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    the Earitttiatt.
F. L. Baker, Edffio
4eatiocciag, O r n, 18'14
A 13) 7 / 6 .13 A M LINCOLN,
Union sSitztorai gitittt
. .
MORTON McildlcuaiL, Philadelphia,
THOMAS - Commionmn, Beaver co. •
13. Elias W. Hale,
;14. Chas. H. Shrtier,
15. John Wister,
I. Robert P. King,
2. Gea. M. aides,
3. Henry Boom,
4. Win. H. Hern
6. Bartin H. Ankh
6. Chas: M. Runk,
6. Robert Parke. •
7. higlor,
16. D. APConaw,hy,
17. David W. Woods,
,18. Isaac Benson,
'l9. John Patton,
20. Samuel' B. Dick,
21. Diehard Bierer,
;22. John P. ,Perinty, .
,23. Ebe'zer /11'Junkin;
, 24. J . W. Blanchard.
8. Jno. A. - Hies4andi
9. R.,ll..Coryeli,
11. Edina". Halliday, 4
12. Cluo. F. Reed,
ar Mr. Reterdy Johnson, who, not
year ago declared that he bad been an
anti-slavery man for forty years, and
voted to abolieh slavery throughout the
Union by Constitutional amendment—
had no part whatever in the risible work
of making Maryland a free State. Bat
lately he made a 'Sudden change of po
sition, endorsed Gen. McClellan, oppos
ed emancipation in his native State, and
on the eve of the election advised voters
to take a solemn oath, and afterwards
break it. These simple 'facts are s re
cord which no patriot need envy.
A man named Pourri was lately
summoned on an English jury, and ex
cused himself by saying that be was a
foreigner, not able to speak English,
and had to feed with hie mouth live
hundred•young pigeons, and if he were
engaged as a juryman- they would die
directly, as there was no other man in
the country could feed them as he could.
Tbb plea was allowed.
Gen. Wool's patriotic letters
have excited the wrath of the Copper
heads, and their abuse of the brave old
warrior is unstinted. As a specimen we
'clip the following brutal libel from the
Buffalo Courier :
"The. General was always an avaricious
and rapacious 'man, spent a large portion
of his.time is• gambling with his brother
officers and; being•aci cool and skilful as
the most accomplished'blacklegi his an
noel winoings amounted to a large sum
sr The Petroleum. Oil produced in
the State of Pennsylvania was sold at
, the wells for $56,00,000 duving the last
twelvemonths, mil thulronAn4. cool of
PoslMlYAnia only produced 1651.000, 0 0 0 .
le Philadelphia, the daily solos of ps
i roleam stooks at the regular stock exj,
' c hangs board are over $200,000. ,•The
number of petrialeum companies - ortati
ized is about 150, and in New York
about 80.
or A New York court hes. lately
awarded $5,000 damages against the
Harlem Railroad gompany, for -turning
out their, horses infected with ram and
glanders, in a meadow adjoining can
stable of plaintiff, (Wilke) whereby his
horses, took the disease, end many of
them died.
A.ustin Stowell, of North Orange,
Massachusetts, the other day fired hie
gun into a chestnut tree to bring down
some chestnuts, and the charge went
into the body of a boy named Barring.
too, who was in the , tree, hidden by the
foliage. The boy , was seriously injured,
but will lire.
or In the evidence in regard to a
bridge case a few digs since, an expert
testified that a measured march of men
wasthe severest teat, of a bridge, an
that the trotting of a horse produce d
double the vibration of a ,twelve or Li
teen ton locomotive.
Or General Butler,'betrothing eon
winced that our negro soldiers are 'put
to work in rebel intrenehments, kiss no
tified the 'rebel autheritioe that, he has
oleo pit rebel' officers and soldiers at
work on tint* Gap Canal. •
The Brazil Mail- says owing to
the American rebellion, number of
Southern wealthy planters purpose .set-
Sing in Brazil ; some hare already arri
ved with their slaves and money—their
families soon to folloir.
er The , principal , discoveries of nick
el in North. limetiaa'hatie been in Mat
tism, at, and Landaster .county,,:Pa.
The article known as German , silver, is
composed chiefly of this metal.
er General Butler sent 1 ratlODOWS
sauce to %Ohio two and a' . WO miles of
Richmond on Thursday.' The labels
were metinsimall mined., and agreed
skirmishes took place.
Cop ") Ficaonnit.—A most
p A B
hanv 4l outrage was perpetrated upon
the Amity of Mr. George weigher, at
lA tioney city, on Tuesday evening last.
4r. Geigber is a Democrat, but had
been active at.the polls, during the day,
in favor of Col. Cake.—For this, the
Copperheads determined to have re
venge and accordingly a gang of about
fifty of them went to his house, and not
finding him at home, they took the
crutches from his son, a badly wounded
soldier; and beat him shamefully with
them. Hie aged mother attempted to
intercede for him, when they set her
down, and beat her also. They .then
went out to a shed and beat a cow al
most to death. Comment upon this
cowardly outrage is un,necessam—firty
fall grown ,copperheade making _ a charge
upon an old woman, a cripPle and a cow !
but if these are the kind of chaps who
are going to make our , streets run with
blood, when Lincoln is elected, why we
don't think , we have ranch cause of alarm.
Two brothers, the r ingl ea d e rs or the
gang, wire.arrested and bound over kir
trial; one of them is, a mem* of the
Borough bound!.
A. D. Walter, ofthe Ariny of the
Potomac, writing to the New York ,
Tribune, under date of October 150,
says : "A most outrageous deception'
is being practised here in regard to the
seldiers voting. The bopperbead
forai *let heir been circulated among
them, labeled "'Union Soldiers" Vote
By this outrageous misnomer many who
desire to` vote for Lincoln and Johnson:
are deceived into Voting this Contempti
ble ticket. Officers of Copperhead pro
clivities help to promote the delusion,
aid some hail actually sent home this
ticket;` thinking they • were voting for
Lincoln and Johnson Electors." Let
the eoldiers be warned of this deception;
Could'anything be more 'contemptible.
'The directors'of the "Washington
Home," in Bost,on, a few days ago re
ceived archeek for fife hundred dollars,
from a gentleman •residing in =Philadel
phia, whO was cured of drunkennes at
that institution six and a half years ago,
in his letter he uses the following lan
guage : "If I had the ability, I woul.d
freely give the institution the cost of a
new. building, and consider it a cheap
investment, after what the house has
done for me."
or In Providence, Rhode Island,
last week, some laborers who were dig
ging a cellar turned up a piece of gold
bar about three inches in length, weigh•
ing five BEd one half ounces, and three
or four Portuguese gold coins of a de
nomination of about twenty dollars
each, two of which bore the dates of
"1693" and "1997." There were also
two or three silver mine.
t ar The Toronto. Globe, in an article
on the late Union,victories at the bal.*, says : "Gen. McClellan never
had any reasonable prospect of being
elected, bat present appearances indi
cate that he has as good a chance of
getting to be Emporer of Japan as he
helot becoming . President of the United
igr , A letter frobrNew Orleans, dated
the Bth inst.,lays : "Potatoes imported
from the'North were selling here 'two
days ago et berril, and retailed at
five centre piece: Tomittoes are selling
at the rate of" two for twenty-five cents.
Vhere is not an apple in the maiket thut
Claim bought' for less-than five cents."
Oe;..Eliaturdny night last an at.
tempt wee made hy.towq,rohhers to enter
the house, of Mr. gensley,,inAast Penns
boro,,Pa. Hor husband wing absent,
Dirs. Hensley defended the premise, and
.fired twice at the, burglars with a pietcl,
when they deenied it advisable , to beat
a 'retreat.
O. —Among the ittractions at the
late Fair at Bllstiorth, Me., was a girl
twelve years old, weighing 260 lbs., and
measuring fortplour inches around the
waist, being only_ Icirty-flve' inches in
height. Her name ihlisrlett, and she
was born on Barlett's Island, in Blnehill
Ba 7.
r or The Presidential. • eleetion this
year comes on the. Bth-of November.
electiotilorTresident was formerly
held on different days in different States ;
bat Claw years ego Congress passed a
lawmaking it uniform on the Tuesday
fter the :Best Monday in November
The 'fferrieheig treien stiles
that ex-clovernoe`Win: Bigler - was web
bed-14, a set Sr drunken rowdies Ty
rone, on, Wednesday lie had Ads
lady along, end could net de, ad himself
Air An association or 'Latter Day
Sainte has'been organized in hiononga-
City, and arranged for regular ser
miceit in the •Cumber/and Preibytelian
Ohnroh of that city.
Q', Secretary Stanton bee dismissed
twenty persons from 90ertermaster Gen
erel Pdeig's department. They are said
to have been notorious sympathizers,
with the rebels. Tbeii employment had
been long a enbjecfr. of eev,exectomplaint.
Sr The last report on the majority
for the Maryland new Constitution--
soldidi's vote and only 299.! It
would appear from this that "Maryland;
My Maryland" is still' striinily secrieb.
ft% fiastt anb Stizors
A woman named Allen has been
burned to death at Ron dont, N. Y., by,
as is supposed, her sister and husband.
All three were very dissipated. The
dying woman said that they. forced her
to drink a large quantity of liquor, and
then pouring kerosene on the bed in
which she lay, and set it on fire.
The petroleum trade in Pennsylvania
last year was larger Di, ssooo p .than the
iron - and avid - tride. The"eitles or die
orator brought $56,000,000
The, Providence Press states, that
Georg JooeS bee sued the New York
Tribune, through Horace Greeley, for
$lO,OOO, for an illeged libelous article
reflecting upon' the dramatic abilities
and private character of the Count.
Large supplies of clothing Una tnedi
cute, have been sent to, the ljnion prts
onere in Terms by General danhy.. Ar,
rangements have been made for the 131
change of 3450, of the amber.
A dog was recently captured in !ion
of Haatack's' corps carrying rebel
The statistimil returns which the
Agricultural Departmebt are now re
ceiving from all sections of the country, p
show that the crops will turn out much
better than has been anticipated.
There will 'be an eitradidinary laege
yield of potatoes. '
Two New. York newsboy) have just
started for Europe with. two thOusand
dollars each, and.propose to •set up in
business when .they get:acrosathe.water.
Their thrift is owing to the good inin7
ences of the NewsboyeLodging House.
It is singular that the two great trav
elers and discoverers' in Africa shMild
botli die' from paltry accidents. Since
was killed' by falling down 'stairs, his
foot having slipped ; mid poor Spoil'
has falldn by the careless tilie of his
Gen. Butler has relieved the rebels
from the Dutch, Gap work, General i 4 ee
having relieved our negro troops who
had 'been placed on the rebel fortifica
A woman, in Michigan lately took
hold of what she supposed to be a stove.
holder on the floor of her kitchen and
found it to be a larga'rattlesiake. She
escaped being bitten, but how is a mys
A Massachusetts soldier lately de
ceased at one of th'e military hospitals
at Washington bad twenty-three dis
tinct worindiupon hie person.
The conversion of the State banks of
Pennsylvania into. National Banks is
almost universal, and musthecome quite
so in a very short time. With one or
two exceptions all the Philadelphia
Banks have become or are abaut to , be
come, National institutions.
Col. Charles E. Phelps lately of the
4th Maryland regiment, and who 'Was
wounded and disabled in the battle ;at
Hanover Court House, was unanimously
nominated by the Union Convention of
the Third District, Baltimore, in •place
of Henry- Winter Davis;' the preseint
=miler. • • •
deneral Banks , end , his wife arrived
in Boston last Saturday evening, and
, •
to their residence in Walt !
Richard Pitch. 'one of. the pioneer
settlers of the Western Reserve, .died in
Ellsworth, Mahoning:county, . Ohio, on
the • 17th inst.; aged eighty-6ve• !years.
He:Wali'll: - liitilrel of: Qonnectidat, and
migrated: to . Ohio about sixty years
Major General McClellan; diswing
pay, but not in service, paid a visit to
James Gordon Bennett, of %be" gew
YOik Herald, at his residence on
Washington Heighte, one day last
Thomas A..,s.Nelson of Tennessee
one of the Democratic electors nomina
ted in that State, and a signer of ,the re
m9nstrance against' Andy Johnson's
hprdshell oath, has come oat for Lincoln
sod J Anson. , .
the saletof the late .McDomingh's
effecti, in Baltimore, a few , days , since,
the celebrated racing mare Flora Tem
ple,' was sold: for $B,OOO.
The Bootee Cornmercial an-,
amines. that Mr. Chandler R. Ratlll6M,
United States National . Batik Commils
- tuis bklba sent , bY the tlovernment,
to visit the principal cities in'ttiloilie
glob' of renfifiyivairia; to ascertain how .
lei it is advisable to grant - bailing prim-,
lieges to the applications that have bien
made from that quarter, whigh_fire both:
011M0f01111 and pressing.
•• Bay. Mr. Conway, writing to the Bps
• ton Commonwealth from llntb, ,
describes the meeting or th l o 3 o4Bh 4g
sociation for:the Advancement. of Bei:
once. and says
"LieutenantiM. F.. Maury, who, ,was.
present, wandered about' like, s, lost
spirit ,(119 limps more and looks ,baldei
than,eyer).. On one occnsion , he. and
his former friend, Professor W ihism B;
Itogers,.of Boston, Nilo mats also present,
met in one of the sections, and :Maury
iprepared fora recognition ; but Rogers
somehAo failed to see him,. thcugh - be
was very near." .
sr A rebel army torrespoddent says
that General Lee keeps a Bock of hems
at his headquarters. One of them, a
cock, is said to be a great pet, with the
General, who has had him from the be
gluing of the war, and carries him where
ever he goes. The General loyea fresh
laid eggs, no 'doubt. General Besure
gard'e pet is a "fine--milch- cow, which
shares all his campaigns, and is a most
indispensable companion, hie health
being so delicate that he can eat little
else besides milk and bread.
gar James Russell Lowell never pen
ned_a mnre.graphic, or wittier sentence
than hie description, of the late Demo
• :
cratic gathering at Chicago :
"The" convention was a rag bag of dis
sent. All the odds and ends of person
al discontent, every shred of private
grudge, everi , rag, snipped off by, offiCial
shears, scraps of rebel gray, the leavings
of Union blue—all hid been gathered'
an, if for the tailoring of Joseph's coat"
'sir An Innident worth 'nitrating re='
iently' occurred in Biionc county, Ken=
tacky. A wealthy 'plenter, the owner
of valuable "chattels," and well knnwn
as a iehel conservative; who intends to
vote for McClellan and Pendleton, had
a 'rat and Muscular n'egro, who was con
scripted. His owner determined to
provide' substitute for him, mounted
his horse; rode into Covington, and for
$550 engaged an Irishman to go as a
Qlt is stated that a single Eastern
leg-factory has leased eight square miles
of forest in MaiDe,. for, the purpose of
obtaining : ,supplies .of timber, for the
minufacture (Atha artificial limb. All
kindsare turned• oat, from the flesh-col
ored'and !jiver-plated prop for the gen
eral, down to the rough,nopainted stump
for the;private soldier. The "last legs"
of the Rebellion should by this time
need repair.
air The Clearfield Journal, speaking
of the defeat of Col. Bigler for Congresa
in * that district, nays: "When General
Jripho fatton was a candidate for Con
gress he carried this Democratic county
by sixty. four majority—running more
than three hundred ahead of his ticket.
Ex-Governor Bigler, with the draft to
help him, runs behind his ticket, very
clearly showing his popularity at home."
sr The 'Russian government encour
ages marriage among its soldiers, pro
videslthemouple with a house, supports
theni,: , rears their children, but takes
away all the boys at a tender age and
sends them to military garrisons, there
to be trained for the army, There are
300,000 of this kind of soldiers now in
the Remise army.
The N. Y. Herald struggled long
to save its favorite candidate, Gen, Mc-
Clellan, but at last caste him overboard
as past saving._ After an elaborate re
view of the late elections, it says
"The conclusion inevitably follows
that the results of the State elections of
Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, on
Tuesday last, have, dertermined the is
sue of the Presidential contest of 1864 1"
~ :Q There are several - good reasons
for believing that-the rebel authorities
will soon tacitlrand indirectly agree to
include boloredJsoldiers in their accep
tance of exchange' Mall fork marn. It is
understood that Gen. Lee has long been
willing to-do so, tut the- political lead
ers objected. •
sir The long bridge at. Washington,
commenced about, fifteen months ago,
is completed. It is 4,046 feet long, has
two, draws, eachseventy-eight feet long,
which are so constructed'as , to require
but two minutes to be opened and shut
again. The , coat of
,this,, is only. About
ter iP ` sesirted ' • that' Wheeler, the
rebeliuthilla elder, offered' recently to
release a nuMber of Prisoners—of the
115th Ohio, in hie possession, if they
i►ould promise to Tote for McClellan.
Soldier-like, they said they would see
him "d—ii
er In the nest lower hones of Con
gress thwßepublicans,will, have three
,fourths or the body, which , will enable
them ,to pass the amendment to the
Constitution, abolishing 41every, and,
submit into the State Legislatures for
air 'eta wedding n ,New York, the
other night, William one of the
Oast', shot hp:dealt and will prohably
- .11 1 0 badliien 'dbiappointed in lois,
and the marriage scene was too exciting
sr The Richmond Whig of the.l2lh
is:severe tnr. Grant's: order:to Idheridan
.to..lay waste; he Shenandoah Wkly. It
says it is the most infamons'orden of the
whole .Whot abOut Ake burying of
Chambersburg.l ,
jer Just as' we were about going to
prose we learned .of the discovery of a
post stupendous fraud in Baltimore' and,
Washington, by Copperhead agents , to
secure soldier's proxies. The parties
are. ip prison. , ,
lir An auctioneer lately sold .a large
lot 'of Testaments eta sale in:Baltimore.
On examination, the purchaser lona
thatithelestaments were in the Choc:
law language.
sr The "Lady's Friend," has already
attained a large circulation. The aim
of its publishers is to rival the three
dollar magazines in the quality of their i
engravings and contents. Thus it has
given during the present year, in every
number, a finely engraved and colored
Double Fashion Plate, while its other
numerous engravings are of the best
quality. The long and brilliant array
of the literary contributors to The Lady's
Friend, nearly all of whom are ladies,
is highly creditable to the Magazine,
and also to the country, as showing how
large and cultivated a class of lady
.writers it.poeseases. Many may wonder
bow any magazine can be got up jin , so
handsome and lavish a manner as this
is, at the low price of $2.50, saying
nothing of the reduced rates to clubs.
The publishers say that it is only done
by, having asery large circulation, as
money would certainly be lost on a
small edition.
We have scarcely left ourselves room
to speak of the November number, but
we. may• briefly state that there is a
beautiful and touching steel engraving,
called "The Empty Cradle"—a very
handsome Double • Colored Fashion
Plate—a quantity of other engravings,
some of them very pretty, and all very
useful to the ladies—a piece of music,
and the usual assortment of interesting
stories, poetry, &c.
- Price $2.50 ; 2 copies $4.00 ; 9 copies
$16.00 ; 21 copies $35.00. Single num
bers sent, postage paid, for 25 cents.
Address Deacon & Peterson, 319 Wal
nut street, Philadelphia.
or The election in this State, so far
as the aggregate vote on Congressmen
is concerned, cannot be decided until
the entire official returns are in. There
will not, probably, however, be more
than fifty either way. The soldiers' vote
will give a Union majority of at least
fifteen thousand—over twelve thousand
is already recorded. As to the Con
gressional delegation, sixteen Union
members are certainly elected, out. of
the twenty-four, with a chance for one
more. To the State Senate twenty
Union members are certainly elected
out of the thirty-three ; and to the tj onse
of Representatives at least sixty Union
members out of the one hundred of
which the 1-louse is composed. Thus
the Legislature is more decidely Union
than was anticipated.
sir Judge Taney's will was admitted
to probate in Baltimore on Friday. It
is dated April 28, 1859. He appoints
J. Mason Campbell, David M. Perine
and Richard 'l'. Allison, executors and
trustees under the will of all his proper
ty of every description, together with
the money that may become due on his
life insurance in Baltimore and New
York, for the use of his live daughters,
one un-married and four married, and
their descendants,
ler A story that General. Hooker has
been left immensely rich by the death
of a Mexican wife is thus disposed of by
the San Francisco Alta :
"let. General Hooker's wife was not
rich when he married her, nor at any
other time. 2d. General Hooker's
wife . wae not a Mexican. 3d. General
Hookeri wife is not dead. 4th. Gen.
era Hooker never had a' wife. sth.
Genet's! Hooker is not a Crcesus, never
was, and never will bui" '
Eir, The Davenport Gazette says that
1500:of the rebel prisoners confined on
Rock Island have , recently enlisted in
the service of the United States. They
are to be sent to the northwest territo
ries to take, part 'in oparationif against
the hostile Indians. At present they
are separated for personal safety from
their fellow prisoners, some of whom
manifest much hatred towards them be
cause they have volunteered.
Four city railroads of New York,
Second avenue, Third avenue; Sixth
avenue, and Eighth avenue, with an ag
gregate capital of $3,520,000, earned in
1863 the aggregate Bain of $1,702,585,-
22, which was 4540,532,13, over all ex
.pense of "maintaining" and "operating"
the roads and "repairs of machinery," or
an aggregate profit of over fifteen per
cent. on their capital stock.
sr An engineer on the Northwest
ern Railroad near Chicago, last week
saw an,infont crawling in the grass to
ward the track. He reversed the engine ,
tind,at the risk of hie life saved the
child before it wan cut to pieces. The
mother,, paralyzed with terror, viewed
the scene without being able to move
step to save her infant.
The estate of a deceased resident
ofHpilia, N. H. which .would _ revert to
a son and heir, has been confiscated, be
cause the eaid son has been tor * tiro
years an officer in the rebel army."
or The 14ng of Oude possesses a
fortune of $5,000,000. He has not stir
red out of his palade for ten years, and
'spends his tiow in ,collecting beautiful
birds for his aviary. 1.
ar Gov. Seymour made three speech
es in Pennsylvania, .and the. BerthlV
cans have ,gained thfbe members •of
sr.ln Zanade butter is ten to,twelve
cents per pound,*and flour $3;65 to $5
per barrel. •
ptciai Notitts
IU-A CARD TO iNTA 1.1D3.-A Clergyman
while residing in South America as a
sionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy
for the cure of Nervous Weakness, Early De
cay, Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal Or
gans and the whole train of disorders brought
on by baneful and vicious habits. Great num
bers have already been cured by this noble
remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the
afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the re
cipe for preparing and using this medicine, in
a sealed envelope, to any one who needs it,
FREE OF ERA ROE. irr Please inclose a pre
paid envelope. addressed to yourself.
Address JOSEPH T. InsAs,
Station D, Bible House, New-York
12rA Card to the Suffering. Swallow two
or three hogsheads of 4 t Buchu," "Tonic Bit
ters," "Sarsaparilla,'" Nervous Antidotes,"
&c., &c., and after you are satisfied with the
result, then try one box of Old Dr. Buchan>,
EvATA-Specific Pills--1011 be restored to-good
keel& and vigor in lesi than 30 days. They
are irely vegetable, nleasitit to take, prompt
and salutary in their effects on tbe broken
down and shattered constatution. Old and
young ca n take themwith advantage. Impor
ted and sold in the United Stateetionly by
J. S. BUTLER- 427 Bnitia;ray, N.Y.
I - Agent for the United Stites.
P. S.—A Box of the Pills, securely racked,
will be mailed to any area; on' receipt of
price, which is ONE B U otts.a, postpaid—mo
ney refunded by the agent if entire satisfac
tion is not given. [july 30-3 m
Al - Editor of Tke Mariettian. Dear Sir :
With your permission I wish to say to the rea
ders of your paper that I will send, by return
mail, to all who wish it (free), a Recipe, with
full directions for making and using s simple
Vegetable Balm, that will effectually remove,
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I will also mail free to those haviriebald
heads or bare faces, simple directions and in
formation that will enable them to start a full
growth of luxuriant Hair, Whiskers, or a
Moustache, in less than 30 dayi.
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July 30-3m] 831 Broadway, N. Y.
W. 3" To the Young or Old, Male of Female,
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toms enumerated in advertisement, and if you
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send for it at once. Lelays are dangerous.
Ask for lielmbold's, take no other.. Cures
guaranted. Beware of counterfeit and imita
1i 1 Matrimonial ! Ladies and Gentlemen.
If youlwish to marry, address the undersigned,
who will send you Without money and with
out price, valuable information that will ena
ble you to marry happy and speedily, irrespec
tive of age, wealth or beauty. This informa
tion will cost you nothing, and if you wish to
marry, 1 will cheerfully assist you . . All let
ters strictly confidential. The desired infor
mation sent by rt turn mail, and no questions
asked. Address SA RA it B. LAMBERT,
12-3m.] Greenpoint, Kings co, N.
Kr Do you want to be Cured? Dr. Buch
an's English Specific Pills cures, in less than
30 days, the worst cases of Nervousness, Im
potency, Premature Dem., , Seminal Weak
ness, Insanity, and ull Urinary, Sexual and
Nervous Affections, no matter from what
cause produced. Price $1 per box. Sent by
mail, postpaid, on receipt of an order. One
box will perfect the cure in most cases.
General Agent, No. 427 Broadway, N. Y.
Eva and Kaa:—Prof. .1. Isaacs, M. D.
Oculist and kunst. formerly of Leyden, Hol
land. is located at No. all Pine-st., Philadel
phia, where persons &Sided with diseases of
the Eye or Ear will be scientifically treated
and cured, if curable. Artificial Eyes insert
ed without pain.
_No charges made for exam
ination. The medical faculty is invited, as
he has no secrete in his mode of treatment.
February 6, 1864.-ly. •
13- To CONBVMPTIVES. ConduMptive suf
ferers will receive a valuable prescription for
the cure of Cncsumption, Asthma, Bronchitis
and all Throat and Lung affections, (free of
charge) by sending their address to
Williamsburg L lCings co. Y.
September 24, 1864.3m] OP
(treatly Reduced trice*.
Having sorted np his stock during the great
est•decline in Gold -iind hlerchandiee and is
,now predated to sell goods as low as ,
Any Retail House in or out of the Cities.
Now •selling good Prints at 31 cents, the
best at 37,1 c. Good• DeLaines, 46c, best 60c.
Gingham. from 371- to 50 cents.
Bleached and Unbleached Muslim.
from 31,.37 to 50 cents.
Latest style gOods for Gentlemen and . Boys
west,.Fancy end Black Casaimeres, Tweeds
Jeans, Cloths, together,with, all kinds of Do
mestte goods, such is Ticking, Checks, Dri
lling, &c., &c., at
Good &Tar .
ot IS, 20 to - 22 tint,. Good Cof
fee at 40.centa—best in market-at 50 cents.
la* Sirup' and all other .Groceries at re
duced prices.
He also coutionei to keep On hand a large
supply of rimester Brandies, Winn. Ginzs
Sdraidarn's,, &but* Drake's Piantat
ters, and that superior Old Rye. Persons pur
chasing ListiOrs can rely upon getting the best
article. at, the "lowest price the rearket, will
afford. '
14riette October 22,1864.
•• DR. J. Z. HOFFER, I
ifis i ;;;; OF DENTAA. SURGERY,
QF I CE:—Front street, next door to R.
Williams' Drug Store, between Locust .
Ind , Walnut streets; Columbia.