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    E4e fatal Marititian.
MARIETTA CAR HODRS. The several pas
senger trains will leave the "Upper-station
Depot " as follows: Morning train, East, at
ten minutes before 8; Mail train West, 11:38 ;
Harrisburg Accommodation train, East, at 9
minutes after fi ; the earn, train West, at five
minutes before 7 to the evening.
THE Two TECKETS.—In order that no
one may confound the two tickets, we
again present them both. Let every pa
triotic voter spurn the touch of the sec
ond one as he would flee from the hiss of
a copperhead snake. The "Old Guard,"
will, we , are certain, make a record on
Tuesday next of .which she will ever be
proud :
Union. Ticket.
For Governor,
Andrew G. Curtin,• of Centre
For Judge of the Supreme Court,
Daniel Agnew, of Beaver:
Hon. Benjamin Ohampneys, City
Dr. I. M. Bunlap, Maubeim Bor.
Mayer, Druriore.
.11saias Billing%lt, Adamstown.
Dr. D. B. Bowman, Neffsville.
E. K. Smith, Columbia.
Frederick Smith, Bainbridge.
County Treasurer.
Samuel Hess, Vogues..
John Seldornridge, Leacock.
Register. .
Emlen Franklin; City.
tiawpel 8: Loamau, Manheim
County Commisioner.
ll'h(o. O. Collins, Colerain.
Clerk of Quarter Sessions.
John 11. Zellar, Mount Toy.
Clerk of Crphan's Goad.
John C. ,, Balilsvirt, West Lampeter
. Prison Inspectors.
W. Housekeeper. Drumore. _
Adam, Hank, East Earl, ,
Directore of the Poor
John K. Reed, City.
John W. Clark, Marietta.
4bcaltin Bixter, Byerknock
8. Book. aytown.
C'opperketzti licket
Ilenry Shaffner : M omit- Joy:
Col. Edward Mec3rovero, City
q&pt. 11, W., East...Lampeters
Emanuel. P. Keller, Manheitiv.
Joseph S. Keener. Elizabeth.
Dr. 'lsaac c. Upper Leacoek
Cot. lionry A. liamhripilit, City.
John lisbletnan; West Lampeter
Col. John U. Dan!man, City.
I'. hlartio I.leiller,•Ephrata.
Clerk Quarter SesQions.
William N. Gii1.9013,
Clerk Orpheus' Court,.
capt J. :Miller Raub, Prov'idence
County Treasurer..
James Buttes. Manor.
County Commissioner,
Philip Oldweiter, West Donegal
Prison Inspectors.
.J. E. Cross, Manheito borough.
Geo. G. Worst, Salisbury.
j)irectors of the Poor.
Lieut. It (.'Sherman, East Cocalico
Wee Zell, Little -pritaiv,,
J. Et. Itagermr, jr., City.
P Auditor.
Martin S. Heiser, West Earl
fir We are pained to learn that Cap
tain Edwin P. Shoeoberger, of Uerman
town, commanding Company E of the
Bth Pennsylvania Reserves, was drown
ed op Saturday last, on the Delaware,
near Bridesburg, while gunning. He
was loading his gun, when a lurch of the
boat threw him out, and before his
companion could rescue him, he was
We clip the above from the German.
town Telegraph, published near the resi
dence of Capt. S.'s father, E. F. Shoen
berger, Esq. The young Captain had
quite a number of friends in this boro',
where be spent eight or ten years of his
f Captain Morris D. Wickersham
who woe reported to have been wounded
in the late Georgia battles, now turns
out to be untrue. Mijor M. M. Locher
saw him after the battle and he 'was
unhurt; Capt. Wickersham was not with
his Regiment in the battle, and had not
been .with pit for some months previous
to that time. Be was for some time
Acting Brigade Quartermaster for Gen.
Btarkwaather's Brigade, but was pro
moted to the Quarterroastership of Gen.
Rousseau's Division.
far By some unforseeu mishap we
placed chapter Nine of "Before and Af
ter Marriage" in theliands of the com
positor, instead of , chapter Six, and< did
not discover the error until about to go
to prep Nith the" outside—too l l4tte' , ,W:
rectify for this week's paper. Otapto;
VI will '
appear i our next, aid c4pfeis
VII, VIII, IX' t X, which frill Cot:,
glade, • Tratt:4;r.
sr 7. the Marietta School. Board :
The following is a correct report' f
the High School. The first column of
numbers represents the number of school
days each pupil had been absent, and the
second column the number of days each
had been present, during the first month
of this term :
1. Anderson, Mary 15
2. Brooks, Rose 2 18
3. Brooks, Florence 5 }l5
4. Boughter, Annie 4 16
5. Beatty,. Edirne. F. ‘. 1 .,0
6. Benjamin, Ella Eola
7. Benjamin, Ida..,,Viola 20
8. Buchanan, Annie 20
9. Cochran, Sallie B. 2 18
10. Carroll, Mary B. 1 %19
11. Curran, Lizzie 20
12. Cushman, Bella Flora 20
13. Child, Maggie. A. `2()
14. Fidler, Mollie, J. 20
15. Inhoff, Mollie A.
16. Beckrothe, Beojaminia • V. 9
17. Kelley, Mary. 1
18. Larzalere; MiCry F.'
19. Linliart, Kate . 1
20. Lawrence, Almira 3
21. Lewellyn,
22. Marks, Anna. Mary. •
23. McConnell, Mary Jane .
24. Moore, Lydia
25. McMichael, Sue
26. Becktothe, Maggie 3
27. Spangler, M.ollie dane 2,
28: Sultzbach, Emma 11.• • • 1
29. Tredenick, Sallie
30. Turner, Annie 10
31. Sten,ce,Cfeinentine
32. Moriarty, Mary
33. Anderson: ;fate J.
34. Roth, Milton
35. Turner Robert
36. Stibgen; Simon
37. Stibgen, George F. 5
38. Souders, John 1
39. Lindsay, Sainuel ,
40. Lindsay,- Wm. C.. . . 1
41. McMichael, William
42. McConnell, George •
43. r ulnier, Jotin '
44. Bough Ceti; .1 espy%
45. Cushinan,rrank,
460. Wormly,lGenige • '
47. Larzalera;'Samuel
'4B. Clark S. Evans
49 Libhart, Annie
, Respectfully submitted
...!1 S."Gersr
4W - rl'here was a grand dernonst,rntion
at the Union League Ban on-Thursday
evening last,' with,the (olloivict4,4fficers::
President, Samuel 'Hopkins Fire presi
dents, Rambler,' james. L.
Shultz, Samuel I). Miller, Girard Roth,
C. C. P. Gr`ittli, Adam Grady, ..VOhn
-Gldttacker, Christian Groh, 'Thomas
Barns, John Kline, Henry Sultzbach %
J. B. Jones, Albert .Itopp; Secretaries.
I. S. Geist,. A. H. gits,selutan, 14 ill ui~'i
Child, Jr., Charles Walter.
Old Air. Hopkins, viho,presided„js an
octagenarian, and been a democrat for
more than 60 years, and npwi,liefore.go.
ing hence, arrays himself on the Union
side, and will vote Tor,. Aindre,w Gregg
Curtin. ~,Able speeches were made by
Peter Mien and' Henrilhffenbach, in
german, and by .Judge Jay, of _New Jer
sey, and Major R. W. Skenk and' Capt..
W. A. Atlee of Laecastet:, in engliih
The hall waircrowded and great within
s!asm prevailed..
c i r We,regretto keurn, says .01 e Lan
caster Inquirer, , Of the! death' of 111 r.
John Evaps,, of this , city, formerly ~of
Manheitn township. father of David
Evens. 'County :Superintendent,. which
took place on Wednesday morning.-- , .
Mr. Evani had eaten a hearty breakfas't
and appeared:in his usual• . good health a
few minutes' before. he' 'died..• Tie had
been at his son's,`'Benjamin Evans iii
North Queen street, and had jnk. left
his door when he fell on, the sidewalk .
and.expired. His death was caused by
air One week ,more and. tbe:4• - tish and
bustle .of •politics will have .subsided;
when we Will be able once more to quiet
ly "sit in our sanctum" and. attend .to
business, and thereby making "The Ma
riettian" • a :more readable family - and
fireside jorirnal. , .
fir The (lops of this borough are to
have ono more grand rally at Fuliner's
Perry Vonse, on Monday evening. The
bills say—and what don't bills say—,
distinguished speaker' will be in atte4
dance. We think the die is casti; and
cops are growing daily "beautifully less."
The mass meeting in Lancaster,
on Saturday last; was a most grind af
fair, eclipsing anything during the cam
paign of "Tippecanoe and Tyler too."
ar Read Captain -Roath's. letter on
111 A II RIB B.
On the 27th ultimo, by the. Rev. B. F. Apple.
Bainbridge, Lancaster county.
At Maytown, on the 4th instant, by the same,
both of Mariitta., ,
P O i re!,l
Marietta, Pa., for the week ending October Bth.
Anolite. Wm. B. Larins, Miss Elmira •
Armstrong, Henrietta Musser :Peter
Bradley, Miss Emma hleCloskey, Mrs. Jo„s.
Bigler, Mirligel Nissley, 'Miss Catherine
Brenernam, Amelia` • Neise, 'MiSs
Cane, Win. Henry Reiff, Miss Mary A.
DeiOarlton, Mrs. Kateßudisill, Miss Emma
Herger, -Geo. RaTevo, David
. Herman, Geo. _• -.-Read, Miss Marv.
Hammer,-Jessie; , Smith,: Alexander
Harris, .Mrs.- Mary E.. Schaeffer, Magdalena .
Hotibeinse, Jesse Stahman, Miss Mary. ,
Haas, F. Stultz, Chroitian
J9.90P, Mrs. Rosanna: Seigler, Amos , .
Knight, Joseph Trump, :Emmeline ' 5, . -
Kendig.. Miss Elizab'hTayler, Diana ,, .' • •••
Koch; Mrs, Sophia :4Thasinger,
Erater, Win. E.
Ledienbarger,-Adam Williams, Andrew
Persons calling •for letters' iti - tde
list, will•please say they, are advertiseC: - - - •
,••; A.;•EASSE6,'P.- 1 141
ro 1 10! tin ;
IL 421?='hll tVi*Okludaclidt 4 dbe
LI genuine. H. D. Benictmin.
IEP Da. TOBIAS' Venetian Horset.iniment,
Pint bottles at 50o4tach,7fer the,!cofirltHame
neSs,. scratches, 4a_ galls, spra*,'bruises,
splints ,cuts, slipping stifle; over-heat
ing, sore throat, nail, in ,the foot, ect. It is
warranted cheaper and better than any other
article ever offered to the public . . Thoilsands'
of animals have been 'cured of the colic and
over heating by this liniment ; and hundreds
that were crippled and lame have been restor
ed to their former. vigor.'udt is used by all the
first horsemen throughout the ; Union. ,Orders
'are Oorists;Aly received from . 'the Racing:Ste
blis of England for fresh stiPires of this inval
uable artic/e. Over 2,500• testimonials have'
been received. Remember, Fifty. Cents laid
out in tune may save the life .of•your horse.—
Sold by all druggists. Office; 56 Courtlandt
street, New-York. [0- lm•
Cristactoro's Hair Dye
Read the. universal answer to this question.
Bee.ause it imparts a ,natural, black or brown.
.It does not erisp,or burn
It.does not soil the fairest skin
It is applied in tenrninittes.
Therefore. the' Man 'of' Taste approves it.
Those who value Silken I-fait-Aide
The Ladies everywhere prefer
'Those to whoratimels +stabil:de pationizd it.
Drasraddra's Hair Preservative,qs invaluable
with his .Dye, as it imparts the irredst softne'ss
and the most beautifuLglossMmt great 'vitality
-to 411 e-hair:. IVlallufactu red- by - S. CRISfA DORO,
No. 6 •Astor: - House, New-York. 861d'breii - z;
wfiere, and lap.plied , by all= Hair 'Dressers.'
Price $l, .$1:50-, and $3 perbox, sited-ding
to size. - . - '[OLno.'2.
A. Gentleman, cured of Nervous De-
Oity, inconie teney, , Premature . Decay,, ; ,
Youthful * l4'..rt:or, actuated by . a desire to benefit
others, Will be furnish to all who
need it.,.(free of charge) the recipe and three
rions for making ti!e simple Remedy, used in
his case: 'Toe wishing tn.pretit by, his.ex
perience—and possess a - Valuable Remedy—
will receive the same, by return mail ,(eare
fully sealed, by addressing ,• '
(iff NaEs'au Street, New. York
;dgg,l2-3rn.j s•
" 9 ''Seven hundred
volun n te.:ers camp!
Young then beiivained'irc time, supply' Your
selves with Holloway's Pills aud .011)1111mq.
"They are kuarrdnteed fb the worst eases
of Sores, Ulcers scur v y, feviir's and baivel
TUA.N.121.11.E :ELECTION. '7'.
, • The . stocklfolders of
flee Lancaster and Marietta , ' Thrtipike
are requested to meet at the
_ptthlic:hqUe of
, tnltn Itiendig, ,
at 10 o'clock in the,murningoo eltetAaqiesi
dent, directors,' ti.ecretttni and p . o.muler,
`Mr the tatting !year::
..By . Orcief of kilo'. , BOard. '
A. NA GASSI:Li Se6.fetari.
October 10,,1863-3t
rX ECUTO R.'S NOT I CE.—Estate of Maria
Aittemf ,the Botou'O"of Marietta,
oreettsed. Letters of administration on sad
estate having beep granted to thp .uftdprslgned,
all persoM3.indebted theieto are requested'to
immediate settlement, and those ha.vitfe, claiths
or demands agalnst thp same will , present.them
without tiers.) , tot settlement to tha t undersign ;
ed, residing said linrOugh. ,
.G 2 O. ‘- ' S
I'APL, ' , .kzeCutor:
. Marietta, Qctober 10, 1863-60 . • • • :
Ur SATURDAY; OCTOBER 31st; "1363
IN ' pursuance of ap..alias ,order of the Orph
ans' Court of LAncaster County o the under 7
tigiled' Administrator of the Estate' of Voter
Baker, late of the Borough of hlartetta, dee'd;
wAltsell putilic , Vendmi, at the -public house
of William Jolinstin t attlip,pasternensipf,said
Borough of .Alariettadhe,following real estate
fitted( - thesiiid`deceased :
Fronting on the north side of Front street, in
that part of said borough' of "Marietti,laid'out
by Jacob Grosh, esquire, being :the western
half of Lot numbered in .the plan thereopby
number Fifty-Eiy.l4 [OS],containing in front
.20. feet, and extending in depthto Second-sr.,
200 feet, .upon which is erected
'Sale. to" eo m men cetitilialf-liaht- 6 o'cloCk in
the evenin.V,,whni concitions will
be made known by
• ' A drnListFalor.
.Marietta, October ' '
U ILNETT'S Cocoaine. A compound „pi
j Cocoa-nut Oil, &c., for dressing ; ne,ll.l,ir.
For efficncy, and' agreeableness, withoat
an %nal. It.preilents the hair from falling otf..
It promote; its hcalthy and vigorous grow th..
• It is not greasY . or Sticky.
It leaves no disagreeable odor.
1t softens the hair whet! hard and dry.
• It soothes the irritated scalp skin.
It affords the 'idles! lbstre.
It remains longest in eff-ct. Beane* co,
H. L. Bz-E.-J. ZAHPd , ~
. . . .,, , .
-- - '4-. ItEsP.KI FULLY, inform itheir .
-..... . , friends aid the public that they
• 4 ~_:,. still conlinue the ' WaTc,H, CLOCK
,t-e, hn ,TE.Wk:LAY .businesq at the old ,
stand, North-west.. Corner .of, North
9,neen street and Center SquAre, , Lancaater, Pa.l
A full assortment: of goods in our. hue of bosi-;
D'ess; di ii4ys'on hand are' for sale , atthe Acnvest:
cash rates. ir..r Repairing, ottended to,per- ,
sontitly,t.y the. proprietors. . ' .. t
Lancaster,January 1, .10.4.
. .
The :Amdiean.,,illatelies.
ITIHE American Watcnes are among the best
J timeirpepers now, in use, and.for durability
strength and simplicity far surpass any otliter
watch madc in the ,world. ,
H. L. Fir E. J. Z - A H lit ,
Corner of North' Queen-st.„and 'Centie, Square.
Lancaster,' Pal, have th'em tor bale - at the very,
lowest rates—every watch accompanied with
tie manufacturersguarrantee to,ensure its gen
Superior Old Brandyi:Old Rye Whiskey,
Holland ,Gin, ; Moderns, Lisbon,, Sherry and
Pert Wines..
Pittsburg Whiskey-alwaya 'On lirend at the
Lowest market prices.. ,Vary Fine Brandy at
a very low figure."
;LA:: DIF,F,NBACH-iiltarkee.st2
Spangler & ratkerlon's Store.
F.e.ox 7
OFFICE liOtilig:"- - " t•t r 'To 2.
r ~'.13 f 6 T 0,7
A- Gbtib . ial Agaiiiii.rif bf all kinds of
Byrn i icitell )- 54,.. 1 1E , 1P 0 M,,slt oet
'lim as; Screw's Bents 'Cellar t.r
Oils, Glass anti•Pfitty":-v' ay" etiVtip.'" i
- pp :x • silt ~ M i l 1 : ?4.4.
•EPANDLOP,Inc;f ri ii ., Scotch
and Irish it - 11 I rra.,
pure, at H.:;elf4l.334atini./iiiig.;'
T. CitiArraimE w .51V,GLANI? t RUM
andainary vutio , 4egovariaitte,ti
H. D. Benjamin.
Gab Safic'tbt
For. the General Election for tlBti%
TN .Pursuance •of the duties imposed hy'file
l 1 Election Laws•of the State of Penniylvania
f ~.S. W. .P. BO Y 0, - Id igh , tteriff of Lancaster
1 County, do hereby publish - and give notice to
' the qualified citizens electomot the' several
Wards, Townships, Districts and Boroughs of
the. City and County of Lancaster, that a //en
-1 eral Election will be held, on.. .. -
ISO ) at the severalPlaceshereinafter designa
, .
ted to elect by ballot :- . - , .
One Person duly qualified for CciVernOr of
.OnO PersOn duly qualified:for Judge of the
SUpreine Court.
'.Two Persons duly qualified for Senators.
Four Perseus duly qualified fkthe House
of Representative's.'
Ony Person,,duly qualified tOr Sheriff o f Lan
caster County. .
' One Petson dblY qualified for Prothonotary.
One Person du!y...qualified,for Register.
OfiC'Petholl`Chll3% qualified for Ree Order.
Oce.' , Person duly qUalined. for -Clerk of .0r-
Phans' Court.
-One 'Persoli- duly qualified for Clerk Of
ter Sessions. ' , . ' , "• , •1:
One Persoa.duly . qualifiedlor Couhty Treas
,One Person duly; qValified-for-County,Com
missioner. • "
Two \Petsons duly qualified, fiir
• Directors of
the Poor.
Two 'Perions duly I
qualihed" for Prison n
-• 'One Person duly qualified - for Coroner'.
One Person duly qualified for Auditor
District -ConipOsedlof the - Foui : Wards
of Lancaster ihe qualified voters of the
North East - Waid ;lola 'their election at
the public, house et Anthony'Lechler,ia 'East
Iting . street ; those of the North West Ward
a' the publiohoUse' Adam •Trenit ;
those of the South .East Ward. at the pktoic
house occupied by,r, , in East King
street; those of the South, Weitt , Ward,at the
public house of Amos,prolf.,
2d Distriet—Druinnte ITwikshO, at the No.
2 School ri o'use in the v4id - ge of Chestnut
'3d District—Boiouglf of
. at
the puhlit hbuse now'occupied by George
Buyer in •Said'borouvh.
Itth toivt ship' at, the 'public
has in thewillage of New Holland, r"ti ;aid
zr.l ' = "4
• tstll4lli , irrie L u—Dizali th , townstlip at' helyttb
,lic house ?now occupied by „ . .G,eorge Bentz, in
B'said loWri'sh fp.'
btli Districp,- 7 Boiough . ..of,,Strasburg, at the
public-house nos occupied:bY'Heiiry Bear in
said bordligh'.. ,.
7th District±gapho.tawrship, including the
Bordugh of Mit:them, at the public house now
occupied by David Wolf iu said borough:.'
bth.pistrictilisbpry,townsbip, at the pub
lie. house now occupied by John Mason, in
aid,,township. it,'! •
,fAistrict- 7 East Cc:calico township, 'at the
,publle house no;a: occupied by J. liannan,
ip ; the
,village - B earnstowo, in start:township.
oth , s tlict—Being a part of . East Donegal
tOW.:Aship, at thp,:publiu school house in , the
vihlttge pf . ,Maytow:A . in, said township.
11th District—Ce.rourvon. township, at the
public John,Myers, in
the'yilinge uf,Churchrow,n, in said township,
th District—Martic townsbh
lc house now occupied by Robert Saulsby, in
said township., '• ; c
1.3 1 -h,Distociarr ,• the public
house,now, °couple° .hy..Edwiu•Garrett.
. .
1411) District,- Colerain: townahip, at the,pub
lic,ho 110 W, occupied:, by. J., G.,. Hili.'etyaud,
in said township. . .
15th District—, at the pub
lic now; occupied by Jos...Phillips. -
. I dth District.—Warwick township, at the
public house new.occupted, by. Samuel Licht
euthaler, in the v,illage-of.
17th District,Composecl. - the. Borough of
: I .l , larietta and part, of East DonegaidownShip;
at the public,schu_ol house in taict
I Sth District—Columbia Borough at the lown
hall in ,said, boromM. • , ' ,
19th,District,—Sadsbury.township at the put
blie house now, Atnahaim Roop, in
said township.: ,
20th Distriot-eacock .the pub
lic house now :occupied by Geo Diller in.said
21st Districtßrecknock.tewnship, at the now occupied by hair. JliasStier,
in said township: i
, 24d Joy, .Barouglyat -the
public apbool bprquzi4,
23d District—lieing•.pait of lust Hempfield
township, at the publie.hbuse now occupied
by Jacob Swart, in the Pe:ersburgi
in said toyrns!iip.
. . , .
24th Diatriet—West Lampeter township, at.
the public house now occupied by. Henry,
ler,. in the village "of Larppeter Square;; in. said
township.. , .
.2.5 th District—Conestoga. township, ,at the
public honse now. occupieii by . joint G. Preis,
in said township._ _
26th District—Beingpart of Manor town
ship, at the upper.sehoca house in the borough
cirWashißgton,.in said township.
27th 'Dial iet—Ephrata township, atthe pub-.
lie house now occupied by ..iVlartio. Gross, in
said township.,
2gtb DistrLet-,-Cpitax.townphip3 at the pub
licachoel,hoiiae ixi the of Bainbridge,
in „
29th District—Manitem township, at the
pablic house now occupied by John Frantz, in
the ritlage.ef
30itt .14,1strict44iehig n. , gatt ag..l l danor, toWn
ship, Id the' pubbi hopse how occupied by
George Heruberger : ku said
township'.' ' '
Slat Usti:let—West - Ear) township, at the
Wouse 'now oeciipied!Py
'Eatlville, in said township. '
32nd DlStrict West . Henapiield'toW nsiiip;at
the public' tiou;e now occupied by John )(en.:
dig, in said lownship. '
33rd DistrictL-Strasburg townstip, at the
pubiic - liouse now occupien 'by James Curi - an;
in the'borough of stra.sbiirg. "
34th Distria:L:Being part of Manor town
ship, commonly called indiatitown _
the public tonse of 'l)ernard Stoner, in said
township: ' '
35th' Disttiet—WeSt a r ealico township, at
the public house` nOw - ocetipied by 'John W.
Mentier in the'village of tihoenecli, lesaid
36th District--East Earl township, at the
public hOuse noW Ocicupied . by ffenry Yuddt,
liluo Ball; Tin said township.
.37th District-- , ParaOiserv4ownship,- at the
public house now,occupied by John Zuok, in
said township.
39111,,District 7 -heing.a part of. East Het:rip-
field township, at the public school house. In
the yillageof,fieinpiielcl, in:said township. •
:,39th llistrict—Lancaster, township, at the
public house ttow,occupied
in saict•toujnship: , ,
40in iiiirict-- . East Lainpeter.: township, at
the public house now occupied by. Henry Ken
eag,), in said township.
41st, District, Littla ;Britain .Inivnahip,
the public laniLieof Benjamin Brogan, in said
; •
. .
42n0 District,.-tipper Leacock township, at
thb public house. of Kemper, in said
township. ' •
43rAllistrich--I'enn tOwilship; 'at' the ptiblic
house,uf Ja c ob . !Maw , ,in said ,township, • :
44th` Distilatl'.l3orough 'of Adamstown, at
thq 4 ct1.P.0 ilou4e ifl'saiabotoigh.i ;
451.11 Disirict--,Ciav township,* at the houaet,
or Gno.„W,,,S,t.e.knanetz., (forrnerly John Ern , n)'
44,..in5tf).-I?egnea, town ship,at lho pub- r
lie liouse . of ihnijamin Rowe, in said township.
47th District—Arovidence thirinibiP; ; at 'tiff
house .. now, .o.c,capied by. .Mary Miler, in sA r i
toxiietrip: , e • .',- • ‘ L-
Districk,, , Eden tOwnship;l at the puldic
l'ou•?l ,l tAtillt said4owiAlrip:
49th, J.ji sti ipt-mheing at , pa rt , , Mou ht Joy
hargtojore ducluded. , initieraiPdiltria,
Aitti4V4-TiMestillan ekil township, here=
tante included in tne 3rd e.ection disgicy - st
Rwtia 3 " 1, r
strip 4ekteroforaiaatukfedlntWelad3distiltkikiliff
Oitencanasfisc'hapit Trilk4di
coili4l3.4iptti meta ir,n 11. 4 M1 3601..1 tatiW h
g ,, l ,l 4ritfict.÷ - Thatrpartt , o6RtphaftaViiti t i E l
h eretofo roe radii ded**in 2 the Alsfrle,
Stricicler's.schoo4hollseuh said tOw'itshipt. r" t
53d District—That part of East Donegal
township heretofore - included in the 22d dis
trict, at the brick schobl house in the village
of SPringsville in said township.
.54t1t4Otrini—Ahat part'of Rapho township
'heretofore included - in the 52d,distpct, at the
public schobl houselin the. village of Newton,
in said township:
The.,`Genilwl Election, in 'all the. Wards,
TownshiPs, roistriCts.and Boroughs. "of the
'county,it to be'oPitied between the tours of
eight and ten ~o,?clock—irritie forenoon, and
shall"contiriue without interruption or ad
journment until seven o'clock in the even ipg,
when all the polls shall be closed.
Every person, excepting .
.Justices of the
Peace, who any' Ifceor
meat of profit orlrudt under the . Government
of the United States, or of this State, or of any
,city or incorporated district, whether .a.coM
missioned,ofoer or otherwise, a. subordinate
officer or agent, who is or shall be employed
under the Legislative, ExeOutive or Judiciary
departments of the. State or the United Staten,
or of :ley: city, or incorporated district, and
also flint 'every meMber of COngress or of .ffie
State Legislature, and of the Select and. Co
m Cotincils nf any, city, or Commissioner of
any incorporated district is, by . law, incapable
of'holding or:exercising, at the same time. the
'office' or appeintment of, judge, inspector or
clerk of any ejection of this commonwpaltb,
and no inspecter; judge tit other officer of any
such election shall be eligible there to be
voted for.'
The Inspector' Ind Judges of the elections at the • respective places appointed
'for holding the election in the district to which
They respectively belinig, before, nine o'clock
`in'the morning, and each of said Inspectors
shall appoint one Clerk who shall be a quali
fiedvofer of such darrict.
case thlperS.ah Who shall have received
the see6nd highest number of votes for inspeii
. tor shill not attend on Alm day of any election,
then the. person who, shall have received the
second highest number of ,votes for judge an
the next pfeceediog election shall act as in-
SpO.ter in ins place. And in case the person
who shall have received, the highest number
of "votes for inspector , shall not attend, the
Person eleeied judge shall appoint an inspect
or ih his place-and in case the person elected
a judge shall not attend, then the inspector
*wncl received the'llighest, number of votes shall
appoint, a judge in to place—or if any vacan
cy shall continue in the board for ,the space
of 9ne hour after the time fixed by law for the
opening of the election, the qualified voters of
'the, township, ward sir district for which such
• Albers `shall have been elected present at such
election, shall elect one of thear,number to fill
such vacancy.
. .
lfshall be the duty of the several assessors
of each district to attend at, the place, of .hold
,ing every general,, special,tir.township elec
tion, during the whole , time . said election is
'kept, open, f9r [fie purpose of
. giving informa
tion to the inspector : o and judges, waen caged
oil in to the right of
.any persoiras
sassed, by them 'to vote at such election, ,r
;quell other matters in relation to., the assess
ments of voters as the said inspectors or either
of them slialffrorn time to, tune require.!, •
NO person shall. be permitted to Vote at any
electron' as'aforesaid, other than a white free
mad of the rip' of 'twenty-one years or more,
who ahall fidre relided, in the , ,,State -at -least
- one`, year, aed in, the election district where
lie offers Ills rote at, least ten days immediate,:
ly,preceding - sucg election, and within two
yeakpdid a State or ceunty tax, which shall
haye been
,assessesseti at least,ten. days before
the election. But a.citizeti of, the United.
States Whq has prei - iousl. been a qualified vo
ter of thiS State, and removed thereiront and
returned;and who shall have, resided in tie-
el.ectioir district and'paid taxes. as anwesaid,
shall be entitled to vote after , residing in this
Stati:six; months,: Provided,' That ; the white.
freemen, `citizens of the ..
,United States, be ,
tween twenty r ene and twenty-two years, whO:
have re:sided in ad election . district as afore
said, shall 'be entitled to vote, although they
811111'nm...have paid taxes.
No person Shall be permitiertle V 42 whose
name is not contained in the list of :taxable.
inhabitants 4
furriished.,hy,„ the .ntnissioners,.
unless. First„ produce; a receipt:for therpay-
Ment within two Years or a 'State or county
tax, asseased agree:4l;4n') the, constitution and
give satidiactory either on histeath
litlipniition, or, ffie 'Oath and alb: rination oft
abothOl; . tilift„ he has paid such a tnx, or on
failure to produce a receipt make oath
to the payment thereof: Second, fe he claim
the.riglrt;to votelby being ad' elector betweeh
the age of twenty-one and twenty-two ypiirs,
he shall 'depose on' oath'or 'affirmation that pi
has resided in this State at leasneneYeai nex
before appliaatiop, and, make ,suchAFlftiof
of 'residence in'tliedistriet 'as is required .by .
this.act,,and that 'he does -verily believe from
the account giverPhin, that is of age afore
said and Such - other'evidence as is 'requited by
this act, whereupon the' name of the person
thus admitted to vote shall be inserted in .the
alphabetical bYi the ilispee.tbr • , and - nate
made opposite , thereto by writing i the word
"tax," if he admitted; to vote by , rea,4'
son of having.paid,tax.; or the word .—age,"
if he shall be admitted to vote by reason' of
such age, shall be called out to the clerks,whe
shall make the like hates ou the list. of-voters.
kept by them: •
in all cases where:the name ot-the person
claiming to vote is found on-the list -furnished'
by the Commissioners and assessor, 'Or his
right,to ,vote,. whether found (thereon-..'or. not;
is objected to by : any qualified citizeuAt shalt
be *the duty of the inspectors-to eiainine such
person- on path as to. hiS qualifications, and if
be claims to have residtid,witLin the State for
one year or more, his oath snail be sufficient
proof thereof, but shall Maim proof by at kris.
onecompetent witness, who shall tie ii.
lied elector, thatjhe has resided' in the district
fur more than ten-.days-next immediately
preceding such election, and shall alSo liimsetf
swear that his bona tide residence, in punt- I
mice of Ms lawful malling e is 'Said 'district,
and that he did not remove into ""said district
for the purpose of •voting - therein.
Every person qualified as aforesaid, and
who shall make due proof, if required, - of the
residence and payment of taxes al. aforesaid,
shit& be admitted - to -vote in the township, I
ward or district in which he shall reside.
. .
ll any person shah prevent' or 'attempt to
prevent any officer of any'election nadir , this
act from homing such ,election; or use or
threaten any,violence to suet' officer, or shall
interrupt,or finpiopetly,interlere with him in
the executihn of his duty, or 'shall- block Up
the window, or avenue to any window where
the samdMay he bolding,. ,
yr solid riotously
disturb the peace at such electiOn, or shall use
any intimidating threats; force or tiMeime,
with design 'to influence unduly or overawe
any elector, or to prevent him.from 'voting or
to restrain the freedom of choice, such persons
ou conviction shall be fined in any sum not
exceeding live hundred - dollars, and imprison
ed,for,mis time not less t han three nor more,
than flivelve Months, and if it shall 'be shown
to Court, where the trial of such offence :Shall
be had, that the pet somso offending was not a
resident of the city, ward, district or to.waship :
where the offence was committed, and not
titled tb vote'therein, then on conviction he t
shall be . sentenced to pay a fine vil ,not; less
than one hundred nor more than one thousand.
defiers,:and oe imprisoned not less . than six
Months nor inure titan two'years.
If any person or persons shall make any
bet' of wager oil the resnit. of,any election,
within tke Commonwe.ilth, or shad offer to
make any sneh bet or Wager, either. verbal
MoMainatiou thereof, M by any written or
printed' adeertisemeut, challenge, or. invite any
person: tttinake such bet or wagkr,,upon con
viction-thereof he pithey shad pay
tlffee 'allies the amotnit so "net` or to ffe bet.
. . .
If any per.on, not by law qualified, shall
fraudulently vote at ifiy:eiection of thiPecifnl
mouievealib, or . b4ing otherwise q'utdified
vote 'Out- or :Ws:proper if ally person
wilip 1 lid want. ONUhti tvitalticatiock; stiatl
aid or procure-duchtperaba to vote; the Veismi
shall on'ebnifittibii; . :bejrineit in ally sum not
exceoling- two hundred aollars, and be. im
prisonedl. m, any.: term not' exceeding , AN tee
Clf dy. person' shoal vote , tit mate than' Ohe
electionotatricq otheiwiae . fraudnienill, -
vote more than once on the same ,dayioroliall
hAatitalefirly.iclid a - 3;d. de'lriiei, to' the !nsilee . to#
tWol , tikatetotogptliei; with' tfid irrtene T etokalkt
to.cit4,otir mill Rrocuro aircithiY:t d
9r they atlen s ordrr.lbill , ebbirac on be lined
to any-sum norteqs;t,filoa;fittz.niqrlfiTa - reir
five to,indrettkelat'ai , :aocl "fie qniprtsote
n mor j 3 t__
?selve ,
It a9y, iffalint
‘ kt F kaltfiect 'to- vote in this
Cornmonwea eea lfto law (except tht ,
sons of qualified citizens,) shall appear at any
- _
place of election for the purpose of inlluendin
the,cititena cftialifibd nil vote, he shall on con
victim: forfeit end pay any sum not exceedtna
one, hundred. ddltxrs. for . e very siklifoftbnce
and be im: , risoned for any teem not exceeding
three months. • • • -
Agreedb.y tb the provision; of the sixty
fi rst- sec-U.on , cy.l *eilfai{liattiditetytGen rill tan
Special Election shailltrOmpene4 between th,
Hours of eight and -ten -in --the forenoon, and
shall continue withonop;e4rnflitn or-adjoufn
merit until seven o'clock. ig the evening when
the polls shall be closed. r
The Judges are to make ;their, returnsifor
the county of Lancaster, at, the ~Cpurt Vouse,
in the city of Lancaster. .ou Eridart ; the With
day of October, A. D., ig63„at
S P BOID, -Cheriffs ,
SHERIFF'S OFFICE, Lan'r, Sept. 8,1863,...,
No. I.—Large Family Wringer, . $10:00
2.—Medium, 7:00
No. 2i.— " cc 6:00
No. 3.—Small <, 5:50
No. S.—Large _Hotel Wringer, 14:00
Ne..18.--Medium Laundry,.( to run by ...13:00
steam or .
No. 2.2.—Large Laundry, ( hand. 30:00
Nos. 21 and 3 have no Cogs—allootbers are
*No. 2 is the size generally used in private
fan; ies.
Orange Judd, of the American Agrieultuifst,
says of
The it tibcrsaT Clothes' Mrittger
4 ‘ child, can mortify wring. out a. 40101 of
clothes in a few minutes. Itlareally,a clothes
saver! A Time AiFer.! The' ativingof. gar
ments will alone, pay a : large percentage on
its cost. We think the machine. rnuck,more
than pays 'for itself' every yetir in.thesav,ing-Of
garments! There are .several lairds,
alike in general construction, bat ,we consider
itimportant that the Wringer be fittednwith
Cogs, otherwise a mass of . garments Misyielog
the rollers, and the rollers. upon ; the crank
shaft slip and tear the clothes, or the '.inhhet
break loose frtim the shaft. Our own
,is (woof
the first make, and it is as good. aa . 'taw alter
it four yep . s mistant,usc,".
•. .
EVe23( WrilLger 4 with-Cog Wi t
. ois is . wa r .
• • '.34'W .
anted in. eceiV „
No .Wringer• , ean be.chn7al;ie without! Cog-:eficds.
A good Canvhs.9er *anted in ev l .i& - toiCV.."'
— On receipt of the price front plitc'etylli46. 4
no one selling, we semi ttig Wrihg4r
For pAriiculars and circtthifs; hrldFnsi
A 347 troadwkay,
August l 6; 1863:-Gml
I, :a - ric:s7 -
A tr. 1. ariis or
Far Ladies env!'
I wish to return my thanks to rrty'frienda of
Lancaster and surrounding counties, - !or (ilea
very liberal patronage , extended' tolne dining
the lag few years, and would say to them that
i , now:have i hil
n store, of my own lier - 46in
and manufacture a very extensive assortment
of all the different kinds and qualities of thnry,
rars for ladies and children, that *ill bc'WOrn
during the Fall and Winter seasons:
Being the..dtrect Impoi•te'r of all rill' FURS
from Europe, and having them 'all ntaiinfactu
red under my own supervision—enatileime to
offer my customers'and the'publ,ic a, mucks
1 - lAS - Dsongß SET OF , PO as
for. the:same money. Ladies please give mesa
call-before purubasing! Please re:nembertbe.
name, number and, street. .;
.JOHN FARE.I.I.IA, 718 ARcm-vr.,^
Sept. 17-sms.] , , Pill LA. DEI:PHLA,
DUB,Yg I AS' 1:11/11ZZNA *
ReceiVod tVco. "Pkize Medals"
..LFRomluni ES 3 AND Tlf E •
International Ezhib it ion, London,
. .
It also received the SuperlatiVb
"Exceeding- Excellent _I•904:;!' 4.10
".. hA. ,
i='-fz:v. N A , .!. . ',..... ;Ito , CI.
At the. Great International Exhibitimilit
Hamburg, July, 1863; i•,,;<,) , 1 .
I?eceined the Hight* , Medial , ~ ' - o '
~. -... 12.01
OF FOOD. ..a„
~ - 1.
Used for Puddings, Custards l, Blriae Mange'
: &c., without lsinglas,. with few cir-iid 'et
It is excelient fol . ...thickening Ssileht Sauce
:Gravies for. Fish, Meat, Soups, &c. For Ice
Cream ..othing can comphrerwith'.it.. ' 4 .AglitAP.
boiled in Milk makes a rich! Creawi foitCbreeAn
Chocolate, Tea: &c. A .thost - dhlidibuaditrtiefleg
' for food for children and inva:idsltit , :vithtlW.
superior to Afrow Root, and much inore-eco,t
.;nomical. . , • - .... ~ :10 i 41 ,
Put up to one pound- : 0
package44er qhe
trade- in ark - IVlsizen 71 With 'ft/70 direitlike'vfoill
use, and sold bvallitirOce r s and Drti.o . aiSp.'"v 1 ,.
NV I'LLlAtht • .DU Indt At% .' i -
. ' -, ',, ~ ' , 7 ' ? ' ' :noitorikort 'Ati:l4., ,J; ad
166' FintOtl-StAett •Neiv-AemV." , "
Angkist 22441 1 4 , ". su :, •' , .' 7 .A ';' - ' o ' TA .. '''t
RAVrrcG L T EiE Itr
w prept,tred to tyan=i4V all 174 . ci f
:041grNE4SS : n , • )1 ,
+ The Board-of - Direetors•-gleet week" ITr-on-
WeAriesd'ay i -ftlii'distotilt infd"OtherliAAA3 t c
ii: 4 6 c i i",i4 JOHs ~„, A d s , r i:,
240.1563.%) ec 0 I.i
i bt,:',Her)
I --AI tO,tIOKAS OUVI4i th46-,f9*
Viii'plain style ' each one It - eLenitntesl. Joe:
to perform tagh9 , eqtire,._,ea t distii4lttl).lV
the purchaser.
718' ..A.81C111"-11'11:,
Lcioie EigVh, south.
• .1
Mamtf:a'clurft: of
.kwn-ILEAL:Eit , rlf
• IFr4
; m
, ''A