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    the Naticttian.
F. b. gaker, Editor.
zffn of Eltttatal tgititzt.
Maarow , Bleblictiazi, Philadelphia,
13. Elias W. Hall,
,14. Chas. H. Sinner,
:15. John blister.,
1. Robert• P. King,
2. Geo.lll. Coates,
3. Henry BUM%
4. Wm. H. Kern ,
5. Bar/in H. - .7"ejs,
6. Chas. M. Runk,
6. .Rohert Parke.
7. Wm. Taylor,
8. .Ino. A. Riceland,
9. R. H. Caleb,
11. 'Edwd:
12. Chas. F. Reed
16. D. /11 , Conahy,
17. David W. Woods,
18. Isaac Benson,
19. John Patton,
20. :Same/ B. Dick,
21. Ewhard Bierer,
22. John P. Penney,
23. Ebeier 111'Jtmkin,
24. J. W. Blanchard.
singular. related
in reference•to Captain Coppinger. of
the 14th i ll S. Infantry. He was a cap
tain•in.the British espy during the Cri
mean ;war, and was taken prisoner , by
Vol. Petroffsbi,• of the Russian army.
Rassiaii , colonel is now a pcivate in
the company of Captain Coppinger, and
the two . soldiers who were fighting
againstleaoh , other during the Russian
war, are now the Most, intimate friends,
andvfight side by side in defence of the
par Several boat.loads of ,nniforms,
picked up on, various battle-fields, ar
rived at Washington from For.
.trees Monroe. One cargo compris
ed nearly fifteen hundred complete suits,
titripped, from the festering corpses of
those who have fallen in battles or per
ishud in hospitals. These desirable
. goOds are to be offered for sale, for , the,
benefit of parties who will, wear second
banded girments, and don't mind where
they come from, if only they come cheap.
er The government lands of the
.United States now amount to fourteen
hundred , thousand millions of acres.
Two millions and a-half of acres-have al-
Toady been sold for thirty-four millions
of dollars. At one-third of a cent per
acre thO remaining lends would pay off
the whole national war debt, though it
taiga be` 'four thousand five hundred
inillidins`: of' dollars. At ten cents it
wonlrt Pay off ihat debt thirty times
over. s.
',Three regiments of rebel troops
at Galveston are said to have mutinied
and turned, the guns, of the fort upon
the city. It appears that the soldiers
demanded flour from , the commissary
stores, and were refused. General Ma
gruder, who was sent for from Houston,
pacified' the . men by serving out rations
of bacon and flour.,
air Fort r — gan originally cost the
Morgano „
United States Government, in its con
struction and armament, about one mil
lion five hundred thousand dollars, and
is capable of mounting one hundred and
thirty-two guns, and garrisoning seven foraiege operations. The
Rebels, made bat, a pusillanimous de
fence of it.:
ors: S. Southard, agent of the
Adains Express Company, of Terre
Haute, Ind., committed suicide in his
room,, by shooting himself through the
head with a pistol, a few days ago. He
left a leiter, which says ; "Liquor has
ruined me, as well as thousands of others
I have tried hard to quit, but find it im
possible to do so."
ir A. lady correspondent of a Provi
dence paper computes that if the women
would cat their dresses to escape the
ground one inch, instead of trailing two
inches, as is now the fashion, a saving of
one million dollars `Would be annually
effected. ' Here is a chance km "dress
reform," as well as for innCroyttment in
lier'The Montgomery (Ala.) Adver
tiser says that Mia. Morrls, of Wetnnka,
is manufaptniiniblack sewing silk for
her, own nee. , She has her own silk
worms and raises her own mulberry
trees to feed them. Both, the worms
and the trees ere said to thrive, and , the
silk is pronouneedto be of good quality.
or ro satisfy tbe curiosity of persons
visiting Elmira ko see the rebels, a large
elevated platforii - bas been erectedout
side the enclosure, which commands a
view of the elitire grounds and its' in
mates:- .kcbarge , of ten cents is. made
for the privilege of seeing from this ele
vation.. , •
or In: ' England= recently two pito
ters were, sentenced to, ,the lash. - They
received ten each,on , the, back, from a
cat o'.nine-taile,into; which the :maker
had ingeniously inserted tenhard knots.
At each Cat - the flestraud i i►lood flew in
all directions. " • •
ar If this war should within the nest
year prove successful in its object of
crushing oat the rebellion, as we cannot
permit ourselves to doubt that it will
►nd must, the position our country will
,ccupy ih the eyes of the world will be
rery striking and important. For as
the crushing of the rebellion involves
the fate of slavery, all causes of internal
trouble will then be at an end and the
people bound together by indissoluble
bonds of brotherhood, the republic, with
an immense army of veteran troops,
generals of tried ability, and skill, and a
navy victorious everywhere, will be in
fact the great power which it has so
long asserted itself; and ready , to make
good its claims and policy at the point
of the sword.
General Grant has issued an or
der which makes the status of deserters
to our lines a very pleasant one. They
are to be provided with transportation
to any point in the North which they
may, desire to reach, or they can receive
employment in the army departments at
remunerative wages. No services will ,
be expected of them which might sub
ject them to a, chance of capture by the
rebels. This order, together with that
of General Fry, exempting them from
draft, makes a rebel deserter's position
somewhat desirable, and will doubtless
increase desertion in the ranks of the
A writing machine has at length
been discovered. This is a curious in
strument which has been invented by a
Prowl artizan named Bryois: It is for
the purpose of taking short-hand notes
with more than the usual rapidity. It
consists of a series of . levers worked by
keys like a piano, and acting on a set of
types which impress themselves od a
strip of paper that is gradually unrolled.
Working only with , one finger an ordi
nary reporter can work as quick as the
best short-hand reporter, but by using
the two hands the rapidity is increased
le' A nursemaid recently lost her
way on the cliffs of Newquay, England,
and went close to the edge of the pre
cipitous cliffs, when she slipped and fell
to the beach below, a distance of one
hundredand eight feet. Her crinoline
'expanding with the air, hoireVer,' so
broke the fall that she landed without a
scratch or a bruise, and, although much
shaken, was able at once to walk one
hundred yar . and inform hei•mistreei3
of the occu - .
Ttietkut, totes Circuit Court
at Philidelibis have decided that -the
weightbf a ton of coal is 2240 pounds
instead 'of 2000 pounds. The Judge
ruled that a company of grocers might
astwell meet arid a g ree to reduce the
number of ounces in a pound, and make
the smaller number the standard of a
pound for their customers, as for coal
dealers to agree that the weight of a
ton shall be 2000 pounds, and furbish
thatsmount to their customers. •
Oa the 30th ultimo, District At
torney, Carrington entered a suit in the
Supreme Court of District. Columbia
against William A. Hammond, late Si -
goon General United States, ,tp,recover
450,000 dollars, the amount. alleged the
Government has been defrauded of by
his blank purchase from W. A. Stephens,
and supplies from , John Wyeth
Brother, 50me,50,000 being the amount,
in therfirst case and 400,000 dollars in
the second.
ffir Different nations have different
kinds of loafers. The Italian loafer
spends his , time in sleeping—the Turkish
in dreaming—the Spanish in praying—
the French in laughing—the English in
swearing—the Russian• in gambling—
the Hungarian in smoking—the Ger
man in drinking, and the American- in
talking politics. • ,
Or There is authority for stating that
an errangement has been entered into
between our own and the rebel govern
ment, whereby the condition of our pris
oners in 'the rebel hands will be 'materi
ally benefited. The Government is
anxious to do everything in its power
for the comfort of our brave men in
rebel hands.
tip'' Flour advanced one hundred dol
lars a barrel on italormer price, corn to
six and beef to eight dollars per pound,
in Richmond, on the receipt of the news
that• the line of the . Weldon Railroad
had been taken possession of by Grant.
This fact attests the importance of. the
road to the Supply of Richmond.
S When 'Algernon Sidney was told
that he•might emirs his life by denying
his hand-writing-4e said : "When God
has• brought me: into a dilemma in which
I rand assert a lie or lose my life, Ile
gives me a clear indication of my duty,
which is to prefer death to falsehood."
lir The farmers of Lincoln, Mass.,
'are doing an extensive business this
season in raising pickles. One man,
•from two and a-half acres of vines; has
'gatheiekattwo piakin'gs, 67,000 pickles.
'One-man gathered from 'his live acres,
at one picking,lBo,ooo.
Contentment is the greats'',
blessing of this life.
. . _
• fir Qer ! syeeteet, remptetrowei, ore
the plttaeureeof chilptood. ,
General News Hems,
Twenty-seven ladies of New Bedford,
Massachusetts, have each agreed to fur
nish a representative recruit.
Any number of newspapers can be
sent by mail under a two cent stamp,
provided they do not exceed four ounces
in weight.
The St. Joseph Herald says the
streets or St. Joseph are filled with
women witli segars in their months.
It is estimated that Early, in his re- .
cent northern raids, has lost by death
and desertion 10,000 men.
Pittsburg has forty-six foundries, eon
gaining forty-six thousand tons of - metal
annually, and paying $1,000,000 wages
Secretary Stanton has ordered that
the wages of the sewing women in the
employment of the Government be in
creased twenty per cent.
Mrs. Thom4son, wife of the Rebel
General Jeff. T hompson, is now a con
firmed lunatic, and it is said she will
shortly be sent to the Asylum at Ful
The greatest mass of solid iron in.the
world is the Iron Mouotaiis of Missouri.
—lt is three hundred and fifty feet high,
and two miles in circuit.
Sevon weekly newspapers in New
York State have given up the ghost in
seven weeks, in consequence of the high
prices of Paper,-Lb.
On Sunday last, as four boys were
playing on the prairie near Osceola,
lowa, they were all etruckby lightning.
Two of them, recovered, ; but two were
killed instantly. ,
The total expenditures thus far for
the New York Central Park have been
$5,800,000. • •
There are eighteen acres of rebels in
the encampment for rebel prisoriera at
Elmira, New York.
Plans of the large theatres in the
United Stritea have been sent to Paris,
to model the new French theatres
The Richmond Daily Examiner is now
mailed to subscribers at $6O per annum.
The Weekly costs eas.
The Hon. John Wentworth is the
Union nominee for Congress .from the
Chicago district of Illinois. He was
elected from the same district in 1852.
A clergyman in Northampton recently
prayed "that God would bless Abraham
Lincoln and give him a large, majority
of the votes next fall."
On Saturday morning a vote was ta
ken on the owl train from Philadelphia
to New York, resulting in favor of Mr.
Lincoln by a good majority. One car
filled with soldiers voted unanimously
for his re-election.
General R: C. Schenck has been. re
nominated for Congress in the Third
District of Ohio.
Wm. Meyers. 9th Missouri volunteers,
has been sentenced to twenty years' im
prisonment at Jefferson city, Mo., for
the murder of :a member of his company.
The number of prisoners-captured by
General Grant since the crossing of the
Rapidan in May last, is stated at the
War Department to be upward of fifteen
thousand. •
There are now two hundred and nine
ty-three thoinianif guns in the Spring
field Arsenal awaiting the order of the
Government--a much hirger number
than at any previous time.
A German, on the. Lake Shore train,
betareen , Buffalo and Dunkirk, was rob
bed of $lOOO in gold. Suspicion fell on
three persons, •who, on being examined,
proved, to be delegates to the Chicago
Capt. Philip Clayton Kennedy, of the
United States marine corps,. died, at the
residence "
of his father, the Hon. A.
Kennedy, in Baltimore county, Md., on
Wddnesday. He was in the twenty-sev
enth year of his age, and had been ill
for some time.
Gen Rosecrans has approved the sen
tence Oa military commission ,in „the
case of Miss Ann ,Fickle, convicted of
harboring gnerillus, and murdering a
Federal soldier in assisting them, to es
cape. She was sentenced to be confined
in the State prison of Missouri for ten
years. .
The people of Chambenburg are pre
paring to rebuild their destroyed dwell
ings, though they can never replace
their old homes ; and since the work of
making the town is to be all done. over
again, it is proposed to beautify it: by
increasing the width of its streets,
making the housesseat and uniform, and
lining the streets with shade trees.
The circular recently issued by the
War Department requiring all officers
who are promoted to , re-enlist for three
years, causes great complaint in the ar
my, and many officers reffise to accept
their commissions on those terms. ' The
President, who has been `appealed
has referred the whole matter to Gen
eral Grant, much to the s4tisfactioi of
the Tallies 4iterested.
1 ir Trent your . enemies. us . if they
would sometime or other be your friends.
year ago several journals united in re
commending their readers to invest a
dollar "Greenback" in securing that
very excellent Journal for the Household
(including the little ones,) for the Gar
den, and for the Farm, called the Ameri
can Agriculturist. Many persons were
thus led to subscribe, and we believe all
who did so have been ,much more than
satisfied. They have received the 23d
Annual Volume of the Agriculturist
which ie fell of good' things, useful,
practical, and entertaining, and just now
the Publisher is sending out to each of
his subscribers applying, a present of a
plant of one of the most remarkable
Strawberries that have ever been
-brought out. These plants, when sold
by the only other person having Ahem,
go readily .at, 75, cents each. No the
greenback Inyested last year has car
iiinly paid well: All we have now - to
say ls, let all - otheri go 'and do likewise.
Notwithstanding the present advance
in cost; the Publisher still offers to take
subscribers this month (September) at
$1 a year, or from now - to the end of
1865 (fifteen months) for $1.15.
knit still further, he offers one 'of the
remarkable Strawberry,Plants, sent free
and post-paid, to every new subscriber
who encloses 5 mita extra for oil cloth,
packing, and postage on the plant.—Our
advibe to all is, send the dollar (or the
$1.15), and the extra 5 cents at once to
Orange Judd, Publisher of the Agricul
turist, at 41 Park Row, New . York city,
and get the paper, etc.. Yon will get a
,most beautiful, well illustrated, practi
cal paper, and the'cheapeat one in the
country, 'to say nothing of the extra
Strawberry Plant, etc. Try B.
SW A despata from Washington
skis the draft under the last mill of the
President will begin first in those places
which are making the least effort to
raise volunteers, so as to give the places
which are trying , to fill their quotas
without a draft as much time as possible
to do so. Payment of bounties to re
cruits authorized by the act of July last
did not cease on the sth inst., but is
still continued as they were before that
day, and volunteers will be counted on
the quotas up to the latest possible mo
ment. An official bulletin from Secre
tary Stanton states that Provost Mar
shal General Fry is busily engaged in
arranging the credits of the several dis
tricts and is ordered to draft without
delay for the deficiency in the districts
that have not filled their quotas,
or There were coined during the
month of August, at the mint in Phila
delphia, four millions and forty thous
and cent pieces, and three millions one
hundred and thirty thousand • two cent
ineopi t together of the value 0f5103,000.
4. A*4 •
Thiel Ill:pens° coinage of cents has been
g oing on monthly at about the rate of
the last month, for more than two years,
and yet they are so scarce in circulation,
as to render the change for a' five cent
note a great difficulty.
er The "silver" wedding-day is ap
plied to the twenty-fifth anniversary of
a marriage, and on this day it is custo
mary to present the married pair with
some silver token of remembrance. The
custom prevails in some parts of North
ern Europe, where the festival of the
twenty-fifth anniversary is called the
"silver" wedding, and that of the fiftieth
the "golden" wedding.
sr A company •in London have
bought one hundred and forty acres a
few miles from the city, and propose to
enclose it with glass, making a climate
like that of Madeira, with the fruits and
foliage to be found in that isle. An
hotel and residences are to be" built, and
great prices will be charged for a chance
to live under glass.
Gr A soldier committed suicide near
Chicago the other day, who had served
under Garibaldi, and upon whose person
was found a paper which stated that he
took part in the engagement before
Copna. Oct. 18,1860, for, which he was
publicly. thanked , , by Gen. Garibaldi for
sir England is, now getting her supply
of cotton principally from the new fields
opened in various parts of the world.
The prices, however, are yet enormous
ly high. Within a year or two after the
settlement of our present troubles, we
predict that cotton will be lower in the
market than ever.
fir At a recent railroad dinner, in
coMpliment to the legal fraternity; the
toad was given :—"An honest lawyer,
the nobleat work of God." . Bnt an old
farmer in. the. baCk part of the ball
rather•spoiled -the effect by adding, in a
load voice, "And about the warded."
thr.soldiers at Atlanta have a
new way of spreading the Gospel.
Scripture quotations are pasted upon
shells and sent booming into the :rebel
camp. The number of conversions is
not reported
Gr Pigeons drink differently from
most - other Wide, Gallanaceous birds
sip, and raise-their heads ; .but pigeons
lake a long continued draught like quad
rupeds. • .
or Brig. Gen. Jpetina T. Owens, ol
, Giennenpoyrn, has resigned hie cemrnie
s4lol/444,Praii,aild opened a la! airlae
in liVashington,,D. ; C.,
sier An interesting relic of the Rove
lutionary war has just been fished up in
the Delaware, near Salem, N. J. It is
a portion of the cable or rigging of H.
B. M. frigate Augusta. On the 23d of
October, a part of the British fleet, the
Augusta, 64 guns, the Merlin, 18 guns,
and a galley, attacked Fort Mifflin.
The attack was meant to be simulta
neous with an attack by 1800 Hessians
on Fort Mercer at Red Bank. Both at
tacks were repulsed. The Hessians'
commander, Count Donop, was mortally
wounded, and 800 of his men killed or
taken prisoners. The Augusta and Mer
lin were set on fire by. hot shot from
Fort Mifflin, and entirely destroyed.
The cable is composed apparently of
whabiboni'or some similar materiel', and
after a lapse .of nearly 87 years, was
brought up hut week by some boatmen
who were dragging for an anchor.
W During the late visit of the , rebels
to Hagerstown, bid.,•they proceeded to
the Colllotjail and released therefrom
Park Cramer, who was confined there
for deliberately shooting Victor Wright,
during a quarrel between the parties
about a woman )tept by the latter.
When the rebels left Elagerstown they
took Cramer with them; but on reach
ing Williamsport he deserted them and
returned to Hagerstown, where he pre
sented himself at the jail to the county
sheriff, and asked to be recommitted,, as
serting that he,would "be d—d if he
would go with such a set of infernal cut
throats." Cramer was accordingly as
signed to his old quarters, .and in
Wovember will be tried upon the charge
• of murder. •
Gif The Gqinian'Reformed, Messenger
lost everything except the stereotype
plates that werkin the vault. Arrange
ments are about being made to have
the paper published by contract in the
east until the let of January next, when
the office will probably be re-established
either at Lancaster or Philadelphia
The loss is about $40,000. The Repos
itory lost all its material and presses,
besides $2OOO worth of paper. The sub
scription list and ledge: only were saved.
The loss is about $75000. The Valley
Spirit lost everything bat the subscrip
tion list and receipt books. Loss fully
dir A resident of Hartford bought a
dozen of eggs the other day, and by in
advertently placing five of them in a
warm pantry- got them as nicely hatched
into five chickens as if a hen had sat
npon'them. 0130 fine morning the lit
tle animals "peeped," to the,egg purcha
ser's great astonishment, Of course he
went to the newspapers to , tell the story
—every good American goes to his news
paper when he sees or hears anything
"out of the common."
ar Miss Hattie Houghton, of Milton,
while walking near her father's house,
was attacked by, a large and dangerous
rattlesnake, but by her coolness and pres
ence of mind succeeded in killing him
after a severe contest. The snake
measured four feet seven inches, and
had eleven rattles, showing it to be
thirteen years old. Snob a specimen of
true courage in a young lady only seven
teen years of age is certainly worth re
orif Among the latest patents is a
coasting sled for boys, which can be
steered at will, without using the leg for
a rudder, according to the old fashion.
The sled rests upon four • runners, and
those forward can, with the aid of rods,
be turned to tte right or left by the lad,
who sits upright, with both feet braced
forward. But no kindhearted genius
has yet invented a sled which will pull
itself up hill.
ar There are now in the British Is-
lands three hundred and seventy-five
district railway companies, who own
eleven thousand five hundred miles of
road. They carry aboye eighty million
passengers yearly, and `above thirty mil-
Him tuns of merchandise and minerals.
They give employment to probably not
less than two hundred thousand persons.
®'An ingenious Frenchman has in.
vented i sleeping cage for the emperor,
which is to the sight a mosquito netting,
but in reality kthin gauze wire covering
to the bed. When once inside of it, by
turning a crank the emporer can make
this netting a Powerful - magnetic battery,
sufficiently strong to knock any one
down who touches it from the outside.
it Whole number of sheep in Ohio,
4,300,000, and this year's wool will be
19,000,000 pounds, worth $15,000,000.
Thforighont the west the farmers are
taking the money they get for their wool
andinvOsting it in more sheep, as-wool
growing is very profitable just now.
,ffir A. 'United States greenback that
has been torn or mutilated will only be
received for the representafr,ive value of
the portion remaining. lfone-half of a
$lO note is gone it,will be received for
but $5 ; one-fourth $2.,50, and so on.
or A son was born on the sth of
August, to IBaac Tetro, of Washington,
Berkshire county, Mass., being the
twenty-fourth child of the mother; whole
forty-five 'years 'old. All, except one
pair of twins, were single births.
Aar Gen. Fremont haawithdrewn from
the Providential contest.
woolly horse is now matched by a horse
on exhibition at Madrid, which has not
a single hair on its whole body. Its
skin is white, like that of a European,
and so transparent that the veins may
be distinguished through it. The bone
cannot be used for labor in consequence
of this fineness of the skin, which would
be exposed to abrasion.
lEir Whose Dye le taking the place of others?
Christadoro's !
Whose Dye is the most perfect imitation of
Nature Christadoro's 1
Whose Dye hteen 'analyze&by tlierbest
Chemist and pronounced harmless?
Christadords I
Whose Hair Dye succeeds when all others fail !
Whose Hair Dye has the largest sale - in the
world? Christadoro's!
Whose Dye is shipped inthe , greatest quanti
ties to theiait- haired maidens of dubit, Mexico
and South Amerie4 ?
• ChristadoWs!
Crutaderds Bair Preservative, is invaluable
with his Dye, as it imparts the utmost, softness
and the 'idea beautiful gloss end great vitality
to the hair. Manufactured by J. QUOTA DOR6,
No. 6 Astor House, New-York. Sold every
where, and applied by all Hair Dressers.
Pnce $l, $1:50, and $3 perbox, according
to size.
lar What horseman will be . without Dr.
Tobias' Venetian Horse Liniment.
TAUNTON, MUSS, May 14th, .1.360.:
Dr. Tobias : Dear Sir—During 35 years that
I have been in the livery business. I have used
and sold a great quantity of various liniments,
oils, &c. Some two years since, hearing of so
many wanderful cures having been made by
your Venetian Liniment, I tested its merits,
and it has given the best satisfaction of any
thing I ever used. I neversiAl anytlung•that
givel such universal satisfaction among horse
men. It is destined to supersede all others.
Yours, truly, &e-, RAMJET. WILEE.
Sold by all druggists. °ince, 56 Cortlandt
street, New York. Priee 5(1 cents per pint
bottle. , .
;CPA Card to the Suffering. Swalloar;two
or three hogsheads of " Buchu," Toni-C."llft
ters," "Sarsaparilla," " Nervous Antidotes,"
&c., &c., and after you are satisfied with the
result, then try one bob of Old Dr. Buchan's
English Specific Pills—and be restored to , good
health and vigor in less than 30 days. They
are purely vegetable, pleasant to take, prompt
and salutary in their effects on the broken
down and shattered constitution. Old- and
young ca n take themwith advantage. Impor
ted and sold in the United States only by
J. S. BUTLER, 427 Broadway, N. Y.
Kt-Agent for the United States.
P. S.—A Box of the Pills, securely 'packed,
will be mailed to any adiress on receipt of
price, which is ONE DOLLAR, postpaid—mo
ney refunded by the agent it entire satisfac
tion is not given. tjuly 31)-3m
l' To the Young or Old, Male m Female,
if you have been suffering from a habit in
dulged in by the youth of both sexes, which
causes so many alarming symptoms, it unfits
them for marriage, and is the greatest evil
which can befall man or woman. See symp
toms enumerated in advertisement, and if you
are a sufferer, cut out the advertisement, and
send for it at once. Lelays are dangerous.
Ask for Helmbold's, take no other. Cures
guaranted. Beware of counterfeit and
KT Do rot want to be Curedl Dr. Buch
an's English Specific Pills cures, in less than
30 days, the worst cases of Nervousness, Im
potency, Premature pees. ) , Seminal Weak
ness, Insanity, and all Urinary, Sexual and
Nervous Affections, no matter from what
cause produced. Price $1 per box. Sent by
mail, postpaid, I ceipt of an order. One
box will perfect
cure in most cases.
. General Agent, No. 427 Broadway, N. Y.
;Cr Editor of The Mariettian. Dear Sir:
With your permission I wish to say to the rea
ders of your paper that I will send, by return
mail, to all who wish it (free), a Recipe, with
full directions for making and using a simple
Vegetable Balm, thut will effectually remove,
in ten days, Pimples, Blotches., Tan, Freckles,
and all impurities of the skin, leaving the
same soft, clear, smooth and beautiful.
I will alsb' Mail free to those having bald
heads or bare faces, simple directions azd in
formation that will enable them to start a full
growth of luiuriant Bair, Whiskers, or a
Moustache, in less iban 30 days.
Respectfully yours,
Taos. F. CHAPMAN, Chemist,
July 30-3m] 831 'Broadway, N.X.
irr A gentleman, cured of NervouaDebili
ty, Incompetency, Premature Decay and
Youthful Error, , ctuated by a dcsareito bene
fit others, will be happy to furnish to all who
need it, (free of charge), the recipe and di
ectiens fox : Making 'the simple remedy used,
in his case. Those wishing to ; profit by bis
experience, and possess a Valuable Remedy,
will receive the stone, by
,return :Mail, (care
fully sealed), by addressing
Joitsr B. OGDEN,
May 14-3m] N 0.60 NassauVreet, N. Y.
la' EYE and Emit—Prof. J. Isaacs,.l4. D.
Oculist formerly of Leyden,
, •
land, is located at No. 51). Pine-st.,..f.'hilaflel
phia, where persons afflicted with diseases of
the Eye or Eat. will be scientifically treated
and cured, if curable.. Artificial Eyes insert
ed without pain. No chayges made'for exam
ination. The medical faculty is invited, as
he has no secrets in his mode of treatment.
Wotrim most respectfully take this means of
• • ,
informing his friends and the public generally
that he has commenced the drawing of
•- , „
Ind in fact everythin& - in the' Corry.ajtauicpsp
line. , • Having gratuitous inbirccUiale Witka
member of the Lancasterilar, - WilVenaMe.bim
execute instruments of writi ng . with accuracy.
10- He can be found at the ciMer,ofegg THE
MABIETTIAIi," ons Front street, of atlas res.
idence.on Markel stneet,l l a square,west of the
4 4' Donegal House?, Marietta.„.
113-Blank Deeds, Mortgages, Judgments and
Leases, always on hand, and for
AEMPTIT-, -Bilfebi, ••
.11) For sale at J. ILIDIFFF.NBACHT.