The Mariettian. (Marietta [Pa.]) 1861-18??, February 13, 1864, Image 1

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    litt,tptalltat Vtitusgitrauia *lnd : tbotet(fa fittr,atigt, Ntitaitaxl, Itios of te gag, yotatguttalgott,
11Z"D - Nnvs CELEBRATED • •••-• .4 -
Bitter Wine of Iron. '
Bititer'Wine of Iron. 40
Bitter Wine of Iron. ' ,
The Great Tonic
The Great Tonic
The, Great Tonic
The Great Tonic
For Dyspepsia and Indigestion,
For Dyspepsia andindigestion,
For Dyspepsia and Indigestion, .
For Dyspepsia and Indigestion.
IFor weak Stomachs and General. Debility.
For weak stomachs and General, Debility.
For weak stomachs and General Debility.
For weaklitemache and General Debility.
Reliable and sure to do good,,
' Reliable and.sure to do good,.
Reliable and sure to do good, ,
ieliable and sure to , do good, ,
And cannot do Harm.
And cannot do Harm.
And cannot do Barn'.
And cannot do: Marrs. .
It costs.but little and purifies the blood, .
Itemits but lattleFand purifies the Wood,
it costs but little awsl,puriftes the blood,
It coats , but little ant purities.the blood,
We now only ask a Trial
We now onlrask a Trial
We now only ask a Trial
We noooly ask a Trial
' 'Of this valuable Tonic.
'of this valuable Tonic.
'Of this valuable Tonic.
''ol this Valuab,e' Tonic.
' Only 71ic. and One °oiler pct Motile.
Only 'Mc and $1 per Bottle,
' 0c1y,75C and $1 per bottle.
' Only' 75c dm! $1 per Bottle.
...if(iiiiiidactu , ed solely by S. A. KLTIVWEL
NO. 118 Market-st., Harrisburg.
11.3 Some genuine without their sigma:tole.
SIK sale t,' Tic ILEA & CO.,'N ars et-st.,
Pa. t itind by all reispeetable Druggists
throughout the ,country. r.1.16w
I wish to rettn it my thanks to my friends of
Lancaster'mid surrounding counties, !or their
Nery tirAeral pall, nage extended -to the during
the luet trew year:, and would say to them that
I new lhave in- store, 4113' own importation
tintl , mititiViicture a very extensive itesortient
of Alt tihe Oitlcreilt kinds and qualities'of ' fuoicy
ito's fir children, that will he worn
cloringithe• Fall twit Winter seaboriti.
Being the !Itivet importer or :ail my , Fi.;
from 4durape;aia; hay tot, , ehom ell rninufaetu
r4.o cruder ,M 3, (AYR ,buperviainenables tae to
otter any emstornere.aad the;mihilic a mucti
;fi4rttoionts. .S . ,Er !FeLes
ft 4 the lianfe foiMe,3%. I..anies4iteaae giYi ,, Me‘a
call hote, ptirehtiamg re.neintn , fr the
Kne,',numberarni atraet•
A REA It A, ,
EW WINI ER (4'0006!
; A 4.. W Y LES !!
, DIFFEIO/1611„,
Market. Street, Marietta., Pa.
• . •
'‘itwithstanding the scarcity of many^ kinds of
Dry Geods,' Lltose wiahitrg 4140' purchase-will
ti ud his usually /arge sad *As& assorted atoelt
t - • Cloths.
dtelaine4 ' Cassisseres,
VlantlelS, Siittinets,
!Bleached •Sltirting, Sent' clty Jeans,
Brown Sheetin 4 s, Tickings,
brims r, !Domestic Ginghasns,
dieavy Denims, • idickory stripes.
Full assortment Lot Dress Goods.
Full as.ortment , of Notions.
tFull aSsortinent !sf White Goods.
djull assoitmeotwf Blankets. `
Full itsiftlrtinent.of Shawls.
.Full tesertnient !of all Seasonable Goods:
Largest and best stock of Weeletost skirts
, ever °leered' iii"this market, of all sizes,'. from
;the smallest tb Die largest, and at all .prices.
Groceries of 4ell
,PAn and Jh've Cotice, Teas,
White & %Brown Sugar,Fresh Spices,
New Mackerel, . Extra Syrups,
• Sugar-Cured tiams,&c.
French.. Corsets, Traveling Over-Stebrts,
Rebk-flea, ' Under-Shims,
Ilanitk raid's,. Drawers,
Shirt Fronts, Balmoral Skirts, 4 , e.
'A small lot nf ready-made Winter Clothing,
which will be sold at less, than wholesale
prices to close it out.
He'also continues to 'keep on hand a large
supply , bf supOir Brandies, Wines, Gins,
Sclin,idane,s SchniTs, Drakes, Plantation Bit
tersoynd that suPenor ad Bye, all of which
having beei . purchatred before the recent adl
Vance h'aVe life advantage ` of being at nearly
old, prices. ,
Higliist prices given for country produce.
? 1 :3 Monongahela Whiskey by the barrel, at
Pittsburg prices, with 'freight only added.
- 0 :77-, T. eir , FAIINESTOCI,.
11),E.SOECTFULLY offers his, grofessional
„,4erwiegs , to the citizens of Marietta and
vicipit3., assuring them that all operatiOns in
trustwlip,hikcare, either in Operative .or lire
chanical •Dentistry, will be executed , in a tlio
rouglos, 4ia4opti4 manner.
.9gPrOf4l Alain Weft, aim doors ,
et Reitt. ' ' Ct ,9l-36- IYr
. - }fit{ ' Oak Wood, b 0 Cords each
. Aiek i eg.ent) ;Oak, Wood. Orders must
e tw,colnpaaked with te cash when they will
be promptly fd4e.
,Spauglerk. Patterson.
4t . /ti RESTOH+TTV.E.. This
vr celebrated preparation for the restoration
11 1 4 softenip&of tVr Hair, is now for sale at
a, APAR 0 At
D..tkolfeta, Ale
beet New-York fruit, at
fEANGLRR,EATT , ER , s e oto:
.o"tqjx Ail') NEW, ENGLAND RUM
or 'c luau purposes, warrantedgenu ine
N. D. Benjamin.
/I[IODORM ! Just CPco . tc l b
and Irish IV II =7 SKIE S., warran
ted pure, tit IT. TI.. Thigamaih i s; . • ,
# : :.. :: ,._.)•.:(t:-. : ..a T itttizt,
Prepared by Dr: ` C .k..Jackiovi,:
• ' Philacfelphiii;" '
„ .
Or an intoxicating BeveratO, but Oori 2
centrated , Vegetable Extract;s :dturel Ton io,t.
free frorn,nlconohc stnnalpio or, injurious df, l 46,
and 11l 'effectually - 6re ” '."'
vei: Ctimjilaint,' "- • ' •
Dyspepsi ay. , and , :
.10 . 444iFe, . ,
Chronic ; Hervous Dehi4y 2r Diseasc , the
`kidneys, anaDistlitiel arising
Disordered Stomach.
ens ERV E' Ero r..l:divTto
resulting froni disoiders of the digestive` organs:
Constipation, Inward Piles, Furness or Blood
to the 'livid, Acidity of the Stomach l 'Nans4
Heartburn, Dogua for -Food, 'Fullnessl, or
weight in the Stomach, , sour , eructations; sink
ong or 'bluetit* ot tne 'Pit of the Stomach,.
iwiniming`or•he Bead, hunied and difficult
Breathing, fluttering at the heart,. choking - or
suffocating Sensations when in a lying posture,
dirtiness of vission, &its or "webs before` the
sight, fever and dull pain in the head r defiei-.
ency of perspiraticht, yellowneas of the - skin
and eyes, pain in the:Side, back, chest, limbs,
&c., sudden flushesbf heat, burning in'the nest.;
constant immaginings of evil, and 'treat de.
pression of Spirits.
A Gaod Appetite,
*Strong i era's,
• Healthy Nerves, • • • ,
Steady Nerves,.
Brisk Feelings, '
Energetic Feelings,
Healthy: Feetings,. , .
A 'Good Constitution, ,
A. Strong Constitutiop,
A Healthy Constitution, •
. • A Sound. Constitution
Will make • the
718 A RCII-ST.,
Cdow,,Eightlei sciicM
WWRAnakt 4he
WWI make 4:bo
Depressed Lively,
Nrdd Anuicesthe . ,
• 'Sallow Complexion .Clear,
Witt ;make the Dull eye •
• Clear. and. right.
' prove a blessing in eve* , family.- ;
Can be used with perfect sa4ety by.thale
or Female, Old or Young.. .
. .
Manufacturer of
ALL utrum
There are many preparations soil under the
'mine of iiitths,'put up in quart bullies, corn
pounded of the Cheapest 'Whiskey or common
RUIN, Costing from 20 to 40 cents per •gallon,
the Caste disguised by Anise or Coriander seed.
'Dili Oise of 'Bitters has caused and will con-
Wine to cause, as /dig as they can be sold,
Atuadieds to die tte death of a drunkard. By
their use the,system is ',kept continually'unkr
the lidluence Of alcoholia stimelaots
woi,st kind,,the desire hand
liquor is Create and
kept itti, and rhe restilt the' horrors , at-
tear:snot, upon Be
teary ofj theni:"
...For those who .deSire'and
bitters, we pubiiih the fhlniwpigreceipti:
lint one bottle iloolland's.'Gerniiin Bitters and
mix with tht ee quarts of good Whiskey or
Brandy, and the result br ,, a,Preparation
that will far excel in meilicinal virtues and
true excellence any of the .numerous liquor
bitters in tite;iatirket, And wilt cost .paucli !ass,
You will have.all the virtues of Hoofland's itit
ters in connection with'it good article of liquor
a.nd at a itAuch less' price then these inferior
preparations wilreost you. -
Those suffering_from mammas, wasting
away, with scarcely any theiibones
see cured in a cpty short time; one buttlo in
stseh cases, willq)sve most surprizingelrect4
Resulting from Fevers of any kind—these. bit
ters Will renew your strength , in , a short-time..
FEVER Also Anuc.L , -The chills will
turn if these Bittera are used• No person in a
fever and ague district should be without them.
From Rev. J. i'vetoron Brortin, D. ...D.;.Editor`
' ttf .the Encychipsdia of Religtous Knowledge.
Although not gisposed to favor or recommend ;
Patent MedicineS in general, through distiast
~f their ingredients and:effects ; yet know
of no suffici ut reason why a mammal not tes-'
tify to the benefits he believes bitnself :to leave
received fiotn any simple preparation, in the
hope that tie may thus contribute to the' bone"-
tit of • others.' • • - •
1 do. this more 'readily in regard to Hoottaiid'a
German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson
because I was pry:iodised against them for a
is umber of years, under the unpression that
jhl.y were chiefly an alcoholic. mixture. :I min
indebted to my -friend itoh 2 t , Shoemaker, esq.,
4er the removal ,4of this prejudice by 4naper
tees, and for' enecoaragement totry; theta, wIMp
sneering (Porn ,gfeat . end' long' TSB
use of three bottles of these lutter.s, at-the be-
ginning of the present year, was follerred by
evident relief, sod restoration to degree of
bodily and inentit 1.. had , notifelt
for sb months hefore, land kid iihnost dispair
ed of regaining. I therefore thank God and
my friend thedirecting me ttrthe'useof theist.
=• J. Nzarrois- Iteterlii. •
Philadelphia, June 23, -
-We call the attention of all having.relations
or friends in the.irmy to the fact tfiat:".' MO
hind's German Miters' , cure nine-tenths
of the diseases-induced by privation and es=
posu es' incident to camp . life. In the lists
published almost daily,in the newspaperir, on
the arrival of the sick, it will be notibeilihat
a very large -proportion are suffering from de
bility. : Every case of that kind can- be . refiil3.-
ly cured by Hoelland , s 'German Bitters, klole
have no hesitatior in stating.that, if thesidit
ters -are--freely used 'urging our; soldiers, h rid
reds of 'lives inighe be saved that otherwise
would be lost.
'The'proprietors are daily- rece ivingthanllfo,l
letters from sufferers in the army And hilepi
tils,who ha ie been testored to health by the use
of thee , Bitternisetit rogheih` by their friendia
Beware of cisaatt 4 rfeitst See- that the
nature Orete.44 l ..32clesottlP'.7s on the wrapper
of each bottle. -
PRI `:' rtr
Large Size, $lOO per or dozen. fnt
Mediuin size, „ 1 . 4 per boftle, 1, dozen for ' .11
'The larger size, on account of the f
the bottles,held, are ,ninch ;he cheaper.
Stloo4 your nears ~dru
article, o knot fie put: bil‘ by al/9 of the
rating prepinitihns thai may be offered in its
place, but y setli foirwlird,
seourety packed, by 'esteriss.
g i r I FJPP 4 Qfficf a* 4 . l AfamAlOo r lh,
631 "Aiwa Erktr,kr.,
(ffueccisors to C. M. Jackson & Co ,)
lE4r sale illy Druggists and,,Dealers in,every
own in the United States. (ma, 30-ly
pubffititi ibiri
Trjr can Les Row, Front Street, fi ve
Flurioa lintel;
Ti hers 'One Dollar KLifearepayabie ad
vance, And iforubacriptimiaticuot,paulwittdr,t,
siif niOntha 41.25' will be cliiiiged; but if ' de
lay'eebootit the expitatinii r'gif Ahe.siifar,
will bes.kiarxed.. . _ •
ADViiiiist plc : due alp:dire - (1.2
fass,f.q.cen,ta fat OR first iropeitippand
25 cents foi eiCii insertion.
feational andßusidesa eat diq ghee orlesa
Rer aunnin. Notices nithe,rpadin,g. col-
Are "aka 111:iiriiigia and Dentlii;
the 'simple annotin'cement; FARE' f. but fiir any.
Additional lin es), five ,cend s a
A libeiitrdeductiori yearly * eirid half
Y, l l-3' , -,a4lrestir,!l* -
added alat . ge jot of
_new ,
job su Gard type, Cuts, 11 . orders,&c., fo the
Job Office of "The which wiR
insge the, floe execution of:001.111mila of
,Job &
CARD P R from_ Abe craal kat
Card to the largest Poster, at prices to suit tie
Warttimes: = "' ' 4
,Thou : gazeat, deep.aad T
Deep and eatiteat,are y thiae eyes ;
I, know that in our being . •
There ar s e' answering sympathies :
;tire' I '
• , 'And aak, , ,withainximia4rearniug,.'
„ Wilk it excri thus, eOduta.V* , ,,• ,
Asti k . es `6BRiclip'ari '
Gliiinge9 not.i.ri:harieMitreilfr
• , T ?r l: ,.' l lF' s )!tk d 9 w l69 lll 'tch , PVf>,
act dpsy :. tides - upon the soul.
With tittiiiiiiohs emotio,n;:
• sieeelm thy
ißut ' -
I,lt Ittosi love me 'evelitioter , . • 2
, •,2
Thou knowest all my weakness,
Thou knowest all
; Jhou , s,t read my ; We; and. kuoVest•,,,
Every weed and every, flower. •
And if wrthm myuatufe ; 4
And gracious gift tht.tii
'Sheuld transfUSeltielf tcOthee.
Delicate Meal ty,-,,i
Thin Steu,t4
.God knows, no selfish impulse., :n,;.
1"./rawsmyhekt,thuaF thimt;
I ivoul ' d that all my foilin g "''
Should partake Of tfiediVine'; -•-"
youl&betv4se knd.perfeeti
Living truly, heartily,
That life's most glorfouS halos
`ShoulesUrround and hallOvr thee.
with l earnest,,stropg endeavor,
I would bf b °r, bX thy
Earn the 'right. to be Coriki)apieri,
'Felloiv-Iwoiker;tiod thy gotde ; '
'Thro' allJeaith's weary turmoil , ~.•
- Keep al 'loving ahul, fend pi7teli~ c:
A nil,,thy,.,bcitiones or affecticoll .„.:
ey,ebtho.e, epdure. , ,
Beauty of ioweases.
•5 • 1
—it is related that Cateaubriand, on i
returning from his ,sastern trave l s, , was i
aalioa. if ha o9aiii assign a reasoaa4
the women of * , the J e wi sh q w e r e Wera so
•:. • • ` •
much,,handsomer than the men, wh en he
gavethe . f6llbWilig
lie eard,"heie'esieiped the curse 'which
alighied ° 'pea- r tlidir• fatherii`linsliaddif,
sans ''`'Not 'a - ' Jewess - - Vigil j th Semi'
einO the`OraWirof -prieete
that insulted the Son of God, seoir'geti
Rim, ' Ciown ed''' with thorns; and
thfainy 'arid' rightly 'tif
tbe'cirCa: "''The (ItOint ad lit , Jtide a be
lieve& in' hisa' Simi* it ;aitti'd' and
soothed Hist
or 'PollrP4.l9W4iiklaaa4 re9,iPos
olotrioanits)ahjo.4,9tiO ft,'FasO of,
alikbastar ~ The,ts + uaer t annoiuteal;, hue
reetFittir . ppritkin9d)oil, and miped
with h er hair. Christ, on his part, ox
tended mercy to'` 1:114i Jewesses Ne
r ch
r,,seo fr om 'the ea e son o e wi
dOW of l4Uie; 'and tfailtbas
..1 :u - Vie
Lazarus. "H e cured " Simeon's brother
id-taw; aria ,the Evroethitrlktio todehedl the
Item.lof }lbis vat:Mune. tisa-Shuravil
tad Women( his wee: a spring- 4 °ff Hieing Nvii
ter, and a cotripaselonateAudg'o3inuthisi
.??9,91 1 8•ia1 - VhdtAl7;,inl.W
t _ c riAltCfigi'°f
ern wPP.ll°Toqlri . 11 4illihA?°4341/A
Ifißraf',!l -nirgi l lukifltiogifilirttc t kittE,Ys
! , 51 , ,ligtItLigst) mtlovent,st
P.so3 ,, flimust,,bfrrAft*OßP., -,
t r. t
His first appearssi9e*lr • pika,Teyusisep T
tion was to Mary . Magdalene. Re said
tai‘iiild Of iiis
814' 31 ' 44 • '74c431 yiti4
The reflection of some beautiful *ray
Must havet reateCenAbe brows ortSew
And if upon pathway,
1 hay a cast , one ttny , rays-
Made one mornent brighter, happier,
By mi,life or by m 3
dinit 'fintiirej
`; Mitt iimeiiner , thin‘My'chen ,•
Thou cane never have enjoyment •!
In a soul of !dryer tone.
~/czl : l3 t gql•4 4 4z9 2l ltWllititi -!;to
For, in tbis cleaver
•• lo Yalta is thy due r •
AndOrt loin& riChe r t liatite&
~Wintthe,ttift:thatt once twactaittei „
0 51 MOt titqW my ,head 61 4 1 :1 4 #PA,1
. To a ?my of the D,iyitta!
Ileterkon's far Tibriuiry
AK E) 811111PITIM,; s.
was`a trout p ace witliknit broi,
that : lap'beut, ov e r two lettere, ponder
ing over momentous' question,, and
Nalile - HbetTei'ti 4 thettglits 'ran soints,
" *hat 'a
'aeble, manly litter. Godfrey
Chnrciiriian icittea, tie' pre
tentleg, tender "love speaks in every
flee cab 1104,' la he wrote
that letter, his bread'shuilders bent, hie
tide!, Whife' tianit'l4cing 'those 'clear,
bold ,Oberacterkii . and those great : black
eYee'of beaming with 'fervor. and
hope. EtEi . }s not bart4siirn4, not 'Very
talented, bet tio true, so
, good;that. I
could put my bend his, content to let
film lead' me, Content 'to obey, as well
tale*, end - honor him.: But, then, he
nothing gut' the small fortune 'his
mother laftEdM, acid all of 'that . Is' iii`
vested ; then, too; he is, so
ibieried`la' atilt little counting-house
Vven this l letine
`"There's' Mary ; too ; i whoever
1341 calenlate 'nPotif
Mary for litkledk'fixtgki,' and she, is
in'`fretetif:ttpd'r,epinint. frOor'hfaiii, it
is t hEiid leit'aV , aiitig: to . :bil glut' up
for life, in one room, and, salterisuch
'Cle.ideet r P f
`prospect(4'it ri;ilway
jeurnet 'ever i'ethaPei; ieehe
in n- a pleaseet'heirie,Witiribthe one
ways neer to chat' with her, 'Rho would
E ecome' reconciled: but- in that
'rd f oirijn - 'hoa'iifirii.-ho d s i)di
key awaY o.`y - ,' and , neSoily to speak .
to' teCd'intiti, her iMprbionment
bird beer.'"i Will dun' Of i ten'. -`§taY
that will eili'd i d,''ailie'ss:=.l'decide" to' an
iiiieriGodfrej:Pe.hittdi4;'es' Wieltee. 'if
tbe eitier'had'fie4onie'fthlt id=day.
iB'SHChealilitArti fur fetter; tinted Papeir;
dressiLutadi., sguch z easy" greet) cOni.
plimentinVand 'such `'poetical' language
seldom ‘..written: He is 30 halld-:
80010; t 00; with inch a t:iaceful bow,
and so eourteaus at all tiinee: never
saw anything'eo beautifur de' eitate,
With its hot-hdusee and.iaidens; its ea'`
perb furnitaie and 'Pictdree; arid:his car
riagect.titid'hories see"jitit 'Peefection L .—
Arid lie Vas 'invited ine-'-tlittleti'die="=lt'd
Ptesilliajoiqie lovely place, 4 - 64 spend
his large , fortune:: offereineibidid,
and purse. Oh! which shall it be ?"
"gilalrtlblAp`icia ?" • • •
.1 , Nellie. statied,•tdr l ite ,,
herself , alotteilttiiViit heil3lllbw itec;d 'ti
figare; , is a= llicibbd drifes,r-such 'as
stte•J tread abitzt; • id" fatryAitles, Et
' Shell , help You ?" repeated the
small woritan4 cleat; iiieviirk tonet•=-:
"I am your fairy guardian ! '01r! yes,
you thought such— dreams were over
when' yonrpiteonicitti'ffehki and Curried
tip tint'We are iotia
yet, illough"lonoisCotites;"
srdinitig onr'busideaVi.--
Ooloilt'lny dear, find I *fit - Yoh - to
decidawhieh , it-tiliall
Somehow, she editralY -rho:Baud:lib*,
the little room faded, faded away, and
Nellie (and he'Aelf in the long dtntng-
room of Norman Hart's palatial man
atee. Dinner was just •over, and three
gentlemen, who were all acquaintances
of 146'1111'3's, were rartrillig the host `Cus
his own prefereficatofthe pretty Nellie
Kartl,l9l- , • , •
"P9tlPu,c-9Pre,34!,". pflig„the
b ra Ma#ol.aTi ,•
l ir i aah !...1 1 1imkaaa nafitAa
"/ am ni't fea4Y Yat'taP l 4 0 28 ?OAT
lea I Bachelor life,euite me, though, of
coersi o one must merry Mimetimel %Ease
the winc,lieeil" • ' • ;
.Aod.froqiiheniname thee conversation
glided into other chiLunalsiAand , Nelliers,
memory aided her 'in recalling various
raitintstatiatstcifiegiof end diihi
doll a ow 'ringing is 'hoi 4 eitis.u. , Aa'ainise..
dote and story fieW.Miiikliip ,- lbiliip; - 414
recalled the tales kW friends had told
s'lidtids'~ f ßere'Cleeing # u, , the fanr
men, Rushed and excited) rose l ftiiin''ti f eetti
4 4
wine, to,aoouca to e r t/itrary.,, . here
mvex no 0n. , 41 ,0 0, 41a t ai tgig.ava .
prifl.ll6lt,,figout9it be 1/1491-41-"a
a e s a llipJf h it !3 r, ' E 's d e s c i i i ies t .1441 4b Pi
turned to ner guide, sad* terrified.,
and begged to leasa.the scene. As she'
Spoke, that TO 6Ur ifaibdvattilierfdinilUtd
done,-anda.coat„bedsaont; aositly,fittedp
apVtook. its , placiel 19389 VV I.l` (ids
Upon a lew condi ,bt,y a fa*, pale
girl, 7 1148 , *9 drawn witL les
of aaii ` ermg, and' 'whose
o . accide n t iat h a d
crippled her. She wee lying very "tin,
with s listless, wearied expression 4, hitt
all Nellie watched, the pale face bright,
ailed, and she relied her 'head to listen:
The' door opened, and the smile grew
radiant ai ;Godfrey. Churchmen entered
the room:'
"Dear,'dear brother-I" This was the
greeting. ,, . With loving.teaderteishii
Caressed' tier, 9 and , sat beiide' hei; -While
she• wound his ettrls.rorind -her thin . - fin.
gees., , , , , ; ; ';`Yen afe tired" she'said, , softly..
'Rather-I'4 , ain working eo hard ":for
ourlotne,'MarYl" ; • 1
"And •
"And Nellie, if she will share
wrote to-day to ask her if she woald
c'o'me tows;' for I ein - dare - tb begin now
to fit up a L bouso `VYe mast live cinietly,
and' edanamically at first, „ hut I will
work hard `that yen ' and`Nellie shall
"Ali! Ilibreldoinea l our tea I" `
said' 111 i
ty, as the servant: brought small
tray 4itiiice for fivo. "I do on-
jay' yone'preitY'predeit, Ondfrey." '
• "The' ' Yeh, it livery coise: 4
And`then~ Nellie 13•1406 d; leadlOn;
as the young mav, 'reverently,
asked Vl:Waning on the meal.
Two hours 'glidad' away, and still the
yoling girl litgated.: Lingered to hear
the iii(Alini'l‘fdrdsne levefair
aufferer's'heart Music, to hnitr her
own "name respectfully and af'fectionatel ' y
uttered. ; ,, Lingered to see ,-the,•tho l d,r,
PrPt°°ting -t4° PY°Pg.PINIkO99th;
4 1 ,g)tiFf,0 8 tPr ? @;Pikin. 137,:g°11 cage
of posit i on; to sea , how. carefully ho
studied her fthcfov : seade i vnty thought;
and, as the ro om at, last tided acyay, she
11. . '1 .4 1 3
stretbbed out her arms bi,the noble man
before her, and woke with a start in her
OWII room.
The letters lay, still before .her as,
they. were when she fell asleep and, as
she read them again, she recalled, all
she, knew of the Writers. vivid co
.l* •••-, • *.•
Wrs, heN e dreem had„• presented ,thp 133.
14!re stories ?f ormalfs
and 13Odfrey's high. Character, and, she
• • ”.11
pat aside the tinted, sheet to read again
the words _from, the heart, of her .tsne
The 1141 e white -winged '•lriessenger
she sent to the sister's carawas opeeed
• ..,•, . 1 t
11ipireadmich ,bright, faces and hearts
reedyX 3 a WaiaWLicl:
islorman , Bart tossed his krito
.r , su
the fire with a, mattered Cayee;
fevi days
press'"'which"' tedjairiin FranTilin
W'orkd'in /7111:
. t ,
Robert' Winthro,_ late opeaker of
the House o kii r pie r seri tati , 44' VlL46tifi
ed the ress to the Massachusetts Be
neinle,nt MeClusnic Society thece; oa
behalf .cif a gentleman of Philade phis.
The ,old press was in 1714 . „ and
was thus hundred and fifty,tliree,
yeari old, when it took tars„'pfoisnblf
its last aourney It made a trip to New
port, R r., dnrinetito Revolo tins whe'r'e
it was for a time buried in agardeti to
keep,it q)m,, - tlie`Hritiiik soldiery, but .
was - dfsekivered,.dag'up andwOrked far
a time. it '.lsears the maikit,of hard
asage and old age, but it, has flow' fOinid
tt.retiog c. plge,,ip the , q eenf3s , ,pf
la f tsers,,and,wAlk.o.e,Trluote agai : •
is a singUlli CalqpiatiOn numbe'r
of stitcliea in a' shirt i.---SitetiQ the
ar, fourrods, 00,; sewingthe ends,,
500; button 'betel, mid sewing
• '3.
tons, 150 ;. sewing the, collar and gather
ing- the riecy . ,
.1.204 ;, stAchirig wrist
hunds: 12:28 ; i seW,ing the ends;6B; bui:
ton holes, ma ;, Ipf,;
gathering the Steele % ; setting on
wristbupil%l4Pi; 0.40./tlig'9ll,lBll.ot#Bl .
strctB l l , 44re. rAY.l.g.ejkcir,
the, f lloftol,A; S , BPRAT -4 4P -8/ee tY 4 9 ,
geseet% ;
4005 , ,tftptuPg4kft lqimi)th 415,2.6!; , -4
jog the seats, /4.l4, 74 settiqg Aide gussets
434 ihum,liw4hp,,hol4,,logi,,l,l.o4r m .
Total number of stitches, 20.620. 4 4pc)-!
for this work tnany , , , woineu receive only
62‘kceritE , l , '. a ` ,l t Al
.P. t tuNxiiiEss.—A ? .'kinglßh office—,
H...“ 4 English
4 1 1 43 ,4 59011! I llAt I n t l i ri T u rC a t C *?
pany—diciarea that "tne're tssae , flak:
only which the conwany declines to in-
sumadd ;flab din/trope - and. iniltdr
tdinvrisir.oP dkunikanness:, TINY/ gra
not insure the drinicardi irt..s.depriact,a
nor ucill they ,contirilfa the insnrapee or
aUVviiiii in fr t&liiiit"qate.:ThellraUt
aril 'Lot '&V41104
cidents, but hie coir*ltitiori filitil to z;6:`
pair , aultinjurli anid4loirand. .14440811:1011
a burden npontliniegoittty,!' .•
The commencer fit nunuvice,
hal ordeced e4l cotton bayore , ant'fafAie
district, •
Odds ad IFfilds.
"rply,t,impose7trponlpey?, :as , the atone
man ieldoth attiicks' thi y "chkracter
of anOtherlvithout•hijuridetild own
Some riehge tate itiore care to hid!
their'wisdom thi n thetr
. ,
Reit satisfied with ..doinx
.well, and
leave otberS to say of, you, what they
arriacily,a, ecno c al, pi eascre, which,
in well ,reeinieteci j mjeds ; seldom fiule to
Pri4uPe. 1740 Fa.Lreis. OM;
; , ,OReat-talkers obeonly , d(P°.the least;
but , ,-generally say•i the - leitst,i' if 'ibair
words be weighed, indeed of reeioned.
Why does the Cook 'make' kaki Bailie
tliatithe Becauie One' Mikes 'A '
ditii and the others dinner.''' •
"Efo*' shall 't stir the Bre Wiihout in•
teritipting' the rntiai?" "Betiveen 'the
was replied: • *
fie is happywhose cirenmstances suit
iris ' - teinper; but he is more excellent
who can suit his temper to any circum-
1 4aPPP°.
• The utmost :e±celience at• which
trianity.can 'arrive,! is a constant, a de
terminate pursuit of vittne, ;Without re=
gard .to 'present dangers or'advantage.;
tDet a treated" its' a 'brine,' arid
he= 'Will • becbitie' more than
brute; 'iv ijaVi hti et Ile in atilt lie
WilLiihew that-1169i
Parr," said a yoong'atudelit once
'the' Old you and I
write " n book ." well," replied,
the jectoi, "put in t knQw
kid all' thei atid
th a k i, ' 34 , i :11 a:41v „ ;
..•••••i ;
rit. 11 5. 0 9r peal t"
sitiOmnal-vpiced Yankee, to At street
butcher, '9 'l °,lt4f 1 11 PflAig..; "what
niAkesit i lookso blue did
infi eaid tha other ",it didn't
die 'sact4 • it. kind o' gin mar, • ,
•• The distinguished '=individoirl known
itplongdth'epan ts •tis
ly changed his name to Cupidityciad;
will hereafter deitire
: his_ attention
matters of-money as ti= i ell .es matfiEmy,
.•; e ,L .:. z.,•.; 4.3- •
To RiMit4 } ), 0 0.4 1 1 40,;f0SittlYettal. Remus
W94,,ritk-t4,,,93ix.t.F.Er.e,"404 lailtam;,,
lAlßP!) l l4clacifi. keAsPia*;4l;tga
a•w i a,s)9, t tlyhglaset 4 t
t Mgt Raitingtoo limp. that) Ikv, *BP
baaiiist ;taunted limit, l'iaaCei 9afitiaital
like o.;:i?arishitiner.", '•t• I.' •
• - Bana,lWlirituir de brige'de`ntnet ,
gent folks in de world'? . 13benniset "de7
nose eberyting.
, ;• 7 it l i;- , OLIJ ,-i;
It tkver.); PerlaiPl!l"4'.a93#9 walk 131*
walk straight`, if lie (ollow.l
J4 d Y 7401 !Rt4l4liitileAlitt-
PcF. 0 4eLl Aseeo
if ,vromare keep • secret stall , it, is
generalivwith telling erect_
•e <vtbo'•stod that'
better than the ;Wore 6tig7it have' imifela
that, none at all is nfien hett,er than. the
geF!tlemila can liaa,frY
laity he ; .140,p/eases.
14. ! " rod pr,odiiced blossonia,when 'het&
in the, hunt': o 6 ,Aaron: A bireli,,rod
pr odu ass, &nib in thelianda or the sellookl
inaterJ . :
To win womates love, be not all sweet
ness ; Molasses caOls fewer files than
Eh lAsses - aiid" Vinegar.
1 - - r.,!;1,- t..4;1
If tobsopo gets
rm e-bge
tAt4diticll 3 o 4PPinge B,:be! &Ado
solsliAvulho Ilistjoguish Phtpts i elviesAijio
if our brave fellows want,;:bjalsfigrAgime;
they must strike for,tisTm.-
tti) fileAritte
of 'a mark 'boais a - altvai• rOa *i l l: .
"Diederiek'til , Seventhi, -
ber,'l : BoB; 4 2ke'dd'ed . the We"
20th- a
on the to 't g rlocies .
WAR' PliEtah 4431 6) :P1ir ) I.lg l s l rki WW, 3 1 0.
1Yp.: 43 1 1 the,kqtki „1 ,1 1 1 T4J41, ttc) - ; rcipyaßs,
( WPA4llft.lof t :* ecl OilPk ) ,_Vgl§,treLifz,i,tilkpi
1 10 eft' :4M ° /4, l l.4%kAusgi!kt,
16P1;t9 11 1 j31.9 hrilk!giaf..ll9s , 4t pi t
e5A.4 3 109-PF, “Pg. XR 8 0:44,44 1 (11,PRP4.7i
ar liherties of Denfpprk, , ,n4 ; de n
'fended the Independence of the
'the lappikibtill
tit:4l l 6f 1114 people, oeleeted as iks--ietteeS .
ceestir-tliesl.litiabinid of hish father's iffir
tWirdangliter! • Re 'tied: nti - ' the', letßid
lahed-the Viinee 'WWI.
ascended ,the ,
thr9ft?,!; , e Christian the;.
.motto w, The iovii-7U,
the psople is the strength of my
. ... '
• ..,_ r