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Great Discovery.
ii t~kel's 3.ittet.,3lJine of iron.
Ib ,OR
the cure of Weak Stomachs, genera
debility, indigestion, diseases of the
ervous System, constipation, acidity of
the stomach and far all cases requiring a
This Wine Includes the most agreeable and
efficient Salt of Iron we possess; Citrate of
Magnetic Oxide combintd, with the most en
ergetic of vegetable tonies, Yellow Peruvian
Beet. The effect in many cases of debility,
loss of appetite, and general prostration, of an
efficient Salt of• Iron, combined a ith our valua
ble Nerve 'Prink, is most happy. It augments
the appetite,, raises the pulse, takes off muscu
lar flabbiness, removes the palor of debility,
and gives, a florid vigor to the countenance.
Do you wont something to strengthen you 7
Do you want a good appetite
Do you want to build up your constitution
Do you Want to feel well?
Do you want to get rid 'of nervousness?
Do you'wunt energy ?
Do you want to sleep well ?
Do you want a.brisk and vigorous feeling?
If you .do,-try
This: truly valuable Tonic has been so
thoroughly iest.d by all classes of the.commu
nity, that: it is now deemed indispensable as
a 'Tonic medicine. It costs but little, purifies
the blood, gives tone to the stomach, renovates
the system, and prolongs lite.. I now only
ask a trial of this valuable Tonic.
U EL'S Butler Wine of Iron is the only sure and
effectual remedy in the known world Mr' the
perinktienr cane of Dyspepsia and nobility )
and as there area number oi imitations °fret
ell to the public, we would caution' t e cam
nitini,y to parchase Mille but the genuine ar
ticle, intinufactured by S. A. Kunkel . , and has
los stautp.on the top of the cork of every bot
tle. The very fact that others are attempting
to imitate this 'valuable remedy, proves its
worth and speaks v.iluines in its favor.
The Bitter %Vine of Ittio is put tipitt 76 cent
and $.1.:00 btittlea, and sold by all respectable
Druggiits throughout the country. Be •par
ieular that every bottle beare the Luc s imat of
he proprietor's signature.
General Depot, 118 :%litrket Street,
ales burg, Pa.
E - For Sale by Dr. benne & Cu , and all
p•apeet n hie d a.ers everywhere.
Received two "Prize Medals"
[Pawl JURIES 3 A,•u 4,] Ar THE
Internatiowil Linidon, 1862
if also received the Superlative Repoli of
-Exceeding Excellent
At the tireat International Exhibition at
Hamburg, July, 1663,
Received the Ilighe4 Medal
1 7 sed for Podding. Custards, 131nac Mang,„
&r., Without lsinglas, with feW or no ,eggs.
It is'excellent for thickening Sweet Sauces,
C;iarles for Nish, Meat, Soups, &c. For ice
Creiiiii',.othing Can compare with it. A little
toiled iu Milk make. a rich Cream for Coffee,
Chocolate, Pea,..kte. A most delicious article
for food forchildren and invalids It is. vastly
supr rim to ArroW Root, and much more eco
Put up in one pound puckages, under the
virile- murk Maizeins, with full directioni for
übet,iond tiOld tip , all Grocers and Druggists.
Wholesale Agent.
166 Fulton Street, New-York.
August 22-6;nl
[E U: 4/OItRALL,
1f111;ing re7t(Hied t 7 iite ROOMS formerly accupie.
by Dr. 4wentzel, adjoining Spangler g Pat
terson's 4ore, Market bireet, w here he is now
prepared to wait tl/1 all who may feel
%al disposed to patronize him.
Dentistry in all Its bratiches car
tied on. TEETII inserted Oil the most approveo
principles of Dental science. All operations
on the mouth performed is a skillful and
wakinanlike manner—on fair principles and
Raving determined upon a permanent Inca
twit at dila alsee, would ask a continuation
of the lit ronage heretofore extended
to him, for wh:ch he will render every poisi
hie satinfsetioi).
II Ether sultninistered to proper poisons
Pointer, Glazier and Paper Hanger
OULD most respectfully inform the cit-
VI izens of Marietta and the public gener
ally 'that he is prepared to - do
• Rouse Painting,
China Glossing,
Paper Hanging,
At..very, short notice and at prices to suiLtbe
times. He can be found at his niotner'siesi
dunce on .the corner of Chesnut and .Seconl
streets, :-a few doors below the M. E. Church,
and immediately opposite the old Oberlin ,
Coach Works. [Aug. 3-1 y:
,f CA:N . HOTEL,
Located on. Chestnut street, opposite the
0 " 15 Sl' E .EIOUSE
arid: in , elude proximity to the .principal Jobbing
and ,Impprt,Olouses, Ilauks,Cuetom House,
places "of amusements. The" City Caxii
can b e taken at the door (or within a square)'
kr any depot in. the City. The House has
been renovated hod refittco. .
• WYATT gr 14.EUMTPrak
celebrated preparation for therestoration
and softening of tne H dr', id now for gale at
the Drug Store of DR. LANDIS.
FrCHORY- &;,thilt Wood, 60 Cords each .
fihrl "Mk W00d... Orders must
..hcrnmpanied with thr cash when they will
[, , lnri)lic( . & Patterson.
......, 4 ,......,... II ...,
..,, ,:‘ „,,,, !,,. .. .., . ..,, - , ;-., - ' • --vwt-, \ N/
~, .
( E l
. .... . .
.=,..:::, ,
~./.,.., ,5 ,i: , . .,,,,: t ! .:/, ,: :: ....., , _,
,::::1::::67 ,. /: ,..5 :aell.7i. , ,,,:..,..
... ~.
... , .
. v Li , ~,,, i• :,:-; „ ;fl.-.,,, -,. i .. • , ;' , J .
•, , , , , , . , • , •
ut,pinknt rtinispibanin sAttiat6 to rait i ts ; littraturt,„„Nnwriurt, t.
...loas, tetlq, Total 3n,ltllignitti
ACci. ;a V. , 1 145 )
D R. 1400FLA.ND'S
Prepared .by Dr. C. Jackson,
Philadelphia, Pa.'
Or an Intoxicating Beverage, but a highly con
centrated Vegetable Extract, a Pave Ten
free from alcoholic atimulent or. injurious dings
and will ,effectually cure
Liver Complaint,
Dopepeia, 11144
Chi onic Nervous, Debility ? Disease of the
Kidneys, and Diseases arising frOm
DiSordered Stomach.
resulting from diem ders of the digestive:Organs:
Constipation, Inward Piles , Fu.ness or Blood
to the Head, Acidity of the stomach, Nausea,
Heartburn, Disgust for .Food,„ Fullness or
weight in the Stomach t eour eructations; sink
gni; or fluttering of the kit of the' Stninac
iwimming of the Head, hui-ried and diffic
sreathing, ,fluttering at, tht. heart,, choking
suffocating sensations wheh in a lying postu
dimness of vission, dots or webs before the
sight, fever and dull pain in the head,,defiei
ency of perspiration, yellowness of the skin
and eyes, pail' hi the side, back, chest; limbs,
sudden flushes of heat, biirning in the flesh,
constant itnmagining,s of evil, and great de
pression of spirits.
A Good Ai:petite, , errres, •
Healthy Nerves,
6teudy Nerms, ' •
Brisk Feelings,
Energetic Feeling's,
Healthy' Feetings,
A Good Constitution,
A Strong Constitution,
A Healthy Constitution, .'
A Sound Constjtution..
Will make . the
Wilt make the
Will inake.the
Will make the
Sallow Complexion Clear,
lVill make the Dull eve
Clear and Bright.
[3—Will prove a blessing in every,
, used with,perfeet safety by male
or Female, Old or Young.
There are n.any preparations soid: under the
name of Bitters, put up in quart bottles, coot
pounded of the cheapest Whiskey or common
Rum, costing from 20 to 40 cents, per gallon,
the taste disguise.t by Angie . biiCoriander send.
This class al Bitters hascaused and will con
.inue to cause, us 1-nig as they can be sold,
Jundreds to die the deallis,ol'o,;Atunliard. By
their use the system is kept continually nod ; r
the influence of alcoholic stidiniaats' ht 'the
worst kind, the desire fur liquor is createl and
kept up,,and the resuit is ad the boriors at
tendint upon a drunkard's life and deith. Be
ware of them.
For those who deSire and mil/ have t liquor
hitters, we publish the following receipt:
Get one bottle Hooflartit's German Bitters and
mix with
~three quarts of good Whiskey . or
Brandy, and the result will be' a preparmiori
that will liar excel in medicinal virtues and
tine excelleuee ,any„ of the numerous liquor .
bitters in the market, and will cost lees,.
You will have all the virtues of ffaifland's'fht
ters in connection with //good akti.cle of lique4
and at a much less price then fliese inferior
preparations will cost yuu.
Those= suffering from nweasniuS, wasiting
away, with scarcely any.flesh On their berms
are cured in a very, short time; bottl• in
such cases, will have niost stirprisin:4; e flea:
Resulting from Fevers a ant• kipd--Lthase bit
ters will minty yoUr 6trenoll shorttilnk.•
FEVER AND AGII E.—The chills not're:
Turn it these Bitters are used. No person in a
fever and ague district should beliithout them.
Front Rev. J. :11'etoton 8V0 , 071, D. D., Editor:
of du Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge..
Although not 6sposed to favorbr recommend'
Patent Medicines 111 general, .through.distrost
their ingredients and effects 1 yet . knOw
of no suifici Lit reason why a man ma) notßes
tify to the benefits he believes himself to have
received rim any simple preparation, in the
hope that he may thus contribute to the bene
fit of others.
I do this more readily in regard to l-looflaud's
German Bitters, prepared by Dr,. C, 114,.Jiickson
because I was , prejudiced. against Ahem for a
number of years, under the impression that
thLy were chiefly an aleoholiefnixture. ain ,
indebted to my-friend, Ito bq Shoemaker„ escf.,'
for the removal of tbis prejinligh" by. proper
testa, and for encouragenient to try them, when
suffering froml,re,at and long debility,. ,:pie
use of three bottles of these bitters, at the be- .
ginning of the present year. was-followed by
evident relief, and restoration - to a degree of
bodily and mental vigneWhich'-1- r aid not felt"
for six 11 44 0 414. ki:el9lt I ;;11od.plialfogoillasPA
ed of regaining. there ore think God and
my friend for directing'me to the use of them.
Ftiladelphia, June 23, 1862.
We call the attention of all having relations'
or friends in the army to the fact that " Hilt&
land's German Bitters'* will cure nine-terithi
of the diseases induced by privation and ex-.
poauts incident 'to camp life: In the lista
published tilMost daily in the newspapers,' on
the arrival' of the sick - , it will banoticed that
a very large" proportion are suffering from de--'
bilitr. Xverrcase of= that kind can be readi
ly cured by floolland's German Bitters. We
haze no hesiiiitiin 'iri staiinethat, if these bit
ters are freely used among our soldiers,lrind
reds of lives might- be saved that otherwise
would be lost.
The proprie gars are daily' receiving thankful'
letters from' ffffereisi fii the - army and hospi
tals,,iArlioWellet!llMotol loihettlthXyA he, are
of these Bitters, sent , to them by. their friends,
Beware of cotriderfeitii ! See thaeltie 'pig
nature of "P., - x.l4C.lirion,'';is69„thOviipper
of cacti bottle, -
fare Size, $1:00 per bottle, or i.dozmr,for $5.
Medium si4e.,..7oc:peribottle, dezek,for l s4
The larger size, Ott , a ccount of We gpanlitir
the hettlestholdi are much, the 'cheaper.
Should your nearest,drugglst,raotlis„v,g_tbe
article, do not be put olt by any of the intoxi
catipg pregapitioeg Alit; mayAm, offewd
Placer t4utsenp 141-,9,9,AP41:,,!T9
securely paeketl e by e g press, j ,
Principal Office , and lifnatkactory,
NO: .§3l
auccesaors to c..111.4a0ke0n.4.c0 .
/IL + -
y.' ' Prgpsvetprs.f.
For 3* 1.% Druggists am3,,Dealers in every
own . in The United States. [may 30-1 y
.1: d:;17,4 ;to,:
• ......
OFFICE is Row, Front 'Street, five,
; . ,
: i' c. ll'l7l.6cire-b'e/6* Yllll7 8
Taasis, Chid
van ce; d subseriptitor he •hot paid within
six naohths4l.2s,will be ,charged;
layed until the .els.piration, of the year, ,p
will be chnixed. '7
Aniairristiro I , Ravas r iline.tiquaret(l2o
lines t •or less) 50.e.ents for the firstlinserrkmtand
greents,for etch subseq9ent„in,serl.i942.4,.yro
iessional and Business aside, tirilititnes orless
at $3 peatfine.• Notictiti
u mn sates' cent* a-line: . Alarritiges and Deaths,
the simple aDDOUlicement, FRAg.l.h.gtklctr,tAulY. '
additional lines„ five cent s a line.
A liberal deduction made to 'Yearf,Yand'halt .
yearly advertisets. • ,
.Having recentled added a large,l9l 4 oft,Aew„
Job and„Lard type, Cats,l4cirders„,..o.c., to the
'Job Office ol• .4 ‘"The Mariettlati," which
insure the fine execution of all kinds of Jon &'
CARD PRZNTING, 'from the smallest
Card to Me largest Niter, at 'prices' to suit tie
War` es.
Delicate, }fealty,
Thip Stout,
Depressed Lively,
" LAUGHTER . p.oor man?s plaster,
Covering, up. each sad .disaster,
Laughing,he forgets his troubles
Bidding us lb make a ehoiciy 3
"Aml C.,11 I fromtiowor:s,`
; Leaving thorns and inking ilow . ers.''
Woman Civthz.
I - od were to take the sun and moon
and stars fpkt.;"Of the heavens, the chanue•
of husbandry would be whgt; :Odd'.
were to take woman out of life,,would
be the , chames,for ,rginement and
zation. Woman carries civilization in ,
her heart. It springs froin'ter. 14Wr.,
-power and influence mark the civilize•.
tion of any country. A, man that, lives,
in a community where he has the'privi,
lege of a woman's society, and isciiiiik
ject,tri a :womaifs influence, is almost of
necessity refined, more 'than he is'aWare
of; and when men are removed from
the social influence of virtuous woman
hood the very best degenerate ; ovieel
the deprivation. There is t skiinethirkg
wanting in the air when you get:west
the` 'A.liethairio m'oliritaina on a inttry"
day of summer. The air east •ot,..the
mountain is scpplied with a' :eibrt of:
pabulum from the salt water of .the;
ocean, by which one is sustained i 'the
r lt,• •
sultriest days of midsummer.:
.what this salt is to the:air that 'is''wo-'"
meta influence toAke virtue of column,
nity. `Yon breathe it •without knowing,
it. All you know is that you are.-made.
stronger and better: And a man is -nOt
,a half a man unless a woman hell:is hi4i,
to , ho "oiltne-* Of :the mischiefs of patitp
*life is that women are rethoiell frChkit:
The men may not know shat itIL-that
lets them doWni - o- a .lOwei state of feel
ing, or wh'at r 4ititt 4 sUbile:linfluence was
th4tI6;ePIA 6 Pi,PP AP .laigi!er §449.0.
refinement, but it is the "basins of wo 7
men,inthe one case, as it .was the. pre
sence.of 'women in the other. Woman
is e light which God has set before man
to show him which way. to go, and
blessed is.he who has sense exiongh tq
TV: Beecher.
or A debating club iu ' Worcester„!
lately diecussinf tfie important, question ,
"Whether a rooste'r's knoWtedga Cif diky
brOtik,itr'the result kit observa tion nor lac
.- • .
StiljtA.... oh:, 3,*r
, • ..
.iSD . r t aBtlll:,t ,, td )
49 1 1”? Pf e ßs l l ~A PARe N ffu
, the moral otfoartstrda we see theupragress,
- 7,01 t•, ti+Akati .1411 .1
"'"'"" .).7Jst Tot4aoinm , , 11.4 - I
At+ I , rl 414 . 2
sir A new sign „for e„tisgerq
cently tleenAtiiitifea"LDegitiroti.4nn(de
drop in.)
'4 3 übiliftl4 0411 Zit
, Twas.but a.word-tc careless vvord,
In pride and passion spoken ; ;
But with that word the•eliarms that bound
Two lovink heartsivere broken: .0.
The hasty wrath- has.oassed-liwayi, =
But bitter words remain;
In vain she looks with tender.tlanee—,: ,,,
He will not woo again: ,
No other love ms.y.light her.path ;
No orher.moy,c,fiia heart; ,
Yet ch4nging seasons come and go,
And find them still apart ;
Ilei dace 6riglif*checleisiitiler Abor . ;
His beers a'traCe of part' ;
Their dayi trie t itearY, sad - ---and yet •
He'wilaof *on
They meet as strangers, calm and cold,.
As-ealmlY, coldly part;
And none may guessAhat tranquir mien-,
Cmceals a wounded heart. •
7'o him the world hath'•lost its light ; . •
For her all joys are. vain ;-
Nor-hope not - memory bring relief—: •
Ile ivill not woo again. . • -
Alas ! that love, long tried and warm;
Should wither in an hour;
Alas! that pride &et human hearts
Should wield such fearful power;
Oh ! )treep,thou not forthose who die—
For them all tears are vain;
13ut weep o'er living heart's grown cold,
Who,ne'er .
Laughter.'ris~a seal of nature ;
Laughter, whether lota er "mute,"
Tell3l he-burnan.kind from brutes.,
Laughter, 'tie Hope's living voice
:;',"" “1
A Frightoned barkey,
I-The; diver ,who goes down to cleauthe
boitoms,off-the Monitors at Por,t BoyalA
' being-A-man: of,ll4llrettlean proportions,
,when;ol ad An his sub-marina-Armor ; be•K
, comiestnenstrousiin size apdiappkavacce. N
A porreapondeot::,ot., the „'r Baltimore;
- American t says :• , c,''
~ more Angular. tsight : tham,4c ace.
shim rolli „tutrible,,intp,,,tho lizattirjand
disappear from,. ,or popping up,
; 610 %rim, ar ) the, air
.escapes fremAijs . ,
lelmpt,iike ,_young whale, cam scarcely,
imagined.; Waters has himow.a
'Of a joke, and when he has a curicua
audience will wayeh i ip Teter r - about -as
1 1
oho baba around" on tho'
air of rentable river ice 66 . 11 of big"'
best jollem--thi: 'better' for' being * Z
Pt,ble :: fact-,o p eurred last surrim—,
W,bile he was', employed' scraping the
hull of one: of the monitors, a negr o from :one of :the Up riVer 11;n'tfitiioit's :
camenloilgside with aboat toad Or .wii
fer-mefens. busy 8;1114 ;
melons'the 'diver came .up,andrepted
himself on the sidep of the: boat.
The negro stared el? tbeeztriierdina r ry
L. .
appearance thus suddenly corning , out
Of the water, withUlarnied wO4der,:but:
when' the,' 'diver 'setz4, of beat'
'melons in ' toe boat , sod d`tsap i eared nn
der the water` the air
t.j from the helmet mining with the 'mu!-
fled laughter,- the fright of the negrO
reached la , Clim's.; "Baitily seizing `his'
oars; withhiit: Waiting' to' be paid for his
melons, he pit:off at - his:Mk aped: and'
has not beliiil'seen in •itia'- vicinity of
Statidt -ifiebleSiiiice:- 1 He cannot be
tempted weybn d Of.the plan
tation, and believes that the Yankees
have brought river devils to aid them
in making war.
boring fellow, who was accustomed, as
other slow•wittedAeekers after truth
were also, to propound , questions
Godivin,,and to accept, his an-,
aware as oracles, inquired . .one ,.
Shelley's pros_ence, , with , ell solemnity,;
° 'Pray, (lodwin i what is your
opinion of love ?" The oracle was si-
lent. After awhile,w
6 h
CODSSit . repeated ~1 1:c inu e st- i t7ii e4 t- m r e
n ' what is Pray;
Willi a m
to ray'
PY answe r e d • still e ll e
jniot .6( for h.. Pt,
love that him "My'
hemany it an t`
'ter a • 4 up on
• eta upon as P. Damp,'
numns,"-0 gra
rey heard The , gieila l
471.14 answe r with
o e p s i t n io io n n t , o e .: ti r..: Goilu;in
mute contempt , • presentlywith
'a thrierdP.P'tai t-e
uf hi .8 plted-the or'aole ' .. tba " l :
rel 9 agrees • ine*
helleY,wre • with • -
A OROWNER'S QuEsrall.Ennt,Azin.44
following story of "twelve •gentleinen of
41e-jury" in England r .who sat ~uicion the,
ease of a 4nanlound,dead., in larLd-pit„
`eurtiassespAnl,the , ,sttipidi fatuity the :
jurOrs.anything, which' :Miler ican recerds
Can present':---fTlier first r returned At
verdjet,ufetniirrislaugkret.' s Tho oprotker i
reeapitUlated,,the testimony, a i d i dueed,
and sent .them `l'heyre-entereA ,
!the .courtnrit, 'We 60 the
,decsaind .
was stA-buu.',
, nr the thifd s time the y .
were diuc k iigqi3,wit , ii told Campbell's weli-known,'f?rtnula : 'Gentlemen, you .
will retire, to consider your , xnrd v ie i t 7,7
this man was:found dead in a
So they avoided techtdolities, and came
soundly, to-t Ale, cow:Ix:don; , •Itiot , ki 1112
Talawianeyrw,asi, found, Aend, t in - , a
,sand-pit; end! ,
eir, A cypicalsoiskw.,,h,o, piAa',/ a nus
ter the cash, for• a sleigh ri d e, { publishes
")htt,following.rpnipi, RIF- t it& t o,ensatinps :
•‘,`Sit in the ,hall ,in your r,kight T olollies
,with both doors that yon can
get' a)golybdt &aft-414Hr lest tin , la, pa:U - (10
ca-w dte`ra dto P tth elfront' doo ey down
yonr"biteltz•wholdAun'.feible icor onei hand ,
and ; ring thorrtbatbells withlithebothee
life saystAybutein'to tell rine ,ffiffereeee
withlybar:e:yesfehrit; ,- tutiDitata-great-deal
eheapd r „”l,n • !
A lady was, recently asked in a
ail Way 'ear If site , would :be incoffinindedg
bylhoenioke if a 'cigar.:' Shb , replied •
she'did not know,.no , no gentleman ] he'd
evaraitivlied- in liar , preseneel .
mßPA4l l .44l l ilgib Filizlkrickytbat'Jfatf ,
mq4 44AiPolktliOLIPANVP. one sentiment
in common. They are *RSitrAto44l.l4
Ao places than-persone*- -•
eiranitloatkisqqso4.4l4 n41 1 1°Q.1 1 7
:brg.ft peoftitioAnOok3 , 4o l 9PPAElk
arho.latek. ll C4/19Pur ROMPttgaiILALI -
fte . igliAesbitiofitiit lir:WM*W
man says;
ahatued 6e it." •
T.i :,(70.
, CfpwW2s•llol7...p...ll.elaNNlVl
"Piot for- a Bay, - butforall Timm,"
'Sir'fl~hbraas`-Srowdß,w :a
great' bietab ,
physieian,/ ,, and , ,/ like3sll •,that , tribrogo
irkeorists, he made great mistakes. One ,
, !there-was,no general Temedifer aisca 2 ee
' eite PK.i l s atic-, T4FelgetY4!ig 4fgegna
epi g rammatic,, but „untrue. Professor
!Holloway, the distinguished medical
biiittrient ! are
everiw - boitre'triiiisdendl4'ali hu'ilian
pecti:tioit i liy the incist• aitoni.shiniChree
or every heciity ere oitiSr'
genefal, but universal' rem'edieh. ''''The
;whole country resounds with 'the frail&
these remedies and ; their ,fanyins-
Aentor. States and empires may flourish
and fade, dypptieslejgq and tie forgot ; , _
ten, kutitio long 48,theAide ottime,rnlbt
on; the name of Holloway : will he borne,
,with it.,from leneration, to, generation, ;
By his labors for the , amelioration of,
human suffering, be has -earned, ininkcr- ;
,tality. His fame has a more enduring
- mentrinent then'tlieltake history
will hare' in 'the 'leans 'or gialeful na= .
,tions, BO long as ditertie'and 'pain bibittc
Compare the resulti "great
veries witb4ejbensatwbonferred .upon
mankimllbytaPCooper,-hu.Abernethy, or
;Braiti: ~ ,T heselwere- t he7 idols of cis—
•Clltaseribed, constituenciee,-!but be is the
;world's ,physicitni. Those., only ' , rho
could•afford}a munificent, fee .could,,obt
taiu their advice,, while , the; cheapness: or ,
' t his never failineremedies, places them
within the reach of the peer of every
land. A" hundred patiebbi woulrbe
considered a: verilarge niimber for the
moat eminent or our regtilir hy'sicians.
, Holleway can count his h'y,millidub, and
the cures wrought by his remediei sre
in the same proportion.—Evening Jour
teacher of the slaves at Beaufort, N. C.,
WIN the fq e, stpxy l ;,.!‘4n Aid
African, ,eighty - ,,yeaq ; OA w4liiknolig,
-'liar most assiduous and earnest pupils,,
She said, to him, one d,ay : what
use is there trying to learn to'
read ai' )1 . ''' A
yeur age . ou, can ave
much more time to stay' in this world.'
Missis,' replied he, "twill bo so:
Audi Clare gain 'togive me a start in
;the nest world.' "
WATER ci • §9/11 : 13,8? 1 ,,-.4
lover ; of s the ipttle,,,iv j hohad lost,'la
478 7,re9lecljnto a teetotal gro,cerT, and
hiccupped, "Mr. —,
.do t ; you-keep-s
--anytkulg ;F ßopodto,cakeher t e r' `,.`Yes,"
replied the temperarke shopkeeper, "we
have- water=.--the. best
thing'iton conld - have.". "Nell; "know.
dt,"Nva's tha'replyi -"there's norone thing.
that's; done' so ranch -Jfor zavigationrfais
that," , ,
John, Wesley, the founde,r,Of 'ge
t:l:indium . when, one day tidingtfirougli,
the conntry, Was saluted by a tellowwho
was 1 _
lying i a ditch.. . .
"13iill'Ob; Mit:her •WegfejP,'Pril
see flew do' 2 3 , o'n'd'o'?" - . • •
"r do n't 'i'ott . ;"" said' Mr.
?eining`iiiit' hie tiered: "'Whri are yet f"'
"Dbia b t, linbsv l meg - Bir;l:yoft.ttre
the verf matt kiha-eonveteed'nel""
"I ' renkdir am,'' sa id Mr. Weeley;
eluding sphrs tci his horse, "at hntst one
thing is evident—the Lord had nothing
do- do itbotit-it." z. .
Viresterii iiredidilig-elder,-bedat=
log.: of the ample'
preichers in
s his 'dis'tfiCt, said "he' had'
left ttie,lial.. ona rge i . f;t; 'A': While a dins
tion was "going On, 'Whiiid“ he
• thousand seven hundred feet of: sausages;
and t ,it was
omitigowhalielerJeft. . =
"There's` two ways or awing it, ,
said ad he stood musing
andi:maitingr. for a job,,.‘,Jf,l.,savu four;
":thonennAdollarslimust lay•up two ,hun : ,
are& dollars a• year ,for. , twenty, YPArs,.
or 1. can lay away.twonty dollars A year,,
for two hundred years; now whi0411041..
do ?"
.4 : ikt 1...., ,`„„, s t
I I-,
Ili Before you tuik — a, mat' a favor ,
consult tbe weathee'••Thn' same person.'
as ugly` ' sin while ° a` cold` sill
its EiPtitineagainstahe ivindoisi4lasbrwill'
'no sooner feel the gliddenineinfluenbi%
'of kliktleigniet
. snnstitnik, tan
iirialBXPlnuAttlikflrlt.M 43 - 1 /0: 1 1,-kt
! Gir.BoastiOg - 'lB sometimes -out 'of
bf iii
ingP ) if ftl ,l3 ANT9,
b l ilip. - 144/ 61± a, .uoL; 11
14.tiestl initroy 'VW; Itierionitei) ,fatrd
i h %.19 °8 t.159 6 / I . P FT.M9-Frih r hn t,191.*
die*fin /a
lit* BUttlY*
i t a a 2
A. When
11;11,J , it.`. .. , .;. , ?!•„1• ()
. +' ~,5- 4 0i.,. ~, , •
. '", " r $ ~, 7,,;f
YOL: 4o
Eiailitiik4 . 'ketiatent - f nkt '
or oni.t6iiitti
Faeitlti wittl'hi'v:l4 l l3adir roairelOf"
ale defi l ogieefilii' eaa,
cotirs6,', rifle's:rid usage. Eta k 6 ire
summonsn%m ne iiiioptuir 'baron itieNnel-1
_dent, who (mid' '
I atn informeiribit
barrerofife in'yeir'reeirt.” '
'expiariaticin 'can . jroa mik?" '
...t!Virli'j; de fact is;lfii l trik i 'pltyilicia4
advised nfe'to — try aliititi'alii-eaCh
so, a tenin;tina'aiit'' w /t 6 to,
theme l ibius 'phicee
is retaiied,
rel talferi 7'v
••• "Indeed @ ¢k&Yon Clive& yv
benek frnin'it ",
! 'yds, 'Sir:. Wheii'therbeth.el
fist talieeo to'fritidom,stirotweekslinde.,
mad' sthi l raiy car:.
"7; 01 viith — the'bieiatehe •
• oh.
'cats 'rep iz
good adyiee.i.4 don t hoc' "jvh9.4,4% the,
the author if,j did ._I. woubhge...
'-rewarding hi% either, !tlY!t4Pro,Pjate4'
**fire -or a pyize, in the, .aet, onion.. ,E 1?
ought tew have. a-; etosx :
;when be dize, with an epitaff on it, fenn
deli on faelE-cile %ought tew be' minuted
miefilmeemrys like a..p.leaearttoirerng s i
,that afterwarflcturned out, ; to be. truu .;„ •
„bei ought , to. , , satt : to: muaick e ; and ,be
Aupg moo onnackehnuf with the. : 1 948510-
ge. ”.43iivot the” dPeo.l-11 I r uPgr. •
im an, th is .adv lee; lw.egitget, up, for : y 0 u•r-
Tr pi, owe. tohe iro!ev ,iallYthiqg opay KM 0.
'O4 at once, and tbenocllsehargeAkim, l and,
don't hire him, over again atf any prise.
Theta what., the author-went..l3e hon.
'est, pay even -the-devil,,if you owe him,
but don't owe him agin.
,A s . Mg:irevii4.-'Phis is very natural
end Undoubtedly true ;
'ld the good old days of slow coaches
and slower mails, when Northern New
rorlc..was so far out of the world as
some 'of our- Northwestern Territories,
are now, there was gathered around the
post-officd- one -.night, in _a small town,,
;quite a .large crowd, to hear. the pews
'biought by the stage just
L- "What's thernews said an olit i fel.
Pots who mds ,• worldly ? wine isle; he
'inight7have, , been,-!Nllukt's
31.ertin;N r itirnBavellillafilbtilm 4 , l,4lctiPt - 4
f ell Minis:tee/10 ~br'reat4B,ritEgPALkaiPa
trjendtatrhis.elbow ,;;„:•
inistat to_areatAritaim4
ord his being appointed Minister toNrrvat
Ara*. Why he earetpreaeh any more
than I 'MU !" 1
(Er -A•Aertain green, -•.oustonisT,
etratigeo Lmirrote,c.sed , VbXftlPP o 4l
4in to-the eabir.L-of one of orkr ocesp,splago 7 4,
ore, ,-eteJpped :front of lanze,pißT
glase„whioht he took= for
; , • „
"I say, whiter, ,• when w does, : th4,..hes„e
,hoat,start , •
Getting no replyt,froin,g‘e dumb re-,,
Election before him; 14. again reliflSflt:,,T,
"I say, mister,Athen d. 951 Br t4i 8,11 40t
boat start ?"
liiceitedd - at 'the tilF figaref„ 1%11
broke :out :
"Go io tkinder, you 'daimoill3assafraa v
eolored," shock-headed bull-ealf 6 ; IPA
don't look affif you knew aiiythibgiluityr..,
the sense of smelling more'
,pleasing than,the, ; s9se °tiing 17 - wile
the „question up before a western de:
; bating BOciety 4 in ii t barlomp. ,
Joe was the last to speak
gative, and all were anxious to heitilliiin'""
deliver 'thimself: Walking- up , to al
'bar'-kkepervtacalled .for a hot! attiisky,, ,
punch; and drank it off sith,grnat
to then; 4:timing-to?, his . .'opppfien3i4„-AIN
`hadded , thor , glass , to ;laading•dispa , ..,:
tent 'and-•thunderedi , °WA:l"nm istnelim,,
it, iqiiivarinioti."l,)lWEl needless:4o 0.€14 , ,:
that • 1 1.Trielar Joa-," brought 'dim-11,44 c.
1101Ae, " and also-the , deeision, L ihr o llia
negative:` A - ' s.'
• . . •
Or Two deaconsa were dieltiiittig atone
;the proposed site 0f...a. new graveyaid;
~,ivh'ith Ina-first remarked-" 1, milk nev
'be burinifin that: ground long
live." '"'What ans obittinatewman,l" , ,said
'the sec ond;
There is a lake in Minnesota,
cal Minnetonka, , which must be very
tour and very deep for a strange genius' '
in 4socyllung it says„liy look:44106 its
you can see them making tea
407 1 .141:121 be t§l2 sSarp . : bait tlr~ fail.
froi#koviq -
jing Af+, } taark.. f.
ilitt'A% - aribitiatvioposteev.
!'faebelo - Yel+4l'al/;!b.
from moirlichises - in'having," n
'ry i.ti ~~ ~:'.
r ;