The Mariettian. (Marietta [Pa.]) 1861-18??, October 29, 1864, Image 1

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    BY FRED'I...-L-..:;130E.
It is the only reliable self-Adjusting Wring
tr. No wood-work to swell of split. No
thumb-screws to get out of order.
Warranted with or wttb-out Cog,'Wheele.
It took the First Premium at. Fifty-seven
State andTeunty Fairs in 1863, and is, with
out an exception, the beet Wringer ever made.
Patented in the United States, England,
Canada, and Australia. Agents wanted in
every town.
Energetic agents can make from 3 ,to ,10
Dollars per day.
No. 2: $6.60 No. 1. $7.60. No. F..58.50'
No. A. $9.50. • • • • , •
, Sample Wringer sent and express paid, on
receipt of price. -
11danufactifred and sold, wholesale and re."
tail, by the
No. 13 Platt Stieet, New York, and Cleve
land, Ohio
8.. C. NORTHROP, Agent.
That Iron well galvanized will not , rust;
That a simpis niachine,is better than a com
plicated one;
That a Wringer should be self-adjusting,
&rails, and efficient;
That Thumb-herewa, and Fastenings cause
delay and baubie to regulate and keep . in order;
That woud soaked in hot water will swell,
shrink and split;
That weed bearings for the shaft to run in
will wear out; •
That the Putnam Wringer, with or without
oog-wheels, will not tear the clothes; .„
That cOg-wheet regulator's are not essential •
Thafthe' Putnam Wringer line all the ad
vantages, and not one of the disadvantages
above named ;
That all woo have tested it, pronounce it
the best Wringer ever made;
That it will wring anything from a thread
to a bed quilt without alteration ;
We might till the paper with testimonials,
but lilSert only a few to convince the skepti
cal. if such there be ; and we nay to all, test
Putnam's Wringer.
Test it thoroughly w,th any and ALL others,
anti it not entirely satisfactory, return it.
Putnam Manufacturing Co :
GE:NTLEIII : I know from practical experi
ence that iron well galvanized with zinc v ill not
ezidize or rust one particle. The Putnam
Wri.ucer is as hear perfect as possible, and I
can 1.14 E I r.; ully recornuand it to bcthe best in use.
tiespectfully yours.
ChveA.nJ, Ohio.
Many veers' experience in the galvauizing
11.19irP99 cnobie me to inAmrse.the ahn.4e-etate
*us ta ea, e4racui.N.
S(1. C. I.FIP-' l ,lV.i ',
No. 100
^•..v.. York. I nuary. 1014.
ive have tested Puttiaites Clothes Wtingc r
by prnetical wtrking, and know: that, it mad
do. It is cheap ;it is simple ; requires no
roam, whether at work ofat rest; a child can
operate it; it does Its duty, thoroughly; it
saves time and it saves wear and. tear. We
earnestly advise all who have much Washing
to do, with all intelligent persuns who have
any, to buy . this Wringer. 11 will 'paY for it
self in a year at mot.
May 28, 1884,Grri.1' •
TAR DRAFT: '^';' . 4l-,;;!< : ', 1 ,,, - vi TILE DRAFT!!
Who would not be , out , of the Draft ?
DWI' that which &rects us in condection
Ir) with the Army, is not only one L-the
binft upon the roczEr these times is many
severe—co nseqtren tly we purchase goods where
we get them cheapest.
Would take this method of informing the pub
lic that he is noir prepared to furnish anything
in his line of business such . as
Glass, s, Varnishes,
&byes, Iron, Carpenter's Took` Hinges,
j Locks, Nails, all .iinds of
Building material, Coachmaker's
Goods; -Cederware,' Clocks,
Fancy Articles in large variety, with a full as
sortment of shelf koods , generally, 'whlClr he
will sell at the lowest prices, wholesalefotire
ti il. Call and 'examine the stock.
Ma.iet,a, March 5, INC
•• - • - Dy2:9l - L;LEAST
DEPOT ;•16.$ READS-ST., N. Y
The above Company are kno en all over the
World 'as the owners of the Coffee Plantations
of..lava and Batavia in the Dutch East Indies,
and are the largest monopolizers of, Coffee on
the Globe.
TAelkultilertoinfd (who ie . ampinted tkeir.
sole - Agentifisihi•trnifed"Stittediliia'in the.
British Colonies) will have foreale three dir
ferent,kinds of ,COPFRE, / which, T fooregtilar-0
ity of gradFand'ebeipliesslf 13ride,"Will defy
competiti(M.' '
Our (‘ BATAVIA COFFEE" neverheforer
tutroduced in this 'country; But ektinsively
"used in the Armitidadd NaviesOf Europe and
richly valued, will be put-up arprite's to come
within the relith' °flat consumers„ and our'
.EXTE.A. J. 4 1 74 will, 13,a the Afrignootßouum
,c,ogsp, of the age, ,
. have, forlacsciipitoda:Bori.44GM
cars, FaMilies and Governmenit:Contractor's,,,
samples (dryond drawn) for testing.; solicited. (In receipt of cdApCofee
Plilliiiltlrflifytarded as directed: latigi •
• A. LIPPX AN, 168 Reade-st., N 1,1". ,
Sote: Akent, D. E. L
First Ni,tiolig i ,BallE of KftrietUt
is now prepared to transite i t, all kinds of
The Boatrd ililectors - neetorepkv,
Wecinesday, for clwolincinl p other business,
trßank Hairs v'Pliom 9A. m
Manetta, July 20, 163:, () 8 -
OWE 3-4 STETEDPS.CflgbFgmfirrill
Colors, warrintiiii.„to:Alo
a 0 at THE. G OLF;.: for
. • ..o;o4lakeiej ,
Office lOrnll!s, It ow,'?ionlFrontleticrel,live
:„g6 , - 4 Acins,Ert
SingletOopieE4rrith, ,, 6r4without WrAppenr
, •T 1 sCLEvN S 1. I
Anviaiisind It ir AiCs : 'o3le" inmate (
lines, or less)` 06 cents for the first ineertiniriad
25 cents. for 'each: wibsequent insertion. Trig
fessional and Busingis cat ds,•of BLlCAliffl or less
at $5 per annum.. liotic.c!sin the teading
umns, fire cents a-line.
the simple announcement, FREE ; but for any
additional lines, five cents a line.
'A. liberal deduction made to yearly'and alf
yearly iadvertisera.
laving just 'added s " Nr.wrip.l,blovrc.7
TAIN" JOBBER PS " t og ether with large
• PRESS," )
assortment of new Job and Cardttype,Cute,
Borders, &c., &c., the Job Office Of "Itit
MA RIETTIAN," which will insure the fine and
speedy execution of all kinds of Poi
PRINTING; from the smallest 'Coed to the
LARGEST POSTER, at reasonable prices.
She n ever did .return, his love,,
While fiercer still she saw it burn ;
Nor with• one word did she reprove
The name she never would return. ;
In vain he. told, with love.lit,eyes,,
Ilow well he worshipped her alone;,
She never beard his, burning
They fell upon nleart of stone ,
She slighted him, for he was poor,
No fortune had at his command;
His humble lot was too obscure
To win a noble lady's hand.
With heavy heart away be turned,
And when thro'life he was more bleSt
The memory of the girl who spurned,
His early love he . still caressed r
She had another suitor, too,
A youth who left no-art untried
TO prove his love to - her was tine; •
He was a wealthy lad, beiide,
-She Baldly heard hid vows
Mit 'When he tat lin fthii3 Arta& la id
frown w-4"eJterbea-rifitgi'a amilF=
Mtn ber G ecrt udd hiM;ll
They .a while in. blissful state,
l'rolusely wureter wants supplied,
lriaad of fate
4 """hashed her idol' gifts
legilted hetirt was told,
The vows he Made Wei were nano;
krid' tluit'lle' 'who cieds for gold
'When too lite' liar choice will 'rue 1
Grief was ,inspressed upon her brow;
- The cherished•hopes she bad were set ;
-She thought of het first lover now,. ' .
And,whetber he r was living, yet.:
And while she• was a ; faithful wife„
Nor mormured-atrher lot obscure,
She riled the'clior6 - shis bade' forite,
Ana wisbeirthat sbesbad marriedpbor I
cor'tid tbevEidtig,til ' " army had a l PaWiiite
elepliant:-Which was diipplidd; dent in
his piesente ivith a cetittin filloWa i nb,l4 ,l of
toed ;- but being -totatietlea , td - atididut •
Ihirdfielf on a• journey; thd keeper of ;the :
beast diiiibished the. eation•oflood,cand
the anima' daily : , bedarrifie 'tbitinerl• and
weaker:_,,When 'its • niti - sNer "returned the
elePhant exhibited .the'grentest signs of
pleasure ; the ' feeding time came, and
laid befit° it 't e ormer a -
the' keeper ' h' r
lotraiiCts of food,
,isiii!Ali divided ' filio'
two parts, constiming 4 ;o:ne immidtately,
and leaving the other
, haouclied!,;The
officay, knowing 'theAagacit'y of :his 4 4 7a
vorite, saw immediately the frgria ° that
'lind been conialitted, and made`the ;an
confess his crime.' '•‘ ' '"::'°
CURE FOR A FELobi.—At i s soon the
part begins To swell, int: the titiatate'of'
and wisp the'part affected with
cloth' as urated th roughly wfth"The,
tinctiie, and the felodis'dtiliff. "
raiyarcian says he hio kriown'thie to care.
in scores ' case's', and it fan n e; if
nppYled in season'
ss t
, In - Sussex
eao- duu n ty, E nglan r
d lately,
i - sligh o poet ofeertlquaXe
w,ti r e felt.
old tgoman who" came mach alarm-~.
ea ca ield ont for 'a 1'
. .
• 11.!
• .
- . •
e 1,51.0 -
'l. .4
4;." 01 ,- 11 et'At.f - il 'O'lT
• t..; f l
' Mbt 3/obtrs.
G rir kiith is then lonly2reah ebsstAng:
foundation - for irtendship ; in, all but
troth thee is `a principle of'decur end
. ...I
dbislinuia ion. ; "
a 5 tj: • Arr , '
:cintuntsaist Thatiittisi
truest way to pronounce isPolish, nabs(
was to sneeze - thtere - times and say ski.,
sr A:eurrselis gke - al
to ward , h eav eiA;; =bet .41ijlelyato ereturn
on the head of him that senkitala °
• GEr HeiwbonkbolvalthetWorEdiglitl not,
beton tayttfill,tialnietitgabg knowoo.him,
sell' will never be impudentlkenot: 144
, •
~ •
lAtptulitnt tinsetato i
4trttat , for lir -slnnt-tddr
41 , "•
-I :‘= - : ThWBsiildr's WifiY. . & l' AN
. ~: . " ;v,""*"r";f1 ~
ow, Rqseolon't cry ; you' remem-1
ber vihat you proiiia4 vifieri'lliiihaeinile
t:teeii i ire of a si‘ifarl r T. ' ''' -"':i
"'nil, I know!' I 'Prorbisa 10 be
' 11. A r' 4
' 1)16 "libi ' a
courageous, o e h opef ul , to r in-
Csls; 119M 1 i4111 1 AlM.. nc 'i t ,':kra l la !MIT lir e
tgit?'"?-Parlas aßgektlrM fitiT,,,Yis r f 'Mt,
a a:
happ ine ss I U knew nothi u q t p o t: u t' 'tC 41
qh 3 RSPWAT e 'MkßM" W ffq!atqtt"ll
Rav!.l.imm , t-xo9olhriAlveV?- 1 9 1 3..
_,- ghoo r,e. RLYrA° B l , 6S a lif9P;o o -77,4110,
buret into tears and thEow b,ersels into
, into , tear s
~ .-u , i, - 41 1.1.1. ta
.the arms kir qt.4 1 1 1 4"L".;,11 .55.19i1W3
1 Rose Ilad , Nien h ";, l l e 4Pt4ilPi ll .4 , l? l : ll, l
widowed moth er . bait thlitilft d f9r A
P'n°Che r,etw ßntgggq W1RP4,14 gPT.I
looks. With all these advaplemp d g
can be imagined-thataho-dial—not want
for v Aitcird; ''''Rodti,e 7 liciiitiltailitiiSled
froiii 4 alltthe - gitYlOttigtelltitirEWfib E irti 6l
ed her Pbrit WhOglaattlitliOGraricilyttinile
to bet; he' inOtileAlthe464.ltltsiti Mandrel
ly'and , :silentlyAlfhheiirdellblitlidtdgl u ol i t
DeideihOneAraiVimirblihteltqd ?AN:klieg
16, tcPtliehiO6oillit:heafthii*Fiiiie i nf r4 titi
adveiittired - fiticl'eiploite i tii tlititar Varietal
far distant 'ldails dactliftlatn'illiteahltil : vie=
i t ivd! .. . -,,,,_ i ,:-- IF. nt)111 •:c < :1..;-'1 !,..
Re was the captain and •ifoWner /it'a
merchant vessel o aria,had — ,Esttainekjhe
age of • thirty-siffr4l/91.4 NI! f , 61tVMg
thought of coFming .i atly, Alls o thaS 4 4;4
bind him 19kia9c111.) riit4 e P l eiti e r M
to, be:the ; ocean ; : man,and.boy jlo,,,lait o o!
lived o n
i it, .All the -, associates of his
youth wure, with,lt, „Ile conardereit his
visits to land and his, sojourn. : in cities
mere incidents--recres.tio6s. that bad
nothing to do with,the real , husiness of
life. 'somehow, since his return to his
native - village, where lar-bail mbt - Men
for.many years, a strange-o.w feeling
tied-come over• him. , 'He ito longer
thought exclusively otitis projected'YO 7-
oges_ when he .was' 'aloud ;,. he .oitetler
saw 'before him the bright'eyes'andgen
tle looks of. Rose Daoverslhawthebbie
dancing waves ; instead of: thinking 'qif,
future bargains and,v,,tradesin . : - -alta shit
seemed - to occuprhia, mipd - was the'
...... , •
~. ~i .., ,,
t.krite -
..11fl t 1 ,
... : ty, an ell
~. vt vsei-ilI
xlB - v.9/i 4 ,8 ,
t. 6 ,ltl i;( ? itlf:Ll ' . • ';
td,V iVilat . ..l.l 44 .4 1 , ifj..i,? . Surely
that liOse NV <Mid 10V? hi m ,; a: ' great,
rough sailor, BO 'iriaii - yletiffi 3 Older;' too,
than she was. He, laiaglied at himself
r• ,;.•," • •, ;la F., -t4s , .1 - • -
for To6l arhen he cafhl, h imself even
hoping ?rich things, t;,a 4, he 49 0 4
,sp9 . l4l: it g
hiB Pipe' on the rocks ,OfeilOoiiiii`Alie
sea. '
-AIM ttt -
One evening,. however, it ...lianued
that 'Rose and " her 'mothegn sat =beside
him gazing at the emeotti, ;waters' and
the distant horizon itysilentiadmiration,
when Matthew burst n,uto into one3of his
4111 ear die, Matthew -Carroll what is
the matter ?" said Mrs. DanverS.!
"What are youlitughing at, captain?"
esclsmed`leose. ' 1
eokiist4l" sin bap.
his pipes from his
I" decided one. )'' d
4,, 4 ie"Vi
"Yes, Ilitouid
""'Well; then; was latigliing to thifik
bow an old fool like me, rough and'
w e a ,therbeeteu,,,pptrit , expect i wtty '
feqng :,to,,l,e,ve,mith
Now_,lvfkßP,l,Atiatiten9)4l;4P ~,tna{te toe
.laugh rjght. 0 03, 7 1 k , ;ii LIS , 11
MaY,9l4 ir9.oied
1,.d: L., a . I °,ll
" , You don't," said themptltio l lopiiimg
earnestly at her.-4tOan • -you guess who
the lisbung , girliViiiiirrm ill ,
•Whidpei., ll ho'ldint .'dOwirlheivlieied-and t
qiickinglitydecirdketi4eedttb pietes.;
TlieldiPtaim4ethhistPipelfallo' and. Ida'
40f6:4 , 4 ,0 6'153b1ea, favttirnikgetcgt Rosismhe
Zosp b - 13
r‘ emu ,qwe t o
up atNEN 74?,1131'nkflift to Abe ~yonr i
t.Qt sow E.akt.slk 43.4 i 7.0 Ca gdr :-
The captain clasped - his hand i s i tsgl4ll.*
er, and for a morgeptcould only g aieoir
tieetti cdT VII r
wife ) het aidi htrittets7 4 lSrdil r
you: ydtintittisdecoliiteditisiyon arb, , ,sbe
/ n r ,g r ikevistio‘relo: teem ed.; ei
a little coquettish ernile)cdt . ;.;dmetei
The — ciptl3-iya iitrwer,,if - upt i very ex
qt li was"e"ic:elarngrOl - oros h e
clasp ed ,It, ose lu
i his j arms and actudily.
carried be:herother, aid oldings
her as tight to his bosoni - ,as , h e
have done a baby.
"Give_her. tq„ jrie he_Letclatmed ;;
•iigivether tb, me r ,t
101;M igliDtinverramiled. lEvidbatlyothe {
'was not riinch sueprisedvtrelinext , r
A :PT° none.morettivillinglplionld,Tgiv%
her, Matthew; but, Rose,lttrequires
couragetandi resignation tote a sailor's'.
wife. Allow) will yowbearstmlettlhite. got
from Toe?"' '
"the pilinitied; l iii
'e4i4lithiag'unSei "itaing''
So" O, IN .1.4,.4 ' - tr.
completely nippy. was the captain',
I+ltl rtl '
!so entirely' ne to_liiwwerl, _home an
*ALAVA adi n 0k.t13 A54 0 748+14 0
%19,14E0Ellii titecv TP9r9aAkalb
itwo'years. sisotib
But he had-DOW - abo,ywho;liaped his
.failiteAnd w wbrinfit i toliiiiing l 'froilY his
mother to `hiim. ,Mathew ' began 'to
dream sit Al. 84,0rtf" , ',4 mist • C:79
aream agaiu of the sea—tor tuts boy s
gl3 i.“l/ $OOll 011:
sake he , wanton a rortune. tie then
usfscsoit-14. • 0409,5 :HI: .oeo.l
formed tile plan of a iucrative venture,
mos) yr.4.g11.1:2}(11:1 IPII .qct.
and settled the day on wnicli n ne I wo s to
take command of.his viesel and' set'strii:
lintillthwdielhadvntrinftedAhei end
fitallitsalt) lethilSintster?Wholhid)bitore,
Several Pffnedestsfulolilittla •liniventui'ent
htetthes4•hicciiiis ship tibfittid quidi•rto
pairtiedp , he thitugedilts
hPeaL a k n q'f( c404 , 14,#. 1 ,13 ' 1i f tr4 1
TRIA4 4 44+ aPKiPti cl.r.qqq3 ( lo Ar t
es.l4lP wYP,,ski.4 l 4 B 095,4 Iflf-Pliq"cilliqti
PRlDfPAttg4erePl4Ag3ftkeA l q,
e i n..9511,4 1 .0 f.4,9t91,4 ,1 3 • 4 ,W
9.4,Blt4insills room ~t 9 for ov er; tT9
years, and he should not be bac k beffLrg
that time.
"'"Add hi; ihti"altilgd { . 'T-116 t"; Ares
it lama tli& eitylettleiboiefi
`solemn 'aW•he stood !elf the'dlick : tof
his:d6bA sicifpitliai.• this' faiiitild `his
last venture, that he would bring 'beck
never,leave hie
~Now 40,0 gone. , ,. Rose, ~ with .F.tFairi
,iiig eyee,,c.wpa a see ; the: v,esßel'
even as a-black speck, and the captain
his long since lost Bight of the white
handkerchief his darling waved. Rose
• • • ,• •
and • her boy heve gone 'hbme, and the
ybufig motiier'kneels alone in ler pem
ber, praying , for
couragecourage to endure his ,atiaelihe.
St4•Vbdseed 4 the yearliff eptitt d
tfkva th rim? 44.higtit tteduilis‘heil*4lfilklatfe,
Thoth - el itit'die weetiblippy! I.Whattnivelfel
-si.t niantlid ? • Nothinrq She Ibittdrlni
- dared Wholelyeaetrsepithitiell.stgad
But six month's'-'Went byiiheif
dim?, tYfo•itinqi tidings, 4 .naait i he .9.l!)thei
. caßtaie. ; : His, t h9y,/grms,:
o,l4.filt i cN ne . d,
tii..96l9:444lcrianpale anO,krAya, , , AA°
third yearhe,r I,4herioas
Abdcbiliftl9-qq.i 4P4-410:) . 4. 4 v4 4.90.
$ 0 F ro., by,,,eight,..yeartit of.,•heri life.
She was now twenty-eight. INl,o,Japssr
did she watch and wait. • Shp knew the
sea had "deZ'roiligd' iAiy, d anti ii4,r ) had
'mourned ',4a
r him long` and d'eep ly ' ', " as those
widowed iu heart and not'' in s2 lao
~*:Life, bowever f mas:diffieultite,Rose.
She , iv as , forced mow totilweileforher sub.
.sistetice. ,\2+:ll , slur possesdedi was the
ecottageyandithat bogprivati4iniebuld in.
:due e' ohertgoi :Tart, withan Thew wid bw,
lhoiyever,i;hadtitifound:,.afrieud'ai irdtfeloog
them was a man well to do in the world',
the °ref Of piany vessels, pnd possess;
i,,, .11-e ~,,....„, i h and-
rtelP Sntikr, , lp.rike,, ,, fl'iks,94,4l , i
.401n*;inahel7PAY.11 Atl , llit heirYtn -
Aurentkbliiii'e tiliPw9.thy:lP,f,tiffe go; +is
,feelings t5,,,P,0_,82.,,,,,Ail offered . ti .7 1 i is
hand. Bose shrunk away ; atit hfr life ,
was very solitary, anither boy without
t iriaAbk.oil 6(46 girstite-harilies. 1 ,
laL tikihe l iifetti Yerifirlit l r Vdtivlided '
''ltnie l intifiiiia l rigaiif. ,^s '``'' 4 R”' 'al '"* l 1 ,
.. tiree'yeilie ; experience - Ikea '
' l atifolia t es73Bl.3lPeqeftilt "Aire ilias
contented and happy.:Sre`ikil f two
L'ehildrefflin'sidesther:owntbeypes she al:-
, Imays calledonatthewitthtusOntofiterjfir+
ilolbanori Gut= g1i,.:,41 b4411;11::4• 0i!..1 i ;
She was sitthig,?sOetevening? on-,;the
li g . ovilmtfillnmr.fP P l ilA4 L eYt i ? g at
l ita.its„ * .
t 4Nkr,4aAl!'44 btb 7lß l O 4 * /aP I I 4 I
1 9 4%! tlellgPH2 c 99o it ' ra g 6 ,
, i.r r:1 , bt ; : 1
. inkt91fM44419f1l
c ti"loAtEta” 8
,414 3 4109fft 1 1 e f6 t gla a ft i P .
AiPegglE Paanpfaddie 1#043 Ilk?, a satl
4-. Is alt I U S C. tvi.. ' ,9 1 - , . Ilil , 1
'sa l ) e Hid la4i kni,iliviliqqa el:i ii.; 44{.' , 3, 1
ifed i Ak 111110 1 51 Mil iirr,R env y-
handed from otirApAr i ., pyt , , l / 1 ,0 ; 1,h11,113.r
Matthew ilew-withliis alms - towards.
litenilitiatvinEin bad' tvidookletegit an.
I lifillterlglidfiontPlkinitthatmentistedethr
_ .tgeiviryl t opitio liv ki nceß , ,-.,!: ed ii 544
. ';'* 3 "t4Oblethislaatitia their t6myinnother
never lets a sailor go away ivithoutpre- T.
,lieftdwMf.lfatlYer•iiaskistiilor."o..i,l ' ! '
' . " l446 Kiii i';''4lliitthear•Oarrel, Captain-et:the
'tihiPtilitellibbt at'sea: ) Did9lfon. ever /.
ili4dr:iiffidin'T'-')' . ''. l . 1 ,' :.1 1 a.+l Hil
1""NOI j 'addlol/ 1 8 - Taiht3 , 4loallr. 4 30` , 1 i 1
4 'll4lli/eV niother'saysiheowaa a brave,
y l vaiiiiduiuni;ix.olsl a 101 bow:1,1111
4"doShiilis , rieft now.thtllll4ll o ltattbelongtil
to her, does it not ?" '' ':1- •. . -,,,,w
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`sitting yEarthte vine-cl a d' OTbb
!smiling at the infant on
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ed hishaying been there five ofnutes
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yeafi..aftee this there:uncle it les,
Yorfor Rose.
, op a. lamer NeW.
S . LAU . .., 4" •••` , .r • ••••••1
~ A s m att herd -.ldattli . ats,,prgt;ol
had left her the whole of his fortime,
k 1cea1,,,-41z1.-,rsi“ r•• •
besides, a sealed tether, which he , for
warded It read as f9ltows •
-,-4,1t913,'?"1fF1k14,11.7445!!!), diCtI.IK9F.
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children ? „l9t,,min!„arßnLid
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meets i
_What bring you?
Rot even ell mon - eye-for-40d, weiFs-erth.
layout& bring pm& butaapicolthhasbanfli
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youkbet Iramogsa,!..sonrowwabdedisgrace.
You had4mournad me 7dead l .l knesvoyon
Aad—.lNot one.hitterefeeling had ;. - 1 to'. One:look yoirtand -imp
bky,..and then away. forever.. The-,,0n1y
pr.ooflof lovel;could•give .yon. was; to
leave you peacep midi re main; dead; .as
&pp and c all 6 the iyikrlcllttlieggirtoneord
have never been back to oar,home,,and
I die among strangers, blessing yon and
Thy' boy. FaCetwellleY'own'sWeefttrl
ling wire T. that
watches " yon will r`ejoice `," '"` j ' '
iegia;i g , no a ehpecial ctause _ ft a ir M al taw
fO r r i tfitg"iiili'safa,'''',ltail • fdiPee
~li~meacl~ alias.
"1" R ase
.10 ,17
The new Constitution:of-Meryland,
after'tart; day`li days i iretirik,liiii3iete 'Bathed
lyfel kjicitF at6os . ° s 4We
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gag iitNicii l ia; oflit'e
-4iiii.effairelfriasegire ? eludb4pilly
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3 'the 4 pyht:eths l ef M Cifilt
lierertfeel.'ilielli .Ada geltiiiliißVehr
nor involuntary servitude, excel:Will
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geNl44,l4ogP4'lplX' Pa.VO44 auj,Avfoe to
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'lAtt.flri9B4T9 l. 9rAY.4 3 .r-0 3 9/i04 1 .4 1 1 1Yokpe
Constitution:- goaffirms-that—the Con.:
7 iftitifti4slPiLrite lairs 'bftlie'V niadVates
rare tee'sliiiieltfew Law len"d;'" to
Atte lr Sraifi tit l es
'fitarbannt'alkialdee. The Degpsfature
tti'diWelpirMitoirll3P fain Vheq‘te
quiitql,avaqi-cakilJ.dvnitietitisit i'Vtiffat
which renders ineligible to - blei,"aild
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Aiciatiff,st! ) So PitiPTlAtilikriaetAo
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f lute , cg,l l wilikountio.igi
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citizens of Maryland, and is the firtVet,
tempt made by-anrState-to-ypnish its
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out th - e — ql - cadroplfd: -
,Veryllolm he felt -I
Aomet_ing, 9; l _ a , IRK
scratch 'Met e ''bare,
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mintOes tbe bands r ef, be ‘ t,,h,lads_cdnnmn.:
Va in tti L ati -u tt'itrrnini fi gterald
they started for the residence of altar
deighbor,lwho dottedithem with"lbisiy;
ted.r.itlifterttebogering from,t ; ho effeCti l
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sided, and both were; uteri tbniettlesdent. a
The 'text - day theleg was split 422 En
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4ive ferocity
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Aff'ittf,yal rat eligidpik vocqiutied
otitrksc i leinA IFRIR IfffiN, Ph t l / 1 4; t 14/4 8 ;
aftie t koai} M i ff %.9 , 11 MIAS iftlf69#/id
Aeltel i al t ßi la il? r tlfi e ? " .. ". , stralt V'
" c th
s- «
Love is a very uneertaiii4ing, ani it
is not saes to be too villain of the symp.
toms llOtiLthey.are upiietakeable. The
following,will explain :our meaning :
Vienna has been stirred up, lately, by
the comical, result o a strange love
story: B' A' seems tha4 in . the house of
one Herr-Kuhne, a teacher of languages,
Dr. Kant, a young lawyer, happened to
make the acquaintaace of a lady, bur
dened with some< property, and thirty
yeara. - The lady, being nnmarned, evin
ced particular interest in the r ; oung, shy,
and pit*: abaghed man of law. She
matle love to him, in fact, very strongly,
andepeiiimiled him to visit , her at her
house: But. alas!: he loved'. another
with, she said : "With your
fa !, coabli'ilda of matrimony, may rask
if you
,rei . thought marrying your
ieitr, Dr: Kant
. sighed, and his eye
resting, on the gi:oun,d, hesitatingly mut.
te . red ia. reply : "I have alieady, thought
pf,rnarrying, and 'made my choice but
7 . 7 "fi c t;r the lady hastily interpos
sint," continued, "th 3 lady is
rlch, ~and, I am
.poor; I . am
afiaidl could hardly asPire to her hand,
Fikther, than myself_to be tax : .
ed with sordledeaigyi . s, T
~will bury my
passion i iu l iny,br i fuist, and lei it una
vowed rorever." ..94..ati early _tour of
he ,following•day; she,
,however;_ betook
.herself to a solicitor, ; and,An ,legal form
,declared her wish to present and hand
over as his sole, property the sum of
.1,50,000 guilders r --(X15,000)—to Dr.
,Kant., When, the document ,had been
.eigned,,eountersigned,.ancl,duly, comple
,ted,,she.eatldown in °the office, and, en
closing-Ain an.elpgant envelope, added
a note to the following ,effect.: "Dear
sir—l have much 'pleasure in enclosing
,a paper, mhich2.l.; hope vvill remove tho
obstacle tthe may of your marriage.
'Be ve ni e, Amotp ' Dr.
91§-antr, fortibiegana nOi'cttiier: was, 110- ad -
devisee) wags itlict pjal4 IliAl iu the
world on receiving this gentweasopiAtte.
Repairinguatvoricte AO :acitairtgits of
rFrimrleirr , Pfschel,..the lady of, his,. love,
pioposecrfer And 'receivedetha :hand
Itoralgiel iabcobad been.'flattntad, by ..his
-delicatcsithougli , •unavowed -attentions.
rHRs reiplj to:FinuleinJear„l , ink heaides
conveying his sincerest thadt,TficKuktitin
edtwo carte de - visite, - linked - together
by' th e ;lira citit ti rose eotoidif ribbon.
forthwith sued the happy
tfirideirielifit'ioi'xicititutiin, but, as' no
`ilrdEisti 2 6 7 f had'been znadei - ' the
t f se Vak-'l4l etv •lecififts;
defifitsithe. ` l.
- •
ssifir.tirbolatesk,Pmodey 3 in.;regar4 to
4e§sera,shtsfasbianable•tables of PaTis,
send tbd) frgito 401 1 : .gruwing, in
pots. Pears, cherries, peaches, grapes,
plums, -- figs, nectarines; etc„ are placed
tiNtkuktfiblif giOwirig do ' , dwarfed r'espal
'iJrsl,dflierfotbfslaildiheon eilvor sockets
A bAfiltials:t24stFawbabfries:Cgis growing
iiistlaillier'Yy plant' . 'in ffull bearing is
bilbfrit endb 4
vz , 1403 " '
Or A young minister in a . highly elab
orate sermon which-he- preached, said
e eiltatieie do
`fict'areet4itKonlatire.', Neit-morning
:to' see 'Mire, with
Aletffillin tipibn. said' her
tiis`seriboit, aiid thotgbt,
yeas' a'rOry-fine' one ;~and*bs ib `said
'''tiiii4ollieibit'aiteredietint 'agree 'with
him,' he had Bent some onhe 'beet
kidnipk v -, „,
rong Ladj
Xt When Emory,
'tieme'ri i l"Of the' iqinateeilth Corps; de
'lBt"il il . 4 1
8.18 tO tell him
he had ciargied the . Misty, the latter
said : "Good Tell Eincry shriek!"
This pleased they call him
a‘tßripk-top,V frikm tiro color of his„ hair,
tarhichi la Bandy% e *,
1 4131.1 ,t•ittr,i3. ', ~.;- Z . - .` i
A. D epp g t ! ,tlet ! c , indivOual n De
-1 trgit laving heard that the substitute
a Adivlua the i f ,-,,,, - t 1. •
he sent to , war, was .wounded; took
to his. ed,iciiii..iticel 'he' Will get up
tatoiltsb)itoeratcheslas the prox3yreou
-Ipestit,el Hel.wilV claim• a pension
(should' Iris mate ebb; discharged or die-
IlblejLit•l: 3 t'•31.3,.
A printed _whose talents were but
indifferent, trannd phykeian, He was
faked the reason of ifs, andrepliecl, "In
printing all the faults ate exposed .to
the eye, hi:Ain physic they are buried
with the patieit, and one gets off. more
easily."' ; .
lorifir4iStePl.purlileitrt.," said a4ousid
orate father Ao,his ,!'fer you are
going/um among some fAainag ng girls."
l'4l-Jkadounchstotbclr ;steal Afiir4,7. said
the unpromising yonntlnzan,f