The Mariettian. (Marietta [Pa.]) 1861-18??, February 06, 1864, Image 4

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Wonderful Cakes con Man a n d /least
IPROPOSE' to cure, almost instantaneously,
individuels - afflicted with Deafness, Head
ache, Neuralgia, Chill Fever, Ague, Rheunia•
tisrn, umiak Sores and Pains,
I prep*, to check and effeetially disdiPate
more slobs and pain, and to accomplish nearer :
and more perfect equilibrium of all the circula-,
ring fluids in the human apiterri,..than can be
effecte4-by-any other or all other methods of
medical: aid in the same space of 'dine, the
masses thehiselvbs being judges. ' .1
I do not propose to cure every disease, but
all such , as are curable by any edifibination of
medical aptiltaticear My Electric Oil operates
on chemical and electric .principles, and is, ,
therefore, applicable to, the 'cure or natural,
restoration cif anY'orgitnic derangement, aris
ing from an improper ciroulation , of Nervous,
Vital uid. •
I want the MiuniertiVjoin in this matter--•
the well as the , iliCa,.because if these, things
are so, all ath alike interested. •
N. B. Plead inform me of any case of fail
ere to cure, inliom half hour to three week,,
as I wish to ciire or charge nothing.
„The'Colatiribus SUN remarks: On Saturday, '
an old' gentleman named Wm, C. Osborne,
well knoWn in our city,. who, from rheumatic
affection., has not been able to , walk or use
his hands sufficient to feed for mot.-
then ten years, was brought to Prof. 'De Grath
on the street,'.wheie in •the presence of a large
assemblage of people, he applied De Grath's
Electric 011 to one arm and shoulder. He was,
immediately enabled to raise his hand to his
head and Scratch it, a thing he laid he
not done before'in twelve years. ,
The New Hampshire Patriot says : During
the present week, no leis than six of our
friends, who have been induced to try Prof.
De Giathq . :Electric Oil for Rheumatism and .
Deafness; In Consequence of having, seen, this
prearetion: advertised in our columns, have
called upon us to state the 'result of. expert;
ments. neap persons assure us that their
Rueumatic hi l velitei c Ailiely cured 'by:,
few applications of •Be Grath's Electrieol4
and they, recommend, its use to all kv.hciSit
afflicted With 'any of 'the dideisei which it is
desigited to Cure.,
It seems that Rheumatistn, Deiifoess, Dieu
Whiz, Swollen:and Stiff Joints, and , other
Complaints to which we are all subject, have
lost r their tstrori.' Prof.. De Grathls Electric,
Oil is warranted Act relieve any case ip short'
space of time, and• with,a,trilling expense. It
always tcures..Scratches, ,Spraine, Galls, and,
Splints Wharton. .'
Pittor..CummEs Da GRATH, ,
Philadelphia, Pa.'
, ak• Atte genuine iithOiltaignitture of Prof.
C.Dk . ' - 001 1 ...11 , . Labels signed' in writing.
Plinciper Depot Not '217 South, Eig.htti,:lt.
Philidelphia. *Country dealers and druggists
can' be eaPPRed wholesale and retail . , P rice . -
25 erinfif, - fflinents, andtti - per bottle.
Try eVerything else "give this one simple
• •
I.:Anion—Be careful to eak for and, get DE
Gs...Ws' Monti:lc Oil, : as worthicss imitations
abound. ,
. . .
There ate numerous imitations sprung up on
thoireputation _ray Article has acquired - . , he
public must, eware. They Are worthless .
For sale by-all dealers find druggist& Prin
cipal dike 217 South tith street, Phila.
Oilh.Rhysiofogical Views of 1,11-Wiriage
Paicx only 25 cents. Sent free of postage to
all parts of the Union. -On the infirmities of
youth and maturity, disclosing the secret fol
lies of both sexes of, aged , causing debility,
nervousness, depreggion, of ' spirit, 'palpitation
of the . heaxi, suicidal imagipiogs, involuntary_
eitionions, blushings,, defective memory, indi
thittion •ond lassitude, with confessions of
thrift tifir.jiltfrost of a 'Boarding School Miss,
44140.tudent) and a Young Married Lady,
td. trathful adviser to the married
and Ntosii,oonteffiphiti Oil liege, who enter
tain secreedeubts of their physical condition,
and whhare conscious of having hazarded the
health, tosppinessi and privileges to which
every binned being is entitled.
YoUNG MEN who are troubled with
weakiiing,teidriillk caused: by, a bad habihip
the 'effects-4f which , are, dizzinbiz,
puidi failtettlihnitiv sometimes a ringing
the, bind, weak 'Oda,' weakness eV-tieback
azi,diciWer extremities, confusion of ,ideak,,logs
of' ifiekory, wittv melancholy, may be aiit d:
by AtiOniitlioes tan Pargirand London Treat-
rWe hkve, ' recently devotedmuch of out
deft thilvikiting the European Hospitals, avail-.
ing ourselt"es of the knowtedgeandresearches
ut Qs most skillful ,Physicians and. Surgeons
ii -- Europe knd the Continent. Those who
lace. le , WereMves? I nder, bur c.erwe . iwill
eurtrlg..full. benefit of the many new and 'if ;
eKtguu.Kintepti which we are enabled tq
duce. wo
de iiite: our, practice, and the public
tEiprest assured otihe same zeal, assiduity,
SECRECY:4nd attention being paid to their
cases,whicOtiiso suceessftilly distinguished
us heretofore, as a;Thyitician in our •rzeu LIAR
rpartmerit of pinfessionel Practiee, for' he
pate twenty t five years-
Finerc#, l'Xiirea i z Prtzs.--Ladies who wish
CPT iVlespyrneti, the efficacy of which has been
tested Ip : ttinusands'or Casey, and never &ilea
to effect speedy cures without any bad re.
delta willriise none but Dr. DeLaney's Fe-
EllatPeriedreal kills. '' The only precaution
necessary to be observed is, ladies should not
take if tkey.buyik reasen t .to believe they
are in rerfaiti iittldtione (the particulars of
which will be , found . on the wrapper accom
panying each box;) though alivays safe and
heeltlfy, so gentle; yet so active are they.
Price $1 per box. They can be mailed to
arlAtait of the United States dr Canada.'
- I'm TEE LAnrus--Who need a con/Wen/is.
tilltdital adviser with regard to any of those
interesting complaints to which their delicate
organization renders them liable, are paiticti
larlY invited to consult us.
For' inatried ladies whose health will not ad
mit, or who have no desire to increase their
families, may be obtained as above. It is a
perfectly safe preventive to coheeption, and
has been extensively used during the, last 10
years. Prici reduced to $lO.
Treatise on the Qom of Premature De
cay— A : solemn warning. Just published, a
book shoWing the insidious prOgress and pre
valence among beholds, [both male and fe
male. I, of this fatal habit, pointing out the
fatality that, invariably attends its victims, and
'developing the whole progress of the disease,
from the c ot inencement to the end.
It will be sent by Mail on receipt of , two [3
cent ,Stamps. -
Attendance daily, from Sin the morning til
9 at night, and on Sundays from 2 till 5 P. M.
Medicines with full directioni sent to '.any
pait of the United States or Canadas, by, pa
tients communicating their symptoms by letter.
fluidness correspondence strictly confidential.
Kr Dr. L's Office is still located as establish'
ed under , the name of DR. LACROIX,'
po,-13,Idaiden Lane, Albany, N . 'Y. .
Having just ieturned from the city with
cely selected let of Ready-made Clothing,
Which the undersigned is prepared to furnish at
reduied prices; hayinglaid in a generiljuisort
ment of, men and boys , clothing, which he is
dawn' inici to tell iott, fon cam. Hisstrk
doparlif i df OtiintiCoats„ DREGS, FROCK AND
GLONOttlki Reetything in the
Furnishing Good& line, Call and examine, be
foie ,Purchsaing eltieWhere. Everything sold at
ptitierto suit thettlittiegk . JOHN.B.P.L.
tArlOr of alit' iane.oo4 Harem
next , tb '64,glis 461°7'4.
ji4 ' IMONB int - iller Table Wincui,
MiraffitOd to be pnits antlifold tsalOrair
can be bought in Philadelphia or" blew-Yale. •
11. D. BENJAcixs •Ftcot Building.
- LT
AA IIIOIoOHLEWS long celebrated
• DR. J. H. SCHENCK has a large suitof
rooms at No. 32 Bond st.. New-York, where
he can be found every Tuesday, from 9 a.m.
'to 3 p. m., and at No. 39 North Sixth street,.
Philadelphia, Pa., every Saturday..
He keeps a large supply of medicines :athis
rooms, which can be hid at all times. Those
wishing advice .or examination with the Res
pirometer, his, price is $3.
Many lersons are afraid to have their lunge
examined by .DR. SCHENCK for fear they
will befouled incurable, and by that means it
input off until it is too late. How much bet
ter it would be to know their condition at once,
as by abundance of evidence, Dr. S. has shown
suthcient'iertificatek in' this CRY that he has
cured advanced 8146 of Consumption.
DR. SCHENCP.N Principal O f fice is No. 99
North Sixth Streit, Philadelphia, Pa., where
letters for, advice should always be directed.'
13— Pierce 'of the Pulthodic Sylup and 'Sea
Weed each' $1 per bottle, or $5 tire. dozen.
Mandrake Pills, 25c por box ,
For sale by all druggists and storekeepers
The Secretary of the Treasury has not yet
given notice of any intention .to withdraw tale
popular Loan from Sale at Par, and until ten
days notice is given, the undersigned,. as
"General Subactiption Agent," continue
to supply. the plionc.
The Whole summit of the Loan authorized.
is •Five Hundred Millions of Dollars. Aearly
Four Hundred Millions have been alreaay sub
seribeefor, and paid into the Treatury,, moat ly
within the last seven months. The large' de
'mand from ,abrofid, and the rapidly increasing
home deffiand" for use as the basis for 'circ'ula-•
;;Libra byi 'National lialikipg -Association! tow
organizing in all parts of the country,
tri very- titiort period, absorb the balance: 7 •
Sales have lately ranged fr,om ten _to futeen
, . •
-millions` :meekly, frequently exceeding three
tnilliotis.dailx, and as it is well known that.;
the Secretary; , of the,Treasuly has aipplelind ,
unfailing resouicesin the Duties on Imports
'and Internal Revenues„ and in the issue of
, the Interest bearing 'Legal Tender - Tie'iSury
;Notes, it is almosra certainty , that te wilLnot
find it-necessary; for a come, to
,seek a market lot any other long or permanent
Loans, tht Interesuand , Prinpipal fwhich are
itlerice' and Self-interest • must :force the
Thiridstf those contemplating the fortnation 'of
Associations, a' s- welt as:the
minds 'of ail who have idle' nioney cn their•
bands, to .the prompt conclusion that= they
Should lose no time in subscribing to this most
poptilar Loan. it will soon be, `beyond their
teach, and advance to a ,handsome premium,
las was the result with the "Seven Thirty"
Loan, ivheu it.wastill sold and-co.uld no long
er be subscribed par.
It dad Six Ter Cent. Loan, .the :Interest and
Principal payable -in Coin, thus yielding over
Nine per Cent: per.annuni- at the -present rate
of premium mn , coin.
. The. Governmentrequires all,duties on im
ports to be paidin Coin-; these duties have for
a long time: past amounted to over a Quarter
of a Million of Dollars daily, a sum nearly
three times greater than that required in the
payment o 1 the interest on all the 5-20's and
other permanent LoanS. So that it is
`that the surplus Coin in ilia Treasury, at no
distant day, will enable the United ,States to
*resume specie payments upon all
The Loan is called. 5-20 from th'e'fact that
[ whilst the Bonds may run for 20 'years, yet
the Government has a right to paythenveff in
I Gold at par, at any time after 5 years.
The Interest is void half-yearly, viz : Oh the
first days of November and May.
Subscribers can have Coupon , Bonds, which
are payable to .bearer, and are. $5O, $lOO,
'ssoo, and a 1000; or Registered Bends of same
denominations, and in addition,
$lO,OOO. For Banking, : purposes and' for'in,l
vestments of 'Trust-monies , the RegisteredP
Bonds are preferable.
These 540's cannot be taxed by States, ci.
ties, towns .or counties, and, the Government_
taxon - Ahem one-and-a,half.per cent.,
on the amount of income, when the income
of the holder exceeds SiX Hundred dollars per
annum; all other itvvestments,,suchas income
from 'Mortgages, Railroad Stock and Bonds,
etc., Faust pay , from three to five percent tax
on the meanie. , -
Banks and Bankers throughout the Country.
trill continue to dispose of.the Bonds;
.and all
orders by mail, or otherwise, promptly attend-
The inconvenience.of 'slew days' delay in
the, delivery of the Bonds is• unavoidable, the
demand. being so great,; but as, interest com
mences from the day of subscription, no loss is
occasioned, and ,every effort is, being made to
diminish the aelay. J A.Y COOKE,
SICIA,SC/3.IPT/ON 4G,Ercr i -
114; South :Third Strce;, Phiiadelphaa
Soldiers in thEviAtmy
ARE noyt,offered : an .opportunity,by„,whic4
they 'end 'Obtain goo'd •and
One year; and the buyer is allowed the privi
lege ofptatuitkatien befo!e payment is required.
A.first-class Hunting Time-Piece of silver
material, over which is electro-fine plated 18k
gold,most durable wrought, making the hi:H.4
tation so faultless that it cannot be detected
from the solid material by the most experienced
judges ; acids will net affect it. London made
movement Improved Duplex in full ruby ac
tion, has sweep seconds, and is not to be, ex
celled in general appearance. This idecided
ty one of the best articles ever otTered for trad
ers and speculators. Engineers, emigrants - and
persons traveling, will find them superior to
any other; alteration of climate will not affect
their accuracy. Price, ,paelted in good shape
and good running order, only $35, or case of
6 for $2OO.
$41161' D ouble Milne hgting geb&S,
. _
over which electro-fine plated 18,karat gold,
similar to our improved Duplex, and superior
adjusted movements, with “atop," to be used
in timing horses, , etc.; has ..Four Inelaves for
Washington and Greenwich time, sweep sec
ond, and all the improvements- , All in alt,
taking its beautiful and faultless appearance and
its superior movement into consideration, we
regard it as decidedly the cheapest article of
the kind in the myrket. . -
. .
Price in good running, order, 1835, or case of
6 for 3200.
CO' We ask nty pay' in advance, but will
forward either of them to responsible parties,
Ab any part of the loyal States, with billilay , l
:ablento.expressman When the goods are deliv
ered,'giving.the buyer the privilege of- exami
nation, and, if nut satisfactory, the watch can
be retutned at expense:
The express companies reface making col
lections on soldiers and other parties iathe
disloyal States, consequently all such orders
Mast be accompanied by the cash to insure-it
'tention. We make a deduction of two- dol
lars on eithet'wher► the payment is forwarded
in advance. ' '
'Motley may be sent by espies at, our ex
93 and 95 Broad street 'opposite City Hank,
0et,17-3nt) Providence,
eJI.I Blrligrin , s,'"Greeninis and. Russets, the
Vest Nen-VriCfruit, lit'
1:' • CRO . 12 Li*rD N.FirANGLAND , RUM
for culinary purpoitia, , siarranted genwifie
H. D. Benjamin;
BRANDIES—aII brands—guarTanted to be
genuine. . H. D. Beniamin.
~qs ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~. ~
4 Cit • ITTDNDEN'R .• :
C - 01E, E GE,
N. E. corner of 7th 6. ,Chestnut Sts.
This Institution, which was established in
1344, ind,is now consequeritly in the eight
,eenth year of its existence, numbers among
graduates, hundreds of. the most successful
Merchants and Business, en in'our Country.
,The Object of the' In'stitution is solely to
afford young'men facilities fur'tho'rough prepa
, rations fot bueineas.-
The Branches taught are, Book-keepitig, as
applicable fo fhe variobs departments of trade ;
.Pennmanship, both., plain and ornamental ;
caniraerciat Law,, otheniatics, Navigation,
dolt Engineering, /Drawing, Phonography,
and Modern Earignageo.
• The SYstem •of astruCtion 'is - peculiar ; no
classes or set lesson's are made use of, but each
student ie taught individually, so that he may
commence at any time, and attend at what
ever hours are most cOnvernent.
• Catalogues are , issued annually after the 15th
of April, containing names of the students fdr
the year„rind full, 'particulars of terms '&c.,
and may be obtained at any time by address
ing the Principal.
In extensiye accommodations, wide-spread
reputation, and the lengthy . eXpetience of th
Principal, this Institution offers facilities e
perior to any other in the country, for yo Sig
men wishing to prepare for business,_ itird to
obtain A, DIPLOPIA, which will prove a rdcom
mendation for them to any Mercantile.Vouse.
113- Crittenden's Series of Treatises ail Bo*.
Keeping, new more widely , circnidted than
any other woik on, the subject, are :liar sale et
the College.
Jan. 18, 2 62-Iy] . • . PRINCIPAL.
_isl . l•4l - No, bTaot & Co's
Chain of IVatiol Commercial
New-I - ark pity, Brooklyn, Albany, Bur do,
icem, .Detroit. Cleveland CI cageanit
Book-Keeping, Penmanship, Commercial Ar
rith nietic, Commercial, Law,,Forpas„Corre-'
pondence, &c., practically, taught.
These Colleges being, under the same general
and local management, and uniting in each the
advantages' of -all, .offer ,greaterJacilities for
imparting:instruction than , anrother, s imilar
institutions in the country. ,
A Scholarship issued by any one good in
all for an unlimited time. ,
The Philadelphia. College has beeh recently,
enlarged and is now the largest most prosper
ous Commercial Institution in the State.
Bryant & Strattan's series of 'reit Books,
embracing Book - Keeping , Dom triercial Arith
metic, and Commercial Law, fors, and
sent' by mill.
11. For full particulars, send far ,
Dec. 27 '62-Iyl PHILADELPHI A
A Fortune for Alll
NO HUMBUG, betian-*AsTray,x. - r Slew
thing. Only three. months in this country !
No clap-trao operation to gull the public; tint
a genuine money-making thing ! Read the
Circular of instruction once only, and you will
understand it perfectly. A Lady has =just
written to me that she is Making as high as
structiona in this art. Thousands of Soldiers
are marring money rapidly' at it. NO person
has to be urged to patronize it. Ti is a thing
that takes better than anything ever before
offered. You can make money with it home
or abroad—on steamboats or railroad cars, and
in the cottutry or, city. 'You wilt be pleased
in pursuing it; not only because it will yield
a handsome income, but also in consequence ,
of the general admiration Which it elicits. It
is pretty prOfit. - A Mete trifle is
necessary to start' viifi.
There is sctircely, one person out of thou
sands"%ilto ever'payS any am nt!on to adver
tisements of this kind, thinking they are hum
bugs. ConseqUently those who do send for
instructionwwill' have ii broad field to make
money in. There Is a class of persons inthis
,who think-beeause the have been
humbugged out of a ddllar or SO, that every.- •
thing that is,advertised is, a humbug. Conse
quently they fry no ' The .person who
succeeds is the one that keeps on trying until
he hits .s e oriidthlng -
Thisart cost me one thousand dollars and
I expect to make money, out of it--and all wh6
purchase the art" from me will do the same.
One Dollar sent to Me will Mute the prompt
return of, a card of instruction's in the tirt.--L
Thsmoney will be returned to those 'who are not
No. 1 Park Place, New York.
irh9..nudersigned, having been restored to
health in a few weeks, .by a V C.l)' ' SIMI)) e remedy
after.having suffered severely for several years
with' ting affectio-i. and' that dread diseaee,
Consumption—is anxious to make known'tc:
hiS'fellbw sufferers the means of cure.
'To all' who desire he will send a .copy of
the tasciiption tis'bd (free Of "cliarge), - with
the directions for preparing and using the
same, which they find ei sure cure for
Consuclzptlfm,'',..9olrqaf..cdAronchitis o , .Coughs,
Cokes, Afc. The only object of "'Vie iidierbser
in 'iendihrthe prescription, is' fo , benofirt he
afflicted, and spread information whieh,he
conceives to be inv,luable and he hopes ev
ery sufferer . will'coat thelri -'nothing, and may
prove a blessing.
1 3 itr.ieS Wishing.the preicription
address i• `'
Rev. EDWA 4 REQA. WiisON; '• ' •
Willramsburg, e'
Ne. 8-13t1 ' Kings co: N.-Y.",
Jr. 'WI ARLES-sr.,
. .
S . T.- U.l 8, MISS 0 U ,
Dyspepsia, ansumplion, Liver ,DOMplaint,,
Diarrhea, Piles, &a., and all
Female complaints.
Da. W. Will send,his Theory of Chronic Dis
eases, Tor '6 cents, to pre-pay nostage..
Symptom lists foi.dify.diseaSe, forwarded.
11;:ir Medicines forwarded to any
in the United States iPost Otflee Bo '',3092
St. Louis, August
Opposite . the Cross Keys Hotel,
9 - IHE undersigned,would respectfully in
that he still continues, at the
of stand, cornet of Second and Walnut streets,
directly, opposite. he Cross Kays' Hotel to keep
on hand arid for 'sale,' all kinds nf Cigars from
Half Spanish up, in prices from *6, $7 $2O to
$BO per, thousand. TesAcco.—Nntural Leaf,
Excelsior Caiendish, Oranoko Virginia, Con
gress Fine Spun Ladies Twist, Coarse Spun
Twist, Eldorado, Jewel cif Ophir tobacco, An
derson's best Fine-cut. All kinds of fine Ci
gars manufactured of imported stock. SurF,s
HALF. SPANISH. Rappe,e Snuff and all' kinds
Fancy P Smoking Tobacco. Scented snuffs,
FRie7c l 4tiP,es, Cigar Tubes' 4TI , ,1 [Jan :30,' 68.
URH. ,
ETT'S Cbcoaii?e. .A `'compound of
Cocoa-nutHil,"&e.; foi . diesaiitepe Hair.
For efficacy and agreeableness ,' it - ft Without,
an equal. It prevents the hair firont falling off.
It promotes its,,lienityy,,und vigerousgrowth.
It Is not grefisfok•stick3;. - , - • •
, flt.lohvetno.disasreethle odor. ' , , ~Ft 1
s, It•softensthelaw when hard and dry. 1 .
• It soothes the irritated,scalp skin. -
It affords theaichest lustre. ; C o. ;.
Irveriairis-lehgest in effect. Bane 8( C'
A CHOICE 'Lot of-Books for , children cille
i - iiiidistructable Pleasure Books ; School and
Paper Books, Stationary, Pena, Pen holders,
For sole by Dr. 141?xli.s.
i . ( 0 1= e il I) :ail 4 1 4 }+;l.l
Corrective and alternative of wonderful effica
cy in disease of the Stomach, Liver and Bow 7
els ; dn res Dyspepsia, Liver 'Complaint, Head
iche, General. Debility, Nervousness, Depiest
sion of Spirits, .Constipation, Colic, Intermitten-
Fevei s, , Cramps and Spasms, and all com Plaints
of 'either sex, arising from bodily weakness.
Whether inherent in the system or, pro'duced
by special causes.,
Nothing .that is not Wh,oleseme, genial and
',restorative in its nature enters into tne coinpo .
sitjon, of Ilostetter's Stomach Bitters. This
popular. preparation . contains no mineral of
any kind, no deadly butanical ‘ elethent ;' no fi
ery excitant, but it is a combination of the ex
tracts of rare .balsamic herbs and plants with
the purest, and mildest ot diffusive straw
lt is well .to be -forearmed against ,diieasii,
and solar as the.htlinan system can!be protec:'
ted by human tneans ,sgainst nialadieS
gendered by an unwholesome atmOspliere, im
pute water and other external causes,
may be relied .on as a safeguard.
In districts infested .with Fever and Ague, it
has been found infallible asia preventtitive and
irresistible as tt'remetly, and thousands who
resort to iti.under_,apprehension of an attack,
escape the scourge; and - I thousauds who ne
glect ro avail themselves of its protective qua!-
. sties in advance,-are cured : by ,a very brief ,'eOurse of this marvelous medicine. Ayer and
' Ague patients, after being Vied wi th quinine
for monthstinsain, satu rated with
that dangetous alkaloid, are not on frequently
restored-to health , within (stew Alms by the use
of liostettees . Bitters,
The' weak: stomach .18 rapidly invigorated,
and the appetite restored, by this agreettole,M7
nic, and hence it works wonders in cases 6t
Dyspepsia andinless confirmed forms of indi
gestion. Acting as a gentle and painless appe-
Lunt, as well as upon theliver, it also
ably relieves the Castipation supelinduced by
irregunir action of the digestive and secretive
organs. Persons of feeble habit, liable to. tier-,
vous , attacks, lowness of spirits and fits of lan
guor. find prompt and permanent relief from
the hitters. The testimony on this point is
most conclusive, and from both sexes.
The agony of Bilious colic is immediately
assuaged by a single dose of the stimulant, and
by occasionally resorting to it, the return of the
complaint may be prevented.
Last, but not least, it is The Only Safe Stim
ulant, being- manufactured from sound and
innocuous materials, and entirely flee from the
acid elements present more or less in all the
ordinary tonics and stomachics of the day.
No family, medicine has been so universally,
and, it may be truly added, deservedly popular
with the intelligent portion of the community,
as liosrErren's HITTERS..
Prepared by HOSTETTER &
Pittsburg, Pa.
Sold by all Druggists, Grocera and Store
keepers everywhere. .
iicEIL ) )llOKil ' S Gagiiir/it fn'ZIMItQf IO II3.
COMPOUND. FLUID F.,'X'l'll.llCT 131.1011 U,
A rosi:rtylt AND SPF.ciFID -REMEDY
For diseases of the 131addor, Kidneys, Crawl
and Dropsical Swellings.
. .
This Medicine increases the power of Diges
tion, and.axeites the Absorbents into healthy
action, by which the Watery or Colcsreous de
positions, and all
,unnatural enlargements are
reduced, as Well us pain and intlanintion.
For weakness arising from excesses, habits
of dissipation, early indiscretion of abuse, at
tended with the following symptoms :
Indisposition t', excit ion, Loss of Power,
Vacuity of breating, Loss. of Memory,
Weak Nerves, , Trembling,,,
Horror of Disease, WakefulnesS,
Dullness of ,VissioniPa .
in in the' Back,
Universal lassitude of the muscular system,
Flushing of the body, Hot Hands,
Eruptions on the Face, Dryness of the skin,
Mid Countenance
These symptoms, if all Owed to go on, which
this medicine invariably removes, soon follow,s
Impotency, Fatitity, Epileptic. Fits,
in one of which the patient may expire.:
Who can say that they ale not frequently fill:.
towed by those 4 4 Direful . Diseases,"
"insylikaty and Consumption."
Many . are ate of the cause of their suffer
ing,-but none" will confess
,the records of the
Insane Asyluths. •
Melancholy deaths by consumption bear am
ple witness to ihe truth Of the assertion.
The constitution once.effected with Organic
weakness requires the aid of medicine to
strengthen,and invigorate the system, which
i n 're r iably does. A trial will-ctinvince the
mostoSeptical. y a
n Many affecti s peculiar to females the
Eitract'linehti "iineaqualed by any other
remedy, as in , Chlorosis or Retention, Irregu—
larity, Painfulness or suppression of customa
ry evacuations; Ulcerated or Scirrhous state
of-the Uterus, Leuchorrhoea or Whites, Ster-'
rility,,and- for all complaints incident to the
sex, whether arising from indiscretion, habits
cf dissipation r or in the declines? change of life.
It causes a frequent desire and gives strength
to urinate, thereby removing obstruCtions, pre
venting and curing Strictures of the Urethra,
allaying pain and inflamation, so frequent in
the class of diseases, and expelling all potsan
rya s; diseased 'and wornout matter.
~Thousands upon thousands who have been
the victims of quaeles,,and who have Paid heapt
fees to be Cured, in a' abort time, - have found'
they were deceived; and' that the "Poison"
bus, by, the, use, of "pomer:tu;:astrine; en ts,"
been dried up in the' system, to , break out in
an aggravated form, and. " perhaps after Mar-
Use HembokPs Extract Buchia for all affec T
Lions and diseases of the Urinary, Oigans,
whether. existing in. Male or Female, from ,
whatever cause originating, and no Matter of
hoto Long .standing. 4
Diseases of these Organs requires the aid oe
,a - Diuretk, 41g1m0fcl?f t , Extract, -Bsfehu,is thf
greatMantic, Audis certain ' have ttie'd e
sired effect , in all Diseases for which it,is Ref,
Evidence of the most reliable and responsi
ble character, will accompan,y,the medicine.
PRICE $l.OO PER BOTTLE, or SIX for $5.00
Delivered to any Address, securely packe.
from 'observation. .
Describe Sympto m .in• all Cominunicaticms. 1!
Cures, Guaranteed ! :Advice Gratis
Xddiesi !sites. for ipforrnatiott to . •
H. T: HELMBOLD, Chemist.
104 South Tenth-et. bel. Chestnut, Phila.
HELmsoLtee igedica/!Depo,t, •
HELIIII3OED'S DrUk dad " Clieinical Warehouse.
594 Broadway, New, York.
ISeware of 'Cotiiiferfeita ahtfUtikincipkeil
.I)ithenr Who endeavor to dispoee "of their
Ovill""itrir"citheri , &tides on the re potation
attained by, • •
Ifelinbcild'i Genuine Preperations.
. ' 6 Extract Suelm.
6 6 • • " c 1 Sarsaparilla.
." Improved Siise Wish.
Sold by all Drugg.ists everywhete.
Ask for Hembold 6 ii. Take, no other.
Cut out the advertisement and send for it.
And 'lsition and exposure.
DR. .10$N L. - LYON'S
eriebital P; tops
invariably restore and regnltitellie female sys
tem, removing all irregularities, and producing
health, vigor and strehgt h
Are a fluid preparation, the only one of the
kind ever discovered in this country, and acts
directly on. the parts affected, whilst pills and
powders can only reach them as they work
through sympathy, but nut at all direct and
Are you suffering from a constant anxiety
for the reguiar return of nature's prescribed
laws ?
Give yourself no uneasiness, for Lyon's
Periodical Plops, if taken a day or two be
fore the expected period. will positively and
ir.variably regulate its coining, as sure as ef
fect follows cause ; as sure as daylight follows
Are you sick, enfeebled by disease, or una
ble to bear the labor and danger of increase
Come to you as a blessing, fur is not preven-
tion better than cure
If regularly taken, it is a certain prevent
ive, and %yiil save you much peril and many
hours of suffering
Have you been afflicted for many yearsivifb
complaint% incident to the sex, that have
baffled the skill of physicians, and are hurry-
ing you Oli to an early grave?
Are the most reliable regulator ever known,
and cure, like magic, all those irregularities
that have defied the doctor's skill
. you waste away with suffering Item
Leucorrhcoa, Prolapsus,Dysmetiorrlicea, and
a thousand other difficulties, all summed up
under the name of suppressed and'nhstructed
nature, when an iiiir,:strtient of one dollar in
LY 0 11"
surely save you
Do not use -the Drops when forbidden in
the directions, for although a positive cure,
and harmless at all other times, they are so
powerful and finely calculated to adjust and
govern the functions of the sexual organism,
that, if taken at improper times, they would
produce' results' contrary to nature; against
which all, particularly. those who would re
produce, should carefully guard.
Cannot harm the most delicate constitution at'
any time; yet the proprietors wish to guard
agiinst its misuse, hoping that a thOusand
bottles will be used for a good. purpose Where
one is used for an illegitimate one.
the "never-failing Female Regulator; is. for,
sale by every' Druggist. in both city and coun
try, and do not, if you value your health and
Zildilerarelialife — riiedieiiie';`blirany tither:
Take no other, blit if the Druggist to whom
you apply has not got it, make him send and
get it for y.ou.
iw , :~:~ „ nuG: , <Gc~;GLAs,lt~,C~.~. P ,}tQpc I rTO~dn
Nei 'Vane); Conn
For sale at Wholesale by
tow, -1y) 23 62L at.,.Philadelphia
Dt. Brunon's Celebrated Remedies
for delicate diseases
eradicates all the evil elfects of self asuse,
ai foss of memory, shortness of breath, giddi
ness, palpitation of the heart. dimness ufwiii
ion or any constitutions/ derange, sent of the,
system brought on by the unrestrained indul
gence of the passions. Acts alike or either sex..
Price one dollar.
` No. 2. THE BALbt.—Will cure i:. from two_
to eight days, any case of Gonorrhoea,(clap)is
without taste or smell and requires no restitic'r
tian of action or diet for either sex • price .411.
Ne3t—lPlThadts*lf turthe
shortest possible time, and Lean. /bow certifi
cates of cures effected by this remedy, Viher
all others have failed. No 'taste or amen,—
Pride one dollar.
NO. 4. THE PENITER is the only known
remedy that will positively chre strictures of
the urethra, no matter of how long standing or
neglected the case may be. Price one dollar.
WO. fr. THE SOLCO/OR will cure any clots
of Graven permanently and speedily remov
'all diseases from the bladder and kidneys:-
Price'one dollar. '
No. 6. Tur. PREYENTOR ioa sure preven
tion against the contraction of any disease, is
lea expensive and far preferable to anyttung ;
in use. Adapted to either sex. Price $l.
'NC/ 7. THE AJIARIN will cuie the whites
-radically and in less time than They can die efz.:*
fectuelly removed by any other- treatmerjt;
fact this is the only remedy that will reilly
cure this disease ; pleasant to take:; 'Pricesl:ll
NO. 8. THE Outertrat. Pssrips .are
Main, safe and speedy in producing menstrua
tion or' correcting any irregularities of the•T
monthly periods. Price two dollars.
spring Regulator will last a lifetime. Price
Either of the Remedies will be sent free tiPP
mail on receipt of the price annexed. eircu- :
Mrs containing yalua')le information with full
description of each Remedy, may be - obtained
by enclosing cane post stamp... Address. .
These Remedies:ire sold in Marietta only by
J tIN JAY LLBHART, where circulars con
mining a full deocriptiou of Can' be
obtained gratin, on application. • • •
General Depot, North hhtst Corner of York
Avenue and Callowhill street; Philadelphia,Pa".
In complicated case) 1 can be-ctinsulted
by letter, or pelsonall) at my °dice.; entrance,.
slUi York Avenue. Da. F. ' tuttrios
Y . 'OF
AM E A N E P L,E .
Physician to Me Troy Lung' an4.ffygieiriC
A TREATISE on UK causes of early Pnys
ical decline of Ameri c a n people : The
cause of Nervous Debility, Consumption Mid;"
Marasmus. This work is one of high moral
tone, written in chaste, yet thrilling language,
and appeals direct to the moral comyciousness w
ALL PA. EATS and gliertlia4a especially. de
svieLtific and reliable aids and treat
ment for cure. '
It will be sent by mail on the receipt of two
three cent postage stamps.
Parents and titiardianS! Fail not to
send and obtain this book.
• iE Young men ! Fail bet to send and ge
this Dona . . Ladies you sh,,uid ut 011 Ce secure
copy of this bow:.
A. word- 4 solemn c..nscientious :.deuce to
those who will reflect.
A class of maladies prevail to a fearful ex
tent in the community, dooming at !emit - 100,-
000 youth of both sexes annually, to 'no early
grave. Those diseases are very imper
understmd. Their external manifested
symptoms are Nervous Debility Itelaxa on
and Exhaustion ; Marasintis or wasting and
consumption of the tissues of the whole body ;
shortness of breathing or hurried breathing on
ascending a hilt or flight of stairs; great par
mtadon of the Heart; Asthma, Bronchitis and
sore Throat; snaking of the Hands and Limbs;
aversion to society and to uubilwas or alley;
dimness of eyesight, loss of Aleatory, dizziness
of the Head, Neuralgia, Pain in vatiuus parts
of the body ; Bahia in the back or limbs, - Loin
bago, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, irregularity of
the bowels, deranged secretions of the Kid
neys and other glands of the body, as Leuchor
aster of Fleur Mous, &c. Litiewise Epilepsy,
Hysteria and Nervous Spasms.
Now in ninety-nine cases out of every one
hundred, all the above named disorders, and a
host of others not named, as Consumption of
the Lungs and that most insidious and wily
form of Lmisumption of the Spinal Nerves,
known as Tabes Dorsales, and '1 ;sites meson
terica, have their seat and origin in disease,
of the Pelvic Viscera. Hence the want of
success On the part of old school 'practices'in
treating symptoms only.
Dr. Andrew Stone, Physician to the Tioy.
Lung and Hygienic lostidition, is now en
gaged its treating this class of modern inaia-_
Mes with the must astonished success. The
treatment adopted by the institution' is new;
it is based upon tctentitic principles, with new ,
discovered remedies, without minerals or poi
sons. The facilities of cure ate such that pa
tients can be cured at their homes, in-any part
of the country, from accurate descriptions of
their ease, by letter; and have the medicines
sent by mail or express. Printed interrogato
ries Will be forwerded on application.
➢ Consumption, Catarrh and diseases of
the throat cored as well at the Home of the
Patients as at the Inatitution by sending the -
Cold Medicated Inhaling Balsamic Vapors,
with inhaler and ample directions for their
use, and direct carrespendence.
litb Patients applying for interrogatives or
advice, must enclose return stamps, to meet
attention. .
The,sattending Physician will be found
at the Institution for consultation, • from 9 a.
in-to 9p. tn., each day
Sunday in the forenoon
physician to the Troy Lung and Hygienic In:
stitute, and , Physician for Disease* ,af the
Heart, Throat and Lungs, '96 Fifth Street,
Troy, N. Y.
tigibehsoi eloibes
No. I.—Large Family Wringer, $ 10 :0(0' 1 '
No. 2.—Medium,
No. 4. "
No. 3.—Small ‘• 5:51).
No. S.'—Large Hotel Wringer, 14:00,
No.lSo — lliedium'Laundry, (to run by MOO
steam or. ,- It
No. 22.—Large Laundry, hand. 30:00
Nos. 2i , and 3 have no Cogs—all othera'arel
*No. 2 is the size generally used in private;
families. - . .-4el .1
Orange Judd, of the American Agriculttnistl
says of
- ... -4 . , :.)
z,b t Mitakersal, el a *us', Miltstr : ~ .4:
“Ashild can readily wring out a tubfulLoi l
clothes in a few minutes. It is really a clothe*
saner ! .9. Time Saver! The saving Of gait;
ments will alone pay a large per centage,on:
its cost. We think the machine, much more
than pays for
,itself every year in the savingof
garments! There are several kinds, nearly
alike in general construction, but we consider
it important that the Wringer be fitted with.
Cogs, otherwise a mass' of garments ma cuig
the rollers, and the rollers upon thee rank
shaft slip and tear the clothes, or the rubber
break loose from the shaft. Our own is one of
the first make, and it is as good as neun after
neartY:fetir year's constant use."
Every` Wsinger with Cog Wheds is tgar r
ranted in every particular.
-No Wringer can be durablesinkrout Cog-rolnuls.
A good Canvasser waziledin every toveri..„
M•On receipt of the price from plumes where
no one .is selling, we will send the Wringer
free of expen4e.
For particulars and circulars, addrewoo
k. C. /IRO WAf i LATV,
347 Broadway, Nailli:'Ydik.:'"
and Irish W H I S
ted pure, at H. D. Benji
200 s F AcKs (IP
ust received, Scotch
S :wisatan-