained gratis, on application.
General Depot, North Last Corner of 'York
Avenue and Callowhill street,Philadelphia,Pa.
It ln•complicated cases I can be consulted
by letter, or petsonany at my office ; entranc%
401 Yek IC Avenuee.
Delicate 'Hearty,
Thin Stout,
THE Subscribers having formed if connee
nection with Messrs. WOOD & PT.RDT,IOf
Philadelphia. under the above title, are pre
pared to furnish every description of
Cast, Wrought and Wire Railings;
Vsrandahs, Circular and Straight Stdits,
• Doors, Windti . Giiards, " •
Ptable Fixtures, Fountains, Vases, ke,,."•
also, having purchased of the late tirna:ef
Hutchinson & Wickersham, Canal Street,
their entire Stock of
Bedsteads, Cradles, reirnitttre
they now offer to the public, ut their - New
to be found in the United States. ,They;btqe
also purchased of the New yort. Wire Rafting
Co. the patent right and machinery for makipg
and will continue the exclusive IVlanufactnie
of the same at their Works..
.• .
524 BroadwaY,
New York;
Orders may be sent through the American
Advertising Agency, 359 Broadway,
.1511Aiorl ').ltlglzis)e of flie,M6hlol
Literature, Fine Arts and Fashiene; 'The
:nost magnificent Steel Engravings. Douoe
Fashion Plates. Wood Engravings On every
subject that can interest ladies. Crochet
ling, Netting, Embroidery, Articles for the
Toilet, for the Parlor, the Boudoir. and the
Kitchen: Everything, in fact, to in'ake
The Ladies' Favorite for Thirty-five Years
No magazine has been able to coMpete •
with it. None attempt*.
Godeps Receipts for.every department of a
household. These alone are worth the! r•i l ece
of the Book. :Model Cottages (no l other mag
azine gives them), with diagrams.
Drawing Lessons for the Yolinv VAncitifer
specialty with Godey.
Original Music, worth $3
.8-Year. Other
magazines publiah•old wurii-out ; but theranh
sc.ribers to Godey get it before the..mosic l stores.
Gardening for ladies. Another peenliaiity
with Godey. A
- Fashions from Messrs. A. T.§tewart kr, Co.,
New York , the millionaire inercliatils. - aPie'ar
in Godey, the only migaiine Vint haa,thein. ,
AlsoFashiona from the celebrated
of New York. f[ Ladies Bonitets: We•gitre
more of them in a year than any Colhei-maga
zine. In fact'the Lady's Book enables ey,tly
ady to be her own bonnet maker.
Authoress of "Alone,'' "Hidden Path," &c.,
writes' or Godey each month, end 'for no4ther
magazine. We have also retained alLof out
old and favorite contributors.
Terms of Godey's Lady's„P k ook for ISO.,
The following are the terms, of the Lady's
Book for 1865. At present, we Will' reeeive
subscriptions at tile .following rates. Due no
tice will be given if we are obliged to advance,
which will depend on the priee'a'pap'er.
One copy, one, year, ' 4440
Two copies, one year, 5:50
Three copies, one year, "' - 1 7:60
Four copies, one year,
Five copies, one year, and an extra , •
copy to the person sending urea - Imi,
making six copies, 'it , .; , 314;00
Eight copies, one year, and and an
extra copy to the person ' ,
the club, making nine'copies,2l:oo
Eleven copies, one year;aild ,
tra copy to the person sending the
chit), making twelve copies,
Additions to ranY:of thd iibove'ciubEi;
each subscriber. . ,
Godey's' Lady's 'Batik arid'Artlitiflf Home
Magazine will- be limit, each 'doe :yeaF, on re
ceipt of $4:50, We.hava clubs with; z any other - magaz_ine or 'rinewspaiiei. he ;mon e y"must all be sent at one tihie tor'anY clubll - ;'!
Address -L. A. GOOEY, ,
4 ,
North-East'Corner 6th
October 15-3t] ' Ehiladelpliia. j
JOHN itT-4ita:''":;
Takesoinforming oitteus
-tchilers anifflie publicgeneially, that he has
retitic erk.tbe Old- 'stand Kreeehtly'eceufwiiid
George L. Xaskiey,) . and is nov r p,erioikeently
fixed to pri)seeute,
THE TING ilu§riv.Eqs
..• ALi.ixrs BRANCHES;
flaying' just returned from : the city,where
he selected a large, varied and, fashionable
ass:Um:lento( eferything in the • : 3 % I
• HATI , ANb CAP t•
and now only asks examinationdef
stock and 'pricee i befOr6 purchasing elsewhere.
Jlaving alsgg laid in ,a stock of ~Elpttipgnater
ial; tie Willye 'enabled , ' at shore,nottef,,fo
manufacture till4ualitiee-ufzinivAhd(bobleon
.80/1..t0 tpe..9,94..Paskiona4le
Employing none but Ike;bb i s i t, w, or/469f1i
and manufacturing goodtit tiftlpricosi
he hopes to
„merit and. receive„a
1 e
If public - patrOnage: pave
paid for Furs—in trade or dale , ": :141
ikew York and ?liiladelplija
Cemetery Lots, Dwqlings,
Public Squares; 6-c.
ordered by the Court, that the pr,
Courts for 1565 for the trial and dec.
cases in the Common Pleas', Orphans'
and Quarter Sessions, are to be held as
1 week, commencing on Monday, Mar
June 1,
1 64 Cf 66 Sept. 1,
1 " 44 66 1-/Ce. 1,1.
To continue one week from the said , la%
spectively, and as much longer as the
may require. All the cases Olt the
gument in the Orphans' Court, shall t
up on the first days of said terms, any; • .
seeded with until disposed of, unless con
by. consent or cause shown.
The cases oitlielirgument list in the (41;,,..
ter Sessions shall be taken up on Wed ne.,
of said term, if not prviented by the 0rp , ,, :
Coiirt. and if en, the cases in the Quarter
clone w.ll be commenced on the terminatLr,
the Orphans' Court bus.ness.
The argument of the cases in the .
Pleas to be coatinenced on Thu-'.lnc oft
week, if not prevented by the Orpnani'
or Quarter Sessions cases, in that case, thlt a t .
gument list of said court is to be taken ..,r,.
the termination of the casesin the other co, c ,
end preceded in until disposed of, unle:ts c
tinned by consent or cause shown.
It is' further ordered that the absence
coursel at the time appointed for hearing
cases mentioned in the preceding orders sh,
be no cause:tor suspending the ptoceedlt z ,
therein, unless by consent, or legal ground
Continuance be shown.
It is ordered by the Cuurt that Adjourue
Courts for Jury 'Friuli in the Comthon Ple3,
will be held as follOwat
1 week commencing on Monday Jan'y
cc CC " Feb'y
CS it • " Feb'y 21e
CC CC " May 22d,
" May Ztr,
‘C Sept. 4th,
if • Ci : • " Oct. 16th,
. 44 ' . 1‘ " Oct.- 234,
c• " " Dec. 4th.
And stet other periods as may be appoirn.
at the 'aforesaid Courts, , or at, regular.terms.
, '
- Protkoriot,,,,J.
iB ' this Slgl „ we 9onquer
‘llYigever the tday" seems long,
Or'-thir•hedrt brigins to fail,
' .IVelsing,l2 , more wonderful song.
more wonderful Ade
JAN VARY J.,: 1865
'OF TEtB ! •
tnt "Nlim Volt ; farnurp
The Pride of = the Fireside
N the prime'of a - vigorous intellectual awn
.j_hoed, tee col the weeklies
its flight neW 3 , ea'i t ; oi'ef'the wreck : of
"its flagging and lifeless .contomporara.,, %rim
its eye fixed upon.ttri sani,..beneuth ~01,
owns no rivalry. •
The' war; -Wthich.b tis toppled down w.:at ever
is shallow and baseless, haa.written no artil
kle.on tbe priglit„"i t s., of ,our -succeL.,
features (or the issue of IffrA shakethe pin,
tifivhateverthiis heketcifore been deemed in.
penal n 691i1SlittrukeIN.t. itoth sides of
Atlantic render tis tribute: We shall coalia::.
'the thrillinerornin`clas , ollaliss M. E.
pecrninencer of the!ktrong.,cterk
whorn'we pay inoie theniey Lifinhally ta•n :'-
:eritire•catrltal oftiesimitaterskand add to L.l.
mexicari staff the; el:tampion : Jester of the
and he'll's, Josh" Billings, *lie Will •co !WY -•
with lire ti6t:ofibluuary °Aeries of his
luiown initnitabie papers, writt , m ...-
prestly'for 'eon vukt. •
"verri..;'Hartiet e.Treseotti,the most polood
.ang iinaginatve, sketch-writer living .
Barnum, the world'fain'ea shbw-man and :.
lobioginphtvr bliss:6l. A. garl.., Fairfax ho.
fotir t .Dr,J,,,A : ..B.ohinson, and •• Ned Bubti , ,
ienowned tuid' versatile novelette-w.:•,.
tvill'eket..tatt the tiarkling contribut,un,
such facile poets, fuilletonists, huinnrisTs,
tics, traveleis,.p n eragraphists, etc., Geer:.
Astiold, O. Eaten, Millie W. La/PCMI,I,
Gtiorge S.
glivard.Willett,.George IU.,:,111 BAP-
Peiten, others, Linnt,}ll,
e itougti tend elt'irer enough to moult the news
.papers °Alba .Contineot::
T. e vivid pencils of, Darley, Mclknan, an".
Waite, the'flier draughtsmen of the are, wit
Matieithenew. , roluntiepicturial, and iv hate% et
of, fugitiye or metoric note may appear dime:.
the year, will be engaged and IRA.:
:; a .
In additiot to its crisp and teling ed
; Via delectable 4'tissipers' Club, in wlite't
,the taptest: and !wittiest poems, caricature:,
t urleaques of the tine, last appear; tat
idsanjuetti§h , tadiek Promenade, to which at
;Gar indihers,..:B*eetbearts, daughters, wires.
: 4911,WiidcKy.1pf the Jand subscriue their expe
rteneel, The Neat 'York Mercury will COMUI -
T.e.Atie faithful anti cogen t
Pholographa•of: Popular People,
bigbly illvstvive of the oldest, ablest, an!
Great Fashion
:Attie/42 byi.Jelgtie 3,One,,,,Witose spriglnli
notes upon the latest ',and most perfect .Ne‘ ,
'VOW rabde.C . 'iti t e'stigeratiVe ttb leaders of so
ciety,every where, d p e n iv.ersally consult
both in the metrop"olis' arid .'hroughout lle
. coitiftlyiniiil'ctiErtilienceilitirfea of illustrated
.SketcliesAf HroteptilArr. l igOvptituse. in Fore , o
elimesduring the IVer, by Alfred Trample;
as welf r as qiints'ution toialrery,. by Henry
The firsistif•the 'year *ill inaugurate the
thrilling g original, novelette - 'Doc - tar J. If•
Rbbiu•:J r"+ - ;+s • • •
'ALSTHE 7.4)r;., ake Corti.
which will tiebfdllowed by =a splendid new
stay, hy Effradilon. written expres ,
Ty for " The YdriciliterCiu l Y."
!Notwithstanding the upward march of every
ri.rticleiotlexury and cot sumplion, and of
iticirmouslkincreasid outlay for the year 186 , ,
thh..Star, Paper of Abe - Republic, With. its fort!
columns oftiterling ortOnat JoattCre Will con
tinue lo be fesiied at But cell& a- dopy, any
sold by all newsmen and periiidical-dealer:
in America. Itslong and honorable history
. insuret.ite aubscriberg againit the .4asualiti. ,
and fatalities which have swept so mss}
"mushroom dfr the - board, and left
their.patidns disconsolateaLt the loss of then
subscribers citirierrei ate :
• Cashlia: advance? Sing-tel copieh, $2.1 ,0
year ,; ,three copies, ,117; six coPiee.,, $l3 ; nine
topies,"s2o. The Party Who's - elide us aio for
club enicie copieswillireceite an add/tw
at copy free r Six months' subscriptions re-
Velvet. 'Ceded& subscribers Send twenty
cents extra for each subscription, to pay the
Canadican postage.
ShlAcri hers shohld :careful write
,ly the . name of their post-office, county 80 d
State.' `Specimeri 'copies 'setit fiee'tm all apph
'ants. •• .) Address., f., ."„, • ,
~ C ATIL. D WA'LL WHITNEY, • Pioptietois 'Mercury,
.14.8 .11r.
• VSuperior Old BrEnd3s.old Rye WhiskeY: i
gqlland qia Illinieria, Lisbon, 41011 an
'Port Witter. • " " •
gittapuFg yirlitakeriawaye on hand at th: t
leweerniarket i lifieemr 'Very Rile Brand)"
veiY.4o.iv fikusev, .0 -
, J. R. DIFFFiNIIA.DH. garket-st.
Y4fi.4 I
RIIICEI CIA 0 CS S Jars and ,
Laguira Coffee ; Cr:tailed, „;'ulvarizerl a n "
Brawl' Sugarl Superior Gre'eit'an'tf Black Tee ,
Rice, Chpeie - silid Spices; and, prime De
t% t.keellebi Pearl . barley at
, t. .D.Z.C.IPS.
tUbt CtOTIi - CiirEW"COAT is the
j very best thing T,oSurfor Avetweather—o t
Oil-Cloth—but,anruethiag -far superior war'
afcgt. ediriPt %AO* .9410 1 .9_d_LeakPrihre t 4e ' n
.. ./AP.F.E.NBACH'S•
d IL, 1 I • ,:111 , . , Ift
I.3Prepaied #o)sdiltiize or 'lnatari Corn, for
me at „
B OHLEN'S long celebrated