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    the Wariettian.
F. L. Ba,lcer, Editor.
gfatuidag,_Mituemluts 1.e,18'64
Tan ELECTION :—Pennaylvenia„ has,
from all accounts, gone Union by over
ten thousand. Lancaster county gives
Lincoln 5600 majority ; Berks county
gives McClellan 6775 majority. Maine,
New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode
Island, Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee,
Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, West Vir
ginia, Minnesota, lowa, Michigan and
Kansas, have all gone Union, by deci
sive majorities, with the strong proba
bility of three more states, making
nineteen, whilst McClellan has only
Kentucky and Delaware for certain with
the probability of New Jersey. Was
there ever a more complete route ?
New York is claimed by both parties ;
the Cope by 1500 ; the Union party
tlaim it by 8,000.
Judge Advocate General Solt, who had
been appointed to make the investiga
tion, has published a report making
eight columns in the Washington
Chronicle, in relation to the secret as
sociations and conspiracy against the
Government in the Western and North
western States. The actual number of
persons in these secret lodges he sup
poses is 500,000, which is the 'number
Vallandigham stated it to be. It is an
armed force, the arm's being purchased
in Eastern markets, and consist of re
volvers and carbines. One of the prin
ciples of the Order is that . Federal au
thority cannot coerce a sovereign State,
the 'Federal power being without sover
eignty itself. Another is that when
the Government is administered contra
ry to the strict letter of the Constitu
tion it is the inherent right and impera
tive duty of the people to resist the
authorities and compel them by force of
arms to act constitutionally. The spa.
eific purpose of the Order at prisent is
to encourage desertion, to resist the
draft, to circulate disloyal documents,
to give intelligence to the enemy, , and
aid him by recruiting for his army, and
furnishinthim witkarnas and ammuni
tion, and aiding in destroying Glarn
ment and private property, and tMes
teblishment of a Northwestern Confed
eracy "in alliance with the South.
Judge' Bolt professes to have abundant
and reliable testimony establishing
these facts.
sar A special despatch from Wash
ington to New York stated that Gen.
McClellan had sent his resignation to
the War Department on Tuesday night,
but an answer was received from the
Department on Wednesday morning
stating that no such letter had been re
salved by that department.
sir Mere than 79,000 trees. shrubs and
herbaceous plants were planted in New
York. Central Park last year. The now completed is about
eighty miles in length, and walks about
twenty miles.
or Emma Jana Long, the girl twelve
years of age, of Paterson, N. J., who
stole a child, and after robbing it of its'
clothes, threw it into a well, has been
convicted of murder is the second de
ar Governor Seymour hae been de
feated fin. re-election for Governor of
New-York, byFentio, Union candidate,
by over 7000. Thie State ie certain for
Gr The Bank of Phoenixville, Bank
of (Mester Valley at Coatesville, and
Bank of Chester County propose to go
into business under the National Bank
ing Law.
lir Mrs. William Dennison, of New
Orleans, has been sentenced to tivelve
month's imprisoriment in the workhouse
of that city, for aiding soldiers to 'de
sir Hon. John' P. Elton, one of the
Union Electors at large for the State'of
Connecticut, elected on Tuesday last,
died on Thursday morning.
It is said the Rotbschilds, for w hom
August Belmont is, agent in this country,
have $100,000,000 invested in the math
ern confederacy.
sr The Philadelphia .Age, of Wed
nesday last, admitted that the election
of facUlellan was • hopeless from the
fill' Just as we were about: to go to
pressorellearned tbat•M "
cClellan Ras re
signed and the President accepted it.
lllir Three Blares, who sued for _their
freedom,,mnre set free et Baltimore last
ek. under the ; new Cloriatitutimn.
, . ..
Fernando Wood has been defeat.
tta 4 06444- by WV' "A. Drihse,
. -..-.. .
nati Gazette announces that Mr. J. R.
Grant, the General's father, was one of
the Vice-Presidents of a Lincoln meet
ing recently held in that city, and was
called up by the enthusiastic crowd.
He made a few remarks, which, for the
noise and his feeble voice, could not be
heard, and closed by inviting Cincinnati
ans to the grand Union meeting in Cov
ington, at which Dr. Breckinridge de
livered an address. Gen. Grant's father
was an old Henry Clay Whig. So was
Gen. Grant, himself, but he did not like
Fremont, and refused to support him,
and cast his vote for Buchanan in 1856,
and Douglas in 1860, while the "old
man" voted for Fremont and Lincoln.
But father and son will both support
the same ticket this fall.
or The comments of the Richmond
Examiner on our October elections are
highly amusing. Its sapient editor
confesses to utter disgust of the entire
system of popular suffrage. We doUbt
not he vastly prefers the old Virginia
mode, which restricts the right of suf-
frage to property holders, or even the
South Carolina arrangement, by which
the choice of President was not enjoyed
by the masses at all (black or white),
but was vested in the members of the
Legislature, always wealthy and aristo
cratic slaveholding nabobs ! They will
relish the November vote still lehs.
eir The Governors of Virginia, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Ala
bama and Mississippi held a meeting in
Augusta, Georgia, on the 17th, and
passed resolutions which declare that
it is necessary that every male person
of suitable age, and without, regard to
color, shall at once be put in the south
ern armies, and that all details of men
as special agents, provost and other
guards throughout the country shall be
at once called in and placed in the
or Miss Elizabeth Maria Black, the
fat girl of Pliceniiville, died on Sunday,
the 23d ultimo, at the age of 13 years,
6 months, and 17 days. When at the
age of 12 years Miss Black weighs.
250 pounds. At the time of her deat
she weighed 230 pounds.
Ihr The forthcoming report of the
Secretary of the Treasury will refute
the popular error in supposing that Eu
ropean trade balances have been against
us since the war commenced. Last year
our exports exceeded the imports many
lir Some years ago the celebrated
stallion Commodore was imported to
this country by John Minor Botts, at•a
cost of $24,000. He was sold a faw
days ago in Louisville, Ky., for $305.
Commodore is seventeen years old.
t Ari ingenious Parisian has inven
ted a boat in which persons can bathe,
the water flowing through it, and moves
about at the same time. A sorr of
floating cradle, with a tent roof and
sides, and a bind of band propellor.
gar A man named George Heimbach
came to his death by suffocation from
gas in his room at the Lake House, Mil.
waukee, last Friday night. On retiring
he blew out the gas, instead' of turning
it off.
fad' A correspondent from Illinois
says that "all the different crops have
been enormous, and in consequence
business of all kinds is exceedingly brisk.
Corn sells from the field at 50 cents
per bushel."
sir A. little girl, eight years of age,
who was gathering sawdust in a mill at
Wheeling, West Virginia, a few days
ago, had her hand cut off just above the
wrist by a circular saw.
air The largest valley in the world is
the Valley of the Mississippi. It , con
tains 500,000 square miles, and is one of
the most fertile and profitable regions
of the globe.
4 Letters have been received in
New Orleans from prominent Rebels in
Richmond, stating that the archives and
other Government property were being
recently removed to Lynchburg.
'Sr The Hartford Currant commemo
rated its centennial anniversary on Sat
urday, and issued to its subscribers a
fac simile of the specimen sheet publish
ed one hundred years ago.
ir A. 'little girl residing in White.
water, Wisconsin, was strangled to
death a few days'ago in endeavoring . to
Swann* a raw oyster.
•Gir The rebels are thieving and mur
dering in a small way in Kentucky, and
some have been shot. They bnined an
old riegro.
Sr Specimens of new fractional cur
rency, to supersede that now in use, have
been prepared at the Treasury Depart=
Col. Sam. Medary, of the Colum
bus, Ohio, Statesman, died in that city,
last week.
lir A. "respectable" funeral in New
York costs live hundred dollars.
sr Butter is sold in_ Canada at ten
and twelve cents per pound.
Three Beulah eardinsle hive died
or About three weeks since, a child
two years old, in Huron township, Can
ada strayed from its borne and got lost
in the woods. Although upwards of
two hundred neighbors turned out to
search, it was not found until a week
ago, when it was discovered suspended
by its clothing to a snag, with its head
downwards and one foot and a portion
of its leg gone. It appears to have
been climbing over the log, when it fell
off and caught by it's clothing. It was
in a thicket not over a hundred yards
from the house, and was passed x num
ber of times by those in search.
air At the trotting park in Provi•
donee, R. 1., on the 24th, a man weigh
ing one hundred and forty poundstider
took to run around the mile track in
sixteen minutes, dragging a sulky
weighing ninety-five pounds, in which
was seated a man weighing one hundred
and seventy pounds. He accomplished
the feat in eleven minutes and thirty
reven seconds.
Cr General Birney died in the deliri
um of fever. His last words have a po
litical value that should make a Union
war cry throughout the Loyal State.
Rising suddenly in his bed, his eyes
blazing with the fire that consumed him,
he cried with a trumpet voice, "Boys,
keep your eyes on that flag !" and fell
back dead.
Mr. Merriam, lately deceased, who
probably watched the weather, and made
close and accurate observations with in
struments, for over thirty years, than
any man living, declares that in all his
experience, he has never been able to
perceive that the moon has the least in
fluence upon the weather.
tom' A number of citizens of New
York, desirous of enhancing the thanks
giving of our soldiers before Petersburg
and Richmond, have started a movement
to send one thousand , barrels of apples
to the front. The Government has
reed to provide free transportation
Cr President Lincoln has approved
of the sentence of the Military Commis
sion in the case of the New York State
agents, Donahue and .Ferry, which is
imprisonment for life. This sentence
will be immediately carried into execu
sir General Custer, who, at the O. -
break of the war, ranked as First Lieu
tenant in the Fifth Regular Cavalry, and
has now the stars of a 4 Major-c
—oDarol ie
only twenty-four years of age, and a
splendid specimen of the finished . sol
fir A. young man named Dead has
been under trial in London, on the charge
°flaring thrown his sweetheart into
the river to rob her or a purse of money,
The . evidence,bowever, was not sufficient
to convict him, though her purse was
found in his pocket.
ar A Frenchman has discovered that
by putting tan in potato hills when plan
ted the potato rot may be prevented,
and that potatoes kept in a cellar with
tan are equally preserved from disease.
sr By the free State Constitution
which went into effect in Maryland on
the let inst., the shackles of slavery
were knocked off of over 100,000 human
fir The French gentleman who at
tended the ilippophagic banquet at
Lyons, and ate horse fried, roasted and
stewed, declare the feast to have been
a success.
se - The Sanitary Commission is hold
ing its quarterly meeting in Washing
ton. Its whole receipts to this time
have been nearly seven million dollars.
ear A Paris correspondent of the
London Post says the ladies of Paris
are now coloring their hair a light red,
that being the fashion.
rikr Ile Buehler Hotel, at Harrisburg
Pa., has been pirehased by G. J. Bolton
its present occupint, for thirty-seven
thousand five hundred dollars.
sr The proprietor of a travelling
show in England has been fined £2, for
permitting a negro to eat a rabbit
A lady kissed General Grant at
Havre 'de Grace. He blushed, but stood
it pretty well—perhaps better than Mrs.
Grant will.
ar Major Fraser, well known to all
Parisians, is jnat dead. He was an odd
stick—used a coffin for his bedstead, and
slept in it regn!arly.
wir Early has issued a lengthy order,
attributing his recent defeat to the de
sire of his troops for. plunder.
Sir A young girl, of fourteen years,
committed suicide a few days since in
New York.
or The public schools of Buffalo of
fer prizes to the young lady pupils for
the best loaves of bread.-
eir They tell of three sisters married
to one man, in Salt Lake, and all four
seemed pleased with the arrangement.
.4r If a young woman hopes ever to
have the honor of 'giving the mitten;
she learn to knit.
liord rohneraton ooniploted
oightiothjesr on the 20th °October.
Pen, Vastt war %tiEssntz
Mr. John C. Knox Rea elected a
Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsyl
vania by the Democratic party, and sub
sequently made by them Attorney Gen
eral. He was an earnest supporter of
Lincoln and Johnson.
Mr. Tod was President of the Conven
tion which nominated Stephen A. Doug
las for the Presidency. Be has since
been Governor of Ohio, and stumped
that State for Lincoln and Johnson.
Mr. Joseph Holt, of Kentucky, was
always a strong Democrat, and was Bu
chanan's Postmaster-General. He is
now Mr. Lincoln's legal adviser on points
of military law, and was a strong advo
cate of his re-election.
Every man who is put into the United
States service in Concord, N. H., has
his photograph accurately taken. On
the back.of it his, descriptive list is
placed, and it is then filed away for fu
ture reference.
From a tree that measures about a
foot in diaMeter, belonging to Abraham
Huggins, of Sheffield, was gathered, this
year, 22,750 apples, averaging nearly
1200 apples per bushel.
The Erie Gazette says. legal proceed
ings are about to be commenced against
several persons in that city, of foreign
birth, on the charge of voting for many
successive years without, being natural
ized. Right.
A thick pamphlet has just been pub
lished to prove that Presidents Harri
son and Taylor were assassinated by
poison in the interest of the South, and
that the mysterious National Hotel epi
demic in 1857 was the result of a simi
lar attempt on the life of Mr. Buchanan.
The Great Exhibition Building of
1862, in Hyde Park,Loodoe, is in pro
cess of demolition. Charges of powder ,
fired by an electric ma%hine, are used to
destroy it.
Our military authorities have forwar
•ed to the Confederates a comiiiete list
of all the rebel prisoners now in our
hands, and blank books have been for
warded to the South to receive the
names of all the troion prisoners in reb
el prisons.
The Davenport Brothers are in Eng.
land. The Queen patronizes them.
The lord of the back . stairs-in-waiting
reports that the Queen asked them why
such - clever knot-tyers and un-tyers
didn't stay in America to help it out of
its present snarl.
Among the acts passed at the late
session of the Alabama Legislature was
one which makes the crimes of negro
stealing, horse stealing, burglary, rob
bery and arson punishable with death
by hanging, without discretion of the
Gen. Sherman, in answer to a note,
asking whether be had expressed the
opinion how ninety men out of every
hundred of his army would vote, says
he is entirely ignorant of the political
bias of the men in his army, and he
would "as soon think of tampering with
a soldier's religion as with his prefer
ences for men."
Mayor Alexander, of Springfield,
Mass., has made a wager with a Demo
crat of that city, that in the event of
McClellan's election, tind within fifteen
days thereafter, the mayor is to give the
AlcOlellanite a wheelbarrow ride a dis
tance of two miles, between the hours
of I and 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
Fifty pears on a stem eight inches in
length are exhibited at a Fair in San
Francisco. Tile papers there boast of
two fruit crops in one year, and they say
three crops are not uncommon in the
In Chester county not less than thirty
mills are at work manufacturing s orghum
syrup. The price charged is 25 to 30
cents per gallon.
A Mrs. Crosby is building a new ope
ra house in Chicago, four stories high,
with a marble front, and capable of seat
ing 3,500 persons.
It is announced that Prince Freder
ick of Schleswig-Holstein-Noer will
marry the daughter of a rich American
One hundred and seventy-five profes
sional bounty- jumpers have been arres
ted in Indiana and sent to the front in
A man in Detroit had a woman dill
fame put in prison for robbing him, and
then married her to get her out.
A drafted man committed suicide by
drowning himself in the river at
nati on Friday last
Hon. Robert J. Walker returned to
New York from Europe by the Persia.
Eleven boys were arrested in Portland
last Sunday for Sabbatb_breaking.
The Atlaritic cable about to be laid
will= bear four times its own weight.
Government pays $75 apiece for arti
finial legs furnished to maimed soldiers.
The New York `. nits now hold about
twenty-five millions in gold.
Two-thirds of the product of the oil
wells of America isahipped abroad.
A-new edition of "Robinson Crime"
is befog published.
Judge to be elected under the new Con
stitution of Maryland,• as well as the
Judges of the Court of Appeals, are to
serve for fifteen years, or until they
shall have attained the age of seventy
years, whichever may first happen, and
be re-eligible until attaining said age.
Judges of the Orphan's Court and State
attorneys are not to be elected until
1867, and sheriffs not until 1865. Jus
tices of the peace are to be appointed
by the Governor, and constables by the
county commissioners for the counties,
and by the Mayor and City Council for
Baltimore city. The legislature is to
meet on the first Wednesday in every
second year thereafter. The pay of the
members to be $5 a day.
lir An unknown man, who endeavor
ed to smuggle a ride on the Great Wes
tern Railway, recently, met with a hor
rible end. He climbed upon the top of
a passenger car unperceived, and when
the train stopped blood was seen trick
ling down the side of it. On examine.
tion it was found that the man was dead,
having evidently been struck by one of
the bridges. Ms skull was completely
gar A lady named Lydia Elliot fell
into a kettle of boiling sorgburri, at
Keithsborg, Illinois, last week. She
managed to drag herself from the kettle
to a trough filled with cold water, in
which she immersed herself. Death
soon put a period to her horrible suffer
Gottschalk, the pianist has been
made a knight of the order of Charles
the Third, by the Queen of Spain.
fir Sixty thousand officers are now
in the 11. S. Navy.
It is the only reliable self-Adjusting Wring
er. No wood-work to swell of split. No
thumb-screws to get out of older.
Warranted with or with-out Cog-Wheels.
It took the First Premium at Fifty-seven
State and County pairs in 1863, and is, with
out an exception, the be•t Wringer ever made.
Patented in the United States, England,
Canada, and Australia. Agents wanted in
every town.
Energetic agents can make from 3 to 10
Dollars per day.
No. 2. $6.50 No. 1. $7.50. No. F. $8.50,
No. A. $9.50.
Sample Wringer sent and express paid on
receipt of price.
Manufactured and gold, wholesale and re
sit, by the
No. 13 Platt :Street, New York, and Cleve
land, Ohio. •
That Iron wets galvanized will not rust
That a simple machine is better than a com
plicated one;
That a Wringer should be self-adjusting,
durable, and e ffi ci ent;
That Thunth-t-strews,' and " Fastenings cause
delay and t; ouble to regulate and keep in order;
That wood soaked in hot water will swell,
shrink and split;
That wood bearings for the shaft to run in
will wear out;
That the Putnam Wringer, with or without
cog-wheels, will not tear the clothes;
That cog-wheel regulators are not essenttal ;
That the Putnam Wringer has aQ the ad
vantages, and not one of the disadvantages
above named;
That all wiio have tested it, pronounce it
the best Wringer ever made;
That it wilt wring anything from a thread
to a bad quilt without alteration ;
We might lilt the paper with testimonials,
but insert only a few to convince the skepti
cal, if such there be ; and we only to all,' test
Putnam's Wringer.
Teat it Morougldy with any and ALL others,
and if not entirely satisfactory, return it.
' Putnam Manufacturing Co :
GENTLEMEN: /know from practical experi
ence that iron well geileanized with zinc willnot
oxidize or rust one particle. The Putnam
Wringer is as near perfect as possible, and I
can cheerfully recommend it to be the best in use.
Respectfully yours.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Many Years' experience in the galvauizing
business enable me to indorse the above state
ments in all particulars.
No. 100 Beekman Street.
- . -
New York, January, 1864.
We have tested Putnam's Clothes Wringer
by practical making, and know that it will
do. It is cheap ; it is simple ; it requires no
room, whether at work or at rest ; a child can
operate it.; it does its duty thoroughly ; it
saves time and it saves wear and. tear. We
earnestly advise all who have much washing
to do, with all intelligent persons who have
any, to buy this Wringer. It will pay for it
self in a year at most. • -
May 28, 1864..6m.1
After an absence of nearly three years in
the Navy and Army of the United States has
returned to the Borough of Marietta and re
sumed the practice of Medicine.
rir Especial attention paid to Surgical cases
in which branch of his profession lie has had
very considerable experience.
Orrice in his private residence :—entrance
at the Hall door.
Another Call for 5000 Men,
Who want their Faces Shaved clean, their
Hair Cut and Beads Shampooned in the most
scientific manner, can do so by calling in at
the Market Street Barber Saloon, opposite
Libbart's Drug Store.
ACHOICE Lot of Books for children called
indistructable Pleasure Books ; Sclool and
Paper Books, Stationary, Pens, Pen holders.
&c., at LANDIS Sr. TROUT.
rj , ICHAIRY & Oak Wood, BO Cords each
II Hickory and Oak Wood. Orders must
be accompanied with the cash when they will
be promptly filled. Spangler & Patterson.
1 - 17 - ILC OX'S Celebrated Imperial Ex
tension Steel Spring. Skeleton Skirt, With
pdf-adjustible Bustle. The latest and best in
'use, just received at
Prepared from Maize, or ludian Corn;for
pary purposes. Pot sale at
iILINIt long coJelnatedlGlN ;
EQUAL in QUALITY and Cheaper in ri te
than the Brandies and Wines of the
Old World.
For Summer Complaint, Cholera Infantum,
Bowel Complaint, Cramp, Colic and
A sure cure guarrantied, or Ike money reunded
In support of the above statements, are pr e .
seated the Cettilicates of Dr. James R. Chilt
on, New-York; Dr. Hiram Ccx, Chemical In.
Spector, Ohio ; Dr. James IL .Nichols, Chem
ist, Boston; Dr. E. N. Jones, Chemical in.
Spector, Circleville, Onio ; Prof. C. T. Jackson,
Chemist, Boston ; Dr. Charles lipman Thep.
ard, Charleston, S. C. ; and J. V. Z. Blaney,
and G. A. Mariner, Consulting Chen ist, Chi.
cago, all of whom have anylyzed the Catawba
Brandy, and ci'rnmeod it in the highest terms,
for medicinal use.
Analysis of the Mass. State Assayer. [11353.)
When evaporated through clean linen it left
no oil or offensive matter. In every repect
it is a PURE spirituous liquor. Tne oil which
gives to this Brandy its flavor and aroma, is
wholly unlike fusil or grain oil. Its odor par
takes of both the fruit and nil of grapes. With
acids it produces ethers of a 'high fragrance.
The substitution of this Brandy for Cognac
Brandy will do away with the manufacture of
Fre-rmons spirits, bold under this name bath
at home and abroad. Respectfully,
A. A. Rains, M. D., State Assayer,
.16 Boyleston-at.
1 have analysed " L. Lyons' Pure Catawba
Brandy," with reterence to its composition and
character, being the same as that produced in
past ears. A sample taken from ten casks
afforded the same ;results with regard to puri
ty ; a slightly increased amount of the princi
ple on which its flavor depends was determin
ed by comparison with lamer samples.
The indications of analysis show that thla
Brandy is produced by the same process as
most of the imported Brandy.
Respectfully, A. A. Harts, M. D.,
State Assayer, 16 Boyleston•st.
Boston, July 30, 1864 [Mass.
[To whom all orders should be addressed].
3m] DEPOT, 91 Liberty-st., New-Fork
E. k H. T. ANTHONY & CO.,
Manufacturers of Photographic
N addition to our main business of Phot.-
I graph Materials, we are Head Quarters for
the following
Of these we have an immense assortment, in
cluding War Scenes, American and Foreign
Cities and Landscapes Groups, Statuary,V.
Also, Revolving Stereoscopes, for public st
private exhibition. Our Catalogue will le
sent to any address on reteipt of Stamp.
We were the first to introduce these into the
United States, and we manufacture immense
quantities in great variety, ranging in mice
from 50 cents to .50 dollars each. Our Album.
have the reputation of being superior in beau
ty- and durability to any others. They will be
sent by mail, ranE, oe, reteipt of price.
Our Catalogue now embraces over F I V
THOUSAND different stibjecti,'(to which ad
ditions are constantly being made) of Por
t•aits of Eminent Americans, gre.; about
100 Major Generals, 550 Statesmen,
200 Brig.-Generals, 130 Divines,
275 (2ulone's, 12.5 Authors,
100 Liuut. 7 Colonels, 40 irtists,
250 other Officers, 125 Staze,
73 Navy Offices, 50 Promi'ent Women
MO Prominent Foreign Portraits.
3,000 Copies of Worics of a rt,
including reproductions of the most celebrated
Engravings. Paintings, Statues, &c. Cata
logues sent on receipt of stamp. An order for
one dozen Pictures from our Catalogue will be
filled on' receipt of $1:80, and sent mail, Feu.
Photographers and others ordering goods C.
0. D will please remit layer cent. of the
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gi H. T. ANTHONY & CO.,
IYlaTeitta.ts, 501 BROADWAY, N. V.
113-The prices and quality of our goodscso
not tail to satisfy. [l2ms.
The Peoples' oab
Fur tore,
Shialt,z cYc ]Eircitlaer,
A general assortment of Bata, Cape, and
constantly on hand, which will be sold at the
lowest rates for cash.
All goods in our line manufactured to order
Lancaster, November 5, 1864.-tf.
tETTERS REMAINING unclaimed in the
i Post Office at Marietta, Pa, Tattasn , iy,
NOVEMBER, 10, 1864.
Billings, John Leicht, Jacob
Cochran, Miss C. Lily, Miss Maggie 2
Bichles, Miss Amy Maloney, Stephen
Epple, John Miller George T.
Horning, George Strickler, Caroline
Hongendouble ' J. S. Singel, E. J.
Hovener, Mr S. 2 Tyson, William
lank, Conrad 2 White, George
1 , To obtain any of these letters, the ap
plicant must call for "advertised letters," give
the date of this list, and pay one cent for ad
The undersigned will offer at 'public sale on
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, 1869, at 2 o'
clock in the afternoon, on the promises, the
Wood-leave on a TRACT OF' LAND, con
taining 15 or 16 ACRES, divided into lots as
follows No. 1, containing SIX ACRES.
No. 2.-3 Acres and 10 Perches. No. 3.-
3 Acres and 60 Perches. No. 4.-3 ACRES.
The Tract is_well situated, being near the
crossing of the road from Maytown to Hiest
and's Mill and the Marietta and Colebrook
road. Persons wishing to view the Tract
previous to the sale, will call on the subscriber
residing near the same. Tenn's at sale.
November 5, 186440'.
0 )
Came to the residence of the undersigned, re
siding in Conoy township, about two miles
east of Bainbridge, on Friday, Nov. 28th,
with two white spots across his back, about 2
years old;' The owner is requited to 'prove
property, pay charges and take him away, or
he will be sold according to law'. -
N'ovemher 5,1884.3t*
BRANDlESbrande—guarranted to be
genuine. " H. D. Benjamin..
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