The Mariettian. (Marietta [Pa.]) 1861-18??, January 21, 1865, Image 1

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'PUBLISHED wEr,ici.y''
4 /9. ~ acilf-26
ce in "OmWs Row," on rront intent, five
doors Ent of PlatVs Hotel. •
gle Copies, with, or without Wtappers,
:d i or less)7s cents for the.first insertion and
One Dollar and-a-half for 3 , insertions. Pro-
Rielonal and Business cal ds; 'six lints or leas
tss per annum. Notices in tiie reading col
mns,fine cents a-line. Marriages and Deaths,
e simple announcement,' ; ituelifr any
ditional 'ages, five dente IA
A liberal deduction made to 'yearly and half
arty advertise" . '
Having just—adfed a 0 : Ne.iyiiiralr . Mout!-
SIN Tonnes Pitz6s, l ' together . with a large
imortthent of note Job and Card'fyliel, , TUts,
it orders, &p., &c., f6,the.jo6 OilicO of "TAE
IA ILIETTIA which Will insure the f. ne and
peedy execution of all kinds of Too CYRD
froin the .finoltat 16 1 the
A RGEST POSNER, at.ienlionalife priccp.
, .
and ,
he world, the cold d hiartlessmorlki,
May 'gaze on thee and see..
'co trace of beauty, yet then, art
Most beautiful to me ;
.or that sweet:,loving soul of thine,:
Which dwells within , thy form,.
s like a gushing streamlet pure,
Unscathed by passion's storm;
;dud innoce'nee'an'd tt'uthfulness,
And virtue,-love,and grace, •
Are far More Apieefoits , my sight t
That; beant'Y of the fac'e:, • r •
.1 often turn my eyes away',
When gazing upon, thee, .',
';'or oft 1 feel such love as thine - •
Is not for one like the
'.et soon I turn again, entranced
' By the bewitching
. feel, within my inmeattsonl v
/ love thee fur too 'Well';
And though perchance thou mayestrnot
Reciprocate it here, • ;
Yet we shall meet inTaradise,
• Unsullied by a tear.
bt Ntin gr#:
Joy! Joy! a year is born :
A year to man is given,
For hope, and peace, and lavclp,
For faith, and truth, and heaven.
Though earth be ,dark wit care,
With death and sorrow rife;
Yet toil, and ptiln, - ,04,1:1 1 4eFt
Lead to a higher life.
t- -
Behdtd,vfWe field s ' art! ite !
No longer idlyittand !
Go forth in love acd might ;
Man needs thy'
Thus may each 'day and year
To prayer and toil ,be given,
Till man to (lad draw near,
And earth beConte'lifie'heriven
Drill for‘Singlelrolunteers
Fall in—Love with some amiable and
virtiiims young woman on the first - op.
portunity you 4aTe.,
Atetirion—Pay to her, assiduously and
Right Face ~- P oßping' the question
like a man, and she'lltaeoept von.
Quick March—To her parenta and
ask their consent.
Right Turn—With her to the church,
and go through the servicee, of holy . ilia
trimony. •
40—Awl reflect seriously : for 'few
moments ; then determine to devote
yourself entirely to your wife
Right about FaceFrotnythe• harp
that you 'have frequented ' when sing e,
'and prefer 'your own honie. ' ` I
Advance Arnts—T,o„yogs :young Wife
whea.nutwallting, °together =and :dpp't
let her iftilt,three or &dr. yards 'behind
, Break ok--l3illiard playing, betting,
and staying out at night, if yntt.*iiih to
Any, a happy, hoine. r.
ar Theodore Tilton; the able and
a6;e6Mplished editor of the Net,' York
Independent,: in a recent leetnre,irelated
the follm r tlig,,anmsin g sk,necdote about i
Wendell dritingdfshed
orator wall; in a railiok clar,
when he wall addressed by a man °tench
rotundity, that lie. kei.ed to earryeirhry
thing before him. , Tbis man asked Xt..
Ojeot of his life
Philips what was
'To benefit the negra,', wir ;Abe bland
reply.—'Well, then ; I v ty 3 i; ,1104p..y0u *go
down South to dolt r• I :Phatt is worth
thinking of. I see
• • ytsur Beek ; psay, what, ill thek , oble f etjof
youi, life ?' 'To sageirout
'May,] ,ask yon if yon p r ropose - to go
there to do it?'" to
IR; A l mon boasting- of,,Vil jelt
of hie Alt*en; said .':
was so smart that it would taliiits d
off of a hot stove without being told.
Prom, --"lhe-tirystal - Gem**
Published by the scholars of the Marie a
High School.
• Atttoblogra.phypta ,Cat.
4 ,.....-,
.- 4:........--_---,..4
I mob born' he year 1850, andtitri
now aft old an `eiperimed-Cat.' Twill
relate! a fdw ( of ‘s.tpyr pilienturi3a. the
first t lag lireMe
itib - ar was that I was
lying tr a fieytnesi `With • three sisti4s
and MY mother„ a feti-,day's aftevwe had
-. i
our o t os open we began to be veryjipiy,
we wStild romp around in the hay, and
bury ourselves' in it, acid latefinti fun,
but one day wai suddenly:stop
ped, firi there appeared •a monster over
in a part of the bay motto *Wel' Pur
Mother. had, forbidden us to go. He
,seemed to , come, up through the floor,
!and took us so by surprise thetas's/stood
spell-bound. I will describe ifOx ,. ap
pearanc'e. of this monster ; he had a -hor
rible big month which looked as it it
would swallow up 0ne.,,0f as poor little
kittens' at a moments notice ; ho had in
his month two rows of big white. teeth
and he had such a head full of hitir ; he
;had only two legs and there was a'queer
looking what we called little legs or, as
our mother afterwards told ns, an arm
-bangingom each side of his body; I said
'before,' we were very ranch frightened,
but our mother told us not to he afraid
'fdr 'Vile' monster was only a 'man ; bat,
we were still afraid and we had reason
to be so, for before my , mother knew
what he was about, he hid snatched up
two (deny Sisters, and carried them off.
My mother mourned for her kittens,
and so did I and my remaining sister,
but we were too young to feel their loss
long, so we romped about the hay as
usual, but now as we were a month old .
our 'Mother thought it 'proper to take
us into society. We, soon farmed very
- pleasant acquaintances withiother cats,
had 'snob miricnbtheiallOw . ed Us to rair.-
ble about. in the night. ,One night
three companions and myself were sit
ting under a tree talking politics when
we spied at no very great distance a
large dog looking at us, we rushed fc4 l
the tree and all got , up . but me. for the
dog had seen us running for the tree,
and so he had run and just got there in
time to catch me. I was very much
frightened, and begged for my life but
the cold, hearted dog would not let me
go, but carried me to his
, hopse, where
he laid me on the straw Mid sat watch
ing'me. His house was pretty big, and
as he laid on one side 'there was qaite a
wide space between him and the other
side,• so, taking advantage of this passage
I started past him-and out the door, and
before he could get out I was safely
lodged in a•tree. As he did not know
'what tree I was on , he went to his house
again, and 1 returned in safety to my
companions. I have related very few
-of my adventures, but maybe I can tell
you some more another time.
One ' sii4A . re (10
agir Parson Browniow thus compares
his family record with that of Prentice
of the Louisville Journal :
"My two pons entered the Federal
army, and one of them is. now at home
on crutches, because of wounds received
in leading his regiment of cavalry in a
charge upon Wheeier's faces in middle
Tennessee. My other son is in Geneal
Gillem'e ; command, and was in the fight
when that great Kentucky horse tkiief,
licorgaß t was killed, iinder whom n and
with whom your sons have been fighting
agnips4 the ,governuietit upon whose
'bbiinty their rebel mother and contract
hunting father are living. .One of your
sons wasAldied in Kentucky whileton a
horse stealing eipedition under r ebi
'officers. Your °then son is now on. trial
in Virginia foi the , murder" of a l / 4 bother
rebel named White. Your wife is an
avowed rebril,:ind ought to' be tie t
Sorali by the Federal euthorities , r and
You are' hut one degree ,removed frotu,e,
rebel and' a traitor, having been corn=
pletely.plah3d ont."
gir During the progress of the Op
dyke:Weed libel snit in, New York on
Friday last, Mr. William M. Evans, was
in the midststf an eloquent plea for the
defendant, when he vi , r;as.interrapted by
a JeWifidi juror, who said that his sab
tatilt was . shoat to
,begin and, he could
not liitea any 'longer, 80 'the Cot
adjournedto Monday, after a controfer
sy, in which the -.juror' said he:would
leave at,sanset, whether he was fined
•for contempt or not.,
SPA- modern French writer says, "Jt
, 'clan. prescribing Air a sick
man. al
aye reminds: him of a child ani;ffing,:a
.Oandie—it is ten to one it snuffs it out"
littB2o6oiernigrants 'arrived at. New.
York port alone, last year.
b 2 c n tan
NgttOtnt Vousnthania ,Xnatunl, for ,fie ,NAnit Cult
Coquetry and dietrihntlen. •
1 he South 4iicids blew gently thrOithl
the branches ot stitel'i , ' - old 61tia
'Orr War
by Judge Aubuto'; Whose Mansion was
situated , on the outskirts of a beantiful
village in the ; eastern, ; , part ' ol
van's. , On,that, warm evening
might have been seerwseated •inytheolit:
tle - fs nes r h tinge lb itlie itheAqinieritituly
itli t a
burn, Judge .10i , hurn;t3,,,13it4
belle, and coquette, of ,the r villegej,,Ahe
was , • - in deep , rekerie:'
Would 'fail. m§• if 11 , Were tito l'ett(freptigito
as shp; , upPetie'd her.ovenip; wrapper.
fekc 9i,ci e say 'track ,hair,
which fell in long-, curls „ itrouud,, ier
shoulders, her fairy ; likeform, and, tier
winning ways had wrought for her count,
less admirers. .A.rnong the most, ardent
of these were Eugene Montourand Hare
ry Worthii3gto'n. Viola was' started
from the reverie into which she had fal
len by a rustling'or the bushes - on' the
outside, and the neat moment she wits
face to f s ace with yo,unk. iieutenant 7
Eugene Montour. . • • •
"Glood.evening, darling,". he said, tak
ing 'hei iiroffered hand: r". 13 ow is3my
little one 7"
"Very well, I thank you. Why; Mr.
Montour, you look like the hero of many
battles already',: with tho'se regimentals
-"No flattery, darling." ,
"Indeed, it is not flattery in the,leaat."
' A few more 'common-place =•remarks
were made, when Eugene'seated himself
by her side, and, taking her hand in'his,
;Viola, Yain- Pilig 4 7 ig
to my rfgimeat, a feWmilet3below here,
will f b due ion a AIN rcirpt,s)l,kilirilbie,' ,
what f wish . to say must be said in a:
few words. Our. regipeutt!leaves:. Atte
day after to-morrow fik:Wttakitigttp,
and .1. could,not go altayi gad sie.av9 r You
without:tined more asking,,
wife. 1 have already asked you twice
but venture it .the
You little amain how 4. 1 6 r: you are to
me, and what a great pleasure,lkrpl
to me to know, while on tile' battle=field,
that when I return it will 'be to' 'Claim
you as my bride." , .
paused. He saw that she = was
about to speak, but he interrnpte4
"I fear your answer: , , If you I P7P
as , l love you, you will not blast my. fu
ture happiness."
Viola rose and, facing him, said--
. '"Well, Mr. iliontour, 'may as.w.ell be
fr 'tik with you' Ido 'love* you, but' I
um engaged to another..."
How harshly those words grated.'on
the brave young lieutenant's ears , and,
just as he was going to &Sir whe' was his
rival, a third. Party' appeared on tho
scehe. was garry orthibgton;
"I hope' .I do Cot intruder., •,‘
t'coli I not in the ileast., /04,the con
trary,. we.are glad to see y.ou," she said,
gilyancing and taking ., his proffered
band. ;
- The'two gentlemen were.' then' intro
to each otheT,,and ifter a fow,re.
marks were ramie abbut the'eipling- t the
war, And a few. other,siibfects,,Lientblv
ant lliontcidrwialicd tie .coppariktrislia
and dowpeast` spirit, end wended'his-way
to tlie.xiliage ..depot, thi;ie;, to get on
, th e th oet It' ` carry' h i in , to
his regiment ; but What was ble surprise
to find the:t;the •only' 'P'eciipant _of f -the
train••were ! ales!. of his I fellow:• - ;;..i: s i
who ikfOrineatiin ihal k this - tratiy„ 4— : o
carry. thaiiite,go44l 3 t.444t4 ward'. iirbi
nezt day :
awaiting further orders:-
Let lie return to our het§insi ttioin
.we left hi , company with : Harry .W,orthi
in g ton.
"'Viola," hp, said, after' they had eon
versed` for some., timci 3"tbll me what
Mr. Moitotir iS; to yowl": '
with a l aug h an d a
coquet:did:l . l4:s )153 1 1 4 . "
Arcithed' to each Otheil"‘" ; •
Iltadlong 1 44 0 4.0, four
love, end 'lame day to call yousinpown;
hEtN;E! long loved 'you, and :now''tfi~tt' I
knowliiat ;fon can liWrib `mereto me,
`the be 'dark' at best! MOs
'Auburn, I hope you wtli ailci`er. me te
see yoir homa, as the evening `is getting'
quite dark."
"No'; I thank Yon, 'l' de not - wiehAtO
pnfTotrt6so mnolr trouble. ; and I "hive
to be out after i dar i kby.rnytelf.:!
.oerhen I willthave to- bid. you goed..
evening, for I have made an engage-
Inent•thatrranat bex fulfilled .".. he eaid
'14;64 and 00;5/46.r.4aad`:-
"I hope we part as friends, Mr. Wor-
IOINING: lASI:4U 2 . "'
ittaK. `2 7, %
• ViVe.)4.f . ' VOL. , .Xl.=)l
TO. 25.
. _• . .
fiii ng iod4i., .1.: ,•• 'lll ::14... .., (•i
L '' "Itei, is' frfenliiili kihritatiitd iijol'e . YA
"S'6l gayihehe'lVftlaell.'th ":. L, ' '''''':'',- 1
tl 4 6103 tal l/ MI; idettiii,"%hli'ilaid; liifter
he had gone, "to think that I vintilii
biPli) mitsetral.'s% 0 9,R9 f 9,991.01: !A s hi d I
TIP, iflad 6 1 1 4 , ,J_Xf h P',l I rristfA t 'a RI cPlPtt a ll4 l ",
0 ifoi,lb lin . 1 4P.RP% ,irls'Po Wirt: !PIP !
fttllek I :ERNMYI I °I 3 .I l i.M . ei , lll i th a t t clit
I L9Pgne,ll9Prak-..I•S:II7i4: I IOIMXPJ P. ,4 1 9M5
offers Yete i i ) 9P r P il"4-. l F49 ° q' kl i i.te t .il.
But what do I care? I can. tell them
ellP thigti atria - Wald 4. , hakel(tbld ftr6Lniiht.
Arid tiled tbesielititiibal raliabillti) tlichkih
to 4h611 lilted "A.Zploitid Nat gliatig of
Oli lit itosoldtamitarsgici , Batiestiiiisin
tikidi ibtigl listicifitsylitilblirericidllibilteNe
that Eugene Monttliirlrimeivet [the el)jr.
gf r ia r
oYM of iNTl . f!' - „_ i X ect
q l : t higir In !P e
truth were kltown, a leileye rove him,
sou tvm,lo iolitoot A gpotlu xatta4v
and .1 almost wish L naci , ,, yawl ot a ta i i i v
offer instead of telling him I was en
trageskis,Eutistillititi,l toi f i , tl Oti .1 t ocp • irate.
Whenhlie , coineshobrecli•ofa‘ithe . .iithria
will tell him howst , ldedeivlddLlMTN/awkl•
then I will set iffy cap E'er him in earn
.-- ' ,tlos set
1 6( f,...• tit oital I
I. ' So saying, ilflted l our v ot OLIT ye_
treat and started for home.' uc Al s ighlif-
, dentslie Metrhariknel4s So litird q'T
".Aih !Lyon lit,tre .truantli: atfinisl, lil
ting alarmed at yoursabsencepAndrimas•
coming to bunt Yon." . „
~. .41 Wilt, 44111 11‘*ii t amso .,
0. •• .t..
~ , ,",(,)," ! never I,mi n ig , .P9led , It i , h tkif
, .been havi , ng i o i sp,leasl,ld, , tin t, ,with„my
'lovers, you know uncle."' : ',
, '
.. . -..,.CV - tOrt
"Yes, I know," he said, as he return
,;(l tio greiiiiiirir,..iiblig r vitAdwa on
to - ifer hed'aamilkthe're 7 tO di•elini%-rof "
'''', ' , I :, s , •0 -
her many lovers: • ' '
Thelollo - wing morningoas , Judge Au-,
burn was-perusingltho Idblumns +.A, the ;
, :village nawspar4t;,,his,eys oaoghtibight,
of a paragraph headed"r.luicidesti -arid all
I,lll,•Paligil-kiinmAl'l lie head
tl'I n CR 1 94.1 3 55 i Hi e NigsPlsocib'iis i hil
,Pi t i9A in iti h eAPlLaTo undw ..V.,ii di,..''' e , 1.1 I
I , `,:l., : linun i lo t tliis l ,: !4 akartAsyil,t,, - about
ii ii
ten o'clock the 'dead ,budy . ,,,,e UV
.3grq.ll - too =0 :itat34' , l NO I I
Worthington was found lathe outs Ins,
( VIEW& billake2- 0 11iiiiiis"Stiiitilthaugh i
Ibb ea ari: II AS iiiSt6P traSvfohndi tient' tie,
Tl4iobrBls tiftiVitnielsupposiedorlfe l'eaind
to hied : 66llh by: ctinainittiagtsuicide'lM
-.A 7 1 10 :49TA°r.vis. 1 1 1, ell. •SvP9l - ,,d9Octeil" 04
Viol'e.orii.R.€l 4, IbP s fil . g4 b A eitin,so9, AO
stieriiP.Rgineflelt!' 4l 2•l'lleSerk l 3 o - i ~ .n
-, :11v. 31 1.4 ica.S: OP: 419: use Of this, r
asked her uncle. :
"Indeed, I cannot tell. Why, it : was
"o'nl'y list, e t veniiii I'ihi:ivlift.i'Worthing
toti itrvery good stiirits'.' t?' , ' '
No more wailhen said` t on the' sub
qedt.' Bcith'siere`tdd 1 1314 1 with' 'their
min thOuglits' on th'e'sdd oeddre'lice to
give utleisiiiee l to Speech, 'and. Viola
soon retired to her own room,- theire to
&a Way ,to griefzin a flood of tears; for
, viel Is sha knew iw ki at, iw as ',the 'cause 'of
Harry Warthington's , death.e: BUteafter
theifirst shock' wasiovet„she, seemed, to
-.pap steny li tile ; eittentio n ,to i, th e t , An e lan
choly occurrence;; and. VMS' stpan busy
car,yinn her old trieks of coquetry.
it- ..,g o
, 4 + 0 , 4, • , -
dreadfulf,battle .114d:3198n t fought,,
rands the , papersicsaitained lists.:,,,of
the yilled•AndcwPunded:;,,and,,One.teve
ning, as Viola was lookingrkvert , ene_. 2 .of
. 2 ?1:013 .. 11st13,)?er eye„crAht the nairp of
killed'" ' One
r.I. . .
Stilipk:Was all that escaped d'Ona tier
lir o-,,r0 , et. Nirt
and ' heruncle, On ,reshing info the
..1706 0.-020-1 1Lt 4
I rdoni found herein a state of
.1" ••'; o , ‘
-.< , vq?..41
He carried tier .63 - het . room. A filr 4 y=
sleigh wile ituninioriede , ivhortinsonodricerl
her irni a iv - silly - L4ltter
gave. vent WEIB-L 6 e : lo
Li'lltA t tgß'l l it 74 sPßEfA 9 ' ll ' 4 ' l ikroh , X 9 P d f ,yo4
fi11ai1Yer99147944 i. , ib9tiallll 4 ?c , ter
coquettish ways have left her, anc!, h 9tie
rilfuses to receive the attention, of any
11.16etrUlte... ta.tP.141.1/31.1
esays tult it
1,4 . h er . 3l acimixert!. b , h t her
giV l rtof *tiali e
Ocgigoa ;
siabirille. night die rembed
11; 'Y riCC I e u pi ' OE ' tVe 9 48 5 i t ii t I iiie
she ever 6:"r_t''''
Ghho why bf our i
tkahlildteoovaiie.With his .BataniO
filajtittiftwet:ruhomMWMl.lthem lot try
'theofollowicii, will no dclubt. , provd
"Fifteen minutes before.bed . thheoxut
4 91),-P4l49iii? cRI4, 4,P.;(1 . 5-. , Pl?t4oee. t add
a of-cold capbage,Wilktve,pit
Pkx,lFlSli.NfloS ti g 3l PeFh; aro nine >i rd
1 001P0P•t , V at i;. / . I WA'Y
VA { l r.. ,x, o
.1 9 w 1 gallA
! RI erlam j aTe
Undress Ind jump;nto bed: thein
your, hsptp44„in,tialr, 9ritee
-145141,,y&ut11) 07a is on
your,Schesi, with tllltllntex,:tilillikeiga,
merit' in his lap." L. 8415
4.1.1 '/.- •• • ..
4musuig Prov,erbs,dbout■
= f l ,ll l
i Obg 9,9d -P*K:PflA'!q&l
. ; as i f,ll9; good Ivpmfn ea4th,s6pus,t,if i
4. 7.01.7
t „ *lli t 4 . o , P3li7 l / 4 1 1% / PfittFti: l MA t ilhil;
.1411 P°:4/f./9r 1,199196
9R.F919,410r,134j*,, " La,
l a gi a ,FS t/9/9 1 344F 4 3 / 4 7; , /„T:
the ornament of the house.
A man of straw .iszot worth a woman
offge010;') ,!: — ,l
/OA s woo atti etWOPIra /8(0 eßer,At i aihon..4.,,,t
saAvgoollAtiff) iefik l / 4 1 wo;kccialltbitlf: of a
goodibsbandld w zetc 4 9ffi 19 `. l .4 0,
LElNYE.henrkhelDodEman'ts frwnyhoipe; tip
gob)] irtifa) 3 Jtablelio o 9ll,lsPFeftfl•
NcAomart's 440. 1 3 t i:9o4,llft—:!?r )iie worst ; —
ismillift). a uNi
-14 13 .04fIctinitlItil€1.4PAY , :ifia Pt; Pi?
tar(6.413 Ai e , ti .c.tirl 'suism of au-.
Ai AM Wrigo.c.r.delftV.PilPukl TOPPI V/ 1 8,
A woman conceals what she lznlxs
41 du II ins thatilps [man fill. rs L oft --bre s
the worst:tit iloifftwn
- zF F 00l Er are wise anew Lai 'the ratfrwire.,or
: women ,
rlccrititery;man , eitti4iiebe bid:retire duo] ;h e
thatthiith:heill r
of Iltidislc will swine - it.pardon ,ef'
'eeitiviettetroiaptafbigaseiierelt qt, 2113,1
81 Zaire &dist toitke :heue:eßix l l B .
You may knopilityloblish Avem111:11:bY
her finlry. - -
t IVA:II3I3 'ace 'Wise 'l3n l Pt''sridllcalt ; - Vols
Dri) , Tf :c 001, #.l;
,oegreleclitatien. •
c ll e rr, , ,lT!rfT 11;
cacti Ns? I no .
`o s llii l oati a' Wite buybe
lit"Y43 Tie e I 13,
your eye,,
'Wrkales'4 l iire!. "
raw , ' . ett' , TAllv):111
Prettmess.malos• no pottage. --
little onehath r.4wtptthe house. -6 ' . " 44
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newly married ;
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No woman-is uolf-when she is dress
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She who is born handsome isdborn
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has' a bad .wife,, ban purgator (or
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The ennrang wife makes her hus oand,
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The more women" look in their, glass
ea the lose piny IQo ttimr homer.
There is one good wife in tee countk i y.,
and every man thin,ga he bath her.
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raiders discharged by Judge (svoingel;
and that a nronlifiblition bars - been issued
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and are taking me asures . to prevent In ;
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it l i ' i i thg -4 onV ; reifable self-adjusting
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.11V6.11112*-BPreAS to get out of order.
v fygexaett,e4,loth, OT , Cog- Wheels.
It took the .First ak Vrclnium at Fifty-seven
Stale' will T6iinty F in 1864, and is, with
out alveiception, the bt.,4l , .Wringer l ever made.
.Patented in, the ,United States, England,
anadi; ' Austtalilt.''' - Akents wanted in
Energetic agents can make' from 3 to 10
Dollars per day.
That iqdn eIT galdahried'ilitt not rust;
nlfthatriiisiiriple.mildidaeisibetNt Allan a cona
plicatell one; ,
'hitt tiVriliger" slibild 7 be SW-adjusting,
desiabie,andoiffici4 ats, ,
&a ti l t I .l = B =g s' ill:t n e d tivf/ s kt l e ' p in go e rd u er se ;
Itobdianakmi in hot water Will swell,
shrink and split,; , ,
'Thai *dad teatiniffor the shaft to run in
tali Wear out; ~.„
That the Putnam' Wringer, with or without
e'og-whelsPiviil•ribt tear the clothes;
•1: Thstleog-wheel] regulators are not essential ;
,That the Putnam Wribger bas all the ad-
Valli - aged; -aria not "oherot .the disadvantages
atitiveinikiped ; , , •
That i all woo hare tested it, pronounce it
Thilat Wiinger eviet.-Iriade; . •
That it will wring anything from a thread
to a bed guilt without alteration ;
We Aught till the paper with testimonials,
biirldhert•drilyia few to: convince the skepti
cal, it euc¢ bg . i, and we say to all, test
Putnam's Wringer.
Test itthitrog ghly with any and ALL others,
and if nem entirely •satisfactory, return it.
,Ptitham .11fantifactitring :
••GENTLVOILIt lika,OWAVELpracticalesperi
,eme that ,iron gr#anized with r zinc.u.ill not
oxidize or rust one The Patnam
• WlLitigir id as nearlyieffeet as possible, and I
Cchn.thefriu4 reellantqld by the, best in use.
fteipdetfulfk ycnirs. ' ' '
.4 El I 3 3-3 YEE. ;WAIN:MELEE.
.I,iCkENENA . AhIO. I „ .;, . ,
4aP erienee in the galvanizing
f, !99
business AT ear
nab e me 'toll:worse the above state
' qiitaits , in apartitufar*.i 1.- : .
ry .Jao. C, LEFa 100 Beekman St.
New Ycirli; 'January, 1864'.
•We have tested Putnam's Clothes Wringer
by practical working,,,and know that it will
t lt. is cheap; it is simple ;, it requires no
robm,Wheitierlt'vt•Ork 3i st rest a child can
loperate jig fhproi%hly ; it
jayes time and it saes wear arid tear. We
eatiteidliliqvige Much washing
.toldo;lwithiall)intelligeni , ,Bersolo lg.'ho have
JirY*ot°ll),VYorlil Wil9ger.. It will pay for it
elf in a year - at idbtt. •" '- •-
4.,/;l.lif ..11.11/°4ACF• GAMELY.
P8.1f,F.5 77 58, $9, and . 4410.
'Sampie'Wrifigei sent.' and exPiess paid on
~14atiq a ctured and sold,wholesale and re
iiil; by bie /'•:a"" • •
PUTN , AmpntiNuFkutußlNG co.,
. No. 13 Platt Street, New York,,
Bennington, Vermont,,
Cleveland Ohia.
Ri3FAJ. in QUtLITYand Cheaper in price
the"Branilies and Wines of the
- • ''Old'
For Sampler Complaint,, Cholera infantitna,
bowel Corapiaint;Tramp, Colic and
A sure cure guarraritida, or the money refunded.
,•Inopport. of the ah,oye statements, are pre-
Ihe'Veriih6afes' of Dr. James R. Chilt
qotr;::NeivlYork; Dr. Hiram Cox, Chemical In
a?eftoro Ohio; James R. Nichols, Chem
ist, lUston';' 1:11 . :V.. — N1 'Jones, Chemical In
tkpictor,.iCircleville, Ohio ; Prof. C. T. Jackson,
, i chemist ? Bos . tp9 ; Charles Upman Shep
ard; 'Claries i ton; C.; 'and J. V. Z. Blaney,
isindrO-.- .Marincri. Consulting. .Chetrist, Chi
cago, all.of whom have anylyzed the Catawba
Brandy, and commend it in the highest terms,
for mediEiiial use.
the':llfassi.' State Atsayer. [1858.]
Ed when Ottapnitted:thrbuigh: dean linen it left
,-,tiodol or
. otferilive matter. every respect
it isa PURE apiritnOui Honer. The oil which
iverftulthis :131andylits:finvor: and aroma, is
„tikogy tipllkg-fusil or Frainmil. Its odor.par
taleei of both Ble'ffilitadd oil of grapes. With
acids it produces etheis: of a WO fragrance.
The substitution of this Brandy for Cognac
AraitP,Y 4si-11,119 away with" the manufacture of
cfrrioii t g spfrlta;'soltf under this name' both
latihoute:andabfoad.: Respectfully,'
A. / 71Asis, M. D., State Assayer
16 noyleston-sr.
(!ill ' Bir: 'AA skaft., ttr • 1664. '
h9ye 92,:iftlypea "j,..:14;0nal Pure Catawba
Brandy," with referenceto its composition and
character, being the same as . that produced in
past years. A swathe taken from ten casks
t.. 4tAltd,tbe sasne n trsght.pwAh.regard to puri
ty' slip* increased atnOuhl of the 'princi
gtdelf*t (*men& was determin
gd ,with,fornier samples.
The tpdicationa of analyst& show that this
ißriindyldstroduced 'kyr .fia me process as
Reapectrtilly, A. X. liarr - ..3, M. D.,
State Ai:Stayer, 16 Boyleston-st.
13oaton, July 30, MA- [Mass.
ti rttlnfsArl44eig4r" sr •
. a. JAC O,Et Sz'C O.
1 4 1 - Td# ‘hOEre/a11:45 rdiird ithoult. tie altdressed].
...1 31 01 , 1q., IPAI'OTtal :14.PitYptitt, ii4W- York.
• ;'iWTIMG'4S
i feiiisPipert:
iustruCtictiis aecompagy pachAtfie,c ,ekkabling a
boy ten years old to werk them successfully.
Circulars sent free. Specimen 'sheeis'of Type,
Cuts, Btc. cents. ' Address,
IS,Le fat:., 6
:ADAMS' 1 3 931;8.9 ~
31 Park Row, N. "ad 35 Lincoln-at.,
&iota,' Vise: c ' ' ' -26-1 y
iMay ly
it the use of Mer
*rag, D ryg g ate
ail] business and
rofessionMile men
eho wish to do their
'incir printing, neat
'', and cheaplv.
6pted to the print
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