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    Mkt Natal Hlatititiatt.
MARIETTA CAE H0u1%9. The several pas
senger trains will leave the "Upper-station
Depot " as follows : Morning train, East, at
ten minutes before 8; Mail train West, 11:38 ;
Harrisburg Accommodation train, East, at 9
minutes after 5 ; the sam a train West, at five
minutes before 7 in the evening.
TEIE Two TICKETS.—In order that no
one may confound the two tickets, we
this week present both. Let every pa.
triotie voter spurn the touch of the sec.
and one as he would flee the sound of
a rattlesnake. The "Old Guard," we
are certain, will make a record on the
second Tuesday of October, to which,
she may in after years refer with pride :
Union Ticket,
For Governor,
Andrew G. Curtin, of Centre
For Judge of the Supreme Court,
Daniel Agnew, of Beaver.
Hon. Benjamin Champneys, City
Dr. J. M. Dunlap, Manheim Bor.
Nathaniel Mayer, Drumore,
Dulles Billingfelt, Adamstown.
Dr. H. B. Bowman, Neffsville.
E. K. Smith, Columbia.
Frederick Smith, Bainbridge.
County Treasurer,
Samuel Hess, Pequea.
John Seldomridge,
Col. Emlen Franklin, City.
Sawuel S. Leaman, Manheim.
County Commissioner.
'no?. C. Collins, Colersic.
Clerk of Quarter Sessions.
John H. Zeller, Mount Joy.
Clerk of Orphan's Court.
John C. Baldwin, West Lampeter.
• Prison Inspectors.
P. W. Housekeeper, Drumore.
Adam Rank, East Earl.
Directors of the Poor.
John K. Reed, City: •
John W. Clark, Marietta.
Absalom Disler, Brecknock
S. Book, Maytown
Copperhead neket
Henry Shaffner, Mount Joy.
Col. Edward McGovern, City
Capt. 11. W. Gara, East Lampeter.
Emanuel P. Keller, Manheim.
Joseph S. Keener, Elizabeth.
Dr. Isaac C. Weidler, Upper Leacock
Col. Henry A. Hombright, City.
John Eshleman, West Lampeter
Col. John H. Duchman, City
I'. Martin Fleitler, Ephrata.
Clerk Quarter Sas4ions.
William N. Gibson, Martic,
Clerk Orphans' Court.
Capt. J. Miller Raub, Providence
County Treasurer.
James Bones, Manor.
County Commissioner.
Philip Oldweiler, West Donegal.
Prison Inspectors.
J. E. Cross, Manheim borough,
Geo. G. Worst, Salisbury.
Directors of the Poor
Lieut. R. G. Sherman, East Oxalic°
Isaac Zell, Little Britain.
J. H. Hagener, jr, City.
Martin S. Heiser, West Earl
tbr The Lancaster Examiner winds
up a long and scathing article on the
fizzle of a masa copperhead meeting in
that city, thus : "Old Mr. Buchanan was
in town and looked perfectly happy and
cot tented, particularly when surrounded
by the Harrisburg roughs, who all gave
him a hearty shake of the band, and
seemed particularly anxious to form his
better acquaintance. Their importunity
at last became annoying and the old
man's special keeper, Joe Baker, of
Custom House notoriety came to his
relief, and .bribed or coaxed them to
leave him go. Under the lead of the
indefatigable Joe, he soon arrived in
front of Michael's Hotel, where the more
pretentious and better dressed copper
heads gave three ghostly cheers for Bu
chanan and Woodward. Poor old man I
His bitterest enemy must have pitied
him, as even in the "sear and yellow
leaf" of his life, the men who have
grown rich on his imbecility grudgingly
extend to him the courtsey due old age.
Glr A few days since we received a
letter from John J. Stenggle, formerly
a Mariettian, and now in the 76th Penn
sylvania Volunteers, stationed at Hilton
Head, South Carolina. John has seen
considerable service, having volunteered
in October '6l, and - has ever since been
in active service ; he says he is in good
health, and, although always a demo
crat, he is for sustaining the government
in the prosecution or this infernal re
slfa'Col. John W. Forney will address
the vnitssete i v,Ager at Fulton Hall
this .fSa MEtle
Jarvis U. S. A. Hospital,
Baltimore, Sep. 22, 1863
Dear friend Baker:—l am happy to
inform you that I arrived safely at my
post of duty at 6 o'clock last evening.
All were glad to welcome me back, and
pleased to,6nd me almost entirely recov.
ered from my poisoned wound. To day
I again entered upon my duty and feel
bright and cheerful.
It was very painful to my feelings to
be unable, whilst at home, to call on my
numerous patrons and friends, for I soon
found that moving around served to irri
tate my wound, and hence, I had to fore
go the pleasure of meeting those I wish
ed to. see.
We had a delightful concert last eve
ning for the gratification of the sick and
wounded at this hospital. The Brass
Band of the Bth Army Corps, and the
Baltimore Union Relief Singing Associ.
ation gave us the benefit of their assis
tance, and I do assure you, the boys en
joyed themselves. Surgeon Cox favored
us with quotations from Shakspeare's
" Tempest," and one of the soldiers with
a comic speech, thus five hundred of our
convalescents and many guests were de
lightfully entertained ; you will observe
that we care for the comforts of our sick
and wounded—physically and mentally,
for such entertainments . are invaluable
and greatly facilitate recovery ; they will
be repeated every Thursday evening.
I will always be glad to see any of my
Pennsylvania friends.
Truly, your friend,
cf. Rev, J. C. Gregg, late Charlain
of the 127th Regiment, P. V., will de
liver his new and popular address on
" Female Influence in our present strug
gle for National life," on Thursday eve
ning next, at 73- o'clock, in the Metho
dist Church. The Ladies of the Patri
otic Circle have a special invitation, but
ALL are invited—men and women—boys
and girls. A collection will be taken
up at the close.
er Just before going to press, on
Friday afternoon, we paid a flying visit
to the Horticultural exhibition, in Tem
perance Flail, and notwithstanding tbe
character of East Donegal for flue fruits
and vegetables, we were really surprised
at the display. It would favorably com
pare with any County exhibition for
fruits and vegetables we have ever seen.
A full description will appear in our
' Rev. Mr. Carrow delivered a very'
patriotic address, in the M. E. Church
on Wednesday evening of last week. it
did us good to hear so eloquent and soul
stirring appeal for the prosecution of
the war - from so eminent a divine as
Mr. C. We have beard bnt one opinion
spoken of it—that it was able and pa.
ar Saturday next, October 3d, will be
a gala day at Lancaster. Some of the
most distinguished speakers in the Union
will be present. Don't fail to be there
and hear the issues of the canvass fairly
4gr A full attendance at the Union
League on Thursday evening
.is desired,
in order to make arrangements to at
tend the great mass meeting at Lancas
ter on Saturday nest, in a body:
stir On Monday last the Union Coun
ty Committee was reorganized, Mr.
Samuel Slocom was reelected chairman,
and Hayden H, Tshudy, of Litiz, secre
Cr We received a letter from Capt
E. D. Reath, of Company E, 107 P. V.,
now encamped at Rappahannock Sta
tion, which we wili publish in our next.
Cr The late rains have swelled the
Susquehanna considerably, but as yet
no lumber has found its way to this
cir Be certain you are assessed by
Friday nest, October 3d, that is the last
On the instunt, Monis NAGLE, of this
Borough, aged about 47 years.
In Elizabethtown, on the 17th instant, Alma:
WADE, ESQ., aged 68 Years.
On Friday, October 25th, Miss MARIA RIG
LER, of this borough, aged 56 years.
ary Consumption a curable disease I—The un
dersigned having been restored to health in a
few weeks, by a very simple remedy, after
having suffered severely for several years with
lung affection, and that dread disease, Con
sumption--is anxious to make known to his
fellow sufferersthe means of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of
the presciiption used (free of charge), with
the directions for preparing and using the
same, which they will 'find a sure cure for
Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs,
Colds, 4-c. The only object of the advertiser
in Fending the prescription, is to benefit the
afflicted, and spread information which he
conceives to be invi inside ; and he hopes ev
ery sufferer will cost them nothing, and may
prove a
Pareses wishing the prescription will please
addreis Rev. EDWARD A. WILSON,
No. 8-13t] Williamsburg, Kings co., N. Y.
4:3—Soldiers, see to your health, do not trust
to the Army supplies, for cholery, fever and
ho ; vel complaints will follow your slightest in
discression. Hallt,vv.v's Pills and Ointment
should be in every ma,." 'knapsack . . The Bri
tish and French troops use no other medicines.
Only 26c per boa or pot. [216
-er - TITE I
; j_j T IST OF LETTERS Rernaining in roe Post
Office at Marietta, Pa., for the week end
: ing September 24, 1663.
Persons calling for letters in the following
list, will please say they are advertised.
Allbright, Miss Mollie Marley, Edward
Burger, Mrs. Sarah J. Machen, Amos B.
Billings, John Miller, Miss Eliza J.
Benman, D. J. Noel, John
Baston, Miss IttargaratOtzeTherger, Peter
Bowers, Mrs. Barbara Price, Mrs. Elizabeth
Craven, Daniel 2 Pinkney, Mrs. Mary A
Clepper, Miss Sarah Reihard, Jacob
Eisenberger, Miss Sue Rudisill, Mrs. Mary
Fry, William 2 Rudisill, Miss Emma
Griner, Mrs. Barbara Shill, Mrs. Mary
Haffner, Mrs. FrancesShrik, Miss Frances
Johnson, Emelia Shicketanz, Frederick
Kautz, Sarah Stein, Mrs. Mary
Lynch, Mrs. Eph'm S.Thon, Charles Esq.
Masons Lodge, A. F.Wingerd, Miss Sabina
& A. Wyent, Mrs. Ann
Myers, Miss Christie A. CASSEL, P. M.
On Saturday, October 3, 1863
IN pursuance of an alias order of the Or
phans' Court of Lancaster county, the un
dersigned administrator of the estate of M :tax
DONER, deceased, will sell at public sale or
out-cry, at the public house of George W.
Heck] othe, in the Borough of Marietta• All
that certain
and Kitchen attached, and lot or piece of
ground whereon the same is appurtenant
thereto, situated in said Bothugh of Marietta,
in that part thereof laid out by David Cooke,
fronting on Front street, and adjoining proper
ty of David Harry on the East, property of
Thomas Stence on the North, and an alley on
the West.
Persons desirous of viewing, the property
before the day of sale, will please call on
James Park residing thereon, or the under
signed residing third door east.
Sale to commence at 6 o'clock, P. M. of
said day, when attendance will be given and
terms made known by JOHN AUXEIt.
Marietta, September 5, ISO
1700 T li' l j;l \ : Yrl MEnICINE
Plat will cure Coughs,
Tickling in the Throat,
• Whooping Cough,
Or relieve Consumptive Cough,
eoig's eotteif
Have been sold in its native town, and not a
single instance of its failure is known.
We have, in our possession, any quantity of
certificates, some of them from eminent phys
icians, who have used it in their practice, and
given it the pre-eminence over any other com
pound. It does not dry up a Cough, butloosens
it, so as to enable the patient
Two or three doses will invariably cure tickling
in the throat
A Huff Bottle has often completely cured the
and yet, though it is so sure and speedy in its
operation, it is perfectly harmless, being pure
ly vegetable. It is very agreeable to the taste
and may be admit,istered to children of any age.
In cases of Croup we will guarrantee a cure,
if taken in season. No FaiarLy . should be
without it. It is within the reach of all, the
And if an investment and a thorough trial
does not "back up" the above statement, the
money will be relunded. We say this know
ing its merits and feeling confident that one
trial will secure for it a home in every house
hold. 11 Do not waste away with Coughing,
when so small an investment will cure you.
It may be had of any respectable druggist; who
will furnish you with a circular of genuine
certificates of cures it has made.
C. G. CLARK, Proprietors,
Sept. 24-6m] Rizo-ifavefi,
O )) a;
_ DEA, Ea IN
Picot Building. Marietta, Pa.
- D EG S leave to inform the public that he
ij wilt continue the WINE & LIQUOR busi
ness, in all its branches. He will constantly
keep on hand all kinds of.
Brandies, Wines, Gins, Irish and Scotch
Whiskey, Cordials, Bitters, 6.c.,
Justly Celebrated Rose Whisky,
A very surerior OLD RYE WHISKEY
ust received, which is warranted pure.
31:;* All H. D. B. now asks of the public
is a careful examination of his stock and pri
ces, which will, he is confident, result in Ho
tel keepers and others finding it to their ad
vantage to make their purchases from I im
NOTICE—At an Orphans' Court held at
Lancaster, in and for tho County of Lan
caster, on the 29th day of August, A. D. 1863.
In the matter of the petition of A. B. Grosh,
one of the Administrator's with the Will an
nexed Of Jacob Grosh, late of the Borough of
Marietta, deceased, praying the Court to dis
charge him, the said A. B. Grosh, from the du
ties of said Administratorship.
And now, August 29th, 1863, on motion of
D. G. Baker, Esq., the Court grant a rule on
C. C. P. Groh, the co-administrator and the
legatees of the said Jacob Grosh, deceased, to
show cause on the .1
th Monday in September,
1863, why the said A. B. Grosh, one of the
administiators of the said deceased, should not
be discharged.
By the Court.
Clerk of Orphans' Court
Marietta, September 12, 1563.
efr4...ierrWENTY PER CENT,
qt . 1. not 30, as advertised
last week, being the fourth and last instahnent
of the capital Btoek subscribed to ' 6 The First
National Bank of Marietta," is required to be
paid on or before the 20th day of October next.
By order of the Beard.
Marietta, Sept. 19, .1863.-3 t.
Spangler & Patterson's Store.
• " 6T07 r.
O RIME GROCE RIE Si—Rio, Java and r
Lavuira Coffee ; Crlshed, Pulverited and
Brown Sugar; Superior Green and Black Tea,
Rice, Cheese and Spices; Syrup and prime ba;
king Molasses; Excellent Pearl Barley at
PECTACLES to suit all who -
can be aided with glasses;
can be bought at H. L. 11.. f. ZALLIPS,Cor
ner of North Queen-st., and Center Square,
Lancaster. New glasses refitted in old frames,
at short notice. [vG-ly
ACHOICE Lot of Books for children called
indistructable Pleasure Books; School and
Paper Books, Stationary, Pens, Pen holders.
For sale by Dr. Landis.
CHAMPAGNE and other Table Wines§
guarrantePd to be pure, and sold us low as
can be bought in Philadelphia or New-York.
H. D. BENJAMIN Picot Building.
K. for culinary purposes, warranted gen uine
, . " H. D. Benjamin
BT.JY one of those-beautiful S Q F T
HATS at Can 92 Market-st.
New Fall and Winter Goods.
Market Street, Marietta, Pa
Notwithstanding the scarcity of many kinds of
Dry Goods, those wishing to purchase will
find his usually large and well assorted stock
Prints, Cloths,
Delaines, , Cassimeres,
Flannels, Sattinets,
Bleached Shining, Kentucky Jeans,
Brown Shectings, Tickings,
Diepe r, Domestic Ginghams,
Heavy Denims, Hickory Stripes.
Full assortment of Press Goods.
Full asortment of Notions.
Full assortment of White Goods.
Full assortment of Blankets.
Full assortment of Shawls.
Full assortment of all seasonable Goods.
Largest and best stock of Skeleton Sk'as
ever offered in this market, of all sizes, from
the smallest to the largest, and at all prices.
Groceries of all kinds.
Rio and Java Coffee, Teas,
White & Brown Sugar,Fresh Spices,
New Mackerel, Extra Syrups,
Salt, Sugar-Cured Hams, &c.
French Corsets, Traveling Over-Shirts,
Neck-ties, Under-Shirts,
Handkerchiefs, Drawers,
Shirt Fronts, Balmoral Skirts, 4.c. -
A small lot of ready-made Winter Clothing,
which will be sold at less than wholesale
prices to close it out.
He also continues to keep on hand a large
supply of superior Brandies, Wines, Gins,
Schnidam's Schnaps, Drakes, .Plantation
ters, and that superior Old Rye, all of which
having been purchased before the recent ad
vance have the advantage of being at nearly
old prices.
l*—liighest prices giveri for country produce.
iCr Monongahela Whiskey by the barrel, at
Pittsburg prices, with freight - only added.
Alarietta, September, 1863.
Friends & Relatives of the Soldiers & Sailors.
-11-1 MENT.—AII who have Friends and
Relatives in the Army or Navy, should take
special care, that they be amply supplied will]
these Pills and Ointment; and where the
brave Soldiers and Sailors have neglected to
provide themselves with them,' no better pres
ent can be sent them by their friends. They
have been proved to be the Soldier's never-
failing-friend in the hour of need.
Will be speedily relieved and effectually
cured by using these admirable medicines, and
by paying proper attention to the Directions
which are attached to each Pot or Dox.
Sick Headache and want of Appetite
Those feelings which so sadden us, usually
arise from trouble -or annoyances, obstrutted
prespiration, or eating and 'drinking whateVer
is unwholesome, thus disturbing the healthful
action of the liver and stomach. TheSe organs
must be relieved, if you desire to do well.—
The Pills, takifig according to the printed
instructions, will quickly prtiduce a healthy ac
tion in both liver and stomach, and as a MHO:-
rat consequence a clear head and good appeiite.
Weakness and debility induced by over Fatigue,
Will soon disappear by the use of, these in,
valuable Pills, and the Soldier will quickly
acquire additional strength. Never let the
bowels be - either confined or unduly - acted
upon. It may seem strange that Holloway's
Pills should be recommended for Dysentery
and Flux, many persons supposing -that- they
wuuld increase the relaxation. This is a
great mistake, for these Pills will correct the
liver and stomach and thus remove all the
acrid humours from the system. This medi
cine will give tone and vigor to the whole
organic system however deranged, • while
health and strength fullow as a matter of
course. Nothing will stop the relaxation of
the Bowels so sure as this famous medicine.
Sores and Ulcers, Blotches and Swellings
can with certainty be
. radically cured if • the
Pills are taken night and morning, and the
Ointment be freely used as stated in the printed
nstructians. If treated in any other manner
they dry up in one part to break out in another.
Where ts this Ui n tment will remove the
former from the system and leave the Patients
in vigorous and healthy man. It will require
as little perseverance in bad cases to insure a
lastng cure. •
For Wounds either occasioned by the Bayonet
Sabre or the Bullet, Sores or Bruises, '
To whieli every Soldier and Sailor are liable
there are no medicines so safe, sure and con
venient as Holloway's Pills and OintMent.—
The pour wounded and almost dying sufferer
might have his wounds dressed immediately,
if be would only provide himself with this
matchless Ointment, which should be thrust
into the wound and smeared all around it, then
cover it with a piece of linen from his Knap
sack and compressed with a handkerchief.—
'faking night and morning 6 or 8 Pills, to cool
the syskin and prevent inflamation.
Every Soldier's Knapsack and Seaman's
Ches t should be provided with these invalua
ble Remedies. -
IMPORTANT CAUTION !—None are genuine
unless the words HOLLOWAY, NEW Yoax
and Lorioov," are discernible as a Water
mark in every leaf of the book of directions,
around each.pot or box; the same may be
plainly seen by holding the leaf to the light.—
A handsome reward will be given to any one
rendering such information as may lead to the
detection of any party or parties counterfeiting
the medicines or vending the same, knowing
them. to be spurious.
* * *Sold at the Manufactory of Professor
HOLLOWAY, 80 Maiden Lane,' New York,
and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers
in Medicine throughout the civilized world,
in pots, at 25c. 62c. and $1 each.
N.l3.—Directions for the guidance of patients
in every disorder are affixed to each pot.
There is considerable saving by taking
the larger sizes. [Dec 20-ly
ICR -- Dealers in my welt known medicines can
have SHOW CARDS, CIRCULARS, &c., sent them,
FREE OF EXFEESE, by addressing
SO Maiden Lane,'New-York.
BEANE ez C 0 .5
Druggists Plzarmacutists,
Opposite Diffenbach's Store.
H AVE just - received a new and fresh stock
Dye -Stuffs and Perfumery, 6-c.
Also, a large and fancy lot of Coal Oil Lamps,
Shades, Globes, Burners, &c., Inks, Pens,
Paper and Envelopes, Fresh Seidlitz
Powders, Citrate of Magnesia,
Cologne, Hair Oils and Per
fumery, Pomades, Sago,
. Tapioca, Bermuda
- %Arrow-Root,
Spices, Allspice,
Cinnamon, Nutmegs,
Cloves, Mace, Pocket .
. Books, Combs, .Brushes, SoaPs,
Gum Rattles, Balls and Rings, Basin's
Shaving Cream; Burnett's 'Cocoaine; and Kal
listen; Flavoring Extracts of Lemon. Va
nilla, Pine Apple, Strawberry, Rose
and Almond, Infant Powder, NB'
and Powder Boxes, Balm of a
Thousand. Flowers, Gar- ,
den Seeds of .the best_
'quality and YR
•' , '
Flower Sceds, consisting of some of the
finest varieties. :
Cattle Powders and Liniments. ‘,
All...the celebrated
. Family Medicines con ,
stantly on hand s ;,„
Prescriptioni and Eatriliy . Aeceipts carefully
compounded. .. _ .[Apl 18;1863.
RANDIES—aII brands—guarrented to be
JO genuine. D.; Bp/co/tin.
to Soldiers !
Successor to Dr. .1 ranklin Hinkle,
Dealer in Drugs; Perf untery, Soaps, 6-c
DR. LANDIS having purchaied the entire
interest and good will of Dr. P. Hinkle's
Drug Store, would take this opportunity to in
form the citizens of Marietta and the public
generally, that having just received from Phil
adelphia a large addition to the old stock, he
will spare no pains to keep constantly on hand
the best and most complete assortment of eve
rything in the drug line.
got of Fqln
consisting in partof German, French and Eng•
fish perfumery, Shaving Soaps and Creams,
Tooth and Nail BruShes,Buffalo and other
Hair Combs, Hair Oils, Pomades,etc. ath
Port Monies, Pocket Books, Puff ty
and Powder 80. es, 4.c., re
The celebrated Batchelor's HAIR DYE,
DeCosta's and other Tooth Washes, India Cola
gogue, Bart 'rricoperous, fox the hair, Bay
Ruin ' Arnold's Ink, large and small sized bot
tles, Balm of a Thousand Flowers, Flour 01
Rice, Corn Starch, Hecket's Farina, all kinds
of pure Ground Spices, Compound Syrup of
Phosphate, or Chemical food, an excellent sr-
Ica] for cronic dyspepsia and a tonic in Con
_omptive cases, Rennet, for coagulating milk,
an excellent preperation for the table ; Table
Oil—very - fine—bottles in two sizes. Pure Cod
Liver Oil. All of Hael's perfumery,pomades,
soaps, &c. His Xathairon or Hair Restorative
is now everywhere acknowledged the best.
Old Port, Sherry and Madeira Wines and
Brandies for medical purposes.
Dr. L. will himself see that every precaution
'be taken in the compounding of Physician's
The Doctor can be prolessionally consulted
at the store when not engaged elsewhere.
First National Bank of Marietta,
Office of Comptroller of the Currency,
• Washington, July 15th, 1863.
XXTHEREAS, by satisfactory evidence pre
sentedlo the midetsigned; it= his been
made to appear time -
The First National Danl.; of Mariettcz,
in thc County'of Lancaster, and State of Penn
sylvania, has been dulv.organized under, and
according to the requirements of the act of
Congress, entitled "An act to prtivide - a lat
tional currency, secured by a pledge of United
States stocks, and to .provide for the circulation
and redemption thereof, approved b'ehruary
25th, 1863, and has complied with all the pro
visions of said act required to be complied with
before - commencing the business of 13aitking•
Now, THEREFORE, .1 3 , , Hugh McCulloch;
Comptroller of the Currency, do hereby certify
that the said .
. First National sank •of Marietta,
County of Lancaster and State of Pennsylva
nia, is authorized to commence the business of
Banking, under the act afoisaid'. '
In Testimony Whereof : witness - my heind and
seal of office, this FIFTEENTH DAY OF JULY,
1563. HUGH Mc CULL 0 rJH,
Comptroller of the Currency.
Marietta, July 25, 1863.-60dys.
Merchant Tailor, and. Clothier,
At F. T. Erampit'sOld Stand, on the,Cor
ner of .Nortlz Queen and Orange
Streets, Landaster; Penn'ct.
RATEFUL to the Citizens of Marietta
Ijr arid vicinity, for the liberal- patronage
heretofore el - Mi:lee., the undersigned respect
fully solicits a continuance of the same; as
suring them, that under all circumstances, no
efforts will be spared in rendering a satisfactory
equivalent for every act of confidence reposed.
such other seasonable material as fashion and
the market furnishes, constantly kept on hand
and manufactured to order, promptly; and;rett
suitably, as taste , or style may suggest. 4..
Gentlenten,'s Furnishing Gooods
and -such articles as usually belong to a Mer
chant Tailoring and Clothing establishment.
A LEXAN F D a P, s I o, L Ia Y bI N e DAY,
Boot and Shoe Manufacturer,
Would most respectfully inform the citizens
of this Borough and neighborhood that he has
the largest assortment of City made work in
his line of business in this Borough, and be
ing a practical BOOT AND SHOE MAKER
himself,is magma to select with more judgment
than those who are not. He continues to man
ufacture in the very best manlier everything
in the BOOT AND SHOE LINE, which he
will warrant for neatness and good.
and examine his stock before pur
h asing elsewhere.
teased. The undersigned Auditor ap
pointed by the Orphans' Court to report dis
tribution of the balance in the hands of Geo.
W. Wormly, administiator of James Cham
bers, deceased, to and among those entitled to
the same, will meet for the purpose of his
appointment, on Saturday the 26th of Septem
ber,. 1863, at 2 o'clock, r. R., at the Library
Room, Court House, Lancaster, when and
where all persons interested may attend.
Sept. 3, 1363.] Auditor.
Michael Gable, Agt., •
Opposite the Town Hall Park, A . ,
Marietta, Pa.
HE Marble business in all its branches,
will be continued at the old place, near
he Town Hall and opposite Funk's Cross Keys
avern, where every dekription of marble
work will be kept onliand or made to order at
.hurt notice and at very reasonable prices.
Marietta, June 29, 1861. 49-ly .
H. L. St.E. J. ZAHN
- TIESPECTFULLY inform their
edei ftfriends and the public that they
Int. still continue the WATCH, CLOCK
A rn JEWELRY business at the old
stand, North-west. Corner of North
Queen street and Center Square, Lancaster, Pa.
A full assortment of goods in our line of busi
ness always en hand and for sale at the lowest
cash rates. 11:r Repairing attended to per
sonally by the proprietors.
Lancaster, January 1, 1859.
The American Watches.
THE American Watches are among the best
timekeepers now in use, and for durability
strength and simplicity far surpass any other
watch made in the world.
Corner of North Queea,st.,and Centre Square
Lancaster, Pa., have thorn for sale at the verb,
lowest rates—every watch accompanied with
the manufacturers guarrantee to ensure its gen
uinetcss. .
DLATED WARE: A Large and Lille stock
1 of Plated ware at H. L. & E...l . ..Z.atfte),
Corner of North Queen street & Center Squ'are
Lancaster, Pa. Tea Setts, in variety, Coffee
Urns; Pitchets, Goblets, Satt. Stands, Cake
Baskets, Card BaskeiS, Spoons, Forks, Knives,
Casters, Ste., &e., at manufacturers prices.
R Mi'LATt No attended to at moderate rates:..
. ..114 can be had of H. L. & E. 3; Zairi, Cox
North queen-st., and Center Square, Lancas
ter, Pa., in the shape of . E:quilibriuin
the best article of Swiss leyeraf no*:itithe'inar
bet. They are lOwer in,intrce :than any watch
of equal qualityandj ust as - tine for titnekeeping
iIIHE Largest and best assortment of Faricj
1 Cloth & Cassimeres find - Vesting:ever OlVred
in this market and will be sold lit' prices whiCh
defy competition by J.. R Diffenbach.:
For Rheumatism, Gout, Neuralgia, Lum
bago, Stiff Neck and Joints, Sprains,
Bruises, Cuts and Wounds, Piles,
headache, and all Rheumatic
and Nervous disorders,
FOR all of which it is a speedy and certain
remedy, and never fails. This Liniment
is prepared from the recipe of Doctor Stephen
Sweet, of Connecticut, the fiimous bone setter,
and has been used in'his practice for more than
twenty years with the most astonishing success.
As an Alleviator of Pain, it is unrivaled by
any preparation before the public, of which
the most skeptical may be . convinced by a
single trial.
This Liniment will cure rapidly and radical.
ly, Rheumatic Disorders of every kind, and in
thousands of cases Iwhere it has been used
has never known to fail..
For Neuralgia, it will afford immediate re
lief in every ease, however distressing,
It will relieve the worst cases of Headache in
three minutes and is warranted to do it.
Toothache also will it &ire ipstantly
For Nervous Debility and General „Lassitude
arising froni imprudence or excess, thia. Lini
ment is a most happy, and unfailing reniedy.
Acting directly upon the ,nervous tissues, it
strengthens and revivifies the system, and re
stores it to elasticity and vigor.
For Piles.—As an external remedy, •we
claim that it is the best knotn, and We chal
lenge the world to produce an equal. Every
victith of this distressingeomplaint should give
it a trial, for ft will not fail to afford ittimedi
ate relief, and in a majority of cases , will. of
feet a radical cure.:
Quisny and Sore Throat a:re sometimes are
tretnely mangifant and "dangerous, but a 'time
ly application of this Liniment will neve fail
to cure. • •
Spivini are sometimes 'verS''ebstinate, and
nlargement of the joints is liable to occur if
neglected. , The worst case may be conquered
by 'this Lin iMent . in two or three days.
Braises, Cuts, Wounds, Sores,..pCE2; Burns
, .
and Scalds, yield readily to the wonderful
healing properties of I).a. SWEETS INFALLIBLE
I.trztifv.l4T,'When used according to directions.
AlSo, Chilblains Frosted Feet, and Insect Bites
and stings.
DR. STEPHEN SWEET, of Connecticu t
the Great Natural Bone Setter.
DR.' STEPHEN SWEET, of Connecticut
Is Itnown-ili over the United States.
,DA. STEPHEN SWEET, of Connecticut,
`ls the author of "Dr. Sweet's Infallible Lini
MENT Ce'res 'Rheumatism and never fails.
. , •
Is a certain remedy for Neuralgia.
DR. SW.g.Ely
Cures Burns and Scalds immediately.
Is the: best k . nowri' remedy for Sprains and
uras Headache immediately and was never
known to fail.
DR. SWEET'S Infallible Liniment affords
immediate relief for Piles, and seldom fails to
DR. SWEET'S Infallible Liniment. Cure
Toothache in one minute.
DR. SWEET'S Infallible Liniment Cures
ruts and Wounds immediately and leaves no
DR. SWEET'S Infallible Liniment is the
beet remedy for Sores in the known world.
DR. SWEET'S Infallible Liniment has been
used by morg than a' million people,land all
praise it.
Dlt. SWEET'S Infallible Liniment taken
internally cures Colic, Cholera, Morbus and
DR. SWEET'S Infallible Liniment is truly
s. "friend in need," and every family should
have it at hand.
DR. SWEET'S Infallible Linimeut is for
sale by all Druggists. Price 25 and 50 cents.
as an external remedy; is without a rival, and
will alleviate pale more speedily than any oth
er preperation. For all Rhetimatic and. Net
vous Disorders it is truly infallible, and as a
curative for Sores, Wounds, Sprains, Bruises,
&c., its soothing, healing and powerful strengh
ening properties, excite the just wonder and
astonishment of all who have ever given it a
trial. Over one thousand certificates of re . -
markable cures, performed by it within the
last two years, attest the fact.
SES is unrivaled by any, and in all cases al
Lameness, arising from Sprains, Bruises of
Wrentching, its effect is magical and certain.
Harness or Saddle Galls, Scratches, Mange,
&c., it will also cure speedily. Spavin and
Ringbone may be easily prevented and cured
in their' incipient stages, but con - firined case.
are beyond the possibility of. , a radical cure.
No case of the kiwi, however, is so desperate
or hopeless but it may be alleviated by this
Liniment, and its faithful application will al-
Ways remove the Lameness, and enable the
horses to travel with comparative ease.
T 1 EVERY HORSE OWNER should have
this remedy at hand, for its timely use at
toe first appearance of Lameness will effectu
ally prevent those formidable diseases, to
hicli all horses are liable, and which render
so . many otherwise valuable horses nearlyworthless.
1111 L IEIE, L I I\lllllE T
TtlE •
S . O L D'l E It' F E.`N D)
F'oqlp IT T41)7,Y
TO, avoid' if - 91)0511km; obseive the signatures
" Stepheß, Sweet's infallible Liniment"
blown ;in¢e,.glass ; of eAch witho
which:Vone.are genuine.
". • ArftrUilf:h, - Ci l 7l.7leCtittlt.
GziTsRA "'tarn TS,
, N0.,44 Cliff -Stxpet,
NE .
'+'SOlzZ_ all Druggists eicriwitere.