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Bitter Wine of Iron.
Bitter Wine of Iron.
Bitter Wine of Iron.
The Great Tonic
The Great Tonic
The Great Tonic
The Great Tome
For Dyspepsia and Indigestion,
For Dyspepsia and Indigestion,
For'Dyspepsia and Indigestion,
For Dyspepsia and Indigestion.
For weak Stomachs and General Debility.
For weak stomachs and General
For Weak stomachs and General Debility.
For weak stomachs and General Debility.
Reliable and sure to do good,
Reliable and sure to du good,
Reliable and sure to do good,
Reliable and sure to do good,
And cannot do Harm.
And cannot do Harm.
And cannot do Harm - .
And cannot do Harm.
It costs but little and purifies the blood,
It costs but little and purifies the blood,
It costs but little and purifies the blood,
It costs but little and purifies the blood,
We now only ask a Trial
We now only ask a Trial
We now only ask a Trial
We now only ask a Trial
Of this valuable Tonic.
Of this valuablp Tonic.
Of this valuable Tonic.
Of this valuable Tonic.'
Only 75c. and One Dollar per Bottle.
Only Inc and $1 per Bottle.
Only 75c and $1 per bottle
Only 75c and $1 per Bottle.
.iiiiinufaclured solely by S. A. KUNKEL 4 Bro.
No. 118 iNlarket-st., Harrisburg.
None genuine without their signature.
l'o' sale by Dr. BEANE & CO., iMarket-st.,
Marietta, Pa., and by all respectable Druggists
throughout the country. [2-9.6w
•s'loo Piewarct
.Foit, A I\IEI)7:GINE
That wilt cure Coughs,
Tickling in the Throat,
IV/roving Cough,
Or relieve Constanpte6e Onijh,
• co'(ES 00tiaiir ,3 .K.
Have been sold in its native town, and net a
single instance of its failure is known,'
We have, in our possession, any quantity, of
certificates, some of them from eminent phys
ivitin, who have used it in their practice,•and
given it the pre-eminence over any other com
pound. It does not dry Aria Cough, bin tuoeens
at, So as to enable the patient
Two or three doses will invariably cure tickling
an the throat.
A llulf Bottle has often completely cured the
and yet, though it is so sure and speedy in its
opt - nation, it is perfectly harnitess, being pure
ly vegetable. It is very agreeable to the taste
and muy be admit. istereti to children of any age.
1,4 «isiS Of CI clip we will guarrantee a core,
if taken iu season. Z N 9 FAMILY shbuhi be
without it. It is within the reach of all, the
And if au investment and a thbrough trial
does not "back up"' the above statement, the
looney will be refunded. We say this know
ing-its merits and feeling confident that one
trial will secure fur it a !Wine in every house
hold. not waste away with Coughing,
when so small an investment will mire you.
It may be had of any respectable druggist; who
-will furnish you with a circular of genuine
certificates of COMB it has made.
C. O. CLARK, 'Proprietors,
Sept. Zt-Gml New-tioven,
Just Publahed in a Sealed Envelope,. Price
,Six Gent
A Lecture on the Nature, Treatment and
Radical Cure of Seminal Weakness, or Sper
maturrhcea, induced. by, Self-Abuse ; Involun
tary Emissions, Impotency, Nervous Debility,
and Tinpediments to Marriage generally ;
Consumption, Epilepsy and Fits; Mental and
Physteal Incapacity, &c. By Roe. .3. Cut-
VXItWELL M. D., Author of "The Green
hook," Sz..:
Phe world-renowned author, in this admi
rable Lecture, clearly proves from, hiwown
experience that the awful consequences of
Self-abuse may be effectually removed with-'
out medicine, and without dangerous surgical
operations, obugies, instruments, rings or car
otids, pointing out a cure at once certain and
effectual, by which every sufferer, no matter
what his condition may be, may cure nimielf
cheaply, priyately r and radically. This lec
ture will prove s. boon to thousands anti' thou
Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any
address, On receipt of six cents, or two post
age stamps;by addreiSing the 'publishers,
127 Bowery, New-York, P. O. Box, 4566.
• Having removed to the Rooms fornierly occupiei
by. Dr. kwentzet, adjoining Spangler S Pat
terson's Store, Market Street, where he is now
prepared to wait on all who may feel
°ft .... disposed to patronize him.
Dentistry in all its brafiches car
tied on.' TEETH inserted on the most approved
principles of Dental science: All operations
on the 'mouth performed in a skillful and
workmanlike manner—on fair principles and
Having deteymined upon a permanent loca
tion at this "flare, would ask a continuation
of the lit ronage heretofore extended
to him, for which he will render every possi
ble malefaction.
rt.- Ether adritinistered to proper persons.
The G-la,to Plerr3r..
Formerly Keesey's,
PHIS old Ferry—one of the oldest and most
I safe crossings on the Susquehanna River—
is now In charge of the undersigned, who khas
refitted the old and built new boats, which will,
enable him to do ferrying with safety and die.
patch. No unnecessary delay need be endured.
Sober and experienced Ferrymen always en
gaged. No imposition in charges as the fol
lowing list will Show :
Farm Wagons, each
Hordes, per head
Single horse and rider, • :25
Two-horse Carriage and two persona, lioo
Buggy, horse and two persons, :50
- Foot Passengers, each, ~
. • Steck' all 'hndErat the old 'charges.
All 1.0 gage over fifty pounds, 25 cents - per
' 100 .i_p_map extra.
oioniti eq.} u!
BA tips: brands—guarranted to be
Ane• H. D. Benjamin.
..4t I,Tittj:4/11
Art aluVeptubent thuusglimuia af,,urnal: gebote. to .Vo4tic.s, Nittraturt, Agriculture, Naos of ti2t Pag, fatal fltelligente, it.
Prepared by Dr. C. ill. Jackson,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Or an intoxicating Beverage, but a highly con
centrated Vegetable Extract, a Puce Tonic,
free from alcoholic stimulent or ihjuricilis drugs,
and will effectually cure
"Liver Conti)taint,
Dyspepsia, and
Chionic or Nervous Debility, Disease of the
Kidneys ' and Diseases arising from a
Disordered Stomach. •
resulting from disorders of the digestive organs:
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fu.ness or Blood
to the Head, acidity of the Stomach, Nausea,
Heartburn,Disgust for Food, Fullness or
weight in te Stomach, sour eructations, sink
qng or fluttering of the Pit of the Stomach,
iwimming of he Head, hurried and difficult
steataing, fluttering at the heart, choking or
sun esting sensations when in a lying posture,
dimness of vission, dots or webs before the
sight, levet and dull pain in the head, defici
ency of perspiration, yellowness of the skin
and eyes, pain in the side, back, chest, limbs,
&c., sudden flushes of heat, burning in the flesh,
constant immaginings of evil, and great de
pression of spirits.
A Good Appetite,
Strung .Nerves,
Healthy Nerves, .
Steady Nerves,
Brisk Feelings,
Energetic Feelings,
Healthy Feelings, _
A Good Constitution,
A Strong Constitution,
A Healthy Constitution,
A Sound Constitution.
Will make the
Sill make the
Will make the
Will make the
Sallow Complexion Clear,
[VIII inake the Pull eye
Clear and Bright.
la• Will prove a blessing in every iamily.
o-i — Can be used with perfect salety by male
or Female. Old , or Young.
- -
There are many preparations sold under the
(lame of Bitters, put up in quart bottles, com
pounded of the cheapest Whiskey or common
Rum, costing from 20 to 40 cents per gallon,
the taste disguised by Anise or Coriander seed.
This class of Bitters has caused, and will con...
done to' cause, as loag as they can be sold,
aundreds to die. tte death of a drunkard. 'By
their use the system is .kept continually under
the influence 'of alcoholic stimulants of the
wurstkind,- the desire for liquor is createi and
kept up, and the result is all the horrors at
tendant Upon a drunkard , s bile and death. Be
ware of them.
For those who desire and will have a liquor
-bitterS, we publish the following receipt:
Get one bottle Hoolland's German Bitters and
mix with three quarts of good Whiskey or
Brandy, and the result will be a preparation
that will far excel in medicinal virtues and
true excellence any of the numerous liquor
bitters in the market, and will cost much teas.
You will have allthe virtues of Hoofland's Bit
ters in connection with a good article of liquor
and at a much less price theft these inferior
preparations will cost you.
. ,
Those suffering from miirmrmus Wasting
away, with scarcely any flesh on their bones
are cured in a very short time; one bottle in
such cases, will have most surprising effect.
Resulting from Fevers of any kind these bit
ters will renew your strength in a short time.
FEVEIi AND AG trE.--The chills Will not re
tuin if theic Bitters are used. .No person in a
fever and ague district should be without them
From Rev. J.. Newton Brown, A. D., Editor
of the Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.
Although not cisposed to favor or recommend
Patent Medicines v im general, through distiast
of their ingredients and effects; I yet 'know
of no saki int reason why a mamma) not tes
tify to the benefits he believes himself to have
received from any simple preparation, in the
hope that he may thus contribute to the bene-.
fit of others.
I do this, more readily in regard to Hoofiand's
German'Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson
because was prejudiced against them for a
number of years, under the impression that
tht.y were, chiefly- an alcoholic mixture. lam
indebted to ray friend Rob't Shoemaker, esq.,
for the vemoVer• of this prejudice by proper
tests, and.for encouragement to try them, when
suffering from great and long debility. The
use of three bottles of these bitters, at the be
. of the present year, was followed by
evident relief, and restoration to a degree of
bodily and mental vigor which I had not felt
for six months before, and had almost dispair
ed of regaining. I therefore thank God and
my friend for directing me to the use of them.
Philadelphia, June 23, 1362. •
We call the attention of all having relations
or friends in the army to the fact that " Hoof
land's German Hiders" will cure nine-tenths
of the diseases induced by privation and ex
posues incident to camp life. In the lists
published almost daily in the newspapers, on
thearrival of the sick, it will be noticed that
a very large, proportion are suffering from-de
bility. Every case of that kind can be readi
ly cured by Hoofland , s German Bitterl. We
have no hesitaliot in stating that, if these bit
ters are freely used among our soldiers, hund
reds of lives might be saved that otherwise
would be lost. . .
The proprietors are daily receiving thankful
lettera from sufferers in the army and hospi
tals,who have teen restored to health by the use
of these Bitters, sent to them by their friends.
Beware of counterfeits ! See that the sig
!nature, of "C. M. Jackson," is on the wrapper
of each bottle.
Large Size, $1: per bottle, or dozen for $5.
Medium sie, 75c
per bottle, or dozen for $4
The larger size, on, account of the quantity
the bottles hold, are much the cheaper. •
Should your nearest druggibt not have the
article, : do not he put oft, by any of the intoxi- ,
calinpreparations that may be offered in its
'Pla'ci; but - send to us, and we will forward,
P 'Office and Manufactory,
• :.' 9 DF0: 4 631 ARCiI &MEET. •
(Suncessorctis C. M. Jackson & C 0.,)
Far sale by Druggitts and * Dealers m 'evety
)wri.its the United States. [may 30-1:.
Delicate Hettity,
Thin Stout,
Depressed Lively,
Publbster t rE Saturbtra Amine
Cania,'s Row, Front 'Street, fiire
doors below Flury'Hotel:!
TE.RMR, One Dollar a year, pay ble in ,ad- '
vance, and if subscriptions be not id Within
six months $1.25 will be charged, ut if 'de—,
laved until the expiration of the year, 1a.59,1
will be charged. ' '
lines, or fres) 50 cents for the first insertioaand
25 cents for each subsequent insertion. I:in-'
fessional and Busineas cal ds,'of six lines Or less
at $3 per annum. Notices in the, reading, col
. umns, five cents a-line. Dlarriages and Deaths,
the simple announcement, vane.; but for any
additional lines, five cents a line.
A liberal deduction made to yearly and half
yearly advertisers.
Raving recentied added a large - let of new
Job and Card type, Cuts, Borders, &c., to the
Job Office of a The Mariettian," which will
insure the fine execution of all kinds of Jim &
CARD PAINTING, from the smallest
Card to the largest Poster, at prices to suit the
War times.
I know a little hand—
'Tis the softest in the land;
And I feel its pressure bland,
While I sing:
Lily white and resting now,
Like a rose leaf on my brow,
As a dove might fait my brow
With its wing.
Well .I prize, all hands above,
This dear hand of her I love.
know a sparkling eye—
How quick it is to spy:—
Yes, much .quicker e'en than I,
What I would have ; ,
Twinkling like a star in heaven,
Veiled with sadness it was given,
As a taliman Was given
Me to save.
Well I prize, all eyes above,
This dear eye of her I love.
I know a little lip—
Very sweet it is to sip
From off that crimson lip
'Kisses sweet.
It returns them without, grief,
When ita lifetime now is brief),
Mine to meet.
Well I prize, all lips above,
This dear lip.of her I love.:
I know a :little waist--
2 Tis by all the fairies graced';'
They have there their own form placed,
Honored they.
When it in my arm is prest,
Wild with'pleasure there 'twillrest,
Like a dove upon my breaot,..
All the day. •
Well I prize,.al.l waists above.
This dear waist of her I love.
I know a little foot—
Very,eunningly,'tis put
In a dainty little boot,
Where it hides.
Like a shuttle it ever flies
Back and'forth before mine eyes,
Weaving music for mine eyes
As glides.
Well I prize, all feet above,
This dear foot of her I love.
I know a little heart—
It is free from courtly art,
And I own it, every part,
For all time.
Ever it beats with inusie. tone,
Ever an echo of mine own,
Ever keeping with, mine own
Holy chime.
Well I prize, all hearts above,
The dear heart . of her I love.
Monmomsm.—lt would seem that the
lately reported sehisin among the, Mor
mons is making headway. We find the
following in the Cincinnati Gazette of
Friday : The copyright of .a book, was
taken out the other day, in the 'United
States District Court haying the follow
ind title : '"A Book of Doctrine and
Covenants of the Church of Christ, of
Latter Day •Saints, carefully selected
from, the Revelations of God, as given
in the order of their dates." ' It is, per
haps, known to most readers that there
is, a formidable schism among these
"Saints," the secessionists declaring
against polygamy, and contenting them
selves with one wife—at least one at a
time. An organization based on this
idea has been in process of completion
in this city for. e some time past, under
the leadership of Joseph Smith, Jr., and
Israel L. Rogers, who, in conjunction
with others, have published the book
above referred to. They say that they
have missionaries operating in Brigham
Young's dominions, who are very suc
cessful in making converts. Their
present rendezvous is in the vicinity of
Chicago, but they have purchased 30,-
000 acres of land in Missouri, where
they intend to settle when the war is
over, and build up a city forth habita
tion of the faithful. _ "
isfqf. you would render your children
helpless all their lives, never compel
. or
permit the to help thembelVes.
.skrOtae of the Rebel organs at Rich
• ..
mond exclaims, 'whither aree d
l'he o.ol'll iolows
WARCII 12, 1864.,
"Sothere is no engagement betm4en
„ .
you ?"
"Engagement ! I should think not.
Why, Joe, I'm only eighteen, I -shan't
be engaged these five years. `I an" not
gOing to ` ' tie myself down to domestic
life yet, I assiire yoa."
. .
"But, Nettie - , you are wandering from
the SUbject. , I
cannot - think you utterly
Iheartless, yet I frankly own you pain me.
by`tiiis drealful spirit of coquetry you
diiplay. lam sure Graham Cartis--'
"Now, Joe, don't be tiresome. It is
only Et flirtation. We dance, chat, ride,
together, but that is nothing. I flirt
quite as extensively with a dozen other
"But, Nettie," and a very grave look
came over Joseph Lawson's face, "Gra-
ham loves you."
- . So they all do, if I am to believe
their protestations."
"So my friend, the man -I honor and
love above all other men, is to be the
plaything of a woman's caprice. Sister,
be careful, you are playing a dangerous
The, crimson blood dyed the cheek o
the, as she ran laughingly
away from. her brother, saying,
"I will come for the rest of the sermon .
One long stride the brother took, and
prisoning the little brunette in his strong
arms he, took her to the sofa, and drew
her down to a seat beside him.
"No," and his face grew sad, very sad,
"you shall hear my sermon to-day. Do
you know, Nettie, why I am now, at
thirty-five years of age, a bachelor, with
a. lonely, aching heart?"
"Lonely, Joe ?" And Nettie, now
grave as hiniself, laid her head on her
brother's broad' breast.
"Yes, Nettie ! Even my little sister,
dearly sal love her, cannot fill all my.
"Tell m 6 a6iiiit
"It was twelve years ago, when I cams
kime from college, that I first'met
ra•Lee ----" •
""Mrs. Holmes ?"
"Yes.; don't interrupt me. Twill n ot
tell you how slowly my heart woke to
the sense of love„to the gradual growth
of her it till it filled it entirely,
parents, home, sister, all became second
to the one hope of my life ! I met her
often. We moved in the same circles
in society, and at every party I frequent
ed I could dance and chat with her.—
Her" beauty attracted ; her intellect in
terested ; her sweet, gracious manners
-fascinated me. I was young then, and
trustful, and when• she let her little hand
linger in mine; and turned . from others
to converse with me ; when she let. her
large; dark eyes, full of; softlight,'dwell
thoughtfully on my' face, I believed that
the devotion -I lavished upon her, was
understood ; appreciated, returned. Yon
know that I am not an impulsive man,
but I cannot forget easily, nor recover'
readily from severe blows. Day after
day the love, tho one love of my life,
grew into my heart, absorbing me to
the exclusion of all else. I felt so se-
Cure, looking into her lovely face, hear
jog her winning tones soften , for my, ear,
feeling the answering pressure 'her hanil
gave mine, that it was long before I
spoke my love: One evening;" deep in
spirations heaved`the strong man's chest,
and Nettie could hear -how the rapid
blood coursed through his veins, and'
made his heart beat quickly under her
ear—"one evening, we were alone in the
parlor. She had been singing, and the
rich, fall notes seemed to hang lovingly
around, and I spoke my love.
'She drew away from the arm that
would have caressed her, and said with a
'light laugh, 'Why, Mr. Lawson, did not
you know I was engaged ?"Engaged ?'
I cried. 'Yes,' she replied. `Mr. Holmes
has been , away since I knew you, but I
thought yon knew of the engagement.'
"I knew this was false. Fearful of
losing the attentions she had been ac
customed to, she kept her engagement
secret, that in society 'she might still
reign as one free to be won. I said to
her, 'Forgive me that I have annoyed
you---"Oh I not at all,' ehe said,
shall always be ta;:ppy to see you. lam
Gritty there was any - mistake, but I
thought you were, like myself. only
"S'Nte parted. I came home mad
dened, 4404. I," and Ihere.his voice
sank,to aibisper, "drank deeply; Net
tiN,tb' trtrto forget, but , my ;nature re-
Ivcilted Othieologradation and I tried
;study.= -My+ father'sv.death just awoke
me - from the delirious agony of thought
and ''when ', my Mother followed - him,
leaving you, a child, to my 'charge, T
, trying to forget the
FaradiSe rhea
,drehmed of and lost.—
Lost ! Never one t I trust
again as I
trusted *here domestic happi
neas hairp blessed my life, she
has thrown hitl i er memories to take its
place S,hp made' me stern, cynical,
distrustful, and, excuses it to herself on
the ground that it : Was 'only a flirtation:ti o not let me see my little sister follow
ing in 'her footstei3s, or I shall learn to
hate and ijespise all women."
"I am sorry !"
"Nettie, Graham loves
make you his
w 1 r
, ii o 1 e; ,
he has spoken of it
to me .
~,, you cannot love him, let
him see now . , that , his his
, suit will be a vain
one. Do!nit Jean him on; till you are
his one hope, to drive him to despair at
last. He is rash:and impulsive, and may
not live down such a blow."
"Joe----" in a low tone
"Tellhim FlO've him and am not flirt-
"And Joe don't hate me."
A tender, loving kiss was pressed upon
her forehead, and low voice blessed
her for her decision. .
Business Rules
An Eastern papei gives the following
seasonablei and excellent rules for young
men commencinglthiness
The world estimiites men by their suc
cess in fife, and, 1!ly general consent,
success is evidence' Of superiority.
Never under sly circumstances as
sume a respiiiisibility you can avoid con
sistently with yoni'auty to yourself and
Base aIC ytctir'aCti'ons upon a principle
c o h f ar r a ig e h t6 t r !
t;ri Ti d ie
j aerVi . your integrity of
is never reek
on on the cba, 4P/rig this
Remember 't . bal : lelf-interest is more
likely f 6 Warp' yonr judgment than all
other circumstances combined ; there
fore;.took well Viyour duty when your
interest is (COnceutied.
Never mike money at the expense of
your.reputation. f
Be' neither lagisk nor niggardly ; of
the two avOidtthO latter. A mean man
is universally ; d o espitind, but public favor
is a stepping-stono to preferment;
therefore, generoue feelings should be
stty but s littlethink much and do
Let your eipenseif be such as to leave
a balance in youepoeket. Ready money
is a friend in'ilegail
Keep'clear4f . 'the law; for, even if
you gain' your biiieryou are generally a
Avoid borrowinklind lending.
ViTine,drinking „and smoking cigars
are, bad habitsi4e, impair the mind
and pocket, andlßß.d, to a waste of time.
Never relatejourAsfortnne, and never
grieve,,,over pit? cannot prevent.
ta,•Dr. LymAttpaccuna :—The chief
characteristic of ',this old patriarch ap
pears to have. =been i strength—a rather
rugged strength and consequent force,
both of bodrand mind ; and yet we read
as follows in, his' antc biography, recent
ly published < . 4 ,;.; , =.
" Dr. Becchen'eonother was tall, well
proportioned,, dignified in her move
ments, Tar:to:loh upon, intelligent in
conversation and in character lovely.
I was an only cliilA, She died of co
sumption'twa - days after I was born. I
was a seven months' child ; and when
the winnah that attended on her saw
what a„Puny thing t l was, and that the
mother could. not.,; Jive, she thought it
useless to attempt ; 9 keep me alive. I
was actually.wrapped up and laid aside.
But, after awhile,. l one of the women
thought she would.look and see if I was
living, and, finding I was, concluded to
wash and dreis - hie, saying, " Its a pity
it hadn't died - with mother."
And yet'this weak and puny child of
a consumptive mother, lived over four
score-years:and-teti; and through himself
and his children„ ff ercised inconsid
erable degree ,of .infitience on the desti
nies of, his,
gir Do you ask me where be my jew
els,? My jewels iftw my husband and his
triumphs, said ~Procion's wife. Do you
ask where be my ornaments? My orna
ments are my•tw;o:„.s.ons, brought up in
virtue and le,arpink said the mother Of
'the Gracchi. 13ryou ask me where be
my treasures ? 'llq l treasures are my
friends, said ' , Coasts ties, the father o
;litalt..,ksat Pilfal,eourage there can
mot be.truth, and wipout truth there
can be no other virtue.
VOL. 1.0.-NO.
Ex-President Fillmore Drivelling
The Commercial Advertiser (Buffalo
a zealous and able supporter of Mill
Filmore throughout his entire public IL
is staggered by an address delivered,,,
him at the recent opening of the S 4 '
tary Fair in that city, whereof it4i:
gently says :
" The only thing that marred the ha
mony of the proceedings at the inaug
ration ceremonies of the great Oentr-
Fair yesterday, was the speech of it
venerable president, ex-President
more. We give his remarks, as tone?,
down by the Courier, in another column
Although that gentleman has thus fa
preserved his accustomed reticence •,1
to his sentiments and opinions dada I
the struggle in which our country is e
gaged, it has been no secret to ma! 1
who possessed his confidence, that hi
sympathies were not, to say the least
on the side of the Government.
' " It has been known to some that h ,
has thought the tTnion not worth pre
serving unless slavery could be pre
served with it. We have not been dis,
posed to quarrel with the venerabl ,
gentleman's position in this respect{
heretofore, believing that he was entii
tied to his own opinions, however eri
roneous they might be, as long as he diti
not parade them before the people,:
Among the select few who still regart
him as au oracle, they could do but li'
tle harm. Nor should we now refer
his position on the war, or on the probsil
ble terms of peace, if he bad not takei
the most inauspicious of all occasions tt
ventilate his peculiar doctrines. What
ever may bo the general opinion as tl
the value or correctness of his remark 4 l
there can be but one opinion as to t. 4
fact that the tenor of them, and the to ,.
of them, were in shocking bad taste,
use the mildest phrase.
" We venture to say that but few pi
lic men would have taken advantage
their position as presiding officer of 1
charitable fair, which had for its object
the raising of funds to help the sick an
wounded of our army and navy, to de:
liver such a speech ; and we know that
the fact that he did so disgusted not ti
few of those of whose good opinion thE
ex-President has heretofore had reason
to be proud. We say this more in sor
row than in anger,' for we should have
been glad to have placed upon recore
some words from Mr. Fillmore whicl
would have identified him with the
friends of the Government and the Uni
on, instead of being obliged to class
him, as we now do, among the bitterest
opponents of the war and its conduct in
the infamous circle made up of such men
as Vallandigham, the Woods, the Sey ;
mours, and the Brookses."
I f ir A physician having finished tht
amputation a leg of one of his pa
tients, a near relativeof the latter took,
him aside, and said anxiously to him—
" Doctor, do you think your patient Wil!
recover ?' "Recover! there has 'Ave]
been the least shadow of a hope for
"Then what was the use of making . : him
suffer ?" "Why, my dear fellow, -ponlii
you brutally say to- a sick man he is
dying ? He must be amused a little t"
tar In many portions of the aMktli tht
country is utterly devastated arid tlu
men are gone to the wars. So every
thing is barren there—the women- not
ilfirA man can't get his boots blacker ;
in Richmond for less than a dollar, but
if he is suspected of loyalty, he gets hit
character blackened for nothing.
eir People who drink as much whin
key as many members of Congress do ail
not the fittest persons to fix the whisks;
eir The Rebels now have very littlt
corn, and, as they don't wear boots of
shoes, they haven't even corns on their
Prejudices are like rats, and s ,
man's mind like a trap ; they get in ea
sily, and then perhaps can't get oat at all
*FR we do ear duty, the spring cam
paign will be to the Rebel Confederae;
its FALL compaign.
fir The South must think a spongt
an article of great value. She will pal
all her debts with one.
air Slanders issuing from beantifu.
lips, are like spiders crawling from the
blushing heart of a rose.
gir The Rebel army in Virginia is 41e
scribed is Lee's Miserables.,
sir We use riches as children do toy
—to amuse us till'we fall , asleep.